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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Great RAW Nige. Almost as good as the Royal Rumble.

HHH sounded in character, and very serious in the opening promo. Somehow, I didn't feel like JBL was talking in that promo. I guess its just the lack of any money mentions. Bischoff coming back should be... interesting. I hope he gets involved in the HHH/McMahon feud somehow.

Londrick are my favorite tag-team, so I'm glad to see them retain their tag titles.

Punk was very heelish in his promo, although some of the lines were a little cliche. However, it did get heat of Punk, so I can't say it was a bad promo. At least Sunny is back. Hotness x10.

I'm not a big Lashley fan, although I'm fine with him going over Hardcore Holly.

I guess Killings will be feuding with Santino. Good promo between the two, both were in character.

I'm loving the feud between Kofi/Rhodes and the Colons. Great ending getting tons of heat on Eddie and Carlito.

Ken made no sense in his promo, but I guess that was the point. Y2J sounds very confused too. I wonder what his back-up plan is. And please don't make it MITB.

I would have loved to seen the Punk/Rey match IRL. I predict that Punk will be in the ME by the end of 08. Elijah is getting a push, which is fine with me. Too bad that can't happen in the real WWE . I'm thinking a no contest at SNME, leading to a WM match between the two.

Beth/Victoria is good for the women's division, although I will never care about womens wrestling in WWE. I hope Beth retains her title and loses it at WM to Candice or Victoria.

Classic heel finish in the main event, and I guess Hunter will be in some sort of handicap match at SNME. You have done a great job of getting heat on all 3 McMahons.

Orton sounded spot-on in the promo, but I wasn't feeling Cena as much. I don't think he would knock down (no pun intended) Orton's win. We all know how much the Cena character sucks up. I am marking huge for Kane's masked return. I hope he goes on SD as well, to create a mystery as to who he will face. Great show; I am eagerly anticipating SD.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Raw review

Good promo to start the show. I liked Triple H calling out JBL and it was the right way to start the show after what happened at the Rumble. Triple H's intensity was cool and I liked what JBL had to say too, but after what JBL was saying I was suprised that HHH didn't just attack him there and then. JBL rejecting the match was typical of him as well. Wow, Eric Bischoff is back! I wasn't expecting Bischoff at all but I really like the decision, he's a great authority figure and great on the stick. I think you got it spot on with what he had to say and I like that he is going to be independent now, so none of them have the advantage in this feud. Nice main event for tonight and nice stipulation too, it would work better for the McMahon's to choose Triple H's match at SNME so I hope Shane wins. Good promo.

Solid match to open the show, it's good seeing the titles being defended on Raw as they aren't defended much IRL. The ending flowed well and I liked the dropsaults and the enzuigiri. The win was very straight forward though for Kendrick after the hot tag, it might have been better for C+M to get a little offense in at the end just to tease a title change a little more though. Good match though and a great match to kick off the action. I see you're adding the match times now too, that's cool as it gives us a better idea of how the match went.

Cool sit down interview with Punk. Haven't seen many in the WWE but it's something TNA do a lot. I liked the interview as it develops the heel side of Punk even more. I liked what Sunny had to say too, especially the line about how nice people don't get far in the wrestling buisness.

Lashley going over Holly was pretty good. Lashley isn't involved in a big feud like most are but he's still getting on the card which is good. You threw in his signature moves here and he looks strong now as Holly is a good guy to go over.

Haha quality interview with Santino, it had me laughing. Loved the "robbed like a New York pedestrian" line and Santino saying Melina knows what to do with her mouth was funny too. Santino calling the Citrus Bowl the fruit bowl was funny too. Killings coming in was cool and it's clear we'll see a short feud between the two which should be decent. Hmmm I wonder who attacked Rey?

Good match between Kofi and Carlito here, it was an exciting match as it would be IRL too. It flowed very well and I think the DQ was the right way to go, as a loss would affect both men. Cody getting laid out is fine by me and puts the Colon brothers over more as heels, I liek what you did with Kelly too as hitting her would be a step too far.

The Y2J/Kennedy segment was OK. Kennedy getting rid of Grisham was funny and I liked how Y2J got the right balance of humour and aggression, but other than that it wasn't that entertaining but it did serve it's purpose. This feud looks like it's going to continue.

Decent McMahon segment, we needed to hear from them after earlier. Shane going it alone is interesting, but I don't think Vince and JBL will stay away tbh.

Very good match between Punk and Mysterio. The match was very exciting and you threw in some exciting moves. I liked the GTS counter into a rollup and Punk countering the Frogsplash was cool too. Sunny getting involved was good as it helps her get over as a heel more, and Punk picking Rey off the ropes and nailing the GTS was a great finish. Punk was always going to win but having him defend tonight was a great move as he already looks like a strong champion. They got fourteen minutes as well, that's cool and I would like to see that.

Nice segements with Bischoff, he needed to show his authority tonight and he did it here. I'm not sure if Elijah attacked Rey or not tbh but it was interesting how Bischoff said he will find out and punish them, didn't think he'd care that much tbh but it shows what the new Bischoff is all about. Elijah vs. Rey at SNME should be great, I just hope Burke wins as a win over Mysterio would help him a lot. Victoria vs. Phoenix too, that should be great!

Great main event here. Loved JBL and Vince screwing HHH over yet again, I juts knew that they wouldn't stay away. Shane winning is the right choice IMO as like I said earlier, the stipulation works better in the McMahon's favour with them being the heels. HHH will be even more angry now, that should be good next week.

Orton's victory adress was great. I loved the opening line and I loved how Orton got really intense straight after, I like Orton when he's shouting as it improves his promos IMO and you did this well here. Cena coming out was cool as someone had to interupt it really. What Cena had to say was very Cena-like and he got the point across that Orton didn't pin him or make him quit. Kane coming out was brilliant, and it his entrance came at just the right time too as Orton was going off on one. Kane chokeslamming Cena was very good and Orton was very heel like in sliding out of the ring. I'm still not sure if Kane will face Orton though at Mania, he will probably come to Smackdown next and scare HBK. Either way it's a fresh feud really so I don't really mind who he faces. Orton would make more sense I would think although Kane seems to be a tweener judging by the crowd reaction.

Overall Nige it was another great show. It was exciting to read and there were quality promos and matches as usual.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

DHoop6's Raw Feedback

~I am terribly sorry for not living up to my word and reviewing the Rumble like I said I would. My sincere apologies, but the good news is that in about 2 weeks from now, all of my exams will be over and I'll be able to stay with this thread and get back into reviewing it actively.

Good to have Triple H start the show, since if I remember correctly, he's in a rivalry with the McMahons, and he was a big name in the Rumble who made it near the end. "Let me cut to the chase." - This line just seemed weird to start off the segment. I don't know why, but it just didn't flow the way I felt other lines could've, but at least it changes things up. It's not that often that a WWE Superstar cuts to the chase, so good for you at taking this risk. Triple H was carrying the segment really well on his own, tbh, and I was enjoying it. Clearly expected that JBL would come out, but having Linda out there is a twist. Eric Bishoff as new head of authority? Err um shock me much? Lots of involvement happening in the opening segment, which is what I like to see. Triple H/Shane will be alright, as there will be a lot of interference, but what should be good is the match at SNME

Starting off with a mid/low carder title match is a nice way to get things rolling, and it builds the anticipation level up greatly. The Champs retain, which was good to see, and was the best booking choice. I have a feeling they'll be holding on to the titles for a while longer, maybe even past WrestleMania.

These kind of interviews are always neat, and you can get quite creative with them. I felt like you were holding back in this segment, and that you could've given us even more than what you did, but it was still decent.

Lashley's been on a role since returning, and I'm glad that you kept that going. Having superstars job to him is good to get him started, and I can see him getting himself in the IC Title scene soon, and possibly even Punk's next challenger.

Rey injured? Hmm, obvious guess would be Punk, but I think you've got a trick up your sleeve. Will be interesting to see how this plays out, no doubt.

"Fruit Bowl" - I lol'd, and it's good to see Santino using cheesy comedy like that. Segment was enjoyable, and there was a lot of involvement, which you seem to be quite good at. Involvement keeps the audience entertained, tbh.

~Rey will compete, huh? That's a bit of a shame because I wanted a shocker, possibly Jeff taking his place, but whatever, Rey will do

A low card match like this is always nice to watch, even though some consider it to be a bathroom break. I'm glad that you're developing your young stars more, rather than just using them week by week. Kingston/Carlito would've been a great match to see in real life, because they have very similar, but unique wrestling styles. I'm glad that it ended how it did, because it means that the feud will carry on and we haven't seen the last of these guys going at it. Entertaining match, tbh.

An interview finally, which is nice to see, but you've carried the show well without having an interview, which is impressive. This was really awesome and I could feel the segment perfectly. You got both guys character down pat, and I could picture this perfectly.

Nice segment with the McMahons. This is definitely your big storyline right now, but just don't overdo it. It's really good at where it's at, and just keep it that way

I was really looking forward to reading this match, because these two guys would be able to put on a decent match that has the crowd entertained from start to finish. This match was extremely well written, and I admire the amount of detail you put in to a weekly show. It was epic for it to last 15 minutes, and Punk winning was the best booking decision you could come up with. Having him defend the title the night after he won it against someone like Rey makes him look lots stronger, and I like the push you've been giving him.

I really don't think Burke did the attack. Too predictable, imo, and I think you're too creative for that. Burke vs. Rey should be decent. With all the hype for the young stars, I see Burke winning this match, but we'll wait and see. Woot, Beth and Vickie showdown. Now that's what I like to see. I don't find either that attractive, But Victoria > Beth anyday, and I like that you're pushing Victoria. Beth better lose to Victoria, because if Trish didn't beat Beth, Victoria is the last reasonable contender.

You've put all of the strong matches/segments at the end, which is good, but I think they should've been spread out more. Triple H is screwed by the McMahons~! Surprised? Uh no, not really, but a good booking decision? Yeah, I like it. Chances are we'll see a Triple H/JBL Match at WrestleMania, which should be great. Top feud in your thread is continuing to impress it's in own way. Now we need a bit more creativity and it will be top notch. Oh, hope that didn't come across mean, because it is already creative, but just needs to get a little bit more.

Orton main eventing the show by doing a segment is what I like to see. I expect Cena to come out, but Orton deserves mic time to himself. Loved how you wrote Orton here, and omg, look, here comes Cena!! Cena is marvelous on the microphone with all of the charisma that he has, so I'm enjoying this. Damn, just realized that I've never written Cena at all, and now I see what I'm missing out on. Another video package in the segment? It's a little meh, imo, but it will have to do as it's helping the segment carry on. YES KANE APPEARANCE!! I was about to bitch at you for not even having the Royal Rumble on the show, but you proved me wrong . This was perfect, but the problem with Kane as the Rumble winner is that he doesn't do much talking, so it's gonna be hard to put him over.

Another great show Nige, even though it's the first I've read in a while, unfortunately. All of the booking decisions were great, as was the writing. Just take the creativity level up a notch and next thing you know your shows will be as close as you can get to perfection! 9/10
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Monday Night RAW Review (WWE: A Strong Response)

S1 (Opening Segment + Hype Up) = The highlights in the video were a bit mixed up when it came to importance, felt the Royal Rumble match should have taken center stage in that video, and, seeing Sunny screw JHardy didn't really sell the Rumble as being memorable for what it really was. Still, you had all three pieces of the puzzle, just mixed up a bit. TLC + IC + Rumble or either just the TLC or Rumble to give em more importance. The hype up for tonight on the other hand looks tremendous. Rey v. Punk is bound to be awesome. Hooliganz v. Redneck Wrecking Crew is always good and I'm sure Orton's victory adress won't necessarily go as planned.

S2 (In the ring, HHH + McMahons + Linda + Bischoff) = HHH coming to the ring was a great way to start off RAW. I felt HHH to be a bit weird on the mic. The segment really picked up though once the McMahons came out, JBL was tight and it really helped this segment a lot. Linda coming out was predictable yet, the announcement she made was, for me, awesome and okay in some ways. Awesome because I have learned to like Bischoff again and okay because I didn't really like how Bischoff was sort of a tweener leaning towards being a face. But, there's room for this to change in the coming weeks and coming segments. I just love the Bischoff of old, Easy E, if I may. That cockyness without being aware he's just that, cocky. And giving the fans what they want, even if that's not what they want. Still, in the circumstances he was put in now, someone like Foley would have done a much better job, but, the situation in front of Bischoff and the sort of concept he came up with could make him lean towards being a heel tweener, which is the perfect kind of state for him. Good overall opening segment for the Rumble fallout, plus Shane v. Hunter is bound to be chaotic.

S3 (Redneck Wrecking Crew v. Hooliganz - World Tag Team Championship) = Good little title defense from London & Kendrick. London uses the dropsault though, not Kendrick, unless they're stealing each other's moves as part of their gimmick. Question, you used ''Hey You'' as they're team song, are they dressed like back in the day with spandex like tights or do they have their Hooliganz-like 3/4 pants?!

S4 (Sit Down Interview, JR + CM Punk + Sunny) = I liked the setting and how everything came to fruition in this segment. JR was tight the whole way through. Punk opening up very strongly, but once Sunny started speaking the segment fell a bit short. And Punk didn't really save it all that much with what he had to say, I believe had the end. That same intensity he had in his opening ''statement'' was nowhere to be found I believe in his closing statement. But I had awesome flashbacks of Punk holding the ROH Title in that dapper suit when you introduced us to the setting and how everything was going to go down for this sit down interview, so good job on that. I think Punk should have had more time to speak rather than have Sunny having this much to say.

S5 (Holly v. Lashley) = Good little match right there. Since Holly hasn't been in the upper midcard in a long time, I'm glad this match wasn't more of a see saw contest, still, Holly looked good and the apparent former chemistry these two sort of had from their WWECW days made this match better than it should have been. What I never got is that Lashley has such a vast repertoire of finishing holds... but he finishes up his opponents with a Running Powerslam most of the time! What about the Dominator?! (Just pointing that out since Harry Smith is already using it and he's kind of the rightful owner of that hold)

S6 (Backstage, Rey) = Mmh? Can't remember if Rey was involved in something that could have lead to him being taken out from the Rumble... or is it Punk... or is it Kane?

S7 (Interview, Maria + Marella + Melina & Killings) = Santino clearly stole the show right here, although Melina stepping at times was also quite nice. I didn't really feel Killings too much, but I'd like to see these two go at it, see if Santino can put over Killings.

S8 (Backstage, Rey + Paramedics) = The continuation from before the break was well thaught out, still, I felt the doctors were a bit too lenient with Rey and it would have seem they just let him go without really trying to stop him... but that doesn't answer the question of the hell attacked Rey Rey!

S9 (Carlito v. Kingston) = Meh match, went a bit too long for a simple DQ. I was a bit lost during the post-match action, thaught the Colons were going to steal one, but it wasn't the case... kind of brought the heat they were going to get in my mind, and this DQ doesn't give anything to Cody nor Kingston in terms of getting more over.

S10 (Interview, Grisham & Y2J + Kennedy) = Good to great segment right there. It was a bit shaky at the start, but once Kennedy came in and got the ball rolling with Jericho, everything went smoothly from there. Especially with Kennedy's announcement at the end, I'm guessing he'll be the one to first declare his participation in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Mania or arrange some sort of match depending on which title Kane chooses to go after... Interesting nonetheless.

S11 (Backstage, McMahons) = A good segment to hype up the Main Event. Kind of intriguing to know Shane wants no help from his family, but, it might all just be a ruse. The segment fell a bit short at the end when Vince first wasn't so sure about Shane's comment, and then just told him good luck without really giving him the green light to do so... Still, works for hyping the ME up.

S12 (Rey v. CM Punk - IC Championship) = The match in itself was quite good, but, it made no sense to me that it lasted this long, I mean, nearly 15 minutes for someone who had brutally attacked earlier on in the night. And with Punk playing such a great heel both outside and inside the ring, it's kind of sad to actually see him having to take so much time in getting rid of Rey. The Sunny interference was cool though, because it would have worked tremendously after a Rey comeback after being worked on by Punk. But in the last few minutes, the match was too tight for it to really work. Plus, no Jeff Hardy at the end?

S13 (Backstage, Bischoff & Victoria + Burke & Layla + Phoenix) = Mmh, I had forgotten Rey & Burke had been going at it lately... Cool matchup for SNME. Same can be said for Beth & Victoria, seems to have been done quite a lot lately, putting Victoria up against Beth, well, let's see how you come through with it here. Ohh and, well, everybody looked okay I guess. Bischoff mainly looked good, a bit too much scripted to my liking, still, I like how Bischoff is surprising by not being Easy E but still being enjoyable and settling things the old fashioned way, which is so totally not him but, I guess that with age comes knowledge and wisdom.

S14 (Shane O Mac v. HHH) = Okay bout, expected a bit more but at least the real ending delivered. That's what I was expecting and you built up to that moment perfectly from the minute show started. It was maybe something I could see coming, but it was well done nonetheless. Not only does it build heat towards the McMahons, it builds towards heat between Bischoff and them as well. Now, since that was pretty shocking in turn, and since this ain't the actual last segment of the show, I better be impressed with Orton's Victory Adress!

S15 (Backstage, Orton) = Can't wait to see how this whole thing'll turn out.

S16 (In the ring, Orton + Cena + Kane) = I didn't expect Cena to come out, but I have to say that I liked most of their interaction with one another. Cena playing the cool rapper with brash and confidence, while Orton played the cowardly heel. When Orton gets upset, he's really at his best. But then, the big surpise I was waiting for, Kane! I loved how Orton pushed Cena into Kane and how Orton high tailed it after the Chokeslam. Things'll sure be interesting on SmackDown!, wondering if we'll get answers as to what exactly Kane wants to do with his WM Title Shot.

OVERALL = I felt, that this was a much better show overall than the Rumble. Only one match disappointed me here tonight, and it was the Rey & Punk match. Everything else flowed quite nicely and it was the perfect aftermath of a PPV type show. Some good little matches here and there, a Main Event that could have been all about wrestling but turned into chaos at the end, segments to bank in on last night's RR and the big shock at the end to build up to the weeks ahead. Speaking of the big shock, bringing the old school Kane back is real cool... but now that he's back... wouldn't he need a voice to explain this sudden return and change, or, should I say, is going back to his roots? Don't think it needs to be Bearer... but, someone along those line, to be the mind behind the madness... Anyways, Im really glad RAW turned out to be this good, good work once again.

Realism = 8.5/10
Length = 9.5/10
Quality/Entertainment = 8.5/10
Spelling/Grammar = 7.2/10
Matches/Booking = 8/10

Overall = 83.4/100 (B+)

WWWF is Coming...
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response



Orton On The Rocks?

It is believed that following the events of Raw Monday night, when the Royal Rumble winner, Kane made an appearance to the shock of everyone, and in particular the WWE Champion, Randy Orton. We have been advised that The Legend Killer is very uneasy right now as to The Big Red Machine's intentions for Wrestlemania, and that Raw's WWE Champion will be travelling to Smackdown this week to find out where he stands.

Is this true? Will we find out exactly what Kane's intentions are?
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw Review

Expected Orton’s victory address to start off the show but we get ten minutes of Triple H complaining about something instead . Seriously though it was a good way to start off the show and you showed Triple H’s intensity off very well. Was hoping for more from the JBL/HHH confrontation and Linda’s appearance seemed very sudden. Great to see Bischoff back as GM as it was very unexpected and he makes a great authority figure. Main event for tonight sounds good enough and I expect to see a ton load of interference.

Good to see the Tag Titles being defended, was a very solid start to the show. Not too surprising that Londrick won as don’t see the titles being lost on Raw out of nowhere. Seemed to be a very exciting match, and you wrote the last stages of the match very well.

Still using Sunny? Bit surprising tbh but I won’t be complaining. Good to see a sitdown interview as I haven’t seen one of these for ages and I always enjoyed them but where was the attack on JR? Wouldn’t be surprised to see the Punk/Hardy feud end at WM.

Strong victory for Lashley, would like to see him get involved in a feud however or even better do what the WWE did and get rid of him.

Wonder who attacked Rey? Lol funny Santino promo as always. Lol’d at “robbed like a New York pedestrian”. Looks like we are going to have a Killings/Santino feud which should make for some entertaining promos.

Entertaining match between Kofi and Carlito, always thought a feud between them IRL would be good. Smart booking to keep both men looking strong which can lead to a future match between the two.

Thought the Kennedy/Jericho promo could have been better, some of the insults between three involved were pretty lame like the “how bad your breath smells” by Jericho to Kennedy. Will be interesting to see what Kennedy’s back up plan is to get a title shot, but really expect the feud to continue till WM.

McMahon segment was decent, nothing too entertaining about it but served it’s purpose and hyped the main event well.

Excellent match, very well written from start to finish. You put a lot of detail into the match and was great to see it go 15 minutes even though it’s a tad unrealistic as they would never let them go that long IRL. You wrote Mysterio well as the underdog after the attack earlier on, and a clean victory for Punk over Rey makes him look very strong.

Burke attacking Rey would be a bit predictable as they are in a feud, so I don’t believe he did it. Burke/Rey at ONS should be a very good match and it’s good to see you giving Burke the push.

Oh look Interference No Fucking Way! Okay sarcasm aside it was pretty much expected that there would be interference as it wasn’t banned for the match in the opening promo. Again was a very well written entertaining match, matches I would say are probably your strong point even though your promos or also very good. Will be interesting to see what the stipulation for Triple H’s match will be.

Good to see this promo closing the show, as the scene for the WWE Title is always the most important. This promo kind of makes me believe there will be a Triple Threat at Mania, as you can’t see Kane having a singles match as the build-up would be lacking as Kane is his mask never usually speaks unless you are planning to make him do so. The promo itself was very good, you got Orton and Cena’s characters off very well and Kane coming out and cleaning house made him look very strong.

Overall was a great show coming off of Rumble, this is always the most exciting time to write in a BTB leading to WM and I am looking forward to see where you go and what matches you have scheduled for Mania.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I just started reading this BTB and looked through a lil' bit here and there as it would be to much to read.. But read the Royal Rumble and the last raw, and they were pretty awesome.. can't wait for smackdown

Cena, HHH
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WWE.com - Television (Smackdown Preview 1st February 2008)

Smackdown Preview
1st February 2008

Kiel Center
Saint Louis, Missouri



The shocking return of Kane in the Royal Rumble match has continued to cause shockwaves across the WWE since the events of Monday night on Raw. With Kane still being a contracted Smackdown star, it was expected that he would challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 24. However it appears that might not be the case since he showed up on Raw and put the fear of god inside the WWE Champion, Randy Orton and choke slamming John Cena.

We received word earlier in the week that The Legend Killer was considering travelling to Smackdown this week to get some answers. Will he and the rest of the world find out what The Big Red Machine’s intentions are?

Shawn Michaels will have one eye firmly cast on what Kane’s response will be too since he overcame the challenge of both Batista and “The Rated R Superstar” Edge in their triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship this past Sunday. With Michaels now having picked up two wins in two months over Batista, what will Edge have to say after showing his frustration at the end of the match and missing out on the gold again?

With Edge most likely to give him another headache as well as having Kane’s intentions on his mind, it promises to be a potentially difficult night for the World Champion!

The Undertaker was one of twenty nine superstars who were left stunned by the return of Kane, but it was the phenom’s brother that ended his chances of headlining Wrestlemania at the end of the incredible Royal Rumble match. Moments before that, it was The Undertaker who finally got one over his long term rival, Umaga to eliminate The Samoan Bulldozer who lasted all the way from number two to being the second to last elimination.

With these rivals coming so close, one has to wonder how they will be feeling when they roll in to Saint Louis this Friday night.

Kenny Dykstra used the old Guerrero tactics to overcome his fierce rival, Chavo Guerrero to retain his Cruiserweight Championship at the Royal Rumble. Chavo put up an amazing fight against the cocky champion and looked like he would be leaving with the gold until Dykstra took advantage of the referee having his back turned, low blowing Chavo and finishing off the match.

You have to believe that Chavo will be none to happy about it, and it’s not like Chavo to lie down. Have we heard the end of Chavo’s title challenge?

For the last couple of weeks we have seen four contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship whittled down to just two, and this week there will only be one team left standing. Having seen off Jimmy Wang Yang and Super Crazy two weeks ago in addition to Matt Sydal and Johnny Jeter last week, only one victory separates The Pitbulls and the team of John Morrison and The Miz from a title match against The UK Pack at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Just which one of these two teams will be facing Paul Burchill and Harry Smith in just over a week in London, England?

This Friday we will see the undefeated Chris Harris take on his biggest challenge in singles action when he goes one on one with the fighting Irishman, Finlay. Will Harris be able to keep up his undefeated streak, or will the luck of the Irish deny him?

We will also be treated to the presence of Charlie Haas as he aims to get back on track after the separation of The World’s Greatest Tag Team several weeks back. Haas will be going one on one with “The Mexican Sensation” Super Crazy when he attempts to turn his luck around. Will he be able to do just that, or will there be a spanner in the works?


The Pitbulls
vs. John Morrison & The Miz

Chris Harris
vs. Finlay

Super Crazy
vs. Charlie Haas

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Solid SmackDown Preview, Nige, man, I am pumped for SmackDown going Live and High-Definition, although it technically doesn't make much difference. You're keeping up with realism with the introduction of High Definition, regardless of how inferior WWE is to your product, you need to keep up with the significant changes in the business sometimes, but going Live is awesome, and it's something the real WWE should look into in the near future. Let me know when SmackDown's up, and I'll do what I can to get in some feedback.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks, and one update that i need to point out is that Smackdown will be in extensive recap. The matches will be the same as usual and the promos will be recapped instead. I should also point out that i will be going on holiday for 16 days at the weekend so this will my last show before i go away as well as pointing out that i will be unable to return reviews while i'm away
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