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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I hope I get surprised. Will make reading it more fun!

I'll be sure to check back for Saturday Night's Main Event, and don't worry I will review it!
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The Whole F'n Show
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

KF4E's Predictions for Saturday Night's Main Event!

WWE Championship
Triple H vs. Randy Orton (c)

I can't see Orton dropping the belt on a Saturday Night's Main Event. I think you will wait until the rumble at least. Although something tells me Vinni Mac will get involved, and maybe not in a bad way either.

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

Again, can't see the main title swap hands at Saturday Night's Main Event. Although shock tactics for the win. I'm hoping HBK wins but I don;t see it just yet.

WWE United States Championship
Steel Cage Match
Matt Hardy vs. Montel Vontavious Porter (c)

Hardy finally winning would be too special for SNME. MVP will use heel tactics to get the victory.

WWE Womens Championship
Trish Stratus vs. Beth Phoenix (c)

Meh why not.

Chris Jericho vs. Mr. Kennedy

I see Jericho picking up the victory just for that feel good moment.

1. How many titles will change hands, if any?


2. How will the United States title match be decided? Pinfall, submission or by escaping the cage?

MVP escaping.

3. Will Edge make an appearance?


4. Will Mr. McMahon’s son be revealed?


Man sorry for all the nothingness I've given you over the last few weeks I've been very busy with stuff. I'll be back on the BTB scene again soon though where I can get back to my normal self Best of luck with this show, it looks to be a spectacle, and a great way to end the year my friend.
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WWE.com - HOMEPAGE (Saturday Night's Main Event Results)


Saturday December 22nd
Mellon Arena
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


JR: Good evening everyone, and welcome to Saturday Night’s Main Event, the final show of 2007. . . Right here tonight you are going to see four titles defended, including the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship. . . But to get us started, let’s go to our Smackdown announce team of Michael Cole and JBL

Michael Cole: Thanks JR, and like you said, four titles will be on the line right here tonight, starting with the Steel Cage match for the United States Championship

The cage is being lowered as “I’m Comin” hits & MVP makes his way down to the ring through his inflatable tunnel


Michael Cole: John, this match is set to be an absolute classic. And what a way to start off Saturday Night’s Main Event

JBL: You’re absolutely right Michael. . . I have a feeling this is going to be an incredible night, and there is no better way to start this show than with the biggest star on Smackdown, the half man half amazing, MVP. . . He is without a shadow of a doubt Michael, the future of Smackdown. . . He has everything that a champion is going to need tonight, stepping inside that steel cage

Michael Cole: Well John, in the last couple of weeks, Matt Hardy has had the upper hand on MVP, and if he can beat MVP tonight, he will be the new United States Champion

JBL: Well thanks for pointing that out Michael, I would never have guessed that

“Live for the Moment” blasts out & Matt Hardy walks out to the ring


JBL: Michael, I told you a long time ago that Matt Hardy has all the credentials needed to be a big star here on Smackdown, and he has done nothing to change that opinion. . . He has the talent and he has the desire. . . He could well beat MVP tonight, but he will have to be at his absolute best if that is going to happen


Matt Hardy
vs. MVP (c)

MVP bends down and pulls a dazed Matt back up to his feet and holds his head down to his knees and then hits him with a football kick. Matt’s head snaps back as MVP then grabs him by the arm and whips him into the ropes, and as Matt comes back, MVP hits him with a very hard falling clothesline. He then turns over quickly and covers Matt as Jim Korderas counts the fall 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Matt kicks out easily as MVP then stands back up and walks towards the ropes, then starts to climb the cage slowly. With Matt already sitting up, the challenger gets back to his feet and walks over to the ropes, grabs MVP’s foot and tries to pull him down.

MVP puts up a fight as he then stomps his free foot down on Matt’s head, knocking Matt back. But within a couple of seconds, Matt walks back over and steps up onto the middle rope, then reaches up and is able to pull MVP back down to the mat with a tug at the back of his attire. MVP then starts to stand back up as Matt then turns round to run the ropes and as he comes back, he leaps at MVP for a cross body, but as MVP stands by the ropes, he moves to the side as Matt dives into the cage after going through the top and middle rope. MVP rushes as he turns round and pulls Matt’s body away from under the bottom rope, then goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO!! . . . Shoulder up from Matt, leaving MVP a little frustrated.

He then gets back up and then pulls Matt back up to his feet and throws a right hand at him, but Matt surprises him by blocking it, getting the crowd behind him as he then throws several rights at MVP, putting him on the back foot. He then turns back, runs into the ropes and comes back, but MVP steps forward and grabs him around the upper chest, then plants him with an OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. . . A loud echo of sighs rings out as Matt hits the canvas and MVP then goes for a cover, hooking Matt’s leg 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! . . . Again MVP looks disappointed as he gets back up, bends down and pulls Matt back up into a standing position, then whips him into the corner. He isn’t messing about by wasting time as he charges in, connecting with PLAYER’S BOOT. . . Matt got the boot drilled right into his face and looks dazed as hell as staggers out of the corner before dropping down to the mat face first.

MVP then tries to take full advantage by stepping back into the ropes, walking back and taunting Matt before hitting the BALLIN’ ELBOW. . . MVP smiles as he sits up and turns over to cover Matt again 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . The crowd cheer out as Matt continues to fight MVP’s offence, giving them all hope. MVP is in shock for several seconds before standing back up and walking over to the ropes. Matt sits up as MVP then starts to climb the cage, climbing slowly up. Matt shakes his head and sees MVP climbing up the cage, gets up to a vertical base and charges over to the ropes, climbing onto the bottom rope and pulling MVP’s foot down before he can get anywhere close to the top of the cage. The force of the pull is enough as MVP drops to his feet, but Matt then pulls MVP by the arm and whips him into the ropes.

As MVP comes back, Matt stomps him in the gut, shifts behind him and nails him with a SIDE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP. . . BIG POP. . . Matt rushes as he turns over on the mat and reaches over to try for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NOT ENOUGH. . . MVP gets a shoulder up, but Matt looks to keep the momentum going as he stands right back up and pulls MVP back up to his feet, whips him into the corner and runs in. Matt connects with a hard clothesline across MVP’s chest, but holds onto his head as he turns himself round and the runs out of the corner, planting MVP with a bulldog. The crowd cheer like nuts as Matt seems to be in control and scurries back across the canvas to try another cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . KICK OUT. . .

MVP showing his resilience as he just kicks out. Matt looks a little disappointed but decides to try and climb the cage as he gets back up to his feet and paces across. Matt climbs the cage, and with the crowd behind him, he looks to be climbing well as MVP sits back up, sees Matt climbing and races back up to his feet. He runs towards the side of the cage and reaches up to try and grab hold of Matt’s foot, but Matt continues to try and climb the cage. MVP uses all his strength as he tries to pull down Hardy, and is able to after a short tussle with Matt landing on his feet as he hits the canvas. MVP throws a right hand at Matt, but Matt ducks it, stomps him in the chest and plants him with the SIDE EFFECT. . . HUGE CHEERS FOR MATT. . .

With the crowd going crazy, Matt reaches across and hooks the leg 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . OH NO WAY! . . . MVP kicks out and the crowd’s disappointment is obvious. Matt then decides to carry on with the offence, standing up and walking to the corner instead of the climbing the cage. He climbs up to the second rope and does his V1 taunt, getting a pop from the crowd before jumping off and connects with a LEG DROP. . . BIG POP AGAIN FOR MATT. . . He then looks to finish the match off as he turns himself over to cover MVP 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NOT OVER YET! . . . Sighs again ring out as MVP just kicks out again, but Matt picks himself back up and walks over to the corner and decides to climb the cage again.

With MVP barely squirming, Matt climbs up gradually to the crowd’s delight as they chant “Hardy” over and over. As he gets close to the top, MVP gets back to his feet and races into the same corner. He climbs up to the second rope and frantically tries to reach up for Matt’s foot, but Matt stomps him in the head before he is then able to pull both his legs onto the top of the cage. MVP though is quick back up as he runs back to the corner, climbs to the top rope, jumps up and grabs the top of the cage, pulling himself onto the top and grabbing Matt’s legs. With both men on the top of the cage, MVP smashes his right hand against Matt’s legs and then pulls him back towards him.

MVP then pummels Matt’s ribcage with right hands and then pulls him across the cage, towards the corner. MVP shifts into position before half standing up with his back to the ring and then pulling Matt up to his knees, setting him up for a suplex by placing Matt’s head under his arm. With the crowd gasping in shock, MVP stands up with Matt under his arm before falling back, connecting with a SUPERPLEX. . . HOLY SHIT, IT’S ALL OVER. . . Both men are down and seemingly out, Matt squirms around in pain as MVP too remains against the mat. It takes a good ten seconds before MVP starts to come round and then turns over, stretches his arm out across Matt’s chest for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NOOOOOOOO! . . . SO CLOSE. . .

It takes five seconds for MVP just to lift his head up, and when he does, he looks shocked and still not fully with it. He drops his head back down and then starts to crawl towards the door of the cage. As he crawls as slow as a tortoise, Matt starts to come round as the crowd boo MVP as he moves towards the door. MVP keeps crawling and gets within a couple of arm lengths distance away when Matt starts to drag himself across the canvas towards MVP, who signals for the door to be opened, which it is by Charles Robinson. MVP is getting close, but still a small distance away from the ropes when Matt throws his arm forward and grabs MVP’s left foot. Both men are still feeling the fatigue as MVP gets closer to the door, and is nearly there, but Matt gets to his knees and is able to drag MVP back as Robinson shuts the cage door.

Matt then lifts himself up from his knees to his feet, but MVP turns over and pushes Matt off with a kick to the jaw. It takes both men a good ten seconds to get back up to their feet as Matt walks over to MVP, as Porter goes to kick Matt in the groin. Matt though is able to grab MVP’s foot before there’s contact and then plants him with a stomp to the gut and a DDT. The crowd erupts as Matt then turns over and hooks the leg 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . THR-NOOO? . . . So close again, Matt almost had it. It looked over but Matt gets back up to a big pop, looking very sore as he then stalks MVP as he slowly picks himself up. With the crowd cheering, Matt pounces as MVP gets up, turns him round, kicks him in the gut and sets him up for the TWIST OF FATE. . . BUT NO! . . . MVP drops to his knees and low blows Matt, who drops to the canvas clutching his groin.

MVP remains on the mat too, but after he is able to recover, he crawls to the ropes and starts to climb the cage. He’s moving really slowly as he starts to climb, and as he starts, Matt then stands back up and turns round. With MVP getting higher, Matt walks over and yanks him down with one swift pull of the leg, and MVP lands with his legs either side on the top rope. The crowd cheer as Matt shakes the ropes with MVP then falling off. Matt then takes a couple of steps back to take a breather as MVP then lifts himself up to his knees, and as he stands back up, Matt steps forward and goes to kick him in the gut, but MVP shifts behind him, then tries to set him up for the PLAYMAKER. . . Matt though slips behind this time, spins MVP round, kicks him in the gut and plants him with the TWIST OF FATE. . . The crowd goes nuts as Matt then turns over on the canvas and looks to the cage door. He starts to crawl across on his hands and knees as Charles Robinson opens the door. Matt gets closer and closer without MVP moving as Matt then is able to escape through the door. . . ALL OVER!

AFTERMATH: “Live for the Moment” blasts out as Matt stands up on the outside. Robinson then collects the United States title belt and passes it to Matt. The crowd go crazy for Matt as he then raises his belt high in the air and walks round to the bottom of the ramp and lifts it up again as MVP sits up and looks on, still dazed but clearly angry

WINNER: By escaping the cage, and new United States Champion, Matt Hardy

Michael Cole: Oh my god John, Matt Hardy is the new United States Champion. . . What an effort

JBL: It was an amazing effort from Matt Hardy, but from MVP too Michael. . . What a performance from both men


Lena Yada is standing by

Lena Yada:
Please welcome my guest at this time. . . the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista

Batista walks into the shot, getting a big pop from the arena, but also some boos

Lena Yada: Later on tonight, you will be defending your World title against Shawn Michaels. . . How are you feeling right now?

Batista: Well Lena, I’m not sure if I’m being totally honest. . . After everything that’s gone on the past few weeks with me and Shawn, I’ve had more headaches than at any other time in my life. I mean I know what Shawn is like when it comes to stabbing people in the back, and when he super kicked by accident last week, I lost it. I trusted Shawn, I thought he abused that trust and disrespected me. . . But it seems I got it wrong, I didn’t see it as an accident at the time and let my heart rule my head, not just because of this (slaps his world title), and this (tapping his heart)


But I know that Shawn Michaels has heart, and that tonight we will beat the hell out of each other, because we both have heart and want to be the very best that there is in this business. No one can tell me that Shawn Michaels doesn’t deserve to be in this match, because he is without a doubt all the things that he says he is. . . He is the main event, the show stopper, the icon, but tonight he’s going up against The Animal and I am going to give it everything I have to beat the main event, the show stopper, the icon and leave here tonight as the World Heavyweight Champion


Batista walks out of the shot smiling, but also looking serious


Stephanie McMahon is sat in a private room with Vince McMahon and her daughter, Aurora Rose sat on the floor playing with her toys


Vince McMahon:
Steph, I just wanna say I appreciate you asking me here tonight. And I have to say that I really have missed out on spending time with my beautiful granddaughter, she is adorable

Stephanie McMahon: You caught her on a good night, but dad, there’s another reason I asked you here tonight. . . I know that you and Hunter still have some issues to work out, but tonight could be a special night for our family. Triple H could win the WWE Championship and. . . but there’s something else

Vince McMahon: What is it Steph? You know you can tell me anything

Steph looks a little uncomfortable

Vince McMahon: If there’s something you want to tell me Stephanie, I promise you it won’t get any further. . . And whatever it is, I’m here for you if you need to talk

Steph seems to open up as she shuffles along the sofa to get close to Vince

Stephanie McMahon: Well, I’ve been trying to tell Hunter all day, but he’s just so pre occupied with his match with Randy Orton tonight that he just cuts me off or walks away when I try and talk to him

Vince McMahon: Steph, don’t bottle things up. It only makes things worse, just talk to me

Stephanie McMahon: Well, I should wait to tell Hunter first, but. . . dad. . . I’m pregnant


Vince McMahon: Oh my, that’s wonderful news Steph. Come here

They hug and Vince talks as he holds Steph

Vince McMahon: This couldn’t be more perfect Steph. Tonight could see Hunter become the WWE Champion and we can all celebrate together as a family and toast to the next member of the McMahon family

Vince and Steph continue to hug as Triple H then walks in

***BIG POP***

Triple H:
Woah, what’ve I missed here Steph?

Steph and Vince let go of each other and Vince stands up

Vince McMahon: Look Hunter, I know we’re never going to be the best of friends, but I hope for Stephanie’s sake that we can try and get along. I mean family is all that matters at the end of the day

Trips looks right into Vince’s eyes, emotionless

Vince McMahon: Look, no one knows more than I do that I have treated all of you in the most terrible of ways, but I am going to do everything I can to change that and makes us one big happy family, starting tonight when you take back the WWE Championship

Triple H’s face remains the same as Vince looks a little surprised at the lack of a reaction

Vince McMahon: You know what you need Hunter? . . . Sit down there next to Stephanie, I have a feeling you’re going to be celebrating more than you think tonight

Trips turns to Steph

Triple H: What’s this all about Steph?

Stephanie McMahon: Hunter, I just need to talk to you for a couple of minutes. . . please

Vince McMahon: Take a breather for a few minutes, I’ll get out of your hair. . . Actually, maybe I should leave you two to it and take my lovely granddaughter to get a drink

Vince picks her up

Vince McMahon: You’d like a drink wouldn’t you precious?

Aurora smiles in Vince’s arms as Triple H then moves closer to Vince

Triple H: If you think I’m letting you take my daughter. . .

Stephanie stands up. . .

Stephanie McMahon: Come on Hunter, he’s not going to harm her. . . Dad, it’s fine, you look after Aurora for a bit while I talk to Hunter

Triple H: I’m not happy about this Steph

Stephanie McMahon: Trust me, it’ll be fine

Vince McMahon: Hunter, I swear to you that I would not hurt her, I mean how could anyone do that to this little angel

Vince strokes her cheek as Steph puts her hand on Triple H’s shoulder

Triple H: Fine, but you stay here, me and Steph will go talk outside. You can have some time with your granddaughter and play with her toys, she’ll cry blue murder without them

Vince McMahon: That’s fine by me, we’ll play right here won’t we princess

Steph smiles but Trips looks uneasy

Triple H: Alright, we won’t be long, just stay here

Vince McMahon: Don’t worry Hunter, I really appreciate this. I won’t let you down, I promise

Triple H kisses Aurora on the cheek and then walks out of the room with Steph following behind him, smiling at Vince as she leaves

Vince McMahon: Now princess, what are we going to do with you?

The camera fades out as he cuddles his granddaughter with a big smile on his face


“Count on It” hits as Beth Phoenix makes her way to the arena


JR: Right here tonight King, this very scary individual. . . The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix has the chance to end the career of one of the best divas of all time in Trish Stratus

The King: Believe me JR, no one is rooting for Trish more than me tonight, I just see The Glamazon as being unstoppable right now. I don’t even think Trish Stratus will be able to stop her

“Time to Rock and Roll” blasts out and Trish Stratus walks down to the ring

Well I don’t know about that King, Trish is one of the best of all time for a reason. I think she has the advantage here tonight. . . These two have never faced each other before and all the pressure is on Beth as champion, she has everything to lose. . . If Trish loses, she goes back to her normal life like she intended. This was just a one night deal for her

The King: But if she wins JR, she gets to be the WWE Womens Champion again. It’s a win win situation for Trish tonight

***BIG POP***

***MATCH #2***


Trish Stratus
vs. Beth Phoenix (c)

Beth reaches down and pulls Trish back up to her feet and whips her into the ropes, but as Trish comes back, Phoenix ducks her head. Trish takes full advantage as she flips over her head and gets Beth into a VICTORY ROLL. . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . KICK OUT. . . Beth kicks Trish off with a kick to the shoulder, knocking Trish back. Beth then pulls herself to the side so she can stand up in the corner and use the ropes to stand up. Trish though is back on her feet too and walks into the corner, but Phoenix sees her coming and nails her with a right hand. Trish is knocked back a couple of steps as Phoenix then steps up to the second rope, but Trish walks forward and is able to handstand and wrap her feet around Beth’s head.

The crowd cheer as Trish then connects with the FRANKEN STEINER. . . BIG POP. . . Trish then crawls over and hooks the legs 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . EASY KICK OUT FOR PHOENIX. . . Trish gets on with it as she stands back up, then bends down to lift The Glamazon back up to her feet, kicks her in the chest and goes for an irish whip, but it’s reversed by Phoenix. As Trish comes back off the ropes, Beth kicks her in the gut and then sets her up for a suplex. But as she lifts her up, Phoenix walks over to the ropes, drops Trish’s legs on the top rope, then lifts her back and brings her crashing down with a SLINGSHOT SUPLEX. . . Hard landing for Trish as Phoenix turns over and goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NOOO! . . .

Shoulder up for Stratus, but Phoenix doesn’t look happy. As she gets back up, she then pulls Trish back up, stomps her hard in the gut, then whips her into the ropes, connecting with a double axe handle to the chest as Trish then comes back off the ropes. Trish looks in some pain as The Glamazon looks in control and picks her back up, then plants her with a GUT WRENCH SUPLEX. . . Again Phoenix looks to wrap things up as she hooks both legs this time 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . SHOULDER UP. . . Phoenix starts to get angry as the crowd too get on her back by cheering for Trish. The Glamazon picks herself back up and drags Trish right back up too, whips her into the ropes and plants her with a SIDEWALK SLAM. . .
Trish in real danger again as Phoenix again turns over and tries for another cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

Beth sits back up and stares a hole through John Cone as he signals it was just a two count. She slowly stands back up, looking very disturbed as she then picks Trish back up and looking into the crowd at the same time. She still keeps her eyes looked on the crowd as she sets Trish up for a cradle suplex, but with her attention not on her challenger, Trish pulls her foot out of Beth’s hand and slips behind her, pushes her forward, runs back into the ropes, comes back and plants Beth with a bulldog. A huge cheer breaks out as Trish gets back up, closely followed by Phoenix. Trish throws a wild right which Phoenix ducks and then clubs Trish hard across the back, then lifts her into the air for a GORILLA PRESS DROP. . . The Glamazon then drops Trish, who lands face down and hard on the mat.

The crowd can be heard as they boo Phoenix’s attempt at another cover, without her hooking the leg 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . KICK OUT. . . CHEERS RING OUT. . . Phoenix looks on the verge of a seizure as she stands up and berates Cone. He stands firm and tells her it was only two, but she doesn’t look happy. She gets distracted as she then sees Trish sitting back up, so turns her attention back to her opponent, pulling her up to her feet and whipping her into the corner. As Phoenix then runs in, Trish lifts her foot up into The Glamazon’s face. Trish then steps up to the second rope as Beth staggers out of the corner, but as Phoenix turns round, she sees Trish on the ropes and decides to move to the side and leans into the ropes.

Trish drops into a sitting position as Beth smiles and then walks into the corner and climbs up to the second rope, turning round and sitting down on the top turnbuckle. She lifts Trish onto her shoulders and then stands up with danger looming for Stratus. The Glamazon then jumps off the top and connects with the BETH VALLEY DRIVER. . . IT’S GOT TO BE ALL OVER. . . Phoenix then gets a big smile on her face as she simply leans back onto Trish’s chest without hooking either leg 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! . . . Trish got her foot onto the bottom rope in time to stop the three count. The crowd goes crazy as Phoenix rises back up to her feet in complete shock and then sees the foot on the rope. She then gets a really sadistic look on her face as she backs away from Trish and waits for her to stand up.

Trish takes about ten seconds before she gets to her knees and then is able to stand up and walk away from the ropes. But at that very moment, Phoenix runs at her, Trish though pulls her body back and down for a TRISHMATRIX. . . Beth runs though into the ropes, and as she comes back, Trish plants her with a SPINEBUSTER. . . Massive pop for Trish as she then hooks Beth’s leg for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO WAY. . . IT’S NOT OVER. . . Trish sits up in shock and runs her hands through her hair, as Phoenix then amazingly starts to sit up. The Glamazon isn’t giving up without a fight as Trish then realises she has to act and stands back up behind Phoenix as she gets to her knees. The moment Beth is back up, Trish grabs her around the head and signals for the STRATUS FACTION. . . The crowd are on their feet as Trish then runs into the ropes, steps onto the ropes, but as she turns around, Phoenix is able to throw Trish off her shoulder and down to the mat.

It’s met with lots of boos from the fans as she stands by the ropes for a couple of seconds before walking over to Trish. But as she walks over, Trish gets up and nails The Glamazon with a CHICK KICK. . . Massive pop for Trish as she then drops to the mat and hooks the leg 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . THR-NOOO! . . . UNBELIEVABLE. . . Phoenix kicked out of the Chick Kick. Tons of gasps come from the crowd and Trish is shocked too as she sits back up. She then stands back up and looks ready to explode as Phoenix starts to sit up. Trish looks to be getting ready for another Chick Kick, and as Beth gets back up and turns round, Trish swings her foot at Phoenix, but she ducks it. And as Trish turns back round, The Glamazon scoops her up and plants her with the SIT DOWN MICHINOKU DRIVER (DOWN IN THE FLAMES). . . Holding on for the cover, Cone counts it 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3 . . . OH MY GOD, IT’S ALL OVER!

AFTERMATH: Beth Phoenix’s music hits as she slowly picks herself back up with a wide smile on her face. She is given her title belt by Cone, and as she gets it, she holds it close to her chest and hugging it before walking to the back. The camera remains on Trish as she eventually gets back up and is given a standing ovation

WINNER: By pinfall and still WWE Womens Champion, Beth Phoenix

JR: Beth Phoenix’s reputation as Womens Champion just got bigger King

The King: It sure has JR. . . She just beat Trish Stratus, one of the greatest of all time and ended her career. . . It’s a sad, sad night JR


We see Edge in his casual clothes walking down the hall, looking really pissed off


He walks past Josh Matthews and Lena Yada as they talk, but Josh gets distracted and shouts out

Josh Matthews:
EDGE. . . What are you doing here?

Edge walks back and looks right at Josh

Edge: What am I doing here? . . . You wanna know what I’m doing here Josh? . . . Well I think it’s pretty obvious to everyone just why I’m here tonight. . . Did you not see what Shawn Michaels did to me last night? . . . For absolutely no reason, he decided it would be a good idea to super kick an innocent citizen like myself. But you know what Shawn, it wasn’t a good idea, it was a very bad idea. . . The last thing you wanna do Shawn on a night like this, a night where you have the chance to fulfil a dream, is piss off the Rated R Superstar


Edge: You might think you got away with it Michaels, but believe me, no one does that to me and you will pay the price sooner rather than later. . . And believe me when I say that payback is going to be one hell of a bitch


Edge walks out of the shot, looking very intense


Stephanie & Triple H are walking back down the hall, all smiles with their arms around each other

***BIG POP***

Triple H:
This could just be the greatest night of my life. . . Not only am I gonna become the WWE Champion, but a dad too for the second time. . . it’s unbelievable. And even your dad is helping us out. . . it’s like being in a dream world

They get to their locker room door and they stop as they then kiss for about five seconds before pulling back and smiling widely. Triple H then opens the door and looks round, and then steps foot inside. He steps back and turns round, looking angry


Stephanie McMahon: Why, what’s wrong?

Triple H: What do you think Steph? Aurora’s gone, and so’s your dad

Stephanie McMahon: You’re kidding

Steph pushes past him and opens the door and we see that there is no one in there

Stephanie McMahon: OH MY GOD!

Triple H: I’ll kill him


Triple H charges off down the hall and grabs hold of an official by his collar

Triple H: Have you seen Vince McMahon?

Official: Yeah, he walked down here with a little girl about five minutes ago

Triple H: Where did he go?

Official: I don’t know, he just went round the corner. The girl looked happy enough

Trips pushes him back as he lets go

Stephanie McMahon (Shouts Out): I’M GONNA GO FIND SHANE

Triple H charges up the hall




“Turn up the Trouble” hits as Mr. Kennedy makes his way down to the ring, shunning his usual introduction and just waiting eagerly for Jericho


JR: This man is one sick individual King. . . What he did last Monday night to The Mountie last Monday night was despicable

The King: Oh come on JR, The Mountie used his cattle prod to beat Mr. Kennedy. . . That was hardly fair was it?

JR: It was the same damn thing that Kennedy did to beat Chris Jericho the week before. . . What Kennedy did was deplorable

“Break The Walls Down” blasts out and Chris Jericho walks down to the ring with a big smile on his face

The King: Look at the smile on Jericho’s face. He won’t be smiling at the end of this one, let me tell you

JR: I wouldn’t be so sure King. I know for a fact Jericho’s got to be smarting still from the Survivor Series when Mr. Kennedy smashed his head in with that steel chair

The King: Well I guess we’re about to find out JR

***BIG POP***

***MATCH #3***

Chris Jericho
vs. Mr. Kennedy

ENDING: Kennedy looks too cocky as he throws a right hand towards Jericho, but Y2J ducks it and then stomps Kennedy in the gut. He pulls Kennedy’s head under his arm and hooks his arms up, then plants him with a DOUBLE UNDERHOOK BACKBREAKER. . . There’s a big pop as Jericho, on his knees then goes for a cover as Jack Doan counts the fall 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NOT YET! . . . Jericho gets right on with things as he stands back up, but Kennedy then rolls to the ropes to help himself up. Y2J backs up a couple of steps as Kennedy helps himself up using the ropes, but as he turns round, Jericho charges at him and hits him with a clothesline across the chest which takes Kennedy over the top rope.

Kennedy though lands on the apron as Jericho then sees the opportunity in front of his eyes and runs to the corner, then knocks Kennedy off the apron with a SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK. . . Another big pop rings out for Jericho as Kennedy lands on the barricade. Jericho then rushes back up to his feet, turns round and runs into the ropes, and as he runs back, he baseball slides to the outside under the bottom rope. He then scoops Kennedy up and drops him neck first on the barricade, getting another loud cheer from the crowd. Jericho then walks back to the apron and slides in the ring for a split second before pulling himself back out to restart the count.

He walks back over to Kennedy and helps him up to his feet, holds onto his arm and tries to whip him into the ringpost, but Kennedy reverses it as Jericho then hits the ringpost face first instead. Kennedy drops to his knees for a couple of seconds before sliding in and out of the ring like Jericho did before to restart the count. Kennedy seems to be focused again as he makes his way over to Jericho, grabs him by the back of the head, pulls it back and then smashes it into the ringpost. As Jericho starts to fall back, Kennedy catches him and then connects with a SIDE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP ON TO THE PADDED FLOOR. . .

Kennedy picks himself back up and he has a smug smile on his face as he slides back in the ring and shouts at Doan to count Jericho out which he starts to do. With the count getting to eight, Jericho is able to crawl back over to the apron and get back in just in time. Kennedy looks furious as he then storms over to Jericho and stomps over his chest several times before pulling him up to his knees and whipping him into the corner. He follows him in and punches him across the face several times, with Jericho dropping down slightly against the corner pads. Kennedy then backs up to the opposite corner and charges in at Jericho, connecting with the FACEWASH. . .

Jericho drops face first down to the mat as Kennedy then backs off with another smile on his face. Kennedy waits as he sees Jericho slowly pick himself back up to his feet, and as he walks out just as slowly. Kennedy then runs at him and hits him with the GREEN BAY MEAT PACKER. . . The elevated neckbreaker takes Jericho down to the mat with a bang as Kennedy then scurries across and hooks the leg 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . SHOULDER UP. . . Just in time, Jericho escapes that one, leaving Kennedy in shock. He looks up at the referee and then demands that Doan counts again, which he does 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! . . . Jericho kicks out again as a visibly angry Mr. Kennedy then slowly stands back up, looking very frustrated.

He takes several steps back from a squirming Jericho as he starts to make his way back up to his feet. Kennedy urges Jericho up to his feet, looking like he’s ready to explode, and as Jericho gets back up, Kennedy runs at him, but Jericho turns round and hits him with a spinning heel kick. It takes Jericho a couple of seconds to recover and then get back up to his feet. He then walks over to the corner, but by this time, Kennedy is already sitting up. As Jericho then steps through the ropes and climbs up to the top rope, Kennedy is back up on his feet, then charges into the corner and punches Jericho in the chest. Y2J drops into a sitting position on the top turnbuckle as Kennedy then climbs up onto the second rope and tries to lift Jericho into position for the GREEN BAY PLUNGE. . .

Jericho though fights it and is able to push Kennedy down to the mat, getting a pop from the crowd. Kennedy is back up on his feet within a couple of seconds, but Jericho is able to stand up on the top rope and then hits Kennedy with a MISSILE DROPKICK. . . Huge roar from the crowd as Jericho then turns over and scurries across to try and get a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . ALMOST! . . . Shoulder was up from Kennedy as Doan signals the two count. Jericho then stands back up, but Kennedy is up again quickly too as Jericho runs into the ropes behind Kennedy, comes back and plants him with a one arm bulldog. The crowd cheer for Y2J again as he then gets back up and walks round to Kennedy’s legs, lifts them up and tries to lock in the WALLS OF JERICHO. . .

HE LOCKS IT IN. . . Kennedy starts to scream as Jericho turns over and uses all his strength to try and get Kennedy to tap. The Green Bay native looks in agony in the middle of the ring as Jericho applies the pressure on the lower back and the crowd cheer like crazy. Kennedy starts to crawl slowly across the mat, using every last inch of energy he has to escape, getting closer and closer to the bottom rope before eventually reaching out and grabbing the bottom rope. Boos come from the crowd as Doan tells Jericho to let the hold go, but he just stands up a little and drags Kennedy back into the middle of the ring. But as the crowd cheer, Kennedy is able to turn over before Jericho can sit on his lower back. Kennedy kicks Jericho off as he turns over, then sits up.

Jericho walks back over, and with Kennedy sat up, he reaches up and rolls Jericho into an inside cradle 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . KICK OUT. . . Both men pick themselves back up, but Kennedy is up last, still struggling, but as Jericho swings at him, Kennedy ducks it and then stomps him in the chest before planting him with the MIC CHECK. . . Still recovering from the Walls of Jericho, Kennedy remains on the mat for several seconds too before he is able to turn over and cover Jericho 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NOOOO! . . . SO CLOSE. . . Kennedy looks up in amazement as Jericho just got his shoulder up with the crowd cheering loudly. Kennedy slowly picks himself back up and walks over to the corner, climbing to the top rope. He still looks a little fatigued as he waits for a couple of seconds before leaping off for the KENTON BOMB. . .

BUT NO. . . Jericho lifts his knees up into Kennedy’s chest. With Kennedy holding his chest for a second, he then drops to the mat as Jericho stands back up, sees Kennedy down and runs into the ropes, springboards and hits the LIONSAULT. . . The crowd go crazy as Jericho holds on for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . THR-NOOO! . . . OH MY GOD, SO CLOSE. . . It looked all over as Kennedy just got his shoulder up. Jericho looks tired too as fatigue well and truly set in, but as Kennedy start to roll onto one knee, Jericho stood back up and as Kennedy turned round, Jericho pounced and hit the dazed Kennedy with the CODEBREAKER. . . Huge pop breaks out as Jericho then crawls over and hooks both legs 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3 . . . ALL OVER!

AFTERMATH: “Break The Walls Down” hits as Chris Jericho gets back up to his feet to get his arm raised by Doan. He walks over to the ropes and smiles for the crowd as they cheer his victory. He then walks to the corner and climbs to the top rope where he poses again for a while, but as he climbs down and turns round, Kennedy is back on his feet and plants him with the Mic Check. He stands back up and laughs as he looks down at Jericho

WINNER: By pinfall, Chris Jericho

JR: What the hell is wrong with that Mr. Kennedy? . . . He loses the match fair and square, and he has to resort to attacking Jericho in such a disgusting manner like that


We see video clips of every Royal Rumble winner, split seconds of each one and it ends in a graphic of Madison Square Garden

NARRATOR: For over twenty years, one of sports entertainment’s most landmark events has captivated the hearts of millions across the world, but in 2008, this most prestigious of events will return to the heart of the United States of America. . . New York City. . . The Royal Rumble, Sunday 28th January, live only on pay-per-view


Shane McMahon & a distressed looking Stephanie are walking quickly down the hall

Shane McMahon:
Steph, we’ll find her I promise. Dad might be sick in the head, but he wouldn’t do anything to Aurora, I’m sure of it

Stephanie McMahon: Sure’s not good enough right now, I need my baby girl back and NOW

Shane McMahon: Maybe you know how dad feels now right?

Stephanie’s face turns to stone, stops and puts her arm across Shane’s chest

Stephanie McMahon: What’s that supposed to mean Shane?

Shane McMahon: Woah, calm down sis, I didn’t mean it like that. Maybe that’s why he’s taken her, if he has that is

Stephanie McMahon: Of course he has, you’re right. He’s doing it to get back at Hunter for taking his baby girl away from him. . . Why didn’t I see that?

Shane McMahon: Look Steph, all that matters now is finding Aurora okay

Triple H walks out into the hall, looking angry as hell

Triple H: Well I hope you’re happy Steph, no one can find either of them anywhere. . . What possessed you to invite him here tonight huh? On tonight of all nights. . . You think I’m gonna be able to go out there and concentrate on my match against Randy with Vince holding my daughter in god knows where? . . . This is the last time I listen to you Steph. I just hope we find her or you’ll be to blame for losing our daughter

Shane steps in front of Steph

Shane McMahon: What, you think getting angry at Stephanie’s going to get Aurora back? . . . First of all, calm down. Like I told Steph, dad’s done some pretty sick things in his life, but I don’t think for a split second he will do anything to hurt Aurora

Triple H: Well that’s a chance I’m not gonna take. . . I said all along your dad was sick son of a bitch, I just can’t believe you fell for it. . . Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go find my daughter and beat your dad within an inch of his life

Triple H is about to walk off when. . .

Shane McMahon: What about your match tonight?

Trips turns back

Triple H: If I don’t find her, you two and Randy better hope you do because either way, he’s getting the hell beat out of him

The Game turns back round and walks up the hall


Shane & Steph look at each other for a second

Shane McMahon: Come on Steph, we better find her, or god knows what he’ll do to Orton tonight

Shane & Steph walk off past the camera

• Shawn Michaels defeating Edge, getting one step away from a title shot
• Edge telling Batista that Michaels would turn on him at the first opportunity
• Michaels beating The Undertaker to win the number one contender’s spot
• Michaels refereeing Batista vs Edge eight days ago and accidentally super kicking Batista after Edge ducked it
• Batista demanding answers from HBK last night on Smackdown, and almost hitting the Batista Bomb, but changing his mind at the last second
• Edge about to hit Batista with a chair last night, but Michaels super kicking Edge and saving Batista, leaving them staring each other down at the end of the show


“Sexy Boy” blasts out & Shawn Michaels walks down to the ring, looking very focused

***HUGE POP***

Michael Cole: Well John, it’s time for the World Heavyweight Championship to be decided. . . And quite frankly, it is impossible to pick a winner out of these two men

JBL: Michael, both these men could beat anyone on Smackdown, in fact they have. . . But tonight it’s all about who wants it more, and for me that man is Shawn Michaels

“I Walk Alone” blasts out & Batista makes his way to the ring, looking serious as hell


Michael Cole: Well here comes the animal. And John I think that Batista wants this just as much as Michaels does. That World title is so important to Batista, he does not want lose to it at any cost

JBL: Michael, who’s to say he has a choice? . . . If Shawn Michaels is better than him, it doesn’t matter. We will have a new World Champion

***MATCH #4***

Batista (c)
vs. Shawn Michaels

ENDING: Michaels with the momentum now on his side, hits Batista with a right hand to the face, then follows it up with another and then hits him with a couple of hard backhand chops to the chest. He then grabs a stunned Batista by the arm and tries for an irish whip, but it’s reversed by The Animal as Michaels hits the ropes. As Michaels comes back though, he jumps up into the air and onto Batista, taking him down with the LOU THESZ PRESS. . . The crowd cheer like mad as Michaels pummels away at Batista’s head. He then stands back up and runs into the corner, then climbs up to the top rope. And as Batista stands back up, Michaels leaps off and hits a DIVING CROSS BODY 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

Easy kick out for the World Champion as he powers out of that one with Michaels being pushed up into the air slightly and hitting the mat. It takes both men a few seconds before they are able to stand back up, and as they get up, Michaels turns round and runs into the ropes. Batista though sees him coming and runs at him, knocking him down with a vicious running clothesline. The Animal doesn’t stop there as he bends down and pulls Michaels back up to his feet, whips him into the ropes, turns back into the ropes himself, and as they both run back into the centre of the ring, Batista connects with a diving shoulder block. Batista looks to be in control now as he stands back up and pulls Michaels right back up straight away, then whips him into the corner.

He backs up for a second, then charges in, hitting Michaels with a series of hard shoulder thrusts to the chest. He then takes a couple of steps back as Michaels looks to recover, but as he walks back in, Michaels rakes him in the eye. Batista then staggers out of the corner holding his face, and as Michaels walks out, he sweeps Batista’s legs and locks in the SHARPSHOOTER. . . There’s a huge pop breaking out amongst some boos as Michaels is able to pile on the pressure, forcing Batista to fight for his title. The Animal looks in some pain, but is clearly fighting it with every bone in his body. He moves ever so slightly, but Michaels retaliates by holding on firm to try and stop Batista from getting any further.

With Michaels trying so hard, he starts to suffer and Batista capitalises as he drags himself closer and closer to the bottom rope and reaches out to put his hand on there. Again there’s a mixed reaction, but with most favouring Michaels as HBK looks devastated as Micky Henson tells him to let the hold go, which he reluctantly does at the count of four. Michaels remains on his knees in shock for a couple of seconds as Batista turns over and helps himself up by the ropes. Michaels then stands back up and walks over to the ropes, grabs Batista by the arm and goes for an irish whip, but The Animal uses his strength and is able to reverse it. And as Michaels comes back off the ropes, Batista walks into the centre of the ring and plants him with a SPINNING SIDE SLAM. . .

A lot of boos for The Animal with some cheers as Michaels hits the mat hard, with Batista now hooking the leg 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . POP AS MICHAELS KICKS OUT. . . Batista takes it in his stride as he gets back up to his feet and walks into the corner, getting ready for Michaels as he starts to stand back up. And as Michaels gets back up to his feet and turns round, Batista charges out of the corner and towards Michaels, but HBK counters with a drop toe hold. With the crowd cheering, Michaels then stands back up, grabs Batista’s legs and locks in the FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. . . The crowd are going nuts as Michaels tries desperately to make The Animal tap this time, showing how much effort he is using with his face going bright red as he pulls back tightly.

Batista struggles and tries to pull himself back with the crowd chanting at him to tap, but slowly he is able to drag himself back towards the ropes. Michaels does everything he can, applying more pressure to Batista, but it’s too late as Batista is able to reach back and grab hold of the bottom rope. Boos and some cheers ring out again as Batista is able to escape tapping out for the second time. Michaels too feels the fatigue as he remains on the mat after letting the hold go. Batista ever so slowly starts to pick himself up with the aid of the ropes as Michaels too gets back up to his feet and walks over to Batista. The Animal though hits Michaels with a hard right hand, knocking him back, and as Michaels walks back again, Batista lifts his boot up into Michaels’ face.

HBK is knocked back again and is spun round by the force of the boot. And as he turns round again, Batista charges at him and plants him with a SPEAR. . . HE GOT ALL OF IT. . . Batista with boos ringing in his ear, turns round and hooks the leg 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . MY GOD, MICHAELS KICKED OUT. . . How the hell did he do that? Batista is stunned as he pulls himself back up to his knees and holds his head in his hands. He then looks down in shock at Michaels as he rolls to the side slightly. With Michaels just about moving, Batista stands back up and pulls Michaels back up to his feet, then whips him into the ropes, but as Michaels comes back, he slides through The Animal’s legs.

He then runs through off the ropes behind Batista, runs back and hits The Animal with a flying forearm. The crowd cheer Michaels on as he then flips back up, getting an even bigger pop. Batista is back up on his feet quickly too as Michaels then walks over and hits Batista with an inverted atomic drop, then follows up by scooping him up and slamming him back down to the mat. He then walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope, then leaps off, connecting with the HEARTBREAK ELBOW. . . The crowd are in delirium as Michaels then reaches over and covers The Animal. . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NOO! . . . Michaels looks a little shaken at first, but then stands back up and walks over to the corner again, this time though, he starts to tune up the band.

With the fans cheering him on and stomping their feet in the crowd, Michaels watches on as Batista is able to pull himself back up to his feet. And then, Michaels moves out of the corner and goes for the SWEET CHIN MUSIC. . . Batista sees it and grabs Michaels foot, drops it and then whips him into the ropes, connecting when Michaels comes back with a SPINEBUSTER. . . The divided crowd again let their feelings known, but it’s still Pro HBK as Batista then walks over to the ropes and shakes them in a frenzy, Ultimate Warrior style to a lot of heat. He then turns round and walks back across the mat and drags the fallen challenger to his feet and then places him between his legs, in position for the Batista Bomb. The crowd let out the most heat of the evening, but Batista shrugs it off as he is about to lift Michaels.

HBK though is able to counter it with a back body drop, getting a huge pop from the crowd as Batista hits the mat back first. Michaels then crawls towards the corner and picks himself up by the ropes with Henson walking over and checking on him. Batista though is back on his feet and charges at Michaels, who sees it coming and sidesteps it, but Henson is unable to get out of the way as Batista ends up SPLASHING THE REFEREE. . . Henson drops to the mat lick a sack of potatoes. Batista looks on in shock, but as he turns round, Michaels whips him into the opposite corner, charges in and connects with a clothesline. He then climbs up to the second rope and starts nailing him with right hand after right hand.

Getting to eight punches, Michaels goes for another, but Batista is able to lift Michael’s upper legs up and lifts him above his head. He then walks out of the corner and plants him with the BATISTA BOMB. . . A ton of boos ring out as he hits it, but there is no referee. Batista hopes for a referee to come down to the ring as he gestures for one to come out and then hooks Michaels’ leg. Some of the crowd count to three, getting past it to nearly ten as there is still no sign of a referee. Batista is angry as hell as he then stands up by the ropes and starts yelling for someone to come down and take over. He then turns round as no one comes and sees Michaels sitting up. He then bends down to help him up to his feet, but Michaels low blows him before Batista picks him up.

After another ten seconds, they both start to sit back up, but there is then a lot of heat coming from the crowd. We then see Edge jump the barricade and grab a steel chair from ringside. He then slides in the ring as Batista and Michaels stand back up, and with Michaels in front of Batista, Edge swings the chair at Michaels, but the show stopper ducks and the CHAIR REBOUNDS OFF BATISTA’S SKULL. . . Edge looks down in shock for a couple of seconds before turning round into a SUPER KICK FROM HBK. . . The kick takes Edge down to the mat and Michaels then stomps him off the apron and under the bottom rope. He then drags Henson over to Batista, drops to the mat and hooks Batista’s leg as Henson counts slowly 1 . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . . 3 . . . . . BELL RINGS!

AFTERMATH: “Sexy Boy” blasts out as Shawn Michaels gets back up to his feet and is eventually given the World title belt by a groggy Henson. He then walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope to celebrate his victory, getting a standing ovation from the crowd. Edge starts to come round on the outside and looks groggy as Michaels looks down at him with his new title belt raised in the air

WINNER: By pinfall, new World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels

Michael Cole: I can’t believe it John, we have a new World Heavyweight Champion, but it’s all thanks to Edge

JBL: Like I said earlier Michael, it doesn’t matter what happens, if you lose your title like Batista has, there’s nothing you can do about it but take it like a man


• Triple H defeating Vince McMahon at the Survivor Series
• Randy Orton becoming the sole survivor at the Survivor Series
• Shane McMahon announcing that Triple H will challenge randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Saturday Night’s Main Event
• Later that night and Orton sliding in the ring behind and RKO’ing Triple H
• Clips of the two men brawling and then Triple H hitting the pedigree on Orton last week on Raw and staring at Vince at the end of the show


JR: Ladies and gentleman, we’ve not received any clarification on whether Mr. McMahon has taken his granddaughter, Aurora Rose or not. All we know is that no one has found her backstage yet, I just don’t know what that means as to what happens to our main event now

The King: Neither do I JR, I just hope that Mr. McMahon hasn’t done anything stupid. . .

“The Game” blasts out

***BIG POP***

Triple H looks deadly focused as he walks quickly down the ramp, no water, no posing. He gets inside the ring and then demands a microphone

Triple H: VINCE. . . I know you’re listening, so I’m gonna say this just once. . . I know you’re trying to get me to forget about this match and winning the WWE Championship, but I’m not gonna let that happen. I will wrestle Randy Orton, and I will become the new WWE Champion here tonight. . . But Vince, if you’ve done anything to my daughter, I swear to god once I’m done beating the crap out of Randy Orton, you’re sure as hell next


He throws the microphone across the mat as “Burn in My Light” hits and Randy Orton appears at the top of the ramp with a microphone, looking pretty smug

Randy Orton: Hunter, I don’t know what you’re goin through right now, but it seems to me that it’s best for the both of us if we just forget about our match tonight


Randy Orton: You obviously shouldn’t be out here, so I think it’s for the best that you go back there and look for your daughter, and maybe we’ll do this another time. . . That is of course if you find your daughter


Triple H smirks, but sadistically for a second as he then climbs through the ropes and runs up the ramp at Orton, attacking him and bringing him down to the ring



Triple H
vs. Randy Orton (c)

ENDING: Triple H blocks a right hand from Orton and chops him across the chest repeatedly, forcing him back into the ropes. He then grabs Orton by the arm and whips him into the ropes, ducking his head as Orton comes back. Orton takes full advantage by kicking The Game’s head, snapping his head right back up in the air and then plants him with an ELEVATED DDT. . . Orton is quick to turn round and cover his opponent as Mike Chioda counts 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Triple H gets his shoulder up, leaving Orton slightly frustrated and surprised. The Legend Killer then shifts across the mat and applies body scissors, wrapping his legs around The Game’s chest and grabbing him by the head.

The King of Kings seems to struggle as Orton pulls tightly, putting all his energy into it. The crowd start cheering for Triple H, and he responds as he is able to lift his right arm in the air, worrying Orton who applies more pressure, but The Game is giving it his all too as he then brings his arm down, driving it back into the side of Orton’s head, and then again. Orton lets go and holds the side of his head, selling the escape. He then stands back up, pulls Triple H up and whips him into the corner. He takes a second before then running in at the challenger, but Triple H moves to the side as Orton looks destined to hit the corner pads. He’s able to stop himself though and reaches out to grab the top rope.

As he turns round, Triple H moves back in and throws a right which Orton is able to block and then sweeps The Game’s legs, lifts them up and then drops to the mat himself, but rests his legs on the second rope as he goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Chioda sees the feet on the rope and tells him to get them off. He does so, but protests as he stands back up and then helps Triple H up from his knees, then throws a right hand. The Game blocks it and unleashes a barrage of hard right hands on the WWE Champion, getting the crowd going. And seemingly with the momentum on his side, he whips Orton into the ropes, but as he comes back, Orton ducks under an outstretched right arm and nails Triple H with a perfectly executed standing dropkick.

Orton doesn’t go for a cover and instead gets back to his feet, pulls The Game back up to his and tries for an irish whip. It’s reversed by Triple H and The Game locks in a sleeper on Orton. The crowd cheer as Orton tries to fight it and Trips locks in perfectly in the middle of the ring. Continuing to fight it, Orton also wears himself out and starts to drop out of consciousness, leaving Chioda no option but to check on him. He grabs Orton’s left arm and raises it in the air, then lets go. That’s one strike as Orton is unable to keep his arm up, and Chioda tries again with no success for Orton as his arm drops right back down beside his waist.

With the crowd cheering for The Game, Chioda lifts Orton’s arm for one last time and lets go. As it drops, Orton is just able to keep it up as he saves his title. The Game is frustrated and lets Orton’s body go as The Legend Killer drops to the mat. With Orton looking very groggy still, Triple H reaches down and picks him back up. He then grabs Orton by the neck and spins him round so that they’re back to back, and then falls back, planting him with a FALLING NECKBREAKER. . . He turns over on the mat and goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! . . . Orton kicks out to stay in the match as Trips stands back up, turns back into the ropes, comes back and drops an elevated knee onto Orton’s shoulder.

Orton screams out and rolls to the side after in pain, but The Game isn’t in a mood to let Orton get any time as he pulls him back up to his feet and whips him into the corner. He then storms in at him, but Orton shifts to the side at the last second as Triple H runs rights into the corner pads. Orton holds onto the top rope for a couple of seconds before going back to The Game and throwing a right hand, but The Game has recovered too as he ducks the right. And as Orton turns back round, The Game stomps him in the gut and plants him with a SNAP DDT. . . The crowd let out a big pop as The Game looks to follow up as he turns over on the mat and goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . SHOULDER UP. . .

Orton lives to fight another day as he barely kicks out again. Triple H is starting to get very frustrated now as he stands back up and urges the WWE Champion back up to his feet. Orton looks very dazed as he slowly makes his way back up, and as he turns round, Triple H walks over, but into a European uppercut. Orton might have been playing possum there as the uppercut knocks Triple H spinning round, and The Legend Killer goes to take advantage by pulling Triple H’s head under his arm and planting him with an OVERDRIVE. . . The Game could be in trouble as Orton turns Triple H’s body over and hooks the leg 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . THR-NOOOO! . . . A huge pop breaks out as Triple H kicks out in time.

Orton stares a hole right through Chioda, but the ref stands firm and tells him it was two. Orton’s face turns to stone as he then lies across the mat, doing his press up taunt in preparation for the RKO. . . The crowd boo Orton and try to warn Triple H as he tries to get balance on his feet, and as he turns round, Orton leaps up, but Triple H pulls himself back and closer to the ropes as Orton misses the finisher. Orton then turns round as The Game stomps him in the chest and pulls Orton’s head under his arm for a suplex, right by the ropes. Within a split second, Orton is able to escape the grasp and pulls himself forward, then leaps up and hits The Game with the RKO. . . IT’S OVER! . . . Orton rushes to turn over and hooks Triple H’s nearest leg 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3 . . . ORTON RETAINS! . . .

BUT NO. . . Orton stands back up and turns round to raise his arms in the air, but Chioda sees Triple H’s left foot on the bottom rope and taps on Orton’s back, then points it out to him. Orton flips out and yells at Chioda for nearly ten seconds, who just tells Orton it was a two and to get on with the match, leaving him furious. Orton then gets a sadistic look on his face as he backs up to the corner. With Triple H starting to come round and shift about on the mat, Orton holds onto the top rope with both arms as he then runs out, looking for the RUNNING PUNT. . . But Triple H pulls his head back as Orton runs through into the corner. Again he is able to stop himself, and as he turns round, he charges back at Triple H, who stands up and connects with a FACE BUSTER KNEE SMASH. . .

A big pop breaks out, but Triple H is also feeling the fatigue as he falls back to the mat and tries to regain his energy. It takes him five seconds before he stands back up, followed closely by Orton. And Orton walks over to Triple H, who stomps him in the gut, but Orton scurries through The Game’s legs before he can be set up for the Pedigree. Trips looks angry as he turns round and charges at Orton by the ropes, but Orton turns to the side and drives his elbow into the side of Triple H’s head. The Game is then knocked back towards the centre of the ring as he looks dazed. As he turns round, Orton then charges at him, but The Game sees him coming and is able to plant him with a DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER. . . A huge pop breaks out as Triple H now looks in the driving seat and stands back up after a couple of seconds. He then throws his arms above his head for his signature taunt before reaching down and pulling Orton back up to his feet, and setting him up for the PEDIGREE. . .

The crowd are on their feet as the champion looks in great danger, but again he is able to escape and slips behind The Game, grabs him by the neck and brings him crashing down onto his knee for an INVERTED SIDE BACKBREAKER. . . Huge amounts of boos ring out inside the arena as Orton then goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NOT OVER YET. . . The Game lives to fight another day. Orton can’t believe it again, but quickly snaps out of it as he drops to his knees again and stalks Triple H for the RKO. . . We could just be seconds away from the end here as Triple H starts to pick himself back up to his feet. And as he turns round, Orton leaps up again for the RKO. . . Triple H though is able to push Orton into the ropes, and as the champion comes back, Triple H stomps him in the gut and sets him up for the PEDIGREE. . . It’s going to be all over. . .

“No Chance in Hell” hits as Mr. McMahon walks halfway down the ramp with a microphone in one hand and carrying Aurora Rose in the other


Triple H turns round and sees Vince. His face turns to thunder as he lets go of Orton

Vince McMahon: Woah Hunter, I’d stay there if I were you because you’ve got a choice to make. . . What’s more important to you Triple H? . . . The WWE Championship or your daughter?


Vince McMahon: You give the impression that your life is based around the WWE Championship. . . So what’s it gonna be? You gonna come up here and give up that chance to be champion again, or are you gonna leave your daughter with her loving grandfather?

Triple H breathes heavy and stares a hole through Vince, but then JBL slides in the ring, getting up from the announce table. The crowd boo loudly as they try to warn him, but JBL runs at him, past him and off the ropes, then nailing The Game with the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL. . . Chioda calls for the bell straight away, disqualifying Orton

AFTERMATH: Vince smiles on the ramp as JBL stands over Triple H’s body. Stephanie then charges down and grabs Aurora off of Vince and berates him, but Vince just smiles and walks down to the ring as Stephanie then comforts her daughter. Orton stands back up and is passed his belt, looking surprised as Vince and JBL stand over Triple H and raise each others arms in the air and then hug as the show comes to an end

WINNER: By disqualification, Triple H. Therefore, still the WWE Champion, Randy Orton

JR: I can’t believe what I’m seeing King. Do you think we’re looking at Mr. McMahon and his son right there in JBL?

The King: I’m in shock JR, I don’t know what to think

JR: Vince McMahon has screwed Triple H again here tonight and it looks to me like JBL is his bastard son. . . This is incredible folks, thanks for tuning in tonight, we’ll see you in 2008. . . Good night everybody


PS. I will sort out all the predictions results later on tonight and post the results and donate the points out too

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige.... i will definetely get a review up, over the next few days... looks like one hell of a show mate


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Right mate I will try and get a review up later, when I don't feel lazy. That way I will review the promo's too.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Awesome show, review tomorrow because I am going to my dad's tonight and for all of tomorrow morning.

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Great show Nige, JBL vs. HHH feud would be amazing! Easter is today so I'll try to have a review up by tuesday or so.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

SNME Review

P.S - Before I review this I would like to tell and hope other people read this,My review's will now only be Matches only. I am only going to judge and grade your Booked matches.

Matt Hardy/MVP Match - MATT HARDY NEW US CHAMP!!!! I thought MVP was going to win... This match was a really really big surprise I thought all champions where going to win

Stratus/Phoenix match - This was pretty obvious cause I knew that Beth Phoenix would have a longer title reign then that I like how Trish got that Chick kick but Phoenix kicked out showing that she is a very dominant Diva.

Jericho/Kennedy Match - I predicted that Jericho would win this but after I thought about it I thought that Kennedy would probably win,glad to see a classic Y2J match though!

Michaels/Batista Match - I can't believe that even if Edge interfeared HBK still beat Batista FOR THE WORLD TITLE!! I thought he would COST him the match not just like watch.This was probably the best match of the night!Good job

HHH/Orton Match - Screw Mr.McMahon HHH should've won that match but McMahon was going to hurt Aurora probably if he diden't and JBL sucks to... Orton should of lost the title at SNME

Overall - Good show! This was a very good SNME,I hope you can get to review my 1st raw,look at my incredible deal on the bottom.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's SNME review

Hardy vs. MVP:
So we start with the US Title match, it was probably the right choice to start with this match although it's a bit unusual to start a show with a cage match. This match was well written with both superstars hitting their signature manouevers, I liked MVP's offence with him hitting the over head belly to belly, the Ballin' elbow and the Player's boot. Hardy's fight back was good with him hitting his usual moves, and I thought it was over after the side effect. Some good action from then on and it was nearly over after the superplex, that was a good spot.I liked MVP's reversal from the Twist of Fate and I liked the little bit when MVP tried to escape, only for Matt to hit the DDT, that was as close call but he was never going to win with a DDT really. The ending was well written with MVP trying to escape, only to get hung up on the top rope, ouch.When MVP set up for The Playmaker I thought it was over, but NOOOO! Twist of Fate and Matt wins! I really thought that you would have Hardy win. The match was well written and Matt Hardy is a great wrestler, but I'm dissapointed that MVP's reign has ended as I'm a big fan of his. I liked how you had Matt escape the cage instead of a pinfall, as MVP didn't lose too much credibility and it leaves it open for a rematch, with MVP saying he never was pinneed or made to submit. I hope you still have plans for MVP though, as he can go far, but I can see this great feud continuing. This was an exciting match, and I've been shocked already!

Batista interview:
This was a decent interview, Batista isn't a great talker really, yet his interviews and promos still normally come off well. I do however think Batista saying "The showstopper, The Icon, The main event" was a bit over done, I think him saying that once was enough. Saying it twice just sounded a bit like him putting HBK over. Still, decent interview and it adds hype to the match later on.

McMahons/HHH segment:
This was a good little segement and it was well written. Wow, Steph pregnant again! That's a bit of a shock, I know she's pregnant again in real life though so I suppose you got the idea from there. This should cause a bit of a stir, I have a feeling that Vince won't keep it a secret though.

Trish vs. Phoenix:
It's good to see Trish back in the ring, she is an entertaining diva and a good wrestler. I have mixed feelings about her returning though, but I'm pretty sure that she won't as Phoenix is coming across as a real dominant Champ at the moment, and a loss to Trish would hurt that. The match seemed pretty good, even on the most part with both getting some good offence in. I liked Trish hitting moves like the Frankensteiner and the Matrix dodge thing, that was good. I liked the ending with Phoenix dodging the Chick Kick and then hitting the Down in flames, that was a good ending. So Trish won't be returning, can't say that I'm too dissapointed. This is a massive win for Phoenix's career, you said it all in the commentary - "phoenix's reputation as Champion just got bigger".

Edge seg:
Again another good, short segment. He seemed in character and he's right to be pissed after Smackdown. He pretty much said that he's going to interfere tonight.

McMahon seg:
Wow, Triple H really doesn't need this on his title match night. Vince obviously won't hurt his granddaughter but this adds some drama to the show.

Jericho vs. Kennedy:
I think this may have been a contender for the first match of the evening, but maybe you wanted to have the Cage match first to get us all pumped up. I liked this match, it was more exciting than I expected to be honest. I liked Y2J hitting the double underhook backbreaker at the start, I love that move for some reason and love it when Y2J or CM Punk hit it. There was a good spot in this match with Kennedy hitting the Russian legsweep on the floor, although I think he could have controlled Y2J for a bit longer after that move. I liked how you wrote this match and it was packed with signature moves, with Kennedy hitting the Mic Check, the meetpacker, the Kenton Bomb, The Plunge and Y2J hitting the Codebreaker, Walls of Jericho,Missile Dropkick and The Lionsault. I was suprised at Y2J winning though to be honest, I was expecting Kennedy to get the big victory. But I need to remember that this is December and Y2J hasn't been back as long as in real life, so he needs victories to get some momentum after returning. Good match.

Batista vs. Shawn Michaels:
This is the match I was most looking forward to on the card, hopefully HBK can win the title! This match was another well written match and you got their styles right, with Batista using his power and HBK being the smarter and quicker of the two. HBK hitting the Thesz press was good and expected as he always hits that, the crossbody was good too, giving HBK some good offence at the start. Shawn Michaels locking in the Sharpshooter was interesting, he seems to pull that move out in all big matches. There was some great action from then on and I liked HBK locking in the figure four two, he's certainly pulling out all the stops in this match. I enjoyed the next part and Batista almost hitting the Batista Bomb was good, thank god HBK escaped. As soon as the referee was squashed by Batista I just knew that was the chance for Edge to get involved, and there he was with the chair. When I first skimmed over the match I was shouting NOOOO and then haha! Edge cost Batista the title! That was a major shock! I was expecting a shock to be honest as well, maybe Edge hitting Batista on purpose instead, but HBK ducking is great and we have a new champion! I'm really pleased that you have made HBK win the title and now this three way feud should get even better.

Triple H vs. orton:
Here it is, the big one. Triple H should be really pumped up after what has happened to his daughter. The pre match promo was pretty good with HHH basically threatening Vince again, and Orton being a typical heel by trying to get out of it. This match was another well written match and it was probably the match of the night due to the intensity of the match, you can feel the anger all the way through from The Game, and that's when he's at his best. I liked the action in the match and both got some offence in, and Orton had more than I was expecting really. There were lots of near falls and that made the match really exciting to read. You really fooled me when Orton hit the RKO and you put "Orton retains", I actually thought that it was over but it just didn't seem like the right time, that was really dramatic. You had some real good action from then on with HHH going on a great comeback, hitting his signature moves too like The knee and The Spinebuster. I thought Triple H was going to win the title when he set up for the pedigree, but Vince is there to distract HHH! This was a great move, he's going to screw HHH again. I was wondering what HHH was going to do then until JBL hits the clothesline from hell on the Game! What!? Is JBL Vince's son then? If he is, that's a great decision! This is a great twist Nige, it really shocked me. I'm glad orton has retained though, I really like Orton as Champ in your thread.

This was a really great show Nige, I really enjoyed reading it. You promised shocks and you certainly delivered. You fitted in 5 really entertaining matches and even with just the ending writen we got a good feel of the matches. I don't even know how long SNME's are, are they 2 1/2 hours? I can't wait to see the fallout now from this show. Anyway, I'm off to the Bridge now Nige for the game. Good job mate!

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

sirdilznik's SNME review

I've been itching all week for this. You better not disappoint! Just joshin' I'm sure this will deliver the goods.

Starting out with MVP vs. Matt. Pretty much what I expected. Nice little hype job from Cole/JBL. Wow. Matt won by escape! that one got me by surprise. I thought MVP would win for sure. Good match. Nice highlight spots. Good detail with Matt doing his taunt before the leg drop. Had to have some kind of crazy spot and the Superplex delivered.

Hmmmm... seems Dave is trusting HBK again. Would be awesome if HBK kicks his head off somewhere before the match.

More "face" Vince. I love it. Steph dropping the pregnant bomb. Man "face" Vince is awesome. He's so going to screw somebody bad.

Alright time for Trish vs. Beth. Good match. You had Trish play resourceful as she got out of pin after pin. I was surprised with the way it turned out especially with how you made Beth and Trish look last time out. This does make Beth look strong again. Doesn't get much bigger than a clean win over Trish. I like the Michinoku Driver finish a lot better than the Fisherman Suplex so I was glad to see that.

I still say Edge and HBK are in on this together.

Uh, oh. Where's Vince with Aurora? I'm sure he just took her to clean her up... right?

Y2J/Kennedy... ... ...Kennedy! - Goos tuff. Love the work on the outside especially the Leg Sweep. Gotta love the Facewash. Nice Y2J kicks out of the Mic Check. I honestly think the Codebreaker is a weak looking move for a finisher, but it's Y2J's new move so I don't blame you. Really good match. Great spots and details. Man, I still can't get any right

HBK/Animal - Here we go tunin' up the band... How is Batista going to counter. He's already done the Spear... Grabbed the foot. OK that works. Aah, the Warrior rope shake. I was waiting for that. Hmm... Well Edge and HBK werem't together but HBK does get the dirty win just as I thought. ZOMG I got one right!

Trips/Orton - Oh what the fuck!? We don't get Trips pouring water on his head? Haha. Just kidding. Love the dirty cover by Orton. Nice! The Sleeper! I like the false finish near the ropes. Great near falls. DQ win for Orton. I didn't really like it to be honest but I see how it builds on the "Who's Mr.McMahon's son storyline and keeps Orton as the weak champ who keeps sneaking out with the belt.

Very good show on the overall. I did horrible on my predictions. The matches were great as were the promo/backstage segments. The Vince heel turn came a lot sooner than I would have done it thoiugh it worked well since the cards were set up right. I didn't like the finish to the main event but the entirety of the match leading up to that was really great. Very enjoyable show on the overall.

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