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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I'm kind of busy right now, so I'll just drop some quick comments on Raw. Seven matches might have been one too many, but it still worked out fine I suppose. I'm not sure what's going on with Eugene, but I think it would've been better for Punk to almost squash him, or beat him much quicker than 7 minutes. Victoria vs. Beth is shaping up nicely, as is Burke vs. Mysterio, so keep that up. Huge main event, would definitely bring in the ratings. Not sure what the Triple Threat is for, as not often you have a Triple Threat Match with nothing at stake. The show was good overall, so keep it up .
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Howdy Nige. Thnx again for getting me back and thnx also for the review you sent my way for apparently no reason. Anyway, I'm here to return it for your RAW. First show of yours I'll be reviewing in a while, so bear with me.

619s Feedback For Niges Monday Night RAW

Retard? A little immature and bland, even for Orton. Okay, I was a tad bit lost as to why Kane awas getting a 'Mania shot, and I see that he won the Rumble. Orton/Kane/Cena at 'Mania would be sweet, I see that you're very high on Kane here. A huge main event indeed, though you hyped it a little bit much for just a one-on-one match.

Vicky as a face? Wow, how'd you manage to pull that one off? Rey and Vicky with the wins here is great. I've always wanted to do a Rey/Burke program. Great little storyline advancement toward SNME.

I love both choices that you have for matches here. I would think Vince would come up with his own ideas, though. Great that apparently JBL's Cabinent is helping out with...McMahon's Men? Is that it? Nice.

Wonder who the Redneck Wrecking Crew will be facing...? HA! Heel Punk = gold. Great to see him with a valet as well, adding a little more spice. Title match tonight is sweetness.

I see you're trying to push Killings as a face possibly. Possibly something budding with Santino/Killings here. I wanna see what you do with Ron.

Colons are gold. I wanna see the tag team match next week and all this. You have some great storylines budding here, man. Got me hooked a little bit.

This Triple Threat seemed out of the blue. A little bit of fission between the three men, but I like the spontinaeity of this program, though I don't see much purpose of this match other than perhaps get Lash a little more over. Great with for the Real Deal, but I wanna see what Kennedy does from here on out.

Cryme Time ftw. That is all.

Triple H v. the McMahons is a commonly overdone storyline, but the last time I took a peek at your thread, they had just begun feuding a bit. However, it seems as though Trips might have a plan in mind. Just make sure it doesn't include Shawn Micahels. Please no DX.

Awwwwwwww...you should've just gone easy on Eugene and squashed him. Every match tonight seems to get alot of time and this should've been a little shorert unless you planned on pushing Eugene, even if it was for the IC title. Love the heelness Punk still.

Judging from this match, that means there's gonna be 7 matches tonight. That really is a bit much, but as far as this match goes, nothing more than a knoctch in Trips' belt against the McMahons. Like that Trips' gains the upper hand on everybody in the conclusion.

Kane gets thrown in the storyline?? That makes things interesting, bud.

Not surprised that Cena gets the win here after that last segment. Now, I'm not sure what you're gonna do with Kane, but it looks like Cena will be included in the 'Mania match...okay there it is. I just read on and Kane is still doing the 'Mania stuff. I love the way you're doing it with these three. I easily see Kane walking out with the title after the way he seeminbly being pushed.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A LITTLE TOO LENGTHY FOR MY TASTE, BUT VERY GOOD. There were a few too many matches, but eveything did its job in storyline advancement. I'll be looking foward to SNME with all of what's going on. Looking at the NSME card, people are crossbrand in the WHC #1 Contender's match? thats gonna be sweet. Love your direction, man. Hope nothing gets taken away with your current mood, but great stuff man.
OVERALL: 8/10. Keep trucking, man.


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige's Raw Feedback

I'm a bit busy right now, Nige, so I won't be able to leave that detailed a review. But, I'll give as good a review as I can right now.


Randy Orton Promo
Solid Randy Orton promo, but Randy calling Kane a "Big Red Retard" is way out of character for Orton. Good to see John Cena come out, Cena got his point across well, and Cena vs. Randy Orton tonight is awesome.

Rey Mysterio & Victoria vs. Elijah Burke & Beth Phoenix
Awesome match, good to see that it was the opening match on the card, I couldn't wait to see it go ahead. Good win for Rey and Victoria, the two of them look very strong going into Saturday Night's Main Event.

McMahons Promo
Great McMahons promo as always, I'm really looking forward to seeing the opponent they've chosen for Triple H at Saturday Night's Main Event, man, they have some very sick ideas inside their heads!

Eric Bischoff Promo
Good Eric Bischoff promo with the Redneck Wrecking Crew, I really want to see who Cade and Murdoch's opponents will be tonight. Another good promo this time with CM Punk and Sunny, where's Bischoff getting at it with this whole "Family" thing? Oh - I think I know who you're talking about!

Ron Killings vs. Santino Marella
Good match while it lasted, I was surprised to see that Maria wasn't at Ron Killing's side, after last week, but Melina in Santino Marella's. The match didn't last very long, but a DQ finish is good for Santino Marella as a heel.

Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston & Kelly Kelly Interview
Good interview, I liked Cody Rhodes talking about the High School bullies and what not, that's what you expect from young Superstars, I guess. Good to see Kofi Kingston challenge the Colon Brothers to a Tag Team match, I wanna see that match so much.

Mr. Kennedy Promo
Good Mr. Kennedy promo, man, I am dying to see Mr. Kennedy against Chris Jericho! Kennedy calling Y2J the "Ayatollah Of Crap Music", that was hilarious, and good appearance by Bobby Lashley, I would really like to see these three in Money In The Bank. Awesome match made by Bischoff, with a Triple-Threat Match up next!

Triple-Threat Match
Great match, another good match on the card tonight, and good to see Bobby Lashley win, still Mr. Kennedy and Chris Jericho haven't got one over each other in the ring.

Tag Team Match
Yo, yo, yo, yo! Pop your 40s and check your rollies, it's Cryme Tyme! Great to see you bring them back, taking a page out of WWE's book, which I haven't a problem. Didn't Cryme Tyme beat Cade and Murdoch when they returned IRL? Woops, that's another page taken out!

Triple H Interview
Good interview with Triple H, he had some harsh words to say about the McMahons, Hunter sounded as intense as ever, and I liked Triple H calling Orlando Jordan "their bitch". He is gay IRL I think, so I know where you're coming from with that...

Intercontinental Championship Match
Yes! I knew it was going to be Eugene! After what Eric Bischoff had to say and me remembering that you re-signed him, it just had to be Eugene. I'm surprised Eugene wasn't squashed, but it's his first match back, so I know where you're coming from. Good to see CM Punk retain.

Triple H vs. Orlando Jordan
Man, Triple H beat the McMahon's bitch, real good! Anyways, I could see the McMahons coming down after the match had ended, but Triple H looks really strong going into Saturday Night's Main Event after he took 'em all out with ease.

McMahons Promo
Ah, finally we're seeing who Triple H's opponent will be at Saturday Night's Main Event. Man, Kane? Gees, they're being really tight on Triple H. With McMahons galore around the ring in Triple H's match at SNME, I don't know how he can win.

John Cena vs. Randy Orton
I was really expecting Randy Orton to win this match, but John Cena wins, and he's going to Wrestlemania XXIV, which is cool. Kane comes out again and cleans house, I hope something else happens with Kane next week on Raw as it's getting a bit predictable.

Overall, a great show, Nige, keep it up! I can't wait for Saturday Night's Main Event, but 7 matches on Raw is quite a lot, but it's cool nonetheless. Good work, Nige, and best of luck with SNME!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks for the feedback guys, just a few things to comment on

619, I'm not sure you whether you knew that JBL is the illegitimate son of Vince. It was revealed after the last time you checked the thread out. Judging by your comments, you weren't aware of that. Also, Michaels is the World Champion on Smackdown so he won't be coming to Triple H's aid, maybe no one will

The Big Red Retard line from Orton drew a few comments, but i'm not sure that is out of character for a pissed off Orton. Also R by man, Kane will be on Raw from now on as if you didn't catch the last bit after the match, it was announced by Paul Bearer that he will be challenging for Orton's title at Mania

I couldn't have squashed Eugene on his first show back as it would completely ruin him on his return and wouldn't make any sense. This will be going somewhere anyway so that's another reason why

7 matches is a bit more than usual, but i added smaller promos this week to allow for that and get more angles in

Lashley/Jericho/Kennedy in the triple threat was a build up to something as you would gather for the promo and will be a catalyst for the what comes next

Anyways some news for you all



Going in to Raw last night, we all thinking just who The McMahon’s would choose to face Triple H at Saturday Night’s Main Event after Shane McMahon beat The Game the week before, giving The McMahon Men the opportunity to choose exactly who Triple H would meet this weekend live on NBC. The WWE Champion, Randy Orton was also waiting for a response from Kane as to whether The Big Red Machine would be challenging for the title currently in possession of The Legend Killer at Wrestlemania, having won the Royal Rumble and sent two messages last week to Orton.

However, Kane sent a loud and clear message yet again, only this time he surprised us all when his father, Paul Bearer made the announcement Orton was dreading. It came at the worst possible time too for Orton as he was close to defeating John Cena last night in a match that would see Cena main event Wrestlemania against Orton if he could win with the uncertainty of what title Kane was going to challenge for. Just as Orton looked to be in control, Kane’s surprise appearance distracted The Legend Killer, allowing Cena the opportunity to pick up the victory and book a place at Wrestlemania against Orton. However, the returning Paul Bearer made the shocking announcement that Kane will indeed be switching to Raw, meaning that at Wrestlemania, it will be Kane and John Cena challenging Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. Will Orton be able to survive?

However, Kane will also be in action this weekend as he was chosen by The McMahon Men to be Triple H’s opponent at Saturday Night’s Main Event. However, if that wasn’t enough of a challenge for The Game, all The McMahon’s will have a role to play in the match with Mr. McMahon acting as the Special Guest Referee, Shane McMahon taking the role of the Special Guest Time Keeper as well as JBL playing the part of the Special Guest Enforcer. It will be one hell of a difficult obstacle for The Game to pass, will he be able to overcome the winner of the 2008 Royal Rumble and The McMahon Men?

To read last nights Raw Results and see all the shocks and more surprise returns, click here!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Jamie1 Raw Review

Nice format at the top of the page Nige

Anyway. I can’t remember the last time I reviewed. It was probably your previous show but just you haven’t posted in a good while due to your holiday.

As always I like your recaps you do at the start of the show and its something I may bring into my BTB, if that’s ok with you ?

The opening segment wasn’t brilliant but it was an ok way to start the show. I don’t know why I didn’t enjoy it much Nige if I am honest. It just didn’t get me excited for some reason. John Cena wins tonight he will be facing Randy Orton. This is good because you actually don’t know if Cena will win. If he doesn’t I expect Kane to challenge Orton for the title although maybe if Cena wins it will be a three way. The character was actually good in the segment and all that its just it didn’t get me excited if you know what I mean

Good way too kick of Raw here. We get a little of women and men. Although you could argue that sometimes Victoria and Beth act more like men than women. The match seemed like it went well. TBH, I think Victoria is really only one of very few good women wrestlers. Beth also is one of the better ones. However, the two men in this match are great competitors and that’s what would have made it a good match. The faces going over the heels was no surprise and its gets the fans smiling straight away.

Nice segment here with the McMahon family. Senior McMahon seemed his usual weird self, If you know what I mean. You probably won’t but I do . The ideas put ahead by both his sons were both good ideas for us watchers and readers TBH. I now sadly don’t expect you to use any of them or maybe you will put both together as it could work if you think about it. Anyway, good way to get Triple H worried.

A weird segment here all together but one I loved. You seemed to do well without giving away to much about it. At first Murdoch and Cade asking for a match against the tag champs but then being told they would need to face another tag team but we don’t know who it is. That keeps the readers interested and now with Punk not knowing who his opponent is its all very exciting.

This is another good match. I only really seen Ron Killings in the WWF back when he was K-Kwik. I only really seen him once or twice when he was over in TNA as I don’t watch it much so I am not too sure on his talent however I remember him pulling off some excellent spots. The guys 6 pack is fucking awesome as well and for that he deserves a push . Santino Marella is someone who has alright in-ring skills but is great on the mic. The match seemed ok and the DQ ending was booked well TBH.

Another nice segment here. Nothing to write home about however a good wee filler and sets up a rivalry a little more TBH. Would Kofi really refer to his time in Jamaica though. I am not too sure!

You just set up a match that should be awesome TBH. The segment seemed good, all men were in character. I know a lot people don’t like Lashley, I do though! He isn’t great on the mic but his in-ring skills are great. The other two were in character, especially Mr Kennedy who I loved reading. This match should be awesome

This match was just as I thought. Some good spots were in this match and for reading it went well. It wasn’t difficult to read or anything which is obviously a plus. Bobby Lashley walking out with the win is great. I want to see him pushed to the skies

Another match straight away is unusual for you as you seem to concentrate on getting segments in when possible but its nice to see this. Cryme Time were the opponents. I bet you said that earlier and I totally didn’t notice. Done that with Kane01s thread . The match seemed alright. Not much really to say on it as It wouldn’t be a match I would particularly want to watch. However, its set up a good match with Cryme Time taking on Londrick

Solid Triple H promo. You can tell he’s eager to kick some ass.

I seen your reasoning for making it take so long for CM Punk to pick up the victory but I think this would do more harm to Punk than a defeat would do for Eugene. Plenty of superstars I believe have lost there opening match in the WWE. Also, I don’t understand how it was so high up the card.

Great match here with Orlando and Triple H. Jordan is a guy I used to like TBH and think he had some good talent. No surprise however he was jobbing to Triple H. If you had Triple H not come out this match looking strong I would have never read again . Well maybe that’s over the top but you know what I mean, my high regard for you work would have fell a little Triple H after the match was also great. Really great booking skills all over to make him come out of this match strong

John Cena picked up the win. I wasn’t surprised as it seems most people push him as much as WWE do IRL. I love John Cena and think he is great so I for one, will not moan about this. A 3 way match for Wrestlemania. Yeah I said it . I loved the way Kane gave him his answer. Randy really took a beating tonight. Maybe not too good for him but it was the right thing for this time and I think he will get his own back. I expect him opening the show again next week.

Overall Nige. As usual the show was solid. I think you will know also though that it wasn’t quite up to your usual standards. Some poor mistakes. I just have to pick up on two things. The 7 matches. I didn’t like as sometimes that’s longer than people have for there pay-per-views and to fit all of that in too 2 hours. I am not sure about. One thing I need to say also though is I love how since the start of this thread you have brought through talent. You haven’t took the easy way out and signed AJ Styles or anything, You have built all these superstars up until they are ready to be in Raw/Smackdown


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Ahh, I see now Nige. Thnx for clearing that up and sorry for the seemingly clulesness in some. I didn't realize Eugene was returning () and awesome twist with JBL as the son of Vinny Mac. Didn't know that either.

Anyway, SNME looks immense bro. Be looking forward to next show.


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


WWE Backstage News

The main talking point in the WWE this week quite rightly has been the news of CM Punk trashing Jeff Hardy to fellow workers backstage. We know that Jeff has been kept off screen the last two weeks since dropping the Intercontinental Championship to Punk at the Royal Rumble, but we are only just learning that Jeff was backstage last Monday at Madison Square Garden despite not being present at Raw this past Monday. We have been advised that Jeff got wind of Punk’s comments at the Rumble on the Sunday night after the match and was understandably not very happy to say the least. Management were made aware of the comments too, hence the decision to keep Punk and Jeff apart on TV.

We also know that it was Vince McMahon that made the decision to keep Jeff off of Raw the last couple of weeks, and he told Jeff last Monday that he wouldn’t be used on screen while he deals with the situation in addition to being told that he wouldn’t be required for the Raw just gone. It seems harsh that Jeff is the one being made to feel like he’s being punished when it is Punk who is in the wrong. According to our sources, Vince isn’t too bothered by what Punk said as it happens all the time, but the fact that Jeff was furious and that they are currently in a feud on screen, it is best for a cooling off period. With Punk also winning the Intercontinental Championship in addition to Sunny turning on Jeff, the decision was made that it was more important to have Punk on screen while they deal with the situation behind the scenes.

We have been made aware that there are discussions going on as to what to do next with several ideas floating around. Vince still wants to go ahead with the scheduled Jeff/Punk rematch at Wrestlemania while contingency plans are being made if things don’t go to plan. These include Jeff switching to Smackdown, and possibly switching places with his brother Matt, which may not go down too well in the circumstances, as well as one of Punk or Jeff being put in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. It is believed that Vince is planning clear the air talks this weekend at Saturday Night’s Main Event while the company tours the UK. We will find out shortly what exactly will be happening with this delicate situation.

In addition, we have learnt that this coming Friday prior to Smackdown, D-Lo Brown will be working a dark match against Colt Cabana. D-Lo worked a dark match several months ago and has been asked back with a view to signing permanently. If all goes well, we could see D Lo back on TV soon, but most likely it will be after Wrestlemania when we expect to see The Big Show, A Train, Marcus Cor Von and Billy Kidman to return too after signing contracts last month.

Cabana has also been working dark matches on a regular basis too, as well as The DiBiase Brothers. It is believed that Cabana will be called up very soon to the full roster, but plans for The DiBiase’s are tentative following news that Mike has suffered an injury last weekend that has yet to be diagnosed.

Talks to sign Rob Van Dam have cooled since he is still contracted to TNA for 2 months. It is widely believed that he will rejoin the WWE if they want him, but he will not work the schedule he previously did.

We are also being alerted to the possibility that developmental talents Nattie Neidhart, Katie Lea, Vladimir Kozlov, Jesse and Festus may be being called up in the near future too. Joe Hennig has also signed a developmental deal to join Florida Championship Wrestling where it is believed he will be working in a tag team with Reid Flair.

We have also been made aware of plans to form a stable(s) on either Raw or Smackdown. There have been rumours that an Urban faction based around The Colon’s with Sonny Siaki, Eric Perez and Afa Jr could be coming in. There is the chance that not all three will join up, but it is only an idea for now. We have also been told that there is the possibility of Gregory Helms returning to unite with Shannon Moore and The Hardy Boys on Smackdown to face a heel faction led by Matt Striker who is currently doing nothing on screen.

WrestleMania plans are well underway with 80% of the card complete with the Punk/Jeff situation being the only real sticking point as well as the World Championship match. We found out that Kane will be challenging for the WWE Championship along with John Cena on the Raw side of things, allowing the winner of the Saturday Night’s main Event six man match challenging Shawn Michaels. We can reveal that Kane was scheduled to challenge Michaels but the plan was nixed due to the fact there were concerns over whether the match would reach the standards expected for the main event of WrestleMania. From what we believe, any one of the six men currently scheduled to compete this Saturday at The O2 Arena could end up facing Michaels. We very much doubt it will be Batista with The Undertaker, Ric Flair, Edge, MVP and Umaga the only real options.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


Orton Promo : nice little promo that gave us a main event for the night and continued the bad blood between orton/cena

Mixed tag: Victoria scores the pinfall over her SNME opponent and builds momentum and Rey takes out layla...what more could you ask for

Mcmahons: evil plotting at their best...nice little question raised

Cade/Murdoch : nice question raised as to who their opponents are ...builds anxiety ad mystery

CM Punk: well i guessed it was Eugene before i found out and Punk not knowing was a bt stupid lol

Killings/marella: should have give santino the mic lol nice filler match i think and no1 loses momentum as no1 gets pinned

Rhodes promo: Cody as a face, i just cant buy it...hes too boring lol
*sidenote at end

Lashley/Kennedy/Jericho promo/match: nice litttle altercation between the 3 and a match tat starts the build up to wrestlemania and hypes lashley up for the moment

CrymeTyme v Murdoch/Cade: good little match up that seemed to continue the feud but looks like we get Crymetyme vs Londrick now which shud be interesting

Triple H promo: Tripper going mad , hes guna make orlando his bitch alri nice build for SNME

Punk v Eugene : should have theoretically been a squash match but maybe eugene has improved..another win for Punk

TripleH v Orlando : Well a little scare to add the importance of victory for triple H and more build going into SNME and the following beat dowb solidifying his ability to overcome number making for good viewing at SNME

Vince matchmaking: well the match has been made and kanes on a roll and with the presence of the mcmahons the odds are firmly stacked against Triple h so id watch just to see if the game can win

well the main event was obvious that Cena would win and now we know that Kane will be challnegin Orton and im assuming cena for the world title at mania.

Overall good show: id give it an 8/10

couple of sidenotes: Tag champs on Heat??????
i also had thr Hennig/Flair and Puerta rican tag teams ideas ...damn you Nige

give us a review if you havent already....thanks much
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw Review

Opening promo was decent nothing special, but liked how you got straight to the point and Bischoff being the reason for Kane visiting Raw recently was surprising. I am liking the fact that you are using Bischoff as a heel GM as that is a bit predictable and has been seen too many times. Announcement for tonight gives me the feeling that there will be a three way match at WM.

Liking the choice of match to kick off the show, as with guys like Rey and Burke you know your going to get a good match to set the tone for the rest of the show. Thought Rey hitting the crossbody on Layla was tad unrealistic as Rey isn’t the kind of person who would attack a women. Victoria getting clean win on Beth must mean that Beth will win at SNME.

Nice segment with the McMahon family abusing their authority, expect Triple H to make a Superman style fight against the odds however lol.

Interesting promo here with Bischoff, no clue who the Redneck Wrecking Crew’s opponents will be but I have a feeling that I know who CM Punk’s opponent will be.

Nice little match here and the ending was smart booking as it keeps both Santino and Killings looking strong and leaves this feud open for another match in the future.

Cody and Kofi promo was decent I suppose, got both men’s characters off very well with Kofi talking about Jamaica and so on.

Kennedy/Jericho/Lashley promo was promo of the night so far, you got all three men’s characters spot on character and the promo started very strongly with Jericho and Kennedy and was still pretty good when Lashley got involved. Good booking to lead up to the next match. Triple Threat match was very good and unpredictable with everybody going for their finishers. Don’t think Lashley has been doing too much recently so he probably needed the victory the most.

Good choice for Cade and Murdoch’s opponents, didn’t really notice they had been fired but whatever. Cryme Time getting the victory was pretty much predictable as I didn’t expect them to lose on their first match back. Hardcore Holly should sue Shad for using his move, but I am pretty sure Hardcore would kick his ass backstage if it happened…

Thought Punk’s opponent would be Eugene, poor guy having to use that gimmick for over three years. Match probably did more harm than good to Punk as he should of finished Eugene much quicker despite sounding like a squash. GTS after the match was a good heelish move however and was good booking to give Punk some heat. Seriously though who cares about Eugene nowadays?

Seriously though who cares about Orlando Jordan nowadays Never really though much of OJ, there would of probably been better guys to align with the McMahon family than OJ in 2007 despite his past with JBL. Aftermath made Triple H look very strong by having him take on both JBL and Shane.

Kane v Triple H should be great. Kane has to win really as a loss here would hurt him big time ahead of his match at WM, while a loss for HHH with the odds against him won’t hurt him so bad.

Cena winning wasn’t so suprising as I could not imagine another match he could have been in at WM. A 3 way at WM sounds good as much as I am a Kane fan, a Orton/Kane match wouldn’t be that big of a main event but Cena definitely adds to it. Liked the way you had Kane accept the challenge and liking that you have Bearer as a manager for Kane as he can do the talking for him, as Kane should never ever talk. Even though he does in my thread lol

Overall wasn’t one of your most entertaining shows, but was your pre WM Raw to help build towards it. Thought the show had one too many matches, but the booking was very solid as always. Looking forward to SNME, even though I believe you had one in December so are you having a SNME every month bar the big four?
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Originally Posted by kane01 View Post
Looking forward to SNME, even though I believe you had one in December so are you having a SNME every month bar the big four?
First off, thanks for the review man. The answer to the question is no i'm not. It was done purely because when i started out i just had the big four PPV's and King of the Ring, so i had a few SNME's to add a little extra. I realised that i need the other PPV's, so there will be one PPV a month but brand exclusive ones, so Backlash is Raw and Judgment Day is Smackdown like it used to be. They will only be recaps the size of TV, with the big shows being full
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