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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown looks interesting, I hope to see more superstars gain direction going in to 'Mania as Flair and Batista have done. I hope Harris/Finlay goes on PPV as a Belfast Brawl and I wouldn't mind some MITB qualifiers. The Umaga/'Taker situation should escalate this week but I am surprised to see the World title match have 3rd billing! I hope this is going to be awesome, could be your best yet!

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown looks awesome Nige leading up to Wrestlemania. Like Bradley said Wrestlemania really could be your best work yet, and it could be a very important milestone. I'll be reading and reviewing
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WWE.com - HOMEPAGE (Smackdown Results - 22nd February 2008)

Smackdown Results
22nd February 2008

The Palasport
Florence, Italy


From last week
The Undertaker’s match with Shelton Benjamin and Umaga running down to decimate him, ending with the steel chair being crushed against his neck following a leg drop

From Monday night on Raw
Triple H saying he wants Vince, Shane McMahon & JBL in a handicap match that night, but hasn’t decided what to do at Wrestlemania
Triple H entering the ring for the match with all three men jumping on him, only for Batista & Ric Flair to make the save
Triple H, Batista & Flair fighting The McMahon Men off and posing to “Line in the Sand” to end the show

“Rise Up”


blasts out as Edge walks down to the ring in his casual clothes to a lot of heat from inside the arena. He his all smiles as he stands in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand, happily accepting all the boo’s. He starts by saying to the fans that they can boo him and call him whatever they like all night long, it doesn’t matter because there is nothing they can do to change the fact that he is going to Wrestlemania 24 to face Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Championship. He quickly adds to that last comment by saying he’s going to go one further by taking the title away from Shawn Michaels and putting it back where it belongs, around the waist of the undefeated World Heavyweight Champion. The crowd crap all over him but he doesn’t care as he says that they don’t have to like it, they just have to accept it because there is nothing they or even Mr. Wrestlemania himself can do about it. He then says that is one thing he wants to address right now, because if anyone deserves the tag of Mr. Wrestlemania, it’s him and certainly not Shawn Michaels. He is about to go off on a rant, but then changes his mind and calls out Shawn Michaels to sort this out man to man. The crowd go nuts as they await the entrance of The Heartbreak Kid, and they don’t have to wait too long as “Sexy Boy” hits the speakers. The roof nearly comes off as a smartly dressed World Champion walks down to the ring with the World Championship hanging over his shoulder. Edge looks very angry just at Michaels standing there as they look intensely at each other. Michaels walks over to get a microphone with Edge turning his head, still looking angry.

Michaels walks back over and tells Edge that he couldn’t help but overhear him talking what can only be called utter crap. He says that he’s earned the right to call himself and for others to call him Mr. Wrestlemania for years, and he says he’s sorry but he’s not going to have some loud mouth like Edge take that away from him. Edge jumps right down Michaels throat and says he’s not taken it away from him, Michaels has done it himself. He says that we’ve all seen good old HBK come out to play at Wrestlemania, but he asks Shawn when was the last time he ever walked out of Wrestlemania with credit. Michaels doesn’t look happy as Edge says that we all saw him bottle it against John Cena last year when he tapped it out like a pathetic school girl. Michaels just smirks as Edge says that’s not it and brings up the fact that Michaels did the exact same thing three years ago and that the only time he’s walked out of Wrestlemania victorious in recent years was two years ago against a sixty year old man in a streetfight. Edge says that’s not the record of someone with the name “Mr. Wrestlemania” but of “Mr. My Days at Wrestlemania are over”. He then says that Michaels’ legacy and recent record at Wrestlemania is a damn joke, and that there is one man who has never been pinned or made to submit at Wrestlemania in ten years, and that’s the next World Champion, “The Rated R Superstar” Edge. With Michaels now looking quite ticked off, Edge pushes the button and says that he will go on to end Michaels’ legacy and add to his own that is as close to perfect as you can get. Michaels interrupts him and tells to him “SHUT UP”.

HBK says it’s about time Edge shut his mouth and let someone else speak for a change. He admits that the last few years haven’t exactly gone the way he wanted, but he says that he still went in to those matches and performed to the very best of his ability, and that nobody else would have done any better than he did. He then asks Edge if there’s something different though about this year, but Edge just looks confused and asks Michaels just what the hell he’s talking about. Michaels says that this year it’s a completely different ball game because he’s walking in to Wrestlemania with the gold around his waist. He says that he’s got something even more to fight for this year, the desire to keep the title he fought so hard for. He looks Edge right in the eyes and says that there’s nothing or no one that is going to take that away from him, saying that he’s more determined and more focused now than at any other Wrestlemania he’s ever competed at. Edge looks real serious as Michaels says that Edge might not have lost at Wrestlemania, but he says that good things always come to an end, and says that if anyone’s legacy is going to come to an end, it’s not Mr. Wrestlemania, it’s going to be Edge’s so called legacy. The fans cheer as Edge turns to them, looking very angry. Michaels says if Edge wants to talk chances, he should look at his recent run. He says that he’s had three shots at the title in four months, twice while he’s been champion and he’s not got the job done. He looks at Edge and says that he’s lucky he’s got this chance, but tells him it’s last one and he’s not going to get the job done on Michaels’ turf.

Edge looks pissed and asks Michaels how many times in those matches he has been able to beat him. He says that not once has Michaels beaten him, it’s Batista that got in his damn way of getting his title back by getting Michaels disqualified and then losing in the triple threat match at the Royal Rumble. He carries on by saying that Michaels has not and will not beat Edge when the title is on the line because it just can’t be done, and this time it’s Michaels versus Edge, one on one on the big stage, there’s no one else to get in the way, there’ll be no excuses. He continues as he says there’ll be no excuses for Michaels when he (Edge) strips Michaels of his pride, his dignity and most importantly, his title. He stares Michaels right in the eye and says that there’s not a damn thing he can do to stop him. Michaels lifts the microphone to his mouth and says that Edge can talk tough now, but at Wrestlemania, there’ll be nowhere to hide, Mr. Wrestlemania will be back on track and he will run Edge right off the track. Edge smirks and says that’s not the way it’s going to go, it’s going to be like tonight, it’s going his way. He says that they both know William Regal is making Michaels compete tonight, and Edge says that he’s going to make sure tonight is going to be exactly the same as Wrestlemania, it’ll end with Shawn Michaels lying flat on his back. Michaels looks to the crowd, then steps back before taking Edge’s head off with some sweet chin music. The crowd go nuts as “Sexy Boy” blasts out with Michaels just looking down at a motionless Edge.



Jimmy Wang Yang & Super Crazy
vs. John Morrison & The Miz

Yang reverses a whip from Morrison, and as Morrison comes back off the ropes, Yang connects with a spinning wheel kick, getting a pop from the crowd. He stands back up, but he returns back to the mat straight away as he hits Morrison with a STANDING MOONSAULT. . . . . He hooks the leg for the cover as the ref makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Morrison gets his shoulder up comfortably, but Yang is getting on with the match straight away as he stands back up, walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope as Morrison slowly picks himself back up. With Yang lying in wait, Morrison turns round in to a MISSILE DROPKICK FROM YANG. . . . . He hit it perfectly and scurries across the mat to go for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . The Miz races in and makes the save with a kick to the back of Yang’s head. Miz walks back to his corner but Crazy is furious as he climbs through the ropes. The ref walks over and tries to get him out, but The Miz seizes the opportunity as he walks back over to Yang as he stands up and knocks him back down with a discus punch behind the ref’s back.

He walks back over to the apron as the fans boo him, but he doesn’t bat an eyelid as Crazy then gives up the protest. Morrison crawls across the mat and makes the tag to The Miz, who climbs up to the top rope as Yang gets to his knees. The Chick Magnet then jumps off, looking for a LEG DROP BULLDOG. . . . . Yang though pulls his head back and crawls across to his corner and tags in Crazy. The Mexican races in to a big pop as he runs across the mat and SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES AND HITS A MOONSAULT. . . . . He hooks Miz’s leg and goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! . . . . . Miz just gets his shoulder up in time. Crazy isn’t messing about as he stands back up and drags Miz back up to his feet, setting him up for a TORNADO DDT. . . . . He poses for a second too long as he gives The Miz the chance to push him back in to the ropes, sending Yang down to the floor below as he hits the ropes by Yang. He turns round and looks down at his partner with The Miz then approaching behind him. Crazy looks frustrated with himself before he turns round in to a stomp to the gut from The Miz, who then plants him with THE MIZARD OF OZ (WRISTLOCK SWINGING REVERSE DDT). . . . . Miz smiles wildly as he hooks both legs for the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: Their music hits as Miz stands back up and throws his arm up in the air, but not looking that happy. Morrison remains on the apron and demands a microphone, which he gets before getting back in the ring. He too doesn’t look happy as he joins The Miz in the middle of the ring and tells the guys in the truck to cut the music. He then says that winning tonight isn’t enough, just like last week in a tag team title match, which also wasn’t enough for them to be given the respect that they deserve. He says that they are the number one team on Smackdown without a shadow of a doubt, and that if it wasn’t for The damn Pitbulls, they would be the WWE Tag Team Champions right now, but the fact is that they are not. He then says that two weeks ago they were given the opportunity by a General Manager who knows what he is doing, to go to the A show. He looks at The Miz before saying that the A show is where someone of their talents should be, and as of right now, they’re no longer the most unappreciated team in Smackdown history, but the next World Tag Team Champions on Raw, the show they will make their own. Morrison slams the microphone down as he and Miz high five before leaving the ring.

WINNERS: John Morrison & The Miz by pinfall @ 7.02


Edge is in his locker room with the Cruiserweight Champion, Kenny Dykstra. With heat meeting them as the fans see it on the tron, Edge tells Kenny he’s impressed the hell out of him, and especially two weeks ago when he stood up to Batista and smashed the animal with a steel chair, saying not a lot of guys would have the guts to do it. Dykstra looks on and nods in agreement with Edge then saying that he needs someone to face Michaels tonight after what he did earlier, and that he knows that if anyone can take Michaels down, it’s Dykstra. He stops and asks Kenny if he’s up to the challenge, a champion versus champion match right here on Smackdown tonight, asking him if he’s ready to make that step up to the next level. Kenny just smirks and tells Edge he was born ready for matches like these, and that he has no doubt in his mind that when he walks down to that ring tonight, he knows he can beat Shawn Michaels. Just at that point, Michael Shane walks in to the room and looks stunned. He walks over to Edge and asks him why he’s asked Kenny and not him to take on Michaels tonight, seeing that it was Edge who brought him in to prove a point to Shawn in the first place.

Edge looks a little caught off guard before telling Shane that he’s already got a match tonight and it looks like it’s very soon since Shane is dressed to compete. Shane doesn’t back down and says that’s not the point, but Kenny cuts in and tells Shane that it’s simple, he faced Michaels a few weeks ago and couldn’t get the job done, something that he won’t have a problem with later on. Shane shakes his head but Kenny’s not finished as he tells him that he heard everything Shane said last week about the cruiserweight division, and that if he wants to make a point, then he better go out there and show everyone he’s not all talk. Shane stares back at Kenny and there’s clear tension between them as Edge steps in between them and tells them to think about the big picture tonight, Shawn Michaels. He says that if they work together, they can all have a great night and forget about all this. Shane turns away from Edge and slams the door on the way out as Edge and Dykstra look on. Edge shrugs it off and tells Dykstra that Shane’s not important tonight, and later on against Michaels, he’ll be in his corner giving him all the support he needs. Dykstra looks pumped as Edge tells him he can do it, he can beat Shawn Michaels.


Finlay is walking through the back with his shillelagh in hand when he walks in to William Regal who is stood talking to a member of the production crew. He tells him to go and sort it out as Finlay tells Regal they need to talk. The worker leaves as Finlay looks very aggressively at Regal, who asks him not to talk to him in that manner before asking him what it is he wants. Finlay says that he wants retribution and one person, Chris Harris, in that ring tonight. Regal tells Finlay he couldn’t help but notice that Harris has made a name for himself at Finlay’s expression over the course of previous weeks as well as noticing that there has been a recurring concern for him, the shillelagh. Both men look at it and Regal says he that he will grant Finlay his request on one condition, that Finlay hands the shillelagh over to him right now to avoid any repeat of the use of the weapon. Finlay doesn’t look happy but then says that he will beat Harris with his bare hands and then hands over the shillelagh to Regal. Regal thanks him and wishes him luck as Finlay walks off looking very focused indeed.


***MATCH #2***

Chavo Guerrero
vs. Michael Shane

Matt Sydal appeared at the top of the ramp before the match to watch on. As we get towards the end of this even match, Shane pulls Chavo back up to his feet and attempts to hit him with a right hand. Chavo blocks it though and throws a hard right of his own, then follows up by attempting to kick Shane in the gut, but Shane grabs hold of his leg and applies a front face lock, then takes Chavo down to the mat with a LEG HOOK DDT. . . . . Shane looks very cocky as he turns over and goes for a cover on Chavo 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Chavo just kicks out to Shane’s frustration, but after looking angry for several seconds, Shane stands back up and walks over to the corner where he climbs to the top rope. Before he can get there, Chavo takes advantage of Shane wasting time as he gets back up, still looking groggy, but leans back in to the ropes with Shane dropping in to a sitting position on the top rope. With the crowd cheering, Chavo takes a second before walking over to Shane as he climbs to the second rope and positions Shane’s head under his arm as he then nails him with a SUPLEX OFF THE SECOND ROPE. . . . . That gets a pop from the crowd, but it has an effect on Chavo too as he remains flat on the mat along with Shane. It takes them both a good while to stand back up, but it’s Chavo who’s up that split second earlier as he pulls Shane back in to his grasp and hits a suplex.

Chavo holds on to the grip and swings his hips to stand back up for a second suplex to the crowd’s delight before repeating it again for the THREE AMIGO’S. . . . . That brings a huge pop from the crowd, and as Chavo stands back up, he looks over to the corner and gets another loud cheer as he walks over. He climbs to the top rope and points to the ceiling before leaping off for the FROG SPLASH. . . . . As he comes down to land, Shane lifts his knees up with Chavo crashing in to them and falling to the mat. Again it takes a while for both men to recover, and as they both get back up to a vertical base, Shane runs at Chavo, but runs right in to a European uppercut. Chavo then follows up by planting him with a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX. . . . . Chavo holds on for a cover as the ref makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Shane is just able to get his shoulder up, leaving Chavo looking a little disappointed. He lets that go as he stands back up and drags Shane back up to his feet as he then sets him up for a BRAIN BUSTER. . . . . Shane does though fight it with elbows to the ribs and then grabs hold of the referee’s arm. Chavo looks pissed and lets the hold go. Shane lets go of the ref’s arm and catches Chavo off guard with a rake to the eye before rolling him in to an SMALL PACKAGE. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: Shane’s music hits as he stands back up and gets his arm raised by the referee while Chavo remains seated on the mat in frustration. Shane stares at Sydal at the top of the ramp who looks unfazed and just grins back at Shane, seeming to make Shane uneasy while Chavo stands back up behind Shane as they then stare at each other, both looking very uneasy as Sydal smiles and walks to the back.

WINNER: Michael Shane by pinfall @ 7.51



Josh Matthews is standing by as he introduces his guests, the WWE Tag Team Champions, The UK Pack. Paul Burchill & Harry Smith are revealed as the camera zooms out with Josh saying that it seems that over the last two weeks, the tag team title picture on Smackdown has been crazy with The Pitbulls winning the number one contender spot two weeks ago, the disqualification in the title match at Saturday Night’s Main Event as well as the chaos last week, and now the bombshell that John Morrison & The Miz are heading to pastures new. He then asks them what their take on the situation is, with Burchill saying that the blame firmly belongs with The Pitbulls. He says that they started all this, as it was their fault their match ended controversially at Saturday Night’s Main Event, because it wasn’t Harry that brought the belt in to the ring, they did. He then says that last week, it was The Pitbulls who stuck their noses where they didn’t belong when they put a stop to the match which he believes caused Morrison & Miz to leave Smackdown. Smith steps in and says he has to agree, The Pitbulls aren’t nice guys at all and it’s no surprise that some guys want to leave Smackdown because of them. He does then say that there are two guys who aren’t going to let The Pitbulls get to them, and that’s him and Burchill. He says that it’s not just because they are the champions, but it’s because they don’t fear anybody and that they’re not going to let two idiots like Kash and Noble run round like they own the place. He says that if they want another shot at the titles, then it’s fine by him, but they’re going to get a clear message tonight, a pit-bull is no match for this bulldog. Smith smiles as Burchill tells Josh he’s right before they walk out of the shot.


***MATCH #3***

Chris Harris
vs. Finlay

Harris and Finlay both get back to their feet, and as Harris throws a right, Finlay blocks it and drives his knee in to Harris’s gut. He then grabs Harris by the arm and whips him hard in to the corner. He doesn’t waste a second as he charges in straight away at his rival, but Harris lifts his boot up in to Finlay’s face, with the Irishman then staggering out of the corner holding his face. He walks towards the centre of the ring by the referee as he turns round, with Harris then charging out of the corner and going for a SPEAR. . . . . BUT NO! . . . . . Finlay sidesteps it and Harris spears the referee instead. Harris stands up and panics as he looks down at the referee. He looks pissed at himself as he then turns round with Finlay trying to kick him in the groin, but Harris holds on to the boot. He lets go of it and whips Finlay in to the ropes, and as the Irishman comes back, Harris plants him with a HARRI-STORM (SPINNING SIDE SLAM – CATATONIC). . . . . The crowd cheer as Finlay hits the mat, but as Harris goes for the cover, he realises there is no referee.

He stands up and walks over to the ref and tries to revive him, but it’s to no avail. He doesn’t know what to do as he holds his head in his hands. He then turns round and tries to drag Finlay back up to his feet, but Harris gets a low blow for his troubles. With both men down for nearly ten seconds, we then see Hornswoggle come out from under the ring with a shillelagh in hand. Finlay and Harris both start to stir, as does the referee when Hornswoggle slides the shillelagh in to Finlay’s path. Finlay grabs hold of it as he and Harris both make their way back up to their feet, and with Finlay hiding it behind his back, he then swings it at an unsuspecting Harris, sending him crashing to the mat. Finlay quickly tosses the shillelagh back in Hornswoggle’s direction and drops to the mat, hooking Harris’s leg as the referee slowly crawls across. With Finlay yelling at him to hurry up, the referee crawls closer and makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Lambeg” hits as Finlay stands back up and lifts his arms above his head. Hornswoggle jumps up and down on the outside with the shillelagh in his hand. Finlay looks down and grins at a motionless Harris before leaving the ring, turning round on the ramp and laughing at Harris lying on the may with Hornswoggle.

WINNER: Finlay by pinfall @ 8.03


William Regal is sat down at his desk in his office watching the television, and he doesn’t look happy with Finlay’s actions when we hear a knock at the door. Regal tells them to come in, and to all surprise, Tazz walks through the door. Regal stands up and looks shocked to see him as he then asks him what he’s done to deserve this pleasure. Tazz tells him that he’s taken some time off since ECW went off the air, but says that he’s ready to come back and he wants to come home to Smackdown. Regal tells him that he’s already got a perfectly good announce team with Michael Cole and Coach, provoking Tazz to question Coach’s position. Regal says a lot of people don’t like The Coach, but he’s doing a good job and he has no plans to replace him. Just as Tazz is about to respond, Chris Masters & Charlie Haas, The Masters of the Mat walk in to the room. Masters grins at the sight of Tazz and tells Haas the last time he saw Tazz, he looked just like another out of shape and out of work waster. He then asks an angered Tazz what brings him back to Smackdown. Tazz turns round to look Masters in the face and tells him that it’s none of his damn business, unless he wants to make it personal business.

Masters laughs and stands back, then tells Tazz that he doesn’t want a piece of him, saying he’d eat him for breakfast. He looks at Tazz’s stomach and asks him whether he’s been eating humans for breakfast because it sure looks like it. Tazz is about to go for Masters, but Haas gets in between them pretty quickly. Tazz shouts that Masters has a big mouth with Regal interrupting and saying that there will be no trouble, and if they want to fight, they can do it in the ring later on. Tazz says that’s fine with him, but Masters says it wouldn’t be a fair fight and that Tazz must prove he’s up to the challenge tonight. Tazz asks Masters what he’s talking about with The Masterpiece then saying he really would eat Tazz alive in a match, but if Tazz can overcome The Masterlock Challenge tonight, he’ll more than happily send Tazz back on vacation, just this time it will be a permanent one. Tazz sni-ggers and then accepts the challenge before telling Masters he better get ready because there’s plenty of fight left in this dog. Masters smirks alongside Haas before they walk out of the door with Regal then asking Tazz if it’s such a good idea. Tazz just stares at the door and says it doesn’t matter because one way or another, Masters is getting his ass kicked tonight.


Batista & Ric Flair enter the building from the parking lot in their casual clothes to a huge pop from inside the arena. They have their bags in toe as they walk down the hall all smiles, but we suddenly see them stop. Batista smirks and tells Flair to look what the cat dragged in, as we then see MVP standing against the wall, using his phone. He hangs up the call and asks why Batista looks so goofy and why he’s staring at him. Flair shakes his head and tells MVP not to get clever with someone a lot bigger. Batista says it’s funny to see him since he thought he’d still be the UK after walking away from their match last week, and then says that he might have to take back calling him a coward. MVP gets a little pissed and says he ain’t no coward, and that the only reason he walked out of their match last week was because he didn’t wanna finish the match and embarrass Batista. Both Batista and Flair have a little laugh with MVP getting angrier as he says that they both know full well he wasn’t still in the UK since they were all at Raw Monday night in Germany.

Flair says that whatever he and Batista were doing on Raw is their business and no one else’s, including a spineless wonder like MVP. The Franchise Player takes offence and repeats the spineless wonder quote and tells Flair that if he’s that spineless, how come the highest paid superstar on Smackdown is challenging the so called greatest of all time to a match right here tonight. Flair turns to look at Batista, but MVP cuts in and says there’s one condition, Batista has to stay in the back. Flair and Batista look at each other and nod before Flair turns back to tell MVP he’s on. MVP smiles and tells Flair he better go get ready, who just looks at MVP and says he’s more than ready before letting out a big woo. MVP grins as they walk on down the hall. Several seconds later, MVP gets his phone back out, goes through his speed dial and makes a call. We then hear him say everything went to plan before smiling and telling the person on the other end it’ll be a night to forget for those two. He laughs and hangs up the call before walking down the hall.


***MATCH #4***

Harry Smith w/Paul Burchill
vs. Jamie Noble w/Kid Kash

ENDING: Smith reaches down and tries to pull Noble up, but he remains on his knees and drives a fist in to Harry’s stomach, then pushes him back as he picks himself back up. Smith recovers quickly and runs back at him, but Noble catches him with a drop toe hold. As Smith hits the mat face first, Noble stands back up and pauses for a second before deciding to go for THE TRAILER HITCH (REVERSE FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK). Smith puts up a fight, but Noble is able to lock the hold in. With Burchill getting the crowd behind Harry, and shouting encouragement to his partner, Smith starts to fight it and crawls towards the ropes. Noble looks to be panicking and does his best to keep Smith from moving, but Bulldog Jr is able to reach out and grab the bottom rope. The crowd cheers as the referee then tells Noble to let the hold go, which he only does at the count of four. Noble stands back up and urges Smith to get back up too as he uses the ropes to help him on to his feet. As Smith walks out, Noble steps forward and kicks him in the gut before going for a SWINGING NECKBREAKER. . . . . Smith though holds on to the top rope as Noble then drops to the mat. He’s back up in a flash, but Smith hits him with a couple of hard rights and then whips him in to the ropes, tossing Noble to the mat as he comes back with a hip toss. Noble again is up quickly, but Smith slips behind him and plants him with a GERMAN SUPLEX. . . . . A cheer meets that as he drops to the mat and goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

Smith looks a little disappointed but he is straight back up as he reaches down and drags Noble back up to his feet with Kid Kash looking worried on the outside. Smith sets Noble up for a suplex and then lifts him up in to the air, feet first and keeps him up there for nearly ten seconds, getting a big pop as he then falls back to the mat and hits the DELAYED VERTICAL SUPLEX. . . . . Smith turns over and hooks the leg as the ref makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Smith again looks a little bummed, but he takes it well yet again as he stands back up and bends down to pull Noble back up. He then scoops Noble on to his shoulder and retreats to the corner as he prepares to hit the RUNNING POWERSLAM. . . . . Kid Kash walks round on the outside and reaches in to grab Smith by the boot. The ref sees it and walks to the ropes to tell Kash to let go as Burchill then walks round and shoves Kash. The Notorious K.I.D. turns round and shoves Burchill, not going down too well as Burchill then throws a right at Kash, who ducks and Burchill’s hand ends up smashing in to the ringpost. He drops to his knees and clutches his right hand as Smith lets go of Noble to look on. Noble drops to his knees as Smith seems to ask his partner if he’s okay as Kash then kicks Burchill in the head. Smith looks pissed, but Noble then reaches up and rolls Smith up in to a SCHOOL BOY. . . . . Noble holds on to the tights and the middle rope as the totally unaware referee counts the fall 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Slam Smack” hits as Noble slides under the bottom rope to join Kash on the outside. They both smile as Smith stands back up with his head in his hands while Burchill sits back up holding his right hand. Noble & Kash gesture at them they want their titles as they back up the ramp.

WINNER: Jamie Noble by pinfall @ 6.53


Chris Masters & Charlie Haas, The Masters of the Mat walk down to the ring in preparation for The Masterlock Challenge, getting a lot of heat. Masters is passed a microphone and there is a chair already set up as Masters then says that it seems some old school ECW reject has lost his senses and says that it’s probably down to all the steel chair shots those inbred morons hit each other in the head with. He says that someone who was once called the human suplex machine is going to find out tonight that he’s staring at the real wrestling machine, Charlie Haas and of course The Masterpiece, Chris Masters. With the crowd booing, Masters says that he calls this a duty to sports entertainment as removing one more so called extremist will go some way to repairing the damage that ECW has left on the reputation of this historic business. Again there are boos, but before Masters can talk any more, Tazz’s music hits to a pop as he walks meaningfully down to the ring in his jeans and trademark leather jacket. Masters tells Tazz that he tried looking round for a high chair since he’s never had someone so small take this challenge before, but says there simply wasn’t enough time and since he can’t speak Italian, they’ll just have to make do and tells Tazz to sit on the chair. Tazz walks over to the chair and stares at both Masters and Haas for a few seconds before turning his back on them and quickly turning back, not trusting them at all.

He does sit down as they back off with Masters then walking over and sizing Tazz up for the initial grip, but as he raises Tazz’s arms, he then pushes Tazz down to the mat and stomps away at him straight away. Haas joins in as they put the boots to the ECW legend, who is completely defenceless. Masters then picks up the chair and smashes it against Tazz’s back twice to a lot of heat from the crowd. Masters looks psychotic as he drops the chair and then bends down to pick up the microphone. He says that he’s sorry as The Masterlock Challenge is no longer going to happen, but tells the crowd they’re not going to leave disappointed as they are going to see just why he and Haas are The Masters of the Mat and the most dangerous tag team in the business today. He says that they might not see Tazz try and escape The Masterlock, but they’re about to witness Tazz entering The Haas of Pain. Masters nods at Haas, who then walks over to Tazz’s legs and applies The Haas of Pain to a great deal of heat from the crowd. Tazz screams out in pain as Masters also drops to the mat and stares right in Tazz’s face and yelling at him “Does it hurt huh?, “You wanna give it up. . . well tough shit midget”. We eventually see officials charging down the ramp as they get in to the ring and try to force Haas off of Tazz. Haas lets the hold go as he and Masters look down with sick smiles on their faces as EMT’s come rushing down and check on Tazz as Masters and Haas then leave to a lot of heat, but still smiling.


Shelton Benjamin stands in the back watching a monitor of what just happened. He has a very surprised look on his face and even more so as he turns round and sees Matt Hardy standing behind him, who gets a big pop from the arena. Matt asks Shelton what’s wrong and if he looks so shocked because Charlie Haas looks better off without him. Shelton just laughs it off and tells Matt, Charlie might be better off but he’s still nothing without The Gold Standard by his side and says Charlie is just another name on the roster. He then pauses for a couple of seconds before saying Matt would know about that, since he’s lived in his brother’s shadow, despite all of Jeff’s, (air quote) problems. Matt gets a little angry and tells Shelton to leave his brother out of it. Shelton just grins and says that Jeff and Matt are just like each other, a disgrace to the business. Matt smirks for a second before knocking Shelton down with a hard right hand. He looks down at Shelton who sits up and rubs his chin as Matt tells him next time, he won’t be so lucky. Shelton looks real pissed as Matt walks away.



From Saturday Night’s Main Event & Last Week

SNME: The Undertaker clotheslining Umaga over the top rope in the Number One Contendership match and then chokeslamming him through the announce table
Last Week: The Undertaker’s match with Shelton Benjamin and Umaga running down and attacking The Undertaker, laying him out brutally with the steel chair being crushed on his neck


“Virtual Voodoo”
plays inside the arena as Umaga & Armando Alejandro Estrada make their way down to the ring. Estrada, looking very relaxed collects a microphone and says that everyone just saw the video, the video that showed Umaga is the only monster now left on Smackdown. He says that The Undertaker made a mistake by getting in Umaga’s way of a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania, saying that the dead man had to learn that if you get in Umaga’s way, you will become an actual dead man. With the crowd booing, Estrada says that no one will ever have to worry about seeing The Undertaker again because Umaga has done what no one else ever has, and that is finish the career of the dead man. He carries on and says that right now Umaga is the most dominant force in the WWE and that no one wants to stand in his way of getting what he wants, the World Heavyweight Championship. He then says that if any one has the guts, and obviously no brains, he is offering an open challenge for any one to take on Umaga right now. There’s no response for nearly ten seconds with Estrada saying that it’s just like he thought, no one would accept until “Live for the Moment” blasts out and Matt Hardy walks out to the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand as the crowd go crazy. Estrada laughs and asks Matt if he is feeling better after being hurt by Umaga two weeks ago. Matt says he’s glad Estrada asked that because that’s why he’s out here. He says that two weeks ago, he came that close to beating Umaga, and now that he’s back at one hundred percent, he’s more than happy to find out what he thinks he already knows, and that is that he can beat Umaga.

Estrada tells him it’s probably the strong medication he’s on, but tells him to come and find out the hard way, that you can be crazy but you still won’t be able to beat The Samoan Bulldozer. Just as Matt drops the microphone and drops his microphone and takes his shirt off, just leaving his United States title belt around his waist, Shelton Benjamin comes up from behind and clubs Matt across the back. Matt drops to his knees as Shelton continues the attack, stomping Matt hard across the back before hitting him with a hard stiff kick to the face at the top of the ramp. With the crowd booing as Estrada and Umaga look on, Shelton reaches down and picks up Matt’s microphone. He says that no one disrespects Shelton Benjamin like the way Matt just did, no one. He then says that he’s sick of Matt Hardy getting all the attention on Smackdown, but says he is more deserving than anyone and especially Matt Hardy. He says every time Matt walks out here with the United States Championship around his waist, it makes him sick because it should be around someone who actually deserves it. He bends down and looks Matt in the face and says he’s going to do everything he can to change that, claiming that he will be the next United States Champion. Shelton drops the mic as “Ain’t No Stoppin Me” plays as Estrada and Umaga look on from the ring. As Shelton walks to the back, Shannon Moore walks out and barges past Shelton to check on mat. Shelton just smirks as he turns round to see Matt coming round.


Vote for the Class of 2008 WWE Hall of Fame
Click here for details on how to vote!


***MATCH #5***

Shawn Michaels
vs. Kenny Dykstra w/Edge & Michael Shane

Getting back up to his feet, Michaels urges Kenny back up to his. Dykstra isn’t far behind as he stands up and turns round with Michaels then charging at him and taking him down with a clothesline. Kenny gets back up right away, but he runs right in to another clothesline from the World Champion. As he stands back up again, he is only able to watch on as Michaels turns back to run in the ropes and comes back, jumping at Kenny and hitting a LOU THESZ PRESS. . . . . A big pop breaks out as HBK pummels Kenny with right hands to the head. He then walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope, but Michael Shane stands on the apron to distract the referee. Charles Robinson walks over and tells him to get down while Edge jumps up to the apron and knocks Michaels off the top and down to the mat, to a lot of heat from the crowd. Edge drops back down and looks in to the crowd with a big smile on his face. Shane too drops back down after a telling off as Kenny scurries over to Michaels and goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . The Cruiserweight Champion doesn’t look too bothered as he stands back up and walks over to the corner and helps himself up to the second rope as Michaels gets back up. As Michaels turns round, Kenny dives at him, connecting with a diving clothesline. He tries for a cover again as he hooks both legs this time 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Michaels gets his shoulder up comfortably as Kenny this time urges HBK to stand back up.

Michaels takes his time as he sits up and then gets back to his feet with Kenny then trying to set him up for a ROLLING CUTTER. . . . . Michaels though grabs Kenny by the back of the neck and pushes him in to the ropes, and as Kenny comes back, Michaels hits him with an inverted atomic drop. As Dykstra hobbles about holding his groin, Michaels then turns back to run the ropes, comes back and takes Kenny down with a FLYING FOREARM SMASH. . . . . Michaels then flips up to send the crowd wild. He looks to the corner but sees Edge and remembers what happened earlier, so he instead walks over to Kenny’s feet and applies THE SHARPSHOOTER. . . . . A typical mixed reaction meets Michaels’ lack of concern for Bret Hart, but it’s mostly cheers as Edge and Shane urge Kenny to fight it. Michaels applies the pressure and seems to be mouthing something to Edge, who gets pissed on the outside and then jumps up to the apron. Shane also gets on the apron behind Michaels, which Robinson sees and walks over to get him down. Edge then threatens to climb between the ropes, forcing Michaels to let the hold go as he walks over to Edge who drops down to the arena floor. They exchange words while Robinson deals with Shane, and as Dykstra recovers. After a good ten seconds of banter, Michaels turns round and walks back over to Dykstra and bends down to pull him back up, but Kenny has different ideas as he drags Michaels in to a SMALL PACKAGE 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

Michaels just kicks out, but he’s back up on his feet while Kenny still takes his time to recover from the sharpshooter. Michaels this time is able to pull Kenny back up to his feet as he whips him in to the ropes, but Kenny holds on to the top rope as Michaels then runs at him. Dykstra lifts his boot up in to HBK’s face with Michaels then being knocked back across the mat holding his face. As he turns round, Kenny charges at him and goes for a clothesline, but Michaels ducks under the outstretched arm as Kenny then runs through but stops himself and turns round as Michaels then goes for a SUPER KICK. . . . . Dykstra ducks his head and then stomps Michaels in the gut before planting him with a SPIKE DDT. . . . . Gasps come from the crowd as Kenny then rushes as he turns over and goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Shoulder up from Michaels, but Dykstra can’t believe it, neither can Edge and Shane. Kenny looks at Edge and then at Shane as he stands back up and pulls Michaels back up to his feet. He looks over and winks at Shane, then whips Michaels towards the ropes with Shane turning his back to the action, only for Michaels to reverse the irish whip. As Kenny hits the ropes, Shane reaches back and grabs Dykstra’s boot, thinking it’s Michaels. Kenny turns round and yells at Shane, who turns round and looks shocked only for Kenny to shake his head and then turn round in to a little SWEET CHIN MUSIC. . . . . Michaels drops to the mat and hooks the legs as Robinson counts 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: As soon as Michaels gets back up, Edge slips inside the ring, charges at him and takes him down with a spear, cutting Michaels’ music straight away. Edge doesn’t stand up and just remains on his knees by Michaels and stares at him in some kind of weird trance. Shane gets in the ring and looks on in confusion. Edge then stands back up but doesn’t take his eyes off of Michaels as “Metalingus” blasts out to a lot of heat. We see Dykstra sitting up in the background, looking dazed.

WINNER: Shawn Michaels by pinfall @ 12.14




Ric Flair
vs. Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP)

Flair picks himself back up in the corner with MVP moving in for the kill and taunting him. Flair though takes him by surprise as he pulls himself up quickly and chops away at his chest, knocking MVP back and away from the corner, eventually knocking him down with a hard chop. MVP stands back up straight away as Flair then grabs him by the arm and whips him in to the ropes, and as MVP comes back, Flair turns to the side and drives his elbow in to the side of MVP’s head. The Franchise Player drops to the mat as Flair then turns back in to the ropes, then comes back and hits MVP with a RUNNING JUMPING KNEE DROP. . . . . The fans cheer loudly for Flair as he then goes for a cover with Micky Henson counting the fall 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Flair stands back up and shifts to MVP’s legs and lifts them up, signalling for the FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. . . . . A big pop breaks out, but MVP is able to kick Flair off of him, knocking him back across the ring. As both men stand back up, MVP throws a right hand at The Nature Boy, but Flair ducks it and stomps him in the gut before planting him with a BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX. . . . . Flair then turns over and tries for another cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . MVP gets an easy kick out, but Flair doesn’t look to waste a second as he gets back up and pulls MVP back up to his feet. He tries for an irish whip, but it’s reversed by MVP who catches Flair as he comes back and tosses him behind with a SNAP OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY. . . . . MVP remains on the mat, feeling the fatigue of the match as Flair lands in the corner. As MVP stands back up, Flair crawls in to the corner and uses the ropes to help him stand back up, but as he turns round, MVP charges at him and drives his foot in to Flair’s face. . . . . THE PLAYA’S BOOT. . . . . Flair drops face first to the mat and is then pulled across the mat by MVP who turns him over and goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

Flair gets the shoulder up just before Henson brings his hand down for the third time. MVP stares at him and tells him it was 3, but Henson has none of it. MVP sits up and looks pissed as hell. He then stands up and drags Flair back up, setting him up for THE PLAYMAKER. . . . . MVP though takes his time as he looks in to the crowd, giving Flair just the break he needs as he shock MVP by escaping his grip and sweeping his legs. Flair then lifts MVP’s legs off the mat and applies the FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. . . . . The crowd goes nuts as Flair drops to the mat and does everything he can to make MVP tap, applying a lot of pressure to Smackdown’s highest paid superstar. Flair’s face goes bright red as MVP screams out in pain in the middle of the ring, telling Henson he doesn’t want to give it up. He tries to fight it and seems to be dragging himself slowly back to the ropes behind him. Flair then tries to stop him, but MVP gets closer and closer before being able to reach back and grab hold of the bottom rope to the disappointment of the Italian crowd, as well as The Nature Boy. Flair lets the hold go reluctantly and takes a short breather, allowing MVP to slip under the bottom rope to the outside. MVP helps himself up to his feet as he leans against the apron before turning round and walking away from the ring, just like he did against Batista last week. Flair watches on and doesn’t look impressed as he walks over to the ropes and climbs through them to the outside. The crowd cheer as he follows MVP up the ramp while Henson starts counting. MVP gets about half way up the ramp as Flair then clubs him across the back. He then spins him round, but MVP hits him with a right hand and carries on walking up the ramp. He gets to the stage until Flair is able to club him again, but it’s too late as Micky Henson reaches the count of ten and counts them both out.

AFTERMATH: Flair & MVP continue to slug it out, with Flair taking control as he chops MVP down to the floor. He looks in to the crowd and grabs MVP’s leg, indicating for the figure four, getting a big pop from the crowd. But before he can lock it in, JBL & Shane McMahon walk out across the stage and JBL kicks Flair right in the head. We then see Vince McMahon walk out with a microphone in hand, telling Shane & JBL to make him pay for what he did Monday. JBL stomps Flair across the chest and then pushes him down the ramp with his foot. As they get to the bottom of the ramp, JBL pulls Flair up to his feet and throws him in to the steel steps to an almighty thud. Shane & Vince walk down the ramp with a big smile on their faces as the crowd chant for Batista. Vince laughs as he lifts the microphone to his mouth and says that Batista is here tonight, but he says that he might have a slight problem. We then see the tron cut to the back, showing a locker room barricaded by a forklift truck and some storage boxes. We can hear Batista banging on the door too and shouting for someone to let him out. We cut back to the arena as we see MVP standing at the top of the ramp with a smile on his face before he turns round and walks to the back. Vince then walks over to Flair and kneels down right in Flair’s face. He tells him that no one screws with him or his sons and that there is one hell of a price to pay.

He then instructs his sons to toss him in the ring, which they do. They all follow inside except for Shane as he looks under the ring and pulls out a trash can before tossing it over the top rope. Flair seems to be coming round and gets to his knees, but JBL tells Vince not to worry as he then runs back in to the ropes once Flair is up and takes his head off with a Clothesline from Wall Street. The fans boo even louder with JBL then dragging Flair in to the corner and sitting him up against the bottom rope. Now back in the ring, Shane positions the trash can between the middle and bottom rope, against Flair’s chest. Vince then says it’s time to go coast to coast as Shane walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope before leaping off and dropkicking the trash can in to Flair’s face to a huge amount of heat. Vince and his boys are all smiles, but Vince then walks over to Flair and pulls the can away. He kneels down beside Flair again and says that if his buddy, Triple H wants a war, then he’s got one. He then stands back up and walks to the centre of the ring alongside Shane & JBL and directs a message to Triple H. He says that if he wants to mess with him and his boys, he’s making the biggest mistake of his life because together, one by one, they will destroy each and every member of Evolution. “No Chance in Hell” hits as he and his sons raise each others arms in the air to a huge amount of heat.

RESULT: Double Count Out @ 9.52



John Morrison & The Miz df. Jimmy Wang Yang & Super Crazy
Michael Shane df. Chavo Guerrero
Finlay df. Chris Harris
Jamie Noble df. Harry Smith
Shawn Michaels df. Kenny Dykstra
Ric Flair & MVP fought to a Double Count Out

Johnny Jeter df. Ted DiBiase Jr
D-Lo Brown df. Colt Cabana


Official Theme Song

Fall Out Boy “Thanks For The Memories”
To view the amazing video, click here!

WWE Championship
John Cena vs Kane vs Randy Orton (c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Shawn Michaels (c) vs Edge

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Received your PM and read SmackDown just now. I'll try and get a full review up in the upcoming days. Failing that, I'll get some comments up.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Smackdown Review

This was a very good opening promo, it was very well written and both guys were in character. I liked Edge gloating about his title shot as he would do that, btw I think it's hilarious when you put "the crowd craps all over him", I Lol every time for some reason! I liked Edge questioning why HBK is called Mr.Wrestlemania but HBK came back with good comeback, and the "Mr.My Days at Wrestlemania are over" line was just typical Edge. The next paragraph was great with HBK losing his temper with Edge, I liked what HBK had to say and I liked his honesty when talking about the last few years. The last line from HBK was great and that would've been a good end to the promo, but Edge threatening HBK was a good way to go as it allowed HBK to hit him with the SCM. That was a good ending and it would come off very well, as it has done in the past. This promo has done a lot for thsi feud.

This seemed like a decent match, it was the right choice to kick off the action for sure. Morrison and Miz were always going to win this one but it wasn't a squash as Yang and Crazy got some good offense in. The ending was good and you got Yang out of the equation smartly. Don't like the name of the finisher but it is funny I guess, what happened to the Reality Check? Anyway good win for Miz and Morrison, I wonder if they are still moving. Oh, I have my answer. Good aftermath, they should do well on Raw. I suspect the Pitbulls will be winning the tag titles in the near future as you would need as much heel teams as possible on SD if the UK Pack keep hold of the titles.

This was a good segment, typical Edge sucking up to someone to get what he wants. I like Dykstra stepping up a level again though as he is a top talent. You described it perfectly when you said that Edge was caught off guard, I can just imagine him no tknowing what to say in that situation. I liked the tension between Shane and Dykstra, I wonder what you have planned with them.

Very interesting segment here, it will be funny seeing Finlay without his shillelagh. It will be good though as sometimes that is the only way he wins matches. I'm sure he has something up his sleeve though.

Good win for Michael Shane, I think he needs this win. You went the right way about it too by having him pick up thw win with a small package, meaning that Chavo doesn't lose too much credibility. Having Sydal at the top of the ramp was a nice touch too, I'm looking forward to this continuing.

Solid interview here from the UK Pack. I liked what they had to say and I like how this is becoming quite personal. The line about a pitbull not being a match for a bulldog was great.

This feud has been very interesting, one thing you do get out of a feud with these guys is very physical matches. It was very well laid out with Harris hitting the referee with the spear by accident, that must have hurt. I don't like the name you have given for the Catatonic to be honest, the Catatonic is a perfectly good name but I guess you think TNA when you hear the name and thats not what you want. Haha, should've known that they would have another shillelagh, that was great. And Finlay picks up the win, that was the right decision as another win for Harris would have been too much. BTW this is how Hornswoggle should be used, just interfering in matches as a heel rather than having him beat established wrestlers like IRL.

Don't get rid of the Coach! Actually Tazz would be great as an announcer, better than Coach, but I just like the Coach. I don't know if Tazz would complain about other announcers tbh though. Oh, should've realized that you brought him in for a good reason. This is very creative and he will no doubt putting Masters and Haas over. Tazz stood up for himslef well and I'm glad you have him in a Masterlock challenge instead of a match, as that would be a step too far in his condition. Should be interesting, good segment.

Again this was a very interesting segment. This was a good way of creating MVP's match with Ric Flair and all were in character. The main event should be good but it was very interesting to see MVP ring someone at the end, I wonder who it was? Mr McMahon maybe? I find it a bit odd though since he is in a feud with Rey Mysterio, although I suppose it doesn't matter if he gets involved for one night.

This seemed like a good match, this was a good way to further develop the feud between these two teams. I liked how you got Kash and Burchill involved and it was a good sneaky win for Noble with a rollup. This feud is developing very well and I am interested to see what happens next week.

Nice little promo from Masters before the challenge, it was a good little comedy bit too when Masters made fun of Tazz's size. I was interested to find out how well Tazz could do but having Haas and Masters just beat him up instead is a great heel thing for them to do. Haas locking in the submission was cool too, as was Masters causing Tazz a midget again Lol, they look like really strong heels now.

Great to see that intensity from Matt, knockign Shelton out with a right hand backstage would be pretty funny to see. Matt's opening line was good but Shelton's comeback was even better. Good segment again.

This was a good promo, allowing you to develop two feuds in the same segment. Hardy being brave as usual but being assualted by Shelton was cool, and it looks like the punch earlier has brought thsi aggression out of Shelton which is cool. It was good how you acknowledged Matt Hardy's friendship with Shannon Moore too by having him check on Matt, and it may also lead to a tag match next week?

This was a very good match and you gave us a little more detail which was cool. It flowed well and the ending was just great with Shane accidently trippign Dykstra, also adding to their problems even further. It was also a good finish for Dykstra too really as the loss doesn't hurt him too much. Edge won't be happy that he failed to live up to his earlier promise, but its good to see HBK looking strong. Oh, Spear by Edge! I spoke too soon! Funny seeing Edge going into another one of his trances, the only thing missing was him pulling his hair back loads of times like he does.

What a great ending to the show this was, just when we thought Triple H had took the advantage in this rivalry! The match was good and you ended it the right way as neither man can afford to lose really, but the aftermath was great. Having the McMahons put a forklift in front of Batista's locker room was great, that was very creative although we have seen that done before. I really liked how they beat up Flair and I liked the threat from Mr McMahon, I guess Batista will be next. You maybe could have done this next week instead to allow Evolution to look strong for a bit longer considering they only got back together on Raw, but I guess you are trying to make the point that no matter what HHH does the McMahon's always come out on top. Good ending.

One again Nige a very solid show, not much wrong with the show at all. The backstage segments were brilliant with some good matches and promos too. Some very interesting feuds are developing here on Smackdown too and I liked how you brought the Evolution/McMahon feud over to Smackdown. Good job mate again, looking forward to Raw.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Sorry Nige . Just seen the PM there i didn't even pay attention too it . Anyway, the review will be up in the next couple of days . Quite tired after Dans review!


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

The SmackDown Review

This was a very good opening promo, it was very well written and I enjoyed it, I liked how Edge questioned the Mr. WrestleMania name, I was actually about that recently thinking that the name is for performance not results, they both mentioned that so that was good, I kind of saw the SCM coming but it was a great way to end the promo which has done a lot to hype up the main event for Mania.

When I saw the match I thought it was going to be a squash, so it was good that you allowed Yang & Crazy to get some offence. I liked the ending, lol at the ‘Mizzard of Oz’ did you make that up? Anyway good match and good choice to open, oh so they are going to Raw, I don’t remember much going on in the Tag division on Raw so maybe they can add to that.

This was very Edge in speaking highly of Kenny when really he wants something himself, the tension between Shane & Kenny was very interesting maybe one of them turns, good segment here as I am a fan of Kenny’s it is good that he is these type of matches.

Regal taking the shillelagh is just here to show that he can’t win with it later, segment does the job.
Nice win for Shane here and leaves Chavo with credibility as he won with a small package, I think Shane needed that win as he hasn’t been picking them up lately if I remember correctly. Sydal’s involvement was very interesting to say the least.

The Pitbulls are no match for the bulldog as an great line and this was a solid interview from the UK Pack and this feud is getting really interesting.

Finlay has two shillelagh’s, so the Regal thing was a throw off, I wonder if this will escalate because of that but the match was good, can’t say I am a big fan of Harris but I like him here.

Tazz??? Didn’t see that coming and yeah a lot of people don’t like Coach lol. Masters and Haas coming in was good and Tazz taking the Masterlock challenge is better than having him in a match, can Tazz still go? I am not sure but why was he there if he didn’t want to replace Coach.

I liked this segment a lot with MVP and Evolution it was a good way to set up a match between Flair and MVP which should be good but I can see the McMahons getting involved.

Well the Tag team title feud is probably my favourite here on SmackDown and this match really added to the feud so I can’t wait to see where you take this, I enjoyed this match.

I can’t tell if this is starting a feud or it is a way just to gain heat because him not taking the challenge leaves it kind of open. It was a great way to have them get some heel heat.

Well Matt didn’t want to talk too long here and just lays Benjamin out, which would be nice to see, the dialogue was good bringing up Jeff and Haas was great.

I liked this promo as it continued the feud with Umaga and Undertaker but also let us know that Shelton wasn’t best pleased with what happened earlier, Shannon Moore coming down was strange maybe setting up a tag match next week or would love he became the M’Fer again.

Great match I really liked it and it was full of detail, Dykstra and Shane not helping their situation out was very cool and I liked that Dykstra didn’t look too weak, he had to lose as he was facing the champ but a good showing here, Edge gets the upper hand this week. I love psycho Edge better that the ‘white tuxedo wearing Edge’.

What a great end to SmackDown, I thought you would wait until Raw to have the McMahons get the upper hand but here worked just as well, the match was good and MVP just walking out again was decent as he is the heel, anyway the McMahons coming out was done well, I don’t know why but the forklift truck made me laugh. This was a great end an Evolution vs. McMahon feud can really be amazing and I think it will.

Overall: It was once again a great show. The matches and the promos were great. It done all the right things in building towards WrestleMania which is shaping up to be great.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response



Everyone at the WWE would like to thank each and everyone of you for nominating the individuals you feel deserve to be inducted in to the class of the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame. We have received more nominations than we could have possibly anticipated, and with that said, we can now reveal to you the shortlist in alphabetical order, the candidates voted by you the fans:

  • "Stonecold" Steve Austin
  • "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase
  • "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair
  • Owen Hart
  • Rocky Johnson
  • Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart
  • The Road Warriors
  • Jake "The Snake" Roberts
  • The Rock
  • "The Ravishing" Rick Rude
  • "The Macho Man" Randy Savage
  • "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith
  • Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
  • The Ultimate Warrior

With the sheer amount of votes received, we limited the shortlist down to 14, with only 8 to be selected by again, yourselves for the final vote. It will be the case for some of you that you will not see some of your nominations. There were a total of 19 individuals who were also nominated but only received one nomination, with the remaining candidates receiving more to make a more consistent shortlist.

You now have one week (00:00 Thursday 21st August – REAL TIME!) instead of the originally intended two to vote for the final 8 you believe deserve to be included in to this years Hall of Fame class. We again urge you to vote in your numbers to make sure you have the chance to watch your favourite legends inducted the night before Wrestlemania 24.

If you wish to vote, all votes will be sent by PM and you can this template:

My Hall of Fame Final Votes

Thanks for your support in this guys, I can’t thank you enough, Nige.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Review

Very good opening promo, was a well written intense promo between HBK and Edge. I thought you got both men’s characters spot on, especially Edge’s when said HBK wasn’t Mr Wrestlemania and a bit of his 2005 character came through when he blamed HBK and Batista for not winning the title. Thought the promo was good enough to not have somebody to hit their finisher at the end and could be saved for a future promo closer to Mania, but I suppose it adds some more heat between the two and I expect Edge to get payback before the end of the show.

Right choice for the first match of the evening as it would get the fans pumped up and excited for the show ahead. Seemed to be a pretty good match and glad to see Morrison and Miz win as that team Is awesome IRL, and hoping you give them a push. Little surprised at the aftermath, but M and M should be good additions to the tag division on Raw which if I can remember correctly has a weaker division that SD.

Pretty good segment, and you got Edge’s character spot on again as I could imagine him sucking up to Dykstra and finding someone to take on a rival would be something he would do in reality. Tension between Shane and Kenny was interesting, future feud?

Decent segment and should be interesting to see what Finlay has in plan without his Shillelagh.

Good to see Shane get the victory, was surprised a little that Chavo lost but at least he keeps his credibility by losing because of a small package. The aftermath made me a little uneasy with the multiple mentions of the word uneasy.

UK pack interview was very solid. Not got too much to say about it but like previous people said the pitbull is a no match for the Bulldog was a great line.

Finlay/Harris was a solid match, the finish of the match was well booked and made both men look strong. But seriously there is more that one Shillelagh? DAMN YOU FINLAY! As you can tell I just watched that clip of “It’s still real to me damnit” kid. Anyway..good to see Finlay get the victory, as I have never been a fan of Harris even during his days as the awesome Brendan Walker.

Good segment and I would be happy to see Tazz return to the Smackdown announce table, as he is much better than the Coach who was boring as hell. Masterlock challenge should be interesting, and glad to see Tazz stand up for himself but I don’t expect him to escape the Masterlock.

Another good segment and am liking the match made for tonight. Promo sounded off for me once or twice and the goofy insult to Batista was lame but otherwise was a good lead up promo for the match later on and left me wondering who MVP was talking to on the phone.

Smith/Noble again was a very solid match and was a good way of continuing the Pitbulls/UK Pack feud. Thought Smith was about to get the win but got proved wrong after interference. Never really liked having more than one match end in a roll up really though.

Never been keen on the Masterlock Challenge, but this one was actually pretty enjoyable and you deserve a gold medal for making Chris Masters entertaining by saying “Tough Shit Midget”, made me lol. Good to see Haas lock on the Haas of Pain so Masters isn’t doing all the work, and you did a good job of making Masters and Haas look very strong.

Umaga/Hardy/Benjamin promo was pretty good, thought it was random at first with Umaga and the other two going two completely different places but was smart booking in getting Umaga to hype his match with Taker aswell as building a Shelton/Hardy feud.

Ugh at MVP/Flair going after HBK/Dykstra because of the Evolution/McMahon feud. Makes the World Heavyweight Title feud look unimportant really compared to the McMahons. However was a great match and you wrote the ending very well, and the mistake with Dykstra and Shane definitely suggests that they are going to feud. Little disappointed to not see Edge get payback for earlier, as I would of liked to of seen the feud look equal if you know what I mean.

Despite my complaints about it being main event, MVP/Flair seemed to be just as good a match than HBK/Dykstra. Would of thought JBL and McMahon attacking Flair giving him a DQ victory would have been better than the count out finish, but I suppose it goes with MVP walking out of his match with Batista. I liked how they locked up Batista backstage so he couldn’t make the save. Will be interesting to see how Triple H responds on Raw

Overall was another very good show, once again didn’t spot much wrong with the show. Pretty much all of the promos were very solid and entertaining, and all of the matches I could imagine to be very good ones. Good work
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Niges Smackdown Review By Kanefan4E
You are certainly building up Edge and Shawn Michaels. I for one can't wait for their match at Wrestlemania. The thing I liked about this promo is the intensity you portrayed. I don't know if this is what you tried to do, I'm sure it is though. I found it interesting that Shawn Michaels was the one to end the promo with Sweet Chin Music. I would have thought the heel Edge would have layed a spear on Michaels and left. Either way it gives the feud a bit more, it adds a whole lot of personal business to it which in my opinion makes a feud a hell of a lot better.

Yang and Crazy vs. Miz and Morrison is pretty cool. Awesome that Super Crazy is being used to a decent enough extent in this thread. It was clear as day from the get go that Miz and Morrison were going to get the win. However I liked how Miz got rhe victory rather than John Morrison. That was something different. Wait so Miz and Morrison are going to RAW? While that is a smart move, I don't really like the idea of them telling the Smackdown crowd. Well actually it gives them bucket loads of heat so I guess that was the right move. My bad.

It was interesting to see Shane and Dykstra arguing and Edge splitting it up. That kind of looks like you are creating tension for Edge, which could in the long run mean that Shawn Michaels retains the Championship at Wrestlemania. I guess I'll just have to see how this unfolds over the next few weeks. Good booking, you're thinking outside the box.

It's a nice little feud between Finlay and Harris. I liked this segment as it seemed like something William Regal would do. I'm looking forward to the match now that it has had a little bit of hype and that Finlay must use his bare hands.

Shane beating Chavo was the right option really. Especially after what happened earlier between him and Kenny Dykstra.

Nice backstage segment with the UK Pack. This team really is starting to grow on me for some reason. Maybe it's my undying love for Burchill's character. The last line 'A Pitbull is no match for a Bulldog' or something to that extent was fantastic, and I just think it rounded the segment off nicely.

Ah so is Hornswoggle a heel with Finlay? I loved the way you utilised Hornswoggle in basically the only way possible with him helping Finlay to the victory. However I'd like to know how Hornswoggle managed to get the weapon from William Regal. Either way a nice match and a realistic ending.

Man am I pumped to see Tazz back. It's great that he will more than likely be returning as an active superstar. Hopefully this little feud with The Masters Of The Mat will elevate Masters and Haas and still keep Tazz strong. However looking forward to the master lock challenge, as that segment was very under used in BTB for my liking.

Nice. I'm intrigued to see who MVP was talking to on the phone. I have to agree with Kane01 here though, the insult did seem a little bit, well childish. However saying that you announced a nice match for later on in the show so propps for that.

The rollup finish for this match doesn't bother me that much. I think it was the right choice to continue the feud between The Pitbulls and The UKPack. The match was good too and it's no wonder why you have won the Match writer of the month on two occasions if I'm not mistaken. Nice one.

I always mark for The Master Lock Challenge, and for Masters too in all honesty. Not so keen on Haas, well I guess I don't really think of him much that's all. Masters and Haas looking strong though. Hopefully you can change my mind on Haas and can actually make him credible unlike other threads and real life.

Umaga vs. The Undertaker is certainly one of the matches that I'm keen to watch, that's for sure. And I have to agree with Kane01, this was very smart booking. Managing to hype two feuds in one in ring segment. brilliantly done and the promo was very entertaining too which makes it all worthwhile. As well as the Undertaker/Umaga feud I really am intrigued with this Benjamin/Hardy feud too.

Dykstra is seriously underrated, and I'm glad you like to utilise him just like I do. This was a good little match, and the misscommunication of sorts really makes me belive, like I said earlier that a feud will be starting between Shane and Dykstra. It's not the most over feid I have to say, but for me personally, it's a damn interesting one. I can't wait to see how it pans out.

The double count out really served it'spurpose here tonight and I'm actually really glad it happened. Bastista being locked backstage was a nice little angle to further this feud, and I'm glad the McMahons came out and beat the crap out of everyone at the end of the show because it certainly leaves it open as to what Triple H will do or say on Monday Night RAW.

Overall I thought the show was pretty damn long. Maybe a little bit too long, but I suppose the buildup to Wrestlemania needs as much as you can possibly fit into a show. Your feuds are progressing nicely, not all of them I like but the majority are great. With only two matches still announced for Wrestlemania, I'm looking forward to the rest of the announcements. Hopefully there is a few matches announed on RAW. You kept me entertained and once again, looking forward to RAW.
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