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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Good to see you back even though it sucks for you. My holiday to Spain this year got cancelled so feel lucky that you got away from the UK for a couple of weeks

Raw preview looks good with Bischoff back in control and a confrontation between Kane and Orton (Another asskicking for Orton?). Let me know when it’s up
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Howdy man. I owe you one for help re-inspire me back to the BTB scene. Sorry to hear things really aren't the greatest, but keep on trucking man. Glad you're back here, man


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It's Baaaaack...
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response



We are getting word ahead of Raw that there is some strong real life tension between Jeff Hardy and CM Punk. It has emerged that Punk was slating Jeff to a number of guys backstage after the Royal Rumble and at Raw the next night.

It appears that Punk’s on screen opinion of Jeff doesn’t differ from his thoughts behind the curtain. He was said to have told the guys that he was worried Jeff might not turn up and use the excuse of the different airports in New York to get out of dropping the Intercontinental title to him. We were told that these guys stood up for Jeff but this didn’t stop Punk as he really laid in to him, saying that he doesn’t deserve the position in the company that he has. Punk even went as far to say that he’s seen dozens of young kids kicked out of developmental and the indy’s with far more talent than Jeff, and said if only they followed Jeff’s example of jumping off ladders to go through tables and botch their way through normal matches, maybe they would have got somewhere.

It is clear that Punk’s ego appears to be growing since his heel turn and push. He has always had a lot of confidence in his own ability but it seems now that he has the important people backing him as a future main eventer, he might just have put his foot in his mouth. We haven’t been able to find out what the response of the backstage officials is, but they surely won’t be happy with these comments. With Jeff being kept off TV last week, and as far as we know he won’t be on Raw tonight either, it looks like we could see the duo kept apart for a while. They were scheduled to compete at Wrestlemania in a follow up to the shocking ending at the end of their match at Royal Rumble, and as far as we believe that plan is not set to change.

It does though mean that a very serious conversation needs to take place between both parties and probably Vince McMahon before Jeff returns to TV, or the whole angle may indeed be scrapped. We will keep you updated on this situation as we learn more details.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

It's great to see you back Nige, thanks a lot for the review. The Raw preview looks really good and I am looking forward to the show.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

The Raw preview looks great and the whole Punk/Hardy shoot is very interesting as well. I remember back in February I followed this thread and then I didn't post too much on the forums. I'm glad this thread is back and I'll read Raw for sure.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW looks pretty interesting indeed Nige. Some nice matches lined up and knowing you it's going to be good. The Hardy & Punk Shoot is all very hectic, and i'm hoping it somehow effects the on screen shows. All in all Nige, i'm glad your back. Although I have never reviewed this thread, you can bet your bottom dollar I have been reading. Personal Message me when the show is up and I shall leave some feedback for you my friend.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Great Smackdown. The #1 Contender tournament should bring some good matches. MVP and Dykstra were arrogent little pricks, so they were definately in character. Edge seemed in character as well. Edge/Chavo was an OK filler, I'm not surprised Edge won. Shelton's segment was in-character, and since it set up a match, I can't complain. Masters and Haas backstage was interesting, maybe something like the MFers is in the works. I'm glad Haas is getting a push. Finlay/Harris sounds like it would be a good match IRL. I hope Harris gets a push, maybe a US title run. Kenny was great in the interview, although he isn't on Tista's level yet. Matt/Shelton was a well-written match, I would assume Shelton will cost Matt his match next week. I hope they get a match at SNME. I liked the Pitbulls back when they were in the WWE, so I am glad they are getting a push now. One part I didn't like is that the UK Pack didn't do anything when the Pitbulls taunted them. You would think they would try to attack the Pitbulls or at least yell at them. Flair/Shane sounds like it will be a great match. You are great at writing backstage segments, and it showed during the Flair/Shane segment. Dykstra/Tista was about what I expected. I'm glad you made Dykstra look strong, but still had Tista win.
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WWE.com - HOMEPAGE - Raw Results (4th February 2008)

RAW Results
4th February 2008

Erwin Center
Austin, Texas


• Last Monday night and Eric Bischoff being announced as the Head of Authority for Raw
• Bischoff making Triple H vs Shane McMahon with the winner getting to choose the losers match for Saturday Nights Main Event
• The main event with Shane McMahon beating Triple H with the assist from JBL & Vince
• Last week again and Kane interrupting the In Ring segment between John Cena and Randy Orton, resulting in Orton pushing Cena in to a chokeslam and then Orton back tracking, looking worried at the end of the show
• Orton on Smackdown last Friday, saying to Shawn Michaels that no one wants to see Kane vs Orton at Wrestlemania and demanding answers from Kane
• Kane coming out and choke slamming Michaels with Orton applauding, only to be hit with a Tombstone by Kane to finish the show

“Wanna Be Loved”



“Burn in my Light” blasts out inside The Erwin Center as Randy Orton makes his way out wearing jeans and a T shirt, looking very pissed off and getting a lot of heat.

Randy Orton:
Last Friday night, I went to Smackdown to get an answer to a question that needed to be answered. . . But I still stand here without the answer I demand to know


Randy Orton:


Randy Orton:
Getting tomb stoned by a big red retard doesn’t constitute an answer. It just pisses me off even more than I already am, and even Kane doesn’t want to find out what The Legend Killer is truly capable of. . .

“I’m Back” hits & Eric Bischoff walks down to the ring, getting a mixed reception

Eric Bischoff:
Randy, I know you’ve been caught a little off guard over the last week, and I understand where you’re coming from. . . We can all see why you’re concerned Randy, we’ve seen Kane make an impact, and quite frankly two big statements last week on Raw, and on Smackdown Friday night. . . However Randy, it seems clear to the both of us that Kane is trying to unsettle both you and Shawn Michaels while he decides just who he wants to face at Wrestlemania. . . But Randy, I felt that I had to come out here and offer you explanation, since I too am partly to blame

Randy Orton: Partly to blame? . . . Partly to blame for what? . . . Kane attacking me last Friday night?

Eric Bischoff: Look, I know your head’s all over the place Randy, but you have to understand where I’m coming from. Since I’m, the new Head of Authority for Raw, it’s my responsibility to bring the very best superstars to Raw. And Randy, since Kane won the Royal Rumble just over a week ago, he qualifies as one of the very best. And I need the best Randy if I’m going to make Raw the biggest show on television, and I will do whatever it takes to make that happen, even if that means unsettling the WWE Champion


Eric Bischoff:
And right now Randy, since Kane beat twenty nine of the best stars the WWE has to offer, I had no choice but to extend an invitation to him to come to Raw and fight for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania

Randy Orton: WHAT?

Eric Bischoff: Look you’re angry, I get that. But we’re in the same position here Randy. I am waiting for an answer from Kane too, just like you are. . . So it seems we’re just going to have sit tight. . .

“My Time is Now” plays through the speakers as John Cena makes his way down to the ring, getting a big pop with some boos mixed in, looking pretty serious

John Cena:
Randy, if you want to know who you’ll be facing at Wrestlemania. . . you’re looking at him


Randy Orton:
John, I know I beat the crap out of you at the Royal Rumble, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that me and you. . . well, we’re through. . . See several months ago John, I put you on the shelf, and now you’ve come back, I beat you just over a week ago in the middle of this ring when you finally had the guts to step in the ring with me

John Cena: Randy, one match is one match, and yeah you might have won at the Royal Rumble. . . but you didn’t beat me. . I want to give you that chance Randy, the chance you’ve wanted for a long time, for the chance you crave. . . the chance to beat John Cena


Randy Orton (Calmly):
I already have

John Cena: No Randy, you climbed a ladder. . . that proves nothing. What you really want is the chance to beat me in the middle of this ring by yourself. . . no ladders, no tables and chairs, just YOU AND ME

Randy turns to Bischoff

Randy Orton: Eric, put him straight. Tell him like it is. . . he’s had his chance, he blew it and he’s not getting another

Bischoff thinks about it for a couple of seconds while Cena and Orton stare at each other

Eric Bischoff: You know what guys? Since I’m impartial around here, I can see both your arguments. . . Randy, you did in fact retain the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble, and John. . . well you’re right too. Randy didn’t beat you the old fashioned way, he simply won the match by climbing the ladder and collecting that belt

Bischoff continues to think

Eric Bischoff: So, by doing what I need to for the best interests of Raw, and since Kane hasn’t made his decision yet. . . I am going to take action tonight


Eric Bischoff:
To make it fair to the both of you, I am going to make one of the biggest matches in the history of Raw right here tonight when you will see John Cena go one on one with Randy Orton

***HUGE POP***

Randy Orton:

Eric Bischoff: . . . Let me finish. . . If John Cena wins tonight, he will face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. . . but if Randy Orton wins, John Cena will not be challenging for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania

Orton looks pissed and stares right at Cena as Bischoff leaves the ring after passing the microphone back to Lilian, leaving Orton and Cena to stare right at each other, face to face. The duo look right in to each others eyes, when all of a sudden, Orton goes for an RKO, but Cena pushes him away. As Orton spins back round, Cena lifts him on to his shoulders and plants him with the F U

The crowd go nuts as “My Time is Now” plays again and Cena bends down to pick up the WWE Championship. He looks right at it before dropping it back down on Orton’s chest and looking in to the crowd




We see Rey Mysterio being found laid out in his locker room last week after a sneak attack and then Eric Bischoff accusing Elijah Burke of being the culprit, and then making Mysterio/Burke and Victoria/Beth Phoenix for Saturday Night’s Main Event this weekend


***MATCH #1***

Rey Mysterio & Victoria
vs. Elijah Burke & Beth Phoenix w/Layla

Both Rey and Burke crawled across the mat and made the tag to their respective partners. The Glamazon was in first and charged at Victoria who just ducked an outstretched arm and then was able to catch Beth when she turned round with a SAVOTE KICK. . . . . Victoria dropped to the mat and went for the cover, only getting a two count. She then stood back up and did her freaky body shake before hitting Beth with a STANDING MOONSAULT. . . . . She again tried to go for the cover, but Burke entered the ring and pulled her off Phoenix by the feet. Rey then stormed back in and took Burke over the top rope with a clothesline, landing close by Layla on the outside. With the referee trying to get Rey back on the apron, Beth took advantage of the official having his back turned as Victoria pulled her up, only to get her eyes raked by The Glamazon.

The Womens Champion then connected with a SLINGSHOT SUPLEX. . . . . It was the champ’s turn to go for a cover, but she too could only get a two count. As she then pulled Victoria back up to her feet, she went for an irish whip towards Layla who turned her back. Victoria was able to reverse whip with Phoenix hitting the ropes as Layla grabbed her foot, thinking it was Victoria. Layla laughed at the crowd as Beth turned round and looked down at her while Burke got back up to his feet on the outside. Rey saw it and ran across the apron, then took both Burke and Layla down with a DIVING CROSS BODY. . . . . Beth watched on in shock before turning round in to a kick to the gut from Victoria who then nailed her with the WIDOW’S PEAK. . . . . A big pop rang out as Victoria went for the cover and picked up a big win over her opponent this Saturday night.

AFTERMATH: “Lady to Mess With” hit as Victoria stared down intensely at The Glamazon while Rey got back up on the outside with a smile on his face while Burke & Layla remained on the arena floor

WINNERS: Rey Mysterio & Victoria by pinfall @ 6.07


The McMahon’s are in their office/locker room backstage. Orlando Jordan stands by the door as Shane and JBL are sitting down on a leather sofa while Vince stands up in front of them with a big smile on his face. He tells Shane that he is so proud of him for beating his no good son-in-law last week, and that it was one of the best scenes of his life, watching his son take Triple H in his hands and crush him. Shane thanks his dad while JBL pats Shane on the shoulder. Vince then says that they do need to have a serious talk though, since Shane won last week, they now have the right to choose just who Triple H will face at Saturday Night’s Main Event this weekend. JBL tells Vince that he has a great idea, that all three of them should face him in a No Holds Barred match to show Triple H and the entire world that no one should dare mess with The McMahon Men. Vince gets a sick smile on his face and says he loves the idea and it will set an example to everyone and that it will give them the chance to humiliate Triple H in the front of the world. Shane then suggests that they could be more intelligent about it and says that maybe just one of them should face him while one of them could be the special referee and the other could be the special guest timekeeper. Vince smiles again and says he likes that idea too, and says they’re going to have a hard time thinking about it, but they’ve got a bit more time yet before they have to inform Bischoff of their choice.


Eric Bischoff is in his office with The Redneck Wrecking Crew. Lance Cade asks Bischoff for one more chance at Paul London and Brian Kendrick, practically begging him. Bischoff says he knows that they’ve not been at their best lately, but remembers how good they can be. He then says that it’s funny really since another couple of guys came to him earlier on and asked for the exact same thing. He then says that he has an idea, and says that tonight both teams can go at it and then he’ll think about who deserves a shot at the titles. Murdoch looks as strange as ever before telling Bischoff that it’s on with Cade following him out of the room, looking very aggressive. Just as the door slams shut and Bischoff turns round, he hears the door open again and turns back round to see CM Punk walk in with Sunny.

The fans can be heard booing loudly from inside the arena as Punk asks Bischoff why he wanted to see him. Bischoff tells him he’s been thinking about what happened to Rey last week and who could have attacked him. He says he could have jumped the gun in accusing Elijah Burke and then suggests that it could have been Punk, who looks very annoyed. He tells Bischoff that he welcomes competition and that Rey was his competition last week. He says that what happened with Jeff was personal and Rey was business, and that’s why he wasn’t responsible for attacking him. Bischoff tells Punk he’s going to hold back on judgment for now but says that since Punk’s first title defence was made easier last week, he’s going to make him defend his title tonight. He then says that since he’s seen what’s been going on with The McMahon family, it’s taught him a lot about how you should treat family and he will prove it later on. Punk and Sunny look confused as Sunny asks Bischoff what he’s getting at, but he just replies that they’ll find out in good time.


***MATCH #2***

Ron Killings
vs. Santino Marella w/Melina

Santino grabbed Killings by the arm and whipped him into the ropes, and as Killings came back, Santino hit him with an arm drag. Killings was back up straight away and ran back at Santino, and was able to duck underneath Santino’s clothesline attempt. As Santino then turned round to face his opponent, Killings took him down with a PERFECT JUMPING HEEL KICK ENZIGURI. . . . . The crowd liked that and cheered loudly as Killings went for a cover, but was only able to manage a two count. With Santino barely moving on the mat, Killings decided to go up high as he walked to the corner and climbed to the top rope before leaping off to connect with a DIVING LEG DROP. . . . . Melina looked worried on the outside as Killings tried another cover with Santino just kicking out at two. Killings looked a little disappointed as he sat up. He took his time standing up, allowing Santino time to get to his knees. Killings then tried to pull him up from his knees, but Santino low blowed him, causing the referee to call for the bell as Killings dropped to the mat clutching his groin.

AFTERMATH: Santino stood back up and looked down with disgust at Killings before arguing with the referee as to why he was disqualified. Santino gave up the protest quickly and left the ring along with Melina who walked round on the outside to meet him as Killings then sat up and stared back at them, not looking too happy

WINNER: Ron Killings by disqualification @ 5.40




Todd Grisham
is backstage with Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston & Kelly Kelly. He reminds them of what happened last week by showing them the footage of The Colon Brothers attacking them both with a steel chair after Kofi’s match with Carlito before telling them that Carly and Eddie aren’t here tonight. Cody tells Todd that he’s not surprised and what happened was just one more example of how pathetic Carlito and Eddie are, accusing them of being bitter that Kelly didn’t like them and she liked him. He says it’s like being back at high school with the school yard bullies, and then says it’s gone way past being just jealousy and says that The Colon’s have made it personal. He says that he’s sick of having to look over his shoulder everywhere he goes just because Kelly chose him over them. He then says that he won’t have Kelly being insulted and that a couple of weeks ago, The Colon’s made a mistake, they got Kofi involved. Kofi tells Grisham that they have no respect and they’re gonna pay for that in a big way man! He says that he’s dealt with thugs in Jamaica and he’ll do here what he did back home, fight. He then says that if The Colon’s are so tough, they will turn up next week to fight him and Cody, challenging them to a tag match.


“Turn up the Trouble” hits as Mr. Kennedy walks down to the ring with a smug look on his face. He says that last week he told everyone that not winning the Royal Rumble wasn’t the end of the world and that he had an alternative option. He then tells everyone that he’s going to show them what it is right now as, on the tron we see the ending to last years Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania with Kennedy collecting the briefcase. He then says that was the biggest win of his life and he didn’t need to win the Royal Rumble last year to get the guaranteed title shot at any World Champion. He mentions his track record at that time, beating World Champion after World Champion, even The Undertaker. He then says that there’s one big difference this year, he’s on Raw and Raw is full of ego’s even bigger than his, especially the Ayatollah of Crap Music, Chris Jericho, the same man he eliminated from the Royal Rumble eight days ago. He says he would love to eliminate Jericho from his life permanently when “Break The Walks Down” blasts out. Jericho walks down in his ring gear too looking pretty laid back with a microphone in hand. He tells Kennedy to “SHUT THE HELL UP” before saying that one win doesn’t make anyone a star, and that being a champion makes you a star. He then says it’s all well and good to win the title shot, but to not even get the chance to cash it in is embarrassing and exactly what Kennedy is, a joke!

Kennedy looks really pissed and tells Jericho he was injured, and if he hadn’t been, he wouldn’t be standing in the ring with a loser he eliminated from the Royal Rumble. Jericho says that a loser is someone who hasn’t held a world title, an ass clown like Kennedy, getting him more pissed. Jericho then says that the Money in the Bank was his idea three years ago and that he fully intends to win it this year. Just as Jericho and Kennedy square up, “Hell Will be Callin Your Name” hits as Lashley makes his way down to the ring, surprising everyone. He grabs a microphone from Kennedy and says that he’s not going to listen to excuses because he’s all about action. He then says that they can both argue over the Money in the Bank, but the fact is neither of them will win it because he will. Jericho and Kennedy don’t take Lashley seriously as he continues to speak, saying he should have won the Rumble and that he remembers it was Kennedy who put him on the shelf last year. He then says that’s all in the past and he’s looking to the future, and that Money in the Bank is his future, saying he will go through them both to get it. He looks very intense, worrying Jericho and Kennedy who are taking him seriously now. “I’m Back” hits & Eric Bischoff walks out to the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand and tells them he likes Lashley’s idea so much, he wants to see it right now. All three guys in the ring look confused as Bischoff then announces they will go at it in a triple threat match right now, getting a big pop from the crowd.


***MATCH #3***

Chris Jericho
vs. Bobby Lashley
vs. Mr. Kennedy

Lashley was able to reverse a whip to the corner from Kennedy, who ended up hitting the corner pads himself. Lashley ran in at him and connected with a hard clothesline. Kennedy then staggered out of the corner with Lashley reacting quickly to scoop him up on to his shoulder, setting him up for the RUNNING POWERSLAM. . . . . As Lashley then ran across the ring with Kennedy on his shoulder, Jericho was getting back up, but Kennedy was able to slip down off the shoulder and pushed Lashley in to the corner pads. With Lashley dropping to the mat holding his chest, Kennedy turned round and saw Jericho on his feet, then ran at him, but Jericho saw him coming and grabbed his legs, setting him up for the WALLS OF JERICHO. . . . . The crowd went ballistic as Jericho locked the hold in with Kennedy looking uncomfortable and trying to do everything he could to stop himself from tapping out. Lashley though was able to break it up before Kennedy got in to too much danger by kicking Jericho in the head.

He immediately reached down and pulled Jericho in to position for the DOMINATOR. . . . . As Jericho was lifted in to the air, Y2J started to fight it and was able to slide down the back of Lashley and then nail him with the CODEBREAKER. . . . . It took Jericho a couple of seconds to react before he went for a cover, with Kennedy just breaking it up, diving across on his knees at the last second. All three men remained on the mat for a good while before Kennedy rose first, closely followed by Jericho with Lashley crawling to the corner. Kennedy helped Jericho up from his knees and set him up for the MIC CHECK. . . . . He got all of it, but seeing Lashley helping himself up in the corner, Kennedy stood back up, only for Lashley to charge out at him and nail him with a SPEAR. . . . . A pop rang out as Lashley reached over and went for the cover, picking up an impressive victory.

AFTERMATH: “Hell Will Be Callin Your Name” hits as Lashley stood back up to get his arm raised. He posed for the crowd and then left the ring as both Jericho and Kennedy started to come round

WINNER: Bobby Lashley by pinfall @ 9.34


With The Redneck Wrecking Crew waiting in the ring for their opponents, a huge pop broke out as “Bringin The Hood to You” hit and Cryme Time made their way out to the arena for their return to the WWE with Cade & Murdoch looking stunned

***MATCH #4***

Cryme Time
vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

Murdoch was able to reverse an irish whip from JTG and connected with a big boot to the face as he came back. He then turned sharply and took Shad by surprise, knocking him off the apron with a right hand. He walked back over to JTG and pulled him in to position for the SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB. . . . . The Redneck took his time and gave JTG the chance to escape as he back body dropped Murdoch, with both men hitting the mat as Cade looked on nervously and tried to encourage his partner. As JTG started to get up, Cade stepped through the ropes to get at him, but the referee was able to cut him off. With the ref’s back now turned, JTG & Murdoch were both getting up when Shad slid back in the ring and took Murdoch down with an ALABAMA SLAM. . . . . He then walked over to Cade and knocked him out of the ring with a hard right hand as JTG climbed to the top rope and dived off to hit a SPLASH. . . . . With the crowd cheering him on, JTG made the cover and picked up the big victory on their return.

AFTERMATH: “Bringin The Hood to You” hit as JTG and Shad posed for the crowd, who gave them a big pop

WINNERS: Cryme Time by pinfall @ 5.12


is standing by and introduces Triple H as her guest to a huge pop. She asks him how he feels about The McMahon’s picking his match for Saturday Night’s Main Event. The Game says he’s not surprised he got screwed last week because he’s used to it by now, week after week, it’s one on three. He says that he has no choice but to do whatever Vince will end up deciding, just like Shane has his entire life and says that will happen to JBL. Maria asks him who he would like to face the most, and he says that he doesn’t care if it’s just one or all three of them in whatever kind of match they want, because he just wants to even the score. He says that he craves the chance at retribution to make them pay for what they’ve done to him and Stephanie, and says that tonight, he’ll pass that message on through their little bitch Orlando Jordan when he shows every single one of them what The Game’s all about.




With CM Punk waiting in the ring, Eric Bischoff walks out to the stage

Eric Bischoff:
Now I said earlier on that I would be showing everyone what family means to me tonight, and I intend to do just that. . . CM Punk, you had an advantage last week, but not tonight. . . Let me introduce to you, your challenger for the Intercontinental Championship. . . My nephew. . . EUGEEEENEEE

“Child’s Play” hits as Eugene walks out to a big pop. He hugs Bischoff who points at Eugene to walk down to the ring, which he does, still getting a great reception

***MATCH #5***

vs. CM Punk (c) w/Sunny

Punk pulled Eugene up to his feet and hammered away at him, knocking him back in to the corner. He tried to follow up with an irish whip, but Eugene was able to reverse it as Punk then hit the opposite corner pads. Eugene then ran in and hit a hard clothesline across the upper chest of the champion. As Punk then staggered out of the corner with Eugene backing up, Eugene then lifted Punk up on to his shoulders and spun him round with the AEROPLANE SPIN. . . . . The crowd cheered while Sunny looked on nervously as Eugene then went to follow up, walking back to the corner and climbing up to the top rope. He then jumped off, looking for the DIVING DOUBLE AXE HANDLE. . . . . Punk saw it coming as he stood up and countered with a SPINNING WHEEL KICK. . . . . The crowd weren’t happy with that as the Intercontinental Champion then slowly stood back up and walked over to the ropes. He stepped through them and turned back round to face Eugene as he slowly picked himself back up.

As Eugene was able to stand up and turn round, Punk held on to the top rope and then hit the SPRINGBOARD AND IN TO THE AIR PUNK. . . . . It connected and Punk tried to end it there, but was only able to get a two count, leaving him frustrated. He got on with business and smelt the end could be near as he stood back up and dragged Eugene to his feet, then whipped him in to the corner, connecting with the high knee lift. Punk held on to Eugene’s head as he hit it and turned round to face the ring before running out of the corner and planting Eugene with a bulldog. Punk looked satisfied as he stood back up and then urged Eugene to stand back up, which he did, just slowly. With Sunny urging Punk on, the Straight Edge Superstar pulled Eugene in to his grasp and hit a ONE ARM SIDE SLAM. . . . . But as Eugene hit the mat, Punk held on and locked in the ANACONDA VICE. . . . . The crowd got behind Eugene and shouted encouragement his way as he tried to fight the hold, but after about fifteen seconds, it was too much and he tapped out, giving Punk another successful title defence.

AFTERMATH: As “This Fire Burns” hits, Punk was passed his belt by the referee, but he dropped it before walking over to Eugene and picking him back up with the music cutting. He then lifted him on to his shoulders and planted him with the GTS. Sunny joined him in the ring and hugged Punk before picking the belt back up for him and giving it back to a very smug looking CM Punk

WINNER: CM Punk by pinfall @ 7.41


***MATCH #6***

Triple H
vs. Orlando Jordan

The Game grabbed Jordan’s arm and whipped him in to the ropes, but as Jordan came back, he shocked everyone by sliding through Triple H’s legs. As he got back up and The Game turned back round, Orlando was able to hit him with THE BLACKOUT (REVERSE STO). . . . . A number of gasps came from the crowd as they were stunned to see their hero fall to that with Orlando quickly going to capitalise as he went for the cover, but only getting a two count. He decided to argue his case after believing he thought it should have been a three count, but the referee was having none of it, waving away Jordan’s protests. As Jordan turned his attention back to The Game, Triple H was standing back up with Jordan then throwing a couple of rights at him and going for the JOHNSON SHUFFLE. . . . .

The Game blocked the last shot and hit Jordan with a couple of his own hard right hands and then planted him with a NECKBREAKER. . . . . The crowd were cheering again, but were left a little disappointed as Jordan kicked out of a cover at two. The Game was back in business straight away as he stood back up and dragged Jordan to his feet, then whipped him in to the ropes and planted OJ with a DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER. . . . . The crowd were soon cheering again as The Game did his signature taunt and then pulled Jordan back up, setting him up for the PEDIGREE. . . . . Trips hit it and sealed the win with a successful cover, sending the crowd in to raptures!

AFTERMATH: Just as “The Game” hit, it cut as JBL & Shane McMahon stormed down to the ring. Triple H was more than ready as Shane slid in first and ran in to a right hand that took him down. JBL then ran at The Game, but he ducked a clothesline and hit him with a Double A Spinebuster. Shane got back up at the same time as Trips and tried to spin him round, but The Game just knocked him back down again. As Shane raced back up, Triple H kicked him in the gut and planted him with a Pedigree. “The Game” blasted out again as he stood tall and did his signature taunt in the middle of the ring

WINNER: Triple H by pinfall @ 6.11




We see The McMahon’s and Orlando Jordan frustrated in their locker room, Vince more so is very angry while Shane, JBL & Orlando try to get their breath back, showing the effects of what happened before the break. Eric Bischoff walks in and asks Vince if they have reached a decision yet on who will be Triple H’s opponent this Saturday. He says that after what just happened, he’s not giving Triple H any kind of a chance to do what he just did. He tells Bischoff that Triple H won’t be putting his hands on a member of his family, but says they will be there to see him suffer and make sure it happens. Bischoff looks confused and asks him what he’s talking about. Vince says that his sons will be around the ring, because Shane will be the special guest timekeeper, JBL will be the special guest enforcer and that he will be the special guest referee. Bischoff tells Vince that’s all well and good, but says Triple H needs an opponent. Vince smiles as he says Triple H will be getting an opponent alright, the winner of the Royal Rumble, Kane. JBL, Shane and Orlando clap the decision as Bischoff accepts the decision and leaves the room as Vince looks very smug.



John Cena
vs. Randy Orton

Orton & Cena stood back up after a double clothesline and pummelled each other with right hands. Cena got the imitative as he managed to land three consecutive right hands at Orton, and then tried to whip The Legend Killer in to the ropes. Orton was able to reverse it though and as Cena was about to bounce back off the ropes, Orton went for a standing dropkick, but just fell to the mat as Cena held on to the ropes. As Orton got back up holding his back, Cena charged at him and knocked him down with a clothesline. With the crowd cheering Cena on, Orton picked himself back up, but Cena was ready to explode as he ran back in to the ropes, charged back and hit Orton with a diving shoulder tackle. The fans were well and truly getting behind Cena as both men got back up with Orton looking unsteady. Cena slipped behind Orton and then planted him with a SPINNING SIT DOWN SIDE SUPLEX. . . . . Holding on for a cover, Cena was left frustrated as Orton kicked out. The WWE Champion pulled himself up to his knees with Cena following him and quickly hit him with a FISHERMAN SUPLEX. . . . . Again Orton kicked out at two with the crowd getting pulled right in to the action.

Cena then went to act straight away, trying to pull Orton up to his feet, but Orton drove his forearm in to Cena’s chest and then pushed him away towards the ropes. As Orton then stood up and Cena walked away from the ropes, Orton ran at Cena, but Cena counted in to the STFU. . . . . The roof nearly came off as Cena locked the hold in, desperately trying to make Orton tap out with the champion fighting the hold hard with all his energy. Being slightly off centre of the ring, Orton had a slight advantage and was able to fight the hold and drag himself to the bottom rope, grabbing at it with everything he possibly could. A lot of boos rang out with some cheers too as Cena was told by Mike Chioda to let the hold go. He was able to get Cena to back away from the ropes as Orton used them to help himself stand back up. Cena then went straight back at him, but Orton poked him right in the eye, sending Cena back towards the centre of the ring. As Cena spun back round, Orton ran at him, but Cena lifted him on to his shoulder for the F U. . . . . Again the crowd were hot, but Orton was able to slip down Cena’s back and pounced straight away by hitting him with an INVERTED SIDE BACK BREAKER. . . . .

He dropped to the mat straight away and went for a cover, but only got as far as a two count with Cena kicking out. Orton then stood back up and dragged Cena by the legs to the ropes and placed the legs on the middle rope. He then grabbed Cena by the head and set him up for a SPIKE DDT. . . . . With a sadistic look on his face, Orton then sent Cena’s head crashing in to the mat, and immediately followed up by going for a cover. Cena just kicked out, leaving Orton absolutely stunned and he then looked furiously towards Chioda and ordered him to count again with Cena kicking out at two for the second time. Orton’s face turned to stone as he then re adjusted his position on the mat and stalked Cena for the RKO. . . . . With the crowd booing as Cena started to come round, “Burned” blasted out as Kane appeared at the top of the stage. Orton was distracted and then stood up. He walked over to the ropes as Kane stared right at him, but as the music stopped, Orton turned round and ran at Cena who was getting back up. With Orton in a panic, Cena lifted him on to his shoulders for the second time, and this time connected with the F U. . . . . The roof blew off this time as Cena went for the cover, and got the three count, sending him in to the main event of Wrestlemania.

AFTERMATH: “My Time is Now” hit as Cena stood back up to get his arm raised. He looked concerned as he saw Kane walking down the ramp. Kane then stepped over the ropes and walked towards Cena as they stood face to face for a couple of seconds before they then started slugging it out with Kane taking control. Cena though fought back and tried to lift Kane on to his shoulders, but The Big Red Machine slipped down and then choke slammed Cena down to the mat. As Orton stood back up, he turned round in to Kane who scooped him up and hit him with a Tombstone Piledriver as Paul Bearer than walked out to the ramp with a microphone and said that Randy Orton just received his answer. Kane then set his pyro off as “Burned” blasted out with Kane standing tall above both Cena and Orton

WINNER: John Cena by pinfall @ 11.26



Rey Mysterio & Victoria df. Elijah Burke & Beth Phoenix
Ron Killings df. Santino Marella
Bobby Lashley df. Chris Jericho & Mr. Kennedy
Cryme Time df. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
CM Punk df. Eugene
Triple H df. Orlando Jordan
John Cena df. Randy Orton

Mickie James & Candice Michelle df. Jillian Hall & Layla
Hardcore Holly df. Jim Duggan
Paul London & Brian Kendrick df. Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards


Batista vs. Edge vs. ? ? ? vs. ? ? ? vs. ? ? ? vs. ? ? ?

The UK PackPaul Burchill & Harry Smith(c) vs. The Pitbulls

Victoria vs.The GlamazonBeth Phoenix (c)


Triple H vs. Kane

Rey Mysterio vs. Elijah Burke

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Fuck! Nige did you really have to post this the now . Anyway, i will try my hardest to get a review up, if not i will get some comments


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Dan's Raw review

The opening problem was good, it was the only way to start the show really after what happened at the end of Smackdown. I liked how Orton got straight to the point and I liked the aggression from him too. Bischoff coming down was unexpected, I liked what he had to say and he always tried to make Raw the best show, so that was a good explanation for why he wants Kane to come to Raw. Cena coming down next wasn't a huge shock, he seemed in character and him wanting the title shot was expected. Wow Cena against Orton is a huge match to have on Raw, the stipulation is interesting and I like how you are keeping Bischoff impartial too. The title situation is still very unpredictable which is good. I would've liked an appearance from Kane to tease it a little more but I guess you're saving him for later on.

This was a good choice to kick off the action. The ending was exciting and I liked how you brought Layla into it with her accidently tripping up Phoenix. Rey hitting Layla and Burke with a crossbody was a bit of a shock, Rey doesn't seem the type to assault a woman really although I suppose it doesn't matter as she is a heel. Victoria picked up a big win here over Phoenix and it would be interesting to see Victoria hit Phoenix with the Widow's Peak as she is used to htting smaller divas with that move. Victoria is looking strong now.

The McMahon segement was okay, just what you would expect from them really. I wonder what match they will pick for Triple H, whatever they decide I'm sure they will stack the odds against HHH.

The segements with Bischoff were pretty good too. Not sure who Cade and Murdoch will face but I doubt they will win as they've had enough chances. Punk defending the IC title again tonight is cool, again I'm not sure who he will face though.

The next match seemed like a decent little match. After their confrontaion last week they had to have a match really but by having it end a DQ you have left it open for another match, no doubt this little feud will continue with Killings eventually coming out on top.

The interview with Rhodes and Kofi came off really well. You got their characters spot on with Cody Rhodes saying they are like school bullies and Kofi talking about his experiences in Jamaica. Seeing Rhodes and Kingston with this aggression would be interesting to see too as Kofi in particular is seen a very happy and positive guy. This is another good little mid card feud that you have created.

I liked the next promo and it was a good set up for the next match. Kennedy as a heel is so much better and his promos with a babyface Chris Jericho would always be brilliant. Lashley coming down was a bit of a surprise and the other two are great talkers and he isn't really, but I liked what he had to say and he gave his arguement for winning MITB. The match was exciting with everyone going for their finishers and the finish was cool with Lashley hitting the spear on Kennedy. I didn't know who would go over in this match really but I think Lashley maybe needed to most.

Cryme Tyme are back! It's good to see them back as they are a good tag team. Cryme Tyme winning was obvious but it was a good finish, I think they should have won with the G-9 though but it doesn't really matter.

Nice little interview with Triple H. He was in character and showed that he isn't scared of the McMahon's, I think he will beat Jordan although the McMahon's will get involved no doubt.

Bischoff introducing Eugene was a surpise as Bischoff always hated Eugene in the WWE, but I suppose that you're trying to show that Bischoff has changed and that he is now impartial. I never liked Eugene tbh so I just wanted Punk to kick his ass here. You threw in the comedy move from Eugene at the start but after that Punk totally squashed him which is cool. He finished it off with the Anaconda Vice too which was cool, glad he's still using that move. The GTS after the match was a good heel move too.

Triple H beating Orlando Jordan was expected and he made short work of him too. But the attack we were all expecting came after the match. Triple H avoided the beat down this time which was a good move as the McMahon's have come out on top a lot recently so HHH needed this. I think we will hear from Mr.McMahon later on though.

I was surprised to see JBL, Shane and Orlando involved in this next segment as I think you always told me not to have a match follwed by a backstage segment with the same people in, although I think I did it the other way around. Wow Vince is really stacking the odds against HHH isn't he, that should be a great match at SNME. This idea is brilliant as everyone is involved at ringside, I think the only thing missing is Orlando Jordan as special guest ring announcer! I think this would've come off even better though if Shane didn't mention this idea earlier on. I think the plan may backfire though, I wouldn't rule out Kane going mental and beating up the McMahon's during the match.

The main event was great, you gave us a more detailed ending here and rightly so as this is a huge match. The ending flowed really well and you threw in all their signature moves and some near falls which made it really exciting. Kane's music played at just the right time and I think that would come off really well on TV. Cena hitting the FU quickly was a good way to end the match without Orton looking too weak and you described it well by saying that Orton was in a panic. Kane laying out Cena and Orton again was cool, so Kane has chosen Raw then?! It appears that way and it was a shock to see Paul Bearer back. A triple threat between these two at Mania would be really interesting. Great ending.

Overall Nige is was another top show. The show seemed packed tonight and the whole Kane situation has been written brilliantly IMO. SNME looks like it will be a great show and I can't wait. Good job mate.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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