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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

The King of Kings Review of Raw

For the record I have followed this BTB for a long time now, It has to be one of my favourites on here.

Opening Promo: I really liked Triple H here he was in character by having him serious and throwing in a couple of jokes was good. The McMahons were always going to make and apperance. Triple H hitting at couple of matches, I can't see a HIAC at WrestleMania. I think these were just for pops. Them demanding HHH to tell them the match kept them in character. I have no idea what kind of match it is going to be. It is a bit odd that HHH would want a 3-1 handicap but it isn't bad.

Killings/Cryme Tyme/Santino: This was quite funny and I enjoyed it. Cryme Tyme haven't done a promo since they have returned (IRL also) so it will be funny to see what they pull out those suitcases.

Cody Rhodes vs. Eddie Colon: A good match with a good ending, I actually like Cody in this thread and this feud with Carlito & Eddie has been been built for sometime. I don't think they will get a spot at Mania but the mystery man has really spiced this feud up. Do they have another brother lol.

MVP/Burke Promo: MVP being revealed as the man who attacked Rey was a genuine shock and I can see MVP going to Raw in the draft or if noe before. Good interaction with Burke here and an alliance could really help them both. Nice tag match for later but I don't know why Cena is in there.

Killings vs. Santino: The feud between these two finally get their match and it was entertaining and leads to another, Cryme Tyme involvement was funny, lol at the penis pump, Santino is awesome.

Beth and Natalya promo & Divas match: I like that the Divas are doing something and I like the pairing of these two, but feud in the future please. The promo got them over as strong heels. The match made them really strong but I can see a turn leading into Mania for some reason.

Jericho/Lashley promo: Good Jericho segment and I predict that he screws lashley over or tries and fails. This hypes up the match for later on and the result will be interesting.

Cena/Rey vs. Burke/MVP: I think with the way this match was built the faces were going to win, Rey earlier on wanting to attack MVP and with Cena being in the Mania maen event. It was a very goog match and I enjoyed it.

Kennedy/Lashley: Well I was right about him screwing Lashley and Kennedy picking up the win was nice to see. Jericho the hitting Kennedy carries on the three way feud. Maybe they have a three way at Mania but I would have thought these would have been in MITB but who knows.[

Orton Promo & Match: I like the submission angle for Orton and I predict here and now that he wins by making Cena tap out at Mania. Anyway, I found it funny how made sure we knew Orton vs. Val was non title. The Camel Clutch was an interesting choice of finisher and I don't know if I like it. I think the ankle lock would suit Orton better tbh but we'll see where it goes. I may have to retract my earlier statement because you have Kane looking really strong here which is good.

Sunny/Hardy/Punk: Jeff Hardy is back!!! and if I remember you revealed that it was going to be Hardy/Punk at Mania and that would be awesome, as was their match at the rumble. This promo scared me for a second I thought she was getting raped but that would be silly.

Main Event: It was ok but I think that this match was there to bring back Evolution and I think that it we'll see McMahons vs. Evolution at Mania which is good. (Orton always left out the Evolution reunions lol)

Overall: Another great show and I am really lookig forward to WrestlMania. One minor problem the McMahon-HHH storyline is kind of over shadowing the title match going into Mania but that is not really that big a deal as it has been built from the beggining of this thread.

Glory, Glory, Man United.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response



We have been advised that the WWE have signed several stars to developmental contracts ahead of FCW’s television debut on March 1st. The superstars in question are The Amazing Red, Christian York, Joey Mercury (Matthews) and Matt Cross.

Red has recently recovered from an operation and has been sounded out by Dusty Rhodes to join up with FCW. York & Matthews have worked together for years, and the WWE are satisfied that Matthews’ problems are behind him. Cross has done some work in Japan since he was part of MTV’s Wrestling Society X, wrestling under the name of MDogg20. It is not known when they will start in Florida, but we will let you know more information when we get it.

On a side note, if you haven't voted yet for your initial nominations for the Hall of Fame this year, you have about a week before the shortlist is put up for the final votes to induct 8 superstars.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Some new stars maybe on the way? Cool.

I'll send some inductees to ya, in a minute.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Good to see that you've signed more Superstars to FCW, especially Amazing Red, I can't wait for him to be pushed up to the Main Rosters. As for the Hall Of Fame, you know I handed my votes in ages ago, Nige, which was my unsuccessful attempt to have Mike Adamle as a nominee Can't wait for SmackDown when it's up, hopefully we'll find out more about the Evolution re-union.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw Review

Lol can imagine the Germans being angry because they can’t understand a word that Triple H is saying. Very strong promo to kick off the show and good to see Triple H play around with suggestions for matches after his win the previous week. His match ideas suggested that we might get a HIAC at Mania, hopefully not as those type of matches are much better suited on smaller PPV’s. You got Vince’s character off very well, and Triple H asking for a handicap match is slightly surprising but I suspect he has got something planned.

Entertaining promo, added some comedy to the show aswell as hype the match later on. Liking the Killings/Cryme Time partnership, and I could see Cryme Time stealing Santino and Melina’s bags.

Good way to continue the tag feud with a singles match, and from what I can remember Cody and Kingston beat Carlito and Eddie last week so was good to see Eddie take the victory to turn the tides and keep them looking strong by not losing to Cody and Kofi every week.

Pretty good segment here, MVP and Burke would made a good team on this thread. Huge match made by Bischoff, Cena seems like a random addition to the match and would of thought another midcarders would have been put into the match. But I suppose it gives the match a bigger feel to it.

Decent match nothing to big, not suprising to see Killings get the win. Aftermath just like the promo earlier was very entertaining, would have been great to see Santino’s face when they pulled out his penis pump lol.

The divas promo backstage was good, and you put over Beth and Natalya very well. Remembered you mentioning that you didn’t like Michelle McCool on one of my shows, so not surprising to see that you had get her ass kicked. Also whoever decided to put the title on her than Natalya IRL deserves to get their ass kicked aswell.

Womens match seemed to be very good for a womens match, which you would expect with these 4 as they are probably the best 4 in the WWE today. Good victory for Beth and Natalya and I expect them to continue to dominate the womens scene until either Victoria or Mickie take the title, or possibly they turn on each other.

Lashley/Jericho segment was very intense and I expect something to happen between the two during the Kennedy/Lashley match.

Great Tag Team Match, very entertaining to read. Was pretty obvious that Cena was going to win as he is going to headline WM, but I would of preferred he got the pinfall over Burke than MVP as MVP has just started a big feud with Rey and Burke isn’t really doing anything so it wouldn’t of hurt Burke as much. Had a feeling that Orton or Kane would come down during the match, so surprised that didn’t happen.

Haha knew something was going to go on between Jericho and Lashley.Was another very good match with a lot of good action. You wrote the ending very well with Lashley hitting the spear on Kennedy, and then arguing with Jericho leading to the finish. Good aftermath aswell with Jericho hitting Kennedy with the chair to make Jericho look very strong.

Wow Dominating victory for Orton and was fresh to see him win via a submission hold, could never see him winning a match with a Camel Clutch nowadays as it isn’t really that big a move as it used to be in the past with Slaughter and Shiek. Ouch at the aftermath, Orton probably wouldn’t leave the arena alive for mentioning Germany’s loss in the war. Wasn’t keen on Kane attacking Orton after the match as it killed the credibility and momentum of Orton that he picked up from that match and ended up not looking that good. Another week of Kane looking strong, Orton and Cena have surely got to get one over him soon right?

Another good segment was surprised to see Jeff Hardy was back as I didn’t expect it. Good way to continue off their feud by having a brawl, but Jeff Hardy is on my bad side now for putting his hands on Sunny. Bastard

WHOA return of Evolution! Great twist, wasn’t really much of a match but who cares when you can listen to Evolution’s awesome theme music. This is obviously going to lead to an Evolution v McMahons match at Wrestlemania.

Overall was a great show, with great matches and promos with a big twist with the return of Evolution. Great stuff and looking forward to next week’s Raw.
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WWE.com - Television - Smackdown (Preview - 22nd February 2008)

Smackdown Preview
22nd February 2008

The Palasport
Florence, Italy


This past Monday night on Raw, we and The McMahon Men were in for one almighty shock as Batista & Ric Flair raced down to ringside to come to the aid of their former Evolution partner, Triple H. The Game was set upon by all three men before the former Evolution members came to his rescue, and once they were able to see off Vince and his two sons, we saw a reunion of sorts. What does this mean? Are Evolution back together? What we do is know that Batista and Flair are expected to be at Smackdown this week as usual. Will we find out from them if this reunion was a one time deal?

After being eliminated by The Undertaker in the Royal Rumble and after a chokeslam through the announce table by the same man at Saturday Night’s Main Event, The Samoan Bulldozer caught the dead man off guard last week as he brutally attacked his bitter rival. Just as The Undertaker looked to wrap up his match last week, accompanied by Armando Estrada, Umaga took the phenom apart and ended the vicious assault by placing a steel chair across his neck and dropping his leg across Taker’s neck. The dead man was bleeding from the mouth, but just what condition is he in? Will we get an update on his current state this Friday?

Shawn Michaels was in action last week with Edge, his Wrestlemania opponent watching on from ringside. After he put away Matt Striker, the World Heavyweight Champion made it clear to The Rated R Superstar that he has a fight on his hands if he is going to have any chance of leaving the biggest spectacle in the history of sports entertainment as the new World Heavyweight Champion. With Edge seeming very confident earlier in the night, will these words have had any effect? Only time will tell!

Jamie Noble & Kid Kash were two very angry men at Saturday Night’s Main Event when The UK Pack were disqualified in their Tag Team Championship match. It was however The Pitbulls that brought the belt in to the ring that led to the disqualification, but they demanded that the Smackdown General Manager, William Regal act or they would take matters in to their own hands. And when Regal made a title match last week that didn’t include them, Noble & Kash stayed true to their word as they intentionally got the champions disqualified. This didn’t go down too well with John Morrison & The Miz as they missed out on the gold, but we have heard that Regal has made a match this week between one half of each team as Jamie Noble goes one on one with Harry Smith. Will things be going back to normal this week?

It seems that even Kenny Dykstra may be in for a hard life as we set upon the road to Wrestlemania. The Cruiserweight Champion has quickly become one of the WWE’s rising stars since winning the title back at the Survivor Series, however it appears life may soon become tricky if last week is anything to go by. It seems that Chavo Guerrero isn’t the only superstar chasing Dykstra’s title as we saw Michael Shane and Matt Sydal make it clear that they too want a chance at the gold. Shane & Sydal also made it known that they intend to take the cruiserweight division to a new level of competition, and it appears that William Regal is keen to see it as he has signed a match for this Friday which will see Chavo go head to head with Shawn Michaels’ cousin, Michael Shane.

Shelton Benjamin hasn’t wasted a second to run his mouth lately, but last week he finally ran in trouble. While putting down the United States Champion, Matt Hardy yet again, this time to The Pitbulls, he made the mistake of agreeing with their concern about William Regal’s position of General Manager. The Gold Standard certainly didn’t count on Regal overhearing his comments, but he may have learnt his lesson after being put in to a match against The Undertaker. It has to be said that Shelton did cope well for the most part, and he was spared defeat by Umaga’s brutal attack on the dead man. Has Shelton finally learnt his lesson?

Last Friday saw Chris Harris pick up a second victory over Finlay in three weeks, very much to the disliking of the Irishman. His plan to use the shillelagh to pick up a cheap victory backfired as Harris was able to dodge the attempt and use Finlay’s favourite weapon to defeat him. Just how did Finlay take the defeat? Tune in this Friday to find out!

We saw Chris Masters & Charlie Haas, or as they are now known, The Masters of the Mat pick up their first win as a tag team last Friday night. It’s been no secret that Haas has been on one hell of a resurgence lately under the guidance of Masters. The strength and size of The Masterpiece blended perfectly with Haas’s natural ability and new found desire. Have these two struck up a winning combination?

If John Morrison & The Miz weren’t happy going in to Smackdown last Friday after missing out on receiving a shot at the tag titles the week before, we can only speculate how they felt when they left the UK. After persuading William Regal to give them a shot this time round, it appeared the possibility of them taking up Eric Bischoff’s offer of a place on Raw was dwindling. However, things didn’t go their way yet again as The Pitbulls cost them the chance to pick up the gold they so desire. Has this influenced their future on Smackdown? Find out this week if they intend to stay or walk away to pastures new!


Chavo Guerrero
vs. Michael Shane

Harry Smith
vs. Jamie Noble

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Can't wait for SmackDown.

SD > RAW > ECW. For me.

Your RAW was awesome, so I really am so excited for SD.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Howdy Nige. Thought I'd drop in and leave some feedback for your (shocking) RAW. Thnx for your input on my situation, btw. Not a long review today. Sorry for lateness and slopiness

Enough talk, lets get to the feedbacking.

619s Feedback For Niges Monday Night RAW

Great way to kick off the show with this mini video package thing. Gets you caught up really quick and simple, but it still gives you the detail you need to understand what's gonna happen to night.

Triple H sucks as a crowd pleaser, but nice to see him try and get this Germany based crowd on his side. I liked that he toyed around a little bit with his power a little. I love Vince's character here by just turning totally on the crowd. The Game has to have something up his sleeve for later tonight, there's no way he's gonna face all three of them without giving himself the advantage while he has the power to.

at this promo. It looks like you put lots if imagery work into it to make it work, though it was cumbersome but understandable.

Very solid match to finally open the night. I wonder who the heck that tall gentlemen is...? Great to see Eddie C in some action and looking good doing it. A stunner? Odd, but okay.

Wow, you put lots of depth into these promos. This was another cumbersome one that was a little difficult to read, but I got through it and understood it pretty well. Anyone who has to face both Rey Mysterio and Cena in one night better understand...

Wow, you actually made Santino look good. Melina with Santino is an odd combonation. Not much else to say that again, a solid match, and I'm glad Killings got the W. Don't like back-to-back matches with interferance and dirty finishes, however. Love this Cryme Time/Killings combo, especially the aftermatch that lets it be shown how these guys operate...(money money, yeah, yeah...)

at this prmo. I love Beth/Natalya and the McCool slaughter at the end. Classic. A little much, but funny to me.

Quick side note about your match graphics. I think that really gives you an upper hand in terms of advertizements and brings a little more of a sense life to the show.

Very solid women's match here to introduce Natalya as a dominant heel Diva, though I would've preferred if Natalya got the winning fall, especially after that impressive butchering of McCool. I guess Beth needed a way to look strong tonight too and not look like the newcomer's lackey.

Ah. Nice to see this thing between Jericho/Lashley not subside one bit. Wouldn't be surprised if Jericho went one way or the other in his actions tonight.

Not much to say about this match except team SUPERBabyFace gets the win agains the black guys. Why the oppresion? Joking aside, very solid match making all 4 men look pretty good, even MVP. I guess he's not an intergal part of this 619/Burke and more like and interchangable part.

Alright, I expect this match between Kennedy and Lash to be quick and brutal. The match felt like it had a very nice pace and pretty spotty, and I'm not surpised Jericho let loose on Lashley after their spat earlier and after the disolution about the pinfall. Is there a title involved...? I know I haven't been reading much, but it seems as though there should be.

I was about to wonder why we haven't seen the WWE Champion all night. Kane's not that scary. Anyway, I'm very curious to learn what this new submission hold is and how it'll help the Killer.

...7 matches tonight again? Like the last RAW review I left you, a little bit much, but they all did their job. Speaking of job, we have Venis as the first recipeant of the...Camel Clutch? Bit of a letdown on that one. I was looking for something maybe not innovative, but original enough for Orton. I'm not liking the Clutch for Orton, something about it doesn't click with me. Good job selling it as deadly as the RKO, though. Aftermath was kinda expected, seeing as how we haven't seen Kane tonight, either. No surprise Orton gets planted and now Cena's on the horizon...

Alright, I read the little backstage report you had on Punk/Hardy earlier in the thread, and before punches are even thrown between these two, there's fission. With that being said, I like to see things go on on screen between the two gentlemen. The Bischoff and Eugene stuff was just added spice.

Well, you told me the ending was "shocking". It certaintly was a jolt in the arm, but not exactly a shock. I love that it appears Evolution will get back together to destroy the McMahon folks. Definatley a great way to end the show, although some of the excitement could've been taken away by how much time you had left.

FINAL THOUGHTS: MILDLY DISAPPOINTING, HOWEVER STILL A GREAT SHOW. I guess you're upping the ante a bit going right into Wrestlemania, though some things were a letdown. The whole Orton situation was a small disppointment, and the main event was, again, slightly disappointing. Still a great show, with my mind lingering on the Lash/Kennedy/Jericho situation, as well as where this whole McMahons/Evolution is gonna go. Smackdown preview looks sweetness, my friend.
OVERALL: 8/10. Keep it up, homes.


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
.:Oblivion Edition 39/40 Recap NOW POSTED!!
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


Backstage WWE News

Following the appearance of Batista & Ric Flair on Raw this past Monday night, rumours have been running rampant whether the Evolution reunion may or may not be a permanent fixture. For what it’s worth, we believe that the storyline will more than likely continue down that route. With both Batista & Flair missing out on the World Championship match at Wrestlemania, it would seem to make sense that they will in fact join Triple H on Raw to face Vince McMahon and his sons since Batista & Flair have nothing else in the pipeline on Smackdown. It seems like the obvious and most sensible route at this moment in time, and it may also continue across both Raw and Smackdown.

We informed you several weeks ago about the problems between Jeff Hardy & CM Punk, and with Jeff’s return this past Monday, it has become clear that Vince McMahon has sat down with the both of them, and told them that they will continue their program going in to Wrestlemania. It is thought that since all the issues came from Punk’s end, he was the one who got a grilling from the boss and could end up losing the Intercontinental Championship as punishment.

The current situation between Chris Jericho, Bobby Lashley and Mr. Kennedy continues to capture our attention, and it’s being geared towards getting Lashley over with the aid of two of Raw’s most charismatic superstars. Creative are very happy with how this is developing so far, and will be continuing this feud in to what we expect will be the Money in the Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige. I promised you a Raw review but sadly it got lost on my computer. Thats me missed the last two shows due to being busy and well the last one just to pure bad luck and it's annoying me that i haven't been reviewing.

Smackdown just looks as good as it usually does and i promise a review for that as hopefully i am not away in another leave from this forum


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