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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

The first 90-minute Dynamite totally didn't get posted somewhere in the next week, but screw that. Here's the preview.

GWE Dynamite 05-01-2008 Preview!

This week, Dynamite goes back home, as the GWE superstars roll into the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, California! History will be made, as we will witness the first ever 90-minute episode of GWE Dynamite!

Last week, Rob Van Dam had to "stay in shape", as Matt Bloom was not yet ready to take him on for the GWE Championship just yet. Van Dam instead had to face none other than the largest athlete in the world, Paul "The Great" Wight in a non-title contest. But to everyone's surprise, the champion was able to beat the seven-footer and shock the world! Will Matt Bloom be ready to take on Van Dam for the championship this week, or will he have to train some more, leaving Van Dam to "stay in shape" against yet another opponent?

This week, Dynamite turns All-American, as the All-American championship will be on the line in a very anticipated match between the champion Rey Mysterio Jr. and the challenger, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar beat none other than Paul Wight to earn this match, while Mysterio had to fight off Carlito, to safe his career and his life. Lesnar looks like the odds-on favourite, but never count out the fast and furious Rey Mysterio. Who will finally lift the coveted All-American Title in the air?

Last week, The Invaders managed to keep their Global Tag Team championships in a Four-way Tag Team Extravaganza match, beating three other teams to preserve their titles. Are the champions truly the best team in the world, or will new challengers arise this week?

Also, this week, the exciting new superstar Kofi Kingston will have a match,t rying to show off his talent and athleticism to the world. Will he be able to win yet another contest?

Find out all this and much, much more, this Thursday only on the ESPN Network!

Confirmed Matches

All-American Championship Rey Mysterio Jr.(c) vs. Brock Lesnar

Kofi Kingston vs. Bakersfield local
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Good preview man, good to see that you're sticking with this thread, I've really enjoyed your shows. Can't wait for when Dynamite's up.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Dark Match

Monty Brown defeated Juventud Guerrera at 4:53

GWE Dynamite! 05-01-2008 Rabobank Arena, Bakersfield, California

*Opening Video*


“Welcome to the jungle” blares through the speakers as we go to a jam packed Rabobank Arena, which is filled with fired up GWE-maniacs, who are ready for no less than 90 minutes of Dynamite action! We then switch to ringside, to our beloved announce team, Joey Styles and Mike Bucci!

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and anyone that carries a heart for wrestling, WELCOME! My name is Joey Styles, still sitting next to Mike Bucci, my broadcast partner, and Mike, tonight, we go 90 minutes!

Mike Bucci: One hour and a half of sizzling Dynamite action, baby! I can’t wait! Tonight, Dynamite will be better than ever, Joey, MARK MY WORDS!

“I’m back” hits the P.A. system as General Manager Eric Bischoff comes out to a massive amount of heat from the fans. He struts towards the ring, wearing a beige suit, looking extremely happy. He has his patented annoying, little smirk on his face, as he’s rubbing his hands.

Joey Styles: And here comes the boss, the general manager of Dynamite, Eric Bischoff. And, I hope I don’t lose my job over this, but he looks his usual evil self again tonight!

Mike Bucci:
Evil? I’d say he just looks extremely happy to be on Dynamite, Joey, as am I!

Eric Bischoff gets into the ring and waits for the hostile reactions to die down a bit. When that finally happens, he’s ready to speak, one hand in his pocket, the other firmly around the microphone.

Eric Bischoff: I can never do good, can I? I give to you 90 minutes of Dynamite and you still boo me out of the building! I give you one and half hours of entertainment and still I do not get the reception that I deserve! And quite frankly, that should bring a tear to my eye…but it doesn’t!

*Huge heat*

Eric Bischoff: It doesn’t, because I know in the back of my mind, hell, even in the front of my mind, that my life is STILL better than all the lives of all you miserable Californians…together!


Eric Bischoff: But all the wealth-talk aside, let me talk about tonight, in fact, no, let me take you back to last week. Your beloved champion, Rob Van Dam…

*Huge pop that cuts off Bischoff*

Eric Bischoff: Your beloved champion, Rob Van Dam faced Paul “The Great” Wight last week…and he won. Now truth be told, I didn’t expect that outcome. I didn’t think Rob had what it takes to pull out a victory, but hey, he did it. Unfortunately, Rob, I’ve got some bad news for you. You see, I talked to Matt Bloom earlier this week and he told me, he wasn’t quite ready for the championship match just yet. So there isn’t going to be a GWE Championship match…tonight.


Eric Bischoff: However! The GWE Champion WILL be in action tonight! Last week, one of my more respectable superstars voiced how he wanted a real challenge. Well, what better challenge than a match against the GWE champion himself? So tonight, it will be GWE Champion Rob Van Dam versus…THE UNDEFEATED, THE UNTOUCHED, THE DIVINE ONE, MARK JINDRAK!

*Mega heat*

Eric Bischoff: But that’s not all for tonight. Not only our GWE Champion will be in action, our All-American Champion will be as well. Tonight, Rey Mysterio Junior will put his All-American Title on the line against his number one contender…Brock Lesnar!

*Huge pop*

Eric Bischoff: Well, gotta get back to work now. 90 minutes for you ungrateful idiots won’t fill themselves! Enjoy the show and don’t forget to thank me on my way to the back!

Bischoff throws away the mic as he exits the ring to ENORMOUS heat from the fans. They don’t like this son of a b*tch one bit!

Joey Styles: Two huge matches scheduled for tonight, Joey! The GWE Champion Rob Van Dam versus the undefeated Mark Jindrak! And the All-American Champion Rey Mysterio will defend his title against Brock Lesnar!

Mike Bucci: This’ll be a night of epic proportions, Joey, mark my words!


We return to a backstage area, a locker room of some sorts, where The Basham Brothers and Jillian Hall are talking.

Jillian Hall: It’s time to take action, boys. Kidman and Kazarian, I have had it with them. I will not stand for those two clowns to jump around, ruining our chances for Championship gold!

Bashams: Yeah!

Jillian Hall: So tonight, you’re doing something about it!

Jillian gets an evil smirk on her face, as both of the Basham Brothers nod and we switch to ringside.

Joey Styles: What in the world could Jillian be talking about? The Basham Brothers don’t have a match tonight!

Mike Bucci: I don’t know, Joey. What I do know is that Kidman and Kazarian, they DO have a match later on tonight.

Joey Styles: Well, one of them at least, Mike, but right now, there’s another superstar with a match on the card and that’s Kofi Kingston!

We then switch to a shot of the ring, where a California local (Jason Points) is standing in the ring, ready to do battle.

“Everybody dance now” hits the P.A. system as Kofi Kingston comes jiggin’ and jivin’ towards the ring to a surprisingly big pop from the fans! He does his usual dancing antics, before hopping towards the ring, ready to take on Bakersfield’s own Jason Points.

Kofi Kingston vs. California local

Summary: A fairly easy match for young Kofi here. He started out looking dominant, nailing the Californian with some swift kicks to the head. The local hero was staggering, as Kofi brought him down with a reverse bulldog, almost a jumping lariat. Kofi jumped up and started dancing around, doing a mixture of Capoeira and breakdancing. Kofi got the fans eating out of his hand, as he bounced off the ropes, did a Cartwheel and nailed the California local with his patented double leg legdrop. Kofi got all fired up, as he waited for his opponent to get up, only to whack him with his finishing 540 Crescent Kick, the “Ultimate Dance”. Kofi covered the California local and got the relatively easy win.

Winner (2:01) Kofi Kingston!

Joey Styles: Another win for Kofi Kingston here tonight. He’s starting to look really impressive, isn’t he, Mike?

Mike Bucci: He sure is, Joey! Kingston is wiping the mat with the competition so far, but one can only wonder, how he will do against some of the bigger names in our company?

We see Kofi celebrating his victory in the middle of the ring, doing his usual dancing antics, yet again, to a loud pop of the fans. Kofi is slowly becoming the new fan favourite on Dynamite!.

We then switch to the back, where the Global Tag Team Champions, The Invaders, are talking to each other. Suddenly, The X-factors, Sean Waltman and Ken Doane walk into shot to a good amount of heat.

Sean Waltman: Listen, the time of fun and games…is over! Last week ONCE AGAIN… you guys got lucky! And quite frankly, champs…I’m sick of your luck AND I’M SICK OF YOU!

*Major heat cuts off Waltman*

James Gibson: Hey, hey, man, what’s the deal, huh? If I remembered correctly, sir, I pinned you last week and we’re still the champions! So why don’t you take that loud mouth of yours, zip it and take it straight to the back?!

*Loud pop can be heard from inside the arena*

Ken Doane: Why don’t you shut your trailer trash mouth and listen to what we have to say?

*Huge amount of heat*

Sean Waltman: Look, we ain’t gonna be messin’ around no longer. You guys have yet to beat us in a normal tag team match. Last week, you just got lucky we had our attention on those other four guys.

Kid Kash: Cut the crap, Waltman. What exactly do you want?

Sean Waltman: You were never the smartest one, were you, Kash? WE WANT A DAMN REMATCH!

Kid Kash: We beat you already, man. You want a rematch, you gotta earn it, plain ‘n’ simple.

Ken Doane: Listen to me, you lil’ RAT, Imma…

Voice: Whoa, whoa, whoa!!

Suddenly, Scott Taylor and Seth Skyfire walk into shot. The crowd doesn’t give much of a reaction.

Scott Taylor:
Brothers, brothers, why all the bickering, why all the complaining?

Sean Waltman: What the hell are you doing here?

Scott Taylor: My name is Scott “TOOOO HOTT” Taylor! And standing here with me is my tag team partner, he is Seth “HEAVY DUTY” Skyfire!

Seth Skyfire: I sure am.

Scott Taylor: And we are the newest Tag Team to hit the GWE ranks, baby! But we couldn’t help but overhear the four of you almost going at it here in the back.

Sean Waltman:
Will you guys please be good boys and GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE?!

Scott Taylor: Whoa, my brother! Calm down! I’m sensing A LOT of negativity inside of you.

Seth Skyfire:

Scott Taylor: We need to take that negativity, brother and turn it into POSITIVITY, alright?

Sean Waltman: What the hell are you on, man?

Scott Taylor: All we need to do is take that frown and turn it…upside down! Alright? Listen, you guys want a rematch so bad, but the champions, they don’t wanna give it to ya, am I correct? Look, how about you guys try to EARN a championship match?

Ken Doane: Don’t you start as well, man!

Scott Taylor: No, no, my brothers, look! Seth and myself, we have grown a taste for championship gold as well, ain’t that right, Seth?

Seth Skyfire: It sure is!

Scott Taylor: Well, how about…The X-factors take on Hot and Heavy…with the winners earning a shot at the Global Tag Team Champions?

Kid Kash: You know what? I like that idea!

Sean Waltman: What? Why would we have to take on a pair of clowns in order to face you guys?

James Gibson:
Leave or take, Waltman. It’s your choice!

Waltman looks like he could bust a nut and so does Ken Doane. Scott Taylor and Seth Skyfire are smiling away, while the Champions look emotionless. Waltman lets out a loud sigh, before shaking his head in disapproval, but finally bringing out some words.

Sean Waltman: *sigh* Whatever, man. If it takes us beating up some random team of clowns to face you for the championships, so be it.

Scott Taylor: so the match…IS ON! See you guys in the ring next week! Don’t forget to bring your smiles along with you now!

Taylor and Skyfire walk away, looking extremely pleased, while Sean Waltman and Ken Doane are looking at them, looking extremely pissed off. We then switch back to ringside momentarily.

Joey Styles:
Ladies and gentlemen, the All-American Championship is on the line and it’s next!


We return to ringside, where we are about to witness a match for the All-American Championship!

“Back to the 619” hits the P.A. system as All-American Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. comes shooting through the stage to a big pop from the fans! He slaps hands with a number of fans at ringside, before sliding into the ring and posing for the fans, who love their All-American champion.

“Here comes the pain v. 2.0” hits as Brock Lesnar walks out to a giant pop from the fans! They still love their big men, especially talented big men like Lesnar. He jumps up and down in true Lesnar fashion, before walking toward the ring, flexing his muscles. He jumps up on the ring apron, as impressive fireworks shoot from all four ring posts. He confronts Rey Mysterio and makes it clear to him that he wants that championship.

All-American Championship: Rey Mysterio Jr.(c) vs. Brock Lesnar

Summary: Not your typical David vs. Goliath match here, as Mysterio put in a lot more offence than anyone could’ve expected. Mysterio used his speed in the early goings to avoid the bigger and slower Lesnar, and he did so successfully. Everytime Brock went for a right hand or a clothesline, Mysterio duck underneath it and delivered a quick kick in the process, never really hurting Brock, however. Mysterio even managed to nail several enzuigiris, but never was able to bring Brock off his feet. Lesnar then showed off his strength, by countering every move of Mysterio into a big power move. Mysterio tried to move heaven and earth, but it just was not possible. At one point, Mysterio went for a hurricanrana, but Lesnar blocked it in the middle of the move, countering with a brutal powerbomb! Lesnar continued to showcase his dominace, without actually decimating the All-American champion, however, as Mysterio still managed to stay in this game. Brock Lesnar dished out some of his more well-known signature moves, such as the running powerslam and the triple powerbomb, but the ever so resilient champion would not stay down! Mysterio then suddenly went bananas, as he assaulted Lesnar with a flurry of his most famous moves. Kicks to the legs, abdomen and head of Lesnar made his stagger, when Mysterio finally brought him off his feet with a spinning DDT! The crowd popped, as Mysterio went to the top rope and connected with a picture perfect moonsault! The crowd really believed Mysterio could pull off the upset here tonight, as he was on his feet, stalking Lesnar for a possible 619. Lesnar stumbled to his feet as Mysterio went for a dropkick to the back, but Lesnar completely no-sold, turned around and turned Mysterio inside out with a brutal lariat! Lesnar let out a roar of almost animalistic proportions, as he picked Mysterio up, lifted him in the air in a military press, before dropping him down with a devastating Samoan drop. The crowd couldn’t help but pop, as Lesnar got up and got all fired up! He went to the top rope and connected with his second flying elbow drop in two straight weeks! Lesnar started flexing his gums, showing off his amazing physique, before picking up Mysterio on his shoulders, ready for the F-5! But suddenly, none other than Paul Wight came marching down the aisle! Lesnar noticed and immediately dropped Mysterio to the mat, before moving towards the ropes. Wight was smiling, as he keeps walking towards the ring. Lesnar seemed frustrated as he yelled all sorts of stuff towards Wight, who just kept smiling, as he stopped some distance from the ring. Lesnar now got under the top rope and seemed to try and grab Wight somehow, still staying inside the ring, however. Brock was pointing and yelling, fuming, if you will, until suddenly a recovered Mysterio came flying through the ropes, connecting with the 6 1 9 to Lesnar’s skull! The crowd was stunned, but yet again cheered, as Mysterio launched himself over the top rope and connected with a springboard frogsplash, paying homage to the late, great Eddie Guerrero! Mysterio covered as the ref counted the ONE, TWO, THREE!

Winner (8:25) and still All-American Champion…REY MYSTERIO JR.!

Joey Styles: Rey wins! Rey does it, he beat Brock Lesnar and keeps his championship!

Mike Bucci:
Yea, but not without a lil’ help from the distraction by one Paul “The Great” Wight, Joey! Rey Mysterio, he did an amazing job, but it wasn’t until Paul Wight showed up, that he could seal the victory and we can’t forget or ignore that, Joey!

Inside the ring, we see Rey Mysterio celebrating his win, holding his All-American championship high above his head, while Paul Wight is walking back up the entrance ramp, looking extremely pleased with the outcome of this match.

*A video package then airs showing Matt “The Train” Bloom working out. We see him lifting massive weights in the weight room, running up the concrete stairs of some empty football arena and finally, we see him doing various work-outs, showing off his amazing muscle mass.*

When we return we see Rob Van Dam in his locker room, warming up for his big main event contest tonight. We see him jumping up and down, before sitting down, grabbing his GWE Championship and looking at it intensely.

We then switch to ringside, to Joey Styles and Mike Bucci.

Joey Styles: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, of course tonight, we’ve got a huge main event in store for you. GWE Champion Rob Van Dam will put up everything he has in a non-title contest against the undefeated Mark Jindrak!

Mike Bucci: The Divine One, Joey! He’s so awesome, even I have my doubts Rob Van Dam will be able to defeat him, let alone lay a hand on him!

“Vrooar, vroooaaaar” The sound of a lawnmower is heard, and that is exactly what we see, as Super Crazy rolls out on his Mexican lawnmower, to a nice pop from the fans. How does this guy still get a reaction?

Joey Styles: But first up, ladies and gentlemen, is another interesting one-on-one contest. Super Crazy, the crazy Mexican Luchadore, will take on Frankie Kazarian in what is promising to be an exciting match!

Mike Bucci: Exciting’s the word, Joey! You’ve got two wacky, crazy high-flyers going in a match against each other. This will be amazing.

“Look up, beat down!” hits (first time Kazarian’s individual theme hits in about two months) as Frankie Kazarian, along with tag team partner Billy Kidman, walks out to a rather big pop from the fans. Kazarian and Kidman slap hands with some of the fans at ringside, before sliding into the ring, getting ready for the match.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Super Crazy

Summary: A fast paced match-up here, which managed to entertain the crowd. Kazarian took control early on, using a plethora of kicks to dominate Super Crazy. Kazarian then dished out some clotheslines, followed by a modified one-handed bulldog, not scoring the pinfall, however. Then, Super Crazy managed to seize control for a little bit, landing a dropkick, followed by a standing moonsault! The crowd popped. This has been the most offence Super Crazy has gotten in, in a very long time. Crazy was all fired up, as he played to the crowd, and stepped to the outside, on the ring apron, looking for a springboard, crossbody, but Kazarian countered in mid-air with a picture perfect dropkick! Kazarian went for the cover, but only got a short two count. He got up quickly, however, and stepped back a few steps, scouting Super Crazy for what was most likely his finishing move. Super Crazy stumbled up, just as Kazarian approached him, levelling him with a thunderous Super Kick! Kazarian covered, and this had to be his finisher, cause Crazy stayed down and Kazarian had won the match!

Winner (6:12) Frankie Kazarian!

Joey Styles: And after an exciting match-up, Frankie Kazarian comes out the winner! A well deserved one at that, Mike!

Mike Bucci: Can’t add too much to that, Joey! Frankie had a great showing here tonight, and he, along with his partner Kidman, just keep on doing that week in and week out.

Billy Kidman joins Kazarian in the ring and the duo celebrates, until suddenly Danny Basham appears on the Hulkatron. Kidman and Kazarian have a surprised look on their faces, as they have no idea what this could possibly be about.

Danny Basham:
Hi guys! Congratulations, that was a great win! But ehm, aren’t you guys wondering where Torrie is?

Kazarian and Kidman look at each other, clearly confused.

Danny Basham: Well, let me answer that. Or better yet, let Doug answer it! Doug?

Danny steps out of shot and they show Doug Basham standing behind him, holding a knocked out Torrie Wilson in his arms! She’s tied up and Doug seems to be smiling about it! We then switch to inside the ring, where Kazarian and Kidman look like they’ve seen ghosts! Danny and Doug are laughing hysterically at this point, as the video suddenly cuts off and Kidman and Kazarian are flabbergasted! They share a quick look, before both of them jump out of the ring and rush towards the back, undoubtedly trying to rescue Torrie, even though they don’t know where she is!

Joey Styles:
What in the blue-coloured hell is going on here? Did the Bashams really abduct Torrie? If so, they are despicable human beings, Mike!

Mike Bucci: I always loved the Bashams’ style, Joey, but this, well, I can’t agree with this. They shouldn’t take a beautiful woman like Torrie hostage. Now if Torrie would take me hostage, I wouldn’t care, but that’s not the point right now! God damn!

We see Kazarian and Kidman rush behind the curtain, as we go to another commercial.


*A video package about GWE’s first ever Pay Per View, CHAOS THEORY, airs. Chaos is definitely the theme, as we see explosions, buildings collapse and forests burn, until finally Rob Van Dam steps out of the rubbish, the GWE Championship in hand. June 15th only on Pay Per View.*

We go to a backstage area, where Priest Parisi is standing next to his Divine lord, Mark Jindrak. Parisi looks ready to talk.

Priest Parisi:
The time is almost here! In a matter of mere minutes, your beloved hero. Your champion, the so called Mister Thursday Night! He will be nothing but yet another victim to The Divine One, Mark Jindrak!

*Heat from the fans*

Priest Parisi: Our lord and saviour called for a challenge last week, and I must say we were utmost pleased that the general manager of this show granted us this challenge, in the GWE Champion, Rob Van Dam. HOWEVER! Let word go around that tonight, Mark Jindrak will wipe the mat, the ring apron, the protective mats, the barricade, the announce table, JOEY STYLES HIMSELF… with the mortal face of your pathetic champion! If I could give an advice to all of you out there tonight…don’t fear…pray!

Parisi begins to smile away, as we cut back to ringside, to Joey Styles and Mike Bucci.

Joey Styles:
Confident words from Johnny Parisi right there, Mike. He just knows his “god” will defeat the GWE Champion tonight.

Mike Bucci:
Well, I wouldn’t count out the champion any time, Joey, but the smart money bets against Rob Van Dam tonight. You know it, and I sure as hell know it too!

“Walk” hits and the GWE Champion, Rob Van Dam, steps onto the stage to an ENORMOUS pop from the sell-out crowd. He has his championship on his right shoulder, as he does his patented R V D taunt, before walking towards the ring. He rolls to the inside and waits for his opponent, who appears to be from ‘another world’.

“Carmina Burana” hits the P.A. system and after an impressive round of fireworks, Mark Jindrak, along with his priest Johnny Parisi, walks out to a huge amount of heat from the fans. The duo walk very slowly, as Parisi seems to tell the fans along the entrance ramp to bow before Jindrak. Some ‘smarks’ bow, but the majority just boo the hell out of Jindrak and his somewhat gay looking ally.

Non-title match: The Divine One Mark Jindrak (w/Priest Parisi) vs. GWE Champion Rob Van Dam

Summary: Not your five star classic right here, but the storytelling in the match was far more important than the actual wrestling itself on this occasion. Jindrak started out as the dominant force, keeping RVD firmly in control, using clotheslines, big boots and of course, his big fists as well. Jindrak, not caring about winning the match at this point in time, tried to “punish” RVD almost, blasting him into the corner, nailing headbutt after headbutt after headbutt, before finally locking in an abdominal stretch. After a good while, RVD finally managed to escape, only because Jindrak let go of him though. Jindrak was looking mighty impressive, as he was just handing the Champion’s own ass to him. But as was to be expected Jindrak got over-confident and made a capital mistake, going for yet another big boot. He missed, and Van Dam immediately swiped away his legs, grounding Jindrak, for the first time ever in GWE! Van Dam saw his chance, and immediately went for Rolling Thunder, immediately connecting! Van Dam covered, but Jindrak powered out, almost instantly getting to his feet! RVD couldn’t believe his eyes, as we were back to square one in this match-up. RVD, being a fighting champion, dared to storm at Jindrak, but the Divine One quickly levelled the champ with a thunderous clothesline. Jindrak followed up with three consecutive elbow drops, finalized with a leg drop straight to the jaw. Jindrak was once more in full control. Not for long, however, as he went for his patented left hook knock-out punch, RVD ducked and started kicking for his life! Kicks left and right to the legs, the abdomen, the chest and the head of Jindrak, who started staggering. RVD went ballistic, as he bounced off the ropes and hit a step-up enzuigiri, not yet bringing Jindrak off his feet, however. Rob Van Dam now even started using his fists, and even planted a headbutt to the chest of Jindrak. RVD went for another kick, this time to the head, but Jindrak grabbed RVD’s leg and immediately went for a brutal lariat, but RVD moved out of the way, making Jindrak brutally clotheslining the referee! The crowd roared, as the ref was out cold due to Jindrak’s lariat. Jindrak didn’t hesitate for a moment, however, and turned around, wanting to put away RVD, but the resilient champion suddenly grabbed Jindrak’s head, delivering a swift, yet very effective kick, straight to the face of Jindrak, who fell to the mat, totally out cold. RVD saw his chance to climb to the top and go for the five star frog splash, hopefully securing victory. RVD began his ascent, but suddenly, Matt the Train Bloom came rushing through the crowd, towards the ring! RVD didn’t notice at first, but he sure as hell did when Matt Bloom shoved him off the turnbuckle and into the ring! Matt Bloom followed the champion into the ring, and waited for him to get up to his feet. RVD stumbled up, as Matt Bloom immediately met him with an earth shattering BALDO BOMB! The crowd showered Bloom in heat, as he went over to the ref and tried to get him back to his senses. As he saw the referee crawling back up, he exited the ring and kept watching on from ringside. Inside the ring, Jindrak, as well as the ref, were back to, as the Divine One went over to a knocked out Rob Van Dam. Jindrak picked Van Dam up, and nailed him with the left hook knock-out punch! Jindrak dropped to his knees and covered the champion, as the ref counted: ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

Winner (9:48) The Divine One, Mark Jindrak!

Joey Styles: Where the hell did Bloom come from? I thought he was preparing for his championship match? This is a travesty!

Mike Bucci: I guess he’s done preparing, Joey! We could have the title match any week now! And don’t forget, Rob Van Dam was pinned tonight for the first time since winning the title! And Mark Jindrak, he’s still undefeated! What an upset!

Mark Jindrak, without celebrating this huge victory over the champion, leaves the ring and walks up the entrance ramp with his priest Johnny Parisi, emotionless, as if he doesn’t care he just beat the top guy in the company. Meanwhile, Matt “The Train” Bloom gets back into the ring, microphone in hand, as he stares down a fallen and knocked out RVD.

Matt Bloom:
Hey, Champ…I’m ready for my title match…CHAOS THEORY!.. Five weeks…Be prepared…or be run over! Ahahahahaha…

Bloom throws away the microphone, as he raises both of his arms, receiving A LOT of heat from the fans, as he stands over a fallen champion, Rob Van Dam and the show comes to a close…

Chaos Theory June 15th

GWE Championship
Rob Van Dam(c) vs. Matt "The Train" Bloom
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

I really like the show.

Having Bischoff making RVD wrestle Jindrak is a good way to get Jindrak over since he is undefeated and is looking good so far. Matt Bloom not being ready is a little fishy to me.

Basham's Promo

The Bashams is a team I don't care for and I hope Kidman and Kaz come out on top in this feud

Kofi Squash

Kofi in a squash match is solid. I really like how you used a local instead of ruining one of your wrestlers on your roster. A very good move that most Bookers don't think of.

Tag Team Promo

Man for me this has stole the show so far. I don't know who Scott Taylor or Seth Skyfire really is but you have given them a great promo here. I'm pulling them for the upset of Waltman and Dykstra which is a pairing I think is strange. In the two teams you have made up I would have liked Kidman and Waltman and Dykstra and Kaz better but that's me.

Lesnar/Rey Match

I was wondering how you could help Rey retain the belt without Lesnar looking weak and you did a great job with Big show coming out and distracting Lesnar. I didn't want Lesnar to win costing him a run at the major title.

Kaz win

Having Kaz over Super Crazy is a great move also. I like has also you gave Kaz a new finisher with the superkick. The whole Torrie thing with the Bashams at the end was fantastic. That puts major fuel on the fire in this feud without bring the titles in it.

Main Event

What can I say? You kept Jindrak undefeated and strong, RVD strong as champion due to the interference and then made Bloom a serious threat laying out RVD. What else could you want out of it?

Overall, You got the promos down pat and the matches are solid. The layout is easy to read and I really like how you are reinventing wrestlers to suit your own BTB

Overall 10/10
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Asking SCOTT STEINER for Wrestling Advice
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Good show Alcoholic, with a few problems First of all, i'm not sure why, but their was not a single match that was over 10 minutes in this show, as far as I can see. Considering its a 90 minute show now, you would think they would be able to add more time to the matches. If my addition is right, then all the matches combined would only be about 25 minutes, less than a third of the show. Also, it would have been nice to see Matt Sydal and Carlito somewhat involved in the show, as they are after all some of the key players in your roster.

Moving on however, the positives still outweighed the negatives imo. All the segments were good, and the matches, despite what I said earlier, were written well and had good results. Paul Wight interrupting the Lesnar/Rey match was good in keeping their feud up, and i'm expecting for this to go on for a bit longer. Kazarian/Crazy itself seemed like filler, but what happened after was perfect, with the Bashams kidnapping Torrie, which gives The Bashams a lot more heat. The rest of the tag division is also in good shape, with The Invaders being good champs and The X-Factors being as solid as always. Plus now you have a new team with Scott Taylor and Seth Skyfire, who hopefully can be used to put your other teams over. One gripe though, not sure if its just me, but the color font you used with Taylor might have been a bit to bright.

The main event was written well, and the win over RVD puts Jindrak over a lot, even if it wasn't a clean victory. Good to see Bloom finally saying when the rematch should be, and already I can't wait for Chaos Theory.
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The Whole F'n Show
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Monty Brown I see is or could be recieving a push. That's good. I'll be glad to see him in the actual company rather than dark matches, but it's always good to see him get the victory.

Now onto the show.

'Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and anyone that carries a heart for wrestling,' That was a smashing line, and really gets across what this company is all about. Nice one.

Straight into the promo and Bischoff shows how much of an arsehole he is However he did set up some nice matches for tonight, which is always good. Van Dam taking on Jindrak is great and I can't wait to read that one. I've always been fond of Kindrak from when he had that 'Reflection Of Perfection' gimmick back in 2004, and I am also fond of his gimmick in this company. Also WOW, Lesnar taking on Mysterio is such a huge match for Mysterio. If he can manage to beat Lesnar (Somehow I don't think he will) then I think Mysterio will become one of the biggest superstars on the show. Looking forward to that match too. I have to say, you told me on MSN that your were proud of the opening promo and now I see why. Great job building what should be a fantastic show.

The little backstage segment with Jillian and The Bashams was really interesting actually. Setting up something cool to happen later tonight. However I do feel that it was a little bit short. I now theres not much more you could have put into it, but I dunno, maybe I'm just nitpicking, so ignore me

There was never any doubt in my mind that Kofi wasn't going to win this match. I like how your slowly building him into something credible. Kind of like what the WWE did with him when he started in ECW. However we won't talk about ECW because this company is miles better.

I have a lot of things to say about this backstage segment. First of all, I like what you've done to Scotty 2 Hotty, nice character, kind of a comedy character which is always good to see. Also I loved it and laughed whenever Skyfire spoke. he said the odd word and that worked brilliantly in the promo. looking forward to the match next week.

Well, if Mysterio won the match cleanly then I would have marked the fuck out. But having Wight ccome down automatically made it clear that Mysterio would have won the match. I must say I would have prefered a clean win, but I know how much that would have hurt Lesnar's credability. Either way, at Least Mysterio didn't loose the belt. Briiliant match too man, propps for that.

Pointless hype for Bloom. Actually, I change that. Not pointless because it puts him over. I've loved Bloom so far in this company Alco. Keep it up.

Kaz vs. Crazy was a good little match. i don't know why but it seemed like a bit of a filler match. I don't know if that's the purpose of it but whatever, at least it got some talented superstars onto the show.

, The Hulkatron. Awesome name. I'm sure I've said that before. Ahhh, it now makes sense as to why The Bashams were mysterious earlier on during the show. This is a nice little angle, I like it. Makes the feud more personall. And now I realize that the previous match was not a filler. My bad. I think I'm a noob

Wohooo, a PPV finaly. I can't wait for that, and it's about damn time GWE got a PPV.

Holy Shit man. Jindrak defeated Van Dam. I know it wasn't exactly clean so to speak but still. That's two huge victories tonight on the show. Mysterio's being one and now Jindraks being another. It really gives Bloom so much momentum heading into the first PPV, but maybe this is a sign that Rob van Dam is going to pull out the victory at the event.

Overall Alco it was a wonderful show to read. I really find it hard to point out any flaws, which is something reviews need to have. Anyway I'm a reader again Best of luck with the res of this thread, and I look forward to seeing the next show, and especially the PPV.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Originally Posted by
GWE News and Notes


In what can be called a very surprising announcement, Mexican super star Mistico has declared that he will be heading towards GWE once his CMLL contract is out. He declared he wants to try and take a shot at the American style of wrestling and he also wants to try performing in front of a worldwide audience. It is unclear at this point, however, when his current CMLL contract will run out.

- The writing team is clearly inexperienced and more importantly, new, to the 90-minute time frame. Last week's first ever 90-minute edition came up a little short, as far as the timing goes, as it was in truth, only a 79 minute episode, commercials included. The higher officials have promised they will definitely try to improve come next week's, and all future episodes.

- On June 15th, GWE will host its first ever Pay Per View, called Chaos Theory. The promotional poster was released today. Here it is:

There you go, a couple of lil' tidbits. I realize my 90-minute Dynamite was a lil' short and I'll try to add some length to it, to make it look a tad more realistic. Thanks for all the feedback so far, mucho appreciado().
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Hmm... Mistico on GWE? I like, I like it alot, TBH. Mistico can add a little Lucha flavor into your show in areas where Mysterio has, unfortunately, dimished pertaining to his in ring ability. I know I didn't check out your 90 Minute Debut, but judging from everything that I had read, and still reading, I'd say it was fine. Of course, the dirty finishes and the squash match involving Kofi were a bit off, I'd say, but the match quality was there, though Mark Jindrak is... uh... yeah. The Divine One, Marco Carleone (as he's known in CMLL) isn't so divine in my eyes, unfortunately for him. Hope you give him so more character in the coming weeks, boyo.

As for the Poster, it's a kind of poster you don't see often. Then again, who made it, Mr. Alcoholic? Hehe, and no, I shall not be your GFX slave, nor concubine, nor any other low class peasant. I could, however, be your GFX Advisor if you'd have me, sir. BTW, why is it so small?
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Originally Posted by WCW Rules View Post
Hmm... Mistico on GWE? I like, I like it alot, TBH. Mistico can add a little Lucha flavor into your show in areas where Mysterio has, unfortunately, dimished pertaining to his in ring ability. I know I didn't check out your 90 Minute Debut, but judging from everything that I had read, and still reading, I'd say it was fine. Of course, the dirty finishes and the squash match involving Kofi were a bit off, I'd say, but the match quality was there, though Mark Jindrak is... uh... yeah. The Divine One, Marco Carleone (as he's known in CMLL) isn't so divine in my eyes, unfortunately for him. Hope you give him so more character in the coming weeks, boyo.

As for the Poster, it's a kind of poster you don't see often. Then again, who made it, Mr. Alcoholic? Hehe, and no, I shall not be your GFX slave, nor concubine, nor any other low class peasant. I could, however, be your GFX Advisor if you'd have me, sir. BTW, why is it so small?
Jindrak reeks of ten diffrent flavours of awesomeness, plzkthxbi.

And I should've totally credited you for the poster, but I forgot.

And the size is probably because I accidentally resized it on photobucket. Will correct that upon using it again.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Originally Posted by
Tag Team Madness!

VS. and ??? has just learned that this Thursday on Dynamite, All-American Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. will team up with Matt Sydal, to take on Carlito Colon and a partner of his choosing. Carlito has three days to look for a suitable partner, because he'll be looking for victory against two of his arch rivals on Dynamite!
There, a lil' tidbit I wanted to get out of the way. The second 90-minute installment of Dynamite is almost complete and I'll post it somewhere next week.
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