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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Heyman Deciple’s SmackDown Review

William Regal Promo: Nice promo from Regal here to start the show. As this did a good job of hyping up both WrestleMania and what we could expect to see on this week’s SmackDown.

MVP, Elijah Burke, & Layla-MR. Kennedy: Good segment featuring 2 of my personal favorites Kennedy and MVP. I enjoyed the confrontation between Kennedy and MVP as I felt this did a lot to make Money In The Bank feel even more important. And after Kennedy left the tension between MVP and Elijah Burke as also good.

Kenny Dykstra Vs. Michael Shane: Solid promo work between the 2 before the match. The match it self was solid, as I really liked the finish with Dykstra playing the perfect scum bag heel to pick up the win.

John Morrison & The Miz-Pit Bulls: Solid segment where I liked the intensity shown by the Miz with him wanting to prove he’s not a joke.

Matt Sydal Vs. Chavo Guerrero: Matt Sydal picks up the win, which I was glad to see.

Shelton Benjamin & Shannon Moore interview: The promo work from Shannon Moore has me really looking forward to his match later with Matt Hardy and we get some good WrestleMania hype from Shelton Benjamin.

Rey Mysterio & Bobby Lashley-Chris Jericho: Just as it seemed Rey and Bobby Lashley were making peace here comes Chris Jericho to stir it up. A tough room indeed Chris. This may have been my favorite segment of the show so far.

Harry Smith Vs. Miz: The Miz gets the win with a little help from John Morrison and for some reason that makes me very happy.

Matt Hardy Vs. Shannon Moore: The match I’ve been looking forward to. This was good and I surprised to see Matt get the win. I really thought Shannon was going to get the win with some kind of fluke thanks to help from Shelton Benjamin but I was gladly wrong. Matt picks up the win and still looks strong going into WrestleMania.

Shawn Michaels Interview: This was an awesome Interview here with Shawn. Good Stuff.

Edge-Armando Estrada: Glad to see Estrada getting some TV time. I’ve always found him very entertaining. This was a good segment as it built towards the Main Event later in the show.

Jericho, Mysterio, & Lashley Vs. Kennedy & MVP: I liked how the match started with MVP and Kennedy seeming to have some minor problems but then later in the match all hell broke loose as Kennedy left MVP laying enabling Mysterio to pick up the pin.

Shawn & Undertaker Vs. Edge & Umaga: Main Event time. Too bad this ended with a disqualification but the finish was just awesome. As Shawn hits the Super Kick on Edge, Umaga breaks it up and gets dealt with by the Undertaker then the Undertaker leaps over the top rope onto Umaga which was just badass. Then Edge blasts Shawn in the head with a steel chair shot causing the disqualification and continuing the concussion angle with Shawn Michaels leading into WrestleMania. After the match Umaga had got the Undertaker down and Edge is standing tall over Shawn Michaels and the show goes off the air. Which was a great way to end the show heading towards WrestleMania.

Good Show, I give it an 8 out of 10.

And WrestleMania looks like it should be awesome Nige. Good luck.

Not currently watching WWE... I refuse to continue to be part of the problem by supporting something I do not enjoy.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Smackdown Review

Decent promo from Regal to kick off the show. Not the most exciting way to kick off the show but the rest of the show will clearly be filled with excitement, and he made some very good matches. All the matches sound good, the main event in particular which was built up well at the end of last weeks show, HBK and The Undertaker is one hell of a team. Regal did a good job of hyping Mania and tonights show so it was a decent start.

This was a good segment, MVP and Kennedy together is going to cause trouble because they are both arrogant loudmouths. I liked what Kennedy had to say and I liked what MVP said after Kennedy left too, but Burke moving away from MVP now is great as sooner or later there was going to be problems. MVP's reaction was great as he wouldn't care about not having Burke because of the type of guy he is, and the last line from MVP was great.

Nice little pre match promo from these two, hypes their match and by giving them a little promo time it gives the match a bit of importance. Good win for Dykstra here, it would've been a huge win for Shane if he won and it would've made Dykstra look in trouble heading into Mania, but Shane just isn't as good as Dykstra so there was no need to give him the win.

Decent little segment here with the two teams, once again adds some more hype to the tag team situation and shows the problems between the teams.

Big win for Matt Sydal which I like. I liked how it was a good clean win and it doesn't hurt Chavo's credibility as we know he is a good worker. Sydal is looking good and he is the only guy who has a chance of winning the CW Title match at Mania apart from Kenny IMO.

I'm glad you gave Moore some promo time here to let him explain his turn. I liked what he had to say and it made sense, but I think it would've worked even better if Moore was with Hardy for a little longer as he only started hanging out with him again a few weeks ago if i remember rightly. Shelton coming in was good and what he had to say was interesting, once again ending with a good line.

Brilliant segment with the MITB guys. The tension between Rey and Lashley was good but Y2J's opening line was just great, it would come off really well on TV to wind them up. Lashley's line was brilliant as it just fits so well with his character but Y2J responded with the typical Lashley joke lol. Good promo, did a good job of adding more hype to the match tonight and MITB.

Good win for the Miz here, it was a dirty victory but he was victorious. Good way of involving all the guys in the Mania match too.

I was expecting a Matt Hardy win here and it makes sense. Moore held held his own though for a while which is good as he is talented, but Hardy came back for the fairly easy win. Shelton hitting Hardy with the belt helps him make a statement so that was a decent aftermath.

Leticia time! Sorry, I guess HBK is the focus of this interview. This was just a great interview, he made some great points and was just right in character. I loved the line about Edge not being Mr.Wrestlemania. Just a really good interview to get us pumped for the main event and the title match at Wrestlemania.

This was another good segment. It was funny that Edge acted all tough while Umaga wasn't there, typical Edge. I liked Edge's arrogance and I liked what AAE had to say too about Umaga possibly going for the title after Mania. You ended it well and there is a bit of tension on this team tonight I think.

The six man tag seemed like a very good match. The ending was exciting and I liked how you kept focus on the problems between kennedy and MVP. By having Kennedy give MVP a Mic Check it adds makes this even more personal and it meant the otehr team could pick up the win without MVP looking too weak which I like. The aftermatch was crazy with all guys getting involved, but Y2J coming out on top is cool.

The main event was great. I knew it would end a DQ but its good to keep all four men looking fairly strong and it stops one of them from taking the pinfall. The suicide dive from 'Taker was awesome. Edge hitting HBK with the chair after he went for SCM is something he would do as well. Umaga taking out The Undertaker on the outside was great too and this leaves Edge and Umaga looking strong heading into Mania, I was expecting a stare down between the guys to end the show but by having one team take out the other it stacks the odds against the two face guys which is good. Good ending.

Overall Nige it was another very good show, it was exciting to read and once again the promos were fantastic. The storylines are really good and you have built up to Wrestlemania really well. I can't wait until Wrestlemania!! Good job mate, and goodluck with the rest of Mania.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


“FCW” TV Results
(Saturday 29th March)

Match 1
Jesse & Festus
vs Shawn Spears & Mike Kruel w/Roucka

Jesse worked most of the match and looked in trouble with Spears & Kruel taking it in turns to isolate him and beat him down. Towards the end, Jesse was able to make a tag to Festus, who came in on fire, taking out Spears and Kruel, the legal man. Jesse got involved as all four men brawled in the ring with the referee then getting between them and escorting Jesse to the apron, allowing Spears & Kruel to work together on Festus, but as Kruel grabbed and held on to Festus, Spears threw a right hand at him, but Festus ducked with Spears nailing Kruel by accident. Festus grabbed Spears and tossed him over the top rope before pulling Kruel up from his knees and nailed him with a fireman’s carry flapjack for the victory. Roucka flipped on the outside at Spears as he sat up on the floor while Jesse & Festus celebrated in the ring.

Winners: Jesse & Festus.

Dusty Rhodes was stood in the back on his phone and said he’s very grateful for the chance to have the FCW title match on the Wrestlemania pre show tomorrow night when Katie Lea & The Empire walked up to him. Katie said they need to talk, so Dusty finished his call. Katie said that Dusty might have the powers that be on his side, but she’s not convinced about his ability to be the man in charge of FCW. She said that he needs to be more open minded and not to be so discriminating against her and The Empire because of their nationality, and if he continues to treat them in a racist manner, she will quite happily take it further to see he is punished severely. Dusty said that he had already given McIntyre & Sanders a shot, reminding us that they will be competing for the FCW Tag Team titles next week. He then said that Katie must have just arrived because he put the word out earlier in the day that there would be a match tonight to determine the number one contender for the FCW Womens Championship, in fact he said it was coming up next and told Katie to get her skates on. Katie didn’t no whether to thank him or get angry, so she just turned round in a hurry and walked off with The Empire, leaving Dusty saying to himself that the English sure are rude.

**Commercial Break**

Lena Yada caught up with Ted DiBiase, Maryse and the rest of The Million Dollar Family as they arrived in the building. She asked if she could have a few words, and Ted Jr told his brothers to go along without him as he’d be there in a minute. Maryse stayed too as Lena asked Ted how he felt about the possibility he could be leaving FCW later on if he and his brother Mike fail to win the triple threat match against the remaining two teams from last week’s battle royal. Ted Jr was very laid back and told Lena that she had to get real, just like Dusty Rhodes because without Ted DiBiase Jr, there would be no FCW. He said that everyone in the locker room is fully aware just whose name is responsible for FCW getting a TV deal in the first place, and that name is DiBiase. He said that he is the greatest prospect in not just America, but the whole world, and with the million dollar girl alongside him, FCW would be losing everything, but said that in reality, that’s not going to happen. He said that there’s no way he and his brother wouldn’t get the job done tonight, and once they’ve proved that last week was a fluke, they’ll be wearing the gold as they should when they repeat their win from tonight next week. He ended by telling Lena to go find Dusty incase he misses this and to tell him that Ted DiBiase Jr isn’t going anywhere. He and Maryse then walked off looking very confident.

Match 2
Number One Contendership Match for the FCW Womens Championship

Brie Bella vs Nicole Bella vs Katie Lea w/Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders vs Roucka

Shantelle Taylor came out to watch the match, sitting at ringside on a steel chair with her title belt resting on her lap. The finish came when Katie took Brie Bella out with a spinning neckbreaker, but she went over to the ropes and taunted Shantelle while Roucka tossed Nicole Bella in to the floor on the outside, raced inside and covered Brie while Katie was engaged with Taylor. Once she heard the bell, Katie turned round in horror to see Roucka getting her arm raised. Katie held her head in her hands with The Empire coming in to support her as Roucka left the ring with a big smile on her face with Shantelle Taylor watching on with a look of surprise on her face.

Winner: Roucka.

James Reiher & Afa Jr were stood in the back with Reiher stretching, getting ready for his match later on with Jake Hager in the second semi final of the FCW Heavyweight Championship tournament. Dusty Rhodes walked in to the shot and said that he needed to talk to them before Reiher’s match. He said that he saw Reiher’s clever little trap for Hager last week, but told him that there’s not going to be any repeat of that in their match tonight because he is barring Afa from going anywhere near the ring. Reiher wasn’t happy and told Dusty that he can’t tell him or Afa what to do, but Dusty stood right up to him and said he can tell them to do whatever he likes, telling them quite aggressively that he calls the shots, not them. He then said that if he so much as sees Afa go within twenty feet of Hager tonight, he will disqualify Reiher from the tournament just like that with a click of the fingers. Reiher and Afa looked pissed as Dusty then wished Reiher luck and walked off.

**Commercial Break**

Lena Yada was stood with Jake Hager and asked him how he was doing after being set up by James Reiher & Afa Jr last week. He said that he’s not known Reiher for that long, but he already knows that he is a piece of work and that he’d do anything to get what he wants, but said that Reiher wants the same thing he does, the FCW Heavyweight Championship. He looked straight at Lena and said that Reiher made a mistake by not finishing the job last week, because not only is he still standing, he’s more hungry to walk down to the ring tonight and show Reiher that he too can be a bully. Hager then said that Reiher questioned his undefeated record last week, and then admitted that he might not have fought a big name just yet, but said that Reiher’s not a big name anyway apart from to himself. He then said that Reiher’s going to find out tonight just what all the hype is about that he (Reiher) brought up himself last week, and that the hype is going to blow up right in Reiher’s face.

Match 3
If The Million Dollar Family win, they receive a title shot. If they lose, Ted DiBiase Jr is fired!

TJ Wilson & Teddy Hart vs The Empire (Stu Sanders & Drew McIntyre) w/Katie Lea
vs The Million Dollar Family (Ted Jr & Mike DiBiase) w/Brett DiBiase & Maryse

A really good match with lots of variety in action from fast paced wrestling to solid technical mat work. Ted DiBiase Jr looked very good in the match, but his brother Mike let him down by allowing himself to get distracted by Katie Lea, giving Stu Sanders the chance to roll him up for the victory when The Million Dollar Family looked on top. Ted Jr was shocked as he watched on after a brawl on the outside with TJ & Teddy. The fans got on his back and started singing the traditional “hey, hey, hey, goodbye” song as he and Maryse stormed off in a huff with Ted Jr turning his back on his brothers while McIntyre & Sanders celebrated.

Winners: The Empire.

**Commercial Break**

Match 4
FCW Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi Final

Jake Hager vs James Reiher

This was more of a brawl than a wrestling match, at least it developed that way. The ending came when both men brawled on the outside of the ring and were both counted out by the referee. With a winner needed to advance to the final of the championship tournament at the Wrestlemania pre show tomorrow night, Dusty Rhodes came out and said that it would be a triple threat match with Hager & Reiher meeting Vladimir Kozlov. The Russian came out and stared down both Hager & Reiher as they paid him undivided attention to end the show.

Result: Double Count Out.

**End of Show**


FCW Heavyweight Championship Tournament Final
Jake Hager vs Vladimir Kozlov vs James Reiher


FCW Tag Team Championship
TJ Wilson & Teddy Hart vs The Empire (Stu Sanders & Drew McIntyre)

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hey mate i do not have time for a full Smackdown review so i will just leave some comments on the current goings on of FCW then hopefully do a review for Mania. Anyway here goes:

* Jesse and Festus winning in the opener was a great option however i am not a big fan of there gimmick so maybe a gimmick change could make them a lot better.

* I absolutely love The Empire a Un American like faction is always handy to have.

* Was not happy with the womens match to be honest because Katie Lea should have gotten the win

* Nice to see Dusty Rhodes throwing his power around a bit just do not push it to an obnoxious level

* Jake Hager to please stay undefeated

* Okay so The Empire get the win and i assume Ted Jr will be getting the call from WWE

* Double count out resulting in triple threat match for Mania pre show is all good i put my money on Hager even though i am personally more of a Kozlov fan.

Anyway everything seems good here mate i have absolutely nothing to complain about which is good considering the last week or so i have been picking on almost everyone. So yeah i know this is not counted as a review but i hope it will do for now and i hope i have time for a Mania review.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks for the comments man. It's good to get some feedback on FCW as i'm really trying to build some talent up with a view to bringing them up to the main roster soon.

The Empire gimmick is something i really enjoy doing, and i can see why you think Katie Lea should have won the title shot, but it's designed to get her more angry. You'll see that soon.

Ted DiBiase Jr leaving FCW was always going to happen since i've been putting video promos for his Raw debut on the last two Raw shows i've done.

Hager i love, Kozlov is also growing on me very quickly, and they might not be in FCW too much longer. I have a great storyline for Kozlov to enter the WWE, and Hager also has something in place, but it could be slightly controversial.

Just to give an update on Mania. 6 of the 10 matches have been typed up, including the big four matches, which leaves me with some lower and mid card matches to do, which hopefully won't take too long. The promos haven't been done, but some commentary has, giving me a decent amount of work still to do. I've got 3 Uni assignments to do as well, which might throw me off course, but i should have it done within the next three weeks i hope. I'll be continuing to review the threads that i always have, Sean, Bradley, Dan & HD. The preview is all done, and will be posted in around a week's time.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hey Nige, I haven't left much comments on FCW yet but I have been following the results and I like what you're doing. There are some guys I know and some I don't know here, but I like the three guys in the tournament final a lot. All three are talented guys but there was something about Deuce that I really liked and I thought he was talented, so I am slightly pulling for him, although Kozlov and Hager are great too. Ted DiBiase Jr getting fired will now lead to him getting called up which is cool and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with him. I am also liking the Empire too, but I personally can't stand Jesse and Festus. Anyway as I said I like what you are doing Nige, I will start leaving more detailed comments once I read more shows and get more familiar with everyone. I like the idea of the Mania pre show too a lot.

Also its nice to hear that Mania is going okay Nige, I look forward to the preview as well and predictions! And Mania is going to be incredible.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Looks like a couple of god shows before Mania, I skimmed through them, I will try to review Mania but I have't got time to do Raw and SmackDown. Just out of curiosity, what font did you use for Raw and SmackDown?
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


  • Everyone from top to bottom in the company is at risk!
  • Big names could switch to the rival brand!
Just 24 hours after Wrestlemania, catch the fallout of the biggest show in WWE history for what will be a momentous night!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I'd just like to leave some comments if I may. I'm very envious of how you can continue a thread this long, and still make it great to read. You really do have the presentation dead set, and it really does make the shows great fun to read.

I know this wasn't much, but I'd just like to wish you well in the future and for Wrestlemania, which has a fantastic card by the way.

I'll be sure to give it a read when it's up. Nice one mate.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response



The show started with Todd Grisham thanking for everyone for coming and hoping that they were all going to enjoy Wrestlemania weekend. The first inductee was The Rock, inducted by his father Rocky Johnson. The Rock played down chants of “one more match” by saying it’s time for other superstars time to shine, but he gave the fans a little entertainment with some vintage Rocky catchphrases.

Next up came Harry Smith and his mother, Diana to induct “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith. Harry said his father was his hero and he’s so proud that he has the chance to be doing what his dad loved. The Iron Sheik was out after the break to induct Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. The Dragon was very thankful and said it was one of the greatest nights of his life.

Jerry Lawler made his way to the stage after the commercial to induct “The Macho Man” Randy Savage. Randy said that he’s had problems over the years with certain people and that it was a true honour to be inducted in to the Hall of Fame after enjoying a great career. Ted DiBiase Jr walked out to the stage to his dad’s legendary music to induct his father. He said that his dad was the true villain of the WWE and that it was a huge honour to be inducting his father, “The Million Dollar Man”. Ted Sr came out and hugged his son in an emotional exchange. He said that being inducted into the Hall of Fame was better than the World Championship before saying that he hopes some day he will be returning the favour and inducting his son in to the Hall of Fame.

Bret Hart came out after the break to induct his late brother, Owen. He said that Owen was one of the true greats in and out of the ring, calling him not just his brother, but his best friend. It went down very well with the fans in attendance. After the next break, Vince McMahon walked out to a very strong mixed reception and said he had the pleasure of inducting “Stonecold” Steve Austin. Vince said that working with Austin had been a very mixed experience but it was the defining moment in the history of the WWE. Austin walked out and hugged Vince before teasing a Stonecold Stunner. He said that he’s very grateful to be inducted in to the list of great names and that he is looking forward to watching Wrestlemania tomorrow night with a Steveweiser.

To finish the show, Arn Anderson inducted the man he called the greatest of all time, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Flair got a great reception and said that he honestly didn’t expect to be inducted this year, but he thanked everyone for a great honour before promising to give everyone one more Wrestlemania memory with Evolution tomorrow night. The rest of the inductees and their familes came out to the stage with streamers and balloons coming down to end the show.

P.S. To show you just how close the votes were, here are the amount of votes every nominee received.

Ric Flair – 15
Ted DiBiase – 14
Owen Hart – 14
British Bulldog – 13
Randy Savage – 11
The Rock – 11
Ricky Steamboat – 10
Stonecold Steve Austin – 10

The Road Warriors – 9
Jake Roberts – 9
Rick Rude – 8
Rocky Johnson – 5
The Ultimate Warrior – 5
Jim Neidhart – 2

Thanks to all of you for voting,
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