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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

12/26//2007: The WWE has come to terms with Rey Mysterio Jr. about his release from the company. This comes as a big shock to both the fans and the sports entertainment world as a whole. Will Mysterio continue to wrestle or will he hang up his boots forever? Only time will tell.
12/27/2007: With the discussion of where Rey Mysterio’s career will go, brewing, the GWE meanwhile, have not been sitting still. They have contracted yet another wrestler. This time it’s James Gibson, better known as Jamie Noble, who has engaged in the GWE project. GWE has now put 19 talents, both male and female, under its wings.
12/30/2007: Rey Mysterio Jr. has made a public announcement concerning his future. He will indeed keep on wrestling in another promotion. What that promotion will be is yet to be unveiled. When asked if he would go to TNA or GWE, he said “I will make that announcement soon enough”. Another possibility is Mysterio going to Japan or Mexico, wrestling on the lower levels. Fact of the matter remains, Mysterio will not hang up his boots.
Another set of news and notes. I'm going to try and get this up as quick as possible, so expect at least one new post a day from now on, because quite honestly, I want to start posting shows as soon as possible.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Damn Jamie Noble is a fine addition to the roster,I feel like he deserves a massive push in the WWE but is limited cos of his size
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

I'm loving some of the roster additions man, Hulk, Juventud, Cash, Kaz, it all looks good imo. Interesting too se the booking direction you take, a lot of awesome feuds up for grabs here.

Twitter! @HarryRees_

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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

01/03/2008: A new year, a new wrestling promotion coming to life. Hulk Hogan, along with Sylvester Stallone and Greg Gagne, are proud to announce that their project, Global Wrestling Enterprise, will go full speed as of January 31st. That will be the actual date the first ever GWE show will go on the air, on the ESPN network. The trio mentioned that the GWE project is being finalized, in terms of administration, talent, personnel and financials. They finally added that the world would be in awe when GWE will have its first broadcast.
01/05/2008: The GWE has revealed that it will hold its first ever show in California, more precisely in Los Angeles. The illustrious Staples Centre will host the debut show of the Global Wrestling Enterprise and that may come as a surprise to some. GWE is an all new company, but immediately takes it to the big leagues, to the Staples Centre, a virtual wrestling museum. Hulk Hogan, owner of GWE, is full of confidence about this first show being an immediate hit. “The Staples Centre will be sold out and all those Hulkamaniacs will go crazy for the best show in the whole world, brother!”, Hogan said. Tickets will go on sale January 6th.
01/08/2008: Rey Mysterio has made his decision. His future is now written in stone. Rey Mysterio Jr. has decided to join Global Wrestling Enterprise! The world of wrestling is certainly surprised by this turn of events, as many sources indicated Mysterio would either go to TNA or to Mexico. This didn’t happen, obviously, as Mysterio has decided to join forces with Hulk Hogan and his enterprise. It has to be acknowledged that the GWE is the fastest rising company within the world of Sports Entertainment and they haven’t even aired a show!
It won't be long now until the first show is posted.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

01/10/2008: We have gotten insight on the entire management of GWE. This is how GWE management will look like:

Chairman: Hulk Hogan
Creative: Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes, Mike Bucci
Personal Relations: Sylvester Stallone
Administration: Greg Gagne
Road Agents: Dusty Rhodes, Scott Hall, Jimmy Hart

Other notable personnel is Mean Gene Okerlund(interviewer),Steve Romero(interviewer), Justin Roberts(ring announcer), Joey Styles(commentator) and Mike Bucci(commentator).

It looks like GWE is fully ready to shock the Sports Entertainment!

01/15/2008: GWE continues to grow big in the World of Wrestling. Hulk Hogan was proud to announce that he had bought out FCW, a developmental promotion of WWE. Florida Championship Wrestling will now serve as a developmental territory to GWE. Hogan said the wrestlers involved in the company would be able to work for any independent promotion, but should always be ready to be called up to the big stage. Some FCW wrestlers have decided to go along with GWE, probably because they don’t want to leave Florida, or because they believe GWE is the future of Sports Entertainment. Others have decided to stay with the WWE and go to other developmental territories. The roster is as follows:

Harry Smith
Teddy Hart
T.J. Wilson
Ted Dibiase Jr.
Cody Rhodes
Nick Hogan
Kofi Kingston
Nic Nemeth
Mike Mondo
Paul Burchall
Seth Skyfire
Johnny Jeter

Nattie Niedhart
Lacey Von Erich
Brooke Hogan

With the additions of Nick and Brooke Hogan to the roster, one has to believe they will someday play a huge role in father Hogan’s enterprise.
I felt the need to add a developmental territory, don't know why, I just did.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Wow, having Mike Bucci in the creative team with Hogan and Rhodes is definitely unique. The promotion is shaping up nicely, but I think it may have taken too long to simply sign wrestlers and such. You're roster is overloaded in my opinion, and you even have a developmental territory now. I'll be looking out for the first show though as I see some good feuds coming out of the roster you have.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

01/19/2008:Chief of Personal relations within GWE, Sylvester Stallone has announced that GWE’s weekly show, that will air for the first time Thursday 31st of January, will be called GWE Dynamite!. Stallone added that Dynamite! will be a name that will cause shockwaves throughout the entire world of Sports Entertainment.
01/21/2008: With just more than one week to go till the first ever GWE Dynamite, Sylvester Stallone is proud to announce that the Staples Centre has been completely sold out! It looks like Hulkamania is far from dead and it can still draw a huge crowd. Will the GWE indeed cause shockwaves throughout Sports Entertainment? One has to believe it will.
01/22/2008: The official website of GWE has been launched. The obvious address is On the site is an article about Hulk Hogan’s idea of starting a new promotion, as well as a brief interview with the other owners and creators of the company. Also, the site states that the Dynamite! logo will be revealed at the first Dynamite! episode, Thursday 31st of January, 8/7ct at ESPN!
And there we have it. The last batch of news and notes. I'll probably post a preview to the debut show sometime tomorrow, with the actual show up by Friday or Saturday. Cheers!
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Global Wrestling Entertainment: Dynamite! Preview

This Thursday, GWE Dynamite holds its debut show at the illustrious Staples Centre in Los Angeles, California.

Hulk Hogan vows that Dynamite will cause a shockwave throughout the world of wrestling, but will that vow come true?

Only one match will be on the card for the debut show, but it's a match of epic proportions. It will be a 15-man over the top rope Battle Royal! And that's not all, as the winner will be the first ever GWE Global Champion!

GWE has gathered a great roster of stars and you'll see all your favorite ones in action this Thursday. Paul Wight, Rey Mysterio Jr., Rob Van Dam, Carlito Colon, Sean Waltman, Billy Kidman and many more will all make appearances!

And of course, the chairman of GWE himself, Hulk Hogan, will be present at the very first edition of GWE Dynamite!

Don't miss the epic, live show that will rock the foundations of Sports Entertainment this Thursday on the ESPN Network!
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

I am really looking forward to this show. Good preview and some good additions to the rosters.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

GWE Dynamite! 01/31/2008 Staples Centre, Los Angeles, California


We see a lonely desert. There is nothing but a chameleon, staring blankly into space.

Suddenly, the clouds go black and a mysterious mist fills the scene.

The ground starts to shake, as little rocks and stones jump up and down, it seems, on the ground.

The chameleon looks scared, as all of a sudden, the ground is being ripped apart.

The earth splits and from the deepest cores of the planet a huge black rock rises towards the skies above.

The clouds are pitch black, as suddenly, a huge bolt of lightning comes crashing down from the heavens straight into the big black rock.

A “thunderous” guitar solo plays in the background as the letters G W E are being carved into the black rock.

The mist clears, the lightning stops and all that is left are the letters G W E!

We now go live to the Staples Centre, which is jam packed from ringside up to the rafters!

We get to look at the stage, which looks MASSIVE. On the right we see a huge titantron, almost a megatron, while on the left, we see two large, red bars of dynamite placed in an ‘X’ position. Left to the two bars of dynamite(which is the name of GWE’s brand) is a huge replica of the GWE logo. On the titantron, the Dynamite logo is revealed as the fans pop.

Suddenly the lights go out and “Welcome to the jungle” by Guns ‘n’ Roses blares through the speakers. A spotlight shines on the stage as Mean Gene Okerlund walks out to a nice pop! He has a microphone in hand and walks towards the ring, which is just a normal ‘squared circle’. Okerlund steps into the ring as all the lights go back on. Mean Gene waits for the crowd’s excitement to die down a little, before bringing the mic to his mouth.

Mean Gene: “Welcome to the very first edition of G W E DYNAMITE!”

*Huge pop*

Mean Gene: “And ladies and gentlemen it is nothing but an honor that I will be your backstage interviewer and guest announcer for tonight on the debut show of the Global Wrestling Enterprise!”


Mean Gene: “But let’s not waste anymore time! Right now it is my privilege to introduce to you…the owner, the creator, THE IMMORTAL… HULK HOGAN!”

“Real American” blares through the speakers as the roof is blown off the Staples Center and the fans are going totally bananas! The Hulkster, dressed in a nice black suit, sporting a black bandana, comes out and he gets an outstanding reception! Hulk Hogan steps towards the ring, clearly enjoying the fans’ reaction. Hogan steps into the ring and hugs Gene Okerlund, before taking a microphone and bringing it to his mouth.

Hogan: “Brother, brother, brother, brother, BROTHER!”

*HUGE POP, followed by “Hogan, Hogan” chants*

Hogan: “Dude, the thrill of a life, walking out here, in the Staples Center, in front of all these Hulkamaniacs!”

*Huge pop*

Hogan: “First of all I’m here to thank some very important people. I could have never build a company as GWE without the help of some of my best friends. And those friends are Mean Gene Okerlund,…!”

*Hogan points at Mean Gene while the crowd pops*

Hogan: “Greg Gagne,…”

*small pop*

Hogan: “And of course, Sylvester Stallone! THANKS BROTHERS!”

*Huge pop for Stallone*

Hogan: “But what would a wrestling company be without all the members from the crew? To all of you, I thank you.”


Hogan: “And of course, our roster filled with the best damn wrestlers in the business, brother! Thank you!”

*Big pop*

Hogan: “But most importantly, this company is build on the strongest force in the universe, the strongest force in wrestling. And that is Hulkamania!”

*Huge pop*

Hogan: “So, to each and everyone of these hulkamaniacs, I would like to say, THANK YOU BROTHERS!”


Hogan: “Now tonight we got a one hour show for you. And we got only one match. But it is a Fifteen Man Over the Top Rope BATTLE ROYAL, BROTHER!”

*Big pop*

Hogan: “And the winner will be the first ever GWE Global Champion!”

*Big pop*

Hogan: “And now I would like to say one more thing. (Hogan looks straight into the camera) This is a message to all of sports entertainment. This is a message to the competition.”

*Crowd boos as they know he’s talking about WWE*

Hogan: “GWE will cause a shockwave through the world of wrestling. We will shake the foundations and come out on top, brother! *Pop* Hulkamania is immortal and so is GWE! *Pop* We are ready to shock the world, brother! And then there is only one question to be asked…”

*The crowd pops in excitement, as they already know what the question is*


“Real American” hits as the fans go crazy and Hogan nods and enjoys the fans’ reaction.


We come back in a backstage area, as we see Mean Gene Okerlund standing by, microphone in hand.

Mean Gene: “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, once again, I am Gene Okerlund and my guest at this time is none other than our boss, our chairman, the immortal Hulk Hogan!”

Hogan steps into the screen to another huge pop from the crowd.

Mean Gene: “Mister Hogan, tonight your dream project finally goes into reality. GWE on national and worldwide television. What are your thoughts?”

Hulk Hogan: “Well you know somethin’, Mean Gene, you’re right. This is my dream and it’s now a reality, brother. And tonight, I promised a shockwave for all of these fans and that’s what they’re gonna get. Because tonight, only match, but, dude, it’s a battle royal and the winner is the GWE Global Champion, brother! Can you believe it? Can you believe that, Mean Gene?”

Mean Gene: “I believe I can’t quite capture it all just, yet, but that will sure change after tonight! So, Mister Hogan, anymore to add?”

Hulk Hogan: “Well, Mean Gene, I just got one more thing to say, brother. Tonight, I got one more surprise for all these Hulkamaniacs! But you’ll have to wait till later tonight, brothers! Now it’s time for our main event! ENJOY, BROTHER!”

Hogan leaves the screen to a huge pop as we go to ringside, and we see Joey Styles and Mike Bucci(Simon Dean) sitting at the Dynamite announce table.

Joey Styles: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, if you aren’t aware of it right now, you’ll never be! This is the GWE and we are going to cause a shockwave throughout the entire world of wrestling! I’m Joey Styles, you’re broadcast host and I’ve brought a friend with me here tonight. The sensational Mike Bucci!

Mike Bucci: First of all, I’m not your friend, Joey, but that aside, what an honor it is to be here at the very first GWE Dynamite! Oh my god, I’m so excited, you should feel these nipples, Joey!

Joey Styles: I’d rather not, Mike. But what about our main event?

Mike Bucci: We’ll show the world of Sports Entertainment how it’s done, Joey. Our first match, and it’ll immediately be an instant classic. I cannot wait any longer, Justin Roberts, my man, take it away!

We go to the ring and see Justin Roberts standing in the middle of it, microphone in hand. It seems as though Justin Roberts will be the main ring announcer for GWE.

Justin Roberts: “The following contest is an over-the-top-battle royal! There are no pinfalls, no submissions and no disqualifications. In order to be eliminated, you have to be thrown over the top rope and both of your feet have to touch the arena floor. The last man in the ring will be declared the winner and will be the first GWE Global Champion!”

“Still One of a kind” hits and out comes Rob Van Dam to a thunderous pop from the crowd! He stops for a moment, takes in the cheers from the fans and does his patented R V D taunt, before walking to the ring, clearly enjoying the huge welcoming by these GWE fans.

“Bald and nasty” hits as Doug and Danny Basham, the Basham brothers come down to the ring. They don’t get much of a reaction, but they don’t seem to care about it one bit.

“Reflection of Perfection” hits and it’s Mark Jindrak who steps out to a mild reaction from the crowd. He seems to be admiring his own body and that seems to garner him some minor heat.

“Wake Up” hits the P.A. system and Matt Sydal, the talented youngster, steps onto the stage, panning the arena. He gets a big smile on his face as it’s the first time he has ever performed in front of such a big crowd.

“Vrooar, Vrooooaar!” The sound of lawnmowers is heard throughout the arena and that’s exactly what we’re seeing! Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis, the Mexicools, come riding onto the stage on their lawnmowers to a nice pop from the crowd. They laugh and take in the reactions, before driving to the ring.

“I spit in the face of people who don’t want to be cool!” It’s Carlito Colon who comes out as the crowd is excited! He’s juggling with his apple while stepping to the ring, looking as cocky as ever.

“Look up, beat down!” hits the P.A. system as Frankie Kazarian comes out to a surprisingly nice pop. He’s sporting nice sunglasses as he sprints to the ring and slides inside.

“You can run” hits the P.A system and Billy Kidman comes out, along with his manager/valet/girlfriend Torrie Wilson! The crowd pops big time, possibly more for the appearance of Torrie than the appearance of Kidman.

“Roxanne(instrumental)” hits as Ken Doane comes out and immediately signals he doesn’t want any love from the fans. The crowd answers with a small amount of heat as Doane steps towards the ring.

“X-factor” hits and it’s Sean Waltman coming out to a nice pop from the crowd. He’s sporting a green and black outfit, perhaps a nostalgic look back at his DX-period?

“Back to the 619” hits and through the stage comes shooting none other than Rey Mysterio Jr.! The crowd goes bananas as Mysterio comes down to the ring, but doesn’t get in before slapping hands with nearly every fan at ringside!

“Big” hits as Paul “The Great” Wight steps onto the stage to a huge pop from the crowd. He looks smaller than he was during his “Big Show” days, but he’s still looking impressive. He steps over the ropes and gets into the ring and every wrestler is looking at him like he was the main prey. But just as we thought every participating superstar had entered the match, Justin Roberts once again brings the microphone to his mouth.

Justin Roberts: “And ladies and gentlemen, the final competitor in tonight’s main event…”

“Real American” blares through the speakers as none other than the chairman himself, Hulk Hogan, comes out to an absolutely deafening pop! He is now wearing his traditional yellow and red attire as he steps towards the ring, taking in the massive ovation from these Hollywood fans. Hogan steps into the ring and looks around him, seeing all ‘his’ wrestlers, looking at him in shock and in awe.


Main event: 15 man over-the-top-rope Battle Royal

Summary: The Hulkster smiled profusely and called for the bell as the main event was underway. Hogan and Paul Wight were in the middle of the ring, back to back, while all the other participants were surrounding them, waiting for each other to attack. Suddenly, it was Ken Doane who stormed at Hogan and all other superstars followed as all hell broke lose. Everyone was firing away at everyone and it was hard to distinguish the several wrestlers. Suddenly, however, we saw one man fly over the top rope and to the floor and it was Psicosis, who was apparently eliminated by Paul The Great Wight.
Elimination #1: Psicosis by Paul Wight

Paul Wight tried to immediately eliminate a second wrestler, in Ken Doane, but the talented youngster was able to hold on to the ropes. Wight turned around and found four superstars attacking him at once. Matt Sydal, Sean Waltman, Billy Kidman and Mark Jindrak were all lashing out at Paul The Great Wight. Meanwhile Hulk Hogan had his hands full with the Basham brothers. Danny and Doug tried to lift Hogan over the top rope, but the Hulkster replied with a double clothesline to take the duo out.

Suddenly, Paul Wight was under heavy attack, a Matt Sydal nailed him with a huge step-up Enzuigiri. Wight remained on his feet however, before he got hit with a huge jawbreaker by Sean Waltman. But this wasn’t enough to get Wight off his feet. Then, from behind Wight came Doane, who nailed The Great with a huge RKDoane, a two-handed cutter! Wight finally went down and Doane was smiling, being really pleased with himself. Doane was pointing to himself, and lifting his hands in the air, as he looked like he just won the whole thing already. It would never happen though, as suddenly, Matt Sydal grabbed Doane by the tights and threw him over the top rope, eliminating him from the match!

Elimination #2 Ken Doane by Matt Sydal

On the other side of the ring, Carlito Colon was having his hands full with Rey Mysterio Jr. Carlito tried to eliminate Mysterio, but the quickness of Mysterio prevailed and Carlito nearly got eliminated by a charging Juventud. Carlito sidestepped however, and threw Juventud over the top rope and eliminated him from the match!

Elimination #3 Juventud Guerrera by Carlito Colon

Meanwhile, The Basham brothers decided to leave Hulk Hogan alone and go after Paul Wight. That wasn’t the best of ideas. Wight dominated the duo. He first sent the two of them head to head, knocking the both of them down, before picking them up and nailing them with a double Showstopper, to a big pop from the fans!

Rob Van Dam meanwhile started working on Billy Kidman. Van Dam hit a spinning heel kick, driving Kidman closer to the ropes. Van Dam tried to lift Kidman over the top rope and got some help from Rey Mysterio Jr. Kidman was close to elimination, but Carlito knocked both Mysterio and Van Dam down, saving Kidman at this juncture. However, as Kidman thought he was safe, Carlito stormed at him and knocked him over the top rope and down to the floor!

Elimination #4 Billy Kidman by Carlito Colon

The remaining 11 superstars were all on their feet at this point, staring at each other and this was the perfect time to head for a commercial break.


When we came back, there were several superstars on the mat, other were in fierce fights to stay in this match. Like Frankie Kazarian, who was struggling against Mark Jindrak. Jindrak looked to have Kazarian almost out, as Kazarian was already over the top rope, staggering on the ring apron, when the agile Kazarian suddenly slid underneath Jindrak and delivered a dropkick to the back, knocking Jindrak over the top rope and all the way out of the match!

Elimination #5 Mark Jindrak by Frankie Kazarian

Meanwhile, The Basham brothers were still trying to take out Paul the Great Wight. They were simultaneously taking shots at Wight, but The Great Wight didn’t move. Suddenly Sean Waltman gives a helping hand as he tries to nail Wight with a spear. Wight staggers but remains on his feet, closer to the ropes however. Waltman wants to continue to work on Wight, but Rob Van Dam pulls him away and starts firing away. The Basham brothers however saw their chance to eliminate the huge Paul Wight. Doug Basham charged at Paul Wight, but the huge athlete ducked and back dropped Doug Basham over the top rope and all the way to the floor!

Elimination #6 Doug Basham by Paul Wight

Danny had a look of pure shock on his face, as his brother was just eliminated. The look of shock quickly changed to a look of anger and Danny charged at Wight. Wight however simply lifted Danny Basham above his head in a military press, as the crowd popped. Wight turned around, and saw that Doug Basham was just up on his feet. Wight shouted something at Doug and threw his brother Danny straight into him, eliminating Danny Basham in the process!

Elimination #7 Danny Basham by Paul Wight

The crowd pops as Paul The Great Wight just eliminated two wrestlers in a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, we see that Hulk Hogan is in an intense brawl with Carlito. On the other side we see Rob Van Dam taking on Sean Waltman and Rey Mysterio Jr. fighting Frankie Kazarian and Matt Sydal. Rob Van Dam connected with stiff rights to the jaw of Waltman. He tried to kick Waltman in the gut, but Waltman kept a hold of Van Dam’s foot. Van Dam quickly countered though with a huge roundhouse kick. The crowd popped as Van Dam picked Waltman up, whipped him into the ropes and nailed him with a nice back body drop. Van Dam was ready to do his signature taunt, but suddenly, got attacked from behind by Carlito. Carlito apparently had left Hogan lying in the corner. Carlito started unleashing at Van Dam, who couldn’t cover up. Carlito gave a huge slap to the face of Van Dam, who turned around, getting himself in the ideal position for Carlito’s finishing move, the backcracker. Carlito nailed the move to a chorus of boos and when he got up, he had a huge smile on his face, saying “that’s how it’s done”. What Carlito didn’t realize however, was that Rey Mysterio had snuck up behind him. Mysterio turned Carlito around and started unleashing at him, causing the crowd to pop. Mysterio pushed Carlito towards the ropes, but Carlito was able to turn the tables and he started to lift Mysterio over the top rope. Mysterio felt the danger, however, and grabbed the top rope with his hand. Mysterio put Carlito in a headscissors and suddenly he pulled a huge hurricanrana out of the box, throwing Carlito as well as himself over the top rope and down to the floor!

Elimination #8 Carlito Colon by Rey Mysterio Jr.

Elimination #9 Rey Mysterio Jr. by Rey Mysterio Jr.

Carlito got up and looked at Mysterio in pure shock. Carlito said ‘what are you doing, man?’ as he couldn’t believe Mysterio had just sacrificed himself to eliminate Carlito. Carlito turned around for a brief moment, before coming back and launching a huge right at the jaw of Mysterio! Carlito went after Mysterio like a mad man, launching several lefts and rights to the head of Mysterio. Carlito picked Mysterio up and dropped him head first into the barricade! Mysterio staggered and Carlito took him down with a decapitating clothesline! The crowd showered him with heat and Carlito finally left the area, escorted by several referees. Meanwhile, the action inside the ring continued. We saw Sean Waltman battling it out with Frankie Kazarian. They were locked up in a collar-and-elbow tie-up and were approaching the ring ropes. What they didn’t notice was that Paul the Great Wight was standing behind them, with a little grin on his face. Kazarian and Waltman were up against the ropes, trying to push one another over, but suddenly, Wight grabbed both men’s legs and tossed them both over the top rope and out of this match!
Elimination #10 Sean Waltman by Paul Wight

Elimination #11 Frankie Kazarian by Paul Wight

The crowd pops as Wight waved at the two men he had just eliminated. Now there were only four men in this match and each one of them was standing in a different corner. The crowd was getting all fired up as all four men were staring at each other. Suddenly, the young and motivated Matt Sydal stormed at Hulk Hogan, and RVD did the same at Paul Wight. Van Dam started unleashing at Paul Wight, but the giant didn’t move. Van Dam then dished out some swift kicks to Wight’s legs, but again he hardly moved. Van Dam was getting frustrated and nailed Big Show with a huge heel kick to the jaw. Wight finally started to stagger and Van Dam kept kicking and punching Wight in the face, legs and stomach areas. Van Dam kicked Wight in the stomach, which made Wight bend over. Van Dam proceeded by bouncing off the ropes and nailing Wight with a huge Fame Asser(Leg drop to the back of the head) that finally got the ginormous athlete down! The crowd popped as Van Dam climbed to the top turnbuckle. Van Dam played to the crowd before leaping into the air and nailing Paul Wight with his patented Five Star Frog Splash! The crowd went wild as Van Dam got up and played to the crowd some more.

Meanwhile, Sydal and Hogan were in a fierce brawl. Sydal got the upperhand and bounced off the ropes looking for a cross body, but Hogan launched Sydal over his head and Sydal ended up crossbodying RVD instead! Sydal got up and when he turned around he met the huge right hand of Hogan. The Hulkster kept working on Sydal until he was in the corner. Hogan fired up and stormed at Sydal, but the young athlete sidestepped and sent Hogan shoulder first into the corner! Sydal threw Hogan out of the corner as Hogan fell on his back in the middle of the ring, and Sydal saw this as a sign to climb to the top turnbuckle. Suddenly, Hogan jumped up however, pointing to Sydal in his good ol’ fashioned way! The crowd yelled ‘YOU!’ simultaneously as Hogan ran towards Sydal and pushed him off the turnbuckle and straight to the floor!

Elimination #12 Matt Sydal by Hulk Hogan

The crowd went crazy as we were only down to three. Paul Wight was still dazed from the frog splash and RVD just got up and it seemed like Hogan was in the driver’s seat. Wight and RVD both struggled to get on their feet and Hogan looked like he was still waiting to chose a man to fight. Hogan had decided he was going to go after Wight it seemed as he approached the big man. RVD saw this and decided to help Hogan out. Hogan accepted the helping hand and both mean Irish whipped Wight in the ropes. But when he came back, he nailed RVD with a big boot and tried to do the same to Hogan, but the Hulkster countered the boot and started nailing Wight with huge right hands. The crowd went insane as Hogan drove Wight near the ropes. Hogan continued to unleash at Wight, but suddenly, Wight answered with a huge right of his own. Hogan was forced back and suddenly Wight clutched his hand around Hogan’s throat, looking for the Showstopper! But suddenly, Hogan started ‘Hulking up’ to a big pop! Hogan clubbed away on the arm of Wight until the large athlete had to let go. Hogan then reached under Wight’s legs with his right hand and he hoisted Wight up in the air, before dropping him with a huge powerslam, to an enormous pop from the crowd! Hogan immediately ran into the ropes and followed up with his patented leg drop to another gigantic pop from the fans! The crowd went crazy as Hogan tried to pick up the gigantic athlete in order to eliminate him from the match. Wight was still dazed and wasn’t doing anything to prevent Hogan from dragging him towards the ropes. RVD meanwhile was still on the mat, trying to get back to a vertical base, but failing, as he was still suffering from the large big boot by Wight earlier. Wight was pushed up against the ropes and Hogan reached under Wight’s leg to try and lift him over, but Wight was just too large. Suddenly, Wight also began to retaliate, as he started to club Hogan on the back. Hogan had to back down, but suddenly he jumped Wight, who immediately fell into the ropes. Hogan took a few steps back and charged at Paul the Great Wight. Wight didn’t see it coming and Hogan clotheslined his head off, sending Wight over the top rope (slowly) and down to the floor!

Elimination #13 Paul Wight by Hulk Hogan

The crowd erupted as Hogan fell back after this huge elimination! RVD was back on his feet, looking on in amazement. It all came down to this, RVD vs. Hulk Hogan. The crowd got all excited as the two men collided and a brawl commenced. RVD got the better of it and bounced off the ropes, looking to clothesline Hogan, but RVD got a nearly decapitating clothesline instead! Hogan was all fired up and picked up Van Dam, dragging him towards the ropes. Hogan hit RVD in the head with a stiff right, before trying to throw him over the top rope, but RVD turned the tables and threw Hogan over the top rope! The crowd was silenced, but immediately erupted again, as Hogan was still standing on the ring apron and not eliminated from the match! RVD saw this and ran into the ropes at the opposite side of the ring. He came running at Hogan, looking to knock him off the apron, but Hogan quickly pulled down the top rope, sending RVD jumping over the top rope and down to the floor below!
Elimination #14 Rob Van Dam by Hulk Hogan


“Real American” blares through the speakers as Hulk Hogan, the chairman of GWE, is the last man standing in the ring and the winner of this terrific battle royal!

Joey Styles: He did it! Our chairman did it! Can you believe it, Mike, Hogan actually is our first ever GWE GLOBAL CHAMPION!

Mike Bucci: Oh my god, Joey, I jumped out of my chair! You had to calm me down! I let you touch me! I’m so excited, Joey, Hulk Hogan is GWE champion, it’s unbelievable!

Hogan celebrates, as suddenly “Eye of the tiger” hits and none other than Sylvester Stallone and Greg Gagne, co-founders of GWE, make their way to the ring, to a nice pop from the crowd. They get in the ring and Greg Gagne is handed a microphone.

Greg Gagne: “Mr. Hogan, Hulk, first of all, congratulations on winning this terrific battle royal!”


Greg Gagne: “But more importantly, congratulations on becoming the first ever GWE Champion!”

*Big pop*

Greg Gagne: “And I would like to announce that next week, at Dynamite! you will officially be crowned as GWE Global Champion! It will be during that official ceremony that you will be handed the official and all new GWE Global Title!”


Sylvester Stallone: “So, ladies and gentlemen, give it up one more time for your champion, the one, the only, the immortal, HULK HOGAN!”

The crowd erupts into a MASSIVE pop as “Real American” hits the P.A. system and Hulk Hogan celebrates, along with co-founders Greg Gagne and Sylvester Stallone and the show goes off the air.
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