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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige, you have a great btb coming along. I like the idea of the triple threat at Mania 22 and will be a classic. Can't wait till SNME.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I to like the idea of the Triple Threat at WrestleMania. It should be a great match and I see Orton coming out on top while I see Triple H beating Kane at Saturday Nights Main Event. Anyway good luck, this is obviously a top thread, and your obviously a top booker. Well done.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

^^^Thanks guys!!!^^^

Smackdown Preview
8th February 2008

Freeman Coliseum
San Antonio, Texas



With all the uncertainty flying around last week regarding which title Kane would be challenging for at Wrestlemania following his Royal Rumble victory, it caused Smackdown GM William Regal to make a difficult decision. “The Rated R Superstar” Edge was the first to register his intent for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship following his failure to beat Shawn Michaels at the Royal Rumble which saw Michaels pin Batista following a little sweet chin music. However, Edge was not alone in his desire to gain a title shot at Wrestlemania with MVP & Kenny Dykstra also making their case. Following Kane’s appearance on Raw, unsettling the WWE Champion Randy Orton days earlier, Regal was forced in to making a contingency plan in case Kane left Smackdown, which we now know he has, leaving the shot at Shawn Michaels wide open. The GM made the decision that would see six Smackdown superstars battle it out at Saturday Night’s Main Event this weekend with the winner getting an all expenses paid trip to the main event at the sports entertainment spectacular. All six participants were told they had to qualify, and last week we saw Batista and Edge book their places, leading in to this week’s show where we will see eight other superstars battle it out for a shot at the big time. Just who will be heading to Saturday Night’s Main Event for the chance to headline Wrestlemania?

Last week in the first two qualifying matches for the Number One Contendership match this weekend, we saw Batista and Edge advance following victories over Kenny Dykstra and Chavo Guerrero respectively. We all know of the problems between Batista and Edge as well as Chavo and Dykstra, and with Batista and Edge waiting in line for their opponents on Saturday night, William Regal has made the decision to put them in action this coming Friday as The Animal joins forces with The Mexican Warrior to take on The Rated R Superstar and the Cruiserweight Champion and self proclaimed Future Hall of Famer. With Dykstra and Chavo losing out last week, they must be desperate to reverse their fortunes this week. But how desperate will Batista and Edge be to get one up on each other just twenty four hours before one of the biggest matches of their lives?

Shelton Benjamin’s arrogance has gotten the better of him in recent weeks since losing out to Matt Hardy in a tag team match recently, and that frustration boiled over last week when he went to see William Regal. Having heard a rumour that Matt would be given an opportunity to face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania, Shelton demanded Regal give him the same chance. Regal though denied the rumour but gave Shelton and Matt a chance, making a match between them with the winner getting a qualifying match this coming week. There was more frustration to come for Shelton as he lost out to another great effort from the United States Champion, who now moves on to face “The Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga this Friday night for a chance to join the huge match on Saturday night. Will Matt’s heart be enough to see him past the same man who defeated The Undertaker several weeks back in a First Blood match?

We saw the finale of the Number One Contendership Series to the WWE Tag Team Championship last Friday night with The Pitbulls coming out victorious against the team of John Morrison and The Miz. This means that Jamie Noble and Kid Kash will get a shot at the champions, Paul Burchill and Harry Smith, The UK Pack this coming weekend at Saturday Night’s Main Event in the home country of the current holders of the gold. What can we expect to see this Friday night when the two teams travel to San Antonio?

Ever since debuting at the start of the year, Chris Harris has looked very impressive in remaining undefeated, and that continued last week as he registered his biggest victory to date over Finlay. However handling defeat has never been Finlay’s biggest strength, and this was the case yet again as he attacked Harris after the match with his shillelagh. It’s safe to say Harris won’t have forgotten that as we roll in to The Freeman Coliseum this week where both men will be in qualifying matches for Saturday Night’s Main Event. Harris will be looking to remain undefeated as he takes on the “The Franchise Player” MVP, while Finlay goes head to head with The Undertaker.

Michael Shane has sure as hell made no effort to hide his bitterness since he joined the Smackdown ranks several weeks ago, however he crossed the line last week. After learning he would be facing “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair this coming week in a qualifying match for Saturday Night’s Main Event, he had the audacity to go to the sixteen time World Champion and tell the greatest of all time that he had no respect for him whatsoever and that he doesn’t even consider him one of the greatest ever superstars. The cousin of Shawn Michaels received a slap for his trouble and was told that he will be taught some respect this week. Can Flair give Shane the lesson he so valuably needs, or will we see a family affair at Wrestlemania?

Charlie Haas was back to his old self last week as he showed Super Crazy and the Smackdown fans just what he is capable of, out wrestling the Mexican high flyer and making him tap out to The Haas of Pain. Since splitting from Shelton Benjamin, Haas had been under somewhat of a confidence struggle, but it seems that his friend, Chris Masters has helped him restore that belief. And this week, Haas has the chance to gain yet more confidence as he goes one on one with Jimmy Wang Yang. Will we see another highly impressive performance from the multi time Tag Team Champion?


The Undertaker
vs. Finlay

Ric Flair
vs. Michael Shane

Chris Harris
vs. Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP)

Matt Hardy
vs. Umaga


Batista & Chavo Guerrero
vs. Edge & Kenny Dykstra

Jimmy Wang Yang
vs. Charlie Haas

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WWE.com - HOMEPAGE (Smackdown Results 8th February 2008)

Smackdown Results
8th February 2008

Freeman Coliseum
San Antonio, Texas



• William Regal announcing that there will be a series of qualifying matches for a shot at Shawn Michaels’ World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania
• Quick clips of Edge beating Chavo Guerrero and Batista defeating Kenny Dykstra to earn their spots in the match

“Rise Up”



Michael Cole & The Coach do the usual introduction with Cole then saying that there will be four qualifying matches for the last four places in the number one contendership match tomorrow night at Saturday Night’s Main Event with the winner facing Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania now that Kane has decided to challenge for the WWE Championship on Raw. Cole then quickly says we’re starting with a bang tonight with one of the qualifying matches as Finlay makes his way out to the arena.


The Undertaker
vs. Finlay

Taker pulls Finlay back up to a vertical base and whips him in to the corner. He takes a second before then running in and going to hit him with a clothesline, but Finlay lifts his elbow up in to the side of Taker’s head, knocking him groggy. He then grabs Taker by the head and smashes it in to the top turnbuckle pad. He then whips Taker hard in to the opposite corner before running in at him, only for Taker to step out and to the side as Finlay runs right in to the pads. He then steps out looking dazed as Taker then scoops him on to his shoulder and then drops him head first against the top turnbuckle for the SNAKE EYES. . . . . As Finlay then staggers out of the corner, Taker turns back and runs in to the ropes, comes back and knocks Finlay down with a big boot to the face. The crowd get behind Taker with loud cheers as he then stalks the fighting Irishman for a chokeslam. As Finlay picks himself back up and finds his way in to Taker’s grasp, he is able to fight his way out of the dead man’s clutches as he kicks Taker in the gut and then runs back in to the ropes, only for Taker to reach out and grab him around the throat before planting him with a CHOKESLAM. . . . . A big pop rings out as Taker then signals for the end then reaches down to pull Finlay back up where he then scoops him up over his shoulder and drives him down to the mat for a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER. . . . . The crowd up and count in tandem with the referee 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Deadman’s Symphony” plays to a huge pop inside the arena with The Undertaker doing his trademark victory pose with the purple spotlights on him as the crowd cheer like crazy at the prospect of The Undertaker going to Wrestlemania

WINNER: The Undertaker by pinfall @ 10.21


Shawn Michaels is walking through the hallway in casual clothing with the World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder, getting a big pop from inside the arena. He stops and turns his head to the side, seeing the name of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair on a locker room door. That too gets a pop as Michaels then throws his voice as he knocks on the door and asks for an autograph. He then opens the door and we see Flair smile at the sight of HBK. They both smile and then hug each other for a second before Michaels then pulls back and tells him that he’s sure that The Nature Boy is having doubts about taking it easy tonight against Michael Shane, HBK’s cousin. Flair is about to speak until Shawn carries on and says that’s not what he wants and tells Flair to give his cousin the full Nature Boy treatment tonight. Flair grins again and tells Shawn he’s not going to hold back. HBK nods his head in approval and then tells Flair in all seriousness that he’s rooting for him tonight and tomorrow night if he gets there as it would be the biggest honour to face the greatest of all time in the main event of Wrestlemania, and since Kane isn’t coming back to Smackdown, it will just be Mr. Wrestlemania and The Nature Boy one on one. The crowd cheer that with Flair saying he will do his absolute best to try and make sure that happens and tells HBK it would be the biggest honour of his career to face the show stopper at Wrestlemania in Orlando. HBK wishes him luck and they shake hands with Shawn telling Flair to make it happen. Flair smiles as Michaels then leaves the room to a big pop.


Chris Harris is in the back stretching when Finlay hobbles past him, holding an ice pack against his neck. Harris turns round and grabs Finlay by the arm. He tells Finlay that after what happened last week after their match, he’s glad Finlay got what was coming to him earlier on. Finlay looks pissed and tells Harris to watch his mouth before saying that he’s picking a fight with the wrong guy. Harris doesn’t look fazed and tells Finlay that he isn’t intimidated one bit by him, then tells Finlay to get checked out while saying he has got a match to go and win later on, something Finlay has forgotten about as of late. Harris then turns round and walks off as Finlay watches on with one hell of an evil scowl.


After Jimmy Wang Yang makes his entrance, he’s followed by Charlie Haas who is accompanied by his friend Chris Masters. Masters grabs a microphone from Justin Roberts and tells the crowd that last week Charlie Haas proved all the doubters wrong by making Super Crazy suffer like he deserves too, and then says that the same fate awaits tonight for Jimmy Wang Wand or whatever his name is with Yang looking on not too impressed. He mocks Yang and asks him just why he thinks he can beat The Wrestling Machine that is Charlie Haas tonight. Masters doesn’t give Yang a chance to respond and tells him he has no chance and that Haas will do exactly the same thing to him that he did to Yang’s buddy Super Crazy last week. Haas just remains in the corner and prepares himself as Masters then tells the referee to ring the bell and for Haas to put Yang out of his misery.

***MATCH #2***

Jimmy Wang Yang
vs. Charlie Haas w/Chris Masters

With Yang just getting back in to the match, he is able to reverse an irish whip from the aggressive Haas and connects with a SPINNING WHEEL KICK. . . . . The Redneck is still a little sore from the onslaught he received earlier on, resulting in him taking his time before standing back up and making his way back up and over to the corner where he climbs to the top rope. Haas though is able to stand back up too before Yang gets there with the help of the time delay in Yang getting there. Seeing Yang standing up on the top rope, Haas runs in to the corner, jumps on to the second rope and then tosses Yang back down to the mat with an OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. . . . . The crowd boo Haas as he stands back up looking very intense as he turns over and goes for a cover on Yang 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Yang was just able to get his shoulder up, leaving Haas looking very frustrated as he stares intensely at the referee. He stands back up and looks very focused as he then pulls his straps down and turns Yang over on to his back before locking in THE HAAS OF PAIN. . . . . Yang looks uncomfortable straight away as Haas applies some serious pressure, giving Yang no choice but to tap out.

AFTERMATH: Masters gets in the ring and raises Haas’s arm high in the air with Haas still looking very intense as he stares down at a sore looking Yang

WINNER: Charlie Haas by submission @ 7.19



Lena Yada is standing backstage and introduces us to her guest, MVP. As MVP walks into the shot, he gets some heat from the arena before Lena asks him how he feels about going in to his qualifying match tonight and possibly going to Wrestlemania for a shot at the World Championship. The Franchise Player says possibly isn’t the word she’s looking for because it’s all cut and dry, set in stone like his huge salary. He says that he’s shown all the Smackdown fans why he is the highest paid superstar in the show’s history by beating everyone that’s been put in his way, and that will include Mr. Cowboy, Chris Harris himself after tonight. He then says that once tonight is through, he’s more then ready to go through hell tomorrow night at Saturday Night’s Main Event and do whatever it takes to go all the way to Wrestlemania where it won’t be just the fans of Smackdown that will see him perform like only he can, but the entire world will see him make that next step to the World Heavyweight Championship.


***MATCH #3***

Ric Flair
vs. Michael Shane

Flair gets back up to his feet, then reaches down and pulls Shane up to his. He sets him up for a snap suplex, but Shane blocks it and quickly slips behind Flair, then drops to his knees, catching Flair in a roll up 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Flair pushes off with Shane being pushed back to the mat, albeit softly. Both men get back up and Shane immediately grabs Flair’s legs as he turns round, taking Flair down to the mat, but The Nature Boy puts up a fight and is able to push Shane back. Flair gets back up as Shane walks back towards him, walking in to a series of hard chops from Flair who then follows up with an inverted atomic drop and then a hard right hand. With the crowd cheering, Naitch walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope as Shane starts to stand back up. As Shane then turns round, Flair jumps off the top, looking for a DOUBLE AXE HANDLE. . . . . Shane though swings his arm at Flair’s chest, leaving him holding his chest as Flair just remains on a vertical base. Shane looks to take full advantage as he takes a few steps back before then going for a SUPER KICK. . . . . Flair though is able to grab Shane’s foot and then pushes him down to the mat before then locking in THE FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. . . . . The crowd are on their feet as Flair puts the pressure on Shane to give it up, but he looks to fight it before eventually being forced to tap out, getting nowhere near the ropes as the ref calls for the bell with Flair then celebrating after the bell to a huge ovation.

WINNER: Ric Flair by submission @ 9.12


The Pitbulls walk down to the ring in ripped jeans and T shirts to some heat from the crowd as “Slam Smack” plays. Jamie Noble and Kid Kash look very happy and relaxed as they step through the ropes with Noble collecting a microphone. He says that it’s not like him to come out and talk to all the idiots in the crowd, but he and Kash have something that they need to say. He says that since they won the number one contendership series last week, he says that they have changed the face of the tag team division on Smackdown. He smiles and stops for a second before then saying that if no one believes them, they’ll prove it tomorrow night when they take the Tag Team titles from the English soft asses and rough them up like the pushovers that they are. Kash takes the mic and says that everyone knows the United Kingdom answers to the bark of America and tomorrow night, The UK Pack are going down the same damn track every Englishman does because they’ll be lying at the feet of the true winners, The American Pitbulls. The crowd actually seem split as half cheer and boo Kash’s comments. Kash quickly tries to get the heat back as he says he and Noble aren’t out to suck up to all the morons in the crowd because they don’t give a rats ass about any of them think, but came out just to make it clear that there will be new champions when they beat Harry Smith and Paul Burchill in their own country tonight, in its capital city of London, just to make it even sweeter.

We then hear “Britannia” play as Burchill & Smith come out in casual clothes too, not looking very happy with the comments made from their challengers. As they step in to the ring, we see Burchill already has a microphone. He says that he won’t call The Pitbulls arrogant because it’s probably too big a word for their trailer park intelligence, but tells them emphatically that he and Harry are no pushovers, not in the least. He then tells them that if they don’t believe them, they can find out right now if they can back up their so well put words. Kash smirks as he then says that he and Noble will embarrass them enough tomorrow night in front of their own hometown fans, and breaking all their hearts will be more than enough satisfaction than beating them down tonight. Smith is passed the microphone from Burchill and tells The Pitbulls they’re going to be in for a surprise but if they want to wait, then that’s fine, they’ll wait just twenty four hours to shut them up once and for all. Smith drops the microphone at the feet of Noble as he and Burchill stare at their rivals for several seconds for a tense stare down before turning round to leave the ring, only for Kash and Noble to jump them with some vicious shots and kicks to the back and then chest, leaving them lying in the ring. Noble looks down and clearly asks them who the pushovers are and that there’s more to come tomorrow night. He and Kash stand up and stare in to the crowd, looking very satisfied.


Josh Matthews is standing by and then introduces his guest, “The Animal” Batista. Josh tells Batista that he picked up an impressive win last week and asks him how he feels about possibly main eventing Wrestlemania again. Batista tells Josh that he’s not even thinking that far ahead, mainly because he knows how tough it will be tomorrow night against five strong opponents all fighting for the same spot. He then says that he has to think about tonight because just what Edge is capable of and that he doesn’t trust Kenny Dykstra in a million years. He says that he knows what Edge will be thinking going in to the match and that Edge will be thinking of ways to remove him from the match tomorrow night, saying that will be in the back of his mind when he steps in to the ring tonight. Josh then asks Batista that once tonight is out of the way, does he think he has what it takes to win the six man number one contendership match tomorrow night. Batista looks at him very seriously and says that he believes in himself and says that he’s been a World Champion before as well as main eventing Wrestlemania. He stops for a second and looks at Josh, firmly telling him that he will be ready once he gets through tonight and shuts Edge up once and for all.


***MATCH #4***

Chris Harris
vs. Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP)

Both men stand back up after a double clothesline took them both down. MVP looks to take control as he hammers away at Harris’s forehead, but Harris is able to block a third right hand and comes back at The Franchise Player, putting him firmly on the back foot. MVP looks really groggy as Harris then turns back in to the ropes, runs back and takes MVP down with a SPEAR. . . . . A big impact as MVP lands by the ropes with the crowd cheering like crazy as they see Smackdown’s newest superstar take down one of the top heels. Harris looks to get the match over with as he hooks MVP’s nearest leg 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . MVP puts his other leg on the bottom rope, leaving Harris looking frustrated. He stands up and starts stomping at MVP’s chest, but the referee then ushers him away from MVP as he checks on Smackdown’s highest paid star. As Harris backs away with the referee’s back to him, checking on MVP, Finlay runs down the aisle with the shillelagh in hand. Harris sees him and walks over to the ropes and sticks his head through the second and top rope to tell Finlay to go, but the Irishman blasts him in the head with the shillelagh. Harris just falls back to the mat, looking completely out cold as Finlay just smiles sadistically before backing away from the apron. MVP sits up and sees Harris out of it, looking shocked as he then scurries across the mat, hooking both legs as the ref too looks stunned before counting the fall 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “I’m Comin” hits as MVP stands back up and gets his arm raised. Finlay backs away from the ring with his shillelagh in hand, looking very pleased with himself, but not as much as MVP he stands by the ropes and taunts the crowd as he points to the Wrestlemania

WINNER: Montel Vontavious Porter by pinfall @ 8.32



Matt Hardy is getting ready in his locker room when we hear the door slam. He looks up as Shelton Benjamin walks in to the shot and tells a slightly angry Matt that there’s no point him even walking out there tonight because all that will happen to him is getting squashed by Umaga. Matt takes it fairly well before standing up and asking Shelton if it makes him feel better to try and put him off after their match last week which resulted in Matt beating him. Shelton shrugs it off but is clearly hiding his frustration as he tells Matt that he’s forgotten all about that and once tonight is said and done, there’s going to be nothing left of Matt Hardy. He says that it will be something the whole wrestling world will be grateful for, because this time Matt Hardy will die! Boos can be heard coming from the arena as Matt also seems to shrug it off, as he tells Shelton that he’s got some nerve coming in to his locker room on one of the biggest nights of his life to talk complete crap. He then looks him in the eye with the United States on his shoulder and tells Shelton that both he and Umaga will both be in for a shock because Matt Hardy will not die tonight, and that he will be going to Wrestlemania to face Shawn Michaels, something Shelton can only dream about. Matt barges past him as Shelton looks pissed.


***MATCH #5***

Matt Hardy
vs. Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada

ENDING: Shelton Benjamin came out just before the match started with a fold out chair in hand and setting it down to watch Matt’s match. Matt took a lot of offence in the early going as Umaga takes the match to him. He whips Matt in to the ropes, but as Matt comes back off, he ducks underneath and runs through in to the ropes, then goes for a clothesline on The Samoan Bulldozer. It barely fazes the monster as Matt then turns back in to the ropes and comes back for a second attempt, only for Umaga to plant him with a SPINNING SIDE SUPLEX. . . . . Umaga looks to wrap up the match as he goes for a cover with Shelton smiling at the top of the ramp 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Both Umaga and Shelton are left angry as Matt just gets his shoulder up. The Samoan Savage doesn’t look to waste too much time as he stands back up and drags Matt across the ring to the corner, where he sits up against the corner pads. Matt looks in real trouble as Umaga backs up to the opposite corner with Shelton grinning like crazy as he watches on. As Umaga then charges at Matt, the United States Champion is able to move out of the corner at the last second with Umaga crashing in to the pads. The crowd cheer like crazy as Shelton and Estrada seem to panic with Matt then standing back up with Umaga staggering out of the corner. Matt grabs Umaga across the neck and sets him up for the SIDE EFFECT. . . . . Umaga fights it though and is able to push Matt back in to the ropes, and as Matt comes back, Umaga steps forward and nearly breaks him in half with a VICIOUS SAMOAN DROP. . . . . Matt is barely moving as Umaga then turns over and tries another cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

A huge pop breaks out from the crowd as they cheer Matt getting his shoulder up at the last second as Shelton and Estrada look utterly gobsmacked. Umaga looks amazed too as he sits up and then sees Estrada point to the top rope, and following instruction, Umaga walks to the corner and climbs to the top rope. He takes his time as Matt lies on the mat motionless before jumping off for a SPLASH. . . . . BUT MATT ROLLS TO THE SIDE AS UMAGA NEARLY BREAKS THE RING. . . . . Again the crowd cheer like crazy as Matt then crawls to the corner slowly and then climbs up to the second rope where he then leaps off and connects with a DIVING LEG DROP. . . . . The crowd are going ballistic as it looks like Matt can pull off the upset as he hooks Umaga’s leg for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO. . . . . SO CLOSE AS UMAGA KICKS OUT. . . . . Matt looks devastated while Shelton and Estrada look extremely relieved. Matt stands back up and urges Umaga up, and as the monster gets back up to his feet, Matt reacts straight away, setting him up for THE TWIST OF FATE. . . . . With Umaga seemingly in danger, Estrada stands up on the apron causing Matt to let go of Umaga and walks over to the ropes. Estrada jumps down as Matt then looks at him for a couple of seconds before turning round in to the grasp of Umaga, who then nails him with the DEADLY SAMOAN SPIKE. . . . . The disappointment and anger of the crowd as obvious as Umaga drops to the mat and covers Hardy 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: Shelton Benjamin smiles at the top of the ramp as “Virtual Voodoo” hits with Umaga and Estrada looking happy in the ring

WINNER: Umaga by pinfall @ 9.42


Kenny Dykstra is standing in his locker room, smiling at his Cruiserweight Championship as he places it just perfect on his shoulder when Edge walks in. The duo get a lot of heat as both men look dead serious at each other. Edge tells Dykstra that he saw his match with Batista last week and saw him give Batista his all, telling him he was very unlucky not to win the match. He then tells Dykstra that he has been watching him and that he thinks he has what it takes to be a big star and that he sees a lot of him in Dykstra. He then tells him that tonight he can go a long way to showing everyone else exactly that, and that he knows he has issues with Chavo, but Edge says he knows Dykstra is better than that. Edge then tells him that helping him take Batista out tonight will make everyone stand up and take notice of just how amazing Kenny Dykstra is. A lot of boos come from the arena as Dykstra smirks and tells Edge he’s right, and that he’s on the way up since beating Chavo to retain his title at the Royal Rumble. He then says that he will make that statement tonight by helping Edge take out Batista to put his name on the map and make everyone realise that he really is the real deal. Edge tells Dykstra to keep that faith and that he knows Dykstra will go all the way and tells Dykstra to stick with him and he will reach the top. Dykstra smiles at Edge as they both look at each other as the camera fades out.


Michael Cole and The Coach talk over the card for Saturday Night’s Main Event as the graphics appear on screen

Cole reminds us that The Pitbulls came through the Number One Contender Series victorious last week, and by doing so, they have earned a title shot at The UK Pack. Coach then tells us that after what happened earlier on tonight with The Pitbulls jumping the champions, it sure as hell has some fire going in to the match in the home country of Paul Burchill and Harry Smith

Cole says that two of the most dangerous, if not the two most dangerous divas will go at it after a whole lot of bad blood, literally, stemming from The Glamazon’s somewhat accidental attack on Victoria last November, resulting in Victoria suffering a severe concussion. Coach talks up Victoria’s impressive form since returning and mentions that she pinned Beth this past Monday night and talks up the chances of it happening again tomorrow night

Coach then talks right over Cole and says that he knows Burke wouldn’t attack Rey and says it must have been someone else. Cole says that he doubts that but suggests that if that is the case, Burke might pay the price with everyone else believing it to be him. He talks up the history between them and says that Rey will definitely be out for some kind of payback, whether or not it was Burke that attacked him on Raw last week

Cole says that he’s so grateful The McMahon Men weren’t choosing an opponent for him, especially since they chose Kane to face The Game tomorrow night. Coach says that not only does Triple H have to face the winner of the Royal Rumble but he has to deal with the fact that Mr. McMahon, Shane O Mac and JBL all have a special role for the night. Cole says that it’s an impossible task facing Kane with all the McMahon’s present

Cole talks up the fact that it’s Smackdown taking centre stage tomorrow night and that in the biggest match of the night, only one of the six qualifiers will be able to claim the ultimate prize of a chance to headline Wrestlemania, facing “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Championship. Coach says it’s all wrapped up, saying MVP has it in the bag, before changing his answer to Edge and then Umaga. Cole says any one of the six men can win it and we don’t have to wait to long to find out, inciting the viewers to tune in and find out just who will become the number one contender to the World Championship at Wrestlemania 24 tomorrow night live on NBC



Batista & Chavo Guerrero
vs. Edge & Kenny Dykstra

Chavo and Dykstra are the legal men, and it’s Kenny who is in charge as he pulls Chavo up to his feet. Kenny goes to throw a right at his rival, but it’s blocked by Chavo who then kicks the Cruiserweight Champion in the stomach and whips him in to the ropes. As Dykstra then comes back off the ropes, Chavo connects with a standing dropkick and rushes back up to his feet, pulling Dykstra back up too, positioning him under his arm. He then nails Kenny with a suplex, but he holds on to the grip and swings his hips, stands back up and then hits another suplex and then a third to complete THE THREE AMIGO’S. . . . . The crowd are obviously delighted by that and cheer Chavo like mad as he then gets back up and walks over to the corner where he climbs to the top and points to the ceiling, getting a bigger pop as he prepares for THE FROG SPLASH. . . . . Edge though spoils the party as he walks across the apron and pushes Chavo down off the top, resulting in him getting a ticking off from Micky Henson. Edge just shrugs it off as Henson turns back round. Both Dykstra and Chavo start to stand back up, but it’s Kenny who’s up first and takes advantage of Chavo’s groggy state by planting him with a ROLLING CUTTER. . . . . The Future Hall of Famer is quick as he turns Chavo over and goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . This time it’s Batista’s turn to get a telling off from Henson as he enters the ring and stops the count by pulling Dykstra off of Chavo.

Kenny looks angrily towards Batista as he stands up and walks over to make the tag to Edge, which Henson sees as he turns round. With Chavo starting to come round as Edge climbs through the ropes, The Rated R Superstar stalks him for A SPEAR. . . . . As Chavo stands up and turns round, Edge charges out of the corner at him, but Chavo counters with a drop toe hold. Chavo then jumps up across the mat and makes the tag to The Animal. He enters the ring to a big pop as he then stalks Edge for a spear. The crowd cheer loudly as he then charges at Edge, but Edge sidesteps and is quick to hit The Animal with an EDGECUTION. . . . . Nervous cries from the crowd can be heard as Edge rushes to go for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Cheers ring out as Edge looks on to see Batista got his shoulder up before the three. Edge seizes the opportunity and spots a real chance to finish the match off as this time, he stalks Batista for a spear as The Animal comes round. As Batista stands up, Edge charges out of the corner but in to a SPINEBUSTER. . . . . The crowd go wild as Batista stands back up and walks over to the ropes before shaking them in a frenzy. He then walks back over to Edge and sets him up in position for the BATISTA BOMB. . . . . Just as it looks like Edge is going for a ride, Dykstra slides in the ring from behind Batista with a steel chair and SMASHES THE ANIMAL ACROSS THE BACK. . . . . Henson immediately calls for the bell, disqualifying Edge and Dykstra.

AFTERMATH: Chavo races through the ropes and charges at Kenny who swings the chair at him, but Chavo is able to duck it as Kenny drops the chair. Chavo then throws a series of right hands at Kenny, knocking him down to the mat. He then reaches down and picks up the chair, but as he does, Edge is back up and sends him crashing to the mat with a SPEAR. . . . . Chavo and the chair fall to the mat as Edge stands back up as “Metalingus” plays to a lot of heat. He looks down at Batista and then stares at the Wrestlemania sign as Smackdown comes to an end

WINNER: Batista & Chavo Guerrero by DQ @ 13.28


The Undertaker df. Finlay
Charlie Haas df. Jimmy Wang Yang
Ric Flair df. Michael Shane
MVP df. Chris Harris
Umaga df. Matt Hardy
Batista & Chavo Guerrero df. Edge & Kenny Dykstra

D-Lo Brown df. Colt Cabana



Batista vs. Edge vs. Ric Flair vs. Umaga vs. The Undertaker vs. MVP

The UK PackPaul Burchill & Harry Smith(c) vs. The Pitbulls

Victoria vs.The GlamazonBeth Phoenix (c)


Triple H vs. Kane

Rey Mysterio vs. Elijah Burke

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige. The show isn't looking as long as usual TBH. Still looks like a good show with it being mostly matches instead of a lot of back-stage stuff. Review coming your way tommorow hopefully


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Another great show, Nige, I'll probably be able to leave some feedback later on today.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response




Following the highly important episode of Friday Night Smackdown earlier tonight, we now know who will be joining Batista and Edge in the Number One Contendership Match tomorrow night with the winner facing Shawn Michaels for his World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania.

We saw the final four qualifying matches with The Undertaker beating Finlay at the top of the show as well as Ric Flair following up with a victory over Michael Shane. MVP was next to book his place after he controversially defeated Chris Harris thanks to a blindside attack from Finlay on Harris. The final man to qualify was the dangerous Umaga who overcame a resilient Matt Hardy to earn the final spot.

With all six men set, who will emerge victorious tomorrow night?

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Smackdown Review

So we start off with a match this week, and what a match this is to kick off the action. There was only going to be one winner here really but this would be a very interesting match to watch. The ending was well written and it flowed well, you had Finlay fight off the first chokeslam attempt which was cool as it's better than a straight forward ending, but once Taker hit the chokeslam it was over. I'm glad you used the Tombstone too after the chokeslam as it makes it look like a lot was needed to finish Finlay off. Good match.

Nice segment between HBK and Flair here. I remember that slap from Shane on Flair last week so I'm looking forward to seeing what Flair does to him. I don't know if we will see Flair against HBK at Mania as I doubt you will want to do the same as WWE IRL, but if we get that match it will be epic.

The little confrontation between Harris and Finlay was pretty good, helps build up their rivalry while they compete in qualifying matches tonight. I can see Finlay costing Harris tonight.

It's nice to see Charlie Haas pick up another victory. Masters talking on the mic before was okay I guess although I don't think Masters is a good talker either. This wasn't a complete squash but Haas was always going to win, finishing it off with the Haas of pain was the right move too, I expect he will be making a lot of people tap with that move.

It was good to hear from MVP here. It seemed like a pretty good interview, he was his typical arrogant self here, trying to convince us all he is winning at SNME if he qualifies.

Flair winning this match was obvious although Shane must have put up a good fight here if this went nine minutes. The Figure Four was the only way to end it really and the ending was pretty good with Flair reversing the super kick.

The Pitbulls/UK Pack promo was pretty good. I liked what the Pitbulls had to say although I can't really enjoy them making fun of England! The Pitbulls saying that the UK answers to the bark of the US was a cool line as they are called the Pitbulls Lol, although unfortunately it's kinda true. The UK pack coming out was expected although I liked what they had to say, nice comeback too with the trailer park joke. The Pitbulls taking the advantage tonight makes me think that the UK pack will win at SNME.

The Batista interview was okay I guess. Didn't really enjoy it but I suppose he is just getting his point across that he will win at SNME. I liked him talking about tonights Main Event though as it helps add some hype to the match.

I'm glad that MVP won this one, I was wondering what you were going to do as Harris is still new to Smackdown and has been on a roll. The Finlay interference was well done and it means that Harris doesn't lose any credibilty for losing. I'm happy that MVP is in the SNME match and I'm looking forward to seeing what Harris does to get back at Finlay.

The Hardy/Benjamin segement was pretty cool, Shelton's line about Hardy dieing was good. I feud between the two would be good and last weeks' match obviously set it up. Hardy's match against Umaga was a good match and this would also be an interesting match to watch. Shelton being at ringside obviously stacked the odds against Hardy. Shelton didn't actually get involved though and I liked that, Estrada got involved though with the distraction and I didn't really like that as I would prefer Umaga to defeat Hardy on his own to establish himself as a strong contender for the match at SNME.

The main event was a very good match. The ending flowed very well and you threw in everyones signature moves. It's interesting seeing Kenny Dykstra in the main event again along with Chavo, that really helps the Cruiserweight division. Dykstra hitting Batista with the chair for the DQ was a good move as Edge couldn't afford to lose cleanly with SNME so close. Edge standing over Batista at the end was cool after he speared Chavo as Edge looks very strong heading into SNME.

Overall Nige it was another good show, there wasn't anything I didn't like really. The show was focused on qualifying matches and rightly so with SNME the next night, so that and no opening promo was probably why the show seemed a bit shorter.
I'm really looking forward to SNME now, I have no idea who will win the contendership match and I don't mind really. HBK against Flair or Undertaker would be epic, but HBK against Umaga or MVP would be very interesting too. I think I would least like to see HBK against Batista or Edge in the Mania main event although any one of these guys could put on a good match with HBK. I'm hoping for MVP myslef. The rest of the card looks great too, I'm looking forward to it. Good job mate.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Review

Very strong match to kick off the show, would be a great choice to kick off the show as it would get the fans into the show and pumped up. Taker was obviously going to be the winner, but I am hoping Taker does not win as it will make the main event at WM very predictable.

Nice segment here with Flair and HBK, don’t expect you to put Flair in the main event at WM because we saw it in real life and I don’t expect you to copy real life.

Liked the segment here with Harris and Finlay, a feud with Finlay would do Harris a whole load of good as Finlay could make him look very good. Putting money on Finlay getting involved in Harris’s match.

Not too keen on Masters on the mic, but I suppose it’s good to see you giving people like Masters time on the mic. Good to see Haas get the win, I am hoping that you break Haas away from Masters though as I would like to see him get a push possibly with manager rather than sticking him with another boring personality.

Good well written promo, got MVP’s typical arrogant character off very well to hype his match.

Good to see Michael Shane putting on a good fight against the Nature Boy but he was never going to win. Not too sure on Michael Shane being put in an opportunity to get a title shot at Wrestlemania, but I suppose it doesn’t matter as he was never going to win.

Awesome to see the tag division getting some mic time. It was a very strong promo and I liked the ending with the Pitbulls attacking Burchill and Smith from behind like Pitbulls. Pitbulls getting the last word before SNME makes be believe the UK Pack will win but maybe I am wrong.

MVP taking the win was predictable as I predicted Finlay would interfere earlier on in the show. MVP is a good addition to the SNME match, and you kept Harris or should I say Brandon Walker looking strong aswell which makes him look good as he only lost because of interference.

Hardy/Shelton segment was very good and liked the Hardy will die line by Benjamin. Didn’t read Smackdown last week, but it looks like your going to have these two feud which will be good as Benjamin will be a good choice of challenger for Hardy’s US Title. Hardy/Umaga match was very entertaining to read, especially the closing stages with Hardy looking as though he could win only to fall victim to the Samoan Spike. Was expecting Shelton to get himself involved in the match and cost Hardy to continue there feud, so pleasantly surprised that he didn’t.

Edge sucking up to Dykstra was good as it is the sort of thing he would do by doing anything he can to gain an advantage.

Main event was also a very entertaining match with everybody hitting their finishers and didn’t quite know who would win because of that. Disappointed at the ending but it keeps all four men looking good with no one taking the fall. Ending was good way to close the show, and it looks like Edge is the man going into SNME which most likely means he will lose.

Overall Nige was another very strong show, there was nothing I had any problems with but there was nothing fantastic either. SNME looks to be a hell of a show with a very strong card, and also just if you worked for the WWE and could get them to come to London for a big show like SNME or a PPV.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Howdy Nige. Just back to again return a favor. I'm behind on reviews as it is, but I'll try to make it worth your time. Again, sorry for anything I miss. This is my first time reving your Smackdown!.

619s Feedback For Niges Friday Night Smackdown!

Qualifiers? Tournament? Nice.

While I would LOVE to see a Finlay/'Taker rivalry go long term, one match will have to do. The only problem I have with this is the Deadman. How often do you see 'Taker opening up a card with a match...? Doesn't normally happen. He just seemed out of place. Glad 'Taker keeps going, though.

I liked the touchy feely feel of this HBK/Flair promo, but I think it gave a little too much away. I would absolutley LOVE Michaels/Flair to close out Flair's career again, but this time for the World Heavyweight Championship? Thats ballin'.

Finlay/Harris rivalry? Alliance? Intersting here.

Haha, I like this, its different. Most bookers shit on Charlie Haas, but you're giving him a solid push here. Putting away cruserweights week after week, the Haas of Pain, and being accompanied by Masters is great. I just love it. Give Charlie a gimmick plz.

MVP + mike time = ratings.

No surprise Flair advances here, and I guess he does in sort of a symbolic way by beating Michaels' cousin. Figure Four ftw is very sweet.

I thought the Pits were Noble and Idol Stevens, but Kash is cool too. I guess you added him in at some point, but I love that you're pushing the tag division here. Giving the main contenders a very nice segment is most excellent. Kudo points for this

After the segments earlier with Finlay/Harris and MVP on the mike, its no surprise to see Porter go on. I guess now we'll see Harris and Finlay bud into something, and MVP/Flair in this tounament like thing would be sweet.

I loved the detail you put in this match. It was definatley a lot more than any other match on the card (though I haven't reached the main event yet). I loved the disappointment feel with Matt losing, and I love Benjamin/Hardy growing. Umaga advancing is good stuff.

Great SNME hype, man. Now I see that its not a tournament, but a 6-man affair. My bad, but great to see.

I think that 'Taker's qualifying match should've been the main event in all honesty, but this match was good for what it was. It advanced the storyline, but I guess it was sort of a filler main event.

FINAL THOUGHTS: GREAT WAY TO KEEP UP THE HYPE FOR SNME. I have never done a SNME, but I love the way you've hyped this thing up. I guess it sort of has a Wrestlemania feel to it in a way, and this Smackdown! was the final chance for you to do it, and it did its job, nothing really big, however. I guess its best that way, but great job again Nige.
OVERALL: 8/10. Keep it up, man.


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