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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I haven't really been paying any attention to this BTB, dunno why, I really liked it. I like how it's going and the Tag title is really going to be good. Christopher Daniels & Low Ki debuting is going to be awesome, I love each of those guys! Mystico seems like a good guy and pairing up with Rey Mysterio is pretty good and Mystico going up against Zack Ryder should be great, I like it my man, can't wait!
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Raw Results (8th September 2008)

Monday Night Raw
Monday 8th September 2008
Live from the Copps Coliseum
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Randy Orton w/Darren Young vs. Triple H
(If Triple H wins, he will face Batista & Randy Orton at Unforgiven for the WWE Championship)

Batista wasn’t the only interested spectator for this contest, and the fans were leaning towards Orton as the match progressed. Young was also watching keenly from his mentor’s corner in what was a very competitive contest with both men desperate to win. There were a lot of cheers in the crowd as well as some boos, and both men looked spent as they made their way back up. Orton looked to strike first and stalked Trips for an RKO, but as he jumped up in to the air, The Game pulled back and Orton hit the deck.

Again he got up as quickly as he could, but he wished he didn’t as he walked right in to a face-buster knee smash. Orton was in deep trouble, and Triple H once again looked for the pedigree. Before he could hook his opponent’s arms, Orton fought back and lifted him over his back again. Orton then took a few seconds, watching The Game roll around on the mat and try to sit up. The sadistic looking number one contender then back tracked to the corner, getting ready to take Trips’ head off with the Punt. Orton was foaming at the mouth before he then raced out of the corner and swung his boot at The King of Kings, but Trips pulled his head back as Orton ran through in to the ropes.

He managed to put the brakes on and held on to them, and as he turned round, he saw Triple H running right at him. The Viper reacted in a flash, ducking and pulling down the top rope to send his opponent over the top and down to the floor below, right in front of Batista at the announce table. The Game used the table to pull himself back up to his feet and was met with a stern look from The Animal. He gave one back as he got back to his feet with the referee making a count, not that Triple H was aware of it. The two rivals glared at each other, and Triple H took a look at the shiny WWE title belt.

Batista stood up and grabbed it, then made sure he knew it was his. They got in each other’s face, and it looked like they were going to go at it until the referee counted to ten and called for the bell. The Game turned round in shock with Orton smirking, as was Batista. The shock turned to anger as Trips stared a hole through the referee, who just looked down at him and explained he was counted out. Orton posed in the ring looking very satisfied to have got through it, and he was joined by Young, who congratulated him. That wound The King of Kings up even more, and he slowly turned round and stared right at Batista, seemingly blaming him for the loss.

Batista smiled through it, just getting Triple H even angrier, who slapped the headset off of him. It wasn’t a wise move as Batista then responded with a right hand, resulting in Triple H throwing one back and a fierce scuffle at ringside. The ref quickly tried to break it up but couldn’t and called for help from the back. Orton & Young left smirking as Batista & Trips went at it, and the help came flying down the ramp past Orton & Young. It was boiling over between Batista & The Game but the refs eventually managed to separate them and hold them apart but they continued staring at each other, desperate to tear each other apart as the show came to a close.

*Opening Video*
“Wanna Be Loved”

*Cut to the Arena*


Jim Ross:
Good evening ev’ryone and welcome t’ Monday Night Raw, coming t’ you live t’night from the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Joining me as ever is Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and if last week is anything t’ go by King, we could be in f’ a bumpy right here t’night in the great north.

Jerry Lawler: Oh no doubt. Last week was just insane J-R, an’ don’t f’get we’re now just thirteen days away from Unf’given. Y’know what that means J-R? It could get even more insane yet.

Jim Ross: Maybe so King. What we do know though is that we will see the debut of a tag team Eric Bischoff has signed an’ described as one of, if not the best in the world t’day. That’s a hell of a tag f’ them t’ live up to, but we’ll get t’ see f’ ourselves later on. We’ll also see two more debuts t’night when our Raw host, Zack Ryder takes on Mystico, the rookie of Rey Mysterio, the man he’ll face in just under two weeks at Unf’given.

Jerry Lawler: While we’re talking about Unf’given J-R, Finlay an’ Sheamus are gonna get it on t’night too. I can’t wait t’ see that.

Jim Ross: That’s right King. They’ll meet in a six man tag match when Finlay joins forces with J-T-G an’ Homicide t’ take on the team of Sheamus an’ the Colon brothers. An’ last week folks, J-T-G an’ his very impressive rookie beat Carlito an’ Eddie Colon in a first round match in the tag team championship tournament. You can guarantee the Puerto Ricans aren’t gonna be in the best of moods after that. . .

“No chance, that’s what y’got. . .”

*Major Heat*

The Corporation walk out to the stage, all smirking and revelling in the boos being thrown in their direction. Vince McMahon and both his sons, Shane & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield make their way down the ramp, chuckling at the fans in the process.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

WWE Intercontinental Championship
(Steel Cage Match)
The Big Show w/Justin Gabriel vs. Ted DiBiase Jr © w/Maryse

Just as the bell rang and Show stepped towards the defending champion, “No Chance in Hell” played to a barrage of heat from the Michigan crowd. The Big Show immediately turned round and saw The Corporation making their way out to the stage, much to the amusement of the smug DiBiase. It looked as if DiBiase knew something about it, but Show certainly didn’t, and neither did the confused Justin Gabriel who was watching from his mentor’s corner as J.B.L., Vince & Shane McMahon, all looking very serious, walked down the ramp.

The Corporation got to the ring and demanded the key to the cage door from the panicking referee. Gabriel didn’t know what to do initially and then decided to make a stand and help his mentor while the irate Vince snapped and hammered the referee down to the floor before picking up the key. On the inside, Show dragged DiBiase off the cage and down to the mat, just as Gabriel ran round in to a big boot from JBL and Vince opened the cage door. Show turned round and saw Gabriel hit the floor, and then Vince ordered JBL & Shane in to the ring.

Show raised both his fists and prepared for the fight as Vince’s sons entered the ring and rolled their sleeves up after throwing their jackets down to the mat. They then charged at Show together and attacked him with right hands, but Show fought back and gave as good as he got, first sending Shane down and then JBL. As Shane got back up, Show scoop slammed him back down and DiBiase began crawling towards the cage door with Maryse getting excited on the outside. Vince was looking worried, and with both his sons on the deck, Show turned the attention back to his opponent and grabbed him by the feet.

The panic was there for all to see on the face of DiBiase, but Show didn’t count on JBL crawling up behind him on his knees and low blowing him. The giant fell to his knees and then forward on to his front as DiBiase crawled away and to the door with Vince grinning sadistically on the outside. Maryse ran round to the door and shouted at her boyfriend to escape, and he did just that with ease to an absolute ton of heat from the crowd. He grinned as his feet hit the floor and shook hands with Vince before going to pick up his Intercontinental Championship.

Show then started to stir, and as he did so, Gabriel pushed his way past Vince, who wasn’t looking at him. The angry JBL stared down with nothing but contempt at Gabriel, and then dragged him back up, setting him up for the Last Call, and he hit it, just as Show was getting back up to his knees with the salivating Vince watching on. Shane too was back up and JBL nodded at him, then stepped back. Layfield then wound his right arm up and hit the ropes before connecting with a Clothesline from Hell.

It knocked Show off balance, astounding JBL who panicked and hit the ropes again to hit him with a second Clothesline from Hell, and this time it sent the big man down. Both Shane & JBL dragged his almost dead weight body in to the corner and sat him up against the pads, and Shane left the cage to have a look under the apron where he pulled out a trash can. Vince was loving what he was seeing as Shane got back inside and set it up in position in between the ropes.

Shane-O-Mac then hit the adjacent corner and scaled the dizzy heights of the top rope with the fans booing, then he took the giant leap to hit the Coast to Coast. It was met by more boos as you would expect, as well as an applause from his father, who went to Lilian Garcia and took her microphone. He then joined his sons and the motionless Show & Gabriel, and all three members of The Corporation were smiling and admiring their work, but Vince’s was more sadistic.

Vince McMahon: I’ve put up with this ridiculous situation long enough. This is my company DAMNIT and I’m sick of being told what t’ do on my own show, so I’m making a decision right here right now. . . At Unf’given Show, you’re going t’ be in action, against me, VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON. . . and both my sons, Shane an’ J-B-L in a handicap match.

*Cut to the Arena*

All three men are standing in the middle of the ring, still looking very pleased with themselves, and JBL has a microphone in hand. The music cuts and the boos echo all the way round the Copps Coliseum, not that they bother any member of The Corporation.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
After seeing what we did t’ The Big Show and his waste of space of a rookie last week, you shouldn’t need us to tell you that you should never doubt us.


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
However that’s exactly what we’re going t’ do. You people need to realise that we know how to get what we want. That’s why we’re the self made success stories we are t’day. We overcome adversity ev’ry day of our lives. So when you doubt us and declare the kind of nonsense you did a few weeks ago by stating that The Big Show is an obstacle too large even f’ us, you deserve ev’rything you get when we come out here an’ rub it in each and ev’ryone one of your revolting faces.


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You uneducated morons may have believed that crap, but we didn’t for a second. Had we believed The Big Show was in any way competent, we wouldn’t have sent him packing from The Corporation. That is however exactly what we did, and we justified our decision last Monday night when we proved there is no obstacle large enough to even begin t’ worry us. That is because we are without a shadow of a doubt the most powerful force in the world t’day bar none.


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: If you didn’t believe it already, and we know better than anyone just how naive you plebeians can be, especially you toothless Canadians, but you do now that we cannot be stopped.

*More Boos*

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: It doesn’t matter how big you are or how strong you are because we are without question the most intelligent collection of men on this planet, and we are capable of achieving any goal we set out to achieve whether that’s in business or in this ring. You only have t’ look at your Canadian hero, Bret Hart t’ see just that. My father made a decision that was right for his business, yet after more than ten years of constant abuse, ev’ry time he steps foot in this rancid toilet hole you call home, you still accuse him of screwing Bret when the only person Bret has ever screwed is himself.

*Major Heat*

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Think whatever you will, my father made the correct decision. Bret Hart was nothing but a selfish piece of garbage who got exactly what he deserved.

*Tons of Boos*


Vince smiles and gently takes the microphone from JBL.

Vince McMahon:
It never ceases to amaze me how you people refuse to let that one moment go. I put that behind me a long time ago, just like you people should too. I understand that’s not as easy for you people when you have nothing to do with your lives being that you live where you do, which is why I feel the right to bring my company t’ you so you at least have some entertainment in your boring lives, other than hockey that is.


Vince McMahon: Sorry I’ve gone off subject. It’s funny how that always happens here. . . Anyway, what we came here to discuss t’night didn’t involve Bret Hart. It involves The Big Show. And as John pointed out, there is no obstacle or challenge that intimidates any one of us. That’s what makes us the successful businessmen we are. If we have a problem to contend with, we approach it methodically and tackle it head on like we did last week. I think you’ll agree that we made that point emphatically. However we’re not going t’ stop there. When I said last Monday night that I am sick an’ tired of being told what t’ do on my own show, I wasn’t joking. This is my creation and it’s farcical that my hands have been tied as far as running this show is concerned. That’s why I said last week that I’m taking the power back and that at Unf’given, we as a unit, The Corporation will take on the world’s largest athlete in a handicap match.


Vince McMahon: Now I’m sure Eric Bischoff will do whatever he can t’ stop me and ensure that match doesn’t happen. . .

“Back in Black”

A big pop breaks out as Eric Bischoff, Raw’s Head of Authority walks out to the stage with a microphone in his possession. He’s looking fairly relaxed, and the same can’t be said for The Corporation now as they turn and look up at him.

Vince McMahon:
How nice of you to join us Eric. I have to say I’m very surprised to see you wander on out here considering what I ju. . .

Eric Bischoff: . . . Vince, let me get right to the point. We all know how this works. You’re a smart guy, you know that, but the fact is when it comes to running Raw, you’re not smart at all. If that wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t be here. Your wife wouldn’t have called me and begged me t’ come back like she did in January because you and your boys there were throwing your weight around. . .

Vince McMahon: . . . That’s irrelevant. This is my sh. . .

Eric Bischoff: . . . Yes Vince, technically it is your show. However as far as the decisions are made, it’s my show.


Eric Bischoff: Now I‘m fully aware of how much that grates you Vince but that’s just the way it is. There’s nothing either of us can do about it. We just have to make do with it the best we can, and when I say we, I mean you. . . Now as far as this match you’ve decided you’re going to be in at Unf’given against The Big Show, I’m the one who makes the final decision on whether I feel that’s appropriate or not. I’m sure when you were running Raw with your own agenda, a three on one handicap match sounded like a good idea didn’t it? That’s exactly why I’m the sole authority figure now, and let me make this clear for you Vince. You will not be facing The Big Show in a three on one handicap match at Unf’given.

*Big Pop with some boos*

Eric Bischoff: That’s not t’ say you won’t be at Unf’given though because you will. . . See being the successful business man that you are Vince, you’ll realise it doesn’t make good business sense f’ me to put Show is the ring with the three of you all by himself. However I find a one on one match would. The only problem that leaves me with is t’ decide which one of you I should choose t’ face Show by themselves. Now let me think, who should that be?


The Corporation, Vince especially look up at him with disgust. The crowd start to chant “Please pick Vince” too, much to the amusement of Bischoff, not that Vince is sharing the sentiment. He turns to the crowd and stares angrily at them.

Eric Bischoff:
Y’know I think these people might be right Vince. You are the leader of The Corporation after all. You’re the one who brought Big Show back in the first place. You’re the one who kicked him out of The Corporation too, so it seems t’ me that you’re the obvious choice. Also from a business perspective, I have to ask myself would the fans want t’ see The Big Show versus Vince McMahon?

*Big Pop*

Eric Bischoff: I don’t know if your hearing’s as good as it used t’ be Vince but they seem t’ like the sound of that.

Vince McMahon: Wait just a damn second Bischoff. There’s no way in hell you’re making me face The Big Show at. . .

Eric Bischoff: . . . What happened to the tackling a problem head on Vince? You’re not telling me that’s just a line are you? Besides, this is what the fans want t’ see, an’ more importantly it’s fair unlike your idea.

Vince McMahon: I DON’T CARE ABOUT FAIR. . .

Eric Bischoff: . . . Exactly. That’s your problem. If you were, you’d be in my position as we speak, but you’re not, so at Unf. . .

“Crank It Up”

A big pop breaks out as The Big Show and his rookie Justin Gabriel join Bischoff on the stage. Both are dressed casually and Show has a microphone, but neither of them appears to be in the best of moods after what went down last week. They stare down at The Corporation and Show casually shakes hands with Bischoff.

The Big Show:
Y’know after last week, the thought of a handicap match at Unf’given sounds pretty good.


Vince McMahon: You heard him Bischoff, make the damn match.

The Big Show: There’s nothing I want more right now than t’ knock out all three of you. In fact I don’t even wanna wait ‘til Unf’given. I say we do it here t’night.

*Massive Pop*

Eric Bischoff: Whoa Show, let’s not get carried away. I understand how you’re feelin’ right now after what happened last week, but don’t walk right in to their trap. You know they wanted you to come out here all riled up an’ suck you in to a handicap match.

The Big Show: Eric it’s fine. I’ve not got a problem with a handicap match at Unf’given. That’s if the offer’s still there?

Vince McMahon: It’s still there alright.

The Big Show: Eric, if you don’t mind, I’d like to accept their challenge of a handicap match at Unf’given.

Eric Bischoff: Are you sure about this?

The Big Show: Absolutely.

Eric Bischoff: Alright I guess it’s official. At Unf’given. . .

The Big Show: . . . Oh before I f’got t’ say that when I said I’m okay with a handicap match, I mean a three on two handicap match with my rookie, Justin Gabriel as my partner.

*Big Pop*

Vince turns his head and looks at his sons, and they’re clearly surprised by Show’s bombshell.

Eric Bischoff:
I guess that’s fair. Now it’s official. In less than two weeks at Unf’given it’s going t’ be Vince an’ Shane McMahon and John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield taking on Justin Gabriel an’ The Big Show in a handicap match.


Shane takes possession of the microphone his family have been holding.

Shane McMahon:
I’ve got this one dad. . . Show, we’ve got absolutely no problem with that whatsoever. Personally I believe it’s a very brave decision t’ place so much trust in your rookie. However in the real world it’s a mistake. Where we all have experience in the big time situations, he doesn’t have any experience whatsoever. So much so it might as well be a three on one handicap match. And Show, the outcome will still be the same. We The Corporation, without you will be victorious.


The Big Show: Good f’ you Shane. I guess we’ll just have t’ wait an’ see won’t we?

Eric Bischoff: Gentleman, now we’re all agreed on Unf’given, we need t’ move on. As far as Unf’given’s concerned, we’re all set. The same can’t be said f’ t’night, well until now. . . Later on in our main event we’re going to have ourselves a sneak preview of Unf’given, because right here live on Raw t’night it’s going t’ be The Big Show going one on one with. . . John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield.

*Huge Pop*

Show smiles, but there’s no smiling going on in the ring from The Corporation. Gabriel though turns to Show and asks for the microphone.

Justin Gabriel:
Eric, if you don’t mind I’d like to an ask you for a favour. I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to be on Raw and I want to repay you. . . t’night. . . Show I know how much you want t’ get your hands on J-B-L but I’d really like the chance to take your place and face him myself t’night.


JBL smiles in the ring, as do Vince & Shane. Bischoff & Show are surprised, and Show seems to be asking him if he’s okay with that. Gabriel nods his head at his mentor.

Justin Gabriel:
They didn’t just attack you last week, they attacked me too. This is a big chance for me and if we’re going t’ be partners at Unf’given, I could do with some experience like they said. What d’ y’think?

The Big Show (No microphone): You’re sure about this?

Justin Gabriel: Definitely.

The Big Show (No microphone): Okay then, if Eric doesn’t mind.

Justin Gabriel: What d’ y’say boss?

Eric Bischoff: I think that’s a great idea. You’re on. It’ll be Justin Gabriel an’ J-B-L one on one HERE T’NIGHT.

*Big Pop*

Eric Bischoff: However there’s a catch. I’m gonna make this a bit more int’resting for ev’ryone. I’m gonna raise the stakes a little. . . See John if you win t’night, next week The Big Show will have t’ run the gauntlet against each member of The Corporation.


The Corporation like the sound of that, all smiling happily in the ring and looking very confident indeed.

Eric Bischoff:
On the other hand if you lose, next week will see The Big Show going one on one with Vince McMahon.

*Massive Pop*

“Crank It Up” plays to a pop with The Corporation not looking as confident again in the ring while Show & Gabriel stare down at them smiling, as does Bischoff.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

World Tag Team Championship Tournament
(First Round Match)
JTG & Homicide vs. The Colon Brothers

As the groggy Eddie was leaning against the pads in a bad way, Homicide charged at him with pace and drilled him with the Facewash. Eddie fell to the mat face first and was then pulled up to his feet and away from the ropes with the focused as hell Homicide planted him with a double under-hook power-bomb. It looked as if it could be all over as Homicide made the cover, but Carlito raced in to the ring and broke up the cover with a stomp to the back of the head, much to the fury of JTG & the referee. JTG charged in and took both himself & Carlito over the top rope with a clothesline and down to the floor below. That left the squirming pair of Eddie & Homicide to make their way back up, and Eddie stole the march by shifting behind the debuting star.

He tried to hit the Backstabber, but Homicide stepped forward and Eddie fell down to the mat to a big pop. Homicide turned round and stepped back, then nailed him with a shining wizard to a big pop. He then hit the top rope with Eddie motionless below him and jumped off to connect with the Frog Splash and pick up the victory for him & his mentor as JTG crawled back in the ring. He was understandably thrilled and had a big smile on his face as he gave his rookie a big guy hug before celebrating and posing for the crowd in front of a furious Carlito but cheering crowd.


Gail Kim w/Shantelle Taylor vs. Mia Rain

The match went back and forth and it looked as if Rain was going to pick up the win. That was until she helped up her defenceless opponent, but she took her time and was too complacent, resulting in Kim catching her off guard with an inside cradle. Rain was shocked enough to lose there but kicked out at two, and as she stood back up and took a wild swing at Kim, the Toronto native ducked and caught her with a snap neck-breaker and then finished the job with Eat Defeat, an inverted stomp face-breaker. The fans enjoyed it and gave her a big cheer as she stood up to get her arm raised. Shantelle joined her and they had a brief girly hug, only to be interrupted by “Written in my Face” as a smirking Sheamus made his way down to the ring, confusing and both worrying the Canadian divas. The Celtic Warrior hit the ring and walked past them to collect a microphone.

Sheamus: I t’ought since I’ll be takin’ on Finlay in de first ever Celtic Brawl at Unf’given, I’d give de fans an idea of the sheer brutality dare goin’ t’ see when I destroy ‘im an’ leave him unconscious in a pool of his own blood.

Gail & Shantelle look very worried and back away to the ropes with Sheamus following them and dropping the microphone.


A pissed off Sheamus turns round to see Finlay charging down the ramp with his shillelagh in hand. The Celtic Warrior prepares himself for battle as Gail & Shantelle take the opportunity to escape. Finlay throws himself under the bottom rope to be greeted by some vicious stomps to the back of his head and neck from Sheamus. The Belfast native lets go of the shillelagh as the intense Sheamus pulls him up to his feet and whips him in to the ropes, and as Finlay comes back, Sheamus goes to take his head off with the Brogue Kick.

Finlay ducks it though and runs through, then picks up his shillelagh he dropped moments ago. Both men turn round and Finlay strikes first, nailing his rival in the chest with his deadly weapon. He then hits him with a shot to the head, sending Sheamus down to the mat and crawling to the ropes with the fans cheering. Sheamus picks himself up, looking very unsteady on his feet as he uses the ropes to help himself up with Finlay getting ready to strike again.

The Celtic Warrior makes it to his feet, and as he turns round, Finlay runs right at him and swings the shillelagh at his head, but Sheamus reacts quickly to pull himself to safety under the bottom rope. He flips on the outside and shows his frustration by driving his fists in to the apron. Finlay’s eyes are locked on him, not too pleased that his rival escaped. “Lambeg” plays again and Sheamus continues to lose it on the outside, kicking the steps and pushing them over as he heads to the ramp with Finlay still watching his every step.

*Cut to the Arena*

*The Opening Match*
Finlay, JTG & Homicide vs. Sheamus & The Colon Brothers

To say there was some bad blood between these two teams was an understatement. Not only was it a competitive encounter, it was a very physical one where Homicide followed up last week’s impressive debut in the same manner. His high energy & aggression stood out, and only Sheamus rivalled his aggression. The Celtic Warrior bettered it in fact and did quite the number on JTG, coming close to picking up the victory after catching him with the Brogue Kick. He had it in the bag had it not been for Finlay coming to his partner for the night’s rescue by breaking up the count with a stomp to the back of his rival’s head.

As the match reached its closing stages, a fresh JTG ended up in the ring with Eddie while Finlay & Sheamus and Homicide & Carlito went at it on the outside. Just as JTG had control of the match, Carlito reversed Homicide’s attempt to toss him in to the ring apron and snuck in the ring. With the referee distracted by Finlay & Sheamus, JTG went after Carlito but walked in to a kick to the gut and a DDT. As the ref turned round with Eddie making the cover, JTG just got his shoulder up at the count of two to the relief of the fans. Eddie was stunned and his brother was livid on the apron as the referee signalled the two count.

Finlay managed to fire Sheamus in to the security wall and grabbed his shillelagh before sliding it across the apron to JTG as he came round. Carlito got in the ring and questioned the ref’s count, and as JTG stood up with the shillelagh in hand. Eddie was oblivious, and as JTG turned round, Carlito tried to tell the referee but he was having none of it. Finlay slipped inside the ring and tackled him down to the mat as JTG drilled Eddie with the shillelagh and then followed up to make the count and pick up the victory. Finlay and the elated JTG celebrated the win as Homicide stood up on the outside and then joined them.

Sheamus sat up and had a face like thunder as he watched on from the outside to see Finlay smirking at him before he left the ring with his shillelagh, followed by the impressive combination of mentor & rookie. The Celtic Warrior then stood up and got back in the ring as both Eddie & Carlito were struggling back up to their feet. Carlito saw him coming and looked a little concerned as Sheamus stared right at him and then went after his brother, levelling him with the Brogue Kick just as the groggy Eddie made it back up.

Sheamus was one angry man and set his sights on Carlito, who saw sense and left the ring as quickly as he could. Sheamus then looked up at the stage angrily at Finlay, who was watching his Unforgiven opponent’s every move. Carlito could only watch on as Sheamus dragged the helpless Eddie back up before planting him with the High Cross, leaving Carlito to worry about his brother as “Written in my Face” played to heat from the Canadian crowd. Sheamus turned his head and glared intently at the unruffled Finlay with Eddie not moving at all in the ring.

Winners: Finlay, JTG & Homicide by pinfall.

*Commercial Break*

“PRICELESS. . . Baby I’m priceless. . .”

*Chorus of Boos*

The Intercontinental Champion, Ted DiBiase Jr walks out to the stage with ‘The Million Dollar Woman’ Maryse. Both of them are dressed very well. Maryse is wearing an elegant but slightly tight black dress while her boyfriend is wearing grey trousers with a white shirt and a grey waistcoat, as well as the Intercontinental title that’s resting on his shoulder. The Million Dollar Couple look fairly serious as they walk down the ramp, not seeming to appreciate the boos that ring the whole way round the Copps Coliseum.

They look disgusted by the crowd’s reaction as they then walk up the steps and enter the ring with DiBiase picking a microphone up off the apron in the process. DiBiase walks in to the middle of the ring and is joined by Maryse as his music stops, and the heat hits them even more. The Intercontinental Champion does his best not to rise to it and stands there staring in to the stands shaking his head. It dies down and frees him to address the Canadian crowd.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
I’m sure many of you people here believe that I crossed the border worrying about what Eric Bischoff has in store for me t’night. Am I right?


Ted DiBiase Jr: Well I’m sorry to disappoint you all and Bischoff especially, but that’s not the case. What I am sure of is that he thought he was being smart by telling me last week he was going t’ keep me hanging all week before I found out what his plans are for me. Well guess what genius? I’ve turned the tables on you Eric. I’ve even got a surprise of my own.

The Intercontinental Champion is relaxing more and has a big grin on his face, as does Maryse.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
See as unsurprised as I was t’ find out you hadn’t assigned me to mentor any one of these rookies you’ve brought t’ Raw, ev’ryone can see just how much talent I possess. As I stand at this moment as the Intercontinental Champion, it’s hard to believe that just five months ago, I too was just a rookie. It’s true. I’ve only been here five months and I’ve held two titles. Not just that, I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve lost a match. An’ y’know what Canada? I’ve still got plenty of change too.


Ted DiBiase Jr: If anyone has something to offer these rookies, it’s me. Not only have I trained with most of them, I know exactly which of them has the same raw talent I had when I first made the leap to the big leagues and the bright lights of Raw. So using the initiative I’ve shown since I debuted here, I made a call to the one man I know has what it takes to be successful like I have been and I asked him if he would like to be mentored by this year’s breakout star. . . Ted DiBiase Junior.


Ted DiBiase Jr: I’ve cleared it with the powers that be, and even though we knew Raw was being held here in this dump. . .

*Ton of Boos*

Ted DiBiase Jr: . . . As I was saying. Even though we knew Raw was being held in this dump t’night, we agreed he’d make the trip with Maryse an’ myself to wherever we are. I can’t remember exactly, and quite frankly who cares? We’re on the first flight out of here, first class by the way back to the U-S of A.


Ted DiBiase Jr: Anyway, I digress. I think it’s time the world met the man I chose to be my rookie. I give t’ you. . . EZEKIEL JACKSON.

Boos meet Ezekiel Jackson, who’s built like a tank as he steps through the curtain and hits the stage for the first time. DiBiase & Maryse look up at him and clap as the menacing rookie then makes his way down the ramp to join them in the ring. He shakes hands with DiBiase and then Maryse with the Intercontinental Champion looking very smug indeed as he prepares to speak again.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
Let me make this clear Bischoff, I’ve had this cleared by the people who actually matter, the people who for some reason sign your pay cheque ev’ry month. So Eric, there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. . . Anyway, let me tell you, this guy is an absolute beast. He’s more than capable of destroying anyone in that locker room, and under my expert guidance, he will do just that.

DiBiase, Jackson & Maryse all smirk in the ring for a few seconds.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
Now Eric Bischoff isn’t the only one who thought he was smart last week, even the man who used to hold this title that now belongs t’ me thought he’d take a shot at me. That man’s name is Kofi Kingston.

*Big Pop*

Ted DiBiase Jr: Yeah that’s right Canada, Kofi Kingston. The former Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston. The man I beat at SummerSlam, Kofi Kingston. The man I’ll beat again at Unf’given, Kofi Kingston.


Ted DiBiase Jr: I hope you’re still laughing about that cheap shot Kofi because I assure you you won’t be laughing in two weeks. When you put your hands on me last week, you made a big mistake even f’ you, because no offence Kofi, we all know you’ve made a lot in your time. And that brings me perfectly to your friend Kelly Kelly.


Ted DiBiase Jr: I don’t know how long you two have been friends. I know it’s longer than I’ve been here, and I have t’ say I was one of the sceptics. I didn’t buy the whole just friends thing but I’m sorry I was wrong. I mean I should’ve known. What on earth would she see in you?


Ted DiBiase Jr: Come on, like you’ve never thought it. Being Canadian, you all must know what it likes to be Kofi and being way out of your depth.


Ted DiBiase Jr: The fact is I now realise that they’ve been telling the truth all along. I now know that there is nothing going on between them and that they are in fact just friends. I should’ve known all along because Kofi is nothing but a loser, and even though I don’t see what all these people see in Kelly, she deserves a whole lot better than him.

?: HEY, wise guy, over here.

The camera cuts to a shot of Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler now on his feet at the announce table and holding a microphone. The crowd see him and cheer too as the surprised DiBiase turns round, and both his rookie & girlfriend do the same with Lawler now walking towards the ring.

Jerry Lawler:
Do you have any idea how sick I am of hearing you run your mouth? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only either.

The King climbs in the ring and gets a dirty look from Maryse, and Ted isn’t best pleased right now either as he stares at the man he put on the shelf not so long ago.

Jerry Lawler:
Y’know it’s about time someone told you how much of a jackass you really are.

*Big Pop*

Jerry Lawler: Y’can call Kofi Kingston a loser all y’want, but he’s twice. . . no wait, ten times the man you’ll ever be.


DiBiase’s getting hot now as Lawler stares defiantly at him.

Jerry Lawler:
I’ll tell you something else champ’. Not only is he not a loser. He’s not a coward like you either. You can stand here talking about how great you are an’ how you’re the Intercontinental Champion, but the only reason you’re holding that title is because you went running t’ your dad f’ help.

*Big Pop*

Jerry Lawler: Do you have any idea how pathetic you are?


Jerry Lawler: . . . I’LL TELL Y’WHAT GIVES ME THE RIGHT. KOFI’S NOT THE ONLY ONE YOU AN’ YOUR DAD PLAYED WITH. D’ Y’NOT REMEMBER TAKIN’ ME OUT TOO? HUH? HAVE YOU FORGOT ABOUT THAT?. . . I haven’t kid, let me tell ya. Had I been able t’ do my job at SummerSlam, your plan wouldn’t ‘ave worked. I just hope you get what you deserve an’ justice prevails at Unf’given when you face Kofi again. An’ if there is any justice in this world, you’ll lose an’ Kofi will be the Intercontinental Champion again.


Jerry Lawler: Hey, maybe I’ll get a little revenge myself an’ get involved like your dad did. How d’ y’feel about that huh?

Ted DiBiase Jr: You really don’t wanna do that Lawler. Not unless you want me t’ beat the hell out of you again. Only this time old timer, I’ll make sure you won’t be able t’ come back.


Jerry Lawler: Oh I’m so scared. I might be had I actually thought you had the guts t’ do it man t’ man, but the whole world knows you don’t. You’re gutless it’s obvious.

*Big Pop*

Ted DiBiase Jr: Gutless you say?

Jerry Lawler: Right.

Ted DiBiase Jr: I heard you the first time but thanks f’ clearing that up. What I was going to say King was that one thing I’m certainly not is a coward.

DiBiase walks over to King and looks him right in the eyes.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
And do you know who else isn’t a coward Jerry? My rookie, Ezekiel Jackson.


Ted smirks and turns his head slightly to look at the menacing sight that is Ezekiel Jackson, and Lawler too takes a look at the big man while Maryse chuckles away. Jackson then walks towards Lawler and DiBiase takes a step back, then drops his microphone. Lawler does the same and keeps glancing at the pair of them as they prepare to strike.

“S-O-S, I HEAR ‘EM CALLIN’. . .”

A huge cheer breaks out as Kofi Kingston charges out from behind the curtain and down the ramp, sliding in to send DiBiase & Jackson back pedalling. Kofi steps in front of Lawler and talks smack at them before picking up Lawler’s microphone. Kofi’s friend, Kelly Kelly then is shown walking down the ramp to join him in the ring.

Kofi Kingston:
I got this King. Go an’ sit wit’ J-R. I’ll take care o’ this.

Lawler asks Kofi if he’s sure, and the fired up African is definitely sure about it. Lawler then walks past DiBiase & Jackson, staring at the youngster with disgust as he then leaves the ring and rejoins Jim Ross at the announce table. DiBiase picks up his microphone and seems quite amused by Kofi’s arrival.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
Here he is t’ save the day. What would we do without Kofi Kingston?. . .

Kofi Kingston: . . . WHY DON’T Y’SHOUT Y’MOUTH F’ ONCE?


Kofi Kingston: Y’think y’tough do ya, hidin’ behind your rookie? It’s pretty obvious you didn’t bring ‘im here t’ be his mentor. All you want is some muscle t’ fight y’battles f’ ya. Well let me tell y’somethin’. He’s not gonna stop me just like you’re not gonna when I TAKE BACK THE INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE AT UNF’GIVEN.


DiBiase just smiles.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
Kofi, Kofi, Kofi, really. Your head really is in the clouds. You can believe that as much as you want. It just means you’re going t’ be incredibly disappointed when I beat you, again.


Ted DiBiase Jr: But Kofi I didn’t come here tnight t’ talk about that. I came here t’ apologise to you about getting things wrong as far as you an’ Kelly are concerned.

Kofi Kingston: This again? Just drop it.

Ted DiBiase Jr: I wish I could Kofi, really I do. I said some awful things about the two of you and now I know the truth, I. . .

Kofi Kingston: . . . Truth? What y’talkin’ ‘bout?

Ted DiBiase Jr: What? You don’t know? Well you do surprise me Kofi. I guess that maybe I was right all along about you two. You might just be friends but that’s not exactly what you want is it? See I’m sure you have feelings for her. The things is my man, she doesn’t feel the same way about you that you do about her.

Kofi & Kelly look at each other, both confused as to what Ted’s talking about.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
Look I can see she’s not told you about what she gets up to when you’re not t’gether, but it’s fair t’ say that you’re the last thing on her mind, I assure you of that. That’s why I felt it was best you found out as I hate a tease as much as the next guy. I know you probably don’t wanna hear this Kofi but it’s for your own good.

Kofi Kingston: Seriously, what are you talkin’ ‘bout?

Ted DiBiase Jr: Well I could tell you, it’s just that I’ve found a way that’ll make you get the picture better than I could ever paint it.

DiBiase points to the tron and everyone casts their eyes on it. We see a video of what appears to be Kelly laughing and joking backstage with Raw’s host, Zack Ryder. They get closer and the chemistry explodes, resulting in them leaning in to each other and kissing. The shot goes back to the arena with DiBiase & Maryse laughing, but the same can’t be said for Kofi & Kelly. Kingston’s shocked and Kelly doesn’t know how to react, looking a bit embarrassed.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
I’m sorry I had t’ show you that Kofi, but I think you know it’s f’ the best. I had your best int’rests at heart. . .

Kofi Kingston: . . . Cut the crap. You don’t care ‘bout anyone but y’self. Y’didn’t do this f’ me. Y’did it f’ the kicks ‘cause that’s who you are. . .

Ted DiBiase Jr: . . . Kofi, calm down. I’m doing you a favour here. All I did was show you how that slut’s been playing you all alon. . .

Kofi Kingston: . . . SHUT Y’MOUTH.

Ted DiBiase Jr: Why are you defending her?. . . Alright I admit I might’ve got a slight kick out of it, and do you wanna know why? It’s because of you. It’s your fault Kofi. You were the one that sucker punched me last week. . .




We go back to the tron and Eric Bischoff is not looking too happy in what appears to be his office.

Eric Bischoff:
Wherever you go Ted, trouble always seems t’ follow you around. It looks like you’ve been busy though getting yourself some muscle, and I can honestly say I don’t care. I’m surprised that you thought I would. It’s not my problem if he chooses to align himself with someone who’s made life very difficult for himself like you have. . . Now as far as my hands being tied as to whether you have a rookie, you’re right. You’re absolutely right. However as long as he’s on my show, just like ev’ryone else, he’s accountable t’ me and only me.


Eric Bischoff: Now I couldn’t help but notice your statement of intent t’ do what you didn’t at SummerSlam an’ beat Kofi fair an’ square without any outside help. Well that’s exactly how you’re gonna have t’ do it because you won’t have any help this time. That includes your new rookie, your girlfriend and ev’ry single member of your family.


Eric Bischoff: In fact, I’m barring ev’ryone who doesn’t have a reason t’ be there from ringside. In fact we’re going to have a sneak preview of that later on t’night, only you won’t be the one in action. That’ll be your rookie, Ezekiel Jackson when he goes one on one with Kofi Kingston.

*Big Pop*

DiBiase doesn’t look angry but he’s not happy either. Kofi’s clearly fired up for it, and so is Jackson.

Eric Bischoff:
Just so you’re aware of how serious I am Ted, if anyone an’ I mean anyone interferes on your or your rookie’s behalf, I will strip you of the Intercontinental title on the spot.

*Big Pop*

Ted’s less happy now.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
Y’know what Bischoff? That’s fine, ‘cause the both of us are not only going to beat Kofi, we’re going to destroy him.

Kofi sn-iggers with DiBiase & Jackson staring intently at him with the uncomfortable looking Kelly in the background. Bischoff smirks in his office as “Priceless” plays to more boos from the Canadian crowd with Kofi glaring right at the two men he will face tonight and at Unf’given.

*Video Promo*

The WWE Women’s Champion, Melina is shown walking through the back ready for action when we come back.

*Commercial Break*

*Match #2*
(Non-Title Match)
Melina vs. Nikki Bella w/Cody Rhodes, Joe Hennig & Brie Bella

The Women’s Champion had a battle on her hands as she took on Nikki Bella, supported by her twin sister Brie. They swapped places on a couple of occasions and also had help from Rhodes & Hennig at times, who were only too happy to distract Melina. However she was too good for the twins and after knocking Brie off the apron, she ducked a clothesline with the Matrix as she turned to face Nikki on the attack. The Women’s Champion then caught her with the Extreme Makeover, a spinning face-buster to earn herself the victory.

Rhodes & Hennig weren’t best pleased but took it on the chin as they then helped the twins round to the ramp while Melina posed with her title. However her music stopped to her surprise, and “I Came to Play” hit to a chorus of boos as The Miz and his rookie, Heath Slater made their way down to the ring with big smiles on their faces and past Cody, Hennig & the Bellas. Melina didn’t know what was going on and didn’t look all that worried as the cocky Clevelander walked past her to get himself a microphone.

Winner: Melina by pinfall.

The Miz: Congratulations on that highly impressive vict’ry Melina. I think I speak for both Heath an’ myself when I say that you looked great t’night. You sure did a number on your opponent, just like we did on your precious John Morrison last week.


Melina looks disgusted with Mr. Hollywood as both he & Slater laugh about their attack on Morrison last week.

The Miz: What’s wrong Miss Thing? Did you not like what we did ‘cause it sure looks that way? Personally I thought we did a good job. Sure it’s not gonna be as impressive as what I’m gonna do t’ him at Unf’given, but still I think he got the point that I’m The Miz, and I’M AWE. . .

“Listen, this ain’t no make believe. . .”

*Big Pop*

The Miz is pissed and looks up at the stage to see an angry John Morrison & Matt Cappotelli walk out in to the arena. Melina smirks and watches her friends pace down the ramp in to the ring, and The Monday Night Delight is in a foul mood, understandably so after last week. He gets right up close to Mr. Hollywood and stares at him eyeball to eyeball. It looks like things could blow up with The Miz smirking away at seeing his former partner getting riled up, and Morrison then shrugs his way past him to get a microphone from Lilian Garcia. With Cappotelli & Melina still staring at Miz & Slater, Morrison turns back and heads towards his friends with the stick.

John Morrison:
You’re real tough aren’t you Miz? Not only did you attack me from behind last week, you come out here and intimidate a woman, a close friend of mine. You’re damn lucky I came out here when I did or you wouldn’t be in any shape t’ face me in two weeks at Unf’given.


John Morrison: But let me make this clear for you. That’s the only thing that’s holding me back, because never in my life have I wanted to tear someone apart like I want to with you. I can’t wait f’ Unf’given t’ come, I really can’t. After ev’rything you’ve said about Matt, jumping me an’ trying t’ scare Melina, you’re really setting a great example for your rookie, and at Unf’given we’ll really find out how tough you are.


The Miz: Oh I’m tough.

Morrison sn-iggers.

The Miz:
What, you don’t think so? I’ll prove it right now.

John Morrison: How so? What are you going t’ do huh? Go an’ pick on J-R or Lilian maybe?

The Miz: Don’t get smart with me John because you’d be way out of your depth an’ you know it. What I have in mind is a challenge, a challenge for a no holds barred match right here next week live on Raw.


The Miz: And the man I’m challenging John has a giant advantage as he has someone else on his side that it might as well be a handicap match.

Everyone in the ring bar The Miz are confused as to what he has in mind.

The Miz:
The person I’m challenging is none other than Matt Cappotelli.


Morrison & Co look disgusted with the smirking Mr. Hollywood.

The Miz:
Don’t look at me like that. I don’t see the problem. If he an’ god can beat cancer t’gether, there’s no reason why they can’t team up again next week against me.

John Morrison: You never fail to me amaze me Miz. You really are a sick son of a bitch. You know full well what he’s been through and that he had to retire. . .

Cappotelli grabs hold of the microphone and looks at Morrison to basically say he wants it. Morrison looks surprised but lets go as Cappotelli then locks his eyes on The Miz.

Matt Cappotelli:
Miz, I think John’s being way too nice. You’re not just sick, you’re the lowest of the low. You’ll do whatever you can t’ try an’ make yourself look good by doing as little as possible.


The Miz: Oh no. Like I care what you think. I. . .

Matt Cappotelli: . . . F’ once Miz, shut up an’ listen t’ what someone else has t’ say.

*Big Pop*

The Miz isn’t reacting well to that one, and Slater’s not happy about Cappotelli getting to his mentor.

Matt Cappotelli:
You’re as transparent as it gets. You came out here t’night with this plan t’ challenge me right so you’d look all big when I said I no? Well I’ve got news f’ you Mister Hollywood. Your little plan’s backfired because I’m not going t’ say no even though I know I should. What I am saying is next week, you an’ me no holds barred.

*Massive Pop*

The whole crowd is astonished, but not as much as The Miz & Morrison. Cappotelli’s buddy turns to him and asks him what he’s doing, looking very concerned for him. Matt tries to ease his fears though,

Matt Cappotelli:
I’ve always wan’ed just one match, an’ now I’m in a position where I’m sure I can handle it. . .

The Miz: . . . Whoa Matt, you don’t get any points f’ being brave around here. What you’re being right now is stupid if you’re even considering getting in this ring with me. I’ll humiliate you, I’ll hurt you. There’s no two ways about it. . .

Matt Cappotelli: . . . Don’t worry about me, not that you ever have. You can try an’ talk your way out of it but I’ve made my decision. I’m going through with it, an’ if it is going t’ be my only ever match, I’m gonna make sure it’s one I remember f’ever.


The Miz: Seriously? You’re go through with this? Really?

Matt Cappotelli: You bet.

The Miz: Okay, have it your way, but remember this. You will have t’ live with this for the rest of your life. There’ll be no rules, nothing holding me back from beating you up so bad that you’ll be suffering even more than when you had t’ go through chemo ev’ry day.


The Miz: That’s how bad it’s going t’ be Matt, make no mistake about it. I will hurt you in ways you’ve never imagined, and I’m sure you’ve thought some pretty bad things in your time, but none of them will compare to what I’m going t’ do t’ you next week. That’s a promise, because I’m THE MIZ, AND I’M AWWWWE-SOME!

“I Came to Play” hits again to a great deal of heat inside the arena with Miz & Slater laughing away at a very serious Cappotelli.

Jim Ross: Let me get this straight. Next week The Miz is gonna be takin’ on Matt Cappotelli, a man who had t’ retire because of a brain tumour in a No Holds Barred match?

Jerry Lawler: What can I say J-R? Like they said, The Miz is sick.

Morrison & Melina still look concerned and try to talk to Matt, but he’s focused solely on Miz & Slater, who then take their leave, grinning all the way up the ramp.

*Video Promo*

Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms, dressed to compete along with their buddy Shannon Moore are making their way through the backstage area for their match against the team Eric Bischoff has signed and described as one of he best teams in the world today, and that match is coming up next folks!

*Commercial Break*

“Live for the Moment”

Here come the boys from North Carolina, Matt Hardy, Gregory Helms & Shannon Moore, and they’re met by a pretty decent pop from the Ontario crowd. Matt & Helms are definitely pumped for their upcoming match as they pose at the top of the stage with Moore there for support too.

Lilian Garcia: This bout is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first at a combined weight of four hundred and fifty one pounds, GREGORY HELMS AND MATT HARDY.

Jim Ross: We were told earlier on t’day by the orders of Raw’s Head of Authority, Eric Bischoff that the scheduled match between Matt Hardy an’ Cody Rhodes f’ Unforgiven has now been changed to a tag team match that will now see Gregory Helms join forces with Hardy t’ take on Cody an’ his rookie, Joe Hennig. That match will also be part of the tournament that will determine new World Tag Team Champions. The stakes couldn’t be higher folks come Unf’given in thirteen days.

Raw’s host, Zack Ryder is also there and motions to them to join him, and they do just that with the music cutting.

Zack Ryder:
Just before I get t’ the questions guys, there’s a couple of things I need t’ say. . . First, what Ted DiBiase showed you earlier t’night between me an’ Kelly Kelly wasn’t the whole deal, but I would like t’ point out that it was just a one time thing. Frankly I don’t need the baggage right now an’ I get plenty of action anyway. And as far as action is concerned, I will be making my debut t’night against Rey Mysterio’s rookie. . .

Matt puts his hands over the microphone and can be seen asking Ryder if he wants to talk to them or not. Ryder doesn’t seem to appreciate it and Matt pulls his hand back.

Zack Ryder:
This isn’t all about you y’know but I’ll get t’ you in just a second. . . Now before I was rudely interrupted, I was about t’ point out that t’night I will be facing Mystico in what just won’t be my Raw debut, but his too. Only one of us can win an’ that will be your host of Monday Night Raw, Zack Ryder.


Matt & Helms get fed up and walk away from Ryder and head down to the ring, angering Ryder slightly. Just as he’s about to speak, Matt’s music plays again. The Carolina Crew pose in the ring for the fans and get ready for the match. Their music cuts and some previously unheard music plays with the new team signed by Eric Bischoff make their way out to the stage.

Lilian Garcia: And their opponents, at a combined weight of four hundred pounds, the team of Christopher Daniels and Kaval.

They’re both looking very focused, and they might not be familiar to most people in the arena, but for the fans who have watched ROH or TNA, they will recognise them as Christopher Daniels & Low-Ki/Senshi. Matt, Helms & Moore look up at them, clearly taking them seriously as the new team on the block walk towards Ryder after he catches their attention.

Zack Ryder:
Gentleman welcome t’ Raw. I don’t know if you’r aware but there’s been a whole lot of speculation an’ hype over the last week or so as t’ just who this team Eric Bischoff called the best in the world t’day, an’ I have t’ ask how you feel about that. Do you feel there’s any pressure on you an’ do you guys believe that you are the best tag team in the world right now?

Christopher Daniels: You’re about t’ find out.

Daniels & Kaval make their way down the ramp with their music playing again, still looking very focused for their debut match with their opponents watching their every move.

Jim Ross: There’s been a whole lot of speculation as far as these two guys are concerned. We heard Bischoff talk them up last week an’ I can tell y’ he’s not the only one who’s been praising them. I was talkin’ to a couple of guys earlier t’day who said that Daniels an’ Kaval have competed all over the world with a lot of success. I’m told they’re quick, they’re great athletes, they’re extremely talented an’ competitive.

Jerry Lawler: It doesn’t sound like they’re missing much J-R, although it looks like some personality might not go amiss.

Jim Ross: Well if they get themselves a vict’ry here King, they’ll have the last laugh t’night that’s f’ sure.

*Match #3*
Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms w/Shannon Moore vs. Christopher Daniels & Kaval

The debuting team looked very solid indeed from the moment the bell rang, showing off their technical ability as well as their confident teamwork. They didn’t have it all their own way though and Matt & Helms gave them more than just a fright, and when Kaval was seemingly in control against Matt, he got a shock when Hardy dodged a springboard roundhouse. The Carolina native quickly took advantage and planted him straight away with the Side Effect.

He kept the momentum going as both men made their way back up, although Matt had to give him a helping hand. He then whipped him in to the corner and charged in to nail him with a clothesline, holding on to Kaval’s head on impact. Matt turned round, ran out of the corner and sent Kaval’s head crashing in to the canvas courtesy of a bulldog. He didn’t stop there and went to the corner, climbing up to the second rope where he then connected with a diving leg drop. Kaval showed some resilience and kicked out at two.

Helms entered the fray and kept the momentum going for his team until Kaval ducked a super kick and levelled him with a springboard gamengiri (enzuigiri like kick to the neck). That allowed him to make the tag to Daniels, who raced in and pulled the unresponsive Helms closer to the corner before climbing up the ropes and connecting with a moonsault. He reached to the side and made a cover, but Helms got his shoulder up at two. As the match went on, Helms fought his way back in to it and some interested spectators in the shape of Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig.

They walked out to the stage to get a closer look at the men they’ll be facing at Unforgiven, very much catching the attention of Hardy & Helms. Despite Daniels making a fighting comeback, Helms did the same and was all set to go for the Shining Wizard until Rhodes & Hennig wandered down the ramp. Moore begin to worry and turned round, as did both Hardy & Helms. With Helms distracted for a moment before turning his attention back to his opponent, Daniels used the extra time to his advantage by shooting up as Helms ran at him.

Daniels kicked him in the gut and planted him immediately with the Angel’s Wings to gain a debut victory for himself & Kaval. Hardy’s focus was on Cody & Joe, and turned in disappointment to see Daniels stand up to get his arm raised along with Kaval. Rhodes & Hennig then backed up the ramp smiling with Matt & Moore furious. Daniels & Kaval walked towards the ropes and gestured the crowd that they had arrived.

Winners: Christopher Daniels & Kaval by pinfall.

*Video Promo*

A very angry looking Triple H is walking through the back, seemingly headed for the ring.

*Commercial Break*

There’s some commotion in the back with officials running through the back towards a dressing room, and we see Kofi Kingston squirming on the floor. Ted DiBiase Jr, Ezekiel Jackson & Maryse are standing over him smirking. Eric Bischoff arrives on the scene and looks pissed to see DiBiase & Co there as the officials check on Kofi, and Bischoff looks towards them.

Eric Bischoff:
Is he okay?

Kofi’s struggling to sit up and the officials look concerned.

Official #1:
He doesn’t look good boss.

Bischoff turns to the smug DiBiase.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
Don’t look at us, we had nothing t’ do with this. We heard some noise an’ just stopped by t’ see what was going on.

Eric Bischoff: Really, an’ what was that? Was he attacked by wild monkeys?

Ted DiBiase Jr: You saw them too?

Eric Bischoff: Very clever. I suppose you think you’ve got yourself out of a hole again, but I wouldn’t get carried away if I were you. Kofi might not be able t’ compete now but I know someone who is. I’ve also had a change of heart as far as which one of you competes t’night. . . Ted you’re now gonna be the one in action later on against the W-W-E Champion, Batista.

Ted DiBiase Jr: WHAT?

Eric Bischoff: Think about it. It’ll be the W-W-E Champion against the Intercontinental Champion live on Raw. That’s huge. It’s also a big opportunity f’ you t’ show off your unlimited talent. Oh and just so we’re clear, these two’ll be barred from ringside, an’ if either of you so much as go near Batista before the match, I’ll be taking that title of yours away from you in a flash.

Ted DiBiase Jr: You can’t do that.

Eric Bischoff: Oh I think you know I can Teddy boy. Good luck though. I think you might just need it. Now go an’ get ready while I find out just how much damage you’ve done.

DiBiase isn’t at all happy and storms out of the room, followed by his girlfriend & rookie. Bischoff looks down at the squirming Kofi and then sticks his head out of the door.

Eric Bischoff:

The Head of Authority walks back towards Kofi and kneels down as Kelly Kelly walks in to the room. She looks worried and drops to her knees right away.

Kelly Kelly:
Is he okay?

Eric Bischoff: I’ve just called a medic. We’ll find out any minute. Don’t worry, DiBiase’s gonna pay f’ this.

*Cut to the Arena*

“Behold the King, the King of Kings. . .”

*Barrage of Heat*

Dressed in jeans and one of his own trademarked skulled T-shirts, Triple H walks out to the stage with a face of fury. He stops and gives the fans a death stare before pacing down the ramp to the ring, picking a microphone up off the apron in the process. As he steps inside the squared circle, he walks in to the middle and just stares furiously at the booing Canadians. The music stops but he continues glaring at them with the boos ringing round the arena.

Triple H:
I should be standing here t’night getting ready t’ go to Unf’given f’ a shot at the W-W-E Championship.


Triple H: That’s how it was meant t’ be. Last week I was within touching distance. I was so close I could taste it. There’s no doubt I would’ve beaten Randy Orton an’ gone on to a triple threat match with Batista at Unf’given, but once again I was robbed of what I deserve more than anyone else in this company.

*More Boos*

Triple H: I should never have had to earn my shot. It should’ve been handed to me on a plate. I’m the man that has dominated Raw for the last ten years, and only last month at SummerSlam I ended Ric Flair’s career.

*Ton of Heat*

Triple H: If anybody should’ve been given a shot at Batista, it was me. However I wasn’t even given the opportunity, and someone else stole the spot that was meant f’ me. That man was Randy Orton.

*Boos & Some Cheers*

Triple H: Randy Orton may have won the battle royal that night and the number one contender spot that went with it, but I wasn’t even given that chance. However last week I had the chance t’ make up f’ that. All I had t’ do was beat Randy and I would earn the right that I shouldn’t have had to in the first place to finally get my hands on both Batista and the W-W-E Championship.



*More Boos*

Triple H: HE DELIBERATELY GOT ME COUNTED OUT LAST WEEK KNOWING FULL WELL WHAT’D HAPPEN IF I WON THAT MATCH. . . Well Dave you have to accept that you’ll have t’ face me one day. I’m not gonna stop until I beat you Dave, end you career like I ended Ric’s and become the W-W-E Champion.


Triple H: You should know by now that I never make empty threats. I always deliver on my word. I said I’d end Ric’s career and I did. Randy Orton can think whatever he wants about how he should still be the W-W-E Champion but the bottom line is I will be the one t’ take the title from Batista, and I will do whatever I have to t’ get the job done. . .

*Big Pop*

The camera cuts to a shot of The Game’s wife, Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey walking down the ramp. She appears to be in quite an emotional state, and her curious husband turns round in shock to see her approaching the ring. He watches her as she takes each step and then step inside the squared circle and he looks puzzled, then looks at her for an explanation as to why she’s there. She just stares at him blankly and he doesn’t know how to react, and she then walks past him to go and get a microphone. He watches her as she then turns round and walks towards him. They look at each other with Triple H asking her what she’s doing.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey:
Hun’er, you need to snap out of this. Can’t you see what this is doing t’ you? Can’t you see how out of control you are? Can’t you see how this is affecting us, how it’s affecting our children? Do you even remember them? I’ll give you a clue Hun’er, I only gave birth to one of your daughters just over a month go. Does that ring a bell in that head of yours?

Steph means business and stares right at her husband, who doesn’t appear to be that sympathetic or understanding at all.

Triple H:
This is and has been my life f’ as long as we’ve been t’gether Steph. You knew that when we dated and when we got married. Nothing’s changed. You had to accept it then and you have to accept it now.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey: That’s where you’re wrong. Things have changed. We have kids now. You and I have responsibilities. We have two beautiful girls who need and rely on us. They need us more than we need this business. This has been my life too from the very moment I was born but right now my children come first. If you can’t accept that, all you’ll ever have is your precious title. That’s if you even get it.


If there was any doubt Triple H wasn’t taking her seriously before, he is now with her staring intently at him.

Triple H:
Look I admit that I’ve not been the best husband or best dad in the world, but this is what I do. This is what drives me. That will never change. I’m not like you Steph. . .

Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey: . . . No you’re not, because if you were, you’d be reading your kids bedtime stories, singing them stupid songs and doing whatever it takes to get them t’ stop crying in the middle of the night, not obsessing about how you’re going to beat the crap out of someone you used to call a friend just because he got something you wan’ed.


Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey: This whole obsession has gone way too far, not just with Batista but Ric. You ended his career Hun’er. You ended his career.


Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey: Ric’s not just anyone. You loved him. You loved him and you turned your back on him like you’ve turned your back on your own family, and f’ what Hun’er? The W-W-E title? Does the W-W-E title really mean more to you than me an’ the girls? As much as I want you to answer that question, part of me thinks I already know what you’d say. So all I have to say now is that you need to make a decision real soon. You’re not the only who doesn’t make empty threats. You know that. . . If this whole obsession with Batista an’ the W-W-E title carries on, you can f’get about ever having any kind of relationship with your children, or me.


Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey: I’m serious Hun’er. You have t’ decide. Do you want the W-W-E title or a family? If you don’t do the right thing like you should as not just my husband but as a father to our beautiful baby girls, I’ll make sure you never see them again.

*Big Pop*

The King of Kings looks shocked but not too happy at being pushed in to making this decision.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey:
When you’ve made your choice, feel free t’ let me know because I’ll be waiting. But Hun’er, don’t take too long, because I’m not putting myself or our girls through this a second longer. We deserve better, a lot better.

Stephanie kneels down on to one knee and drops the microphone, then walks past her husband without looking at him. She then leaves the ring and walks back up the ramp without turning back and giving her husband a second look. The Game watches her every step and he clearly doesn’t appreciate his wife’s ultimatum.

*Video Promo*

Rey Mysterio & his rookie Mystico are walking through the back with the two debutants, Mystico & Zack Ryder going one on one next!

*Commercial Break*

An emotional Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley is walking through the back, and it looks like she’s been crying. As she turns a corner, she bumps in to the WWE Champion, Batista. The Animal looks genuinely concerned for her as she looks on the verge of breaking down.

I know things aren’t great right now Steph, but I hope you know that if you ever need t’ talk, you know I’ll always try t’ help you anyway I can.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey: Thanks Dave. That means a lot. I’m so sorry for ev’rything Hunter’s put you through lately. . .

Batista: . . . Hey that’s got nothing t’ do with you. It’s not your fault, it’s his.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey: I know. I don’t know what’s got in to him lately. It’s like he’s a whole diff’rent person. He’s just been obsessed with you, Ric an’ the title. I just can’t handle it anymore.

Steph starts to cry again and Batista hugs her straight away.

Hey it’s alright. You’re not t’ blame f’ this. There’s no need f’ you t’ feel guilty.

As he continues to console her, a livid Triple H turns the corner and sees them. Needless to say, he’s not happy. The King of Kings storms over and pulls Batista off his wife.

Triple H:

Batista: Like you y’mean?

The Game goes right for Batista but Steph steps in between them straight away.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey:
Stop it both of you. This isn’t helping.

Batista: She’s right Hun’er. You need t’ get y’head straight.

Triple H: If I wan’ed your opinion, I’d ask f’ it.

Batista: You’ve already got it. . . Steph, anytime you feel the need t’ talk, just call me y’hear.

Steph nods as Batista then turns round and walks away leaving Triple H fuming.

Triple H:
Is he kidding? You better not call him.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey: I’ll call whoever I want.

Triple H: Like hell you will.

Steph slaps him across the face real hard, taking them both surprise. Steph tears up again and walks away blubbering, leaving her pissed husband behind, and he’s got a look that could kill.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #4*
Mystico w/Rey Mysterio vs. Zack Ryder

The two debutants were looking to impress and they did just that, but it was Mystico who stood out thanks to his high-flying style. He certainly impressed his watching mentor, and Rey was applauding his rookie just like the fans were, but the high-flying got Mystico in trouble when Raw’s host lifted his knees up when the Mexican went looking for a springboard moonsault. Ryder was impressive for the next few minutes and came close to the victory after a missile dropkick and then a lifting inverted DDT.

Raw’s host was gobsmacked to see his opponent kick out of that one, and even Rey looked slightly surprised in his rookie’s corner. Ryder was hot and tried to finish the match off while he had the momentum. He urged the squirming Mexican to stand back up, but as he was doing so, the lights went out and we heard a gong. The fans were cheering in anticipation of seeing a certain someone, but they were left disappointed as the lights came back on with no sign of him. Ryder was obviously spooked and looked round frantically, totally unaware of Mystico sitting up.

As Ryder then saw his opponent moving, he reached down to help him but got rolled in to an inside cradle with the referee rushing down to his knees and counting to three. The fans cheered as Mystico stood up and got his arm raised with Rey joining him in the ring and congratulating him while Ryder sat up in shock. He stared at the ref, totally bewildered by what just happened. The Mexican mentor & rookie then left the ring as Raw’s host stood up and threw a strop, kicking the ropes, much to the amusement of the watching Mysterio while JR & King speculated as to what just went down with the gong and the lights.

Winner: Mystico by pinfall.

*Commercial Break*

A serious looking ready to go Justin Gabriel is psyching himself up in his locker room with his mentor, The Big Show there too.

The Big Show:
Y’know J, I think it’s great you’ve got the guts t’ challenge J-B-L t’night, but you’re gonna have t’ be careful out there. You’ll need eyes in the back of your head at all times. J-B-L’s as sneaky as they come, an’ both Vince an’ Shane are gonna do anything they can t’ help ‘im. I’m gonna be there t’ make sure they don’t do anythin’, but you’re gonna have t’ take care of J-B-L alone. I’m not gonna lie t’ you kid, he’s good, but he’s beatable. If you come out firing an’ use your speed advantage, you’ll rattle ‘im I promise. As long as you don’t let the nerves get the better of you, you’ve got a chance, an’ I’ll be right there by your side the whole time.

Gabriel stops his warm up and nods his head at Show.

Justin Gabriel:
Thanks Show. I’m gonna give it ev’rything I’ve got, an’ I don’t just mean t’night. You don’t know what it means t’ have you putting so much trust in me. T’ want me as your partner against The Corporation at Unf’given, that’s huge. I’m gonna do you proud I swear.

The Big Show: I know you will, but don’t think about Unf’given just yet. That’s another night. T’night’s gonna be tough, don’t look past that. Right now the only thing that matters is the match with J-B-L.

Justin Gabriel: Sure.

Gabriel takes it all in and Show pats him on the back.

The Big Show:
Hey, you’ll do great.

Gabriel smiles and the camera zooms in on the youngster as he prepares for his WWE debut in tonight’s main event.

*Cut to the Arena*

“PRICELESS, baby I’m priceless. . .”

The not so confident anymore Ted DiBiase Jr walks out to the stage with the Intercontinental Championship draped over his shoulder and gets some boos thrown at him. He cautiously wanders down the ramp and curses the Canadian fans before getting in the ring where he hands over his title belt to the referee, still not looking happy at all as he prepares to do battle with the WWE Champion.

“In the End”

Here comes The Animal. Batista runs out to the stage and then each side, sending the crowd in to raptures. With the WWE Championship strapped around his waist, he makes his way down the ramp and stops, then poses as a big pyro display goes off behind him. The WWE Champion is clearly pumped up and sets off down the ramp again but we see Triple H charging out behind him.

Batista doesn’t have a clue and is hammered across the back by The Game’s right forearm. It sends The Animal down on to his knees and the music stops. The King of Kings is pissed that’s for sure, and he puts the boots to the back of his bitter & defenceless rival.

Trips pulls him back up and fires him in to the guard rail back first. Batista falls forward and lands back on the ramp, the rolls the short distance down to the bottom. The Game follows him with DiBiase grinning to himself. Triple H helps Batista up again and this time fires him in to the ring post face first, and The Animal falls to the floor. DiBiase leaves the ring with a smile on his face and goes to grab his Intercontinental title as Triple H drags Batista up and tosses him in the ring under the bottom rope. The smug DiBiase heads back up the ramp as the intense Triple H climbs up on to the apron. . .

“I hear voices in my head. . .”


Randy Orton and his rookie, Darren Young hit the stage looking very focused indeed, catching the shocked Triple H off guard. It brings another smile to DiBiase’s face as Orton & Young walk past him without giving him much attention at all as The King of Kings steps inside the ring with Batista squirming around on the mat. Orton & his rookie slowly enter the ring with their eyes firmly set on Triple H. He shifts in to the centre of the ring and prepares for war as Orton & Young shimmy round, circling him until The Game flips and fires at Orton and then Young as he looks to defend his mentor.

Young clubs Trips across the back as Orton falls to the mat. Orton’s determined rookie grabs The Game by the arm and tries for an irish whip, but it’s reversed and Triple H lifts Young off his feet as he comes back at him and sends him crashing in to the mat courtesy of a spinning spine-buster. It’s met by a mixed reception, and as the intense King of Kings makes his way back up staring down at Young rolling round in agony, Orton is getting up too. The Game turns round and walks right in to The Viper who leaps up and catches him with a thunderous RKO.

Orton crawls across to Triple H and stares right at his starry eyes, and in the corner of his eye, he sees Batista struggling up to his knees. The number one contender for the WWE Championship smiles sadistically and locks his eyes on The Animal. As Young too stands up, Orton makes his way across to the unsteady WWE Champion who has no idea of the danger he’s in despite the crowd desperately trying to warn him. Orton gets ready to strike and urges his Unforgiven opponent to turn round, and as he does, he plants him with an RKO, taking The Animal down to the mat.

With boos ringing out as he rushes back up, Orton smiles sadistically again, looking very satisfied with Batista laid out in front of him. Young admires his mentor’s work and now spots Triple H coming round. The rookie lets Randy know, tapping him on his shoulder and pointing right at The King of Kings. Orton switches gears and grins again with a plan clearly on his mind. He nods at Young and backs up in to the corner as The Game tries to get on to one knee.

The Viper charges out of the corner with a fierce determination written all over his face and punts The Game right in the head. That gets a decent pop and Orton takes several seconds to admire his work with Young doing the same as both Batista & Triple H lie motionless on the mat. Orton now asks Young to go and get him a microphone, and he does just that. The Legend Killer holds out his hand, not taking his eyes off Triple H for a second as Young hands him the microphone.

Randy Orton:
Hun’er, if I’ve not made this clear enough already, this is my title shot, not yours or anyone else’s. At Unf’given I will once again become the W-W-E Champion, and if anyone gets in my way, I will put them including you Hun’er on the shelf permanently.

“Voices” plays again to a mostly negative reception from the Canadian fans, but there are some cheers in there as The Viper stares down remorselessly at the unconscious Triple H. Young looks down and smirks too, and as he & Orton turn to leave the ring, the still emotional Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley runs down to the ring and goes to check on her husband straight away. She panics and calls back for help, amusing both Orton & Young while Batista begins to sit up by the ropes. A couple of EMT’s race down to the ring and try to establish The Game’s condition as Orton & Young back track up the ramp, keeping their eyes on the damage they’ve caused.

*Video Promo*

All three members of The Corporation, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, Vince & Shane McMahon are walking through the back with J.B.L. dressed to compete for the main event coming up next.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

13 Days!

*Cut to the Arena*

*The Main Event*
Justin Gabriel w/The Big Show vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield w/Vince & Shane McMahon

Just like The Big Show told Gabriel before the match that he could gain an advantage if he used his speed well to his advantage, his rookie just did that and caught Layfield cold in the opening minutes. The crowd were right behind the South African and they spurred him on to really put some pressure on the Vince’s illegitimate son. You could tell JBL was rattled, and after being knocked down to the floor after a springboard dropkick, Gabriel got the Canadians going even more by taking JBL down again, this time on the floor with a slingshot somersault senton. Show was impressed, beaming in fact as he watched his rookie take the match to the former WWE Champion.

The South African also heeded his mentor’s advice when he tossed JBL back in the ring by keeping alert. He kept his eyes on Vince & Shane, and he had to as Shane tried to sneak up behind him. Gabriel was wise to it and kept Shane at bay, much to the frustration of Vince who was visibly angry at ringside. Gabriel tried to keep the momentum going after that but the experienced Texan made his experience count when he held on to his opponent after an attempt for a springboard cross-body. Gabriel knew he was in trouble and was quickly tossed back and down to the mat with a fall-away slam.

JBL had his game face on as he went right after Gabriel, causing Show some concern on the outside. The self proclaimed wrestling god made Gabriel suffer, but the South African showed some real grit, fighting through both a bear-hug & a torture rack. JBL was getting angrier the more Gabriel clung on, and he decided it was time for the Last Call. As he then lifted the then motionless Gabriel up above his head, the rookie came to life and countered with a hurricanrana to a massive pop. Show banged his fists against the mat and willed his rookie on as both he & JBL made their way back up to their feet.

It was Layfield that was up first and he missed with a wild clothesline, and as they both spun round to face each other, Gabriel exploded with a super kick to a huge roar inside the sold out Copps Coliseum. The tired & battered rookie fell to his knees and made a cover, clinging on to JBL’s leg for dear life as the referee made a count, but it was only to two. Gabriel was devastated, as were Show and the fans. Vince & Shane breathed a sigh of relief as the starry eyed JBL came round and lifted his head up off the mat. The deflated Gabriel was left with no choice but to go back to work, and he did just that with Show willing him on.

Gabriel sprung to his feet as his opponent slowly rolled on to his side, looking like he didn’t have a clue where he was. The fans were supporting him too, and he waited coolly as he could as JBL struggled up to his feet and then walked right in to a spin kick to the chest, sending him slumping forward. Gabriel then turned back in to the ropes, came racing back and jumped in to the air for a flying forearm, but JBL ducked, resulting in Gabriel hitting the deck. JBL took a couple of seconds to recover while Gabriel pulled himself back up. The big Texan had regained the steely look of determination, and as Gabriel stood up, he was met with a big stomp to the gut, followed by the Three Amigo’s.

JBL had stolen the ascendency, but once again Gabriel hung on to fight another day by getting his shoulder up at the count of two. JBL was fuming and the ref was concerned for Gabriel, and went to check on the rookie as he tried to make it back up. There was no concern for him from JBL or the rest of The Corporation though as Layfield sized his opponent up. Looking unsteady as he stood back up, Gabriel turned round to see JBL charging at him and lift his boot up to drive it down his throat, but the South African ducked in time, only for JBL to drill the referee with his massive boot instead. Layfield was stunned, as was Gabriel, but it was the youngster who reacted first to take JBL down with an STO.

Vince panicked and gave Shane an order, resulting in Shane-O-Mac throwing himself under the bottom rope and in to the ring. Show was stunned and warned Gabriel right away, who turned round in to a falling clothesline. Show was fuming and joined in the action, not pleasing Shane one bit. He tried begging for mercy, but he didn’t get any and Show grabbed him for a chokeslam. He took his time and was waiting for the crowd’s reaction, while at the same time, JBL was getting back up just to the side of him. Show saw him moving and shoved Shane down to the canvas, then nailed Layfield with the knockout punch to a big pop, just as Gabriel was sitting up.

Shane stood up by the ropes and was quickly clotheslined over the top by the seven foot plus giant, who then turned round and dragged Show closer to the corner. He then looked right at Gabriel and instructed him to go to the top rope, nodding his head at his rookie. Vince was big time worried as he watched from the outside as Gabriel made his way up to the dizzy heights of the top rope with JBL lying helplessly several feet beneath him. The crowd were cheering as Gabriel looked in to the stands and Show tried to shake the ref to life. Gabriel then jumped up in to the air and connected with a 450 splash to a huge pop.

Vince was furious as he saw the referee come round and slowly crawl across to make the count, an agonising slow count that eventually made it to three to give Gabriel a huge debut victory. Show was smiling just as widely as Gabriel was as he raised his hand in front of the fuming Vince, and Shane too as he sat up on the floor with “Crank It Up” playing. Gabriel then made his way to the corner and climbed up to the second rope posing for the jubilant crowd while Show walked towards the apron and smiled down at the pissed duo of Vince & Shane as this week’s show came to a close, knowing that next week he’ll be facing Vince live on Raw.

Winner: Justin Gabriel by pinfall.


>Quick Results<

Finlay, JTG & Homicide
df. Sheamus & The Colon Brothers
df. Nikki Bella
Christopher Daniels & Kaval
df. Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms
df. Zack Ryder
Justin Gabriel
df. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

>Superstars Tapings<
Gail Kim & Shantelle Taylor
df. The Bella Twins
John Morrison
df. Orlando Jordan

>Confirmed for Next Week<

The Big Show vs. Vince McMahon


No Holds Barred
Matt Cappotelli vs. The Miz

>Confirmed for Unforgiven<

WWE Championship
Batista © vs. Randy Orton

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston vs. Ted DiBiase ©

Handicap Match
The Big Show & Justin Gabriel vs. The Corporation

Celtic Brawl
Finlay vs. Sheamus

World Tag Team Championship Tournament – First Round Match
Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms vs. Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig


John Morrison vs. The Miz

Rey Mysterio vs. Zack Ryder

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


>2 More Matches Made For Unforgiven!<

Just over a week ago live on Raw, Mr. McMahon somewhat strangely announced that his Corporation would be taking on The Big Show in a 3-on-1 handicap match at Unforgiven when it was not his decision to make. However last night it was all cleared up.

After Eric Bischoff interrupted Mr. McMahon and told him his plan wasn’t going to happen, The Big Show arrived on the scene along with his rookie, Justin Gabriel. The seven foot plus giant surprised everyone when he told Raw’s Head of Authority that he was more than happy to take on The Corporation in a handicap match, bringing music to the ears of Mr. McMahon and his sons. Only Show’s idea of a handicap match was a 3-on-2 handicap match with Gabriel as his partner at Unforgiven. That kept all parties happy, but the night didn’t end there for them. Not by a long shot! Bischoff was keen for some retribution after The Corporation interfered in Show’s Intercontinental Championship Steel Cage match the week before, and he booked a match for the main event between Show & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield.

However the giant’s rookie had other ideas. He asked both Show & Bischoff whether he would be able to take his mentor’s place in that match in order to repay their faith in him and give him some much needed experience heading in to Unforgiven. The South African got his wish with an added stipulation then thrown in by Bischoff that would ensure heavy implications on next week’s show. If Gabriel was victorious in his first ever match on Raw, Show would get the opportunity to face Mr. McMahon live on Raw next week, just six nights before Unforgiven. Although if JBL was to win, Show would be forced to run the gauntlet against the entire Corporation instead.

It was one of Raw’s best main events of the year so far as the young rookie put on an amazing performance, really pushing the former WWE Champion to the limit. He did more than that though and defeated him after a somewhat controversial ending as the referee was inadvertently knocked down by JBL. Shane McMahon got in the ring and knocked Gabriel down, leading to the South African’s mentor joining the party to even things up. He sent Shane back out before knocking Layfield out with his devastating knockout punch. Gabriel then amazed us all with a 450 splash to secure a huge debut victory, meaning that next week The Big Show will be going one on one with the man who kicked him out of The Corporation several weeks ago, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. What a match that promises to be!

Another match added to the card last night by Eric Bischoff is more of an amended contest that will now see Matt Hardy team up with Gregory Helms to take on the man he was supposed to be fighting in a singles match, Cody Rhodes, and his rookie, Joe Hennig.

Not only it will now be a tag team match, it will be one of the first round matches in the tournament to determine new World Tag Team Champions. We were given that information last night just moments before Hardy & Helms took on the newest team on the Raw block, Christopher Daniels & Kaval. Both teams impressed in a terrific contest, only Rhodes & Hennig decided to come out and take a closer look, distracting Helms at a critical point in the match. So much so that it cost him & Matt the match, bringing a lot of satisfaction to the faces of the men they’ll meet in less than two week’s time at Unforgiven?

Just who will have the last laugh then and book themselves a spot in the semi finals along with JTG & Homicide?

>The Miz Pushes Cappotelli Too Far!<

We were left shocked by The Miz’s disgusting remarks towards Matt Cappotelli last Monday night, and it seems that they left a mark on John Morrison’s best friend as Raw rolled in to Canada last night.

Initially Mr. Hollywood’s target was another friend of Morrison’s, Melina. He and his rookie, Heath Slater targeted the Women’s Champion after she was victorious last night against Nikki Bella. That was until Morrison & Cappotelli came to her aid before anything could happen. What did happen was The Miz challenged Cappotelli to a No Holds Barred match next week, just to prove that he wasn’t all talk. However it was clear that he never expected the answer he received, a yes! Despite retiring due to his battle with cancer, Cappotelli agreed and told Mr. Hollywood he always wanted one match, and this will be it.

If there’s any justice in the world, The Miz will get what he deserves next week. Will that be the case though?

>Ryder Spooked. .. By the Dead Man?<

Zack Ryder was in action last night for the very first time against someone else who was also making his WWE debut, Rey Mysterio’s rookie and fellow Mexican, Mystico. And Raw’s host was left spooked when it looked as if he was about to be successful on his debut heading in to his match with Mysterio at Unforgiven, the lights inside the Copps Coliseum went out.

That was followed by a gong before the lights came back on to show Ryder looking very worried indeed. The fans in attendance appeared to be expecting The Undertaker, believing it was his work. It wasn’t to be, and the spooked Raw host ended up losing the match because of the distraction. However the question on everybody’s lips was still whether The Undertaker was behind it? If not then who, and why Ryder?

It’s sure to be a question Ryder will be asking himself all week!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

You continue to amaze me with how fast this thread moves, and how persistent you are with it. I apologize for being lazy and not keeping up, but I thought you deserve some props. The handicap match for Unforgiven has been set up nicely, and whilst I don't really like the idea of Big Show being a face, I think you've booked this rather well. One on one with any heel, The Big Show will have his way, but I think putting him in situations where his against The McMahon's and forced to fight against the numbers is a smart thing to do.

I like the team of Helms/Hardy, although I'm not sure if an NXT Rookie should hold onto any gold, therefore Helms and Hardy must go over. A rookie and his pro winning this match would really shit all over Helms and Hardy, tbh.

The Miz > Cappotelli. Has to happen.

I really hope the lights were something to do with Mysterio, because if The Undertaker gets involved with Ryder, it is simply far to soon. Ryder hasn't done anything to be a challenge to 'Taker, so yeah, hopefully you are just trying to swerve us.

Anyway, that's all for now, threads still going strong, keep it up.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Friday Night Smackdown Preview
Friday 12th September 2008
Live from the Ottawa Civic Center
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

>A Race Against Time!<

We learnt last week from Tazz that CM Punk will discover who will be challenging him for the World Heavyweight Championship this Friday night when the superstars of Friday Night Smackdown will battle it out against each other and the clock in the Beat the Clock Challenge.

One of those superstars is the World Champion’s own rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez, and the Mexican newcomer made an impressive debut last week against Tyson Tomko. This week however will see Del Rio-Ramirez taking on one of his mentor’s rivals in the shape of Christian. Captain Charisma has the chance to earn himself a shot at the world title he’s set his sights on since returning to Smackdown earlier this year. He’ll have to go through CM Punk’s rookie in quick time though to stand any chance of doing so.

Former friends now bitter rivals will collide with a potential championship clash hanging in the balance. Charlie Haas has been hell bent on getting his hands on Chris Masters ever since The Masterpiece blamed him for their failure to win the WWE Tag Team titles at The Great American Bash and brutally assaulted his unsuspecting former partner. Now they will get their chance, and after taking a beating from both Masters & Ryan Sheffield, The Masterpiece’s rookie last week, Haas may not be in the best shape possible. Just who will emerge victorious when these two finally get the chance to legally tear each other apart, and will either of them be on their way to No Mercy to challenge CM Punk?

Also in action this week will be Michelle McCool as she takes on Nikki Roxx, the rookie of the Diva’s Champion, Beth Phoenix. McCool has had her sights on The Glamazon and her title for a while now, and Beth will surely be on hand when McCool faces her rookie Friday night with McCool’s also guaranteed to be close by. Roxx tasted success on her debut last week when she teamed up with her mentor & Mickie James against McCool, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes. Can she extend her 100% record this week at McCool’s expense?

TJ Wilson was fortunate enough to be given a mentor he was already acquainted with in Harry Smith, one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. It appears that they used to train & team together in Canada, and this week will see Wilson make his debut against one half of the Canadian number one contenders for The UK Pack’s tag team titles in Johnny Devine. It’s safe to assume that Smith and his current partner, Paul Burchill will be on hand to do some scouting ahead of their title clash with Devine & Petey Williams at No Mercy in just over three weeks.

After giving the injured United States Champion, Matt Sydal a deadline of this Friday night to answer his challenge to a rematch at No Mercy, will Shelton Benjamin get an answer from the man whose arm he broke several weeks ago? If the answer to that is no, will he really follow through with his threat to have Sydal stripped of the title he took from him at SummerSlam last month? Tune in this week to find out.

Jack Swagger is one man who did answer a challenge last week, and it was emphatic. He obviously took offence to being called a coward by Shawn Michaels after backing away from a fight with The Heartbreak Kid a week earlier. As Michaels was watching his cousin, Michael Shane battle it out for the Cruiserweight Championship, The All-American American made his presence felt and attacked Michaels before kneeling down to tell him he’d see him at No Mercy. That incident led to Shane getting distracted and played a big role in Johnny Jeter retaining the title to leave Michaels & Shane understandably unhappy. Will there be any retribution when Smackdown rolls in to Canada this week?

Unlike Michaels & Shane, Jeter was a very happy man at holding on to his title. He retained his title in front of his rookie, Yoshi Tatsu, and earlier in the evening he let Josh Matthews know he wasn’t happy about having to worry about a rookie as well as fighting to keep his title? Will that attitude have changed now the title is safe for the time being at least?

One superstar who also wasn’t all that happy about being made a mentor was Chavo Guerrero. The self proclaimed Mexican Warrior made it clear he wasn’t happy about being left off Smackdown by Tazz for the last couple of months and had to watch on as his rookie, J-Red made one hell of an impressive debut. The crowd took to the lively youngster who gained a big win over Brian Kendrick, who was making his return to Smackdown. Instead of being pleased for his rookie, Chavo seemed annoyed at the appreciation he was getting. And on Superstars this past weekend, Chavo was in action himself in a losing effort against Elijah Burke, and after the match, it looked as if Red was laughing at his mentor. It definitely looks as if these two men have got off to a rocky start? Will it get any better this week?

Elijah Burke may have had a good night on Superstars, but he certainly didn’t enjoy Smackdown last week. He was forced in to agreeing to terms laid down by Dolph Ziggler when challenging him to a match at No Mercy to keep him away from Layla for good. Ziggler’s been smitten with Burke’s girlfriend from pretty much the moment he arrived on Smackdown, and last week Burke reached breaking point. He proposed a match at Smackdown’s exclusive pay-per-view in three weeks that will see Ziggler stay away from Layla if Burke is victorious. Despite agreeing in principle, Ziggler added his own stipulation that will see him take Layla on a date if he defeats her boyfriend at No Mercy. Burke & Layla saw there was no way round it, but having had some time to think about it, may they now be regretting giving in to Ziggler?

It’s not exactly a secret that M.V.P. & Ron Killings and The Empire don’t get along, and to say the tension between them spilled over last week was an understatement. After being attacked by the Brits the previous week and covered with a Union Jack, the Americans responded last Friday and attacked them in their changing room. They then threw the Union Jack down on Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders, and we were later advised that Tazz had sent both teams home and made a match between the two teams for No Mercy, a flag match. Both teams will return to Smackdown on neutral territory, but will that make any difference? You wouldn’t think so.

>Confirmed for This Week on Smackdown<

Confirmed Beat the Clock Challenge Matches
Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez

Charlie Haas
vs. Chris Masters


TJ Wilson
vs. Johnny Devine

Nikki Roxx
vs. Michelle McCool

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

First time reader, so reading Smackdown's preview I am a little confused to all these rookie talk, altough I am going to assume is something similar to NXT.

Not feeling the Ramirez last name added to my boy Alberto Del Rio, however, he is in a high profile match with Christian so no major grief from me. From what I read Christian is one of Punk's major enemies so this one could take two scenarios, either Del Rio gets put over huge by maybe not beating Christian, but at least making him not win the Beat the Clock challenge, or all of Punk plans are ruined and Christian gets his hands on the champ.

Masters and Sheffield is a hell of a pairing I'll tell you that.

Interesting thing between Shelton and Sydal here. I think Sydal will answer the challenge (more guts than brains?) and will end up losing the belt at No Mercy.

Swagger vs HBK is a match I would have liked to see in real life. Family is already getting involved so it's turning personal altough I am not sure that's the direction I would have liked this feud to see. Then again, I will have to read the show becase I am just talking of my real life perception here, not the BTB.

Layla is turning. She will end up hooking up Ziggler, that's my prediction, oh, and J-Red is one lucky rookie. Odds are he's already over his mentor in the pecking order lol.

Anyways, it seems like a good show, will have to read so that maybe I get the rookie thing cleared, but yeah, it does seem pretty interesting.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday 12th September 2008
Live from the Ottawa Civic Center
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Tyson Tomko w/Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez w/CM Punk

With Jericho so kindly joining Michael Cole & Matt Striker on commentary, he told them and the television audience that CM Punk was wrong in blaming him for his defeat to Christian last week. He also said that Punk made a grave error that a world champion should never do and let his guard down, proving that he should be the champion not Punk as he would never let his guard down.

Tomko’s irish whip was reversed, and as he hit the ropes. Punk grabbed his boot, angering both Tomko & Christian. Tomko turned round and stared down at the remorseless Straight-Edge Superstar while Captain Charisma walked round and let Punk know he was watching him. The distraction helped Del Rio-Ramirez, as the moment Tomko turned back round, he saw his opponent running at him and had no time to react or stop Ramirez driving his knee in to his gut.

Tomko fell to the deck and Del Rio gained the momentum from there, although he was mistaken if he thought he had it in the bag. He later tried and failed to execute a gut-wrench suplex with Tomko slipping to safety, and the problem solver quickly sent his opponent crashing down to the mat thanks to a full nelson slam. It looked as if Tomko was going to prevail then, but Del Rio-Ramirez still had some gas left in the tank. He was lifted on to Tomko’s shoulders for a back-breaker rack, and as Tomko tried to drop him in to a neck-breaker, the Mexican countered by landing on his feet and catching Tomko off guard with a rolling cross arm-bar.

Tomko was screaming out in agony as the red faced Del Rio-Ramirez applied the pressure, and despite fighting the pain as much as he could, Tomko was left with no choice but to tap out. Punk applauded on the outside and was quickly joined by his rookie, who was very intense still despite his debut win. Christian then entered the ring to check on Tomko, but with his back to the announce table, he couldn’t see Jericho slip in the ring behind him.

When he did realise something was up with the fans booing and trying to warn him, he turned round to face Jericho and fell victim to the Codebreaker. Punk and his rookie weren’t sure how to react as the smirking Jericho then went to get a microphone as the referee attended to Tomko, who was still suffering from the arm-bar.

Chris Jericho: Now Christian looks like the loser he always has been, I can’t help but wonder how it must feel to have lost to him last week. However I’m not the one that falls under that category. That honour belongs to our World Heavyweight Champion, C-M Punk, and however much he tries to blame me, he has to accept that he lost to this loser and that anyone who loses to the likes of Christian doesn’t deserve to be the World Heavyweight Champion.

Punk watches on from the ramp along with the victorious Mexican, not too happy at Jericho’s comments.

Chris Jericho:
There’s only person on this show that deserves to be the World Heavyweight Champion, and that’s Chris Jericho because I am the best in the world at what I do. . . I am the best in the world at what I do and I am going to be the World Heavyweight Champion very soon, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

“Break The Walls Down” plays to heat as a defiant Jericho stares right at Punk & Del Rio-Ramirez, and the World Champion holds his title up in the air. He taunts Jericho to come and get it with his rookie chuckling away while Tomko sits up and Christian begins to come round on the outside.

*Opening Video*
“If You Rock Like Me”

*Cut to the Arena*


Michael Cole:
Good evening ev’ryone and welcome to Friday Night Smackdown live from the sold out Ottawa Civic Center in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where t’night the superstars of Smackdown will attempt to beat the clock with a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at No Mercy waiting in the wings for one individual.

Matt Striker: I’m excited Michael and let me tell you why. Ev’ryone who’ll be out to beat the clock t’night will have dreamt about the opportunity that they find in front of them, and an opportunity like this doesn’t come along so often where so many superstars have the chance to put themselves in contention to become the World Heavyweight Champion. It’s such a unique situation, I guarantee we’re in for quite a night. And don’t f’get that Charlie Haas will finally collide with his former friend and tag team partner, Chris Masters. I cannot wait for that one, and if I wasn’t excited enough Michael, they will be competing in the Beat the Clock Challenge.

Michael Cole: We’ve been waiting a long time t’ see those two go at it, but they won’t be the only ones looking to beat the clock t’night Matt. . .

Matt Striker: That would be strange if it was just those two Michael.

Michael Cole: It sure would, but get this. Two men the World Champion, C-M Punk knows very well will be competing against each other t’night when Christian goes one on one with the Punk’s own rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez. That’ll be int’resting t’ say the least.

“OOH CHAVO. . .”

‘The Mexican Warrior’ Chavo Guerrero walks out to the stage with his rookie, J-Red (The Amazing Red) who was hugely impressive last week in his debut victory against Brian Kendrick. There’s a mixed reception for them, but the cheers are most certainly for Red after his showing last week, but Chavo’s not smiling, just like he wasn’t last week at seeing the crowd’s reaction to his rookie. There appears to be some tension between them, coming mainly from Chavo as they walk down the ramp, both dressed in their ring gear.

*Video Recap*
From Superstars Last Saturday

Chavo Guerrero losing to Elijah Burke, and as he came round after the match, he noticed J-Red laughing smiling outside the ring, and Chavo wasn’t amused at all by his rookie’s response.

*Cut to the Arena*

Chavo & J-Red are in the ring now with Guerrero holding a microphone and Red smiling in to the crowd. His mentor shakes his head as he prepares to address the crowd, still not a happy bunny as his music cuts with a referee standing in the corner out of the way.

Chavo Guerrero:
You people have no idea how happy I am t’ be here t’night. See ever since last week, the only thing, or should say I person that people want to talk to me about is this kid standing next to me right now. I’ve not been on Smackdown for nearly two months and all ev’ryone seems t’ care about is him, not me, the mentor, the pro, Chavo Guerrero.


Chavo Guerrero: Let me make this very clear for you. He’s a rookie, I’m not. He’s not done anything yet. I’ve been winning titles an’ competing on the biggest shows this business has to offer for more than ten years. He gets one win. . . one win, that’s it and ev’ryone loses their senses. And if that’s not enough, this kid showed me just how ignorant he is. He showed me, his mentor absolutely no respect whatsoever on Superstars when I came up short in my match by laughing at me.


Chavo’s not happy and turns to his rookie, who shrugs his shoulders.

Chavo Guerrero:
How dare you disrespect me like that? I’m your mentor, your superior. I didn’t have to help you but I did, and that’s how you repay me? Well I have some news for you kid. You might’ve got yourself a win and impressed these losers, but you’ve not impressed me one bit. I’ve been around long enough to know that one win doesn’t mean a thing. I’m going to make you see that for yourself t’night. What I’ve done is arranged something special for you. You may or may not know that t’night there’s something called the Beat the Clock Challenge with the winner going on to earn a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.


Chavo Guerrero: This is a big opportunity for anyone, especially a rookie like you. Whatever happened last week is history. It doesn’t matter anymore. You might’ve impressed them but they’re fickle. You don’t need to impress them. The only person you need to impress is me. Actually if you want to stand any chance of being in the running for No Mercy and a shot at the world title, you’ll have to do more than impress me. In fact you’ll have t’ beat me.


J-Red looks surprised but calm as Chavo stares intently at him.

Chavo Guerrero:
That’s right. We’ll all see exactly how good you are t’night mister popular, only this time I guarantee you won’t be the one having the last laugh.

Chavo cracks his first smile of the night as he walks past J-Red to the ropes and hands the microphone over to Justin Roberts. Both men take a look at each other as they prepare for battle.

*The Opening Match*
Beat the Clock Challenge
J-Red vs. Chavo Guerrero

The mentor & rookie put on an exciting & competitive contest, and Red had the crowd behind him from the start. As the match went on, they took to him even more, but Chavo sure didn’t. Guerrero looked like he had gained the upper hand and was on the verge of victory as he headed up to the top rope for the Frog Splash. He was very smug and was gloating in front of the disapproving Canadian crowd, but was totally unaware that J-Red was getting back up. As Chavo then turned round, he saw his rookie running at him and was nailed by a step up enzuigiri. It knocked the life out of him and Red then jumped up to the top rope himself before connecting with a top rope head scissors takedown to a huge pop.

Chavo was in a really bad way as his rookie stood back up and went right back to the corner and the top rope with the dazed Chavo attempting to get back up. Red struck the moment his mentor made it up to his feet, jumping off the top and connecting with Red Alert, a diving swinging reverse STO. The crowd were cheering like crazy as Red scurried across the mat to make the cover and earn himself a huge victory as well as the time to beat in the Beat the Clock Challenge. The fans gave him a great ovation as he celebrated his win with his mentor starting to come round despite not seeming to have a clue where he was.

Red hit the second rope and posed for the crowd and did the same in the opposite corner. As he stepped down the second time, Chavo was standing back up. J-Red wasn’t sure what to do as his unhappy mentor gazed right at him. Chavo grudgingly held out his hand to his rookie, and Red walked towards him and shook his hand, only for Chavo to pull him closer and kick him in the gut. The angry Mexican then planted him with a brain-buster to a ton of heat from the sell out crowd. Red was out of it and Chavo just looked at his rookie with nothing but contempt as he stood up to then give the crowd a dirty look too.

Winner: J-Red by pinfall @ 7.49.

>Time to Beat – 7:49 by J-Red<

*Commercial Break*


A very laid back Shelton Benjamin, dressed in his street clothes strolls out in to the arena to a chorus of boos looking very smug indeed. He smiles through the boos as he casually makes his way down the ramp and in to the ring, collecting a microphone from the apron in the process. As he walks in to the middle of the ring, he takes a look in to the stands, still smiling widely. His music cuts and frees him to speak his mind.

Shelton Benjamin:
Y’know I could o’ come out here an’ talked all about how Matt Sydal’s sat at home feelin’ all sorry f’ ‘imself with ‘is broken arm, but I’m not gonna do that. Believe it or not, I’m actually not a bad guy.

*Some Boos*

The Gold Standard smiles, revelling in playing the villain.

Shelton Benjamin:
Really I’m not. That’s why I’ve given Matt all this time t’ recuperate an’ give him chance t’ respond to my challenge, my rematch for the United States title at No Mercy.


Shelton Benjamin: Trust me, a lot o’ guys in my position wouldn’t ‘ave been so nice about it, but due t’ Matt’s circumstances, I’ve given ‘im more time t’ think it through. The only problem is where we are right now. Not only has my patience run out, time’s run out an’ I want my answer. He’s had weeks t’ do what I’ve told ‘im, but since he doesn’t have the guts, he’s left me no choice but t’ do what I said I would if this played out the way I knew it would. . . T’night, I’m gonna make sure Matt the coward Sydal is stripped of the United States Championship.

*Major Heat*

Shelton Benjamin: I told you this would happen Matt. I told you, I told your girlfriend an’ I told all these dumb ass fans o’ yours what I’d do if you didn’t do what I asked. You’re the only one t’ blame here. All you had t’ do was say one simple word. . . yes. That’s all you had t’ say. All y’had t’ do was prove y’had the guts t’ be a champion, an’ clearly you don’t.


Shelton Benjamin: Hey, let’s not give ‘im a hard time. Let’s face it, it’s f’ the best. If he got in the ring with me at No Mercy. . .

“Don’t Waste My Time”

Shelton turns and looks up at the stage to see an angry Elijah Burke walking out in to the arena along with his girlfriend, Layla. She too doesn’t hide her contempt for Benjamin as she & Burke walk on down to the ring, both giving The Gold Standard a dirty look. He’s not over the moon to see them either.

Shelton Benjamin:
I’m gettin’ sick o’ this. . . HEY CUT THE DAMN MUSIC.

The music stops as Burke & Layla enter the ring, staring daggers at Shelton.

Shelton Benjamin:
What’s goin’ on Burke? Has Matt sent someone else t’ fight his battles for ‘im again? All he has t’ do is. . .

Burke grabs the end of the microphone and just stares right at him coldly, and Benjamin gets the message. Burke lets go and walks over to the ropes to ask for a stick of his own, and he gets one with Shelton watching his every move.

Elijah Burke:
Y’seriously need t’ watch what y’say Benjamin, ‘cause unlike Matt I ain’t got a broken arm an’ I ain’t got nothin’ t’ lose by knockin’ you the hell out right here right now.

*Big Pop*

Elijah Burke: It’s easy pushin’ people ‘round when they ain’t here ain’t it? I gotta ask y’though Shelts, how d’ y’feel ‘bout pushin’ me ‘round?

*More Cheers*

Benjamin’s the one giving the dirty looks now as Burke stares right at him, meaning every word.

Elijah Burke:
I’m tellin’ ya I don’t fancy y’chances, but I’m beggin’ ya t’ try me, ‘cause since you’re out here talkin’ ‘bout how Matt’s not got the guts t’ come out here an’ give you an answer after y’broke his arm like the coward that you are, I want these people t’ see just how gutless you are.


Elijah Burke: Matt might not be here an’ all, an' we all know why that is, but I’m here an’ ready t’ go.

Benjamin’s confidence has all gone. He’s clearly worried as Burke is seriously fired up.

Elijah Burke:
Let’s see what y’got what. Y’gonna man up or what?

Burke stares right at Benjamin, waiting for a response.

Shelton Benjamin:
I don’t have t’ prove anything t’ you. This ain’t your business man.

Elijah Burke: Matt’s my boy, so yeah I think you’ll find this is my business.


Elijah Burke: I ain’t gonna sit around an’ do nothin’ with you shoutin’ y’mouth off ‘bout gettin’ Matt stripped of the title. I mean, are y’really that much of a coward t’ go runnin’ t’ Tazz t’ get back the title y’lost fair an’ square?. . . Wait, course you are. That’s why y’did what y’did, jumpin’ Matt like the gutless son of a bitch that you are.

*Big Pop*

Elijah Burke: Y’can say whatever the hell y’like ‘bout how you ain’t scared ‘bout facin’ Matt, but we all know the score. You know y’can’t beat ‘im. Y’know y’can’t beat ‘im an’ that’s why y’planned all this crap t’ get the title back the only way y’can, ‘cause you can’t beat Matt.


Elijah Burke: Y’can come out wit’ whatever crap y’want, it don’t matter. It’s fact. It’s there f’ all t’ see, just like you bein’ a coward. I can see y’don’t agree but let me ask y’this. When Matt won the King of the Ring? What did y’do? Y’jumped ‘im first chance y’got. What happened at The Great American Bash when he was gonna beat you an’ take the U-S title? Y’got y’self disqualified an’ took the easy way out. But when Matt got the job done at SummerSlam, what happened? Can y’guess Canada? He jumped Matt again an’ broke his damn arm.


Elijah Burke: You broke his arm knowin’ if y’did enough damage, he couldn’t defend the title. . .

Shelton Benjamin: . . . Believe that all y’want, that’s not how it is. . .

Elijah Burke: . . . That’s exactly how it is.

Shelton Benjamin: . . . I don’t care what y’think an’ I don’t care what they think either.


Shelton Benjamin: Just ‘cause I ain’t beat ‘im yet don’t mean I can’t. It don’t matter anyway, ‘cause however it pans out, I’m gonna get my title back.

*More Boos*

Shelton Benjamin: If he can’t defend the title, that ain’t my problem. . .


Shelton Benjamin: We both know that’s not gonna happen.


Burke’s not messing about and Shelton gets the message now. He watches as Burke rolls his sleeves up and takes his watch off, then hands it to Layla and turns round.

Elijah Burke:
We gonna do this or what? Go ahead. Take y’best shot.

The crowd jeer as Benjamin gets fired up and really thinks about it with Burke staying ice cool, unlike Layla.

“Born to Fly”

A huge pop breaks out inside the Ottawa Civic Center as Matt Sydal, the King of the Ring & United States Champion hits the stage with his girlfriend, Mickie James to the shock of almost everyone in the arena, especially Shelton. Burke nods his head and smiles at his buddy and then turns round smiling to face Shelton, looking like he knew all along. Layla’s grinning too as the somewhat serious looking Sydal joins his buddies in the ring with a sling on his arm while Mickie holds on to the United States title. Sydal smiles at them before staring right at the shocked Benjamin, and Burke hands him the microphone as Mickie & Layla enjoy the moment.

Matt Sydal:
Shelton, these guys have been telling me that you want some kind of answer from me. . . Well you’re not going to be disappointed because I’ve got one for you. . . You got it.

*Big Pop*

Shelton smiles, not that Sydal & Co seem to care.

Shelton Benjamin:
I can honestly say I was expectin’ that, an’ let me tell y’Matt, that’s without the doubt the most stupid decision you’re ever gonna make. I gotta give y’credit though. It looks like you’ve got the guts, so I gotta another challenge for ya. . . Since we need t’ settle this once an’ for all an’ I can prove that I can beat you, this can’t be any ordinary match. This should be a match that leaves ev’ryone without any doubt that the winner deserves t’ be the United States Champion, an’ that match is a ladder match.

*Huge Cheer*

Sydal smirks, clearly having no problem with that.

Matt Sydal:
A ladder match huh?. . . Alright, you’re on.

*Huge Pop*

Shelton looks very smug yet surprised too.

Shelton Benjamin:
Did I really hear that right? You’re okay with this? Do you even know what a ladder match can do t’ you even if you’re not already injured?

Matt Sydal: Yeah I think so, it’s cool.

Shelton Benjamin: I don’t think you do, an’ it certainly ain’t cool. You’ve got a broken arm f’ cryin’ out loud. You ain’t got a hope in hell.

Sydal turns round and looks at Burke with a surprised look on his face, and then does the same to Mickie & Layla. They all act surprised too, worrying The Gold Standard slightly.

Matt Sydal:
Who said anything about a broken arm Shelton? I didn’t.

Benjamin looks very confused.

Shelton Benjamin:
What y’talkin’ ‘bout? I broke that arm. I smashed it up, I saw it. Take a look at your arm f’ god sake.

Matt Sydal: Oh that.

Sydal hands the microphone over to Burke and then takes the sling off without a care in the world before dropping it on the mat to the amazement of Benjamin and the joy of the crowd. It looks like his jaw has dropped and hit the mat.

Matt Sydal:
Yeah about that Shelton, I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick somehow. I can’t think how that happened.


Shelton shakes his head angrily at Sydal.

Matt Sydal:
What? You got a problem or something Shelton? You asked f’ this. It wasn’t exactly hard to figure out what you were trying t’ do when you jumped me, but if it makes you feel better, my arm did hurt pretty bad for a few days after.

Sydal smirks and pisses Benjamin off even more.

Matt Sydal:
We knew you were trying t’ pull something so we just played you at your own game. Sorry!

Shelton Benjamin: Sorry huh? I’m the one who’s sorry. I wish I had broken your arm, but I’m gonna at No Mercy, make no mistake about it. I’LL BREAK EV’RY BONE IN YOUR BODY IF I HAVE TO AN’ YOU WON’T BE SMILIN’ THEN MATT, MARK MY WORDS.

Matt Sydal: Bring it on. I don’t know what it’s gonna take to get you off my back, but I’m gonna make sure I do whatever I have to t’ do just that.


Matt Sydal: I’m sick of having to look over my shoulder ev’rywhere I go, and the longer this has gone on and the more I beat you, you lose it more each time. The thing is this time Shelton, when I retain my United States title at No Mercy, we’re done. This is your rematch, your only rematch an’ you’re the one that has t’ win. ‘Cause if you don’t, that’s it. You won’t get another shot at beating me ever again.


Shelton Benjamin: I’m not gonna need another chance, I promise ya. This is the only one I’m gonna need. These fans o’ yours might buy in t’ this whole I can’t beat you crap but I can’t wait t’ make them eat their words when I do beat you, an’ I will. Ladder matches are where I thrive, where I prove t’ the world why I’m the best athlete in the world t’day. It ain’t just a line, it’s the truth. You’re gonna find that out f’ y’self in about three weeks, so if I were you champ, I’d enjoy ev’ry second I can with that title, ‘cause after No Mercy, it’s gonna be mine. I guarantee it.


The Gold Standard stares defiantly at the calm United States Champion as “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me” plays again. Burke walks up to Sydal and puts his hand on his back with the girls watching closely, not showing a lot of love at all for Benjamin. Benjamin slowly makes his way across the ring and brushes past Sydal before leaving the ring. Sydal & Burke are laughing & joking as Benjamin turns round, as do they with the former United States Champion staring back at his rival again.

*Video Promo*

Michelle McCool and both her rookies, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes are walking through the hallway looking very confident ahead of McCool’s match with Beth Phoenix’s rookie, Nikki Roxx, coming up next.

*Commercial Break*

*Match #2*
Nikki Roxx w/Beth Phoenix vs. Michelle McCool w/Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes

The Glamazon’s rookie & McCool had quite the contest, and even though McCool gained the momentum in the early going thanks to some underhand tactics, Roxx came back in a big way. She ducked a roundhouse kick and immediately planted McCool with an exploder suplex. As they both made their way back up, clearly struggling, Roxx fired her in to the ropes and quickly sent her back down courtesy of a spinning spine-buster. McCool looked in deep trouble but just kicked out at the count of two to the relief of her rookies on the outside and the frustration of Roxx. The Glamazon was clearly disappointed for her own rookie, and as the match went on, Roxx continued to take the fight to McCool.

However McCool wasn’t done either and ducked under an outstretched arm from her incoming opponent before nailing her with a big boot. Roxx was struggling, looking very groggy as McCool then pulled her up to her knees and finished her off with the Faith Breaker (Styles Clash). Michelle was unsurprisingly smug as she got her arm raised, and as she saw Roxx coming to while her rookies joined her in the ring, she decided to go back for more. Beth Phoenix wasn’t about to let that happen though and hit the ring straight away, walking right in front of Michelle and blocking her off from her rookie. McCool’s rookies, Alicia & Rosa then circled the Diva’s Champion, giving her nowhere to go.

Beth saw she was in trouble and went out fighting, and she managed to knock McCool down first with a right hand before fighting off Alicia & Rosa. After catching Rosa with a sidewalk slam, Beth turned round in to a roundhouse kick from McCool, just as Mickie James charged down the ramp in an attempt to help Beth out. McCool quickly left the ring with Alicia as Mendes rolled under the apron with Mickie ensuring she’d see them off. James then went over to check on the condition of Beth, as did Roxx as she got back up. They then looked over at the happy looking Michelle and her rookies grinning back at them.

Winner: Michelle McCool by pinfall @ 4.49.

*Cut Backstage*

Josh Matthews is standing by at the interview set.

Josh Matthews:
Ladies and gentleman please welcome my guest at this time along with his rookie, Yoshi Tatsu, the W-W-E Cruiserweight Champion, Johnny Jeter.

The camera zooms out and we can see the casually dressed and very happy Cruiserweight Champion, Johnny Jeter smiling away with the cruiserweight title draped proudly on his shoulder and Yoshi Tatsu standing alongside him.

Josh Matthews:
First off Johnny, congratulations on retaining the cruiserweight title last week against Michael Shane. What does the future hold f’ you now?

Johnny Jeter: We’ll have to wait an’ see what the future holds just now, but what I can tell y’is I did exactly what I said I would, an’ that’s beat Michael Shane. I can’t tell you how great it feels t’ finally have him an’ Tazz off my back, an’ most of all I don’t have t’ put up with this Johnny Jeter’s only the Cruiserweight Champion ‘cause of his mommy crap. I’m the Cruiserweight Champion f’ one very simple reason, because I deserve it. All that b-s controversy’s in the past, gone. I’m movin’ on. We’re all movin’ on, an’ that includes my rookie here.

Jeter turns to Tatsu, who doesn’t have a clue why, looking very surprised. He shrugs his shoulders at his mentor, who’s definitely in a good mood tonight.

Johnny Jeter:
There’s no need t’ worry my man. What I have t’ say is all good, ALL GOOD!

Jeter shakes his head and smiles, then turns to Josh.

Johnny Jeter:
What am I doin’? He doesn’t speak a word of English. . . Anyway Josh, t’ show ev’ryone I’m not the bad guy they think I am, I went t’ Tazz and asked him for a favour that he owes me. I asked him to give Yoshi a spot in the Beat the Clock Challenge t’night, an’ he agreed.

Jeter turns and smiles at Yoshi, still not sure of what’s going on before turning back to Josh.

Johnny Jeter:
You don’t have t’ speak English Josh t’ see how grateful he is, an’ he should be. Not just for this opportunity t’night but f’ having the privilege of having me, the Cruiserweight Champion as his mentor.

Josh Matthews: Well good luck t’night Yoshi and thanks for your time Johnny.

Johnny Jeter: No problem.

The very relaxed Cruiserweight Champion turns round and walks out of the shot with Tatsu following him, leaving Josh all alone with his microphone.

*Video Promo*

Charlie Haas & Chris Masters with his rookie, Ryan Sheffield are shown walking through the back on a split screen with their long awaited match finally coming up next.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Santino Marella vs. Ryan Sheffield w/Chris Masters

Marella was hurt, and when he eventually made it back up, he walked right in to a double under-hook lift and was dropped in to a double knee gut-buster. It looked like Santino was done there, but Sheffield wasn’t. He dragged the battered Italian up in to a piggy back position before hitting the Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder, a backpack stunner. That was lights out and Sheffield covered Marella with no response to earn himself his first victory in the WWE.

The Masterpiece was very satisfied with his rookie’s performance and joined him in the ring to raise his arm to heat from the crowd. It turned out that Masters had other plans for Marella, and he told his rookie to help him up. Just as Sheffield grabbed the weary Santino’s arms and dragged him up, “World’s Greatest” played and Charlie Haas came flying down the ramp to a big pop. Masters was fuming the moment he saw Haas, and he ordered Sheffield to let go of Marella, which he did.

They geared up for Haas as he then slid in the ring under the bottom rope, and he charged at them both. He put up a decent fight and even knocked Masters down, but as he went at it with Sheffield, Masters got back up and clubbed him from behind. Haas couldn’t fight them both off and was soon in real trouble, resulting in a thunderous lariat from Sheffield. Masters was intense as hell as he spotted his opportunity to get even with his former partner and started to stalk him.

He slipped right behind the struggling Haas and applied The Masterlock to heat from the Texas crowd. Haas tried as much as he could to escape, but he couldn’t as the red faced Masterpiece wore him down and put him to sleep. The sadistic Masters then tossed him down to the mat and glared down at him, and then an angry Tazz walked out to the stage with a microphone in hand.

Tazz: A’ight I’ve had ‘bout enough as I can take. I was gonna hold off f’ as long as I could before doin’ this, but next week right here on Smackdown, it’s gonna be Chris Masters goin’ one on one wit’ Charlie Haas.

Masters looks up at a very serious Tazz with a sick smile on his face and the dangerous Sheffield standing alongside him.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #3*
Beat the Clock Challenge
Charlie Haas vs. Chris Masters w/Ryan Sheffield

Both Haas & Masters were fired up for this one, Haas more so than his former tag team partner. He started the match on fire, rattling The Masterpiece greatly. Masters soon had his rookie to thank for bringing him back in to the contest when Haas was going up top. Sheffield was nearby and walked even closer, getting Haas’s attention for several seconds while Masters was getting back up. As Haas then turned his attention back to his opponent and jumped off the top for a missile dropkick, Masters stepped to the side and Haas hit the deck. The Masterpiece took full advantage by following up with a full nelson slam and then a delayed vertical suplex.

Masters was firmly in the driving seat but that all changed when Haas held on to the ropes after an irish whip, then drove his boot down Masters’ throat as he ran at him. Haas then ran out behind him and chop blocked him in the back of the leg. Masters had to fight through some submission holds from a determined Haas, and when Haas tried to lift him for an Olympic Slam, Masters took a chance to get himself back in the match. He jumped down on to his feet, resulting in him landing on his injured leg. He fought through the pain though and tried to lock in The Masterlock. The fans booed and then encouraged Haas, and fortunately he responded before it was applied properly.

He forced Masters back in to the pads, freeing himself from his former partner’s clutches. As he shifted slowly out of the corner with Masters following, he turned round and lifted him in to an inverted atomic drop. With Masters hobbling around on the canvas, Haas pulled down the straps and this time connected with the Olympic Slam to a big pop. Instead of going for the cover which he may now regret, he decided to lock in the Haas of Pain. The Masterpiece was screaming in agony as the relentless Haas did everything he could to make him tap with Sheffield doing his best to encourage his mentor.

The clock was running down and had just ten seconds, not that Haas could see it or seem to care, and fortunately for Masters he held on as the clock expired and the bell was rung to bring the contest to a halt. Haas didn’t care and kept the hold locked in, and the crowd loved it. Sheffield didn’t though and slid in to the ring right away to break the hold with a kick to the back of Haas’s head. He then pulled him up to his feet and in to a piggy back lift for a Backpack Stunner, and he hit it to heat from the crowd as Masters slowly sat up. He then struggled to his feet, still hobbling slightly as an intense Sheffield stared down remorselessly at the non-moving Haas.

The Masterpiece then stood up and glared sadistically at his fallen rival, and slowly walked towards him. As Haas started to come round, Masters stalked him for The Masterlock but was interrupted by “Hell Will be Callin’ Your Name” and Bobby Lashley walking out to the stage. The crowd cheered and Masters & Sheffield were shocked to see the hot Lashley standing there, and he then ran down the ramp and slid in the ring, to see off the panicked duo.

Lashley then made sure they backed away from the ring and they did just that, looking pissed as hell with Lashley staring a hole through them as Haas sat up in the ring. He was confused initially like everyone else, and Lashley then turned round looking at Haas, seemingly to see how he was. He then stepped back while keeping his eyes on the pissed off mentor & rookie on the ramp. Lashley then helped him up with one hand. Haas thanked him and they both stared back at Masters & Sheffield, who still weren’t happy one bit.

Result: Draw @ 7.49.

*Cut Backstage*

Mickie James & Layla
are stood in the hallway chatting away like girls do.

So how are things going with you and Matt? You both look happy.

Mickie smiles that bit more, letting off her the hint that she may well be smiting.

Mickie James:
There’s no need to look like that Layla. You’re right. It’s going well. I can’t speak f’ Matt but I’m happy.

Layla: Didn’t I tell you you’d be good t’gether? I’m so happy it’s working out for you guys.

Mickie James: Yeah you did, and you know what’s been great? Because he’s been off the road, we’ve seen able to spend more time t’gether away from all this y’know. It’s been so much better doing just normal things like. . .

Layla: . . . Normal things like what Mickie?

Layla nudges her friend with her elbow, embarrassing Mickie slightly.

Mickie James:
Normal things like talking an’ hanging out.

Layla looks right at Mickie, seemingly expecting her to say something else.

Mickie James:
Yeah okay, and that, but he’s so nice. . .

Layla: . . . I told you you naughty girl you.

Layla’s mood changes in a flash. She looks past Mickie and doesn’t seem very happy at all as the camera zooms out and we see Dolph Ziggler walk up to them. Mickie turns round and is almost as disgusted by his presence as Layla is. Ziggler is grinning widely, looking very relaxed.

Dolph Ziggler:
Well ladies. How are we this evening?

Mickie James: Fine ‘til you showed up.

Dolph Ziggler: Oh I’m sorry to interrupt you Mickie. I guess Layla’s got a lot to tell you about how I’ll be taking her out after I beat her boyfriend at No Mercy. Am I right gorgeous or what?

Layla shakes her head in disgust.

The thought of being anywhere near you, even now, makes me sick. That’s why I feel safe knowing my ‘Lijah’s going to beat you at No Mercy, so I’d just f’get about me an’ you ever happening because it’s not.

Dolph Ziggler: Whoa, I’m getting mixed signals here baby. I get that though, but you can’t keep fighting your feelings like this. It’s a good thing I’m doing something about it right? You don’t have t’ worry though. You just have t’ relax because what I have planned, I just know you’re gonna love it. Then we’ll be the hot new couple. Sorry Mickie.

Layla looks sick to the stomach.


Ziggler turns round and there’s a look of relief on the face of both Mickie & Layla as Elijah Burke & Matt Sydal walk towards them. Burke goes right for Ziggler and gets right in his face.

Elijah Burke:
I’m gonna make this real easy for ya. Either y’turn round an’ walk away right now or I’ll knock those pretty teeth o’ yours right down y’throat. No pressure, your choice.

Ziggler steps back, very put out by Burke’s appearance.

Dolph Ziggler:
Alright I’ll go, but only because I know I’m going to get what I want very soon.

He turns to Layla and smiles at her.

Keep dreaming.

Dolph Ziggler: Oh I already have.

Elijah Burke: Good f’ you ‘cause that’s all you’re gonna have, now get lost.

Ziggler smirks before blowing a kiss to Layla and turning round with a livid Burke watching him to make sure he goes, which he does.

*Video Promo*

A split screen featuring Johnny Jeter and his rookie, Yoshi Tatsu & Chris Jericho is shown as they prepare to Beat the Clock when we come back.

*Commercial Break*

An angry Chris Masters is walking through the back along with Ryan Sheffield, and he too is clearly unhappy with what happened before the break. They bump right in to Josh Matthews, who just by chance has his microphone with him.

Josh Matthews:
Guys, can I get your reaction to what just happened. . .

Chris Masters: . . . You want a reaction? Well you know what I want Josh. I wanna know what the hell Lashley was doin’ out there. He had no right being there, but let me tell you something. If Lashley gets in my or Ryan’s way again, he’s gonna regret it.

Something over Masters’ shoulder has got Josh’s attention. The Masterpiece realises and turns round, as does Sheffield. The camera zooms out and we see Tazz, Smackdown’s General Manager standing there, and it’s fair to say Masters and his rookie aren’t exactly thrilled to see him.

Somethin’ wrong guys?

Chris Masters: Yeah y’could say that.

Tazz: Hey, take it easy. I’m sure Lashley was only doin’ what he thought was right, but I couldn’t help overhear what y’said Chris an’ you gave me a great idea. . . I’m gonna give y’the chance t’ make Lashley regret what he did, ‘cause right here next week you’re gonna be goin’ one on one wit’ Bobby Lashley. An’ y’never know, maybe you’ll be able t’ teach your rookie here a thing or two.

Masters stands there and just stares angrily at Tazz as the GM smiles then turns round and walks out of the shot. Sheffield too watches him and shakes his head with his mentor fuming.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #4*
Beat the Clock Challenge
Yoshi Tatsu w/Johnny Jeter vs. Chris Jericho

Yoshi Tatsu was impressive on his WWE debut and gave Jericho one hell of a fight. Jericho was more focused than usual from the moment he entered the arena, and he was met with a somewhat surprising positive reception from his fellow Canadians. There were still some boos and Jericho didn’t react to the cheers at all, focusing firmly on Tatsu, who had Johnny Jeter encouraging him at ringside. The Cruiserweight Champion and Tatsu’s mentor seemed genuinely impressed too as the Japanese superstar caused Jericho serious difficulty at times. At one point Jericho came back off the ropes looking to take him down to the mat with a one arm bulldog but Yoshi pulled his head back.

As both men then turned to face each other, Yoshi levelled him with a shoot kick to the chest, sending Jericho to his knees before turning back in to the ropes, charging back and hitting a sit down dropkick to the upper torso. It wasn’t enough for a three count but Tatsu was in the battle and came within seconds of an upset when he caught Jericho by surprise and rolled him in to an inside cradle, only for Jericho to kick out at two again. Both men raced back up and the Japanese debutant struck first with a german suplex, holding on for a cover with Jericho again getting his shoulder up just in time. With momentum on his side, Yoshi went up top for a diving cross body, but Jericho countered with a dropkick to the chest that everyone in the arena could feel.

Jeter felt it and was surprisingly supportive of his rookie as he along with Jericho picked himself back up. He looked to strike the first blow but Jericho grabbed his foot and spun him round before kicking him in the gut and planting him with a double under-hook backbreaker. Yoshi kicked out of a cover, just and to the frustration of Jericho who was getting more wound up by the second. He stood up and didn’t look happy, then saw the ropes and ran at them, hit a springboard and came down for the Lionsault, but Tatsu got his knees up to a pop from the crowd. Jeter encouraged his rookie once again and as both men made it back up to their feet, Yoshi swung his foot at Jericho, but the experienced Canadian ducked and caught him out of nowhere with the Codebreaker.

It looked as if it was all over as Jericho made the cover, but Yoshi got his foot on the bottom rope at the last split second. Most of the crowd were cheering, and Jeter was relieved too. Jericho snapped and stood back up instantly to grill the referee, who stood firm on the call. In the meantime, Tatsu was using the ropes to help himself get to his knees. Jericho didn’t let him get any further and went after him but walked right in to a stiff kick to the gut that sent him down to one knee and then staggering around holding his chest. Yoshi stepped through the ropes and composed himself on the apron before going for a springboard, but as he came through the air, Jericho grabbed his legs and pulled him down to the mat before looking in the Walls of Jericho.

The crowd tried to encourage the Japanese debutant and he held on for as long as he could with Jericho desperately applying a ton of pressure, and it eventually gave him no option but to tap out. “Break The Walls Down” played to a mixed reception as a relieved Jericho stood up and got his arm raised with Jeter looking slightly disappointed on the outside. Jericho left the ring with a small but satisfied grin on his face as Yoshi sat up, and the camera went back to Jericho throwing both his arms up in to the air at the top of the ramp after setting the new time to beat.

Winner: Chris Jericho by submission @ 6.42.

>New Time to Beat – 6:42 by Chris Jericho<

*Video Promo*

The very serious looking Drew McIntyre, Stu Sanders (Wade Barrett) & Katie Lee or the collective known as The Empire are making their way through the backstage area, seemingly on their way out to the ring.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

We’re shown footage from earlier in the day where M.V.P. & Ron Killings were brawling with The Empire (Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders) in what appeared to be the Brits’ locker room with Katie Lee trying and failing to stop them. It ended with The Empire being battered by a chair, and then Killings grabbed the Union Jack flag from Katie, snapped it and dropped it on both of them before leaving with M.V.P.

*Cut to the Arena*

“On A Mission”

The Empire slowly make their way out in to the arena with Katie Lee carrying a Union Jack as Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders (Wade Barrett) walk down the ramp to heat from the crowd. McIntyre & Sanders aren’t in a great mood to say the least and they show nothing but contempt for the fans as they head down the ramp and in to the ring. Sanders walks over to the apron and asks for a microphone. He gets it and rejoins his fellow Brits in the centre of the ring as their music cuts. The boos continue as Sanders stands there with McIntyre & Katie Lee not looking impressed at the reaction they’re getting.

Stu Sanders:
You’re going to find this very hard to believe, but before we came out here a few moments ago, we said to each other that if anyone understood our intentions towards the American people and their culture, you people would. However that clearly isn’t the case and from what I can gather you people are just as disrespectful and ignorant as they are.


Stu Sanders: If there was ever any doubt as to how the Americans conduct themselves, we found out for ourselves last week just how underhand and shameful they are. Just like they have in the past, Montel Vontavious Porter and his partner in crime, literally, Ron Killings , the two men we know as the common criminals forced their way in to our own dressing room and attacked us for no good reason whatsoever.


Stu Sanders: Do you people actually find that amusing?


Stu Sanders: Well I can assure you it’s not. There is nothing funny about what those two convicts did to us and our flag. It just proves our point that the Americans have absolutely no shame or respect for anyone else but themselves. In fact, they don’t even show any respect for each other. That’s how those thugs ended up in jail in the first place, but the reason we’re here is to set an example for not just the people back home but ev’ryone around the world, including you. There is in an alternative people. America is not all it’s cracked up t’ be. It is without question the most despicable country on the face of this earth.


Stu Sanders: We’re here to give young people all over the world the chance to see that they don’t have to adopt the American culture that casts a dark cloud across the planet. Thanks to America, crime rates across the world continue to increase, all because the impressionable teenagers seem to believe it is acceptable to not just carry deadly weapons but to use them too on innocent people. That people is apprehensible. Because of the relaxed gun laws, hundreds of people are killed in America every year. Oh it doesn’t stop there, believe me. There’s a massive knock on effect across the world where at least tens of thousands of people are needlessly injured or killed, all because of how America portrays itself both in movies and in the real world.


Stu Sanders: We realise that something needs to be done about this, and we are the people t’ do it. We’re going to make America see that it has a problem by going after the very people that epitomise what their country is all about, and the only way to get our message across is by treating them like the criminals that they are. In turn that will show the children of America the consequences of breaking the law, and in just over three weeks time at No Mercy we are going to beat some sense in to. . .

“I’m Comin’. No one can stop me, no one can hold me. . .”

The angry duo of M.V.P. & Ron Killings hit the stage to a big pop. Understandably, they’re not happy as they stare right at The Empire, who also aren’t pleased with their rivals’ presence. McIntyre, Sanders & Lee step back as the Americans enter the ring with M.V.P. picking a microphone up off the apron. You can feel the tension between them threatening to explode as the music stops and M.V.P. & Killings glaring right at the Brits.

Y’know what Sanders? Y’might not know it but you sound just like a preacher. Y’know what else y’sound like? Other than a broken record that is. . . A hypocrite.


M.V.P.: You wanna set an example f’ the whole world, stampin’ out crime by beatin’ the hell out o’ us two. Y’can see my problem right? I mean it’s not like you’ve not attacked us time an’ time again like the typical American criminal you go on an’ on an’ on about since you two punks showed up.


M.V.P.: Hey we know we’ve made mistakes an’ we’ve paid for ‘em, but I’m bettin’ we’re not the only ones in this ring right now who’ve made mistakes. Now even though y’don’t think so, we’ve paid f’ what we’ve done. We served our time an’ that’s all that matters. We’ve also had enough o’ you two as we can take. That’s why y’got your asses handed t’ y’last week.

*Big Pop*

M.V.P.: Make no mistake about it, it’s been a long time comin’, but we ain’t done yet, not by a long shot. What we did last week ain’t gonna be nothin’ compared t’ what we’re gonna do come No Mercy.


M.V.P.: Only this time it ain’t gonna be that flag o’ yours you’re gonna be covered in, it’s gonna be the red white an’ blue, the stars an’ stripes of the United States of America.


Stu Sanders: Typical. That’s the typical American response right there. You’re so sure of yourselves it’s sickening. That’s why we can’t wait to show you up in front of ev’ry single American. . .

M.V.P.: . . . Well if that’s the way y’feel bro’, there’s only one way t’ find out how it’s gonna pan out.

Stu Sanders: Oh and what’s that? Fight right now? What a surprise. I’m absolutely gobsmacked. Your first reaction is to fight. That’s why your country is a mess Porter, but I assure you there will be a fight at No Mercy. Only we won’t be fighting for ourselves. We’ll be fighting for the rest of the world to make ev’ryone see what we’ve said all along. America is a disgrace and a bad influence on the young people of today. We’re doing this for the greater good. We might not enjoy it necessarily but we’ll know deep down that we’ve done what needs t’ be done.

M.V.P.: Wait. You’re tryin’ t’ tell us this ain’t personal? You’re kiddin’ right? You’ve gone after us f. . .

Stu Sanders: . . . No this isn’t personal. This is purely business, it’s our mission. We didn’t choose you. You chose us. You’re collective criminal record chose us.

M.V.P.: A’ight cut the crap. It might not be personal f’ you guys just yet, but it’s gonna be real soon. An’ when I say real soon, I mean. . .

M.V.P. drops the stick and both he & Killings charge forward and hammer away at the stunned Sanders & McIntyre to a huge pop from the Canadian crowd. Katie Lee flees from the ring and drops the flag by accident. The Americans gain the advantage with Killings ducking under a right from McIntyre. As the Scot turns round, Killings kicks him in the gut and then sends him crashing down in to the mat with a sit out suplex slam to a big pop. Sanders is in trouble as his partner rolls under the bottom rope to the outside with Katie rushing round to check on him.

M.V.P. whips him in to the corner and races in at him, levelling him with a huge boot to the face. The Englishman staggers out of the corner as M.V.P. backs out and walks right in to the Playmaker. The fans go nuts as Killings picks the Union Jack up off the mat and snaps it across his leg, then throws it down on the motionless Sanders to another big pop. “I’m Comin’”hits and M.V.P. & Killings look down and nod their heads in approval at their handy work. They then turn towards McIntyre as he sits up with Katie on the floor, getting very dirty looks from the Brits.

*Video Promo*

Johnny Devine & Petey Williams
and then The UK Pack (Paul Burchill & Harry Smith) with TJ Wilson, (Tyson Kidd) Smith’s rookie & Natalya Neidhart are shown walking through the hallway as Devine prepares to take on Wilson after the break.

*Commercial Break*

*Match #5*
TJ Wilson w/The UK Pack & Natalya Neidhart vs. Johnny Devine w/Petey Williams

Harry Smith’s rookie, TJ Wilson was making his WWE debut and he made a positive impression on his fellow Canadians in the crowd, who didn’t really take to Devine at all. Wilson’s athleticism shone through. He was quick and very energetic, completely catching Devine cold, especially in the opening part of the match. Devine was all over the place but had his partner to thank for getting him back in the match. Petey Williams took full advantage when TJ hit the ropes for a springboard while the referee checked on Devine’s condition as he made his way up to his knees looking very groggy.

Petey came to life and grabbed Wilson’s boot, then let go and TJ hit the mat in a very awkward fashion. The referee turned and looked at Petey, who played the innocent. Burchill, Smith & Natalya walked round and told him to keep his distance. It gave Devine the chance to take control, but there was still plenty of life left in the debuting TJ. Devine was a split second away from connecting with a split leg moonsault before Wilson rolled forward in to the corner with his opponent hitting the mat at force. TJ helped himself up using the ropes and climbed up to the top as Devine struggled back up to his feet.

Just as Devine turned round, Wilson nailed him with a diving somersault dropkick that went down well with the crowd. Both men made their way back up with TJ the first one to his feet and whipped his fellow Canadian in to the corner then followed, levelling Devine with a running high knee strike. Devine staggered out of the corner in a daze with TJ backing out and planting him with a swinging cradle suplex to a decent pop, but Devine got his shoulder up at the count of two.

Just as it looked like the debutant was all set for the win, Devine dodged a springboard elbow drop, and moments later he exploded with a hurricanrana out of nowhere. Wilson kicked out this time, and as a frustrated Devine then lifted TJ on to his shoulders for the Devine Driller, a fireman’s carry in to a face-breaker, Wilson slid down his back and grabbed him around the waist then ran in to the ropes. Devine blocked a roll up attempt and held on to the ropes as TJ rolled back.

As he got back up, Devine turned round and ran at him and TJ ducked his head to sweep his legs before locking in the Sharpshooter to a huge roar from the sold out Ottawa Civic Center. Devine held on while his partner panicked on the outside, and Devine fought it for as long as he could before tapping out to give TJ a solid opening victory in the WWE. Smith, Burchill & Natalya joined him in the ring to congratulate him as Devine rolled to the apron and was helped out of the ring by an angry Petey, who had to watch the tag team champions, TJ & Natalya smiling at him.

Winner: TJ Wilson by submission @ 4.53.

*Video Promo*

‘The All-American American’ Jack Swagger, dressed to compete is shown heading through the back for his upcoming match after the break.

*Commercial Break*

The World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk is in standing in the locker room holding his title over his shoulder while Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez, his rookie gets ready for his match later on with Christian in the Beat the Clock Challenge. The focused Mexican is putting his elbow pads on and Punk sits down next to him on the bench.

CM Punk:
Al’, I know this is a big night for you and given the circumstances, I want you to know that I am one hundred percent behind you.

Del Rio-Ramirez turns and looks at Punk.

CM Punk:
I also want you to know that I don’t pay any attention to his whole rookie mentor thing, well I mean I don’t see you as a rookie. I know just how good you are and what you’ve done up t’ now. . . What I’m trying t’ say is I respect you and your ability. That’s why I realise that you could well be the one who I’ll be defending the world title against at No Mercy after the Beat the Clock challenge t’night, and given our situation, I can understand why you might feel uneasy about your match later. All I can say is that it would be an honour t’ step inside the ring with you.

Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez: Thank you. I can also say it would be an honour t’ wrestle you and fight for the heavyweight championship of the world, and I’m going t’ do ev’rything I can t’ make that happen t’night by beating Christian.

CM Punk: And the clock?

Rookie & mentor have a quick laugh.

CM Punk:
Can you imagine how much that would annoy all those disrespectful American fans, if you can call them that? In fact these Canadian fans are just as bad, and Christian’s actually from Ontario. It would just make it even better if you could beat him here of all places and make ev’ryone see that they have to respect the both of us.

Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez: Soon they will see they have no choice but to give credit where credit’s due, like when I beat Christian, or what is it he calls himself? Captain what? It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I am going to beat him t’night and not just for me, for you too t’ show you how grateful I am for all of the help you have given me.

CM Punk: Hey, the only person you have to prove yourself to t’night is you, and I know you can beat him. You will beat him and I’ll be there t’ watch it happen.

Del Rio-Ramirez smiles and nods at Punk as they share some love.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Josh Matthews:
I’ve gotta ask you about you an’ Jack Swagger.

Shawn Michaels: . . . Let me stop you there Josh ‘cause I could talk about Jack Swagger all night an’ trust me, I don’t wanna do that. All I wanna say is that when I gave ‘im the chance t’ back up his big mouth last week, he couldn’t get out o’ there quick enough. An’ y’know what Josh my boy? I wasn’t surprised the least bit. He showed the whole world he’s a coward an’ a liar, but thankfully I’m here t’ give ‘im one more chance t’ step up t’ the plate. In just over a month, I here we’ve got a pay-per-view comin’ up called No Mercy an’ I’m gonna give Jack the chance he supposedly wants, the chance to dance with The Showstopper, one on one, man t’ man. Now we’ll see if he is a man after all.


WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Michael Shane w/Shawn Michaels vs. Johnny Jeter © w/Yoshi Tatsu

Shane calmly stood up and backed up in to the opposite corner, gearing up for the Sweet Shane Music. The crowd clapped and stomped their feet as Jeter tried to sit up, but then boos broke out as we saw Jack Swagger charge down the ramp and attack Shane’s cousin. The Heartbreak Kid was clubbed from behind and fired in to the security wall by Swagger. Shane & Tazz were furious at the actions of The All-American American, who kneeled down and told Michaels that he’d love to face him at No Mercy.

The general manager went and ordered the smirking Swagger to leave, and he did with Shane watching by the apron. The challenger was shaking his head and didn’t notice Jeter standing up and approaching from behind. Jeter rolled him up for the cover but Shane kicked out at two, and as both men rushed up as quickly as they could, Shane ducked a wild right and then exploded with a super kick. Jeter ducked it though, and as the challenger turned round, Jeter leapt up off his feet and nailed Shane with the Genesis Kick.

The champion crawled across on his knees and threw himself on top of Shane to make the cover and pick up the win to the disappointment of the crowd. Tazz turned round in time to see Jeter get the three count and then stand up with a very smug look of satisfaction on his face. He got his arm raised by the referee and then demanded he get his title. As soon as he received his title, he threw it up in the air emphatically with Tatsu watching on. The champion then walked over to the ropes in front of Tazz and lifted it up, then pointed to it defiantly, really sending a message to the not so impressed general manager. Michaels was sitting up too as Jeter continued gloating as this week’s Smackdown came to a close.

*Cut to the Arena*

“Check one two, oh yeah!. . .”

‘The All-Amercian American’ Jack Swagger
struts out to the stage to a large number of boos with a very big smile on his face wearing his ring gear. He doesn’t care about the negative reception as he walks down the ramp and in to the ring, where he walks up to Justin Roberts and asks to borrow the microphone. He’s given temporary ownership of it and his music cuts as he walks in to the centre of the ring with the fans still booing him.

Jack Swagger:
Last week, Shawn Michaels made a mistake, but at the same time, he also made me a challenge. He challenged me to a match at No Mercy. However that’s not what I am here t’ talk about, because last week Shawn Michaels also called me a coward.


Jack Swagger: I am an All-American American. I am not a coward and I proved that last Friday when I showed Shawn first hand that he doesn’t intimidate me. His reputation doesn’t intimidate by. That’s why I accepted his challenge to a match at No Mercy in person, and Shawn I will beat you in person at No Mercy. That’s a promise.


Jack Swagger: In fact there’s no reason why I couldn’t beat Shawn Michaels and win the World Championship in the same night, but f’ some reason our general manager won’t allow me to compete in the Beat the Clock challenge t’night.


Jack Swagger: Instead I’ve been given just an ordinary match, or so I thought until I discovered who my opponent is. . . Throughout his career, Shawn Michaels has achieved many, many goals. However unlike my opponent t’night, Shawn Michaels did not win a major singles title on his W-W-E debut. Don’t worry though Shawn, after t’night an’ No Mercy you will have something in common with my opponent as you will both have been defeated by the W-W-E’s next headline star, ‘The All-American American’ Jack Swagger.

Swagger turns round and hands the microphone back to Roberts.

“La Vittoria é Mia”

One of Smackdown’s newest superstars, Santino Marella walks out to the stage to a decent pop from the Canadian fans. He shows no fear of the cocky Swagger as he makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring looking in a competitive mood tonight.

*Match #6*
Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger

Just before the bell was about to ring, “Sexy Boy” played and Shawn Michaels walked out to the stage to a largely positive reception. Swagger wasn’t happy and walked to the apron to stare up at The Heartbreak Kid, who just stood there looking back at him. The bell then rang as Michaels’ music cut, but The All-American American either didn’t here it or ignored it and continued to focus his attention on his No Mercy opponent as Santino sneaked up behind him and rolled him, holding on to the tights too as the referee counted to three, sending the fans crazy. Marella immediately left the ring and got his arm raised in victory as the ref joined him on the outside.

Swagger shot up and stared down in shock as the victorious Italian dropped to his knees for a second before jumping back up and throwing both his arms up in the air. Michaels then coolly walked down to the ramp and past an ecstatic Santino, who slapped hands with the fans as he walked the opposite way. Swagger was seething and backed up, preparing himself for Michaels getting in the ring, and The Heartbreak Kid did just that. As soon as he had stepped through the ropes, Swagger charged at him and threw wild shots at him, pummelling away at him in the corner with the music grinding to a halt.

Michaels came fighting back though and knocked him down with a jab. He then pulled Swagger back up and tried for an irish whip, but the youngster reversed it and fired the veteran in to the ropes. Michaels grabbed hold of them on impact, infuriating Swagger. He didn’t waste a second in running right at Michaels, and The Showstopper stepped out and took his head off with some Sweet Chin Music. The majority of the Canadian crowd cheered, however there were some boos as Michaels took a quick look down at Swagger before walking over to the apron to collect a microphone.

Winner: Santino Marella by pinfall @ 0.06.

Shawn Michaels: Jack m’boy, the only person who made a mistake last week was you. You should’ve accepted my challenge like a man. At No Mercy you won’t be able to attack me from behind. It’s time f’ you t’ step up an’ prove you’re not a coward or you’ll end up like you are right now, flat on y’back thanks t’ some sweet chin music.

Most of the Canadian fans cheer The Heartbreak Kid as his music plays, but there are some boos as Michaels calmly kneels down and drops the microphone on the mat. He looks right at the out cold All American-American as he stands up before leaving the ring and slapping hands with the fans on his way back up the ramp.

*Video Promo*

CM Punk & Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez and then ‘Captain Charisma’ Christian with Tyson Tomko are shown making their way through the back for the main event coming up after this final commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

Coming Soon!

*Cut to the Arena*

*The Main Event*
Beat the Clock Challenge
Christian w/Tyson Tomko vs. Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez w/CM Punk

The Mexican rookie sure did surprise a lot of people, especially Christian’s Ontario fans, but seemingly not the World Heavyweight Champion. CM Punk watched calmly as Del Rio-Ramirez did a good job of keeping Christian at bay and inflicting some serious damage of his own. As the match got in to its final stages, it was Punk’s rookie that had the upper hand after cutting short a Christian fightback with a thunderous enzuigiri. He was left stunned as he saw the referee only count to two, as was Punk. Del Rio-Ramirez quickly shrugged off the shock and went about finishing his opponent off. He dragged Christian up and in to a gut-wrench suplex, but Christian came back fighting again, slipping to safety behind the Mexican and taking him down to the mat with a reverse DDT to a big pop.

He couldn’t take advantage initially and it took him several seconds before he dragged himself across to the mat, still very frosty as he then threw his arm out across Del Rio-Ramirez’s chest for a cover. Punk was relieved to see his rookie kick out, but Tomko was frustrated as he watched on from Christian’s corner. Captain Charisma was still struggling as he made his way back up, followed by Del Rio-Ramirez, and Christian threw caution to the wind. He knocked his opponent off balance with a fierce uppercut and then lifted him off his feet before connecting with a fireman’s carry gut-buster. Del Rio-Ramirez was rolling around clutching his chest as Christian crawled across on his knees to make another cover, and again the Mexican rookie just about got his shoulder up in time.

Christian was obviously frustrated and brought his opponent back up with him before turning back to run the ropes, and as he came back looking to hit a spear, Del Rio-Ramirez sidestepped it and then planted him with a high angle bridging german suplex. This time it was Christian’s turn to get his shoulder up at two, leaving Del Rio-Ramirez only slightly frustrated. He helped Christian up to his feet as he stood up and fired him in to the corner, then followed in only for Captain Charisma lifted his boot up in to his opponent’s face, sending him staggering out of the corner. With the fans cheering, Christian pulled himself up to the second rope and connected with a diving cross body.

Once again Del Rio-Ramirez kicked out, and as both men got back up, Christian looked sure to hit the Killswitch, but the Mexican pushed him forward in to the ropes. This time though as Christian came racing back, he took his opponent down with a spear to a big pop. Christian went for another cover, and it came as no surprise when Del Rio-Ramirez got his shoulder up again. Captain Charisma was in total control now, and Punk knew it. He watched on as Christian stalked Punk’s rookie for the Killswitch with the clock ticking down, bringing a worried Chris Jericho out in to the arena.

Despite the boos coming from the crowd, neither Christian & Punk saw him making his way down as Christian’s full attention was on Del Rio-Ramirez who was struggling to get back up. Punk panicked and jumped up on to the apron with ten seconds to go. With the ref distracted, Jericho slipped in to the ring and caught Christian’s attention. He let go of Del Rio-Ramirez and went after Jericho, who just backed away towards the ropes. Christian noticed the clock ticking down leaving him all but any chance of equalling the time.

So did Jericho and he left the ring under the bottom rope as Christian went over to Del Rio, but it was too late and the buzzer sounded to a ton of heat from the crowd. Jericho smirked on the outside as Christian walked right over to the ropes and urged him to get in the ring. A groggy Del Rio-Ramirez left the ring and joined Punk on the outside as the announcement was made that the match was a draw as neither man had beaten the time set by Jericho. However we saw a not so happy looking Tazz walk out to the stage with a microphone in hand.

Winner: Draw @ 6.42.

Tazz: Well it looks like we’ve got ourselves a situation here don’t we?. . . Chris, y’never know. Y’might not ‘ave had a problem here had y’kept out of it, but ‘cause of what I’ve just seen, you’ve left me with a tricky decision t’ make.


Tazz: The way I see it, Christian pretty much had it in the bag ‘til you decided t’ get involved, meanin’ he would’ve beaten your time.


Jericho shakes his head and shouts up at the General Manager.

Chris, all y’had t’ do was stay out of it, but you’re lucky. . . See I’m gonna make what might turn out t’ be an unpopular decision, but from where I’m standin’, this is the best thing t’ do. . . Chris, you will be takin’ on C-M Punk f’ the World Heavyweight Championship. . .


Jericho smiles and punches the air while a curious Punk looks on.

. . . But Chris, you won’t be the only one. . . At No Mercy it’s gonna be C-M Punk, Chris Jericho and Christian in a triple threat match.

*Massive Pop*

Jericho & Punk don’t look happy about that at all, but Christian does and he nods down at Jericho with Tomko now in the ring with him. Punk (with Del Rio-Ramirez) & Jericho then look towards Christian in the ring as he takes in turns looking at both as Smackdown comes to a close with the world title match at No Mercy now confirmed.


>Quick Results<

df. Chavo Guerrero
Michelle McCool
df. Nikki Roxx
Charlie Haas
Draw. Chris Masters
Chris Jericho
df. Yoshi Tatsu
TJ Wilson
df. Johnny Devine
Santino Marella
df. Jack Swagger
Draw. Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez

>Superstars Tapings<
Shelton Benjamin
df. Super Crazy

>Confirmed for Next Week<

Bobby Lashley vs. Chris Masters

>Confirmed for No Mercy<

World Heavyweight Championship
Christian vs. CM Punk © vs. Chris Jericho

WWE United States Championship
Ladder Match
Matt Sydal © vs. Shelton Benjamin

WWE Tag Team Championship
The UK Pack © vs. Petey Williams & Johnny Devine

Flag Match
M.V.P. & Ron Killings vs. The Empire


Shawn Michaels vs. Jack Swagger

Elijah Burke vs. Dolph Ziggler
(If Ziggler wins, he gets a date with Layla)

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW Feedback

A good hyping of the show, like usual, to start things off both with the video and with the announce team.

I don’t mind you starting off with The Corporation after they finally made a big statement last week, however, I feel like if they’re going to open the show, then the featured video package at the beginning of the show should be the happenings that you showed in their entrance rather than the WWE Title situation. JBL was fine to start off with, talking up The Corporation and their power well, while also talking up the split with the Big Show and demeaning the crowd in a pretty good way. It didn’t seem quite like Layfield in that it didn’t have his little traits and sayings that you expect to see burst through every now and then, but you got the point across just fine. The cheap heat in making use of the show being in Canada by bringing up Bret Hart and talking about it like he did was good from JBL too to gain that little bit more heat. McMahon maybe caused the cheap heat to drag a little bit, but it wasn’t too bad. Not too sure how I feel about Vince again talking about how it’s his show and how he wants to reclaim it, because he comes across as pathetic more than threatening with the way he talks about being stripped of his power, imo. Having Bischoff come out when that’s the issue at hand is natural, and the way Bischoff talked about how he runs the show, really rubbing it in Vince’s face was nice, as was the teasing of having Vince be the one to face Big Show in a one on one match at Unforgiven rather than having the handicap match. Show interrupting and saying he wants the handicap match made is a nice little way to show how gutsy he is, although it seems weird to have him standing on the stage, as not wanting to get involved with the men in the ring kind of goes against that attitude. Show bringing Gabriel into the match is pretty nice too; it’s actually a decision I’m a pretty big fan of, as I like seeing you really getting these rookies involved, especially in a situation like this where they can not only fit, but where it will also do the world of good for Gabriel. Gabriel being in the main event tonight seems a bit odd as you’d think Show would really want to get his hands on The Corporation, although, again, it’ll do the world of good for Gabriel. The stipulation added to the match is a nice one too, and should certainly make for a nice way to build the angle further next week either way. Pretty nice way to start the show with the characters being on key for the most part and some good matches made.

It really feels like the Cryme Tyme and now JTG & Homicide/Colons issue has been dragging, although I guess it’s a fine way to start by tying these two rivalries in together. The Colons losing continues their trend of not being able to beat JTG fine, while Sheamus continuing to show his aggression post-match by attacking Eddie was okay, although I’m not sure it was necessary. It seemed like a bit of a throwaway action. Still, with that said this was a pretty nice way to start the action off match-wise here.

Good to see DiBiase getting some in-ring mic time to continue his elevation up the card. Nice start by having DiBiase continue to address his situation with Bischoff, before transitioning pretty nicely into the talk about rookies. The way DiBiase talked himself up in this portion of the segment was really good, showing off his cockiness by spouting not just his thoughts of himself, but also some facts such as that he’s barely lost to really back up what he has to say well. I have to say, I like you having DiBiase use Ezekiel Jackson as his rookie/bodyguard. It seems exactly like the type of thing you’d expect DiBiase to do in this thread. DiBiase talking up how he can go past Bischoff’s authority was good, although the talking about Kofi seemed rather pointless, as was the talk about Kelly and Kofi’s relationship. I wouldn’t mind if Ted had some kind of motive for bringing that up, but it really just seemed rather out of the blue. Lawler having enough of it and biting back at DiBiase for everything he was saying was fine, doing well to really play up how spoiled and bratty DiBiase is with the veteran attitude from King. It was good to see you having King bring up that DiBiase took him out too, with the threat from King that he could interfere at Unforgiven like Ted Sr. did at SummerSlam being clever. The little bit of bickering at the end made them sound perhaps a little much like little kids, but DiBiase hiding behind Ezekiel already is a good way to basically show that Zeke will play that bodyguard role for the cowardly DiBiase. Kofi coming in and standing up to DiBiase was good to see, and I was happy to see DiBiase talking about Kelly and Kofi led somewhere, even if it doesn’t seem like it has much of a place in the feud. The line from DiBiase about being out of Kofi’s league was nice though before the interruption from Bischoff. Bischoff’s big announcement was nice too, with the stipulation for Unforgiven making a lot of sense. A good way to finish the segment.

Nice way to keep Melina looking strong by beating essentially both Bellas, which works fine since they’re best served as arm candy for Cody at this stage. Strong booking for your champion, just as you want to see.

The Miz coming out after her match is an okay way to keep things going between Miz and Morrison, using the personal relationship of Morrison and Melina. The way Miz made the segue into talking about Morrison from complimenting Melina was pretty good, although I thought you could have done more with it. The Miz is a guy who just absolutely loves to gloat, so having him talk up his actions a lot more and really describing what he did in-depth would have probably suited his character more, as well as gaining him some more heat for his arrogance. Morrison coming out and confronting him was fine though, although I’m not sure the hatred was really portrayed as well as you maybe wanted it to be. Having Morrison say things like “How so?” makes him seem calm and like he’s thinking straight, rather than that he’s trying to restrain himself from beating out the shit of The Miz. Miz challenging Capotelli to a match seems like a nice way to show the type of person he is, and while Capotelli accepting maybe sounded a bit too similar to Gabriel wanting the spot in the main event earlier in the show, this sets up an interesting match for next week that should hype the match between Miz and Morrison at Unforgiven well. Decent segment here, which I thought that while it could have done with a bit more hatred in the writing, it still did its job well.

Not too sure about the tag team match at Unforgiven. While I feel it’s a good way to start some teams up, it feels like we should at least get a decisive Cody/Matt match once. Maybe on the RAW before the show.

Ryder talking himself up was okay, but if you’re going for the real Jersey type character we see from Ryder irl, it’s missing Ryder’s little things that make the gimmick, like the “bro” lines and his little sayings. Still, the arrogance of him only talking about himself when “interviewing” Hardy and Helms was pretty clever.

I have mixed feelings about this match. While I thought the short and sweet words from Daniels before the contest was nice, if they are indeed the best tag team in the world, then I feel like they need a clean win on debut, not one through interference. I understand you’ve got to keep Matt and Helms looking strong and keep the heat with them and Rhodes and Hennig, but maybe a squash match or something along those lines would have worked better for Triple X.

Having DiBiase and co attack Kingston backstage to get out of the match between Zeke and Kingston is okay, although I would have maybe thought that since he brought Zeke in to be his muscle, that he would have thought Zeke would be able to beat Kofi anyway. Either way, Bischoff making the match between DiBiase and Batista is a nice way to continue Bischoff’s issue with DiBiase, even if it seems a little late in the show to be making matches.

Triple H coming out and complaining about not having his WWE Title match again makes sense as he’s still being denied a title shot, but I don’t really understand his gripe. Personally, I think the ending of last week’s match would have worked better if Batista had interfered to stop Triple H cheating or something along those lines, such as taking his sledgehammer off him. I think this way kind of just makes Triple H look stupid. With that said, Triple H talked himself up pretty well throughout the promo along with his passion for the title up until the Steph interruption, which was a pleasant surprise. Taking this to a real personal level is interesting, although I have to say that it adds another dimension as to where this thing with Triple H and Batista is eventually headed. Steph talking about how the WWE Title obsession has gone too far and bringing up their personal life with the children was done well, as was the way she talked about how Trips turned his back on Ric Flair. The ending to the promo seemed a bit odd though, with Steph demanding a decision when I thought you maybe could have kept this thing going strong until at last Unforgiven, rather than making it a one show deal. You still could, I guess, but the ending seemed to come quickly nonetheless. Still, a good promo to add another dimension to things with Tripper.

I’m glad to see you following up on the segment by showing how it’s getting to Steph, but I feel like getting Batista involved came too fast. Maybe next week at the earlier I feel would have been for the best.

Ehm, not at all sure what to make of this Mystico/Ryder match, as I really feel The Undertaker shouldn’t be getting involved with anyone in this contest, especially when he has no reason to. Odd booking, although you’re probably up to something here.

Good to see some hype for the main event here. Basic but effective.

Again, while DiBiase again squirming out of a tough situation thanks to the circumstances is nice, I feel like Triple H is simply doing too much on this show. Orton coming out and looking strong in the end was fine, but having him punt Triple H just seems a bit odd to me. Either Triple H is going to be taken out of the storylines for some time, which throws everything that’s happening up into the air, or Orton’s punt starts to look a lot weaker than it did in the past. Not too sure on the booking here at all. Along with that, as I’ve said before, I feel like the writing seemed very emotionless, with no real urgency about it. It just makes it a little hard for the reader to get into.

Looking forward to Unforgiven.

The main event was pretty much what was to be expected, but that’s not a bad thing. The psychology of the match being about Gabirel’s speed vs. JBL’s size and experience was done well, and the fact that Gabriel got to hang with JBL so well probably means even more than his victory, which, while expected, was still a very nice feel good moment to close the show. Good way to finish.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty solid show, as I’ve come to expect from you. While I thought too much happened in the Triple H situation for one night (it really felt like a month’s worth of storyline, imo), everything else seemed to advance at the right pace as you headed towards Unforgiven. The show has shaped up very nicely too, and with a good looking card already for next week in terms of hype with the Capotelli/Miz and Show/Vince matches, it looks like you’re set to go to Unforgiven in a big way.

PS: I realize SmackDown! is up, but I was already just about finished with the feedback for this show. I have a few other shows I need to catch up on in other threads before I go away, but when I get back I’ll be sure to catch right back up in this one. Sorry for being behind.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


>Two Huge Title Matches Added for No Mercy!<

Last night the superstars of Smackdown battled it out in an effort to beat the clock and earn themselves a shot at CM Punk and his World Heavyweight Championship at No Mercy.

J-Red set the time to beat in the opening contest of the evening when he overcame his angry mentor, Chavo Guerrero. Charlie Haas & Chris Masters then failed to beat the clock despite Haas coming so close to making The Masterpiece tap out before the buzzer ended his chances of facing Punk for the world title. Chris Jericho was up next and knocked a minute off Red’s time after defeating Yoshi Tatsu, the rookie of the Cruiserweight Champion, Johnny Jeter.

It all came down to the final match of the night that saw ‘Captain Charisma’ Christian go up against the rookie of the World Champion, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez. The Mexican newcomer had previously overcome Christian’s problem solver, Tyson Tomko a week earlier on his Smackdown debut. He took Christian to the wire, meaning neither of them beat the clock. However Jericho played a huge role in that to ensure Christian didn’t beat his time when it looked like he would.

Thankfully Tazz arrived on the scene and ruled that because Christian was denied victory due to Jericho’s interference, he would join Jericho in challenging Punk for the world title in three weeks at No Mercy. That didn’t go down well with either Jericho or The Straight-Edge Superstar as you would expect, giving Punk only a one in three chance of retaining his title. He’s defied the odds before. Can he do it again at No Mercy?

Shelton Benjamin was wanting an answer from Matt Sydal last night, and boy did he get a response from the United States Champion.

We all thought that The Gold Standard had broken his bitter rival’s arm three weeks ago on Smackdown, but it appears that Sydal fooled us all with the help of his friends & girlfriend. Benjamin was stunned to see Sydal rip off his sling last night and accept his challenge to a rematch at No Mercy for the United States title, which will be a ladder match.

Now we all know Sydal’s condition and that these two will collide again with the King of the Ring’s title at stake, will Benjamin follow through with his promise to finally beat his arch nemesis?

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Interesting to see you open the show with one of your midcard feuds. Then again, opening with one of your main event stars insn't a rule or anything. Chavo is bitter and with good reason, and has a plan, accordingly to him, to have an easy pass on the Beat the Clock challenge. I was right in what I said on my preview, lol, Red is already above Chavo on the pecking order. Good match, it's good to pair Chavo with other cruisers, it let's you use his technical and grapping game.

Damn, I get creating accentuation and all, but that was a difficult promo to read between Shelton and Elijah. Still shocked to not see one of the main event acts appear on the show. Elijah in there just seemed to be filling time tbh. I loved how Matt's laid back, smiling atttitude kept ticking off Shelton. I am not so sure about the reasoning behind the ladder match, but hey, it's a ladder match between Sydal and Shelton, so I'm not complaining.

I skipped the divas match tbh. Not interested.

Charlie Haas vs Chris Masters was a good match, I don't know, there's something about their styles that would also make for a good match in real life. Masters has the advantage thanks to the monster he has for a rookie, so good though bringing Lashley into the equation to even the situation.

Damn I forgot about the Jeter promo. It was alright, classic heel promo, altough you get the feeling he's setting Tatsu up for something. Not so sure about so many rookies getting chances in the Beat the Clock challenge. They are rookies after all, and they might find themselves challenging for the belt. Don't know, not particularly fond of it.

I hated the girl chitchat between Layla and Mickie, so to me this promo was saved when Dolph showed up. His lines just screamed asshole, altough maybe you were going a little too overboard with Layla's disgust. Burke appearing and confronting Ziggler was truly great and I am looking forward for when they clash horns. I still think Layla will go Benedict Arnold on his 'lijah.

I knew about Lashley getting to face one of the two of those. Surprisingly, you go with Masters vs Lashley first instead of Sheffield vs Lashley. Truly interesting, personally I like the latter encounter the most, so I hope there's a future feud in the making here by you saving this match. Classic Tazz there with the "hey, take it easy" line.

Estoic Jericho to start this match ignoring crowd reaction is awesome. As the match progresses, I am shocked at how much offense is the rookie getting in on Jericho. Definitevely a good showing for Tatsu. He even got to avoid a Lionsault. In the end, Jericho wins and all is fine with the world. It was a short time but like I said, Yoshi looked good on this one.

Confused as to why Drew didn't speak, but I am not complaining, as this was an epic promo for Sanders (I like the Wade Barrett name better) I could imagine him saying every word you wrote for him, and every word sounding epic thanks to his accent. Damn, I am african america myself, but I am dreading any black wrestler's appearance. It gets really unconfortable to read their promos. Uhmm, there seems to be something behind this Empire, they are not telling us everything. Truly epic promo. Just like Wade Barrett is.

Classic match between contrasting styles. Wilson shines with his high flying while Divine needs to resort to cheating and help from Petey to try and get the upperhand, interesting to see another submission finish.

Too much love between Punk and Del Rio. I got it, but it was just too weird to see the heels showing so much love between the two.

Swagger is in his all out arrogant persona, even managing to get in that he wants the world title. A little shocked to see Santino winning, even if it was due to HBK interfering. A DQ ending would have been better, altough now you can have Swagger embarrassed by losing to the italian as another thing to talk about on Jack's promos and to add to the hype of the match.

Putting the rookies over seemed to be trend of the night, as Del Rio looked as well in his match with Christian. Cool to see that at least two of Del Rio's coolest moves were included in this match, as in his sick enziguiri and his German Suplex. Taz making the title match for No Mercy a Triple Threat makes sense, altough the both challengers end up having the same time in the Beat the Clock card seems to be used way too much by the WWE in real life.


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