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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

wow, thats a huge match booking for saturday Nights main event with Orton defending against the Game. Did i read somewhere that your not doing a December PPV? Maybe it was in another thread. As for getting up a RAW review, i'll try, but not going to be tonight as i'll be drinking beers later in anticipation for the Rumble. So excited. So a drunken review wouldn't be all that helpfull, be funny though. I like the backstage news rumors post, i do something similar, gives insight into where your going with things. Cool to see you could be bringing back the Big Show in time for the 15th Aniversary show. Hope you don't bring back Cena anytime soon, things are better with him gone. God i hate him. lol.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Yeah you're right about the December PPV not being there as i eliminated all the pay-per-views bar the big four and brought back the King of the Ring so that i had more time to write. Cena may make an appearance at the show, but don't expect to see him back on a regular basis anytime soon. Don't worry about the review mate, it's fine. Enjoy the Rumble man!
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige's Raw Review
I would like to start off by apologising for the slight delay in getting this review up, but I must do it now, as I am aiming to get this up before you post SmackDown.

The opening segment for the show was fine, although like Legend said, certain parts of Orton's dialogue sort of went back to his previous persona. He's clearly in his "One man dynasty" gimmick, so it's a bit out of character, also he's from Missouri, so he wouldn't put the Yankees over! Anyways, good to see Shane O' Mac save the day, a very interesting revelation he made that Triple H would be facing Orton. If you're going to lead up to this continuing the HHH-McMahon feud, then I can see Orton being revealed as the illegitimate child of Vince McMahon.

I was shocked to see CM Punk turn heel at Survivor Series, but it's something fresh and new, which is great as you can probably handle that with ease.Punk goes over Stevie Richards yet again, which isn't too bad, but the promo afterwards really made me not care about the outcome of the match or the guy Punk was facing. I can't wait to see how this Punk-Hardy feud culminates.

A good Jericho interview, although if I were you, I wouldn't make him call Todd Grisham an assclown, that makes him seem like a heel. I was surprised to see Kennedy do what he did, but another new feud you're making, which is awesome.

Layla promo = Yawn. I couldn't care less. Hopefully you don't replicate the Teddy-Kristal angle with Shane-Layla, I've had enough of it already.

Glad that Carlito beat Cody Rhodes, Cody's rather new, and I wouldn't like to see him go over someone like Carlito. As for this masked man that interfered in the match, I have a slight suspicion that it's Eddie Colon, because that's what family do for eachother.

Good Kennedy segment, but I don't like people always dissing Todd Grisham. That's been used a lot by you, so I hope you come up with something other than that to do in your interviews that involve Todd Grisham.

Santino breaking up with Maria is great I think. Her being at his side really holds him back in my opinion, and now she's gone, he can really show what he's made of. It's kind of a common angle, but never mind.

Good Burke-Dreamer promo, typical Burke dissing the originals, and you put it to perfection. I sincerely hope that Burke goes over Dreamer like a truck next week, it can really propel Burke up the ranks.

An OK tag team match you've written, glad that the faces won. Like others haves said though, I was confused with the aftermath too.

Another good promo with Triple H and Steph here, now I think the illegitimate son will either be Orton or HHH maybe, that would be interesting as Triple H would end up being married to his sister

Punk sitting with JR and King for the Hardy-Orton match was good, putting Punk over as a heel again, but I think you've done that a bit too much in the show. To add to that, it's not common to have someone in a match and then commentate later on, and it seems like all the heels hate JR now. Good to see Orton win the match, you defninitely don't want to stop his momentum dead.

An OK way to end the show, kind of obvious that Kennedy wouldn't be the illegitimate son, as if you revealed that he was, that would just be coying the WWE, and trust me, you DO NOT want to do that! Orton RKOing HHH to end the show was good, carrying on his momentum and puttting him over as a heel even more.

OVERALL: A very good show, Nige, great way to pick up from Survivor Series. Nothing much to improve, although you could try to imagine how the show will go and evaluate if it's realistic enough. I'm saying that following the way you used CM Punk (Having a match, then commentating with JR and King) and Randy Orton (Having a match, then being involved in the following promo.) Apart from that, your show was immaculate, and I can hardly wait for SmackDown to be posted, I'll get a review up for it when it's posted.

RATING: 9/10
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WWE.com - Television - Smackdown (Preview)

Smackdown Preview
23rd November 2007

Syracuse, New York

With the odds against Batista keeping his World Heavyweight Championship this past Sunday, somehow The Animal managed to overcome those odds, defeating Edge and Umaga in a monstrous triple threat match to retain his prize possession. He even managed to walk out victorious despite a blindside attack from Edge’s followers, The Miz and John Morrison. After being told by William Regal that if the duo got involved, he would be disqualified, Edge set about a plan and enlisted the help of the WWE Champion, Randy Orton to distract Batista, giving Miz and Morrison the opportunity they needed. And in a match that could have gone any way, it was Batista who caught Edge with the Batista Bomb to leave New Jersey as still the World Champion. What will the consequences be for all those involved this coming Friday night?

After an astonishing return a month ago, Shawn Michaels vowed to payback The Legend Killer for putting him on the shelf by defeating Team Orton at the Survivor Series. However, this was not to be as the WWE Champion put on a legendary display to overcome three of Team HBK all by himself. It all came down to The Heartbreak Kid and his arch rival, but it was the youngster who prevailed, leaving Michaels with a lot to ponder. With Orton and Raw behind him, what does the future hold for HBK?

The Cruiserweight Championship belt has a new owner after a blockbuster of a match this past weekend at the Survivor Series. A new champion was guaranteed following the title being declared vacant several months ago, and eight superstars gave it their all in a traditional elimination match to get their hands on the belt. Luckily for Kenny Dykstra, he was the one who outlasted seven others, beating Matt Sydal in controversial circumstances, using the ropes to help him get the winning pinfall. Not being known as one to keep his mouth shut, there’s sure to be some kind of response from the new Cruiserweight Champion in Syracuse this week.

Ever since debuting over a month ago, Paul Burchill, Drew McIntyre and Harry Smith have got the upper hand on The World’s Greatest Tag Team and Chris Masters, and were given the biggest opportunity of their careers to finish the job Sunday night when all six men met head on. However, it was the experience that prevailed as some typical dirty tactics helped the tag team champions and Masters pick up a long overdue victory. But just five days later and the chance for retribution awaits Burchill and Smith as they will go head to head with Shelton and Charlie in a non title match. How long will the champions comeback last?

Kevin Thorn has made in an impression on The Undertaker since he debuted on Smackdown over a moth ago, but last week he found himself amongst the dead man’s victims. After some looks from The Undertaker that seemed to acknowledge some kind of respect following matches between them and even going so far as to stop his brother Kane from attacking Thorn, it seems that these strange actions have been put firmly behind them, even after Thorn put Kane on the shelf several weeks ago. We’ll have to wait and see if this is the case this Friday night in New York.


Non Title Match
Super Crazy vs. Montel Vontavious Porter

Non Title Match
Paul Burchill & Harry Smith vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Alim's Raw Review

Sorry this one is a little short, I'm busy again x.x And sorry for the lateness too.

Excellent opening promo by Randy Orton. I expected either him or Triple H would open up the show. I liked the remarks you made about the local sports teams, that always generates a good amount of heat, which Orton usually doesn't get. Orton was in character throughout, but the promo was a little wordy, but that's fine man, because Orton is a wordy kind of guy. Hardy vs. Orton should be solid, and I hope Triple H vs. Orton will be good too.

Punk turning heel at SS was a real surprise, but I liked it because Punk is an amazing heel. Punk picking up the win was no surprise at all, but I was more interested in the promo after the match to see what the reason was for the heel turn. The reason was pretty good, and I think it's the best scenerio you could have played. I see some great matches in the future between the two.

Another strong promo here by Jericho. The comments he made about Kennedy were realistic and funny too, I especially liked the one about his mom lol. This feud could go to great heights if booked correctly, I know you'll do good.

This promo was pretty... weird to be honest. I don't find Layla entertaining at all and I hope you don't do some sort of love angle with Layla and Shane, but maybe this promo was just there for entertainment sake.

Carlito going over Rhodes, glad it happened. Good to see you're not jobbing out Carlito in this thread like in real life, a real under rated talent imo. I have a feeling I know who the masked man is, but I won't let it out right now.

Todd Grisham has been used a lot in the night already, I think it's time you try and get another backstage announcer. Nonetheless, Kennedy promo was strong and to the point. He seemed in character, but you didn't have him do his signature MISTAHHHHHHHH KENNEDYYYYY!.... KENNEDYYYYY!

Jericho getting the win, no surprise and seemed like a squash tbh, way to degrade Santino lol. I was shocked to see that Kennedy didn't try to interfere or even do an aftermatch beatdown, you would expect that, but it didn't happen.

Solid promo here by Burke and Dreamer. Seemed the usual dissing the old veterans by a new school wrestler. I only see this as like a one or two week mini feud though, but good to see both guys getting some airtime.

Saturday Night's Main Event is shaping up nicely dude. So far I can see HHH/Orton, Kennedy/Jericho, and Punk/Hardy on the card. Looking forward to it.

Six person tag match was pretty good, faces picking up the win was no shocker considering that The Hooligans won the titles last night. The aftermath with Victoria/Beth was very confusing, a blow to the head with the belt would have been enough, but her head hitting off a chair and then bleeding was kind of... confusing.

Interesting segment with Stephanie and Triple H. It was right for Steph to tell Triple H that she told Shane who his brother is last night, but I have to say either Steph or Shane will turn and tell Vince.

Somewhat of a clean win for Orton, but with Punk sitting right at ringside, you would be a fool to not expect that he wouldn't be doing anything to try and cost Jeff Hardy the match. The finish doesn't degrade Hardy imo, still keeps him as a strong champion.

Lashley returning, sounds awesome. I think he'll be returning at the Anniversery Show.

Very, very good promo to end the show. Both men looked strong, and wow, if Kennedy isn't the son, who is it? I could have sworn I thought Kennedy was the son all this time, but you're full of surprises so I should have known better. Kennedy still didn't get to do his signature KENNEDYYYYYYYY! Anyways, Orton coming out was meh, but for now, HHH looks to be having the upperhand going into SNME.

Overall, a very good show, but some things were repetitive such as Todd Grisham's interviews and wrestlers coming down to the commentators table. Sorry for the short review this time too. Good luck!


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WWE.com - Smackdown Results (23rd November 2007)

Smackdown Results
23rd November 2007

Syracuse, New York


A recap from the Survivor Series this past Sunday night and Batista retaining his World Heavyweight Championship against Edge & Umaga, plus Team HBK falling short against Team Orton

“Rise Up”


“I Walk Alone” blasts out & Batista walks out in his casual clothes to a huge standing ovation from the New York crowd

As he stands in the ring with a microphone in hand, the crowd continue to chant “Batista” over and over, not letting him talk until he raises his hand in the air

Batista: Wow. . . This is crazy


You know going through hell like I did this past Sunday and retaining my World Heavyweight title means nothing right now compared to this. I thank each and every single one of you from the bottom of my heart


To come out here in front of all my fans with the World title in hand means everything to me, and that’s why I’m so happy to be here tonight, still your World Heavyweight Champion

***BIG POP***

But you know, even I have to admit it didn’t look good on Sunday night after Edge got his little puppets to do his dirty work for him when they attacked me backstage, which reminds me to thank my old friend Randy Orton for helping with that situation. Thanks Randy. . . But I’m not out here to be bitter, I’m actually out here for a reason and that is. . .

“Metalingus” blasts out through the speakers as Edge walks out to the entrance with a microphone in hand, looking really pissed off as John Morrison & The Miz stand alongside him

Edge: You’re out here for a reason huh Batista. What possible reason could you have to come out here except rub my face in the fact that you’re still carrying MY World Heavyweight Championship? Come on Dave, enlighten is all


You’re still playing that card huh. Well let me tell you something Edge, and I’ll make it real easy for you to understand cos you’re not seeming to understand so well. . . You’re not the World Champion anymore Edge, I am. And as for not having your rematch, you had it Sunday night and if I seem to remember rightly, I didn’t just win the match. . . I beat you in the middle of this ring

***BIG POP***

You think that’s the be all and end all huh, you big freak. The only reason you won that match was because there was a Samoan Bulldozer there to help you out every time I had your ass beat. Every time I had you down, that fat ape would get in my damn way of taking back what’s mine. . . So if you think that counts as my rematch and the end of me coming back for my title, then you’re even dumber than everyone around here knows you are


If Sunday night wasn’t a rematch Edge, I don’t know how I can help you because it looks to me like you’re the one who doesn’t have an idea what the hell’s going on

Edge: I’ll tell you what’s going on Dave. The Survivor Series wasn’t a rematch because I want a fair shot like I deserve. I never lost that title you’re carrying on your shoulder and I deserve a shot with just me and you in that ring with no one else getting in the damn way of making my life a living misery having to watch you or anyone else walk around parading my title. And as soon as I get that chance Batista, you know like everyone else does, that when I step inside that ring with you man to man, I will beat your ass just like before I got injured. The only problem seems to be that you’re having a problem accepting the fact that you’ve got no feakin testicles


Ha, you’ll really doing anything to get what you want won't you Edge. . . Well I’ll tell you what you should have done before you accused me of being a coward. All you had to do was come out here and ask me face to face, and I would have given you your match. But now what you’ve done is just piss me off that little bit more, because yeah you can have your rematch just me and you, right here tonight, but you’ve just made me want to hurt you even more. So bring everything you’ve got Edge cos you’re sure as hell going to need it


You know what Dave, you’re doing the right thing. These people obviously know it, but let me offer you one real simple piece of advice. . . Take every little second you have with that title tonight because you’re going to have no choice but to let it go when I walk down to that ring and beat the living crap out of you and finally take back what is rightfully mine you big freak


Well, seeing you’re so confident Edge, why don’t you bring you sorry ass as well as your little friends down here right now and show everyone just what you’re going to do later on

***BIG POP***

Edge looks unimpressed as he then walks forward and turns back to direct Morrison & Miz to come too. They only walk a couple of steps as Edge then stops

Edge: You know what, just like these people, you’re going to have to wait


But remember what I said though Dave. . . That title is coming home with me tonight and there’s not a damn thing you or anyone else can do about it


Edge then drops the mic and walks to the back as “Metalingus” hits again and Batista looks on in with a angry look on his face


“Superstar Fallin” hits as Kenny Dykstra walks down to the ring with his newly won Cruiserweight Championship around his waist and a big smile on his face

Kenny Dykstra:
You know unlike Batista, I am going to come down here and tell you all just how amazing I am, and about how I outlasted seven other superstars to become the new Cruiserweight Champion at the Survivor Series


Kenny Dykstra:
See you think that by booing me it’s going to upset me right. But you’ve got to learn one valuable lesson. . . I don’t give two shits what you inferior people think about me


Kenny Dykstra:
You think you know it all, but the cold facts don’t lie New York. . . Kenny Dykstra is the greatest wrestler in the world today


Kenny Dykstra:
And I find it a damn insult that Batista was allowed to come out here first tonight and not me since I was the real star of the Survivor Series. I mean, did Batista have to go through what I did to walk out with another W to my record? No he didn’t, and I find it very insulting that I am being treated with such disrespect like this. . . You know I see someone else who gets treated just like me, just because he has the balls to come out and say what he thinks, and that is Floyd Mayweather


Kenny Dykstra:
Yeah, you just proved my damn point. You don’t respect real talent, whereas I do. I respect Floyd Mayweather for having the guts to say just how great he is, and there’s no doubt that he is the greatest boxer this country has ever seen. But there is one small thing I have to say that I find slightly inaccurate, but it isn’t his fault. . . . See, he calls himself the greatest pound for pound fight in the world, when clearly that is not true as I proved on Sunday, that I am the single greatest pound for pound fighter in the world today


All of a sudden, Matt Sydal walks out to the entrance with a microphone in hand


Matt Sydal:
Whoa dude, did you just compare yourself to Floyd Mayweather?

Kenny Dykstra: Nah man, I said I’m better

Sydal giggles

Matt Sydal:
You’ve got to be kidding me right. . . Yeah you both talk a lot of crap, but even though some people don’t like the guy, he gets the job done. But you, you cheat to win matches, just like last Sunday when you cost me the Cruiserweight Championship

Kenny Dykstra: Sounds to me like you’re a bit of a sore loser Matt. Since you’re new around here, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and not slap some sense into ya. A gift from me to you


Matt Sydal:
You know what Kenny. . . I don’t do gifts, I never have. What I like doing is going and getting things that I want by myself and it looks like you’ve got some gold I wouldn’t mind putting around my waist

***BIG POP***

Sydal drops the microphone and walks up the aisle for a couple of seconds until William Regal appears on the tron, standing up in his office

William Regal: Gentleman, I will not have another situation like earlier on. I am the general manager around here and I make the matches not you two, not Edge or Batista. . . So this is what’s going to happen. You two are going to have a match right now, and Kenneth, if you lose, right here next week you will defend that belt of yours against young Matthew. Do you hear me? . . . And if I hear either one of you mention that bloody Floyd Mayweather ever again, I’ll do what Ricky Hatton didn’t do and knock the both of you out. Now bloody well get on with it


Matt Sydal vs. Kenny Dykstra

A real quick paced match up with Sydal going at it full throttle from the bell. He takes control and looks to get his title match as he pounces on Kenny as soon as the cocky champion stands up, then pummels him with a series of rights followed by a kick to the gut. Kenny holds his chest as Sydal then runs back into the ropes, comes back and hits him with a DIVING LEG LARIAT. . . The crowd are getting right behind the youngster as he then stands right back up and runs to the corner where he then climbs up to the top rope. With Dykstra still motionless, Sydal leaps off for a SOMERSAULT LEG DROP. . . It connects and he rushes across to try a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . SO CLOSE. . . The crowd are gutted as Dykstra just gets a shoulder up.

Sydal gets right back on his feet, then pulls Kenny up and tries for an irish whip, but it’s reversed by Kenny, and as Sydal comes back off the ropes, Kenny stomps him in the gut and plants him with a ROLLING CUTTER. . . Dykstra immediately turns over and hooks the leg 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . BUT NO! . . . Sydal is able to kick out, leaving Dykstra frustrated as he then walks over to the ropes and climbs to second the rope where he waits for Sydal to move. As Sydal stands back up and turns round, Kenny jumps off and connects with a DIVING CLOTHESLINE. . . Looking confident as he lands it, Dykstra leans across and goes for another cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . ANOTHER KICK OUT. . .

Dykstra starts to get frustrated as Sydal kicks out again. He stands back up and urges Sydal up, and as Sydal stands back up, Dykstra charges at him, but Sydal ducks underneath an outstretched arm. And as Kenny turns round, Sydal steps back and then hits him with a FEINT ENZIGURI INTO A HEAD SCISSORS TAKE DOWN. . . The crowd go nuts as Sydal gets back up, followed by Dykstra who then walks into Sydal and a HURRICANRANA. . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . THR-NOO! . . . Sydal came so close, but Dykstra just kicked out in time as both men race back to their feet as Dykstra then reverses an irish whip from Sydal, but Sydal slides through the legs of Kenny and as his opponent turns round, Sydal reacts straight away by grabbing Kenny around the chest and planting him with the CYCLORAMA (BELLY TO BELLY MOONSAULT SLAM). . . IT’S GOT TO BE OVER NOW. . . Sydal thinks about it, just like he did on Sunday and then goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . OH MY GOD, SO CLOSE! . . .

No one can believe it as Kenny just kicks out, especially Sydal. It’s Sydal who then stands back up and walks the short distance to the corner where he then climbs to the top rope. Dykstra then starts to wake up on the mat as Sydal leaps off straight away for a SHOOTING STAR PRESS. . . Kenny got the knees up into Sydal’s chest. Sydal rolls along the mat to the apron holding his chest, eventually falling out of the ring. The ref’s count gets to four when Dykstra rolls to the outside and stomps Sydal across the gut. The kicks are weak as Sydal pulls himself up to his knees and hits Dykstra with a couple of hard right hands before climbing back on the apron, but Dykstra grabs his feet to stop him getting back in as the count gets to eight. Sydal tries to force his way back into the ring as Dykstra holds on for dear life, but the ref counts to ten and rings for the bell

AFTERMATH: Justin Roberts announces the result as a double count out as Dykstra then lets go of Sydal and smiles. Sydal stands up in the ring and doesn’t know what to do as Dykstra walks round and grabs his title belt, then tells Roberts to announce his as the Cruiserweight Champion and that Sydal doesn’t get a shot at the title, which reluctantly he does. “Superstar Fallin” hits as Dykstra looks on at a frustrated Sydal, taunting him by lifting the belt up. Sydal stares back at Kenny, shaking his head as Kenny just smiles right back and talking smack


We see Shawn Michaels and Matt Hardy in a locker room, both in casual clothes

***BIG POP***

Matt Hardy:
Shawn, I gotta say, I feel real bad about not being able to help you and our team win on Sunday night

Shawn Michaels: Matt, Matt. . . it’s all in the past, forget about it. Whether we like it or not, Randy Orton got the better of us. He might not have done it the way we liked, but he got the win for his team and there’s nothing we can do to change that now, so let’s just move on with what’s gonna be a new start for the heartbreak kid, right here on Smackdown

Matt Hardy: You know Shawn, it’s great to have you over here man. I’ve loved teaming with you the last few weeks and learning so much from you

Shawn Michaels: I’m just glad I can help you. You’re a great guy Matt and you’ve got a big future ahead of you, let me tell you. I’d know

Matt Hardy: Thanks Shawn. You know, I’ve already done something about that earlier today. I went to see William Regal and he agreed to a little proposition I had for him

Shawn Michaels: Well I hope it works out for you Matt, you deserve it. . . But I’ve had to a have long hard think too about what I’m going to do for myself now that I’ve left Raw and come to pastures new, and of course there’s only thing that comes to mind

Matt Hardy: Yeah what’s that Shawn?

Shawn Michaels: Oh Matt, you’ve got a lot to learn yet. You’ve got to keep some things top secret that so when it happens, no one sees it coming

Matt Hardy: I see what you’re getting at Shawn. Yet again, the heartbreak kid comes up trumps

Shawn Michaels: That’s right Matt my boy, just you wait and see

Matt smiles as Shawn then walks out of the door with a wide grin on his face


***MATCH #2***

Super Crazy vs. Montel Vontavious Porter

MVP went at Crazy early on, but was shocked by the resilience of the Mexican high flier. After a football kick to the face, MVP walks back into the ropes, comes back looking for a clothesline, but Crazy ducks it and hits MVP with a couple of forearms to the face. With the crowd cheering him on, he whips MVP into the ropes and then hits a SPINNING WHEEL KICK. . . Crazy stands right back up as he sees an opening. MVP is up almost straight away and walks into a hard kick to the chest as Crazy then runs back into the ropes, comes back and slides through the legs of MVP and takes his head off with a dropkick. The fans cheer as Crazy then runs to the ropes and SPRINGBOARDS INTO A MOONSAULT. . . HE GOT ALL OF IT. . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO. . .

MVP got a shoulder up as Crazy looks devastated. After a couple of seconds, he stands back up and lifts MVP up to his feet, then whips him into the ropes, but it’s reversed by MVP who catches Crazy as he runs back by grabbing him around the chest and planting him with a SNAP OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. . . The momentum is gone for Crazy as MVP gets back up after taking several seconds to recover. He then reaches down, picks Crazy up and unleashes some heavy right hands before whipping him into the corner and following in with the PLAYER’S BOOT. . . Crazy just drops face first to the mat as MVP drops down and covers him without hooking the legs 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . FOOT ON THE ROPE. . .

MVP looks pissed as he then leans forward and pulls Crazy’s foot off the ropes and tries another cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . KICK OUT. . . A pop meets the kick out as MVP looks like snapping before he stands back up and lifts Crazy up to his feet, then sets him up for the PLAYMAKER. . . Crazy is able to escape and slips behind MVP, grabbing him around the waist, but MVP then slips behind and runs forward into the ropes, rolling back for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! . . . Another kick out from Crazy as both men get back up to their feet and Crazy whips MVP into the ropes, but MVP holds onto the top rope. Crazy charges at him, but MVP lifts his boot up into Crazy’s face, who staggers back and spins round. MVP then walks out as Crazy turns round, then hits the Mexican with the PLAYMAKER. . . MVP drops down and goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “I’m Comin” hits as MVP stands back up and gets his arm raised by the referee, who also passes him his United States title. But then, his music cuts as William Regal appears on the tron again. MVP looks shocked as Regal then starts to talk

William Regal: Mr. Porter that was an extremely impressive performance I must say. But I have something that I need to address, and that relates to you and your actions Sunday night at the Survivor Series where you caused a fellow Smackdown superstar to be eliminated from the main event

MVP looks confused

William Regal:
See Montel, you were responsible for Matt Hardy losing his place in the match after he defeated you perfectly fairly, and I know I’ve not been here very long, but I have picked up on a little situation between you two gentleman. . . Not only will I except you costing a fellow Smackdown superstar a possible victory in such a big match, but I will not tolerate you fighting all the way to the back like you did on Sunday night. And it just so happens Mr. Porter that I had a visit from Matthew Hardy earlier on today and he apologised to me for his part in the despicable brawl that I was forced to witness, something that you obviously feel no need to do

MVP just shrugs his shoulders, totally not bothered by what Regal has to say

William Regal:
I can see you have absolutely no remorse for your actions, so it makes what I have to say that bit easier. In just over four weeks time, Saturday Night’s Main Event returns to our screens, and at that show, you will be defending your United States Championship in a Steel Cage match against Matt Hardy

***HUGE POP***

William Regal:
Now let that be a lesson to you

MVP throws a strop in the middle of the ring, walks over to the ropes and kicks the ropes, until. . .

“Live for the Moment” blasts out & Matt Hardy walks out to the entrance


Matt stays there and simply looks up at MVP, then gestures that the title will be around his waist as MVP looks back and yells at him


William Regal is pacing up and down his office when Edge walks in


You wanted to see me Regal, but make it quick

William Regal: Yes I did, and I would appreciate it if you showed the respect of knocking next time

Edge: Oh I’m sorry, so sorry it’s just a damn door

William Regal: See that’s my problem with you. Last Sunday I told you not to have your little followers get involved in your match. So what did you? You had them attack Batista backstage before your match

Edge nods and smiles

William Regal:
You have absolutely no respect for authority and that is why I asked you to come and see me. . . See you and Batista might think it is acceptable to arrange a match for tonight, but that is not your job. Only I can make match ups around here

Edge: Are you trying to tell me you’re cancelling my World title match for tonight, cos I swear to god. . .

William Regal: . . . Just hold your bloody horses and listen. I am not going to cancel your match tonight, but I am going to make you understand that there are consequences for your actions

Edge: Hey, it was Batista who actually offered me the damn match tonight in case you missed that Regal

William Regal: Luckily for you Edge, the consequences you face do not involve losing the World Heavyweight Championship. Your consequences will see those two followers of yours face The Undertaker tonight in a handicap match


You what?!

William Regal: Do you mind? I’m not finished. . . Should you be unlucky as to leave empty handed tonight, it will be your last opportunity to face Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. And of course your little buddies will be barred from ringside too and from going anywhere near Batista tonight

***BIG POP***

Are you out of your damn mind? You can’t do that

Regal: I think you will find that I can and have. You had better go get ready for your match if you don’t want to waste your final opportunity

Edge runs his hands through his hair before storming out of the office and slamming the door as Regal tightens his tie with a satisfied look on his face


Josh Matthews is standing by with The World’s Greatest Tag Team & Chris Masters


Josh Matthews:
Guys. . . The three of you put on a good team performance Sunday night at the Survivor Series and were able to finally defeat the U K Pack. . . How do you feel about getting a victory over them at long last?

Shelton Benjamin: Am I hearing that right Josh? . . . At long last? . . . Well maybe you wanna ask those British losers just how they feel about losing Sunday night. Or maybe you should be asking us how it feels to have got such an impressive victory. Have you thought about that question man?

Josh Matthews: Well I’m sorry you see it that way

Chris Masters: You know Josh, I don’t think you’re sorry at all. But I’ll tell you who is sorry. . . Paul Burchill, Harry Smith and whatever the one’s called. They’re sorry because they made a mistake of getting ahead of themselves and thinking they had the match wrapped up on Sunday night, and you should never allow yourselves to think like that. . . Yeah, believe it or not, we were rookies too before we finally learnt how this business works and got the experience we needed. It’s the same experience we used to beat the three of you at the Survivor Series when it matters, on the big occasion. We showed you that we have what it takes when it counts, not in front of some idiots like these in New York tonight


Josh Matthews:
Well tonight Chris, they have a chance to get retribution when Paul Burchill and Harry Smith face Shelton and Charlie here. . .

Shelton Benjamin: . . . Whoa, let me stop you right there Josh. You seriously think they’re gonna beat us tonight? . . . Come on man, get real! I know our titles aren't on the line, but after Sunday night, tonight is gonna be a walk in the park. . . Now believe that

Shelton, Masters and Charlie Haas all walk out of the shot laughing, looking very over confident


***MATCH #3***

Paul Burchill & Harry Smith
w/Drew McIntyre vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team w/Chris Masters

A real back and forth match, but Burchill and Smith started the match with a lot of aggression that boiled over from the Survivor Series. Despite looking a little complacent, Shelton entered the ring after a tag from Haas, who low blowed Harry Smith as Shelton distracted the referee. Shelton is quick to move across the ring and lifts Smith up to his feet, then whips him into the ropes. And as Smith comes back, Shelton nails him with the DRAGON WHIP. . . Smith looks very dazed as he picks himself back up with Shelton flipping up as he then goes for a roundhouse kick, which Smith ducks and then plants Shelton with a RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX. . .

Shelton lands hard on his back as he then starts to crawl to his corner, just like Smith does, and both men are able to make the tag to their partners. Burchill and Haas get in the ring and charge at each other with Burchill knocking Haas down with successive clotheslines. After Haas gets up back up from the second, Burchill grabs Haas around the waist and plants him with a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX. . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . SHOULDER UP FROM HAAS. . . Burchill races back up to his feet, not looking disappointed at all as Haas follows him up and turns round into a hard right hand. Burchill then scoops Haas up and then absolutely nails him with a SHOULDER BREAKER. . . There’s no messing about again from Burchill as he goes for another cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! . . .

Shelton runs in and pulls Burchill away by the feet to stop the count. This brings in Smith who charges at Shelton and knocks him against the ropes with a couple of hard right hands before clotheslining him over the top. As Burchill and Haas get back up, Masters gets on the apron, but McIntyre runs round and pulls him down to the apron and hits him with a right hand, down to the floor. Back on the inside, Haas spins Burchill round and throws a right, but Burchill ducks it and drives his knee into Haas’s gut before planting him with the C4. . . Big pop as Burchill then reaches across for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3. . . IT’S ALL OVER!

AFTERMATH: “Britannia” blasts out as Burchill quickly slips out of the ring as Benjamin slides back in to get at him. Burchill then slaps hands with Smith and McIntyre as Masters then gets in the ring and gives the UK Pack stares along with Shelton


Edge is in his locker room with John Morrison and The Miz. They all look very serious


Look guys, I didn’t mean for you to get dragged into all this, but you’ve gotta look at the big picture here. Tonight is my final chance to get the World title back from Batista. . . my final chance. I can’t afford to let anything go wrong, and that includes helping you guys out against The Undertaker. . . You guys both know I would bend over backwards to help you, you know that. But surely you both understand why I can’t let myself get in any kind of physical danger before the biggest match of my career. And look, it’s two on one, not even The Undertaker will be able to overcome both of you, you’re much better than that. You’ve just gotta get your confidence straight and you’ll walk out there and beat the legend that is The Undertaker

Morrison: You’re absolutely right. We can beat The Undertaker, it’s not like we’re going out there with no chance of getting a win. We can beat anyone if we put our mind to it. . . I mean look at us, we have it all and more

Edge: That’s the spirit John. See I told you all you have to do is believe, like I believe I am goin out there tonight and winning the World Heavyweight Championship. And once the night is over, we can all go out and celebrate like only we know how to. Are you with me?

Miz: Oh damn right we are bro! Let’s go do this thing

Morrison high fives Edge before he and Miz leave the dressing room. Edge then takes a second to breathe in before sitting down on the bench and putting his hands across his face, covering his eyes as Armando Estrada then walks in


Edge then opens his eyes and looks shocked as he sees him, jumping a little bit from the shock

Edge: What the hell are you doin here?

Estrada: Ju want to know what I am a doing here

Edge: Well that’s kind of why I asked pinhead

Estrada: Ju need to be careful who you call a pinhead, as ju know the weapon I have at my disposal

Edge: Look pinhead, cut to the chase why don’t you. In case you haven’t heard what’s going on tonight, I’ve got a title match with Batista later on and I kinda need to get ready. So I’d appreciate it if you got the hell out of here before I throw you out myself

Estrada: Well maybe ju should think about giving that match to my Samoan bulldozer after what he did for ju when he came to Smackdown to help you put Batista on the shelf. An eye for an eye so to speak ha

Edge stands up, not looking too impressed

What is wrong with everyone tonight? Does everyone think I have the intellect of those idiots sat in the crowd tonight? . . .


Listen up good and you can tell whoever the hell you want what I’m about to say. . . You said it yourself when you told me all plans between me, you and Umaga were off, so I kind of took that as our agreement over. . . Second, Umaga has had two shots at the World title and lost, so what would the difference be this time? . . . And to really put you in the picture. . . It’s my title match, my one on one rematch and no one is going to screw me out of that. . . NO ONE. . . Now get the hell out of my way

Edge then grabs Estrada round the neck and pushes him out of the door. He then slams the door shut and walks back across the room, then re-assures himself to cool down

Edge: This is my night damn it. . . My night!



A brief history of Saturday Night’s Main Event

NARRATOR: It has a place in WWE history. . . It has a place in the history of sports entertainment. . . But now it has a place in its future. . . For Christmas will not be the same this year for the stars of Raw and Smackdown as Saturday Night’s Main Event makes its return. . . Live on NBC!

The clip cut to a graphic showing “Saturday 22nd December. . . Shaking Up Saturday Night. . . Live on NBC”


***MATCH #4***

The Undertaker vs. John Morrison & The Miz

Taker’s in the ring with The Miz and immediately begins the hard offence with hard right hands to the jaw, knocking Miz down one after another. After being knocked down for the third time, Miz gets back up and runs at Taker, who grabs him around the throat for a CHOKESLAM. . . Morrison panics as he then climbs through the ropes and charges at Taker, who lets go of Miz and lifts his boot up into Morrison’s face, knocking him down to the mat and then off the apron as Morrison rolls to the outside. Taker then turns his attention back to The Miz as he reaches down to pick him up, whips him into the ropes and connects with a SIDEWALK SLAM. . .

But on the outside, Morrison stands back up and grabs a chair away from the timekeepers table and slides back in the ring with the chair in hand. As he sizes Taker up from behind, Kevin Thorn makes his way down the aisle, something Morrison doesn’t see as he waits for the Deadman to turn round. Thorn then makes a burst to get in the ring, sliding in and lifting his boot into the chair as Morrison smashes Taker across the back with the chair. As the chair drops to the mat, the ref calls for the bell, disqualifying Morrison for the use of the chair

AFTERMATH: Thorn throws a right at Morrison, whips him into the ropes, follows in and clotheslines him over the top. He then walks over and picks The Miz up to his feet, drags him across to the ropes and tosses him over the top to the floor. The crowd are stunned and don’t know what to make of it. Thorn then stands in the ring and stares down at Miz & Morrison as they stand back up looking confused on the outside as Taker gets back up too, behind Thorn. Thorn then turns round and sees Taker getting up who just stares at Thorn with no real emotion on his face


We see both Batista & Edge making their way through the back and on their way to the ring as we go to commercial



Batista vs. Edge

Edge started off aggressively as Batista was unable to get in any kind of strong offence. But Edge went too gung ho and starts to burn out. Knocking Batista down with a falling clothesline, he pulls him back up to his feet and whips him into the ropes, but as Batista comes back, he ducks under a BIG BOOT. . . Edge is shocked as Batista runs through the ropes, comes back and hits him with a DIVING SHOULDER TACKLE. . . The crowd cheer as Batista gets back into the match. Both men get back to their feet at the same time as Batista now gets in some heavy right hands to the face of the challenger, forcing him back into the ropes. He whips Edge into the opposite ropes and then runs at him, going for a clothesline, but Edge ducks under the outstretched arm and then hits a SIT DOWN HALF NELSON SLAM. . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . KICK OUT FROM THE ANIMAL. . . Huge cheers from the crowd as Edge seems to get more frustrated as he then gets back up to his feet and urges Batista up.

Slowly but surely, The Animal starts to stand up and turns round into a stomp to the gut from Edge, who then follows up with the EDGECUTION. . . Edge turns over quickly and hooks one leg as Micky Henson counts 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! . . . Edge holds his head in his hands as Batista kicks out again. Edge then gets a crazed look on his face as he stands back up and walks to the corner, then stalks The Animal for a spear. The crowd boo loudly as Edge jumps up and down, looking really impatient as Batista ever so slowly starts to stand up, and the moment Batista gets up and turns round, Edge runs at him for the SPEAR. . . Batista sidesteps it, runs through into the ropes as Edge runs into the pads, turns round and staggers out of the corner, into an oncoming Batitsa, who hits Edge with a SPEAR. . . Batista kneels over and hooks the closest leg for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . THR-NO! . . . Edge managed to get his free leg onto the bottom rope.

Batista looks shocked and frustrated at the same time as he sees Edge’s foot on the bottom rope, knowing he made a mistake. He then gets on with it as he stands back up and then pulls a groggy Edge up to his feet, dragging him towards the middle of the ring. Batista then sets Edge up for the Batista Bomb as the crowd go nuts, but Edge starts to react as he wriggles down to his knees and grabs Henson’s foot. As Henson tries to pull his foot back, he turns his back on the action for a second, giving Edge the opportunity he wanted as he low blows Batista with his free arm. Boos ring out as Batista crouches down holding his groin and Edge then stands up fully and rolls him into an INSIDE CRADLE. . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NOPE! . . . Batista uses his power and is able to kick out as both men hurry back to their feet as Edge tries for an irish whip which is then reversed by Batista as Edge comes back off the ropes and into a SWINGING SIDE SLAM. . . Huge pop as Batista then crawls across his knees to cover Edge 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . SHOULDER UP. . .

So close for Batista as the fans disappointment is evident with sighs echoing out from the crowd. Batista though stands up, looking confident as he walks over to the ropes, sensing the end is near as he grabs hold of the top rope and shakes it Ultimate Warrior style as the crowd cheer like mad for their hero. As he walks back across to Edge, the Rated R Superstar is crawling to his knees as Batista then places him between his legs for the BATISTA BOMB. . . Everyone in the crowd is up on their feet as Batista gets ready, lifts his hands into the air for the thumbs up and then brings them down. It’s absolutely deafening in the arena, but as Batista gets ready to lift Edge, he is a victim of a back body drop from his opponent. Edge slumps back down to the mat as Batista lands hard on his back.

Both men remain on the mat without moving for over five seconds before Edge starts to crawl across the ring to the corner where he starts to pull himself up slowly as Batista starts to sit up. With Edge seeming to stand up, he stalks Batista for the SPEAR. . . Boos ring out from the crowd as Edge then urges Batista up, but all of a sudden, Umaga and Armando Estrada make their way down the ring to another strong and heated reception as Edge looks confused but sees Batista starting to stand up. As Umaga gets to the ring, Estrada seems to give him some instructions as Umaga then climbs in the ring behind Batista as The Animal stands up. The Samoan monster spins Batista round and nails him with the SAMOAN SPIKE. . . Henson calls for the bell as Edge looks on fuming as Estrada smiles on the outside

AFTERMATH: Edge loses the plot and charges at Umaga, who lifts him onto his shoulders and plants him with a SAMOAN DROP. . . Umaga looks relentless as he then picks Edge up and whips him into the ropes, runs in and splashes him as Edge then drops to his ass and sitting against the bottom rope. Umaga then backs off to the opposite corner before charging back and hitting Edge with the SAMOAN WRECKING BALL. . . Edge is out of it as Batista then starts to come round, but the crowd start to cheer as then we see Shawn Michaels run down the aisle and slide into the ring.

Michaels throws a couple of rights at Umaga, before Umaga then blocks one and whips him into the ropes, but as Michaels comes back, he hits Umaga with a FLYING FOREARM. . . Umaga is knocked off balance as Michaels then takes a couple of steps back and then nails him with some SWEET CHIN MUSIC. . . The crowd go crazy as “Sexy Boy” blasts out and Michaels throws his arms around in the air like a madman before climbing to the top rope and posing for the crowd. As he steps down and turns round, Batista stands up and sees Michaels, looking confused as to why Michaels is there. The two stare at each other as Smackdown goes off the air


Kenny Dykstra vs. Matt Sydal
ended in a Double Count Out
MVP df. Super Crazy
Paul Burchill & Harry Smith df. The World’s Greatest Tag Team
The Undertaker df. John Morrison & The Miz
Batista df. Edge

Ted DiBiase Jr & Mike DiBiase df.
Michael Shane & Colt Cabana
Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble df. Funaki & Shannon Moore


WWE Championship
Triple H vs. Randy Orton (c)

WWE United States Championship
Steel Cage Match

Matt Hardy vs. Montel Vontavious Porter (c)

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The Whole F'n Show
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Right Nige. I am going to get you a review of Smackdown pretty soon
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hey Nige, I just had a quick look at Smackdown!.

I like the storylines that are building mostly, although I'm not sure about the Taker/Thorn storyline, simply because I don't feel Thorn is at a level where he can work with Taker yet. Also, work a bit on characterisation. Read through your promos after you've typed them and ask yourself if the characters would actually say that. One example is Kenny Dykstra.

Anyway the Main Event was good although it was obvious that both Umaga and HBK would intervene (Umaga: because of Edge's comments at Estrada, and HBK: because of the promo with Matt Hardy). I think this may lead to a Fatal 4-Way for the World Title between Edge, HBK, Umaga and Batista.

Matt vs. MVP in a Steel Cage for the US Title sounds good, and I think it may finally be Matt's time to win the gold. I liked Regal's character - although he seemed like a face, it's understandable that he wanted to "lay down the law tonight".

On the whole I'd say it was a good show, but I think you can do better. I'll keep reading this.

EDIT: One thing I forgot to say was that I think you used Edge too much throughout the show. Look at how many segments involved him, and see if all of them were necessary. I think you'll see what I mean.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige i am kind of busy now but you had a good show, send me a PM later as a reminder and i'll get started on a review

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Review

Batista/Edge promo was a very solid promo to start the show, nothing too special however and I thought until Edge came in it was slightly boring. Couple of mistakes throughout the promo with wrong words being used and couple of grammar mistakes, but otherwise again was a solid promo. Bit surprised to see Edge/Batista tonight for World title as I expected that for a PPV where Edge would take the title.

Meh wasn’t so keen on this promo, I couldn’t imagine some of the stuff Kenny Dykstra said would be something he would say IRL. Never seen Sydal on mic so I can’t speak out for him. Was a bit confused why where was a promo straight after the opening promo, but with Dykstra/Sydal made I can understand why now.

Great opening contest, you wrote it very well and seemed to be an exciting match. Was so sure Sydal would get the win, which would push him into contention for a CW Title shot, but a double countout keeps Dykstra looking strong.

Interesting promo here, too much asskissing for my liking though Am expecting that the thing in mind that HBK has is something to do with Orton or to do with the World Heavyweight Title scene on Smackdown.

Another very nice match, expected to see MVP win the match but it was no easy match. Big announcement for SNME with Hardy facing MVP, looking forward to see what goes down in that match but I have got a feeling that Hardy will take the title at a later date.

Decent promo here, and makes me believe that Edge won’t take the title off Batista, as I don’t see him winning the title on Smackdown as he might aswell of won it at Survivor Series. Look forward to see Taker squash Morrison and Miz aswell.

Meh promo here, was alright for what it was worth, but Benjamin and Masters aren’t that good on the mic. Am expecting their feud to continue with the UK Pack.

Good tag team match and expected the UK Pack to get their win back over the Worlds Greatest Tag Team having lost at Survivor Series. Mark out for the C-4 finishing the match.

Another Edge promo? Bit too much for one night in my opinion. Was a pretty good promo, Edge and Estrada at times didn’t sound on character but was an entertaining promo just because Estrada was in it. Am expecting Umaga to get involved in someway during the main event.

Decent match here and awesome to see Thorn attack The Undertaker, as I would love to see a Thorn v Taker match as Thorn is a very good big man and would like to see him get a push. Kept all three men in the match looking strong with Taker dominating, but not having Morrison and Miz lose.

Great main event and once again you wrote it very well, the matches have defiantly been the strong part of this show. Was a very good match, and was no surprise to see it end with interference from Umaga and then HBK. Possible fatal four way in future?

Overall was a very strong show, your matches were definitely the strong part of the shows as the promos were pretty on and off.
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