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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Bradley's Royal Rumble Review:

A very good opening video package, slightly on the short side but that's OK as I am more interested in the event. Good job for the hype from the announcers, this could be something special.

Ahhh, now THIS is a match, this is a build up, this is the one I have been waiting for for Donkey's years! Punk/Jeff will it deliver? Awesome start with Hardy showing his intent, this sets up the story so nicely it is unbelievably awesome. I really liked the use of the big move to start off with because Punk REALLY wants to hurt Punk and I believe his actions. The back and forth of the early going and you incorporating the crowd's actions really added to the match, I have come to expect this from you now but it is still a hallmark of a great writer. A few flaws next, I am not sure how you could roll someone up from a shining wizard and Punk wouldn't slump down and then casually hook the legs. If you slump it indicates you are quite tired so you would just fall on him. I love the double underhook back breaker so top marks to you for using that and Hardy not giving up says a lot but I still sense a title change. I would have liked to have seen Punk dominate a little longer because you have built him up so well as not so much of a cowardly heel but as something you don't see everyday- a strong heel. I particularly loved the Anaconda Vise section as it had a great mini-chapter involved and you wrote that very well and I really did like that as Jeff did show a lot of courage. Jeff wears jeans now? Not the best wrestling attire but Punk constantly getting one ups on Jeff proves my point even more. Oh fuck yeah, awesome swerve ending and totally believable as we all know women don't have a sense of direction and can't throw a belt at all and it was a shocking ending but it makes Punk look awesomely strong (Punk/Cena plz) and Jeff doesn't look weak at all and I sense you holding this off for a grudge match at 'Mania.
****1/4-****1/2(Very good)

A nice interesting interaction here, Michael Shane seemed a little goofy and really not needed in this particular segment although he is a good addition overall. Orton was very cold and calculating here which I liked and I loved the New York line. Decent enough Flair/Dave promo but I don't see either man winning here in New York CITEH!!!11!

I must admit that this isn't my favourite match on the card but it is probably because every other match looks classic material but I just haven't been sucked in to this storyline as I have, say, Jeff/Punk. I feel that you really write Chavo well as a face in this match but at times it felt like it was just a big move than a pin of some kind. It wasn't a bad match but just not one of your strongest. I would have liked a big, strong section of the match with Dykstra going apeshit on Chavo but it wasn't to be. I thought the flow was affected by the constant pins in this match, it didn't ruin it but it just hindered my reading experience as I had to keep stopping. I want to see you write Dykstra like you did with your acclaimed (by me, and probably one of the best PPV's I have ever read) Backlash 2007. I keep mentioning it but I loved that Triple Threat but I didn't see a lot of that magic here which I would really love to see more of in this match. The ending was solid and believable with Dykstra cheating to win, the ending was built up very well and I enjoyed that part. There were a few moves in particular I liked with the Three Amigos being used to gain Chavo momentum at a key point in the match and the Rolling Cutter was the perfect impact move to use to take Chavo's momentum out and I think you are one of the few writers who think about momentum when writing a match, deliberate or not. A good match but it certainly pales in comparison to your last match which was amazing. Still sold, mind you. ***

Shawn Michaels seemed very confident, maybe overly so. He seemed very cocky here but the interaction between Cena and Michaels was very teasing... The Kennedy/Jericho encounter was very well written and there was a series of cool one liners, especially about the snow, that was funny but maybe a little too immature.

A pacy opening is something I expected and it was nice to see the flow didn’t let off straight away and eliminating one man from the equation straight away is a good move so we can focus more on the one on one aspect for a bit. I love the Canadian Hero moniker and the way he owned in the beginning of the match. You showed HBK doing a bit of his high-flying for the fans which he always seems to do, hell even if he was 70 he would still be doing that. Worry couldn’t be seen on Michaels’ face after being caught from an Asai moonsault because his face is facing the ground and the camera would most certainly be focused on Batista but that’s just being picky. The best thing you could do in a match like this was put emphasis on HBK’s back and it was good to see Batista working on it. Knowing what those New Yorkers are like, wouldn’t they boo HBK if he attempted a Sharpshooter, they booed Rey this year after all so it could be possible. Edge pulls off some good moves, the lull in action between moves is acceptable but why would HBK use the Figure Four? It’s Flair’s move and he is not involved with Flair at all at this point () I had a feeling that was over when Dave hit the Batista Bomb but then I saw you point out it took 5 seconds to cover him, it makes Shawn look strong without making Dave look weak. A good sequence of events that are evenly spread out over the wrestlers so you don’t favour a certain person in these triple threats, which I have seen happen, lead up the Super Kick where Edge is on Dave’s shoulder. That would be incredibly awkward to pull off as it would hit Edge and Batista wouldn’t be hurt and it all happened a bit too quickly for my liking. I don’t like Edge’s constant use of the Edgecution either as the Spear is the one he needs to end it as the Edgecution doesn’t have the same wow factor or impact or the ‘oh my God this has to be over’ feel. What an awesome ending! HBK outsmarted both of them and he looks like he is the perfect champion but it wasn’t entirely obvious he would retain in this great match. ***3/4

I wasn’t all that interested by the announcement of the head of authority but it could lead to new doors being opened and it keeps this feud fresh so I’ll keep my eyes primed and ready for RAW!

I extremely loved this promo, that is why you won promo writer of the month was it not? Punk and Hunter were both in character but we both know we won’t see Punk/Hunter for a while in this thread (come to think of it, in any thread, I might have to change that :P) and Punk really reminded me of his time on ROH and the Indys in general which is always good.

This match should be nothing less of sensational. I know how much you limit gimmick matches and I think I finally found out why and why you keep nagging on about me using too many. You want them to be special occasions for people to cherish and I certainly am cherishing this big pay-off match and I may have to take a leaf out of your book. The perfect story for me, would have been Cena getting a little ring rust and trying to find his way around the ring, so the speak, as it would have made for a much more interesting bout but different strokes… Maybe I am being too cynical but I would have liked a better opening to try and get the ladder and a tug of war battle could have ensued between the two. The suplex should open the floodgates but how would Orton roll off of the mat and straight out of the ring instantly after the suplex? The chair shot was very good use of a weapon early in the match and you didn’t overdo it which is always nice to see. The powerbomb would have been a delightful spot to see has it would have been a big moment in the match. Cena gaining control made Orton look weak because Cena has been out for 3 months prior but the momentum killer was put in the perfect place. The missed RKO/missed F-U sequence was fun to read. Surprised to see Orton tap as he is meant to be very intense, a grin and bear it approach would have suited him more. The table has been set up, it looks like it is going to be something big and the suspense was great, if you would have used shorter sentences the suspense would have been even greater but never mind. HOLY SHIT!!! I think that matched the RKO to Edge at Backlash in your thread for a classic moment and he regains the title. What dragged this match down, despite being a very fun match, was that I always knew Orton was going to win before this match so that ending was imminent, I just want to know who his next challenger will be and where Cena will go from here. Another good match ***3/4

I think it is a good route that you had two power guys going in to the Rumble first was the best bet because the Rumble is a big event and it deserves to start in a big way. I’m surprised Kofi lasted longer than 20 seconds, wrong choice to put a great potential in so early against big guys. The filler comes in mainly and I loved how Kofi skins the cat like Michaels, the comparisons really help his character. Santino really needs a serious character as it will help him immensely. Hunter really deserved to get an elimination early. I love the fact Kofi is doing really well and holding his own and the time is spread out over mostly everyone. People tend to focus on one guy which you really shouldn’t be doing too early on. KANE’S BACKKKKK!!! I kind of guessed but didn’t Umaga put him out of action so he really should have gone after him then. Kane is on fire and I love his domination, I don’t think he’ll win but he will come close. I am pretty sure Killings has been in a Rumble before as K-Kwik, may be wrong though. Mysterio and Undertaker being introduced really added something to the match but I felt it was getting too cramped with 11 people in the ring as I feel there should be no more than 8 because I lost count myself as to where people were. Oooh I like it a lot when storylines are progressed in a Rumble. Kane is really on a hot streak as one of my favourites, Ric Flair comes in. Wow at 13 people being in the ring, very cramped but I am very enjoying this match and I loved the Jeff/Punk interaction. Boo at Hardy being eliminated by Punk, he looks incredibly weak now as Punk has 2 upped him, he really needs his big comeback. Matt Hardy helping his brother would have been an amazing moment to see so top marks for that. It drags on a big again but the 30th entry picks things up once again. Surprised at the crossface reference but another mark out moment there and this is building up nicely. The eliminations came thick and fast the pace was really good towards the end of the match. Fuck yeah at HHH eliminating Shane but Flair’s elimination must have been hell for his back but Flair could (and probably will) get involved in this storyline now so that is all good. A good progression for the storyline with JBL eliminating HHH. A very solid ending, Undertaker got his revenge but Kane gains the ultimate prize from his half-brother but I would like to know where Kane is a fully fledged face or heel. I guess we will find out soon, A very fun match ****1/4

Overall: One of your best PPV’s ever Nige, very few beat this (Backlash and KOTR) so this definitely makes this top 3 and ‘Mania could be your best ever, great job. 9.5/10.

This took me a while but, as with T_Man's show, it wasn't a chore because I thoroughly enjoyed reading this show.

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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WWE.com - HOMEPAGE (Smackdown Results - 1st February 2008)

Smackdown Results
1st February 2008

Kiel Center
Saint Louis, Missouri



• Shawn Michaels defeating Batista and Edge to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
• Kane winning the Royal Rumble match, eliminating The Undertaker at the end
• Kane on Raw Monday night, shocking Randy Orton and John Cena. Orton pushing Kane into Cena for a chokeslam and Kane then staring Orton out at the end of the show

“Rise Up”


Michael Cole & The Coach talk us through what went down at the Royal Rumble with the masked Kane returning to win a title shot at Wrestlemania as well as Shawn Michaels retaining the World Heavyweight Championship. Cole then talks about how tonight Smackdown is love for the first time on Friday night’s and that it comes to us in HD when. . .

“Metalingus” blasts out & Edge
makes his way down to the ring wearing his ring gear and not looking too happy as he gets a lot of heat. Edge says that everyone knows why he’s out there and says that Shawn Michaels and William Regal know exactly why. He says that he didn’t lose the match Sunday night at the Royal Rumble, Batista did and that it’s a joke that he’s still not standing in the middle of the ring as the WWE Champion since he’s only had one opportunity one on one at the title and that he won it, but doesn’t have the title around his waist. He says he deserves and demands that opportunity once more, right here tonight. With the crowd booing, Edge tells them that Michaels knows that when the title is on the line, HBK knows he can’t beat The Rated R Superstar, just like two weeks ago in Canada when that idiot Batista cost him his title by getting Michaels disqualified. He says he had that match won and when he gets the shot he deserves, this time he will win the match and this time, the title. He says the only problem is that Michaels doesn’t have the nerve to give him what he wants and calls Michaels a coward. He then says that since it looks like Kane is going to Raw, he’s the only contender for Wrestlemania since he’s the only one who has what it takes to headline the biggest show on earth.

That brings out MVP with his music playing. It quickly cuts as he tells the guys in the back to cut it, which they do as he walks down the ramp. Before he gets in the ring, he tells Edge to hold it right there because there’s only one contender since Edge didn’t get the job done last night, yet again. He tells Edge that it’s time he stepped to the side because the only man who should walk the walk at Wrestlemania is MVP. With the fans booing, MVP then asks Edge who is the half man, half amazing superstar on Smackdown. He doesn’t let him answer and immediately tells Edge that he’s looking at him, then with Edge suggesting he’s not, MVP tells him he’ll prove it right here right now. Just as it seems they’re about go at it and the crowd seem to want to see it, “Superstar Fallin” hits & Kenny Dykstra makes his way down to the ring with a microphone in hand.

He is in casual clothes, and as he’s walking down the aisle, he tells them to break it up. He steps through the ropes with both MVP & Edge looking on unimpressed. Dykstra says they should both take notice of the biggest success story on Smackdown. He then asks them both if either of them were successful in their matches at the Royal Rumble because he was and defended his Cruiserweight Championship successfully. He then says that as the only man standing in the ring right now and the only one to win at the Royal Rumble, it seems pretty obvious that his time has come. Dykstra says he knew his time would come but didn’t expect it to be so soon before then saying that he knows he is ready. He then takes a short pause before saying that not only is he ready to headline Wrestlemania, but he is ready to become the World Heavyweight Champion. Then we hear “Virtual Voodoo” hit the speakers as Umaga, along with Armando Alejandro Estrada walk down to the ring with Dykstra looking pissed in the ring as Edge and MVP just shake their heads.

Estrada tells them all that they all need to how they say, think back to Sunday and then they will all know who should be challenging for the world title. He then says that Umaga lasted from number two all the way until the end before being cheated by The Undertaker. He then brings up the point that The Samoan Bulldozer has beaten the dead man on Smackdown and that he bulldozed his way through the Rumble last night, not like anyone else in the ring right now. He then says that if they get in Umaga’s way, he will beat all three of them put together to go to Wrestlemania. The Smackdown GM, William Regal then makes his way out to the arena, standing at the top of the ramp. He starts off by saying that this could all be for nothing because not even he knows what Kane is going to do and what title he will be challenging for at Wrestlemania before saying that he may just need a contingency plan. He then says that he will be looking at finding a number one contender over the next couple of weeks, and if Kane does go to Raw, that man will face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania, but if Kane doesn’t switch shows, the number one contender will be part of a triple threat match instead.

He then says that starting tonight and finishing next week, there will be a series of contender’s matches which will lead to a six man match at Saturday Night’s Main Event to crown the number one contender. He says the winners of the matches this week and next will meet in eight night’s time for that spot against Shawn Michaels and possibly Kane at Wrestlemania. He says that he’s heard everything each man has had to say and that tonight, two of them will have the opportunity to move on to Saturday Night’s Main Event, telling Dykstra that he will have his chance to be a star tonight because he will be going on one with “The Animal” Batista. Dykstra looks on and doesn’t know what to think, looking stunned before Regal then tells MVP & Umaga that they will have to wait until next week. He then turns his attention to Edge and tells him that he doesn’t have such time because he better get ready because his contender’s match is up next. Edge looks pissed, but quickly takes his leather jacket off while Regal walks to the back.


***MATCH 1***

Chavo Guerrero
vs. Edge

Edge reversed an irish whip from Chavo, and as Chavo came back off the ropes, Edge drove a big boot right into his face. Instead of going for a cover, The Rated R Superstar went straight to the corner and climbed up to the top rope as Chavo slowly picked himself back up. And when Chavo then turned round, Edge was ready and waiting as he leaped off the top and went for a MISSILE DROPKICK. . . . . Chavo stepped to the side as Edge hit the mat. The crowd cheered as Chavo then pounced straight away as he walked over to Edge and pulled him up to his feet. He set him up for a suplex and then hit, before holding on to the tights and twisting his hips to then hit two more suplexes for the THREE AMIGO’S. . . . . With the crowd cheering very loudly, Chavo went to finish the match off as he this time went to the corner and climbed up to the top rope where he pointed to the ceiling. The crowd popped even louder than just before Chavo leapt up off the top rope for the FROG SPLASH. . . . .

Edge though was able to get his knees up in to Chavo’s chest, who just rolled to the side as both men remained on the mat. It took a while before men were back on their feet, but it was Chavo who struck first as he set his opponent up for the BRAINBUSTER. . . . . Just as Chavo had Edge lifted up into the air, The Rated R Superstar was able to slip down behind Chavo as he landed on his feet before pulling him back straight away into an EDGE-O-MATIC. . . . . Holding on for a cover, Edge was left frustrated as Chavo kicked out at two. Edge rushed back up to his feet and then dragged Chavo up too, but he was left stunned as Chavo fought back straight away, hitting him with a series of right hands before whipping him into the corner. As Chavo then rat in, Edge lifted his boot up into Chavo’s face as The Mexican staggered out of the corner holding his face. Edge took advantage as he ran out of the corner into the ropes, and then back as he connected with a SPEAR. . . . . Edge immediately reached over and made the cover, getting the all important three count.

AFTERMATH: “Metalingus” hit the speakers again as Edge stood up and got his arm raised by the referee. The Rated R Superstar had a very intense look of satisfaction on his face as he stared down at Chavo and then looked up at the Wrestlemania 24 sign

WINNER: Edge by pinfall @ 9.17



We see William Regal talking on his cell phone when Shelton Benjamin storms in. Regal tells the person on the phone that he’ll call them back and asks Shelton if he has a legitimate reason for breaking up the conversation. Shelton tells him that he has because of some crazy rumour he’s just heard. He asks Regal if it’s true that Matt Hardy has been given a spot in the contender’s tournament. Regal tells him even if what was true, which it isn’t, it is none of his concern. Shelton says it is because if Matt was going to get a shot, anyone can see that The Gold Standard should too. Regal then asks Shelton if that is so, getting an arrogant response of “you’re damn right” from Benjamin. Regal then says that since confidence is so high tonight, he is going to give Shelton and Matt an opportunity. He says that they will meet tonight and the winner will have a contender’s match for Saturday Night’s Main Event next week. Shelton tells Regal he just made the best decision of his career, with Regal replying in his typical sarcastic manner “well of course”. Shelton walks out with a smile as Regal shakes his head in disbelief at the arrogance.


Charlie Haas is stretching backstage with Chris Masters standing by his side. Masters tells Haas to forget all about everything Shelton said about him when he turned his back on him, telling him that he is just as talented as Shelton, if not more. He says that the only difference between him and Shelton is that Shelton has the confidence, and tells him that all he needs is that same confidence and a win tonight will help that. Haas listens, taking it in to account as he seems to believe in what The Masterpiece is saying as Masters then tells him that he will be out there with him tonight and he knows that he will beat Super Crazy. Haas then stands up straight and looking confident as he then tells Masters that he’s right. He says he knows he’s good, great in fact and says he’ll show everyone starting tonight what Charlie Haas is all about.


***MATCH 2***

Chris Harris
vs. Finlay

Finlay threw some hard right hands at a groggy Harris before kicking him in the gut and planting him with an ARM BREAKER DDT. . . . . Finlay went for the cover, but only got a two as Harris kicked out. The fighting Irishman looked less than impressed as he then went straight to work on the arm, locking in an arm bar submission. Harris fought it hard as Finlay really applied some serious pressure. But Harris was able to drag himself towards the ropes before eventually reaching his foot out and lifting it onto the bottom rope. The referee told an angry Finlay to let it go, which he reluctantly did at the count of four. He then tried to get at Harris again, but the ref stood up to him and blocked him in his path. They had a heated argument as Harris stood up with the aid of the ropes.

Seeing this, Finlay punished past the referee, but Harris reacted quickly and took him down with a super kick. Harris held on to the top rope for a couple of seconds before walking over and then going for a cover, only getting a two. The gasps of the crowd mirrored the disappointment in Harris’s face. He took a couple of seconds before standing back up and then lifting Finlay back up to his feet, but the Irishman was able to reverse a whip to the ropes, but as Harris came back, he ducked an outstretched arm, ran through and then came back, hitting a LOU THESZ PRESS. . . . . A lot of cheers met that, and as both men got back up, Finlay looked to be trying a little too hard as he ran back at Harris, but into THE HARRI-STORM (CATATONIC). . . . . Harris then reached over and went for the cover, getting the three and a big victory.

AFTERMATH: As Harris’s music hit and he got his arm raised, Finlay rolled towards the corner. Harris walked into the opposite corner and climbed to the second rope to celebrate as Finlay then grabbed hold of his shillelagh. As Finlay then stood back up, he walked towards Harris, who just jumped down off the ropes and turned round with Finlay then smashing him across the skull with the shillelagh. Harris’s music cut as Finlay looked down at him with a very intense stare as “Lambeg” hit. The referee checked on Harris as Finlay then left the ring with a slight smirk on his face

WINNER: Chris Harris by pinfall @ 8.51




Edge is in his locker room, back in his casual clothes and packing his travel bag when he hears the door slam, turning round to see MVP walking towards him. Edge turns round looking frustrated to see him and tells him he just wants to get the hell out of here, saying he’s done what he’s had to do tonight. MVP reassures him and tells him that he’s actually glad he won tonight. Edge looks surprised, but then gets pissed as MVP tells him it’s only because he can’t wait to shut him up at Saturday Night’s Main Event. He tells Edge he might think he’s the greatest thing ever to hit Smackdown, but in fact the biggest thing to hit Smackdown is MVP. He tells Edge that he’s had all the title matches for the last few months and it’s time for that to change, a change that will take Smackdown ahead of Raw as the number one show with MVP at the top. Edge just laughs and tells MVP to just go do it if he thinks it’s that easy. He then tells MVP he hopes he too wins next week so he can show him what the difference is between a star and a deluded chump stain. He then tells MVP that the chump stain is in the star’s locker room and tells him to get the hell out. MVP looks real pissed and stares at Edge for a couple of seconds before turning round and storming out.


***MATCH 3***

Super Crazy
vs. Charlie Haas w/Chris Masters

Haas had been on top for the most part, but after whipping Crazy into the ropes, the high flying Mexican came back and hit him with a spinning wheel kick. Both men stood back up with Haas looking a little off balance before running at Crazy and into a TILT A WHIRL BACK BREAKER. . . . . Crazy reacted straight away as he went for a cover with Masters looking on nervously on the outside, but Haas was able to kick out at the last second. Crazy sat back up and held his head in his hands for a couple of seconds before standing back up with Haas still not showing any signs of getting up. After walking to the corner and climbing to the top rope, Crazy jumped off the top rope and went for a MOONSAULT. . . . . Haas though was able to roll to the side as Crazy then hit the mat.

It took both men a while to stand back up, and when they did, Crazy swung at Haas who just ducked underneath it and then hit him straight away with an OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. . . . . Haas still showed signs of fatigue for a couple of seconds before standing back up and walking over to Crazy. He pulled him up from behind and hit a BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX. . . . . Holding on for the cover, Haas was unlucky as Crazy just kicked out at two. Both men picked themselves back up, but it was Haas who was up first, stalking Crazy before pouncing and hitting an ANGLE SLAM. . . . . The crowd booed him, but Haas got a real look of intensity about him as he then turned Crazy onto his chest and locked in the HAAS OF PAIN. . . . . Crazy looked in pain straight away and quickly tapped out, giving Haas the victory.

AFTERMATH: Haas’s music played as he stood back up to get his arm raised, looking very happy. Masters then climbed in the ring and applauded Haas before gesturing for the crowd to do the same, but they just booed a little louder. Haas smiled and high fived Masters before leaving to the back

WINNER: Charlie Haas by submission @ 7.04


Josh Matthews is standing by and introduces us to his guest, the Cruiserweight Champion, Kenny Dykstra. The cocky young superstar walks into the shot with Josh then asking him how he feels about his match with Batista tonight. He tells Josh that he showed everyone at the Royal Rumble that he is different to every single superstar in the WWE, saying that he has everything in his locker, everything. He tells Josh that he was born to compete at the very highest level of this business, and that is Wrestlemania. He says that it’s no disrespect to Chavo Guerrero, or even Batista, but he’s on a completely different level to them. He says that he has something not many have, he has natural born talent, and says that that talent saw him to the Cruiserweight Championship, saw him past Chavo Sunday night and that it will see him past Batista to set him on his path to his second home, the Wrestlemania main event. He smiles in to the camera before walking out of the shot looking very relaxed.


***MATCH 4***

Matt Hardy
vs. Shelton Benjamin

After a hitting Shelton with a falling clothesline, Matt got back up and pulled him back up, then whipped him in to the corner. He followed in and hit him with a clothesline and held on to Shelton’s head before turning round and running out of the corner, hitting him with a bulldog. Shelton wasn’t giving in as he stood back up, but with Matt lying in wait, The Gold Standard turned round in to an attempted SIDE EFFECT. . . . . Shelton though escaped straight away as he hit Matt with a series of elbows to the head, and then pushed him back into the ropes. As Matt came back, Shelton nailed him with ONE HELL OF AN ENZIGURI. . . . . Shelton rushed across the canvas before going for a cover, only to get a very close call with Matt kicking out at the very last split second. Shelton locked shocked for a couple of seconds before getting on with things as he got back up and pulled Matt back up too, whipping him in to the corner. As Shelton then ran in, Matt lifted his elbow in to the side of Shelton’s head, sending him round in a daze. Matt followed him out and then planted him with a SIDE EFFECT. . . . .

Matt rushed to go for a cover, but only got a two. He wasn’t looking too disappointed as he got back up, walked to the ropes and climbed to the second rope, hitting a DIVING LEG DROP. . . . . Going for another cover, Matt was left frustrated as Shelton again kicked out at two. With the fans cheering Matt on, he stood back up and stalked Shelton, urging him up. And slowly Shelton got back up and then turned round as Matt set him up for the TWIST OF FATE. . . . . Shelton was able to escape again, slipping behind Matt immediately and planting him with an INVERTED FACE LOOK BACK BREAKER. . . . . Shelton’s eyes seemed to light up as he then turned over in a hurry as he went for the cover on Matt, but only got a two. He looked stunned as he sat up and then stood up to taunt the crowd as they cheered Matt for kicking out. Standing by the ropes, Shelton didn’t see Matt standing back up, and when he turned round, he ran at Matt, but Hardy just kicked him in the gut and planted him with the TWIST OF FATE. . . . . A big pop broke out as Matt turned over straight away and hooked both legs for the victory.

AFTERMATH: “Live for the Moment” blasted out as Matt was passed his United States Championship and got his arm raised. He walked to the ropes and posed for the crowd before leaving. As he walked up the ramp, Shelton sat up and smashed his hands against the mat in frustration

WINNER: Matt Hardy by pinfall @ 9.44



***MATCH 5***

The Pitbulls
vs. John Morrison & The Miz

A real back and forth fiercely competed match from the start and the pace went off the scale, resulting in a double clothesline from Morrison & Kash while Harry Smith & Paul Burchill watched on from the announce table with their titles placed on it. Both men eventually picked themselves back up, but Morrison surprised everyone by ducking a right hand from Kash as he did a SATELLITE SPIN IN TO A RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP. . . . . The fatigue still kept up with him as he remained on the mat for a couple of seconds before crawling to the ropes, where he crawled under the bottom rope and then stood up on the apron as Kash slowly stood back up. And when Kash did get back up and turned round, Morrison hit a SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE. . . . . Morrison tried to take advantage by going for the cover straight away, but Kash got a kick out at two. Morrison then was quick to pull Kash back up to his feet and whipped him into the ropes, then ducked his head. Spotting the opportunity, Kash came back off the ropes and kicked Morrison in the head.

With Morrison now very dazed and holding his face, Kash pulled him in to position and hit him with THE MONEY DROP (INVERTED BRAIN BUSTER ON TO THE KNEE). . . . . It looked all over as Kash went for the cover straight away, only getting a two as The Miz broke the pin up with a stomp to the back. Both men remained on the mat for a while, but Kash reacted quicker as he was able to crawl to his corner and tag Noble before Morrison could tag Miz. As Noble entered the ring, he ran straight at Miz and knocked him off the apron as Morrison crawled towards him. Noble turned round and stomped across the back of Morrison, then locked in the CAMEL CLUTCH. . . . . With the crowd torn throughout with the two heel teams, they started to cheer on Noble as he tried to make Morrison tap, but The Shaman of Sexy gave it everything he had and was able to get to the ropes after a hard struggle. Noble didn’t want to let go and kept the hold locked in with the referee then trying to get him off. Noble just pushed him to the side, making the ref spin round and miss Morrison low blow Noble, who fell to the mat.

Morrison then crawled back across to his corner and tagged in The Miz, who charged in and covered Noble straight away, but only getting a two count. Miz carried on with the match though as he pulled Noble back up and went for a discus punch, only for Noble to block it and then plant him with a DOUBLE UNDERHOOK POWERBOMB. . . . . With Noble going for the cover, it was Morrison this time who brook up the pin attempt to save him and The Miz. The Notorious K.I.D. was livid as he then raced through the ropes and ran at Morrison, taking him over the top rope with a clothesline, which took him over too with the momentum of it. The ref looked on and walked over to the ropes to check they were okay when Noble and Miz stand back up, with Noble kicking Miz in the groin and hitting him with a FIREMAN’S CARRY IN TO A DOUBLE KNEE GUT BUSTER. . . . . Noble made the cover and shouted the ref to turn round, which he did to count the victory and give The Pitbulls a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship.

AFTERMATH: Noble stood up and lifted his arms in the air as “Slam Smack” hit. Burchill & Smith watched on with no real emotion as Kash then slid back in the ring and hugged Noble before they taunted the champions, gesturing the titles were going to be theirs

WINNERS: The Pitbulls by pinfall @ 11.21


Ric Flair is talking to an official backstage when Michael Shane comes walking down the corridor and stops beside Flair. The official turns round and looks worried by Shane’s very serious looking face and leaves. Flair turns to face Shane who tells Flair who asks him what he wants. Shane says that he just found out he’s got a match against him next week for a shot at going to Saturday Night’s Main Event. He then says that it’s only right he came to tell The Nature Boy that he has never seen what all the fuss is about with Ric Flair, saying he’s as over rated as his cousin, Shawn Michaels. He then gets real close to Flair and tells him that he has never respected him and that he never will. With Flair trying to keep calm, Shane continues, telling Flair that in his years of watching wrestling growing up, Flair doesn’t even make his top ten. With tons of heat coming from the arena, Shane then tells Flair he’ll show him why in the middle of the ring next week. Flair looks right into the face of Shane and then slaps him hard across the chops. Shane looks stunned as Flair puts him in his place, letting him know something. He says that he doesn’t care what a punk like him thinks. He says what he does care about is respect and says that he’ll teach him all about that next week. They stare at each other for a couple of seconds with Shane holding his face and then walking back up the hall with Flair then muttering the word “idiot”.




vs. Kenny Dykstra

Batista pulled a groggy looking Dykstra back up to his feet and whipped him in to the ropes, but he was in for a shock as Dykstra came back and slid through his legs. Dykstra sat up and reached up to roll Batista up for a cover, but only got a two as Batista kicked out with force. As both men stood back up, Batista tried to go for a clothesline, but Dykstra ducked underneath it and hit a perfectly executed standing dropkick. The Animal got caught right in the face and looked in a dangerous position as the Cruiserweight Champion then ran to the corner and took a big leap off the top rope, looking for the GUILLOTINE LEG DROP. . . . . The Animal though was able to roll to the side as Dykstra just crash landed on the mat. Both men got back up after almost ten seconds with Batista whipping the cocky young star in to the corner. He then ran in and hit Dykstra wit a shoulder thrust before following up with another two. Batista then backed up away from the corner as Dykstra then staggered out with Batista then turning back into the ropes, charging back and connecting with a huge SPEAR. . . . .

Dykstra hit the mat hard, landing close by the ropes as Batista went for a cover, only to get a two as Dykstra was able to get his foot on the bottom rope to prevent the three. Batista looked a little frustrated but soon got back on with things as he then reached down and pulled Dykstra back up, then whipped him into the ropes. As Dykstra came back, Batista lifted him up for a SPINEBUSTER. . . . . BUT BEFORE HE COULD HIT IT, DYKSTRA COUNTERED WITH A DDT IN MID AIR. . . . . Dykstra scurried across quickly to go for a cover, only getting a two and leaving him looking absolutely shell shocked. He protested with Micky Henson for a good while as The Animal sat up behind him. Dykstra then turned round as Batista got up by the ropes and ran at him, but this time Batista didn’t miss as he stepped out and planted Kenny with a SPINEBUSTER. . . . . The crowd rose to their feet and cheered as Batista then walked over to the ropes and shook them in a frenzy before turning round and walking back over to Dykstra. He pulled him up and set him up for the BATISTA BOMB. . . . . The Animal lifted Dykstra above his head and sent him crashing down to the mat before going for the cover, getting the three and booking his place at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

AFTERMATH: “I Walk Alone” hit and tested the strength of the speakers as Batista got his arm raised by Henson before posing for the crowd on the second rope, looking up at the Wrestlemania 24 sign

WINNER: Batista by pinfall @ 10.34


“Burn in my Light” hits as Randy Orton walks out into the arena in his casual clothes, not looking very happy. The crowd seem shocked to see him and he even gets a few cheers from his hometown faithful. He collects a microphone and immediately says he’s come back home for a well needed break, as well as coming to the B show for a reason, not to rub in the fact that he is the biggest star in this business on the number one show. He says that Smackdown may be live now, but it still doesn’t have The Legend Killer. But he says the reason he came here is because he has a simple question that needs to be answered. He says that he knows Smackdown doesn’t have The Legend Killer, but wants to know if Smackdown still has the winner of the Royal Rumble. He then says that ever since Monday, everyone’s been asking the same question, is Kane going to Raw to challenge for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania? The crowd give a mixed reaction as Orton looks dead serious. He says that he can indeed answer that question.

He says that he respects the hell out of Kane for winning the Royal Rumble, but says no one wants to see Kane challenge Randy Orton. With a lot of heat meeting that remark, Orton responds by saying that everyone including St Louis wants to see the dream match, and that match is the winner of the Royal Rumble taking on Smackdown’s own World Heavyweight Champion, and most importantly, Mr. Wrestlemania himself, Shawn Michaels, drawing a pop from the crowd. He then says that Kane has done the hardest part of what could be an incredible journey, saying winning the Rumble was the hard part compared to the last part of the puzzle, beating Mr. Wrestlemania in his own back yard. He then moves on to say that Kane has absolutely nothing to gain by beating The Legend Killer and that all the Smackdown fans want to see Kane stay on their show and face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania, before saying he thinks it’s only right that Kane should stay loyal to his brand and fans. He then says that the real interest is in seeing Shawn Michaels versus Kane, saying it’s huge and that no one cares about seeing Kane versus Randy Orton.

“Sexy Boy” blasts out and Shawn Michaels walks down to the ring in his casual clothes too before collecting a microphone. He walks back to the middle of the ring and smirks at Orton. He sarcastically says that he respects what Orton is doing for Smackdown, but thinks it’s time everyone heard from a Smackdown superstar and maybe Orton should take a hike and go back to Raw where he belongs. Orton looks Michaels dead in the eye and coldly tells him he came here for a reason and he’s not leaving until he gets an answer. Michaels tells Orton that he knows they’ve been through their battles, but he has a little piece of advice to offer him, champion to champion. He says that Orton should just carry on with his business and not worry about who he faces at Wrestlemania, just like the show stopper always has and says that he’s not getting to change that now or ever.

He then says that if it’s Kane at Wrestlemania, then so be it, but if it’s not, then we will see what happens. He then gets a real serious look on his face as he steps a couple of paces closer to Orton and says but what he won’t have is Orton coming over to his show and trying to manipulate a situation for his own gain. He then scares Orton by asking him how he knows Kane doesn’t want to go to Raw and face The Legend Killer at Wrestlemania. The fans cheer as Orton panics and says that it’s not true, trying to convince himself. Michaels then says maybe he should think about that because it may just be his destiny that he might be going one on one with The Big Red Machine at Wrestlemania. Orton looks very concerned and panic again as he tells Michaels to shut his mouth and shouts that no one wants to see that, no one when. . .

“Burned” plays through the speakers of The Kiel Center, getting a very strong mixed reception as Kane slowly walks down to the ring with Orton and Michaels looking on. Orton looks very uncomfortable as Michaels seems to be telling him that he told him so. Kane steps over the top rope and sets off his pyro off to a huge bang, scaring Orton and even HBK a little as they watch on. Michaels and Orton look nervously towards each other as Kane then walks over to them both, stares at them for several seconds before wrapping his hand around Michaels’ neck and planting him with a chokeslam, drawing a huge negative reaction from the crowd. Orton laughs and claps as he looks down at Michaels lying motionless on the mat, but as he looks back up at Kane, The Big Red Machine scoops him up on to his shoulder and then plants him with the Tombstone Piledriver, with the crowd unsure of how to react, but the majority cheering at Orton getting what he deserved. Kane stands back up and sets his pyro off with “Burned” playing again as the show comes to a close.



Edge df. Chavo Guerrero
Chris Harris df. Finlay
Charlie Haas df. Super Crazy
Matt Hardy df. Shelton Benjamin
The Pitbulls df. John Morrison & The Miz
Batista df. Kenny Dykstra

Colt Cabana df. Funaki


Batista vs. Edge vs. ? ? ? vs. ? ? ? vs. ? ? ? vs. ? ? ?

The UK PackPaul Burchill & Harry Smith(c) vs. The Pitbulls

Victoria vs.The GlamazonBeth Phoenix (c)


Rey Mysterio vs. Elijah Burke

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response



Following Smackdown last night, we learnt that it will be The Pitbulls who will challenge The UK Pack’s WWE Tag Team Championship at Saturday Night’s Main Event. The team of Jamie Noble & Kid Kash won the final match in the Number One Contender’s Series by defeating John Morrison & The Miz to earn the shot at Paul Burchill and Harry Smith in a weeks time.

With the title match now set, will Noble & Kash be able to take the gold away from Burchill & Smith in their own country of England next Saturday night? Only time will tell!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Dan's Smackdown review

The opening promo was good. I like what Edge was saying about him not being pinned at the Rumble, that's typical Edge there. MVP, Dykstra and Umaga all coming down was interesting and I like how you are bringing different people into this title picture. All of them had some good points and I liked what Dykstra had to say about him being the only one that won at the Rumble. Regal coming down was good and what he said was very interesting. I like this idea a lot, and I like how you have still left it unpredictable as Kane could still be in either the Raw or Smackdown match at Mania. I can see Kane being in the Smackdown main event to be honest as I expect a babyface to face Orton at Wrestlemania and Kane is a bit of a tweener I think. And if Edge wins this number one contender match at SNME which I think he will, HBK vs. Kane vs. Edge would make sense as it would be Face vs. Tweener vs. Heel. These matches should be good and Dykstra against Batista should be very interesting tonight.

Good opening contest between Chavo and Edge. It's strange seeing them against each other with them being friends at the moment IRL. The two counters from Edge were good and the ending of the match flowed well. Edge was always going to win this so it was no suprise to see him win, I liked the ending though and we've see him end many matches like this. Edge is the first man to qualify and he's my pick to win the match as well.

The segement between Shelton and Regal was pretty good, bot seemed in character and Benjamin was his usual arrogant self. So we're having a qualifying match for the qualifying match tonight? Lol that should be good, Shelton and Hardy could put on a good match.

I didn't really like the Haas/Masters segment tbh, I think you were just trying to give Haas some air time really. Masters doesn't really strike me as a guy who would give good advice, I don't think I would listen to him Lol. It just didn't sound right either when Masters said "I know you can beat Super Crazy tonight", if it was a bigger name it would be OK but I don't think Haas needs a pep talk to beat Super Crazy. Anyway at least Haas and Masters get some attention. The last line was good though.

Finlay against Harris was cool, this was a physical match from what you wrote as it would be IRL. Harris needed a tough match like this after having a few squash matches to establish himself, and the way you wrote the first part of the ending suggested that Finlay had given him a tough match. The ending was good with the Thesz press and the Catatonic, suprised he didn't hit a couple more signature moves though before his finisher. The Shillelagh attack was cool and I think we'll see a little feud between the two which should be good, and Finlay is a good guy to help get Harris over.

Decent segment between MVP and Edge, I don't know why these two hate each other so much though considering they're both heels, I suppose its a battle of the two huge egos. This adds a bit of hype to this contendership thing too.

The match between Super Crazy and Haas was good, it's good seeing you use Haas as he's a very solid wrestler. I liked all the moves he used including the Angle Slam, that was suprising. He's a man of many suplexes and you showed that here. I can't remember what the Haas of Pain is though, is it some sort of Figure Four or Indian Deathlock? This little push for Haas should be good.

Nice little interview with Kenny Dykstra. What he was saying was cool and you got his character spot on, I can't see him winning tonight though.

The Hardy/Benjamin match seemed like a great match. The ending flowed really well and you pulled out some more cool counters here. Ouch, that enzuigiri must have hurt. The ending was cool with Hardy quickly hitting the Twist of Fate for the win. I like Shelton Benjamin but Hardy is the US Champ so he had to win this one, Hardy in the qualifying match next week should be good, I wonder if you'll have him in the SNME match.

Good tag team match here. Again this match flowed really well from what you wrote and you threw in some great moves, that inverted brainbuster move is great and it has to hurt. I love the double underhook powerbomb too so it was cool to see that. Nice twist at the end with Morrison breaking the cover, but it was good to see Noble hit Miz with the Fireman's carry gutbuster, brilliant move that. The best team won here and it should be a very interesting match at SNME and I can see both teams winning tbh so it's unpredictable again.

Quality segment between Flair and Shane, really interesting segment and a brilliant way for a rookie to get some heat. I really felt that slap from Naitch, that would be cool to see. Their match next week already has some build, looking forward to that although I see Flair winning comfortably in the end.

I was wondering what you were going to do with this main event, as although Batista is the obvious choice for the SNME match Dykstra is recieving a push at the moment so I thought Dykstra could've got the win. The ending was cool and I loved the spinebuster counter into a DDT. Batista picking up the win with the Batista bomb was cool, and it doesn't hurt Dykstra really becuase Batista is a main eventer and Dykstra got a main event spot tonight too.

Ending with a promo as you did on Raw, you're really giving this Kane thing a lot of attention which is cool. What Orton had to say was cool, very heel like too in trying to get Kane to choose HBK for Mania. Bringing out HBK was good and I liked what he had to say. With the two champions in the ring it was obvious that we would see Kane and we did. Man, Kane chokeslams both of them! I loved how Orton was laughing at HBK but got a Tombstone for it. We still do't know who Kane has picked now! You've left us all wondering again Nige, I really like how you've worked this storyline on both Raw and Smackdown.

Overall Nige is was a quality show yet again. The Kane storyline is really good and I like what you're doing with the SNME qualifiers too. Nothing really wrong with the show tbh. Good job and again have a good holiday mate.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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WWE.com - Television - Raw Preview (4th February 2008)

RAW Preview
4th February 2008

Erwin Center
Austin, Texas


We found out at the Royal Rumble that Linda McMahon would be appointing a new Head of Authority for Raw the next night, and she delivered in a big way. No one, in particular her husband, Mr. McMahon could believe it as she unveiled Eric Bischoff as the new independent authority figure for Raw, breaking up the power struggle between The McMahon family. The Bisch made his presence felt throughout the night, and we can safely assume he will continue to do so this coming week.

The WWE Champion received one big shock last Monday night when the winner of the 2008 Royal Rumble, Kane made an unexpected appearance. With Randy Orton attempting to set John Cena straight after their Royal Rumble match just 24 hours removed, The Big Red Machine stunned the entire Madison Square Garden crowd, just like he did the night before as he set the wheels in motion for what could be a very disturbing time for The Legend Killer. With Orton clearly intimidated by the arrival of Kane, he saw an opportunity and took it as he fed Cena to the lions, pushing him in to Kane’s grasp and then a chokeslam. As Orton retreated to safety, it was clear that Kane’s intentions for Wrestlemania weren’t as clear as first thought.

With this firmly in The Legend Killer’s mind, Orton travelled to Smackdown last Friday night and tried his best to manipulate the Smackdown superstar by telling the world that no one wants to see Kane and Orton at Wrestlemania, trying to sway him in to staying on Smackdown to face Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Championship instead. The Heartbreak Kid took obvious exception to this and made an appearance himself, telling Orton that maybe Kane feels differently. This brought out The Big Red Monster who looked at both men before grabbing Michaels and giving him the same fate that befell Cena on Monday night, a chokeslam. Orton was delirious as he watched on, but that changed instantly as he fell victim to a tombstone piledriver.

Just what are Kane’s intentions? Does he even know who he wants to face at Wrestlemania? This Monday may shed new light!

With Eric Bischoff keen to make an impact last Monday night, he gave both sides of The McMahon family feud one last chance of power as he announced that Triple H would face his brother-in-law, Shane McMahon with the winner being able to the losers opponent and stipulation for a match at Saturday Night’s Main Event this coming weekend. Despite Shane telling his dad and half brother JBL that he wanted to do it on his own, it didn’t quite turn out that way as they helped Shane to an all important victory over The Game.

This Monday night, Triple H is aware that he will be going head to head with JBL’s Chief of Staff, Orlando Jordan, but with The McMahon’s now in control of his fate for Saturday night, just who and what will they have in store for Triple H as they play a game of their own?

Last Monday night gave Rey Mysterio the opportunity to become the Intercontinental Champion for the first time as he was scheduled to take on the man who won the title just 24 hours earlier, CM Punk. However, the night took a down turn for Rey as he was attacked in his locker room early in the night. He was found on the floor and the assailant was nowhere to be found. After being checked over by medics, Rey decided to go ahead with the match, but was unfortunate as he just lost out to Punk in what was one of Raw’s recent best matches.

Just who could have attacked the high flying superstar?

Eric Bischoff’s impact on his return last week was certainly felt by Elijah Burke and the WWE Womens Champion, Beth Phoenix. Having called them both to his office, Bischoff accused Burke of being the man who jumped Rey Mysterio earlier in the evening, based on the recent history between the pair. Burke was very adamant that he had nothing to do with it, but Bischoff stuck to his guns and told The Guiding Light that he and Rey would finally meet one on one at Saturday Night’s Main Event. He then told The Glamazon and Victoria that they too would be meeting for the Womens Championship on the same night in London, England, something that Phoenix didn’t look too pleased about at the time.

We have also learnt that this Monday night, these four will meet in mixed tag team action when Rey and Victoria team up to take on Burke and The Glamazon. Who will get the momentum as we head towards Saturday Night’s Main Event?

The Straight Edge Superstar followed up his highly controversial Intercontinental Championship victory from the Royal Rumble by defeating Rey Mysterio last week to retain his newly won title. However, we were all left wondering just where Punk’s bitter rival and former Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy was. No one has either heard from or seen The Rainbow Haired Warrior since that defeat where Sunny turned on him and cost him his title. One has to wonder if we will see Jeff this week, or will he remain in hiding while Punk and Sunny flaunt their success again?

Chris Jericho was explaining his disappointment at not winning the Royal Rumble to Todd Grisham last week, when Mr. Kennedy decided to mock Jericho after eliminating him from the Rumble match the night before. Kennedy made it clear he wasn’t too downhearted by not winning himself and told Jericho in front of the world that he had an alternative route to get what he wants. Just what was he talking about? Will we find out more this week?

We saw a tense confrontation last week between Ron Killings and Santino Marella with insults being traded from either side. After being informed of the situation, Eric Bischoff was quick to tell WWE.com that the two would go at it this week in the middle of the ring. Who will come out on top in this one?

Kofi Kingston went one on one with one half of The Colon Brothers last week after coming to Cody Rhodes’ rescue the week before when The Brothers Cool attacked the young superstar in front of his girlfriend Kelly Kelly yet again. Just when it looked like Kofi was going to pick up another impressive victory, Eddie was able to slip a steel chair in to the ring after Carlito and Cody’s antics distracted the referee. However, despite it not being an impressive victory, the unmistakable noise of the chair shot to Kofi’s head was enough to see Carlito disqualified. Cody was quick to try and even the score, but he too was the victim of a vicious shot to the head by the steel chair. It then looked like Carly and Eddie were going to subject Kelly to the same fate, however even they were not sick enough to go down that route. What response will we get this week?

One man who put on quite a show in the Royal Rumble match was Bobby Lashley. Entering at number one, he outlasted many to just come up short. However, last Monday night he was victorious as he picked up a very dominating win over Hardcore Holly. With Wrestlemania approaching, it seems that Lashley is making a strong statement as we approach the biggest event of the wrestling year.

Last week, the former World Tag Team Champions, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch received a shot at getting their titles back from Paul London & Brian Kendrick. However, it was the young high flying duo that once again came out victorious, and most importantly, with the titles in their possession. Will we get a response from The Redneck Wrecking Crew this week? Maybe we will see the champions in action once again.

There’s only one way to catch all this action, and that’s to tune in to Raw this Monday night on USA!


Triple H
vs. Orlando Jordan

Rey Mysterio & Victoria
vs. Elijah Burke & Beth Phoenix

Ron Killings
vs. Santino Marella

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige your back as i can see .

The Raw preview is looking as good as ever TBH and just drop me a PM when you post the show and i shall try my hardest to review!


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige is back! Woohoo! Welcome back, buddy, good to see you get right back into the BTBing, hopefully you had a good holiday, and you produce a good Raw.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Back to lovly weather I see, haha. Well hope your return show is good, looks sound, not sure what Orton is going to get out of Kane; a Chokeslam maybe? (: . Jeff could maybe get a push here on his return I see. Good preview Nige.

Or is it?
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Great to see you're back man! Missed the shows.

RAW looks awesome and I can't wait to read it. The Orton and Kane with the mask feud is awesome, in all honesty.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks for all the comments guys, nice to come back to some nice comments and PM's, it makes my depression about being back a little less severe. The show was all completed before i went away, all i have to do is post it, which i will be doing tomorrow night or maybe Thursday to give more people chance to see the preview and see that i'm back!
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