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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

GWE Dynamite! 06-05-2008 Preview!

This week, Dynamite! rolls into Wichita, Kansas! What will go down in the Charles Koch Arena, as the superstars are only a little over a week removed from the very first Pay Per View in GWE history, Chaos Theory?

Power vs. Champion

Last week, General Manager Eric Bischoff forced his GWE Champion, Rob Van Dam, into a three-on-one handicap match, pitting him against the Basham Brothers and his opponent at Chaos Theory, Matt 'The Train' Bloom. Rob Van Dam overcame the odds, however and w the match! Undoubtedly pissed off by this result, what will the General Manager have in store for his champion this week? Even more brutality?

Global Tag Team Turmoil

At Chaos Theory, we will see the X-Factors putting their Global Tag Team Titles on the line against the Invaders, the former Champions. Last week, we almost saw an epic brawl ensue in the ring, but the Champions were able to scatter off quickly. This week, however, there will be no more running, as Ken Doane takes on Kid Kash in single's competition. Who will get the early advantage, going into Chaos Theory?

A God looking for Gold

"The Divine One" Mark Jindrak, will be seeking for All-American Gold at Chaos Theory, taking on the Champion, Monty Brown. This week, Jindrak will be in action, looking to gain more momentum going into Chaos Theory in less than two weeks. Will he able to gain momentum, or will his opponent at Chaos Theory, Monty Brown, somehow get in the way?

Cooling down?

Last week, in "Cooling Down with Carlito" things didn't exactly stay cool. Carlito, looking to have bettered his life, "apologized" to Matt Sydal for his behaviour. However, with Sydal's back turned, Carlito became his old self once more, attacking the young up-and-comer. Mysterio came to help out, however, as Carlito was forced to quit the attack and retreat on the ramp. What will Carlito try this week, and will Sydal and Mysterio have the Caribbean Bad Apple's number once again?


Last week, in an unbelievable turn of events, Gold Dustin became Eric Bischoff's personal secretary. How will the wacky, crazy, freaky superstar influence Bischoff's decisions, or will he influence them at all?

Find out all this and much, much more, this Thursday, only on the ESPN Network!
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Rob Van Dam being put through more trouble by Bischoff is pretty standard stuff, i am liking the whole hated by authority champion at the moment. Jindrak and Brown is going to be EPIC I honestly can not wait. Carlito OWNS so hopefully he takes out Sydal and Mysterio again. Interested to see who gave Gold Dustin a contract. Anyway Alco the show is looking pretty shit i don't know if i will read.

NOTE: The last line was an inside joke Alco knows i will love his show like usual

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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Dark Matches

Mistico defeated Super Crazy at 9:58!

Ted Dibiase Jr.(introduced as “The Million Dollar Prince) defeated Billy Kidman at 6:25
GWE Dynamite 06-05-2008 Charles Koch Arena, Wichita, Kansas

*Opening Video*


As “Welcome to the jungle” is blaring through the speakers, we go to the Charles Koch Arena, which is filled to the rafters with rowdy GWE fans! We see hundreds and hundreds of signs and fans wearing all sorts of GWE merchandise(all of which are available on!), as we switch to ringside, to Joey Styles and Mike Bucci!

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to GWE Dynamite! My name is Joey Styles, alongside Mike Bucci, the voice of GWE, and tonight promises to be another scintillating night of pure explosive Dynamite action!

Mike Bucci: No doubt about that, Joey! Tonight, a little over a week before GWE’s very first Pay Per View extravaganza, Chaos Theory, we’re bound to see some unexpected twists, and some very, very interesting confrontations! Let’s do this, baby!

“Walk” hits the P.A. System and the roof is immediately blown off, as the GWE Champion, Rob Van Dam, walks out to a thunderous ovation from the fans! He does his patented R V D taunt, before getting inside the ring and accepting a microphone.

Rob Van Dam: We are less than two weeks away from Chaos Theory! The first ever GWE Pay per view event!

*Huge pop*

Rob Van Dam: Oh yea, dude! And at Chaos Theory, I will be defending my GEE DOUBLEYOU EE Championship!

*Huge pop*

Rob Van Dam: Which brings me to tonight! Well, actually, it brings me to last week, the week before that, hell, it brings me to the time Eric Bischoff came into the GWE!

*Mega heat*

Rob Van Dam:
Ever since he bought his way into this company, he has tried to make my life a living hell. And you know what, dude? At first, I couldn’t handle it. I was shocked, I didn’t know why it was me he was after, I was embarrassed and humiliated.

*Huge heat*

Rob Van Dam: But now…now I know how to handle it, dude. Oh yea, I discovered the secret. You see, there’s one thing that Eric Bischoff can’t handle. One thing, and if he’s confronted with it, he goes crazy. And I know what that is…anarchy…

*Huge pop*

Rob Van Dam: Ya see, Bischoff likes his order and he loves to be strict. But when one piece of the puzzle decides to spin around, instead of just lay down, he loses his mind, man. So that’s…

Suddenly, the GWE Champion is cut off by “I’m back” as the general manager himself, Eric Bischoff, comes out to an enormous amount of heat, looking heavily angered.

Eric Bischoff: Rob, I’m gonna make this short and sweet. Last week I told you I was gonna make your life as a champion a living hell. Well last week…was only the beginning. Tonight, I’m putting you in another match. A four on four Pick-your-weapon match!


Eric Bischoff: What’s the hellacious part, you ask? Well, in the match, there’s one guy who won’t be allowed to carry a weapon…you!

*Mega heat as the camera shifts back to RVD, who doesn’t seem to be too worried about this predicament*

Rob Van Dam: You know somethin’, Bischoff? I kinda predicted you’d put me in a match like this. So instead of you getting protection for your boy, your puppet, Matt Bloom…I took care of some protection for ME tonight…Come on out, guys…

Van Dam smiles as Bischoff has a confused look on his face when suddenly…

“Enter Sandman” hits and the roof is blown off for a second time tonight, cause these fans know who’s coming! The smile on RVD’s face widens, as Bischoff gets a look of disgust on his face. The camera pans the arena and finally stops as we see The Sandman walking through the crowd. But he’s not alone, as he’s joined by Sabu and Balls Mahoney, two other Extreme legends! Sandman cracks his can of beer, before smashing it over his own head, before making his way down to the ring. The fans are absolutely going wild, as Bischoff can’t believe his eyes! The three (old)ECW legends join up with RVD in the ring, still receiving very loud pops from the fans.

Rob Van Dam: There you go, Bischoff! I believe these are my partners for tonight. Oh and don’t worry, dude, they know how to handle weapons!

Van Dam drops the mic as he smiles away, with an infuriated Eric Bischoff leaving the stage, while “Walk” blares through the speakers, as we go to a commercial.


We immediately return to Mr. Bischoff’s office, where Bischoff and Gold Dustin are pacing around.

Eric Bischoff: I can’t believe it! Those guys all got one-night appearance deals. How can that be? Who signed those things? God damn it, who’s doing this to me? …

Suddenly, Matt Bloom storms in.

Matt Bloom: I…want to fight tonight!

Eric Bischoff:
Get outta here, Matt, I already told you you’re not in the 8-man tag tonight.

Matt Bloom:
I need…to fight tonight!

Eric Bischoff: Listen to me. The match tonight, it’s gonna be dangerous. Those lunatics out there, they could hurt you, Matt, and I need my number one contender at Chaos Theory to be a hundred percent! You’ve gotten hit in the head with a Vandaminator for two straight weeks! I can’t take the risk of you getting hit in the head again this week.

An intense stare ensues, before Bischoff starts talking again.

Eric Bischoff:
In fact…I’m giving you the night off. I can’t take any risk with you tonight, so go to your locker room, get your stuff and go home.

Matt Bloom: No…

Eric Bischoff: No? NO? Listen to me, Matt Bloom, all I need at Chaos Theory is a fresh number one contender to take the belt off Van Dam and I picked you. But you know what? There are a dozen guys in the back who would be more than happy taking your spot! So you go to your locker room, you get your bags and YOU GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ARENA! Am I understood?

Bloom and Bischoff share a look of pure electricity, before Matt Bloom just turns around and walks away, obeying the orders of his General Manager. Bischoff still looks infuriated by the happenings in the opening segment, as Gold Dustin pops up from behind Bischoff, almost laying his head on Bischoff’s shoulder…

Gold Dustin: *Deep Inhale*

Eric Bischoff:

Dustin jumps up, shocked at Bischoff’s reaction, as we go back to ringside.

“Eh yo, you dealin’ with the X-factor” hits as the Global Tag Team Champions, The X-Factors, come out to a decent amount of heat.

Joey Styles:
ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for action tonight! Tonight, Ken Doane, one half of the Global Tag Team Champions, is set for one on one action, with one of his opponents at Chaos Theory, Kid Kash!

Mike Bucci: This is going to be a very interesting match, Joey. Who will come out on top and even more important, will the partners be able to keep hold of their itchy hands?

The Tag Team Champs get inside the ring and await their adversaries.

“Bawitdaba” hits as Kid Kash and James Gibson come out to a big pop from the fans. Kid Kash was the one scheduled to compete her tonight, so he was the only one who got into the ring, with Gibson staying on the outside.

Ken Doane(w/Sean Waltman) vs. Kid Kash(w/James Gibson)

Summary: This was an exciting opener, between a young stallion, in Ken Doane, and an experienced, yet still agile competitor, in Kid Kash. This was a very back-and-forth contest in which neither man could get a definite upperhand. Kash tried to get the momentum going hitting a few forearms, before dishing out a dropkick, but when he for a legdrop, Doane dodged, got up and nailed Kash with a Shining Wizard. Doane tried to get the dominant position locking in a headlock, followed by a surf board submission hold. Kash got up fairly quickly, however, grabbing Doane’s hands and catapulting him over Kash’s head, transitioned into a successful legdrop! The crowd applauded this nice chain of moves, as Kash picked Doane up and went for a vertical Suplex, but Doane landed on his feet, and nailed Kash with a neckbreaker. The match continued to go back-and-forth, until the finishing sequence rolled around. While Kash had the upperhand, Waltman jumped up on the apron to cause a distraction, but he was quickly pulled off by a highly reactive James Gibson! Kash avoided an RK-Doane attempt by Doane and hoisted him up in the air, only to drop him with the Dead Level! He covered Doane and got the victory!

Winner at 9:26 Kid Kash(w/James Gibson)

Joey Styles: Kash has pinned one of the Tag Team Champions, Mike! What a shock!

Mike Bucci: Well we all know what these guys are capable of in single’s competition. But that doesn’t mean the Invaders will beat the X-Factors in tag team competition, Joey! Great match, though, no doubt!

Kash gets out of the ring and joins up with James Gibson, as the duo celebrate on the entrance ramp, while a beaten Ken Doane is left lying in the ring.

We then switch to a backstage area, where we see Matt Sydal and Rey Mysterio talking to each other. Suddenly, Carlito Colon walks into shot, to a chorus of boos.

Carlito Colon: Well, well, well, won’t you look at dat? The lovebirds united again! Well I hate to spoil the party, but I got news. I just came out of Mister Bischoff’s office and it seems like we’re all gonna be part of Chaos Theory.

Matt Sydal:
Really? How?

Carlito Colon: If you’d let me finish, you punk…anyway…Mister Bischoff told me there’s gonna be a Three Way Dance at Chaos Theory. You *pointing at Mysterio*, you *pointing at Sydal* and me…

*Huge pop in the background*

Carlito Colon: So I suggest you lovebirds get your acts together, ‘cause at Chaos Theory…it’s every man for himself.

Carlito walks out of shot, but quickly returns one more time.

Carlito Colon: And dat…is cool…

Carlito lifts his eyebrows up and down, before walking out of shot for real


*Video hyping up Chaos Theory, GWE’s very first Pay Per View, on June 15th at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. Special thanks to Slipknot for their themesong Psychosocial!*

Joey Styles:
Folks, you saw the commercial, Chaos Theory is almost here and Mike, I’m so, SO excited for GWE’s very first Pay Per View event!

Mike Bucci:
Oh I’m so excited as well, Joey! This is what we’ve worked towards for the past 5 months, Joey and in a little over a week, it’s finally here, GWE’s first ever Pay Per View!

Joey Styles: But right now, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got some more action coming up here tonight! Later on in the main event, Rob Van Dam will team up with some of his long lost friends of the oldschool Extreme Championship Wrestling in a Four-on-four Pick-your-weapon match! What a main event!

“This is why I’m hot” hits the P.A. system as Hot ‘n Heavy, the duo of Scott Taylor and Seth Skyfire, comes out to a rather nice pop from the fans. Sure, these guys are jobbers, but fun jobbers at that! They get inside the ring and await their opponent(s).

“Carmina Burana” then hits and “The Divine One” Mark Jindrak, slowly walks down tha aisle, accompanied by Priest Parisi, as he gets a huge amount of heat from the fans in attendance. He gets into the ring, as Parisi stays on the outside. It appears that this will be a handicap match.

Handicap match: ‘The Divine One’ Mark Jindrak(w/Priest Parisi) vs. Hot ‘n Heavy

Summary: Two on one? Surely this had to be a disadvantage for Mark Jindrak? No sir-e-bob! Jindrak immediately disposed of Skyfire, tossing him to the outside, and focused on Scott ‘Too Hot’ Taylor. Taylor was met with a series of clotheslines, followed by a Big Boot and topped off by a pump-handle slam! At this point, Skyfire was back in the ring, but he was immediately met by a huge left hook knock-out punch! Now it was just a matter of picking the guy who he wanted to completely destroy and that ‘privilege’ was for Scott Taylor. He picked up Taylor and nailed him with a huge Mark of Excellence, getting the easy, yet impressive victory.

Winner at 4:02 “The Divine One” Mark Jindrak

Joey Styles: Well, here we are with another impressive victory of Mark Jindrak. Who’s gonna be able to stop this man?

Mike Bucci: Well, one man that will try is Monty Brown, who’ll face him at Chaos Theory, putting his All-American Title on the line! This match, though, Joey, makes me believe, Monty’s got little chance of overcoming the odds in that match!

We see Mark Jindrak standing in the middle of the ring, looking emotionless, as Priest Parisi joins him and points at Jindrak’s waist, motioning he’s gonna be the next All-American Champion.

Then, we switch to a backstage area, where we see “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown, who was watching this match on a television set in the back. Steve Romero walks into shot with a few questions for the All-American Champion.

Steve Romero: Monty Brown, new All-American Champion…having watched that match, are you in any way scared of Mark Jindrak?

Brown gives Romero an instant pissed-off look.

Monty Brown: Scared? Man, the Alpha Male is scared of nobody!


Monty Brown:
Let me tell you something, Steve. Mark Jindrak, he’s supposed to be some kind of god. Well, in the Serengeti, there are no gods. In the Serengeti, there’s the Alpha Male and he ain’t scared of anyone! Mark Jindrak, you can bring whoever you want. Priests, rabbis, for all I care you bring the freakin’ Ayatollah himself! There’s just gonna be one Alpha Male and he’s gonna beat yo ass!

Steve Romero: But doesn’t it worry you that Jindrak’s still undefeated?

Monty Brown: I’m undefeated too, Steve! *awkward silence* The fact of the matter is this! Mark Jindrak hasn’t proven anything against a real opponent. I have. I’ve beaten Carlito, I’ve beaten Paul Wight, I’ve beaten Brock Lesnar and I’ve beaten Rey Mysterio himself! The Alpha Male has proven his credentials. What has Jindrak proven? That he’s Parisi’s b****?

*Huge pop*

Monty Brown: Mark Jindrak, you’re going in Chaos Theory undefeated, but you’re not walking out undefeated. You’re going to the dance with the Alpha Male and I will eat you alive! But don’t worry. It’s not a shame to fall prey to the Alpha Male. It’s not a shame losing to Monty Brown. And it’s definitely not a shame to fall prey to…the…POOOOOUUUUUUUNCAAH! *Brown wipes his sweat with the mic* PERIOD!

Monty Brown walks off as the crowd bursts out into a huge pop.

We then switch to Eric Bischoff’s office once again. Bischoff is sitting in a comfortable couch, while Dustin is pacing around.

Gold Dustin: *Deep inhale* Mister Bischofffff. I’ve got a great idea.

Eric Bischoff: I’m not in the mood for ideas, nor your antics.

Gold Dustin: Hear me out. Did you hear the reaction those extremists got when they arrived in the arena?

Eric Bischoff: Please…don’t even mention those freaks!

Gold Dustin:
No, no…hear me out here. They got a great reaction…and they’ll get an even greater reaction if they’re back next week…

Eric Bischoff: Excuse me?

Gold Dustin: Think about it! Think about all those people who will watch for nostalgia reasons. The people who want to relive the past. Guys who would live their second youth! It would mean ratings, Eric…and Money…dust.

Bischoff goes into a thinking pose, before a smile appears on his face.

Eric Bischoff:
You know what…I like it. Next week, June twelfth…the one night where GWE…becomes Global Wrestling Extreme!

Gold Dustin: Yesssss.

Bischoff, looking excited, gets up.

Eric Bischoff:
It’s my chance to destroy those clowns on national television!

Gold Dustin: That’s…not exactly how I see it.

Eric Bischoff: It’s how I see it, that’s all that matters. And I’ve got an even better idea!

Gold Dustin: You do?

Eric Bischoff: You are gonna compete as well next week! You know how I said I don’t want to see you in my ring? Well, I’ve changed my mind.

Dustin gets a Million Dollar smile on his face, before Bischoff continues.

Eric Bischoff:
And to make it even better, Dustin…If you can’t beat one of those clowns next week…you’re fired!

Gold Dustin: ba..buh…what?

Eric Bischoff: God, I’m a genius!

Bischoff smiles away as he walks out of shot, leaving a dazed and confused Gold Dustin behind.

Gold Dustin: Eric…Eric! Wait!

Dustin collapses in the couch, looking very saddened(in typical Goldust(!) fashion).


*Video package*

We see a locker room, with just one man sitting on a chair…Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar: All my life, people looked at me and said…you will be the next big thing.

We then see a shot of Lesnar sweating profusely after a work-out.

Brock Lesnar: Everywhere I went, I was the future. The next in line, the Prince to the throne.

We see Lesnar spitting out some water.

Brock Lesnar: Now that I’m here, however, I AM BIG. I am no longer the next in line, I lead the freakin’ tribe! I am no longer the prince, I’m the KING! Everyone has realised it…Everyone…but one…

We see Lesnar pushing a huge weight, pushing himself to the limit.

Brock Lesnar: Paul Wight…at Chaos Theory…I will make you…realise…

The screen fades to black.

*Video Package*
We then switch back to ringside.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen you heard Eric Bischoff before the commercial break and it is indeed official! Next week, for one time only, the GWE will go extreme! The entire card will consist of matches with no rules and no limitations, Mike, just like in the ole’ days!

Mike Bucci: We will be part of Global Wrestling EXTREME for one night only indeed, Joey, and I have to say, looking at my own past, I’m hella excited!

*Video hyping up Chaos Theory, GWE’s very first Pay Per View, on June 15th at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. Special thanks to Slipknot for their themesong Psychosocial!*
We switch to a backstage area, where we see The Basham Brothers, Paul ‘The Great’ Wight and Juventud Guerrera, all lined up in a nice row. The camera zooms out and we see Eric Bischoff, pepping the guys up, almost as if he were a football coach.

Eric Bischoff: Alright. Tonight, you guys are Team Bischoff. And tonight, we’re not focusing on those ECW Alumni freaks, that’s for next week! Tonight, we only focus on Rob Van Dam…

Eric Bischoff:
You *pointing at Paul Wight*, you take a ladder to the ring. You guys *talking to the Basham Brothers*, you take a trashcan and lid. And you, I’ve got something special for you, Juvy Guerrera. You take this…*hands over a can of pepperspray!*

*The crowd erupts into heat at the sight of pepper spray*

Eric Bischoff: You have to wait for the right time, Juvy, and when the time is right…you mace Rob Van Dam and win the match…You guys know what to do?

All four men simultaneously: Yes…

Eric Bischoff: Alright, let’s go incapacitate ourselves a champion!

Team Bischoff grab their weapons and leave for the ring, as Bischoff looks on, smiling away like never before.

Mike Bucci: The Four-on-Four Pick-your-weapon match is next!


“BIG” hits as the entire TEAM BISCHOFF, The Basham Brothers and Juventud Guerrera, led by Paul “The Great” Wight, comes out to a large amount of heat from the fans. They’re all carrying their weapons of choice. Wight is carrying a ladder, while the Bashams are holding a trashcan with lid, and Juvy is bringing along a can of pepperspray. The four men get into the ring and await their “extreme” opponents for tonight.

“Walk” then hits as the roof is blown off for the entrance of Team RVD, consisting of the GWE Champ himself and the Extreme Alumni Sandman, Sabu and Balls Mahoney. The four guys get an awesome reception from these GWE fans, who happen to carry the old ECW still in their hearts. The Sandman is carrying his patented Singapore Cane, while Sabu is torsing the table and Balls Mahoney the steel chair. This is gonna be a brutal match!

Four-on-Four Pick-your-weapon match! Team Bischoff(Paul Wight, Basham Brothers and Juvy Guerrera) vs. Team RVD (RVD, Sandman, Sabu and Balls Mahoney)

Summary: This was bound to be a very brutal match and that was exactly what we got. The match started out quite normally though, with Juvy taking on RVD. The two had a nice chain-wrestling contest, which was going back and forth, until Juvy was able to tag in Danny, who smacked RVD straight in the face with the trashcan lid! All hell broke lose at this point, as the Extreme alumnists got into the ring and engaged in an all-out brawl with Team Bischoff! It were the Extremists who got the upperhand, as Balls Mahoney blasted his steel chair over Doug’s head and Sandman knocked the wind out of Juvy with the Singapore Cane. Sabu nailed Danny with a spinning DDT to take him out. Taking care of Paul Wight took something special though. RVD tried some martial arts fist-and-foot work, but to no avail, as he was eventually met with a huge lariat. Mahoney then went at him with the steel chair, which made Wight stagger, as Sandman took over with several brutal Singapore Cane shots, which made him stagger even more! Finally, Mahoney set up the steel chair, for Sabu to leap up on it and hit Wight with a leg lariat, which finally got the big guy off his feet and to the outside! With the Extreme Alumnists having a small pre-victory celebration in the ring, Juvy thought his chance had come. He waited for RVD to turn around to spray him with the Pepper Spray, but RVD had it scouted, ducked, and Juvy accidentally sprayed Danny Basham! RVD gave Juvy a superkick for his trouble, as the extremists singled out Danny Basham. Sabu got the table and set it up in the middle of the ring, as Balls Mahoney grabbed the ladder that was lying on the outside. They set up the ladder next to the table and placed poor Danny on top of the table as everyone knew what was coming. Doug caused some trouble, however, smacking Balls Mahoney in the back of the head with the trash can! He didn’t smile for long though, as Sabu threw the steel chair in Doug’s face with authority, sending Doug all the way to the outside! RVD, meanwhile, climbed to the top of the ladder and did the R V D motion, signalling that Basham was in for one wild ride! Van Dam launched himself and nailed Danny Basham with A FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH THROUGH THE TABLE! The arena exploded as the fans chanted “Holy shit” and “E C DUB”, as Rob pinned Danny and won the brutal match for his team!

Winners at 15:34 TEAM RVD (RVD, Sandman, Balls Mahoney and Sabu!)

Joey Styles: I’ve said it a lot during this match, but one more time for good measure…OH MY GOD! What an awesome match this was, Mike, in true oldschool extreme fashion!

Mike Bucci: I gotta say I enjoyed every minute of this contest and I can’t wait for next week’s GWE becomes GWEXTREME! What a night that’ll be!

Joey Styles: You’re damn right, Mike, but for now, this broadcast has come to an end. For Mike Bucci, I’m Joey Styles, saying goodnight from Wichita, Kansas!

We see Sandman, RVD, Sabu and Balls Mahoney crack a few beers in the middle of the ring, celebrating their hard fought victory, as the show comes to a close.


GWE Championship match
Rob Van Dam(c) vs. Matt "The Train" Bloom

All-American Championship match
Monty Brown(c) vs. "The Divine One" Mark Jindrak

Global Tag Team Championship mathc
The X-factors(c) vs. The Invaders

Last Giant Standing
Brock Lesnar vs. Paul "The Great" Wight

Three-way Dance
Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Carlito Colon vs. Matt Sydal

The Basham Brothers vs. Billy Kidman and Frankie Kazarian
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

I'm proud of you, dude. You press on, and your shows are as entertaining as they were before your hiatus. I'm sorry for not leaving any reviews, but I barely have enough time anymore. What I will say is, you're da mang, and you KNOW THIS. I've been reading your shows since 2006, and you know I love 'em. On a whole, your storylines are coalescing quite well, despite a measure of inconsistency here and there with the Main Event guys. Your midcard division is being built quite well, with Brown, Mysterio, Colon, and Mark OWNS Jindrak as your standouts. Keep it up, man.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Hello Alcoholic. I figure I might as well check this thread out, considering it has gotten a lot of love from what I hear. Let's get this going.

First off, created feds tend to be hard to press on with as BTB history has told us. But this seems to be very different and you seem to be doing well with it. Commends to you man. Anyway, RVD coming out to "Walk" = Greatness. Love that song, and loved it as the theme of his back in the ECW hay day. Looks like you've also put the big title on Van Dam, which I'm a fan of. Kept the guy in character well throughout the course of the promo which is a good thing. Here comes E-Z-E, and he doesn't appear to be very happy. Uh oh, Van Dam has a back up plan and it's the old school ECW guys! Nice touch there, and this looks to be an eventful show.

Matt Bloom? Hmm, fill me in on this, plz, as I'm new to reading this thread. Looks like he could be the contender to Van Dam's Championship considering Bischoff said he got hit with the Van Daminator. I'm sure I'll find that out later on. And it looks like later on is now. Hopefully I can get a little more information from you on this guy, and why you have him pushed to the top.

Oh man, X-Factor theme song. Total nostalgia there, takes me back.. anyway, I kinda like this team you've got with Kenny and Sean Waltman. Though Waltman is a bit past his prime, still makes for a nice tag team. I enjoy that Kash and GIBSON are a tag team, as I liked when they were together irl in the WWE. Looked to be a good match, and a pretty big victory for Kash. Solidifying themselves in the tag division?

Carlito playing the heel role in his finest way, and I like that you've got Sydal and Mysterio in this promotion. Three Way Dance at the PPV Chaos Theory between these three sounds immense, and could really be an eye opening match. Looking forward to that one, tbh.

Not surprising that Mark Jindrak got the win in this handicap match against a couple o' jobbers. I've always kinda liked Jindrak, except that stupid 'Reflection of Perfection' gimmick. Blech.

Another guy I've always liked - Monty Brown. Kind of a mark, so I kinda hope he takes care of Jindrak. Even though for some reason if they do go against each other, which seems apparent from this promo Jindrak will probably remain undefeated. Pounce tho, plz.

Aw, poor Gold Dustin. Not sure if he's going to stick around, even though you do mark for him. Which could mean that he does ... keep it suspenseful please.

Nice VP, Lesnar to kick serious ass please.

Looked like a nice 4-on-4 brawl in this one, as it should expect with a couple of guys from ECW. Faces getting the win is a nice decision and also the right once, and continues to add build to what looks to be a pretty good Pay Per View coming.

Overall for a first viewing, I like what this BTB has going. Expect me to be reading more now, Alco.

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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Dynamite Feedback

Okay so RVD starting the show and what he basically did was summarize everything that has taken place lately. There is nothing wrong with that at all however one thing i was not so sure about RVD’s use of the word dude. Dude is when you are talking to one person for this to work RVD would have had to talk like Hogan and say dudes yet I can’t see RVD saying that either so yeah wasn’t so sure about that. Anyway Bischoff coming out was good and he seemed okay trying to get back at RVD however RVD conveniently having his friends ready was a bit cheesy I would have much preferred for RVD to have to search backstage for people or something along those lines. Nice main event set up though.

Bischoff is really beginning to lose the plot here as he got very angry at Matt Bloom who is supposed to be his number one man at the moment. “One time appearance deals” so I would like to apologize for saying RVD should have looked for them backstage however I still find it a tad to unrealistic that he just expected Bischoff to make an 8 man tag match. Gold Dustin made me laugh tbh, I love their chemistry and I still wonder who is singing all these guys

Good to see Kash get the win here really it just strengthens there chances at taking the titles from the X Factors at Chaos Theory. Still not 100 percent but that is what I am hoping for. Make it happen…

Carlito FTW and I pray he picks up the victory against Mysterio and Sydal. This was short and sharp however there were still little parts where Carlito slipped out of character, I am a lazy bastard so I am not going to single these parts out but just re read it and you shall be able to tell what I am talking about. If it is killing you ask me on msn

Mark Jindrak squashing mo fo’s is awesome. Need I really say anymore…

Monty Browns backstage interview was cream worthy may be the best promo I have seen from you it was just awesome. Loved him putting himself over loved him putting Jindrak down the whole thing was just great

LOL at Money Dust… He had a great idea and Bischoff kind of turned it against him. I hope Gold Dustin does not get fired and well the Extremists back for one more week but hopefully something exciting happens as they kind of suck in normal wrestling matches.

Nice way to put Lesnar over… I love Lesnar and I tell everybody I love Lesnar. He should get the win over Wight tbh.

Bischoff gets his team ready and the weapons that they are bringing to the ring are sexy. Pepper spray LOL I don’t think it takes an expert to realize that is going to backfire.

Juvi made the mistake spraying the wrong person just as I thought and well from there it was the Extremists time to shine. They were always going to win but I think next week they may be a bit unlucky. Anyway t’was awesome and can not wait to see what happens next with RVD/Bischoff storyline.

Overall a very sexy show Alco, I really do love your BTB these days. I liked most of this with a few little complaints thrown in but HEY what can you do. Anyway I will definitely see you next time until then goodbye.

Djokovic > Federer

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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

GWE News and Notes

-Mistico on his way to GWE?

Mistico, the newest Mexican sensation in the wrestling industry, might be close on signing a deal with GWE. He wrestled a dark match last week and won, indicating that he may have been in contract discussion earlier that night. Many believe that the fact Mistico and Rey Mysterio Jr. are close friends, will be the deciding factor that will make Mistico ultimately sign the deal.

-Chris Hero signed to a developmental contract

Chris Hero, a popular wrestler on the independent circuit, has signed a developmental deal with GWE. He'll be wrestling in GWE's Global Factory, formerly known as Florida Championship Wrestling. How long it'll take for Hero to be called up to the main roster, and what exactly his charachter will be, is unknown at this time.

-Extreme Alumni coming to GWE
For one night only, Dynamite will go extreme next week and a number of Extreme Alumni, who became famous in ECW, will be present. Sandman, Sabu, Balls Mahoney and even Steven Richards have confirmed they will be part of the once in a year event.
There you go. Some tidbits I wanted to get out of the way, really. Next show will probably be posted somewhere mid next week.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Mistico coming to GWE would be awesome, nice the way you mentioned how he and Mysterio are friends basically tells us that he WILL sign.

Chris Hero is a guy i really love you are not wrong in claiming he is popular. I love him. Hopefully he rises up the rankings VERY quickly.

E-C-DUBBYA E-C-DUBBYA E-C-DUBBYA... Nuff said really

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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

GWE Dynamite! 06-12-2008 Preview!

This week, for one time only, GWE becomes Global Wrestling Extreme! Every match on the card will be a No Rules, No Limitations match! What carnage will we see inside the Alumni Arena in Buffalo, New York?

Every match will be of extreme nature, especially the main event, which features GWE Champion Rob Van Dam teaming up with Rey Mysterio, to take on Matt "The Train" Bloom and Carlito Colon. Rob Van Dam and Matt Bloom will meat three days later at Chaos Theory, with the GWE Championship on the line, so both men will undoubtedly want to inflict as much damage as possible onto each other, while Carlito and Mysterio, also opponents at Chaos Theory, will try to do the same. Which team will come out victorious in this highly anticipated match-up?

Another highly interesting match-up will be the showdown between Gold Dustin and extreme legend Balls Mahoney. Not only will there be no rules, but if Gold Dustin loses this match, he'll be released from GWE immediately. Will Dustin lose his job, or will he be able to upset Balls Mahoney in his own ballgame, in the extreme environment?

Thursday, oldschool Extreme fans, fans of the original EC Doubleya, will be catapulted back into the golden years of their favorite promotion, as a number of Extreme Legends will make appearances on GWE Dynamite, including The Sandman, Sabu, Steven Richards, Super Crazy and many more!

Don't miss this very special edition of Dynamite, three days before GWE's very first Pay Per View spectacle, Chaos Theory! GWExtreme Dynamite, this Thursday, only on the ESPN Network!

Confirmed matches(All No Rules, No Limitations)

GWE Champion Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Carlito Colon and Matt "The Train" Bloom

Gold Dustin vs. Balls Mahoney

Sabu vs. Super Crazy
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

It's pretty insane that this thread has been around for so long and this is my first post in here (even though you know I've been keeping an eye on it for a while Tony).

I like the idea of a "One Night Stand" theme for Dynamite. It definitely sets the tone for chaos to ensue by the end of the evening, as well as somewhat promoting the idea of "chaos" for your next PPV, (wouldn't you know it), Chaos Theory. I'm looking forward to the Tag Team Main Event. I can see Bischoff sending someone down to try and get involved in the match since there are "no rules, no limitations".

Knowing how much of a Goldust mark you are, I'm dead certain "Gold Dustin" will pick up the victory and eventually ascend to GWE Championship glory.

As for the other ECW Originals; I can see Bischoff setting them up to get their asses kicked all over the show in an attempt to hurt RVD's morale heading into Chaos Theory. On the other hand, we could see a clean sweep from the hardcore wrestlers. Basically what I mean is that it will either be completely RVD's dream night or his worst nightmare.

I'll be reading.
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