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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I been busying writing my own Rumble recently so haven't had time to review the shows Nige! But I'll leave some notes on SmackDown! at the weekend; looks pretty good. I looking forward to seeing a Royal Rumble Preview soon. When could we be expecting the show? ... SD Review this weekend mate

Or is it?
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Originally Posted by JD SPUR View Post
I looking forward to seeing a Royal Rumble Preview soon. When could we be expecting the show? ... SD Review this weekend mate
The preview is all formatted and ready to go. The actual PPV is written as far as commentary and all the non important bits. The matches are written on paper (except the Rumble) and the promos are in recap form at the moment. I guess it will take me about 2 weeks to write it mate
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Smackdown review

A promo from HBK was a good way to open the show. It was good to see the crowd back behind him after being in Canada last week. What he had to say was good, I liked how you mixed humour with aggression when talking about Edge, as HBK would do. Edge was never going to come out after HBK called him out, so I was kinda expecting Batista to come out. Batista was his usual self, him reminding HBK that he's in the match at the RR is something that he would do. It's good to see them showing aggression towards each other as it's been all about their hatred towards Edge recently, we needed to see that these two have a problem with each other too. Liked HBK's line about Batista boring everyone Lol. Regal coming out was expected, I thought you might have ended it with a brawl to make bigger problems between these two though. Pick your poison is a good idea.

Nice little videos from Flair and Finlay. We normally get these types of videos heading into the Rumble IRL so this was a good idea. Both seemed in character and hyped themselves up for the Rumble. Finlay isn't going to win the Rumble, I wouldn't rule out the Nature Boy though.

Good match to kick off the action. I was hoping that the Pitbulls would win this one so i'm pleased that they did. The diving crossbody spot from Morrison was cool. I loved the Dead Level to finish it off, I like that move. Good to see the Pitbulls advance, the match next week should be good.

Good little segment with Edge/Regal/Shane. I liked what HBK's cousin had to say, that gave us a bit of an explanation as to why he hates his HBK so much. Regal adding teh stipulation at the end was good, I knew he'd do something to upset Edge after Edge was applauding him. Regal is staying right down the middle and I think that's cool.

The Pre-match promo with Dykstra and Chavo was good. The mic time that Kenny has been getting is really helping to develop his character. Dykstra was a good heel in trying to get out of the match, but we all knew that it wouldn't work. Good set up for the match next. I was interested to see if you were going to let Chavo go over Haas here, but i think you ended it teh right way. I can tell that you're a fan of Haas and this doesn't hurt him, and it helps with the Chavo/Dykstra feud. The brawl was great, really helps build their match.

Lol the "big W" line from the Miz had me laughing, that's something Miz would say. This segment was interesting, putting two heel teams together. I'm suprised that it didn't turn into a brawl really with the Pitbulls being the type of guys they are. Good way to hype the match next week.

I think you got the Pick your poison choices right. Batista would pick Ric Flair, although I wouldn't pick Flair to kick my rival's ass. HBK picking Umaga was good, as although he's a face it's something he'd do.

Good videos from Harris and Benjamin. Harris isn't going to win but I can see him doing well. I liked Benjamin making the point about him being held back. I had planned for Benjamin to win the Rumble in my old thread but I didn't get that far, it'd be cool to see it here but I really doubt it.

HBK picking up the win over his cousin was good, with Edge banned from ringside Shane was never going to win. Shane going for the Sweet Chin Music was cool. Man, HBK hit the SCM first time lol! Good win for HBK, with a typical HBK finish.

Great interview from Estrada, he's great on the mic. I like that you brought Estrada back a while ago becuase Umaga can go further with him by his side. Umaga won't win the Rumble but Estrada did a good job of hyping Umaga up. I don't know if i'd describe Umaga as looking relaxed though, he never seems relaxed to me.

Some more good videos from MVP and Matt Hardy here. You threw in both their catchphrases and that was a good way to end their videos. MVP winning the Rumble would be brilliant.

Edge vs. Ric Flair is a great match for only the fourth of the night. This match had a really exciting ending with Edge escaping the figure four and Flair kicking out of the Edgecution. Flair dodging the Spear was cool, I though Flair might have got a sneaky win there with the roll up. Nice ending. A clean ending too was good to read from Edge, this is a big win for Edge and really makes him look strong heading into the Rumble. Nice, short post-match promo too.

The battle royal was exciting, a good little preview for the royal rumble. I liked the eliminations, I liked MVP eliminating Harris with the Playa's boot the most. I liked the heel tactics from MVP, I thought that he was going to steal the win there. Nice ending with Taker just being that bit too strong. Taker looks strong heading into teh Rumble now. oooh, looks like Kane is returning at the Rumble then. Kane to eliminate Taker from the Rumble? That would be a good way to return. We've seen this feud quite a lot but I think you could make it good, plus it looks like Kane is returning with the mask so that'd freshen it up a bit. Heel Kane is great.

I'm not sure if this Edge interview was needed really after he spoke after his match, or the post match promo wasn't really needed. It was well written though and I like the aggression from Edge. Good interview.

Great main event. This was the right choice and it was the best Pick your poison match. Typical counter from Batsita to dodge the Samoan wrecking ball. I liked how you just said it straight, 'Umaga was looking to smash his ass into Batista', I think they prefer to say that he uses his hip Lol. Thought it was over after the spinebuster, good close pinfall. Man, spear from Edge! That was a shock, I didn't expect that after what Regal said earlier. Umaga finishing it off with the splash was teh right decision, it wasn't just Edge's work. I love Umaga getting the win in the main event, dirty win or not. Great ending with HBK getting involved, it really had to end with all three guys getting at each other, great way to end it two days from the Royal Rumble.

Overall Nige it was a great Smackdown yet again, really enjoyed it. Smackdown is becoming really strong and the main event picture is really helping with that. I'd give you something to work with but I didn't have any problems really, maybe the Edge post match promo wasn't needed with the interview as well, but that's about it really. You made up for the absence of MVP, Harris, Hardy and so on with the video promos. I'm looking forward to the Rumble. Good job mate. And BTW, there is no need to make fun of Terry, the poor guy slipped! So take that message down Lol.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


Looking ahead to the Royal Rumble

From what we have learnt over the course of the last month or so that only four people have been considered for winning the Royal Rumble match, but our sources haven’t disclosed those names to us. However, we have been advised that several different Wrestlemania main events have been discussed back and forth for a long time now and some of those include, The Undertaker vs Randy Orton, Ric Flair vs Randy Orton, Triple H vs John Cena, Triple H vs Randy Orton vs JBL, Shawn Michaels vs MVP, Shawn Michaels vs Edge, Shawn Michaels vs Umaga and last of all, Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker vs Edge vs Umaga. Take from that what you will folks.

Royal Rumble Match

The topic of who will win the Royal Rumble has obviously dominated the rumour mill for the last week, and we have it narrowed done to three winners. From what we have seen recently and baring in mind from the matches we have heard could main event Wrestlemania, it seems to indicate that the front runners are Triple H, Ric Flair, The Undertaker and Umaga.

There is the possibility that The McMahon’s could possibly cost Triple H his spot during or after the Rumble match, so a screw job could come in to play there. The Undertaker and Umaga are the interesting ones, and since they have been feuding recently with neither man losing any credit, it seems that it will be one of these two that will win the match in our opinion. Umaga has been on a role recently, being pushed very hard, and is considered a main event waiting to happen on Smackdown. With Taker winning a Battle Royal on Smackdown Friday night, that could also give a hint to where the winner is coming from.

We must also stress that the promotional videos hyping the Kane’s return will lead to Kane returning with as a heel with the mask, but it will not be at the Royal Rumble as it is seen that he must either win the Rumble or wait until after to make his return so that he isn’t booked weakly. The Taker/Umaga feud could also continue during and after the match this Sunday, leading to a possible triple threat match at Wrestlemania. Ric Flair’s career could be coming to an end, and with this possibly being his last Wrestlemania this year, we may see him go out with a bang and one last run. However, with Umaga’s push and creative’s love for a shock, we’re going with the Samoan Bulldozer.

Our Prediction: Umaga

WWE Championship
TLC Match – John Cena vs Randy Orton (c)

A tough one to call for sure, but with the booking going in, it looks like Orton is being pushed strongly. It is believed there aren’t any concerns of The Legend Killer going into Wrestlemania as the main event, but it would be hard to see the main event with John Cena. With there having to be a winner, we could see Cena take the title and Orton trying to get his title back going into Mania, and since their feud has hardly kicked into gear, that seems a strong possibility.

Our Prediction: John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship
Shawn Michaels (c) vs Batista vs Edge

It seems that there could only be one outcome here, and that is a Shawn Michaels victory. However after he became the World Champion back in 2002, he went on to lose it a month later. If that is to repeat itself again, Edge would be the only one to take it off him. It seems that an Edge/Michaels feud could be a possibility too after the Rumble, but we’re hearing Edge could be moving back to Raw soon. With Michaels only winning the title last month, it’s an easy one for us.

Our Prediction: Shawn Michaels

Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs CM Punk

This is the match aside from the Rumble that we think most people are most looking forward to. Going in, it looks like Punk has this one wrapped up. However, we believe that the feud is far from over, and with that in mind, it leads us to the expectation that we may see a dirty finish that will see the feud continue towards Mania. It seems clear that Punk will not lose clean, so that either means that he wins the title or there will be a No Contest or DQ of some sort. That is the avenue we see most likely.

Our Prediction: No Contest or DQ

Cruiserweight Championship
Chavo Guerrero vs Kenny Dykstra (c)

This again has a very likely outcome to us. Despite Chavo being booked strongly, we see that as a way just to make Kenny’s win all the more impressive. There is no way Dykstra is losing the title and we see that the best Chavo can hope for is for some dirty tactics by Dykstra to either backfire for a DQ, or the heel tactics will actually give Kenny the win.

Our Prediction: Kenny Dykstra

***Please wait until the official preview is posted before leaving predictions, and also remember that these are not spoilers and have just been written like any wrestling website before a PPV, designed to create confusion!***

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Friday Night SmackDown! Review (WWE: A Strong Response)

S1 (Opening Segment, In the Ring, HBK + Batista + Regal) = Right off the bat, about them Pitbulls, cool, I hope you give them the push they deserve! Now, on to the show! The opening promo had that ''we-closing-in-on-a-big-PPV-match'' feel to it and everyone involved (espcially, in my opinion, Regal) came out looking quite good. Even Batista was portrayed tremendously way If I say so myself. Only thing that bugged me a bit, but, that might just be because this is the second only show I am reviewing from you, but, Shawn and cursing nowadays is kind of like strange to hear. I think you catch my drift on this one, but, apart from that, we had good glimpses of the Shawn of old ('96) and I would have preferred it stay that way the whole way thru then reading about a Rated R Jackass and some other deragatory comments along those lines. Still, awesome way to open up the SD! before the Rumble.

S2 (Promos, Flair + Finlay) = Both promos were quite good and I had great flashbacks of watching old Rumble tapes from the late 80's. That's the way wrestling promos should be done! (most of the time anyhow!)

S3 (MizMorrison v. KashGibson v. JeterSydal) = I don't know if I really dig Sydal tagging with Jeter (Jeter is a tremendous athlete, no doubt, but, it seems that everytime I turn my head, Sydal's tagging with someone instead of shining on his own). Still the ending to this match was quite good, there was so much talent involved in this match that I was a bit dissapointed that it remained such a WWE-style matchup instead of just breaking on all 4 cylinders. Still, more than happy to see Gibson & Kash haven't gotten over this week.

S4 (Backstage, Regal + Edge/Shane) = Awesome segment right there. Michael Shane's not the best talker, but he sounded and come off looking quite good right there. Plus, I just love that Michael Shane is in the WWE, it's been a freakin' damn long time coming in my mind. Can't wait to see the Next Showstopper take on HBK, sweeet!

S5 (In the ring, Doane + Chavito) = Apart from that stupid Dykstra name they've given him, goold ol' Ken Doane was exactly like he was when he was in OVW and tearing down the competition, so that's good. I don't know if he fits the bill for CW Champion with just how tall is he (probably more X-Division friendly) but I still dig Chaviot as a face and these two involved in a feud, that's cool. Haas v. Chavito should be a good match too.

S6 (Haas v. Chavito) = Good enough match for the purpose it served. The DQ finish with all of the people on the outside was a bit predictable, that, or Haas winning with interference. I don't know what to make of Haas & Masters teaming up, other than Haas gets back on the juice, he can easily have a chiselled body like Masters, so, I can see the team there. I would have probably banked on a 3 on 1 assault, but, since the Rumble's around the corner, it wouldn't have lead to anything really. So, I dig the lying, cheating, stealing Chavito smile at the end of the segment with his dirty deeds taken care of before his title match. Finaly the CW Title gets some damn recognition!

S7 (Backstage, MizMorrison + KashGibson) = Awesome way to build up that match next week. Both teams looked great in that segment and the match next week should be a tremendous one at that.

S8 (Backstage, Batista + HBK) = Woah, a triple threat of awesome matches set for the second hour of SmackDown!. Shane v. Michaels, Edge v. Flair & Batista v. Umaga! Woah!

S9 (Promos, Wildcat + Benjamin) = Great to see Chris Harris in this BTB, I'd figure he'd be heel, but I guess he fits the face type more. His promo was good, nothing to complain about there, same goes for Benjamin, good stuff, good, good stuff.

S1o (Shane v. Michaels) = A bit disappointed this one wasn't as see saw as I would have pictured it. Still, Shane got one big offensive maneuver and his inexperience cost him the match in the end. Although the Flying Forearm was a bit much for me to believe Shane would have stayed down so long when Michaels connected with the Top Rope Elbow Drop, this match was quite good for their first ever meeting and the ones that'll come in the future are bound to be even better than this one.

S11 (Interview, Matthews + EstradaUmaga) = I was looking for a frantic Samoan scream with Josh running away, but still, the interview was good and I like how you accentuated Estrada's tone of voice but didn't understand the way you wrote down the Un-Der-Ta-Ker... anyhow, good interview to set up what I believe will now be the Main Event?!

S12 (Promos, MVP + MHardy) = Not the best Rumble promos of the night, still, they did their job in hyping the Rumble match up.

S13 (Edge v. Flair) = I've seen better from these two, and, it was badly booked in my opinion. It should have gone before the Shane & Micheals because it didn't deliver in being better than Shane & Michaels, which it could have since Shane & Michaels wasn't the best you could find. The end was a bit messed up when Edge slipped out of the Scoop Slam, the blows to the back somewhat screwed up what could have been a better finish if Edge had just slipped out, hit the ropes and bang, caught Flair by surprise. The little blows slowed down the ending and brought the matchup down for me a bit. Still, the promo by Edge brought the segment back up quite a few notches as he garnered the kind of heat only Edge can garner.

S14 (Battle Royal) = Was what it was, a Battle Royal. I didn't understand the purpose of it though. But, if SmackDown! gets a Battle Royal before the Rumble, it means that someone from SmackDown! is going to win the Rumble. Why? Because if it's someone from RAW, I don't know if I really want to see 2 Battle Royals in the span of a month, a month and a half. Undertaker winning is cool, and, I guess Kane (w/ mask) is coming back to challenge Undertaker at Wrestlemania for their final encounter. Been done before, but, well, could still be entertaining.

S15 (Interview, Lena + Edge) = Pointless time wasted. Edge already has been in an angle with Regal, had a match, and he had some mic time after that match... Especially since this show is running well over the usual 12 segments. (Not to say it wasn't good or anything, but, it was indeed pointless, especially since Lena Yada was the interviewer, mmh)

S16 (Rumble Rundown) = Wasn't as good as the RAW Rumble Rundown from JR & King, still, Cole & Coach sounded like Cole & Coach and it worked for me.

S17 (Umaga v. Batista) = Good, good matchup between these two. It was probably also one of the best matches i've read from you and probably the match of the night. Everything flowed nicely, except for one tiny detail, when Batista moved out of the way of the Wrecking Ball, I felt as though too much time passed in between him getting up, Umaga walking out of the corner, and Batista hitting the Spinebuster. Still, awesome bout, Edge interfering and costing Batista the match, added to that a Samoan Splash, is a great way to go about things. Because it sells us on Edge being the odds on favorite, when really, the guy I think should walk out of the Rumble still Champ will be HBK.

OVERALL = Awesome way to hype up the Rumble with the little promos a la 80's style. The matches on tonight's show were also quite good, especially with the Pick your Poison deal. But this show lingered on a bit too much with Edge being over utilized. Still, Im really looking forward to not only the Rumble, but the next week's SmackDown! with some of the matches that are already in the making. KashGibson v. MizMorrison being one of them. One thing I'll say, and repeat is, I love the layout of your shows. Now, I hope that for the Rumble, matches will be in full. (MOTN = Main Event + P(romo)OTN = RegalEdgeShane) (p.s. around...around...around)

Realism = 8/10
Length = 7.5/10
Quality/Entertainment = 8/10
Spelling/Grammar = 8/10
Matches/Booking = 8/10

Overall = 79/100 (B)

WWWF is Coming...
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Lashley™'s SmackDown Review

Opening Promo: (Michaels and Batista Segment)Solid opening promo with Michaels definitely in character. Loved it when Batista came out he was in character too and this has definitely hyped up their match at the Royal Rumble.

Promo 2:
(Flair and Finlay Promos) Nice little promo's from Ric Flair and Finlay hyping up the Royal Rumble even farther. These things happen in real life if I'm correct.

Match 1: (Miz/Morrison + Kash/Gibson + Jeter/Sydal) The ending to this match was good. It had alot of talent in the match and this showed as it was an excellent read.

Promo 3: (Regal + Edge/Shane) Another great segment, love it that you have Shane in the WWE. It will be great to see him feud with Shawn Michaels sometime. If that's what your planning doing?

Promo 4:
(Dykstra And Chavo Segment) Nice little segment here, Dykstra seemed awesome on the microphone. I liked how Chavo refused the offer and said he isn't a coward, as Guerrero means warrior. Nice way to hype up the Rumble even further.

Match 2: (Hass vs. Chavo) Would of been boring if Hass has faced someone other than Chavo. The DQ finish was abit predictable since him and Dykstra has just mixed words.

Promo 5:
(Miz/Morrison + Kash/Gibson) Nice way to hype up their match next week. The match should be great.

Promo 6:
(Michaels And Batista Segment Backstage)Shawn Michaels seemed a little off keep apoligizing and everything. Two great matches made there however with Batista v Umaga and Flair v Edge!

Promo 7: (Harris Segment With Benjamin)Decent promo here, sadly I'm not familiar with Harris. But I've heard he has alot of potential.

Match 3:
(Michaels vs. Shane) Great match! Would of liked to have seen abit more like Batista or Edge or somebody coming down to the ring. Was always inevitable that Michaels would win if nobody came to attack him.

Promo 8:
(Umaga Interview) Decent promo/interview with 'mags. Will be good to see him take on Batista. Which I think will be the main event?

Promo 9:
(MVP + Hardy Promos) Decent promos, did their purpose of hyping up the Rumble.

Match 4:
(Edge vs. Ric Flair) Was a meh match, could of been better. Should of been before the Michaels and Shane match imo. Decent finish.

Match 5: (Battle Royal) Obvious that The Undertaker would win this. What was the purpose of the match? Was it another way to hype up the Royal Rumble? I think it was.

Promo 10: (Lena + Edge Interview)Was okay, nothing else to say.

Promo 11: (Rumble Rundown) Did its purpose, good job.

Main Event: (Batista vs. Umaga) Good match, Thank god you had someone like Edge interfere. After Edge and Michaels had won I knew Batista had to lose. Does this mean he will win at the Rumble? Well I doubt it to be honest.

Overall: As you will most likely have been told alot of times, you are an excellent booker. I really enjoyed reading this mate. You had alot of ways to promote the Rumble in your thread. That could be a good or a bad thing? Anyways, this show was definitely a 8.5
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response



Originally Posted by WWE.com
The WWE can confirm that after a series of discussions, following an upturn in ratings and feedback received, that a number of pay-per-view events will be reintroduced for this coming year. The on screen product has certainly increased and in order for it to progress further, there will be an additional two brand exclusive events as well as a mixed brand event, which will be The Great American Bash in July. The Saturday Night’s Main Event scheduled for July has been replaced by The Great American Bash.

Here is the updated schedule for the remainder of the year:

Royal Rumble
January 27, 2008
Madison Square Garden ~ New York City, NY

Saturday Nights Main Event
February 9, 2008
The O2 Arena ~ London, ENGLAND
Live on NBC!

WrestleMania XXIV
March 30, 2008
Citrus Bowl ~ Orlando, FL

April 13, 2008
Venue TBC

Judgment Day
May 11, 2008
Venue TBC

King of the Ring
June 22, 2008
Staples Center ~ Los Angeles, CA

The Great American Bash
July 12, 2008
Nassau Coliseum ~ Uniondale, NY

August 17, 2008
The Skydome ~ Toronto, CANADA

September 21, 2008
Venue TBC

No Mercy
October 19, 2008
Venue TBC

Survivor Series
November 23, 2008
The Astradome ~ Houston, TX

Saturday Nights Main Event
December 20, 2008
Gund Arena ~ Cleveland, OH
Live on NBC!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Seemsyou have also dropped a lot of PPV's which is good because some our not needed. Cyber Sunday for example and ONS. And their single branded as well! Great now the good undercards you have on both brands ... to my knowledge you weren't doing this before? Short Term Memory imo.

Now time for a small SD review ... my bad still writing Rumble man.



Nice opening with HBK getting back to basically getting cheap pops by saying Canada has nothing on USA. HBK was just recapping nice but still it was good. Batista coming down hype the match for RR … he did it pretty well getting some heat going against the fan favourite. Ooooo Pick Your Poison matches is a great idea; can’t really see them all ending well

WOOO, Flair for the Rumble!! Cool little side things here, guess we’ll see these all through the night. Pitbulls and Miz & Morrison will be a good match; this is what I’m talking about with the deep under card. You have a good tag division here on SD but the one on RAW is very weak. Maybe a draft would sort that out. Solid match to get us off, nice job Nige.

Edge was very in character here but still Shane vs. Michaels doesn’t sound as good as maybe it should. I don’t really know Shane but I can’t see him being anywhere near as good as Michaels. He sounds like a Cruiserweight to me . I’ll have to check it out on Wiki. (After reading Wiki) Oh yeah I remember him now, well from what I saw of him in TNA he is quite good actually, my bad. Still Michaels should get the win.

Kenny’s character is really good and developing in to a good heel. Wouldn’t surprise me if he drops the title in the next months and goes the US Title way. Chavo-Haas … hmmm okay match, won’t be anything special. Well it was a solid match and nice ending but maybe Chavo should have got the win for momentum but well he got the upper hand on the brawl. Good for the face to gain more momentum. Flair vs. Edge … quality. Miz & Morrison rule … I hope they win. Umaga vs. Dave … yay : | . I mean it’s not the greatest of match but still.

Yep Michaels disposes of Shane. Called it. AEE did well to hype Umaga again with The Undertaker thing. Takers gunna kick his arse in the Royal Rumble Match. Edge and Flair didn’t disappoint, both great wrestlers and this would be a great future feud if you were thinking about it. Should have been the main event imo. Battle Royal had to be Undertakers win, I can see were you might go with Taker. Is he going for the title after this. Would be a sharp move tbh. Kane’s gunna return Rumble match … coolies .

Edge interfering was cool man and with Tista losing I can say he defiantly wont win on Sunday. Well overall a nice SmackDown with a lot of hype for RR. Well done man another great show. Looking forward to the Rumble.

Or is it?

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nice to see some new PPV's will be coming.

JD you didn't review it
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


WWE Championship
TLC Match
John Cena vs. Randy Orton (c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista vs. Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Edge

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. CM Punk
-DQ or Double Countout

Cruiserweight Championship
Chavo Guerrero vs. Kenny Dykstra (c)

The Royal Rumble Match
Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley, Kofi Kingston, Carlito, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Cody Rhodes, Mr. Kennedy, Elijah Burke, Triple H, Shane McMahon, JBL, Chris Jericho, Santino Marella & Ron Killings

Paul Burchill, Harry Smith, Finlay, The Undertaker, Umaga, Matt Hardy, Ric Flair, Chris Harris, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters, Chavo Guerrero, Kenny Dykstra

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