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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Originally Posted by Nige™ View Post


We can confirm that the WWE Draft will return this year, and it will take place on Monday 31st March, less than 24 hours after the culmination of Wrestlemania 24. Stay tuned for more details!

That is indeed huge news Nige, and it's good to see the Draft will be coming back. I can see some big names switching brands the night after WrestleMania.

Personally I'd go for the draft lottery option rather than this year's format, but it's up to you.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Awesome that there is going to be a normal PPV schedule including KOTR! The draft sounds a little too hefty but I see you going in a new direction and pushing the new guys immensely. I hope FCW isn't too much work for you but it looks like it won't be and I see you doing what I am doing with my shortened recaps as that is a lot easier. I will DEFINITELY get you a review tomorrow, just been out and bored as hell to do anything (if that makes sense?) but I hope it looks like I am not bailing out and if its RAW or Smackdown it will definitely be a review soon.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Fuck yeah, you have to love a Draft. Mixes a lot of things up, which is what I love. I also like the new PPV schedule, as I felt you were kind of skimping out on PPVs earlier. Keep it up, Nige.
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WWE.com - HOMEPAGE (Smackdown Results - 15th February 2008)

Smackdown Results
15th February 2008

Hallam FM Arena
Sheffield, England


The ending of the Number One Contendership Match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania. Umaga running rampant until being put through the announce table by a chokeslam from The Undertaker, leaving Edge to pick up the pieces and spear Ric Flair for the win

“Rise Up”


“I’m Comin”
hits as MVP walks down to the ring in a designer suit for The V.I.P. Lounge. He looks very smug as he collects a microphone and says that he’s fooled everyone for the last two weeks, proving he’s not just the most talented superstar of the modern day, but that he is also the most intelligent. He still has a smug smile on his face as he says that no one, not a single person even for a split second considered the possibility that when Rey Mysterio got attacked on Raw over two weeks ago that it could be anyone from Smackdown, least all of him. With the crowd booing, he said he covered his tracks like any intelligent person would do in this situation and made the impact that only he can by shocking the world this past Monday night when he cost Rey a spot in this years Money in the Bank. He says everyone wants to know why he did it, and he says it’s simple, getting a bit more agitated as he speaks, saying that it was Rey Mysterio, the single luckiest superstar in WWE history who cost him a title shot at Wrestlemania when he inexplicably eliminated The Franchise Player from the Royal Rumble. The crowd cheer and MVP quickly tells the English crowd to shut their crap filled mouths because he has something to say and what they think means nothing, just like their opinion of British troops following the true American heroes going to Iraq. With a ton of heat ringing out, he says that after the Rumble, Rey took his dream, the dream of main eventing Wrestlemania. He then says that there was a silver lining this past weekend, but he too blames Rey for not winning at Saturday Night’s Main Event. With the crowd getting on his back, he says he enjoyed every second of seeing Rey suffer and along with all the fans, trying to work out just who it was that attacked the waste of space circus performer.

“I Walk Alone” then blasts out as Batista makes his way down to the ring in his suit with the fans going crazy as MVP looks stunned. He asks Batista just what he’s doing there with Batista saying he’s come to do something he wished he’d done a long time ago, shut his big mouth. He tells MVP he knows Rey was supposed to be the guest tonight, but says that everyone knows Rey is on tour with Raw tonight and the only reason MVP came out here was to run down Rey Mysterio. He asks MVP why that is, putting it to him that he’s jealous of Rey since he’s won a world title, something MVP’s not done. MVP gets angry and tells Batista he has no right coming out on his show and insulting the very man who keeps Smackdown afloat. He tells Batista that he’s not jealous of Rey, saying that his career has only just started and it’s not coming to an end like Rey’s, and quite frankly Big Dave’s. That hits a nerve with The Animal and draws some heat from the crowd as MVP says his time will come and it will come soon at Batista’s and Rey’s expense. Batista stares at MVP and says it takes a lot for someone to back up a mouth like that and offers him the chance to do just that tonight, unless he’s a coward. MVP yells back by saying he’s not a coward and Batista says that MVP knew full well Rey wouldn’t be here tonight to respond, but says that if MVP is the half man, half amazing, then he can jump up to the big league tonight, that’s if he’s not a coward. MVP shakes his head in disgust, seeming to realise there’s no way he can back out before telling Batista it’s on. MVP slams his mic down and storms out of the ring as Batista watches him walk up the ramp. Batista looks like he can’t wait to get his hands on him later on.




We see Edge arriving as he walks through the door to the parking lot. He is in casual clothes and doesn’t have a travel bag with him. He walks down the hall to stumble upon Josh Matthews as he stands close by the interview set. Little Josh does his best to get his attention as he walks past, and shouts at him. Edge stops as Josh congratulates him on winning this past weekend, but Edge cuts him off straight away. He looks at Josh and asks him if that’s it, just winning this past weekend. He says it’s far more than that, saying he will be main eventing Wrestlemania and competing for the World Heavyweight Championship, still calling it his. He says that he never lost that title, only an injury took it away from him, but now he has the chance he’s been waiting months and months for, a one on one shot at the champion. He says that he didn’t need to come England tonight, but says he thought he’d actually give them something that they could enjoy, having an actual superstar here instead of a washed up has been like Shawn Michaels. Josh looks down and asks him where all his stuff is, with Edge replying like he said before he didn’t have to come here tonight, but he has. He says he doesn’t have a match unlike The Heartbreak Kid, and he stops to ask Josh when was the last time Shawn actually broke someone’s heart, accusing him of being over the hill. He apologies for going off track and tells Josh that he knows Shawn has a match tonight, and he thought he’d come along and cast an eye over the opposition before he breaks Shawn’s heart at Wrestlemania and leaves with his world title. The crowd boo as Edge walks out of the shot and we cut to see Shawn Michaels watching the interview on a television in his locker room. He smiles before turning round to open his bag as we go back to the arena.


Jimmy Wang Yang & Super Crazy
make their entrances, followed by Charlie Haas & Chris Masters. Before the match starts, Masters demands a microphone from Justin Roberts. He says that in the last two weeks, Charlie Haas has shown everyone what he’s all about, beating both the two chumps in the corner and proving to everyone that he’s one of the best wrestlers this business has ever had. The crowd boo as Haas nods with a real intense face with Masters then saying that everyone who ridiculed Charlie is a disgrace and should be disgusted with themselves because all they did was put the fire back in Charlie Haas, something which they will now regret. He then says that starting tonight, along with Charlie Haas, he “The Masterpiece” will shove every single negative comment back down their throats because they are the most dangerous duo on Smackdown, and that everyone will find out tonight just why they are The Masters of the Mat.


Jimmy Wang Yang & Super Crazy
vs. The Masters of the Mat (Chris Masters & Charlie Haas)

Yang is able to slide through Haas’s legs after an irish whip and as Haas turns round, Yang connects with a spinning wheel kick, getting a pop from the crowd. Haas sits up quickly as Yang then decides to go over to the corner, where he climbs to the top rope with his back to the ring. As Haas stands back up and turns round, Yang takes a look round before going for an ASAI MOONSAULT. . . . . Haas shifts to the side as Yang hits the mat. Haas pounces straight away as he pulls him up to his feet and plants him with a snap suplex. He stands back up straight away and doesn’t give Yang a second to recover as he pulls him up to his feet and shifts behind him, holds on to his waist and tosses him back with a release german suplex. Charlie has a very focused look on his face as he gets back up and urges Yang to get up, which takes a good few seconds. The moment Yang stands back up, Haas lifts Yang up in the air and nails him with an OLYMPIC SLAM. . . . . Haas looks very intense as he stands back up over Yang’s fallen body and pulls his straps down before turning Yang over and applying THE HAAS OF PAIN. . . . . Masters immediately enters the ring and runs across to knock Crazy off the apron, who lands awkwardly as he collides with the guard rail. Yang screams out in pain as Haas locks the hold in tight, giving him no choice but to tap out.

AFTERMATH: “Masterpiece” hits as Haas lets go of Yang and stands back up to get his arm raised along with Masters. Haas turns round and looks at the destruction left behind him and admires his work as Masters poses for the crowd, gesturing that he and Haas aren’t to be messed with.

WINNERS: The Masters of the Mat by submission @ 6.17



John Morrison & The Miz are in William Regal’s Office. Regal tells them that he saw them talking to Eric Bischoff on Saturday and says that he wants them to stay on Smackdown, bringing up the point that they were just one match away from challenging for the tag team titles at Saturday Night Main’s Event. Morrison says that they shouldn’t even need to qualify for that right as they are the reason the fans come to watch Smackdown, and if Regal can’t see that, they have no option but to consider Bischoff’s offer to go and showcase their incomparable talents on Raw. Regal panics and says that he wouldn’t usually do what he’s about to but says that difficult circumstances such as these dictate drastic measures. He says that since they came so close to becoming the number one contenders, he will give them a shot at the titles right here tonight live on Smackdown. Morrison & Miz smile with Miz telling Regal he’s just made the best decision of his career as a general manager. He tells Morrison they better go get ready as The Pitbulls walk in to the office. Regal’s jaw drops as he realises what Noble & Kash said to him on Saturday night. Morrison & Miz look real smug as they walk past Noble & Kash and tell them gold wouldn’t look good in the trailer park anyway. Noble asks Regal what they’re talking about. Regal reluctantly tells him that he gave them a shot at the tag titles tonight. Noble & Kash go nuts, with Noble asking Regal if he remembered what they said to him after their match on Saturday night. He says that when they told Regal they would take action in to their own hands, they meant it, and if Regal’s way of making things right is giving the two pretty boys their title shot, then they will sort things out themselves. Noble storms out, followed by Kash as Regal sits down on his chair, looking very concerned and not sure of what to do.


  • Harris beating Finlay and getting attacked by the shillelagh after the match
  • LAST WEEK: Chris Harris telling Finlay after the Irishman’s match with The Undertaker that he got what he deserved
  • Finlay costing Harris his match later on with MVP, hitting him with the shillelagh


***MATCH #2***

Chris Harris
vs. Finlay

Harris looks to be in charge, escaping Finlay’s clutches and whipping him in to the ropes, taking Finlay down with a back body drop as he comes back. The crowd cheer Harris as he sees Finlay racing back up to his feet. He walks over to Finlay and throws a hard right at him, then pushes him back in to the corner. He walks over and climbs to the second rope where he starts pummelling Finlay with right hands to the head as the crowd count along with the punches. As he gets to seven though, Finlay pushes him down and as Harris falls back with the referee behind him, he knocks him down accidentally. Harris turns round and looks surprised as he sees the ref on the mat while Finlay bends down and picks up his shillelagh. The ref wriggles round but can’t see the action as Harris turns round and walks towards Finlay who swings at him with the shillelagh. Harris ducks the shot though, and as Finlay turns round, Harris connects with a SUPER KICK. . . . . He kicks the shillelagh back to the corner and drops down to cover Finlay as the ref crawls over slowly and makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: Harris looks a little pissed as he stands back up, clearly not impressed by Finlay’s attempts to bust his skull. He walks back over to the shillelagh and picks it up before tossing it back at Finlay’s motionless body. He then steps through the ropes and walks to the back, still looking very serious.

WINNER: Chris Harris by pinfall @ 8.03




Shelton Benjamin
is with The Pitbulls, who still look pissed as they stand in the backstage area. Noble tells Shelton that Regal is a disgrace and should be fired for giving the pretty boys a shot after they got screwed Saturday night. He asks Shelton if he saw what happened, telling him that The UK Pack lost the match, meaning he and Kash won by disqualification and questions what Regal’s done, saying he’s gonna be sorry. Shelton tells Noble that Regal is out of his depth dealing with real stars, and says he gave Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy the chance to earn a shot at the world title at Wrestlemania. They all stop and shake their heads in disbelief as Shelton then says that he actually found it pretty funny that Matt got injured against Umaga last week, and maybe he’ll learn his place isn’t at the top. Noble and Kash agree as Shelton looks smug, only to turn around and see William Regal over his shoulder. He tells Shelton that he realises in his own mind, Shelton believes he is a superstar and says that he’s going to give him that chance tonight to compete in the main event of Smackdown. Shelton smiles and tells Regal it’s about time, then says he’s going to show everyone that he can hang with the best. Regal says that’s great news because his opponent will be The Undertaker. Shelton looks in shock with Regal then wishing him look as Shelton shakes his head and walks down the hall. Kash stares at Regal and says that since Shelton’s taken care of, what’s he gonna do about their problem. Regal apologises and says he will think it through a while longer and get back to them, but Kash says it’s not good enough as he and Noble then tut and walk away with Regal still looking concerned.

From Saturday Night’s Main Event

  • Eric Bischoff’s conversation backstage with John Morrison & The Miz, hinting at the unhappy pair joining Raw
  • The ending of the WWE Tag Team Championship match between The UK Pack & The Pitbulls. Harry Smith using the title belt brought in to the ring by The Pitbulls to get the champions disqualified


***MATCH #3***

The UK Pack (c)
vs. John Morrison & The Miz

Burchill & Miz crawl across the mat and make the tags to their partners. Morrison and Smith charge at each other with Smith knocking Morrison down with a clothesline, and as Morrison races back up, he walks in to another hard clothesline from Harry. The crowd go ballistic for him as he pulls Morrison right back up and places his head under his arm and then lifts him up in the air for a delayed vertical suplex, keeping Morrison up in the air for a good ten seconds, reminiscent of his late father, The British Bulldog before bringing him crashing back down to the mat. Smith turns over and goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . The Miz just breaks the cover up at the last second, not pleasing the referee who tells him to get back on the apron, which he does. Smith stands back up after the kick to the back of the head with Morrison not far behind. Smith tries to scoop Morrison on to his shoulder, but he slips down and pushes Smith in to the corner pads chest first. Smith holds his chest for a second before turning back round in to an ENZIGURI. . . . . Morrison rushes as he goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! . . . . . Smith just gets his shoulder up to the relief of Burchill and the UK crowd who get right behind him. Morrison stands back up and urges Smith back up to his feet, but The Pitbulls make their way down to the ring. Burchill turns round and sees them coming, so he jumps off the apron to attack them, but the numbers game is too much as they toss him in to the steel steps. The ref calls for the bell leaving Morrison & Miz angry in the ring as Noble & Kash then slide in.

AFTERMATH: Morrison argues with them as to why they just did that, but they push past him and Miz as they then stomp the hell out of Smith until he just can’t defend himself anymore. Morrison & Miz just leave the ring utterly pissed as to say they’ve have had enough of this shit. Kash then slides under the bottom rope and grabs one of the title belts before slipping back inside. He tells Noble to pull Smith up, which he does with a struggle, only lifting him to his knees as Kash then smashes him in the face with the belt. They look down with sheer anger, but they quickly scarper as Burchill slides back in the ring with Kash dropping the belt on the way. They back up the ramp as Burchill checks on Smith, glancing back at The Pitbulls with hatred in his eyes while Kash and Noble just smirk back at him.

WINNERS: John Morrison & The Miz by DQ @ 9.38



***MATCH #4***

vs. Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP)

Batista looks in trouble as MVP has a single leg lock applied. The Franchise Player desperately puts the pressure on The Animal and tells the referee to ask Batista if he wants to call it a day. Batista isn’t giving it up and starts to drag himself towards the ropes, getting closer and closer with MVP looking very panicked with The Animal eventually being able to get close enough to reach back and grab hold of the bottom rope. The crowd cheer as the ref tells an angry MVP to let go, which he only does at the count of 4. He stands back up and is blocked off from getting at Batista, which really pisses him off. As Batista uses the ropes to stand back up, MVP then walks over to him, but The Animal hammers at him with a right hand, then goes for an irish whip, connecting with a SPINNING SIDE SLAM. . . . . The crowd cheer again as Batista looks to go for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . MVP just gets his shoulder up, but Batista stands back up and walks over to the corner, stalking MVP for a spear. As MVP gets back up and turns round, Batista charges at him, but MVP sidesteps it as Batista runs through in to the corner pads. MVP then backs up and runs at him, going for the PLAYA’S BOOT. . . . . Batista steps out of the corner to the side as MVP ends up in a world of hurt with his mid section hitting the pads. After several seconds, he then turns round and walks in to Batista and a SPINEBUSTER. . . . . A huge pop breaks out as the end seems to be near. Batista walks over to the ropes and shakes them in a frenzy, getting the crowd even louder. He walks back over to MVP and pulls him in to position for a BATISTA BOMB. . . . . MVP though is able to escape the grip as he grabs Batista around the waist and pushes him away. He stands back up fully and knocks Batista down with a right hand. He looks down as Batista rolls on to his knee again, but MVP looks seriously frustrated and just walks over to the ropes and climbs through them to the outside. The ref starts the count as he walks up the ramp and gestures that he’s had enough. With the count at three as Batista stands back up, The Animal looks confused as MVP walks up the ramp 4 . . . 5 . . . 6 . . . 7 . . . Batista walks to the ropes in shock as MVP gets booed out of the building. . . 8 . . . 9 . . . 10.

AFTERMATH: Batista stands in shock, hands on hip as “I Walk Alone” blasts out while MVP walks through the curtain.

WINNER: Batista by Count Out @ 11.24


Kenny Dykstra
makes his way down to the ring to a lot of heat as “Superstar Fallin” plays throughout the arena. Dressed in jeans and a shirt, Kenny says he needs to make something really clear to a certain person in the back. He says that ever since he retained his Cruiserweight Championship at the Royal Rumble, all he’s heard is that Chavo Guerrero can’t stop complaining to William Regal that he got an unfair deal, accusing him of using underhand tactics to win the match. Kenny shakes his head and acts like he’s offended. He says that he doesn’t need to cheat to beat anyone, Chavo especially, and since he’s beat him enough times in the last few months, Chavo should really get it in to his thick skull and says that Mexicans are clearly less intelligent than British people who are extremely uneducated, proved to perfection here tonight. With the crowd giving him a lot of crap he tells them to let him speak because he has a voice that needs to be heard. We then hear “Chavo Ardiente” hit as Chavo Guerrero walks down to the ring in jeans and a T shirt. He steps through the ropes and past a pissed off Kenny to collect a microphone. He tells Kenny that in case he can’t hear properly, he’s got over ten thousand people telling him he’s an asshole, or an arsehole, or whatever. Kenny looks really pissed and starts to speak until Chavo cuts him off and says that he wouldn’t have to call Kenny a cheat if he wasn’t, but the fact is that he is. Chavo says that Kenny cheated to win at the Rumble and even last week, he took the easy option and blasted Batista in the back with a chair to get disqualified. Kenny is about to talk again when Chavo interrupts again and sarcastically tells him it’s okay to have no balls.

The crowd gasp for a second and then cheer Chavo, but Kenny takes exception to it and says there’s no problem in that area and maybe Chavo should think about who he’s talking to or he’ll prove to everyone once again just why Chavo is the let down in the Guerrero family. A lot of heat meets that comment but Kenny follows up by looking in Chavo’s eyes and tells him no one, including Chavo will ever have what it takes to beat him for the Cruiserweight Championship and tells Chavo to get off his case or he’ll remove him permanently. The two stare each other in the eyes for several seconds before Michael Shane walks down to the ring with his music playing, getting some heat from the crowd. Chavo and Kenny only turn away from each other as Shane walks past them. They just look on in frustration as Shane says that it’s time both of them got a few home truths, however he says Chavo just got his, saying that he is a let down to the historic Guerrero family. Chavo looks pissed but keeps himself from going at either of them. Kenny smiles, but he quickly turns to Shane in shock as he is told by Shane that he is all mouth, and like Chavo said, he likes taking the easy way out because he’s not a proper champion. That gets some cheers, but Shane seems to go off on one, saying that neither of them have an idea what real cruiserweight wrestling is. He says that it’s not heavyweight wrestling for the lighter wrestlers like certain people would have you believe and it’s not the watered down kind of shit that you see every week.

He then says that where he comes from, it’s all about standing out and says from now on, the cruiserweight division and especially Dykstra are going to be in for one hell of a reality check. Dykstra looks at Shane and tells him he can see right through him, just because he was chosen to be Edge’s partner last week instead of Shane, he says Shane thought he’d come out here to try and impress his buddy. He tells Shane he’s got something he needs to know, saying that Edge didn’t pick him because he’s not up to the job. Shane drops his mic and walks right up to Kenny while Chavo watches on, not caring if they beat each other up. We then have the privilege of Matt Sydal’s company as he walks out to the ramp and tells everyone to relax already. He says that everyone’s had their opinion tonight and says he agrees with Shane, not on calling Chavo a let down, but on basically calling Dykstra a jackass. The crowd cheer that comment as Kenny looks on pissed as Sydal smiles at the top of the ramp and says that Shane was right when it came to the cruiserweight division, saying that he came to the WWE to entertain the fans and give them something different to talk about when they go home at the end of the night. He then directs a message to Kenny and says he came here for another reason and that’s championship gold, then says the Cruiserweight Championship looks good from there. Kenny tells him that just like he told Chavo before, and now he’s telling everyone that this title is not up for grabs, it’s his and no one will take it from him. Sydal says that’s all well and good before telling Dykstra if he wants to keep that title, he’s in for one hell of a fight because it looks like he is one marked man. Sydal’s music hits as he looks down at Dykstra, who looks round to see both Chavo and Shane nodding in agreement, leaving the champ a little worried.


Lena Yada
is standing by and she introduces us to her guest, the United States Champion, Matt Hardy. Matt gets a big pop from everyone inside the arena before Lena asks him how he is feeling after his match last week against Umaga. Matt says he’s a little banged up as Shelton Benjamin ever so nicely mentioned earlier on, but says it’s nothing too serious to keep him out of action, something that might not work out too well for Shelton. Lena asks him how he felt about Shelton coming out and watching his match last week. Matt says he wasn’t exactly expecting it, but he just got on with it and gave Umaga a run for his money, and as much as he would have loved to have had the chance to wrestle last Saturday, it wasn’t to be. She then asks him what he thinks about Shelton having to wrestle The Undertaker later on tonight. Matt smirks and says Shelton hasn’t had a problem letting his mouth run away from him before, but says it might change after tonight and we’ll see who’s banged up next week. He follows up straight away by saying if Shelton does pull through tonight, he wouldn’t mind the chance to beat him himself one more time next week. Lena thanks Matt for joining us as the camera fades out.


Vote for the Class of 2008 WWE Hall of Fame
Click here for details on how to vote!


Matt Striker
is in the ring dressed to compete with a microphone as we come back from the break. He says that in just a matter of moments he will be competing against someone some people call one of the true greats that this business has ever produced, someone who is looked upon as a role model to all the young children in attendance. He says that however is not the case, as the only respectable attribute his opponent tonight possesses is a title, the title of World Heavyweight Champion, a title that he will no longer have in his possession after Wrestlemania. The crowd boo Striker as he says there is one man who will change all that and make Smackdown a better place when he ends the reign of Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 24. He then says that he has the honour of introducing that man to us all right now as he brings out Edge who is all smiles as he walks round to the announce table. Striker gives the microphone back as “Sexy Boy” hits to a standing ovation with Shawn Michaels making his way down to the ring.

***MATCH #5***

Shawn Michaels
vs. Matt Striker

Michaels has been in complete control from the start, despite Edge watching on from the announce table as HBK chops away at Striker in the corner. The ref then tells Michaels to back away, with Striker then taking advantage as he rakes Michaels in the eye. Michaels turns round out of the corner holding his eyes as Striker follows him out and goes for a roll up 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Striker looks a little frustrated as he gets up but carries on with the job in hand as he throws a right at Michaels, but it’s blocked with Michaels then jabbing away at Striker and then knocks him down with a killer swing. Striker struggles back up holding his jaw with Michaels then planting him with a scoop slam. He then walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope, then leaps off to hit a DIVING ELBOW DROP. . . . . The crowd cheer like crazy as Michaels stands back up and stares right at Edge as he tunes up the band with Striker starting to get back up slowly. Michaels doesn’t take his eye of Edge as he then walks out of the corner and hits Striker with some SWEET CHIN MUSIC. . . . . A big cheer breaks out as Michaels drops to the mat and goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Sexy Boy” blasts out as Michaels stands back up to get his arm raised by the referee. He turns round and sees Edge stand up by the announce table. He walks over to the ropes and asks for a microphone as Edge sits back down and the music stops. Michaels looks right at Edge and tells him to stay right there unless he wants this over the hill has been to kick his head right off. The crowd cheer as Michaels hangs right by the ropes and tells Edge that confidence might not be a problem for him, but says that there is a real problem standing in his way at Wrestlemania, and that problem is “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels. Edge doesn’t look happy as Michaels tells him that he if wants his title, he’s going to have put in the performance of a lifetime because at Wrestlemania, he’s going head to head with Mr. Wrestlemania. Michaels drops the mic as his music hits again to a big pop while he and Edge stare each other down, with Edge looking very agitated.

WINNER: Shawn Michaels by pinfall @ 4.40



From Saturday Night’s Main Event

The Undertaker clotheslining Umaga over the top rope in the Number One Contendership match and then chokeslamming him through the announce table



The Undertaker
vs. Shelton Benjamin

Shelton puts up one hell of a fight as Taker hammers away at him with right hands to the skull, but Shelton is able to duck underneath one. As Taker then turns round, Shelton nails him with a dragon whip, just knocking Taker down to the mat with Shelton following up for a cover, hooking both legs as Micky Henson makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Easy kick out from Taker as he pushes Shelton off with force and rolls on to his knee straight away. As he gets back up, Shelton beats him to it and charges at him. Taker throws out an arm but Shelton ducks that and runs through, only to run back in to Taker reaching out and grabbing him around the throat. It looks like Taker is going to hit a chokeslam, but Shelton kicks him in the chest and runs back in to the ropes after escaping the grip. As he comes back though, Taker steps forward and DRIVES HIS HUGE BOOT IN TO SHELTON’S FACE. . . . . Shelton doesn’t look to be moving as Taker reaches down and pulls him up to his feet, grabbing him around the throat and planting him with a CHOKESLAM. . . . . A big pop meets that as Taker then signals for the end as he again reaches down and scoops Shelton on to his shoulder for the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER. . . . . With Shelton almost in position, the crowd start to boo with the camera then switching to show Umaga and Armando Estrada making their way down to the ring. Umaga slides straight in to the ring and clubs Taker across the back, forcing Henson to call for the bell.

AFTERMATH: Umaga forces Taker down to the mat and then stomps away at him as Shelton rolls out of the ring and to safety. Henson tries to get Umaga away, but he falls victim to a SAMOAN SPIKE. . . . . The Samoan Savage then pulls Taker up to his feet and whips him in to the corner, follows in and splashes him, with Taker sliding down the pads as he lands on his ass. Umaga then tracks back to the other side of the ring before charging back and hitting Taker with THE SAMOAN WRECKING BALL. . . . . Taker’s neck just snaps back as Estrada walks round ringside and grabs a chair, then tosses it into the ring. Umaga turns to see it and looks over at Estrada who instructs him to place it round Taker’s neck. Umaga drags Taker away from the corner by the feet, and then picks the chair up. With the crowd booing loudly, The Samoan Bulldozer then unfolds the chair and lifts Taker’s head up, placing it in between and then pushing it shut and resting Taker’s head against the mat with the chair legs pointing away from the back of Taker’s head. Umaga then walks back in to the ropes, and then walks back DROPPING A LEG ON THE TOP OF THE CHAIR LEGS WITH TAKER’S NECK IN BETWEEN THE CHAIR. . . . . Boos ring out as fans look concerned while the camera switches to them before cutting back to see Taker coughing up blood. EMT’s rush down as Umaga just looks on the damage caused while Estrada hails the actions on the outside. The EMT’s immediately remove the chair from Taker’s neck and check over him as Estrada joins Umaga in the ring, looking very satisfied as Smackdown comes to a close.

WINNER: The Undertaker by DQ @ 10.05



The Masters of the Mat df. Jimmy Wang Yang & Super Crazy
Chris Harris df. Finlay
John Morrison & The Miz df. The UK Pack
Batista df. MVP
Shawn Michaels df. Matt Striker
The Undertaker df. Shelton Benjamin

Johnny Jeter & Matt Sydal df. Afa Jr & Sonny Siaki
Ted DiBiase Jr df. Shannon Moore


Official Theme Song
Fall Out Boy “Thanks For The Memories”

WWE Championship
John Cena vs Kane vs Randy Orton (c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Shawn Michaels (c) vs Edge

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige. You know i have been busy as of late but i will try to get a review up. I really doubt it though sadly but at least i will have some detailed comments up


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Can't wait to see Wrestlemania/the Draft
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I'll try to get a review up in a couple hours. Great show.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Bradley's Smackdown Review:

MVP getting a bit of time to talk is very nice to see but the British troops line sounded very corny and forced to get heat. I think we can all see where this is leading going in to 'Mania but you are making it very interesting and this looks like it could be a very good feud judging from what I have seen the past few weeks. I like the way you have been gradually pushing MVP over the last months and now it is his time to hit the big time but I hope it is a DQ finish otherwise you could hurt MVP's credibility.

I thought Chris Harris was Bret Hart then, thanks for getting my hopes up...

Edge is on top form again, you can write him extremely well and I like that a lot. The heartbreaker line was very clever but I don't know exactly how Edge can call HBK over the hill when he has been here a good ten years so please don't do a new breed storyline as that would kill it but I would seriously mark if someone had the balls to have a heel champion walk out of 'Mania.

I like the Masters of the Mat name. Shame the Cruiserweights jobbed once again but you are really making Haas and Masters look strong and once again you are doing a great job of building teams up and I see them getting the tag straps soon. The Haas of Pain is also being built up as a match-ending move which it wasn't before which is a better move than his German Suplex pin.

It looks like you have a fantastic tag division once again. Morrison and Miz were extremely arrogant here and their characters were spot on but a GM should NEVER panic, it shows weakness and you don't want that if you are in a high position like Regal is but I am intrigued to see where this leads to now as the tag division could become very unpredictable but don't make a 24 man tag match for 'Mania!

The Harris/Finlay match needed more description in my opinion because you have given it come intricate build but it was very physical and the ending was very good with Finlay trying to hit him with the shillelagh and Harris had to go over, being the newcomer but I guess it was a little clichéd.

I am liking the storyline with people being agitated with Regal but finally Shelton got his comeuppance with a match against the Undertaker but I am guessing it will be really good.

Ahhh the traditional UK match from the UK crowd. They make really great tag champs and it was probably better that is was back and forth instead of the British dominate and win scenario we normally see so that was a neat twist on things. The Pitbulls interfering was inevitable but I really don't know where you can go from here.

Why did MVP only get one move in? That wasn't exactly the best way to get MVP in to the main event scene but he seemed arrogant throughout the recap. Batista looked to be going through his 2 movez of doom!!! But MVP made this match, walking out on Batista, it didn't prove he has 'it' but MVP certainly has a bright future under you but I don't know why Batista didn't chase after him.

I liked this long promo from the 4 men. A tirade of insults were thrown about but I would have liked a mass brawl at the end because it all seemed very anti-climatic and wasn't really fitting to the situation and they obviously have a deep hatred for each other. I liked the fact Dykstra is a marked man and it is obvious we will see a fatal 4 way match, or a singles match for the title at 'Mania, I honestly think Chavo will face him.

I really would like to see who Hardy is facing at 'Mania, probably Benjamin by the looks of things which definitely isn't bad.

Nice to see a routine victory for Michaels and it was fairly obvious he was going to win so no shock there at all. He says he is Mr. Wrestlemania every year but hasn't he lost 6 or 7 matches in his career at 'Mania? He's lost at least 4.

I would have liked to have seen more action in that match and Benjamin at least getting some fightback but that would have been a touchy subject if he would have given Undertaker too much fight. Umaga comes down and dominates 'Taker- love it! Someone finally has the cojones to have someone dominate the Deadman not once, but twice! A bit obvious what the outcome will be for 'Mania (unless you want to shock me)

Overall: A very, very solid show, at times it seemed like you wanted to fit too much in with 6 matches with a total time of 55 minutes, maybe a little too much but I loved the Umaga section at the end, the tag and CW situation. I still want to see some direction for Batista heading in to 'Mania.

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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WWE.com - Television - Raw (Preview - 18th February 2008)

RAW Preview
18th February 2008

Olympia Halle
Berlin, Germany


After being set up for a fall by The McMahon Men just over a week ago at Saturday Night’s Main Event, we all wondered what kind of response we would get from Triple H last Monday night in the UK. Well he was in for one big shock when he entered the building as he had missed out on seeing Eric Bischoff announce that later on in the main event, The Game would be going one on one with his father-in-law, Vince McMahon inside a Steel Cage with the winner getting to decide the fate of the loser at Wrestlemania. It was also made clear that if Triple H was victorious, he would have control of not just Vince, but Shane McMahon and JBL too. After entering the arena and learning the news from Todd Grisham, The Game took the news well and made it clear he was looking for revenge. And in the highly competitive cage match, it was The King of Kings who emerged as the victor.

With the control in his hands, just what will he decide for The McMahon Men for Wrestlemania? Tune in to find out!

Have the cracks started to appear in the WWE Champion? Randy Orton has been on edge ever since learning that Kane will be challenging for his title at Wrestlemania, along with John Cena, but it looked like Orton wasn’t himself last week. He told Cena that he is determined to make him tap out at Wrestlemania when they collide in the triple threat match. Just how does Orton intend to do that? Later on in the evening, we witnessed one hell of a battle when Cena met Kane head on, and with Orton watching on from the announce position, it was always going to be interesting to say the least. With Orton determined to strike, he ended up costing Cena the match with a shot to the head, using his WWE Championship, followed up by a Tombstone to give Kane a big win going in to Wrestlemania.

With Orton in action this week, just what can we expect to see form him following his threats last week? Will he be able to make Cena tap?

It’s hard to believe it was just three weeks ago when Rey Mysterio was attacked backstage before his match with CM Punk. Rumours were flying around regarding just who the attacker was, with Punk and Rey’s rival, Elijah Burke being touted as the likeliest suspects. Having been put in a match with Burke at Saturday Night’s Main Event just over a week ago, Rey prevailed with the big win and still no admission from Burke or anyone else, we were still left to guess at just who the attacker was. Last Monday night saw a very frustrated Burke go to Eric Bischoff and demand an apology. Raw’s Head of Authority was surprisingly apologetic and even gave Burke a chance to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania. The match would see Burke go head to head with Mysterio just 48 hours after losing to the same opponent. However, we were all in for a shock when Smackdown’s MVP appeared through the crowd and attacked Rey, resulting in Rey losing and Burke qualifying for Money in the Bank.

This past Friday on Smackdown, MVP offered his explanation as to why he attacked Rey, and even claimed Rey would be a guest on The VIP Lounge. With MVP clearly knowing Rey wouldn’t be there, we are left awaiting Rey’s response this coming week on Raw in Germany. With MVP blaming Rey for his Royal Rumble loss and lack of a title shot at Wrestlemania for the horrific sneak attack, just what will Rey have to say?

It seems that the quest to gain the Money in the Bank briefcase is causing a lot of trouble between not just the bitter rivals of Chris Jericho and Mr. Kennedy, but Bobby Lashley as well. Two weeks back while Jericho and Kennedy argued about who would be a more fitting winner, Lashley felt the need to make his case, and that he did. In a match made there and then by Eric Bischoff, Lashley overcame them both in a triple threat match. And last week when Kennedy was scheduled to be a guest on The Highlight Reel, Lashley took exception to some comments made by Jericho as he joked about Lashley’s personality. Lashley stood right up to Jericho before Kennedy made his appearance and traded insults with both men.

Jericho then dropped a bombshell on them both by announcing that this upcoming week will see them go at it with Y2J acting as the special guest referee. How will Jericho call the match? Is it enough to expect that he will call it down the line? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to make sure you catch Raw this Monday night.

After Beth Phoenix enlisted the help of a mystery woman to help her leaves Saturday Night’s Main Event with the WWE Womens Championship, she unveiled her accomplice last week after overcoming Mickie James in a non title match, with the help yet again from the woman we know now goes by the name of Natalya Neidhart. Natalya is the daughter of the WWE legend, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and along with The Glamazon, gave Victoria another beat down just 2 days after Natalya cosy Victoria the chance of taking Beth’s title.

However, this Monday night will see the official in ring debut of Natalya as she joins forces with The Glamazon to take on the team of Victoria and Mickie James. How will she fare as Victoria continues to look for revenge against the dangerous duo?

Ron Killings continued to give Santino Marella a headache last week as Killings enlisted the help of Cryme Time, the returning tag team to defeat Santino and his chosen partners of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. As Killings, Shad & JTG celebrated at the end of the match, it was clear that Lance Cade wasn’t too happy as he saw Murdoch take another loss for the team, and headed for the back, leaving Murdoch all by himself. Will we find out anymore on this situation this coming Monday? We will however see Killings and Santino look horns once again, this time in singles action. After being disqualified two weeks ago against Killings, will Marella take the high road this time out?

Kofi Kingston & Cody Rhodes picked up a big victory over The Colon Brother’s last Monday in the UK, leaving Carlito looking very unhappy. The older brother wasn’t happy to see the two young superstars overcome them after weeks of arguments between the four men. We have learnt that Carlito’s younger brother, Eddie will meet Cody Rhodes in singles action. Will the fortune of The Colon Brother’s improve this coming week?


Bobby Lashley vs. Mr. Kennedy

The WWE Champion, Randy Orton in action!

Victoria & Mickie James
vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya Neidhart

Ron Killings vs. Santino Marella

Cody Rhodes
vs. Eddie Colon

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW looks awesome, cannot wait to read it Nige. When do you think it'll be posted?
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