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WWE.com - HOMEPAGE (Raw Results)

RAW Results
12th November 2007

Idaho Center
Boise, Idaho


The end of last weeks Smackdown when Chris Jericho returned, stunning MVP & Mr. Kennedy after Team Orton & Team HBK brawled

***OPENING VIDEO & “Wanna Be Loved” play***


“Burn in my Light” hits & a serious looking Randy Orton walks down to the ring in casual gear

So I guess you all know by now that the last member of Team HBK for the Survivor Series is none other than Chris Jericho. . .

***HUGE POP***

Orton: That’s right. . . the self obsessed, ego maniacal, failed rock star has returned, but Shawn if you wanted to try and get me worried, it didn’t work. In fact, the only shock that I could possibly get from you is that your team pulls out the biggest shock in the history of the entire universe and is somehow able to defeat the sheer talent of superstars that I’ve put together for Team Orton at the Survivor Series. . .


Orton: You can boo all you want, the simple fact is Shawn Michaels can pull out any surprise he wants, bring back however many failed rock stars he likes, it doesn’t change the fact that this Sunday, for the fourth year in five, Randy Orton will be victorious at the Survivor Series. . .


Orton: See, Shawn Michaels likes to call himself Mr. Wrestlemania, but I feel that I have such an incredible record at the Survivor Series that I should take that as my title. . . Looking back, that’s where it all started for the legend killer. . . Back in 2003 at the Survivor Series, I outlasted everyone in my match, beating a certain heartbreak kid to get the win for myself and my team. In fact, that win sent home Stonecold Steve Austin. . .


Orton: Just a little fact I thought I would put out there, because that was the moment that started the beginning of the legend killer. Over the next twelve months, I knocked off legends like Mick Foley and went on to become the youngest ever WWE Champion of all time at Summerslam. . . And you can all guess what happened when it came to this time of the year. . . Randy Orton was the sole survivor for the second straight year, overcoming a two on one obstacle against Edge and Triple H. . . Not only did I beat one of them, I proved to everyone just why I am Mr. Survivor Series by beating them both and starting a tradition. . . A tradition that repeated itself a year later, when I, for the third consecutive year, was the sole survivor and in the process, beating Shawn Michaels again to do so. . .


Orton: Do you all see a pattern forming? A pattern that clearly shows that Shawn Michaels and his team of dream chasers have absolutely no chance in hell of. . .

“Sexy Boy” blasts out & Shawn Michaels walks down to the ring to a great ovation

Michaels: Randy, Randy my good man, since you wanna take a trip down memory lane, maybe you can answer a teeny tiny question I have. . . See Mr. Survivor Series, I heard you go on and on about your record, on and on, on and on, but I think something slipped that ever so teeny tiny brain of yours. . . You told us all about your record of every year, up until last year. . . what happened there?

Orton: Oh yeah, that’s it Shawn, bring that up huh. . . I’ll tell you what, everyone has a blip on their record. . .

Michaels: A blip Randy. . . a blip? . . . I’d call it more than that Randy, cos if memory serves me right, you were just one of five. . . that’s right five men who got. . . how do we put it. . . white washed. . .


Michaels: . . . White washed by team that consisted of yours truly, and Matt Hardy, who will be standing proud alongside the winning captain this year, the heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels

***BIG POP***

Orton: Yeah, you think so Shawn? . . . I don’t! . . . See your track record at Wrestlemania has plenty of blips too doesn’t it Shawn? I don’t have to go back far, I just have to think back to Wrestlemania this year where you failed to do something I did. . . You failed to take the WWE Championship away from John Cena, you failed where I shone. I didn’t just take the title away from John Cena, I beat the hell out of him to the point where he couldn’t step in this damn ring to defend his title. . . To sum it up Shawn, that’s the reason I’m stood here as the WWE Champion and you’re not. . . And for the very same reason Shawn, it’s why I will once again stand taller than you or anyone else this Sunday at the Survivor Series. . . simply because Shawn, I’m better than you. . . You can fly off onto tables, elbowing me through as many tables as you like Shawn to prove otherwise, but deep down, deep down to the point of making yourself sick, you know that when you step into the ring with me this Sunday, I’m gonna finish the job I started earlier this year. Only this time, I’m gonna finish the job and make sure that we don’t ever see the heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels in a WWE ring ever again. . .


Orton & Michaels get right in each others faces, staring each other in the eyes

“Here Comes the Money” hit & Shane McMahon walks out to the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand, getting a good pop. Michaels & Orton step back and look up at Shane, waiting to here what he has to say

Whoa guys, cool it down, save it until Sunday. . . In fact, don’t! . . . You see, since William Regal jumped ship last week to join Smackdown, his departure leaves Raw without a general manager. However, at this time, Raw needs someone who can step into this difficult time with my father and Stephanie, and it seems that there’s only person who can do that. . . and that’s me. . .

***BIG POP***

Shane: . . . So for the time being, Shane O Mac is stepping into the breach in Raw’s hour of need. And you know, what better of way of opening my first night that giving the fans what they need tonight. . .

***HUGE POP***

Shane: Oh yeah, tonight you’re all going to get your monies worth courtesy of Shane O Mac. . . Now in front of you, you see the two team captains of what could quite easily be the greatest ever elimination match in the history of the Survivor Series this Sunday. . . But I have to reassure you that it won’t be the last time you see them in that ring tonight, because in tonight’s main event, it will be the WWE Champion, Randy Orton, teaming up with fellow Team Orton member, the WWE United States Champion, MVP. . . to take on the heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, and Raw’s newest superstar. . . Y2J, Chris Jericho


Shane: And just to let you know guys. . . if anyone else from either Team HBK or Team Orton gets involved in the match, I will suspend them on the spot

“Here Comes the Money” hits again as Michaels & Orton stare each other down again as Shane walks to the back

A match card appears, showing us that The Undertaker vs Mr. Kennedy is coming up next


The Undertaker vs Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy started the match aggressively, but Taker got right back into it. The two swap rights in the middle of the ring as Kennedy gives it everything he’s got, driving his knee into Taker’s gut and whipping him into the ropes. Kennedy then turns round and runs off the ropes, and as the two meet in the middle of the ring, Taker connects with a JUMPING DDT. . . Huge cheer from the crowd as Kennedy lands hard, head first on the mat. Taker gets back up to his feet, turns round and runs into the ropes, comes back and hits Kennedy with a leg drop, turns over on the mat and goes for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . NO! Kennedy kicks out comfortably as Taker steadily gets right back up to his feet and helps Kennedy up from his knees, scoops him up, walks to the corner, drops him on the turnbuckle. . . SNAKE EYES. . . Kennedy walks out of the corner groggy, Taker comes back off the ropes and plants him with a BIG BOOT. . . The crowd goes crazy as Taker again pulls himself back up to his feet, ready and waiting for Kennedy. As the loudmouth gets back up and turns round, Taker grabs him by the throat. Kennedy fights it and holds onto the referee’s shirt, Taker lets go and chops Kennedy down to the mat. Kennedy rolls off the apron to the outside, where he crawls along the floor to grab a chair. Taker sees him, walks over to the ropes and climbs through to the outside, steps on the chair before Kennedy has time to stand up. He then reaches down to pick the chair up, and lifts it above his head. As he brings it down towards Kennedy’s head, Kennedy ducks under it and runs past Taker as Jack Doan calls for the bell, disqualifying Taker for trying to use the chair.

AFTERMATH: Kennedy runs like a coward to the back as Taker drops the chair and looks up at Doan in the ring. Taker has a scary look on his face, worrying Doan who is quick to leave the ring as “Deadman’s Symphony” hits. Taker stares towards the ramp with the same evil look on his face as we go to commercial


Backstage at the Raw interview set, we see Michelle McCool standing by

Please welcome my guest at this time. . . CM Punk

Punk walks into the shot, getting a good pop. McCool looks Punk up and down, then smiles in a flirty way

McCool: It’s great to have you here

Punk: Great to be here Michelle

McCool looks a little flustered before getting to her question

McCool: Okay. . . this Sunday, you’re one of six men competing to become the Intercontinental Champion at the Survivor Series. And tonight you face Carlito. . . How are you feeling right now?

Punk: Well Michelle, I guess you could say I’m loving life. . .

McCool smiles as Punk smiles back at her

Punk: Sorry, but I had to say it, but it’s kinda true. . . You see, last month I had the chance to become the WWE Champion at Cyber Sunday, facing Randy Orton. But unfortunately, I fell just a little short of achieving what I have always set out to do and become a champion here on Raw. . . But a couple of weeks ago, I got thrown a life line. . . and this Sunday, I get to compete at the Survivor Series for the second straight year. . . And looking back, it was one of the greatest moments of my life. I was lucky enough to wrestle alongside some of the greatest ever superstars to step inside the squared circle. . . I got to team up with greats such as The Hardys, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. . .


Punk: But this year, it goes a step further because I get the chance to fight for the Intercontinental Championship. . . You know, Jeff Hardy is a guy I respect, and I’m very lucky to be able to call him my friend. But I’ll tell everyone what I’ve told Jeff. . . This Sunday, everything goes out of the window and I’m going into that match, giving it absolutely everything I’ve got, using everything I’ve ever trained to fulfil my dream and win my first ever title on Raw. . .


Punk: And tonight, I’m going to walk out into the arena and show all the fans, and Carlito I have what it takes to be the last man standing this Sunday and walk out of the Survivor Series as the new Intercontinental Champion

***BIG POP***

Punk smiles at McCool before walking out of the shot


Mr. McMahon is standing with The Coach backstage


Sir, I really want to say how disgusted I feel about the way you’ve been treated by your own family. . . I’d even go so far as to call it a disgrace, and after all you’ve done for them. . .

Vince: . . . You’re right, after all I’ve done for them, and they go and treat me like this. I’d not just say it’s a disgrace Coach, but it is down right deplorable. Hell if it wasn’t for me, Stephanie and Shane wouldn’t be making me feel like an outcast in my own creation right now. They should show me the respect I deserve


Coach: They certainly should Mr. McMahon. I mean I agree with you, I would never let my daughter marry someone like Triple H. . . You did the right thing Sir, anyone can see that

Vince: Well Coach, I’m glad you can see that way, it’s just a pity no one else does. But you know what I say to those people Coach?

Coach: What’s that sir?

Vince: To hell with them. . .


Vince: If my own family wants to take my company away from me, the company I built from the very bottom and made the success it is today. . . fine. . . They want to put me in a street fight against Triple H this Sunday at the Survivor Series, then that’s fine too. It just means I have to do what I do best. . . and that’s come back fighting. . . I’ve defied obstacles, even the U.S. government when no one thought I had a chance in hell of escaping from, and all my life I’ve come out of it stronger. And if Stephanie, Shane and Linda think this is going to be any different, then they’re in for the shock of their lives. . . And if Triple H thinks I’m going to roll over and die this Sunday, then he too is going to be in for one hell of a surprise, because I swear down now that no one can hold down Vincent Kennedy McMahon



Cody Rhodes vs Elijah Burke

Burke took the initiative early on, but Cody fought his way back into it, countering a suplex by slipping down Burke’s back and hitting him with a side suplex. It takes both men several seconds to get back up to their feet, and it’s Cody who reacts first, pummelling a dazed Burke with three rights in a row. Knocking Burke off balance, Cody then turns back into the ropes, runs back, but Burke catches him with a standing clothesline. Burke then quickly picks Cody back up, then jabs at him, whips him into the ropes and plants him with a SPINNING SIT-DOWN SPINEBUSTER. . . The ref quickly makes the count 1 . . . 2 . . . HOLY SHIT! Cody manages to get his shoulder up. Burke looks shocked and stares a hole through the referee. He gets back up to his feet and yells at the referee, telling him it should have been a three count. The ref stands up to Burke, who eventually gives up, turns round and pulls a seemingly motionless Cody up to his feet, then whips him hard into the corner. Cody hits the corner chest first and remains up against the pads as Burke gets a really wide grin. He then walks back in to the opposite corner, reaches down to pull his knee pads down to his ankles, sizing Cody up. After taking a couple of seconds, Burke then charges into the corner at Cody, but Cody dodges it, stepping to the side as Burke’s knees hit the pads. Cody is quick though as he steps behind Burke and rolls him up for a pin attempt 1 . . . 2 . . . THR-NO. . . HOLY SHIT. . . Burke just got out of that one, pushing Cody off with his feet. Cody sees Burke struggle to his feet as both get back up, and Cody is urging him to in the DDT. Burke walks over to Cody and the youngster grabs Burke by the head and pulls him under his arm, setting him up for the DDT, but Burke pushes him back into the ropes, runs at him and knees him in the gut against the ropes. Burke then rolls Cody into an inside cradle and holds onto the ropes, oblivious to the referee as he counts the fall 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: Burke is quick to slip out of the ring, pulling himself under the bottom rope to the outside. Cody sits up looking angry as the ref slides under the bottom rope to raise Burke’s hand in victory. Burke looks back at Cody and smiles


Backstage, we see Triple H & an emotional Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley sat down on a leather sofa, holding hands


Steph, I know you’re going through hell right now, but you’ve got to believe me, it’s for the best. It was your decision to come clean and tell everyone that we’re married. . . there’s no need to hide it any more. If we hadn’t, Vince would have just carried on until one of us snapped

Steph: You’re right Hunter, I know. It’s just I can’t bare to see my own mother so unhappy and lonely, and it’s all my fault

HHH: Hey, don’t blame yourself Steph, I said your mum can stay with us as long as she likes, I’ve not got a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is what I have to say tonight

Steph: Hunter, you don’t have say anything, we talked about this

HHH: I know, I know, but if we’re trying to bring everything out into the open, we can’t really hide this any longer. . . It’s not that I feel sorry for your dad or anything, it’s that I kind of feel bad for you know who

Steph: You’re going to crush him if you tell him, you do realise that? And there’s too many of us upset right now without breaking someone else’s heart

HHH: I know, but Steph I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do. . . And tonight, I’m gonna go out there and tell the truth. I’m not proud of it, but it’s what I need to do


CM Punk vs Carlito

Punk & Carlito have been even, pretty much all the way through, both countering each others moves. After a double clothesline, both men pull themselves back up to their feet. Carlito swings at Punk, but Punk ducks underneath it, and as Carlito turns round, Punk explodes with hard martial arts kicks to the gut, one after another. Carlito drops to his knees as Punk then runs behind Carlito, off the ropes and hits a sit down dropkick in the back. Carlito falls forward, face first to the mat as Punk gets back up to his feet and the crowd cheer their favourite on. Punk then walks over to the apron and climbs through the ropes, awaiting Carlito to get back up as he slowly sits up on the mat. Punk stands on the apron, holding the top rope, taunting Carlito to get back up to his feet, and as the cocky superstar pulls himself back up, Punk reacts with a SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE. . . BUT OH NO! . . . Carlito ducks to the mat, but Punk rolls through and runs at Carlito, but it’s Carlito who reacts like a cat, stomping Punk in the gut and planting him with a DDT. Carlito quickly turns over and covers Punk 1 . . . 2 . . . NO!! PUNK KICKS OUT! . . . Unbelievable, Carlito thinks he had it. He looks up to the ceiling in shock as Punk starts to roll towards the ropes and pull himself up. Carlito gets back up to his feet at the same time, still reeling, but as Punk pulls himself up with the help of the ropes. With his back to Carlito, the Caribbean star moves up behind him and tries to go for the BACKSTABBER. . . Punk holds onto the top rope and Carlito drops to the mat. Punk takes a second before turning round, pulling Carlito back up to his feet, and then whips him hard into the corner. He then runs at Carlito, connecting with a high knee lift and holding onto Carlito’s head, before running out of the corner and planting him with a BULLDOG. . . The crowd go crazy as Punk then gets back up and urges Carlito up, and slowly he does get to his knees, and then his feet. Carlito is back up, turns round and Punk is right on him, lifting him onto his shoulders for the GTS. Carlito tries to fight it and manages to wriggle free, down Punk’s back, but as Punk turns round, Carlito swings him at, but Punk ducks and again lifts Carlito up onto his shoulders, only this time he hits the GTS. . . Crowd get to their feet as Punk turns over and hooks Carlito’s right leg 1 . . . 2 . . . 3. . . . IT’S ALL OVER!

AFTERMATH: “This Fire Burns” as Punk stands back up and gets his arm raised by the referee. He gets a standing ovation as he poses for the crowd


Backstage we see, Elijah Burke & Santino Marella in the locker room


Look, we might not like each other and we’re both gonna go and try to win the same thing this Sunday, but all I’m sayin is we can help each other out tonight

Santino: You expect me to helpa you. Why do you think I would want to help-a you. Do you think I’m-a stupid or som-a-ting?

Burke: If you don’t want your life to be a hell of lot easier tonight and at the Survivor Series, then that’s your own dumb call

Burke turns to walk away when Santino pulls him back

Santino: Where do you think are you going? I am a listen-ing

Burke turns back with a smile on his face

Burke: Congratulations, you just made the right decision, and one that could help us win the Intercontinental title this Sunday


Todd Grisham is standing by at the interview set

Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, one of the three divas who will battle it out for the Womens Championship this Sunday at the Survivor Series. . . Mickie James


Grisham: Mickie, you’ve got to be looking forward to getting another shot at Beth Phoenix’s championship this weekend?

Mickie: Excited Todd? I’m more than excited, I can’t wait. . .

All of a sudden, Beth Phoenix jumps Mickie from behind and throws her into the wall, kneels down and pushes the title belt into Mickie’s face


Take a close look Mickie cos it’s as close as you’re going to get to my title

Phoenix stands back up, smiles at Grisham and walks off with a satisfied look on her face as Grisham then rushes to check on Mickie


Brian Kendrick w/Paul London vs Tommy Dreamer w/Stevie Richards vs Lance Cade w/Trevor Murdoch vs Deuce w/Domino & Cherry

A chaotic fatal fourway comes towards its close as Deuce battles it out with Dreamer. Deuce gets really physical, whipping Dreamer hard into the corner and following in with a hard clothesline. Dreamer staggers out of the corner and Deuce then sets him up for a suplex, but Dreamer blocks it and hits a suplex of his own. Both remain on the mat for a couple of seconds, before they start to come round and crawl to the corners. Deuce tags in Cade and Dreamer makes the tag to Kendrick as they charge at each other, Kendrick slides through the legs of Cade, runs through of the ropes and hits a SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK. . . Huge pop as Cade hits the mat. Kendrick moves across the mat and tries a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . Cade kicks out with ease and sits up almost straight away. Kendrick hurries up to his feet, turns back to run off the ropes, but as he comes back, Cade connects with a BIG BOOT to the face. Kendrick just falls flat to the mat as Cade then turns round and punches Dreamer off the apron. Stevie jumps up to the apron straight away, but the ref steps in straight away and tells him to step down. As his back’s turned, Deuce runs in and along with Cade, they double team Kendrick. London sees this and tries to get in the ring, but Murdoch and Domino drag him out of the ring by his feet straight away. The ref turns back round as Stevie drops off the apron and yells at Deuce to get out of the ring, which he does. Cade then looks down at the fallen Kendrick as carnage erupts on the outside. Stevie helps out London as all four men brawl on the outside. Back on the inside, Cade walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope, then leaps off for an ELBOW DROP. . . but Kendrick rolls to the side and Cade hits the mat. Both men take a while to get to their feet as Deuce & Dreamer get involved with the action on the outside. Cade and Kendrick both get up at the same time, and as Kendrick walks towards the corner, Cade runs at him, but Kendrick moves and Cade hits the pads chest first. He staggers out of the corner as Kendrick then runs in, grabs him by the head, runs through to the corner and BOOM. . . SLICED BREAD. . . Kendrick hurriedly goes for the cover 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: Kendrick escapes the ring straight away and gets to the ramp, and is then joined by London as their music blasts out to a big pop from the crowd. Cade & Murdoch look on in anger


Randy Orton is ready in the locker room, lacing up his boots when Mr. Kennedy storms in. Orton looks up, and like Kennedy, has a serious look on his face


Hey Randy, I know we’ve had our problems over the last week, but I hope I’ve shown you that I’m a team player. . . Last Friday night, thanks to me, you and MVP beat Michaels and Matt Hardy. Not only did I take apart Matt Hardy, I took it to The Undertaker and did the same tonight. The only reason I didn’t finish the job last Friday night was because of that. . . what does he like to call people? . . . That’s it. . . that ass clown, Chris Jericho. . .

***HUGE POP for the mention of his name***

Kennedy: If it hadn’t been for Jericho, there would be no way Michaels would have a full team for this Sunday

Orton: Kennedy, I appreciate what you did last Friday night by helping our team. We might be called Team Orton, but we’re all in this together, and together we are going to show Michaels’ team, and especially Chris Jericho that they don’t mess with Team Orton. . .


Orton: In fact, Jericho is going to find that out first hand tonight when I welcome him back personally with a gift I have especially in store for him. . . an RKO


Kennedy: You know, I think he might just like that

Orton: You know, I think he might. . . But you know the fact of the matter is we’ve got six days until one the biggest matches of our lives to prove to the world just why we’re the better team and the team that is going to be getting our hands raised when it’s all said and done this Sunday night. And there’s nothing Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho can do about that


Kennedy nods his head in agreement as he and Orton smile sadistically at each other as the camera fades out


We see a white limousine arriving in the parking lot and it drives into the arena. As it stops, we see Shawn Michaels walking into the shot and putting his cell phone back in his pocket. Then, the driver gets out and opens the door for Chris Jericho to walk out

***HUGE POP***

Welcome back to Raw my man

Jericho: Welcome back to where Shawn?!

Shawn holds his hands up apologetically and laughs ever so slightly, as does Jericho

Sorry, my bad Chris

Jericho: What I think you meant to say was. . . welcome to Raw is Jerichooooo!


Jericho and Michaels shake hands and laugh as they walk off

King: He’s back JR

JR: Oh King, what a main event in store tonight

A promotional video for the Survivor Series is played with a voiceover

On a night where one thing is paramount, gladiators will enter the arena with ambitions and dreams. Dreams will be shattered and failed ambitions will shatter many a gladiator. . . Dreams come and go. Family remains, but on this night, family stands for desolation as this family prepares for war, and when all is said and don, only one gladiator will be able to call himself the true survivor!



Jeff Hardy vs Santino Marella

Before the match starts, Santino is in the ring as Jeff makes his entrance to a big pop. Just after Jeff’s pyro goes off and he starts to walk down the ramp, Santino starts to walk to the ropes and climbs through to the outside. Jeff looks on and drops his belt, but then, Elijah Burke runs down the ramp from the back and jumps the Intercontinental Champion, clubbing him across the back to knock him down. Burke & Marella then proceed to stomp all over the fallen champion, but they don’t count on CM Punk running down the aisle as he starts to fight both off, kicking Burke & then Marella as the brawl goes close to the ring. Just as Punk whips Marella into the ring steps, Burke hits Punk with a forearm across the shoulder blades and smashes his head against the ring apron. He then rolls Punk into the ring and follows him in. As he sets him up for the Elijah Experience, Cody Rhodes comes charging down the aisle, slides inside, spins Burke round, kicks him in the gut and plants him with a spike DDT. Punk stands back up in time to see Carlito running down the aisle, but as Cody turns round too, Carlito stops himself and looks on up at Cody & Punk as “This Fire Burns” hits. Cody & Punk turn to each other for a couple of seconds before turning back and looking at Carlito as Raw goes to commercial


Beth Phoenix is in her locker room smiling as she packs her title belt into her bag when Victoria storms in and right up to her

You know Beth, I’m a little disappointed in you. I saw what you did to poor Mickie James earlier on, and I was waiting for you to come and get me too. . . but that didn’t happen did it? . . . I think I have an explanation for that. . . You might be smart, attacking Mickie from behind gives you good odds, but you know that doing the same thing to me would be a bad idea, a really bad idea in fact. . . See, you’ve had it easy on Raw, beating Barbie dolls every week, but now I’m back on Raw, you’ve got competition. . . See that belt you just packed away so nicely, you won’t be doing that after I beat both you and Mickie this Sunday. . . You like going round intimidating these pretty little divas huh? Well how does it feel now Beth?

Phoenix looks slightly worried as Victoria smiles in her face and then backs off, out of the room



Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton & MVP

Orton & Michaels slug it out as Jericho & MVP look on from the apron. Michaels gets on top, jabbing away at Orton, putting him on the back foot against the ropes. He then whips him into the ropes, runs at him, meeting him half way as Orton comes back and connects with a FLYING FOREARM. . . Michaels flips up and the crowd go crazy. Michaels starts to feel it as Orton rolls over onto his knee and back up to his feet. Michaels then hits him with an inverted atomic drop and follows up with a scoop slam. Michaels then walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope, with the crowd cheering him on. He looks down at Orton before leaping off and connecting with an ELBOW DROP. . . Huge pop from the crowd as Michaels then turns over on the mat to cover Orton 1 . . . 2 . . . NO, MVP to Orton’s rescue, pulling Michaels off by his feet. The crowd boo like crazy, but Jericho is in like a flash and runs over at MVP, knocking him down with a clothesline. Mike Chioda gets in front of Jericho and tells him to go back to his corner. Jericho though tries to get at MVP, but as he protests, MVP is back on his feet and attacking HBK with forearm shots and knocking him down to the mat. Once he knocks HBK down, MVP returns to the apron, as does Jericho despite telling the ref to turn round. Orton then starts to crawl to his corner, as does Michaels, but it’s Orton who reaches his corner first, tagging in MVP. Just as MVP runs in and tries to prevent Michaels from tagging Jericho, Michaels is able to reach up and make the tag. A huge pop breaks out as Jericho enters the fold and MVP backs up slightly before throwing a sly right at Y2J. Jericho blocks it and explodes with rights of his own and then whipping MVP into the ropes. And as MVP comes back, Jericho hits him with a JUMPING ENZIGURI. . . Another pop breaks out as Jericho then runs to the ropes and springboards for the LIONSAULT. . . As Jericho is about to get back up and on his knees, Orton gets in the ring, runs over at him for a running punt, but Jericho is able to dodge it by ducking his head. Michaels then gets in the ring, and as Orton turns round, Michaels hits with some SWEET CHIN MUSIC. . . Massive cheer as Orton drops to the mat. Michaels then returns to the apron as MVP slowly stands back up, but Jericho is lying in wait. When MVP gets up, he sees Orton on the mat and looks shocked for a second or two before turning round into Jericho, who connects with the CODEBREAKER. . . Jericho scurries across the apron to cover MVP 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Break the Walls Down” hits & Jericho gets back up to his feet, turns round and hugs Michaels before Chioda raises their arms. They look down and smile at Orton & MVP’s fallen bodies

We see Triple H walking through the back, on his way to the ring

King: Oh my god JR, he’s on his way out here

JR: Certainly looks that way King. . . When we come back, it appears Triple H will be joining us. Don’t go anywhere


“The Game” blasts out & Triple H makes his way down to the ring


I never felt I would have to come out here and do Vince McMahon a favour, but unfortunately, I do. . . See even though he has made my wife Stephanie an emotional wreck, I still have to come out here and do what is right. . . Vince, despite everything you’ve put us through over the last couple of years, you’re going to get something more out of it tonight. . . See, despite the fact that you don’t accept me and Stephanie as a married couple, that’s not the issue I have a problem with. The problem I have with you Vince, is that you’re an asshole. . .

***HUGE POP***

Trips gets really angry and starts to raise his voice

HHH: You are without a doubt the biggest, most selfish bastard I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet. Not only are you an asshole in front of millions if fans like the ones here tonight, but you’re an asshole to every single one of the guys in the back. But still that doesn’t bother me as much as it does that you treat your own family like the crap you get on the bottom of your shoe. . .


HHH: See that’s what bothers me Vince. You can treat Shane or Linda like shit, most of that just about pisses me off, but the way you treat Steph makes my blood boil to the point of me wanting to take your ass and throw you right off the face of this earth. . .


HHH: And don’t for one minute think I won’t Vince, because I’ve got to that point where I am not responsible for my actions anymore. . . you are. The more you piss me off, the more you treat Steph like crap, the bigger the grave you dig for yourself this Sunday at the Survivor Series, because I get the chance to step into this very ring with, without a shadow of a doubt, the most deserving person to get his ass kicked in the world right now. . .

***HUGE POP***

HHH: See that’s my problem Vince, even though I would love nothing more than to cripple you at the Survivor Series, and believe me I would, I have an escape route for you. . . So, reluctantly, I’m asking you and your bastard son Hornswoggle to come down here right now. . .


“No Chance in Hell” hits & Mr. McMahon walks down to the ring, looking very serious


As Vince gets into the ring, collects a microphone and his music stops, Hornswoggle comes out from under the ring and climbs inside as his music plays


Triple H crouches down and pats the little guy on the head before Vince ushers him away and makes him stand beside him, but refuses to hold his hand

HHH looks slightly upset before he lifts the microphone to his mouth

God this is horrible. . . Look, right off, I want to apologise to everyone here tonight and to everyone watching at home for what I’m about to say

Vince: Hey, just tell me whatever it is you brought me out here for huh. . . You wanted to offer me an escape route right?

HHH: I did, but first I have to do something I really don’t want to do, but it is my responsibility. . . But before I get to that Vince, I want to take you for a little trip, emotionally. . . How happy were you when you first became a grandfather?

Vince looks confused, but then relaxes to answer the question

Vince: You are seriously asking me this?

HHH: Answer the question Vince. . .

Vince: It was the happiest moment of my life

HHH: Right, and the second time?

Vince (Looking confused again): Again, one of the happiest days of my life

HHH: Okay, so we get it, you’re a proud grandfather?

Vince: That’s right

HHH: See that’s interesting, because I’ve got another question for you. . . Your granddaughter, my daughter, Stephanie’s daughter, what’s her name?

Vince looks at HHH with rage, then Triple H looks like he’s about to lose it

HHH: See Vince, that’s the problem isn’t it? That’s why you’re an asshole, that’s why you don’t deserve to have kids, because you’re such a selfish bastard that you refuse to accept you have a granddaughter. A granddaughter who doesn’t even realise she has two grandfathers, because you are one vindictive, selfish, sorry excuse of a human being. . .

Vince: Whoa let me stop you right there. I told Stephanie when she announced she was pregnant that I would have nothing to do with that baby. . .


HHH: And that makes it okay? How do you think my daughter feels when Linda comes round on her own to see her? How do you think Linda feels about feeling guilty about having to come and see her granddaughter on her own Vince? . . . But most importantly Vince, how do you feel about being that asshole who is responsible for all this?

Vince: I think you’re straying from the point. You brought me out here to tell me something, not for an excuse to blame me for everything single thing that is wrong in America

HHH: Oh that’s it, turn it all away from you. . . Oh, I didn’t realise there was a steroid problem back in the early 90’s. . . see Vince everyone knows you’re a liar, but as irony falls down on us tonight, it’s my turn to admit guilt. But you are also partly to blame for what I am about to say. . .

Vince: Spit it out for Christ sake, I haven’t got all night

HHH looks down at a confused Hornswoggle, then at Vince

HHH: See because you treat your own granddaughter with such neglect, Stephanie and I felt the need for you to learn what it’s like to be a parent again to someone who needs guidance and looking after, in the hope that you would get some kind of feelings towards being a grandparent to our daughter

Vince looks really angry

Vince: What the hell are you getting at?

HHH: When we all found out that you had produced an illegitimate child, we weren’t surprised at all, but we saw it as an opportunity. . .

Vince: Damn it, tell me what’s going on. . .

Triple H shakes his head and gets on his knees, looking right at Hornswoggle

HHH: Sorry kid, but Vince isn’t your dad


Triple H puts his left arm on an upset Hornswoggle’s shoulder, but Vince looks pissed

Vince: You twisted son of a. . .

Triple H cuts him off as he stands up

HHH: Vince look, I’m not sorry for you, I’m sorry for the little guy. I couldn’t give a crap what you think right now

Vince turns to Hornswoggle

Vince: I’ve wanted to say this for a long time. . . GET OUT OF MY RING


Hornswoggle starts to cry as he walks up the ramp to the back

HHH: See what I mean Vince. . .

Vince: SHUT UPPPP! . . . How did you do it huh? Pay someone off?

HHH: Yeah Vince, just like you have your entire life. . . It was about time someone made you feel some kind of responsibility, and that’s exactly why we did it. The moment we found out that there was another McMahon out there, me and Steph decided we had to do something, and it all fell into place. . . We found out through the mother’s attorney just who her child was, or more importantly to you, your child. Surprisingly Vince, she hates your guts and was more than happy to receive a very generous overdue maintenance payment in order to see you embarrassed in front of a world wide television audience. . .


Vince: You son of a bitch

HHH: I told you I was sorry Vince, not for you, but I like I said earlier, I do have a proposition for you to make all this go away

Vince: You think I’m going to make a deal with you after what you’ve put me through

HHH: What I’ve put you through Vince. . . How about what you’ve put your family through huh? This is nothing, and you should consider yourself lucky, because if it wasn’t for Steph’s feelings, I wouldn’t be making this offer to you. She doesn’t even know what I’m about to say to you. . .

Vince looks at Triple H, very confused

HHH: See Vince, as much as I want to give you the beat down you deserve this Sunday, I can make it all go away with one answer to I question I have for you, for the sake of my wife and daughter. . . I will quite happily walk away from our match this Sunday and tell you the identity of your illegitimate child if you agree to accept me as Stephanie’s husband and treat our daughter like you treat Shane’s kids. . . It’s a simple question Vince, gain a family or get your ass kicked. . . So Vince, what’s it gonna be?


Vince looks down and thinks for a good ten seconds

Vince: How do I know you’re telling me the truth?

HHH: I guess you’re just going to have trust me

Vince looks down again for a couple of seconds

Vince: You know what my decision is? . . . You and Stephanie can go to hell. I’ve never needed a family, and I don’t need one now. Is that the answer you wanted?


HHH looks at Vince and smiles

HHH: You know what Vince? That’s not the answer Steph or Linda would have wanted, but this way I get what I want this Sunday. . . And you know what’s gonna happen this Sunday at the Survivor Series?

Vince just stares at Trips, who stares back


Triple H drops his mic, stomps Vince in the gut and pedigrees him in the middle of the ring to a massive pop. “The Game” hits & Triple H gets back up and just looks down and smiles at Vince as Raw comes to a close

King: Can you believe what you’re hearing JR? Who on earth is Mr. McMahon’s son?

JR: I don’t have a clue King, but I’m sure as hell Mr. McMahon will do everything he can to find out before Sunday night. . . Anyway folks, that’s all for tonight, we’ll see you this Sunday night at the Survivor Series. . . Good night everyone!


Mr. Kennedy df. The Undertaker
Elijah Burke df. Cody Rhodes
CM Punk df. Carlito
Brian Kendrick df. Tommy Dreamer, Lance Cade & Deuce
Jeff Hardy vs Santino Marella never started
Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho df. Randy Orton & MVP

The Highlanders df.
Balls Mahoney & Jim Duggan
Val Venis df. Kofi Kingston
Candice Michelle & Torrie Wilson df. Melina & Jillian Hall

Mike DiBiase & Ted DiBiase Jr df.
Afa Jr & Eddie Colon
Hardcore Holly df. Michael Shane

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

wow... that was the biggest twist in a Trips McMahon feud i've ever seen lol

will most likely get review up later
good show Nige

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Now that's the definition of unpredictible right there! The surprises just keep coming! This HHH/McMahon feud stands above everything that happened in this BTB. I can't wait for SmackDown to be posted, and Survivor Series is shaping up to be one hell of a PPV! Keep up the good work.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Wow that was a great show Nige, probably your best Raw yet. Good to see Y2J back on Raw, and it was good to see some of my favourites like Burke and Punk get wins. This rivalry between Vince and Triple H is really great. Is there match at Survivor Series going to be the main event? I think it should be considering this is the biggest storyline going. I doubt Triple H will just kick Vince's ass at SS, I can see the illegitimate child having some sort of involvement. Survivor Series is going to be brilliant Nige, Smackdown should be good too. Keep it up mate!

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Opening Promo: This was a real great opening promo Nige, Really good, Randy Orton and HBK Shawn Michaels were in complete character, liked the way Randy brought back the history but never sayed about when he got beat, Shawn had to remind him, Shane Mcmahon the general manager of Raw, this is brilliant, I hope you can do something with this and what a match that should be later on tonight, Good opening promo

Match 1: This was a good match and a good way to end the match with DQ, this keeps the rivalry going, good ending aswell with Kennedy running away from The Undertaker

CM Punk Promo: This was a good promo, CM Punk was in character and this was a good way to get the match over, Michelle Mccool and Punk a couple, I dont know LOL

Mr Mcmahon and Coach Promo: This was another very good promo, Both men in character with The Coach typically sucking up Mr Mcmahons ass and Mr Mcmahon talking how noone can stop him, Even the US Government, Very good

Match 2: Cody Rhodes against Elijah Burke, this is a match i would actually like to see in real life, both men with alot of talent and both men i would like to see pushed, you made this match pretty decent, Well done

Triple H and Stephanie Promo: This was a good promo to build up the Mcmahon Helmsley rivalry, I look foward to seeing what will happen when Triple H makes his announcement, I expect it to be good, maybe the best ever promo i have read

Match 3: Another alright match, Decent length, Glad to see CM Punk win and Carlito jobbing as usual

Elijah Burke and Santino Promo: I didnt understand this promo, anyway might find out about it more later on tonight

Mickie and Pheonix: This was a good way to keep this sort of rivalry going, type of thing you would expect to see from a heel Champion

Match 4: I dont have much to say about the match, I suppose it was good

Mr Kennedy and Randy Orton Promo: This was another good promo, Both men in character and builds up the match even more

Michaels Jericho Promo: Nice little filler LOL nothing more to say

Match 5: This wasnt really a match but i liked the attacks and things like that, Keeps the rivalry going once again

Match 6: MOTN without a doubt, I was a little dissapointed with the match even though it was good, The right people won so well done

Triple H Mcmahon Promo: Oh My God this was the best promo i have ever read on this forum i think, Both men were in great character and this really adds to the fued, Unbelievable Promo honestly, the best i have read, this has just made the show excellent

Overall: The last promo was oh my god material, Absolute brilliant and an overall rating of 9/10
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Originally Posted by D-K-L View Post
Wow that was a great show Nige, probably your best Raw yet. Good to see Y2J back on Raw, and it was good to see some of my favourites like Burke and Punk get wins. This rivalry between Vince and Triple H is really great. Is there match at Survivor Series going to be the main event? I think it should be considering this is the biggest storyline going. I doubt Triple H will just kick Vince's ass at SS, I can see the illegitimate child having some sort of involvement. Survivor Series is going to be brilliant Nige, Smackdown should be good too. Keep it up mate!
Thanks man, but to answer the question about Triple H & Vince main eventing the Survivor Series, I'm not sure yet. It's part of a triple main event, but at the moment it's between that and the Team HBK vs Team Orton elimination match with a preference for the traditional 4 on 4

Thanks to everyone else for the comments about Raw and how it's progressing in general. I really appreciate it and i'm making a lot of effort to try and keep it at a similar standard
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Following last nights revelation on Raw, where does Mr. McMahon go from here? For those of you missed the blockbuster edition of Raw, Triple H revealed that he and Stephanie intervened when it was discovered that the Chairman of the Board had produced an illegitimate child. Not only did they intervene on proceedings, they paid the mother of the child to keep quiet and her attorney to announce that Hornswoggle was Mr. McMahon's son, which is not the case.

Triple H said they did this in the hope that Mr. McMahon would learn some responsibility, grow fond of Hornswoggle and in the process, feel a parental bond towards their daughter and Mr. McMahon's granddaughter. However Triple H offered his father-in-law the chance to learn who his son was and to cancel their Streetfight for this weekend's Survivor Series if he would accept The Game as his daughter's husband and act as a grandparent to their child as he does with Shane's. In a real shock, Mr. McMahon turned down the offer and stated he would never accept him into the family.

With all the speculation bound to be raging around the locker room right now, only one superstar can be the offspring of the self made billionaire. The question is though, simply who is it? And when will we find out, if ever?

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Just quickly, because my internet is fucked, I have read RAW but won't be able to give you a review until tonight or tomorrow, my PM is also fucked. HHH is the son maybe? Would certainly be.... interesting.

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Originally Posted by Bradley View Post
HHH is the son maybe? Would certainly be.... interesting.
It would be more than that, it would be incest my boy! Only thing is you won't see him & Steph entering the X Factor as an alternative to Same Difference!

I have in mind who i want the son to be, i'm just making sure other bookers who still have yet to expose Vince's son don't
choose the same as me, but i doubt they will
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

This thread is looking really good Nige. I love the whole Survivor Series being brought back to tradition, with all the traditional survivor series matches. The Triple H and Mr. McMahon storyline seems to be hotting up also. I think I will begin to review Nige after Survivor Series
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