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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

OK firts off this is really my first time checking this thread out and i have to say it is really really good. The Randy Orton history lesson was quite good, it really helped build that feud up quite nicely. Don't really like Cody Rhodesbut as long as he loses Sunday I'll be happy. NA dfinally the HHH/Vince feud, just read this thing don't really know anything about this feud but hey it was great. Hornswoggle isn't his sone, finally a creative way I have seen this done, can't wait to see who it is. I honestly have no idea...did you happen to drop hints in tha past?

Credit: Bro
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Smackdown Preview
16th November

Freedom Hall
Louisville, Kentucky

With just two days before this Sunday’s Survivor Series, the superstars involved will be going all out to gain the upper hand when Smackdown rolls into Louisville this Friday night. With Team HBK & Team Orton expected, in addition to Batista, Umaga and Edge, the three men who will battle it out for the World Championship, anything can happen!

We all know of the hunger Edge has to regain what he thinks is rightfully his, but last week he sent a clear message to the current World Champion Batista, as well as Umaga that he isn’t going to stop at anything until he gets the World title back. Luring Batista into a false sense of security, Edge then unleashed his two new sidekicks on The Animal. John Morrison, switching from Raw under the Open House rules along with the returning Miz, attacked Batista from behind. The Animal however put up one hell of a fight after taking Umaga out just before, but fell short as Edge speared the champ and stood tall over the fallen animal.

Just what can we expect from Edge and his new sidekicks this week?

Shawn Michaels has really turned the tables on Randy Orton, his opposing team captain for the Survivor Series in the last week. Just two weeks ago, Michaels returned to the WWE and put himself in position to take on Orton and his team this Sunday, but from then on, he has had the upper hand, keeping the WWE Champion on his toes. Just last week he revealed the returning Chris Jericho as his final team member to join Matt Hardy and The Undertaker, and this past week on Raw, Michaels and Jericho were able to defeat Orton and Smackdown’s MVP.

With just one more night to gain the advantage going into the Survivor Series, which team will set the big impression?

In a heinous attack last Friday night, The World’s Greatest Tag Team and Chris Masters took out one of the three men they will face this Sunday night, in the shape of Dave Taylor. This infuriated Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill as they found themselves a man down for the big match at the Survivor Series. However new GM, William Regal made a good call, allowing the debuting Harry Smith to take Taylor’s place in the match after he defeated Masters for a big debut victory.

This week, Harry Smith is in action again as he takes on one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas. With so much animosity between these men going into Sunday’s pay-per-view, will they able to control their tempers this week?

Johnny Jeter & Matt Sydal joined Harry Smith in making their Smackdown debuts last week, defeating two of the men they will face in the Cruiserweight Championship elimination match this Sunday, in Kenny Dykstra & Jamie Noble. In what must have been considered an upset, Jeter & Sydal will be in action again this week as they take on their other two opponents for the Survivor Series, Chavo Guerrero & Matt Striker. These two met in a fatal fourway last week with Jimmy Wang Yang as all three lost out to Super Crazy.

It should be interesting to see what happens in this highly intense situation this Friday night!

Also: Two weeks after putting Kane out of action, Kevin Thorn will be going one on one with Kane’s brother and a member of Team HBK, The Undertaker this week. Before Thorn put Kane on the shelf, The Undertaker seemed to have some kind of respect for Thorn, nodding to him after matches and preventing Kane from choke slamming him. Has the injury to his brother changed the view point of the dead man?


The Undertaker vs Kevin Thorn

Matt Sydal & Johnny Jeter vs Chavo Guerrero & Matt Striker

Harry Smith vs Charlie Haas

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Just to give you an all update on the Survivor Series. Smackdown is all done and formatted, i'm just waiting a couple of days to see how i progress with the PPV. All the promos and opening portions are done, i just need to start writing the matches up, with most of them being planned out in rough. I expect it to take around 10 days, give or take another couple before it's ready
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I'm really looking forward to Smackdown, and of course Survivor Series. All the feuds etc you have going are really enjoyable and well thought out. I have took the last few days reading up and catching up on your thread, and I'm really enjoying the read so far Nige
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Solid preview Nige. I know I haven't been around for a while, and I've missed some major storylines in your BTB, but I'll catch up. I wasn't around to review your Cyber Sunday pay-per-view either, but you can count on me for Survivor Series. Good luck!


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Ron Killings has today announced on his MySpace that he has been in talks with WWE officials over a possible return to the company following his recent release from TNA. Killings had this to say

"There have been lots of rumours about my future over the last few weeks, but there is no real update apart from this. I spoke to Johnny Ace a couple of days ago and he told me that he had been in discussions with Stephanie McMahon, Brian Gerwitz and Michael Hayes about maybe bringing me back to the WWE. At this stage of my life, I don't see the point of going to one of the developmental camps, and would call it a waste of time, something I told Johnny Ace when I spoke to him. I would love to have one more chance at the big time on Raw or Smackdown, it doesn't matter to me whatever show they want to put me in if they offer me a deal. Fingers crossed!"

Looks like we could well see Killings in a WWE one more time very soon!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw Review

Pretty decent opening promo between Randy Orton & Shawn Michaels. I see a possible three way feud between Orton, Michaels & the returning Jericho after this match, but it depends on the outcome I guess. I'm also left wondering did you plant the seeds for a future one off Orton-Austin match? Would be pretty cool to see imo.

A big match to open up the show between Undertaker & Mr. Kennedy, Kennedy cons the referee into disqualifying Taker. Mind games going into Survivor Series I guess.

Just a small thing to note here, it might be a good idea to write out the full name of the person speaking, like "CM Punk" instead of "Punk", it looks better and makes it a little easier to read. But it's not a big concern.

CM Punk would make a good Intercontinental Champion, would be great to see him walk out as champion and move onto facing Jeff Hardy, but I suspect after this promo that Carlito will have something to say about that.

Big promo from Vince McMahon, made him look determined and desperate, he'll pull out all the stops at Survivor Series. I've not been a regular reader here at all but I kinda wish I had been because I like the look of the feud you have going with HHH/McMahon it's kinda intrigued me.

Punk against Carlito, Punk picks up a big win with the GTS. Will it be the same for him at Survivor Series I wonder? Not if the alliance of Santino & Elijah Burke have anything to say about it. I must say though, Elijah Burke would make a fine IC Champion too.

A fatal fourway which is basically a preview of the Survivor Series match, Kendrick gets the win so I get the feeling Londrick won't win at SS. I predict the team of Cade & Murdoch will get the win.

Orton and Kennedy somehow putting their ego's aside. I thought that there would have at least been some argueing between the two. But we'll see if they get along at Survivor Series.

Survivor Series card looks pretty good to me. Looking foward to Triple H versus Mr. McMahon, the main event is intriguing and so is the IC Title match.

Pretty good main event match, makes sense for Jericho to get the win on his return, he would've been buried if he never TBH. Just a quick question though did you do the Save us_222 promos? because if you never then I'm not sure about using the Codebreaker because no code was broken...if you get what I mean...

I really liked the last promo, I'm one for a good story to be honest and this looks like a great story. Who is Mr. McMahon's son? I wonder if we'll see during the Survivor Series match between him and Triple H.

A good show, I particularly like the Triple H-McMahon feud. I'm interested to see too if CM Punk gets a push.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

DH6's Raw Feedback
~Sorry for the lateness.

Orton was in much better character than he was on SmackDown, so I'll credit you on this improvement. He sounded more like a cocky heel, which suits him perfectly. It didn't make a lot of sense when Randy said "Shawn calls himself Mr. WrestleMania, but that should be my title because of my record at the Survivor Series." Why would Orton get called Mr. WrestleMania if he has an excellent record at the Survivor Series? I wasn't quite sure if learning about Orton's past Survivor Series was the greatest idea, but it got the message across that he's good at Survivor Series, and that Shawn's team better watch out. Shawn coming out was predictable, but it was a good thing for him to come out. Shawn was in amazing character! I could picture everything he was saying and how he would saying and how he would say it. Super Job!! These two work well together on the mike, imo, and I think that you took advantage of it. I like how Shane's filling in as General Manager. I've always been a fan of him being a General Manager. The main event made was huge, and quite the thing that if any other team member interferes, they will be suspended on the spot.

Undertaker versus Kennedy was a match I was looking for. The finish was good to build up that the Survivor Series match could go either. You're a great match writer, and now how to use moves properly. It was good for Kennedy to run away like that, because that's who he is and it fits his character. I was surprised that there was another commercial break before a promo or segment, but I guess a match between these two would take up the whole length before the commercial break.

I'm not sure if Michelle was acting flirty because she's a diva or because something's starting between her and CM Punk. Punk seems pretty confident about the Survivor Series match, which is good. He was in great character here, and I couldn't really find any flaws.

It was good for Coach to suck up to Vince, because that's what he always is trying to do. I'm sort liking what's happening with the McMahon family. Having them implode is turning into a great storyline.

I sort of thought that this match should have been the first match, not Undertaker vs. Mr.Kennedy. It was a solid finish, and may lead to a mini feud over the next few weeks between these two. That would be good for these two. Rhodes doesn't have much of a moveset, other than a Missile Dropkick, so I'm glad that it felt like Burke was carrying Rhodes through the match.

I've always liked Steph and Trips as a couple in WWE, so I'm glad that this is happening. I'm really eager to see what Triple H is going to say tonight. I'm so eager, that I want to skip to where he does talk, but of course I wouldn't do that. Anyways, a nice short segment here that was interesting.

This next match turned out to be better than I thought. I briefly skimmed (very sorry) but from what I read, it was exciting and was written well. It was good for Punk to build some momentum going into Survivor Series. I feel like he's at an Intercontinental Title level, not a World Title level, so this is good booking on your part.

This segment was very short, but it was really interesting. It left me eager and hanging on a thread, which was really good. Maybe they'll make up some plan to eliminate the other team, and then get down to the two of them. If that's the case, I hope that doesn't happen.

It's not very often a diva gets interviewed, which is a damn shame cos they have so much talent. You're really hyping up all three women as potential threats, and Beth attacking Mickie was good. Victoria should have been involved somehow, because not having her on the show will make her look weak going into Survivor Series. At this point, there's really no way that she'll win the title unless she makes an appearance on the show.

This next match would've been very entertaining in my eyes, and I would've paid to see it. I didn't start reading your thread until your last SmackDown, so I can only assume that the other team members fought last week. There was some good action, and Kendrick getting the win was a good choice in my mind. I'm not sure who your tag champs are, but for some reason, I'm pulling for a heel team to win at Survivor Series, preferably the champions if they're heel.

Orton's team is being built up quite strong, but it's Survivor Series, and a lot of the time it's the face team that wins. However, with that said, I won't be surprised if Orton's team gets the victory. There's so many possibilities of what could happen, and I'm really looking to this match the most. Orton and Kennedy's character was alright, not the greatest, but still average, and that's all I'll ask for. They'll develop, because you're a booker who's always improving.

This was a cute little promo between Michaels and Jericho. Good way to put them over and show that they're together, but it would be a huge twist if one of them turned on the other at Survivor Series.

~Survivor Series is shaping up nicely. I will place a formal prediction (winners and why) after SmackDown is posted, but for now, I will post who I think will win. Depending on what happens later, that may change. Winners: Team HBK, Edge, Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Mickie James, Chavo Guerrero, Londrick, The UK Pack -- The show looks great, and I'll be reviewing it along with your next SmackDown

So this was Marella's and Burke's plan? Take out Jeff Hardy so that he won't be in a good condition on Sunday? Pretty good booking in my eyes, and I like it. This was a great way to hype up the Intercontinental Title match at Survivor Series because you had all of the competitors in the match brawl. CM Punk has quite a bit of momentum, but for som reason feel that Jeff Hardy will retain.

Yay! Victoria is involved! Now she actually has a chance to win the title match at Survivor Series. I had a feeling you wouldn't forget her, and it's good booking wise that you didn't. Victoria sounded badass, and I liked it. It wasn't the greatest idea to have Beth intimidated and look worried. I figured that they would get right up in each other's faces before Victoria left.

This match was great, and I liked Michaels and Jericho getting the victory, especially with big moves like Sweet Chin Music and Codebreaker. This gave them a lot of momentum heading into Survivor Series. I figure that all eight men will brawl on SmackDown since they didn't do it on Raw.

Triple H seemed really sympathetic, but I could really feel how deep his character was getting. It wasn't really deep or anything, but it had some depth to it. [I'm obsessed with the word deep] I didn't really like how Triple H kept delaying what he was going to say. The fans would get angry. A huge shock for Hornswoggle not being Vince's son. It's funny cos I just did something very similar in my thread (as you know). I never really liked the whole 'Hornswoggle McMahon' thing, and I'm so happy that you dropped it. The Pedigree was also good, imo. A solid main event segment to say the least,

Overall, another fantastic show brought to you by Nige. The only flaws I can find are very, very minor, so this show was great. I love the storylines and feuds you've got going here, and stick with them!
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks for the reviews guys, i appreciate it. Hollywood, i'll return your review tonight and DH my boy, i'll be onto your next Smackdown. To answer some of your questions

DH, the Orton promo at the start came out a little wrong, i didn't mean to call him Mr. Wrestlemania like you intepreted, just Mr. Survivor Series. I should have read that back properly, but it didn't strike a bell until you brought it up

Hollywood, Michaels was unveiled as the Save_Us.222 promos, so i'm only calling Jericho's Codebreaker finisher as that for now and come up with a new name and have Jericho announce it so everyone is familiar. Glad you brought that one up
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According to some sources within the WWE, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair's return has not been agreed as of yet. It appears that creative are trying to come up with different angles to interest Flair in an attempt to lure him back. Vince McMahon is desperate to have Flair back on TV and will likely offer him a TV only role, similar to what Shawn Michaels is working at the moment.

Sources close to Flair say he would go back to the WWE if he was given something interesting to work with, and that it doesn't have to be an in ring role. It was also said that he turned down the Smackdown General Manager job.

So it seems we're no closer to finding out what is in the future for The Nature Boy!

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