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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Preview - Friday 25th April 2008
The Vodafone Arena
Melbourne, Australia

**For the first time ever, Smackdown comes to you live from Australia!**

We were told you last week that a new General Manager was going to be announced last Friday, and we were right as Linda McMahon unveiled Tazz as the surprise choice. The no nonsense former ECW Champion promised to make an impact, and he did just that by making several big matches, none other than the World Heavyweight Champion facing off against Mr. Money in the Bank. Can we expect more of the same from Tazz this Friday?

It was in the match just mentioned that saw Shawn Michaels take on MVP, and just as it looked like Michaels was going to finish him off, MVP reacted by getting himself disqualified. However, it would prove to be a mistake as Michaels’ Judgment Day opponent, The Undertaker came to save the day before Mr. Money in the Bank could do any more damage. For the second week in a row, Michaels & Taker stared each other down as the show came to a close. Will we find out how The Heartbreak Kid feels about the challenger to his throne coming to his rescue?

Ever since being drafted to Smackdown, Elijah Burke has made sure everyone knows about his true feelings towards MVP, knocking his former friend on his ass the very first chance he got three weeks ago. However, he gets the chance to do so again this Friday night after Tazz told him last week that he will be going one on one with MVP this coming week. It looks like being one hell of a battle when these two get it on in Melbourne.

CM Punk has never been afraid of telling someone what he thinks, especially if your last name is Hardy. Two weeks ago after a heavy argument between him and Matt Hardy, he was placed in a match with The Undertaker, and we found out last Friday that Punk picked up a neck injury in that match. He appeared via satellite to advise us of his injury, and by all accounts, it isn’t that serious. He took the chance to run Matt down once again, and he also said that he would be back in time for Smackdown’s return to the States next week. Matt will be looking forward to that, but first he must focus on competing this week before he gets the chance to be under the same roof as Punk. Will he able to do just that and focus?

The Masters of the Mat have certainly put their suspension behind them after they booked themselves a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship last week, beating The ECW Originals in an Extreme Rules match. They now have the chance to overthrow the champions of Harry Smith & Paul Burchill, The UK Pack. It won’t be an easy task however, but the champions will be thinking the same, and they’re better off doing so as Chris Masters & Charlie Haas have looked very impressive in the last couple of months. One member of each side will represent their team this Friday when Smith meets Haas. Who will get the upper hand ahead of their title showdown?

It’s been clear that their has been some tension between Matt Sydal & Johnny Jeter as of late, but that exploded before our very eyes last week. Sydal was given a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship by Tazz, but when it looked as if he could take the title, Jeter stabbed his friend in the back, costing him the chance to become the new Cruiserweight Champion. One question needs to be answered; why Johnny? You have to assume that one man who will be wanting to find out the answer will be Sydal. Is he going to get it though?

Shelton Benjamin may be regretting tossing Shannon Moore to the curb right now as he prepares to defend the United States Championship against the man he used to help him win the title, only to toss him aside. It came back to bite him in the behind last week as Moore took everyone, especially Shelton by surprise as he raced down to the ring after Benjamin’s match and kicked him right in the head. We found out later on that he Moore will get his chance at retribution this week, having the chance to steal the title that Shelton used him for to help him win. Can Moore pull out an upset in Melbourne?

Chavo Guerrero has been having a tough time of it lately, but another defeat last week left him in a foul mood, and Ron Killings soon found that out. As Chavo made his way back to his locker room, he stumbled in to Killings, who felt the temper of the Mexican. Despite being friendly, Killings fell foul of the temper and the two of them ended up brawling before breaking it up fairly quickly. Will they have put it behind them in time for the first Smackdown broadcast ever from Australia?

The Glamazon will be in action again this week after defeating Michelle McCool in front of Mickie James last week. Can she follow up with another victory?


United States Championship
Shannon Moore vs Shelton Benjamin (c)

Elijah Burke vs Montel Vontavious Porter

Harry Smith vs Charlie Haas


Matt Hardy & “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix will be in action!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Tazz as the new General Manager is refreshing. I can't say I've seen that in BTB before. I'm not saying it hasn't happened, but I've never seen it. He's the sort of General Manager I like. One that doesn't give a fuck in some sense. He's already made some big matches, and I can't wait to see if he makes any more this week.

The opponent coming to the rescue is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but a very, very effective one. I've been questioning myself as to whether we will see a turn from one of them. I can't see it happening this week. Maybe Michaels will start saving The Undertaker first.

Burke vs. MVP is certainly a good match. Correct me if I'm wrong but is Burke a face? It certainly seems like. None the less, you continue to impress me with your use of the under-card. You're going to have some pretty fresh main eventers soon. (Dykstra )

Punk is certainly becoming more credible as a heel by the week. Is this still the same feud that pretty much started when you first began this thread? Only this time with Matt Hardy? If so then you've done a good job keeping it this long.

Just because I'm biased, I'm rooting for The British team in this feud/match. Hopefully they won't disappoint.

I don't really like the feud between Jeter and Sydal. For some reason it seems like it should be an angle you use between two, bigger stars. One thing I will say is that it does the Cruiserweight Championship wonders, so I guess that's a good thing.

It seems like Smackdown is a place with frequent stabbings in the back. I can't help but think that Moore will pick up the win against Shelton Benjamin.

I'm smelling a Killings/Chavo match tonight. Unless you save it for Backlash, which I'm fairly certain you won't. Should be a nice brawl mixed with some entertaining wrestling. Great to see Chavo as something more than he is in real life lol.

Overall it's a stacked show. I couldn't be bothered to wait for Backlash so I decided to jump the gun and get back into this project from here. Hopefully Smackdown sparks my interest in reviewing again.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hey, Nige, it has been a long time since I posted any thoughts in this thread. I have been reading however. SmackDown looks great and I have to say that it is great how you book your undercard guys. Tazz as the GM was a shock but I am sure you hinted at it a while back...maybe ...I am usually not a fan of face GM's but Tazz is sure to be ruthless. I will look to review SmackDown when it's up and look forward to Backlash.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Results - Friday 25th April 2008
Live From The Vodafone Arena
Melbourne, Australia

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

  • Linda McMahon announcing Tazz as the new General Manager of Smackdown
  • Tazz saying he’s not going to take any crap and making Shawn Michaels vs MVP as the main event
  • MVP getting DQ’d against Michaels, but Taker coming to the rescue and chokeslamming MVP
  • Michaels & Taker staring at each other as the show came to a close

***Opening Video***
“If You Rock Like Me”


“Sexy Boy” blasts out to a huge pop as the World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels walks down to the ring. He looks quite relaxed, dressed in jeans, shirt and a leather jacket as he soaks up the ovation from the Aussie crowd. Once in the ring, he collects a microphone and says that despite being in the business for a long time and having done a lot of things, it sure is great to be standing in the middle of the ring in front of a live television audience from the land down under for the first time. That gets a massive pop from the Melbourne crowd as Michaels just grins with the World Championship placed firmly on his left shoulder. He then moves on to the serious business as he puts it and says that they’re all probably aware that in around a month’s time, he will be putting his world title on the line against one of the most feared superstars ever to step foot in a wrestling ring in the shape of The Undertaker, also getting a huge pop from the Aussie fans. HBK then says, that last week he found himself in some trouble, but The Undertaker came to his aid, and he says that he wants to tell the dead man if he’s listening that he wants to thank him for that, but he then changes tone. He says that going in to Judgment Day, he can’t afford to be the laid back, appreciative Shawn Michaels, because if he does, he is more than aware that The Undertaker will do what he has to many, many superstars throughout his long distinguished career, and that’s eat them alive.

The showstopper tells them that he respects The Undertaker more than anyone for what he’s accomplished, but says that he isn’t going to Judgment Day to respect him, he’s going there to beat him. That gets a big pop too, and he follows on to say that in order to do just that, he’ll have to be the same Shawn Michaels that turned up to retain the World Championship at Wrestlemania, if not better if he is to stand any chance of walking out with the title he wears with pride at this stage of his career. The Heartbreak Kid then makes it clear that he has every intention to keep this run going as long as he possibly can, and if he has to put his body through hell to beat the almost invincible dead man to do that, then that’s what he’ll do. The crowd cheer Michaels’ honesty like crazy, and he carries on to say that he and The Undertaker have had their wars, but points out that it's the first time in over ten years that they’ve gone at it for the richest prize in the industry, which just like the dead man, commands a hell of a lot of respect. He then tells them that he’s been asked a lot lately whether he’s nervous about having to face The Undertaker, but he says that he has to forget all about nerves, and that once the bell rings, he has to bring out someone they might know quite well. . .

The Showstopper. He then says that as much as he respects The Undertaker, he knows that when he’s at his best, he can beat anyone, including the dead man like he did in the first ever Hell in a Cell match, and that if he knows The Undertaker like he thinks he does, this match will be remembered just as much as that one was. He stops for a couple of seconds before saying that it’s hard to believe that match was over ten years ago, but in that time, both their legacies have grown and grown to make this one match one of the biggest in WWE history, and he goes on to say that he is going to do everything he can to make sure he comes out on top once again and remain the WWE Champion for all the great fans that have him supported him throughout his career, including everyone in Melbourne tonight. He stops and looks in to the crowd as “Sexy Boy” then plays again to a huge reaction from the crowd, all standing up to show their appreciation to The Heartbreak Kid. He walks over and hands the microphone back before holding his hand up to the crowd and leaving the ring to walk back up the ramp as the fans still cheer him like crazy.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

The WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Michael Shane is stood in the hallway talking to Maria. Maria tells him that she has a match tonight and she’s feeling a little nervous when we see Kid Kash walk in to the shot. He stops and looks at the Cruiserweight title sitting on Shane’s shoulder and tells him it looks good on him, but not as good as it would on The Notorious K.I.D. He smirks and walks off leaving Shane saying it’s happy where it is as he and Maria watch him walk up the hall, looking a little taken aback. Shane then tells her that she doesn’t need to worry about her match tonight and tells her to take a leaf out of his cousin’s (Shawn Michaels) book. He tells her that all you have to do is step through the ropes and give it all you’ve got, it’s that easy, and once you’re in there focusing on giving it your best, all the nerves just disappear. He then tells her that she just heard Shawn’s facing The Undertaker at Judgment Day, and he says that it doesn’t get much tougher than that, but Maria tells him that Beth Phoenix is scary too and asks him if the nerves will definitely go. Shane coolly tells her what she wants to hear and says she’ll be fine.

Maria smiles, thanks him and kisses him on the cheek before walking away with Shane smiling widely and shouting out “good luck”. He makes it pretty clear he’s checking Maria out as she leaves, but he doesn’t see his cousin, Shawn Michaels walking up behind him to a pop from the arena. He places his hand on Shane’s shoulder, and he turns round to see Shawn smiling and asking him what’s going on. Shane turns back towards the direction Maria went in and tells Shawn he’s sorry because it looks like he just took the name of the heartbreak kid. Michaels laughs and tells Shane he’s sorry because that’s one thing you just can’t teach before patting him on the back. Shane then says that he’s not just seen some real hot weather over here, but some hot women too, and asks Shawn if he fancies going to a bar or two. Michaels tells Shane that he knows full well he’s a happily married man, but Shane says the women aren’t for him, they can just go chill out and asks him how many times they get the chance to shoot the breeze, let alone in Australia. Michaels looks like saying no, but says “what the hell” and tells his cousin he’s done what came here to do. Shane grins and tells Shawn it’s gonna be fun as they turn round and walk down the hall.

***Video Recap***

  • Two weeks ago with Shelton Benjamin shoving Shannon Moore down to the floor during an interview, calling him useless.
  • Last week in Japan and Shelton promising a Signing In Celebration when he returns home to America, and then opening an open challenge with Funaki answering it, but losing to the new United States Champion. After the match and Shannon Moore surprising Shelton by storming down to the ring and kicking him down to the mat.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #1***

United States Championship
Shannon Moore vs Shelton Benjamin (c)

Shannon keeps Benjamin reeling, ducking a wild right hand and nailing him with an enziguri. With Shelton slowly coming to, Moore runs in to the corner and makes his way to the top rope, and as Shelton stands back up and turns round, Moore leaps off and connects with a missile dropkick. He scurries back across the mat to make a cover, but Shelton kicks out at two. Moore looks disappointed, but he stands back up and urges the champion back up. It takes Shelton several seconds to get up, but as he does, Moore runs back in to the ropes, but as he comes back, Shelton nails him with a samoan drop. The champ doesn’t go for a cover, but he smirks as he stands back up and patiently waits for Moore to get up, looking smug as he stalks Moore, who stands up, only to fall victim to the Pay Dirt. Benjamin reacts quickly to cover Moore and pick up the victory to retain his title.

WINNER: By pinfall, and still the WWE United States Champion, Shelton Benjamin @ 6.31.

AFTERMATH: “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me” hits to heat from the crowd as the ever arrogant Benjamin poses with his belt by the ropes. Before he leaves he looks down and grins at the sight of Shannon Moore lying on the mat.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut Backstage}

Matt Hardy is getting a drink in the back, helping himself to a bottle of water from a food trolley and taking a swig as Tazz walks up to him and gets a coffee. Matt offers him his congratulations on getting the GM job and Tazz says thanks, but tells him it’s thirsty work. Matt tells him he’s not thirsty, but hungry for Punk to show his face next week after Punk’s stayed home the last couple of weeks and used this injury as an excuse. Tazz tells him there might actually be something wrong with Punk, but he offers Matt a deal. He says that he’ll give Matt a chance to let off some steam tonight in exchange for Matt holding off on Punk until, say Judgment Day perhaps. Matt smirks and tells Tazz he’s on and he likes how his mind works, then thanks Tazz before walking off drinking his water. Tazz tells him to take it easy before looking back at the food on offer as Shelton Benjamin walks in to the shot. Tazz senses someone’s there and turns round with Shelton asking him if every title defence he makes is going to be easy as the one Tazz just set up.

Tazz smirks and asks Shelton if he’s understanding this right, asking him if what he wants is some competition or a challenge of sorts. Shelton tells him that he doubts there’s anybody on Smackdown who can challenge him, but he would relish it to prove to the new sheriff in town that he has what it takes to be his hottest commodity. Tazz says that it’s clear confidence isn't an issue, and while he can’t do anything about that, he can find something or someone that will challenge him. Shelton tells Tazz that it’s not going to be easy, but Tazz says that what Shelton wants and promises not to hand him out something easy. Shelton tells Tazz that whatever it is he can come up with, it won't come close to The Gold Standard. The US Champion grins in his face before walking up the hall, allowing Tazz to get back to his food and he says to himself that he’s gonna find Shelton a challenge alright, just as soon as he gets some food. He looks down and doesn’t look impressed, shaking his head as he then says that he needs to get a new caterer before walking off with his coffee.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #2***

Maria vs Beth Phoenix

The Glamazon has been dominant for the most part, and as she drags Maria back up to her feet, she kicks her in the gut and then whips her in to the ropes. But as Maria comes back, she dives in to the arms of Phoenix, who tosses her overhead with a fallaway slam. Maria looks in deep trouble as Beth then stands back up and walks right over to her, staring blankly down at her for several seconds before lifting Maria back up and absolutely nailing her with The Grand Slam. Maria is motionless as Beth follows up and covers her for an easy victory.

WINNER: Beth Phoenix by pinfall @ 3.07.

AFTERMATH: “Glamazon” plays as Beth Phoenix stands up and stares right back down menacingly at Maria. She reaches down and is about to drag her up when Mickie James & Michelle McCool race down the ramp and slide in to the ring with Beth letting go of Maria and turning her head, looking angry at their presence. Mickie & McCool look a little uneasy, but Phoenix doesn’t seem fazed at all as she walks to the ropes and leaves the ring with Mickie & McCool sitting Maria up with Beth staring at them as she backs up the ramp.

{Commercial Break}

“Axeman” blasts out as Matt Sydal walks down to the ring in casual clothing, getting a pop from the Australian crowd. He doesn’t seem himself and looks quite reserved as he enters the ring and walks over to ask for a microphone. He walks back in to the centre of the ring and says that it’s not his style to come out in front of everyone, but he says that he needs to get something off his chest, and to do that, he needs to ask his so called friend, Johnny Jeter to come down to the ring right now. He has to wait several seconds, looking very low key before “Time to Shine” plays with Johnny Jeter walking down to the ring with a smug expression on his face, not going down well with Sydal. Jeter has a microphone with him as he climbs through the ropes and in to the ring. Sydal keeps his cool despite Jeter’s smug smile and says all he wants is a simple explanation, asking his former friend just what it was he did to deserve being stabbed in the back last week, costing him the chance to win the Cruiserweight Championship. Jeter gets fairly angry and shakes his head in frustration, then asks Sydal who it was who brought him to Smackdown, but he doesn’t give him a chance to respond, telling Sydal it was him that brought him here. He then asks him who it was who stole all the limelight and threw it back in whose face from that very moment, making out it was Sydal who betrayed him.

Jeter then tells Sydal that despite that, he watched on completely helpless as Sydal wrestled for the Cruiserweight Championship at Wrestlemania, the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment history, but explains that it was watching Sydal that sparked something inside of him to forget about things that don’t matter, like friendship, in order to get where he belongs. He tells Sydal that he should have been wrestling at Wrestlemania instead of being stuck in the shadow of someone who isn’t even fit to lace his boots, not going down too well with the Aussie crowd. Jeter takes exception to them and asks them what they seriously know about wrestling as he can’t even name one successful Australian wrestler, and he says that he doesn’t even know why the hell they’ve come here anyway, just to anger them further. Sydal lifts the microphone to his mouth and tells him to shut up. He then says that he never turned his back on Jeter and tells him that he worked hard to get to Wrestlemania, as well as saying it’s not his fault Jeter didn’t get there. Jeter cuts in straight away and says that’s crap, then accuses Sydal of deliberately holding him back so he could step up to the plate instead, but he then says that’s happened for the very last time. He then tells Sydal he’s nothing, and that out of the two of them, Johnny Jeter is the real star, and he will prove it any time, any place because no one is holding The Thrillseeker back any longer, not even the ever so perfect Matt Sydal.

The low key Sydal all of a sudden comes to life a bit more after hearing Jeter’s offer and asks him if he has something to prove, why not prove it right now? That gets a pop from the fans, and a smirk out of Jeter, who looks to the side and in to the crowd before turning back right away, fooling Sydal and smashing him in the side of the head with the microphone. Jeter looks down and grins as Sydal tries to sit up, but he can’t, and just as Jeter is about to reach down, “13” hits to a big pop as Tazz walks out to the stage and tells Jeter he’ll leave Sydal the hell alone if he knows what’s good for him. Jeter turns round and doesn’t look best pleased to see Tazz, who says that he promised last week to be a hands on GM and not let guys like Jeter do whatever it is he wants. He then tells Jeter that he’s going to do him a favour tonight by giving him what he seems to want, and that doesn’t involve sitting on the sidelines feeling sorry for himself like a big cry baby. Jeter looks curious as Sydal sits up to hear Tazz say that Jeter is going to have a chance to make a name for himself tonight in the main event, which provokes a smile from Jeter, but that soon goes away as Tazz then tells him that his opponent will be none other than the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day, The Undertaker. A massive pop breaks out as Jeter looks shell shocked with Sydal grinning ever so slightly in the background.

***Video Promo***

{Cut Backstage}

Chavo Guerrero is sat on a steel chair in his locker room, not looking all that happy as Ron Killings walks in. Chavo shakes his head and doesn’t look happy to see Killings, who says he knows he must be the last person he wants to see right now, but tells him that he’s sorry and was out of line last week. Chavo looks up, but not impressed as Killings then says that he knows how tough it is when you can’t buy a win from anywhere and apologises for over reacting. He then offers his hand to Chavo who looks like he’s on another planet. He stands up and tells Killings unconvincingly he over reacted too, then shakes his hand. Killings smiles and turns round, but Chavo turns round and picks up the steel chair, then smashes it across Killings’ spine. The Truth falls to the floor as Chavo just drops the chair and looks down at Killings with no remorse whatsoever. He then looks down and asks him if he thought that was an over reaction before walking away, leaving Killings as he squirms around on the floor.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

“Masterpiece” plays to a negative reaction from the Aussie fans in the arena as The Masters of the Mat, Charlie Haas & Chris Masters walk down to the ring looking very confident. Once in the ring, Masters collects a microphone and says that after they sent a very clear message in beating the two ECW rejects at their own game last week, the date is set for himself and Charlie to beat the poms as the Aussies apparently call the English. He then says that it’s become pretty clear over the last couple of days that Australia hates the English as much as he and Charlie, but he tells the fans that some Americans might hate the English too, but no one in the States gives a rats ass about this pathetic waste of a country that seems to do nothing with their time other than surfing and putting any food they can find on something that around the world is known as a barbecue. That gets a ton of heat from the crowd, but Masters doesn’t care and carries on to say that it’s a shame there’s no half decent Australian wrestlers for Charlie to beat the hell out of tonight. He then says Charlie will just have to make do with beating Harry Smith, just like at Judgment Day when they take the WWE Tag Team titles away from Smith and Burchill, saying nothing and no one can stop them, and if anyone doubts them, they’re going to be proved wrong right now.

***Match #3***

Harry Smith w/Paul Burchill vs Charlie Haas w/Chris Masters

A really back and forth match, and as Smith tries to get some momentum going, he whips Haas hard in to the corner, following in and nailing him with a hard clothesline. Smith then backs out of the corner as Haas staggers out in to a sit down spinning powerslam, but he manages to kick out at two. Masters doesn’t look happy on the outside as the confident Smith stands back up and drags Haas up with him. He then lifts Haas on to his shoulder, leaving Masters no choice but to react, standing up on the apron to get the ref’s attention. Smith sees him and lets go of Haas straight away, who drops to his knees, and Masters drops back down with Burchill walking round to him and having a go at him. Masters smirks and holds his hands up to protest his innocence before blind siding Burchill with a hard right hand. Smith sees it and doesn’t look impressed as he stares down at Masters, who talks smack at him, allowing Haas to sneak up behind him and plant him with an Olympic Slam. He quickly goes for the cover and picks up the win.

WINNER: Charlie Haas by pinfall @ 7.50.

AFTERMATH: “Masterpiece” hits as Haas stands up and is joined in the ring by Masters while Burchill remains on the floor on the outside as Smith sits up looking pissed. Masters raises Haas’s hand and he signals that they are going to be the WWE Tag Team Champions very soon, motioning the belts will be around their waists.

{Cut Backstage}

Elijah Burke is in his locker room, getting himself pumped for his match with MVP later, sparring by himself as he punches the air in front of him with Layla walking in to the room with a bottle of water. She calls him baby and tells him she got him some water. He’s so focused, he’s switched off to Layla who tells him to take it easy and save some energy for the match. He hears that and stops to turn to her. He says that she knows how much he’s been looking forward to this, and that she knows how much he can’t wait to get his hands on MVP to shut that big mouth of his. Layla says that she knows he can give MVP a match tonight, but he needs to relax to make sure he doesn’t tire himself out. Burke asks for the water, and once Layla gives it to him, he takes a few gulps and gives it back to her. He then carries on with the warm up, and as he’s doing so, he says that MVP isn’t going to know what’s hit him. The camera keeps on him for a couple of seconds before fading out.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

We see Josh Hayger working out in a gym and a wrestling ring, cutting to a still image at the end.

VOICEOVER: There are always going to be defining moments in history. . . However, for that moment to take place, it requires something or someone who is capable of changing the landscape of their craft that they choose to enter. . . Luckily, such a man exists, and his name is Josh Hayger, and he’s coming to change the landscape of Friday Night Smackdown.

{Cut Backstage}

Josh Matthews
is standing by, and he introduces his guest, Mr. Money in the Bank, MVP. He walks in to the shot looking very serious as Josh mentions that later on tonight, he will be going one on one with a former ally in the shape of Elijah Burke, and asks him how he’s feeling about the prospect of facing a very angry Burke. MVP remains deadly serious as he tells Josh that Burke’s come out with all kinds of crap over the last few weeks, but the bare facts are simple. He says that Burke can’t complain with the FACT that he was never in with a chance of winning the Money in the Bank match, and calls him an idiot for thinking otherwise because only one man was ever going to walk in to that match and walk out with the golden contract, and that man is MVP. He holds it up to the camera and says that Burke was kidding himself if he actually thought he could compete at his level, and he’s going to find out yet again that he he’s not up to what it takes to go toe to toe with someone who is half man, half amazing. Josh then asks MVP if he feels disappointed about the fact he and Burke are no longer friends, but MVP sn-iggers. He says that Elijah is being pathetic, blaming it all on a real star because he couldn’t get the job done himself at Wrestlemania. He tells Josh that Burke is well out of his depth, and that he’s going to prove it tonight for Burke’s sake before he gets himself in too deep.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #4***

Matt Hardy vs Kid Kash

ENDING: A really good match with Kash making a go of it, and after rolling away from a diving leg drop, both men pick themselves back up. Kash throws a right, but Matt blocks it and hammers away at him before grabbing him by the wrist and whipping him in to the corner and following in to nail him with a clothesline. Matt holds on to Punk’s head as he turns round and runs out of the corners, planting him with a bulldog to a big pop from the crowd. Matt then stands back up and urges Kash up, and slowly but surely he stands back up and turns round in to a side effect with Matt going for a cover straight after, but only getting a two count. Matt looks a little disappointed, but he stands right back up and urges Kash up once again, and as he gets to his knees, Matt is distracted by the crowd booing and turns to the stage to see CM Punk walking down the ramp. He smirks at Matt who looks stunned to see him, and he walks over to the ropes, calling for Punk to come on down. Punk thinks about it and starts to walk further down, then backs off, giving Kash the chance to crawl up behind Matt and roll up, holding on to the ropes as the ref counts a shock victory for The Notorious K.I.D.

WINNER: Kid Kash by pinfall @ 6.48.

AFTERMATH: “Bawitdaba” hits to heat from the crowd as Punk stands on the ramp smiling as Kash slips under the bottom rope with Matt sitting up and looking pissed as he stares at a smug CM Punk.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

CM Punk is shown walking through the hallway with a real satisfied look on his face. He turns a corner and looks surprised to see Tazz leaning against the door to the exit with his arms folded, expecting Punk, and he asks him if he’s planning on going somewhere. Punk asks Tazz if he’s following him or something and what his damn problem is, and Tazz tells him straight off that his problem is guys like him (Punk). He says that Punk might think he is clever, but he knows exactly how guys like Punk work, liking to act all smart and pull the kind of shit he just did with Matt, but he warns him that he’s not going to let him or anyone get away with that crap any longer, putting Punk on notice. Punk doesn’t look happy as Tazz gets right in his face and tells him that he might have hid away last week and made out he was going to do the same tonight, but he makes it clear that there will be nowhere to hide at Judgment Day, and that he’s going to make sure of it. Punk is pissed but knows he can’t do a thing about it as Tazz then stops back towards the door and it opens it, holding it open for Punk. He tells him to go get rest that injured neck of his, and that he looks forward to seeing him next week. Punk does indeed walk through it, slowly though as he stares angrily at Tazz, who slams the door once Punk walks through it. Tazz shows signs of a satisfied little smirk as he slams it shut with the camera then fading out.

***Video Promo***

Highlights of Hell in a Cell from Bad Blood 1997 are shown. We then see a secluded dark indoor location with candles with Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker.

VOICEOVER: They are two of the greatest superstars to have ever graced the squared circle. . . They have given us moments to cherish, both together and separately. But for the first time in over ten years, Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker will battle it out for the richest prize in the industry. . . the World Heavyweight Championship. . . Smackdown presents WWE Judgment Day, live exclusively on pay-per-view. . . Coming soon.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #5***

Elijah Burke w/Layla vs Montel Vontavious Porter

Burke has taken it to MVP the whole match, and despite MVP fighting back, Burke gets on top, reversing a whip and planting MVP with a spinning sit down spinebuster. The crowd will him on as he hooks the leg for a cover, but Mr. Money in the Ban just kicks out at two, leaving Layla frustrated too on the outside. Burke then stands back up and pulls MVP back up before whipping him in to the corner. He then pulls his knee pads down to his ankles and runs at him for the Elijah Express, but MVP sidesteps out of the corner, looking quite relieved. As he turns round though, he sees Burke has avoided running in to the pads by reaching out and grabbing the top rope. He turns back round and runs at MVP, knocking him down with a clothesline. He’s back up quite quickly with Burke jabbing away at him and knocking him down to the mat by the corner. MVP crawls in to his corner and grabs his briefcase as the referee warns Burke about his punches. MVP pulls the briefcase under his chest as Burke walks back over to him and tries to drag him up, but MVP nails him with the briefcase, forcing the referee to call for the bell.

WINNER: Elijah Burke by DQ @ 8.57.

AFTERMATH: MVP stands above Burke with Layla looking concerned as MVP plans his next move, but before he can do anything, Tazz walks out to the stage and tells him to hold it right there. He says that after just two weeks, he’s already sick of MVP taking the easy way out. He then says that he promised he was going to make sure exactly this kind of thing was going to become a thing of the past when he was made general manager, and he’s sure as hell gonna stick to it. MVP doesn’t look worried at all, but Tazz carries on to say that in just over four week’s time, there’s an event called Judgment Day that he thinks MVP will be aware of, and if he isn’t he soon will be, because he won’t get a chance to take the easy way out again. MVP doesn’t know where it’s heading as Tazz then says that at Judgment Day, MVP will face Elijah Burke once again in a no disqualification match. The crowd cheer loudly as “13” hits with Tazz staring down intensely at MVP while Burke sits up against the ropes with Layla looking on.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***
“Break The Walls Down”

{Cut To Ringside}

***The Main Event***

The Undertaker vs Johnny Jeter

Jeter used a lot of delaying tactics in the early going, but after a decent fighting effort from the youngster, Taker has gained control of the match. Standing up after a flying clothesline, he drags Jeter up to his feet and whips him in to the corner, taking a second or two before running in at him. As he gets closer to the corner, Jeter lifts his boot up in to Taker’s face, sending the dead man staggering out. Jeter spots an opportunity and turns to the side and runs in to the ropes, but as he comes back, The Undertaker drives his huge boot down Jeter’s throat, sending the youngster falling down to the mat in a hurry. Taker stands over him as he slowly starts to wriggle around and make his way back up to his feet, looking completely out of it as Taker then grabs him around the throat and chokeslams him back down to the mat. He then brings his arm across his neck, signalling the end to a huge pop from the crowd as he reaches down and drags Jeter back up to his feet, scooping him on to his shoulder and drilling him head first with the Tombstone Piledriver. The referee makes the count, and it’s all over.

WINNER: The Undertaker by pinfall @ 7.14.

AFTERMATH: “Graveyard Symphony” hits to a big pop as the lights go out with Taker getting up to one knee and posing for the crowd. Michael Cole says that The Undertaker has made a statement to Shawn Michaels here tonight, and that wherever he is, the World Champion should be very concerned as the show comes to a close.

{End of Show}


Shelton Benjamin df. Shannon Moore
Beth Phoenix df. Maria
Charlie Haas df. Harry Smith
Kid Kash df. Matt Hardy
Elijah Burke df. MVP
The Undertaker df. Johnny Jeter


Theme Song
“Take It All” by Zididada

Shawn Michaels (c) vs The Undertaker

The UK Pack (c) vs The Masters of the Mat

Elijah Burke vs Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP)

Matt Hardy vs CM Punk

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nice show, I'll try and edit a review in later, I gotta go somewhere soon so I got no time to do it now

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Prods Smackdown reveiw

Openning: Cheap pop from Micheals is a good start to winning the crowd over. I like the way he is talking to Taker with respect but at the same time keeping his focous. There is a good atmosphere created about this match, its compettive but respectfull at the same time. Solid openning to the show with the champion, always a good move.

Shane and Maria backstage was interesting, you described the chemistry well here. I take it you wanted to get the chemistry across? Having him check her out and her kiss him on the cheek put the icing on the cake i think. Also some nice humour between him and Shawn.

US Title Match: For a title match especially, this did not live up to anything, it was too short i though. It was right for Benjamin to win however and in your defense Moore isn't much of a contender.

Backstage you used the GM well in giving Matt an offer in order to keep peace. Shelton came across well as arrogant and confident. I wonder who will face him next after this. I noticed that you had Micheals and Benjamin backstage straight after the breaks in which they were in the ring, not sure about that move mate.

Womens Match: Another short match but this time a good move. having Maria get squashed showed Beths strenght and might leave Maria asking questions about Shanes advice. The good girls coming to the rescue was nice.

I wouldnt have known who Sydall was if the picture wasnt there, i only know him as Evan Bourne and i also didnt know Jeter until i wikid him and seen he was Johhny from the SS Squad. The interaction here was good, classic heel stuff from Jeter saying that Friendship didnt mater. Sydall stayed calm throughout the start showing his class. The way it was conducted in general was very good but i didnt know much about the situation going into it and now i do. We will see what he is made of later, i wonder will Bourne get involved.

Killings saying you cant buy i win was pretty funny lol I liked the way you described Chavos emotions and the twist of him hitting him with the chair was brilliant, we have ourselves a rivalry.

Good heat recieved from comments that Haas made. The match was a bit short again but the way Masters got involved was good. After the match taunting about winning the titles i tought seemed a bit early when the match is a month away.

Strange with Burke and Layla but it seems like Burke is fired up for this match, MVP also looking confident and it will be a good match but for some reason i think there could be an anti climax in order to further it.

Hardy v Kash: It was the best way to further the rivalry between Punk and Matt by having Kash win because of Punks arrival. This will add to the heat that Matt has for Punk already. Again having Punk on the camera so soon but some nice words from the GM.

MVP v Burke: Good ending to the match that plays up the heel status of MVP, all the great MITB winners ( Edge ) use the briefcase for mroe then just the cash in lol. The announcemant after the match was a good one as no dq is with these two need to finish the rivalry.

Taker v Jeter: As Micheal Cole said Taker makes a statemant towards Shawn. This shut Jeter up hopefully, altough im glad he put up a decent enough fight so it didnt crush any sort of push he was in.

Overall: A good show but only two promos? they were both the best aprts of the show maybe but one more might have been better. You escelated some fueds here, good job.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Originally Posted by IrishProdigy View Post
I noticed that you had Micheals and Benjamin backstage straight after the breaks in which they were in the ring, not sure about that move mate.
I did that for the immediate reaction and emotion i wanted to capture. With Shelton coming back from the ring, it made more
sense for him to go to Tazz then in the heat of the moment, not wait around and then do it. The Michaels' one was designed
like that so he could come across Shane and they could leave together. Punk's was the same deal. He was looking to make a quick exit, and that's why it was quick.

Originally Posted by IrishProdigy View Post
A good show but only two promos? they were both the best aprts of the show maybe but one more might have been better. You escelated some fueds here, good job.
There were 8 in total. 6 backstage and 2 in the ring. There's rarely 3 or more done in the ring on one show. You can't have
all the promos in the ring. You need a balance of interviews, in ring stuff and backstage segments.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Review: First of all it's really cool to see you doing a show from Australia but anyway. The opening promo with Shawn Michael's was a great way to hype the big match at Judgment Day and a good way to keep the fans behind Michael's. I like the tone changes used to point out the importance of this match which I think will be a good one come Judgment Day. Good job on this one not really anything to criticize or comment on.

The segment after Michael's promo involving Michael Shane was good, I like the way your are developing the character of someone unknown to most of the guys on this forum and getting him over in a big way. I would love to see at some point in the future him and Michael's have a couple of matches just to see how far he has actually come.

The match between Benjamin and Shannon was short but entertaining enough and yet makes Benjamin look like a dominate champion. Would like to see Shannon Moore in more big matches as well as he is pretty talented and has a good look ect.

I like that you are keeping Matt and Punk apart for the time being, it means that the match at Judgment day will be a lot more entertaining and intense. Shelton Benjamin getting in the new GM's face is a good way to put Tazz's managerial skills to the test and a good way to put Benjamin over as a solid heel champion.

Maria v Beth Phoenix was the second squash match of the night basically but fair enough on account of in reality Maria wouldn't stand a chance against Beth and this match was basically to hype Beth and the other members of the womens division not Maria so it's good. Was a good way to make Beth look dominant.

Obviously a big feud is about to break out between Jeter and Bourne but thats good because they both have the ability to put on great matches and it should be a very interesting storyline. The fact that Jeter is going up against Undertaker gives him and this feud credibility and was a wise choice on your behalf.

I honestly thought Chavo and Killings where going to reconcile here but I was wrong which makes me believe this segment was incredibly well written. This is a good way to set up a Chavo v Killings feud and get Chavo some heat.

Cool match between Haas and Smith, they are both very talented. I really like the tag team of Burchill and Smith and I think it has potential to boost their careers(in your thread at least) quite a bit and they will hopefully eventually become singles competitors. This is a good tag team feud that's building nicely and I can't wait to read the impending match between the two teams.

The match between MVP and Burke should be a good one and this segment was a good way to hype it, nothing to fault here.

Very good way to build heat on the Punk v Hardy feud as you had Punk be the cause for Matt's lose, i think when they square off at Judgment Day it is going to be a match to remember simply because of the awesome build you have managed to create for this feud. I liked the backstage segment with Punk and Tazz, good to see Punk getting good air time.

A DQ victory was a good way to continue this feud and making the match at Judgment day NO DQ was a good way to add an extra dimension to that match and gives the two enemies an opportunity to really beat the crap out of each other which is always good.

Hardy v Jeter was pretty short for a main event but still an entertaining match to read, I think this was smart booking because it gives Taker something to do and makes him look dominate while Shawn is away and as I said earlier even though he was defeated quite easily it gives Jeter some credibility and adds to his feud with Sydal. Nice Match

Overall this was a good show that had a bit of everything. If there was one thing I would do different it would be making the matches a bit longer, two of the matches where squash matches and the main event only went for 7 mins but it was still a good show. Judgment day is looking good so far, hope this review wasn't too bad.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

By SC2004 >>>

>>> The opening was obviously intended to hype the world TM at Judgement Day, it’s just in my opinion the match needs no hype. I liked how Michaels sold it as two legends with great respect for each other will go head to head for the first time in ten years. That’s good hype. I also like the showstopper versus the venom or dead man slant on the match. This was just okay, as it didn’t get me excited about tonight’s show at all. I mean if it was just a Shawn Michaels promo, maybe he could of done this on the interview set backstage as it was quite short. The match itself, although huge doesn’t come across as big as it should because of the fact it’s taking place at one of the lesser PPV events. If it was Mania, I think I’d be more excited about it for some odd reason. Also baby face feuds are always hard to sell as nothing much ever happens.

>>> Interesting backstage segment here. Kelly Kelly, Michael Shane Notorious K.I.D and then Michaels. Not a promo I’d put together, but it worked. The relationship between Shane and Michaels has blossomed over the last few weeks and you write it so well. Understated, but amplifying a family connection. The whole idea of these two going to bar is fine, I wonder are you going to write the segment later on???

>>> To be honest I thought you were going somewhere with this feud, but I guess not. I guess Moore versus Benjamin doesn’t scream money! However a match on PPV would have been okay. I have a feeling Moore may return to Benjamin’s side after his loss, just a thought!

>>> Fun backstage segment. I can’t wait for CM Punk and Matt hardy to be in the same building as one another next week. You’ve built that up so well. Shelton has always come across as a conceited ass, but he has the talent to back it up. However you write him in such a way that he is even more full of himself than he is real life. Are we going to get Matt v Benjamin tonight?

>>> Poor Maria, she got owned. You kept this ever so short. Mickie and McCool make the save at the end. Not much to say here. You’re booking the divas division on Smackdown in a way that it seem like it’s Beth against the rest, which is cool.

>>> Jeter generated amazing heat from the crowd. I know it’s a done to death method, whereby a superstar slates the local fans, State, Country in order to get heat, but it worked a threat here. Jeter claiming he is being held back by Sydal is something I would expect him to say as he is clearly jealous of his former friends success. Jeter nailing Sydal made me believe we were about to see a beat down, so a Tazz interruption surprised me. Nice move booking Jeter versus Taker as the live crowd will eat it up after Jeter’s comments earlier in the promo. This feud is a great under-card feud, typical of what you’ve been producing of late on both brands, but more so on SmackDown.

>>> Chavo nailing Killings with the chair was totally unexpected and very brutal. Masters slated the English and The Aussie’s here. They’re really taking a hammering tonight! LOL. A lot of outside interference here during the match, so we can’t determine much from the outcome. What I will say is this tag team feud has been surprisingly engaging in recent weeks.

>>> Great hype for the Burke and MVP match with the two backstage segments. Both men love to run their mouths, both men think their the best and both men are sure of victory. I think that’s why their war of words is so entertaining as is the feud as a whole. I can’t see this ending tonight, at least I hope it won’t.

>>> I must of gotten confused earlier. I thought you were going to have Benjamin wrestle again against Matt Hardy. I was obviously wrong. LOL. Can I just say that the matches have all been incredibly short tonight, so you’re not aloud comment on my TV match length from here on in mate!!! HAHA. Punk’s heel character is great, such a smarmy character, costing Hardy the match by his sheer presence.

>>> I’m all for using the General manager in an active role but Tazz has been involved in four of the nights promos. That seems a lot as you have had fewer promos than usual on the show. I thought you’d you’d have Tazz sign a Matt v Punk for Judgement Day here, but yet again I was wrong. LOL.

>>> Well I can’t say as I’m surprised. A short match with a DQ finish setting up the match on PPV. It’s logical booking, no doubt about that. Only problem I had with this whole set up was the fact we got Tazz coming out to the ring yet again. I know he said he was going to be a hands on GM, but enough is enough!

>>> I don’t think anybody would have been expecting a major upset during the main event, I know I certainly wasn’t. Nothing else to say really, is there….

OVERALL: So I think you will admit that this wasn’t the best show you’ve ever written. It was shorter than usual and the entertainment level dropped a few notches. Nothing exciting happened, the matches were short and the main event was uninspired. The opening promo didn’t do much for me, Tazz was over used and several of the backstage segments seemed as if they were merely filler. You did say you were focused on backlash, so I expected this to be only an OK show, which it was. None the less, I’m looking forward to backlash and I hope SD will return to it’s best next week.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


New Smackdown General Manager, Tazz made his presence felt last night, and he sure has made Judgment Day look like being one hell of a show after adding no fewer than three matches last night.

It was just over a week ago that The Masters of the Mat earned their right for a shot at the WWE Tag Team titles, and it was announced last night that their shot will come at Smackdown’s next exclusive pay-per-view in four weeks. Also on the show, Charlie Haas went one on one with one half of the champions, Harry Smith. Haas’s partner took care of Paul Burchill to give Haas a victory as they start their road to Judgment Day.

We saw Elijah Burke & MVP try and resolve their differences in the ring last night, but it didn’t work out that way as Mr. Money in the Bank used his briefcase to get himself disqualified. That didn’t set well with Tazz, and he made a rematch on the spot that will see them clash in a No Disqualification match. MVP won’t have the chance to get out easy at Judgment Day, and Burke will be relishing the chance to get his hands on him again.

It looks like Matt Hardy is going to get the chance to carry on where his brother left off, but can he defeat CM Punk where Jeff failed? We heard Tazz tell Matt last night that he would be giving him that chance, and it looks like Matt will be even more eager for the four weeks to pass quicker than they normally would following Punk’s surprise appearance last night cost him his match with Kid Kash. After the show finished, Tazz confirmed the match would indeed take place at Judgment Day.

It’s sure as hell going to be a bumpy ride in just over four weeks time as the Smackdown exclusive pay-per-view comes to you live from The Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky!

On a side note, thanks for the comments so far on Smackdown. I did ease up on the match length, but for TV’s, it’s not that important, and I admit that I was more focused on Backlash. I was concentrating more on the storyline development than the excitement factor also. Tazz was used a bit much, and after reading back, he was in four segments, but it was just because it was his first night and I wanted people to see him make his presence felt, that was all.

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