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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


Brian Kendrick vs The Miz
Interference from Morrison will cost Kendrick the match.

Cryme Time vs The Colon Brothers
It looks like you are giving the Colons a small push in the tag division, so this would do them good.

Kelly Kelly vs Melina
Not really sure on this one, but I am going with Melina.

Looks like a good show Nige, I will get a review up once it is posted.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


Brian Kendrick vs The Miz
Cryme Time vs The Colon Brothers
Kelly Kelly vs Melina

~ Looks pretty awesome Nige, I'll definitely check it out when it's up and, if I have the time, I'll get a review up.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Wow, someone on this forum does FCW! (That's a good thing BTW. )

First time reading this thread, just gonna review the last show - haven't been following so apologies if anything sounds weird.

On a very first note, it's nice to see you giving The Colons a push - even if it turns out temporary.

FCW Review
I really like the opening segment, and am in a way glad there was no physical altercation. One thing I don't like is Reid Flair and Joe Henning. I hope the references to their fathers was just a one off... I think it'd be better to have them grow into their own characters... it's like the name "Henning" or "Flair" onto the end automatically makes you liked. On that note, I think Henning should use something other than the Perfect Plex. Certain moves seem reserved for certain superstars - I think it would be better if you gave Henning his own finisher that no one else uses instead of using his father's. Saying that I wouldn't mind if he did use it for his beginner matches anyway if it helps him to get over with the fans.

Thank god you haven't called Nementh Ziggler. You could have gone with "Nick Ziggler" or "Dolph Nemeth".... but yeah, Nick Nemeth is fine. Nice to see him getting a push as well. I don't have high esteem of Ortiz anyway, and I think it'll be stupid of you to put Ortiz over against possibly the next biggest talent on FCW (well... in the next few months anyway).

Why do I think the Katie Lea storyline is going to eventually get Dusty fired? Is it just me? I don't think the tag champs would assault Dusty... or would they? Nice backstage angle with the assault as well... you've played that out well.

Typical heel tactics from Reiher there... if I'm to be honest though it may have been better if he deliberately got himself disqualified... which would have probably infuriated Afa more than just the countout?

Apologies for only a "partial" review, but on the whole a good show.
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RAW Results - 14th April 2008
Live from The Tokyo Dome
Tokyo, Japan

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

  • Evolution’s reunion promo being interrupted by The McMahon Men, and the announcement that they will meet at Backlash in a non sanctioned match
  • JBL’s horrific line about Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley possibly miscarrying hers and Triple H’s unborn baby, leading to the all out brawl
  • Eric Bischoff having security escort Evolution out of the arena
  • William Regal agreeing to become the Executive Assistant to Eric Bischoff and being told he will be in charge when Raw comes to Japan (this week)
  • Regal announcing that John Cena would face Kane for the WWE Championship in the main event
  • Kenny Dykstra being interviewed by Leticia Cline with John Cena interrupting and asking Kenny what his name was
  • The main event for the WWE title with Dykstra coming down and distracting Cena to allow Kane to win the match and retain the gold
  • After the match and Orton striking out of nowhere with an RKO to Kane
  • Kane sitting up as Orton walked back up the stage at the end of the show

***Opening Video***
“Wanna Be Loved”


JR & The King welcome us to Raw, live from Japan. They say how great it is to be in Japan, and remind us that one person who isn’t here is Raw’s Head of Authority, Eric Bischoff, leaving his Executive Assistant, William Regal in sole charge of Raw tonight when. . .

“Voices” hits as Randy Orton walks down to the ring to heat from the Japanese crowd. Dressed in his casual clothes and looking very smug, The Legend Killer collects a microphone and walks back in to the centre of the ring. He says that after all the cloud last week, it’s clear now that his rematch is set, it won’t be John Cena he has to beat at Backlash, it will be Kane. He then says that over the last week, he’s been going back and forth on what it’s going to take to beat The Big Red Machine and take back his title, and despite what people think, he knows he can, scraps that and says he knows he will once again become the WWE Champion. He says that he proved last week he’s smarter than Kane, coming out of nowhere and taking his chance, and promises to do the exact same thing when it matters at Backlash in just under two weeks. He then says that he knows it’s not going to be easy, there’s no doubt Kane has been impressive since coming to Raw, but he’s not as impressive as The Legend Killer. He then says that Kane might have retained the title last week, but his next defence will be his last.

He says that Kane might be the WWE Champion right now, but the fact is Kane never beat the champion, he never beat Randy Orton, and he never will. He says he will be taking back what’s his, the title that he never lost, and therefore should still be his, the WWE Championship, and says that it he’s going to do whatever it takes to get it back as he deserves it. The fans boo, but a section of the crowd cheer as “Burned” blasts out with Kane walking down to the ring alongside Paul Bearer. Orton doesn’t look too fazed, but a little cautious as Bearer and Kane climb in to the ring. Kane walks over to Orton and stands right in front of him, but Bearer tells The Legend Killer that despite his actions last week, he is safe for now, but it’s only because Kane will wait to Backlash to make him painfully eat his words and beat him like everybody who has crossed his path for the last three months. Kane steps back as Bearer says that, and Orton says that everything has to come to an end, and so will Kane’s title reign. He says that he’s the dominant one, and he’s proved it for six months until the WWE Championship was wrongfully taken away from him.

Kane tilts his neck and Bearer grins as Orton gets angrier and says that Kane’s title reign will come to an end in the blink of eye, just like ten years ago, and says that he guarantees it. Bearer tells Orton that’s what he might think, but that’s not what’s going to happen, Kane will unleash a suffering he never thought existed as Kane then walks right back towards a worried looking Orton. He stares right at the menacing eyes of Kane under the mask, but Bearer then tells Kane to wait and steps in between them. Orton steps back as Bearer looks at Kane and tells him to be calm, but Orton spots his opportunity and spins Bearer round and plants him with an RKO. Before Kane can react, Orton makes his escape by sliding out of the ring and under the bottom rope to safety as Kane walks over to the ropes and steps over them. Orton runs to the ramp and halfway up it as Kane stops and stares at the grinning former champion. The Big Red Machine turns his head back and looks at Bearer before turning back and staring menacingly at Orton.

[Commercial Break]

***Video Promo***
During the Break

Randy Orton paces through the back, and Todd Grisham catches up with him. Orton carries on walking with Grisham doing the same and asking Orton where he’s going. Orton tells him that he’s done his job tonight, and that’s making an impact. He stares at Grisham and tells him and says there’s only one thing left to do, and that’s at Backlash when he’s going to finish the job and take back his title. Grisham stays still as Orton then walks away and out of the building.

Also, medics are shown attending to Paul Bearer in the ring during the break, placing a neck brace on him and then placing him on a stretcher. It then went on to show Kane standing in the back amongst referees and medics as Bearer was put in to an ambulance. Kane lifted his head up as it drove away, and the camera zoomed in on The Big Red Machine’s evil eyes.

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

Cryme Time & The Colon’s
blow up backstage with Carlito standing up to Shad after mocking him and JTG, only to get knocked down by the big man, setting up the next match.


***Match #1***

Cryme Time vs
The Colon Brothers w/Eric Perez

Carlito & JTG pick themselves back up with Carlito throwing a wild right, but JTG blocks it and hits a right hand of his own. He then grabs Carlito by the arm and tries for an irish whip, but it’s reversed, and as JTG comes back off the ropes, he stuns Carlito by connecting with a LEG LARIAT. . . . . Both men fall to the mat and crawl across to make the tag to their respective partners. Shad & Eddie race through the ropes, and it’s Shad who strikes first, taking Eddie down with a clothesline. The younger Colon brother is right back up though, only for Shad to send him back down with another clothesline. As Eddie gets up again, Shad scoops him up and walks in to the corner, dropping Eddie’s head on to the top turnbuckle pad for a little SNAKE EYES. . . . . Cheers come from the crowd with Perez looking worried on the outside as Shad grabs the staggering Eddie and plants him with a BACK SUPLEX SIDE SLAM. . . . . Carlito can only watch on as Shad shifts across the mat and makes a cover . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Eddie just gets his shoulder up, but Shad isn’t wasting any time as he stands back up and urges his opponent up. It takes Eddie several seconds before he shows any sign of movement, but as starts to sit up, Perez walks round on the outside and pulls JTG down off the apron. Perez backs up as the referee turns round to see what’s going on, and Shad does the same. With the ref’s back turned, Carlito enters the ring and walks up behind Shad, nailing him with THE BACKSTABBER. . . . . Boos ring out as Carlito rushes back on to the apron while Eddie makes the cover with the ref turning round to hurry across and count the fall . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNERS: The Colon Brothers by pinfall @ 5.41.

AFTERMATH: “Cool” hits as Carlito joins Eddie in the ring and they have a little brotherly hug with Perez then climbing in to the ring. They look down and smile at Shad as JTG then sits back up on the outside looking disappointed.


The Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston & Kelly Kelly, Cody Rhodes’ girlfriend are hanging out in Kelly’s locker room. There’s a little tension between them after Cody’s blow up last week, with Kelly telling Kofi she doesn’t know what got in to him. She says that maybe he thinks there is something going on with them, but then says after they left the show last week, she told Cody she wanted to wrestle and got a match for this week. Kelly starts to get a bit emotional as she starts talking quicker, telling Kofi that Cody said he didn’t want her wrestling and getting hurt. She then says that Cody’s changed, he’s really getting to her and she doesn’t know why, and he even told her he wouldn’t support her during her match tonight. Kofi shakes his head in disgust and tells her that she can wrestle if she wants, and that if Cody doesn’t go to the ring with her, he will. Kelly says thanks, but Cody Rhodes walks in and he doesn’t look happy at all. He yells at Kelly and has a go at her for telling Kofi what’s going on with them. Kofi steps forward and protects Kelly, then tells Cody that if she wants to wrestle, she can, it’s not up to him.

Cody tells him it’s none of his business, and that he’s only looking out for her as he doesn’t want her getting hurt. Kelly says that she won’t, and that she doesn’t tell him not to wrestle, but Cody says he can look after himself. Kelly says she can look after herself too, even without him if she has too and tells Cody that there’s nothing he can do to stop her, then storms out of the room, leaving an angry Cody to stare at Kofi. He asks Kofi if he’s happy, turning his girlfriend against him and parading around with the Intercontinental Championship that they won together. He then sarcastically asks him if he wants the keys to his car too before saying (sarcastically again) he’s real sorry he has to leave, but he has to go and sort this mess out, and accuses Kofi of causing it. Cody turns round and walks towards the door, but stops and turns back round. He tells Kofi any friendship they had is through, and tells him to stay the hell away from Kelly, or he’ll have no problem dealing with him. Kofi stares back at him as the angry Cody turns round and slams the door on his way out.

[Commercial Break]

William Regal is sat down in his office, looking very cosy and pleased for himself as he sips his cup of tea when Santino Marella & Melina walk in. Regal sits up straight with Santino looking very angry. He tells Regal he wants to speak to the boss man and asks where he is with Regal then telling him that Mr. Bischoff is taking a week off and that he is in charge tonight. Santino turns to Melina and whispers to her that it looks like he will have talk to the gorilla and not the organ thing. It looks like Regal missed it and asks Santino if he plans on wasting his time any further or if he can actually be of any assistance. Santino then says that he wants Finlay and his little green dwarf punished for scaring Melina half to death last week. He says that it was disgusting and that Melina had to shower five times a day to get rid of the horrible smell, but jokingly says of course he suggested it and scrubbed her back each time. Melina looks at Santino and tells him to be serious, but he seems to have drifted off.

He looks to be thinking about the showers with a big smile as Melina then shakes her head and turns to Regal. She tells him that she’s been having nightmares all week about what happened and that she nearly didn’t come tonight. Melina turns round and sees Santino still grinning widely and slaps his arm before shouting his name. He snaps out of it and asks Regal if he can imagine what it would be like if Melina & Santino Marella weren’t on Raw tonight, and then says that there would be chaos here in China, getting a lot of heat from the Japanese fans in the arena. Regal has a short think and tells them that he agrees with them that Finlay and his leprechaun can be a pain in the backside. He then says that he will pass on their sentiments to Finlay and that he will have a strong word with him about keeping the little rapscallion in order. Santino tells him to make sure that he does and bids him farewell. Regal stands up after they’ve left and says to himself that he better go find that troublesome little bugger.


JR says that there’s some trouble breaking out in the back, and we cut to see Kane assaulting Cryme Time in the production area. He pushes Shad in to some storage boxes, lifts JTG up by the throat and tosses him against the wall, then grabs Shad by the head and throws him in to some metal poles that are piled up against the wall. Shad falls to the floor with the poles falling on top of him. Kane stares down at them for a couple of seconds before turning round and storming away.


Melina makes her entrance with Santino Marella by her side, both looking very confident as “Holla” hits. Kelly Kelly walks out looking happier than before, getting a pop from the crowd, but as she gets half way down the ramp, Cody Rhodes follows her out and jogs down the ramp and grabbing her arm. He tries to get her to go to the back, but she tries to pull herself free. Then we see Kofi Kingston running down to try and smooth things over, and he pulls Cody away from Kelly, allowing her to make her way in to the ring. She turns back and shakes her head as Kofi & Cody argue before walking down to the ring and watching the match.

***Match #2***

Kelly Kelly w/Cody Rhodes & Kofi Kingston
vs Melina w/Santino Marella

ENDING: Melina pulls a groggy Kelly back up to her feet and tries for an irish whip in to the corner, but Kelly is able to reverse it with Melina’s back hitting the pads hard. Kelly then backs up before running in at Melina and connecting with a HANDSTANDS BACK ELBOW SMASH. . . . . The fans like that, as does Kofi on the outside, clapping away to the obvious anger of Cody. Back in the ring, Melina staggers out of the corner with Kelly climbing up to the top rope, then jumping off and taking her down with a DIVING CROSS BODY. . . . . . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Melina lifts Kelly off her, and Kelly stands back up to try and pull Melina back up. With Santino encouraging her, Melina is able to drive a right arm in to the gut of Kelly Kelly before rising to her feet and pulling her hair to drag her to the mat before nailing her with a CURB STOMP. . . . . Santino raises his arms in the air and turns round to gloat to the fans in the front row with Melina smiling at the sight. But the boos turn in to cheers as Hornswoggle emerges from under the ring and slides inside behind Melina to grab hold of her leg. She screams out loud, surprising Santino who turns round in shock. He stands up on the apron and tells the referee to get him off, and he does. Melina shudders with utter horror as Kelly picks herself up behind her, and as she gets to her feet, Santino ignores Melina and jumps down off the apron, making a bee line for Hornswoggle. Melina then turns around and in to a ROUNDHOUSE KICK. . . . . A big pop breaks out as Santino chases Hornswoggle round the ring as the referee makes the count . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Kelly Kelly by pinfall @ 4.37.

AFTERMATH: “Holla” hits as Kelly sits up in shock at her victory at the first attempt on Raw. Hornswoggle runs around the ring and away from Santino with Finlay walking out to the ramp to meet him. Santino looks furious as he reaches inside the ring and pulls Melina out and helps her up. Kelly stands back up with both Kofi & Cody getting in to join her. Kelly sees Kofi first and she hugs him with a big smile on her face. Cody walks over and pulls them apart, the tries to hug her himself, but she turns her back and walks away, leaving the ring. Cody yells at Kofi as Kelly walks up the ramp by herself. She then turns round and sees Cody shove Kofi, but the Intercontinental Champion pushes him right back, and harder than Cody, sending him further back. Kofi turns round and sees Kelly standing there, looking disgusted as Kofi turns back and stares at Cody.

[Commercial Break]

William Regal
is talking on his cell phone while walking down the hallway and back in to his office where Evolution are waiting for him. Triple H, Batista & Ric Flair are all stood up looking very serious, dressed in smart casual clothing. They take Regal by surprise, and still on the phone, he tells Eric Bischoff to hold on for a moment. Triple H catches on who Regal’s talking to and grabs the phone from him. He rants down the phone at Bischoff, telling him he’s still livid at being kicked out last week and wants to get his hands on The McMahon’s tonight. He listens for several seconds and responds by saying that there’s no way they’re going to wait until Backlash, and tells Bischoff there will be hell to pay if they’re made to wait. There’s another short pause as he listens to Bischoff and then says that they’re going to let Regal decide since he’s the man in charge tonight. Triple H ends the call abruptly and gives the phone back to Regal, then tells Regal it’s all down to him to make the match for later on. Regal looks a little worried and back pedals ever so slightly as he explains that Mr. Bischoff clearly said they would have wait to Backlash, and that’s what they’ll have to do.

The Game looks back at Batista & Flair, who all walk right up to Regal and crowd him. Triple H asks him again, if he’s going to listen to Bischoff and risk this being his last night not just as GM, but his last night with the use of both of his legs before giving him the alternative of standing up for himself and to make his own decision, saying that must have been why Bischoff hired him in the first place. He then asks Regal if he is his own man, or if he’s just Bischoff’s bitch. That hits a nerve with Regal and he says that he is more than capable of making his own decision, and that there is going to be a match tonight, not just an ordinary match, but a no disqualification match. Flair says that’s more like it as Regal continues, saying that later on tonight, it will be Triple H going one on one with JBL. A big pop comes from the arena as Triple H gently slaps Regal on the cheek and tells him he’s done the right thing with an intense Batista backing away first, followed by Trips and Naitch. Regal breathes a sigh of relief as they’re about to leave, but The Game turns back and asks Regal if he wants them to go and tell The McMahon’s, or if he wants to do it himself. All three members of Evolution smile as Regal gets a real look of worry on his face as we then hear the door close behind the nervous Executive Assistant.


“Ain’t No Make Believe” hits as John Morrison & The Miz make their way down to the ring, looking smug to heat from the crowd. The Miz goes and asks for a microphone from Lilian Garcia. He says that in less than two weeks, he and John Morrison, the tag team of the century will be going to Backlash to take on two men who could only dream of being half the way near the champions he and Morrison are going to be. He then says that right now, he has the privilege of beating one of them in Brian Kendrick, and that he’s going to win tonight like he and The Shaman of Sexy will at Backlash. He then tells the fans not to worry because the titles are safe for now before turning to the stage, aiming his message at the champs, saying that once Backlash is over, London & Kendrick won’t just be jealous, but they’ll be the former tag team champions. He drops his microphone, and a few seconds later, “Rocker” hits to a pop from the crowd as Paul London & Brian Kendrick walk down to the ring with purpose.

***Match #3***

Brian Kendrick w/Paul London
vs The Miz w/John Morrison

ENDING: The Miz stands back from Kendrick, urging him up as one half of the World Tag Team Champions makes his way back up to his feet. As Kendrick gets back up to a vertical base, The Miz runs at him for a clothesline, but Kendrick ducks underneath his arm. Miz stops himself and turns round, only to be on the receiving end of a DROPSAULT. . . . . Cheers break out in the crowd as both men then pick themselves back up with Kendrick grabbing Miz by the wrist and whipping him in to the corner. He follows in and hits him with a BACK FLIP DROPKICK. . . . . Kendrick lands on his feet and takes a couple of steps back as Miz then staggers out in to a SUPER KICK. . . . . The Miz just falls flat to the canvas with Kendrick dropping down and going for a cover . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Morrison leaps up on to the apron and distracts the referee, who stops the count and stands up, as does Kendrick. Paul London decides to take his own actions on the outside as he runs round to meet Morrison, but Kendrick runs at him himself and dropkicks him off the apron. He stays by the ropes for a couple of seconds and stares down angrily at Morrison as London watches on and grins. Kendrick then turns round and walks back over to pull the squirming Miz back up to his feet, grabbing him by the head and setting him up for THE SLICED BREAD. . . . . With the fans getting behind him, Kendrick runs in to the corner, but as he runs up the ropes, The Miz dodges the bullet by throwing him off his shoulder. Kendrick lands on his feet though and turns round straight away, causing the panicked Miz to run right at him. Kendrick acts quickly again, kicking him in the gut, grabbing his head and placing it under his arm, running in to the ropes and spring boarding for a CYCLONE DDT. . . . . A massive cheer beaks out as Kendrick goes for the cover . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Brian Kendrick by pinfall @ 6.08.

AFTERMATH: “Rocker” hits to a pop from the crowd as London joins Kendrick the ring with Morrison pulling The Miz out. London walks over to Kendrick, but his partner turns his back on him in the heat of the moment and walks over to the ropes, talking smack at Morrison as The Miz comes round. London pats Kendrick on the back and stands alongside him, but Kendrick remains focused on Morrison & Miz as he stares right at the challengers to the tag team titles at Backlash, seeming to be unaware or just ignoring his partner.


JR says that we need to cut the back, and we see Val Venis laid out in the hallway, completely out cold with a couple of production workers standing over him. One of them tells the other to go and get some help and to tell Mr. Regal what’s happened.

***Video Promo***

[Commercial Break]

***Video Promo***

Shots of Kane in a deserted warehouse are shown with a worried looking Randy Orton lurking in the corners. A trail of fire then ignites around the now empty warehouse with glass shattering.

VOICEOVER: There comes a time when consequences will be felt. . . They come when you least expect them. . . They come when you don’t want them, but you have no option but to deal with them. . . You have to deal with the Backlash.


Todd Grisham is stood outside The McMahon’s locker room. He tells us that he received word during the commercial break that William Regal had come to tell The McMahon’s that JBL will compete in a no disqualification match with Triple H later on this evening. He then says that he’s about to go and get their reaction to it, turning round and knocking on the door. An angry yell of “what” can be heard as Grisham reluctantly opens the door and steps inside. Vince, Shane & JBL are all angrily pacing around the room, and it’s Vince who sees Grisham first, then asks him just what the hell he wants and if Regal has sent him to tell them that he’s changed his mind and that his son will have to face all three members instead of just one. Grisham calmly says that’s not the case and that he only wanted to get their thoughts on the match coming up later on. They all stop still and look at him with JBL then telling him to come to him, which he reluctantly does. JBL tells him that Eric Bischoff is supposed to be an independent head of authority, then repeats the words independent. He says that he was employed by Linda McMahon to be impartial, and yet here he is allowing some two bit secretary to make a no disqualification match between him and Triple H. He calls it farcical and that he is not going to stand for such actions as these to take place any longer. He then says that if Bischoff and his English fairy are going to take the law in to their own hands, so are he and his family, then tells Grisham to get out before he really gets angry. Todd can’t wait to escape, walking quickly across to the door and out of it as the camera zooms in on the red hot JBL.


“Priceless” hits to heat from the arena as the very arrogant couple of the Million Dollar Champion, Ted DiBiase Jr & Maryse make their way down to the ring. They both look smug as hell as DiBiase collects a microphone and says that last week, he continued his 100% record since joining Raw, but yet again it was against someone who he doesn’t even acknowledge as a wrestler. He says that he knows that there is no one else at his level, but he wants competition, someone who could actually challenge him and give him the chance to prove why he is simply priceless. He smirks as the crowd boo him, but that short pause is interrupted as “My Time Is Now” blasts out to a huge pop from the Japanese crowd, leaving DiBiase & Maryse in shock. John Cena walks with a purpose down to the ring and slides right inside, causing DiBiase & Maryse to leave and walk to the ramp. They stay at the bottom and look disapprovingly at Cena who picks up the microphone DiBiase left. He looks at and then past them as he tells him it was nothing personal, he’s down here for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to tell Kenny Dykstra to get his ass down to the ring right now.

Cena pulls off his shirt as he waits for Dykstra with DiBiase & Maryse still staring at him with frustration and anger. After a few seconds, “Pure Control” hits to heat from the fans as Kenny Dykstra walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand, looking very pleased with himself, dressed in his ring gear. He tells Cena that he’s not out here to fight as he doesn’t answer to other people, they answer to him. He then says that Cena has to realise what happened last week was just a consequence of disrespecting a future hall of famer, and that it’s Cena who was in the wrong for showing him no respect, not him for costing Cena a chance at becoming the WWE Champion. Boos ring out as Dykstra stares down at the pissed off Cena with DiBiase & Maryse giggling at Dykstra’s comments. He then says that it’s good to see that Cena knows his name now, and maybe, just maybe, he learnt his lesson last week, don’t screw around with Kenny Dykstra, or you will regret it. Cena seems to cool down and says that it’s alright, he’ll accept all that crap from Kenny as a cover for saying I’m a coward and just do what needs to be done, if Kenny won’t come to him, then he’ll go to Kenny himself.

Cena is about to step through the ropes when William Regal appears on the tron, standing up in his office. He says that he’s had enough people running rot tonight, and it’s going to stop right now. He then tells Dykstra that he will answer to him, and that he should listen carefully to what he is going to say now. He says that despite the fact he won’t allow them to brawl like thugs tonight, they will compete in tag team action right now with Ted DiBiase being Dykstra’s partner since DiBiase wants serious competition. He then says that Cena’s partner, another one of tonight’s troublemakers will be out in a matter of moments, but he would also like to announce that at Backlash, John Cena will get his wish as he will go one on one with Kenny Dykstra. Cena grins and Dykstra takes it on the chin as he walks down the ramp to join DiBiase & Maryse. They get in the ring and stand opposite Cena for a couple of seconds as Cena invites them to go at him until “Lambeg” hits and Finlay makes his way down the ramp along with Hornswoggle to a pop from the crowd.

***Match #4***

John Cena & Finlay vs
Kenny Dykstra & Ted DiBiase Jr w/“The Million Dollar Woman” Maryse

ENDING: Dykstra stands back up, closely followed by Finlay and he then throws a right hand at the Irishman, putting him on the back foot. He then grabs him by the arm and whips him in to the ropes, but as Finlay hits them, Dykstra jumps up early as he goes for a dropkick with Finlay holding on to the ropes as Dykstra crashes down to the mat. Finlay takes a couple of seconds to recover before walking across to his corner with Dykstra also crawling across to his corner as Finlay makes the tag to a fired up John Cena. He wastes no time in climbing through the ropes and racing across to try and pull Dykstra back, but he jumps up and makes the tag to DiBiase. Cena looks pissed as he holds on to Kenny’s boot, desperately wanting to get his hands on him, but it gives DiBiase the chance to strike. He enters the ring and fires a shot to the side of Cena, then turns back and runs the ropes, but as he comes back, Cena runs at him and runs through off the ropes. As both men then come back off the opposite set of ropes, Cena takes him down with a DIVING SHOULDER TACKLE. . . . . The crowd cheer loudly as Cena gets back up with DiBiase struggling back up to his feet with Cena shifting behind and lifting him on to his shoulder to plant him with a SPIN OUT POWERBOMB. . . . . Cena holds on to the youngsters legs as he tries for a cover . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . KICK OUT! . . . . .

Maryse looks relieved on the outside as her man just kicks out. Cena stands back up with DiBiase struggling back up yet again, and as he just about stands about, Cena runs past him and off the ropes behind, comes back and connects with THE THROWBACK. . . . . Cheers ring out again as Cena goes for another cover . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . DiBiase kicks out again, putting up a big fight, but Dykstra enters the ring too to make sure. Cena leaps back up to his feet and charges at Kenny, clotheslining him over the top rope to the floor below. Cena looks hot and turns back in to his corner to tag in Finlay before running back across the ring and baseball sliding under the bottom rope. He grabs hold of Dykstra as he gets up by the barricade and clotheslines him over and in to the crowd. Cena jumps over as he then picks Kenny up and brawls trough the fans as Finlay watches on before going back to work on DiBiase. He walks over to him and is about to pull him up when Santino Marella walks down the ramp with an angry expression on his face. Finlay sees him and watches on as Santino grabs the shillelagh from the corner and runs back up the ramp. Finlay doesn’t look happy and walks towards the ropes, but DiBiase races up to his feet, walks up behind Finlay, spins him round and plants him with a COBRA CLUTCH LEG SWEEP. . . . . The youngster hooks both legs as the referee makes the count . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNERS: Kenny Dykstra & Ted DiBiase by pinfall @ 7.50.

AFTERMATH: “Priceless” hits as Finlay DiBiase stands back up to get his arm raised by the referee. Maryse climbs in and passes him the Million Dollar belt for him to raise in the air, posing for the crowd with his ever present arrogance.

[Commercial Break]

Leticia Cline is standing by, and introduces us to her guest at this time, Natalya Neidhart. Boos can be heard from the arena with Leticia then asking Natalya about how Victoria was at ringside last week to watch her victory over Candice Michelle. Natalya says that Victoria got a glimpse of her future as she made Candice tap out to the sharpshooter. She then says that Victoria thought life would be easy for her after winning the Womens Championship at Wrestlemania and with Beth being drafted to Smackdown. Natalya points out that it couldn’t be further from the truth as she is even more ruthless and determined than Beth was, and that the first chance she gets to take the title away from Victoria, she is going to take it from her like candy from a baby, and that there’s nothing Victoria will be able to do about it. Leticia thanks Natalya for the time, and just as Natalya walks out of the shot, Santino Marella & Melina walk past Leticia, laughing and joking.

With the shillelagh still in his hand, Santino says that he showed everyone that no one messes with Santino Marella, He smiles along with Melina before saying it’s time for them to go try and find some food they can actually eat, but just as they turn round, a production worker runs up behind and stops them by shouting Santino’s name. Santino turns around and looks really cheesed off, telling him he has somewhere he needs to be with his beautiful lady friend. The worker tells him that William Regal’s ordered him to be in a match right now. Santino looks pissed and tells him there is no way he is going to wrestle now, but he looks down at the shillelagh and smiles. He then says that it is okay, he has a new toy to help him, then he grabs Melina by the hand and tells her to follow him. He turns back and asks the worker who his opponent is, but he says he doesn’t know. Santino says it doesn’t matter, with his rattle, he can beat anyone.


His music plays as we cut to the arena where eventually he walks out looking very confident with Melina. He stands in the ring and puts the shillelagh in the corner and waits for his opponent, and after about five seconds, “Burned” blasts out as Kane, the WWE Champion storms down to the ring with the WWE title draped over his shoulder. Santino’s jaw drops as he watches on while Kane steps over the top rope and drops his belt.

***Match #5***

Non Title Match
Kane vs
Santino Marella w/Melina

ENDING: Santino stands there in absolute shock as Kane slowly walks across to him. As he gets closer, Santino panics and tries to run past The Big Red Machine, but Kane grabs him by the throat. Santino desperately tries to escape his clutches, but Kane lifts him in to the air, but out of nowhere, Orton slides in to the ring from by the timekeeper’s table with a steel chair in hand and smashes Kane in the back. Santino luckily falls to the mat as Orton smashes Kane in the back again, sending the big man down to his knees and causing the ref to call for the bell.

WINNER: Kane by DQ @ 0.21.

AFTERMATH: Santino scurries across the mat and to the outside as Orton drops the chair and steps back to the corner straight away. Kane remains on his knees as Orton races at him instantly, smashing him in the head with the punt. Kane falls flat to the mat as Orton just stares down sadistically. He then turns his head to the side slightly and sees the WWE Championship belt Kane dropped moments ago. He stares at it for several second before walking across and grabbing it. He looks at it for several seconds before placing it on his shoulder and leaving the ring, walking back up the ramp with it as Kane lies motionless in the ring. He stops and turns around, raising the belt in to the air to a ton of heat from the Japanese fans.

***Video Promo***

[Commercial Break]

***The Main Event***

No Disqualification Match

Triple H w/Batista & Ric Flair vs
John “Bradshaw” Layfield w/Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon

ENDING: JBL pulls the dazed looking Triple H back up to his feet and steps back in to the ropes, but as he comes back, The Game explodes by jumping up in to the air and nailing him with a HIGH KNEE SMASH. . . . . The fans like that and cheer to the frustration of JBL’s father and half brother on the outside. JBL sits up after a couple of seconds with The Game then helping him up to his feet and whipping him in to the rope. And as Layfield comes back, Triple H grabs him around the waist and plants him with a DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER. . . . . A huge pop breaks out inside The Tokyo Dome as The King of Kings immediately goes for a cover . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .NO!! . . . . . JBL kicks out, but The Game stands right back up and gets ready for THE PEDIGREE. . . . . He raises both arms up and leans back as JBL stands up with Shane O Mac panicking on the outside and grabbing a steel chair. Back on the inside, Triple H kicks Layfield in the gut and pulls him in to position, but Shane O Mac slips in to the ring with the chair in hand and levels his brother-in-law across the back, sending him down to the mat. Boos ring out as JBL falls too and as Batista & Flair race up to the apron with Shane sliding right back out to heat from the fans. He drops the chair as the referee tries to reason with Batista & Flair with JBL then stretching his arm out across The Game’s chest.

Vince shouts at the ref to make the count, which he does as he turns round and runs across the mat and counts Triple H’s shoulder . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO!!!!! . . . . . The Game kicked out to the relief of his Evolution team mates, and to the absolute amazement of Vince & Shane McMahon. JBL sits back up in complete shock too, but as he stands up, he reaches in to his trunks and pulls out some brass knucks. Batista & Flair see the danger and hop back up on to the apron, but Vince & Shane quickly run around and pull Flair down, with The Nature Boy’s head hitting the apron on his way down. JBL steps back, and right by Batista, unaware of The Animal until he reaches in and grabs him by the shoulder. JBL turns round and swings at Batista, but he pulls his head back as Triple H slowly picks himself back up. JBL pulls himself free from Batista and turns around to see The Game running right at him, but he steps to the side as Triple H runs right in to Batista, knocking him off the apron. He looks stunned as he sees Dave hit the floor, but as he then turns round, JBL drives his fist and the knucks in to The Game’s face. The fans don’t like it, but they have no choice but to watch as JBL drops to his knees and goes for the cover . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: JBL by pinfall @ 7.39.

AFTERMATH: “Longhorn” hits to a chorus of boos from the crowd as Shane reaches down under the ring and pulls out a trash can. He tosses it over the ropes and climbs up to the apron as JBL drags Triple H over to the corner and sits him up against the pads before positioning the trash can in front of him. With Vince enjoying the view from the outside, Shane then climbs up to the top rope and leaps through the sky, connecting with the Coast to Coast Vince applauds both his sons work as he enters the ring. Batista & Flair start to sit up and can only watch on as Vince stands either side of his sons and raises their arms in the air to end the show.



The Colon Brothers df. Cryme Time
Kelly Kelly df. Melina
Brian Kendrick df. The Miz
Kenny Dykstra & Ted DiBiase df. John Cena & Finlay
Kane df. Santino Marella
JBL df. Triple H

Candice Michelle df. Jillian Hall
Jimmy Wang Yang df. Lance Cade
John Morrison df. Val Venis

Afa Jr df. Trevor Murdoch


Theme Song

“All Summer Long” by Kid Rock

WWE Championship
Kane (c) vs Randy Orton

World Tag Team Championship
Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs John Morrison & The Miz

Non Sanctioned Match
Evolution vs The McMahon Men

John Cena vs Kenny Dykstra

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Prods Raw Feedback

Openning: I tought this was ok, Orton was certainley in character and i liked that he brought up Kane's title reign ten years ago. The only thing i wasnt to keen on was Paul Bearer on the mic, i dont think he has any authority, Orton giving him an RKO and leaving was very good though, it is something he would do alright. Bearer having a neck brace put on etc was cool aswel ha.

Cryme Tyme v Colon Brothers:
There was some good action in this match, with nobody really seeming weak. The right team won aswell for me. Im kind of new to this so im gonna gues eddie is Primo's real name?

Kingston backstage: This was a enjoyable confrontation. It involved three different relationship situations in the one segmant. I can see this going to a Kofi and Rhodes fued with kelly having to make a big decison but at the moment its going really well. Not one of you main fueds but still a good one which says alot.

Regal/ Santino: This was gas. Santino saying China is priceless, can imagine him saying it. Not quiet sure what Santino was looking for though, i tought a match with Finlay would have been made but it was still a good segmant with characters spot on again.

Nice work with Kane taking out his anger backstage.

Kelly v Melina: Impressive preformance by Kelly and glad she won. Im confused though, Hornswoggle and Finaly came down but what happened after? The inetraction with Kofi and Rhodes was good again.

Regal/Evoloution: This was a very real segament. With Triple H using his head to egt what he wants and what will be a brilliant match later. When he was on the phone to Bishoff you described it well with the pauses etc. Regal would be the type of person to get pressured in to doing what he is asked so i liked that.

Miz v Kendrick: Was a decent match, Kendrick was the right person to win but i would have liked to see Morrison egt an attack in after the match. The whole Kendrick kinda ignoring London thing is interesting, not sure if you mean anything by it or just wanted to add to the atmosphere.

McMahon men: English fairy lol!! another good promo with JBL getting soem good words in and showing that they arent happy with the match.

Cena and Finlay v Kenny and Dibiase: Im suprised that they won the match, i know you are giving them a good push which i agree with but didnt think they would beat Cena and Finlay but the fact that Santino cost Finlay the win amd eup for it. None the less it was a good match.

Ha good decision having Santino put against Kane for his actions.

Kane/Santino: Good twist as Orton had earlier left the arena. Im not sure how the punt to the head will go down and how it will affect Kane but time will tell.

Main Event: A match with great action in it but i think it might have been too short if iw as to be ultra critical. A dirty win for JBL was the right way to do it. Shane doing the cost to cost was cool as i love that move and he got some offense in.

Overall: A top class show. Only things i can think of is that Santino was probably involved too much but the matches and promos were spot on. Well done
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


~ Orton opening is always good. He cuts a darn good promo, and this one was no different. I'm not gonna lie, Kane is not my favorite, and this title feud is not one that I would personally pick. However, you're doing great with it. This segment was great, especially the RKO on Bearer. I expected fire to shoot up from the stage as Orton tried to escape lol. The aftermath was very well done, with Orton "running like a scolded dog" (thanks JR), and Kane silently watching the medics attend to Bearer. Very strong opening.

~ Good match here between The Colons and Cryme Time. The Colons getting the cheap win was definatley the right way to go here as Cryme Time will now want revenge and the feud will continue.

~ Awesome backstage segment with Codefi and Kelly Kelly. I really like this storyline, it's the classic friend v. friend angle, and I really think you're doing it well. I loved how you played Kelly's match into it as well, and I expect that this will somehow continue during her match.

~ The Marellina segment was good as well. Santino was very in character, drifting off with the mention of Melina taking showers. I liked Melina too, especially her saying that she'd been having nightmare and taking multiple showers because of Hornswoggle. I don't rteally see anyhting long-term developing here, but it's still fun. The China line was gret too btw.

~ Uh-oh...Kane is PISSED! I don't feel like the beatdowns will end here...

~ Very good pre-match stuff with Codefi. I can't stress enough how much I'm liking this feud. Kelly Kelly had a good first match against Melina too. I love how you managed to continue both storylines with Finlay/Marella and Codefi at the same time. Brilliant!

~ The Evolution backstage segment was also very well done. From the intimidation of Regal, to the going against Bischoff's wishes (which I think will further turn Bischoff and Evolution against each other).

~ The Kendrick/Miz match was basically a squash. I would've liked to have seen more from Miz, but I understand wanting to make Londrick look like gold going into their title match. I saw a couple small details that hint to something big, but I'll keep those quiet to see if anyone else noticed them.

~ Wow...The McMahons didn't liek the announcement. Good stuff here. LOL @ "English fairy". Very intense stuff from the McMahons, the match later should be insane.

~ i liked the interaction between Dykstra and Cena. Good set-up for the tag team match. Regal is getting a lot of screen time tonight, but that kinda makes since seeing as how everything is kinda going crazy without Bischoff there. Perfect way to do this match. Cena and Dykstra battle into the crowd, so neither man loses any credibility by losing. DiBiase looks like a million bucks (no pun intended), and gets the win. Finlay and Santino continue thier beef...awesome!

~ Good Natalya promo. Kinda generic, but she is pretty new, so that is to be expected. Santino is getting a lot of TV time as well. You must have something big planned for this.

~ Great stuff here with Randy Orton beating down Kane and stealing the title. Some may complain that Kane looks weak here after beating people down all night, but Orton did use weapons, and the epic punt kick to the head, so I think what you did here was awesome.

~ The main event was kinda short, but still well done. The McMahons have the momentum for now, how will Evolution retaliate? Perfect way to end the show with the reader wondering where you'll go from here.

OVERALL: This show was darn near perfect. It kept me on the edge of my seat nearly all the way through. The storylines progressed well, each feud got its own time to shine. Everything fell into place perfectly. My only...ONLY problem was the overuse of Santino. I was with you up until the Kane match, I felt that was a tad too much Santino considering he had already appeared in two matches earlier, once as Melina's backup and once to interfere. Other than that, this show was amazing. 9.5/10

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

- I like the Orton and Kane feud. I can see Orton's attacks giving him an attack come Backlash, only for Kane to retain.

- I'm undecided about the Cody angle. It was kind of hard to read without feeling like this might be a soap, then again, it gets the job done of continuing the feud. It's a pretty long promo, which could have been cut shorter, but I'm guessing you want to give those involved extra exposure, so I hope I'm right to believed that they're being pushed up the card.

- Santino promo was good, spot on for him.

- Although I like the match set for the night, I don't like how weak Regal seems to be. Both Santino and Evolution have gotten what they wanted, with pretty much no resistance, and he went against his first decision with Evo. I always preferd Regal as a true authority figure, but it's a question of taste.

- I assume Kane attacked Venis, too, and I'm intrigued as to why, so well done, I'm hooked.

- It's just a matter of the figure you wrote, and has nothing to do with the quality of the show, but the matches were very short. You had 6, but one of them wasn't even a minute, and the main event was less than 10, as were all of the rest.

Overall, I'm really enjoying the Kane - Orton feud, as well as the Maryse - DiBiase pair. Good show, can't wait for the next show.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

BY SC2004>>>

>>> Just a silly thing, but I’m going to say it. Raw is never live from another Country, it’s always shown on time delay as it has to air at 9pm eastern on the USA Network. (I’m a nerd, who cares. LOL)

>>> I like the fact that Regal has been left in charge. I wonder will he try and pull a fast one with Eric out of the picture for the night?

>>> Nice opening. It’s good to see Orton as cocky as ever and he had a right to be after hitting the RKO last week. Orton pretty much guaranteed victory here and I like how you had him get one over again. You need to make Orton look strong because I for one would not expect Kane to drop the title so soon. The RKO to Bearer is a nice way of mixing it up and it may even result in Kane showing some emotion.

>>> Orton made it seem like he was leaving because he had nothing more to do, where in actual fact he was leaving because Kane would be after him. Bearer being taken away in an ambulance sells the attack. I liked how you made it appear as if Kane is about to snap.

>>> Nice way to open the show with this tag team match. I’m not sure if the win will help the Colon Brothers as it wasn’t a clean win which made sense. I think if anything the cheap victory will only further a feud between these two teams.

>>> Brilliant segment packed with drama and real emotion. It’s the kind of segment I love to write. Cody is reminding me of Marc Mero here and how Mero use to bully and control Sable. If you do this storyline well it could make Kelly a star, but not Cody. Ending the friendship between Kofi and Cody came sooner than I had expected, but it made sense after what happened last week. Can’t wait to see where this is going!

>>> Another really well constructed segment here. What I liked the most was the contrast between this segment and the previous segment. Drama followed by comedy. It worked a treat. Santino was hilarious and I loved Regals line about finding the troublesome little bugger.

>>> I kind of saw where you were going with Kane tonight, so the attack on Cryme Tyme wasn’t a surprise. It was however still effective and left me wondering what will he do next?

>>> You’ve just got to love this whole set up during the divas match. Santino chasing Hornswaggle around the ring is worth the price of admission alone. The distraction costs Melina the match, therefore keeping her strong but allowing the face to pick up the win. The aftermath with Kelly, Kofi and Cody was great drama again. This is by far my favourite storyline at the moment.

>>> You’re on fire. Another pitch perfect promo. It was very funny how you had Eric dump on Regal. The JBL, HHH match should be okay. I’m not expecting you to give us to much on free TV. Glad you announced the match early this time, not like on SD last week.

>>> Nice match up with Kendrick and The Miz. It didn’t matter who won, it was all about furthering the tag team feud. I’m huge Miz and Morrison fans, but I always get the urge to split them up. LOL. Poor Val, I guess Kane got to him.

>>> Nice backstage segment with the McMahon boys. You really put across how angry and frustrated they are not just with evolution, but also with Bischoff and the fact Eric has so much power. Vince is used to doing what he likes so it’s no surprise that he’s about to take the law into his own hands.

>>> I think it’s great that you’re using Cena in order to get Dykstra over. I’ve never used him in BTB, but a lot of Bookers seem to hold him in high regard around here. Finlay and Cena as a team seems odd, but I’ll buy it. Pretty huge seeing Dibaise pin Finlay, but you have pushed him to the heavens so I guess I shouldn’t be so shocked. Also Santino distracted Finlay so I guess the finish wasn’t exactly a clean one. A Lot of Santino on the show tonight!

>>> As I’ve just said, Santino was all over the show tonight. To much IMO. I like how you set up the match, but I don’t like the booking of the match. Kane should of just went on attacking people and I can’t see why Regal would want to punish Santino, he didn’t do anything wrong really. It was brilliant how you had Orton return and attack Kane. I didn’t see it coming and it was exactly what you needed to do tonight.

>>> I honestly didn’t see the Game getting pinned here. There was a lot of outside interference from the get go and the match itself was chaotic. I wonder whether or not HHH will be mad at Batista after what happened??? It was a pretty good night for the heels. Orton and The McMahon’s looked strong as did Dibaise and Dykstra.

OVERALL: No need to go into much detail, a pretty brilliant show. The only thing I didn’t like was your over use of Santino. Apart from that this was just a great read mate.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Raw Review

The opening promo was very good and a good way to kick off the show. Just the sort of promo you would expect from Orton and Kane and Bearer coming down was good, and this did a lot to develop this feud. Orton seemed a little less afriad than he has been in recent weeks which is good. I liked what both Orton and Bearer had to say, and the RKO on Bearer was awesome. That was a really great move to make this rivalry even more intense and Kane is sure to be fuming, i'm looking forward to what happens from this.

The segments after with Bearer getting taken to the Hospital is a good little idea to put over what Orton just did, and I guess since he's not a wrestler he can get away with being this hurt. Orton leaving is interesting, not sure if he'll stay out, but it means Kane will have to unleash his anger on someone else.

Good win for the Colon Brothers here, seemed like a decent match and it ended in a realistic way. Should be a rematch soon.

This was a great segment, as you know I am really enjoying this feud and this segment was very good to create even more tension between Kofi and Cody. Cody was great here acting like a really controlling heel, and LOL at Cody telling a wrestler not to wrestle. This is getting really interesting and I'm just waiting for Cody to attack Kofi.

This was another very good segment, really enjoyed it. Santino was funny as usual and him saying China instead of Japan was funny, as was him thinking about Melina in the shower. Regal was great too, and I wonder what else he'll be doing on his night in charge.

Kane taking out Cryme Time is cool, I wonder who else he'll be taking his anger out on.

Impressive win for Kelly Kelly, and you managed to continue Melina's problems with Hornswaggle at the same time which is good booking. The aftermath was great and the problems between these two appear to be getting worse.

Another well written promo here. Evolution kinda came off a bit like heels but they can all be like that, and it doesn't really make Regal look very powerful on his night in control looking scared of them, but the match had to be set up and Regal got his authority by making the match. Good segment and the No DQ match should be good.

This was a nice little match, I was expecting The Miz to pick up the win so he and Morrison continue to impress as we approach Backlash, but I guess Kendrick has to look strong as it looks like he'll be in line for a push in the future. Plus London and kendrick get a big win which makes them look like they could retain at Backlash. Nice pre match promo too.

The reaction from the McMahon's was interesting, they look a bit worried but I'm sure they'll find some way of getting involved in the match. JBL's rant was good and it was quite funny what he said about Regal.

The promo to set up the tag match was very good, all three men were right in character and were all entertaining, Dykstra especially was great. Regal setting up the tag match is good to allow him to make a decision, and it gets Finlay on the card again, although I don't like face Finlay and Hornswaggle, guess you need another credible face on the show. The match itself seemed like a great match, perfect ending too and you allowed DiBiase to pick up the big pinfall, and you continued the Cena/Dykstra rivalry by having them brawl through the crowd. Santino distracting Finlay means Finlay doesn't lose too much credibility too.

Next two segments were good too, Natalya's wasn't anything special but got her some mic time, and I liked her comment about Victoria thinking life was going to be easy. Santino was great again, he's been on a lot but he's hilarious so it doesn't matter too much, and him calling the shillelagh a rattle was funny lol.

Wow, Kane! Thought he was going to destroy Santino here but the DQ is better for Santino. The attack from Orton after was quite surprising, I suspected he might possibly come back though after saying he was leaving earlier. It's good for Orton to get one up on Kane again, but I think he may regret it next week.

The main event was really well done, this is a huge win for the McMahon's and the dirty win is just what you'd expect in a No DQ match. The use of the brass knucks was good and i liked how you had Batista knocked off the apron. Batista to turn on Evolution? I know I predicted it for Mania but it could happen again now, but I still think they'll stay together. HHH could be mad at Batista too, so it'll be good to see where this goes. The Coast to Coast is always great to see and it leaves the McMahon's looking good to close the show.

Very entertaining show once again mate, good job.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

^^Thanks for all the feedback, it’s good to know the Cody/Kofi/Kelly storyline is going down well, it’s my favourite one to write at the moment. There was too much Santino looking back like most of you touched on, way too much of him in fact. I forgot about his appearance at ringside with Melina, but still, like you pointed out, he featured too heavily despite that anyway. My bad!^^


There was tension between John Cena & Kenny Dykstra ever since the moment the former Cruiserweight Champion was drafted to Raw a couple of weeks ago. It spilled over in to last week’s show when Cena made a light hearted comment about not knowing Dykstra’s name, something that didn’t amuse the arrogant youngster one bit. He took it upon himself to make sure Cena knew his name by playing a major role in the main event that saw Kane retain the WWE Championship over Cena.

Last night, Cena was clear on exactly who Kenny is, calling him down to the ring to get his retribution. Dykstra made an appearance, but he was adamant he wouldn’t be doing what Cena told him to do, forcing Cena’s hand. He was about to go right after Dykstra until William Regal brought things to a halt, and announced that they will meet at Backlash, as well as making an impromptu tag team match which saw Cena & Dykstra on opposite teams. The hatred spilled over, leading to them fighting through the crowd.

It looks like being one hell of an explosive contest when they go head to head at Backlash in under two weeks time.

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