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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

When I think of underrated bookers, I think of you, Alco. Always was a fan of your work as I very much was a fan of your booking and booking style. I would like to attempt to check in here and read this from time to time, and hopefully drop reviews when I can. I can guarantee this will be a fun read.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Hey Baby.

You leave again, we are over. You have been warned.

Good to see you're bringing SEXY back.

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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Hey mate i just started to get read this when it was put on hold. Hopefully i will be able to read and fully get into it this time, if i do expect some reviews

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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Pre-show Dark match:

Juventud Guerrera defeated “The Man that gravity forgot” PAC at 6:58
GWE Dynamite! 05-15-2008 Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, New Mexico

*Opening Video*


As “Welcome to the jungle” blares through the speakers, we go to a jam packed Lawlor Events Center, filled with crazed GWE-maniacs. The camera pans the arena, as we see tons of original signs and rowdy fans holding them up. We then switch to the announce table, to Joey Styles and Mike Bucci!

Joey Styles: Welcome to each and everyone tuned into the ESPN Network, this is the third ever 90-minute instalment of GWE Dynamite! A name that’s already synonymous with sizzling action and ground breaking entertainment! This is Joey Styles speaking, folks and tonight, I’m paired up once again with the man of the colour, Mike Bucci!

Mike Bucci: Another original introduction, Joey. I think your best one yet! In all seriousness though, tonight promises to be one of the best episodes to date. Tonight, we get a statement from Kidman and Kazarian regarding their future, Kofi Kingston will be looking to keep his undefeated streak going and the Global Tag Team Championships will be defended. All that, baby, here tonight, in Albuquerque, New Mexico! What a show!

“Walk” by Pantera hits the P.A. system and out comes the GWE Champion to a THUNDEROUS pop from the fans. He looks more serious than usual and he doesn’t even do his patented R V D taunt on top of the entrance ramp. He walks down, wearing a GWE T-shirt, carrying his GWE Title on his shoulder. He gets into the ring and demands a microphone. This will be an emotional promo.

RVD: Last week…*sigh* last week.

*Fans boo, as they remember what happened last week*

RVD: Last week, I was humiliated once again, by one Eric Bischoff and his puppet, Matt Bloom.

*Mega heat*

RVD: Cause that’s all Matt Bloom is…a puppet. Matter of fact, instead of “The Train” his nickname should be “The puppet”.

*few laughs here and there*

RVD: Last week, the puppet and Bischoff made me look like a fool once gain. They made me look like a complete loser in front of all you fans.

*Huge heat*

RVD: And to be honest…I’m a lil’ frustrated. In fact, I’m very frustrated. I’m so frustrated that I don’t care about my championship. I don’t care about a title-match. All I care about…is getting Bischoff and Bloom outta here. I want these cowards to come out here and face the consequences!


RVD: I don’t care if Bischoff’s the Co-owner of GWE. I don’t care if he’s the general Manager of Dynamite! For all I care his head is so far up the director’s asses, he knows what they had for breakfast!

*Huge pop*

RVD: All that matters is that Bischoff and Bloom get their butts out here so I can kick their asses ALL OVER ALBUQUERQUE!

*Huge pop, as RVD is looking more fired up than ever before*

RVD: So wherever you are, you cowards, get your butts into the ring!

RVD paces around the ring, as he awaits Eric Bischoff and Matt Bloom. Nothing happens though and it seems like we could get a no-show here…until…

“I’m back” hits the P.A. System and General Manager of Dynamite/Co-owner of GWE, Eric Bischoff, struts out to a huge amount of heat from the crowd. No sign of Bloom, however, Eric Bischoff is coming out solo. He stops at the top of the entrance ramp, microphone in hand and huge smirk on his face.

Eric Bischoff: Rob, Rob, Rob, Rob…Rob! What’s with all the hate?

RVD: You get your ass into the ring, you cowardly son of a b***!

*Mega pop. RVD is not his usual self tonight.*

Bischoff looks around and smiles, before going towards the ring and entering.

Eric Bischoff: Rob, I think I’ll have to explain a thing or two to you. Right now, you think I’m some sort of evil ogre. You think I am a boogeyman. But let me assure you, champ, I am not a boogeyman! In fact, I’m by no means trying to make you look like a loser. I am not trying to make you look like a fool and I’m definitely not trying to make you look like a chump…rather than a champ.


Eric Bischoff:
If anything, I’m trying to make you look as strong as possible!

*Mega heat*

Eric Bischoff: Think about it. I’ve put you in handicap matches, matches with giants, even matches with GODS! Would’ve you survived it all and came out victorious, you’d be known as the unstoppable force in GWE! However, I can’t help it you didn’t overcome the odds. It is not my fault you screwed up and failed to win…

*Mega heat as we see that Van Dam is about to explode*

Eric Bischoff: Rob Van Dam. You are the top dog in this company. You are my champion and you carry the weight of this entire enterprise on your shoulders. Why would I want to make you look weak? Why would I want you to suffer? Your train of thought is entirely wrong, Rob, because I am a good general manager. I’m a father to you, although you just don’t realize it yet.

*The heat keeps building. Bischoff has to increase the volume or he’s incomprehensible*

Eric Bischoff: I’m taking care of you, Rob. I look after you. I respect you, Rob, as both a competitor and a human being and I…

RVD: Enough! That’s enough, dude! I’ve had enough of you and your ramblings! JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

*Mega pop*

RVD: First of all, where the hell is that puppet, Matt Bloom? Is he going to pop up behind me again and kick my ass? Where is he, huh?

Eric Bischoff: Unfortunately, Matt Bloom couldn’t be at the arena tonight.

*Huge heat*

Eric Bischoff Rob…obviously, my big-obstacle-approach hasn’t paid off, so I’ll try a different approach. Tonight, I’m giving you the night off. You don’t have to do a thing, but sit back and enjoy the show. How bout that?

RVD stares Bischoff directly in the eye, looking extremely frustrated.

RVD: No. No, dude, I don’t wanna take the night off!

*Big pop*

Eric Bischoff: DAMNIT! You’re gonna listen to me! I’m your boss and I’m telling you to take your title, take your damn bags AND GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ARENA!

*Mega heat*


Bischoff’s face is turning red, as he’s looking he could legitimately explode here. Van Dam takes a deep breath, before bringing the mic towards his mouth.

RVD: Alright. I’ll leave tonight. But I assure you, dude, one day, when I’m done with that puppet of yours, Bloom, I’m gonna do to you what you did to Hulk Hogan…I’m gonna beat your ass straight into the hospital…

Van Dam drops the mic as the crowd erupts. Van Dam walks slowly past Bischoff, while still staring him directly into the eyes. He exits the ring, as “Walk” is playing and Bischoff is left in the ring, looking somewhat satisfied he got what he wanted.


*Recap video of the opening promo*

We return to ringside, where Joey Styles and Mike Bucci are standing by.

Joey Styles:
Welcome back, folks. We just witnessed a very intense exchange of words between Eric Bischoff and Rob Van Dam and I can guarantee you, we haven’t seen the last of this!

Mike Bucci: No we haven’t, Joey. Rob Van Dam assured us all he will one day kick Eric Bischoff’s ass and I just hope, he won’t lose his job over that.

Joey Styles: But right now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for action. Kofi Kingston will be looking to keep his undefeated streak going against an opponent that is mysterious to us all at this point.

Mike Bucci:
No doubt an interesting match, Joey. Who will be the opponent and will Kofi be able to keep the streak going.

“Everybody dance now” hits the P.A. system as Kofi Kingston comes dancing out to a big pop from the fans. He slaps hands with a few fans along the entrance way, before sliding into the ring and eagerly awaiting his opponent.

Mike Bucci:
Who’s it gonna be, baby?

“Back to the 619” suddenly hits, as All-American Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. comes shooting through the stage to a HUGE pop from the crowd! He looks excited to be here, and when the camera switches to Kofi, he looks excited Rey’s his opponent!

Joey Styles: Look at this! The All-American Champion is Kofi’s opponent tonight! What a great match this promises to be!

Mike Bucci:
Oh my god, Joey, now I’m super excited!

Mysterio slaps hands with some fans at ringside before sliding into the ring, ready for this non-title match-up. He confronts Kofi and as a showing of pure respect, he shakes hands with his opponents, generating a big pop from the fans.

Non-Title match: All-American Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Kofi Kingston

Summary: A very exciting match-up as could be expected from these two. Both men were able to keep each other under control, as the match was going evenly in the early goings. After a while, it was the All-American champion who got the upperhand, nailing a side-Russian legsweep. Mysterio proceeded to hit a couple of running legdrops, before a final standing moonsault. He went for a cover, but only got a two-count. After this, Kofi was able to get back into the match, countering an attempted hurricanrana in a swinging cutter. Kofi went for his pantented double leg legdrop, but Mysterio moved and nailed a running senton to a sitting Kingston. Mysterio was looking strong in this match-up, as he dominated most of the first half of this match.

The two behemoths were exchanging fists now as we were back to square one. They are brawling all over the ring, as Kofi suddenly hits a bootin’ DDT, gaining the upperhand. Kofi picked Mysterio up and went for a suplex, but Mysterio landed on his feet and nailed a two-hand neckbreaker. The All-American Champion waited for Kofi to get up, only to nail a tilt-a-whirl hurricanrana! And as Kofi got up, Mysterio slid under his legs and nailed a dropkick to the back, sending Kofi into the second rope! Kofi was all set up for the 619 and Mysterio went for it…but missed, as Kofi ducked! Mysterio was dazed and as he turned around, Kofi went for the Last Dance(540 Crescent kick), but Mysterio himself ducked now! Mysterio was near the ropes, as Kofi charged and nailed a crossbody that sent him as well as Mysterio over the top rope and crashing down to the protective mats! Both men were knocked out, as the ref started a ten count. As the ref reached the eight count, neither man was looking to be getting up in time, and neither man eventually did, as the ref counted to ten and the match was over!

Winner: Double Count-out at 11:08

Joey Styles:
What a match! Both men gave it their all and there’s no clear winner in this one!

Mike Bucci: What a match indeed, Joey! You’ve got two incredible athletes who apparently are just as good as one another! And don’t forget, Kofi’s undefeated streak is still alive!

Both men begin to move now and eventually get into the ring, clearly beaten and battered, not moving so smoothly anymore. Both men look each other straight in the eyes, as a smile appears on Kofi’s face. Both men approach each other and shake each other’s hands, before embracing each other, as a sign of the utmost respect for one another! The crowd pops, as we switch to the back.

In the back, we see Matt Sydal and Carlito arguing. They’re yelling pretty hard and due to Sydal’s not so splendid mic skills and Carlito’s incomprehensible Caribbean jibberish, it’s almost impossible to make something of it.

Sydal: Oh yea? You wanna go?

Carlito: I could kick yorr ass right now, amigo!

Suddenly, Eric Bischoff walks into shot.

Eric Bischoff:
Hey, hey! What’s going on over here? On second thought, don’t answer that! I know exactly what’s going on. The two of you…I’m sick of it. Your little rivalry, or whatever you like to call it…it’s gotten stale. it’s uninteresting and it’s boring and I want it to end. Rey Mysterio, he hasn’t got a challenger for his title yet. And I’ve got the ideal number one contender’s match in mind. A fourway extravaganza-match! However, I’ve already got three names in mind and I only need a fourth competitor. And that’s what you two are gonna decide tonight! Tonight, the two of you will square off in one final match and the winner will qualify for the four-way extravaganza match, that’ll take place in the future. Oh and gentlemen...your match is next!

Bischoff nods as he walks off rapidly, leaving Sydal and Carlito behind, the duo looking ever so confused.

Joey Styles: Matt Sydal versus Carlito Colon, it’s next!


When we return, we go straight to a backstage area, where we see Rey Mysterio walking down a corridor. He has a towel on his shoulders, suggesting he has just showered after his match. He’s wearing his ‘neutral’ black mask, as he keeps walking. Suddenly though, a loud, masculine, almost beast-like scream is heard in the background. Mysterio turns his head, as it’s nearly taken off by MARK JINDRAK! Mysterio collapses, as Jindrak lets out a huge roar, before stomping a mudhole on Mysterio. Jindrak picks Mysterio up and throws him into a wall, as if he was a mere ragdoll! Mysterio was lying knocked out in front of the wall, as Johnny Parisi walked into shot and yelled ‘FEEL THE WRATH!’. Jindrak looked at his priest, before turning his attention towards the All-American champion again and raising his hands. He dropped his hands and suddenly, the wall, in front of which Mysterio was lying, came down, crashing into the All-American champion! Parisis laughed hysterically, as ‘The Divine One’ and himself walked out of shot and left the unfortunate All-American champion lying underneath a pile of bricks(obviously not real bricks ).

Joey Styles:
What the hell was that, Mike? Mark Jindrak just destroyed Mysterio, for no good reason!

Mike Bucci:
I don’t know what the hell happened there, Joey! All I know is Mysterio got blasted in half and he needs help! SOMEONE GO CHECK ON HIM BACK THERE!

Joey Styles: I can’t believe what just went on backstage, ladies and gentlemen, Mark Jindrak just destroyed Rey Mysterio for no good reason. We hope to give you an update as soon as possible.

*A video package about GWE’s first ever Pay Per View, CHAOS THEORY, airs. Chaos is definitely the theme, as we see explosions, buildings collapse and forests burn, until finally Rob Van Dam steps out of the rubbish, the GWE Championship in hand. June 15th only on Pay Per View.*
We then return to ringside, to Mike Bucci and Joey Styles.

Joey Styles:
Ladies and gentlemen, despite the brutal attack by Mark Jindrak, we have to say, the show must go on. Up next, is a very important match, with very high stakes.

Mike Bucci: High stakes indeed, Joey. Matt Sydal and Carlito Colon will cross blades tonight and the winner will earn himself a spot in the number one contender’s match next week!

“Apple Spittin’, jaw hittin’” hits the P.A. System as Carlito Colon, the Caribbean Bad Apple walks out on stage to a ton of heat from the fans. He doesn’t care for the reaction, however, as he seems more focused than ever, walking down the ramp and getting into the ring.

“Wake up” hits as Matt Sydal comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. It’s no secret he has become a true fan favourite here in the GWE. He sprints down to the ring and slides in, ready for this highly important match-up.

Matt Sydal vs. Carlito Colon: winner qualifies for the number-one contender’s match

This was a very exciting, yet extremely hard-fought contest between two guys who couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other. Carlito seemed a little more eager for destruction as he gained the upperhand in the early goings. Carlito managed to keep Sydal down, taking away his high-flying style. After a good while of mat wrestling, Sydal was finally able to escape Carlito’s hold, and hit a high-angle heel kick. Sydal was getting fired up as he hit multiple low kicks to a fallen Carlito. Sydal landed a standing moonsault but only got the two-count. After this, Carlito fought his way back into the match, hitting a picture perfect ‘Cool shot’, a double arm DDT. Carlito didn’t go for the pin, however, instead, he wanted to take out all his frustrations on Sydal, as he began to club away on the back of the high-flyer. Carlito picked Sydal up and slapped the hell out of him, turning Sydal around. Carlito hopped on Sydal’s back and hit the Backcracker! The crowd let out a huge ‘oooooh’, as this was probably the end for young Matt Sydal. But when he covered Sydal to end the match, Sydal managed to get his foot on the bottom rope just in the nick of time! The crowd was ecstatic, as Sydal was still very much alive in this contest!

Sydal slowly fought his way back into this match, fighting off a raged Carlito. Sydal hit an enzuigiri out of nowhere and followed it up with a springboard moonsault! With Carlito down and out, Sydal knew his time had come and he climbed to the top turnbuckle. Sydal went for a 450 splash, but Carlito moved, leaving Sydal to eat nothing but canvas! Sydal stumbled back up, as Carlito was stalking him from behind. He hit Sydal in the back of the knee, causing Sydal to bend backwards, as Carlito grabbed his neck. Carlito fired up and hit an amazing outward rolling cutter, the Apple Slice! Carlito pinned Sydal and kept him down for the three, earning him a very important victory!

Winner: Carlito Colon at 12:54

Joey Styles:
And Carlito gets the important victory right here and advances to the number one contender’s fatal-fourway!

Mike Bucci:
A very impressive performance by the Caribbean bad Apple here tonight, Joey! Carlito showed that when he needs to be at the top of his game, he is!


When we return, we are in a backstage area, where Scott ‘Too Hot’ Taylor and Seth Skyfire are sitting on some boxes. Both of them are looking a bit sad, as they lost their debut match last week.

Scott Taylor: Too bad we lost our first ever match on Dynamite last week, huh?

Seth Skyfire: No doubt.

Scott Taylor:
Or did we? Wait a minute!

Seth Skyfire: What?

Scott Taylor: I’ve got it!

Seth Skyfire: What?

Scott Taylor:
We didn’t lose the match…we just…DIDN’T WIN IT!

Seth Skyfire: ehm…what?

Scott Taylor: Don’t you see? We never lost our debut match! We were just unlucky not to win it!

Seth Skyfire: … … Are you kidding me?

Scott Taylor: …Well, don’t you know how to put a smile on somebody’s face?!

Taylor gets up, looking pissed, as he walks out of shot, leaving a slightly confused Seth Skyfire behind.

*A video airs that shows the first few months of GWE, showing lots of early historic moments. It ends with a huge banner that reads “Changing pro wrestling forever!”*
We then switch to ringside, to Joey Styles and Mike Bucci.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for what is likely to be a very emotional moment. Frankie Kazarian and Billy Kidman will get out in this ring in a few moments to talk about their future. Will they stop performing as a tag team and give in to the Bashams’ pressure?

Mike Bucci:
I don’t know what they will have decided, Joey, but one thing’s for sure, tears are gonna be shed.

“You can run” hits the P.A. system and Billy Kidman and Frankie Kazarian come out to a big pop from the fans. They don’t look their usual excited selves. In fact, they look to be in a depressive mood at the moment. They are dressed in casual clothing and both of them have microphones in their hands, as they get into the ring and prepare to address the crowd.

Billy Kidman: We are out here…we’re out here to talk about something important. All week long, Frankie and I thought and discussed and considered…And we have come to a conclusion…a painful conclusion. You know, we’re athletes. We’re professionals. But sometimes, you know, you’ve gotta put your friends and your loved ones ahead of your career…

*The crowd starts to boo, as they know what’s next.*

Billy Kidman: Please, please…Doug and Danny Basham, you won…As of this moment, Frankie and I will never perform as a tag team…

Frankie Kazarian: Wait! Wait! We’ve been over this, but I can’t stand it! I will not give in to such thugs as the Basham Brothers!

*Huge pop from the crowd*

Frankie Kazarian: Torrie has to come back, but not this way!

Billy Kidman: But Frank…

Frankie Kazarian: No, Billy. They won’t win! Basham Brothers, I will guarantee you this…I will find Torrie Wilson and I WILL BRING HER BACK!

The crowd erupts, but suddenly, turns into massive heat, as “Bald ‘n Nasty” hits and The Basham Brothers(without Jillian Hall) walk out, bearing huge smiles on their faces.

Danny Basham: So let me get this straight…you guys have just agreed to not wanting back Torrie? Ahahaha! You guys are even more stupid than I thought!


Billy Kidman:
In fact, Danny, we have agreed on doing something we should’ve done a loooong time ago…

Kidman and Frankie drop their microphones simultaneously, as they look at each other. A smile appears on their faces, as they suddenly get out of the ring and sprint up the entrance ramp. The Basham Brothers look shocked and realize they better get the hell out of here, as they sprint away in fear. Kidman and Kazarian chase after them as the fans erupt into huge cheers and we go to another commercial.


We return to a backstage area, where Steve Romero(yes, he still has a job) is standing by.

Steve Romero: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing by two men who’ll be challenging for the Global Tag Team Titles in a few minutes…The X-factors…

*Heat as Sean Waltman and Ken Doane step into shot*

Steve Romero: Guys, in a few moments, you will wrestle for the Global Tag Championships. Are you guys nervous about your first ever title match here in GWE?

Ken Doane:
Nervous? Do you even know who we are? We’re the X-factors! We’re calm, we’re cool, charismatic and above all, talented! Tonight, we’ll prove that there’s only one team deserving off these titles…us!

Sean Waltman: Now if you’d excuse us…Stephen, we have a match to win!

The X-factors step out of shot as Steve Romero looks on.

*A video is shown recapping the feud between Paul Wight and Brock Lesnar and all the shocking events that have went on. There’s one thing we can definitely learn from this video. This feud is far from over*
We then switch to ringside, where Mike Bucci and Joey Styles are still stand-by!

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for our main event. And what a main event it’ll be! A Global Tag Team Titlematch is on the schedule right now, as the X-factors will be challenging current champions The Invaders.

Mike Bucci: A very interesting match, Joey! Who will come out on top tonight? I will not dare to predict this!

“Yo you dealin’ with the X-factor!” is heard around the arena, as the X-factors, Sean Waltman and Ken Doane, come out to a lot of heat from the fans. They don’t care, however, and continue to strut down the entrance way and cockily get into the ring, awaiting the champs.

“Bawitdaba” hits the P.A. system as the Global Tag Team Champions, Kid Kash and James Gibson, step out to a huge ovation from the fans. They are looking quite thrilled as they run to the ring and slide in, posing for the fans at ring side. They hand their titles to the referee and get ready for this super important main event.

Main Event: Global Tag Team Championships: The Invaders&#169; vs. The X-factors

Summary: A highly entertaining tag team match-up here. Kid Kash started the match against Sean Waltman, so the experience would shine through in the early goings of this contest. Kash had the upperhand in the beginning, using a variety of kicks to keep Waltman under control. Waltman managed to poke Kash in the eyes, however, and hit a quick DDT, before tagging in the fresh Ken Doane. Doane went rampant on Kash with a series of clotheslines, topped off with an STO. Doane went for the cover, but only got a one count. The match continued to be in The X-factors’ favour, as they managed to single out Kash, without Gibson even having entered the ring. After some good tag team wrestling by the X-factors, Kash finally showed some sings of life, when he hit Waltman with a hurricanrana. He crawled toward his corner and made the hot-tag to Gibson, at the same time that Waltman tagged in Doane. Gibson cleaned house on Doane with lefts, rights, clotheslines and a nice spinning heel kick. Gibson went for the cover, but didn’t get the three-count. Gibson saw that Kash had recovered and locked Doane in the dragonsleeper, signalling for the end! Kash entered the ring, but saw that Waltman moved on the apron, right behind Gibson. Kash ran towards Waltman and tried to take him down, as Gibson released Doane to turn around. Kash attacked Waltman, but Waltman ducked, pulling the top rope down, sending Kash crashing and burning on the concrete floor! Gibson couldn’t believe his eyes and was in a state of shock, but that would soon become even more shocking, as Doane was up, stalking Gibson! Gibson turned around and was met with an earth-shattering RK-DOANE! The crowd was shocked, as Doane covered Gibson and won the Global Tag Team Championships for his team!

Winners (10:11) and NEW GLOBAL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS The X-factors!~

Joey Styles: Oh my! In a moment of pure shock for each and everyone of us the X-factors, Ken Doane and Sean Waltman, have won the Global Tag Team Champions!

Mike Bucci: I can’t believe my eyes, Joey! But I’m so happy for these guys! I mean, they worked so hard, they gave it their all, they are such an exciting team! They’re our new Tag Team Champions, Joey! Amazing!

We see Waltman join Doane inside the ring as they’re handed the Global Tag Team Championships, and they almost burst out in tears upon raising their newly won titles high into the air! They are looking genuinely happy as the screen fades to black, eventhough the show isn’t over just yet.

We suddenly switch to the parking lot, where we see Rob Van Dam walking, carrying his luggage. Van Dam looks to be a little down, as he’s slowly moving towards his car. Suddenly, however, a animal-like roar can be heard from a distance. The roar gets louder, as suddenly Rob Van Dam is attacked in the back by a huge mammoth of a man! The monster is quickly recognized as Matt “The Train” Bloom and is immediately welcomed by a ton of heat from the fans in the arena. Bloom works on Van Dam like a man possessed and Van Dam can’t cover up! Bloom throws the GWE Champion onto a random car and pulls him back off, before throwing him on top of it again! Bloom walks away, breathing heavily, as he leaves behind a broken and battered GWE Champion and the show comes to a shocking and sad close.

Post-show dark match:

Brock Lesnar beats Paul “The Great” Wight in a No DQ match at 8:25
Forgive me the rust.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

GWE News and Notes


Dustin Rhodes, better known as Goldust, has officially signed a contract with GWE. He's in okay shape, so it should be no surprise if he debuts very soon.

-Mistico is on his way to sign a contract with GWE. He has quit CMLL and has recently turned down an offer from TNA Wrestling. WWE has not made an offer to date, but that could change soon. One thing's for sure, Mistico will wrestle in the United States before the end of 2008.

-Monty Brown will be making his debut very soon, perhaps as soon as next week. He is in excellent condition and is said to be very high with GWE officials. An immediate push wouldn't surprise anyone.

-When will Hulk Hogan return to television? That's the question burning on everyone's lips. Nobody knows, and there are no sources that indicate in a return to the screen soon. There's no doubt, however, that the Hulkster will pick up his on-screen feud with Eric Bischoff somewhere in 2008.

I love writing this. Anyone wants to drop a few comments? Feel free to do so.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Hey mate i just told you on msn a little bit before that i really like that you brought this back and well i was not lying.

Goldust coming is MEH at best. I am not the biggest fan of him to be honest.

Mistico FTW

I like Monty Brown so i think he will just be a great addition to your roster.

Hogan on television. I ma a bit shaky about this but i won't say to much until i see how is return plays out.

Will review your next show i promise mate

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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Originally Posted by
New Match added to Chaos Theory has just learned that a second match has been added to the card of GWE's first ever Pay Per View, Chaos Theory. Next to GWE Champion Rob Van Dam defending his title against Matt Bloom, an interesting tag team match has been added. After we learned that Frankie Kazarian and Billy Kidman would continue to perform as a tag team last week on Dynamite, they will finally get the chance to settle a score with The Basham Brothers at Chaos Theory! Which team will come out on top in this deeply personal battle?

Current Chaos Theory Card

GWE Championship
Rob Van Dam(c) vs. Matt 'The Train' Bloom
Frankie Kazarian and Billy Kidman vs. The Basham Brothers
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

I wondered who the fuck this Aerts was that commented in my thread, tbh. No, seriously. Alcoholic>Aerts, but meh. You know I was always one of your biggest supporters, and by the looks of current standings, not much has advanced since those days. Which is good, since I won't have tons of catching up to do. Looking forward to jumping back on your underrated bandwagon Alcy. Yep, yep. <3

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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

GWE Dynamite 05-22-2008 Preview!

This week, Dynamite rolls into the Convention Center at Fort Worth, Texas!

And this episode promises to be one of pure electricity! Because tonight, we'll see an ever-so exciting Fatal-Fourway to determine a new number one contender for the All-American Championship. Brock Lesnar, Paul 'The Great' Wight and Carlito Colon will do battle with a competitor that is unknown at this point. Who will the fourth and final competitor be and who will walk away the number one contender?

Last week, The X-factors defeated the Invaders to become the new Global Tag Team Champions. An official rematch is not on the card yet, but one has to wonder whether or not the former champions will seek immediate revenge.

Also last week, Rob Van Dam was brutally assaulted in the parking lot, after being given the night off by Eric Bischoff. It was Matt "The Train" Bloom who was the brutal attacker and who decided to try and shorten the career of the GWE Champion. Will Rob Van Dam be able to make it to Dynamite this week? And if so, will he seek repercussion for Matt Bloom's actions?

We can confirm that we will not see Rey Mysterio Jr. in action this week. Last week, he brutally attacked by 'the Divine One' Mark Jindrak in a backstage area. The uncalled for attack caused Rey Mysterio to spend the past week in a local Albuquerque hospital, wich means he won't be at the show in Fort Worth this week. Will Mark Jindrak give any explanation for his actions? Or will he act like nothing ever happened?

Find out all this and much, much more this Thursday, only on the ESPN network!
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Hey mate preview looking good and i expect the show to be top notch as always. I will be reviewing Alco

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