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Re: WWE: A Strong Response



Following Raw last night, we learnt that three more matches have been announced for the upcoming Wrestlemania. They are:


We can confirm that earlier today, the WWE terminated the contracts of developmental stars The Major Brothers & Steve Lewington. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.

PLUS: Thanks for the Raw reviews, just to answer some questions you had and to clear things up

The Cena/Orton promo was more intense to lead up to the match later on, that didn’t start by the way, that’s why it was short! The intense nature of the promo took away Cena’s comedy side, that was done purposely. The match itself never got started as Orton used the chair as Cena posed for the crowd, showing his aggressive side and getting one up on Cena after last week. Being attacked from behind and so brutally was also done to prevent Cena from looking too weak as it was all done with the chair

Yes, Eric Perez is Eddie Colon’s tag team partner in FCW. The reason The Colon’s didn’t interfere is because they beat Cody last week and were happy to introduce Perez, then make the challenge for next week. There was no real reason to interfere in that one

Kane is a heel, but with the nature of triple threat matches, he will obviously have a few altercations with another heel, in this case Orton, inadvertently teasing that he’s a face. He wasn’t in the promo because I like to keep that air of mystery about him, although I debated putting him alongside Paul Bearer there

CM Punk did the job and wasn’t made to look too weak as he was basically down to a 2 on 1 handicap with Sunny, and he had the spot with bumping in to Sunny that led to him losing the match. Jeff picking up the win was necessary, and it was done so that Punk wouldn’t look too weak. The bump and the handicap were done to stop it from being perfectly clean

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I've started on your review. Raw looked fab, though 7 matches was a bit too many, considering a few of them were at least 8 minutes (I think). None-the-less, hold up SmackDown until I get my review up
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Three Great matches. i think the MITB ladder match will be awesome, after all you've got Jericho and Mysterio in there. I'd never of put Jeff & Punk in an I quit match, sure is interesting. I'm always happy to see shane in the ring and i'm sure he along with the others will bring their best at the biggest PPV of the year.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Raw Review

I'm glad you started the show with a promo from Evolution and it was the right thing to do after what happened last week. I liked what Triple H had to say at the start, he was really honest when he said that they set a trap that they didn't expect but the line about it coming back to haunt them was a real good line to show their anger. The McMahons appearing via sattelite was a brilliant idea, it was a typical heel thing to do and it keeps Evolution looking for revenge a little longer which does a lot for the fued. The McMahons made a good point when they said that they out thought Evolution and it shows just how dominant they are. It's good to hear that Evolution vs. The McMahons has been made official, that should be one hell of a match. Good promo and this feud continues to impress.

It's good seeing MVP on Raw again and I like these segments with him and Elijah Burke, they make a good team. All their characters were spot on, MVP's arrogance escpecially and it was funny when he didn't notice the sarcasm. Great match announcement too, should be a good match.

The pre-match promo was pretty good, just what you would expect from Morrison and Miz. The match seemed like a good match, it looks like Miz and Morrison will be going straight into a fued with London and Kendrick since they were watching on. The interference from Santino Marrella was kinda expected after what happened last week but it worked well as it allowed M+M to get the win without Cryme Tyme looking too weak. It would be funny seeing him getting chased by them three though.

Three big match announcements here, Jeff Hardy against Punk in an I Quit match at Mania should be great! This was a really well written promo again just like all of your segments with CM Punk. I liked Bobby Lashley chucking Punk out of the room, that would be funny to see. The tag match and Y2J against Lashley should be great.

The match between Kofi and Cade seemed pretty good although it was all about the aftermath tbh. I am quite suprised that you had Cade turn on Murdoch to be honest, it seems that moving Miz and Morrison to Raw was to replace this team as well. Lance Cade is a talented guy an he should do well on his own, although I think he could've done with staying in this team for the time being.

This was a good promo to create the main event tonight. John Cena playing Kane's music to scare Orton was funny, although Cena should realise that it means Orton isn't afriad of him Lol. The promo was well written again, a little short but that is expected due to there being an opening promo and six matches, and the match announcement was great again. This helps develop the three way feud even more.

A DQ was a good decision for thsi match as none of these women could afford to lose really. Phoenix and Natalya going for teh beat down was good and Mickie was the right person to save Victoria as she has been involved in this recently. This developed the situation nicely and I expect another tag match next week.

Should've known it was Perez really, I know of him from FCW where he and Colon are the Puerto Rican Nightmares. The interview was good and I look forward to the feud with Kofi and Rhodes continuing next week. This is cool little stable with these three guys.

The tag match seemed like a very good match, best so far for sure. You gave us a little more deatil in this one and it was very entertaining. The ending was cool with Punk knocking into Sunny off the apron. Jeff picking up the win over CM Punk is huge for him and he is looking strong heading into Mania.

This segment would come off really well I think, Kennedy was in character and it leaves us wondering if Kennedy will get involved in Y2J's match.

This is another huge match for Raw and it was another entertaining ending. Bobby Lashley is really looking strong in this three way feud with the big triple threat victory and now this win. The ending was good with Kennedy distratcing Y2J allowing Lashley to hit the spear.

The interview from Bearer was okay, nothing special but it served its purpose of building Kane up further.

Big win for Evolution here. I don't like MVP and Burke losing again but there was no other option here with the McMahon's being away. Having Rey Mysterio take out MVP was good as it gives them a little bit of an excuse for losing. Triple H on Smackdown should be good too, I like how you are taking the feud over to Smackdown as well as it helps develop the feud even more.

More great match announcements from Eric Bischoff, the womens title match next week should be great although I thought you would save it for Mania. I thought we would have MVP against Rey at Mania too but I guess not, but I like what you have done with the Money in the Bank this year, by having the guys involved in feuds it makes the match feel more personal and more anticpated rather than just chucking loads of guys together.

A bit of a let down with this main event but that is totally understandable with the Mania WWE Title match, you need to save matches between these guys for Mania plus we have already seen Cena against Orton a couple of times. I always enjoy seeing Cena getting his ass kicked anyway so I don't mind. Kane coming down was cool and I am glad Orton has escaped Kane this time. I liked what Orton had to say and I do think he will retain at 'Mania. Cena is looking quite weak at the moment but I guess one of them has to, its about time one of them took Kane down though.

Overall Nige another solid show on the road to Wrestlemania. Nothing I didn't like really and more quality matches and promos.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks for answering my questions Nige. I'm looking forward to Smackdown.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


Everyone at the WWE would like to thank each and everyone of you for nominating the individuals you feel deserve to be inducted in to the class of the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame. We have received more nominations than we could have possibly anticipated, and with that said, YOU JUST HAVE ONE MORE DAY to pick the superstars you wish to be inducted in this years Hall of Fame. This is the shortlist in alphabetical order, the candidates voted by you the fans:

  • "Stonecold" Steve Austin
  • "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase
  • "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair
  • Owen Hart
  • Rocky Johnson
  • Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart
  • The Road Warriors
  • Jake "The Snake" Roberts
  • The Rock
  • "The Ravishing" Rick Rude
  • "The Macho Man" Randy Savage
  • "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith
  • Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
  • The Ultimate Warrior

With the sheer amount of votes received, we limited the shortlist down to 14, with only a maximum of 8 (dependant on number of votes) to be selected by again, yourselves for the final vote. It will be the case for some of you that you will not see some of your nominations. There were a total of 19 individuals who were also nominated but only received one nomination, with the remaining candidates receiving more to make a more consistent shortlist.

You now have just over 24 gours (00:00 Thursday 21st August – REAL TIME!) to vote for the final inductees you believe deserve to be included in to this years Hall of Fame class the night before Wrestlemania 24.

If you wish to vote, all votes will be sent by PM and you can use this template:

My Hall of Fame Final Votes

Thanks for your support in this guys, I can’t thank you enough, Nige.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Awesome, some real great names on there, I think I will vote .

Or is it?
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw Review

Starting the promo with Evolution was pretty obvious, and was the right thing to do after what happened last week. Triple H’s speech to start off was very good and intense, which you wrote very well, and having the McMahons “away” was good booking as they would know that Evolution would want revenge for Smackdown. The McMahons speech was very good aswell and it’s good to hear that the Evolution v McMahon match has been made official, and should be a hell of a match. Overall good promo to continue the feud, and it will be interesting what the McMahons will have in store at Mania as looking at the match there should be no way that the McMahons will win.

MVP on Raw is good to see, but I never like Raw and Smackdown superstars coming over to the other shows every week and I liked it better when a Smackdown or Raw superstar appearing on the other show was a big thing. Main event should be great but hoping MVP and Burke don’t get jobbed out again, so hopefully the McMahons get involved but since it is the wrestling return of Evolution I don’t expect it to happen.

Pre match promo by Miz and Morrison was pretty good, nothing special but did what it needed to and introduce themselves to the Raw fans. The match itself seemed pretty good, was confused about Santino coming down to the ring but eventually remembered what happened on the previous Raw. Looks like a Londrick/Morrison and Miz feud is on the verge which should make for a pretty good tag team feud.

Wow huge match announced for Wrestlemania. Didn’t particularly expect a Hardy/Punk match to be a gimmick, and thought that might happen after Mania but good to see you putting the IC Title in high regard, with it being an I Quit Match. Liking the Tag Match and Lashley/Jericho match aswell, expect Punk and Sunny to somehow win their match and Kennedy to get involved with Lashley/Jericho.

Kofi/Cade seemed to be a decent match, little surprised that there was no sign of Carlito and Eddie Colon though. Little surprised but pleased to see you split Cade and Murdoch up, as Cade can make a good singles wrestler. Looks like you brought Miz and Morrison over to replace Cade and Murdoch.

Orton/Cena was a very strong promo, and interesting main event made for tonight. Pretty sure we are going to be left disappointed and end in a no contest, as no way will one tap out before WM. You got Orton’s character and spot on, and Cena seemed much more entertaining than he would IRL, with him scaring the hell out of Orton with Kane’s Titantron

Victoria v Natalya would be a mega divas match, and a DQ finish was smart booking as it keeps them both looking strong. Good traditional booking after the match with Mickie making the save for Victoria. Gonna put £10 on a tag team match with Vickie and Mickie v Beth and Natalya next week

Never heard of Eric Perez, but seems pretty obvious that you know your OVW, FCW or whatever the hell it is nowadays stuff. Got Carlito in character throughout the promo, and this Puerto Rican stable should be good.

Very good tag match, probably made better by the fact that the match seemed to be more detailed. Expected to see more of Sunny in the ring than just the bump at the end. Hardy getting the wins gives him a lot of momentum going into Mania and keeps him looking very strong. Ugh at you making Eugene look strong in this match, never liked his character.

Kennedy/Jericho segment came off very well, and you wrote Ken Kennedy’s character very well and it leaves it looking like Kennedy will get involved in Y2J’s match.

Another very good match, and you wrote the ending very well. Kept both men looking strong with Kennedy distracting Y2J allowing Lashley to win. As DKL said you are making Lashley look very strong in this three way feud

Bearer interview was ok nothing special, but always lol’d at the way he says “oh yessss” for some reason.

Another good tag match to continue the feud, and Evolution taking the win was no surprise as them losing would make them look weak on their return. Was wondering why you bothered having MVP appear on Raw, but having Mysterio at ringside and then attacking him explained why. Will be interesting to see if the McMahons make an appearance on Smackdown.

More big WM announcements from Bischoff, not too surprised to see you having a MITB, but surprised to see MVP and Mysterio involved as thought they would face off in a singles match to finish off their feud.

Main event was disappointing, but overall was good booking as having Cena or Orton tap out would make them look very weak. Ending made Orton look very strong to what we have been used to in previous shows with Kane kicking everyone’s ass.

Overall was a great show, with some big matches being announced for Mania. Promos and matches were good as always and nothing I didn’t like really which I have been getting used to saying after pretty much all of your shows which is annoying (One Crap show for once please? Just kidding lol)
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


Thanks for all the votes I received, it was awesome to get the amount of votes that I did, as I never expected to get that many. It was also brilliant that it worked out the way it did with the last votes giving a clear 8 inductees as I wanted beforehand, lucky! It was so close between the people with two superstars just missing out by 1 vote to tie with the two that each got 10 votes. Looking at the final eight, it’s a good class for sure, although only half of the guys I voted for are in there!

Anyways, I thought about posting them here, but I think I’ll be doing what the WWE do and revealing it in my shows, starting with Smackdown which should be posted on Saturday.

Thanks again for voting guys, I really appreciate it,

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hey Nige,

I haven't got time for a full review right now but I just wanted to comment on Raw.

As you know, a few Raw's ago I said that the Cena/Orton/Kane feud seemed more like Cena/Orton with Kane as an extra. Two shows later, I still feel the same. I think the Paul Bearer interview being separated from the Cena/Orton promo is a good example of this. Why for example couldn't Bearer have come out during the Cena/Orton promo, making this feud seem more like a 3-way?

The only thing that Kane did was come out and scare Orton...again. I'm loving the build to WrestleMania mate, but it's getting a bit repetitive now for Kane to just come out every week and scare/Chokeslam someone. I feel like as the challenger heading into the biggest event of the year, something more needs to be done with him. When was the last time he was in a match?

Anyway, hope that helps
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