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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks once again for the review for my Starrcade PPV:

Opening Promo-Good way to get heat on Orton, to start the show. I'm assuming that there won't be a December PPV in this thread, due to the SNME special taking place in December. Triple H vs. Orton for the WWE title should be a great match.

Punk/Richards: Just like when the two used to wrestle each other on ECW, there really wasn't no doubt that Punk was going to win the match. I like the heel turn that Punk has made as well, in this thread. Looking forward to the upcoming Jeff/Punk feud in this thread as well.

Jericho Interview: Nice interview, that was written well, that got across Jericho's character. Should be an interesting feud between Y2J and Kennedy.

Layla/Shane Segment: Good segment, and I'm glad to see that Layla is being brought back into this thread.

Carlito/Cody: Fortunately the match was kept short, and Carlito won the match. I wonder though who was the masked man who helped Carlito win the match.

Kennedy Interview: I must admit, like hbknsting mentioned, your promos as of late in this thread, have been great. Excellent promo from Kennedy.

Jericho/Santino-Not surprised to see Jericho winning, but it looks like Maria and Santino will be breaking up soon in this thread.

Burke/Dreamer Segment: Interesting segment between these two, and a good way to start off which should be a great feud.

Six Person Mixed Tag Match: Good match, between the six wrestlers, and good to see Londrick get the win. However, what a way to put over Beth, as a champion. Beth continues to be booked very strong in this thread, and the feud between Victoria and herself, continues to get better.

Trips/Steph Segment: Good segment here, to continue the best feud in this thread, IMO. I'm sure that this feud is not over yet, and I'm interested to see what happens next in this thread, concerning this feud.

Orton/Hardy-MOTN right here. Great in-ring story told in this match. Not surprised that Punk got involved in the match. The finish was booked well, as well.

Closing Promo: Great way to start the build up for the WWE Championship Match at SNME, between Hunter and Orton! However, I wonder when the announcement of who Mr. McMahon's son is, will be made in this thread.

Overall Comments: Great show, as your promos have continued to get better, with each show, that I have read in this thread. Looking forward to Smackdown, and the rest of the buildup to SNME in this thread!
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

That was a great show,Nige! I'll get a review up ASAP.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige, I am currently working on my Rumble as you will know so as soon as that has been posted i will get a review up on which looks to be a decent show to say the least


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige's Raw Feedback

I'm a little bit torn over this opening segment to be honest. I find that when Randy Orton is written as a sociopath (his current gimmick if you will), he becomes much more effective. The way you wrote him here was very much in his old, young and cocky persona, which I have to say came off as a little generic. I don't really think Randy would ever throw in lines like, "And one by one I knock them out of the park, just like every team playing against the Yankees". It isn't the way he garners heat from fans. It picked up once Shane got involved, which was rather surprising, but I actually found him pretty entertaining. You wrote him in his cocky heel/tweener businessman role, which is easier for the fans to get into than Vince. Good job. Huge Main Event for tonight, but Orton should go over easily. As for the match with Hunter at SNME, I hope Randy kills him, since Trips as Champ is staler than month old bread.

I was quite surprised to see CM Punk turn heel at Survivor Series, but it is definately a unique turn for his character, and the feud with Jeff should be good. Stevie Richards really is Punk's personal jobber so no surprise with the outcome here. I did quite like Punk's promo afterwards, although I really think that you have to make something of Punk being Straight Edge and all that, and Hardy being ... well ... not

Jericho is awesome Enjoyable little interview from him here, and really intense as well, although at times he came off as a little heelish towards Grisham: "Those are my damn thoughts ass clown". I'm certainly looking forward to this Y2J/Kennedy feud though. My two favourites in the WWE today going at it.

Not really sure what this segment was getting at it, but it was a little bit boring in all honesty. So Extreme Expose are coming to Raw? Boring. And Shane has a 'thing' for Layla? Please no more Teddy/Kristal storylines.

Carlito needs to be pushed strongly in my opinion, so i'm glad he went over Rhodes here. The 'man' who interfered here is obviously either Ron Killings or Kofi Kingston. CCC works far better alone, and definately does not work in stereotypical gimmicky tag teams, so I hope I'm wrong.

Decent segment from Kennedy, but it could have been a lot better if you had wanted it to be I'm sure. You seem to have a habit of making all of your interviewees threaten the interviewer (Grisham), which is unneccessary. We get their heel, you don't need to overdo it. Like I said before, KK/Y2J is awesome, so don't blow it

I think I saw someone else do this with Santino blaming Maria and splitting up with her, and I said to them that I didn't like it either. It takes something away from his character in my opinion, making him more of a bastard heel as opposed to a comedic heel. I love Jericho, but I was hoping for something more for Santino, rather than being a jobber. Hopefully he gets something solid to do soon.

Well this was a surprisingly good segment from Dreamer and Burke. Elijah is excellent when he is disrespecting veterans, so this is a good choice for a filler feud for him until he moves on up to greater things. He should kill Tommy next week and end his career

Solid Six Person tag match, although I was a little disappointed to see Cade and Murdoch (who are awesome) job for a second straight night. Hopefully their feud with London and Kendrick continues to pick up momentum. Not sure what to make of the Beth/Victoria aftermath. It's good to see you adding some spice to the Women's Division anyway.

Hmmmm. this backstage segment from Hunter and Stephanie was a little bit hit and miss. In parts it was pretty generic, but occasionally it picked up. I'll be interested to see who Vince's son turns out to be. Odds are it isn't Jericho. My money's on Santino

You did it agaim!!! As soon as Punk came down to sit with J.R and King he threatened Ross. Ooooohhh that makes him a heel You can be more subtle than that, buddy. They aren't Lucas Neil Decent Main Event anyway, with Orton getting the win in a more or less clean fashion. It will be interesting to see where Punk/Hardy goes from here. Hopefully to a Ladder Match.

Kennedy did it as well in this closing promo too. He basically threatened the crowd. I've only ever seen psycho heels do that, and KK really isn't a psycho heel. He should have just been cocky. Hunter actually killed this promo a bit and it became a rather stale way to close the show. I knew Kennedy wouldn't be Vince's son (obviously), but the attack by Orton at the end added a bit more heat to end with. I hope this doesn't lead to HHH getting the title at SNME, because that would be fairly dull.

Overall, this was a good show to read. It was one of the first of yours that I have read, and I can see why you are so highly rated. Your booking is solid. The only fault I had with the show was the way you wrote the heels. They all seemed to be very generic and shouted at the crowd and interviewers a lot. Other than that, good job
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks for the reviews guys. Legend there's some great comments there for me to work on and i can see what you're getting at. LOL at the Lucas Neill comment, he'd get some heat for sure! Your predictions about Vince's son and who helped Carlito were interesting, not saying they're right or anything! Looks like there will be a few people shocked when they find out who the son is!

Thanks again guys
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I've just read over RAW, pretty awsome. I'll do my best to get a review up soon dude.

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Last night on Raw, Shane McMahon told Randy Orton that his reward for becoming the sole survivor the previous night at the Survivor Series was a title defense against The Game at Saturday Night's Main Event in four weeks time. Understandably upset, Orton then took it on the chin before sneaking up on Triple H at the end of the show and RKO'd his long term rival to set up what should be an explosive match for the WWE Championship.

Also on Raw last night, and just before he was attacked by Orton, Triple H told Mr. Kennedy what he didn't want to hear and that was the fact that he isn't Mr. McMahon's bastard child, following the revelation las week that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley set the Chairman of the Board up when Hornswoggle was incorrectly announced as the son initially. Just who is the son currently roaming around the WWE locker room?
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw Review

Orton’s promo to start the show was very good, definitely on character showing his cockiness and I liked his comment about the Yankees, as that would gain a lot of heat. Shane comes out and some nice matches are made for tonight and SNME. Would of thought that Orton v HHH would have been saved for a bigger PPV tbh, but I am guessing that whoever is Vince’s son will screw HHH out of the match.

Punk v Richards looked like your typical TV match, wasn’t surprised at Punk losing, as he has just turned heel and looks like he will be getting a bit of a push. CM Punk/Hardy promo after the match was pretty, well meh. But am looking forward to the matches that these two should produce.

Enjoyable promo by Y2J, nowhere near his best but very enjoyable. Kennedy/Y2J feud looks very promising, as they are both entertaining characters and should produce a good feud.

Wasn’t so sure on this promo at all really, was pretty boring aswell. Don’t get the Shane/Layla stuff at all, and am not liking Extreme Exspose being brought in.

Glad to see Carlito go over, as Cody Rhodes is the definition in the dictionary of “Bland”. I am guessing that the guy who came is that Kofi Kingston from first guess, and both Carlito and Kofi’s characters are similar.

Kennedy interview was pretty good, I am guessing that the important business could be something to do with the illegitimate son storyline.

Jericho was always going to get the win, but was good to see that Santino got some offence in. From Santino’s actions I am guessing he and Maria are going to split which is the right decision, as Santino does not Maria by his side.

Burke/Dreamer promo was pretty entertaining, was especially good to see both men get some mic time, as they never get any IRL at the moment.

Six man match seemed to be very good, and was good to see the faces come out on top. Was very confused about the aftermath tbh with Victoria and Beth.

HHH/Steph promo was very well written, but dragged on a little for my liking. Most interesting thing in this thread is this storyline however, and I have no clue whatsoever who the son is going to be.

Great main event, was very well written. Hardy put on a good effort but good to see Orton get the clean victory instead of having to cheat.

Ken Kennedy promo to end the night was very good, but when Triple H got involved the quality of the promo went down. No surprises that Kennedy’s isn’t the son, only part of Triple H’s promo I liked was the last line and we get a brawl to end the show. Orton getting involved was the right thing to do, to add some heat into the match at SNME.

Overall was a very solid show coming off a great Survivor Series. The main storylines on Raw are looking very nice and look forward to Smackdown.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Just letting you know Nige, that I haven't even had a chance to read Raw yet. I'm aiming to reading it, and reviewing it by the end of the weekend. I expect a good show as usual!


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Negotiations with former superstars are in the late stages as the Raw 15th Anniversary show approaches on 10th December. Some stars may also be signing contracts for a short period beyond that date also as it known there is some interest in bringing some past superstars back who are currently free agents. It is common knowledge now that Ron Killings has re-signed with the brand, but The Big Show is one under strong consideration. A deal to bring Chris Harris to the WWE is also being negotiated at this point. Other news on the 3 hour show is that there will be some special appearances as expected for the show, but we may also see John Cena make an announcement regarding his return.

We also hear that Rey Mysterio is set to return soon following his kayfabe injury suffered at the hands of Finlay at Cyber Sunday. Finlay too has taken some time off since the Survivor Series to take care of some niggling injuries that he has picked up over the last few months. It is not known whether there will be a continuation of that storyline. Lashley has had several promotional videos played following the Survivor Series and is expected to return to Raw in the next few weeks. John Cena and Gregory Helms are the only superstars to be ruled out long term as Kane will return repackaged in tome for the New Year and Ric Flair’s return is up in the air right now, but a verbal agreement has been made for him to come back.

One injury that was picked up at the Survivor Series fell to Deuce. It is believed he has suffered a shoulder injury and could be out for a couple of months, and since Raw, both he and Domino have had their profiles removed from WWE.com and we are being told that Domino is being sent back to OVW along with Cherry.

Big Daddy V has been off screen for a while and he could be switching to Raw with Matt Striker to take the place of Deuce ‘N’ Domino, but other plans are being considered too as there is concern behind how the big man is being received. One other decision being discussed is unifying the tag division and having the titles defended on just one show. With the lack of teams currently in the company, this may well be an option that creative goes with.

Possible brand switches under open house rules could continue throughout the year, but it is being said that the unpredictability factor could well see the deadline for the end of the year being removed and the rule that any superstar can switch brand could become a permanent storyline in itself. It will also help creative if they feel the need to remove someone from the show and discuss trades.

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