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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks for all the predictions and reviews so far. Here are the results of the predictions

sirdilznik 4/9
sc2004 4/9
-TR™- 3/9
Waynerd Tyme 4/9
Georgiboy 5/9
D-K-L 4/9
DH6 2/9
kane01 5/9
cam2222 2/9
Bradley 4/9
Doddsy 2/9
Alex Naumovski 4/9
Legend93 5/9
TKOW 4/9
hbknsting 4/9
KF4E 3/9

I promised 5000 points for the person who got most right, so with three of you sharing it, i've decided to give you three winners 2000 each. I was shocked no one expected me to reveal Vince's son! With Mania coming up, i thought it was best to have the big reveal in the run up to Mania, and not after. This way there will be a huge match at Wrestlemania and not afterwards

Thanks again, and feedback is still welcome as i will be holding off shows for about two weeks to give me time to get my three end of year presentations done (Life>BTB and all that)

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Awww I GOT THE WORST :[ Screw that lol


Don't be spamming up threads.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

MVP vs. Matt Hardy- This was a god opening contest. I had originally predicted Matt would win but halfway through I kind of chnged my mind. I like the fact that none of your matches are to predictable. Big superplex thats going to do it...no! Playmaker! Oh, reversal. It over. Hardy escapes, nice. Great match however he won by escape, you have it written down as pinfall.

Batista promo: Batista is a hard person to capture character but you did a pretty good job. I doubt he loses his title tonight. Should be a good match though. Edge will probably interfere.

Steph and Vince promo- Stephanie is pregnant. I guess you are taking her out of the thread for the time being then? I don't see where you are going with Vince watching over Aurora. I'd guess blackmail but I doubt Vince would hurt his own granddaughter.

Beth vs. Trish- To be honest I just skimmed over this one. Didn't think Trish would win. Is she staying in the thread or not? Beth kicking of the chick kick was probably the best part in the match. Its showing her dominance among the division.

Edge promo: Edge was in great character. He's definantly going to spear HBK tonight. I hope their feud, if you have one, will go to Wrestlemania. It would be absolutley amazing. Last line was a classic too.

Triple H promo: I was hoping you wouldn't go in this direction. I hope the show is not revolved around his daughter because as I said, Vince (even in his character) wouldn't harm his granddaughter.

Kennedy vs. Jericho: I've been anticipating this match quite a lot. The feud has been great I hope it continues. Jericho wins! I thought you might put over Kennedy here. Kennedy hitting the mic check after the match was good. I hope Jericho is still out for revenge.

I can't wait for the rumble, in the greatest arena in the greatest city in the world no less!

Shane/Steph/HHH: Vince will probably interfere in the world title match and screw Triple H. I guess we will see where it goes from there.

Batista vs. HBK- MOTN right here. I've been waiting for this ever since HBK beat Taker. Figure 4! I thought Tista would tap there, it would make HBK seem stronger. The transition between SCM and the spinebuster was great. Edge, oh man he is gonna screw Shawn. Yes! he missed. New champion! Let's see a short Edge/Batista feud then HBK vs. Edge for WM!

Main Event: Great match.I picked Orton to win but now I think HHH will do it. Here comes the pedigree. Nope, here comes Vince...making HHH choose, damn thats cold. He's gonna leave the ring I think. JBl!? He screwed him, damn. HHH vs. JBL feud please. I wonder who the next no1 contender will be for Orton.

Overall- Great show. All the matches were un predictable and great. Not too many problems with this show. One I had was it was a little bit to revovled around Triple H trying to get back his daughter from Vince. I would have moved away from doing that angle personally, but we will see how it unfolds soon i guess. 9/10, great job.

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NL East- New York Mets
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Wild Card- Milwaukee Brewers
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Originally Posted by Nige™ View Post
I was shocked no one expected me to reveal Vince's son!
I predicted you would Nige. Take a look at my post.
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We saw an incredible show last night as Saturday Night’s Main Event ended 2007 in style, crowning two new champions and getting the answer to who seemingly Mr. McMahon’s illegitimate son is.

The main event of the night saw Triple H finally get his shot at the WWE Championship and Randy Orton. However, it was Triple H’s father-in-law who ended up costing him the championship, but with help from one John “Bradshaw” Layfield. With the evil chairman taking his granddaughter away from his daughter and son-in-law, a search began, but proved to be a failure as they couldn’t find Aurora Rose anywhere. However, just when it looked like Triple H had the match won, Mr. McMahon appeared with Aurora to distract The Game. And with Triple H firmly focused on his father-in-law, it was another source that took away the title dream as JBL emerged from the Smackdown announce desk to attack The Game and cause a disqualification, keeping the WWE Championship around Orton’s waist. After the bell, JBL and Mr. McMahon raised their arms together in the middle of the ring. Does this mean that JBL is the illegitimate child of the Chairman of the Board?

We did however see two titles change hands as Shawn Michaels took full advantage of a mistake from Edge to see off Batista and claim the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge’s intentions over the last few weeks to cause friction between Michaels and Batista failed, and on his mission last night to cost Michaels the gold, he speared the wrong man by accident as Batista fell victim to the vengeful former champion. What does this mean now?

Matt Hardy became the first Smackdown star of the night to capture gold as he defeated MVP by escaping their brutal steel cage match to win the United States Championship after months and months of problems between them.

Trish Stratus made her return to the ring last night, but it proved to be her last as Beth Phoenix retained her Womens Championship with another impressive victory, enhancing her reputation as the dominant diva in the women’s division and forever removing Trish from the WWE. Chris Jericho also picked up a big victory as he saw off Mr. Kennedy, despite picking up a Mic Check for his trouble. It seems that it’s not over between these two.

To read the results, click here.

With no more shows until the 4th January, there will be a lot of trouble brewing before the stars of the WWE return to TV in the New Year.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

DH6's Saturday Night's Main Event Feedback

~Can't believe I only got two in the predictions contest. What an outrage Also, sorry for the shortness but I'm currently working on four reviews, as well as my SD!, Raw, SNME and WM, so I'm pretty busy.

Definitely shocked that things get started out with the Steel Cage. Good decision though, and it solidifies that this will be the match order tonight: Steel Cage, Women's Title, Jericho/Kennedy, World Title, WWE Title. I like how you're just doing the endings since it's Saturday Night's Main Event. It was good that you had pinfalls, but not a lot since it's a Steel Cage Match. This match was much bigger than the way it was hyped. I don't think it was built that great, but the great match made up for the poor build, tbh. You put a lot of detail into this match for the ending, which was excellent. Hardy escaping following the Twist of Fate was good, because it basically puts an end to the rivalry as it wasn't a close finish or anything. Good way to open up the show, tbh, and I think it got the fans into the event.

Lena's a great person to have interviewing, and I might have to use her in my thread, but not copying you of course . I didn't read your last SD! unfortunately, so I didn't know that Shawn accidentally Super Kicked Batista. Good interview with Batista, and I expect him to win here tonight.

Stephanie now pregnant is very interesting, and could really mix some things up, tbh. I can see a miscarriage, but I guess I'm looking at this as a soap-opera angle now . I don't think it will be 'the perfect family'. It would just be too dominating, and Vince or Triple H would have to turn from heel-face or face-heel.

Trish and Beth put on a great match together from what I read. Beth got back in control by pretty much dominating Trish. I'm not really a fan of Beth's monster gimmick, but having a monster in the Women's division is needed, tbh. Trish getting her foot on the ropes after the Driver kept the move's credibility in tact, as well as Beth's credibility. The match got even better.... BUT TRISH LOSES~! I saw this as a way to bring Trish back into the WWE, but I guess I was awfully mistaken. Looks like you've pulled one over on all of us Nige. I'll get my revenge .

Pretty obvious that Edge would be present. It sounds as if Edge is going to cost Michaels the match, but there may be a twist and he could cost Batista the match. Who knows.. we'll have to wait and see unfortunately.

This angle has gotten crazy! Vince kidnaps Stephanie's and Hunter's daughter (or so it seems)! This is going to play a huge part in the WWE Championship match. I think Vince will interfere or something, but I know Aurora will also be involved. She might be at stake or something, who knows.

This match, just like the ones previous to it, was fabulous. This feud was given a lot of attention, and I'm glad it did after it delivered so well. I thought the Walls of Jericho was going to be it, but I was mistaken. There were a lot of near falls, maybe too many. The Mic Check would've put Jericho away, but since it didn't, that's solid notification that Kennedy's gonna job tonight . Walls of Jericho > Codebreaker. At least Jericho has a finisher that can be done in a pinning attempt, which is why the Codebreaker should stay around. Jericho winning was upsetting to me, but Kennedy hitting the Mic Check afterwards keeps both men's credibility.

~I have a very strong feeling that your Royal Rumble, especially The Royal Rumble Match, is going to deliver. Looking forward to the event

These angles are great and all, but it gives Stephanie & Triple H far too much attention than what they need. They've been involved way too much already, and it's a little tiring for the fans to always have to see them following a match. However, good that you got Shane in the mix so that it's not always just Steph/Vince or Steph/Triple H or whatever. You're changing up the male . But here comes Triple H, which sort of ruins that comment in a way. None the less, this segment was very enjoyable to read.

This match is my most favourite of the night, despite I know that Shawn will probably lose. The build is alright, but it's good enough for what you're trying to work with. I don't know why Batista keeps getting Mixed Reactions. I'm thinking it's because he's up against someone as over as Shawn, but maybe you can clarify that for me. This match wasn't quite exciting as the rest, but the match doesn't need to be overly exciting for it to be good. Figure Four Leg Lock! This was golden, especially since both men are friends with Flair. Referee is down!! This opens the door wide open for Edge to make an appearance. And then the Batista Bomb with the referee down! This match got a lot more exciting, and following the Batista Bomb with no referee, I marked because I knew Shawn would probably win. EDGE ACCIDENTALLY HITS BATISTA~!! YES NEW WORLD CHAMPION!!! MICHAELS WINS!!! Sorry, but I totally marked at Shawn winning the World Title. This match was great, and Edge accidentally screws Batista out of the title!!

The talking before hand sort of ruined the match, but not really so I can live with it. Talking before the Main Event is never good, so depending on the outcome, it might have been better to have the World Title Match go on last. The talking before was pretty good, and got the point across that was intended. This match turned out to be good, but I think it would have been better if Triple H seemed more distracted. It would be incredibly hard to write, but I think that you could've done it, because, well, it's you . Triple H gained quite a bit of momentum, which was surprising, but it keeps him strong. Orton wins - BUT NO!! That was excellent booking/match writing. I mean, it's suspenseful (sp ) just to read it, but watching it would be a whole new story, tbh. THE PEDIGREE -- BUT VINCE COMES OUT! I knew he would come out, but I didn't exactly suspect this. JBL FROM BEHIND!!! This angle is obviously leading to WrestleMania, which is great. The finish was spectacular, as was the match.

Overall, the show was awesome. You had some great booking decisions, but my number one problem was the amount of attention given to the Vince/Triple H feud. Don't overpush this feud, because it will ruin it. Other than that, it was a really good show.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

-Nige, I am NOT happy that Trish came back to job to Beth Phoenix. Sure it's a way to get over Beth as champion, but let's face it. The Women's Division isn't that great, and you could've used Trish as a key factor in bringing some interest into it.

-Nice to see Matt Hardy becoming the United States Champion (as I predicted), and hopefully now Matt will have a nice run with the belt whilst MVP slowly moves into the Main Event picture.

-I also predicted Y2J would beat Kennedy, which was a smart move. I can see Jericho feuding with Orton for the WWE Championship, now that Triple H seems to be about to feud with JBL (which I'll get to later). Although if this does happen, I don't see Y2J taking the belt because I know that
a) you don't think Jericho can draw ratings
b) my prediction is that Orton will keep the belt until WrestleMania
However, the fact that Kennedy attacked Y2J after the match suggests this feud will continue for a short while longer.

-Now as you saw in my guesses, I didn't think Shawn Michaels would be walking out of SNME as the World Heavyweight Champion, but it's a welcome surprise. I can't wait to see how HBK's title reign plays out and who he defends the title against. Batista will get a title rematch I guess, but in the long term it's Edge who'll be gunning for the champ. Edge vs. Michaels at the Rumble?

-I KNEW the son would be revealed!! Vince and JBL as a father-son partnership will be very interesting to read, to say the least. I can see Triple H/Shane vs. Vince/JBL in the future.

Overall, Saturday Night's Main Event lived up to the hype. We got a new World Heavyweight Champion, new US Champion, a Jericho win, and the revelation of McMahon's son, it was a memorable show.
As I mentioned to you over MSN, the only constructive criticism (as others have touched on) is for you to now steer away from the soap-opera of this BTB, and focus more on the wrestling.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

cena&torrierock's Review on Saturday Night's Main Event

MVP vs. Matt Hardy: That was a great opening match, I love it when shows (mainly pay-per-views) have great opening matches. It always sets really high expectations for the pay-per-view. You've written a lot of great stuff Nige, and this match is no exception. There were several parts of the match where I thought one or the other was going to win. The superplex off the top rope was a great spot, I was expecting there to be some sort of draw or something. Then when MVP started crawling towards the door, I knew it was all over but I was wrong. I liked the fact that you kept making the match go back and forth, back and forth. Not only does it confuse the readers, but it also builds up tension and excitement. Good job on the opening match!
Grade: 10/10

Lena Yada & Batista Interview: That was a GREAT interview, one of the best I've read. I made a comment on another PPV I read that I believed that promos should have 1) flow and 2) quantity. This interview had both, and I was really impressed with the choice of words. It was very heartfelt, good job.
Grade: 10/10

Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon & Aurora Rose Backstage: This was a great segment, I really wasn't expecting Stephanie to reveal that she was pregnant. Great twist. I liked how you continued the hatred between Triple H and Vince with Stephanie and Aurora in the middle. I find it pretty amusing to see Vince get all childish with Aurora, you never get a chance to see that on television. It was nicely written and it served it's purpose.
Grade: 9/10

Beth Phoenix vs. Trish Stratus: A great, well-written match that showcased both women's abilities. I was really glad that you brought Trish Stratus back in to put Beth Phoenix over, smart move. Now I just hope that you don't eventually have Phoenix lose the title to someone useless like Maria or Candice. Anyway, I wasn't too keen on Trish kicking out of the Top Rope Beth Valley Driver but that spot did turn things around for a bit. I had to love Beth kicking out of the Chick Kick, nice move right there. All in all a good match where credit is due.
Grade: 10/10

Edge & Josh Matthews Backstage: I really enjoyed this one. The good choice of words and sentence structure really pulled off the heel persona Edge has. And it also conveyed how angry and annoyed he was. I'm expecting him to make some sort of interference in the Batista/Shawn Michaels match. I have a huge feeling he'll cost Michaels the match, leading to a possible three-way in the future.
Grade: 10/10

Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Backstage: Huge twist of events here with Vince and Aurora disappearing right under Triple H & Stephanie's noses. I have a feeling that Triple H is just overreacting and that he just took her for some sort of walk through the arena or something. But maybe I could be wrong. Either way, this storyline development at the PPV with the McMahons is going great so far.
Grade: 9/10

Chris Jericho vs. Mr. Kennedy: A great match that was very well-written. I have absolutely no complains about this match. I had to chuckle to myself when Jericho was told to release Kennedy from the Walls of Jericho and then he just simply pulled Kennedy back to the middle of the ring and tried applying it again. The lionsault spot really made me get excited, I had a huge feeling it was over but I was wrong. I'm still glad that Jericho won and it looks like their feud was over but it looks like it isn't. Kennedy attacking Jericho after the match was a great ending, and it adds more hatred in their feud and you could continue with this for another month or so, culminating at either the next PPV or the one after. This is a great feud which I would kill to see on television. I'm glad you're doing it in your BTB, it's working really well.
Grade: 10/10

Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon & Triple H Backstage: It's starting to get really interesting. What Shane said of Vince getting back at Triple H for stealing his daughter by stealing his daughter makes sense. But maybe there's another explanation? Anyway, it's starting to get very tense and with Triple H getting riled up, I'm sure that his match with Orton is going to be very aggressive. I can't wait.
Grade: 10/10

Batista vs. Shawn Michaels: The match was just great, simply amazing. There were too many spots to mention that I enjoyed and the fact that it was pretty much back and forth really made it a pleasure to read. I also liked how the crowd was torn between Batista and Michaels, cheering for Michaels and booing Batista. Is Batista a tweener? It seems like it. Edge interfering was expected but I didn't see his interference benefitting Michaels. I'm shocked that Michaels is the new champion, thanks to Edge. I can see this turning into Edge vs. Shawn Michaels very soon. You could include Batista. Batista vs. Edge vs. Shawn Michaels at the Royal Rumble, then Edge vs. Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania. Now that would be good. It brings variety to the table and they're all great workers. It's a win-win situation, I believe. Anyway, impressive match that didn't fail to impress. So far your event has done nothing but impress, kudos!
Grade: 10/10

Triple H & Randy Orton Promos: Nicely written. That last line that Orton said got me wondering whether Orton had something to do with Aurora's disappearance. Interesting, but probably not. Hey, it would add some tension their already-tense feud and besides, it builds up Orton's character as being manipulative and Triple H's hatred for Vince as he'll be thinking it was Vince McMahon the whole time.
Grade: 9.5/10

Triple H vs. Randy Orton: The match itself before McMahon's arrival was wow.. just wow. It was simply amazing, one of THE best matches that I've ever read. The aftermath was priceless as well- JBL being revealed as Vince's son and Vince basically either way cost Triple H the WWE title. I'm really hoping for a huge Triple H vs. JBL feud that starts on RAW and eventually culminates at either Wrestlemania or Backlash. Heck, Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon could be involved! Anyway, a great match that was just simply fantastic, pure gold!
Grade: 10/10

Overall Grades:
Promos: 9.6/10
Matches: 10/10
Show: 9.8/10

An amazing pay-per-view where you remained consistent (if not better) with the quality of your promos and matches. I loved every bit of it. You did an amazing job, excellent job Nige!

Check out my BTB:
WWWE Divas 2006-Onwards -- My Way!
Meaning: You review my show, I review your show - I review your show, you review my show
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

By SC2004.

- The commentary at the start was all very straight forward. Surprised you didn’t open the show with a video package of some sort?

- The United states title match was a perfect way to get the show under way. It started slow, but in a good way, with both MVP and Matt Hardy picking up near falls. Liked the spot when MVP hit the “players boot” and followed it up with the “ballin elbow” only to smile after and make a cocky cover. It’s very much an MVP thing to do. The cage only comes into play after this, which is great, as we get some decent wrestling action in the match. Perfect finish with Hardy countering the “play maker” ,hitting the “twist of fate” and then crawling out of the cage for the win. Nice match.

- The Batista interview was short, but when we are talking about Batista, that’s always a good thing. Ha. You got across the fact that he knows he is in for one hell of a fight tonight, but that also he is very confident and assured of victory.

- The Vince, Stephanie and Triple H backstage segment was a thing of beauty. It’s the type of writing I love to write myself. It was very well constructed and again pushed the fact that Vince is now Mr nice guy. I just feel uneasy with the “new” Vince, I can’t quite get used to it.

- You really made Beth look extra tough when she managed to kick out of the “chin kick” I was surprised. You really sold it. Trish seemed out of options after that and it was inevitable she would loose. I’m glad you kept the gold on Beth, she is a real prospect and the women’s division needs a strong, hell champion. It works in your BTB.

- Nice spot with Edge. You got across just how pissed off he is with Shawn Michaels following what went down Friday night on SmackDown. I figured edge would show up tonight, question now is, what’s he going to do?

- You’re getting mileage out of this triple H, Stephanie pregnancy angle. I’m liking it though. I kind a saw the whole kidnapping angle, although I don’t reckon it is what it seems. I think Vince has just brought her for an ice cream or something. Ha. This was still dramatic writing, really into it.

- The Mr Kennedy, Chris Jericho match was off the chart. Amazing and a lot better than I thought it would be. I’m a fan of both, so I didn’t know who the hell I wanted to win. I was happy with Jericho taking the victory, even though I’m pushing Kennedy myself of late. I liked how Kennedy hit the “mic check” but was unable to capitalise, made him still seem strong. Same can be said for Kennedy kicking out of the “lionsault”. So even though Jericho won it, Kennedy still walks out of it unharmed.

- The kidnapping angle continues. You’re handling it well, it’s a big deal and to write genuine emotions for such a dramatic angle is hard and you managed to do it very well. I’m intrigued to know what Vince is up to. I still claim its just all a big misunderstanding, but I hope I’m wrong.

- I didn’t know which title match you were going to go with first. I think you made the right decision. Shawn Michaels can carry anyone to a good match, but Triple H and Orton 1 on 1 is a more solid prospect for a main event.

- I called this one wrong, but man am I happy to wrong. A lot of people will say Michaels is too old, or Michaels is too past it to beat Batista and be the champion. But to be fair, he and The Undertaker are the same age and nobody says that about Taker. I think Michaels would in real life, be great as a champion once again. Batista splashing the referee was cool as I like it when there is no official in the match. Again as in the previous match, you keep the looser looking strong just before the finish. This time Batista hit’s the “Batista bomb” but there is no referee to make the count. Clever, sensible booking decision. The Edge run in was cool and makes me think that we are set for an Edge, Batista feud, although I can see a 3 way for the title at the Rumble.

- Orton is such a bastard, those comments before the match “that’s if you find your daughter” cold, very cold and sadistic. Got to love him though. Like every other match on the card tonight, this was very, very solid. The spot before McMahon interrupted was great with Triple H kicking out of the RKO, Orton going for a 2nd, The game countering and hitting the pedigree. Fast paced action at it’s very finest. Great stuff with Vince holding Hunter up, using his own grand daughter in the process. The JBL clothesline was a shocker and I’m not so sure if I like him as Vince’s son. I thought Stephanie would of done more than berate Vince to be honest. This was dramatic for sure.

Overall: A very solid show. I liked the kidnapping angle, it was very entertaining. All 5 matches were well written, entertaining and enjoyable to read. Nothing was obvious or straight forward about the show, it was surprising from start to finish, I really, really liked that. Again, not so sure about JBL as Vince’s son, but time will tell, see how it all pans out. One thing is for sure, Raw will be chaotic!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Jamie1 Presents Nige with a Saturday Night Main Event Review

Nige, I have promised you quite a lot of reviews but have failed to deliver, so then I told you I would review SNME and that’s exactly what I am going to do…. First, I would like to tell you that I have read the shows building up to this so I know what I expect and know what I want…. The card is great, some really strong matches… I seen you on another BTB saying their shouldn’t be a lot of gimmick matches and I agree. Maybe for a show like SNME you could have had one more, we will see:

MVP v Matt Hardy, a feud that I have really enjoyed throughout this BTB and IRL even though it hasn’t really kicked off yet IRL……. When I seen this was the opening match I thought it was good for a lot of different reasons, one that these two men have incredible talent, Matt Hardy can get the crowd behind him with major pops and the opposite for MVP and the main reason, it’s a f’n steel cage match, that speaks volumes… although, I am saying this, I actually don’t watch the cage matches IRL…. Onto the match, the match was strong throughout and was a very nice read as it was not too long or anything…. My favourite was always MVP throughout the match….. I have to say this, what a strong ending you gave to this match… didn’t see the playmaker being reversed although I was a little confused on how the playmaker came about… anyway, leave that for another discussion… Matt Hardy picking up the win was good and a very good opening to the show

Batista interview was short but sweet, didn’t expect it to be so short but anyway… sorry, don’t have much to say on this

That was a weird promo in my opinion although good…. Vince was acting like Steph was a stranger and I thought Vince was a copy of Gary Glitter…. If you know he is what I am sure you do….. Somehow I don’t think its going to be all rosy by the end of the night.. I really doubt it

Nige…. I am not going to lie to you here, yes I seen it was a womens match so I skipped through half off it so I cannot really talk about the match… Beth picking up the win I suppose adds to her manliness and her powerhouse style of character… so good booking wise

Another very short sort of interview, yes I think you could call it an interview…. Edge was intense… Shawn watch your back. that’s all I can say

Oh…. This feud is getting better, we all knew, Vince and Triple H still are not the best of friends… I think you have a great chance of killing this feud tonight just the way it is going… hope not but you know

Chris Jericho v Mr Kennedy…. Another feud I would like to see IRL…. This was an entertaining read once again and I would say was better than the opening match and obviously the womens match….. It was good throughout and I never had a strong feeling who would win…. I am not overly happy at Kennedy jobbing but hell, we get used to it so ok decision…. After the match was great and instead of burying the feud right away, you know there is at least a couple of ways you can continue feuds. One by having the match end in a count out or two, the old fashion beat down after the match after the heel loses and you bet, that is my favourite….. I can really see this feud being a top one, maybe even beating Jeff and CM Punk that you had going

Another promo with the McMahons and Triple H… now don’t let me joke you, I know what you are trying but you are doing it too much, also even if this was the first promo with these men involved tonight, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it greatly…. I felt that they all drifted in and out of character…. Decent promo, worst yet though

Now, I have been looking forward to this match… don’t expect it too be better than the main event but it should easily come second….. Will Edge have anything to do in this match, yes I think so….. Onto the actual match, the match was good from start to finish and your booking seems to be getting better after each match… a real exciting, sensible and strong way to end the match with Edge taking down Batista… obviously I think, you will want Shawn and Edge to continue feuding but now you have Batista in their with it and you now have Batista gunning after Edge, 3 way Title match coming up I suspect… MOTN so far

OH MY GOD! What a fucki** match and I really do mean this…. The match was great but the storyline to it was completely awesome and I mean this….. Triple H was just about to win the title but you knew Vince was going to interfere someway… and what I liked was Triple H didn’t even have time to choose what he wanted more keeping the element that he does love that Championship more than anything or anyone… JBL was the biggest shock of the night and off the whole BTB, well actually maybe lying.. I remember the return of Shawn Michaels… anyway, is JBL his bastard son I really do not know… I hope so because I love JBL as a heel and he should be pushed… also, JBL v Triple H at Mania or Triple H v Vince or… OH MY There is so many options, this has made the show for me

Overall: Overall Nige, the show was good in a way but not so good, what I mean by this was it was very good but not as good as it could have been, now I know why the night was revolved round McMahon now…. The last match really did make the show for me and to be honest, I didn’t think their was one bad match in their, the promos where the only disappointment and that was not even them all J


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