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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Originally Posted by johnjoe69 View Post
Maybe you losers should do something worthwhile with your time, instead of spending time in your fantasy world. LOSERSSSSS!!! Its actually quite funny. Sorry for being harsh.
If you didnt think much of bookers, then you wouldn't be posting in here. You don't know how much work Nige has done with this, and he will only respond to those who acknowledge his work and can relate to it, not morons like you. We have better things to do than take your crap, and we enjoy doing this, and your perdurable rambling won't change a thing.
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WWE.com - HOMEPAGE (Smackdown Results - 14th March 2008)

^^Thanks for that Rocker, i got involved in too many arguments last night, so i probably would have snapped in a big way had you not dealt with that gobshite^^

Anyway, real business!

Smackdown Results
14th March 2008

Marine Mainland Arena
Buffalo, New York


Armando Alejandro Estrada & Umaga in the ring last week, to be confronted by the lights going out and a message from The Undertaker, resulting in a Last Man Standing match being announced for Wrestlemania

“Rise Up”


“Break Down The Walls”
plays to a big pop as Chris Jericho walks down to the ring in casual clothes with Michael Cole & The Coach looking shocked to see him. Jericho walks in to the ring and asks for a microphone, getting it from Justin Roberts. It takes the crowd a few seconds to settle down before they allow Jericho to speak, who says that he’s not going to waste their time tonight, and says that he’s here for one reason and one reason only, and that’s for three simple letters, M V P. The crowd boo the mention of his name and Jericho says that Monday night, MVP walked in to his hometown of Winnipeg, talked down to the people, to him, and he went that one step too far because he did something no one should do, and that’s piss off Y2J. He then says that MVP can play it all cool if he wants, but he knows the truth, MVP is living in fear and he decided to come after the one man he knows will pose the biggest threat in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania, and that’s the man behind the single greatest concept that they will compete in at Wrestlemania, Y2J Chris Jericho. “I’m Comin” hits as MVP then makes his way out to the stage with a microphone in hand.

He looks very happy and says it’s great to have Jericho on Smackdown, but then says that only winners get to plough their trade on Friday nights, and if he remembers rightly, Jericho is a loser, proved by what happened Monday night on Raw. Jericho cuts in and says that the only reason he lost that match was because MVP had his shower buddy help him out, and not for the first time. He then takes a look up at the stage and asks MVP just where his buddy is tonight and if he can cope walking by himself. MVP doesn’t look happy at all with that and says Jericho is just a bad loser, and that he is making an excuse for losing to the man who will win the Money in the Bank contract Wrestlemania. Jericho has a giggle and sarcastically asks MVP who he’s calling the bad laser, him (Jericho) or the guy who handled being eliminated in the Royal Rumble so well, he went to Raw the next night and attacked the guy who eliminated him. MVP looks pissed as Jericho stares back and then says that if anyone is a bad loser, it’s MVP, the same guy whose gold won’t be around his waist but around his neck or on his fingers. He then tells MVP that he’s been at the top and he knows what it takes, but MVP cuts in straight away and asks Jericho just when he’s gonna drop that line about being the first ever undisputed champion.

He says that it was six and a half years ago, and in that time Jericho has done the grand total of a whole lot of nothing. He then tells Jericho that he can forget about being a world champion any time soon because there is only going to be one man climbing the ladder at Wrestlemania to grab that contract, and that is the half man, half amazing soon to be World Heavyweight Champion, MVP. The fans boo MVP as he smiles wildly while Jericho smirks before saying that he didn’t come here to listen to a fairytale, he came to Smackdown to get revenge. He says that MVP has the biggest mouth in the world and that he (Jericho) has one dream, and that’s to shut it right here tonight. The crowd like the sound of that and Jericho follows up by saying that if MVP is just as amazing as he says he is, then he won’t have a problem going one on one with The Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah right here tonight in Buffalo. The crowd go nuts again and MVP looks in to the crowd, not saying anything. Jericho then goads him, saying that MVP has nothing to lose, well it looks like he has lost something, his testicles. MVP snaps, and in the heat of the moment he says that he’ll not just face Jericho tonight, he’ll beat him so bad, Y2J won’t be going to Wrestlemania. “I’m Comin” hits again as MVP then drops his microphone and walks to the back as Jericho smiles in the ring.



Eric Bischoff
is walking through the hallway and stops at a door with William Regal’s name on it, and then walks in. Regal looks shocked to see him as he is sat down at his desk, and then asks Bischoff what he’s doing here, let alone not knocking before entering. Bischoff says that’s not important, but he’s come to talk over an idea he had that concerns both Raw and Smackdown, as well as Wrestlemania. Regal says he’s intrigued and asks Bischoff to proceed, and the Raw Head of Authority says that they both know that John Morrison and The Miz left Smackdown to join Raw several weeks back, but he hopes there are no bad feelings. Regal says he isn’t too disappointed to see the back of them, but asks Bischoff what they have to do with the idea. Bischoff says that on Monday night, they beat his tag team champions in Paul London and Brian Kendrick, but says it’s what they said after that left him thinking. Regal says he watched Raw and that he saw what they said about being overlooked for the WWE Tag Team titles and says that wasn’t the case whatsoever, the fact is they didn’t take the chance that they were given.

Bischoff then says that isn’t what’s important because he has a great idea that will see Raw and Smackdown go head to head at Wrestlemania. Regal sits back in his chair and looks intrigued as Bischoff then says that he believes it would be huge if Raw’s tag team champions were to face Smackdown’s champions as well as the contenders of The Pitbulls, and John Morrison and The Miz with both titles on the line. He then says that if either of the challengers gets the pin, they will win the titles from the team they beat, whereas if either of the champions win by defeating the other set of champions, they will walk out with both sets of titles. He says that Wrestlemania needs a little brand competition and asks Regal what he thinks. He says that he thinks it sounds like a very good idea indeed and tells Bischoff that he has his full support when Chris Masters & Charlie Haas, The Masters of the Mat walk in. Masters says to Regal that they heard he wanted to see them, and then turns to Bischoff to ask him what he’s doing on Smackdown. Regal asks Bischoff to allow him to tell them, with Bischoff agreeing and saying that he’ll leave them all to it. Masters tells Regal to say what’s going on.

Regal says that they’ll find it interesting and tells them that there will be a four team inter promotional match for both tag team titles at Wrestlemania. Masters & Haas smile and rub their hands together, then ask if that’s why Regal wanted to see them, but their jaws drop when Regal tells them that they won’t be taking part in any kind of title match, let alone at Wrestlemania. Masters flips and asks Regal what the hell he’s playing at, but the GM stands up and gets angry, shouting at him, saying that Masters disregarded what he said last week and he won’t have a team that shows no respect for anyone represent Smackdown on such a big occasion. He then says that they do have a match tonight however, and that it might be right up their street, against Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards in a hardcore match. Masters & Haas look angry and Haas says that they’re not like Dreamer and Richards, they’re wrestlers not hardcore idiots. Regal then says that they should have thought about that before they broke Tazz’s leg and used Dreamer’s cane to win last week. He then says that the match is next so they had better get a move on, and tells them to shake a bloody leg. Masters & Haas don’t look happy and storm out of the room.


Chris Masters using a steel chair to win his match against Tommy Dreamer



The Extremists (Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards)
vs. The Masters of the Mat (Charlie Haas & Chris Masters)

Masters watches on as Dreamer stands back up and then walks over to him with a table lying on the mat just away from the corner. Masters throws a right at him, but Dreamer blocks it and hammers away at Masters with right hands of his own, forcing him back against the ropes. Dreamer then takes a step back and then forward again to hit Masters with a clothesline, sending him over the top rope to the outside, but the momentum also takes Dreamer over as they both land on the floor. At the same time, Haas slides back in the ring on the other side, followed by Richards after an exchange on the outside. Stevie stands back up while a weary looking Haas struggles to his feet with Richards ready to strike. As Haas gets back up, Stevie moves towards him and goes for the STEVIE KICK. . . . . Haas ducks it and slips behind him, then grabs him around the waist and planting him with a GERMAN SUPLEX. . . . . Haas holds on to the grip to try and get a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

Stevie is able to get his shoulder up, leaving Haas angry. He picks himself back up and argues with the referee as Dreamer and Masters are standing back up on the outside. Dreamer is up first and looks under the ring, then pulls out a Singapore cane to the delight of the crowd. Dreamer lifts it up in the air to make everyone aware, but Masters shocks him by clubbing him across the back and pushing him in to the apron, chest first. Masters then takes control of the cane as he slips back in the ring with Haas watching on. The Masterpiece then signals for Haas to pick Richards up, which he does, and he holds on to him from behind as Masters then walks over to him. Haas then lets go as Masters strikes, SMASHING THE CANE ACROSS STEVIE’S SKULL WITH THE CANE. . . . . The crowd boo, and as Richards hits the mat, Dreamer slides back in the ring.

Masters instructs Haas to do the same to Dreamer, and he responds by walking over to him and planting him with a snap suplex. The Wrestling Machine then reaches down and picks Dreamer, holding him up from behind and then letting go as Masters walks over and DRIVES THE CANE TOWARDS DREAMER’S HEAD. . . . . BUT DREAMER DUCKS IT AND THE CANE CONNECTS WITH CHARLIE HAAS INSTEAD. . . . . Haas drops to the mat as Masters looks on, horrified with Dreamer reacting quickly to drop to his knees and low blow Masters. He then follows up by pulling Masters’ head under his arm and planting him with THE DREAMER DDT. . . . . The crowd cheer like crazy, but he stands back up and doesn’t go for a cover, surprisingly. He walks over to the corner and sets up the table that was lying there. He then walks back over to a motionless Masters and drags him up to his feet, then pulls him over towards the table and rests him across it. He then walks to the corner and climbs to the second rope before jumping off and SPLASHING MASTERS THROUGH THE TABLE. . . . . Chants of ECW ring out as Dreamer then shimmies in to position to go for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNERS: The Extremists by pinfall @ 7.24

AFTERMATH: Dreamer’s music hits to a big pop from the crowd as he stands back up and then helps Richards up to his feet. They look down at the carnage with big smiles on their faces before walking to the back.


Edge is roaming the halls and looks very stressed. He continues to walk down the hall and walks round the corner with his face then lighting up. He slows down and walks over to Finlay. He starts by saying he was so impressed by what Finlay did last week, going all out and beating Chris Harris like he did. Finlay remains fairly deadpan and asks Edge what he wants, and The Rated R Superstar says that he needs a favour, with Finlay saying he thought that might by the case. Edge says that tonight Shawn Michaels is supposed to have a match and that William Regal is letting him find an appropriate opponent, and he (Edge) thought who better than the toughest son of a bitch on Smackdown, Finlay. The Irishman says that he doesn’t do favours for anyone, but then says beating the hell out of the World Heavyweight Champion would be a pleasure. Edge says that’s great and he’ll go to Regal right now, but Finlay grabs Edge’s arm before he can walk off, and tells Edge to make sure he knows he’s not doing it for him, he’s doing it for himself and to prove a point to everyone on Smackdown. Edge says he understands and then tells Finlay to make Michaels suffer like he knows he can. Finlay just stares intensely at Edge, who then walks off with a smile on his face.



“Superstar Fallin” hits to boos as Kenny Dykstra walks down to the ring in jeans and a shirt with his Cruiserweight Championship over his shoulder. He doesn’t look happy as he gets in the ring and collects a microphone. He says straight away that he’s sick and tired of being made to look like an idiot by Michael Shane for the last three weeks, but says it stops right now. He says Shane cost him his matches with Shawn Michaels and then Matt Sydal deliberately, and that he’s had enough of it. He says that he’s the Cruiserweight Champion for a reason and if Michael Shane wants a shot so bad, he can walk on down to the ring right now and face the anger that he’s created. Michael Shane’s music plays as he then walks down to the ring ready to compete with a big smile on his face to heat from the crowd. He grabs the microphone away from a hot looking Dykstra and says that maybe he should look at who’s really blame, telling Dykstra that the only reason he lost to Shawn and Sydal was because he’s not as great as he likes to think he is.

He then says that the Cruiserweight Championship that’s on Dykstra’s shoulder doesn’t deserve to be there and that he’s come to pick up the pieces of a disillusioned broken down champion. Dykstra takes the belt off his shoulder and rolls his sleeves up, but William Regal appears on the tron. He says that he doesn’t appreciate his employees doing his job for him and says there won’t be a Cruiserweight Championship match happening right now, it will take place under his instruction at Wrestlemania. Shane looks happy, but that soon changes as Regal says that there’s no guarantee Shane will be in it because there will be a match right now that will determine who challenges Dykstra for the title at Wrestlemania. He says that Shane will be one of three men in the match, along with the men that beat him and Dykstra last week, Chavo Guerrero and Matt Sydal. Shane looks pissed as Dykstra watches on very seriously, then leaves the ring and pulls up a seat at the announce table as Matt Sydal and then Chavo Guerrero make their way down to the ring as Shane stares intensely at Dykstra.

***MATCH #2***

Chavo Guerrero
vs. Matt Sydal
vs. Michael Shane

With Chavo coming round on the outside, Shane & Sydal go at it with Shane reversing an irish whip attempt from Sydal. And as Sydal comes back off the ropes, Shane takes him down with an arm drag, just as Chavo is standing up in front of the announce table. Shane sees it and then turns back to run the ropes, comes back and DIVES THROUGH THE ROPES, TAKING CHAVO DOWN WITH A SUICIDE DIVE. . . . . Shane stands back up after a couple of seconds and smiles arrogantly at Dykstra as an altercation looks like taking place, only for Shane to turn round and watch on helplessly as SYDAL SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE TOP ROPE AND TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A CROSS BODY. . . . . The crowd cheer like crazy for Sydal as he stands back up after several seconds and slips back in the ring. With the referee counting, Chavo & Shane just about make it back in to the ring, crawling under the bottom rope to dodge the ten count. Sydal then pulls a squirming Shane back up to his feet and pulls him in to the centre of the ring and then plants him with a CYCLORAMA (Belly to belly moonsault slam). . . . . That gets a big pop from the crowd who seem to be getting right behind Sydal now, who stands back up and pulls Shane towards the corner. He then walks in to the corner and steps through the ropes before climbing to the top rope.

With the fans cheering in anticipation of the Shooting Star Press, Sydal looks in to the crowd, wasting a few valuable seconds. It costs him as Chavo is getting back up by the ropes and falls back in to them, resulting in Sydal falling off the top and then down to the mat. Chavo takes a couple of seconds before walking over to Sydal and kicks him under the bottom rope before climbing up to the top rope himself. He points to the ceiling and then leaps off for THE FROG SPLASH. . . . . As Chavo comes down towards Shane, the cousin of Shawn Michaels rolls to the side with Chavo then hitting the mat. Both men remain on the mat for several seconds, but Shane is first up and he back tracks in to the opposite corner as he watches Chavo show signs of getting back to his feet. Shane seems to be getting ready for the SUPER KICK. . . . . Mocking his cousin, Shane tunes up the band, but we then see an angry Kenny Dykstra stand up at the announce table and pick up his Cruiserweight Championship belt. He then slides in the ring under the bottom rope to Shane’s amazement, who runs at Dykstra, only for Kenny to SMASH HIM ACROSS THE FACE WITH THE BELT. . . . . The referee sees this and calls for the bell straight away.

WINNER: Michael Shane by DQ @ 6.02

AFTERMATH: Dykstra stands above Shane with the title in hand and a smile on his face, but William Regal then walks out to the ramp with a microphone in hand. He says that although Dykstra might think that was an intelligent decision, it may well prove to be an action he will regret. Dykstra looks confused as Regal continues and says that although we don’t have a clear number one contender because of those actions, Dykstra will still be defending his title at Wrestlemania against not just Michael Shane, but Chavo Guerrero and Matt Sydal as well in a fatal fourway match. “Promenade” plays as Dykstra looks gobsmacked in the ring.


Josh Matthews is standing by and introduces us to his guest at this time, Umaga & Armando Alejandro Estrada. Both of them look very serious and Josh kicks off by reminding us that after the events of last week, Umaga will be facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania in a Last Man Standing match. He then asks him just how Umaga feels about that, with Estrada saying that The Undertaker has made a very big mistake. He says that The Undertaker’s legacy is based around Wrestlemania, and if he wants to continue that legacy, going up against Umaga is the single biggest mistake of the dead man’s career. He says that The Undertaker has never faced anyone like Umaga before, the same Umaga that put his career in jeopardy several weeks ago and questions whether The Undertaker can even be anywhere near a hundred percent. He then says that The Undertaker’s mind games have scared tons of superstars throughout the years, but says that nothing scares Umaga, especially The Undertaker. Estrada turns to the camera and says that The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania will be a thing of the past this year, because The Samoan Bulldozer won’t just end the streak, he will end the career of The Undertaker. Estrada laughs as Umaga remains intense as he stands alongside him with the camera then fading out.



***MATCH #3***

The UK Pack (Paul Burchill & Harry Smith)
vs. John Morrison & The Miz

Morrison is pulled up to his feet by Burchill, who then whips The Shaman of Sexy in to the corner. He takes a second before running in at him, but Morrison lifts his boot up into Burchill’s face, resulting in the Englishman staggering out of the corner holding his face with his back to Morrison. The former ECW Champion then helps himself up to the second rope and jumps off, hitting Burchill with a dropkick to the back. Burchill falls to the mat, and Morrison rushes to scurry across and turn his opponent over to try for a pin 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Burchill kicks out comfortably as Morrison stands back up and walks over to his corner to tag in The Miz, who climbs up to the top rope instead of getting in to the ring. He then watches on carefully as Burchill gets back up close by and then jumps off and connects with a LEG DROP BULLDOG. . . . . Burchill’s face hits the mat as The Miz then turns him over and goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Burchill gets his shoulder up as The Miz looks on in shock, he think that should have been it.

He then gets on with things, standing back up to his feet, but Burchill isn’t too far behind as he shows a lot of resilience, and as he gets up, The Miz goes for a discus punch. Burchill however, ducks it and kicks The Miz in the gut, and then pulls him in to position for THE C4. . . . . The crowd go nuts, but The Miz fights it with elbows to the head and is able to escape Burchill’s grasp. He runs back in to the ropes, but as he runs back, Burchill steps forward and nails The Miz with a vicious looking BACKBREAKER SLAM. . . . . A cheer breaks out, and Burchill doesn’t look to waste any time as he repositions himself and goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . It’s The Miz’s turn to show some resilience as he just gets his shoulder up. Burchill stands up and shrugs the disappointment off as he then walks over to his corner and makes the tag to Smith, who climbs through the ropes to a pop from the crowd. He walks over to The Miz and pulls him up to his feet, then positions the head under his arm and lifts him vertically up in to the air, feet first. He keeps The Miz up there for almost ten seconds before falling back to the mat, hitting a DELAYED VERTICAL SUPLEX. . . . .

The crowd enjoyed that one very much, and Smith looks to wrap up the match here and now by turning over and going for the pin 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Morrison races in to the ring and pulls Smith off The Miz by his feet. The referee is straight back up and tells Morrison off, forcing him back on to the apron as Smith stands up looking very angry. He then turns his attention back to The Miz and pulls him up to his feet, but we then see The Pitbulls running down the ramp towards the ring. Noble pulls Burchill off the apron by his feet just as an oblivious Harry Smith scoops The Miz up on to his shoulder for a RUNNING POWERSLAM. . . . . As he turns round after walking in to the corner, he sees Kash and Noble toss Burchill in to the steel steps. Smith gently lets go of Miz and walks over to the ropes as The Pitbulls back up the ramp with Smith yelling at them. He then looks down at Burchill who is motionless, and then stares back at Noble and Kash as they walk to the back, only for The Miz to walk up behind him and nail him with a FALLING NECKBREAKER. . . . . Miz then turns over in a rush and hooks both legs for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNERS: John Morrison & The Miz by pinfall @ 7.41

AFTERMATH: “Ain’t No Make Believe” hits to heat from the crowd as The Miz gets back up to his feet and is joined in the ring by Morrison. They have a little guy hug for a couple of seconds before walking over to the ropes and mocking the crowd, posing to a lot of boos.


Leticia Cline
is standing by in the back and introduces herself (her debut appearance), and then her guest, the World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels. Leticia thanks Shawn for joining her and he says it’s a pleasure and then welcomes her to Smackdown. Leticia asks him how he feels about going up against possibly one of the toughest men in the WWE tonight in Finlay, just under two weeks away from defending his title against Edge at Wrestlemania. He says he’s not thinking about Wrestlemania just yet since he takes things one step at a time, and tonight what faces his him is indeed one tough competitor in Finlay. He says that he knows he’s going to get beat up tonight because that’s what Finlay is all about, but he says that he’s been beaten up hundreds of times before and will be again, it’s just part of the job. Leticia then asks him if he’s worried what role Edge might play tonight, but Shawn says that he’s made sure that there won’t be a repeat of recent weeks with Edge getting involved in his matches. Leticia asks him what is he’s done, and he says that he went to see William Regal earlier on and he has told him that he will be barring Edge from stepping foot anywhere near the ring during the match with Finlay later on. He then says that way, he can focus on his match and making a statement going in to Wrestlemania, that he will beat anybody who is put in front of him because he is the World Heavyweight Champion. Leticia smiles and thanks Shawn for joining him as he turns and walks out of the shot.




Clips of Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, John Cena, Edge, Kane, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, Triple H, Batista, Ric Flair in studio shots posing under bright lights and a black background

VOICEOVER: There is one spectacle that eclipses them all. . . There is one spectacle where the best showcase their talent. . . There is one spectacle where dreams are shattered. . . This spectacle will return to create new dreams, for this spectacle is Wrestlemania. . .



***MATCH #4***

Chris Jericho
vs. MVP

MVP stands away from Jericho as Y2J picks himself back up slowly with MVP urging him up, looking ready to explode. He walks over to Jericho, but he’s on the receiving end of a right hand to the chest from Y2J, who then stands back up and nails MVP with a right to the face. With MVP off balance, Jericho turns back to run the ropes, but as he comes back, MVP takes a couple of steps forward and tosses him behind with a SNAP OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. . . . . Jericho lands hard on the mat, and MVP looks to take advantage as he scurries across the mat and tries for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Jericho gets his shoulder up to MVP’s frustration, but MVP gets on with things as he gets back up to his feet and pulls Jericho by his feet towards the corner. He then climbs up to the second rope with his back to Jericho, looking for a moonsault of sorts, but with MVP taking his time slightly, Jericho sits back up and then races to his feet. He walks up behind MVP and clubs him across the back before walking right in to the corner and turning round to face the ring. Jericho then grabs hold of the top of MVP’s legs as he remains on the second ropes with his back to the ring, with Jericho then stepping out of the corner and nailing MVP with a POWER BOMB. . . . .

A big pop breaks out, and after a second or two, Jericho crawls on his knees and tries for a pin 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . It’s MVP’s turn to just lift his shoulder of the mat at the last second, leaving Jericho a little stunned. Jericho drops his head and takes several seconds to regroup before standing back up, just as MVP comes round and starts to pick himself back up too. Jericho strikes first with a hard right hand to the skull, but before he can hit a second, MVP rakes him the eyes. He gets a warning from the referee but just ignores it to then pull Jericho’s head down and nail him with a Football Kick. Y2J falls to the mat, and MVP drops down quickly to try for another cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Jericho kicks out comfortably, leaving MVP getting a little stressed. He stands back up quickly and reaches down to pull Jericho back up to his feet, and then whips him hard in to the corner. As Jericho’s back connects with the pads, MVP steps back in to the opposite corner before charging towards his opponent and going for THE PLAYA’S BOOT. . . . . With MVP getting close to the corner, Jericho steps out as MVP then crashes in to the pads to a big cheer from the crowd.

MVP then turns round and staggers out of the corner with Jericho then running back in to the ropes behind MVP and running back to hit a ONE ARM BULLDOG. . . . . MVP’s face is driven in to the mat as Jericho then stands back up, runs in to the ropes and SPRINGBOARDS FOR THE LIONSAULT. . . . . Jericho hit it and hooks both legs as the referee makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . MVP lifts his shoulder up to the disappointment of the crowd and Jericho, who looks like he’s not sure what to do next. After several seconds of thought, he then gets back to his feet and shifts round to lift up MVP’s legs, going for THE WALLS OF JERICHO. . . . . MVP panics and fights it immediately, and is able to drag himself back to the ropes straight away and reach out to grab the bottom rope. The ref tells Jericho to let go, which he does as the ref then walks round to MVP and checks if he’s okay. MVP though, sits up and pushes the ref to the side, who falls to his knees as MVP stands back up and swings a right hand at Jericho, but Y2J ducks it and kicks MVP in the groin as he turns round and nails him with THE CODEBREAKER. . . . . Jericho turns over and goes for the cover as the ref gets back up and turns round to count the fall 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Chris Jericho by pinfall @ 9.10

AFTERMATH: “Break Down The Walls” hits as Jericho stands back up and gets his arm raised. He walks over to the ropes and poses for the crowd who respond by cheering.


Matt Hardy, the United States Champion is backstage, hanging out with Shannon Moore & Johnny Jeter. Jeter says that he saw what went down last week with Shelton getting a shot at the United States title at Wrestlemania, and says to Matt that he hopes he shuts up Shelton and his big mouth. Matt says that’s his plan and he sure as hell can’t wait to finally get his hands on him, and that it’s a shame he has to wait over two weeks. We then hear some clapping with all three guys looking down the hall and their expressions change to a frustrated look as Shelton Benjamin walks in to the shot and stops clapping. He says it’s great to be in the presence of the United States Champion, but says that in little over two weeks, that’s all going to change because the title is going where it belongs, around the waist of The Gold Standard. Matt tells Shelton he’s lucky he’s (Matt) in a good mood tonight but wants to know what it is Shelton wants, and Shelton looks a little shocked and asks Matt if he’s heard the news. Matt clearly hasn’t and asks Shelton to just let it out, and he does, announcing that next week they will be making their match official in a contract signing. Matt asks if that’s all, but Shelton says it’s a very big deal, because not only will Matt he signing up to meet the best pure athlete in the history of the WWE, but he will be signing away all his rights as the United States Champion. Shelton & Matt go face to face with Shelton telling Matt there’s only room for one champion, and that’s him, not Matt. Matt controls his rage as Shannon Moore tells Matt not to listen with Shelton then walking off with a smile on his face. Moore tells Matt not to worry about Shelton as Matt just stands there looking very intense.


“Virtual Voodoo” hits as Umaga & Armando Alejandro Estrada walk down the ramp. They look on tenterhooks as they get in the ring and wait for Umaga’s opponent. Chris Harris’s music then plays for a couple of seconds, only for it to stop with a gong then ringing out as well as the lights going out. The arena is in complete darkness for nearly ten seconds until the lights come back on, and a huge pop hits as the fans see The Undertaker see standing behind Umaga & Estrada. They don’t have a clue and they look towards the stage, but Estrada then turns around and gets knocked down to the mat with a big boot. Umaga then turns round in a panic as he is then on the receiving end of some right hands from the dead man, who then grabs him around the throat for a chokeslam. Umaga blocks it with a kick to the stomach and then whips Taker in to the ropes, but as Taker comes back, he nails Umaga with a Running DDT. The fans go nuts, but Umaga gets right back up, only for Taker to connect this time with a chokeslam. Umaga remains on the mat with Estrada as “Deadman’s Symphony” hits to a big pop from the crowd with the lights going out. Some purple spotlights shine down on The Undertaker as he does his signature pose on one knee.




We see a video clip showing the highlights of the career of The Rock.

2008 INDUCTEE: The Rock



Shawn Michaels
vs. Finlay

Michaels reaches down and pulls Finlay back up and hammers him with a couple of right hands before trying for an irish whip, but it’s reversed by the fighting Irishman. As Michaels comes back off the ropes, Finlay drives his knee in to HBK’s gut and then takes him down to the mat with a short arm clothesline. Michaels doesn’t look to lie down as he sits up within a matter of seconds, but Finlay doesn’t let him get back to his feet by nailing him in the head with a seated dropkick. The fans gasp as they see Michaels just fall back to the mat with Finlay then looking to take advantage by going for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Michaels gets his shoulder up to the relief of the crowd, but Finlay doesn’t look happy. He gets back up and then bends down to drag the World Champion up to his feet, and then whips him in to the corner. Finlay takes a second before then running in at Michaels, but as he gets close, HBK steps out of the corner as Finlay runs in to the pads chest first.

As the Irishman then turns round, Michaels unloads with a series of chops to the chest before grabbing him by the arm and whipping him in to the opposite corner. As Finlay’s back hits the pads, Michaels charges in and hits a STINGER SPLASH. . . . . Finlay staggers out of the corner with HBK then walking out behind him and connecting with a SWINGING NECKBREAKER. . . . . A pop breaks out from the crowd with Michaels then trying to end the match by dropping to the mat and going for a pin 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . The resilient Finlay lifts his shoulder off the canvas to stop the count, but Michaels isn’t taking it badly as he stands right back up and walks to the corner. He then climbs to the top rope as the crowd cheer while they watch on and see him leap off the top for THE HEARTBREAK ELBOW. . . . . As Michaels comes down with his elbow ready to strike, Finlay recovers at the right time and rolls to the side, dodging the bullet as both men lay on the mat with Micky Henson counting them down. It takes both men several seconds before they are able to make the count, but it’s Finlay who strikes first by kicking Michaels in the stomach and then lifting him up for THE CELTIC CROSS. . . . .

Michaels fights it before Finlay can get him in to position, and Michaels slips down Finlay’s back. He then pushes him in to the ropes and turns back to run the ropes behind, and as they come together in the middle of the ring, Michaels connects with A FLYING FOREARM. . . . . The fans are on their feet and as is Michaels as he flips up to a huge pop from the crowd. Finlay is right back up too, but he only walks in to an inverted atomic drop from Michaels who then grabs Finlay by the legs and sweeps them from under him. Keeping hold of them, Michaels then tries to lock in THE SHARPSHOOTER. . . . . Finlay fights it immediately and pushes HBK away with his feet. Michaels is knocked back to the ropes as both men try to get back to their feet, but it’s Finlay first. He sees Michaels using the ropes to help him back up, and then charges at Michaels, but HBK STEPS OUT AND NAILS FINLAY WITH SOME SWEET CHIN MUSIC. . . . . The roof just came off as Michaels drops to the mat and hooks both legs as Henson makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Shawn Michaels by pinfall @ 9.38

AFTERMATH: “Sexy Boy” blasts out to a huge pop as Michaels stands back up and is passed the World Heavyweight Championship by Henson as well as getting his arm raised. But as he turns round, Edge spears him down to the mat from out of nowhere. He stares down at Michaels with a crazy look on his face before walking over to the ropes and climbing through them to the outside. He looks under the ring and pulls out two steel chairs with the crowd booing loudly. He slides them inside as Finlay rolls to the outside at the same time Edge then climbs back in. Henson walks over to him and tries to stop him, but Edge nails Henson with a right hand, knocking him down to the mat. He then picks up one of the steel chairs and walks over to Michaels, then places it under his head. He walks over to collect the other chair before walking back over to Michaels, standing over his head. Edge raises the chair in to the air to a huge amount of heat from the crowd and takes a couple of seconds to play the crowd as he grins sadistically before bringing the chair crashing down on to Michaels’ head for the con-chair-to. Edge smiles and drops the chair as he gets booed like crazy by the crowd before “Metalingus” blasts out with The Rated R Superstar then bending down and picking up Michaels’ title belt. He raises it above his head with both hands as the show comes to a close.



Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards df. Chris Masters & Charlie Haas
Michael Shane df. Chavo Guerrero & Matt Sydal
John Morrison & The Miz df. The UK Pack
Chris Jericho df. MVP
Shawn Michaels df. Finlay

Johnny Jeter df. Nic Nemeth
Jimmy Wang Yang df. Ted DiBiase Jr


Official Theme Song
Fall Out Boy Thanks For The Memories

To view the amazing video, click here!

WWE Championship
John Cena vs Kane vs Randy Orton (c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Shawn Michaels (c) vs Edge

The Ultimate Grudge Match
Evolution vs The McMahon Men

Last Man Standing Match
The Undertaker vs Umaga

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Chris Jericho vs Bobby Lashley vs Rey Mysterio
vs Mr. Kennedy vs Elijah Burke vs MVP

Intercontinental Championship
I Quit Match
Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk (c)

WWE Unites States Championship
Matt Hardy (c) vs Shelton Benjamin

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Chavo Guerrero vs Matt Sydal
vs Kenny Dykstra (c) vs Michael Shane

WWE & World Tag Team Championships
The UK Pack (Paul Burchill & Harry Smith) (c) vs The Pitbulls (Jamie Noble & Kid Kash)
vs Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs John Morrison & The Miz

Womens Championship
Title Can Change By Disqualification
Victoria vs Beth Phoenix (c)

WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2008
Owen Hart, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & The Rock

3 more names to be announced

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Originally Posted by Rocker View Post
If you didnt think much of bookers, then you wouldn't be posting in here. You don't know how much work Nige has done with this, and he will only respond to those who acknowledge his work and can relate to it, not morons like you. We have better things to do than take your crap, and we enjoy doing this, and your perdurable rambling won't change a thing.
I am sorry for what I said. I realise you enjoy it and I do think that the nige guy/girl is pretty good. Just honestly worried about the amount of time spent etc. I suppose I should leave the opinions for myself. Keep up the good work.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response




Following Smackdown this evening, two more matches have been added to the Wrestlemania card that will take place in just over two weeks time at The Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Good shit, Nige. Stopped by (again) just to say keep it up, man. 'Mania is looking simply awesome, man. Sorry I can't leave more reviews than I have, but rest assured I am reading and keeping up.

Carry on


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.:Oblivion Edition 39/40 Recap NOW POSTED!!
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Smackdown Review

Wow I wasn't expecting Chris Jericho to kick off the show, but I like it. Normally I don't like wrestlers switching brands but its fine for the road to Wrestlemania and it helps develop the fued further. I know I keep saying it but the MITB match has a much more personal feel to it this year which I like, and by giving this the opening promo it gives the Y2J/MVP feud and the MITB match real importance. The promo was very good, Chris Jericho was his usual self, being serious yet cracking a few jokes, while MVP was in character too. I liked how Y2J goaded MVP into the match and it was a very good set up for their match, which should be great.

You seem to like two promos before the first match and I do to and it is something that I have done many times. The commercial break was there so it split them up nicely. The segment was good, it was cool seeing Eric Bischoff on Smackdown too and I like the idea a lot, it gets four teams involved in 'Mania and it will be an exciting match for sure. I was slighlty hoping for two tag title matches, but this idea is just as good. Masters and Haas coming in was interesting and Regal showed that he isn't taking any crap again, the match should be awesome.

What a match to kick off the action! A hardcore match is a great choice to get the crowd pumped for the show, and it seemed like a great match. I loved Masters hitting Haas by accident with the cane, that would really come off well. I was shocked that Dreamer and Stevie picked up the win tbh with the push that the Masters of the Mat have been getting, but they don't lose any credibility as hardcore is Dreamer and Stevie's speciality.

Typical Edge here, this was another good segment, you did a great job of not making Finlay look like Edge's lackey. Finlay would love this sort of challenge and you did well by pointing that out, and its a good choice by Edge too. HBK is in for a tough time.

Decent pre-match promo, another good set up for a match. Its always cool to hear from Dykstra and I have enjoyed the tension between him and Shane over the past few weeks. The match itself was great, some nice spots too with the suicide dive and springboard crossbody. Sydal is awesome. The finish was a very good booking decision and the match announcement is very interesting, we will get a very good match with all four involved.

Very good interview, I liked what Estrada had to say and he ended it well with a great last line. I am really looking forward to the LMS match between 'Taker and Umaga, it should be incredible.

What a win for Morrison and Miz, they have had two impressive victories in a week. The match was well writen and the distraction was handled very well. Miz and Morrison look even more impressive and the rivaly between the UK Pack and the Pitbulls gets even more personal, very good booking. There is nothing I haven't liked yet Nige, I want to find something though otherwise it won't be a very good review! It does show the quality of your shows though.

Leticia Cline on Smackdown! She was pretty good in TNA and while she seems like a bit of a bitch, she is certainly really hot. The interview was pretty good and I liked what HBK had to say, he was certainly very honest. Edge barred is cool, I expect HBK to win for sure now.

MVP losing, that is the part I don't like! Lol this seemed like a very solid match, it flowed well and I had no idea who was going to win tbh as it could go either way. The ending was great with Y2J low blowing MVP, it'll be funny seeing MVP's reaction to that. MVP doesn't look to weak and Y2J picks up a good win, cool.

This was a nice little segment, Benjamin approaching Matt and his buddies clapping was cool. A contract signing next week should be interesting, they are normally saved for the world title matches but again it gives the US title match some attention and importance. Should be interesting.

I knew there was more to come with this feud tonight. The Undertaker taking Umaga out was great and he certainly made a big impact. Don't know what happened to Harris though! I look forward to next week now as Umaga should be very angry, and you don't really want to mess with him when he is angry.

The People's Champ in the Hall of Fame is nice to see. Hopefully you won't be using this as a way for him to return though, but I highly doubt that you are. Some people might though.

This seemed like a very good main event, I was surprised seeing HBK hit the stinger splash though, I don't think i have seen him use it before. The match seemed fairly even too which helps Finlay, while a win over the tough irish bastard does wonders for HBK heading into 'Mania. Big win for HBK. Edge spears Michaels! Should've known! The attack on HBK was great for Edge as it makes a huge impact, the con-chair-to is a great thing for him to do too to make this feud even more personal. The fallout should be very interesting.

Very good show once again Nige, hardly anything that I didn't like. Good promos and matches again and the storylines are developing really well. 'Mania keeps getting closer, I can't wait!

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response



We have learnt that in the last few days, the WWE have signed two women’s wrestlers to developmental contracts, and are in negotiations with two more. Gail Kim & Allison Danger are discussing terms while Amber O’Neal & Daizee Haze have signed contracts which will see them initially head to the training base in Florida.

It has also been made known to us that Cherry has been released from her contract, as has Sonny Siaki, who asked to leave for personal reasons. That has a knock on effect for Afa Jr who was part of The Samoan Fight Club with Siaki, but it is now thought that a previously planned singles push may be in store for him with many people being high on him.

We can also confirm that Haze & O’Neal were in attendance for the FCW television tapings last night. The results are below.

“FCW” TV Results
(Saturday 15th March)

Dusty Rhodes made his way down to the ring and made a few announcements. He said that next week would see the first semi final in the FCW Heavyweight Championship tournament when Arran Banderas & Vladimir Kozlov go head to head for a guaranteed shot at becoming the new FCW Champion. He then said that tonight will mark the debut of a superstar named CJ Red, implying he is amazing, meaning that The Amazing Red would make his FCW debut later on. He then said that he’s seen some tag teams in recent weeks in preparation for crowning new FCW Tag Team Champions, then said that he’s going to put on a showcase match immediately to see what the division has to offer.

Match 1: Jesse & Festus vs The Empire (Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders) w/Katie Lea

This was a very physical match up with McIntyre trying to put a hurt on Jesse for the most part until Festus got a hot tag and turned the match around. Jesse called for a tag back in after Festus put them in control, but a distraction from Sanders gave McIntyre the chance minutes later to hit Jesse with a swinging side slam in to a sit out face buster for the win while Sanders took Festus off the apron.

Winners: The Empire

Mike Kruel walked in to the locker room with Roucka to see Shawn Spears sat down. Roucka didn’t look happy to see him, and Spears asked her what was wrong, with her saying that he should know full well. Spears stood up and said that he thought they sorted it all out after the match last week that saw Spears & Kruel put together in singles action by Dusty with Spears winning. Kruel turned to Roucka and said that everything was fine, reassuring Spears, who then told them it was a good thing because the three of them have been put in the main event later on against TJ Wilson, Teddy Hart & Shantelle Taylor. Roucka wasn’t happy, but Kruel told her to calm down with Spears then telling them he has both their backs out there before leaving. Roucka went crazy at Kruel and asked him why he’s letting him walk over them, but Kruel said he’s doing nothing of the sort. He then said that it wasn’t Spears’ fault that they were put in the match last week, and blamed Dusty. He said that he was pissed at losing, but that’s all gone now and told Roucka to let it go, then said that she would be facing the Womens Champion later on and to focus on that with Roucka blankly staring right past him.

**Commercial Break**

Dusty Rhodes was stood with “The Natural” Nic Nemeth, who was angry and telling Dusty that he got screwed last week by Hager, and that he should be given another chance to compete in the championship tournament. Dusty told him it must all be in his head because no one else saw anything wrong, and that going to him and crying about it isn’t going to change anything. Nemeth told Dusty that he is way beyond any other talent in FCW and that he should have the title by rights, let alone have to earn it. Dusty then offered him a deal, he’d put him in a match later on against Arran Banderas, one of the semi finalists, and if Nemeth could win, he’d consider him for the first challenger to the eventual champion. Nemeth wasn’t overly happy but said he would take it. Just as he walked off to the relief of Dusty, The Million Dollar Family & Maryse walked towards him.

With Maryse on his arm, Ted Jr aggressively asked why he and his brothers weren’t in the showcase match earlier on, and said that they’ve showed they can beat anyone the last two weeks. Dusty said that he’s seen them compete and win the last two weeks, so he knows what they’re capable of, saying that he wants to check out his other teams. Ted Jr agreed with that and said that any other team pales in to comparison of The Million Dollar Family, but Dusty said they will be put to the test very soon because he will be making an announcement very soon over what he plans to do with the tag team titles. Ted Jr then said that they had better be a strong part of it or there would be consequences for everyone, including Dusty. He smiled smugly before walking off with Maryse and the rest of his family while Dusty smirked at the arrogance of Ted Jr.

In the arena, the “Campus Legend” Brad Allen made his way to the ring and spoke negatively of CJ Red’s upcoming debut, saying he would start and end Red’s career for taking his spotlight. He was quickly cut off by an enthusiastic CJ Red as he walked down to the ring.

Match 2: CJ Red vs “Campus Legend” Brad Allen

Red put on one amazing debut, coming back from an early offensive display from Allen. Reversing a scoop slam, Red hit a hard kick and ran back in to the ropes before hitting a running 360 spinning heel kick. From there, his speed kept him in control, and he took the match with a corkscrew senton, also known as The Infrared. Great debut outing from a very over CJ Red.

Winner: CJ Red

**Commercial Break**

Lena Yada was standing by with The Empire (Katie Lea, Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders). They were asked how they felt about competing in the main event later on, and Katie took the lead by saying that there would be a rude awakening for Shantelle Taylor because all the satisfaction and ecstasy she felt by winning the Womens Championship two weeks ago will seem like a distant memory. She said that Taylor was all but gifted the title, and blamed it on the fact that Dusty Rhodes is like every American, for discriminating the English. Lena looked shocked and Katie asked her if she could think of any other reason why she was not given a chance to compete for the title, saying she was deliberately overlooked by Rhodes because of her nationality. She then said that she made her feelings clear to Taylor last week and that she would be making that title hers like it should have been in the first place, but then moved on to say that if it wasn’t for the two Canadian have a go heroes, Taylor would have found out first hand why Katie Lea & The Empire is going to rule the FCW kingdom like The Empire back home rules the United Kingdom. McIntyre then stepped in and said that Taylor’s two Canadian knights in shining armour made the mistake of getting in to The Empire’s personal business last week, and for that there is a price. Sanders stepped in and said that they would find out like the two freaks earlier on, just why messing with The Empire is one bad idea.

Match 3: Arran Banderas vs “The Natural” Nic Nemeth

Just before the match started, Vladimir Kozlov walked out to the aisle and watched on as Banderas took control of the match, only to allow himself to get distracted by Kozlov to let a desperate Nemeth back in to it. Nemeth was impressive, but the heart of Banderas came through as he was able to reverse an irish whip before connecting with a vicious spinebuster. He made sure Kozlov was watching as he finished Nemeth off with a cradle piledriver. Banderas & Kozlov had a good stare down as Banderas was announced the winner.

Winner: Arran Banderas

**Commercial Break**

Jake Hager was standing backstage with Jay Bradley, and Hager said that Banderas looks like one tough competitor. Bradley agreed and said that it’s going to be very difficult to put a marker on who will win the FCW Championship, and then told Hager if he was a betting man, he’d put his money on him (Hager). Just then, James Reiher walked up behind them and told them to get a room. Hager didn’t look impressed and moved forward to tell Reiher that he’s not impressed with what the way he’s been shouting his mouth off the last couple of weeks, and that very soon someone will put a stop to it one way or another. Reiher smirked and told Hager that he knows they’re going to be meeting for a place in the final, but all the hype going around about the unbeaten Jake Hager is just what it is, hype. He then said that Hager’s unbeaten run means nothing since he’s never beaten anyone worth beating, and that will all come to an end, like the unbeaten run when he (Reiher) moves one step closer to the FCW Heavyweight Championship. Hager smirked and said that Reiher can do all the talking in the world, but when it comes down to it, he’ll do his talking where it should be done, in the ring. Reiher doesn’t look impressed and Hager told him that he’s (Hager) going to be remembered for a long time to come for being a true athlete while the only reason people will remember Reiher is if they ever get reminded of a flash in the pan by the name of Deuce & Domino. Reiher looked really pissed and then threw a right at Hager, who fought right back with Bradley unable to pull them apart. It took Dusty and security to separate them as they then shouted back and forth at each other.

Match 4: Teddy Hart, TJ Wilson & Shantelle Taylor vs Shawn Spears, Mike Kruel & Roucka

A real back and forth match, but Teddy was really over with the crowd as he hit several high flying moves. Spears & Kruel got on fine for the most part, but a blind tag by Spears when Kruel was irish whipped came back to haunt them with Spears entering the ring as Kruel was able to take TJ down with a clothesline as he came back off the ropes. The ref told Kruel to leave the ring and told him about the tag as Spears watched on. Kruel looked confused and gestured to Spears, asking him why he did it. Spears tried to explain, but TJ got back up and pushed Spears forward in to Kruel, who fell through the ropes to the floor. Roucka dropped down to check on Kruel as TJ rolled Spears up for the win. Both men were back up quickly, but Spears went to check on Kruel, but Roucka pushed him away and started yelling at him. With TJ, Teddy & Shantelle celebrating in the ring with their backs to the aisle, they were unaware as The Empire ran down and slid in to the ring. Katie Lea attacked Taylor from behind while Bennett & McIntyre did a number on Teddy & TJ, ending in Sanders & McIntyre holding Taylor up for Katie to slap and then hit a spinning neckbreaker. Katie then picked up Taylor’s belt and posed with it as The Empire stood tall at the end of the show.

Winners: Teddy Hart, TJ Wilson & Shantelle Taylor

**End of Show**


FCW Heavyweight Championship Tournament – Semi Final Match

Arran Banderas vs Vladimir Kozlov

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hey Nige, been a while since I have dropped by in this thread, the last time was the Royal Rumble I think . I won't leave a review for Smackdown as it will be late and I expect Raw to be up soon, so I will attempt to review that at least. Send me a PM when it is up, and if I don't manage to get a review for Raw, I will review the next Smackdown (I better review that ), but I am 100% certain that I will review your epic Wrestlemania. I also love the way that you write out the FCW results, it actually makes it look important LOL. Just a quck question, how many weeks until Wrestlemania 24? I will just mention that the card looks stacked, 9 great matches, are anymore going to be added?

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

hey mate sorry had no time to review your last Smackdown just wanted to let you know that i still am reading and the FCW results are good you seem to be pushing all the right talent.

Also good new Diva signings and more look to be on the way well done mate. The countdown to Wrestlemania continues

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Originally Posted by y2j__legend View Post
Just a quck question, how many weeks until Wrestlemania 24? I will just mention that the card looks stacked, 9 great matches, are anymore going to be added?
Wrestlemania won't be posted for a while, i'm aiming for a months time, but i doubt it will be that soon.

To answer your other question, the card is set at 10 matches and i'm glad you think 9 are great!

Thanks to you both for the FCW comments too as this is important to me and the future of my thread.
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