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Nige™ 10-16-2007 01:43 PM

WWE: A Strong Response
The Backstory

Following No Mercy last night and after a difficult year with ratings and pay-per-view buys taking a downward turn, the steroids and Chris Benoit scandal, the WWE have been forced to take the company in a different direction, starting immediately.

Stephanie McMahon has been joined by Shane McMahon and Nigel Smith to head up the creative team that will see Smith take charge of writing both Raw and Smackdown. Vince McMahon has decided that wrestling and competition must become the main focus of the shows ahead of over the top storylines that have left viewers frustrated and fed up with WWE programming. It must be noted that the McMahon’s may still make appearances on television as Vince in particular sees himself as a top ratings puller.

If things couldn’t have been going much worse for the company, their top star John Cena was injured last week and will be out injured for around 7 to 12 months. With Cena pulling in a lot of ratings and being by far the top seller in regards to merchandise, it is expected that he may have some kind of role in the television shows, but that is only being discussed at the moment.

With regards to the low PPV buys, the WWE have decided that only five pay-per-views will remain in place for the next calendar year at bigger arena’s with the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, King of the Ring making its return, Summerslam and Survivor Series being the five to add importance to the shows that were lacking in meaning and were rushed like the shows that have been in place this year. With this in mind, Saturday Nights Main Event will return in March and August, but we will also see the show at the end of December too, which will start at the end of this year. By doing this, the WWE are trying to make the TV shows seem more important and to add some more credibility to them and the company in the process.

Another one of several major decisions has seen ECW scrapped immediately due to its poor ratings and feedback from agents. This was seen to be coming for a long time and with its small roster, they have been split between both Raw and Smackdown rosters, which have also seen some changes between them, but none of any major note this far.

However, several workers have been removed from the rosters on WWE.com with Ric Flair and King Booker along with his wife Queen Sharmell apparently leaving the company after lots of speculation around their current situations. This is not seen as a big surprise as Flair and Booker had made themselves very unpopular with management in the build up to their disappearance from television tapings. It must be noted that it has NOT been confirmed by either parties that they have indeed left the company. The other main departure sees Vickie Guerrero leave her role as General Manager of Smackdown, but this is due mainly to family reasons with Vickie missing her children and vice versa. No replacement has been announced yet but Teddy Long will not be making a return to television in the near future. The Major Brothers have been removed from the roster but remain in Ohio Valley Wrestling since their disastrous debut on Smackdown after leaving ECW. Mike Knox has also been released from his WWE contract while ECW General Manager Armando Alejandro Estrada’s profile is no longer on the WWE website, but he has not been released, this is the same situation that Tazz, Joey Styles, Kelly Kelly, Layla and Brooke find themselves in since ECW’s demise.

On the injury front, John Cena as we know is out for the considerable future, Edge is recovering well and is set to return in the next 4 to 6 weeks. Bobby Lashley is pushing for a return at the end of the year and Gregory Helms is the only other long term absentee with a severe neck injury that will see him out until around June next year. Shawn Michaels remains on the sidelines at home following knee surgery several months ago, but there is no word on whether he is ready to return just yet.

On the TNA front, Bound For Glory takes place in six days time boosted by the news that they have signed former WWE superstars Rob Conway and Rob Van Dam. Any WWE return for Van Dam has officially gone out of the window now. However, the Chris Jericho debate continues to go on with neither Jericho or the WWE confirming that he has indeed signed a contract following the cryptic messages that have been displayed on Raw over the last few weeks.


Head of Authority: Eric Bischoff
Announce Team: Jim Ross & Jerry 'The King' Lawler
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia
Backstage Interviewers: Todd Grisham & Leticia Cline

~The Hall of Champions~

***Defeated Edge to win the vacant title at Backlash (27/4/09)***
PREVIOUS CHAMPION: Shawn Michaels (4)

***Won a fatal four-way on Raw (22/9/08)***

***Defeated Rey Mysterio & Mystico (1) on Raw (19/1/09)***

***Defeated Beth Phoenix (4) & O.D.B. at Extreme Rules (26/4/09)***

Chris Jericho
Christopher Daniels
Cody Rhodes
Eddie Colon
Ezekiel Jackson
Gregory Helms
Hardcore Holly
Jack Swagger
Joe Hennig
John Cena
John Morrison
Justin Gabriel
Kofi Kingston
Matt Hardy
Orlando Jordan
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Shad Gaspard
Shannon Moore
The Miz
Zack Ryder

Angel Love
Brie Bella
Gail Kim
Kelly Kelly
Mia Rain
Nikki Bella
Queen Kong
Talia Sky

Tag Teams/Stables
Cryme Time
Eugene & Goldust
J'n'J (John Morrison & Justin Gabriel)
Picture Perfect (Angel Love & Talia Sky)
Rey Mysterio & Mystico
Team Omega (Matt Hardy, Gregory Helms & Shannon Moore)
The Bella Twins (Brie & Nikki)
The Colon Brothers
The Epitome of Excellence (Christopher Daniels & Kaval)
The King's Men (Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig)


General Manager(s): Mr. McMahon & Stephanie McMahon
Announce Team: Michael Cole & Matt Striker
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts
Backstage Interviewers: Josh Matthews & Maria

~The Hall of Champions~

***Defeated CM Punk (1) at Wrestlemania (29/3/09)***

***Defeated Matt Sydal (1) at the Royal Rumble (18/1/09)***

***Defeated The Empire (Wade Barrett & Drew McIntyre) (1) on Smackdown (9/1/09)***

***Defeated Johnny Jeter (1) on Smackdown 14/11/08)***

***Defeated Beth Phoenix (4) & O.D.B. at Extreme Rules (26/4/09)***



Alberto Del Rio
Bobby Lashley
Brian Kendrick
Bryan Danielson
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
CM Punk
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Elijah Burke
Harry Smith
Jamie Noble
Jay Lethal
Jimmy Yang
Johnny Devine
Johnny Jeter
Kid Kash
Matt Sydal
Michael Shane
Montel Vontavious Porter
Paul Burchill
Paul London
Petey Williams
Randy Orton
Ron Killings
Santino Marella
Shelton Benjamin
Sonjay Dutt
Super Crazy
Ted DiBiase
TJ Wilson
Wade Barrett
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu

Beth Phoenix
Jillian Hall
Katie Lee – Valet & Member of The Empire
Maria – Also a Backstage Interviewer
'The Million Dollar Woman' Maryse – Valet & Girlfriend of Ted DiBiase
Michelle McCool
Mickie James
Natalya Neidhart – Valet & Girlfriend of TJ Wilson
Stepahnie McMahon – Executive Vice-President

Tag Teams/Stables
CM Punk & Homicide
Jimmy Yang & Sonjay Dutt
M.V.P. & Ron Killings
Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Power & Perfection (Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas)
The Empire (Drew McIntyre, Wade Barrett, William Regal & Katie Lee)
The Pitbulls (Jamie Noble & Kid Kash)
The UK Pack (Paul Burchill & Harry Smith)


FCW Heavyweight Champion

FCW Tag Team Champions
The Rotundas

FCW Women's Champion
Nikki Roxx

FCW Television Champion
Damien Sandow

Alex Riley (Kevin Kiley)
'The Intellectual Saviour' Damien Sandow (Aaron Haddad)
Darren Young (Frederick Rosser)
'The Valedictorian' David Otunga
'The Maniacal Genius' Dean Ambrose (Jonathan Good)
Fandango (Jonathan Curtis)
'The Beast' G-Rilla (George Murdoch)
'The One Man Band' Heath Slater (Heath Miller)
The Mexican Assassin' Hunico (Jorge Arias)
Jay Uso (Joshua Fatu)
Jimmy Uso (Jonathan Fatu)
'The Human Wrecking Ball' Ryback (Ryan Reeves)
Taylor Rotunda
Tito Colon (Orlando Colon)
'The Ultimate Daredevil' Tyler Black (Colby Lopez)
Windham Rotunda
'The King of Charisma' Xavier Woods (Austin Watson)

Tag Teams/Stables
Alex Riley & Darren Young
Samoan Fury (Jimmy & Jay Uso)
The Harvard Alumni (David Otunga, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose & Alicia Fox)
The Rotundas (Taylor & Windham)

Female Performers
'The New Jersey Princess' AJ Lee (April Jeanette)
'The Complete Woman' Alicia Fox (Victoria Crawford)
'The Fearless Angel' Nikki Roxx (Nicole Raczynski)
'Queen Bitch' Rosa Mendes (Milena Roucka)
Serena Deeb
'The Girl Nextdoor' Shantelle Taylor (Shantelle Malawski)
Tamina Snuka (Sarona Reiher)


If anyone didn’t catch the No Mercy results from last night, here they are:

Triple H defeated Randy Orton to win the WWE Championship (11:15)

Mr. Kennedy and Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch defeated Jeff Hardy, Paul London and Brian Kendrick (8:06)

CM Punk defeated Big Daddy V (w/Matt Striker) by disqualification to retain the ECW Championship (1:37)

Triple H defeated Umaga to retain the WWE Championship (6:33)

Finlay fought Rey Mysterio to a no-contest (9:08)

Beth Phoenix defeated Candice Michelle to win the WWE Women's Championship (4:32)

Batista defeated The Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh) in a Punjabi Prison match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship (14:47)

Randy Orton defeated Triple H in a Last Man Standing match to win the WWE Championship (20:25)


King of the Ring (4 Hours)
Sunday 31st May
From The Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia

(3 Hours)
Sunday 14th June
From The Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Great American Bash
(3 Hours)
Sunday 5th July
From The Scottrade Arena in St. Louis, Missouri

SummerSlam (4 Hours)
Sunday 23rd August
From The Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

(To be recorded due to time difference)

Friday 3rd – Smackdown
(To be recorded on Tuesday 31st March)
The Sheffield Arena
Sheffield, England

Monday 6th – Raw
Adriatic Arena
Pesaro, Italy

Friday 10th – Smackdown
(To be recorded on Tuesday 7th April)
Munich, Germany

*Pay-Per-View History & Links*

Cyber Sunday 2007
2007 Survivor Series
2007 Year Ending Saturday Night's Main Event
2008 Royal Rumble
Pre-Wrestlemania Saturday Night's Main Event
Wrestlemania 24
Backlash 2008
Judgment Day 2008
2008 King of the Ring
Vengeance 2008
The Great American Bash 2008
Summerslam 2008
Unforgiven 2008
No Mercy 2008
2008 Survivor Series
Night of Champions 2008
2009 Royal Rumble (20th Annual)
No Way Out 2009
Wrestlemania 25 Pre-Show
Wrestlemania 25
Backlash 2009
Extreme Rules 2009

KingRo™ 10-16-2007 01:51 PM

Re: WWE: A Strong Response
HO-LY SHIT!! NIGE IS BACK BITCHES!!! Lol welcome back homeostasis!! Your backstory is sexeh, and your rosters are too amigo. Can't wait to see the first RAW, and you know, I wish you nothing but the best!!

And uhm, as far as you being back...I think I just nut myself.

TKOW 10-16-2007 02:04 PM

Re: WWE: A Strong Response
I wouldn't worry about only posting in recaps, do it whichever way you feel.

Good luck Nige, you know I'll be following this for sure!

Alim 10-16-2007 07:01 PM

Re: WWE: A Strong Response
YEAHHHHH! HE'S BACK! You're one of my favorite booker's on here, and one of my good friends too, so I'm glad that you're back to BTB. Good luck with the thread, and you know I'll be following :)

sbuch 10-16-2007 08:58 PM

Re: WWE: A Strong Response
Great to see you back. I was in love with your old thread and hope this one is as good. I can see developing some good storylines from these rosters, and use your creative mind. Good luck Nige!

jman619hbk 10-16-2007 09:39 PM

Re: WWE: A Strong Response
WOW!! Welcome back haha even tho you never really left. Good luck I as everyone else will be reading!

DDMac 10-17-2007 12:42 AM

Re: WWE: A Strong Response
Looks good. Solid rosters and a better backstory. Shame you won't be writing full shows since quite a few of the more established bookers seem to have nothing but good things to say about your ability.

Anyway, good luck with this.

Kronical™ 10-17-2007 03:25 AM

Re: WWE: A Strong Response
I enjoyed reading your previous BTB, and I'm sure this thread will be great too. Solid backstory and rosters.. I'd really like to see Jericho take part in this thread, hopefully you build up the anticipation well, if there'll be any

Good luck with this thread man.

Bradley 10-17-2007 03:17 PM

Re: WWE: A Strong Response
The MAN is back WOOOOOOOO! Ehem... anyways nice backstory, shame only 5 PPV's a year, I would have chosen a PPV every 5 weeks or something. You have Cyber Sunday which is good and I am begging for a HBK return.

Nige™ 10-17-2007 05:54 PM

Re: WWE: A Strong Response
Thanks for the comments guys, i hope to get my Raw preview up tomorrow

I feel i need to address the Jericho and Michaels comments, Jericho inparticular as the Save_US.222 is something which i am not totally sure i want to include as i hope to head in a different direction as is on TV. Some things will have to continue but as for the Jericho & Michaels situations, they will be handled differently and in Jericho's case, possibly dealt with at all

Again, thanks for the support and i will try and get about the section again in the next week

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