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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Dark Matches

Billy Kidman defeated Juventud Guerrera at 6:39

Harry Smith and T.J. Wilson defeated two locals at 7:01
GWE Dynamite! 05-22-2008 Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas

*Opening Video*


As “Welcome to the jungle” blares through the speakers, we go live to the Convention Center, where there are ten thousands of crazy GWE fans in attendance, for the fourth-ever 90-minute episode of Dynamite! The jam-packed arena is being covered in tons of original signs, as we go to our ever so enthusiastic announce team, Mike Bucci and Joey Styles!

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, to another episode of GWE Dynamite! Tonight promises to be one hell of a show, once again and who better to call all the action than myself, Joey Styles and of course the dynamic voice of GWE, Mike Bucci!

Mike Bucci: Joey, you keep surprising me week in and week out. Anyways, tonight indeed promises to be one hell of a show, with a very interesting fatal-fourway on the card, that will determine the number one contender for the All-American Championship! Brock Lesnar versus Paul Wight versus Carlito Colon versus an unknown competitor at this time! Who will it be, Joey?

Joey Styles: I guess we’ll find that out soon enough, Mike, but right now, I hear our General Manager has got a few things to say!

“I’m back” hits the P.A. system as Eric Bischoff struts out to an unbelievable amount of heel heat. He’s got a smile from here to D.C., as he gets inside the ring, microphone in hand.

Eric Bischoff: I came out here to make a few announcements. If you would all at least have the decency to shut your mouths and listen to what I have to say!

*Mega heat*

Eric Bischoff: Oh that’s right, we’re in Texas. You pigs don’t even know what the word decency means.

*The crowd erupts into unbelievably loud jeers*

Eric Bischoff: Now, onto the order of the day. I have some good news and I’ve got some bad news. The bad news is that one of your favourites is not at the show tonight, due to an unexpected injury he suffered last week. That man…is Rob Van Dam.

*Huge heat. The fans wanna see Van Dam here tonight*

Eric Bischoff: Now, he suffered those injuries, not by himself, but at the hands of another superstar. It is my duty, as general manager, to call this superstar out to this ring and sanction him properly. Of course, that immediately brings me to the good news! Another one of your favourite superstars IS here in the arena tonight and I’m calling him out right now! Ladies and gentlemen, here he is, your hero, MATT ‘THE TRAIN’ BLOOM!

“Bending Tracks” hits as Matt Bloom slowly walks onto stage to an insane amount of heel heat. Bloom is not smiling, nor is he looking angry or anything. Bloom’s looking his usual, emotionless self. He steps into the ring and just stares at Bischoff, who’s smiling away once again.

Eric Bischoff: Matt Bloom, I called you out here because camera footage has shown that you are directly responsible for the injury of one of my superstars. As the General Manager of this program, it is my responsibility to sanction you and I will do so properly. Matt Bloom, you were originally not scheduled to wrestle here tonight, but as part of your punishment, you will be forced to compete tonight after all.

Bloom just keeps staring at Bischoff, emotionless.

Eric Bischoff: You are not allowed to refuse competition on the penalty of losing your championship match at Chaos Theory. Now, all there is left to say is your opponent. Matt Bloom, tonight, you will be forced to compete against…SUPER CRAZY!

Bischoff lowers the mic…and bursts out in uncontrollable laughter. The crowd boos as Matt Bloom smiles and exits the ring, walking up the entrance ramp.

Joey Styles: Well won’t you look at that, Mike? Eric Bischoff “punishes” Bloom by having him fight Super Crazy. This is just not right!

Mike Bucci: You’re right, Joey, it ain’t right! Matt Bloom wasn’t even scheduled to compete tonight! I sure hope he survives this!

Joey Styles: Oh please…

As we see Bischoff laughing uncontrollably, we go to a commercial break.


As we return we go to a backstage area, where Steve Romero is standing by!

Steve Romero: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Steve Romero and my guest at this time…Kofi Kingston!

Kofi steps into shot and is welcome by a big pop from the crowd.

Steve Romero: Kofi, you are not scheduled to wrestle tonight, but you said you wanted to share something with the audience.

Kofi Kingston: Steve Romero, maan, that is exactly right. I wanna send a message an’ thing to the world tonight! You see, in life, it’s not all about making money, yanno. It’s not all about winning and losing, seen? Sometimes, maan, you gots to relax and dance, seen?! So, Steve Romero, tonight, I’m not rasslin’, but I am dancin’, maan! Hit that music!

“Everybody dance now” hits in the background and some random superhot girls join up with Kofi to party down! Steve Romero looks at the scene, microphone still in hand.

Stever Romero: Hey…why not?

Romero drops the mic and joins the party, which gets a surprising pop from the fans.

We then switch back to ringside, where Joey Styles and Mike Bucci are still calling all the action!

Joey Styles:
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. We have just learned that right now, we will witness the debut of a very special superstar in GWE.

Mike Bucci: Well, Joey, we’ve heard the news, we’ve read about the rumors. I think I know who it is!

“This is why I’m hot” hits the P.A. System and Scott “Too Hot” Taylor comes jiggin’ out, accompanied by his tag team partner, Seth “Heavy Duty” Skyfire. Taylor will go at it alone tonight, with Skyfire as his one-night manager. He seems very enthousiastic, as always, and the fans are welcoming him to a nice pop. He gets into the ring and awaits his opponent for tonight.

“Shattered Dreams” hits and the crowd is stunned as they recognize this tune! It’s…it’s him! GOLDUST is coming out to a rather great pop from the fans. Justin Roberts refers to him as GOLD DUSTIN, however, but that doesn’t take away from the pop. A big smile forms on Scott Taylor’s face, as he sure knows who this is. Gold Dustin, gets into the ring and does his patented deep inhale, that garners another nice pop from the crowd. No-one can believe their eyes, including Joey Styles and Mike Bucci, that Gold Dustin, has come to GWE!

Scott “Too Hot” Taylor(w/Seth Skyfire) vs. Gold Dustin

Summary: Gold Dustin started the match with his signature deep inhale, before unloading on Taylor with a flurry of rights and lefts. This was bound to be a short match, as Dustin didn’t appear to be in the best shape of his life. Scott Taylor came back into the match, but it was only a short second breath as Dustin struck him down with a powerslam fairly quickly. Dustin whipped Taylor in the corner and hit him with a trademark bronco buster, much to the pleasing of the crowd. Dustin kept his dominance going, kicking Taylor in the gut, hoisting him up for a suplex, but hitting the Final Cut instead! The crowd popped, as Gold Dustin covered Taylor and got the quick and easy win!

Winner at 3:24 Gold Dustin!

Joey Styles:
Well that sure was an impressive debut, Mike!

Mike Bucci:
It sure was, Joey. Gold Dustin apparently hasn’t lost his swagger!

We see Gold Dustin celebrating his victory by stroking his chest, as we go to another commercial.


As we return we see Gold Dustin walking down a corridor. He seems satisfied with his earlier match. He keeps walking until he suddenly stops, as the camera zooms out and we see General Manager Eric Bischoff, looking in utter shock of seeing Gold Dustin.

Gold Dustin: *deep inhale* Mister Bischoff! That’s a long time ago…six…five years.

Eric Bischoff: Listen, you sick freak. Who gave you authorization to wrestle that match? Huh? You don’t even have a contract!

Gold Dustin: Oh, but Mister Bischoff, I do have a contract. *takes out a piece of paper* See?

Eric Bischoff: What?*snatches contract out of Dustin’s hands* Who signed this?

Gold Dustin:
Unfortunately, Eric, I can’t tell you. But I can tell you that it was a handsome young man *deep inhale, while stroking chest*

Eric Bischoff: Ugh…Nevermind…

Bischoff throws the contract in Dustin’s face, as he storms off, clearly pissed off that Dustin was signed to a contract without him knowing. Dustin just stares at Bischoff, with that trademark confused looks of his on his face.

We then switch to another hallway, where Brock Lesnar is walking. The crowd gives him a huge pop, as Brock suddenly stops at a table, where Paul “The Great” Wight is sitting. Wight stands up and confronts Lesnar in what looks like an electrifying encounter.

Brock Lesnar: Wight, listen. Tonight, Fatal-Fourway…you and I settle the score…once and for all. And rest assured…I’ll take you out, even if that means giving up number one contendership…

Paul Wight: Lesnar…you’re right. Tonight, we do settle a score. Tonight, I’m finally gonna prove just why I’m better than you. Tonight, I’m taking you down, Brock…AND I’m becoming number one contender! Tonight…I break you…

Wight clutches his own massive paws, looking to be breaking some imaginary item. He goes forehead to forehead with Lesnar before walking off. The very interesting fatal-fourway for the number one contendership for the All-American Title is up next!

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, you saw the banner, it is time for one of our main events here tonight. Up next is the fatal-fourway that will decide a new number one contender for the All-American Championship. Four men, only one winner..who will it be?

Mike Bucci: Well, we know three participants, but the fourth is still a mistery, Joey! Brock Lesnar versus Paul Wight versus Carlito versus…versus who, Joey? I don’t know!

“Apple spittin’, jaw hittin’” hits as Carlito Colon steps out to a chorus of boos from the crowd. He doesn’t pay attention and just juggles his apple, before getting inside the ring.

“Here comes the pain v 2.0” hits the P.A. system as Brock Lesnar comes out to a MASSIVE pop from the fans. He jumps up onto the apron as fireworks shoot from all four ringposts, which again, garners a massive pop from the fans.

“BIG” hits and Paul “The Great” Wight struts out to a huge amount of heat from the crowd. He steps over the top rope into the ring, shares a thundering look with Lesnar, before averting his eyes toward the Hulkatron, to see who the mystery fourth competitor is.

The lights go out and the tension is built up. Who could it possibly be?

“You’re going down, down, down” is heard all around the arena, and some fans already recognize the music! The entire audience pops, however, when the words “Alpha Male, MONTY BROWN” appear on the Hulkatron! Out comes Monty Brown, finally making his GWE debut! The fans are cheering mad, more so than expected, actually, and Brown is enjoying every second of it. He gets into the ring and quickly scouts his opponents, before posing for the fans, who once again, pop wildly.

Fatal-Fourway to determine number one contender for All-American Title: Monty Brown vs. Carlito Colon vs. Paul Wight vs. Brock Lesnar

Summary: A very exciting match-up as was to be expected. Paul Wight and Brock Lesnar immediately focused on each other, while Monty Brown had his hands full on Carlito. Monty Brown was dominating Carlito with his powerful, yet agile style, while Brock and Wight were entangled in an all-out brawl. Brock Lesnar finally got the upperhand when he powerslammed Paul Wight, a move which got a standing ovation from the fans! Monty Brown, almost simultaneously, hit Carlito with a gutwrench suplex, leaving Brown and Lesnar standing face to face, ready to do battle. The two clutched fists and went into a test of strength as we went to a commercial.


When we return, Carlito is still down, and Monty Brown is outside of the ring, sitting on his knees, apparently recovering from a hard hit, as Paul Wight and Brock Lesnar are inside the ring, exchanging massive punches. Paul Wight manages to daze Lesnar with a huge right hook, before levelling Lesnar with a brutal spear! At this point, Monty Brown was back in the ring, looking at the sight in awe, not noticing the stalking Carlito in his back. Carlito hopped onto Monty Brown’s back and nailed him with the Backcracker out of nowhere! Carlito got up and posed in front of the fans, clearly pleased with himself after this manoeuvre. Wight saw it all going down, however, and waited for Carlito to turn around, before smacking him into the mat with a huge chokeslam! Carlito was down, Monty Brown was down and Wight was still standing, not looking to want to cover Carlito, however. Brock Lesnar was up as well, however, and hoisted the 450+ pound Wight onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry! He went for the F-5, but Wight managed to grab the top rope and block it! Wight got back on his feet and tried to clothesline, Brock, but he ducked, turned around and gave Wight a clothesline of his own, launching Paul Wight and himself over the top rope and to the outside! Meanwhile, Carlito was up, still dazed, and Monty Brown was to his feet as well. Carlito didn’t know where he was at, as Monty Brown bounced off the ropes and nailed Colon with a monstrous POUNCE! The arena erupted, as Monty Brown went for the cover and got the victory!

Winner at 14:15 and number one contender for the All-American Championship…MONTY BROWN!

Joey Styles: Shock horror, Mike Bucci! Monty Brown, in his first ever match on GWE television, has won the fatal-fourway and he’s now the new number one contender for the All-American Title!

Mike Bucci: I’m a shocked as you are, Joey! But Monty Brown, hell, he deserved this. What an awesome match and what an awesome number one contender! Rey Mysterio, wherever you are, man, I’m telling ya, you better watch out for the Alpha Male!

We switch to a backstage area, where “The Divine One” Mark Jindrak and Priest Parisi were watching the match on a giant plasma screen. Parisi averts his attention from the screen and to the camera, as he begins to speak.

Look at that farce, that sherade! I still ask myself: why wasn’t “the Divine One” the fourth competitor? Why was our lord and saviour just left to the side? Mark Jindrak has never been pinned in this organisation! The Almighty Jindrak hasn’t laid down for anyone! But that’s alright. Mark Jindrak has other things on his all-knowing mind right now…Rey Mysterio…

*Huge heat as the fans know that Jindrak destroyed Mysterio for no reason last week*

Priest Parisi: I’m sure you’re seeing this from your hospital bed in Albuquerque, New Mexico! It came to me in a dream, Rey. A dream in which you were entirely destroyed by “The Divine One”. And so it will be. When you return, Mark Jindrak will be waiting for you. He will be patient and wait for his chance. Rey, you’re no match for his divine speed nor for his almighty power! But don’t, worry, Rey Rey…Don’t fear the end…pray for it…Muahahahaha

The sinister laughter continues as the screen fades to black and we go back to Joey Styles and Mike Bucci!

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, as Priest Parisi alluded to already, Rey Mysterio is indeed still in his hospital bed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he suffered a horrible and uncalled for beat-down, at the hands of Mark Jindrak. Let’s take you back to last week.

*Video package starts about last week’s beatdown. We see Mysterio get blindsided by Mark Jindrak, brutally beat up, thrown against a wall and finally we see Jindrak forcing that said wall on top of the All-American Champion!*
Joey Styles: This attack was uncalled for of course and Rey, if you are watching this, Mike and myself wish you the very best in your recovery.

Mike Bucci: Of course we do, Rey! That was indeed uncalled for and one has to wonder, Joey, how Rey will react when he gets back to Dynamite!

We then cut to the back, where we see The Invaders, Kid Kash and James Gibson, sit in their locker room. Suddenly, the brand new Global Tag Team Champions, The X-factors, walk into shot.

Ken Doane: Well, well, well. Look at what we got here, Sean, it’s the FORMER tag team champions!

Sean Waltman: Guys, tell me. I was looking at the match card for tonight earlier, and I didn’t see a rematch for these titles. You guys afraid of being embarrassed for two weeks straight?

James Gibson jumps up and confronts Waltman.

James Gibson: We’re afraid of no-one…especially you!

Kid Kash calmly stands up.

Kid Kash: We’re just waiting for the right opportunity to get back at you guys. And I think I know the perfect opportunity.

Sean Waltman: Really?

James Gibson:
Ya damn straight really! You better start shakin’ in yer boots, ‘cause we’re comin’ for ya…at CHAOS THEORY!

Sean Waltman and Ken Doane keep their cool and don’t seem to shocked about this announcement.

Ken Doane: Hey, you wanna get embarrassed on the big stage as well…fine by us. But hey, don’t blame us if you look even more ridiculous than before…we’re just doing our jobs…

Doane and Waltman smile as they walk off, leaving a pissed off duo of Gibson and Kash behind, as we go to a commercial break.


As we return, we go to General Manager Eric Bischoff’s office, where The Basham Brothers, in a rare Dynamite! appearance, are inside.

Danny Basham: The match at Chaos Theory. What is it all about, man? We didn’t ask for that!

Eric Bischoff: Look, Danny, Doug, first of all, you don’t address me by ‘man’, you address me by Mr. Bischoff. Secondly, I make the matches, I book the card. If you got a problem with that, you either shut your mouth or you quit the company. Now get out of my office, I’ve got work to do.

Doug Basham: But, Mr. Bischoff…

Eric Bischoff: Out! And that…is…final!

The Bashams leave the office against their will. Suddenly, Danny turns around and sees someone, but the camera doesn’t shift.

Voice: Hey. Don’t forget about our agreement, alright? We can’t screw this up!

Danny Basham: I won’t, don’t worry. Everything’s going to plan.

The Bashams turn around and walk away, as we cut back to ringside.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for our main event, in which Super Crazy will take on the monster of a man, known as Matt Bloom.

Mike Bucci:
It’s hardly a main event, Joey! Bloom will destroy Super Crazy!

Joey Styles: That’s what I’m afraid for, Mike.

“Vrooar, vrooooaaaar” The sound of a lawnmower is heard all around the arena, and that’s exactly what we see, as Super Crazy rolls out on his trademark lawnmower, ready to do battle. He gets into the ring and awaits his monstrous opponent.

“Bending Tracks” hits the P.A. system as Matt ‘The Train’ Bloom struts towards the ring to a huge amount of heat from the fans. He gets into the ring with a look on his face that looks to be saying “I’m gonna eat you alive”.

Main Event: Super Crazy vs. Matt ‘The Train’ Bloom

Summary: This was destined to be an utter squash match and in the early goings, that was exactly what we got. Bloom stared at Crazy for a couple of seconds and then just unloaded on his with a thunderous clothesline. Super Crazy never really stood a chance, as he was just demolished by a brutal STO. Bloom got up and just stood in the corner, staring at Super Crazy as he tried to get up from his feet. As Crazy was back to a vertical base, Bloom approached him and went for a big boot, but Super Crazy, in an act of pure instinct, ducked and Bloom nailed the referee instead! The ref collapsed and was out cold, as Bloom turned around, grabbed Crazy by the hair, clasped his hands around Crazy’s neck and nailed him with a devastating Baldo Bomb! Bloom didn’t know what to do at this point and was just circling around the ring. He decided to just wait until the referee was back to, when suddenly, the crowd erupted. The camera zoomed out and we saw ROB VAN DAM hop onto the turnbuckle, steel chair in hand! Matt Bloom sensed trouble and turned around, but was met with a huge VAN DAMINATOR! Bloom was blasted to the mat, as Van Dam threw the chair away and yelled some incomprehensible stuff to Bloom, before scattering out of the ring and up the entrance ramp. Super Crazy at this point stumbled to a vertical base, as he saw Bloom knocked out on the mat. Crazy was shocked a little, but hopped onto the second turnbuckle and nailed an already grounded Bloom with his signature Moonsault! Super Crazy covered Matt Bloom as the referee was getting back to and crawled towards the cover to count. 1…2…3!

Winner at 6:27 Super Crazy!~

Joey Styles: What an unbelievable ending to this seemingly unfair match-up! Rob Van Dam came out of nowhere and nailed Matt Bloom with the steel chair, causing Super Crazy to pick up the very unexpected victory! I can’t believe my eyes!

Mike Bucci: Me neither, Joey, but what business did Rob Van Dam have, interfering in this match? That was uncalled for, Joey, especially after we all thought he wasn’t even going to be here! This is unbelievable!

Joey Styles: Fact of the matter remains, Mike, that Matt Bloom lost to Super Crazy. This has to be a huge blow to Eric Bischoff and of course Bloom himself. Anyways, ladies and gentlemen, this is all we had time for this evening. For Mike Bucci, I’m Joey Styles. Good night from Fort Worth, Texas!

We see Rob Van Dam laughing on top of the entrance ramp, as he applauds Super Crazy, while Matt Bloom is knocked out in the middle of the ring and the screen fades to black.


GWE Championship
Rob Van Dam© vs. Matt ‘The Train’ Bloom

Global Tag Team Championships
The X-factors© vs. The Invaders

Billy Kidman and Frankie Kazarian vs. The Basham Brothers
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Dynamite Feedback

Okay first off I apologize ahead of time if I miss out on any story lines or what not I just need to get into this properly again. Anyway opening promo was typical heel Eric Bischoff bagging the city and their people just to get heat and then “punishing” Matt Bloom. I don’t believe Bloom actually needed to come out for the promo, Bischoff probably could have just said what needed to be said and left. Either way nice opening segment and RVD injured is a bit sad

The Kingston interview was great the way you captured his accent I don’t think I have seen anyone else to Kingston that well. Dancing ey??? I just Lol’d at Romero joining in.

Wow what a debut by Gold Dustin. LOL I am going to have to get used to that one as the name is a bit weird but anyway Gold Dustin picks up the victory in his debut and I am curios to see what you can do with him. Lol at Taylor being a jobber in this thread and IRL.

Little bit of interaction between Bischoff and Gold Dustin, nice and quick maybe could have been a tiny bit longer but it got the point across. Bischoff is not happy that Gold Dustin got a contract without him knowing. I wonder who the handsome young man is????

Lesnar and Wight both seem extremely intense and what not and I don’t think they are going to settle the score. I think you will be able to milk another singles match out of them.

MONTY BROWN is the fourth man and that is unexpected to say the least. The fact that he got the win in this contest makers it more unexpected. The fact that he pinned Carlito makes it a little bit upsetting But anyway awesome match however I am not sure about brining Brown in and winning the title since Gold Dustin made his debut tonight as well but Brown has just completely over shadowed him.

Parisi using Jindrak to do all his sick deeds is awesome adds a much needed edge to the character of Mark Jindrak. Jindrak could probably put on some decent matches with Rey- Rey because for a big man he is a stellar athlete. Interesting segment here anyway.

Your tag division is dominated by Cruiserweights… I love it. Cruiserweights put on awesome tag matches… Well I guess Doane is technically not a cruiserweight but he is not far off. Anyway I hope Gibson and Kash (I mark for both) to get their rematch because it is pretty obvious these four men would put on an awesome contest.

Mr Bischoff asserting his authority… I love when he used to do this and you did it well I must say you have really tickled my fancies with the use of Bischoff throughout this show. Basham’s are Bischoff’s biatches LOL. I wonder who’s voice that was and who do they have an agreement with, all these mysteries make me excited tbh.

In what is a pretty weak main event tbh, I would have much preferred the fatal four way to be M.E but anyway in what was a weak main event there was a shock appearance from RVD which cost Bloom the match. I believe that is why you made this match the main event because RVD was going to come out and it gives their feud some exposure however I thought RVD was out injured??? Some confusing stuff but nice win for Crazy none the less. Is Crazy usually a jobber or does he have an actual story line somewhere??? Oh wait scrap my RVD question the commentators just answered it, it was meant to be a shock appearance.

Overall mate this show was a pretty enjoyable read. It was easy to get into which is always good to attract casual viewers. Their were a few little things that I didn’t like but nothing that really brought down the quality of the show, so good effort and I will be back for the next episode.

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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

GWE News and Notes

Superstars come and go!

Global Wrestling Enterprise have just signed no less than three new superstars! The recently released WWE-superstars Charlie Haas(photo) and Elijah Burke(photo) have agreed to a 1-year deal with GWE. They will immediately be used in the main roster, but it is not clear yet when they will debut, seeing as both of them will undoubtedly have a non-compete clause in their former contracts. The third superstar to join the GW Enterprise is another former WWE performer, Maven Huffman. Maven is a former Tough Enough winner and will be sent to developmental(Global Factory) first, before being called up to the main roster later this year.

Of course, with the coming of superstars, there is an inevitable going of talent as well. Global Wrestling Enterprise have come to terms on the release of developmental talents Paul Burchall and Mike Mondo. GWE wishes them both the best in their further endeavors.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Some good hiring Alco, i am sure that Haas and Burke will add some more greatness to this thread. Never really been a huge fan of Maven hopefully you change my opinion.

Regarding the releases Paul Burchill i love so to see him go is kind of disappointed however never been a fan of MONDO, glad to see him leave tbh.

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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise



I offically want to have sexy time with you. Jesus push plz.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

-So I’ve been planning on hitting this up with feedback for a long time. Here it finally is

-I’m liking the Bischoff and Bloom partnership. Bischoff does indeed control Bloom like RVD mentioned last week, but there’s enough potential for him to develop as his own entity later on. This whole segment was vintage heel Bischoff. Punish with a squash match… gotta love it.

-I don’t know too much about Kofi, but this whole thing just seemed like pointless filler to get him camera.

-I’m not a big fan with the name of Gold Dustin. Highly unoriginal, and truly expected something better. It doesn’t have a unique play on Goldust, although I suppose it being pronounced as Goldust-in does work fair enough. Maybe it’s because I wanted to simple see the veteran Dustin Rhodes… I dunno. Anywho, no surprise he gets the easy victory. He’s debuting, and Scott Taylor is an enhancement talent, obviously.

-…so there’s another guying running the show on camera now. Always some good stuff. Looking forward to that set up. I can’t remember if Hogan is recognized as an on-screen authority or not despite wrestling, so I may need to be reminded of that one .

-Lesnar and Wight’s stuff was pretty unoriginal, but I hope to see them keep their feud going till the first PPV. These two provide some great depth to your main event, and after the first PPV, let them move on. Both are excellent talents, and I hope the two get a credible run at the top.

-No way Lesnar or Wight are winning this match. With Monty debuting, I think he could be the man to win, but Carlito has a chance as well. No matter what, these two men are getting and taking the fall. Lesanr and Wight… no way. No shocker that they end up out of the ring, and Brown with the win on Carlito. Nicely written match for the most part, and good choice to have Brown get the win. Now you need to really build him up a bit to make the fans believe in him. He isn’t over enough to get by on name recognition alone.

-LOL, I love the Priest and the Almighty One. I’m not so sure how seriously it could be taken (it screams 1980s, tbh), but it’s fresh and original, so I’m loving it for now. I’m looking forward to the push that is coming, and you know Jindrak/Hogan is a feud that must happen down the line.

-I like the Doane/Waltman team. I’m an X-Pac mark for some reason, so any BTB that oushes him, I will support. I hope they win at Chaos Theory, tbh. Saw this match coming, however. Easy and simple choice.

-I haven’t been reading too much lately, so what’s the deal with the Bashams & Kidman/Kazarian? They kidnapped Torrie?

-I actually didn’t expect RVD to make his presence felt during the match, but afterwards. Glad to see RVD cost Bloom the match, but I wish that Bloom was squashing a younger star with more potential, like a Matt Sydal. That way, Sydal could use a victory over Bloom to help elevate him. Super Crazy, he’s a guy that is going nowhere fast. This upset does nothing for him. A younger guy… it does wonders.

-Overall, an enjoyable show. I like your match write ups, and the booking is logical and crisp. This BTB is a refreshing read because of its non WWE-ness, and unique main event scene. However, I think the fatal 4 way would’ve been a better main event than Bloom/Crazy, as it had some real importance to it. The Crazy upset over Bloom only progresses the feud of Bloom/RVD along. It doesn’t really elevate Super Crazy as he’s so low on the card it doesn’t help him like it could a young gun. Nevertheless, an enjoyable show, and I am still digging this one. Looking forward to Chaos Theory as it approaches so far away, and the return of my boy, Hulk Hogan.

-Not a big fan of the signings and releases though. I fear a Charlie Haas Jesus push, as he’s becoming do damn overrated in BTB. Elijah Burke does nothing for me, but I like Maven’s signing. Poor chap is underrated. However, you released BURCHILL!? Here is a guy with so much talent and potential… bring him back, ASAP. If you Jesus push anyone, it should be Paul Burchill. C4 please.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

My Awards:
2008 - Best PPV - Starrcade
2008, 2007, & 2006 - Best Promo Writer
2007 & 2006 - Best Promo(s)
2007 - Most Creative
2007 - Best Feedbacker
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2007 BTB World Cup - Booker of the Tournament
Only Person to Ever Score Perfect Score in a Tournament
BTB Hall of Famer

World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

GWE Dynamite 05-29-2008 Preview!

This week, the superstars of GWE visit the Barbecue-state, Oklahoma! What will happen when Dynamite rocks the foundations of the Mabee Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Last week, in what was an unexpected turn of events, Rob Van Dam was responsible for the biggest embarrassement of Matt "The Train" Bloom's career. In what had to be a mere squash-match, RVD cost Bloom the victory over Super Crazy, which has to upset both Matt Bloom and Eric Bischoff at the same time! Bischoff has already promised repercussions and lord knows what the crazy Matt Bloom will have on his mind.

Also last week, the Alpha Male, Monty Brown, made an impressive debut, earning the right to face the All-American Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. for the title, after winning a Fatal-Fourway match. We have learned that Mysterio has been cleared to wrestle and will be at Dynamite this Thursday, to defend his championship! Who will come out on top in this highly interesting match-up?

This Thursday, Carlito Colon will host another edition of "Cooling Down with Carlito". The controversial talk show makes its return with the special guest being Matt Sydal. What will Carlito have to say and more importantly, will he be able to keep his 'cool' hands to himself this time?

And also, the Global Tag Team Champions, the X-factors, will be in non-title action this week, as well as Kofi Kingston!

Don't miss this highly interesting episode of GWE Dynamite! this Thursday, only on the ESPN network!
side-note: Thanks for the review, Szum. A jesus-push for Haas is not in the works, and is not on my mind whatsoever, don't worry.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Monty Brown > Rey Mysterio please

Cooling Down with Carlito sounds awesome.

Looking forward to the show Alco.

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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Dark Matches

Elijah Burke defeated Super Crazy at 6:25

T.J. Wilson and Harry Smith defeated two locals at 7:01
GWE Dynamite! 05-29-2008 Mabee Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma

*Opening video*


As “Welcome to the jungle” is blaring through the speakers, we go to a jam packed Mabee center, filled to the rafters with excited GWE fans! The camera pans the arena and we see literally hundreds of signs scattered throughout the crowd. We then switch to ringside, where Joey Styles and Mike Bucci are present as always!

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome and let’s start this episode of GWE off with a bang, shall we? We have learned that Rey Mysterio has been cleared to wrestle and that is exactly what he’ll do here tonight, as he puts his All-American Championship on the line against Monty Brown!

Mike Bucci: That’s spectacular news, Joey and quite frankly, I’m excited for this match-up! It will be Monty Brown’s second ever GWE match! Let’s see how he can cope with pressure!

Joey Styles: And that’s not all on the card tonight, Mike! Tonight, Carlito will host another edition of his talk show ‘Cooling down with Carlito’, in which Matt Sydal will be his special guest and the Global Tag Team Champions will be in action as well tonight, the first time since winning their titles two weeks ago!

Mike Bucci: Sounds like another stellar show, Joey!

“Everybody Dance Now” hits and Kofi Kingston comes dancing out onto the stage to a big pop from the fans. He runs towards the ring, slapping the hands of some lucky fans along the entrance ramp, before sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring. He jumps around the ring, excited that he may open this edition of Dynamite.

“This is why I’m hot” hits and the duo of Scott Taylor and Seth Skyfire walk out to a mild pop from the crowd. It is Seth Skyfire who looks to be in wrestling gear, ready for action, while Scott Taylor will serve as manager of some sorts. Skyfire gets into the ring and is ready for action.

Seth “Heavy Duty” Skyfire(w/Scott “Too Hot” Taylor) vs. Kofi Kingston

Summary: This was more or less a squash match, but Skyfire did get some offence in at one point in the match. Kofi dominated the early goings, however, using his quickness to his advantage. He nailed Skyfire with a nice clothesline/leg lariat combo, before hitting his signature high crossbody from the top turnbuckle. Kofi went for his patented double leg legdrop thereafter, but Skyfire hopped up and nailed Kingston with a nice spinning heel kick, trying to create some momentum of his own. He went for the cover, but didn’t get the win. Kofi got up on his knees and Skyfire ran at him, nailing him with a low spinning DDT, trying to get this match in the bag! But when Skyfire went for the cover, all he got was a long two count! Skyfire got up and picked Kofi up as well, but the Jamaican Sensation quickly retaliated, hitting a few elbows to the gut. Kofi nailed a side-Russian legsweep, before hitting his patented two legged legdrop after all! Kofi waited in the corner for Skyfire to get up and when he did, Kofi blasted him with the Ultimate Dance, the 750 Crescent Kick! Kofi covered Skyfire and got the victory!

Winner at 5:13 Kofi Kingston!

Joey Styles: And yet another victory for Kofi Kingston, Mike! He’s still undefeated in GWE!

Mike Bucci:
He sure is, Joey, and more than that, he’s winning his matches in impressive fashion. It can’t be long before he gets a shot at a championship here in GWE, Joey!

Joey Styles: Speaking about championships, Mike, the All-American Title will be defended here tonight, which means Rey Mysterio is at the show tonight!

Mike Bucci: He sure is, Joey! I can’t wait!


We switch to a backstage area, where General Manager Eric Bischoff(mega heat) walks up to Mark Jindrak and his priest, Johnny Parisi.

Eric Bischoff: Gentlemen…I saw your speech last week…and you’re right. Mark Jindrak is undefeated in Global Wrestling Enterprise and he deserves to be rewarded for that. Tonight, Monty Brown and Rey Mysterio Jr. will do battle over the All-American Championship. Well…at Chaos Theory, you, Mark Jindrak, will face the winner of that match…for the All-American championship! However tonight, I don’t want any of you interfering in the title match. If you do, you’ll be stripped of your opportunity to go to Chaos Theory and compete for the title. Am I understood?

Priest Parisi: You are, Mr. Bischoff, you are.

Parisi gets a sinister smile on his face, as he walks away with ‘The Divine One’ Mark Jindrak by his side. Bischoff turns around and is scared to death, as Gold Dustin is in his face, doing the deep inhale(to a great pop from the fans).

Eric Bischoff:
Get out of my face, you.

Gold Dustin: No, Mr. Bischoff, wait. I’ve got something I need to say.

Eric Bischoff:
For god sakes make this quick.

Gold Dustin: Eric, last week, I forgot to tell you. But, ehm, were you impressed with my match?

Eric Bischoff: What?

Gold Dustin: Yea, were you, I mean…were you?

Eric Bischoff: Listen, I still don’t know who gave you that contract and let me remind you that the first chance I get, you’re fired! You understand me?

Gold Dustin: Ba..wha…but Mister Bischoff! You didn’t like my style? I can change! Tell me what to do!

Eric Bischoff: What to do? Get out of my face and out of my promotion, that’s what you can do! Now if you’ll excuse me…

Gold Dustin: Eric, wait! You know, you’re running this show all by yourself and ehm…you have to do all that paperwork, all by yourself. Maybe…I can help you out. I could become…*deep inhale* Secretary dust.

Eric Bischoff: Excuse me? You…YOU want to be my secretary?

Gold Dustin:

Eric Bischoff:
Will that keep you out of my ring?

Gold DustinOh yessss.

Eric Bischoff: Sigh…Follow me then.

Bischoff lowers his head, as a huge smile appears on Dustin’s face, as the duo walk out of shot and we go back to ringside.

Joey Styles:
Well, I guess Bischoff’s got a new secretary!

Mike Bucci: A weird secretary at that, Joey. Very weird!

Joey Styles:
Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for a very important Championship match. Rey Mysterio is here tonight and he will put his All-American Championship on the line right now against Monty Brown.

Mike Bucci: Monty Brown, the Alpha Male, Joey, made a very impressive debut last week, becoming number one contender for the All-American Title and we’ll see if he can cement some kind of legacy already, winning the Championship in his second ever match on Dynamite!

“You’re going down, down, down” hits and the Alpha Male, Monty Brown, walks out to a big pop from the crowd. He points to his abdomen to show he wants the All-American title here tonight, as he slides into the ring and awaits his opponent.

“Back to the 619” hits as Rey Mysterio Jr., the All-American Champion, jumps out on the stage to an ENORMOUS pop from the fans. After a week’s absence, the fans’ approval for the All-Americhan champion has grown even more, as they’re just so happy to see that he’s in tip top condition, ready to defend his title right here tonight! He walks down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans, before getting inside the ring, ready for his first title-defence in weeks.

All-American Championship: Rey Mysterio Jr.(c) vs. “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown

Summary: Before the match kicks off, Brown and Mysterio quickly shake hands, much to the pleasing of the crowd, showing that they have the utmost respect for one another. The match started off with Monty Brown showing his physical dominance, knocking off an attacking Mysterio time and time again. This was a surprisingly even match-up though, with lots of counters and neither man being able to really build up momentum, at least not in the first half of the match. When Monty Brown went for a belly-to-belly, Mysterio counterd in a deep armdrag. When Mysterio went for a hurricanrana, it was met with a scintillating powerbomb. After a while, Brown locked in a kneeling half nelson to a grounded Mysterio and finally looked to be having control over the match-up. After a while, Mysterio wriggled out though, using well-aimed kicks to the head and finally a bulldog to ground his challenger. Mysterio got the upperhand and hit a series of low kicks to an already grounded Brown. Mysterio hit a standing moonsault and went for the cover, but didn’t get the win just yet. Mysterio looked well on his way of keeping his gold, until an attempted spinning DDT resulted in a fall-away slam. Mysterio got up as Brown went for the Pounce, but Mysterio jumped up and avoided it, only to be hit by a huge side-Russian Leg Sweep from a very agile and quick Monty Brown! Monty Brown rolled through and locked in the Fujiwara Armbar, a very devastating manoeuvre! Mysterio was wriggling for his life, as he didn’t want to give up his championship here tonight! After a huge struggle, Mysterio finally reached the ropes and broke free! Both men got up and Brown bounced off the ropes for yet another attempt at the Pounce, but this time, he was met with a drop toe hold, which sent him straight into the second rope! Mysterio dialled up for the 619 and hit it, straight in the kisser of the Alpha Male! Brown bounced back to the middle of the ring, but immediately ran into the opposite ropes, as Mysterio springboared back into the ring, undoubtedly going for the seated senton. But as he was flying through the air, Brown came storming towards Rey, taking him out of the air with a huge POUNCE!~ The crowd didn’t know how to react, but the 30+ demographic of the audience erupted into a huge pop. Brown covered Rey Mysterio and won the All-American Championship!!!

Winner at 11:11 and NEW All-American Champion MONTY BROWN!~

Joey Styles:
Monty Brown! Monty Brown! In only his second EVER GWE match, Monty Brown has won the All-American Championship! This is the first time Rey Mysterio has been pinned while defending the championship, Mike! What a performance!

Mike Bucci:
I’ve got goosebumps, Joey! What an exciting match this was, what a great way for the All-American title to be defended! This is what GWE is all about, baby, and I congratulate Monty Brown on this very big win!

We see Monty Brown celebrating in an ecstatic way, as he shows off his newly won championship to the crowd, who are all applauding not only Monty Brown, but also the former champion Rey Mysterio. Mysterio slowly gets up and Monty Brown confronts him, before shaking Mysterio’s hand, which gets a huge applause from this capacity crowd. These men still share an enormous amount of respect and they’re showing it to the crowd!


When we return, we see Steve Romero standing by.

Steve Romero:
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, he’s the GWE Champion, Rob Van Dam!

Rob Van Dam walks into shot to a MASSIVE pop, but even before he can open his mout, Eric Bischoff walks into shot as well.

Eric Bischoff:
Wait right there! You *pointing at RVD* are gonna listen to me and you’re gonna listen to what I have to say.


Eric Bischoff:
I’ve always protected you! I’ve taken care of you! I treated you like a god damned king! And how do you repay me? WITH ANARCHY? Last week was the line, Van Dam, and you crossed it! Tonight, I’m putting you in a handicap match. Oh and not just one on two, oh no, no, no, that’d be way too nice on my behalf! No! I’m putting you in a one-on-three match! And to make it even more interesting…No disqualifications!

*Huge heat*

Eric Bischoff: Rob Van Dam, I guarantee you…I’m gonna make your life as a champion a living…HELL!

Rob Van Dam: Bischoff…now that we’re spewing guarantees, I’ve got a lil’ guarantee for you. As long as you’re the general manager here, my policy…will be anarchy!

Van Dam walks off as Bischoff is left standing with a pissed off look on his façade. We then switch back to ringside.

“Ey, yo, you dealin’ with the X-factors!” hits the P.A. system as the Global Tag Team Champions, Sean Waltman and Ken Doane, walk out to reasonable heat from the fans.

Joey Styles:
Ladies and gentlemen, coming up momentarily, is the Tag Team Champions in action. They won the titles in a match with the Invaders two weeks ago and last week, we learned that they will engage in a rematch at Chaos Theory!

Mike Bucci:
That’ll be an awesome rematch, Joey, no doubt! But right now, baby, they’re in action against two local Tulsa heroes! Let’s see how the Tag Champs will do in a match against hometown favourites!

The Champs get into the ring and don’t even grant their opponents a look, as they get onto the turnbuckles and showboat with their titles, much to the displeasing of the fans in attendance.

Non-title Tag Team match: The X-Factors© vs. Two Tulsa Locals

Summary: This was basically a squash match, as could be expected when two locals were competing on national television against the Tag Champions. Doane started the match and dominated the taller local, using headlocks and basic tactics, like hammerlocks and well-aimed rights to the jaw. The Champions showcased their talent on more than one occasion during the match, using teamwork well to their advantage. At one point in the match they pulled out a diving legdrop(Doane)/diving elbow(Waltman) combo from opposite corners that even got applause from a large portion of the fans in attendance. They finished the match when Waltman hit one of the locals with a European uppercut, causing him to fall prey to Doane’s RK-DOANE!

Winners at 4:05 The X-factors!

Joey Styles: A rather easy victory for the X-factors here, Mike!

Mike Bucci: You’re right, Joey, this was an easy victory. They showed their dominance and they showed to the world just why they are the Global Tag Team Champions!

We see the X-factors celebrate, before Waltman asks for a microphone.

Waltman: Yes! You’re eyes are not deceiving you, you are indeed seeing what you saw! We squashed your local heroes like the bugs that they are!

Waltman hands the mic to Doane.

Ken Doane: And we showed our dominance, not only to you barbecue saus-infested sleazebags here in Tulsa…

*Mega Heat*

Ken Doane: We also showed our dominance…to…the…

Before Doane can finish he sentence, suddenly, the crowd erupts, as from out of nowhere, Kid Kash and James Gibson slide into the ring at opposite sides, attacking the Global Tag Team champions! The Invaders went for an all-out attack, but the quick and sleazy Tag Champs scattered out of the ring before they could suffer any real damage. They backed up on the entrance ramp, as the Invaders got onto the turnbuckles, pointing and yelling at the Champs, indicating they want their Global Tag Team Titles back.


As we come back, we go to the training centre inside the arena, where we see Brock Lesnar balance 400 somewhat lbs on his massive shoulders. He’s going up and down, bending through his knees, when he suddenly drops the weight.

Brock Lesnar: Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t blast you right here and now.

The camera shifts and we see that Paul “The Great” Wight has entered the training room.

Paul Wight: I can say the same, Lesnar. Look. My only purpose in GWE is to prove that I’m the best damn fighter in the world. But ever since you came around, you’ve been in my way. I can’t concentrate, I can’t think straight. All I can think about is getting rid…of you!

Brock Lesnar: Try your best…

Paul Wight: Oh I will. I talked to Mr. Bischoff earlier, Brock, and I’ve got one final chance at taking you out! At Chaos Theory, you and I go one on one, one last time! No rules, no boundries…last man standing wins.

*Huge pop for this announced match*

Brock Lesnar: Paul…I beat you two times before. You really think third time’s a charm?

Paul Wight: Lesnar, I’m gonna knock you out…and be the best fighter in the world.

Paul Wight leaves as Lesnar stares at him, looking focused, yet slightly concerned at the same time. This wasn’t the same Wight he had faced two times before. This man had changed.

We switch to ringside, to Joey Styles and Mike Bucci.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen you just heard, another match is added to the Chaos Theory card! And Mike, I’m just so excited for Chaos Theory! It comes to us in a little over two weeks!

Mike Bucci:
Oh baby, I’m excited too, no doubt about it! The GWE Championship is defended, the Global Tag Team Championships are defended, the All-American Championship is defended! Honour, pride, respect, they’re all up for grabs at Chaos Theory, Joey, I can’t wait till we’re finally there!

Joey Styles: And ladies and gentlemen if you look at the ring, you see the palm trees, you see the hammocks, it’s time for Cooling Down With Carlito!

“Apple spittin’, Jaw hittin’” hits the P.A. system as the Caribbean Bad Apple, Carlito Colon, steps out to a reasonable amount of heat from the fans. He is wearing a T-shirt(available at!) and is carrying a microphone, as he gets into the ring and gets ready to address the fans.

Carlito Colon:
Ladies an’ gentlemen, welcome to Cooling down with Carlito. I’m your host, Carlito Colon and tonight I’m here to do something that is on my mind for a while now. You probably don’t expect this from me…but tonight, I want to apologize to someone. So let’s bring out my guest for tonight…Matt Sydal!

“Wake up” hits the P.A. System and Matt Sydal comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. He is wearing casual clothing, as he gets into the ring and picks up a microphone.

Carlito Colon: Matt, welcome to the show. I invited you because…’sigh’…because I want to apologize. The last couple o’ weeks…months, I’ve acted like a fool. To you, to Rey Mysterio, to everyone backstage. I wasn’t focused on my work…I was only thinkin’ about people trying to be in my way. About some kind of conspiracy. It was ridiculous…It wasn’t cool and I apologize.

*Stunned reaction from the crowd*

Matt Sydal:
Carlito…this surprises me, man. I mean, I accept your apology. But ehm, why do this out here? You could’ve just talked to me backstage.

Carlito Colon: I just wanted to show everybody that I’ve changed. From now on…Carlito’s cool…

Carlito puts down his microphone and extends his hand to Sydal. The crowd still reacts in a stunned way, but erupt in a big pop when Sydal shakes hands with Carlito! Carlito gives a brief applause, as Sydal turns around and is on his way out of the ring. The camera zooms in on Carlito, who gets a very sadistical looks in his eyes, as he suddenly sprints at Sydal and clubs him in the back! Carlito unloads on a surprises Sydal with lefts and rights and stiff boots, as the crowd bursts out into loud jeers. Carlito hasn’t changed! He’s not cool! He’s still the same lil’ bastard than before! He Irish Whips Sydal into the corner and grabs a steel chair, looking to inflict some major damage on Matt Sydal! He looks to swing away, when suddenly, Rey Mysterio comes storming into the ring, preventing Carlito from using the chair! An all-out brawl ensued as Mysterio and Carlito tried to take each other down, destroying most of the décor that was in the ring. Carlito eventually got the upperhand, and as he was looking to nail Mysterio with the Overdrive, Sydal was back kicking Carlito in the head, catapulting him all the way to the outside! Sydal and Mysterio stood tall, as Carlito, favoring his head, backed up on the entrance ramp, looking mightily pissed. His plan of trying to take out Sydal backfired here tonight, but he’ll undoubtedly try to do it again at some point in the future.

We then switch to a corridor, where we see Rob Van Dam preparing for his match, as we go to a commercial break.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, the main event, one on three handicap match, is next!


“Walk” hits the P.A. System as the GWE Champion, Rob Van Dam, steps out to a THUNDEROUS ovation from the capacity crowd.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for our Main Event. A punishment of sorts from Eric Bischoff, as Rob Van Dam has to take on three opponents at once in a no-disqualification environment!

Mike Bucci: It’ll be a very dangerous and violent environment for our champion, Joey, that’s for sure. Let’s see how well his Extreme background serves him here tonight!

“Bald n Nasty” hits as the Basham Brothers(without Jillian Hall) come out to a huge amount of heat from the fans. They look focused tonight as they wait in front of the ring, for their partner and the third opponent for Rob Van Dam.

“Bending tracks” hits the P.A. System and it’s Matt “The Train” Bloom, RVD’s opponent at Chaos Theory, who is the third opponent for tonight! Van Dam’s expression on his face tells it all, as he’s clearly not agreeing with this match. Bloom joins up with the Basham Brothers, as all three of them get inside the ring.

Handicap one-on-three No Disqualifications: Rob Van Dam vs. Matt “The Train” Bloom and the Basham Brothers

Summary: Danny Basham was the first to go toe to toe with the GWE Champion and managed to hold his own pretty well. Bloom didn’t get involved in the match at all in the early goings. He let the Basham Brothers do all the dirty work. They did a pretty good job at that, but at a certain point, RVD got all the momentum, hitting Danny with a DDT and knocking Doug off the apron with a well-aimed forearm. He didn’t touch Bloom, however, who just remained emotionless on the apron. RVD nailed Danny with a rolling Thunder, before hopping on the turnbuckle, looking for the five star frogsplash. What he didn’t see, however, was that Doug had grabbed a steel chair from the outside, approached RVD and blasted him off the turnbuckle post into the ring with the steel chair! All hell broke lose from this point on as Matt Bloom got involved as well and a three-on-one assault ensued! Van Dam didn’t stand a chance, as Bloom leveled him with an STO that shook the foundations of the entire arena. Suddenly, however, there were a few guys who thought of evening the playing field, as Billy Kidman and Frankie Kazarian came out to help RVD! They were received to a great pop, as the duo started brawling with the Basham Brothers, their personal enemies. Kazarian managed to nail Danny with a superkick, while Kidman went for the BK-Bomb, but couldn’t connect, because Matt Bloom decided playing time was over! He blasted Kidman with a big boot and nailed Kazarian with the Baldo Bomb! The duo rolled out of the ring as Bloom turned around and was met with the VANDAMINATOR, for the second week in a row! Bloom was out of the picture as Van Dam removed Doug from the ring with a clothesline and went for a Frogsplash on Danny, still the legal man in this match-up! Van Dam flew through the air and connected with the Five Star Frogsplash, getting the very unexpected victory!

Winner at 10:08 Rob Van Dam!~

Joey Styles:
The unbelievable has happened, Mike! Rob Van Dam has overcome the odds and won the handicap match!

Mike Bucci:
Well, that sure was unexpected! Rob Van Dam defied the odds here tonight and defeated three men. This furthering his momentum he already had for the big title confrontation at Chaos Theory!

Joey Styles:
Ladies and gentlemen this tells a great story of never say never, and never give up! With that message of hope I bid you good night. For Mike Bucci, I’m Joey Styles. See you next week!

We see Rob Van Dam walking up the entrance ramp, GWE Title in hand, as his three opponents are left in the ring, unexpectedly battered and bruised and the screen fades to black.



GWE Championship
Rob Van Dam(c) vs. Matt "The Train" Bloom

All-American Championship
Monty Brown(c) vs. Mark Jindrak

GWE Tag Team Championships
The X-factors(c) vs. The Invaders

Last Giant Standing
Paul Wight vs. Brock Lesnar

The Basham Brothers vs. Billy Kidman and Frankie Kazarian
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Dynamite Review

Another Dynamite equals another review so with no more bullshitting lets get the show on the road. Nice way to start with Kofi Kingston getting another win and he remains undefeated. You had the commentators hinting towards him perhaps getting a title shot in the future and that I am not to sure about Kofi just doesn’t do it for me. Don’t really care for Skyfire tbh, but yeah keep Kofi away from a title for a while longer or at least until I get behind him and I give you permission to push him

Jindrak getting a title shot at the PPV and I am all for that however I know you love him but when and I repeat WHEN Monty Brown defeats Rey Rey I want his title reign to last a while so I really wish you would hold Jindrak off for a while or at least make Jindrak have more then one attempt at the title. Brown deserves a long reign, even if he is only new.

Eric Bischoff accepting Goldust’s secretary offer was a bit unbelievable. Okay he doesn’t have to do PPV’s but he also hates Goldy and I doubt he would want to be working so close with him. I suggest letting Bischoff have more speech time next week to explain why he accepted other wise I am still not sure.

Alco, MONTY FUCKING BROWN, usually I would say “nuff said”, but I am so excited about this that I am going to elaborate. Brown is better then Rey in every single way so easily the right choice here. Now onto Jindrak and your going to hate me for this but I hope Jindrak tastes THE POUNCE…..

RVD straight away interrupted by Bischoff and it was the pure asshole, abusing power version of Bischoff that I love so much. RVD got his little cheap final comment in but basically this time belonged to Eric Bischoff.

The X Factors get the squash victory nothing wrong with that showing us how strong they are. After the match Gibson/Kash all good really just adding some heat between the two teams nothing to exciting.

Well tbh I guess you need a stipulation to make a Big Show/ Brock Lesnar match respectable, I love Brock but Show kind of sucks. Last Man Standing match is a bit meh tbh, I understand it is supposed to be brutal and stuff but since it is a created fed I would prefer if you created your own match types, otherwise it seems your just taking stuff right out of WWE’s play book.

Cooling down probably should have went a whole lot longer to be honest. I understand your show is not two hours or whatever but still I believe this promo could have been a longer this would have been way to fast for the crowd to care. But anyway the fact that Sydal fell for that made him seem like a dumb ass then the fact that Mysterio came out and Lito got the upper hand makes Mysterio seem like a guy who can not fight. So you either really love Carly and hate the others or you just didn’t realize. I am not complaining though… I Love Carly

LOL at the main event you really are seeming to make everyone job to RVD. Him beating three superstars is pretty much burial what ever happened to trying to make your challenger look strong heading into a PPV. Bloom should have got the win even if he did not get involved in the match to often if he lost to RVD in a three on one how is he going to stand a chance one on one. Should have made him seem stronger Alco, this was a bit of a bad move if you ask me.

Overall a very fun show to read, I guess in quality it was good but not great. However the story line progression for most parts was okay so I will just have to wait and see what happens next I guess.

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