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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I'm a little behind on reviews, but Nige you're next on my list then, 619. I'll have it up by tomorrow. Gotta go to bed soon, since I did an all nighter yesterday
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Lashley's RAW Review

One match I'm excited to seeing at Wrestlemania; Michaels vs. Edge. Hopefully Edge gets the win Edge > all He is the 'Rated R Superstar' for Christ sakes! Anyways, on to the promo. I loved the promo as it really hyped up their match for Wrestlemania. It was full of intensity, bit surprised Edge was on the end of a cheap shot and not HBK. But it does get HBK some momentum heading into his match tonight (Which I think Edge will interfere in) and his match at Wrestlemania.

Super Crazy not being jobbed? OMG! He is with Yang, which is cool, it's way better than him being jobbed, I've seen some videos of Super Crazy before WWE and he is a talented wrestler! But, to be fair and honest it was abit predictable. It would of been a massive shocker if somehow Crazy and Yang managed to pull out a win over Morrison and The Miz. Still pleased with you for giving Super Crazy a chance and not just jobbing him.

Weird to see three heels arguing. Although I am hoping for maybe a Edge, Dykstra stable. But, I don't know if it'll happen. Strange to see Edge break up the argument between Kenny Dykstra and Michael Shane. But like I said I think Edge will interfere tonight in the match, but I think HBK will still be able to manage a win.

Not much to comment on with the Finlay, Regal segment. Decent match made for later tonight. But Finlay should/will get the win, in my opinion. Even without the shillelagh.

Upset to see Chavo losing as he is awesome, tbh. But I'm pleased he wasn't jobbed, as Shane just got the win with a small package. I don't know who this Michael Shane guy is, so someone will have to shed some light. Something else I'm unsure about is why is Sydal at the top of the ring? Sorry if I'm missing something mate

I love how you have the tag team division going strong unlike in real life, with a few talented teams. This UK Pack being one of them. I like Burchill, but I hate his current gimmick, in real life. Nice segment, and a enjoyable bit of writing to read I love how your promos are still awesome even when i recap. I envy you!

Hornswoggle helps Finlay get the win, like I knew would happen. Although I didn't think the shillelagh would be used. How in the hell did Hornswoggle get it back? I'm taking it he just stole it, or maybe flirted with Regal? Nice match with the right match getting the win.

Tazz Is he coming back as an active competitor? I don't think/know if I would like that. I just think of Tazz as commentator or something now, as he is passed it as a competitor. Nice to see Hass and Masters getting a push, well it seems like it. Kinda excited for the Masterlock Challenge as that thing is hardly ever in the WWE.

Good segment. Who was MVP talking to? Good match made for tonight though, although @ the comment made to Batista, as Kanefan and Kane01 said it was a little childish. Although funny - well at least to me!

Noble gets the win!!! <3 to you!!! I love Noble He is so underrated. Awesome match with Noble not getting a confident win but a win all the same, even if it is a roll-up. Well as you can tell I loved the match, thanks to Kash's little help too.

Masterlock Challenge was quite good to be honest, loved how Hass eventually locked in the Hass Of Pain on Tazz too, Loved how Tazz was basically decimated too as it gets both Charlie Hass and Chris Masters extremely over as heels.

Umaga vs. The Undertaker is gonna be epic. I think it's awesome how you've managed to hype up two feuds with one promo. Brilliant booking on your half, as both Undertaker/Umaga and Jeff/Shelton feuds seem awesome. Jeff's kinda feud with Shelton (and MVP) sucks ATM as MVP just keeps attacking him

Dykstra is talented. Kinda cool how Dykstra lost by miscommunication, because it doesn't make Kenny Dykstra lose any momentum at all. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised like KaneFan said if we see a feud between both Michael Shane and Kenny Dykstra.

Another brilliant booking decision, having a double countout. Continues the feud and has both men keep momentum. Pretty good match too, until, during and after the brawl too Cool how McMahons came out and beat the holy hell out of Flair and then showing Batista locked in his room. Get's the McMahons over as heels and Flair over as a face. Is Evolution returning? I hope so.

Overall, as usual, fucking brilliant. Some absolutely amazing booking decisions, Nige. Kinda lengthy, but I like that as you always have them more in detail. RAW was amazing and so was this, in real life I prefer SmackDown but out of yours I like them both the same! 10/10.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks man, to answer your question about who Michael Shane is, he is Matt Bentley and used both names in TNA. He is Shawn Michaels' cousin in real life and it was mentioned when he came in to the thread. And the reason Sydal was watching because he, Shane and Chavo were in a promo with Dykstra the week before

Also, Shelton attacked Jeff not Matt, and is feuding with the older Hardy brother, not the less talented one

Thanks for the great review too man, means a lot!
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige. Review is almost complete and will be up tommorow. Hopefully around tea time


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Double Post

Jamie1 Presents Nige with a Smackdown review

Well Nige, as promised here is your Smackdown review. Took me a while but here it is anyway .

Edge and Shawn Michaels: We are well and truly on the road to Wrestlemania so there really isn’t a better way too start the weekly show with the two men competing in the main-event for the title, is there? No I don’t think so. Anyway, I have noticed for ages now you always seem to kick off the show with a segment. Not saying anything wrong with that and it probably suit’s the show better than starting with a match but maybe a few times you should freshen it up. No doubt after me saying that in the past few weeks you have probably changed it . Anyway, enough talking and onto the actual segment…. Like I have already said it was good to see these two men come out and really just build up this feud. I really like these two men going at it at Wrestlemania for one being Mr Wrestlemania really and the other being undefeated. Edge and HBK were in character and I thought it was very in character from Edge to tell Shawn he was once Mr Wrestlemania but not anymore. The sweet chin music was a must at the end and should be done at the end of any Shawn Michaels segment really when its involving a feud. Great way to kick off the show.

Opening Match: No surprise with this match really and the four guys are good to there own degree. Obviously John Morrison and The Miz you would say are the best talents but it could be a good match if done correctly. The match flowed well etc… and was a good, fast-paced way for the first match of the night. John Morrison and The Miz getting the win, I doubt anyone who reads will be too surprised if I am honest. It was the aftermath that interested me with John Morrison and The Miz looking like they are no longer Smackdown superstars. This is interesting!

Back-Stage with Edge etc: This was a very good segment here and there was a bit of intensity which I liked. I also liked Edge bringing up he doesn’t think many people would have the guts to do what Dykstra done to Batista because its true and its very like what Edge would say. Dykstra going on to more a less slate Shane McMahon and it looked like there could have been a fight breaking out if Edge didn’t step in. I don’t know but I have a slight feeling Shane may screw Dykstra and Edge basically tonight.

Finlay and William Regal: Just a filler here really and nothing to say about it. Although, nice way to get a match on the card for tonight.

Michael Shane v Chavo Guerrero: This was a good match and I think was better than your first. I don’t really know why you had Sydal come out and stand at the top of the ramp as he really didn’t have an influence in the match at all. Anyway, I like how you made Michael Shane win this match and it was smart booking in my eyes as it didn’t make Chavo look that weak in the process and once against pushes Michael.

UK Pack Interview: Not really much to say except from the usual. The interview was pretty solid and just really builds up this feud a little more. Seems to be getting a little personal which leads to it being far more intense. Also that line was good but I think you get that now since everyone has said it

Finlay v Chris Harris: I would say this is probably match of the night so far just because of the ending with Honrswoggle. It was great too see them basically not listening to the rules and still using the weapon to win the match. It really is Finlay’s trademark and he wouldn’t be the same without it. You booked this well Nige!

Tazz and Masters segment: I named it after they two because it was basically all about them. I hope you don’t split up the commentary that you already have as I think its better with a face and a heel type partnership even though The King and JR are excellent I just like two different ones. I don’t believe you will replace them and I can see this feud developing. Tazz is a pretty tough guy and it may be harder than he expects to lock in the master lock.

MVP and Flair: Another match made from a segment. Its good but I don’t know if you should do this many. It does add to the match later on and this was a good feud IRL so I don’t see why you can’t make a good match between MVP and Ric Flair. Three men seemed in character TBH so nothing to moan about there.

Harry Smith v Jamie Noble: These are the kind of matches that Smackdown produce each week and wrestling wise they really help the show. Having the two partners at the ring certainly keeps the match more interesting with the thought of someone interfering and it helps build the feud more and more between all four men. I liked how you got the two men outside the ring to get involved in the match as there would be no point having them there if you done otherwise. The match itself flowed well and you done well not to make one tag team look much stronger than the other. Nice way for Noble to get another victory.

The master lock challenge: Before I talk about what happened in this actual segment. I just want to say I like you using Chris Masters and it’s like he is having a decent enough push in this thread and is always an active superstar on Smackdown. Anyway, it was a great way to start with him talking about Tazz. Over your time in this BTB you have added more and more too it which I love and one thing is being more comedy involved and this was shown here. I was also interested like I think everyone was about how Tazz would do and I was a little annoyed at what happened but I totally understand why you done it and my thoughts of Tazz being a wrestler instead of commentator, is coming true I think.

Shelton, Umaga and Benjamin: Like everyone else has said I enjoyed this because you were able to build up two feuds in the one segment. It was booked very well Nige, well done.

Shawn Michaels v Dykstra: This was a very well booked and fun to read match as you would expect from one of the top storylines you have going in the BTB at this minute. Michael Shane and Edge coming down to the ring with Dykstra was smart and a realistic thing to do. The match was actually a very good one to read and you certainly didn’t disappoint with it. Shane tripped Dykstra, all be it by mistake was golden and just adds to this feud that looks like more and more it may be happening. Shawn Michaels goes over once again but the rest don’t look very weak which just really helps everyone overall… Edge got payback after the match and hitting a spear was great too see. As D-K-L said I would have liked to see him pulling his hair as he does that nearly all the time.

MVP v Ric Flair: Really don’t think this was smart booking and I am surprised I am saying that too you Nige seriously. To have this match higher up in the card and to main-event the show over what is the top storyline of the show and to be higher on the card than the two superstars who are competing in the main-event at Wrestlemania. Didn’t like this too much. Ignoring the un positives I have just said though.. It was actually a great read and probably came close to being as good as the previous match. The aftermath was awesome and Batista being locked away was a very smart move and added an entertaining value to the match and I think even made it more fun to read. Ric Flair got a beating and McMahon gave him a real threatening little chat. Typical McMahon like and I enjoyed that. McMahon and his family certainly come out looking the strongest in this feud but it is certainly a good one. Great way to end the show.

Overall: Overall, the show was solid. I wouldn’t say it was one of your top shows you have produced, maybe not close too it but it was still solid and that is a compliment because that tells you how good your shows usually are and how well you usually deliver them. I like the feuds you have got going and I am certainly looking forward to reading more and more of this thread. Wrestlemania is coming soon and I am already excited


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WWE.com - Television - Raw (Preview - 25th February 2008)

^^^Thanks Jay, i knew i had a decision to make with how to end the show, HBK/Dykstra or Flair/MVP. Had i not had the McMahon's appearing and attacking Flair, it would have been HBK/Dykstra in the main event. But with The McMahon's making their point to Evolution and laying them out, that had to end the show as the HBK/Dykstra match wouldn't have had the same effect as it did had it happen after the beatdown on Flair. I don't see it as that big a deal as you're making out anyway, but i can see why you have that opinion.^^^

RAW Preview
25th February 2008

Van Andel Arena
Grand Rapids, Michigan


It would be an understatement to say that the sight of Batista & Ric Flair on Raw last Monday night came as one big shock. After helping Triple H fight off Vince McMahon and his two sons, Shane and JBL, we saw the three former members of Evolution reunite in the middle of the ring. It was a pleasant surprise for wrestling fans across the world, but not so for The Men of the McMahon family. We were all waiting to see what response we would get this coming week, however it was The McMahon’s that shocked us all this past Friday on Smackdown. With Batista & Flair still being Smackdown superstars, it gave The McMahon’s the unforeseen opportunity to get even, and they sure did that.

After enlisting the help of MVP to trap them in challenging Flair to a match and ensuring Batista stayed in his locker room, the plan unfolded in front of our very eyes. After getting himself counted out the week before against The Animal, MVP tried the same tactic as he walked towards the back, only this time, he had company as The Nature Boy followed him up the ramp. However, they soon had more company as The McMahon’s struck with JBL driving his boot viciously in to Flair’s head and sending him back down the ramp. With Flair then being introduced to the steel steps, Vince treated us to video footage of Batista’s locker room being barricaded by a forklift. The Animal was clearly heard demanding to be let out, but it wasn’t to be as The McMahon’s decimated Flair, only stopping after Shane pulled out a trashcan and hit the Coast to Coast.

So when Raw returns to the US this Monday, it’ll be a response from Evolution that we all await, as well as hoping that Triple H announces what match he has in plan for The McMahon’s at Wrestlemania? You simply can’t afford to miss what happens this Monday night.

Randy Orton certainly proved a point last week as he followed up on his promise to add something new to his locker in the attempt to make John Cena tap out at Wrestlemania. The WWE Champion went in to his match with Val Venis having never previously won a match by submission, however that all changed. The Legend Killer forced Val to tap to his version of The Camel Clutch in front of a watching John Cena. Having made his point, Orton left the ring, only to be confronted by his other Wrestlemania opponent, The Big Red Machine, Kane. Orton’s night went from good to bad in an instant as Kane chokeslammed him on to the steel stage. Paul Bearer quickly joined his son and left a message for Cena too, with the fellow challenger looking uncharacteristically concerned.

After such a successful night before Kane’s brutal assault, will we see the WWE Champion in a mixed mood this week, or will we see the predictable anger and frustration?

Ever since CM Punk stabbed Jeff Hardy in the back last November, we’ve seen him rack up a fair number of enemies, but adding the Raw Head of Authority to that list wasn’t the smartest decision by the Intercontinental Champion. Having exchanged their views of each other in recent weeks, Eric Bischoff made it a night to forget for Punk last Monday as he set Punk and Sunny up for trying to manipulate his nephew Eugene. As Sunny tried to manipulate him once again, she and Punk were in for one hell of a shock as Jeff Hardy made an unexpected return to scupper their plans and beat down his bitter rival.

It was clear that Bischoff was the mastermind behind the set up, so just what can we expect to see when Jeff comes to Raw this Monday night? And how will Punk react to being set up by his boss?

Chris Jericho has never been one to worry about making friends, but he’s certainly making life difficult for himself at the moment. We were all made aware of his and Mr. Kennedy’s desire to win the Money in the Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania this year, but Bobby Lashley has certainly been the wild card in the pack as of late. After upsetting them both three weeks ago in a triple threat match, Jericho responded by organising a match between Lashley and Kennedy that took place last week, with Jericho being the special referee. Moments before the match, Lashley told Jericho not to do anything stupid, however being Y2J, he was unable to resist as he struck Lashley with a steel chair, helping Kennedy pick up a big win. However it didn’t end there as Jericho soon sent Kennedy crashing back to earth as he too felt the impact of chair shot to the skull.

With not just one but two people searching for retribution, maybe Jericho would be best staying in Europe this week, but word has it all three men will be in attendance. What’s in store for Jericho?

After being screwed out of the Womens Championship at Saturday Night’s Main Event by Natalya Neidhart, Victoria has had a rough ride with Beth Phoenix and her new partner in crime taking any chance to further the damage already inflicted. Last week and true to form, the Womens Champion and Natalya bullied and roughed up Michelle McCool before defeating Victoria & Mickie James in tag team action. However, this Monday night will see Victoria’s opportunity at revenge as she is scheduled to go one on one with Natalya.

In what will be Natalya’s debut singles match, will she regret having tangled with the dangerous Victoria? You can guarantee however that The Glamazon will not be too far away.

It’s fair to say that The Colon Brothers have had their fair share of difficulty with Cody Rhodes & Kofi Kingston recently, no more so than two weeks ago when they lost to the young duo in tag team action. Last week however, they had the chance, well at least Eddie Colon did as he went head to head with Cody in singles action. In what was a very entertaining and even match, Eddie was able to pick up his first singles victory due to the help of interference from one of his and Carlito’s apparent friends. The trio revelled in the success and even put a hurting on Kofi as Cody’s girlfriend, Kelly Kelly could only watch on in horror.

Just who was it that helped Eddie pick up the all important victory. Word has it we’ll find out this week.

We saw back at Saturday Night’s Main Event just over two weeks ago, the unhappy duo of John Morrison & The Miz been given the opportunity of joining Raw by Eric Bischoff. The Raw Head of Authority discussed the possibility of them taking advantage of the Open House Rules if they so wish, and after being taking time to think about it, they gave the Smackdown audience their answer this past Friday night. Having just overcome Jimmy Wang Yang & Super Crazy, the arrogant pair revealed that that match would in fact be their last on Smackdown as they would be taking up Bischoff’s offer to come to Raw.

With that said, can we expect to see The Chick Magnet & The Shaman of Sexy this Monday in Grand Rapids?

MVP decided to show his face on Raw last Monday after revealing himself to be Rey Mysterio’s attacker the weeks before. Having been put in a tag team match last week that saw him join forces in a losing effort with Elijah Burke against Mysterio and John Cena, as well as helping The McMahon’s set up Ric Flair last Friday, one has to wonder if The Franchise Player has the audacity to show his face yet again. Will the Michigan faithful be greeted with his presence, or will we see him take the safe option and stay away?

Last Monday night was one to forget for Santino Marella & Melina as they were humiliated by Cryme Time & Ron Killings. Early on in the night, Killings & Cryme Time set about distracting them in order to raid their locker room, in what proved to be a successful job. And later on when Killings met Santino one on one after some problems in previous weeks, Shad & JTG made their way down to the ring, auctioning items belonging to both Santino & Melina. These included an Italian thong, one of Melina’s bra and Santino’s penis pump. The distraction was enough to give Killings the chance to pick up the victory and give Santino & Melina some embarrassment they are likely to get over in a hurry. Santino & Melina aren’t ones to lie down easily, so it will be interesting to see just what happens this Monday night when they walk in to the Van Andel Arena.

Since losing the World Tag Team Championship, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch have been unsuccessful in their attempts to regain the gold. It also seems that tension has been brewing between them, with Cade walking away from Murdoch after a losing effort to Cryme Time two weeks ago. This week, Cade gets a shot at singles action as he goes up against one of Raw’s brightest young stars in the shape of Kofi Kingston. Will luck befall Cade, or will it be a similar outcome to what he has experienced in tag team competition lately?


Victoria vs. Natalya Neidhart

Kofi Kingston vs. Lance Cade

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Wow Nige, your previews are absolutely amazing, I must say, and they definitely hype up the show, which looks to be great. I still owe you a review so I'll drop some comments for Raw
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WWE.com - HOMEPAGE (Raw Results - 25th February 2008)

RAW Results
25th February 2008

Van Andel Arena
Grand Rapids, Michigan


From Last Week
  • Sunny entering Eugene’s locker room and switching the light off after plotting with CM Punk on the outside
  • Punk listening on the outside as Sunny screams, then going in to see the lights on and Jeff Hardy stood there with Eugene as Sunny continues to scream
  • Jeff & Punk brawling with Eugene holding Sunny back from getting involved
  • Triple H at the top of the show, saying he’s not sure about who he wants to face at Wrestlemania out of The McMahon’s but wants all three tonight
  • The start of the handicap match with all 3 McMahon’s beating Triple H down until Batista & Ric Flair charge down to clean house

From Smackdown
  • MVP talking Ric Flair in to a match with the condition that Batista stays in the back, Flair agrees
  • MVP calling someone and telling them it’s all gone to plan
  • The end of the match with Flair and MVP brawling at the top of the ramp and getting counted out
  • The McMahon Men attacking Flair and Vince McMahon revealing on the tron that Batista’s locker room door was barricaded
  • JBL tossing him in to the steps, hitting a Clothesline from Wall Street and the Coast to Coast from Shane McMahon
  • Vince warning Flair that if Triple H wants a war, he’s got one and that he and his boys will take out Evolution one by one

“Wanna Be Loved”


“The Game”
blasts out inside the arena for five seconds until it cuts and then “Line in the Sand” plays instead, getting a huge pop as Triple H, Batista & a bruised Ric Flair, the collective known as Evolution walk down the ramp in suits. It’s a reminder of the old days as they make their way down to the ring, but they don’t look happy at all. Triple H takes the lead on the stick and says that as great as it is to be back home and to be stood alongside two of his best friends, tonight is not the night it should have been. He says that tonight should have been one of the biggest nights in Raw history, but thanks to The McMahon’s, that’s not the case. He paces back and forth across the ring as he speaks, saying that two weeks ago he won the right to get even with Vince and his two bastard sons and make any match he wanted for them at Wrestlemania. He said that he talked it through with Steph as to what the best thing was to do, and she hit it right on the money. Since he won’t allow Steph to be put in danger by bringing her to Raw, she said that he had to even up the numbers, and that’s when it dawned him, he needed his family around him.

He then says that last week he set a trap for Vince and his bastards, a trap they fell in to when Dave and Ric here shocked the world and came to even up the numbers by taking out The McMahon Men. With the crowd cheering, The Game says that he thought that was it, he could sit back, relax and wait for this night to come, but it hasn’t quite worked out like that. He then says that Vince had other ideas, an idea that involved setting a trap of his own to batter and bloody The Nature Boy last Friday night. He says it was a trap he wasn’t expecting, a trap that Dave and Ric weren’t expecting either, but it’s a trap that will come back to haunt them right here tonight. The crowd cheer again as Triple H then says that tonight was going to see him officially announce just what was in store for The McMahon’s at Wrestlemania, but he says that instead, he, well he, Dave & Ric want all of them, Vince, Shane, JBL out here right now. A huge pop rings out, but there’s no sign of them until we see the tron cut to another shot. It shows The McMahon’s on a satellite link from the WWE headquarters. Triple H shakes his head while the crowd boo in sheer frustration.

Vince says he’s very sorry he couldn’t be there tonight, but he and his sons have some other business to attend to. He then says that he knew that Triple H would be disappointed, but says that this business was planned a long time ago and it couldn’t be helped, then sends his apologies to all the fans who just boo even louder. Ric takes the microphone from Triple H and tells Vince that the only business they have is hiding like a set of cowards, making sure they don’t get their asses kicked like they should after what they did to him last Friday. The McMahon’s smile on the tron as Flair then tells them that they can laugh all they want, but when he gets his hands on them, he’ll wipe the smug smile off each of their damn faces, one by one. Triple H takes the mic off Flair with Shane then telling Ric to listen to Hunter, he knows what’s best, like leaving him to deal with his own problems. Evolution look pissed in the ring as Shane says Hunter knows deep down that they weren’t going to lie down after what happened last week, and whether they’re on business tonight or not, it’s not Evolution’s business.

He says that the difference between them is that they’re smart, they have the ability to outthink Triple H, Batista & Flair, and that’s something no one can change. JBL then says that what happened last Friday night was a simple returning of a favour, and that as much as they would like to repeat that favour tonight, they are otherwise engaged and tell Evolution they should get over it because there’s nothing they can do about it. Triple H takes a few seconds to compose himself before saying that he accepts that they are in important business tonight and says that they can hide away for as long as they want, but there’s one night that they won’t be able to hide, and that’s Wrestlemania. He then tells Vince that it might not come as the biggest surprise you’ll ever see since Dave and Ric are stood alongside him, but at Wrestlemania, him and his sons don’t just have to deal with The Game, they will be taking on the most dominant group you have ever seen on Raw, Evolution. A huge pop breaks out, and after it dies down, Triple H says that when they finally got their hands on The McMahon’s, it will be the first and last time, because at Wrestlemania, once Evolution are through, it will be the end of The McMahon’s. “Line in the Sand” hits to a huge pop in the arena as Evolution as well as Vince, Shane & JBL all remain very serious.


MVP is stood watching a monitor in the back with Elijah Burke & Layla. MVP is laughing and tells Burke that The McMahon’s did the right thing asking him to help set up Batista and Ric Flair Friday night on Smackdown. He says that Ric Flair getting his ass handed to him like that was all down to him, but Burke & Layla look shocked with MVP then asking them what’s wrong. He turns round and sees Eric Bischoff standing there. Bischoff sarcastically says it’s such a pleasure to have MVP’s company for a second straight week on Raw. MVP agrees, not seeing the sarcasm and says to Bischoff that ratings must have hit the roof last week with The Franchise Player coming to Monday nights. Bischoff says that Raw did well last week, and the most viewed segment was when John Cena & Rey Mysterio beat the two of them. Burke, MVP & Layla don’t look happy and Burke says that Bischoff should be careful who he’s talking to.

Bischoff cuts in and says the only ones who should be concerned about who they’re talking to is them. He says that since MVP is on his show tonight, he’s going to use him as how he sees fit and he’ll let him know once he’s decided. He starts to walk away but turns round straight away and says he has it. Since they helped Raw pick up some ratings last week and that MVP is so proud of himself for what happened last Friday on Smackdown and that The McMahon’s aren’t here, he says that he thinks Evolution might just need to blow off some steam. MVP & Burke look worried as hell with Bischoff then saying that tonight it will be the two of them the main event tonight in tag team action, against Batista and Triple H. Their jaws just drop as Bischoff grins a little and walks off with the camera catching MVP & Burke looking gobsmacked as we go to a commercial.




John Morrison & The Miz’s music hits as they make their way down to the ring to some heat from the crowd. The duo look very happy to be there. Miz collects a microphone from Lilian and says it’s great to finally be on the number one show, but he looks surprised to be booed. He says that the Raw fans are so lucky with the fact that from now on, they will get to see The Chick Magnet every single week, again getting heat. Miz looks shocked that he’s not liked and Morrison offers to take over. He says that unlike his good friend here, he is fully aware of just how unappreciative the Raw fans are. Again they boo, but he says that they’ve not come here to please the fans, they’ve come to Raw because it’s where they deserve to be, and it’s about time Paul London and Brian Kendrick had worthy challengers. He then says that tonight they’re going to prove just that, they are worthy of getting a shot at the World Tag Team titles by offering an open challenge to any team in the back. They wait several seconds and look at each as if to say, no one will challenge us, when “Bringin Da Hood to You” hits to a big pop from the crowd as Cryme Time, accompanied by Ron Killings make their way down the ramp. Morrison & Miz have a good chuckle about their opponents and remove their jackets to get ready for competition.


Cryme Time w/Ron Killings vs. John Morrison & The Miz

Paul London & Brian Kendrick came out to watch from the top of the ramp in the early going. With an even match coming to its close, Shad & The Miz both get back up to their feet with Miz kicking him in the gut and running back in to the ropes. As he comes back though, Shad drives his boot right in to The Miz’s face and immediately drops to the mat to go for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Miz gets his shoulder up just in time, but Shad doesn’t look to mess about as he stands back up and pulls The Miz right back up, but The Miz stuns him as he rolls him to an inside cradle 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Shad powers out as both men get back up, but Miz reacts first and hits him with a discus punch. As Shad drops to the mat, Miz turns round and makes the tag to Morrison. The Shaman of Sexy steps through the ropes and sizes Shad up as he gets back to a vertical base, and as he then turns round, Morrison steps forward and goes for a SUPER KICK. . . . . Shad though grabs Morrison by the foot, lets go and then whips him in to the ropes, hitting him as he comes back with a SAMOAN DROP. . . . .

The crowd cheer as he looks to finish the match by going for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Morrison just gets his shoulder up as Shad then makes the tag to JTG, who climbs to the top rope instead of stepping through the ropes. With Morrison standing back up, JTG then leaps off for a DIVING CROSS BODY. . . . . He gets it and holds on for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Morrison rolls through for a cover of his own 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kick out from JTG! . . . . . Both men get back up and JTG grabs Morrison by the arm, then whips him in to the ropes, nailing him with a diving leg lariat as he comes back. JTG stands back up but sees Santino Marella walking down the ramp, past a confused looking London & Kendrick. Shad remains unaware, as does Killings as Santino walks up to the apron. JTG walks over to the ropes and asks him what he’s doing here and we can clearly hear Santino say “Penis Pump” after last week. JTG smiles as Killings then walks round the apron, but Morrison approaches behind JTG and rolls him in to a SCHOOLBOY. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: Shad drops off the apron but Santino jumps the barricade and runs through the crowd with Killings and Shad, and then JTG chasing him as he slides out of the ring. Miz joins Morrison in the ring as they point towards London and Kendrick at the top of the ramp. The two teams have a good look at each other with Morrison & Miz looking very smug indeed.

WINNERS: John Morrison & The Miz by pinfall @ 7.20


Eric Bischoff is walking through the corridor and then stops at his office to step inside. As soon as the door opens, he sees the Intercontinental Champion, CM Punk and Sunny, who get a lot of heat from the fans in the arena. Punk looks pissed and asks Bischoff just what the hell he thought he was doing last week, setting them up like that and that he has every right to report Bischoff for putting Sunny in danger. Bischoff looks very serious and tells Punk that what happened last week was a long time coming. He says that for months, Punk has walked in to Raw and done what ever the hell he likes, whether it’s abusing fans, running his mouth about things that shouldn’t be said, and attacking anybody he takes a dislike to. He then says that when Punk attacked Eugene, that’s where he really crossed the line, and that Punk forced him to action. He says that he was backstage at the Royal Rumble and he saw what happened with Punk, Sunny and Jeff Hardy, so he thought since Jeff had been reluctant to come back to Raw, he’d make him a deal he couldn’t turn down. Punk looks curious and asks Bischoff what kind of deal he’s talking about. Bischoff smirks and tells Punk that he’s the one who runs things around here, not him and since Jeff hasn’t had the chance to reclaim his title just yet, he offered Jeff the chance for a rematch against Punk, at Wrestlemania. A huge cheer can be heard coming from the arena as Punk goes ballistic. He’s about to reply but Bischoff cuts him off and says that’s far from the being all.

He says that not only will Jeff Hardy be getting a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania, it’s not going to be just any old match, it’s going to be an I Quit Match. The huge pop breaks out again as Punk and Sunny just look amazed. He then says that there was something else too, and that since Sunny screwed Jeff out of the title at the Rumble, he agreed to give Jeff a chance to exact some payback on her. Punk and Sunny look up at Bischoff as he tells them that he could quite easily have made a match between Jeff and Sunny tonight, but he’s not going to do that. He says that instead, it’s going to be Jeff teaming up with Eugene to take on Sunny and CM Punk. The Intercontinental Champion goes crazy and grabs Bischoff’s jacket with two hands, but Bischoff tells him to be very careful because if he does something stupid, he won’t just take the title off Punk, he’ll take his job too. Punk breathes heavily and looks like he’s going to hit Bischoff when Bobby Lashley walks in the room. Lashley pulls Punk off of Bischoff and tells him to get out, which he and Sunny do. Punk tells Bischoff as he’s leaving that he’s going to be sorry. Bischoff straightens up his tie and thanks Lashley before asking him what he wants. Lashley says that it’s quite simple, he wants one thing, Chris Jericho. Bischoff grins and says he thought that he might have to deal with that tonight. He says he saw Jericho abuse his power last week and that it’s only right that tonight we see Lashley one on one with Y2J. Lashley smiles and thanks Bischoff before leaving. The Raw Head of Authority shakes his head and breathes in as the camera fades out.

From Last Week

The culmination of Eddie Colon’s match with Cody Rhodes as a mystery man came down and cost Cody the match, then beat down Kofi Kingston too


***MATCH #2***

Kofi Kingston w/Cody Rhodes & Kelly vs. Lance Cade w/Trevor Murdoch

Cade pulls Kofi back up to his feet and throws a right hand, but Kofi blocks it and turns round to run the ropes. But as he comes back, Cade steps forward and clotheslines him down to the mat. Kofi picks himself back up but looks a little dazed while Cade runs past him and comes back off the ropes to hit Kofi with a knee lift to the back. Kofi falls to the mat and Cade then drops down to turn Kofi on to his back and go for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Easy kick out from Kofi, but Cade doesn’t look impressed as he stands back up and urges Kofi to do the same. Standing close by the corner, Cade watches on as Kofi picks himself up, and as Kofi turns round, Cade charges at him and goes for a lariat, but Kofi ducks underneath it and runs through in to the ropes. As he comes back off the ropes, he takes Cade down with a HIGH ANGLE REVERSE ELBOW SMASH. . . . .

The crowd cheer that as Kofi then follows up by getting back to his feet and hitting Cade with a double leg drop to the chest. Kofi stands back up and gets the crowd going, which doesn’t go down well with Murdoch as he stands up on the apron while Kofi reaches down to pull Cade up. Before he gets Cade to his knees, Kofi sees Murdoch and immediately lets go of Cade and walks towards Murdoch, but Cade stands up straight away and runs at Kofi. However, Murdoch sees it coming and his eyes give Kofi the hint to step to the side as Cade runs right in to Murdoch, knocking him off the apron. Cade looks real pissed as he looks down at his partner for a couple of seconds before turning round and running at Kofi and in to a 540 KICK. . . . . A big pop meets that as he then scurries over and goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “SOS” hits to a big pop from the crowd. After getting his arm raised, Kofi leaves and joins Cody on the outside as Murdoch enters the ring and helps Cade up. As Kofi, Cody and Kelly walk up the ramp, the music stops as Cade yells at Murdoch for costing him the match. Murdoch tries to explain himself but Cade just shoves him away and turns to leave the ring, walking closer to the ropes. Just as it looks like he’s about to climb through the ropes, he turns round and runs at Murdoch, then takes his head off with a thunderous lariat. Cade stares down at him for a couple of seconds before turning round to leave the ring and pace up the ramp, not looking very happy.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston by pinfall @ 5.13



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“Voices” hits and Randy Orton walks down to the ring to his new music. Dressed casually, he is walking a little slowly following the chokeslam on the stage from Kane last week. Once in the ring, he says that he’s damn lucky to be here, but by standing in the ring, it proves to everyone that he isn’t scared of Kane. He says that last week, despite being the monster that he claims to be, Kane, The Big Red Machine, had to attack him from behind, proving that Kane is the one who is scared of facing him. “Burned” hits and Kane’s pyro goes off, but after about ten seconds, the music stops and “My Time is Now” plays as John Cena walks out to the stage with a microphone and a big smile on his face while Orton looks pissed in the ring. Orton yells at Cena, asking him if he thought that was funny. Cena tells Orton that since he mentioned it, it was the funniest thing he’s seen since last week when a certain Legend Killer almost killed by a big red monster. Orton tells Cena that it’s not funny and he could have Kane dealt with, but says the only person who’s going to deal with Kane is the man who will leave Wrestlemania, still the WWE Champion, the greatest WWE Champion of all time, Randy Orton. Cena says he has to admire Orton’s confidence, or is it thanks to a big bang to the head that he got last week. Orton cuts Cena off and says that he needs to shut the hell up and listen to him because he backed up his words last week when he came down to this ring and made Val Venis tap the hell out.

He says that he told Cena he’s going to make his tap out at Wrestlemania and he proved last week that he’s more than capable of doing it, so maybe Cena should start taking him seriously and realise that he just can’t beat The Legend Killer. Cena looks a little more serious and then says that he is taking Wrestlemania very seriously since he wants the chance to get his title back, the title he didn’t lose, thanks to Orton. He then says that he saw Orton make Val tap last week, but says he can forget about making him tap at Wrestlemania, because the only person who’ll be tapping like a bitch will be the soon to be former WWE Champion. Orton tells him to forget about it because it’s just not going to happen, and that he guarantees to make Cena tap out at Wrestlemania, he guarantees it. Cena smirks a little and says Orton’s living in a dream world and to prove that to him, how about they don’t wait until Wrestlemania to find out, how about they go head to head tonight in a Submission Match right here on Raw. Orton stops and thinks about it before saying he doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone, but tonight he will make sure everyone realises that at Wrestlemania, no one will stop him from making John Cena tap out. Cena stares back at him as “Voices” hits and Orton raises his belt in the air.




***MATCH #3***

Victoria vs. Natalya Neidhart w/Beth Phoenix

Victoria whips Natalya in to the corner, then runs in at her, but Natalya steps out of the corner and to the side as Victoria runs in to the pads. She turns round and staggers out in to a kick to the gut from Natalya who then pulls Victoria’s head under her arm and plants her with a snap suplex. She turns over and goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Victoria kicks out comfortably with Natalya standing right back up as she then drags Victoria back up and tries to pull her in to a gut wrench position. But before she can, Victoria is able to slip behind her and runs back in to the ropes. As she comes back, Natalya turns round and hits Victoria with a BACK BREAKER. . . . . That looked like it had to hurt and again Natalya goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Victoria just gets her shoulder up, leaving Natalya looking a little frustrated. After a couple of seconds, she stands back up and urges Victoria up too, and as Victoria stands back up, Natalya runs at her, but in to a SAVOTE KICK. . . . .

Natalya took that right on the chin, and Victoria drops to the mat and hooks the leg 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . This time it’s Natalya who just gets the shoulder up. Victoria doesn’t look too disappointed as she stands back up and then does her crazy little body shake before going for a STANDING MOONSAULT. . . . . Natalya though lifts her knees up with Victoria landing chest first right on to the knees. She falls to the mat clutching her stomach. It takes a few seconds before Natalya is able to stand back up, and she immediately grabs Victoria by the legs and locks in the SHARPSHOOTER. . . . . The fans cheer Victoria on as Natalya turns up the pressure on her opponent. Victoria does her best to fight it and drags herself towards the ropes, staring at Beth Phoenix as Natalya tries desperately tries to prevent it, but after a hard struggle, Victoria gets within touching distance of the ropes. Beth sees the danger on the outside and reaches in to the ring and hits Victoria with a right hand. The referee sees it and calls for the bell.

AFTERMATH: Beth gets in the ring and stomps on the back of Victoria as Natalya keeps the hold locked in. We then see Mickie James run down the aisle and come to Victoria’s rescue as Beth slips out of the ring, followed by Natalya after she lets the hold go. Mickie drops to her knees to check on Victoria as Beth and Natalya smile as they walk round the outside of the ring with Mickie shaking her head disapprovingly.

WINNER: Victoria by DQ @ 6.38


Todd Grisham is standing by with The Colon Brother’s and the mystery man from last week who helped Eddie beat Cody Rhodes. Todd says first off we’re going to take a look at what happened last week when Eddie Colon went one on one with Cody Rhodes.

From Last Week

The culmination of Eddie Colon’s match with Cody Rhodes as the mystery man made his debut and cost Cody the match, then beat down Kofi Kingston too

Todd asks Carlito just who this guy is who helped Eddie last week. Carlito says if it was Todd’s business, he would say before laughing and saying he’s joking. He tells Todd that his name is Eric Perez, a friend of the family, someone who saw how Cody and Kofi Kingston were showing them no disrespect. He says that he and Eddie are part of the most important wrestling family ever to come from Puerto Rico, and that Perez knows that too as he too is from Puerto Rico. He says that Perez saw the disrespect being shown by Cody and Kofi and decided that he wanted to teach those two young punks a lesson in respect, and last week he did that, and it was cool. Todd then asks Carlito why Perez is here again, but Carlito stares intensely at him for a couple of seconds before answering. He says that they’re not done with Cody and Kofi just yet, and that next week they want to prove to them that they can beat them to shut all the morons up once and for all. He looks at Eddie and Perez before saying that will be cool. They all share a laugh before walking out of the shot leaving an unimpressed Grisham standing there.


***MATCH #4***

Jeff Hardy & Eugene vs. CM Punk & Sunny

Punk hits Eugene in the chest with a succession of martial arts kicks. With Eugene looking a little worse for wear, Punk then grabs him by the arm and goes for an irish whip, but it’s reversed as Eugene whips Punk in to the ropes and lifts him overhead with a back body drop. The crowd cheer that, and they cheer even more as Punk gets up and Eugene lifts him on to his shoulders and gives Punk an aeroplane spin before dropping him on the mat. Eugene looks a little dizzy for a couple of seconds before dropping down and going for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . An easy kick out from Punk as Eugene looks a little sad but gets on with things and pulls Punk back as he too stands back up. He shifts behind Punk and grabs him around the waist, but Punk drives his elbow back in to the side of Eugene, forcing him to let the grip go. Punk turns round quickly to face Eugene, kicks him in the gut and then pulls his head down before planting him with a DOUBLE UNDERHOOK BACK BREAKER. . . . . That looked like it had to hurt as Punk then follows up for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Punk looks a little frustrated before he then takes it on the chin and stands back up.

He then walks over to the ropes and steps through on to the apron, waiting patiently as Eugene slowly makes his way back up. As Eugene stands back up and turns round, Punk SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE TOP ROPE FOR THE AIR PUNK. . . . . But just before Punk comes out of the sky, Eugene kicks him in the chest and then as Punk’s feet hit the mat, EUGENE HITS HIM WITH A STUNNER. . . . . Eugene remains on the mat too for a couple of seconds before he is able to recover and turn round to go for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . The crowd boo as Punk just kicks out, with Eugene looking very upset as the referee signals it was just a two count. Eugene though looks round and walks over to make the tag to Jeff, who gets a huge pop as he steps through the ropes, just as Punk sits back up. Jeff looks like he’s about to explode as he waits for Punk to stand back up, and when he does, Jeff charges at him and knocks him down with a clothesline. Punk is right back up and he is hit by another clothesline from Jeff. As Punk gets up this time, Jeff runs past him and in to the corner as he jumps up to the top rope and comes down with a WHISPER IN THE WIND. . . . . Jeff turns over and goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

Punk gets the shoulder up, but Jeff is right back up on his feet and urges Punk up, who slowly gets to his knees. Jeff the grabs him by the head and pulls him in to position for the TWIST OF FATE. . . . . With the crowd cheering, Punk soon disappoints them as he escapes from the grip and slips behind Jeff, then lifts him up and falls back to the mat with a side suplex. Both men remain on the mat for several seconds with Punk feeling the effects. Jeff crawls to the ropes and helps himself up there, but as Punk stands back up, he sees Jeff by the ropes and runs at him, but Jeff turns to the side and lifts his elbow in to Punk’s face, knocking him back towards the centre of the ring. Sunny walks across the apron and looks concerned as Jeff then walks out and whips Punk in to the ropes by Sunny and they collide with Sunny dropping to the apron. Punk turns round and looks down in shock, but he then turns back round and runs at Jeff, but into a kick to the gut with Jeff then planting him straight away with THE TWIST OF FATE. . . . . The crowd goes crazy as Jeff then stands back up and runs to the corner. He climbs to the top rope and then leaps off, connecting with THE SWANTON BOMB. . . . . He got all of it and goes for the cover, hooking both legs 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Loaded” blasts out as Jeff stands back up and gets his arm raised. Eugene runs in and hugs Jeff, who quickly calms him down and stares at Sunny as she looks on from the outside. Jeff walks to the corner and climbs to the second rope to pose for the crowd with Eugene clapping as Sunny looks up at Jeff and shouts at him with Jeff shrugging it off and enjoying the acclaim.

WINNERS: Jeff Hardy & Eugene by pinfall @ 8.18


Chris Jericho walks through the back looking very focused as he makes his towards the ring, but we then hear someone clapping. It catches Jericho’s attention as he turns to the side and sees Mr. Kennedy stood up against the wall. The fans boo Kennedy in the arena as he tells Jericho he did a great job last week hitting both him and Lashley with that steel chair. Jericho smirks and tells Kennedy he thought he might like it. Kennedy too gives a sarcastic little grin before getting right in Jericho’s face. He tells him that Jericho might think he’s the greatest thing ever to have walked the earth, but he says that they both know it’s not true. They stare at each other very intensely and Kennedy tells Jericho he has a little reminder for him, he hates his guts and he’ll do whatever it takes to wipe that stupid freakin smirk off his face because he can, because he’s MR. KENNEDYYYY. . . . . KENNEDY! Jericho doesn’t budge and tells Kennedy he better do more than that to worry him before turning away and walking off through the back as Kennedy looks on with evil intentions.



From Last Week

Chris Jericho acting as referee last week in Bobby Lashley’s match with Mr. Kennedy and hitting him with the steel chair and counting his shoulders for the loss


***MATCH #5***

Bobby Lashley vs. Chris Jericho

Lashley pulls Jericho back up to his feet and whips him in to the ropes, but Jericho holds on to the top rope. Lashley runs at him straight away, but Jericho lifts his boot up in to Lashley’s face, knocking him back across the ring. Jericho then runs across to the corner and climbs to the top rope with Lashley turning round as Jericho then leaps off and connects with a MISSILE DROPKICK. . . . . The crowd cheer as he then stands back up, runs in to the ropes and SPRINGBOARDS FOR THE LIONSAULT. . . . . He hit it perfectly and grabs Lashley’s leg, going for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Lashley gets his shoulder up in time, but Jericho doesn’t look too down hearted as he gets back up to a vertical base and shifts round to Lashley’s legs and lifts them up, trying to go for THE WALLS OF JERICHO. . . . . With the crowd cheering, Lashley is able to use his power to his advantage as he pushes Jericho back and down to the mat. Both men take a few seconds before they are able to stand back up, but it’s Jericho who reacts first as he runs at Lashley, but in to a T BONE SUPLEX. . . . . A mixed response meets that, but Lashley gets on with things as he goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

Lashley isn’t in any mood to mess around as he stands right back up straight away and drags Jericho up too, scooping him up on to his shoulder. He then walks in to the corner and then turns back round before charging across the ring for a RUNNING POWERSLAM. . . . . Just as Lashley gets past half way, Jericho slips off his shoulder and pushes him forward in to the pads. He then steps up behind him and rolls him back in to a SCHOOLBOY. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Lashley powers out and both men get back to their feet, but Jericho runs behind Lashley, comes back off the ropes and takes him down with a ONE ARM BULLDOG. . . . . As Jericho makes his way back up to his feet, Mr. Kennedy runs down the ramp and climbs on to the apron. Jericho runs at him, but Kennedy jumps back down and laughs at Y2J. They exchange words for several seconds until Jericho turns back round as LASHLEY CHARGES AT HIM AND POUNCES WITH A HUGE SPEAR. . . . . Again there’s a mixed response from the crowd as Lashley then goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Hell Will be Callin Your Name” hits as Lashley stands back up and gets his arm raised. He turns and looks at Kennedy, not taking his eyes off of him. Kennedy just smiles and turns round to walk up the ramp, getting booed as he makes his way to the back while Lashley poses for the crowd.

WINNER: Bobby Lashley by pinfall @ 9.19


Maria is standing by and then introduces us to her guest, Paul Bearer. He appears in the shot and gets booed from the fans in the arena. Maria asks him where Kane is. Bearer says that she shouldn’t worry about where Kane is, only Randy Orton and John Cena should worry. He says straight after that its crystal clear that Kane has got inside the head of both of them, and that they don’t know how to deal with him. Maria asks Bearer how they do deal with him, but Bearer says they can’t. He says that there is nothing either of them can do, putting on an act isn’t fooling anyone, everyone saw what Kane did to Randy Orton and last week, and the fear that was in John Cena’s eyes as he saw just how unstoppable Kane is. He then says that as much as they like to make out they aren’t intimidated, they are because they know the truth, the truth that everyone around the world knows, no one can stop Kane, no one can stop Kane from becoming the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania. He stops and looks in to the camera before directing the same message to Orton and then Cena, you can’t stop him, no one can stop his monster from becoming champion with an “Oh Yessss” and a menacing look in to the camera to end it.



***MATCH #6***

Triple H & Batista w/Ric Flair vs. MVP & Elijah Burke w/Layla

With Rey Mysterio sat at the announce table, it makes MVP & Burke even more tense. Batista and MVP are the legal men, and it’s Batista who is in charge as he grabs MVP by the arm and whips him in to the ropes. As MVP comes back off the ropes though, he slides through The Animal’s legs, stands back up and takes Batista down to the mat with a SIDE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP. . . . . MVP rushes as he crawls over and hooks the leg for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Batista kicks out comfortably, but MVP stands back up and walks over to his corner, making the tag to Elijah Burke. He steps through the ropes and watches on as Batista stands back up. Just as The Animal is back up, Burke charges at him and goes for a clothesline, but Batista sees him coming and plants him with a SPINEBUSTER. . . . . The crowd go nuts as The Animal readjusts his position on the mat and goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . MVP makes the save at the last second with a stomp to Batista’s back. Triple H doesn’t look happy and steps through the ropes as the referee stands by the ropes with MVP and tells him to get back on the apron. The Game though, charges at MVP and takes him over the top with a clothesline.

The crowd enjoyed that one as MVP hits the floor in front of the announce table and Rey Mysterio. The ref then tells The Game to leave the ring, which he does. As he steps back on the apron, The Animal walks over to the corner and teases a tag to Triple H, which gets a huge pop from the crowd, and he then makes the tag to the crowd’s delight. With Burke getting back up to his feet, Triple H steps through the ropes and enters the ring. He then runs at The Guiding Light and sends him crashing down to the mat with a RUNNING SPINNING NECKBREAKER. . . . . MVP gets back on his feet on the outside and is about to slide back in the ring, but Rey Mysterio gets up from the announce table and pulls MVP out by his feet, and then whips him in to the ring post. Triple H watches on with a grin on his face as Burke then makes his way slowly back up to his feet in front of The Game who just kicks him in the stomach and then pulls him in to position for THE PEDIGREE. . . . . Triple H keeps him there for a second before bringing Burke’s head crashing down to the mat, and then turns Burke over and goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Line in the Sand” hits to a huge pop as Batista joins Triple H in the ring to get their arms raised. Ric then climbs in to the ring as they all then have their guy hugs and pose for the crowd as Layla looks disappointed on the outside while Rey smiles as he walks back up the ramp. Triple H then walks over and asks for a microphone. He says that there’s not going to be a repeat of what happened last Friday on Smackdown this week, because he says that if The McMahon’s try anything like last week, The Game will be there too. He tosses the microphone down as Evolution’s music hits once again as MVP & Burke sit up.

WINNERS: Triple H & Batista by pinfall @ 10.24



Eric Bischoff is in his office when Todd Grisham walks in. Grisham says that he heard Bischoff wanted to see him and Bischoff says that’s right. He then says that he’s been watching everything tonight and he’s decided that he has had some important decisions to make. Grisham asks him what those decisions are with Bischoff saying that earlier on we saw the Womens Champion, Beth Phoenix and Natalya throw their weight around again but says it’s not going to happen next week, because in a rematch from Saturday Night’s Main Event, Beth Phoenix will defend her title against Victoria and Natalya will be banned from ringside. Grisham seems to appreciate the decision and then asks if that was all, but Bischoff says not at all. He then says that he’s had to deal with MVP and Rey Mysterio, the whole situation with Lashley, Chris Jericho and Mr. Kennedy the last few weeks, but says he has come up with one hell of an idea. He says that at Wrestlemania, he was going to make a triple threat match and a one on one match between Rey Mysterio and MVP, but he thought of a better idea. He says you have five big stars and says that if you put them all together in one match, you have a mega match on your hands, especially when that match will be the Money in the Bank Ladder match. You can hear the cheers from the crowd as Grisham asks Bischoff if those five men will be joining Elijah Burke in that match, and Bischoff tells him that’s exactly right. Bischoff tells Grisham that’s all and he smiles as Grisham leaves the room.



John Cena vs. Randy Orton

hits as Randy Orton makes his entrance to the ring with a smile on his face. As “My Time is Now” plays to a huge pop with John Cena making his way down to the ring, Orton leaves the ring and stands by the announce table and timekeeper’s table. As Cena gets in the ring and poses for the crowd, Orton stares at him with Cena looking back before turning round, walking to the corner and climbing to the top rope to pose for the crowd. We then see Orton grab a steel chair away from the timekeeper and slide in the ring as Cena then steps down off the ropes. Orton shoves the ref down with one arm and with the crowd trying to warn Cena, he is unaware as he then turns round in to an almighty shot to the head from the chair by The Legend Killer. He drops the chair immediately as Cena falls flat to the mat on his chest. Orton then drags him away from the corner and sees the referee standing back up. He walks over and RKO’s him to a ton of heat. He then walks back over to Cena and applies The Camel Clutch.

Cena is just about conscious as Orton just looks sadistic as hell as he does his best to make Cena suffer. Cena tries to fight it, but he doesn’t look like breaking it until “Burned” blasts out and Kane’s pyro sets off. The Big Red Machine slowly walks down to the ring with Paul Bearer. Orton turns and sees him coming, but only lets go of the hold on Cena as Kane steps on to the apron. The WWE Champion then slips under the bottom rope and grabs a microphone and his belt as Kane walks in to the middle of the ring, not taking his eyes off of Orton. The Legend Killer walks round to the ramp with the microphone and says that Cena just stared his fate right in the face for Wrestlemania. He then says that he’s more ready than he’s ever been, and at Wrestlemania, it doesn’t matter if it’s Cena or even the big red freak, one of them will tap out, because they can’t change destiny, and the destiny is that Randy Orton will leave Wrestlemania as still the WWE Champion. Orton takes the microphone away from his mouth as “Voices” hits again to a lot of heat as he and Kane stare each other down to end the show.

RESULT: No Contest



John Morrison & The Miz df. Cryme Time
Kofi Kingston df. Lance Cade
Victoria df. Natalya Neidhart
Jeff Hardy & Eugene df. CM Punk & Sunny
Bobby Lashley df. Chris Jericho
Triple H & Batista df. MVP & Elijah Burke

Candice Michelle & Michelle McCool df. Melina & Jillian Hall
Santino Marella df. Val Venis
Ron Killings df. Orlando Jordan


Official Theme Song

Fall Out Boy Thanks For The Memories

To view the amazing video, click here!

WWE Championship
John Cena vs Kane vs Randy Orton (c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Shawn Michaels (c) vs Edge

The Ultimate Grudge Match
Evolution vs The McMahon Men

Intercontinental Championship
I Quit Match
Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk (c)

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Chris Jericho vs Bobby Lashley vs Rey Mysterio
vs Mr. Kennedy vs Elijah Burke vs MVP

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Evolution Promo: HHH and Flair sounded in character here, and the McMahon's chickening out is a good way to get heat against them. Evolution vs the McMahon's doesn't really surprise me, and it should be a great match.

MVP/Bischoff Segment: MVP was braggadocios as always, which fits his character. Bischoff making the tag match was a good continuation of the beat-down from Smackdown.

Tag Match/MNM Promo: Morrison and Miz were in character, and them being surprised by the boos was a nice touch. You are a great match writer, and the match was a good read. The finish was a good way to keep MNM looking strong while having Cryme Tyme further their feud with Santino.

Punk/Bischoff Segment: You wrote Bischoff well, and I could almost hear Punk, your writing was so realistic. The I-Quit Match should be a classic. Punk getting in Bischoff's face was a good way to get even more heat on him.

Kofi/Cade: A good match, but I question the decision to have no interference from the Colons. Cade and Murdoch breaking-up makes me somewhat unhappy, simply because there aren't that many tag-teams in the WWE.

Cena/Orton promo: Orton was in character and sounded like the real Orton, but Cena wasn't written as well. Where is the blatant sucking-up we're all so used to? However, the Cena/Orton match should be a great way to further their feud.

Women's Match: Well written match that made both divas look strong. The DQ finish was expected, but it did make Natalya and Beth look like the dominant divas, so I can't complain.

Colons Promo: Can't say alot about this one. It did its job introducing the mystery man, but it wasn't anything special. At least Carlito was in character, and thats cool.

Tag match: Eugene actually looked strong, which was a good thing, and Hardy did as well. However, Punk seemed like he got very little offense, which made him look weak. I was hoping for more involvement from Sunny, but thats OK. But as I said earlier, the I-Quit match should be a classic.

Kennedy/Jericho promo: Ken was very much in character and came off as someone who really bugs you. Jericho was also in character.

Lashley/Jericho: Yet another good match from you. You even made Lashley look non-repetitive, which is very hard to do. Kennedy costing Jericho was a great way to further their feud, while Lashley looked strong as well.

Paul Bearer interview: Bearer sounded in-character, and Kane still looks like a monster from the promo.

Tag-Match: This is a good way to continue over the events from SD. You did a good job keeping MVP and Burke looking strong even though they lost.

Bischoff Promo: Both of the announced matches should be fun to read, but I think this segment should have been before the two main-events.

Orton/Cena: That was a really short "match", but I still advanced the feud. Cena looked kinda weak, but at least he was felled by a cheap-shot. I am surprised we didn't see a brawl between Orton and Kane, but it does build suspense to not have them brawl.

Overall: Another almost-perfect show from you on the road to Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania should be one of the greatest PPVs in BTB history

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Evolution/McMahon Promo: Evolution are bound to be pissed after SmackDown and they are and you wrote HHH and Flair very well, the McMahons appearing via satellite was good as it shows they are scared to face Evolution, I have a feeling that they will turn up, Batista didn’t say anything, which I don’t mind really but it stood out when everybody else did.

MVP/Bischoff Segment: MVP was really good here, as was Bischoff, and the match made really fits in with MVP and Flair from SmackDown.

Tag Match/MNM Promo: I really liked this match, I think Miz and Morrison should be singles guys in the future but for now are great as a team, Miz being surprised at being booed was funny, the match was entertaining and it was great booking as the new team wins, Cryme Tyme don’t look weak and continues the feud with Santino.

Punk/Bischoff Segment: On paper Bischoff as a face sounds awful but you really write him well and CM Punk vs. Hardy at Mania in an I Quit match will be great, the match later on however is a bit odd but I guess Hardy is going to get his hands on Sunny sometime. Lashley -Jericho should be cool especially after last week.

Kofi/Cade: I liked this match but no appearance from The Colons was weird, Cade turning on Murdoch I am on the fence about as there are not a lot of teams on Raw, but I do like Cade so I just want to see what you do with them, please don’t give Murdoch the singing gimmick.
Please!!! That was awful.

Cena/Orton promo: Orton was written well here, the Kane Pyro I feel was unnecessary, but Cena was OK here, he is not the Cena we are used to as The Dealer said but I like it and the whole submission angle is interesting. (Orton to win)

Women's Match: Good women’s match but the DQ was a bit obvious but I love Beth & Natalya and they look really strong which I like, hopefully they feud in the future.

Colons Promo: Eric Perez, he is Eddie Colons Tag partner IRL right? Anyway a nice little stable forming here, not much to say on the promo, here just to introduce the new guy.

Tag match: Well I have to admit this match came off better than I thought it would Eugene look pretty good here, not a fan of his condition... Hardy pinning Punk was odd, I would have Punk go over pinning Eugene as Punk came out of this match looking a bit weak.

Kennedy/Jericho promo: Kennedy was good here not much to say really except hyping the Jericho – Lashley match. Kennedy will probably get involved later on.

Lashley/Jericho: I love this three way feud and Kennedy interrupting really continued, I think you will have them in MITB but I would love to see the triple threat at Mania.

Paul Bearer interview: He gets booed??? I thought Kane was a face, maybe he is but Bearer isn’t but I am a bit confused, anyway Bearer was in character but also this promo could have been really effective if Kane had been standing next to him.

HHH/Batista vs.MVP/Burke: Another good match and I like that Burke and MVP looked not terrible here which could have happened going up against HHH and ‘Tista, continues on from everything, no McMahons? Maybe they were actually on business...

Bischoff Promo: Two good matches made here, I thought that you would put Kennedy – Jericho – Lashley in there but I thought MVP – Mysterio would have their own match, anyway MVP to win please.

Orton/Cena: This was really short but it worked, Cena looked kind of weak but I am sure you will have him look stronger going into Mania, I actually preferred that you had them stare down as it leaves us in suspense for next week. I hope everything Orton said was true lol.

Overall: It was another great show and it really hyped WrestleMania which is looking great with the additions of Punk/Hardy and MITB.

Glory, Glory, Man United.
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