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WWE.com - Smackdown - Preview (19th October)


Birmingham, England

Last week we saw Stephanie McMahon announce that for the next several weeks, potential candidates for the General Manager position will be each given the chance to take control of Smackdown for a week. Stephanie was in charge last week, and we saw her agree to someone she was talking to on the phone to take the reigns this week. She seemed a little shocked at their request before accepting, just who was she talking to?

Having found out that The Great Khali is out of action for at least six months with a back injury following their Punjabi Prison match at No Mercy, Batista learnt he was without an opponent for Cyber Sunday. It didn’t take long for “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters to jump to the head of the queue and ask for a title match, but Stephanie McMahon gave him the chance to get a title shot at Cyber Sunday if he could beat The Animal. However, Batista was victorious before a video aired at the end of the show, stating that Edge will be returning soon. With Edge four to six weeks away from full recovery, the question is how soon will he be returning?

Matt Hardy and Montel Vontavious Porter have never been the ideal Tag Team Champions, but last week things took a turn for the worst. After another argument between them, Smackdown debutants Matt Striker and Big Daddy V took full advantage of the champions faulting relationship by gaining a shock win over them. However, that was only after MVP left ringside and left Matt to take the full force of Big Daddy V’s assault, forcing him to have his ribs taped up afterwards, and when his partner came to check on him, the champs had another big argument. Just how long can these two co exist?

Kevin Thorn made a big impact on his Smackdown debut last week, destroying Funaki backstage before putting on an impressive performance before being defeated by The Undertaker. The legendary Deadman was obviously impressed with his opponent as he nodded in his direction after the match. This week Thorn has the chance to impress again when he returns the ring.

After suffering a vicious attack at the hands of Finlay at No Mercy, Rey Mysterio looked to get back at the fighting Irishman and ran down to ringside at the conclusion of his match with Jimmy Wang Yang, distracting Finlay enough for Yang to gain a huge upset. Finlay was irate afterwards as Mysterio watched on, just what will Finlay have in mind to get back at Mysterio this week?

With Raw and Smackdown under “Open House” rules until the end of the year, do any Raw stars feel the need to switch to Smackdown when the show comes to the UK this Friday night in Birmingham? Also, Jimmy Wang Yang aims to follow up his impressive victory over Finlay when he takes on Kenny Dykstra.


Jimmy Wang Yang vs Kenny Dykstra


Kevin Thorn in Action

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nice preview there Nige, set to be a nice Smackdown. I'm psyched on who will take the position of GM this week, and I like the Thorn/Undertaker angle. Expect a review from me after Smackdown.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Seabs' Raw Review

Opening promo
Good way to open the show. Liking HHH more serious now and seems you're pushing him as the main choice for Cyber Sunday. ortons bit was good too and all in character. Like the way you're promos are written kinda in recap form rather than speech. Could have given Regal more to do with it being in the U.K

Dreamer v Cade
Good to see dreamer win and give the originals a push. Typical kinda match to keep a tag feud going. Richards/Murdoch coming up?

Carlito's Cabana
Good segment. Gets Cody over with the fans having him on the cabana and having a highish profile feud. Brawl at the end and the security gave it more importance.

Morrison promo
Very good and realistic having Morrison sucking up to Vince. Push for him possibly?

Burke v Duggan
Expected Burke to win. Hopefully a good push for him.

Mcmahon/HHH promo
Good to see HHH as a choice for Cyber Sunday. Good and realistic promo.

Punk interview
Seems like a good push for most of the ECW guys and good to see you using them and not just ignoring them. Punk/Morrison feud good too.

Hardy/Rhodes v Kennedy/Carlito
Very similar to the match on this weeks Raw. Carlito avenges the earlier segment. Not sure and a match and promo was neccesary for the Rhodes/Carlito feud. Could have used the cabana next week instead of another match.

Smith promo
Great news that you're bring Harry Smith up.

Santino promo
A bit strange. Hopefully leads somewhere. Good use of the heel trying to get the two faces to turn on each other.

Mickie v Victoria
Good ending and good use of the Women Division in this feud.

Kennedy promo
Not your best promo but still above average. Hopefully the Kennedy/Mcmahon thing leads somewhere. All 3 choices look good for Cyber Sunday. Jeff and Ladders equals great matches.

HHH v Umaga, Orton and Morrison
ME changed for the second time already. Decent ME and Orton gets the upper hand in what is shaping up to be a good feud.

Another good Raw. Feuds shaping up well and so is Cyber Sunday. Will get my votes in nearer the time. Good to see you using the ECW guys and pushing a lot of people deservingly. Also, dark match was very interesting. Smith/Burchill v Taylor/Mcintyre. This could be a great feud and Burchill as face. All good to me.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Shane better be GM TBH. I expect one of Flair/Michaels or Jericho to make an appearance seeing as Edge won't be at Cyber Sunday. I would mark out for anyone. Undertaker/Thorn could be a good tag team. Big Daddy V better not win the tag titles.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Here are some comments on RAW

Recap promos are fun too and Triple H worked well in focus. Strange seeing that Richards and Dreamer are feuding with Cade and Murdoch. I'd give Cade and Murdoch much more credibility than that to be feuding with WWECW jobbers. Mid card brawls almost never happen anymore. Cody Rhodes in the Cabana was good but he doesn't have much of a character yet, so build him up well. I don't think Morrison is quite ready to be in the RAW main event scene. He still needs more time. Burke vs. Duggan??? You have to put some good matches, the ones thus far have been classic New Gen RAW. Try more diversity. Triple H was always going to be a part of the fan's choice match. He'll most likely win but Punk vs. Orton could be the best choice. Too much like real Cyber Sunday (HHH = HBK, Punk = Hardy, Morrison = Kennedy)?? Rhodes and Carlito are really heating up. Kennedy/Hardy - same old, same old. Harry Smith, not DH Smith? I did not understand what Santino was on about. I only read it once. Don't care about divas enough for random comments. I don't like superstars involved in more than 1 segment/match unless it's pre-announced. Main Event was decent. But the show only had 2 decent matches. This does not quite rank up to your earlier thread maybe because I've only read 2 shows

Sorry for the short comments. Lil short on time...and will review SmackDown. PM me when it's up. Preview looks good. I hope you become as succesful with this as you were with your earlier thread.

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WWE.com - Smackdown Results (19th October)


Birmingham, England

Stephanie McMahon
announcing that for the next few weeks, there will be a different acting General Manager before a permanent replacement is made. Later on in the night, Stephanie on the phone to someone who was asking to be GM for this week and Stephanie seeming surprised before agreeing.



***“Metalingus” blasts out and Edge walks out to a lot of heat***

gets in the ring and first says that everyone looks shocked that he’s here tonight, or maybe it’s because that someone with talent has actually entered the United Kingdom, getting a ton of heat with “You Suck” chants which Edge then claims he started years ago. He then says that for anyone who didn’t see it last week, they were all told that he was coming back from a special video that aired after Batista’s match, and in Edge’s words, leaving the big dumb freak confused. He then says it doesn’t take much to leave Batista confused, even his own shadow does that or his reflection in a mirror, but says that tonight he’s going to make everything really, really clear for him. Edge then says that he’s come back tonight for a reason and that reason is simple, everyone’s been talking this week about who Stephanie McMahon was on the phone to last week when she made someone the acting general manager for tonight and after a pause, he says that they should look no further because tonight the Rated R Superstar has all the power in his hands (Heat).

He then says that is good news for all the fans here tonight because they are going to get to see the biggest match in the history of Smackdown right here tonight, getting a decent pop. After a couple of seconds pause, he then says that right here tonight it will be a Wrestlemania rematch when Batista goes one on one with The Undertaker (Huge Pop). With the fans cheering, Edge says he knew they would like that, but he said that it wasn’t for them, it was for him because when he is good to go in several weeks, he will be going for Batista and the World Heavyweight Championship (Heat). He says that the title won’t be on the line tonight, but when he is ready to get back in the ring, he will be the one to take back what is his, the World Heavyweight Championship (Heat).

***“Metalingus hits again as Edge smiles and leaves the ring***


Jimmy Wang Yang vs Kenny Dykstra

A quick paced match with both men going for high spots. Dykstra got in the driver’s seat as the match went on and was able to duck underneath a springboard clothesline from Yang, then planted him with an Overdrive. He then went up top to finish it off with a guillotine leg drop, but taking his time before he leapt off cost him as Yang managed to roll to the side. Both men got up to their feet and Yang struck first with a kick to the chest, followed up with an enziguri. He then ran to the corner and as Dykstra slowly got back up to his feet still dazed, Yang leapt off the top rope, connecting with a Corkscrew Seated Splash for the victory.


Matt Hardy
walks down the hallway (Big Pop) and as he’s walking, Edge walks round the corner into him (Heat). Edge offers Matt his congratulations on being a champion again, but then says that it’s not the same as being a champion on his own and tells Matt that it’s not really a surprise considering every time they get in the ring, he kicks Matt’s ass (Heat). Matt shrugs the comments off and asks Edge what he wants, but Edge then tells him tonight is about what the fans want and not what he wants. Matt asks what that is and Edge says that as general manager for the night, he has the power to make big matches, Wrestlemania rematches and even title matches, which he says is lucky in Matt’s case because tonight he will be defending the Tag Team titles. Matt says that it doesn’t bother him one bit, saying he loves to compete against whatever team Edge puts him against. Edge then tells Matt that’s the best, it won’t be just one team, not even two but it will be an open invitational gauntlet match and that as the champions, it’s only fair he and MVP start the match. Matt shakes his head and tells Edge he’s a piece of work before walking off as Edge just grins.


A recap from last week when Kevin Thorn attacked Funaki as he walked down the hall and then the ending of his match with The Undertaker as The Undertaker nodded at Thorn after the match.

Funaki vs Kevin Thorn

Basically it was just a squash match with Funaki’s comeback attempts being countered straight away by Thorn, who looked dangerous. After a vicious clothesline and a big boot, Thorn dragged Funaki up to his feet and finished him off with the Dark Kiss for the victory.

AFTERMATH: Thorn looks down at Funaki with a crazed look in his eyes for several seconds before leaving the ring and walking to the back


Josh Matthews
at the interview set introduces us to his guests, Matt Striker & Big Daddy V (Heat). Josh says that last week they caused an upset by beating the Tag Team Champions, Matt Hardy and MVP, although MVP did leave the ring before the match ended. The end of the match is then shown as Striker then says that it wouldn’t have mattered if MVP had been on the apron or in the ring because no one could have stopped him and Big Daddy V from winning last week and that no one will stop them winning again tonight. Josh then asks him if that means he and Big Daddy V are entering the open invitational gauntlet match later on.

Striker looks at him and shakes his head, then says that just like all the English people in attendance, Josh too has no intelligence whatsoever (Heat) because anyone with a single brain cell would have been able to work out that he and the most dangerous man on Smackdown will not just be entering the gauntlet match later on, but they will do what they did last week and beat the WWE Tag Team Champions, but only this time they will leave with the gold around the waist, or over Daddy V’s shoulder in his case and that no team will be able to stop them from leaving this appallingly run country as the new WWE Tag Team Champions (Heat).


A recap of last week when Stephanie McMahon stated that until the end of the year, Raw and Smackdown was open house, meaning that any superstar can switch brand if they so wish.

***“Masterpiece” hits & Chris Masters walks down to the ring***


says that last week he was screwed by Batista and that he should be facing him for the World Heavyweight title at Cyber Sunday (Heat), then says that he went asked Edge to make a rematch for tonight, but he wouldn’t allow it. He then says that instead, Edge has given him the chance to beat the crap out of some English wrestler, which Masters says he’s been looking forward to after being in this hell hole for the last couple of days (Heat). He then tells whoever his opponent is to bring his sorry English ass down to the ring.

***After a couple of seconds’ silence, Paul Burchill walks out to his music and a big pop***

Paul Burchill vs Chris Masters

Burchill put on a strong start to the match, taking control of Masters with a number of arm bar submissions. As Burchill looked in control, Masters fought his way back into it, dodging a standing shooting star press, then as Burchill got to his knees, Masters nailed him with a running knee smash to the side of the head. After putting Burchill in a sleeper hold, which the Englishman was able to just escape from, Masters stalked him for The Masterlock, but before he could get it locked in, Burchill fought it and was able to pull himself out of Masters’ grasp. He turned round and was kicked in the gut by Masters who then ran back into the ropes, but was shocked as Burchill stopped him with a hard stomp to the gut and then planted him with the C4 for the win.

AFTERMATH: The crowd went crazy as Burchill got his arm raised by the referee. He went to the corner and climbed to the top rope where he posed, still looking intense for an ecstatic crowd. Masters can be seen sitting up and not looking happy


Rey Mysterio
is talking to Super Crazy in Spanish backstage (Pop) as Finlay walks up to them and tells Crazy to get out of there. Finlay gets right in Mysterio’s face and tells Rey that he made a big mistake costing him his match last week to another circus act and that he’s going to make him pay (Heat). Rey says that the circus act he’s talking about looked like he had Finlay beat anyway and that he was just looking for excuses because he lost, but says at least he didn’t go to all the work of getting on a stretcher and then attacking him. Finlay looks to be getting angry and says that at No Mercy, he should have got the job done and not let Rey walk again, but next time he won’t stop until Rey can’t move. Rey isn’t fazed and tells Finlay that he wants the chance to pay Finlay back too and he can do it at Cyber Sunday (Pop). Finlay looks down at Rey and says that’s fine with him but Rey better be careful, or this time he will be leaving on a stretcher (Heat), before staring Rey down for several seconds before turning round and walking away from him.



of Extreme Expose is standing by and introduces Batista as her guest (Pop). She asks him what he thinks about Edge returning tonight and saying that he wants the World Championship back (Heat). Batista says that he can relate to what Edge has been through, having to forfeit the World title himself and says it is the hardest thing he has ever had to do in his career. He then says that it’s understandable that Edge wants a chance at getting the title back because that he went through it too, but then says that Edge can want it back as much as he wants, but it doesn’t mean he’s going to get it back because he will fight Edge all the way to keep the title over his shoulder (Pop). Brooke then asks him what she thinks about Edge putting him in a match tonight against The Undertaker (Pop). Batista stops for a moment before saying that Edge was not going to give him an easy night tonight with him being on charge, but says that it’s not everyday you get to go head to head with The Undertaker and says that it’s an honour just to step inside the same ring as The Undertaker. He then says that even though he respects The Undertaker, he is going to walk into that ring tonight and show everyone, especially Edge why he is the World Heavyweight Champion by beating The Undertaker (Pop).



Matt Hardy & MVP (c) vs Deuce ‘N’ Domino w/Cherry

Matt spent most of the time in the ring and was still holding his taped up ribs after the assault from Big Daddy V last week. Deuce gave Matt a real battering in the corner with kicks and punches to the ribcage, focusing on hurting Matt. Deuce had Matt in a lot of trouble and after a backbreaker, he pulled Matt up to his knees and tagged in Domino as they then went for their finisher. As Domino ran back into the ropes, MVP kicked him in the back, forcing Domino down to his knees. Matt then pulled himself up from his knees and hit a Side Effect on Deuce, then as Domino got back and walked over, Matt hit him with a Twist of Fate to get the pinfall.

AFTERMATH: Matt throws his arms into the air in relief, but then Matt Striker and Big Daddy V walk down the aisle and Matt’s face soon turns

Matt Hardy & MVP (c) vs Matt Striker & Big Daddy V

Matt was attacked by Striker, who too worked on his ribs with vicious stomps. However, Matt was able to counter an abdominal stretch from Striker and make a tag to MVP, who came in all guns blazing, taking it to Striker with clotheslines and then went for the Playmaker, but Striker was able to wriggle free quickly and crawled across the mat to tag in Big Daddy V. MVP looked worried and as V got into the ring, MVP backed up and slapped Matt across the shoulder as he just climbed back up on the apron. Hardy looked pissed and reluctantly got in the ring as MVP yelled at him to get in. Matt ran in, ducked a clothesline, came back off the ropes and hit a flying clothesline, but V didn’t move. Matt ran back into the ropes and tried again, hitting another clothesline, but was again unable to knock the big man off his feet. He then tried one more time but this time ran into a belly to belly suplex from V who then ran off the ropes and splashed Matt, who held onto his ribs straight away looking in complete agony. V went for a cover straight away, MVP then ran in and was about to stop the count, but stopped suddenly as the ref then counted the victory.

AFTERMATH: MVP looked down and smiled as Hardy rolled around in agony, holding his ribs as Striker celebrated like crazy. Matt needed to be helped to the back by referees who came down to help him. MVP just smiled all the way through as he walked to the back, getting a ton of heat. Then Dave Taylor walked out to the entrance with a microphone and said that he and his new tag team partner, Drew McIntyre had entered this match and that they will win the Tag Team titles for everyone in England tonight. The crowd cheers as McIntyre walks out to join Taylor for his WWE debut and then walk up the aisle


Dave Taylor & Drew McIntyre vs Matt Striker & Big Daddy V

McIntyre came in and took the match to V, surprising him with his ability and strength. V came back off the ropes and tried to knock him down with a shoulder charge, but McIntyre countered with a drop toe hold and dropped a couple of elbows across the neck of V, then going for a cover. The crowd were sighing as the ref kept counting close calls for McIntyre. V looked worried and was on the back foot as McIntyre waited for him to get up, but V tagged in Striker as he got to his feet. Striker took a moment before running in at McIntyre who planted him with a swinging side slam into a sit down face buster (The Ego Trip). He dropped to the mat and went for the cover, but was frustrated as V came back in and went for a leg drop to stop the cover, but McIntyre moved out of the way as Striker got the full force of the leg drop. As V got up, McIntyre ran back into the ropes and nailed him with a big boot, then ran at him and knocked him over the top with a clothesline. As Striker slowly got back up to his feet, McIntyre waited patiently before planting him with the Flatliner for the win.

AFTERMATH: Their music hit and the crowd went nuts as Justin Roberts announced them as the new WWE Tag Team Champions until. . .

***The Worlds Greatest Tag Team walk out to the entrance ramp to a ton of heat***

Shelton Benjamin
says that since he and Charlie Haas aren’t getting the respect they deserve on Raw and it is open house around here at the moment plus that this is an open invitational, he and Charlie are coming to get what’s theirs, and that’s the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Dave Taylor & Drew McIntyre vs The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

A really back and forth encounter with Haas and Benjamin taking the match at a quick pace to try and counter Taylor and McIntyre. The match came to a close after a collision between McIntyre and Haas took them both to the mat where they crawled across to their respective corners and tagged in their partners. Benjamin stormed at Taylor, but was met by a hard right, followed up by a series of European uppercuts and then a standing vertical suplex. Haas, back up by then ran over and was knocked down by Taylor too. McIntyre too got back up and got in the ring as Haas got back to his feet and McIntyre made his way towards Haas. The ref saw it and blocked him off, and as the ref moved McIntyre back to his corner, Haas low blowed Taylor, ran across the mat and knocked McIntyre off the apron. As Taylor slowly picked himself back up, Shelton too was up and was able to hit the T Bone suplex for the win.

AFTERMATH: The crowd boo as the ref raises Shelton and Haas’s arms and then presents them with the WWE Tag Team Championship belts as they then celebrate in front of an angry English crowd


A recap of what just happened before the break with The Worlds Greatest Tag Team entering the open invitational gauntlet match and winning the WWE Tag Team Championship.


Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas
are celebrating in the locker room when MVP walks in (Heat). Shelton & Charlie don’t know what to do as MVP walks over to them with a serious look on his face before then smiling and congratulating them, telling them they’ve done him a huge favour because he doesn’t have to team up or pretend to like Matt Hardy anymore (Heat). He then tells them it’s great to have them on Smackdown and tells them that now the three most talented superstars in the world today are on the same show. Shelton & Charlie thank him as he then says they should all go out and celebrate and that he can get them in anywhere tonight, saying that even the UK realises what a global star MVP is. The new champs agree and tell MVP they’ll get showered and changed, and then they can head out for the party of a lifetime. MVP smiles widely and nods his head as they walk out of the shot.


Batista vs The Undertaker

A back and forth match with both men taking control at different points. Taker seemed to be taking control when he reversed a whip by Batista into the corner, followed in with a hard clothesline, whipped him into the corner and hit him with another hard clothesline. As Batista staggered out of the corner, Taker ran back into the ropes, came back and tried for a big boot to the face, but Tista ducked it, ran through, came back off the ropes and connected with a spear to Taker. The momentum took Batista to the mat, and with fatigue setting in, it took him several seconds to get back up to his feet. Once up, he whips Taker into the ropes and is able to connect with a spinebuster. He then gets back up to his feet and signals for the Batista Bomb when Edge walks out to the entrance with a microphone in hand, distracting Batista who walks to the ropes and stares down at Edge. As Batista stares him down, Edge says that he’s got a special surprise for him and that even though he’s not ready to compete at No Mercy, he’s found someone who is and is Smackdown’s newest superstar. Batista looks confused as all of a sudden, Edge tells Batista it might be a wise idea to turn round, and as he does, Umaga is behind him and nails him with a side kick to the face, causing Micky Henson to ring for the bell.

AFTERMATH: Umaga then hits Henson with a thrust uppercut. The Undertaker gets back up to his feet but is the victim of a Samoan Drop as he runs at Umaga, taking him across the mat and off the apron. Batista then gets back up, but Umaga is right on him and plants him with a Samoan Spike. He then drags him to the corner, walks back across and runs at him, smashing his ass right into Batista’s face. Edge looks on and laughs as he walks up the aisle and into the ring. He gets on his knees and right in Batista’s face, then tells him that as long as he’s got the power tonight, he’s calling the shots for Cyber Sunday and that in Batista’s match with Umaga, he will be the special referee

***“Metalingus” hits as Smackdown comes to a close with Edge & Umaga looking down and smiling over Batista***


Jimmy Wang Yang df.
Kenny Dykstra
Kevin Thorn df. Chuck Palumbo
Paul Burchill df. Chris Masters
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team won a Gauntlet Match to become new WWE Tag Team Champions
Batista df.
The Undertaker

Johnny Jeter df.
Matt Sydal

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hey Nige, I haven't got time to write a full review so I'll just give you some feedback for Smackdown this week...

-Although you wanted Edge's return to be a surprise, and you wanted to get him back on television quickly, I feel it was the wrong decision and you should've built up his return to SmackDown! in a much bigger way like a Main Event star deserves. The ending of last week's show was so great that you should have continued that at least for a few more weeks.

-So did Striker and BDV become Tag Team Champions, and then lose them to McIntyre and Taylor? I think that's what happened, and I think it was OK, but unnecessary. Striker and BDV could've got disqualified with McIntyre and Taylor winning the belts from Matt & MVP. Still, I liked how WGTT appeared to become new WWE Tag Team Champions in the end, and it looks like MVP is trying to form a stable. Nice!

-You called it "the biggest match in the history of Smackdown" - great. Batista vs. Undertaker - great. Two of the top Smackdown stars battling it out with Edge lurking nearby - great.

Umaga coming out, destroying both men and making them look incredibly weak - not great at all.

I can see you wanted Umaga to look strong, but in the process you didn't protect Batista or Undertaker which made them look so weak after such a huge Main Event. Also, Umaga gave Taker a Samoan Drop...then where did Taker go!?!? He seemed to disappear from your script! Anyway, Batista vs. Umaga should be good and I can see Batista somehow overcoming the odds and beating Umaga.

Overall Nige it was a decent show, but I know you can do better. I think you need to read over your show after you've written it and evaluate your decisions, and see if they're the right ones.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Good recap from last week with a New GM coming. Good opening promo from Edge, a lot of cheap shots towards the crowd and the audience but Edge does that. He is the GM? Surprised...I don't know how well that will work and huge main event. WrestleMania rematch going on tonight. You don't see an opening promo that actually begins and ends well in WWE or BTB anymore. I liked it and Edge as GM should provide for a lot of interesting situations for the night

Good cruiserweight match to open the show but I don't like the placement. Your opening promo wasn't very strong and the opening match should be a bigger highlight than what is was tonight. On the match though, nothing special, the face wins with his finisher. I'd rather see Dykstra go over as seems to have more potential but reconstructing the cruiserweight division needs all the cruiser wins.

The Matt/Edge promo backstage was good as they have history and the intensity could be felt. Edge making a good tag team match. It seems like Edge is hell bent on making his show exceptional. I like Matt's last comment too as he sounds face with the light words

Jobber match, even weaker than the first match but atleast there was a story. I did not like it as SmackDown should deliver some good matches and so far they've been very bad. Aftermath was broing as well. Making fun of Josh just doesn't work as well as doing the same with Todd. The promo was okay and seemed filler. BDV and Stiker set the mood for the tag team gauntlet. This should be a good match. Should've gotten underway by now

The Open house sitaution is very good and should provide for some fun matches but I don't see how it can be done with the way things are. This would just mean that there are not roster seperations anymore. I guess they are not coming because they dont want to come. Okay promo by Masters before being beaten by Englishman. It's good that a homeboy got a win as the crowd should be excited. This match should've also gone earlier pushing back the jobber match. So I guess you're planning on going with the stretcher match at Cyber Sunday too?? The promo was nothing special and I only understood it the second time I read it. It seemed very uninteresting.

Generic Batista promo with one good thing in Batista's part about knowing what Edge is going through. Besides that it sets the mood for tonight's main event but nothing more. Finally the gauntlet match is underway...It was obvious in the first gauntlet who was going to win, shame though as D&D are very underrated in my books. Striker and BDV hit the ring and gain early advantage. They defeated the tag champs, new champs or do the titles only change hands after the match ends. Another set of homeboys pick up the win. So they're the new tag team champions. Drew McIntyre and Dave Taylor. McIntyre has a lot of potential and could be huge if pushed right. I like the direction the gauntlet took and lived up to my expectations. Oh but wait what's this, another match. The World's Greatest Tag Team are here from RAW and they're fighting in the last gauntlet, even better. They win!!! The crowd boos again. You know how to get the crowd in the palm of your hands. The form the match took was very good. WGTT is also a good choice for tag champs. With this match you also accomplished Hardy/MVP to break out completely (atleast one side of it)

MVP looking on to find himself some back up here is he? I don't think he's big enough to lead the stable yet but he could like have equal power as the two others. And the stable does not seem strong enough to have a strong break up, which every good stable usually has. I don't like MVP sucking up anyway. The main event was goin every well until Edge made his presence felt. Bringing Umaga to SmackDown is good but inserting him into a feud with Batista is bad. He just doesn't have the credibility he once did to fight against the world champion. Umaga completely destroyed the two toughest guys on SmackDown. Trying to build Umaga up this big are you? This did not make a lot of sense and sort of made SmackDown looks weak as a whole.

It was an okay show, better than RAW. It could've had a lot more drama with Edge being the GM. I don't think you used that to full potential.

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Following Friday Night Smackdown last night, WWE.com has learnt of several new developments for Cyber Sunday which takes place in eight days time.

Last night we saw Edge announce himself as the special referee for Umaga’s non title match with Batista, however we have been advised by the board of directors that Edge’s announcement as general manager for the night will not stand. What has been decided is that Batista will face Umaga and it will now be for the World Heavyweight Championship and Edge could well be the special referee if the fans decide to vote on that with two other stipulations in place. The other two options available for this huge clash are a No Holds Barred match or a Last Man Standing Match. Batista certainly does face a strong challenge from Smackdown’s newest superstar when the two monsters clash next Sunday night.

We have also been made aware that with no general manager in place on Smackdown, two more matches have been made on behalf of the brand. These matches will see Rey Mysterio facing Finlay, and Matt Hardy will challenge Montel Vontavious Porter at long last for the United States Championship. Rey and Finlay will meet in a Steel Cage match, an I Quit match or a Stretcher match. MVP’s title defence against Matt also has three options available and they are a 30 Minute Iron Man match, First Fall to a Finish and a 2/3 Falls match.

We have also learnt that Raw GM William Regal has made a World Tag Team Championship match between the current champions Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, and the challengers Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards who have upset the champs in recent weeks. Just like all the matches, you can have your say and you can help decide whether we will see an ECW Rules match, a Table match or a Bar Fight between these two teams.

Mickie James won a Number One Contenders Battle Royal two weeks ago on Raw to get the chance to meet Beth Phoenix for the Womens Championship next Sunday night with you being able to vote for either a normal wrestling match, a Bra & Panties match or a Paddle on a Pole match.

Here is the complete card for next Sunday’s fan friendly show and get voting!


WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs ? ? ?

Vote for Randy Orton's Opponent
A. CM Punk
B. John Morrison
C. Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista (c) vs Umaga

Vote for Match Stipulation
A. Special Referee (Edge)
B. No Holds Barred
C. Last Man Standing

Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs Mr. Kennedy

Vote for Match Stipulation
A. No Disqualifications
B. Ladder
C. First Blood

WWE United States Championship
Matt Hardy vs Montel Vontavious Porter (c)

Vote for Match Stipulation
A. 30 Minute Iron Man
B. First Fall To A Finish
C. 2/3 Falls

World Tag Team Championship
The Extremists (Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards) vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (c)

Vote for Match Stipulation
A. ECW Rules
B. Tables Match
C. Bar Fight

Rey Mysterio vs Finlay

Vote for Match Stipulation
A. Steel Cage
B. I Quit
C. Stretcher

WWE Womens Championship
Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix (c)

Vote for Match Stipulation
A. Wrestling Match
B. Paddle On A Pole
C. Bra And Panties

Some Smackdown Comments

Thanks for the comments guys, i appreciate it. The whole Umaga angle was meant to cause a stir, but i admit i made a mistake in him looking dominant. He jumped Batista which was fine to me, but The Undertaker too, which was just one Samoan Drop that took him to the outside (which i forgot to mention) was a mistake. The tag titles only changed at the end with the winners becoming the champions, hence The Worlds Greatest Tag Team jumping across.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Awesome card! Probably your best yet. Anyway I don't have time to leave a full review for Smackdown and I probably won't have time for another few days but let's just say I enjoyed the twist and turns, expect a review on Wednesday.

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