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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hey Nige preview looks good i am very interested to see what happens next in the thread. You finally made it to Mania and posted a great event and now you have the draft another exciting event. A lot is riding on this show as it just about decides where you go with the BTB from here so i am quite excited to read. Best of luck bro.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Great preview Nige. This show should be huge, the fallout from Mania is always good and the draft should lead to some very interesting storylines, I'm looking forward to seeing who goes where. Can't wait for the show mate.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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WWE.com - HOMEPAGE (Raw Results - 31st March 2008)

I was going to hold off until the end of the week, but i thought i might as well post it now.

RAW Results
31st March 2008

Orlando Arena
Orlando, Florida


From Wrestlemania 24

“Thanks for the Memories” by Fall Out Boy

  • The opening pyro display
  • Matt Hardy & Shelton Benjamin making their way to the ring
  • Matt dodging The Pay Dirt and hitting the Twist of Fate
  • Matt celebrating his victory with the United States title raised high in the air
  • Beth Phoenix & Victoria walking down to the ring
  • Victoria escaping Beth’s chicken wing lift for The Widow’s Peak
  • Victoria holding her newly won Womens Championship
  • MVP knocking Kennedy & then Jericho off the ladder with the smaller one
  • MVP climbing up the ladder and claiming the briefcase
  • Matt Sydal hitting the Shooting Star Press on Dykstra
  • Chavo going for the Frog Splash with Kenny getting his knees up and Shane connecting with the super kick
  • Shane lifting his new title in to the air
  • Jeff Hardy & CM Punk walking down to the ring
  • Punk’s suicide dive in to the steel chair shot
  • Punk stopping Jeff’s head on to the steel chair
  • Punk hitting the GTS and the ref calling for the bell
  • Punk grinning on the ramp
  • John Morrison nailing Brian Kendrick with a step up enziguri
  • Kendrick hitting the Sliced Bread #2 on Jamie Noble
  • The double suicide dive from London & Kendrick
  • Noble turning round in to the C4
  • The Undertaker & Umaga making their way to the ring
  • The leg drop through the announce table by the dead man
  • Taker choking Umaga with the rope
  • Taker’s signature pose at the end of the match
  • Evolution & The McMahon’s walking down to the ring
  • Shane McMahon leaping for the Coast to Coast, but getting speared by Batista
  • JBL’s Clothesline from Wall Street on Batista, turning round in to a double A spinebuster from Triple H
  • Vince tapping out to the figure four
  • Evolution posing in the ring with Eric Bischoff looking on
  • John Cena, Kane & Randy Orton walking to the ring
  • Kane chokeslamming Cena and then hitting the Tombstone Piledriver
  • Orton sliding in too late to see Bearer putting the title on Kane
  • Shawn Michaels & Edge making their way to the ring
  • Michaels’ elbow drop through the announce table
  • Edge trying to hit Michaels with the chair but hitting the ropes with the chair rebounding in to his face and turning in to a super kick
  • Edge spearing Michaels again but seeing the foot on the rope
  • Edge kicking Michaels away from the ropes but running in to the super kick
  • Michaels posing with the title as the fireworks go off


“Wanna Be Loved”


JR & The King are at ringside. They say that Wrestlemania was incredible last night, crowning a new WWE Champion in the shape of The Big Red Machine, Kane, but that tonight is also going to be an amazing night as every single member of Raw & Smackdown are eligible to be drafted right here tonight. He then says that they have the pleasure of being joined by Smackdown’s Michael Cole & The Coach. Cole says that Wrestlemania was unbelievable but there’s no time to dwell on it as the show must go on right now, starting with the Money in the Bank winner, MVP.

“I’m Comin” hits & MVP walks down to the ring with a big smile on his face, holding on to his newest possession, the Money in the Bank contract. The fans boo him as he gets in the ring and takes the microphone from Lilian. Even before he speaks, a barrage of heat is fired at him from the crowd, angering Mr. Money in the Bank. He yells at them to show him the respect that he deserves, but that just gets the fans on his back even more. He then says that the contract he’s got in his hands demands respect after what he went through last night, and that some time in the next twelve months whenever he feels the time is right and cashes in, they will have no choice but to accept him as a world champion. He smiles as he tosses the microphone back at Lilian, but it falls to the floor, so she has to bend down and pick it up as “Turn Up The Treble” plays with a very focused Mr. Kennedy walking down the ramp to a mixed reception with Lilian announcing him instead.


Winner Gets 1 Draft for His Brand

Mr. Kennedy vs
“Mr. Money in the Bank” Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP)

ENDING: MVP pulls Kennedy up from his feet, and seeing him look a little groggy still, he throws a right at him, but it’s blocked. Kennedy then fires with a right of his own, and the shocked MVP only can only look on as Kennedy then nails him with another couple of hard shots, putting Mr. Money in the Bank on the back foot. The Green Bay native then grabs MVP by the wrist and tries for an irish whip, only for MVP to reverse it, whipping Kennedy hard in to the corner. With Kennedy’s back crashing in to the pads, he remains there as MVP then charges in at him, looking for THE PLAYA’S BOOT. . . . . Kennedy steps out of the corner as MVP then runs right in to it with his boot raised. Kennedy uses the extra seconds to recover before MVP then staggers out of the corner, and Kennedy pulls him right in to place for THE MIC CHECK. . . . . MVP fights it with elbows to the head, and he’s able to escape it as he pushes Kennedy back in to the ropes. But as Kennedy races back, he runs at MVP for a clothesline.

The Franchise Player ducks it and Kennedy ends up knocking the referee down instead. He looks pissed as he drops to his knees and tells the ref to get up, pulling his shirt, but as he stands up and turns round, MVP kicks him in the gut and plants him with THE PLAYMAKER. . . . . Mr. Money in the Bank then hooks Kennedy’s leg, but there’s no one to count the fall, angering MVP. He stands back up and walks over to the referee who starts to come round as he lies across the mat with his head facing the fans. MVP sees his movement and turns back round to walk in to his corner, where he picks up the briefcase he won last night at Wrestlemania. Kennedy makes his way back up slowly, and as he turns round, MVP charges at him with the briefcase and smashes him in the head with it. The crowd boo loudly as MVP slides the briefcase back in to the corner, walks over to the referee and drags him across to the mat as he drops do to his knees and goes for the cover with the ref counting slowly 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Montel Vontavious Porter by pinfall @ 7.12

AFTERMATH: “I’m Comin” hits as MVP stands back up, gets his arm raised and walks back over to the corner to pick up his briefcase. He lifts it up by the ropes to the annoyance of the crowd as the tron gets ready to show us the first draft.


AFTERMATH (ctd): MVP leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, but as he gets to the top, Randy Orton walks out and shrugs right past him. MVP turns round with a look of anger on his face, but Orton just carries on walking down the ramp with a face like thunder. As he climbs up the steps, Kennedy starts to come round. Orton climbs the through ropes and stares at Kennedy for a second, seeing him trying to sit up, getting distracted by him. Orton then races across the ring and punts Kennedy in the head, sending him back down to the mat and looking to be completely out of it. Orton just stares down at him as medics rush down to check on Kennedy, then calls for a stretcher with Orton not taking his eyes off of him as we go for a break.


We come back and we see Mr. Kennedy being taken away on a stretcher as Orton watches on, looking so intense. As Kennedy is taken through the curtain at the side of the stage, Orton turns to the ropes and is given a microphone. He apologises for the interruption with absolutely no regret whatsoever, and then demands that Eric Bischoff come out to the ring right now. After a couple of seconds of silence, Orton starts getting hot and says that unless Bischoff gets his ass down to the ring right away, he’ll walk back there and do what he just did to Kennedy to everyone who gets in his way, and almost instantly, “I’m Back” blasts out with Bischoff walking down to the ring, not looking too happy. He collects a microphone as Orton says it’s about time, but Bischoff cuts him off and tells him to shut up and listen to him. He says that he won’t have his superstars attacked in cold blood like Mr. Kennedy just did, but Orton cuts him off. He says that what just happened was irrelevant, just like everything else with the exception of one huge miscarriage of justice, and that is the fact that he lost the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania.

The crowd cheer, but he corrects himself straight away to say that he didn’t lose the match, Cena did, and that the biggest scandal ever to happen on America soil needs to be resolved right now. Bischoff shakes his head and asks Orton just what he has in mind, and The Legend Killer says that he’s going to use his rematch clause by taking on Kane right here tonight, getting the fans going as they cheer like crazy. Bischoff rubs his chin and smiles for a few seconds before saying that as much as he likes the sound of it, he can’t allow it to happen. Orton yells at him, asking why not, saying Bischoff can’t do a damn thing about it because it’s in his contract, but Bischoff says that he might have that clause, but he can’t just exercise it any time he likes. He carries on to say that it’s too big of a match with the WWE Championship on the line to give away on television, and tells Orton that deep down he knows that, calling him sensible enough to understand it.

Orton stares back at him, seeing that Bischoff is right, as the Head of Authority then announces that Orton can have his rematch in just under four weeks at Backlash, getting a big pop from the crowd. Orton seems to accept the decision, cooling down as Bischoff then says that he does need a big match for tonight with draft implications, and say he thinks he has just that with Orton looking confused. Bischoff then says that Orton looks like he wants to compete tonight, he will do just that in a inter-promotional tag team match. Eric then says that tonight will see Smackdown’s World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels join forces with The Undertaker to take on the team of the former WWE Champion, Randy Orton, and the new WWE Champion, Kane. A massive pop rings out as Orton stands still and does everything he can to remain calm when “I’m Back” plays again with Bischoff leaving the ring looking very satisfied, leaving Orton there to ponder his thoughts about teaming up with the man who took away his title less than 24 hours ago.


***MATCH #2***


Winner Gets 2 Drafts for Their Brand
Paul London & Brian Kendrick
vs The UK Pack (Paul Burchill & Harry Smith)

ENDING: Smith & London crawl across the mat and make the tag to their partners. Kendrick & Burchill race through the ropes and run right at each other with Kendrick ducking under Burchill’s outstretched arm. As Burchill turns back round, Kendrick leaps up and nails him with a dropsault. The crowd like that, and they get even louder as Burchill gets back up with Kendrick pouncing by grabbing him by the head and running in to the corner for THE SLICED BREAD #2. . . . . As Kendrick runs up the ropes and turns round, Burchill throws him down to the mat. London panics and races in to the ring and runs at Burchill as he pulls Kendrick up, but as London lifts his foot up towards Burchill’s face, the Brit ducks his head with London nailing Kendrick instead with a SUPER KICK. . . . . London looks down in shock as Kendrick just falls to the mat. Burchill then grabs him by the trunks and neck to toss him through the ropes. He turns his attention back to Kendrick, pulls him up to his feet and connects with the highly impressive C4. . . . . He follows up by going for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNERS: The UK Pack by pinfall @ 6.02

AFTERMATH: “Britannia” hits as Smith & Burchill congratulate each other in the ring as the tron prepares the tow draft selections for Smackdown.

SMACKDOWN DRAFT PICKS: Ron Killings & Mickie James

AFTERMATH (ctd): Smith & Burchill leave the ring smiling as Kendrick gets back up in the ring with London getting back in at the same time. Kendrick stands up and looks frustrated with London, but London apologises and then walks over to collect their belts. He walks back over to Kendrick and holds out his belt, with Kendrick staring at him for a couple of seconds before grabbing it with some tension clearly between them.


Eric Bischoff is walking through back, and as he turns a corner, he is greeted by the sight of CM Punk, Colt Cabana & Sunny leaning up against opposite walls. The fans boo from inside the arena as a smug Punk smiles at Bischoff and asks him if he liked what he did to Jeff Hardy last night. Bischoff shakes his head in disgust at Punk’s disregard, then says that nothing surprises him anymore with him. He then says that thanks to his actions last night, and after what just happened to Kennedy on top of a few other problems, he’s left with quite a big injury list. He then says that Jeff will be out longer than anyone else, saying he received a serious of very hard blows to the head, but says that Punk is already aware of that. Punk & Co smile, but Bischoff then says that he might not be smiling for much longer because he’s made a very special match tonight for Punk’s Intercontinental Championship.

The fans can be heard cheering, but Punk doesn’t look happy and tells Bischoff he can’t compete after what he went through last night. Bischoff angrily says that Jeff can’t compete tonight, and since Punk is still standing, there’s no reason why he can’t. He tells the irate champion that there will be seven challengers, because it is going to be a four team elimination match, and when it comes down to the last two teams, the man who gets the winning pinfall or submission will leave here tonight as the Intercontinental Champion. Punk tells Bischoff he isn’t going to get away with it, and Cabana joins in, telling him that he’s making a big mistake, but Bischoff has great pleasure in telling Cabana that he shouldn’t be too upset as he will have a chance to become the champion himself. Cabana & Punk look confused as Bischoff then tells them that they will be partners tonight, and then turns round smiling before turning back and wishing them luck. Punk throws his coffee in to the wall as he, Cabana & Sunny stand there looking stunned.

The camera follows Bischoff as he walks up the hall and in to his office where JBL & Vince McMahon are waiting for him. They both stand up from a leather sofa, looking very serious indeed as Bischoff looks a little surprised to see them. He asks them what they want, and Vince doesn’t hold back as he says Eric knows all too well, blaming him for losing to Evolution last night and falling right in to Triple H’s plan like he intended. He tells him that Triple H knew what he was doing in calling it an accident on the night of their big match, and the fact that Bischoff fell for every last word backfired on him and his sons not only losing, but in Shane needing medical attention.

Bischoff looks at them and shakes his head in disbelief, then says that they really are deluded if they think they can manipulate him, and then says that it’s not his fault that Shane got injured last night, saying you take risks at your own cost. JBL then steps in and calls Bischoff weak for not dealing with Triple H like he should and how any other man in his position would. Bischoff smirks and says that he is going to deal with the situation, he is going to shut JBL up tonight, but not personally of course. JBL & Vince look on as Bischoff says that tonight in the main event, it will be JBL going one on one with Smackdown’s Batista. JBL’s mouth is wide open in absolute shock as Bischoff tells them that if that is all, they can leave. JBL tells Bischoff he’s not heard the last of this and walks out of the room with Vince looking disgusted, but Bischoff stares right back, not letting them faze him.


A shocked Mickie James is stood in the divas locker room with Victoria, Michelle McCool, Maria & Candice Michelle. Victoria tells Mickie she can’t believe she (Mickie) got drafted. The rest look stunned too with Mickie not knowing what to say. Candice then asks what this means and what she’s going to do on Smackdown, but Mickie just says she doesn’t have a clue. The door opens and we see Beth Phoenix & Natalya walk in. They look quite calm as they walk up to them, then Beth says to Victoria that now she’s lost one more person to look out for her, she is in even more danger now of losing the Womens Championship quicker then she won it. Natalya grins as she stands alongside Beth with Victoria staring right back at them, but McCool stands forward and says that as long as no one else gets drafted, they’re not going to let her and Natalya throw their weight around like they think they can. The Glamazon says they’ll soon see about that before saying to Mickie it’s sad she’s leaving, smiling though before turning back round and walking out with Natalya with Candice saying to Victoria that she can count on them to make sure Beth doesn’t get the title back. Victoria thanks them but says that she’s not intimidated in the least and that no one is taking her belt off her.


***MATCH #3***

Winner Gets 1 Draft for His Brand

Matt Hardy
vs Santino Marella w/Melina

ENDING: Santino is pulled up by Matt, and the US Champ then when whips him in to the corner. He then runs in at Marella and nails him with a clothesline, but holds on to his head as he turns himself round to run out of the corner and take him down with a bulldog. A worried Melina watches on from the outside as Matt hooks the leg for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Santino gets his shoulder up, but Matt isn’t done as he stands up, walks in to the corner and climbs to the second rope. He lifts his hands in to the air, posing for the fans before jumping off for a DIVING LEG DROP. . . . . As Matt comes out of the sky, Santino rolls to the side with Matt’s legs crashing in to the mat. Both men take a while before they are able to get themselves back on their feet, but as they do, Santino reacts first by pulling Matt’s head in to his body. Matt escapes by pushing Santino back in to the ropes and catches him as he runs back with a SIDE EFFECT. . . . . The crowd cheer, and Matt stands back up instantly, urging Santino up. The crowd all stand up in anticipation as Santino gets back up and turns round in to a kick to the gut from Matt, who follows up with THE TWIST OF FATE. . . . . A huge pop breaks out as Matt turns himself over and makes the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Matt Hardy by pinfall @ 5.28

AFTERMATH: “Live for the Moment” blasts out as Matt Hardy stands back up and gets his arm raised by the referee as well as getting his United States Championship passed to him. After posing with the title, the tron comes back on for the next draft.



Shawn Michaels is in his locker room, just taking his jacket off with loud cheers heard coming from the arena. As he turns round and puts it on the bench, we hear the door open and close, causing Michaels to turn round. The camera zooms out to show Evolution walking in and towards Michaels with all four men smiling. Triple H says to Shawn that he heard a rumour that he was here, then they have a little guy hug with Hunter congratulating on winning last night. Shawn repays the compliment as they let each other go. Batista & Flair do the same with HBK, and Flair asks HBK how he’s doing. Shawn says he’s good and real happy to still be World Champion after last night, but it was almost as sweet to see his boys take care of Vince and his boys. HHH grins and says that it was a great night, but then says that it’s going to be a tough night for Shawn tonight though. HBK agrees, but says that he’s still got the Wrestlemania buzz and that he’d a fight a lion if he had to. Batista says to Shawn that what he’s facing tonight is worse than a lion, it’s a big, ugly, red monster called Kane. HBK smirks and says he’s ready for whatever gets thrown at him, then he seems to get distracted. He asks them if they know he’s brought the old ball and chain with him. They shake their heads and Shawn tells them his boy’s here too, then tells all three that they’re got to come so see them and say “hey”. They say that’d be great and they all go to leave the room with Hunter asking Shawn if Rebecca’s had her implants done yet, and Shawn says that he thought she could borrow Steph’s for a test run since Hunter won’t be using them for a while. They all laugh as they walk through the door.


"It's All About the Money" plays as “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase walks down the ramp to a huge pop from the Orlando crowd. The Hall of Famer gets in the ring to collect a microphone and has the Million Dollar Championship belt in his hand. He thanks the fans for the greatest honour of his career by voting for him to be inducted in to the Hall of Fame this past weekend, saying he’s truly grateful. He then says that it’s been an emotional weekend, but that it’s not over just yet. He says that for those who watched the Hall of Fame ceremony, they would have seen his son, Ted DiBiase Jr officially induct him, and that that itself was a great feeling. He then says that he has the pleasure tonight of exceeding that feeling right now, as he would like to introduce to us, being accompanied by the very beautiful Maryse, his son, Ted DiBiase Jr. "It's All About the Money" plays again as DiBiase Jr, wearing a big smile walks down to the ring in his ring gear with Maryse on his arm. His father claps in the ring, and as his son gets in to the ring, he hugs him and then kisses Maryse on the cheek. Ted Sr says to his son that he’s so proud to see him follow in his footsteps and that he hopes to induct him in to the Hall of Fame one day.

Ted Jr smiles as his dad continues, saying that it’s such a great moment for him, he would like to honour the moment by presenting him with the Million Dollar Championship. He holds it out in his hands with Ted Jr looking stunned for a couple of seconds before reaching out and collecting it, then holds it up to have a look at it. He then asks for the microphone, and his dad gives it to him. He says that he is so grateful to his dad for helping him fulfill his dream to try and follow in Hall of Fame footsteps. He then says that he wants to make his father even prouder tonight by not just competing for the first time in a WWE ring, but by defending the Million Dollar Championship. Ted Sr looks impressed as his son says that he is inviting any Smackdown superstar to come on down and face him for the chance to become his first victim. He turns to his dad, Maryse and then back to the crowd before saying that everybody has a price for The Million Dollar, but he and “The Million Dollar Woman” are simply priceless. Maryse & Ted Sr clap as the young man hands his title and microphone over to the referee. We then see Funaki making his way down to the ring to a pop from the crowd as his music plays. Ted Sr & Maryse leave the ring to watch the debut of Ted DiBiase Jr.

***MATCH #4***

Winner Gets 1 Draft for His Brand

Funaki vs
Ted DiBiase Jr (c) w/“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase & “The Million Dollar Woman” Maryse

ENDING: DiBiase smirks as he reaches down and pulls the lifeless body Funaki back up, then clubs him across the back with a couple of heavy shots. He then shifts behind him and plants him with a BACK SUPLEX. . . . . Funaki just lies motionless on the mat as DiBiase Sr, and the extremely glamorous Maryse applaud on the outside. Ted Jr smiles back at them from the inside and then retreats to the corner as Funaki, slowly but surely makes his way back up to his feet. And as he turns round to face his opponent, still looking groggy, Ted Jr races out of the corner and nails him with a VICIOUS FALLING CLOTHESLINE. . . . . Funaki rolls around in agony for several seconds before slowly picks himself back up with DiBiase Jr standing behind him, stalking his prey. And as Funaki gets right back up, Ted Jr locks him in THE MILLION DOLLAR DREAM. . . . . Funaki looks in agony as the younger Ted DiBiase makes life hell for him, and it doesn’t take long for him to send Funaki to sleep, causing the ref to call for the bell.

WINNER: Ted DiBiase Jr by submission @ 2.11

AFTERMATH: "It's All About the Money" hits as DiBiase Jr stands up in the ring, getting his arm raised and the Million Dollar title passed to him with Maryse & his father joining him in the ring, both hugging him as the tron comes to life for the next draft.

RAW DRAFT PICK: William Regal

AFTERMATH (ctd): The camera cuts to the back and we see Regal spit out a cup of tea as he watches it sat down in his makeshift office. The camera cuts back to the ring to show The DiBiase’s & Maryse all smiles.


Maria is standing by and introduces her guest, the United States Champion, Matt Hardy. With the fan’s cheers being heard from the arena, Maria says it’s great to have Matt on Raw and asks him how he’s feeling after Wrestlemania last night and winning again earlier on. He says that Wrestlemania was great, getting to open the show was one of the best feelings of his life and that being back on Raw tonight is great too. Maria then asks him how his brother Jeff is after he was stretchered out of Wrestlemania last night after the I Quit match with CM Punk. Matt says he was worried for a while, but that he’s being looked after by the right people right now and he’ll be back better than ever. Just as Maria is about to ask another question, she stops and looks past Matt, who turns round to see CM Punk, Colt Cabana & Sunny standing there. They walk up to Matt & Maria, then Punk says that Jeff will be grateful for some time off so he can feed his habit a little more while he remembers exactly what he (Punk) did to him last night. Matt drops his belt and goes right for Punk, but Cabana jumps in front of Punk who steps back. He tells Matt to be careful or he might just end up like his brother and laughs. Matt is breathing heavy as Cabana & Sunny laugh too and walk away with Matt staring right at them.



Shots of Kane in a deserted warehouse are shown with a worried looking Randy Orton lurking in the corners. A trail of fire then ignites around the now empty warehouse with glass shattering.

VOICEOVER: There comes a time when consequences will be felt. . . They come when you least expect them. . . They come when you don’t want them, but you have no option but to deal with them. . . You have to deal with the Backlash.


***MATCH #5***

Winner Gets 2 Drafts for Their Brand

Kofi Kingston & Cody Rhodes w/Kelly Kelly
vs CM Punk (c) & Colt Cabana w/Sunny
vs Chavo Guerrero & Matt Sydal
vs Kid Kash & Shannon Moore

ELIMINATION #1: Cody & Cabana stand back up, and Cody tries for an irish whip, but Cabana reverses it. As Cody then comes back off the ropes, both men knock each other down with a clothesline. Both men squirm around, but Cody is closer to a corner and reaches up to make the tag to Shannon Moore. He races in and pulls Cabana back up to his feet, then runs back in to the ropes and hits a DIVING CROSS BODY. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Cabana kicks out comfortably as both men make their way back up. Moore is up first as he runs in to the corner and climbs to the top rope, but Cabana is right there too, tossing him back down to he mat. He then runs at Kash and knocks him down off the apron with a right hand. He turns his attention back to Moore as he walks over, pulls him up to his feet and PLANTS HIM WITH A DOUBLE UNDERHOOK BACK BREAK DROP. . . . . There’s no sign of life from Moore as Cabana goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

ELIMINATION #2: Sydal sidesteps a stiff kick from Punk, grabs his arm and whips him in to the ropes, catching Punk with a dropkick as comes back. The crowd cheer as Sydal then stands up and walks in to his corner, making the tag to Chavo. The Mexican races through the ropes and runs at Punk, who stands up only to get knocked down again with a clothesline. Punk rushes back to his feet again as Chavo follows up with another clothesline. The IC Champ stands back up again and runs at Chavo this time, with Guerrero taking him down with TILT A WHIRL HEAD SCISSORS. . . . . The fans love it, and as Punk struggles to his feet, Chavo kicks him in the gut and sets him up for A BRAINBUSTER. . . . . A pop breaks out from the crowd, but as Chavo lifts him in to the air, Punk is able to wriggle free. He spins Chavo round, kicks him in the gut and lifts him on to his shoulder for the GTS. . . . . Cabana enters the ring and runs at Sydal, knocking him down to the apron with a knee smash to the chest as Punk brings Chavo’s head down on to his knee, then follows up for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

ENDING: Kofi is whipped hard in to the corner by Punk. The Straight Edge Superstar runs in at him, going for a HIGH KNEE LIFT. . . . . But as Punk gets to the corner, Kofi steps out to the side at the last second. Kofi drops to his knees, still feeling the strain of the match as Punk hits the deck, holding his knee. The crowd try and get behind Kofi as he makes his way back up to his feet, runs back in to the ropes and comes back to hit Punk with a DOUBLE LEG DROP TO THE CHEST. . . . . The fans are loving this, but Sunny isn’t as she panics and stands up on the apron, catching the attention of Kofi and the referee. Kofi stands up and is furious, but it allows Cabana to run round the outside and pull Cody down off the apron, hitting his head on the apron. He then enters the ring behind Kofi and kicks him hard in the groin. Kofi just drops to his knees, but we see Matt Hardy jumping the barricade on the outside and then slide in to the ring. He spins Cabana round and takes him down with THE SIDE EFFECT. . . . . The crowd go nuts as Matt then pulls Punk up form his knees and plants him with THE TWIST OF FATE. . . . . Sunny flips on the apron, but Kelly rushes round to pull her down to the floor as Matt leaves the ring and watches on from the bottom of the ramp. The referee turns round as Kofi crawls across the mat and stretches his arm out on Punk’s chest as the ref makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNERS: By pinfall, Cody Rhodes, and the new WWE Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston @ 10.47

AFTERMATH: “SOS” hits to a big pop as a stunned Kofi Kingston, and the even more so Cody Rhodes stand up slowly in the ring with the referee passing the title to Kofi. The new champion clutches the belt against his chest, then runs in to the corner and climbs to the top rope, lifting the belt in to the air with the crowd going nuts. Cody doesn’t know what to make of it as Kelly gets in the ring with Sunny checking on Cabana on the outside with a look of contempt on her face as Matt Hardy makes his way back up the ramp with a massive grin on his face. The tron switches to the next draft picks.

RAW DRAFT PICKS: Kenny Dykstra & Ric Flair

AFTERMATH (ctd): The fans cheer Flair’s switch to Raw while Kofi continues the celebration by hugging Kofi with an awkward Cody standing by. Punk sits up looking confused, and then angry.


William Regal is on his cell phone in his office, demanding to know where he stands now that he has been drafted Raw, asking to know what it means for his role as General Manager of Smackdown. After listening to the response, he flips and says that it’s an absolute disgrace to treat him in this way and that they will be hearing from his solicitor, then says that in this country, that means attorney. He then says that they’ve not heard the last of this and wraps up the call. He sits down at his desk and hangs his head when we hear a knock at the door with Eric Bischoff walking in. Regal lifts his head up and tells Bischoff that he’s not in the mood for any smart comments right now, but Bischoff quickly dismisses that and says he’s not here to make any wise cracks about what happened. He says that he respects Regal as a GM and that he thinks it’s wrong for him to be brought to Raw, but says he has an idea to turn this round and make it work for Regal and for Raw.

Regal asks Bischoff what he’s getting at, and he says that he needs someone to help him with everything that happens on Raw, and thinks that Regal is just the man to help him run Raw and make it the most dominant brand in the history of sports entertainment. Regal says straight away with anger that he is not going to be Bischoff’s secretary, but Bischoff makes it clear that won’t be what he will be doing and says that he would be his Executive Assistant, helping him deal with the superstars, making matches, not making coffee. Regal says he would need assurances, a drawn up contract with his role clearly defined before he makes a decision. Bischoff understands and says he’ll get one drawn up and sent to him as soon as the show goes off the air. Regal then says that he will have a think about things and let him know what his decision is next week. Bischoff says that’s fine and hopes they can come to an agreement before leaving with Regal having a deep think as the camera fades out.


CM Punk is shown pacing through the back and yelling out for Matt Hardy with Colt Cabana & Sunny trying to catch up with him. He then sees Matt walking out of a locker room and shouts his name. Matt turns and drops his travel bag as Punk runs right at him, leading to them throwing right hands at each other. Cabana & Sunny are too far back as Punk & Matt try to tear each other apart with Punk shouting at Matt. Several officials hear the commotion and race from around the corner, trying to pull them apart, and Cabana does the same, pulling Punk off of Matt. They stare intensely at each other as the officials tell Matt to pick up his bag and go, which he does as Punk pushes Cabana to the side and turns round, storming past Sunny in the process. Cabana & Sunny look worried as they watch Punk walk down the hall and kick the wall and production boxes.


***MATCH #6***

Winner Gets 2 Drafts for Their Brand

The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels
vs Kane & Randy Orton

ENDING: Taker hits his brother with a right hand, then grabs him by the arm and whips him in to the corner where Orton is standing. Orton slaps Kane on the shoulder as he hits the pad, catching the attention of the referee who then acknowledges the blind tag, but The Undertaker doesn’t have a clue. He then grabs Kane and whips him in to the opposite corner, with the new WWE Champion hitting the pads back first. Before Taker can follow in for another clothesline, Orton enters the ring and pulls Taker back, hitting him with a SIDE INVERTED BACK BREAKER. . . . . The Legend Killer then charges in to Taker’s corner and drives his foot in to Michaels’ gut, knocking him down off the apron as he just got back up. As Orton turns back round, Kane walks out of the corner, walking in to the middle of the ring for a face off with Orton. The former WWE Champion looks in to the new champs’ eyes intensely before swinging a wild right hand, but Kane grabs him around the throat straight away and sends him down to the mat with a CHOKESLAM. . . . . The fans seem to like that, but they might be cheering for The Undertaker as he stands back up behind them. He spins Kane round and plants his brother with a CHOKESLAM OF HIS OWN. . . . . Kane rolls across the apron and to the outside as Taker then pulls Orton back up to his feet, scoops him up and SENDS HIM CRASHING DOWN TO THE MAT WITH THE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER. . . . . With Taker crossing and holding on to Orton’s hands, the referee makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNERS: The Undertaker & Shawn Michaels by pinfall @ 9.24

AFTERMATH: “Deadman’s Symphony” hits as the lights go out, leaving some purple spotlights to shine down on him as he bends down on one knee and poses for the crowd. Kane & Paul Bearer look on from the outside as Michaels comes back round with the tron then selecting the next draft.



Todd Grisham is standing by and introduces us to his guest, John Cena. Grisham reluctantly says that he has to ask how he is feeling after losing out last night at Wrestlemania in the triple threat match for the WWE Championship. Cena takes it well and says that it simply wasn’t his night, but he will making sure that his night will come very soon, promising to start from the bottom up to get his hands back on the WWE Championship. We then hear someone laughing, and Kenny Dykstra walks in to the shot. He tells Grisham that he should be talking to someone who is actually worth talking to, and since he’s the biggest draft pick of all time, maybe the fans should be hearing from instead, not Cena. He says it’s funny because the last time he was on Raw with Cena, Cena was the top dog, and now he’s on the verge of falling under the limelight. He then tells Cena it’s best to step out of it himself because it’s Kenny Dykstra’s time to shine. Cena is on the verge of laughing as a cocky Dykstra turns round and walks out of the shot looking very pleased with himself. Cena turns back to Grisham with a straight face and asks if he’s supposed to know him. He laughs, then tells Todd he’ll see him around and walks off giggling.



A helicopter is shown scouring the night sky. It then cuts to a birds eye view with a stadium below before cutting to a shot of Summerslam 1992 with a view from the top of the stadium as The British Bulldog celebrated his victory over Bret Hart. The shot then changes, shifting round the new Wembley Stadium.

VOICEOVER: What would life be without memories? . . . Some memories seem distant, some not so, but for those who are unable to recall this momentous occasion, they will get that chance. . . For the first time in its twenty five year history, Wrestlemania will leave America and Canada. . . For the first time ever, Wrestlemania will come to you live from the United Kingdom, where new memories will be shared.



Winner Gets 1 Draft for His Brand

Batista w/Triple H & Ric Flair
vs John “Bradshaw” Layfield w/Vince McMahon

ENDING: JBL stands back up with Batista reacting straight away to whip him in to the ropes, but JBL grabs the top rope and holds on. The angry Batista then runs right at JBL, who lifts his boot up in to The Animal’s face, sending Big Dave staggering away from the ropes. As soon as he turns round, JBL runs right at him, but Batista sees him coming and plants him with a SWINGING SIDE SLAM. . . . . A massive pop breaks out as The Animal then turns himself round on the mat and goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . JBL lifts his shoulder up, but Batista doesn’t relent as he stands back up, reaches down and pulls JBL back up too, whipping him in to the ropes and planting him with a SPINEBUSTER. . . . . The crowd erupts as Batista stands up and walks over to the ropes and shakes them in a frenzy, sending Vince in to a spin. The Chairman of the Board walks round to a grab chair on the outside and slides in to the ring, but The Animal turns round in time to see him as both run at each other with BATISTA SPEARING VINCE McMAHON. . . . . Another big cheer rings out as both Batista and JBL make their way back up to their feet, but Batista can’t resist picking the chair up too, turning round and NAILING IT RIGHT IN TO JBL’S SKULL. . . . . The referee has no choice but to call for the bell, disqualifying The Animal.

WINNER: John “Bradshaw” Layfield by DQ @ 8.28

AFTERMATH: Batista stares at the referee, and he isn’t happy. Batista snaps and lifts him up by the legs and plants him with a spinebuster. Triple H & Ric Flair get in the ring with Batista, looking down at the wreckage as the tron comes back to “Draft Life” and prepares itself for the final draft choice of the evening.


AFTERMATH (ctd): Huge cheers break out as Triple H & Ric Flair look up at the tron and smile while Batista remains distracted by the damage he’s caused. Triple H pats him on the shoulder, and The Animal turns round to see he is Raw’s latest recruit. Smiles begin to appear and grow on all three men’s faces, and they turn round and look down at Vince & JBL for a couple of seconds before looking back and smiling at each other as “Line in the Sand” blasts out to a huge pop. They realise that Evolution is now a permanent fixture and they raise each others hands in the air, posing for the crowd as the groggy pair of Vince & JBL come round and look up at the very happy trio as the show comes to a close.




William Regal
Kenny Dykstra
Ric Flair

Chris Jericho
Ron Killings
Mickie James
Elijah Burke
Beth Phoenix
CM Punk


Theme Song

“All Summer Long” by Kid Rock

Kane (c) vs Randy Orton

HOMEPAGE (Breaking News)

The WWE has tonight come to the release of Sunny from her contract. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours.

Following the draft on Raw tonight, more changes have been made to the rosters. Moving to Raw are Finlay, Jimmy Wang Yang & Leticia Cline. Smackdown has acquired the services of Maria, Michelle McCool, Jim Duggan, Orlando Jordan. Layla has followed Elijah Burke to the blue brand, taking advantage of the “Open House” rules.

To see the new rosters and new graphics, click here!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Yeah so I haven't commented here in a good while. . So just thought I drop ya' a review just because I have some spare time before I need to revise, yay.

Raw Feedback

I have to say I did skim you WrestleMania; it was a good show from what I read. Kane as champion is interesting to say the least but I know you have built him up to be it in the weeks leading up from when he won the Royale Rumble. Nice opening package and let’s get this bad boy going.

MVP as MITB = Awesome, and he will be a great champion when it comes. A feud with HBK would be great but he won’t cash it in for a good few months, I think. I expected him to beat KK; he has just come off the biggest win in his career. And woah! Jericho to SmackDown, that’s sure to make the place a lot more interesting, but if you have him feud with HBK I won’t be happy, been there done that, got the t-shirt.

Kennedy and Orton have beef? Fill me in on that. Guess it was just out of pure anger on his behalf. Bisch isn’t taking any shit from Orton. A nice main event announced, Taker-HBK feud coming up then? Orton versus Kane at Backlash was the obvious thing to do, nice segment there.

Nice tag team match, I’m quite a fan of Londrick, and it seems you might break them up, NOOOOOOO! . And this UK Pack was always a good team, powerful and skilled; I didn’t expect them to lose. Who will be the picks then? Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings and Mickie James. SmackDown was the weaker brand overall and these to can add to it, Mickie not on the brand that has the championship , shame really. But Killings will sure be a US title challenge, always been a fan of his. Was he any good on Raw?

Glad you have Colt in this BTB, love him. Punk, for some reason I feel him losing his title, just have this feeling you have bigger plans for him. A very strange match though, may get a little confusing like your tag team match at WrestleMania, haha. I get it so don’t you worry.

The McMahon lads don’t seem happy, I expect a ‘Backlash’ soon enough.

Matt Hardy with the easy victory, more of a squash than anything. Burke to SmackDown, I really like Burke, please use him, I think he would be good in a stable or something, is it me or are SmackDown getting the better side of this draft?

An okay segment with HBK, nothing important, hypes the main event tonight.

Haha, Million Dollar Man. Nice to have Ted DiBiase Jr as a singles competitor as well as having the lovely Marsye on his arm. Well he got the title straight away; don’t even have to read what happened in this one. Million Dollar Hold to choke out Funaki, good way to finish, let’s hope Ted goes onto do good things on Raw.

Yay, Regal for Main Event push please.

Hmmm, even more likely that Punk will lose tonight and maybe get drafted, I don’t know, that’s what I read into this segment. A Matt Hardy-Punk feud then?

Backlash is coming, Raw only. Good choice.

Sad to see my boy Moore out, he and Kid Kash are gone. Still feel that Punk will lose. With Punk and Colt looking so strong, still have confidence in them losing. I was right, nice way to end the match. Yeah Hardy-Punk feud is on its way; Kofi as champion is a good idea, he can carry the belt well. A nicely booked match in the end.


Oh Regal was GM on SmackDown, didn’t know tha, so I take back my World Title push comment . I think Regal will end up being the GM in the long run; Bisch might get fired by McMahon after what happened at WM.

Undertaker seemed very strong in the match, which is only a good thing, more picks for Smackdown on the way. Punk and Beth, huh? Punk was obvious for me; he has done all he can on Raw, and just lost his title. Beth and Mickie now might try and get the Divas Title on Smackdown, cause they are the two best Divas on the whole roster imo.

Kenny is gonna get his ass kicked, I was just thinking we haven’t seen Cena all night. I expect a small feud in the future to which propels him back to the title picture. Wembley FTW.

THE ANIMAL ON MONDAY NIGHTS! Great match even for a recap, full of run-ins and then a DQ. Batista-JBL feud then for Backlash? I was waiting for a match where the loser gets drafted to the brand he just lost to, and here it was. Still I would have liked the tag team match before to be the main event; it did have your two world champions in it.

Overall a great fallout show Nige, it had it all, new champions, new fueds and a load of new people coming to FNS and MNR. Keep it up bud. 9/10

Or is it?
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Raw Review

Now its great seeing the new Mr. Money in the Bank kicking off the show. Nice little pre match promo from him, just what you would expect from him. This was a good match to open the show with two talented youngsters, and the right man won. MVP using the briefcase is cool as all the MITB holders use it to their advantage and it means Kennedy doesn't lose too much credibility, and I'm sure MVP will be winning many matches clean in the coming weeks. Good match and MVP gets a big win, now who's going to SD?!

Wow Chris Jericho is going to Smackdown then, thats a pretty good move. He should be involved in some interesting feuds on SD, I wonder if you have a Jericho/HBK angle planned in the future?

Didn't expect Orton to come down, I wonder if that punt will lead to anything. I like this intense, twisted Orton. It was a good little promo to show Orton's frustration and thats one hell of a match announcement, that should be awesome.

Now its clear that you are a big fan of the UK pack as they've had one hell of a push recently, so its no surprise that it continued here. Now I don't like Londrick losing to them really as they have come off rather weak recently. I do like the UK Pack but I like Londrick just as much, but I guess one of the teams has to win. Actually, just read the aftermatch, looks like you are splitting them up so I get why they lost again now.

The Truth and Mickie to Smackdown then! Killings hasn't done that much on Raw really but you've broken the Killing/Cryme Time thing up. Mickie moving is interesting, I don't know what you have in mind there, one brands worth of divas matches is enough for me. I guess more divas will be going to SD then.

This was a good little seg with Punk and Bischoff setting up a very interesting match, I get the feeling he might be losing which I wouldn't like.

Another good segment here to allow Bischoff to make another huge match, should be good and i'm sure the McMahon's will be out for revenge.

Yeah it looks like you will be moving more divas to Smackdown and creating a new title as you did say that Mickie has nothing to do. This was another decent segment showing the heat between these divas.

A good win for Hardy here and it looked fairly easy. The right man won again as Hardy is the US Champ and Marrella isn't a great wrestler with this gimmick, Raw really needs a win though.

Burke to Smackdown! I like this a lot as it suggests you have plans for Burke which is awesome. I hope his recent release has made you want to do even more with him as he is very talented and one of my favourites, i'm just resisting the temptation to bring him in before BFG LOL.

Nice promo with HBK and Evolution, just the type of segment you would expect with these guys. I liked how it was quite serious at the start but you added a little humour at the end.

This was a very good way to introduce Ted DiBiase Jr, by giving him that title it gives him immediate credibility. I liked what he had to say at the start, he seemed to drift from heel to face though but he's a heel which is good. Easy win for him which puts him over, and Maryse is a good manager for him.

Regal to Raw!? How is this going to work? I loved it though with him spitting his tea out LOL. This should be very interesting and its good having a big draft change like this.

Looks like a Punk/Hardy feud is in the works, should be awesome. One of them may be drafted then. Good little interview.

Well if Punk was going to drop the belt to anyone in this match Kofi was the right guy, I look forward to his title reign. Hardy costing Punk is great and we have that feud for sure now, I can see Punk going to SD now. I remember you teasing a Kofi/Cody feud over Kelly before Mania and I think we will get it now, should be great as the jelusly angle normally works well.

Now I see why Kenny dropped the CW title! I can see you have big plans for him and I think he will do well on Raw. Ric Flair to Raw is interesting as well, its a good move to allow the McMahon/Evolution feud to continue.

Regal as executive assistant? Don't know what to make of that, could lead to some interesting storylines, I could also see him returning to wrestling though and rejecting it. I wonder who will replace him on SD as GM then? THE COACH!!!

I love how this feud is so intense after only one night. This should be even better than Punk/Jeff tbh.

I was thinking this match would be the main event but I guess not. The match was good and filled with top stars and I was actually quite surprised that The Undertaker won. I would've thought he'd be the last person to get the win tbh as the others needed wins more IMO, with Orton chasing the title and the others being champs. But I guess it gives Orton another reason to be pissed, and HBK and Taker is one hell of team. It makes sense actually as Orton and Kane are not supposed to be a good team with their rivalry going on.

Two huge drafts here with Phoenix going to Smackdown, I'm quite happy actually as the Victoria/Beth thing wouldn't be able to go much further. Punk to SD is great now so we'll get Hardy/Punk. What I see now is Punk costing Hardy the US title to return the favour, hopefully when Hardy is defending against Burke or even Benjamin.

Now this potential feud interests me, Cena would be the perfect guy to put over Dykstra. You would expect Cena to come out on top, but I know you see Dykstra's potential and I don't think you have much planned for Cena, so I see a few sneaky wins for Dykstra if this does turn into a feud.

Now I see why this is the main event, you wanted the Batista draft to end the show. Good match by the looks of it and a DQ is probably right, but man I can imagine that spear nearly killing Vince. I thought for a minute there Triple H was going to be drafted to Smackdown with everyone blaming Batista for causing it, but yeah putting Evoltion together is a good move to allow this feud to continue. Great end to the show.

I like the minor changes you've made as well, happy that Layla has followed Burke and Raw has got some good talent with Finlay and Wang Yang. Sunny released I kinda like as I don't like her really and Punk doesn't need her. I wonder where this leaves Colt. LOL Leticia wasn't on Smackdown long was she? And some divas to SD makes it seem like you are building a diva division there too, not too sure what to make of it really as one is enough for me, but at least Phoenix and Mickie are talented and McCool to a certain extent.

Overall Nige it was a top show, very entertaining as usual and there was only a few things I didn't like. Promos were quality again and the matches were pretty good too, you've made some good changes and you've set up some interesting feuds. I look forward to Smackdown now which should be great.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

By SC2004.

>>> The opening video package is a nice touch. The same one you used at the end of WM if I’m correct. I guess a 3 hour show affords you the luxury of airing such a lengthy opening video.

>>> The commentary teams both did a great job of emphasizing how good WrestleMania was last night and the effect it’s likely to have on the future of both brands. Opening with MVP, Mr money in the bank was smart and it immediately sets him up as the future center piece for either brand.

>>> The cheap finish plays up MVP’S heel persona, although given his victory last night I would of had him win this clean. Grated Kennedy is a future star also, but a loss here wouldn’t of hurt him.

>>> Jericho to SmackDown, I like it. Hopefully HBK will stay on SD and we get a Y2J, HBK program. Orton attacking Kennedy, well okay. I liked how you did this just before the commercial. They call that “hot minutes” meaning that you given the audience something exciting before you go to commercial hoping that they’ll stay tuned to see what happens next.

>>> The WWE like to have people stretcher off after an Orton kick to the head. I personally think it’s a little OTT. Nice to see Bischoff standing up to Orton here. The line “attacked in cold blood” wasn’t the best choice of wording IMO. LOL. “the biggest scandal ever to happen on American soil” are you suggesting Blackburn loosing over the weekend was a bigger scandal? HA. I joke. You logically kept the Kane, Orton match for Backlash. The Inter-promotional tag match looks good and it allows Bischoff to get one over on Orton by throwing him into a match he clearly doesn’t want anything to do with.

>>> Jesus Christ RAW is getting plundered tonight!!! Mickie James moving to SD is a big shocker. The tag match was very short considering how much riding on it!

>>> The stipulation in the 8 man tag team match tonight isn’t fair on Punk, but I get that was Bischoff’s intention. I don’t know if I like the stipulation, though it’s a hell of a lot better than the one TNA announced Thursday night! At least the champion (Punk) has to be pinned in the match to loose the title, yet the person pinning him may not end up the champion. Man Bischoff is pissing off a lot of people tonight, Orton, Punk and now JBL and Vince.

>>> Nice backstage segment with the divas. The Natalya, Beth duo here come off like the Victoria, Natalya dup we have on SD every week. This segment effetely played up the magnitude of Mickie’s drafting to SD and how it makes Victoria a more vulnerable champion.

>>> Jesus, is anybody going to RAW??? HA. Nice short match here again, I’m very happy and glad to see Matt Hardy pickup the win.

>>> Nice buddy, buddy backstage segment with Evolution and HBK. Hunter put over Kane as a monster that should be feared. The implants joke was very tongue in cheek and I don’t know if I like it, but it didn’t bother me.

>>> I really like the idea of having Cody carry the million dollar championship. It’s never going to be seen as a major championship, but it helps Ted appear to be a bigger star than he actually is. The Funaki match was a squash and rightfully so. This was all about the promo and it worked very well. Regal to Raw, I would of expected a bigger name here, but I’m okay with it.

>>> Great job garnering even more heat for Punk. However given the vents which transpired earlier, Punk shouldn’t of been so at ease and calm. He’s meant to be angry and fired up and quite honestly he should be off preparing for his match and not taking jabs at Matt.

>>> I’m on shock, I totally expected Punk to win, but hey I’m happy with Kofi as IC champion. Great night for the rookies so far. Dykstra and Flair to RAW. I’m happy enough with that but I still think RAW is getting a “raw deal” here tonight. (PUN INTENDED) HA.

>>> I was wondering how you’d address Regal’s draft. I personally would of gone in a different direction, having Regal plot and plan to overthrow Bischoff and take Raw for himself. This works well, though I’m not a fan of two authority figures on one brand and you also have Vince floating around the place.

>>> Nothing wrong with the Punk, Matt Hardy brawl backstage. Punk really seems to have lost it here and It’s nice to see him so angry and fired up.

>>> An okay tag match that featured 4 big stars. Beth and Punk to SmackDown. Well I guess with Mickie on SD you need Beth over there. Also this effectively ends the Beth, Victoria angle and allows somebody else to step up, probably Natalya.

>>> A Dykstra, Cena program. That’s original. I’ve never been high up on Dykstra and I hate Cena, so you have your work cut out trying to sell me this one.

>>> The matches have been very short tonight by your standards. I’m not complaining, far from it, I like it. Just wondering what made you shorten your matches?

>>> WM XV in London, a boy can dream……….

>>> The DQ finish is fine by me. Nice to see Evolution becoming a permanent fixture on Raw again. Vince and JBL are in a world of trouble!

OVERALL: Very entertaining show with an awful lot of stuff going down. I think Smackdown benefited most from the draft, although Batista to RAW was a big draft at the end of the show. Going forward you’ve set up a lot of potential new feuds and story lines. Looking forward to seeing how tonight’s events will impact Smackdown, should be very interesting!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Mr Money in the Bank is MVP? Hell to the yeah. MVP is fucking awesome. Great to see you starting off the show with MVP and Kennedy, which is a feud that would be very good both in a BTB (hint hint) and IRL. MVP using the cheap heel tactics and using the broefcase to make sure he has it won is good. Always good to make the heels seem very heelish.

Chris Jericho headed to SmackDown! seems like a big move. Nice to see that you aren't just shuffling around young guys and midcarders.

So, is Orton trying to come off as just a complete dick of a heel here, or does he have something against Kennedy? He could just be pissed off for his loss last night. I'm not sure, but a feud should definitely come of it, which would be major kickass.

Orton promo seemed pretty good. I love the sadistic son of a bitch. My favourite in the WWE today. Bisch was pretty good, as he kinda played to Orton in that heelish suckup way, while also delaying the match. Nice promo, and I guess the match at Backlash should be good (though I'm not a Kane fan).

Tag Champs vs Tag Champs eh? Nice. Although I'm a Kendrick mark, I don't mind seeing Smith/Burchill go over, as I am quite the fan of both. Poor Kendrick, getting superkicked by the inferior London :P.

Wow, Mickie to SmackDown! is interesting. I don't give a fugg about Ronny Killings. I can't stand the guy, he's just annoying. Moving on ...

Tension~! Kendrick should pwn his ass.

Heel Punk is a wonderful sight to behold. Wow, he's even so sick that Bisch can't stand him. I guess Bisch does want a healthy roster though. Big match, with Russo booking written all over it. :P

Hm, Vince seems to have a lack of power here. Was he stripped of it by Linda? Otherwise, surely he could have and would have done something. JBL vs Batista has never interested me. The Bisch does though.

The diva locker room seems to be all against Beth, and I like it. The us vs them feel is rather ftw, and with Beth having the other beast like thing (Natalya) on her side, it makes for interesting viewing (or reading >_>).

Matt had to pick up an easy win here, I mean, the marella character is a joke. Good to see him pwn.

Elijah to SmackDown! now? Elijah is awesome, so hopefully this means a push. Starting to wonder if RAW is going to have a roster after tonight, lol.

Cool to see some interraction between Shawn and Triple H, along with Naitch and Batista. Kane getting put over in the promo is cool. I never like jokes between Shawn and Tripper, especially kayfabe breaking ones, like revealing how he is actually married into the McMahon family.

Really nice promo here. I'm actually interessted to see if you're going to make DiBiase heel from here, because things came off kinda face like with the crowd here. Ah, poor Funaki. I guess there has to be a fall guy, lol.

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG ... RAW GOT A DRAFT PICK~! Regal, eh? He's not too bad, quite good in the ring. Won't make any difference to RAW though from the look of things.

This is a generic Matt promo to begin with, then becomes a generic Matt PPV promo with him talking about jeff being injured or something. >_> Nice interraction between Matt and Punk. Maybe a feud down the line? Someone would have to jump shows though.

Wow, the TNA booking leads to a change here. Kofi is IC Champ? I don't mind Kofi, so that's alright. With Punk dropping his belt, IO'm certain Punk is off to feud with Matt on SmackDown! We just need him to get drafted. I'm loving this, and hopefully Punk vs Matt comes about.

Kenny is awesome. Push plz. Fliar going to RAW seems big too, no doubt you'll build it up to be something special.

So Regal was SD GM? pwnt2regal. I guess Regal is going to agree, then turn on Bisch evetually. I really like Regal as GM, so I hope it happens.

Punk is an angry, angry man. And rightfully so, because it brings me a good feud to read about. Good to see this really featuring heavily tonight.

Kane and Orton breaking down as a team was always going to happen. Kane's a heel? I guess from the way you described it, but Rand also seems like a heel. Backlash has heel vs heel to the best of what I can understand, and that should be interesting I guess.

Phoenix moving is a shock. I thought for sure she'd bully around the RAW divas. This leaves Natalya out in the cold. Punk moving wasn't a shock at this stage.

Cena wasn't the hero last night, lol. From the sounds of this promo, Kenny is going to get buried on RAW. I certainly hope that isn't the case.

Screw England, WM should be in Australia.>_>

Batista vs JB in the main event over the tag seemed a bit odd originally, but now it all makes sense. EVOLUTION~! Decent match, nice to see Vince get pwnt, lol. This war seems to be just beginning.

Pretty damn good show, the promos were great, and I loved the use of Matt and Punk throughout. I like the attention you pay to your midcard just based off tonight's shows. Interested to see where you go to from here.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hey, i've picked up a few little things from the reviews to comment on.

Newcomers might not be aware of the whole McMahon situation, so the deal is as The McMahon's (Vince & Shane) abused their power, it was taken away from them by Linda & the Board of Directors due to their abuse of power in benefit of their own interests. The comments about Stephanie & Triple H being married BK is because they are in this thread.

Kane/Orton is heel vs heel/tweener for Backlash. Most people will see Kane as a tweener since he's feuding with Orton, but it will become clear after their feud. Orton was just pissed when he attacked Kennedy, there was no heat between them.

Kenny getting buried? Not by me, i love my mid card talent.

The Russo booking is something i can understand for the IC title match, but i wasn't going to have Punk lose it one on one. I wanted to make it more of a surprise and to give the Cody/Kofi storyline chance to progress, as well as getting the other mid card guys some TV time.

Thanks for the reviews guys. I love you all.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


Over the past week, we have learnt that Christian Cage’s TNA contract is due to expire, and that he is yet to sign an extension. The major development is that there have been discussions about his situation within his former employer, the WWE in regard to giving him the chance to make a return to the company.

A source within the WWE said that if Christian decides to turn down the extension from TNA, there will definitely be an offer made for him to rejoin the WWE very soon. Christian is keeping his cards close to his chest as to whether he will be staying in TNA, but the lure of the money could outweigh his previous concerns regarding the travel issues in the WWE’s schedule.

However, we can confirm that Gail Kim has signed a deal with the WWE following her decision to not to prolong her stay in TNA after her contract expired last week. It is not known just yet whether she will be part of the Raw or Smackdown brand.

There are also rumours circulating backstage that Tomko & Goldust are also in talks about making a return to the WWE as well. Nothing has been confirmed, but we will update you as soon as we have any more information.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Im only new enough so its very hard to go through a whole thread this big but ive decided to start from after wrestlemania because thats like a milestone.The matches choices in the raw show were very interesting and the draft picks were good and realistic(your graphic work is unreal)
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