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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Okay, so I only got around looking into this thread right now, but I must you handle it well. Keep Flair in WWE please, and let him go out with a bang later on.

When your Smackdown is up, I'll review.
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WWE.com - HOMEPAGE (Smackdown Results)

Smackdown Results
16th November

Freedom Hall
Louisville, Kentucky


Triple H telling Mr. McMahon that Hornswoggle is not his son and offering him the chance to find out who is son is if he accepts Triple H as his son-in-law. Vince refusing and getting a pedigree from The Game

***OPENING VIDEO & ďRise UpĒ play***


ďI Walk AloneĒ blasts out & Batista walks out to the ring in causal gear with his World title

***HUGE POP***

You know last week I let myself get caught off guard. I donít know why I did, but it happened. . . See of all people, I should know what Edge is like, I should know that Edge will do anything and everything to take my World Heavyweight Championship away from me. . . But Edge, you should know by now that I will do anything to keep it. . .


Batista: See for some reason you think this belt is yours just because you had to forfeit the title. But donít forget Edge, I had to do the exact same thing before you did, so I know how it feels. I too thought I had the right to get my title back the very moment I stepped through that curtain my first night back. But Edge it doesnít work that way. I worked my ass off to get back to a hundred per cent, and when I got there, I beat everyone I had to beat to get the title shot I thought I deserved. . .


Batista: See thatís my problem with you Edge, you still think you have some kind of a divine right to be World Champion, when the simple fact is, you donít. . . It was this time last year that I finally got the match I wanted for months and months. I got the shot at the World title I had to forfeit all those months ago. And what happened? I won it back. . .


Batista: I won it back through hard work and hard work alone. You try and do as little as possible yourself and set your two followers on me to try and take me out. . . But guess what Edge? It didnít work did it? I took them apart like Iím going to do to you and Umaga at the Survivor Series. . .


Batista: Yeah you might have speared me last week when it was three on one, but itís not gonna be three on one this Sunday, itís three men and every man for himself, fighting for the most important thing in my life, and if you think Iím going to lay down and die for you to take it off me Edge, youíre very, very wrong. . .


Batista: And Edge, what I love about you is you brought Umaga in to try and make your job easier, but you even managed to mess things up with him, and now you find someone else in your way of taking my title. And Edge, it could be three men, four men or even five men challenging me all at the same time this Sunday, and it still wouldnít matter, because I am doing exactly what I did last year at the Survivor Series, and thatís walking out the World Heavyweight Champion

***BIG POP***

ďMetalingusĒ hits & Edge walks out to the ring, followed by John Morrison & The Miz


Batista laughs at the sight of Morrison & Miz trying to act tough as they act like security guards to Edge

Am I supposed to take these guys seriously? They look like a couple of kids dressed up as pimps


Edge: You wanna mock them huh Batista? Fine you mock them, but youíll be laughing on the other side of that hollow head of yours when they help me take back whatís mine at the Survivor Series. . .


Edge: You can say what you want Batista about that title being yours, but deep down you know itís mine. I donít know how you can sleep at night, knowing that belt is mine. Not only did you pick it up after I got injured, but you have to live with the fact I beat your ass more times than I could possibly mention in the two hours show weíve got when I had that belt. . .


Edge: You have to stand there living a lie Batista, but not for much longer, because this Sunday youíre gonna get found out. The truth will reveal itself yet again, and that truth is Batista, you canít beat me. You never have and you never will


Batista: I canít beat you huh. How about I beat you right here, right now?


Batista squares up to Edge, but Miz & Morrison step in front of him. Edge gestures to them itís fine and starts to remove his jacket when. . .

ďPromenadeĒ hits & William Regal walks out to the entrance ramp

Gentleman, cut that out right now. This is not the time or place. . . But later on it will be, very much so. Because later on this evening, it will Edge, John Morrison and The Miz taking on Batista and U-manga in a handicap match. . . Now if you donít mind gentleman, Iíd appreciate it if you all brought yourselves to the back and jolly well calmed down and saved this for later

ďPromenadeĒ hits again as Edge puts his jacket back on and laughs with his two followers at a pissed off looking Batista


In the arena, we see the first match about to start with Kenny Dykstra & Jamie Noble at the announce table with Michael Cole & JBL, making Matt Sydal & Johnny Jeter look uncomfortable as they get in the ring

What the hell do you guys think youíre going to benefit from being out here?

Dykstra: What the hell has it got to do with you Michael? . . . Absolutely nothing, so mind your own business

JBL: Thatís right Michael, keep your mouth shut

Dykstra: I tell you what Jamie, Johnny and his play mate arenít going to win this week. . . Then itíll prove last week it was a fluke and that weíve got nothing to worry about this Sunday

Cole: So thatís what itís all about?

Noble: Didnít he tell you to shut up big mouth? . . . Itís got nothing to do with you. All youíve gotta do boy is watch and youíll see thereís no way these guys are a threat to the Cruiserweight title

Dykstra: Couldnít have said it better myself Jamie

Cole: Well I guess weíre about to find out

Matt Sydal & Johnny Jeter vs Chavo Guerrero & Matt Striker

Jeter takes the match to Chavo as it comes towards the close, hitting him with a couple of hard rights and whipping him into the ropes. As Chavo comes back, Jeter leaps up and turns in the air, connecting with a REVERSE ELBOW SMASH. . . Chavo drops straight to the mat as Jeter is quick to turn over and cover him 1 . . . 2 . . . CLOSE BUT ONLY 2! . . . Chavo just gets his shoulder up at the last minute. Chavo then starts to sit up on the mat, forcing Jeter to take action as he stands back up to his feet and pulls Chavo up to his, tries for an irish whip, but itís reversed by Chavo. Jeter comes back off the ropes with Chavo ready and waiting, but Jeter slides through the legs of Guerrero, and as Jeter is quick back up to his feet, Chavo turns round into the JETER KICK. . . BIG POP. . . Jeter reaches across and hooks Chavoís legs, going for the win 1 . . . 2 . . . Striker in, just in time as he stomps Jeter on the back of the head to prevent the three count. Lots of boos as the ref stands up and tells Striker to get back to the outside. Jeter is hurt as he reaches back and holds the back of his head. He then turns round on the mat and starts to crawl across the mat towards his corner, but Chavo comes round and also makes his way on his knees to his corner. Jeter is first to make a tag as Sydal rushes into the ring and to the opposite corner, where Chavo makes the tag to a now reluctant Striker. Sydal urges him in, and Striker doesnít seem keen, holding his hands up as Sydal moves closer. Striker then in typical fashion, pounces with a rake to the eye and follows up with a forearm.

He gets a telling off from the referee as Sydal turns round holding his face as Striker then clubs him across the back and rolls him up 1 . . . 2 . . . The ref sees Striker holding on to the top rope and stops the count. Striker shakes his head before standing back up, then reaches down to pull Sydal up, setting him up for a reverse DDT. He has Sydal in position for a couple of seconds, but decides to shout towards the crowd, giving Sydal enough time to escape and slip behind. Sydal reacts quickly by spinning a shocked Striker round and grabbing him around the chest with both arms for a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. . . but as he goes to hit it, he turns it into a MOONSAULT SLAM. . . THE CYCLORAMA. . . The crowd go crazy, Chavo looks shocked as Jeter smiles and nods in approval. Sydal then goes to make a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . Chavo returns the favour to Striker by stopping the count just in time, pulling Sydal away by his feet. Jeter runs in and takes Chavo down with a dropkick. Chavo rolls across the mat and off the apron as Sydal gets back to his feet and Jeter makes his way back to the apron. Sydal drags Strikerís motionless body towards the corner and then climbs up to the top rope. The crowd cheer like mad as Sydal then leaps off, hitting a SHOOTING STAR PRESS. . . THATíS IT. . . Sydal hooks Strikerís leg with Chavo ever so slightly sitting up on the outside as the ref counts the fall 1 . . . 2 . . . 3. . . . BELL RINGS. . . ITíS OVER!

AFTERMATH: Jeter joins Sydal in the ring as the ref raises their arms in victory and the crowd give them a great ovation. Dykstra & Noble are clearly pissed at the announce table, as they stand up and throw their headsets down onto the table. They start to walk towards the ring, but as they do, Jimmy Wang Yang & Super Crazy charge down the aisle and slide into the ring, backing up Sydal & Jeter. Chavo pulls himself up to the apron, kneeling against it as Dykstra & Noble look in from the outside with the four faces standing tall, ready for an attack. The stares continue and the brawl doesnít materialise as the camera fades out


William Regal is in his office, seemingly waiting for someone as he walks back and forth across the room when thereís a knock at the door

Do come in

Shawn Michaels walks in and up to Regal, getting a huge pop from inside the arena

Shawn Michaels, how the devil are you?

Shawn: Willy my good man, Iíd appreciate it if you cut right to the point and tell me why Iím here

Regal: Very well. . . I asked you here because I thought Iíd inform of you what I have in store for you and your team members tonight. . . See Iíve had a strong word with Shane McMahon and told him very strongly that I do not want any Raw superstars here tonight, just two days before you and Team Orton do battle at the Survivor Series

Shawn: Your point being?

Regal: Well Shawn, that means that one of your partners, Chris Jericho wonít be here tonight. But that also means. . .

Shawn: That Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy wonít be here too. I get it, but thatís all you brought me here for?

Regal: Certainly not. See I felt that right here tonight, we should have a main event showcasing Smackdownís talent, and thatís why Iíve come up with this match. . . Itís going to be Finlay and the United States Champion, Montel Vontavious Porter representing Team Orton to take on Matt Hardy and the heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels


Shawn nods his head, seeming impressed

You know what Willy? Iíve got a feeling youíre gonna do a great job around here

Regal: Well thank you Shawn, your kind comments are very much appreciated

Shawn: No problem at all Willy

Shawn starts to walk towards the door, but then turns round and walks back up to Regal

Shawn: Seeing weíre such good friends now Willy my good chap, I just thought Iíd share a little something with you

Regal: Anything I can help you with?

Shawn: See itís funny you say that, because there is. . . Just imagine my team beats Team Orton this Sunday. That would be great for Smackdown right? You know a Smackdown team captain gets one over a Raw captain and all. . . And I thought that it would be right to tell you that once my team walks through Team Orton this Sunday, Iím going right for the World Heavyweight Championship


Regal seems happy

Regal: You know Shawn, I think we can work something out

Shawn: You know, itís not true what everyone says about you Willy. Iíll see you later my friend

Regal smiles as Shawn leaves the room, before realising what it just meant and looks a little confused and angry


Harry Smith w/Paul Burchill & Drew McIntyre vs Charlie Haas w/Shelton Benjamin & Chris Masters

Smith is dominating and after a hard scoop slam, he pulls Haas back up to his feet and whips him hard into the corner. He then takes a second before charging at him, but Haas gets his boot up into Smithís face. Smith staggers out of the corner holding his face as Haas then follows him out, grabs him around the waist and executes a clean cut RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX. . . Haas now looks in control as he is quick to get back to his feet and drags Smith back towards the centre of the ring. He then tries to lock in the HAAS OF PAIN. . . but Smith is too strong and pushes Haas away with his feet. Haas is pushed back, but is right back on Smith who sits up. Haas pulls him up to his feet, stomps him hard in the gut and follows up almost rapidly with a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX 1 . . . 2 . . . Smith just kicks out, but Haas is back on his feet quick, looking pumped as he urges Smith up to his feet. As Smith gets back up, Haas stomps him hard in the gut again, pulls Smithís head down towards his midsection, pulls his arms up above his head and this time follows up with a DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEX. . . Haas looks heís got it wrapped up, but instead of going for a pin, he walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope, being spurred on by Masters and Benjamin on the outside. Smith still hasnít moved as Haas makes his way to the top, as he then turns round to the face the crowd, then goes for a MOONSAULT. . . but Smith does move, rolling to the side, dodging the bullet. The crowd get behind Smith as Burchill and McIntyre encourage them.

Both men start to make their way back up to their feet, and itís Haas up first as he then charges at Smith, who sees him coming in time to arm drag Haas down to the mat. Haas doesnít look comfortable as he lands on the mat, still looking hurt as he gets back up and turns round into a kick to the gut from Smith, who then pulls Haasís head under his arm and lifting him up for a VERTICAL SUPLEX. . . Smith keeps him up in the air for nearly tens seconds before falling back and crashing down to the canvas, getting a big pop from the crowd. Smith takes a couple of seconds before he is able to get back up, but as he does, he seems to be looking to finish things, getting a serious look on his face. Masters then gets up on the apron, Smith sees him in the corner of his eye, makes his way over and knocks him off with a right hand to the face. Benjamin then tries to get in on the act, but with the previous warning, McIntyre & Burchill are on to it like a flash, running round the ring and pulling Shelton down and McIntyre whips him back first into the barricade. Smith looks on and smiles before turning round to see Haas getting up to his knees and walks over to his opponent. He then scoops Haas up onto his right shoulder, turns round and walks over to the corner before running back across the ring and planting Haas with the RUNNING POWERSLAM. . . Huge cheers from the now standing crowd as Smith follows up by turning over and covering Haas 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: ďBritanniaĒ hits & Smith is up to get his arm raised. Burchill & McIntyre slide into the ring and congratulate their team mate for this Sunday as Benjamin & Masters start to come round on the outside and look on with disgusted looks on their faces


Kenny Dykstra and Jamie Noble are in the backstage area. Dykstra is pacing up and down, looking very agitated


Kenny, calm down boy

Dykstra: Calm down, how the hell am I supposed to calm down? . . . In just two days, Iíve got the chance to win my first singles title, and Johnny Jeter just thinks he can just stroll back in and stop me. . . Well Iím telling you know Jamie, heís gonna regret it. That titles mine and thereís nothing he can do to stop me winning the Cruiserweight Championship, nothing!

Noble walks right into Kennyís face

Noble: Boy, maybe you should look a little closer to home, cos youíve got more to worry about than just Johnny pretty boy Jeter. . . Heís not the only guy who can stop you. . . I can. I want that championship as much as you boy, and you better believe Iím gonna. . .

Chavo Guerrero walks right into the shot and stands between them


Whoa guys, take it easy. Thereís no need to get all hot at each other about the match this Sunday. . . Why get all hot when neither of you stands a chance anyway? . . . Everyone knows that thereís only person walking away with that title, and thatís me, Chavo Guerrero

Chavo smiles as Dykstra & Noble look at him in disgust. Chavo gets the hint and walks away, leaving Dykstra & Noble staring at each other intensely


Backstage we see Josh Matthews standing by

Ladies and gentleman, my guests at this time, Umaga and his manager Armando Alejandro Estrada. . .


Josh: Armando, in just forty eight hours, Umaga will be part of the triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Survivor Series. . .

Estrada: . . . Aha, that is correct and do ju know what Josh?

Josh: What?

Estrada: Not only will Umaga be competing for the World title, he will win it. . . My samoan bulldozer is not intimidated by Batista, and he could squash Edge in a second (Estrada clicks his fingers). . . If Batista and Edge had any brains, they would not be stu-pid enough to get in the way of the destruction he will cause

Josh looks slightly intimidated

Josh: But Armando, I have to ask you. . . how does Umaga feel about teaming up with Batista tonight? It was only last week that Batista came down to the ring and attacked Umaga

Estrada: That is the reason Josh that I should have been made the general manager of Smackdown. I would not make a crazy match like Mr. Regal has for Umaga tonight. . . But I believe there is a saying ju people have in America. . . it is how they say, every man for himself. . . Umaga does not need Batista to beat three men. Umaga does not need Batista to beat three hundred men. And I have to warn ju Batista. . . If ju mess with Umaga, Umaga will mess with ju. . . And if ju want to go to the Survivor Series Batista, do not mess with Umaga because he will eat ju for breakfast


Estrada laughs hysterically before walking out of the shot with a heavy breathing Umaga staring into the camera as he leaves


From two weeks ago when Kevin Thorn was disqualified in his match against Kane, and then proceeded to beat the hell out of Kane with a steel chair, targeting his right leg

The Undertaker vs Kevin Thorn

Taker was shocked in the early going of the match, as Thorn was very aggressive, and remained that way as the match went on. Whipping Taker into the corner, Thorn follows up with some hard shots to the chest, followed by a couple of vicious stomps. Taker looks a little winded as Thorn steps back out of the corner, allowing Taker to stagger out slowly. Thorn is on him quickly, scooping him up slowly, but dropping him onto his knees for a GUT BUSTER DROP. . . Thorn then drops down to the mat and hooks Takerís leg for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . Thorn sits back up with a look of frustration as the ref only counts to two with Taker kicking out. Thorn then gets back up to his feet, followed by Taker who slowly pulls himself up to his knees. Thorn then stands behind Taker as he tries to stand back up, stalking the dead man, and the moment Taker manages to stand up, Thorn quickly applies a SLEEPER. . . Taker is caught off guard and it takes a couple of seconds for him to fight it, but Thorn has it locked in good, and Taker canít escape as he then starts to drop out of consciousness. As Takerís head drops slightly, the ref then takes action as he lifts Takerís arm up and lets it drop. . . NO REACTION. . . The ref tries again to see if Taker can respond, but the arm drops to his side again without any kind of response. For one final attempt, the ref lifts Takerís arm and lets it drop. . . but this time Taker does react and manages to keep his arm from dropping to his side, keeping it aloft to Thornís amazement. The crowd react with cheers as Taker then starts to lift his other arm, fighting to break the hold, and he does. Thorn looks shocked and pushes Taker into the ropes, then runs at him before he hits the ropes and clubs him across the back, but Taker isnít fazed by it and turns round straight away with an evil expression on his face.

Thorn doesnít look intimidated as he throws a right at Taker, but itís blocked by the dead man, who then unleashes some uppercuts to the jaw of Thorn, knocking him back. Taker then walks up to Thorn, grabs his arm and whips him hard into the corner, follows in and connects with a hard clothesline. He quickly whips Thorn into the other and again follows in with a hard clothesline. Thorn is slightly dazed as he walks out of the corner, and at the same time, Taker turns round and runs into the ropes, comes back, looking for a BIG BOOT. . . but Thorn recovers and itís him instead who connects with a BIG BOOT to the face of the dead man. The crowd are shocked as the impact instantly took Taker down to the mat, followed by Thorn who tries for another cover 1 . . . 2 . . . NO!! . . . THEREíS STILL LIFE LEFT IN THE DEAD MAN! . . . Thorn takes it on the chin, standing back up straight away, then reaches down to pull Taker up to his feet and setting him up for a FLAPJACK. . . Taker resists and after a couple of seconds, drives his knee into Thornís gut and pushes him back into the ropes, and as Thorn comes back, Taker wraps his hand around Thornís throat and is quick to plant him with a CHOKESLAM. . . There are a lot of cheers from the crowd as Taker then signals for the end, driving his arm across his throat. Taker then reaches down and drags Thorn up to his feet and then scoops him up onto his shoulder, setting him up for a TOMBSTONE. . . Just before Taker can get Thorn completely in position, Thorn starts to fight it and is able to pull himself back, holding onto Taker by the waist, pulling him back, getting Taker almost in position for a Tombstone, but Taker then reverses it back, pushing Thornís head down to his knees and planting him with the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER. . . Taker crosses Thornís hands as the ref counts the fall 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: The lights go out and then a purple spotlight shines down on The Undertaker as ďDeadmanís SymphonyĒ hits and Taker rises to one knee and lifts his right arm up before the camera fades away


We see MVP & Finlay in the locker room


MVP stands up as Finlay laces up his boots

Man, tonightís the night. Tonight we get to show Shawn Michaels and that punk Matt Hardy that weíre the superior team this Sunday. . . Matt Hardy already knows just why Iím half man, half amazing. But tonight I finally get the chance to stand man to man with the so called best this business has ever seen. . . The show stopper, the main event, the icon, itís all crap. Tonight he is gonna step in the ring with truly the best this business has ever seen, in me. . . M V P. . .


Finlay: Thereís no need to ask you if youíre ready for tonight then

MVP: Iím more than ready my Irish brother. . . I just canít wait for Sunday night, to go in and help Team Orton dominate Team HBK. I mean weíre gonna be as dominant as the New England Patriots, no amount of men will be able to stop us. . . And you know what? Even if Randyís not here tonight, you and I can prove in front of the world that Shawn Michaels is over the hill and I, well we, are the kings of the damn hill

Finlay grins and stands up

Finlay: I look forward to wiping that smile right off Shawn Michaels face, and Iíll do it with the chalily. He wonít feel his head until Sunday

MVP: Once youíve clocked that smug grin off the over the hill kidís face, Matt Hardyís next

Finlay: Sounds good to me

MVP: Damn straight

MVP and Finlay smile and laugh to themselves as we go to commercial


Backstage, Anastasia is standing by

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome. . . the heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels

***BIG POP***

Michaels walks into the shot

Woah, this is better than Josh Matthews, a whole lot better in fact. . . And what is your name my dear

Anastasia: Itís Anastasia

Shawn: I thought you were blonde. But I swear I bought all your albums, I think you were great until you know

Anastasia: That wasnít me. Iím not a singer

Shawn looks puzzled

What? What did I say? . . . You know what Annie, letís just go to the questions youíve got for me

Anastasia looks a little embarrassed and blushes, taking a short pause

Anastasia: Okay, tonight you and Matt Hardy take on MVP and Finlay without Randy Orton or Mr. Kennedy here to help them. You must feel pretty confident?

Shawn: Oh Annie, of course I do. Iím the heartbreak kid, and as MVP pointed out before, Iím a lot of other things too. . . But MVP my little friend, you really should think before you open that big mouth of yours, because if I remember rightly, Monday night on Raw, you found yourself on the mat with your shoulders counted down for three. . . What on earth makes you think itís gonna be any different tonight?. . . Myself and Matt Hardy are gonna show you and everyone else just whatís gonna happen this Sunday night right here in Louisville tonight kid. . .


Shawn: So you can bring Finlay and his sex toy or whatever it is with him, because believe me power ranger, youíre gonna need all the help you can get. . .


Shawn: But just before I leave you all, I need to send a deep personal heartfelt message to a special someone. . . Randy Orton, I know youíre sat watching this somewhere, and I just want to let you know that at the Survivor Series, youíre gonna find yourself on the end of something youíve got used to recently, kind of like that irritating voice of yours. . . sweet chin music. . . Randy, get ready, because this Sunday night, Team Orton is falling by the wayside, courtesy of Team HBK


Michaels smiles as he walks out of the shot, looking supremely confident


Batista & Umaga w/Armando Estrada vs Edge, John Morrison & The Miz

After starting the match strongly against Morrison, Batista tagged in Umaga, who continued to take the beating to Morrison, who then tagged in a very reluctant Miz. Miz doesnít want anything to do with Umaga as he looks back to his corner, but Edge & Morrison step off the apron. Miz turns round and drops his head, and Umaga reacts then, pulling Miz away from the corner and chopping him hard across the chest, grabbing him by the arm and whipping him into the ropes. And as Miz comes back, Umaga rolls across the mat and hits a WHEEL KICK. . . The crowd donít know what to make of it, but some cheer as Miz feels the force of the Samoan Bulldozer. Umaga doesnít go for a cover, instead opting to pull Miz back up to his feet, whips him into the corner and running at him, but Miz steps out just in time as Umaga hits the pads. It doesnít seem to have much effect on him as Miz then runs into the ropes, comes back, but Umaga steps out, grabs Miz around the chest, turns round and tosses him back with an OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. . . Again the crowd donít know what to think as Umaga stands back up and over The Miz. He turns to look at Edge with an intimidating look on his face, worrying Edge, and Morrison too. Umaga then drags Mizís body towards the corner, and then sets him up into a TREE OF WOE position. He then turns round and walks out of the corner towards the middle of the ring before stopping still. He then turns round sharply and charges at The Miz and crashes into him with a RUNNING HEADBUTT DROP. . . Gasps come from the crowd as Mizís legs drop to the mat and leave him looking out cold. Umaga has a really sadistic look in his eyes as he pulls Miz back up to his feet and lifts him onto his shoulders, then falling back into a SAMOAN DROP. . . Umaga then decides to try a cover this time 1 . . . 2 . . . Morrison runs in the ring and dropkicks Umaga in the side of the face to stop the count at two. Umaga remains on the mat, but starts to come round. Morrison then drags Miz towards their corner, and Edge reaches out, seeing Umaga in a weaker position. The ref yells at Morrison, telling him to get back on the apron. As Umaga starts to get to his knees, Miz comes round and slowly raises his head off the mat, seeing Edge reaching out and makes the tag as Umaga gets back to his feet.

Edge runs in and clotheslines Umaga, but he canít knock him down. He then stops to think for a second before running back into the ropes and trying another clothesline, but Umaga reaches out and pulls Edge into a SPINNING SIDE SLAM. . . Massive impact as Edgeís back hits the mat. Umaga stands back up and starts shouting out in Samoan, then reaches down and drags Edge to the corner, sitting him up against the bottom rope. He then walks back across the centre of the ring, then turns round to face Edge again, charges at him and hits the SAMOAN WRECKING BALL. . . Morrison & The Miz then run in and try to double team Umaga, but he pushes them both down. Batista though reaches out over the rope and slaps Umaga across the back, making a tag, acknowledged by the referee. Batista then enters the ring, and the moment, Morrison is back on his feet, The Animal charges at him and connects with a SPEAR. . . Huge takedown from Batista. He then waits for Miz to get up fully, and as Miz turns round, Batista plants him with a SPINEBUSTER. . . Huge pop from the crowd as Batista then stares Umaga right in the eye, face to face. Neither budges as Batista then steps away and turns his attention to Edge, pulling him away from the corner and up to his feet, then sets him up for the BATISTA BOMB. . . Umaga stares intensely at The Animal and then explodes with a SAVOTE KICK to the champion. . . Batista hits the mat and the crowd boo loudly as Umaga then snaps, lifts Batitsa up and hits him with the SAMOAN SPIKE. . . Estrada looks on smiling from the outside as Umaga then turns away, seeing both Batista and Edge on the canvas. He then leaves the ring and starts to walk up the aisle, then turning round as Edge slowly comes round, sees Batista lying across the mat and reaches out to place his arm across The Animalís chest as the ref counts 1 . . . 2 . . . 3. . . ITíS OVER!

AFTERMATH: The ref calls for the bell, ďMetalingusĒ blasts out as Umaga stares down at the ring, looking extremely intense. It takes Edge around ten seconds to sit up to his knees and sees Umaga on the aisle, looks at him and realises what heís caused. Edge looks worried and then stares back at Umaga


A promotional video for the Survivor Series is played with a voiceover

On a night where one thing is paramount, gladiators will enter the arena with ambitions and dreams. Those dreams will be shattered and failed ambitions will shatter many a gladiator. . . Dreams come and go, but family remains. However on this night, family stands for desolation as this family prepares for war, and when all is said and done, only one gladiator will be able to call himself the true survivor!

The match cards appear on the tron as Michael Cole & JBL talk us through them

Cole: This for me John is one of the most intriguing matches this Sunday night. . . Weíve just received word from William Regal that this match will no longer be a traditional elimination match or a regular six man tag team match after whatís happened the last two weeks. . . You look on one side and youíve got the British collection who are all undefeated since joining Smackdown over the last month or two, and on the other youíve got the bully Chris Masters and the undefeated WWE Tag Team Champions, the Worldís Greatest Tag Team

JBL: Michael when you look at it, itís an easy one to call. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas have been around for a long time, Masters has too if you compare him to their opponents. They have the experience and the know how. . . I know who Iím sticking my neck out for

Cole: And for the first time ever, courtesy of Rawís previous and our current general manager, for the first time ever, the Intercontinental Championship will be contested in a traditional elimination match

JBL: You talk about intriguing Michael, thatís what this is. You have six men, six extremely talented superstars and worthwhile champions going at it in a historic match

Cole: Oh absolutely John, and thatís what makes this match so interesting. The superstar who gets the last fall, will be crowned the Intercontinental Champion. And if thereís more than one survivor on one team, those men will go at it until there is one man left standing. Thereís no doubt Jeff Hardy has his hands full to keep hold of his title this Sunday

JBL: Oh here we go Michael, divas and a three way. What more could a guy ask for?

Cole: Well John, quite! . . . Beth Phoenix may have met her match in Victoria judging from what we saw on Raw this past week, but Mickie James took her to the absolute limit three weeks ago at Cyber Sunday, you can not rule Mickie out of the running here either

JBL: Michael, women shouldnít be allowed to wrestle, but lucky for us, these three can and weíre in for a great match this Sunday night

Cole: But this weekend, itís not just the Intercontinental Championship that will be on the line in a traditional elimination match, because we will finally determine who will take over the vacant Cruiserweight Championship

JBL: And Michael, this is the only thing Mick Foley ever did right throughout his entire career, making this match. Itís a crying shame heís not around to watch it. . . well not really!

Cole: Whether or not Mick Foley is around to watch it is not the issue John, itís the fact that all these superstars have shown how much they want to become the Cruiserweight Champion over recent weeks, and I for one canít wait to see what happens when these eight men go at it full throttle at the Survivor Series

JBL: Michael, do you realise that we have two former Smackdown teams here competing for the World Tag Team titles? Itís a damn tragedy that these two very talented teams had to go to Raw. And if there was any justice in the world, one of them would win this Sunday and bring the titles to Smackdown

Cole: John, thereís no doubting that both Paul London and Brian Kendrick as well as Deuce N Domino are more than capable of leaving with the titles this Sunday night. But you have to admit that Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch have been on a role since becoming the World Tag Team Champions, and I have a feeling it will take an incredible effort to take the those titles away from them

Cole: And this is what it all comes down to, the triple main event, starting with this Streetfight between Triple H and Mr. McMahon

JBL: Who the hell does Triple H think he is? Messing with Mr. McMahonís life like this, keeping the identity of his son from him and making out it was that little troll

Cole: I think Mr. McMahon has given as good as heís got if you ask me John, and I think heís going to get a lot worse when Triple H finally gets his chance to get his hands on the boss this Sunday evening

JBL: Itís down right despicable that Shane McMahon, Vinceís own son would make this match up. I just hope Triple H gets whatís coming to him

JBL: Now weíre talking Michael, the match no one can wait to see. . . Team HBK vs Team Orton

Cole: Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the match that will spark debates over the next couple of days. Who will be able to lead their team to victory, in rightly what I would say is the most eagerly anticipated traditional Survivor Series elimination match of all time

JBL: I have to say something Iím not particularly proud of Michael, but I agree with you. Youíve not just got one of the greatest of all time in Shawn Michaels and the WWE Champion, Randy Orton in this one. Thereís the phenom that is The Undertaker. . . Youíve got Chris Jericho, Finlay, Mr. Kennedy, MVP and Matt Hardy in there too. This is going to be absolutely amazing Michael

Cole: No doubt about that. All we have to wait and see now, is just whose team will prevail

Cole: And the Smackdown main event John. Batista defends his World Heavyweight Championship against Umaga and the rated r superstar, Edge

JBL: Yeah you got half of that right Michael. . . Batista defends his World Heavyweight Championship for the last time. Thereís no way he is walking out of the Survivor Series with that championship around his waist. Edge is a man on a mission and Umaga is an absolute monster. . . There is no way in hell Batista can escape the expected this Sunday

Cole: John, I have to disagree. Batista has shown nothing but heart to win the World title back, and if you ask me, I think he is more than capable of overcoming the odds

JBL: Well I didnít ask you Michael, okay

Cole: Well whatever happens, this years Survivor Series is shaping up to be on the best ever, and you canít afford to miss it

JBL: Youíre damn right you canít. It is going to be un-be-lievable

Matt Hardy & Shawn Michaels vs MVP & Finlay

Finlay managed to break up Mattís early advantage and has continued to pummel him every chance he gets. With Matt reeling from a couple of strong right hands, Finlay whips him into the ropes, and as Matt comes back at him, Finlay sticks his right knee out and drives it right into Mattís chest, with the momentum then taking Matt down to the canvas. Finlay then reaches down and sits Matt up, then kicks him hard across the spine. The impact forces Matt back to fall back again, right down against the canvas. Finlay drops down and goes for a cover straight away 1 . . . 2 . . . Matt kicks out comfortably, frustrating Finlay. The Irishman then stands back up and reaches down to pull Matt back up to his feet, whips him into the ropes. As Matt runs back, Finlay ducks his head and Matt takes full advantage by kicking Finlay square in the head. Matt then pulls Finlay round and quickly hits him with a SIDE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP. . . Finlay kicks out quite comfortably at two, but Matt starts to get fired up. He stands back up and waits patiently as Finlay gets up to his knees, and the moment Finlay gets back up, Matt grabs him by the arm and whips him into the corner. He takes a second before he charges in and hits him with a clothesline, but holds onto Finlayís head before turning round and running out of the corner, planting him with a BULLDOG. . . Huge pop as Matt then goes for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . NO! . . . FINLAY KICKS OUT. . . Finlay starts to come round and Matt pulls himself back up to his feet, urging Finlay up, and the moment heís up, Matt grabs him around the shoulder and neck, trying for the SIDE EFFECT. . .

Finlay tries to escape it with some vicious shots of his elbow to Mattís neck. Matt loses the grip and Finlay takes a step back before throwing a right hand at Hardy, but Matt blocks it, and this time plants him with the SIDE EFFECT. . . not giving Finlay a second to escape it this time. Matt thinks about a cover, but as he gets back up, he walks over to the corner and climbs to the second rope. With the crowd on their feet, Matt leaps off for a LEG DROP. . . but Finlay rolls to the side as Mattís legs crash into the canvas. It takes both men a while to come round before they start to crawl towards their respective corners. Both make the tag simultaneously as Michaels charges at MVP, taking him down with a clothesline, and as MVP gets back up, he walks into another clothesline from HBK. As MVP gets up and turns round this time, Michaels lifts him up slightly before dropping him onto his knee for an INVERTED ATOMIC DROP. . . As MVP jumps up and down, holding his most valuable equipment, Michaels turns round, runs into the ropes, comes back and hits a FLYING FOREARM. . . Huge pop as Michaels take control in the late stages and then flips up. Finlay rushes in, but is knocked down by a right hand from Michaels. As Finlay gets back up by the ropes, Matt Hardy gets back in the ring, charges at him and clotheslines him over the top, but the momentum takes Matt over too. Smiling, Michaels then walks over to the corner and slowly climbs to the top rope.

But he takes too long as MVP sits up on the mat, sees Michaels on the top, reaches up to grab the referee and pushes him into the ropes, knocking Michaels off the top and down to the mat. Itís met with a chorus of boos from the crowd as MVP manages to get back up to his feet, pulls Michaels back up and whips him hard into the corner. MVP then runs in and smashes HBK right in the face with the PLAYERíS BOOT. . . Michaels seems to stagger out of the corner, but drops face first into the mat. On the outside, Matt and Finlay go at it, with Matt whipping Finlay into the steps. MVP then pulls Michaelsí body to the centre of the ring, then turns back into the ropes, comes back and looks for the BALLINí ELBOW. . . but Michaels rolls to the side as MVP his the mat. Both men take a couple of seconds before the get back up to their feet, where they then exchange right hands, but MVP drives his knee into Michaelsí gut and whips him into the ropes, but as Michaels comes back, they collide with a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE. . . Both men remain on the mat, and on the outside, Hardy is about to pick Finlay back up when all of a sudden, Randy Orton jumps the barricade, spins Matt round and RKOís him. Massive boos from the crowd as Orton then slips in the ring, pushes Micky Henson to the mat as Mr. Kennedy too jumps the barricade. Orton sizes Michaels up as HBK starts to come round and get up to all fours. Orton looks like stone as he stands in the corner, ready to explode, holding onto the top rope. As Michaels pulls himself up to his knees, Orton charges at him and connects with a RUNNING PUNT to the head. Henson sits up, sees it and calls for the bell.

AFTERMATH: Orton stares down at Michaels with a crazed look on his face. Heís joined in the ring by Kennedy & Finlay as MVP gets back up to his feet. Orton instructs his team to pull Michaels up to his feet, and they follow his orders as Michaels looks completely out of it. They drag Michaels up, but he clearly canít stand on his own as they keep hold of him until Orton walks right up to Michaels, grabs his head and talks smack before unleashing an almighty RKO. Before Orton gets back to his feet. . .

*The lights go out and a gong hits*

A couple of seconds later, the lights come back on and The Undertaker is in the ring, but Team Orton are all on the outside looking on. Orton in particular has a sick smile on his face as they back up the aisle


Matt Sydal & Johnny Jeter df.
Chavo Guerrero & Matt Striker
Harry Smith df. Charlie Haas
The Undertaker df. Kevin Thorn
Edge, John Morrison & The Miz df. Batista & Umaga
Matt Hardy & Shawn Michaels df. MVP & Finlay

Mike DiBiase & Ted DiBiase Jr df.
Michael Shane & TJ Wilson

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Bradley's Smackdown Review

Loved the opening promo for the most part, you delved in to a side of Batista we never normally see and that takes a good writer to pull something like that off and he seemed really emotional, I would have liked him to have been on his own for a bit longer as the arrival of Miz and Morrison severely disrupted a good promo. I didn't like the way Batista jumped from emotional guy to a comedian, it just didn't click. Edge picked things up but it ended on a flat note, I would have liked to seen some physicality but a good match announcement, will look forward to that!

A VERY good opening match, did BDV split from Striker? You have an awesome CW division and it is nice to see you are using it well, unlike others who do tend to misuse it. Fantastic action, I will honestly say that if this match was at PPV legnth it could have been one of your best, and a contender for one of the matches of the year, it had a great story, depth and substance. The flow was great and all 4 men were used very well and a fantastic array of moves. Good to see Striker take the fall and yet 2 other CW's getting in to the action without fucking it up, good job and Survivor Series should be awesome judging by this match.

Regal and HBK were both very much in character but what shocked me most (apart from 'Willy') was that HBK will be gunning for the World Heavyweight Championship which is interesting, hopefully that means you haven't ruined the WHC match result with Edgelooking like he is going to win.

A very good technical bout, a nice slower pace which didn't harm the match quality and a nice healthy dose of inteference cleverly added to the match and you didn't go overboard and Smith winning was the right way to go to build up to Survivor Series and I enjoyed the match, maybe this should have gone on first because it pales in comparison compared to the first match.

It's all getting very personal in the CW division and it is all going to explode on Sunday, now that will be an awesome match! I particulary liked the Estrada promo, you got his distinctive accent down to a tee, something which only a handful of people do in this forum (around 5) and it will be nice to see how Umaga gets on with Batista.

A very good big man match and I loved how Thorn was dominating the early stages as it showed he could cope with the main event guys, surprised Kane didn't make an entrance but you made this brawl very entertaining and the finish was great, something I have done before with the reversed tombstone, something also seen at WM21 but it is a good way to get the opponent over while still taking the loss.

LOL at the contrasting personalities of MVP and Finlay in a promo, Finlay didn't sound too happy but MVP was his normal, arrogant self and was in character. If I'm being really out of order I can say that the New England Patriots didn't go 16-0 until 7 weeks later!

Shawn again? Would have hoped to seen Matt instead, HBK had some nice lines, then some really cheesy ones, like the one about mistaking her for the singer, she does look around 20 years younger! Really hilarious sex toy line but the power ranger line seemed a little wayward and not something HBK would say. Matt Hardy should have been there to pitch in a few lines, it's been around an hour now in the show and he hasn't been seen at all and he is in one of the biggest matches of, not just the PPV, but the year. I saw a typo in there somewhere as well.

A great match up again, nice flow and good use of moves but I felt Umaga dominated far too much in the latter stages, I know Miz and Morrison were there but they shouldn't be squashed that easily. The end part was fun and I know the volatile partnership wouldn't last and that puts all 3 men over now, Edge picks up the win, Batista was laying the smackdown and Umaga knocks out Batista.

I will give my insight on the PPV in depth later on in the week.

Now, the MAAAIINNNN EVVVVENNNT (just did that to make the review longer)! Anyway a great matchup, my computer is seriously fucking up (hence the reason why it's taking so damn long to write SNME) let's just say I didn't like Orton getting in to the match and HBK wasn't involved nearly enough as I would have liked and no SCM wasn't all that great as he didn't send a message before the PPV but at least Orton gets an advantage after being humiliated the past few weeks.

Overall, probably one of your best Smackdown shows and I hope you continue the trend with Survivor Series, 9/10.

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Opening Promo: This was a very very enjoyable opening promo and a good way to kick of what i expect to be a very good Smackdown, First to Batista, this was good to see what Batista had to say and i think you got his character done well, it is hard to get Batistas character i believe but you did do it well and all the things Batista was saying you could see him saying, really bumming himself up about how he had to work hard to win the title, Anyway i expected Edge to come out and this happened, Edge was also in character even though he did not say alot, it was a good way to build up the match for SS anyway and a good way to get the match into later on tonight, Batista teaming up with Umaga shall be interesting

Match 1: This was a good match and it was enjoyable to read, i see you worked harder on the length and you made the match longer which i am glad to see, It looks like their will be a push for Sydal and Jeter and this is something i would like to see personally, Anyway good ending of the match aswell

Shawn Michaels and William Regal Promo: I felt this promo was rather interesting but would it actually happen, i dont think so, William Regal being nice to HBK, I dont think would happen unless Regal has got something planned to screw Michaels and i do not think Michaels would be as nice to regal

Match 2: Another good lengthed match for just the ending, It was also entertaining and i felt had a good flow to the match, glad to see DH Smith get the victory

Jamie Noble, Kenny Dykstra and Chavo Guerrero Promo: This was a nice filler and i think that is all it was, it was a good way to build up the tension going into the match at SS with the heels

Armando Estrada and Umaga interview: This was a good promo, Armando Estrada was in great character and i liked the way he said Umaga doesnt need Batista and he could squash Edge in a second, Good Cockyness from Armando and i was glad to see this cockyness shining threw the interview

Match 3: Another very entertaining match with a good length, The Undertaker against Kevin Thorn is sumthing i would like to see and you wrote it very well, the right man prevailed victorious as you could not have The Undertaker jobbing for Kevin Thorn, that would be rather silly and you are not silly Nige

MVP and Finlay Promo: Both men in character without a doubt in this promo, MVP cocky as ever and Finlay desperate to kick some ass, Could it be any better

Shawn Michaels Interview: I had a little laugh at the start of this promo, Shawn Michaels thinking Anastacia was the singer LOL, Anyway Shawn Michaels another cocky guy and you had him in great character, good way to build up this fued

Match 4: MOTN so far but i am sure it wont be by the time i have read the other matches, anyway the length was perfect again, i do feel this should have been the main event but i will let you away with it, LOL, I was wondering how it would go with Umaga and Batista teaming up and i think you made the right and realistic choice with what you done, Umaga attacking Batista had to be done to show how powerful Umaga is, Edge looking up at Umaga at the end was also good

Match 5: What a match, What a match and it isnt even SS yet, talk about making the rivalry more intense, I had a huge feeling Randy Orton and Co would be in the arena but i did not want to say just in case i was wrong, Randy Orton kicking him to the head, will he make it to SS i wonder, i am sure he will and then when you dont think it could get any better, the lights go out and the Undertaker is in the ring, I would have rather Team Orton are all in the ring and then escape or the Undertaker beats up everyone in Team Orton except from Randy, I would then of liked to see Orton walk up the aile with the sick look on his face

Overall: This was a good show, Not anywere near your best though Nige, Well i suppose that is a little harsh, Your matches were the best for just a weekly show but i feel the promos let you down a little
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Alim's Smackdown Review

This is my first review in like 2 months, so I'm kind of rusty lol. I liked the opening promo. I'm not a big fan of Batista and I'm an even lesser fan of his mic work, but you actually made him sound decent on the mic. I didn't know what happened last week because I haven't been following, but by the looks of it, Edge gave Batista a spear and now has some help from Miz and Morrison. I like the fact that you have this little stable just like the Majors/Edge in real life, hopefully Edge takes the title with their help at Survivor Series. 2 on 3 handicap match for later on, it's going to be interesting to see if Batista and Umaga can work together or not.

I like this Cruiserweight title picture you've set up. You have eight guys who really want to be champion, and the division looks solid. I'm not sure if the elimination match at Survivor Series with the Cruiserweights is a tag team match or one of those Cruiserweight opens, please clear that up for me. The match itself was very good, I like the detail you had in it even though it was just the ending. Lots of fast paced action, which I like and always gets the crowd going, which is a great move to start off the show. I noticed Sydal did a SSP, so I'm guessing the whole move restriction thing is not that strict, which is good.

Very, very good segment here my friend. Very enjoyable to read. I'm not sure on this whole situation with Team Orton and Team HBK, but I guess I'll catch up on that soon enough. With HBK wanting a World Title shot, I have a feeling that his team is going to be winning at Survivor Series, and hopefully, he does get the title shot.

You have a huge thing for new talents, Matt Sydal, Harry Smith, Johnny Jeter, and that was evident in your last thread too, and I think that's a good thing because you're making the effort to mould new superstars. UK Pack looks strong with the win here, had a feeling anyways.

Glad to see you're giving the Cruiserweight division a lot of time on the show. The situation seems to be heating up because everyone wants the title so bad, I expect a really solid match at Survivor Series.

I was laughing the whole time during the Estrada promo. It wasn't bad, I was just laughing because of the way Estrada was talking. "Ju" lol. That was a good promo, and you certainly had Estrada in character. I don't expect Umaga to win on Sunday though.

Good match here with Undertaker and Kevin Thorn. I'm not really a fan of Kevin Thorn, but you made him look good by having him keep up with Undertaker. I liked the finish where Thorn tried to reverse the Tombstone, but Taker reversed back and nailed his Tombstone. For some reason, this match seemed like a pay-per-view match.

Lol at this promo too. Like Bradley mentioned, the contrasting styles of MVP and Finlay made this promo funny. You have the arrogent MVP, and the Irish Man, Finlay, but, the promo was still good. Looking forward to the match later on in the show.

More Shawn on the show, works for me! HBK kind of seemed like the cocky, arrogent SOB he was back in the day, just a tad bit though. You're hyping their match at Survivor Series really well, and I can't wait. And I lol'd once again at the start of the promo, Anastacia the singer.. lol.

Great match here. An attack on Batista by Umaga was coming for sure, I knew that right off the bat, but I'd still think Batista would pick up the win somehow, probably by a DQ. I'm glad Edge got a pinfall victory over the champ, even if it was a little cheap, I mark for Edge.

Survivor Series looks amazing, and you've stacked the card once again Nige. I look forward to reading the show.

Very enjoyable main event, blockbuster imo. Great length. You're just writing endings to matches, but imagine if you wrote them out in full . The ending was pretty not bad. I don't like Orton and Kennedy coming on Smackdown and interfering in the match, even when William Regal said they won't be on the show, but the surprise factor was there and the ending didn't make anyone looking weak heading into the pay-per-view.

Overall, very good show. You've improved a lot, and I look forward to reading Survivor Series. Best of luck man!


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Review

Opening promo was very good for a Batista promo and you captured Batistaís character very well. Except for the part you had Batista try and be a comedian calling Miz and Morrison Pimps. Edgeís bit was alright aswell, and nice main event announced and I donít see how Batista and U-manga (Lol) can work together.

Opening match was very good, and I liked that you gave the match some length which gives us a better indication of how good the match is. Your Cruiserweight division is very strong and I like the fact that Matt Stryker is in that division as that is the best chance he can get any gold. Nice victory for Sydal and Jeter who appear to be given a good push at the moment.

Lol Willy! Anyway out of the childish humour mode this was a pretty decent segment with both men in character. HBK for title would be interesting but I still see one more match between Orton and HBK before he gets a title shot.

Another very good bout here and good decision to see Smith getting the victory going into Survivor Series giving the UK lot the momentum which could mean that the Worlds Greatest Tag Team and the worlds most boring wrestler get the win.

A lot of TV Time for Cruiserweights is always a good thing. A lot of tension in the CW Division at the moment, and will be hard to predict who will take the title.

Estrada promo was very entertaining as always, and you got his character and accent spot on. Laughed quite a bit through that promo especially at the last thing he says for some reason.

This would be a pretty awesome big man match to see, and was very good to see that even though you had Taker go over you kept Kevin Thorn looking very strong. The ending of the match was very entertaining with the counter finishers before the Tombstone. Right man won as even though I like Thorn, it would be stupid if he went over Taker at this stage.

First thing, Chalily? Lol thatís either the accent or your spelled it wrong accidentally. Anyway it was a very good promo with two clash of personalities, with the cocky and arrogant MVP and the tough talker Finlay. Nice hype for the main event.

Lol at HBK calling Anastacia the singer. HBK promo was very entertaining and his character seemed like it was back in the day when he was cocky and arrogant. Little surprised that Matt wasnít there to say something, because even though heís not that good on the mic he should have had a bit of TV time before the match.

Good match here and no surprise that Umaga turned on Batista as Umaga and Batista as team mates just asked for Umaga to attack him. Edge gets the victory and it looks like you have Morrison and Miz doing the same thing the Major Brothers are doing in real life and joining themselves with Edge.

Very enjoyable main event and no surprises that Randy Orton makes an interference, as there had to be some buildup between him and HBK on the show before the PPV. The aftermath basically gives the victory to HBKís team at Survivor Series, as Team Orton come in full of momentum now, but maybe you will surprise me.

Overall the show was very good, and look forward to you posting Survivor Series.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks for the great reviews guys. Yeah Jamie, some of the promos weren't as good ones on Raw. It's just these were more filler like with the exception of the opener. And Alim to answer your question about the Cruiserweight match at the Survivor Series, it will a traditional elimination match with the sole survivor taking the title, and if more than one from the winning team is left, they will battle it out for the title

SURVIVOR SERIES UPDATE: I'm just about half way through. The Womens title, Smackdown six man, Triple H/Vince and the World title triple threat are all written AND IN FULL!! Big shock i know for me! I'm going all out for this pay-per-view and want to test myself as i think it's about time i pushed that turbo button full throttle

The preview is all formatted, just will be posted in a few days, possibly Monday/Tuesday. I'm back at college this week so i'm not sure on how long it will take me to finish the other matches as three of them are the monster ones

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige's Smackdown Review

First of all I love the way you had William Regal pronounce Umaga as 'U-manga' This was comedy genious on your part lol. This brings me onto the opening promo. I loved the way you captured Batista's emotion throughout. But like some others have said, I didn't like the way he went from emotional to the kind of comedian. Edge coming out with his faction was a good addition to the promo, and unlike the others, I think having them come out made the promo more exciting. This feud is really hotting up, and something tells me that it will continue after Survivor Series.

The opening match seemed alright. I kind og got a bit bored throughout though. I have to admit that your cruiserweight division is pretty good at the moment. Sydal and Jeeter are wrestlers that I am not too knowledgeable on, threrefor I don't really like reading them. but I'm sure that over time they will start to grow on me

A very interesting segment here Nige. It has made me sway towards team HBK winning on Sunday. Before this I actually had my sights set on Team Orton. With Raw not being here tonight things should go well for Smackdown. I am getting a little bit confused though with talent going on different brands, but maybe that's because I havn't read many other shows.

The second match was another good one. It showcased your skills as a match writer. I like how you have DH Smith in this thread, and I'll be expecting a push for him in the forseeable future.

The backstage segment with the cruiserweight was alright. It just made it clear that anyone can win the match at Survivor Series, which makes it all that more exciting.

Estrad was gold in this segment. It was good that you didnt have Umaga talk as much, but it would have been cool to see him roar or something. I am looking forward to the match later because I don't think Batista and Umaga will get along at all, that's why it's such a brilliant idea.

Undertaker getting the win against Thorn was obvious, but it was good to see Thorn have a bit of offence in the match.

I wasn't too fond of this next segment between MVP and Finlay. They were in character and all but I just thought it was a bit boring. It did it's job however ny hyping Survivor Series a bit more.

After this next segment I can't help but think Randy orton will show up. I don't know why I just do. Michaels was bloody brilliant in this interview. Am I right in saying he still has his DX persona?

I knew that Umaga and Batista wouldn't get on. It was gold how you deliverd this match, IMO it should have been the main event. I can see why this wasn't the main event, because hyping Team Orton vs Team HBK is needed. I really think Michaels will be going for the World Championship now because he is getting more hype than the champion tonight. Edge getting a in over Batista makes me believe Batista is winning the belt this Sunday.

The main event was deffinatly match of the night. I knew Orton and kennedy would show up I could just see it. So there was no suprise factor for me there becuae I could just see it. I love the fact that everyone looks strong going into Survivor Series and I can tell it's going to be a brilliant PPV.

Overall, I am sorry about being crap at reviews Nige. I havn't really done one before properly. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it sooner or later though eh. Overall a great show and I loved reading it. Can't wait for the PPV.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown review

The show starts with a rather generic Batista promo. He had a lot to say apparently, but I must say it was better than the average 'real' Batista promo. Then out comes Edge who wasn't very much in charachter, imo. Batista said more all in all than Edge, which isn't appealing to me at all, as Edge is the better mic worker by far. Anywho, the message came over well and the promo overall was solid.

I understand you've got a big cruiserweight match coming up at Survivor Series. I see that you're trying to revive the cruiserweight division by bringing in some delevopmental talent like Sydal and Jeter. Now coincidentally, I'm a big fan of both of those guys, and with apparently their second win under their belts, I hope one of them get the strap at SS. Good match with I believe all cruiserweights involved in SS standing in the ring at the end.

I liked the next promo. Willy seems something HBK would say, oddly enough. You're trying too hard to make Regal sound English though, please cut back on that. Shawn Michaels going after the World title on Smackdown seems realistic enough, seeing as he's about the biggest star they have, apart from Taker(if he's still on SD in your BTB). Solid promo

I see you've got a Brittish faction build up, again with three developmental stars. I cheer on you for that, using Smackdown as the place to make them into stars. They get the victory against a team that exists of nothing than jobbers, but oh well, a victory is a victory.

The cruiserweight strap is definitely gaining importance on your show, not only with a match at SS, but a definite presence at your shows too. I couldn't care less about that title though.

Good enough promo by Estrada next. You've done well capturing his charachter, good job. The promo was short though.

okay, you've got Thorn vs. fucking Undertaker and the match got absolutely no hype at all. I'm confused about that. A match this big (for Thorn at least) should get way more hype from the start of the show.
Anyways, Thorn loses clean and if the man was getting a push, it certainly has stopped right here. If you wanted to push Thorn, then you've got to back to the drawing board now and start all over, cause this loss, well, it just means the end of the push (if there was one, that is).

Didn't like this next promo at all. Finlay, nor MVP seemed in charachter and I just overall didn't like this promo. MVP talks about he's the man, but then he's just gonna HELP team Orton? He should be talking about how he's gonna carry the damn team all by himself. MVP's egotistical and he goes solo all the way, you should implement that in every promo.

Solid promo by Michaels. Lol at him confusing Anastasia with the singer. The way you handle Michaels is good, you're capturing his persona well. It could still be better though, but nobody can write a perfect promo of course. Good job.

And Edge gets the win in this match. It looks like Batista is losing his championship at Survivor Series. Edge will get the strap, imo, the way he's booked. Umaga may be an outsider, but one thing's for certain, it won't be Batista that'll take the strap home at SS. Good match, nice ending.

Well, it was to be expected for Orton to be out here tonight, as well as Kennedy. It was actually a good ending to a good match. Michaels didn't lose any credibility with the DQ finish and Orton's team stood tall, which may indicate that Michaels' team will come out on top at SS.

Overall, this was a solid show. It was nothing earth shattering or groundbreaking, but it was solid nonetheless. Some promos are short and out of charachter, but you're able to catch most of the charachters in a good way. Also, try and cut back on the spelling mistakes, they take away from the quality of the show. You've got talent, Nige, keep going at it and you can turn out a very good booker.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige's SmackDown! Review
Batista's promo was exceptional, a lot better than how he would cut a promo in reality. When Edge, Morrison and Miz came out, Batista's character was a bit unrealistic, looking at his funny character. Like some others have said in their reviews, I like it how Regal said Umaga as U-manga. So Regal's style, pure genious there, Nige.

I'm really pleased with Jeter and Sydal being on the SmackDown roster. This cruiserweight rivalry you have going on leading up to Survivor Series is very enjoyable, and it's the suitable superstars involved in it. It's also good to see Matt Striker in in-ring competition regularly now, which he hasn't had a lot of during his time in WWE. The result of the match at Survivor Series will be anything but predictible, I'm sure of it. Good to see Jeter and Sydal get the victory.

William Regal's promo with Shawn Michaels was good, it seems like Regal is being portrayed as a face General Manager to me. Michael's dialogue was OK, and it's good that he'll be going for the World Heavyweight Championship after Survivor Series. Edge or Umaga will surely be favored to win, as they'll probably be in a feud with Michaels and really it should be a face-heel feud, but I won't have a problem at all if Batista wins, and feuds with Michaels. HBK could feud with any 3 of them, but whoever Michaels feuds with, I'm positive that it will turn out to be successful, like this BTB as a whole.

I'm liking this U.K Pack - Masters, Haas and Benjamin feud you have going on here. It's very good to have a UK Tag Team/Alliance fully involved in a feud. I'm glad that Smith, Burchill and McIntyre win, although no physical contact after the match, but that's fine with me, no complaints. This team definitely suits SmackDown, so it's good that they're on that brand.

Dykstra - Noble promo was OK, some good, realistic dialogue used by Noble, it really blends in with his character. In addition, it's great that you're making the Cruiserweight Championship more important, with this big feud over it.

Armando Estrada's promo was good, short but sweet. His dialogue, like many others who speak in your promos, was good and as usual it fitted in with his character. It's realistic having Batista and U-manga () as partners, the classic reluctant tag team partners being put to good use.

Unlike others have said, I believe it's OK having Undertaker beating Kevin Thorn. Thorn may have been getting a push, but anyone can lose to The Undertaker. I'm surprised that Thorn didn't do anything after the match though, if he is/was getting a push, then he should've done something to Taker, to put him over as a heel.

MVP-Finlay promo wasn't bad, but "We are the kings of the hill?" We? I can see you're trying to put over MVP's character, but I don't think he'd say that. He's never got along with Finlay, and normally MVP would say "I am the king of the hill", although maybe he doesn't want to upset Finlay .

Michael's promo was very good, funny how he got Anastacia confused with the singer. However, I see two minor problems. Firstly, this Shawn's 2nd promo of the night. Secondly, you have 2 consecutive promos, which sort of deterioates my opinion of this promo.

Having Edge, Miz and Morrison beat Batista and Umaga/U-manga was good, unpredictible as I was predicting a Batista & Umaga victory in that match. Not much of an aftermath though, with Umaga, I would've had him beat the holy hell out of Batista after the match. It was good to have the first heel victory of the night at long last though, which is good.

Nice Survivor Series hype, very unique. The card is shaping up very well, and I expect a blockbuster of a Pay-Per-View.

A DQ finish to the HBK & Hardy - Finlay & MVP match was good, nice having Orton and Kennedy show up. The result doesn't hurt anyone's (who was in the match) reputation, finally Orton gets one over Michaels. The gong at the end was good, very suitable way to get Undertaker back involved in the equation after a rather quiet night. I'm surprised Chris Jericho didn't show up though.

Overall, I think this was a great show, but I know this is not the best you can produce by a long shot. Hopefully you'll produce a fantastic show at Survivor Series, which I'm sure you can and will.

Rating: 8.5/10
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