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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

The King of Kings SmackDown Notes

Hardy & Moore/Umaga & Shelton: Nice to see a match kick off the show and it was set up well last week. I thought that Moore would have taken the loss and I didn’t like it at first when Hardy did but it actually made Shelton look really strong as they go into a match at Mania that I presume will be added to the card. Overall a good exciting match to open the show which was well written.

A nice little segment here as the Kenny/Shane kind of feud continues and Edge wanting them to both help him was really in character. This potential feud could be good and will add something different. I am right in assuming Shane is Cruiserweight, I don’t know much about him really, anyway if he is then it could be a nice little feud for the title.

In this segment I think that it would have been better to have just Estrada on the floor as I just can’t picture Umaga on the floor unless he was really injured, we know it’s the Undertaker but I am not sure what he is supposed to have done with them on the floor but not injured.

Nice little promo from HBK here and I like how you write HBK as calm and unaffected by last week as he knows Mania is the stage, found it funny that Josh Mathews was surprised that Moore wanted Benjamin, who is he to be surprised, I just had this feeling that you are going to swerve us and have Moore wanting the US title, just a thought lol

I have to say I really like this match, they are two of my favourite young superstars and I would love to see it, I figured the SSP would have finished it but the interaction with Shane helped the match, as Kenny didn’t look weak losing. I have a feeling that you could go fatal four way but Dykstra-Shane being the focal point.
I like how you are crossing this feud over as it makes it seem really important which it probably is, the Edge bit can be hit or miss as it could be seen as stupid or funny, I found it stupidly funny in way, I just don’t really know what to think but I guess it was ok.

The Tazz/Masters & Haas thing last week I found surprisingly good and I liked it here, the return of a good team from the ECW days, I like this mini stable being built and also that Tazz is in the feud but not wrestling as I don’t know if I could believe him competing. The match I enjoyed, the ending I had to read again but I got it and it came off well.

This Finlay/Harris thing had been quietly getting my attention and after last week I figured that they would go for a gimmick match but I was hoping that it would be at Mania but on the hand the card would get stacked. Should be a good match next week.

I like how you are giving MVP a lot of main events, losing but as long as he is there, he should win MITB imo and go on to have great 2008, good interview as I love MVP’s character and it came off well.
HAHA I love how this match made the Mania card as it has been building for ages and it should be great match. The promo was really good and funny, the jokes were creative and funny, I think that the pitbulls are going to win at Mania, I well written promo from two good teams.

I was really surprised to see Shane go over here, despite the interference, it is a huge win for him, the match was well written and the Edge coming in I could predict but it working was shocking, I enjoyed this match and it was well written.

The King of Hearts first in the HOF which is great and that is number one ticked off my votes.
A great main event here, I really like this match and especially for TV and all the stuff that happened afterwards and in-between really added to the feud, the DQ finish was probably the best choice there and Batista being destroyed despite putting up a good fight. Flair then The Animal, that just leaves HHH to be hit by Vince and his boys.

Overall a great show and it really got me not just up for Mania but for Raw to see the reaction of Evolution. Some great matches and Promos topped by a great ending to the show.

Glory, Glory, Man United.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

BY SC2004.

(Forgive me if I’m totally lost, I think you had just posted the Rumble when I last reviewed a show of yours. So if I screw up, let me know. Ha.)

- Great opening match. I had forgotten how much you like to write out matches, where as I hate doing it! Ha. The finish was great and I loved how Benjamin gloated at the end, signalling that the title would soon be around his waist. This match was all about Umaga though!

- The backstage exchange between Shane and Dykstra had great intensity. You could picture these two preparing to lay into one another. Really funny seeing Edge become the voice of reason here, I mean Edge of all people. Edge has good reason to be concerned, it’s bound to be a disaster later tonight. It was cool to see edge take a back seat here and let the younger guys shine.

- The backstage segment with Umaga, Benjamin and Estrada was okay. I can’t picture the Undertaker messing with storage boxes. The whole lights flickering gimmick works.

- The Shawn Michaels backstage interview was short and sweet. It managed to covey how confident Shawn is going into WrestleMania. Moore in a match with Benjamin next week won’t set the world alight, but it should be an okay match. Plus it’s bound to factor into the ongoing Benjamin/Hardy feud.

- Nice win for Sydal, but this whole match was overshadowed by the Shane/Dykstra and their angle. I mean it’s cool to see Sydal get the win, but the aftermath of this match would have made many people forget about the actual outcome. Great drama.

- The parking lot segment with Evolution, Dykstra and Edge was great. It was pretty funny seeing Edge walk into the lions den as it were, getting surrounded by Evolution. So typical of Edge, not being able to keep his mouth shut even in this dangerous scenario. Didn’t like the finish as it made Evolution look like idiots, which isn’t the point here. Great segment though.

- Great heel promo by Masterpiece. I’m not sure if Tazz is over enough to help these guys get over, but it’s interesting. Tazz coming out on crutches sells the attack well. I like how he’s trying to stir it up between Masters and Haas. Cool way to set up the tag match. Cool finish to the match, with the heels getting screwed over and loosing by DQ. You’ve done a great job of garnering heat for Masters and Haas. Attacking Tazz after the match was logical and furthers the angle.

- Nice segment with Finlay, regal and Harris. I’m sure that a no holds barred match will be great between these two next week. I like how in control regal is here, with him ordering both men out of the arena and threatening them with suspension.

- MVP was very much in character during his interview segment. He’s such an arrogant ass and even though he put over Burke to some extent, he hogged the microphone and wouldn’t leave anyone else talk. The match later should be great. It’s cool the way you made MVP come across as apprehensive, but not a chicken shit!

- Very funny segment here with the pit bulls and the UK Pack, especially the whole “privacy of your own trailer stuff” I haven’t read the build up to this feud, but it grabbed my attention straight away. These guys hate each other. It was great to see regal step in and save the big blow off match for PPV. Again Regal comes across as powerful, level headed and totally in control.

- I pretty much knew instinctively that Edge would cost Shawn Michaels the match with Shane and the finish went according to plan. I have no complaints. The loss didn’t hurt Michaels in any way, Edge gets even more heat and Shane has something to gloat about! The Regal, Evolution segment was what it was.

- Pretty pissed at the ending of the main event, but it was the right thing to do. The drama outside overshadowed what had been an awesome contest. I wanted to bitch slap Burke for all his interference. The aftermath was a payoff in a sense, as you teased us all night with those parking lot segments. It didn’t go as I would of imagined, but it was cool to see the faces outsmarted. In fact Evolution came across a little dumb tonight! Great finish to the show.

OVERALL: To say I was a little lost was an understatement. In the 4 or more months since I’ve reviewed your shows, it’s apparent that your shows have gotten longer. This can be attributed to the longer matches. One thing remain the same however, your still very good and this show was engaging from start to finish. Can’t wait to dive into Raw and be equally confused. HA.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Well Nige, i am sort of here to apologise as i haven´t been reviewing recently. I am currently in Barcelona but when i get back, i will once again start reviewing constantly.

Without reading your shows, i would still be pretty confident in saying the show at least was very solid.

Like i said i will get back too reviewing very soon


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw Feedback

~Sorry for being so lazy and taking so long to finally return this review.

Evolution without Orton is not that bad, actually. I've never been a big fan of anybody in Evolution, though, but the group together is far more entertaining. Evolution vs. the McMahons at WrestleMania will be the match that draws in the ratings. Whenever you have the McMahons fighting, it brings in ratings (which is why I'm doing it in my thread). Good idea, and I think it should be a splendid match. Before SNME, I really thought it would be Batista vs. Edge at WrestleMania, but I never would've guessed that he would be in this tag match. Nice opneing segment that was great for recap.

Would've made more sense for a commerical break after the opening segment. Nice tag team match you've made. I can see the McMahons interfering as they weren't even on the satelite at all, and were actually in the building, but we'll see.

Good first match. I like the fact that you don't always make the Women's match the first match on Raw, and that you give the divas some more depth in their feuds. Reasoning for Londrick to be out there? I can only assume it's because their getting involved with Morrison/Miz, though I could be wrong. "Penis Pump?" Lmao, I've missed quite a bit, haven't I? Morrison gets the win, woo hoo! I mark out for him, as he's an amazing athlete and performer that you should take advantage of. And get the Miz out of his way.

Wow, an I Quit Match at WrestleMania for the Intercontinental Championship? I'm awfully surprised to say the least. There hasn't been an Intercontinental Title Match at 'Mania since 'Mania 18 if I remember correctly (which was in Toronto, fuck yeah), and the fact that this one's gonna be an I Quit Match is pretty huge. Their feud has developed quite a bit (Punk's and Jeff's), and I'm not sure if it's ready for an I Quit Match, but hey, I like the sounds of it, and I have a really good feeling that it will be at least *** 1/2. Okay tag team match, have no idea what the outcome will be. Bischoff is owning at General Manager, my friend. Keep it up. Oh, and Lashley vs. Jericho is a decent match.

I'm lost on this situation, but my guess is that Kofi & Rhodes are a tag team with Kelly at their side, and then Cade & Murdoch are a tag team. The finish was reasonable, and it put Cade/Murdoch over as better heels, while also putting Kofi over in the process. Solid match.

Cena/Orton/Kane should be a pretty good match at 'Mania. I don't like the fact that Kane is getting this monster push {no pun intended}. To just have him jump up to the main event scene rather quickly is sort of rushing things. I can understand if you did it with someone like Kennedy or MVP, but with Kane, well, just kind of meh if you ask me. Submission Match is golden, though don't go overboard with the matches on Raw. It's great that the Road to WrestleMania is spectacular, just don't go over the edge with the booking.

I didn't know that Natalya had debuted, but I must say that I like it. She represents Canada, even if she isn't booked right in real life. It seems as if almost everybody around here has a manger. I don't know if this is your way of making somebody do something, but try to cut back on that if possible. The match was well-written and had some good spots, which is all that most people ask from Women's matches. Considering that you have two great divas in here, I expected a great match, which I got. Now if you had say Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya, I wouldn't have as high of standards. Aftermath was alright, though I didn't know that Mickie would make the save for Victoria. It was good though and gets the crowd entertained.

Don't know if I've ever heard of Eric Perez before. Or maybe I missed some news and it's someone I know under a new name. Pushing Carlito is the right thing to do, so stay at it. I would prefer him in the MITB Ladder Match, but at least he's in some sort of feud that should be decent.

Eugene getting beat up by Punk is always nice to read, but the Stunner was marvelous. But then Jeff gets in and complete dominates. This match has been MOTN so far, but I would've liked to have seen Sunny forced to get in the matchup, and then go from there. I think that would have been far better than what you did, and maybe even more entertaining.

Nice segment with Jericho/Ken. Did you do a program with them? I can't quite remember, but I keep thinking that they had a match at SNME in December. I guess you could say it was a bit of a filler, but a good filler at that (the segment, not the feud).

I wish the Lionsault was still used as a finisher. I'm a sucker for the move. T-Bone Suplex? Wasn't that Shelton's special? I assume it was a Powerslam of some sort, however. These two seem to have some unexplored chemistry. Stick with it. I don't exactly know what's going on with this Kennedy/Jericho thing, but it seems alright. Kind of reminds me or Orton/Edge from early '07. Lashley going over was good, but Jericho keeps credibility 'cause of the distraction.

I've never been familiar with Paul Bearer. Now hold your horses, I didn't start watching wrestling until summer of '05, but this way you can put Kane over on the mic without actually having him talk. But please have him talk sometimes.

Great tag team match. All of the bigger matches are being stacked at the end, whereas maybe some spreading out? I guess it's not bad, as it's hard to spread them out with so many big matches, but maybe mix it up. Evolution pretty much walked all over MVP/Burke, which is a shame, really. It's good that Rey did get involved, considering he was at ringside, though it still could've worked without having him get involved.

Put the title on Victoria. I see it happening and then having a rematch at WrestleMania. Or Victoria loses and wins the title at 'Mania. MITB also looks good. Kennedy will probably get the win. Interesting that you make it Raw only this year. I like inter-promotional far better, but like Bischoff said, it's a good way to put them all in one match.

Sucks that this match didn't even happen. Probably should have been switched with the Evolution Tag Team Match then. A beat down to Cena and then Orton on the microphone isn't always the most interesting, nor entertaining way to end a show.

Overall the show was good, but it certainly wasn't your best. Two matches in a row had interference that led to the finish, and then right after it, a big match doesn't even happen. That was what brought the show down, unfortunately, but some great WrestleMania matches made.


SmackDown Feedback

A match to get things kicked off always works. I really don't know what's going on much anymore, so I suppose I'll have to pretend that I do. I remember a few months ago Umaga was in the main event of Survivor Series, but now he's facing Shannon Moore in tag action? The match was written well with a tremendous amount of detail for recap on a weekly show. Nice finish, at least Umaga didn't lose to Shannon Moore. I hate Umaga, but I would probably riot. Keep Moore with the Cruiserweights, where he belongs.

Michael Shane - Is that Matt Bentley? I didn't know these three were now together. I always think of you as the best booker to help push the young guys, while keeping the veterans strong in the process. Heat amongst the clan is lovely. Enjoyable to watch, at least for those who don't know wrestling's fake as they can be like "Yeah, they're breaking up and they're gonna get beat up!"

Umaga and Undertaker feud? Good to have reassurance that he's doing something. A match at WrestleMania will definitely come, with Undertaker winning.

Shawn's a great person to interview, and I like doing it. No matter what road you go down, it will always turn out great. Shane's probably gonna turn on Edge to join Shawn. It's a family matter, so it would make sense. Everything's great, and then Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore take over the champ's spotlight. I'm sorry, but you never take over HBK's spotlight, especially if you're Shannon Moore. HBK is the shit.

Shane costs Kenny the victory. A given, that's for sure. At least I know with you even when you do the expected on weekly shows, you surprise the shit outta me at PPVs and SNME. I always look forward to that. But wait, Kenny turns on Shane? It came far too quick, and should've been built up more. By the sounds of things, this has been going on for a few weeks, but still, should've been longer.

Combining to feuds into one segment is good writing. No way would Evolution look to see if the McMahons were there, that's just stretching things too far. Other than that it was a really enjoyable segment.

I'm not sure what to make of this feud with Tazz/Masters&Haas. It seems like it's pretty decent, but I don't really think it will get a WrestleMania match, nor does it deserve one. I just wouldn't find it to be very entertaining, and it would probably end up being a tag team match - Masters of the Mat vs. Tazz and maybe Dreamer or RVD? The match was fairly decent, though I've never been a big fan of Richards work in the WWE, but then again, they've never used him well. A nice message sent, though again, I don't think that this feud is one that can draw ratings.

No Holds Barred sounds good between Finlay and Harris. Hornswoggle will probably cost Harris the win and put Finlay over, which is perfectly fine with me. Regal's still GM? I like that, though that sounds strange coming from someone who disposed of him as GM.

I wasn't exactly feeling MVP on the mic, unfortunately, but the good part is that you got the heel mood across, and the point in general. I can't say much about Burke as he's not one to talk on the mic a lot, but I could see him saying his lines. It feels like MVP & Burke are being used to help push the McMahon/Evolution feud, which is fine, but they come out weak in the whole process.

Burchill's character was great to begin with. The joking comments are kinda meh, coming from him, but he's a new guy so to speak, so I'll let you go on this one. I think there should be a Tag Title match at 'Mania every year, so good that you've made this match. It also pushes UK Pack further, though there's a possibility they may drop the titles.

HBK! HBK! Michaels is my favourite, and Edge is my second favourite male wrestler, so the fact that they're fighting for the title at 'Mania makes me very excited. Should be a fabulous match. But anyways, Shawn getting screwed was an excellent decision, especially by Edge. It also gives Shane something to hold over Shawn, but that will be off to the side, I hope.

Great little segment here. Triple H being intense and hell-bent is definitely him. Stay with that.

Owen <3

A very exciting main event to end the show. I've never been a big fan of Batista, but he draws fans and ratings, so I'll give him that. Good way to get rid of Flair, probably means that Batista will get his ass whooped. A great match ending with a DQ. That's a thorn in the side. I think every match has ended with interference or a DQ. Get more creative please, I know you can. Oh no, here comes JBL & Shane. Like I said, a beat down to Batista, which is good. Hopefully Raw isn't Evolution's shine show, and SmackDown is Evolution's beat down show. I don't think that will be the case, however.

Overall the show was fairly decent, but again, not one of your best. You're in way to big of a rush. SLOW DOWN!!! Nobody's gonna hate you if you take 2 or 3 more days to work on your shows to make them that match better. That's what will make you the best, imo, so keep that in mind.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Following Smackdown and the addition of the WWE Tag Team Championship match, here is the updated Wrestlemania XXIV card

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WWE.com - Television - Raw (Preview - 3rd March 2008)

RAW Preview
3rd March 2008

San Diego Sports Center
San Diego, California


It’s hard to believe it was only just over a week ago that The McMahon Men travelled to Smackdown and laid a trap that Batista & Ric Flair fell in to, resulting in Ric Flair being laid out at the hands of Vince McMahon and his two sons. We were all waiting for the retaliation from Evolution last Monday night, however The McMahon’s had a different idea as they stayed well away from them and the arena. Appearing on a satellite link from WWE Headquarters, they claimed they had business matters to attend to, leaving Triple H, Batista & Ric Flair very unhappy. We did learn however that not only would Evolution would be facing The McMahon’s in a six man tag team match at Wrestlemania, but The Game would be joining his compatriots on Smackdown Friday night to make sure there wouldn’t be a repeat of the previous week. With Triple H ready and waiting for them in the parking lot, it seemed that The McMahon’s would no show yet again, but wrong.

During Batista’s match with MVP, JBL’s limousine parked up, resulting in Triple H smashing it to bits with his trusty sledgehammer. With the goings on being shown in the arena, The Nature Boy immediately went to join The Game. However, with Batista left alone, it became clear that it was all a distraction as JBL and his half brother Shane McMahon made their way from the stands to assault Batista while he was left alone. The Animal did put up a brave fight against not just JBL & Shane, but MVP & Elijah Burke also, with only a chair shot from JBL being able to end his valiant attempt to fight them off. Back in the parking lot, another limousine pulled up alongside JBL’s and Mr. McMahon himself was inside it. The currently powerless Chairman of the Board was quick to inform Triple H & Ric Flair that they should go inside and check on Batista before speeding off. It was too late for them to do anything about it as Vince’s children escaped their clutches at the last minute and away to safety.

Only one can wonder what will happen when they arrive, if they do in San Jose this Monday night.

Despite being chokeslammed by The Big Red Machine two weeks ago, the WWE Champion, Randy Orton appeared to be in high spirits last Monday. It was only until the other challenger to his title at Wrestlemania, John Cena implied that Orton was in denial about what happened at the hands of Kane the week before. The Legend Killer made it clear that wasn’t the case and reiterated his achievement from the previous week, winning his match by submission as he said he would. With Orton now on the verge of joining the submission club, Cena was quick to offer him an invitation to officially enter by facing him later on in a submission match. With Cena dangling the carrot, Orton surprisingly leapt up and bit at it, accepting the challenge.

Expecting to see both men desperately do everything they could to make the other tap, we were deprived by Orton and his animalistic ways as he attacked Cena from behind with a steel chair before the match started. To add insult to injury, the under pressure WWE Champion applied The Camel Clutch to Cena, only for an unlikely source come to Cena’s aid, Kane. The Royal Rumble winner made his way down to the ring, but Orton was able to dodge the bullet. As he left the ring, he was able to collect a microphone and send a statement of intent to both his challengers, saying he will make one of them tap at Wrestlemania, and he doesn’t care which one.

Is Orton all talk? Can he make Cena or Kane tap? But most importantly, how will they react this coming week?

CM Punk received the shock of his life when he witnessed the return and anger of the man he defeated for the Intercontinental Championship at the Royal Rumble two weeks back. With Eric Bischoff promising to make Punk pay for putting his hands on Eugene, we found out last week that Raw’s Head of Authority was behind Jeff Hardy’s return, and then dropped a bombshell on Punk. At Wrestlemania, we will see Punk & Jeff go at it one more time for Punk’s title, but this time it won’t be any old match, it will be an I Quit match. But Bischoff wasn’t done as he made an irate Punk team up with Sunny to face Jeff & Eugene later on, with Jeff defeating Punk following a collision between the two people who cost him his title in January.

With Jeff back and seemingly better than ever, what kind of response will we get from the Intercontinental Champion?

Victoria’s has her share of bad luck when it comes to The Glamazon and the Womens Championship over the last month, but this week it could all change. After being just moments away from taking the title from Beth Phoenix at Saturday Night’s Main Event back at the start of last month, it was the debuting Natalya that shattered Victoria’s chances by helping The Glamazon retain. Following several attacks from the dangerous duo in recent weeks, Victoria finally had her chance to get her hands on Natalya in singles action last Monday, only for the Womens Champion to get involved, giving Victoria a disqualification victory. Later on in the evening we heard from Eric Bischoff who announced that this coming week, Victoria and The Glamazon will go at it one more time with Phoenix’s gold on the line. However, Victoria has one huge advantage going in as Natalya will be banned from ringside, leaving the champion to go it alone.

Can Beth finally put the curse of Victoria behind her, or will we see a new champion crowned in California?

John Morrison & The Miz made a big impact as they made their debut as a team last Monday, talking themselves up no end before extending an open challenge to any team in the back. It didn’t take long for Cryme Time to answer the challenge and put the arrogant duo’s words to the test, and they sure did that in what was a very entertaining match. Both teams gave it their all, coming close to picking up the win on a number of occasions until Santino Marella made his presence felt. The Italian was embarrassed at the hands of Shad & JTG the week before, and he was able to distract JTG long enough for The Miz to give himself and Morrison a winning start on Raw. Santino didn’t have the time to enjoy the moment as he was chased in to the crowd by Shad, JTG & his rival, Ron Killings.

After picking up a big win on their first appearance on Raw, what’s next for the superstars in their own mind?

For weeks we have seen Chris Jericho & MVP seemingly in control of their rivals, but we saw that change last Monday night as Jericho was put in to a match with the man who has frustrated him for several weeks now, Bobby Lashley. MVP was revelling in his part of the attack on Ric Flair just a few days earlier, but he too was put in his place as he and his good friend, Elijah Burke were forced to join forces to take on Triple H & Batista. Jericho & Lashley didn’t hold back and gave each other their very best, only for Mr. Kennedy to wreak his revenge on Jericho for the steel chair assault the week before, distracting Y2J to give Lashley the split second he needed to spear his opponent for the victory. Kennedy seemed to enjoy paying Jericho back, but not as much as Rey Mysterio did as he was able to get his own revenge on MVP. Watching on at ringside during MVP’s tag match, he prevented MVP from breaking up Evolution’s victory by throwing him in to the steel ring post. This was before Eric Bischoff announced that Jericho, Lashley, Kennedy, Mysterio & MVP would be joining Burke in this years Money in the Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania.

With the stakes now raised, just what will go down in Rey’s home town of San Diego California?

Following the debut of Eddie Perez two weeks ago, helping Eddie Colon pick up his first victory on Raw, The Colon Brother’s officially introduced Perez to us all, as well as laying down a challenge to their bitter rivals of Kofi Kingston & Cody Rhodes. It was Cody who was the victim of Perez’s attack and Eddie’s first victory, and we have been told that he and Kofi have accepted the challenge. Kofi was in action last week, picking up an impressive victory, but will he and Cody come out on top against the Puerto Rican duo in tag team action yet again, or will Perez’s introduction inspire The Colon’s to an important victory?

Lance Cade was Kofi Kingston’s victim last week following an error from Cade’s tag team partner, Trevor Murdoch. Cade walked away from his partner a couple of weeks ago following a defeat in tag team action, but last week he made it clear how he felt about Murdoch, turning on his partner before leaving the ring. Will we get an explanation as to why Cade attacked his apparent, now former partner?

Santino Marella got his revenge last week on Ron Killings & Cryme Time costing Shad & JTG their match with John Morrison & The Miz following their prank the week before on him and Melina. Will there be a price to pay for The Italian Stallion?

Owen Hart was announced as the first inductee for the 2008 class of the WWE Hall of Fame, just who will join him? Find out who the second inductee will be this Monday night.


Natalya Banned From Ringside
Victoria vs. Beth Phoenix (c)


Kofi Kingston & Cody Rhodes vs. The Colon Brother's

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw looks good Nige.

Btw, I think you gave us a spoiler 'cause I don't remember the Women's Title Match being added to the WrestleMania card, yet you have it posted in a previous post on this page.
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WWE.com - HOMEPAGE (Raw Results - 3rd March 2008)

RAW Results
3rd March 2008

San Diego Sports Center
San Diego, California


From Last Week
  • Randy Orton & John Cena arguing in the ring with Orton accepting Cena’s offer of a submission match for later on
  • Before the match can start, Orton taking Cena out with a steel chair and then applying The Camel Clutch
  • Kane coming out with Orton then escaping the ring and collecting a microphone, then as he backs up the ramp, saying he’s not scared of either them and one of them will tap out at Wrestlemania
  • The reformation of Evolution at the top of the show with Triple H calling out The McMahon’s to make them pay for attacking Flair on Smackdown
  • The McMahon’s appearing by satellite link and saying that they have business to attend to and that they won’t be able to make the show
  • Triple H then telling them that at Wrestlemania it will be Evolution vs The McMahon’s and that he will be at Smackdown on Friday to make sure there is no repeat from the week before

From Smackdown
  • Evolution shown in the Parking Lot with Triple H saying that he will take care of The McMahon’s if and when they get there, telling Ric Flair to accompany Batista to the ring for his match with MVP later on
  • William Regal going to the Parking Lot before the main event and telling Batista his match is next, and then saying to Triple H that he can have security stand guard with Triple H saying he wants to take care of The McMahon’s himself
  • Batista’s match with MVP and then the tron showing JBL’s limo arriving in the Parking Lot with Flair going backstage to help Triple H
  • Triple H pulling the driver out and trying to open the locked doors, then asking the driver where Vince is, only for the driver to run off
  • Back in the arena, JBL & Shane McMahon walking down from the stands to attack Batista along with MVP & Elijah Burke
  • Triple H in the parking lot, smashing the windows of the limo with Flair coming out as another limo pulls up alongside with Vince McMahon inside, telling them to head back and check on Batista
  • JBL smashing Batista with a steel chair and then high tailing it with Shane back through the stands as Triple H & Flair rush out to check on Batista

“Wanna Be Loved”


“I’m Back”
hits as a very serious looking Eric Bischoff walks down to the ring, getting a typically mixed reception. He walks over and asks for a microphone, then walks back to the middle of the ring and tells the crowd that he has something he needs to say. He says that over the last few weeks, both Raw and Smackdown superstars have been appearing on both shows, and despite it making good entertainment, it’s led to chaos, something that has to stop now. He says that he won’t have attacks happening backstage, people interfering in matches tonight, but it will still be entertaining because he has planned what he calls the biggest show in recent television history. He says that not only will we see a title defended here tonight, he is giving fans three of the biggest matches they could wish to see in the WWE right now. The crowd cheer loudly as Bischoff then says that he’s had all kinds of problems with MVP for instance, and says that right here tonight, he will be facing the man he attacked several weeks ago, Rey Mysterio. A big pop breaks out for that announcement, but Bischoff says he’s not done by any shape of the imagination because it’s not just MVP involved in this years Money in the Bank Ladder match that has been running round here without a care in the world.

He brings up the fact that Chris Jericho & Mr. Kennedy have had their problems with Bobby Lashley to say the least, but tonight we will see the remaining four men from the Money in the Bank match go at it in tag team action when Jericho teams up with Lashley to take on Kennedy & Elijah Burke. Another cheer breaks out with Bischoff then moving on to say that the main problems he faces are caused by the WWE Champion Randy Orton & a certain family that go by the name of McMahon. He says that he’s gone back and forth all weekend after seeing Vince and his two sons go after Evolution yet again on Smackdown Friday night, as well as seeing Randy Orton attack John Cena last week. He says that he has a solution for all concerned because tonight we are going to see the biggest match ever on Raw, because Evolution join forces with John Cena to take on the team of Vince McMahon, his two sons, Shane & JBL as well as the WWE Champion, Randy Orton in an eight man tag team match. The crowd go absolutely crazy and he says that if anyone dares interfere in any of the matches, they have him to deal with. He tells the fans to enjoy the show and drops the microphone as “I’m Back” hits again and he walks to the back.


From Last Week

  • Victoria taking on Natalya with Beth Phoenix punching Victoria to give her a DQ victory
  • Eric Bischoff then making a title match for this week with Natalya banned from ringside


The McMahon’s
are in their nicely decorated room with leather sofas, getting a lot of heat from inside the arena. JBL & Shane look quite comfortable as they sit on a leather sofa with Vince pacing across the room. He says that Eric Bischoff has some nerve putting them in a match with Evolution tonight, not to forget John Cena. Shane tries to tell him it’s not a problem, but Vince says he shouldn’t have to be forced in to anything by anyone, let alone by Bischoff. Shane stands up and puts his hand on Vince’s shoulder, then tells him there’s nothing to worry about. Vince tells Shane to enlighten them with Shane then saying that they’ve outsmarted Evolution the last couple of weeks, and not only that, they’ve isolated Ric Flair and Batista, showing them just who is in control, and Triple H now knows it’s not him. Vince seems to accept Shane’s comments as JBL then stands up. He says that they have nothing to worry about because Batista will still be seeing stars after what he did to him on Smackdown.

He then says to Vince that he doesn’t just have Shane O Mac, the ultimate dare devil on his team tonight, he also has the WWE Champion Randy Orton, the same man who outsmarted John Cena last week, just like they did Evolution. JBL then says if Vince had any doubts, they can all go out of the window, because best of all, he also has the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown history standing alongside him tonight, the only true wrestling god, JBL. Vince smiles and tells them both that they’re right, they have nothing to fear, they’re The McMahon’s damn it and they’ll. . . He’s cut off as Randy Orton walks in to the room to a lot of heat. He says that he just heard about the match and he knows that it’s not what they all want right now, including him, but he says that he has an idea that he thinks they’re going to like. They all look at Orton and Vince tells him to take a seat, which he does as the camera fades out.

From Two Weeks Ago

Cody Rhodes vs Eddie Colon with Eric Perez making his debut & helping Eddie pick up the win



Kofi Kingston & Cody Rhodes w/Kelly vs. The Colon Brothers w/Eric Perez

Kofi is pulled up to his feet by Carlito, and is then whipped hard in to the ropes, but as he comes back, he stuns Carlito with a DIVING BACK ELBOW SMASH. . . . . A pop breaks out as Kofi hits that, but he stands back up straight away before taking a few steps back from Carlito and then connects with a DOUBLE LEG DROP. . . . . The crowd love this guy, and he follows up by going for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Carlito gets his shoulder up and Kofi reacts by standing back up, walking to his corner and making the tag to Cody, who doesn’t get in the ring, opting instead to climb to the top rope. As Carlito stands back up, Cody lies in wait, and just as Carly turns round, Cody leaps off the top for a diving cross body, but Carlito counters it by jumping in to the air and hitting Cody in the chest with a dropkick. Carlito then crawls across to his corner and makes the tag to his younger brother. Eddie races through the ropes and runs towards Cody, drops to the mat and hooks both his legs 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Cody just kicks out, leaving Eddie a tad frustrated.

He takes a couple of seconds before standing up and pulling Cody back up to his feet, then plants him with a snap suplex. As soon as he hits the mat, he turns over and goes for another cover on Cody 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Shoulder up from Cody, leaving Eddie frustrated again. As he makes his way slowly back up, he walks backwards towards the ropes where Kofi is, and then turns round to throw a right hand at him. Kofi is knocked off balance a bit, but holds on to the ropes and then tries to get in to the ring as Eddie watches on with a smile on his face. The ref makes sure Kofi stays on the apron as Eddie walks over and pulls Cody up to his feet, but Cody stuns him by pushing him away. Eric Perez then walks round on the outside and pulls Kofi down off the apron with Kofi hitting his head. The ref turns round to see Kofi on the floor and misses Eddie walk back over to Cody and counter a punch from Cody by kicking him in the groin. Eddie reaches out and doesn’t let him hit the mat as he then plants him with a STUNNER. . . . . The ref turns round and sees Eddie going for the cover, so he walks over and makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNERS: The Colon Brothers @ 5.29

AFTERMATH: “Cool” hits to boos from the crowd as Carlito joins Eddie in the ring, as does Perez. They all stand tall in the ring and high five each other and take a few laughs at Cody’s expense as Kofi comes round on the outside with Kelly checking over him.


Evolution are shown in their dressing room looking very serious indeed as they all sit on fold out chairs (the wrong way round) with Batista & Ric Flair looking at Triple H. The Game sounds low key as he says that what’s happened the last couple of weeks on Smackdown is gone, it’s in the past, and they’ve got to forget all about it. He says that tonight isn’t about mind games and traps like The McMahon’s want, tonight is all about them, doing what they do best, beating the hell out of their opponents in the ring. He says that there is no chance that Vince and his two bastards can escape tonight, because once they step in to the ring tonight, they will be throwing themselves at their mercy, and that is something they (The McMahon’s) can’t control. He tells Dave to forget about what happened at the hands of JBL Friday night and then tells Flair to forget about they did to him the week before because it doesn’t matter what happened in the past, because tonight The McMahon’s won’t be able to do anything but take what’s coming to them. The pep talk motivates both Flair & Batista who are clearly pumped up as they then say they are ready to do what they do best, kick ass in the ring. Triple H nods his head and says tonight is business and Wrestlemania is when it becomes real personal.



FROM TWO WEEKS AGO: Jeff Hardy making his return to shock CM Punk, attacking him in Eugene’s locker room as he and Sunny tried to set Eugene up

FROM LAST WEEK: Eric Bischoff telling an angry Punk, it will be Jeff vs Punk for the IC Title in an I Quit Match at Wrestlemania, in addition to Jeff & Eugene vs Punk & Sunny later on, with Jeff pinning Punk after a Swanton Bomb


***MATCH #2***

Jeff Hardy w/Eugene vs. Hardcore Holly

Jeff throws a right hand at Holly and follows up by whipping him in to the ropes, then connects with a spinning heel kick, sending Hardcore down to the mat. It doesn’t take long before both men are back on their feet with Jeff grabbing Holly by the arm and whipping him in to the corner. He takes a second before he runs in at Holly, but the veteran is able to lift his boot up and drive it into Jeff’s face. As Jeff then staggers out of the corner holding his face, Holly climbs up to the second rope, waiting for Jeff to turn round before jumping down and connecting with a DOUBLE AXE HANDLE SMASH. . . . . Jeff drops to the mat and Holly follows too as he tries for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Jeff gets the shoulder up, but despite looking frustrated, Holly looks like he expected it and gets on with business. He stands back up, then reaches down to pull Jeff back up, whipping him in to the ropes and ducks his own head. But as Jeff comes back, he runs at Holly and kicks him square in the head, knocking Holly’s head right back up. Jeff kicks him in the gut, pulls Holly’s head under his arm and plants him with THE TWIST OF FATE. . . . . A huge pop breaks out as Eugene also claps on the outside, watching on as Jeff gets back up to his feet and walks over to the corner, climbing to the top rope. He does his two hand salute before leaping off and connecting with THE SWANTON BOMB. . . . . The crowd cheer like crazy and are on their feet as Jeff hooks the leg for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Jeff Hardy by pinfall @ 5.19

AFTERMATH: “Loaded” hits, but as soon as Jeff stands back up, there’s some action on the tron and his music stops. He looks up and sees CM Punk standing in the parking lot in casual clothes. As Punk gets booed inside the arena, he says that Jeff should be ashamed of himself, and he’s not talking about all the crap everyone associates him with, but the matter of laying his hands on a woman the last two weeks. He then says that he’s had to tell Sunny to stay away tonight for her own safety, and after he also got blindsided by Jeff a couple of weeks ago, he says that they need to sort out their problems like men, right now in the parking lot. Jeff gets that fire in his eyes as Eugene shakes his head at him, telling him not to go. Jeff looks at Eugene with Punk then telling Jeff it’s about time he stood up for his own actions and to stop acting like a victim, then says everything bad that’s happened in Jeff’s life is his own fault and that it’s time to do something about it for a change. Jeff gets even angrier and he leaves the ring and runs up the ramp with Eugene waving his arms about while the crowd cheer.

The camera then cuts to the back as Jeff paces through and eventually gets to the door to the parking lot, opening it gently as he then sees Punk standing in the middle of the car park. Jeff then lets the door shut behind him as he walks out, but we then see that there was someone standing behind the door as it shuts. Jeff doesn’t have a clue as he then gets hit across the back by the guy standing there with a lead pipe. Punk just smirks and walks towards Jeff and drags him away from the door, then stomps him across the back, telling him if he feels good for putting his hands on Sunny before kicking him in the head. He then takes the pipe from the other guy and stands over Jeff, choking him with the pipe for a good ten seconds when we someone shout out “HEY”. Punk looks round and sees Eric Bischoff along with Eugene and security coming towards him and his partner in crime. They run off towards a black car and open the doors, but just before they get inside, they turn back and laugh with Punk’s friend shouting out “Boom, Boom” as help is called for Jeff. Punk and his friend get in the car as Bischoff watches on angrily as they then drive off.



Todd Grisham
is standing by and he introduces us to his guest, Lance Cade. Todd reminds us of his match last week with Kofi Kingston and how he reacted badly after he lost the match. Cade looks angrily towards him and then says he wasn’t responsible for losing his match last week, Trevor Murdoch was. He says that it’s been the same damn story for a long time now, ever since they lost the World Tag Team titles last year, and he’s sick of it. He says that he was sick of having to do the work of two men every time they stepped foot in that ring together, and after Murdoch managed to take that in to a singles match that he wasn’t involved in, Cade says he realised it was time for a change, a change for the better, a change that will see him put Murdoch and their whole past behind him starting right now. We then hear some clapping as we see Santino Marella & Melina walk in to the shot.

He continues clapping as Cade looks confused and not particularly pleased by his arrival. Santino says he saw what happened last week with that big fat redneck, then says that Cade did the right thing, but he wasn’t the only one. Grisham asks Santino just why he’s so happy tonight as Cade says he couldn’t care less and walks out of the shot. Santino says Cade was one angry man, then says two weeks ago he was an angry man too after the no good despicable stealers took his and Melina’s private property. He then says that he made things right last week by getting even, costing Crymes Times their match. He then asks Todd just how he thinks they will feel now and says that no one makes a fool of Santino. He laughs and turns to Melina and says that they have some celebrating to be doing with them then walking out of the shot as the camera fades out.


We see a video clip showing the highlights of the career of “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase.

2008 INDUCTEE: “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase


***MATCH #3***

Natalya Banned From Ringside
Victoria vs. Beth Phoenix (c)

Beth urges Victoria back up to his feet, and as she watches her slowly make her way back up, The Glamazon walks over and then grabs Victoria, trying for a scoop slam, but Victoria is able to slip down and pushes Beth back in to the corner. Victoria takes a couple of seconds to recover as Beth then reacts first by running out of the corner, but Victoria sees her coming and knocks her down with a bang, nailing her right on the jaw with a SAVOTE KICK. . . . . A huge cheer breaks out as Victoria drops to the mat and goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! . . . . . The crowd thought it was all over, as does Victoria by the look of shock on her face. After a couple of seconds, she gets back up and stands over Beth’s body, does her shaking frenzy and then goes for a STANDING MOONSAULT. . . . . As Victoria turns in the air, Beth lifts her knees up with Victoria’s midsection then crashing in to them. Sighs come from the crowd, and it takes several seconds before Phoenix manages to get back up to her feet.

As she does, she reaches down and pulls Victoria back up too, then puts Victoria’s head under her am and lifts her up in to the air for a suplex. She then walks over to the ropes, looking to hit a SLINGSHOT SUPLEX. . . . . But before Beth can drop Victoria’s legs on to the top rope, Victoria is able to slip down Beth’s back and rolls her in to a SCHOOLBOY. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! . . . . . SO CLOSE! . . . . . Beth just kicked out. As both get back up, Beth runs at Victoria, but in to a kick to the gut. Victoria then pushes Beth’s head between her legs and then lifts her in to the air for THE WIDOW’S PEAK. . . . . Beth tries to fight it and is able to kick herself free as she then lands on her feet. She runs in to the ropes, comes back and knocks Victoria down with a clothesline. Beth looks very angry and then walks over to the ropes, climbs through on to the apron and steps down to the floor below. She walks over towards Lilian Garcia, then grabs her title belt and heads back in to the ring. The referee tries to get it back off her, but The Glamazon just shoves him to the side as Victoria gets up with Beth then SMASHING HER IN THE FACE WITH THE BELT. . . . . The ref sees it and calls for the bell straight away.

WINNER: Victoria by DQ @ 6.41

AFTERMATH: As Beth looks down at Victoria with her belt in hand, we see Eric Bischoff appear on the tron, standing in his office. He says that it’s become perfectly clear that our Womens Champion is pulling out every trick in the book to keep hold of her title whenever she puts it on the line against Victoria. He then says that he tried to make it a fair match tonight by banning Natalya from ringside, but we still saw the same outcome. Beth smiles at that, but Bischoff says that if she thinks she’s getting away with it, she’s got another thing coming, because she will be defending her title once again against Victoria. Her smile goes as the crowd cheer, but Bischoff says that’s not all because Natalya will again be banned from ringside, and if Beth does get herself disqualified or even counted out, she will lose the title. The crowd cheer again, but Bischoff carries on and says that she doesn’t have to worry about defending tonight, next week or even the week after that, because the match will take place at Wrestlemania. A pop breaks out as Beth looks on in disbelief as Victoria starts to sit up with Beth then looking nervously at her.


is standing by and introduces us to her guest, John Cena. He gets a huge pop that comes from the inside of the arena with Maria then asking him how he is feeling after what happened last week. Cena sarcastically says that he feels great and he’s on top of the world, but he then says that he’s had this recurring thought for the last week that something happened last Monday, but he can’t quite figure out what it is that happened. He says he can remember challenging Randy Orton to a submission match, and for some strange reason, Randy accepted, which is weird because usually Randy has no guts. He still acts up by saying that he can then remember walking down to the ring and that Randy was stood there waiting for him, but he then pauses for a couple of seconds and says he’s got it, he saw Randy grabbing a chair, and BOOM. . . there you have it, Randy Orton took the easy way out yet again and hit him in the head with a chair before he had the chance to defend himself.

He turns to Maria and tells her that it’s not Randy’s fault he’s a coward, and it’s not his fault that John Cena & Evolution (raising his voice) are going to walk down to that ring tonight and raise more hell than all the fans sitting out there have ever seen on Monday night Raw. The fans go crazy inside the arena, but Cena quickly regains his composure and says that there’s one more twist waiting in the wings and that’s The Big Red Machine, Kane. He says that like Randy & The McMahon’s can’t help the fact they’re cowards, Kane can’t help the fact he and his deranged father are the most twisted freaks to have ever stepped foot in a WWE ring, and that when he finally gets his hands on them, (raises his voice) they’ll see that there’s only man walking out of Wrestlemania the WWE Champion, and that’s John Cena. A big pop can be heard again as he looks in to the camera with his game face on before walking out of the shot.




FROM TWO WEEKS AGO: Lashley facing Mr. Kennedy with Chris Jericho as Special Referee, and Jericho hitting Lashley with a steel chair to give Kennedy the win. Kennedy & Jericho then arguing with Jericho then smashing Kennedy with the chair

FROM LAST WEEK: Lashley going one on one with Jericho and Kennedy distracting Jericho to allow Lashley to spear Jericho for the win


Bobby Lashley
makes his entrance and gets a good reception, and as he waits in the ring, “Break The Walls Down” blasts out to a big pop. Chris Jericho walks down to the ring, climbs inside and walks past an intense looking Lashley, climbing to the second rope and posing for the crowd before stepping down and asking for a microphone. He walks towards the centre of the ring while Lashley looks unimpressed in the corner. Jericho says straight off that he’s not happy too, just like Big Foot over there about having to team up tonight, but says he has to clear something up. He says that the footage we just saw showed that the only reason he lost last week to the guy who’s top of the list for a personality transplant was because as we all saw, frosty top decided to get involved. Lashley looks pissed, but Jericho carries on and says that everyone knows that when it comes down to it, there’s no way he’d lose to Lashley, saying there’s more chance of Lashley becoming the 2008 Comic of the Year.

Lashley walks out of the corner and gets right in Jericho’s face. They stare each other down for a couple of seconds until “Turn Up The Treble” hits to a largely negative response from the crowd. Mr. Kennedy walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand and tells the two ladies in the ring to put their handbags down and listen to what this years Money in the Bank winner has to say, getting heat straight away. He says that no one cares about who would win a match between those two, the only thing anyone cares about tonight is seeing the biggest star in the business today walking down to that ring and beating the crap out of the both of them. The crowd boo even more but Kennedy says they know it’s what they want to see and that there’s only one person they came to see tonight, and that is MR. KENNEDYYYYYY. . . KENNEDY! His music hits again as he walks to the bottom of the ramp with “Don’t Waste My Time” then playing as Elijah Burke makes his way down to the ring alongside the lovely Layla.

***MATCH #4***

Chris Jericho & Bobby Lashley vs. Mr. Kennedy & Elijah Burke w/Layla

Jericho exchanges rights in the middle of the ring with Mr. Kennedy, but just when it looks Kennedy has Jericho on the back foot, Y2J blocks a punch and drives his knee in to Kennedy’s gut. He then grabs Kennedy by the arm and whips him in to the ropes, but Kennedy reaches out before he gets there and holds on to the top rope. Jericho isn’t in the mood to wait around as he charges at Kennedy, who ducks underneath Jericho’s outstretched arm. As Jericho hits the ropes and turns round, Kennedy kicks him in the gut and pulls him only slightly away from the ropes, then positions Jericho’s head under his arm and nails him with a SPIKE DDT. . . . . The crowd boo loudly as Kennedy goes for a cocky cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Jericho gets his foot on the bottom rope, leaving Kennedy pissed that he didn’t pull him far enough away from the ropes. An angry Kennedy stands back up, then walks to his corner and makes the tag to Elijah Burke. The Guiding Light climbs through the ropes and walks over to Jericho, pulls him up to his feet and goes for an irish whip.

As Jericho comes back off the ropes though, he slides through Burke’s legs and stands back up, then lifts Burke up and falls back to the mat with a side suplex, getting a pop from the crowd. Both men remain down for a good five seconds before they both get back up with Burke throwing a right, but Jericho ducks it and then connects with a JUMPING ENZIGURI. . . . . A huge cheer comes from the crowd as Jericho scurries across and turns Burke on to his back before going for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kennedy races in and breaks up the count by pulling Jericho off of Burke by his feet. The ref tells Kennedy to get back on the apron, standing in front of him and walking in to him, forcing Kennedy back. As Kennedy climbs through the ropes, standing nearly half away across the apron, Jericho gets back up and runs in to the corner, then KNOCKS KENNEDY OFF THE APRON WITH A SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK. . . . . It’s met with a big pop as Kennedy hits the arena floor. Jericho stands back up and has a good laugh at that before slapping his chest.

Lashley watches on and shakes his head in disapproval as Jericho gets a little carried away. Y2J sees it and offers Lashley in to the ring, with the crowd cheering, wanting to see the two go at it. Lashley looks in to the stands for a couple of seconds before stepping through the ropes and walking over to Jericho, going head to head in the middle of the ring as Burke starts to come round. The referee steps between them and tells Lashley to go back to his corner, which he does reluctantly, but Jericho follows and before Lashley steps back through the ropes, Jericho slaps him across the face with gasps coming from the crowd. Lashley looks pissed as Burke then approaches behind Jericho and tries for an irish whip. Jericho reverses it, but as Burke is coming back off the ropes and Jericho waits, Lashley charges at his partner AND SPEARS HIM DOWN TO THE MAT. . . . . Burke stops dead and watches on in absolute shock as Lashley stares right at Jericho’s body, then steps through the ropes to leave the ring. Burke shrugs his shoulders and walks over to Jericho, drops down to the mat and hooks both legs 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNERS: Mr. Kennedy & Elijah Burke by pinfall @ 8.18

AFTERMATH: “Don’t Waste My Time” hits as Burke stands back up with a big smile on his face, watching on as Lashley walks back up the ramp looking very pissed off. Kennedy then climbs through the ropes and offers Burke his hand, pulls him in and then plants him with The Mic Check, to a decent pop. He looks down and laughs as “Turn Up The Treble” hits before leaving the ring with a big smile on his face.


The camera shows someone lying on the floor, and as it zooms in we see it’s Paul Bearer. With officials surrounding him and shouting out for help, one of them seems to see something on the floor and bends down to pick it up. We then see it’s a John Cena hat with the Hustle, Loyalty and Respect logo on it as Eric Bischoff arrives on the scene. He asks them what is going on and is passed the hat by the official that picked it up. Bischoff looks at the hat for a couple of seconds and then walks off down the hall, not looking too happy as EMT’s come and attend to Bearer who looks to be out cold.




FROM TWO WEEKS AGO: Eric Bischoff telling MVP & Elijah Burke they’d be facing John Cena & Rey Mysterio, then as MVP left the locker room, Rey Mysterio is shown trying to get at him, but being held back. The match later on with Rey hitting the 619 on MVP, sending MVP right in to an FU from Cena for the end of the match

FROM LAST WEEK: MVP & Burke facing Evolution with Rey at the announce table and stopping MVP get back in the ring, whipping him in to the ring post


***MATCH #5***

Rey Mysterio vs. MVP

MVP stands back up after a close call and urges Rey to do the same as he sits up. MVP takes several steps back so he’s close to the middle of the ring, and as he sees Rey helping himself up by the ropes, he charges at Rey, but the master of the 619 steps forward and drop toe holds MVP on to the second rope. The crowd go nuts as Rey gets back on his feet and dials up for the 619. . . . . He then turns round and runs in to the ropes, bounces off, charges across the ring and swings his feet through the ropes, but MVP pulls his head back. Rey kicks the air as MVP backs up away from the ropes. As Rey then stands back up on the apron, MVP runs at him and drives his boot down Rey’s throat, knocking him down to the floor below. Rey looks out of it as he hits the floor and MVP demands that the ref counts him straight away. Getting towards the count of six, Rey starts to come round and sit up. MVP looks furious and walks over to the ropes, then climbs through to join Rey on the outside. He pulls him up to his feet, grabs his arm and whips him towards the steps, only for Rey to reverse it as MVP crashes shoulder first in to the steel steps to the crowd’s delight. Rey then slides back in under the bottom rope as the referee restarts the count as MVP shows no signs of life. As we get to five, MVP reaches up and touches the apron and manages to pull himself back up and under the bottom rope just in time.

Rey walks over and pulls him away from the ropes, then drops down to the mat and goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . MVP gets his shoulder up to the disappointment of the crowd. Rey pulls himself back to his knees and then decides to stand back up. He then reaches down to pull MVP back up, but The Franchise Player pushes him back and down to the mat. Rey landed a little awkwardly on his neck and remains there for several seconds before getting back up and running at MVP, but he’s back up and tosses Rey overhead with a back body drop. Rey lands hard on his back and he crawls to the corner while MVP takes a few seconds to recover. As he then sees Rey standing up in the corner, he then runs in at him for THE PLAYA’S BOOT. . . . . Rey sees him coming and is able to step out of the corner in time, but MVP is able to stop himself dead before hitting the pads as Rey backs away from the corner towards the ropes. MVP then turns round and runs at Rey, who is able to catch MVP for a second time with a drop toe hold on to the second rope. The crowd cheer again as Rey doesn’t bother dialling up this time as he bounces off the ropes at pace and then SMASHES MVP WITH THE 619. . . . . MVP falls back to the mat as Rey stands up on the apron, SPRINGBOARDS AND DROPS THE DIME. . . . . With the crowd all on their feet, Rey hooks the leg as the ref makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio by pinfall @ 7.47

AFTERMATH: “Booyaka 619” hits to a huge pop as Rey Mysterio stands up, looking a little shocked as he gets his arm raised by the referee before climbing to the second rope and posing for the crowd.


“Ain’t No Make Believe” hits as John Morrison & The Miz walk down the ramp with big smiles on their faces, but boos can be heard coming from the crowd. Once in the ring, The Miz says that last week couldn’t have gone any better, winning their debut match on Raw in style. Morrison agrees and Miz then says that Eric Bischoff made the best decision of his life by bringing the most glamorous and successful tag team in history over to Raw. Morrison then says that it was also the right decision not to have them wrestle a match tonight in San Jose, simply because they are not worthy of seeing someone of their talent for the price they paid for admission. The crowd boo them loudly as The Miz then says that his good friend is certainly right, San Jose has a history of seeing failures, and they aren’t going to make that right for them by showcasing their talent to an unworthy audience. They attract a lot of heat from the crowd, and Morrison continues by saying they left Smackdown because they weren’t appreciated by their general manager.

He says that isn’t the case here on Raw because Eric Bischoff sees them for what they are, the headline team in the WWE today. He then says that it would be almost impossible for any tag team to even think about main eventing any show, but says that with Wrestlemania coming up, they are the two men who are more than capable of creating history. The Miz then says that as always, The Shaman of Sexy is right but says one thing has to change before that happens. He says that back on Smackdown, they thought that their champions weren’t up to holding the title of champions, but says that Raw’s so called top team make even more of a mockery to the word champions. Morrison then takes over and says that now they’re here, they’re going to change all that and finishes by saying that the reign of Paul London & Brian Kendrick will come to an end because this easy ride they’ve been on just hit the dirt track. “Ain’t No Make Believe” plays again as they drop their microphones and smile excessively as they leave the ring to a lot of heat.


Paul Bearer is being wheeled out in to an ambulance with the camera focusing solely on Bearer as he is then put in to the ambulance. When the doors shut, the camera zooms out and we see Kane watching on with his head titled with his back to us. As the ambulance then drives off, Kane tilts his head back and turns round. He then walks to the side and starts throwing steel poles away from the wall and pushing storage boxes over. He then starts to walk down the hall with a purpose with two officials trying to calm him down, but he pushes one in to the wall and then punches the other down to the floor before walking away.




Clips of Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, John Cena, Edge, Kane, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, Triple H, Batista, Ric Flair in studio shots posing under bright lights and a black background

VOICEOVER: There is one spectacle that eclipses them all. . . There is one spectacle where the best showcase their talent. . . There is one spectacle where dreams are shattered. . . This spectacle will return to create new dreams, for this spectacle is Wrestlemania. . .


All the competitors make their entrances with The McMahon’s arriving confidently via JBL’s limo, and then Randy Orton to a ton of heat as he walks very smugly down to the ring. Orton shakes hands with all three before “Line in the Sand” blasts out to a huge pop from the crowd as Evolution make their way down to the ring, still looking very serious. Orton & The McMahon’s retreat to the outside, standing by the announce table with Evolution not taking their eyes off of them. We then hear “My Time is Now” play to another big pop as John Cena walks out to the stage and walks across the stage to the left, posing for the crowd before walking across to the right, when his music cuts and “Burned” hits to the shock of everyone in the arena. Kane’s pyro also goes off as The Big Red Machine walks out to the stage and across to the right to meet Cena, who is in total shock as he stands by the edge of the stage. Kane immediately grabs Cena’s hat off his head and throws it off the stage, then grabs him around the throat with Cena still in shock before being chokeslammed off the side of the stage through some tables below.

The crowd look on gobsmacked, as do Evolution while Orton & The McMahon’s seem to have a good chuckle about it as Kane walks down the steps at the side to take a good look at Cena. We then see Vince pick up a microphone and he says that what just happened doesn’t count as interference because the match hadn’t started, so he then says he assumes the match will just go ahead as a handicap match. Evolution all stand there and it clicks as they seem to think that their opponents set all that up, but we then see Eric Bischoff walk out to the stage with a microphone in hand, looking on as EMT’s attend to John Cena, then tells Kane to get the hell out of here. Kane walks through the curtain as Bischoff then turns his attention to the guys in the ring, saying that he just heard Vince’s little speech. He then says that just like everyone else in the arena, he highly doubts that John Cena was behind the attack on Paul Bearer earlier on, and he has his suspicions on just who he believes was actually behind it.

The McMahon’s & Orton play the innocent with Bischoff then saying that if it’s a handicap match they want, then that’s what they’re going to get. He says that seeing he believes the two masterminds behind this set up are Randy Orton & Mr. McMahon, he says that they will be involved in a handicap match right now against Evolution, but it will be a handicap match in the favour of Evolution. Orton & Vince look shocked as Bischoff then says that JBL & Shane aren’t required and tells them to go to the back, and if they find a way to get involved in this match, he will suspend them indefinitely. A huge pop rings out as The McMahon’s & Orton look in horror with Shane & JBL then reluctantly leaving ringside. Orton grabs Vince’s microphone and tells Bischoff he has no proof, with the Head of Authority saying Orton’s right, he doesn’t but says if he has a problem with it, he can quite happily forfeit his WWE Championship if he wants to make such a fuss about it. Orton looks pissed and drops the microphone as he resigns himself to take part in the match.


Evolution vs. Randy Orton & Vince McMahon

Orton drags Flair back up to his feet and goes to nail him with a right hand, but The Nature Boy blocks it and then chops away at The Legend Killer, putting him on the back foot. Flair then grabs Orton’s arm and tries for an irish whip, but it’s reversed by Orton who hits Flair as he comes back by lifting his elbow in to face, and then follows that up with an INVERTED SIDE BACK BREAKER. . . . . Flair falls in a heap to the mat as the WWE Champion then tries for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Flair lifts his shoulder up to a cheer from the crowd as Orton gets back up looking very focused as he then walks back in to the corner and stalks Flair for THE PUNT. . . . . With the crowd booing Orton as Flair slowly starts to come round, Orton looks in to Flair’s corner and runs across, knocking Batista down to the floor with a knee lift. Triple H then steps through the ropes, only for Mike Chioda to block him off straight away as Orton then runs at Flair for THE PUNT. . . . . Flair though sits up and hits Orton with a LOW BLOW. . . . .

The fans love it as Orton drops to his knees in agony, and then face first down to the mat. Flair starts to crawls towards his corner and is able to tag in The Game, who enters the ring to a big pop. He walks across to Orton and pulls him up to his feet, throws a couple of rights at him and then stands back for a second before nailing Orton with a clothesline, knocking the champion down to the mat. Orton takes a few seconds before he is able to get back up as The Game then whips him in to the ropes and connects with a HIGH KNEE SMASH. . . . . Orton hits the mat straight away as Triple H tries to pin his fatigued opponent 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Orton lifts his shoulder up to frustrate the fans, but Triple H gets on with business straight away as he stands back up and drags Orton up to a vertical base. Grabbing his arm, The Game then whips Orton in to the ropes, and as he comes back, Triple H steps forward and catches him around the waist, looking for THE DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER. . . . .

But as Triple H turns round, Orton counters in to a DDT. . . . . Both men hit the mat, but it takes Orton nearly five seconds before he is able to come round and try for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . A huge pop meets Triple H just getting his shoulder up as Batista & Flair get behind him, while Vince urges Orton to make the tag. Orton turns himself round and crawls towards his corner, gets up to his knees and makes the tag to Mr. McMahon. The Chairman of the Board enters the ring to a barrage of boos from the sell out crowd. He stands above Triple H as he tries to get back to his feet, taunting The Game. It comes back to haunt him as Triple H stands up quickly and hammers away at Vince with hard rights hands before whipping his father in law in to the corner. As Vince hits the pads, Triple H charges in at him and nails him with a hard clothesline across the upper chest.

Vince staggers out of the corner as The Game backs up, turns back in to the ropes and then makes his way back to Vince and plants him with a RUNNING SWINGING NECK BREAKER. . . . . Vince falls to the mat instantly as The Game drops to his knees immediately to go for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Orton stops the count, stomping across the back of Triple H’s head. Batista & Flair race in, forcing Orton to back up against the ropes, but Evolution don’t go away despite Chioda warning them. Orton tries to kick Flair in the gut, but The Nature Boy catches his foot and then spins him round in a 360 with The Animal then clotheslining The Legend Killer over the top rope to the floor below. They then leave the ring as told while Triple H picks himself back up with Vince getting to his knees right in front of him. And just as Triple H stands up, he kicks Vince in the stomach, positions Vince’s head between his legs and nails him with THE PEDIGREE. . . . . The roof nearly comes off as the fans count in tandem with Chioda 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNERS: Evolution by pinfall @ 10.22

AFTERMATH: “Line in the Sand” blasts out as Evolution stand tall in the ring, raising each others arms as Orton sits up on the outside, not looking too happy. Evolution pose for the crowd as the show comes to a close.


The Colon Brothers df. Kofi Kingston & Cody Rhodes
Jeff Hardy df. Hardcore Holly
Victoria df. Beth Phoenix
Mr. Kennedy & Elijah Burke df. Chris Jericho & Bobby Lashley
Rey Mysterio df. MVP
Evolution df. Randy Orton & Vince McMahon

Michelle McCool df. Jillian Hall
Eugene df. Orlando Jordan
Ron Killings w/ Cryme Time df. Trevor Murdoch


Official Theme Song
Fall Out Boy Thanks For The Memories

To view the amazing video, click here!

WWE Championship
John Cena vs Kane vs Randy Orton (c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Shawn Michaels (c) vs Edge

The Ultimate Grudge Match
Evolution vs The McMahon Men

Intercontinental Championship
I Quit Match
Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk (c)

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Chris Jericho vs Bobby Lashley vs Rey Mysterio
vs Mr. Kennedy vs Elijah Burke vs MVP

WWE Tag Team Championship
The UK Pack (Paul Burchill & Harry Smith) (c) vs The Pitbulls (Jamie Noble & Kid Kash)

Womens Championship
Title Can Change By Disqualification
Victoria vs Beth Phoenix (c)

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

BY SC2004

- Wow, what a way to open the show, I mean three huge match ups announced for tonight. The 8 man tag is going to be wild. I liked Eric here. He was right on what he said early on in the promo, about backstage attacks, inter brand appearances. It does need to stop!

- Nice little backstage segment with the McMahon’s and Orton. It was good how you put across the McMahon’s cockiness,, after all they should be given the fact that they’ve outsmarted Evolution twice in the past few days.

- That name the “Colon Brothers” gets me every time. Solid opening tag team match. Again I notice the length of match! I hate you match loving writers. Ha.

- “Sit on fold out chairs, the wrong way round” nice detail here. This couldn’t of been a bigger contrast to the earlier segment with the McMahon’s and Orton, who were in high spirits, whilst evolution appear dejected and complacent. Its good that the Game is giving them their focus back, they seemed lost on SmackDown.

- I have to say straight off the bat I hate Eugene. There is said it! Pretty straight forward win for Hardy here over the aging Holly. Great stuff here with Punk getting the better of Jeff in the parking lot. It was also good to see Eric meant what he said at the start of the show.

- Got to love Santino. Good intensity by Cade in his interview. Glad to see you’re pushing Victoria. It’s something that should be happing on SD right now, but we all know why it isn’t. I figured you would continue on with this feud and the DQ finish worked perfectly IMO. I saw the banner for the title match at WM before you posted the show, so the announcement by Eric was expected.

- typical Cena promo. I rather when he’s fun loving but he needed to be intense and focused here after what went down last week and he was.

- Lost of promo’s being cut tonight, I guess it’s to be expected with WM fast approaching. The slap across the face was reminiscent of Cena/ Batista. Jericho gets pinned because of a spear from Lashley, that works for me. Good match, mainly because of all of the drama.

- I was caught of guard by the Paul Bearer angle. Cena’s hat by his unconscious body, clever man! Is there more than one Eric Bischoff around because he is all over the place tonight!

- Okay, Rey went over clean. I’m an MVP fan, who with a brain isn’t right? But I’m okay with the win by Rey here. Got to love the smugness of The Miz and John Morrison. I don’t think this segment needed to go on so late in the show and also I think it may of worked as a backstage interview better.

- I really dig Kane in his confused, deranged and uncontrolled mode, it works so well and you got that across with him attacking the two officials.

- Big spot with Kane attacking Cena and choke slamming off the stage through tables. You don’t see that every day. Kane has lost it, we know why he did it, but it’s obvious Cena has been set up. This all worked so well though, well done.

- More Bischoff, a little overkill if you ask me. Granted he is in control of the show, but this must be the sixth time we’ve seen him tonight! It was funny that Eric turned this into a handicap match, with Vince involved and not Shane or JBL.

- The show has gone very long tonight and I think it would of made more sense if the main event only went like 2, 3 minutes tops with Vince getting pinned early. I mean the stuff that went down before the match would of taken 10 minutes and then a 10 minute match seems like a lot to me. After Bischoff’s announcement, it was epidemic. No way that Evolution were getting screwed again.

OVERALL: This show was a lot better than SmackDown, much better in fact. Just about everything had a purpose. I especially liked the Cena/Kane angle and how it played out. I will question how all of this was supposed to be only two hours, when Raw usually has around 30 minutes of commercials. Also I think Eric Bischoff was used to much and I didn’t think there was a need for the Miz and Morrison segment. But I mean there not even negatives really. This was a very entertaining show from start to finish and the best show I’ve read in any BTB since I’ve returned.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L’s Raw Review

This was a pretty good start to the show, this promo certainly did a good job of getting us pumped for the show as there was some huge match announcements here. The MVP/Rey Mysterio match was something that I thought would happen at ‘Mania earlier on in the feud but by having them in the MITB you can afford to give this match away now. The tag team match should be great too as there will be tension between Chris Jericho and Bobby Lashley. The eight-man tag team match should be great, but to be honest I would’ve preferred you to save a match between Evolution and the McMahon’s for Wrestlemania. But I realize that there is only so much you can do with the feud without putting them into a match together.

The segment with the McMahon’s was pretty good, I liked how JBL and Shane were trying to build up Vince’s confidence, I am a bit surprised that he isn’t already confident after what has happened over the last few weeks though. The last line from Vince before Orton came in was typical Vince. Orton coming in and telling them his idea was interesting, I wonder what he is thinking.

This feud between the Colons and Cody/Kofi is a very interesting feud, and the introduction of Eric Perez to the Colon group has made it even more interesting. The match was good and the ending was nicely done, its good to see the Colon Brothers pick up the win this time after losing the last one.

The Evolution segment was very good, it’s good to hear what they are thinking after what has happened to them recently. The pep talk seemed to give Evolution some confidence back which is good, they need to get some revenge on the McMahon’s soon. This did a good job of hyping the main event.

Nice win for Jeff Hardy here, Hardcore Holly is a solid wrestler so he was a good choice to put Hardy over. Hardy was always going to win here but it didn’t seem like a total squash. It was interesting to see Eugene in Hardy’s corner, at least it gives him something to do I guess, but as I have already said I don’t like Eugene. The aftermath was great with Punk luring Jeff in for his friend to hit him with the lead pipe, I wonder who it is. It’s not Albright is it?

Decent interview from Cade, gives us a little insight into why he split from Murdoch. Just the obvious really with Cade saying that he was holding him back. I wonder what you have in store for Cade. Santino! I am loving the Santino/Melina alliance btw. What Santino had to say was interesting, I wonder what will happen with Cryme Tyme now.

I was surprised that you were giving us this title match on Raw tbh with it being announced for Mania beforehand, unless you announced it for Mania before this show by accident. The match was good, I liked Natalya being banned from ringside too although it did have me wondering who would win the match. A DQ win for Victoria was a good decision as it keeps her looking strong heading into Mania and it means that it is a god setup for the match at Mania. Bischoff announcing the match for Wrestlemania after was expected and I look forward to that match.

The Interview with John Cena was very good. As much as I dislike John Cena this was a very well written interview and Cena was perfectly in character, especially with the raising of the voice. Cena has looked quite weak in the three-way feud so far so he will need to get one up on Orton or Kane soon I would imagine otherwise it looks like he has no chance at Wrestlemania.

The pre match promo was good and added some tension to this next match, the humour from Y2J was funny too. The match itself was a very good match, Lashley hitting Y2J with the spear was something I didn’t expect but I liked it. I look forward to the fallout from this. Kennedy hitting Burke with the Mic Check was cool, again the MITB ladder match has a more personal feel to it in this thread now.

Eric Bischoff is a busy man tonight isn’t he? This was a good little segment with you leaving the hat beside Bearer. I don’t think Cena would attack a manager though to be honest but I guess he is angry at what is going on. Kane won’t be happy though so I am sure Cena might regret it.

As you know I am a fan of MVP so I wasn’t overly pleased about him losing this one, but Rey needed the win more than MVP. Rey Mysterio has his revenge now and is looking strong heading into Mania, however I don’t expect him to win the MITB. MVP has a good chance of winning it though IMO.

Didn’t expect a promo from Miz and Morrison at all, but it was good. You a re making quite a big deal of their switch to Raw which is cool and it looks like they want the titles straight away. A feud between these two teams should be interesting.

The Kane segment was good for showing just how angry Kane is, I wonder what he will do now to Cena.

Wow, Kane chokeslams Cena off the stage!? Wohoo! Seriously though it was a shocking move but a great move to develop this feud even further. So the McMahon and Orton attacked Bearer then? That is a great move because I didn’t think Cena would do that. So that is what Orton’s idea was then. Eric Bischoff’s announcement was great and prevents us seeing Evolution against all of the McMahon’s before Wrsetelmania, which is good IMO. Bischoff is also showing some authority too which is good, he is showing that he is making people pay for their actions.

The main event was very good and it was a very good ending to the show. It’s about time Evolution got one up on the McMahon’s to be honest as they haven’t looked very strong yet since reforming. I expect that the McMahon’s will be looking for revenge though next week or possibly on Smackdown.

Overall it was a very solid show as usual Nige. I thought I had problems with the show at first with Bischoff practically making the Mania match between Evolution and the McMahon’s for tonight, as well as Cena attacking Bearer, but you cancelled both out with two very good decisions. Good job mate.

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