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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Heyman Deciple’s Raw Review

Hey Nige, sorry about not reviewing you lately it’s just I wanted to take a break and just do a whole lot of nothing but now that I’m getting back into the swing of things I just thought I’d do a review because well you do good work and you’ve always been super nice to me. Any way on with the review.

Bischoff Promo: Nice opening promo from Bischoff setting up the Main Event, which then leads to an interruption by Randy Orton and an appearance from John Cena. Cena and Orton then have a really good, intense verbal showdown.

Mickie Vs. Beth: Good Women’s match with Beth picking up the win thanks to some help from the mystery diva who is revealed to be Natayla Neidhart. Which I really like because just the idea of Beth and Natayla forming this badass female tandem sounds pretty damn awesome to me. After the match out came Victoria who eventually got beat down by Beth and Neidhart until Mickie made the save.

Bischoff – Burke & Layla: Nice segment here with Bischoff granting Elijah a rematch with Rey Mysterio. Then after Burke and Layla leaves here comes what in my opinion may be the greatest super couple since Luke and Laura; Punk and Sunny. Punk was great here with his little digs at Eugene and having that hot cougar piece of ass, Sunny by his side certainly didn’t hurt.

Kofi & Cody Vs. The Colons: Pretty cool tag match here with Kofi & Cody picking up the win. I liked the fact that after the match Carlito is in the ring going bat shit and Kofi and Cody are just looking at him smiling.

Maria Interview’s Killings: This segment ruled, Cryme Tyme is just awesome. Money, Money, Yeah, Yeah.

Mysterio Vs. Burke: Burke wins, Burke wins, Burke wins. This was great, oh yeah and Burke had a little help from MVP. Greatness.

Todd, MVP, & Triple H: Fun segment here with MVP getting some interview time before a door almost whacks Grisham in the face as Triple H arrives, which I thought was just really funny.

Eugene and Sunny: Greatest segment ever, by the way Eugene is my hero and the big reveal at the end with Bischoff listening the whole time was very well done.

Six Man Tag: Solid 6 Man Tag with Killings & Cryme Tyme getting the win.

Highlight Reel: Good stuff, I enjoyed Jericho asking Lashley where he hides his personality. It’s funny because it’s true. Then out comes my main man Kennedy for a little back and forth between him and Jericho. Good stuff.

McMahon Family Meeting: Fun little segment here building towards the cage match later.

Cena Vs. Kane: Good match with a good finish. I liked how Kane scared Orton off from interfering and then a minute or so later the ref is out of position temporarily and wham Cena gets cracked in the head by Orton and Kane picks up the win.

Triple H Vs. Vince: To be honest I was expecting this match to be kind of one sided but this turned into a very competitive main event. I always thought Triple H was going to win but you kept me guessing with the fight Vince was putting up and expecting maybe some kind of swerve with Bischoff or maybe somebody else but Triple H did pick up the win in what was a great main event.

This show was great, Now I almost never do this especially for a weekly television show but I was so entertained with this show between Beth and Natayla, Punk & Sunny, Burke’s upset win and the edge of your seat main event that I’m going to give this a 10 out of 10. Great show Nige.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Raw Review

Nice to see Raw in the UK again, it's up north this time but it'll do!

The opening promo was good, having Bischoff open the show was a good idea as having the GM or Independant Head of Authority in your case come down and announce matches is a great way to get this UK crowd pumped for the show. Wow, Triple H versus Vince in the Steel Cage is a massive match to have on Raw, I was expecting you to have something like this at Mania but I suppose you have other ideas for that, plus having this match tonight really gives Raw in the UK a real importance. I like the stipulations too, Bischoff is right down the middle and I like it. I really like that you gave Bischoff all the power too as he normally wouldn't be able to do this without the McMahon's overturning the decisions. I liked Orton and Cena getting involved too, both seemed in character and the second match announcement from Bischoff is huge, again showing that Raw in the UK is a big deal.

Decent match to kick off the action, not the best match you could have to kick off the action, but looking at the other matches this is the right decision as the others need to be high up on the card. Two very talented diva's here so it was going to be an exciting match, I liked how this mystery diva kept getting involved as it kept us wondering who she was. Nice finish and a good win for the Glamazon. So it was Natalya then, good choice, what an alliance this is. Them beating down on Victoria until Mickie made the save was cool, tag match next week then?

Nice little segments here, Burke against Rey Mysterio again tonight is cool but I think we know who is going to win this time. The Punk segment was also very well written and I'm loving this heel Punk, I wonder what Eric has planned for next week? Funny line about Germany too BTW.

I liked the interview with Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston last week so I was looking forward to this match, just seeing Rhodes and Kofi all aggressive and looking for revenge was cool. The match seemed like a good match, the right team won for sure and the right person took the pinfall. This was a good little feud, I wonder if it will continue.

Cool interview, Cryme Tyme are perfect partners for Ron killing IMO. You added some humour with the line from Maria too, that was funny.

Great match between Elijah and Rey. I'm happy that Burke got the win this time as he needed it after losing to Rey at SNME, and by having both men beat each other once it meant that neither man looks weak. Didn't expect the MVP interference at all, there goes my Batista theory! I did say that Rey's match at Mania would be an interpromotional match though at least. I'm looking forward to MVP's explanation as to why he attacked Rey.

The MVP/HHH segments were pretty good, the MVP thing was a bit strange but I guess you wanted to show that MVP was proud of what he did. The Triple H thing was pretty good, I can see him being like that and the last line was cool.

The Eugene segment with Sunny was very good and very well written but I would not like to watch that Lol, it would be so cringeworthy to watch! It was funny though with Eugene playing with his figures. "Pedigree"! That would be hilarious to see. Bischoff looking after Eugene was good, it was funny that he was hiding though.

Nice little comedy promo from Santino before the match. The match seemed pretty good and again the right team picked up the win here.

I was going to say in my SNME review that the show could've done with a highlight reel or some kind of in ring promo, as we normally get one at SNME, but I'm glad that we have got the highlight reel tonight. This promo was brilliant, really well written again. Taking this piss out of the South though and Chelsea? That didn't make me laugh being a Chelsea fan! The rest of the comedy bits from Y2J were funny though and I liked the PM line. Next weeks match is huge and Y2J as ref is a great decision. This was a great segment and it really added more to this three way feud.

Okay segment with the McMahon's, we had to hear from them really after the match announcement earlier. All were in character and I liked what Vince had to say, his confidence was certainly building towards the end but I don't think he can defeat Triple H on his own.

Kane picking up the win was slighlty suprising tbh, I expected Orton to get involved and cause a double DQ or something. The match was good and again very well written with Orton trying to get involved. I don't think there was anything wrong with the ending at all becuase it was a good little twist, as instead of getting revenge on Kane like he said he would Orton cost Cena the match instead. This won't sit well with Cena at all and I expect he will be looking for revenge next week. Kane is looking very strong at the moment but anyone could win at Mania tbh, and I think that Kane won't continue his dominacne all the way up to Mania, either Orton or Cena are going to take the monster down before then.

The main event was very interesting to read, and although Triple H was always going to win you had Vince get some offense in too which was good. Vince used his typical heel tactics to ground Triple H and the clothesline from wall street was cool, all that was missing was Shane's coast to coast from Vince! The finish was good and the low blow from Triple H before the Pedigreewas cool as it shows the hatred between the two men, and the match showed how much they want to hurt each other. I'm interested to see what Triple H does now with the Wrestlemania power in his favour, as I don't know how he will involve all three McMahon's in a match.

Overall Nige it was another quality show, nothing much wrong with it at all. I really enjoyed the matches this week, all of them seemed to flow really well and the promos were good too, the highlight real especially. The storylines you have going are really interesting too heading into 'Mania. Good job mate.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


The WWE have today have released Torrie Wilson, Domino & Chuck Palumbo from their contracts. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.


The WWE’s development base, Florida Championship Wrestling has agreed a local television deal. “FCW” will be shown from Saturday March 1st every Saturday night at 10pm, check local listings. The show will be 90 minutes long with commercials included.

The pay-per-view schedule for 2008 has also been revised, and venues have been confirmed for each show. Here it is:

WrestleMania XXIV
March 30, 2008
Citrus Bowl ~ Orlando, Florida

April 27, 2008
Pepsi Center ~ Denver, Colorado

Judgment Day
May 25, 2008
Florence Civic Center ~ Florence, South Carolina

King of the Ring
June 15, 2008
Staples Center ~ Los Angeles, California

June 29, 2008
Joe Louis Arena ~ Detroit, Michigan

The Great American Bash
July 12, 2008
Nassau Coliseum ~ Uniondale, New York

August 17, 2008
Compaq Center ~ Houston, TX

September 21, 2008
Cow Palace ~ San Francisco, California

No Mercy
October 19, 2008
First Union Center ~ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Survivor Series
November 23, 2008
Air Canada Center ~ Toronto, CANADA

Saturday Nights Main Event
December 20, 2008
Gund Arena ~ Cleveland, OH
Live on NBC

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Are you going to be writing FCW now too? Or just posting results?
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw Review

Good to see another show in the UK again, would rather see it in Birmingham though so I could go..

Wow great promo to kick off the show, I liked the two announcements and the Cena/Orton confrontation was very good. Steel Cage match between HHH and Vince is huge and has very interesting stipulation if HHH wins. Look forward to Kane/Cena aswell to see if Cena can stop Kane’s run of late, hopefully not.

Never keen on Womens matches opening show, and looking through the show either of the two tag team matches would have been a better choice. Saying that it was a pretty decent match and good to see Beth get the much needed win to regain some momentum after losing to Victoria at SNME. I am pretty sure I guessed Natalya as the mystery diva so where’s my prize?

Nice little segment here with Burke getting a rematch with Mysterio. Thinking Burke will win this time, maybe the person who attacked Rey costs him the match? Punk’s segment with Bischoff was interesting and will be interesting what Bischoff has in mind next week. Lol at the crowd booing the mention of Germany

Good Tag Match, looked to be an exciting match and as I said earlier this would of made for a better opening match. Good to see Kofi get the clean win, but would like to see Carlito get a bigger push than he is getting.

Entertaining segment with Cryme Time and Killings, and Killings makes a good partner for Cryme Time.

Great match between Elijah and Rey.Good to see Burke get the win as he will make a good addition to the MITB and two losses in row to Rey would make him look weak. Little surprised to see that the attacker turned out to be MVP, looks like this will lead to a MVP/Mysterio match at WM.

Triple H segment was pretty good, showed off his intensity very well and expect him to win against Vince.

The description of what Sunny was wearing was very good, but I would rather see pictures please. Another entertaining promo with Sunny and Eugene, lol’d at Eugene playing with the wrestling figures. Bit strange that Bischoff was hiding in Eugene’s shower, but anyway promo adds interest to what Bischoff will have in plan for CM Punk.

Another good tag match and the right team picked up the win.

Very well written segment, was definitely the promo the night and Chris Jericho was especially entertaining in this promo. Meh Liverpool > Man Utd and Chelsea. The PM line was also funny. Looks like you are trying to build up a three way feud for WM, but think all three of them will be in the MITB.

Wow surprised to see Kane get a pinfall victory, as I was certain the match would end in a DQ or countout. Again a well written match, and you kept both men looking strong with Orton hitting Cena with the belt the main reason for Cena’s loss. This three way feud looks rather one sided with Kane destroying and winning everything, so am hoping Cena and Orton get one over Kane sometime soon otherwise it will be obvious that Kane loses at WM. And I want him to win lol

The main event was pretty good, made Triple H look a little weak as Vince shouldn’t of had as much offence as he did unless there was interference imo. However it was an entertaining match and look forward to see what match Triple H makes.

Overall was a very good show as always Nige. Had a good mix of great matches (Kane/Cena, HHH/Vince) and great promos (Highlight Reel) and everything is looking good as the road to WM continues.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Originally Posted by Lashley™ View Post
Are you going to be writing FCW now too? Or just posting results?
In just basic form yeah. There'll be a few lines for each segment
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Sorry I didn't review SNME, but I've read the show and it was great. I'll try to review SmackDown as I still owe you a long awaited review, which I haven't forgotten about.
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WWE.com - Television - SMACKDOWN (Preview - 15th February 2008)

Smackdown Preview
15th February 2008

Hallam FM Arena
Sheffield, England



In the eagerly anticipated number one contendership match last Saturday night, it was “The Ultimate Opportunist” Edge who earned the opportunity of a lifetime as he defeated five other men to claim the prize of a shot at Shawn Michael’s World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 24. With four men left in the ring at the end of the match, it was Edge who was able to put the match away as he beat “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, just hours after the duo fought in the back upon their arrival to the arena as the tension reached boiling point.

With The Rated R Superstar having now collected the match he has demanded for months, what response will we get from Edge when he arrives in Sheffield, England this coming Friday night? Should The Heartbreak Kid be on edge? It will also be the champ’s turn to go at it when he laces up his boots for one on one action, and with Edge bound to be close by, will he send a message to his challenger that he will be in for one major fight when they lock horns on the grandest stage of them all?

Over the course of the last two months, it has been Umaga who has predominantly, and surprisingly had the upper hand over The Undertaker, with the only exception being at the Royal Rumble when the dead man eliminated The Samoan Bulldozer just moments before Kane sent his brother packing to book his spot at Wrestlemania. Having beaten The Undertaker in a First Blood match last month, Umaga looked like he had a huge chance going in to last Saturday night’s hugely important match. However, he felt the wrath of the phenom as he was sent through an announce table courtesy of a chokeslam.

What condition will The Samoan Savage be in when this Friday rolls around? And what response can we expect from both men after failing to earn the huge reward?

Over two weeks ago on Raw, former Smackdown star Rey Mysterio was attacked from behind prior to an Intercontinental Championship match against CM Punk. Typically Rey went ahead with the match, but questions were asked as to who it was that attacked Rey in that manner. The finger was pointed at both Punk and Rey’s long term rival, Elijah Burke. Both men denied any part in it, and after Rey defeated Burke at Saturday Night’s Main Event, The Guiding Light demanded an apology from Eric Bischoff. It seemed that Raw’s Head of Authority accepted that Burke played no part in the attack, and in way of return he was given a Money in the Bank qualifying match this past week against Rey. However, it appears now that all bets are off as to who was the culprit as Smackdown’s highest paid superstar, MVP made a shocking appearance and cost Rey the match and a shot at Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania.

No one knows why MVP did what he did, but it’s believed we’ll get an indication this week when Rey Mysterio joins him in The V.I.P. Lounge. It sure as hell looks like being one red hot night in Sheffield!

It’s a well known fact that one of the worst things you can do is anger a pitbull, however the case we deal with right now is that maybe the Pitbulls are to blame for this one themselves. In their WWE Tag Team Championship match this past Saturday night, they tried to gain a cheap victory as well as the titles by using the title belts themselves in order to help them on their way. Their strategy however didn’t go to plan as when Harry Smith collected a belt meant for Kid Kash, Smith saw red and did his best to remove Kash’s head, resulting in a disqualification defeat for The UK Pack and the defending champions. This didn’t set well for the challengers as they demanded action from William Regal after the match, something he asked to think about. The Pitbulls put the GM on warning, telling him they are more than willing to sort the problem out themselves.

Will Regal have found a solution, or will we see The Pitbulls bite back?

Not a lot of people have been able to get under Finlay’s skin like Chris Harris has since joining Smackdown. Two weeks ago, Harris shocked Finlay as he picked up his biggest victory to date on Smackdown. However, Finlay didn’t take it too well and retaliated by smashing Harris across the skull with his shillelagh. Last week after losing to The Undertaker, Finlay was making his way through the backstage area looking rather worse for wear when he stumbled upon Harris, who told him he got what he deserved. With those words ringing in his ears, The Fighting Irishman took it upon himself to make his way down to the ring during Harris’s match with MVP and costing him a place in the number one contendership match just twenty four hours later with a shot to the skull with a shillelagh.

We have learnt that this coming week, the two will collide head on, and after being burnt by Finlay and the shillelagh the last two weeks, how will Harris respond?

Over the last few weeks, we have seen Chris Masters try and encourage Charlie Haas to get his confidence back, and it appears that he certainly has done that and more. In fact, we have seen Haas not just gain confidence but a lot of intensity too in his last two matches, picking up impressive victories over both Super Crazy and Jimmy Wang Yang. It certainly looks like the rebirth of a wrestling machine and that Haas is back to his best. With Masters alongside him, will he continue to impress this coming week?

The tension between Shelton Benjamin and the United States Champion, Matt Hardy continues to grow. Shelton’s frustration grew two weeks back when Matt beat him to earn a match with Umaga last week with the winner moving on to the contenders match a day later. Despite having Shelton watching his every move, Matt put up one hell of an effort against The Samoan Bulldozer, but he just fell slightly short to Shelton’s obvious delight. It is rumoured Matt may have picked up an injury from that match, but we will find out more this Friday.

John Morrison & The Miz were clearly frustrated this past weekend after having missed out on getting a shot at The UK Pack’s tag team titles. However, in what was a very interesting little conversation with Raw’s Head of Authority, Eric Bischoff, it looks like the duo could be leaving Smackdown for pastures new. Bischoff mentioned that they were free to leave Smackdown if they so wish under the Open House rules, but is that an offer they will be taking up? They weren’t at Raw on Monday night, and are scheduled to be in Sheffield this Friday. Will we learn anything about their intentions for the future?

Kenny Dykstra has had mixed fortunes the last couple of weeks, getting the chance to main event Smackdown on both occasions. However, two weeks ago he lost to Batista, and last week after being asked by Edge to be his partner for the night, Dykstra followed up the defeat a week earlier by getting him and his partner disqualified, levelling The Animal with a steel chair as Edge looked in a difficult position. He’s never been one to keep his mouth shut, but what does this week hold for the Cruiserweight Champion? Tune in to find out!


The World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels In Action!

The V.I.P. Lounge with Rey Mysterio

Chris Harris
vs. Finlay

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Looks like a really great show and I will drop by with a review when posted
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response



We can confirm that the WWE Draft will return this year, and it will take place on Monday 31st March, less than 24 hours after the culmination of Wrestlemania 24. Stay tuned for more details!

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