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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Yay!! Carlito push! Woohoo!

I'm gonna try to keep up with this BTB, but only if you let Carlito get pushed


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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

GWE Dynamite! 05-08-2008 preview!

This week, the superstars of GWE visit the Selland Arena in Fresno, California. What history-making events will happen this week on ESPN's highest rated show?

Last week, GWE Champion Rob Van Dam had to "stay in shape" once again, this time facing the undefeated "God" Mark Jindrak. Due to the unexpected interference by his Chaos Theory opponent, Matt Bloom, however, Rob Van Dam suffered a painful defeat and Jindrak remained undefeated. This week, Rob Van Dam will undoubtedly be looking for answers, and possibly revenge, on Matt Bloom. But will Bloom be at the arena tonight?

On, we learned that All-American Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. and Matt Sydal will be teaming up this week, to take on Carlito Colon and a partner of his choosing. Will Carlito have found a suitable partner? And will he finally be able to score a victory over the two people in GWE, he hates the most?

Last week, in what was an unsuspected turn of events, Torrie Wilson was abducted by The Basham Brothers. The Basham Brothers have had their troubles with Billy Kidman and Frankie Kazarian in the past, and it appears as though this is the way they will be trying to hit their rivals where it hurts the most. Will we see Torrie again this week, or will she be kept locked away by the Bashams for quite some time?

And also this week, Kofi Kingston will be in action once again, this time facing Juventud Guerrera. Will Kofi keep his undefeated streak, or will Juvy be able to cause the upset?

Find out all this and much, much more, this Thursday, only on the ESPN network!
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Dark Match

Monty Brown defeated Super Crazy at 6:28

GWE Dynamite! 05-08-2008 Selland Arena, Fresno, California

*Opening video*


“Welcome to the jungle” is blaring through the speakers as we go inside a jam packed Selland Arena, where the 10,000 rowdy fans in attendance are ready for another 90-minute episode of GWE Dynamite! We see a plethora of signs, before we switch to ringside, to Joey Styles and Mike Bucci.

Joey Styles:
To each and everyone tuned in to the ESPN Network, WELCOME to GWE Dynamite! We are here live, in Fresno, California, for the second ever 90-minute episode of Dynamite, and just as last week’s, this one promises to be a spectacular one. Mike Bucci, tell us what’s new!

Mike Bucci:
Tonight, Joey, we’ve got all kinds of juicy goodness coming the fans’ way, I’m telling ya! We’ve got an interesting tag team making it’s debut tonight, against The X-factors. And as learned on, baby, we’ve got the All-American champion Rey Mysterio Jr. teaming up with Matt Sydal, taking on Carlito and a partner of his choosing! Huge night, Joey, huge!

“Vrooar, vroooaaaar” the sound of a lawnmower is heard, and that’s exactly what we see, as Juventud Guerrera comes rolling out to little reaction from the crowd. This is his first television appearance since 13th of March, which is a long time. Its normal people forget you after a such a long time, isn’t it?

Joey Styles: But first up, ladies and gentlemen, is an interesting match-up. Juventud Guerrera, finally back on Dynamite after quite an absence, will be crossing blades with a man undefeated in GWE, Kofi Kingston!

Mike Bucci:
Kingston is an exciting man to watch in action, Joey, and I have no doubt in my mind that this match right here, will be as exciting as all of his previous ones.

“Everybody dance now” hits the P.A. system as Kofi Kingston comes jiggin’ and jivin’ out on the stage to a big pop from the fans. He makes his way towards the ring, dishing out some popular dance moves, before sliding into the ring, jumping up and down, clearly excited about the upcoming match.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Kofi Kingston

A very exciting opening match-up to get the crowd pumped for the rest of the show. This wasn’t by any means a squash, as Juventud got in a surprisingly big amount of offence in. In the opening of the match, Kofi had control over Juvy, using his martial arts techniques to keep the Mexican Luchadore down. A plethora of kicks, backhands and elbows to various body parts were Juvy’s share, as Kofi slowly, but surely gained control. Kofi then hit a suplex, going for a cover, but only getting a one count. Kofi went for another vertical suplex hereafter, but Juvy jumped out, nailing an instant step-up enzuigiri to counter. Juvy picked up a dazed Kofi, whipped him in the ropes and nailed a sizzling tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Juvy went for the cover, believing he had won the match, but he only got a two count. Juvy didn’t think too much about the near fall, as he picked up Kofi, leaving him teetering in the middle of the ring, while bouncing off the ropes himself. Juvy went for a flying Shining Wizard, but Kofi, in a brilliant athletic move, bent backwards, almost matrix-style, avoiding Juvy’s boot hitting his jaw! As a confused Juventud turned around, he was instantly met with a quick as lightning DDT! Juvy rolled onto his back as Kofi bounced off the ropes, did a cartwheel and nailed his patented double leg legdrop! The crowd got excited, as Kofi jumped up and down, looking confident for victory. Kofi stepped back into the corner, waiting for Juvy to stumble to his feet. When Juvy had finally reached vertical base and turned around, Kofi was going for his patented 540 Crescent kick, the Ultimate Dance, but Juvy ducked, and hit a swinging neckbreaker in the process! Juvy got up slowly and saw Kofi laid out on the mat. Juvy contemplated something, before jumping up on the second rope and going for a moonsault, only to be met by two knees of Kofi! Juvy, his gut busted, stumbled on his feet, as Kofi did the same, instantly nailing Juvy with the Ultimate Dance! Kofi went for the cover and got the hard fought victory!

Winner (8:32) Kofi Kingston!

Joey Styles: A very convincing victory here, by Kofi Kingston, who I’m sure didn’t expect this much counter work, from Juvy Guerrera!

Mike Bucci:
You’re never done with Juvy, Joey! I know from personal experience, he’s a wacko jacko in that ring and I’m telling ya, Kofi deserves all the credit for pulling out the victory here.

We see Kofi Kingston celebrating his victory with some nifty looking dance moves, which entertain the crowd, to the tunes of “Everybody dance now”.

We then switch to the back, where a seemingly angered Rob Van Dam is pacing through a hallway. He’s welcomed by massive cheers upon walking into shot, but that seems to be the least of his worries right now. An angry GWE Champion suddenly stops in front of a door, which read “General Manager: Eric Bischoff”. RVD began knocking on the door, yelling “Open up, Bischoff!” in the process. When there was no reaction, RVD knocked on the door several times, yelling “I know you’re in there, Bischoff, open the damn door, man!” Suddenly, the door opens, and a smiling Eric Bischoff appears on screen.

Eric Bischoff:
What seems to be the problem, Rob?

RVD: The problem? The fact that you knew Bloom was in the arena, ready to screw me over in the main event last week! THAT’S THE PROBLEM!

Eric Bischoff: I’m the general manager, Rob, I did not know Matt Bloom was gonna interfere in the main event, in fact…

RVD: No, no you did know! In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were the mastermind of this plan!

Eric Bischoff: Excuse me? I think I have some better things to do, rather than coming up with some sort of plan to screw you, out of all people, over. All those comic books you’ve been reading, Rob, make sure you don’t mix them up with reality, okay?

RVD: Look, dude, I am sick and tired of you running the show. And I…

Eric Bischoff: What? You what, Rob? Why are you even here, anyway? What do you want…champ?

RVD: I don’t wanna wait till Chaos Theory to fight Bloom. I want his ass right here tonight!

*Big pop*

Eric Bischoff: Unfortunately, Matt Bloom isn’t in the arena tonight, so that won’t happen.


Eric Bischoff: I’ll tell you what will happen, however. Imagine this…tonight, in front of millions of people…A champion versus champion match! Imagine this…tonight the GWE champion, Rob Van Dam, faces off…with the Global Tag Team Champions…The Invaders! How about that?

*Mixed reaction to Bischoff’s decision*

RVD: You know what, dude? Tonight, I’m gonna show you that whoever or whatever you throw at me, I’m gonna walk into Chaos Theory the champion…and I’m gonna walk out the champion!

*Big pop*

RVD: Oh, and one more thing. After Chaos Theory, when I’m done with Matt Bloom…you’re next!

Van Dam stares Bischoff directly in the eye for a brief moment, causing for a huge DRAMA MOMENT, before walking out of shot, leaving Bischoff behind, confused and appalled.


When we return we go to a backstage corridor, where we see Billy Kidman and Frankie Kazarian pacing, almost running , whilst constantly looking around them. They look inside every room and behind every door, hoping to get a glimpse, or maybe even a simple clue to the whereabouts of Torrie Wilson, their manager. They keep pacing, until they end up in the parking lot, where Billy Kidman suddenly looks as if he’s seen a ghost.

Kazarian: You! Basham!

The camera shifts and we see Danny Basham on the verge of stepping into his car.

Kazarian: Where’s Torrie? Come on!

Danny Basham: Sorry, can’t tell ya. I’ve got important things to do now, so Imma catch ya guys later!

Basham quickly steps into his car and speeds away, as Frankie Kazarian tries to stop him, but obviously fails.


Kidman tries to calm Kazarian down, as the duo turns around, and they see Doug Basham, leaning against a pillar. Kazarian apparently smells blood as he wants to attack Basham…

Doug Basham: Whoa, whoa, big fella! Don’t you wanna see Torrie back in one piece?

Kazarian immediately backs off.

Billy Kidman: Just what do you want, Basham?

Doug Basham: It’s very simple, guys. You get Torrie back…if! If you guys STOP performing…as a tag team!

The crowd erupts into mega heat as Doug Basham starts laughing uncontrollably. Basham walks away, as he leaves a very confused, shocked and angered duo of Billy Kidman and Frankie Kazarian behind.

We then switch to ringside, where Joey Styles and Mike Bucci are still standing by.

Joey Styles: So that’s what they’re trying to do? They’re trying to break up Kazarian and Kidman? That’s the lowest act I’ve ever seen, Mike!

Mike Bucci: Yea, I don’t agree with that either, Joey. Thing is though, I’ve known Billy Kidman for a long time and I don’t think he’ll give in to these demands. He’ll get Torrie back, one way or another!

Joey Styles:
Right now, though, we’ve got another interesting tag team situation coming up, Mike. The All-American Champion, Rey Mysterio Jr., will team up with Matt Sydal, to take on Carlito Colon and a partner of his choosing.

Mike Bucci:
Carlito had about half a week to look for a partner, Joey, and I’m sure, smart as Carlito is, he’ll have found himself a good one. Bring them out!

“Wake up” hits the P.A. system as Matt Sydal comes out to a big pop from the crowd. Since his entrance on the big stage, he’s been gradually winning over fans, and he has slowly become a fan favourite. He gets into the ring and awaits his partner for the night.

“Back to the 619” hits the P.A. system as the All-American Champion Rey Mysterio comes shooting through the stage to a huge pop from the fans! He slaps hands with some fans along the entrance ramp, before getting inside the ring, high fiving Matt Sydal, and getting ready for the match.

“Apple spittin’, jaw hittin’” hits as Carlito Colon comes out to a great amount of heat. He’s smiling away, as he stops on the stage, and looks back, possibly awaiting his partner.

“BIG” hits and it’s Paul “The Great” Wight who comes out to join Carlito in this match! The crowd showers him with heat as the duo walk towards the ring, very slowly, both of them smiling away. Both of them get into the ring and to be perfectly honest, Paul Wight looks as impressive as ever tonight. This’ll be a tough peanut to crack for Mysterio and Sydal.

All-American Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. and Matt Sydal vs. Carlito Colon and Paul “The Great” Wight

Paul Wight started it out against Matt Sydal, a mismatch, to say the very least. Matt Sydal went on a flurry of offence, going for various kicks, forearms, etc, etc, but he could never bring Wight off his feet. When Sydal went for his 6158785th kick, Wight thought it was enough, and he just grabbed Sydal’s leg, before nearly decapitating him with a huge lariat. Wight then tagged in Carlito and let him have some fun with Sydal. However, Carlito, about the same size as Sydal, was an opponent young Matt could go toe to toe with. Carlito got overconfident real quick, and Sydal immediately gave him a run for his money, scoring a side Russian leg sweep. Sydal tagged in Mysterio, who dominated Carlito for a while, using some of his well-known offence. After a while, Carlito finally was able to reverse a hurricanrana into a sit-out powerbomb, before tagging in Paul Wight, who laughed at the idea of throwing Mysterio around like a rag doll. And he did so at the start, clubbing Mysterio down with his huge fists, his large boots and hurling him around the ring from time to time. However, when Wight went for a military press, Mysterio was able to jump off and he started kicking Wight in his right knee. Kick after kick after kick after kick, but Wight wouldn’t go down. Mysterio now reverted to dropkicks, to try and decimate Wight’s knee. Wight started to twitch a lil’ bit, as Mysterio kept the assault on going, using all his speed and strength in his little body to knock the big guy off his feet. Mysterio finally did the unthinkable, when he slid under Wight’s legs, and nailed him with a chop block, finally sending the behemoth to the canvas! Mysterio continued the assault, scoring low dropkicks and leg drops to the grounded giant. Mysterio then tagged in Sydal who went for the high flying offence. After a standing moonsault, Sydal connected a quick as lightning standing Shooting Star Press, making the crowd pop loud! When Sydal went for a cover, however, Wight threw him off with ease. Sydal tagged in Mysterio once again, but when Mysterio went for a flying attack on the kneeled opponent, Wight just grabbed him by his tights and got to his feet, hoisting Mysterio up in the air, showing off his amazing strength! He walked towards the corner and threw Mysterio in the turnbuckle with authority. Wight tagged in Carlito, moments after chopping all the air out of Mysterio with one big open hand to the chest. Carlito came in and the duo of Carlito and Wight now singled out Mysterio, keeping the domince going for quite a while.

As it goes in most, if not all tag team matches, after a period of dominance, comes a sudden, so-called “hot” tag! Mysterio, after countering an inside-out rolling cutter into a spinning DDT, crawled towards the corner and tagged in Sydal, who went rampant on Carlito. A low dropkick, followed by a shining wizard and a roll-up, only scoring the two count. Sydal then scored the feint enzuighiri into a hurricanrana, resulting in the fans going crazy for the youngster. Sydal went up top afterwards, looking for the 450 Splash, but Wight decided to interfere and pushed Sydal off the top to the mat. Mysterio didn’t agree with this and entered the ring, as Wight was still on the apron. Mysterio stormed towards Wight and canonballed himself into Wight’s gut, sending “The Great” Wight and himself to the outside, to a huge pop from the fans! Sydal and Carlito were left in the ring, but both men were knocked out. Suddenly, as Wight came back to and was ready to enter the ring, BROCK LESNAR came storming down to the ring, without the ref noticing it! Lesnar turned Wight around and NAILED HIM WITH A THUNDERING SPINEBUSTER! The crowd exploded into cheers, as Brock smiled and left, with Sydal slowly getting up inside the ring. Sydal noticed Carlito getting up, as he jumped towards him and rolled him up with a unique pinning combination. The ref counted: ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winners(14:07) All-American Champion Matt Sydal and Rey Mysterio Jr.!

Joey Styles:
Matt Sydal pins Carlito! And he secures a victory for his team! What a rise Matt Sydal is on, it’s really unbelievable, Mike!

Mike Bucci: Sydal is awesome, Joey, but I gotta ask ya. WHAT THE HELL WAS BROCK LESNAR DOING HERE? He had no business interfering in this match and he certainly had no business taking Paul Wight out like that!

Joey Styles:
Well Wight had no business costing Brock Lesnar the All-American Title last week, Mike! This was just an act of redemption. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, don’t go anywhere, cause when we return, we’ve got a tag team match coming up, to decide the number one contenders for the Global Tag Team Championships! It’s next!


*A video package about GWE’s first ever Pay Per View, CHAOS THEORY, airs. Chaos is definitely the theme, as we see explosions, buildings collapse and forests burn, until finally Rob Van Dam steps out of the rubbish, the GWE Championship in hand. June 15th only on Pay Per View.*
We then go to ringside, to Joey Styles and Mike Bucci.

Joey Styles: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen and it is now time for yet another interesting tag team match-up. The X-factors, Sean Waltman and Ken Doane, will be taking on the debuting team of Scott Taylor and Seth Skyfire and the winners will earn an opportunity to face the Global Tag Team Champions anytime they choose!

Mike Bucci:
I’m really interested in seeing what Hot and Heavy will bring to the table, Joey. The X-factors, they already proved what they’re worth, but that new team, well, they have yet to prove anything!

“Yo, you dealin’ with the X-factor” is heard throughout the arena, as Sean Waltman and his protégé, Ken Doane, step out to a negative reaction from the crowd. They don’t worry about the reaction they’re getting, however, as they stoically make their way to the ring.

“This why I’m hot” hits the P.A. system as Hot ‘n’ Heavy, Scott “Too Hot” Taylor and Seth “Heavy Duty” Skyfire, come out to a nice pop from the fans. Taylor is dancing and jumping around, while Skyfire stays serene and just walks towards the ring, blinking to one or two fans along his way. The duo gets into the ring and this highly staked match-up is about to get underway.

Number One Contender’s match: Hot ‘n’ Heavy vs. The X-Factors

A very exciting tag team match-up here, with some found wrestling by all four competitors. It started out with Scott Taylor taking on Sean Waltman. Two veterans of the business going at it, that can only mean good wrestling, or good entertainment for that matter. It was your classic tag team match-up in the beginning, with The X-factors quickly gaining the advantage, and exploiting that advantage with quick and effective tags. Waltman and Doane showed that they have more experience as a tag team on the big stage, as they dished out some double team moves as well, such as a double DDT, a double suplex and a double facebuster, all on the poor Scott Taylor. Taylor finally tagged in his partner, the debuting Seth Skyfire, however, when he hit Waltman with an enzuigiri. Skyfire cleaned house, even knocking Doane off the apron. Skyfire manhandled Waltman for a brief period of time, hitting a swinging neckbreaker, followed by a handstand into legdrop. Taylor decided to help his partner out and Waltman was hit by a double team battering ram, straight to the ribs! Scott Taylor and Skyfire fired up(no pun intended) and looked for a finisher of some sorts, as Scott Taylor clutched Waltman’s legs and hoisted him up in the air, as Skyfire bounced off the ropes. But suddenly Ken Doane came back into the ring and stopped Skyfire by delivering a huge RK-DOANE, out of the blue! Waltman then escaped his predicament and nailed Taylor with a sit-out Facebuster, The X-factor! The crowd booed as Waltman went for the cover and picked up the very important win for his team.

Winners and new number one contenders (8:26) The X-factors!

Joey Styles: Well, I’ve never agreed on their antics before, but tonight, they score an impressive victory, Mike!

Mike Bucci: They sure did, Joey! They took on this debuting team, not knowing anything about them and they just defeated them like that. Impressive’s definitely the word. And now, the Global Tag Team Champions, they better watch out, cause this is a team that won’t be laid out so easily!

We see Ken Doane and Sean Waltman making their way up the ramp as they’re celebrating this important victory, that catapults them straight back into the title hunt.


We come back in some sort of backstage area, where we see Priest Johnny Parisi, alongside his ‘god’, “The Divine One” Mark Jindrak.

Priest Parisi:
The whole world was shocked last week upon the glorious victory of The Divine One, Mark Jindrak! Each and every mortal soul in the arena and watching around the globe witnessed The Global Wrestling Enterprise Champion himself being beaten, destroyed, humiliated even, by the greatest force in the entire business…MARK JINDRAK!


Priest Parisi: Two weeks ago, The Divine One told to me in a dream that he wanted a challenge and that’s what he got…technically. Because last week, Mark Jindrak proved to the world that not even the GWE Champion himself is a real challenge! What is left for our Lord and Saviour? What is left for Mark Jindrak? … I’ll tell you…Gold…Championship Gold! Soon, Mark Jindrak will surprise one of the champions on this roster with a challenge…and should they accept…I’ve got one piece of advice for you, Champeen…Don’t fear your title loss…pray for it! Moeahahahaa….

Parisi is laughing uncontrollably as Jindrak raises his arms and the lights go out.

We then switch to another backstage area, where the Global Tag Team Champions are discussing something with each other, while lacing their boots. Suddenly, GWE Champion Rob Van Dam walks into shot, to a huge pop from the crowd.

RVD: Sup, dudes? Listen, I know you guys didn’t ask for this match and I didn’t either. But whatever the stakes…I’m gonna give it my all and I want you guys to do that as well, alright?

Kid Kash:
I know, Rob. We respect you, man. And we’re gonna give it our all tonight.

RVD: That’s what I like to hear. See you guys out there.

Van Dam walks away as we switch back to ringside.

Joey Styles:
Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for our main event. A handicap match booked by General Manager Eric Bischoff earlier this broadcast, pitting the GWE Champion Rob Van Dam against the Tag Team Champions, The Invaders.

Mike Bucci : What a brilliant move by Eric Bischoff, Joey! A champion versus champion match, this can only mean one hell of a main event! Let’s do this!

“Bawitdaba” hits the P.A. system and the Global Tag Team Champions, Kid Kash and James Gibson walk out to a nice pop from the fans. They hold their championships over their shoulders as they slap hands with some fans along the entrance ramp, before sliding into the ring.

“Walk” hits and the GWE Champion, Rob Van Dam steps out to a HUGE pop from the crowd. He does his patented R V D taunt, before coming down to the ring, looking a tad more serious that usually. He rolls into the ring, and shakes hands with both of his opponents, when suddenly, ERIC BISCHOFF struts out. He’s getting the most negative reaction of the evening, as he brings the microphone to his mouth, ready to speak.

Eric Bischoff:
Rob! Rob, I’ve got great news for you! I know how you don’t like to be in a handicap match…well guess what? I’ve just received word that a certain superstar has arrived in the arena and he wants to be your tag team partner for tonight!

The crowd lets out sounds of confusion, and judging from the looks on RVD’s face, he’s confused as well.

Eric Bischoff: So, I’m now changing this match to a normal tag team match between the Global Tag Team Champions and Rob Van Dam…and…MATT THE TRAIN BLOOOOOOOOM!

Bischoff starts laughing like a man possessed as “Bending Tracks” hits and Matt “The Train” Bloom walks out to a tremendous amount of heat from the fans. He shakes hands with Eric Bischoff, before walking towards the ring, slowly and methodically. Bloom gets into the ring, and tells RVD to wait on the apron. He will start this match. The crowd just goes bananas with heat!

Non-title match: GWE Champion Rob Van Dam and Matt “The Train” Bloom vs. Global Tag Team Champions The Invaders

Matt Bloom started the match facing off with James Gibson, who was just thrown around like a rag doll. Gibson wasn’t able to land in one punch, while Bloom on the other hand, nearly destroyed Gibson with lefts, rights and the occasional clothesline. Bloom let Gibson tag in his partner, but he wasn’t able to do anything worth noting either. It seemed as though Bloom was in the best shape of his life, as he was manhandling the tag team champions in the early goings of the match-up, before finally tagging in Rob Van Dam, who hesitated at first, but got into the ring after all. RVD locked horns with Kid Kash and finally, we saw some competitive wrestling. RVD hit a dragon kick to the head, followed by a cartwheel and a standing moonsault to a fallen Kid Kash! Kid Kash managed to get back into the match, however, scoring a knee smash, followed by a springboard hurricanrana. Gibson then came in and locked RVD in an abdominal stretch, before nailing a half nelson slam, only getting a one count, however. RVD, struggling, crawled towards his corner, nearly pleading for Bloom to tag him out, but Bloom refused and pointed out he was still “alive” enough to do the job on his own! And as Gibson attacked the GWE champion once again, we went to a commercial break.


As we came back, Kid Kash was holding RVD in a reverse headlock/body scissors, as the Tag Champs were still on top. We then got to see an image from during the break, where Bloom, for the second time this match-up refused to be tagged in! Kash released his hold and moved towards the top turnbuckle, where he waited for RVD to crawl to a vertical base. He launched himself into the air and nailed a flying leg drop to a standing Rob Van Dam! Van Dam was in a world of trouble, as Gibson came in and went for a double-knee gutbuster. RVD slid off RVD’s shoulders, however, and nailed a quick neckbreaker. Van Dam crawled back up and went for Rolling Thunder, hitting it! Van Dam was fired up and decided this was the ideal moment to tag in his partner, Matt Bloom. But when RVD extended his hand, Matt just nodded his head from side to side, telling Van Dam he wasn’t going to get tagged in! RVD looked around, putting his hands on his hips, clearly frustrated at his now-partner/future opponent. RVD looked to the ground for a brief second, BEFORE SLAPPING THE HELL OUT OF BLOOM! The arena went apeshit, as RVD turned around and approached Gibson. But what he didn’t notice was that an infuriated Matt Bloom stepped into the ring behind him! He turned Van Dam around and gave him a huge Baldo Bomb for his trouble! The fans showered him with loads of heat, as Bloom left the ring and walked up the entrance ramp, still looking mighty pissed. Inside the ring, a recovered James Gibson didn’t really know what to do, as he tagged in Kid Kash, who, as his partner, didn’t really know what to do. Kash decided the best thing to do was to cover the champ, and so he did. The ref counted: One…two…KICKOUT!
The fans popped, as the GWE champion was still alive in this one! Kash didn’t know what to do anymore as he picked up Rob Van Dam, who was practically lifeless at this point. Kash looked at Gibson, who nodded at Kash, almost giving his approval for something. Kash put RVD in a front facelock, before lifting him up in the air and nailing a massive Brainbuster…the Dead Level! Kash covered the GWE champion, as the ref counted and the Global Tag Team Champions picked up this controversial victory.

Winners (12:59) Global Tag Team Champions The Ivaders!

Joey Styles: Well. I really have no words for the travesty we just witnessed! Matt Bloom, the supposed partner for RVD tonight, just wouldn’t be involved in the match and above all that, he gave him a Baldo Bomb too!

Mike Bucci: I guess Matt Bloom wasn’t ready for competition after all, Joey! He felt he wasn’t ready yet and left, simple as that.

Joey Styles:
Oh, that’s bullcrap, Mike and you know it! Rob Van Dam was screwed tonight plain and simple and it’s a damn shame!

We see The Invaders grab their championships and looking at the GWE champion, not knowing whether they should cheer or not. The champs are standing in the ring, utterly confused, as this episode of Dynamite comes to a close.

Current Chaos Theory Card

GWE Championship match
Rob Van Dam(c) vs. Matt "The Train" Bloom
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Sorry its short but you know why .

Opening Match: Right lets do this fast I already deleted it all once. Kofi has great entrance music . Bringing Juvi back to challenge Kofi's undefeated streak makes this match interesting but I see Kofi is past Juvi really and I was right as Kofi wins. Solid opener though, as a squash opener would suck.

RVD/Bischoff: RVD sames slightly ooc by shouting but at the same time, he has reason to after last week, so I will let it slide this once . I do have a feeling Bloom will turn up though.

Kaz/Basham- This is was very clever and well written. I see how this makes Kaz/Kidman look very strong and you have really built up the tag division here in GWE.

Match 2: Paul Wight is here, Good solid match here with some good talent. Lesnar coming in was a surprise but as Paul was down, I felt he should have been pinned, but instead you job out Carlito . But I guess you want to keep Paul strong. On the other hand I liked the Spinebuster and not the Cyclone/F5 as you can save that for a PPV.

Match 3: More of a filler match, but it is for no. 1 contendership, so it gives it a little meaning. Waltman and Ken look strong in this match, but I prefer see Sean in a singles run. I'd mark for Waltman vs. Rey.

Jindrak promo was a little to short, but I seem him as a big player in your thread soon. But I want Sean O'Haire instead! O'Haire >Bloom, Jindrak, imo.

RVD promo seemed to short and didn't serve much purpose for me.

Main Event: 3 tag matches in a row? Oh well, I knew Bloom would make an apperance. A good main event. Good detail here and MOTN imo. Giving Kash/Gibson the main event was a nice touch as they deserve it. The kick out from the BaldoBomb was good and I am glad it happened because the world champ should be able kick out of it after the amount of time from the move to the pin occuring. But the Dead Level was the next logical step and it happened and they won.

Overall, I liked the show and I find all your shows really easy to read and thoroughly enjoyable
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Originally Posted by

It is just a matter of time before Monty Brown finally appears on GWE television. He has been working dark matches for quite a while now and officials feel he is finally fully ready to get the 'call-up'. How he will be used is unknown at this point, but many believe he will work the 'Alpha Male' gimmick.

-Recently signed Matt Cappotelli has been fully cleared to wrestle. He was recently signed to a developmental deal and now, he can start training to get the call up. Cappotelli survived a brain tumor and will undoubtedly try to prove everyone wrong, by some day appearing on the main stream wrestling scene once again.

-GWE's first ever PPV, Chaos Theory, will be held at the illustrious Staples Center in Los Angeles. This is where the first ever episode of GWE Dynamite was held and where GWE drew a sell-out crowd. Tickets for the event have gone on sale, but a sell-out has not yet been reached.

The original plan for Juventud was to be sent to developmental, where he would be repackaged and would get Konnan as a manager. However, the deal with Konnan was called off and now Juvy just returned to GWE television with no gimmick at all. It would come as no surprise to many, should Juvy team up with Super Crazy, to reform the Mexicools.

-Hulk Hogan is said to be very happy with his role behind the scenes. He has been off GWE television for quite some time now, to sell a 'kayfabe' injury, involing a storyline with Eric Bischoff. Eventually, Hogan will return to Dynamite, to continue his feud with Bischoff, which officials say has to be the biggest rivalry ever. Hogan himself feels GWE no longer needs him as a top charachter to sell, so he is happy being off Television more so than on. He also has stated to numerous officials that he feels he only has one, maybe two matches left in his body, and he wants to preserve those matches to big up names in his company.

-Two free agents are on their way to GWE. The two men in particular are Trevor Murdoch and Dustin Rhodes. They are said to be very close to both signing contracts. When and where they will appear is unknown at this point.
There you go. A nice set of news and notes. I'm currently writing the latest installment of GWE Dynamite and it's coming along nicely. It'll probably posted in about a week. Cheers.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Originally Posted by Alcoholic View Post
RVD slid off RVD’s shoulders
Just wanted to point out that small error. The rest of the show was great, I love how you clearly portray wrestler's emotions to the point where you can feel their rage or sadness or whatever.

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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Solid news man, can't wait for Monty Brown officially debuts. I'd love for Dustin Rhodes to come to GWE, and it'd be interesting to see how you use him.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Alcoholic’s Dynamite Review

First Match: I really enjoyed this opening contest, by the way, since I’m reviewing for the first time, I like your commentary team. Anyway, a lot of fast paced action and a match I’d definitely pay to see, I’m a big fan of Juventud too but I like Kingston all the same so I was undecided on who I wanted to win, but in the end I was happy Kingston won. I liked the describing words you used just to give you the feeling of each move, i.e. Quick as Lightening DDT. It really made you see how quick it could be.

Eric Bischoff/RVD: I liked this, all the stuff before it, RVD really angry knocking on the door angrily etc. And I like how Bischoff played the innocent character and I can’t wait until RVD/Bloom at Chaos Theory, nice name by the way. I like how you put him in a Handicap Match, Eric’s playing the “evil boss” type guy at the moment and RVD is being the people’s champion as it where and you’ve made him the ultra face because people will be backing him to pull it out the bag.

Kaz/Kidman/Bashams: Hm, very interesting, very interesting indeed. Kazarian really wants Torrie and I like how Danny just left and let Kaz deal with any problems and then I loved how Kaz had, had enough and was going for Doug but as soon as Torrie’s name was mentioned in a sentence with “do this, and you don’t get her.” He stopped immediately, it’s a tough dilemma for sure.

Tag Match: Woah, Lesnar! Cool stuff man, I liked this match, was long but very good and I like how because you’re a different promotion you have changed the names, it makes it realistic because of WWE Trademarks and such. A very good match, was very well-written and again, your description of moves and such is great, “Thundering Spinebuster.” Very good stuff, but, why was Lesnar there?

Second Tag Match: Another good tag match here, I like how you seem to be pushing Waltman and Doane and I expected them to pick up the win but it didn’t take any enjoyment out of it for me, was a very good contest, a lot shorter than the tag match that came before it but it was very good and I’m glad the X-Factors are Number One Contenders.

Priest Parisi and Jindrak: This interested me, quite an original gimmick, and its about different to the one D-von used in WWE and it’s not seen often in BTB’s and Parisi and Jindrak are surprising choices but it is going well! A nice little promo here and as I said it is very interesting.

Main Event: Very good twist and a very good match, I loved when RVD had, had enough and just slapped the taste out of Bloom’s mouth. Bloom played the heel partner extremely well refusing the tag and such and then he gave RVD the Baldo Bomb! I expected RVD to lose after Bloom was announced his partner and it just gets the tension upped a little for the PPV. A great end to the show, although, it was longer than the first tag match with Rey, Show etc. I felt this should have been the longest but good nonetheless.

Overall: First time I’ve reviewed your thread and you’ve made a great first impression. I was really impressed with your writing, description of moves and storylines. It’s made me a reader that much is for sure. Good show. I’ll give it an 7.8/10 J
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Alright, time for some info for my 'fans'. I think it's pretty obvious this thread isn't going to go anywhere, anytime soon. I'm sorry to say, that I'm going on a indefinite hiatus, meaning that I'll abandon this thread for the time being. With university as a big part of my life now, I just don't got the time, nor the motivation to write this show anymore. This was, I believe, my best thread ever and I had heaps and heaps of fun with it. Yea, that's about it. Cheers!
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Best of luck with everything Alco. Hope to see you back again one day.
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