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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

I thought I'd drop you a review because you're a nice guy and Boyata is from Belgium.

Anyway I don't really remember many of your storylines, I know you've got Hulk/Lesnar and some other talent but that's about it so here we go.
The 'Bischoff Brigade'? I don't like overly large factions filled with crap, so hopefully this isn't the case here (who's in it?). Fairly typical Bischoff here, his destiny? Guess WCW was just a trial run or something...anything that keeps a washed up Hogan off screen is good though BROTHER.

So Tomko's going to beat a jobber? Tremendous. Next week on GWE Tomko gets a personality. I'm not a fan of Tomko, but apart from him your Bischoff Group isn't bad (nvr mind MAVEN is in it). Wight is the perfect big bad cunt leading it. Hopefully he eventually KILLS. Just have him squash someone useless rather than a jobber, you've surely got at least a few wasters laying around. Squashing local no name talent doesn't even make him look impressive from a kayfabe standpoint, I mean I could go out and beat up a fuck load of tramps but it doesn't mean I'm good enough to fight David Haye even if a tramp never knocked me down.

Don't care for Carlito unless he's spitting apples in people's faces or getting a bodyguard to STAB John Cena. The Brown line about a two man match was pretty corny. Hopefully the Alpha Male literally kills him. Still this has the makings of a good feud, was sad to see Brown leave WWE when he did so hopefully you push him here (I'm aware he has a title, but I mean World Title long term)

Mister Fabulous sounds gay, as nicknames go. Needs alliteration Johnny 'JellyLegs' Jeter maybe?. Apart from that it's fine, Jeter and Nemeth are great and if you wanna push this Stable giving those two the tag titles wouldn't be a bad way to add gold to them. But yeah, they're both really talented and will benefit from being around Wight/Bischoff.

The Hart Trilogy is a nice name, hopefully you make them more interesting than IRL, we don't need them relying on a stroke victim to get over, give them a personality and let Natalya handle their mic work, or well anyone but Smith who seems awfully bland in the moments I've seen them. Kidd's good though so yeah, okay.

Er well that's a bit different as Haas gimmicks I've seen go? It's actually interesting though Haas needs a push, have him make Kaz tap like a bitch please, I wanna see what's in the BRIEFCASE ALCO. Haas actually seems dead on in the promo, well considering it's a new gimmick. Kaz's reason for being mad is absurdly stupid but, but then again wrestling feuds have been built on worse. Promo was fine and set's up a feud I guess? Good, I love Haas and Kaz isn't awful (and has a personality here THE KAZ) so this could be good.

Carlito beats POUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNCE? Fuck you. EH not unsurprising despite my best wishes and it leaves Brown looking strong. Looks like Carlito's winning that tournament and going after the Alpha Male. That has potential. Since this is BTB Carlito doesn't have to be a lazy bastard so you can book him right.

Um Goldust and Burke > Waltman and Doane in just about every way possible. Doane/Waltman are your tag champs? Okay, are they heels? Backstage beatdown leads me to think so. MAYBE GOLD DUSTIN will find a partner and go after them!

Instead of having Maven on air you could do something useful Eh he's not awful. He beats the shit out of supercrazy, further pushing Bishoff's buys as being fucking dominating and taking shit over. Good stuff.

Did Mysterio just tell someone else to grow up? IRONY LOL. Odd feud, eh Rey can have a good match with anyone so that could be interesting. Jindrak to cost mysterio in the future seems a cert.
6 man tag. Release ted and get 'Dashing' IMO. Kash and Gibson are both great, sad to see them go. Gonna break up and feud mebbe or just a little speed bump? Them feuding would be great though.

Idc about CANADA.

Paul Wight's great and should just murder RVD on his own. Have him chokeslam him through a stage so Van Dam never returns Nice theme song, although it seems familiar.
Oh they beat up RVD, eh haves them looking strong. Oh wait here comes the pain. Is Brock face? I guess he's tweenerish, which is probably the best way to book him, just have him run through fucking everyone on his way to the title. Not sure I like the Brigade backing away, cowards I guess, but Wight's no coward! Still avoids the confrontation for now, still can see Wight/RVD/Lesnar exploding.

Overall a decent enough show, not sure about your news. Bring in useful people, and not OLD GUYS WHO CAN'T DO ANYTHING.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Somehow, I missed this being posted so I've only just got the chance to read it.

Dynamite Feedback

After how the last show (which seems like an eternity ago) ended, the Bischoff Brigade (liking the name, btw) just had to start the show. Great promo, reeked of heel Bischoff, and a BB showcase night sounds very interesting. Puts over the fact that Eric is in full control of the show very well. Tomko eats jobber alive, no surprise there, BB gets off to good start. They are immortal, and they live forever~!

Carlito drinking coffee and not eating an apple = . Brown and Carlito tonight? That's cool, no pun intended. So much for a week off, I'm interested in seeing which way it goes.

Nice introduction for Jeter and Nemeth, "those guys are just... fabulous!" could catch on pretty easily, IMO. at McStoj and TK-Oz. Jeter and Nemeth squash the jobbers, no biggie.

Hart Trilogy next week? Looking forward to that.

Haas' debut is this week? The last show was so long ago that I forgot. Glad that he's finally here, anyway. I'm pretty surprised that he's a face, normally a guy coming from a wealthy family and with a name like Charles Haas II sounds like a heel. Great to see Kazman, solid heel promo from him, at Kazmania. Haas and Kazman next week should be good, seeing as Haas is new he should probably win and then we can finally see what's in the briefcase~! I predict there's nothing in there and Haas swerves us all.

Dirty win for Carlito was to be expected as it makes Carlito look strong and takes nothing away from Brown. I think Carlito could go all the way now and win this tournament so him and Monty can feud. That's the feeling I'm getting, anyway.

No, not Gold Dustin! Burke's needed something to get him over as a face as victories wasn't really cutting it so I'm glad he got involved and fought off Doane and Waltman. It's bound to come back to Elijah, I can't really see Dustin being his tag team partner against Doane and Waltman. There are better options, IMO. Maybe Dustin can bring in DASHING Cody Rhodes so he can bring his great gimmick to us two years early.

Lol, Maven's theme music is pretty good. Very effective way of immediately getting Maven over with faking an injury and then attacking Super Crazy, looking forward to seeing what you do with Maven in the future.

The end is the near for little Rey-Rey. That is all.

Looking at the names before reading the result of the match, I thought it would be either Kash or Gibson to go, so not too surprised that Kash is gone. Loving this tournament so far.

Maple Leaf Mayhem should be awesome, looking forward to seeing all of the guys announced, as well as Haas/Kazman and of course Bret Hart.

Wow, GREAT way to end the show. Very nice choice for the theme song, and Lesnar came out from this looking awesome. Hopefully Wight/RVD is some other time.

Overall, great show, Alco. Was solid all the way through, capped off by a huge ending to the show. Can't wait for Maple Leaf Mayhem... if we ever get there.

As for the news update, as long as the right people are brought in, which I'm confident that you will, it's good news to me.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Dynamite Feedback

First of all, it’s nice to see the yearly edition of Dynamite up.

Obviously the first thing that had to be followed up on was the debut of The Bischoff Brigade last week, so the focus being almost entirely on that angle from last week for the opening video and commentary was a good way to start.

Following up on that by having The Bischoff Brigade come out to cut a promo is a good way to go. Their debut is obviously a big deal, so this promo simply had to either open or close the show. Nice way to show Bischoff’s real asshole side to begin with, rubbing the numbers of The Bischoff Brigade in the face of the fans, before starting to throw his power around immediately, as you’d expect, with the threat of firings, along with the nice little dig at Hogan being thrown in there too. The idea of Bischoff Brigade showcase night is great, as not only does it show Bischoff’s favouritism to his crew, but it also gives them a real chance to show what they’re all about and how they can dominate GWE in their first whole show together. The making of the GWE Title match to go with that is again a good way to show Bischoff throwing around his power, plus it makes for a very exciting main event too. On top of that, the dig at Hogan yet again, using his real life friendship with Wight, was clever. No problem with starting things off immediately either with The Brigade, setting the tone for the show right away.

Tomko getting a squash to start things off is fine, setting the tone for the Bischoff Brigade show with their dominance shining through immediately, while also giving Tomko a chance to show how dangerous he is. Nothing wrong with that.

I was a little surprised at how friendly you had Carlito and Brown at first, but it was a clever way to go, with Brown making the challenge for the match later. I have to say, you wrote Carlito’s goofy side in this segment with him very well, with the things like him rubbing his own shoulder and only just realising Brown was challenging him at the end being things you’d expect out of him.

Have to say, I like the extravagant characters you’ve given to Nemeth and Jeter, making them seem like really cocky bastards. The promo from them was pretty damn good, talking themselves up pretty well, especially when talking about how Bischoff brought them into The Bischoff Brigade without them having even wrestled in GWE, while there was also that almost ridiculous cockiness from Jeter that I liked too.

@ at “TK-Oz, the grumpy Turkish-looking guy” and “his eccentric partner McStoj”. Sounds like a couple of jobbers I know. Anyway, like with Tomko, a good way to show off some new talent, and really show how much of a dick is by giving his crew some easy matches to pick up wins.

As I’ve said with every show, I’m really looking forward to the debut of The Hart Trilogy, who I think could add quite a bit to your tag division.

Surprised Haas would get a face reaction after his promos seemed to make him look like a pompous kind of guy, but he is pretty damn awesome, so I guess it’s natural that some people would cheer. Not so sure about Haas going for so many cheap ops so early, as it almost takes away from the actual substance of the promo, although I don’t mind his explanation as to why he’s going to be a face in that he’s willing to work to make Haas a household name in GWE, just as it is in upper class America. The hype of the briefcase was pretty amusing too, and I was actually interested in what it was you were going with until Kazman interrupted. The Kazman playing the party pooper was portrayed pretty well, using his dark character to put a dampener on things and make it a hell of a lot more serious. The arrogance of Kazman was good too, with the lines about his air time and spotlight being great, while the contrast in the characters, really showing how serious you’ve made Kazman, was also good to see. I absolutely loved the line that the people wanted to see Kazman “not sometimes, not most of the time, but all of the time”, putting over his new character strongly along with the lines that he’s a “beacon of light” that people wish to see. The stuff that followed was even better with Kazman again talking himself up brilliantly, especially with the “my Kazmania” line, along with the final line that he is entertainment. Haas laying down the challenge to Kazman, only for Kazman to back out of it for a week was good, although the gimmick for their match next week seems a little cheesy for the now serious Kazman. Still, it should be a good match, hyped well here by this segment, which ended nicely with the debuting Haas getting the upper hand. Good stuff.

Nice little match between Carlito and Brown, with the ending really surprising me. This would be a good way to head to Brown/Carlito at the end of the competition I guess though, despite their earlier confrontation seeming to be more about comedy than seriousness.

A bit of an odd way to start a feud here, and I’m not sure I like the pairing of Burke and Gold Dustin because it really shows how thin the tag team division is. I guess it’ll work as filler while we wait for The Hart Trilogy though, which I wouldn’t mind.

Not so sure about Maven being in this role either, because I can’t take him seriously as a deadly heel, but I guess showing both his arrogance and how vicious he can be by having him attack Super Crazy like this was a good way to try to change that. I think I’ll need some convincing for him being in this role, but this wasn’t a bad start to it.

Parisi and Jindrak have always been two of my favourites in this thread, and this was another good promo from Parisi, keeping the issue between Mysterio and Jindrak going, while keeping with the priet gimmick you’ve given him really well. A simple promo to keep things simmering, but I like the way you’ve been going about this.

@ Bucci’s reaction to Mysterio’s secret. Reminds me of Don West and Daniels.

Again, another pretty nice match here, making use of six men being there to create the chaos. The ending was very interesting due to Gibson pinning Kash, although I hope you aren’t breaking them up, because, as I’ve said earlier, your tag division is looking very thin right now.

Hyped for the title match.

Hopefully it doesn’t take you too long to get the three hour show up, because it usually takes you some time to get these regular ones up. Fingers crossed we’ll see it soon.

The ending to the show was simple, yet great, because not only have you established the way The Bischoff Brigade will go about things, but we’ve also suddenly got some much-needed heat between Lesnar and RVD. I now look forward to seeing how this develops, because there’s suddenly friction there. Good ending.

Like usual, a solid show here, Tony. You’ve develop everything well, suddenly got a lot of life in the main event scene, and you’ve also got a fair bit going on in the midcard. The writing was solid throughout too, making for an enjoyable show. Looking forward to the three hour one next.

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