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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige, I didnt even know you had Smackdown up, I will try and get a review up and if not drop me a PM when Raw Is Up. Sorry about that!


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks for the comments guys, i was aware after i finished the show that it wasn't going to be the best show i could do, but the storylines that i wanted to get across dictated. Edge being on too much was something that i was aware of, but i feel that i needed to build the match up more as it was for the World title. The Dykstra promo was something i will look at, but i am trying to get him over as a real arrogant heel, something he's not being allowed to do and i'm trying to develop him to get him up to that next level. kane01 man, Thorn came out and saved The Undertaker from a beatdown and didn't attack him. Smackdown is something i'm looking at making my own and really changing the face of it to make it different from the current on screen product
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

^^Damn it i look like a fool Read it properly got sidetracked and, then thought the wrong thing and put it down. Good to see that you are trying to change the product of Smackdown from RL, as the produce IRL sucks. Anyway look forward to Raw and PM me when it's up.
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After months of problems between them, Matt Hardy and MVP will go head to head inside a twenty foot high Steel Cage at Saturday Night's Main Event for the United States Championship. Matt has been waiting patiently for a title shot, and last night on Smackdown, he was finally granted his wish by Smackdown GM, William Regal, leaving MVP a very worried champion.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I'll geta review up for SmackDown as soon as I can, Nige. Another great match made for SNME, it's shaping up to be a great PPV.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

It took me two and a half hours but I was able to get through this entire topic. It was fantastic, I loved every bit of it. Keep it up!
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

TheResolution's SmackDown! Feedback

An exceptional opening promo, some good dialogue used by Batista, and Edge coming out is predictible to really bring their big feud to our attention. From the start, I wasn't convinced that Edge was gonna walk out Champ, but I'll just read on as you wish...

A rather good Dykstra promo, I can't imagine a Dykstra promo IRL as he doesn't do them which is down to his under-rated status which you have changed in this BTB which I think is fantastic. Now I can see this big cruiserweight feud being trimmed down to Dykstra and Sydal after this promo. Regal appearing on the titantron was good, but I think you're emphasising his english nationality a lot, which I do get quite annoyed by at certain times. It was funny with him saying he'll do what Hatton didn't do, but that's just rubbing in the fact that he lost. DAMN! A very good match to follow, I was surprised that Dykstra won the match though, I wanted to see Dykstra-Sydal next week...

A good HBK-Hardy promo, I'm very suspicious of Michaels judging by his dialogue towards the end, but I don't expect anything HUGE to happen though.

This was a good match as I saw it as a bit of a squash match, glad that MVP won, it would've really damaged him if Crazy won. Regal on the titantron again is OK, but maybe you should have him on the stage instead. The Steel Cage at SNME will be outstanding, I can see it, and it's really handling this Hardy-MVP feud well and sending it in the right direction.

Decent Regal-Edge promo, good match-making again by you for the show, and it's interesting you're portraying Regal as a face GM, in contrast to his role on Raw. Typical Edge in this, so surprised at everything.

Good interview here, it seems interviewers get no respect nowadays. Oh well. All 3 were in character, with a slight exception of Charlie, as I don't really know his character due to his extremely limited mic time.

Finally the U.K Pack win! YES! Not much of an aftermath, but who cares? They've won. I'm surprised WGTT and Masters didn't act more fuious than they did, but they don't have much to be furious about.

Good Edge-Morrison/Miz promo, I'm surprised at how calm and collected Miz and Morrison were, I would expect them to be a bit more, well, annoyed. I'm expecting they'll break away from Edge someday soon. Another good promo to follow with Edge/Estrada, I expect Umaga will show up later.

A very good handicap match here, I expected Taker to win, but is there a Thorn face turn in the ranks here? I've really liked this angle you have with Taker and Thorn, finally Thorn has something to do.

This was a hell of a match, perfect for a main event! Stunning length, and some great offence in the match too. I'm not surprised Edge lost though, but it's good HBK came down to make the save. I can see HBK going for the title now.

OVERALL: Very good show, not much to point out that's wrong. Keep up the good standard, well done. 9/10 from me.

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WWE.com - Television - Raw (Preview)

RAW Preview
26th November 2007

New Haven Coliseum
New Haven, Connecticut


Last week after gloating about his victory the night before at the Survivor Series, Randy Orton’s victory parade of sorts was cut short as Shane McMahon told the WWE Champion that he will be defending his title at Saturday Night’s Main Event on December 22nd. The Legend Killer didn’t take the news so well initially, but in typical Orton fashion, he made his mark at the killer time. After Triple H had words with Mr. Kennedy in the ring at the end of the show, Orton pounced after a pedigree on Kennedy by hitting the challenger to his title with an RKO. It appears that Orton has made a statement straight away to his former Evolution team mate, but will The Game strike back this week in his home state?

Ever since we found out Hornswoggle was not the illegitimate child of Mr. McMahon’s two weeks ago on Raw, heads have been spinning, and last week the prime suspect, Mr. Kennedy went all out to find out if he was indeed the heir to the McMahon family jewels. Asking one of the few people who actually holds the key to the golden ticket, Kennedy was let down, but not so gently by Triple H who then gave a frustrated Kennedy a pedigree. With Chris Jericho also gunning for him, it topped off a bad week for Green Bay’s biggest star, can this week get any better?

It came as a bigger shock to Jeff Hardy than anyone else when CM Punk turned on him after the elimination match for Jeff’s Intercontinental Championship at the Survivor Series, but last week we got answers. A visibly angry Punk stated that it was Jeff who blindsided him and cost him the title intentionally and selfishly. Jeff made his way to confront his new rival, but Punk quickly got out of the way and told Jeff it’s not down to him, but it’s on Punk’s terms. And later on when Jeff went one on one in a champion’s match with Randy Orton, Punk was at ringside the entire time and ended up distracting Jeff enough to cost him the match. This coming week, Jeff will be in action against Santino Marella in a non title match, and surely CM Punk will not be far away.

Last Monday night saw a horrific incident that has left Victoria in a local medical facility in New York for the past week. Sitting at ringside to watch Beth Phoenix in action, Victoria stood at the end of the match as Phoenix walked past her, but then The Glamazon turned round and smashed the diva in the face with her title belt. However, as Victoria fell, she hit her head on the chair she was sitting on, cutting her head open significantly and being knocked out cold. Medics rushed to aid her before she was stretchered to the back and then placed in an ambulance that took her to a local hospital where she remains. It is being said that there will be an update this week on Victoria’s condition.

In a match up last week with Cody Rhodes, Carlito needed help from someone completely unknown to anyone watching to pick up a victory over the young superstar. And as Todd Grisham tried desperately to find out who that person was later on, Carlito told Grisham that he would find out in good time. Will that be this week in New Haven?

Also this week you can expect to see some exclusive footage shot by WWE.com that involves the follow up to Santino Marella’s match with Chris Jericho last week. Santino told Maria to leave ringside after blaming her for his loss the night before at the Survivor Series, but Maria did return to see Jericho make her boyfriend tap out. What exactly does this footage show?

In addition, Brian Kendrick will take on one half of the former World Tag Team Champions, Lance Cade in one on one action. How will Cade fair against one of the men who holds the gold that he and Trevor Murdoch lost at the Survivor Series?

We will also see former ECW diva, Layla after she and Shane McMahon discussed the possibility of her joining Raw last week following the closure of ECW two months back. And speaking of ECW, two of its former stars from the brand will go head to head when Tommy Dreamer and Elijah Burke clash after a backstage altercation last week.



Jeff Hardy vs. Santino Marella

Brian Kendrick vs. Lance Cade

Tommy Dreamer vs. Elijah Burke

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige's SmackDown Feedback

Sorry this is so late, mate. I think I'm still reeling from United's last minute equaliser against us

It's funny how you and me pretty much had the exact same starts to are latest shows, with Big Dave and Edge having a war of words. I know the problems with writing for Batista, but he came acoss as fairly intense, so that basically disguised that. Edge is quality as a nut, so I liked his little rant on The Animal. Are Morrison and Miz Edge's lackeys? I never knew that, but I reckon they'll be a fairly awesome trio. Odds are Umaga is the one who is now out of the title picture, leaving Edge and 'Tista to pair off in a one-on-one feud. It would be quite awesome to see Edge get the belt back in a gimmick match or something, but I have a feeling you are going to delay his title win.

Not really sure we needed another promo immediately after the rather lengthy Edge/Batista one. How is Kenny Dykstra the Cruiserweight Champion? Isn't he over 230 pounds? I could have sworn he was. Anyway, I'm afaid I don't really know who Matt Sydal is (ROH guy?) so I can't really comment on his involvement. Solid enough match between the two of them, and Kenny getting himself counted out leads me to the conclusion that this will be your CW title feud for a while.

Pretty boring backstage segment between Matt Hardy and Shawn Michaels. You probably could have just summed up this entire segment with Matt and HBK saying "Thanks" to each other once. Hardy to be pushed over Michaels plz.

Squash match for MVP, no matter how much credibility you try to give Super Crazy. I think a promo would have worked just as well instead of this match, with Porter saying something to irritate Regal. Regal is quite crap as a face to be honest, but i certainly like his match making. The Steel cage match between Hardy/Montel at SNME should be a classic. Matt to win the gold plz. I don't really think Hardy's music was needed at the end when he stared Porter down.

Yeah, Edge really is acting like a nut tonight isn't he? I hate to say it, but Regal is boring as hell as a face General Manager. The Handicap Match tonight is nothing special, since Undertaker isn't really involved in anything right now. You're stacking the odds against Edge though. Possible title change?

Ugh, get Chris Masters away from the World's Greatest Tag Team. They're all far better without each other. No one in this group has mic skills, so thei promo was not very interesting. Burchill and Macintyre should ditch Harry Smith to be honest. Bulldog Junior is terrible. Looks like, with this win, the English group will be feuding with the WGTT for the belts. One thing though, Burchill, Macyntyre and Smith as faces so over with the crowd is VERY unrealistic. Yanks would never buy into it.

More Edge? Lol, it doesn't bother me. He's awesome. Miz and Morrison ae probably getting killed in all honesty. ESTRAAAADDDDAAAAA~!!! I love this guy. He's quite possibly the greatest manager of all time I thought 'Mags would just disappear out of title contention to another feud, but judging from the comments of AAE, Umaga might be interfering in the title match tonight. Hopefully he costs Big Dave the strap.

Well the Handicap Match never really got going did it? Good to you are not just jobbing Morrison {don't care about Miz} out, and he gets DQed instead. What is up with this business between 'Take and Kevin Thorn? I can't say I really like it. Thorn is nothing and The Phenom is everything. No comparisons plz.

Quite a nice Main Event for the World title, and it was great to see you pushing Edge as a bette wrestler than Batista. He had the match won until UUUUUMMMMAAAAGGAAAA~!!! Sorry, I do that too much don't I? Great beat down from the Bulldozer, although I can imagine the fans would probably have loved to see Edge get pummelled like that. HBK makes the save and judging from the way you wrote the last few lines, ae you hinting at Batista/Michaels for the title? I would rather see 'Mags go after HBK for some revenge in all honesty.

Overall this was a very solid show, Nige. Your promos are definately your weak point, as none of them have really gripped me yet. Your booking on the other hand makes your shows suitably exciting. Good job
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Heyman Deciple’s SmackDown Review

Batista – Edge: This was a nice opening segment with a good Batista – Edge confrontation building towards later in the show.

Kenny Dykstra Promo: I liked this promo from Kenny, especially the Floyd Mayweather references and this leads towards a match between Kenny and Matt Sydal which works for me.

Kenny Dykstra Vs. Matt Sydal: Good match, too bad it ended with a double count out but I really enjoyed the story this match told and it should be interesting to see where Kenny and Matt Sydal go from here.

Shawn Michaels – Matt Hardy: Solid segment here with Shawn and Matt Hardy talking and I look forward to finding out what exactly Shawn and Matt Hardy have going on.

MVP Vs. Super Crazy: Good match here with MVP getting the win and then out comes William Regal who informs MVP he will be wrestling Matt Hardy at Saturday Night’s Main Event inside of a steel cage. Which should be awesome.

William Regal – Edge: I thought this was a fun, entertaining segment as Edge was his usual arrogant heel self as William Regal told Edge that his two buddies John Morrison & The Miz would have to take on The Undertaker and Edge’s championship match with Batista tonight would be Edge’s last chance. Good stuff.

Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Chris Masters Interview: Solid interview here leading towards Haas and Benjamin’s tag match with Paul Burchill & Harry Smith.

Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas Vs. Paul Burchill & Harry Smith: Good match with Burchill and Smith getting the win, which I liked.

Edge – John Morrison & The Miz – Armando Alejendro Estrada: Good stuff here with Edge trying to pump up Morrison & Miz for their match with the Undertaker and then Edge is met by Estrada and the two had a fun exchange up until Edge threw him out.

Undertaker Vs. John Morrison & Miz: Solid match which ended in a disqualification due to Morrison using a steel chair and then we had Kevin Thorn helping out the Undertaker against Miz & Morrison. I like this possible teaming of Undertaker & Kevin Thorn, I’m interested to see where this might be going.

Batista Vs. Edge: Very good main event, I really thought you were going to give away a free title change on Smackdown but it wasn’t meant to be as Umaga got in the ring and disrupted the match, which then brought out Shawn Michaels and Shawn ultimately left Umaga laying with some sweet chin music.

This was a good show, I give it an 8 out of 10.

Not currently watching WWE... I refuse to continue to be part of the problem by supporting something I do not enjoy.

To get my PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING fix, I am currently spending my money on independent wrestling and listening to the following podcasts:

Solomonster Sounds Off
Wrestling Soup
Don Tony & Kevin Castle

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