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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Very interesting show that you've got yourself here. While I'm not a big fan of the main event, Show vs. DiBiase should be good, and perhaps more interesting is how you'll go about inserting all of the rookies into things, along with those who have moved over in the trade. Some of the rookies you've brought up are sensational talents, so it should be really interesting to see how you use them and how involved in storylines they'll be. You've also got some other solid midcard stuff coming along on RAW, so I'll look on with interest to see how that unfolds on this show.

Looking forward to the show, mate. I'll be reading.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Monday Night Raw
Monday 1st September 2008
Live from the Van Andel Arena
Grand Rapids, Michigan

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

“Back in Black” by ACDC

Here he comes, Eric Bischoff strolls out to the stage to a huge pop. Wearing a very expensive black leather jacket (but not just that as that might be weird despite this not being a PG show), Raw’s Head of Authority looks in to the crowd looking very serious indeed before walking down the ramp with purpose.

Eric Bischoff:
It’s been nearly two months since I stepped foot in this ring, not that I had any say in that, but rest assured, Eric Bischoff is back.

Eric Bischoff: I know exactly who attacked me and why, and the reason I kept that t’ myself is simple. It’s so that I can get justice my way, and believe me, that’s exactly what I’m going t’ do.

* * *

“Back in Black”

Out walks the smirking Eric Bischoff, not looking too bothered that his assailant hasn’t come forward as he heads down the ramp with a security team of eight men. He then steps in to the ring and collects a microphone from Lilian Garcia as his music is cut. The fans are cheering as the Head of Authority smiles in to the stands, giving off the impression that he’s only too happy to make someone’s life very difficult from this moment forward.

Eric Bischoff:
It appears that a certain someone has failed to take any notice of what I said earlier about making their life a living hell if they declined the chance I gave them to come forward, and from this night forward, they’re going to wish they had. . . So at this time I’d like Ted DiBiase Junior to get his sorry ass down here right now.

Bischoff looks mean as hell as he stares up at the stage, waiting for the man who supposedly is the one who attacked him almost two months back.

“Priceless, baby I’m priceless. . .”

The Intercontinental Champion, Ted DiBiase Jr makes his way out to the stage in an expensive looking shirt and trousers with the Intercontinental title draped proudly over his shoulder. Maryse is as ever by his side, and the pair of them look very coy as they walk slowly down the ramp and in to the ring.

Eric Bischoff:
Why don’t you come join us too dad? I think it’s best we all got this out in the open at last don’t you think?

Looking very sorry for himself, DiBiase Sr stands up, leaves the desk and enters the ring, standing on the opposite side of the ring to his son, both glancing at each other nervously.

Eric Bischoff:
You two are very clever I have t’ say. You’ve well an’ truly pulled the wool over ev’ryone’s eyes haven’t you? And the plan worked too it didn’t it?. . . I can’t believe I didn’t suspect a thing. . . Well guess what? You’re not gonna be there any longer. You’ve called your last match here Ted, and like I told Regal a few moments ago, YOU’RE FIRED!

*Big Pop*

Eric Bischoff: I’ve had fun coming up with so many diff’rent ideas of what hell I could subject you to, and I finally thought of something I thought was fitting. . . See I was trapped in your locker room not so long ago, completely defenceless against someone bigger than me, and that’s how you’re going t’ feel next week live right here on Raw. . . you will be defending your title for the first time next Monday, and it’s not going to be any ordinary match. Oh no, it’s going to be a steel cage match. . . against The Big Show.

*Huge Pop*

Eric Bischoff: Oh and Ted, that’s just the start.

DiBiase Jr flips, much to the amusement of Bischoff. Raw’s Head of Authority is sn-iggering as “Back in Black” plays again as the show comes to a close with DiBiase spitting feathers.

*Opening Video*
“Wanna Be Loved”

*Cut to the Arena*


Jim Ross:
Good evening ev’ryone where we come t’ you live t’night from the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan f’ an extended edition of Monday Night Raw. Our returning Head of Authority, Eric Bischoff has secured us an extra twen’y minutes t’night, an’ with the action we’ve got lined up for you, we might just need it. Joining me once again I’m glad t’ say is Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, an’ King I can’t tell you happy I am that you’re back sitting alongside me.

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler: I’m happy t’ be back J-R. It’s not the same sat watching it at home I can tell ya, but I sure know there’s so much going on right now, even t’night.

Jim Ross: There sure is King. We have two huge matches here t’night including a steel cage match f’ the Intercontinental Championship between The Big Show an’ the man who didn’t just attack you King but Eric Bischoff too, Ted DiBiase Junior.

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler: Don’t even get me started on him. I’m just looking forward t’ seeing The Big Show rough ‘im up in that cage. Then how about this J-R? We’ve got Triple H an’ Randy Orton.

Jim Ross: I’m sure the fans here just like you at home aren’t exactly the biggest fans of either o’ those two guys, but there’s a whole lot at stake. Randy Orton’s already got a shot at Batista’s W-W-E Championship at Unf’given, an’ if he loses t’ Triple H here t’night, then The King of Kings will join them t’ make it a triple threat match. I f’ one can’t wait t’ see that unfold King. However it doesn’t end there folks. You heard Eric Bischoff say last week that there’d be changes afoot with the random draft as well as the rookies who’ll be paired up with mentors, an’ you’ll get t’ see some of them right here this evening in Grand Rapids.

“My Time is Now”

John Cena
hits the stage to a massive pop with some boos mixed in. Dressed casually as normal, he gives the fans what they want before heading down the ramp and getting in the ring where he continues to pose for the hot Michigan crowd. He now walks over to the apron and asks for a microphone, getting one from Lilian Garcia. He heads back to stand centre in the stage in the middle of the ring as his music cuts, revealing more cheers & boos too. He coolly nods through it looking very calm.

John Cena:
T’night, I’m not here t’ fight. That’s not just ‘cause of the injury I got two weeks ago in the battle royal. T’night I’m simply here t’ set the record straight. . . You all probably know by now anyway, but last Friday night Tazz let the whole world know he’s offered yours truly the chance t’ jump ship an’ go back t’ the place where it all began f’ John Cena, on Smackdown.


John Cena: F’ three years I had a blast on Smackdown. I won my first W-W-E title as a Smackdown superstar. I headlined and opened WrestleMania as a Smackdown superstar, an’ I have a ton of great memories from my time as a Smackdown superstar. I’ll always look back at my time there as a great time in my life. See I was just an ordinary kid when I first went there, an’ I left as the W-W-E Champion. That’s why I find myself at a cross roads. Do I stay on Raw or go back t’ where it all began an’ had all those great memories?


John Cena: F’ me it’s not an easy decision, an’ I’m not gonna lie, it’s a good offer, a real good offer in fact, but that’s not what it’s all about. I owe it t’ myself an’ t’ you the fans, the fans that’ve supported me from day one. The fans that’ve stuck by through the good times an’ the bad, an’ even t’ the fans that’ve had no problem tellin’ me they think John Cena sucks f’ the last three years.


John Cena: Whether you’ve booed me or you’ve cheered me, whether you want me t’ stay on Raw, go t’ Smackdown or want me out of your lives f’ good, I’ve got the biggest decision of my entire t’ make right here right now an’ you’re all entitled t’ know the deal ‘cause at the end of the day, this business is about one thing an’ one thing only, an’ that’s you the fans.

*Big Pop*

John Cena: All weekend I’ve had calls, emails an’ texts from fans, friends, family an’ even guys I’ve been t’ war with in this very ring askin’ me whether John Cena’s stayin’ on Raw or goin’ back t’ Friday nights. It’s gonna be the hardest decision I’ve ever had t’ make, ‘cause as much as I enjoyed my time on Smackdown, bein’ here on Raw has been a blast, FROM THE VERY MOMENT I STEPPED THROUGH THAT CURTAIN AS A RAW SUPERSTAR!




Cena takes a few seconds to get his breath back and compose himself.

John Cena:
Y’can see my problem right? I could easily stay on Raw an’ be happy, but at the same time I could go back t’ Smackdown an’ start a whole new chapter in my career. Now I’ve got myself an injured shoulder, I can take some time out an’ figure out what’s best f’ me an’. . .

“Back in Black”

Here comes Raw’s Head of Authority, Eric Bischoff to a largely positive reception. Cena appears surprised to see him, and Bischoff is very relaxed as he walks down to the ring and picks a microphone casually left on the apron for him. He steps in to the ring, walks over to Cena and nods his head to greet him. Cena then extends his hand out to him and Bischoff shakes it.

Eric Bischoff:
Well I’ve gotta say John I didn’t expect t’ come back t’ this, an’ since you’re settin’ the record straight, I guess I should probably do the same. . . This might surprise a few people but I don’t have any problem whatsoever with Tazz offering you a contract as some people may believe. Don’t get me wrong John I want you t’ stay on Raw f’ years t’ come, but you just have t’ look at what I did in W-C-W. I had no problem doing whatever I had to t’ bring the biggest names t’ my company. That’s business, an’ if an opportunity presents itself in the near future t’ do the same I guarantee I’ll do ev’rything in my power t’ make sure it goes my way.


Eric Bischoff: Now I’m not gonna try an’ make this decision for you or push you in one direction, I’m just gonna tell it like it is. You know as well as anyone that Raw is and always will bet he A show with or without John Cena, an’ if you wanna be one of the biggest stars or the best this company has to offer, there’s only place you can do that. That’s not on Smackdown, it’s right here on Raw.

*Big Pop*

Eric Bischoff: Nothing Tazz has or can offer you will change that, even though I know that’s not what John Cena’s about. I might be biased John but deep down you know that if you wanna be the very best in this business, Raw is the only place t’ be.


Eric Bischoff: However if you decide you’re happy being second best on the B show, then that’s your choice. I’ll accept it an’ move on. You’ll more than likely be the top draw on Smackdown like you may well have been on Raw ever since you came here but I’m not gonna beg you t’ stay, because at the end of the day John we both know that John Cena needs Raw more than Raw needs John Cena.


Cena nods his head, taking in all Bischoff has to say with a smile on his face.

John Cena:
Eric, you’ve made some good points I’ll give you that, but like we’ve both said, this is my decision, an’ when I’ve made it you’ll be the one of the first t’ know, I promise y’that.

Eric Bischoff: Well thank you John, I appreciate it.

Cena shakes hands with Bischoff again and Cena hands his microphone back before heading back up the ramp. Bischoff watches him step through the curtain and then turns back round to face the crowd. . . oh and the camera.

Eric Bischoff:
Now there’s other another urgent situation that needs my attention, maybe more so as last week one half of the World Tag Team Champions was jumped and injured in a similar fashion not too diff’rent t’ mine. The only diff’rence being that Shad has broken his ankle and will be unable to compete for at least three months, meaning that I’ve been left with no choice but t’ strip Cryme Time of the tag team titles effective immediately.

*Major Heat*

Eric Bischoff: Unpopular it may be but it’s the only option. I can’t have champions that can’t defend their titles for three months, it’s simple as that. However that now creates an opportunity f’ a number of people including the rookies that will debut on Raw in the next few weeks starting t’night. Some of those rookies along with their mentors and a new team said t’ be one of the best, if not the best in the world right now I’ve signed personally who will debut right here next week will be amongst eight teams taking part in an elimination tournament t’ crown new WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.


Eric Bischoff: That tournament st. . .

“BROOKLYN BROOKLYN. . . Bringin’, I’m bringin’ de hood t’ you. . .”

An angry JTG walks out in to the arena, followed by his rookie, Homicide. Bischoff turns his head and watches them enter the ring with JTG storming past Bischoff to get a microphone before turning back to stand alongside Homicide.

Let me get this straight dog. You’re gonna steal the titles off us ‘cause o’ what those punks did? It ain’t ‘Shad’s fault he got ‘is leg snapped is it?

Eric Bischoff: You’re right it’s not, an’ you’re bound t’ be angry, I totally understand, but put yourself in my position for a second. If I don’t strip you of the titles, we’ll effectively have no tag team champions for at least three months, maybe more. What am I supposed t’ do? Those titles are meant t’ be defended. That’s just the way it is. What’d be the point of having the titles if they’re not gonna be defended? You can understand that surely?

JTG: A’ight I get where y’comin’ from but I got another idea f’ y’boss. How’s ‘bout my rookie Homicide here takes over Shad ‘til he gets back, not that y’can call really my boy Homicide a rookie wit’ what he’s done all ‘round the world? How’s that sound bro’?

Eric Bischoff: I’d love nothing more than t’ do that but it wouldn’t be right on ev’ryone else, just handing the title over like that. What I was about t’ say before you came out anyway was that the tournament is going t’ start right here t’night.


Eric Bischoff: Not only is it going t’ start t’night, it’s going t’ start with you and your rookie there taking on the Colon brothers in a first round match. Now how does that sound?


JTG: A’ight, I guess I can dig that. Y’got a deal boss but let me tell y’somethin’. When I get my hands on ‘em, y’might just have another big time injury on your hands.

Eric Bischoff: You do what you’ve gotta do alright. Oh an’ before I forget, I’ve already told your opponents before we came on air, and that match, it’s next. Good luck!

*Big Pop*

Bischoff drops the microphone on the apron as he leaves the ring with JTG & Homicide psyching themselves up for their match with the Colon Brothers coming up after the break.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

World Tag Team Championship
Cryme Time © vs. The Colon Brothers

With the tag team titles at stake and so much tension between the two teams, they both gave it their all.

Carlito sensed victory as Shad then turned round, but it went wrong for the Puerto Rican as Shad ducked his head and being smashed in the head with the belt. Shad stomped him in the gut and the belt fell from Carlito’s hands with Gaspard then planting him with a sidewalk slam. As he got up, Eddie had escaped from JTG and went after Shad, but ran right in to a big boot and rolled under the bottom rope to the floor with Shad then kicking the belt with him.

JTG got back on the apron and received a tag straight away as Shad then went back to Carlito and lifted him up on to his shoulders for the G9. JTG hit the ring and then the front flip neck-breaker to send Carlito down to the mat, then covered him to pick up the victory and retain the titles. Carlito then rolled to the floor as celebrated their victory for quite a while, long enough for Carlito to sneak back in the ring with a steel chair where he levelled JTG and then Shad.

He lost it and battered Shad’s leg with the chair three times. It was clear Gaspard was in pain as he screamed out in pain and grabbed hold of his right leg instantly. A combination of the referee & Eddie pulled the angry Carlito away and allowed EMTs to rush down and check on Shad. Carlito backed up the ramp with no remorse whatsoever, followed by Eddie as JTG came round and sat up, quickly noticing Shad was in trouble despite his own dazed state.

*Cut to the Arena*

“I spit in the face of people who don’t want t’ be cool. . .”

With JTG & Homicide watching on intently from the ring, the chuckling Puerto Rican siblings, Carlito & Eddie Colon walk out to the stage where they’re stopped by Raw’s host, Zack Ryder, bringing a halt to their music.

Zack Ryder:
Evening guys. What you’ve gotta share about your match t’night an’ what went down last week with Shad getting his ankle broken?

Carlito steps in front of Eddie.

I got dis bro’. . . Zack, what I did last week t’ Shad, he had it comin’. He deserved it plain an’ simple. When he attacked me, no one said a thing. In fact my bro’ here got told t’ deal with it an’ go ahead with de title match without me. How’s that fair huh? An’ he’s runnin’ his mouth ‘bout bein’ stripped of de titles, well dat’s what I like t’ call justice. What goes ‘round comes ‘round an’ I‘m not gonna ‘pologise f’ dat, just like I’m not gonna ‘pologise f’ beatin’ ‘im an’ his rookie, an’ what kind o’ name’s Homicide anyway? Seriously, what is dat? Dat’s not cool. . . Anyway, all dat matters Zack is dat t’night we’re gonna beat dose two punks in de ring like I beat Shad’s ankle last week an’ become de new tag team champions. An’ dat Zack, dat’s cool.


Zack Ryder: That does sound cool my man, no doubt. Good luck guys, not that y’need it.

Their music plays again as they walk down the ring with Ryder smiling, but JTG & Homicide certainly aren’t, and JTG walks towards the apron and urges them to get in.

*The Opening Match*
World Tag Team Championship Tournament
(First Round Match)
JTG & Homicide vs. The Colon Brothers

JTG & Homicide were impressive from the bell, showing a great deal of intensity and taking the Puerto Ricans by surprise. They took charge of the match in the opening minutes, but it was JTG’s intensity and aggressive streak that allowed Carlito to get him & his brother back in it when JTG went after Eddie. He knocked the younger Colon brother off the apron, but as he glared down at him, Carlito snuck up behind him and pulled him away from the ropes to take him down with the Overdrive.

It wasn’t enough to get the job done though as JTG kicked out at two, and then took quite a beating from both brothers for the next few minutes. He managed to fight his way back in to the contest though after reversing an irish whip from Eddie and connecting with a diving leg lariat. As he made his way back up with Eddie doing the same, he levelled him with a sit down jawbreaker before heading up to the top rope.

The crowd were getting behind him as he watched intently as Eddie struggled back up not seeming to know where he was, and as he turned round, JTG leapt off the ropes and connected with a diving cross body to a big pop. Eddie just about managed to kick out at two, and as both men picked themselves back up, JTG was looking far more comfortable than his opponent and back tracked to his corner to tag in Homicide.

The Raw debutant stormed the ring and sent Eddie back down with a series of clotheslines before whipping him in to the corner. As the groggy Eddie was leaning against the pads in a bad way, Homicide charged at him with pace and drilled him with the Facewash. Eddie fell to the mat face first and was then pulled up to his feet and away from the ropes with the focused as hell Homicide planted him with a double under-hook power-bomb.

It looked as if it could be all over as Homicide made the cover, but Carlito raced in to the ring and broke up the cover with a stomp to the back of the head, much to the fury of JTG & the referee. JTG charged in and took both himself & Carlito over the top rope with a clothesline and down to the floor below. That left the squirming pair of Eddie & Homicide to make their way back up, and Eddie stole the march by shifting behind the debuting star.

He tried to hit the Backstabber, but Homicide stepped forward and Eddie fell down to the mat to a big pop. Homicide turned round and stepped back, then nailed him with a shining wizard to a big pop. He then hit the top rope with Eddie motionless below him and jumped off to connect with the Frog Splash and pick up the victory for him & his mentor as JTG crawled back in the ring. He was understandably thrilled and had a big smile on his face as he gave his rookie a big guy hug before celebrating and posing for the crowd in front of a furious Carlito but cheering crowd.

Winners: JTG & Homicide by pinfall.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

“Back in Black”

‘The King of Kings’ Triple H doesn’t seem to be in the best of moods it has to be said as he takes his time walking down to the ring to join Eric Bischoff , giving the eye to the security officers assembled around the ring.

Triple H:
What’s the meaning of this Bischoff? If you know who attacked you like you say you do, what the hell am I doing here?

Eric Bischoff: I’m glad you asked that Hun’er I truly am. See you and I have unfinished business. Let me remind you of what happened that night. I clearly remember suspending you and having you removed from the arena, but from what I learnt later, you completely disregarded what I said and attacked both Batista and Ric Flair. . . but let me tell you Hun’er, if you think you’re gonna get away with half the things you did when Tazz was around, you’re very much mistaken.

Triple H: No one’s going to stop me from getting my hands on the W-W-E Championship. Ev’ryone can see that I should be the one challenging Batista at Unf’given, but I’m not. You’ve got the chance to make the match ev’ryone here’s wanted t’ see since the day Evolution was formed, and now I’ve put Ric out of his misery, it’s time I get what I deserved in the first place.


Triple H: You used t’ pride yourself on giving the fans the biggest names, the biggest matches, and you can do that t’night if you add me t’ the Batista Randy Orton match at Unf’given and make it a triple threat match for the W-W-E Championship.

Eric Bischoff: Y’know Hun’er, that’s an int’resting idea, a real int’resting idea, it really is. I have to admit the idea of Batista, Randy Orton and Triple H in a triple threat match at Unf’given sounds very good indeed. It’s something I first though about a long time ago. T’ make that happen though Hun’er, next week you’re gonna have t’ win your match, and your opponent. . . will be Randy Orton.

*Video Promo*

Randy Orton
is shown entering the arena, not looking all that happy at all as he drags his travel bag along the floor.

*Cut Backstage*

Two of Raw’s newcomers, Gail Kim (drafted from Smackdown) and her rookie, Shantelle Taylor (Taylor Wilde) are in the backstage area, both looking very happy to be on Monday nights.

Shantelle Taylor:
I can’t tell you how happy I am to be here on Raw, it’s a dream come true, and for you to be my mentor, it just makes it even better. I remember watching you win the women’s title on your first night on Raw. That was amazing, and I’m from Toronto too. I’ve always been a big fan of yours and now I’m here with you as my mentor. It’s crazy.

Gail seems a little distracted as she looks over Taylor’s shoulder.

Gail Kim:
Speaking of crazy.

Mia Rain, another draftee from Smackdown walks in to the shot, not pleasing Gail at all, and definitely unsettling the now nervous Taylor.

Mia Rain:
Well look who we have here. You must’ve been devastated when you found out I was drafted here too since you were just one of the many divas I dominated on Smackdown.

Gail sn-iggers and Rain hears it but chooses to ignore it, then turns to Taylor.

Mia Rain:
And you, if you’re unfortunate enough t’ get in my way too sweet heart, I’ll look forward t’ dominating you too.

Gail Kim: I might be wrong but that sounds like a challenge t’ me.

Mia Rain: It can be anything you want it t’ be, but if you’re challenging me, you’re making a big mistake and you know it.

Gail Kim: That’s funny because I don’t. It might be me Mia but I don’t remember you ever dominating me, but if you want t’ try t’night, you can give it a try.

Mia Rain: Maybe that’s because I knocked you unconscious, just like I will t’night.

Rain turns back and looks at Shantelle.

Mia Rain:
If you’re watching, maybe you should take a look at me. You might learn something. See you out there ladies.

A confident Rain walks off, leaving Taylor slightly concerned, not that Gail is.

Gail Kim:
Don’t worry about her. One thing you’ll learn quickly is to stand up to a bully, otherwise they’ll walk all over you.

Shantelle Taylor: Okay. You don’t mind me watching you t’night do you?

Gail Kim: Of course not. I’ll reserve you a special spot in my corner if you like. There’s no need t’ bring a pen an’ paper though or anything like that.

Shantelle Taylor: You’re so funny. Thanks Gail.

Gail Kim: Don’t mention it. . . Well I guess I better go get ready then.

Gail turns round and walks up the hall with Taylor smiling.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton

In front of a very interested Zack Ryder, this week sticking to his place at the top of the stage, the number one contender for the WWE Championship tried to make a statement going in to his title clash with Batista at Unforgiven. Largely he did just that, only Rey Mysterio didn’t make it as easy for him as you would expect. It was a back and forth encounter, and Mysterio looked on verge of what some would consider an upset after he pulled back from an RKO attempt. As he crawled back to the ropes, an intense Orton made his way back up and charged at him, only for Rey to catch him with a drop toe hold on to the middle rope to a huge cheer.

The Mexican dialled up and then connected with the 619. A groggy Orton stood back up in a spin as Mysterio steadied himself on the apron and then hit the springboard for the West Coast Pop, but The Viper countered with a power-bomb out of nowhere. Orton watched him squirm, remaining on his knees a while banging his fists in to the apron, and as Rey managed to get back up, Orton jumped up in to the air and planted him with the RKO.

Orton then covered him and earned himself another victory heading in to the all important battle with Batista at Unforgiven in less than four weeks. Orton got his arm raised and didn’t hang about long afterwards before heading back up the ramp and past an applauding Zack Ryder, who then walked down the ramp and climbed in the ring as Rey began to come round. Raw’s host walked right over to him and kneeled down with a microphone in hand.

Zack Ryder: Rey, Rey, Rey, Rey. . . Including SummerSlam this is three defeats in just over a week, a pretty bad run even f’ you. How does it feel to lose again?

Mysterio stands up and hammers Ryder with a right hand, met by a big cheer from the fans. Ryder’s furious and holds his cheek before going at Rey, and Mysterio back pedals to the ropes, then drop toe holds Ryder on to the second rope. Rey’s livid and doesn’t even dial up before running across the ring, hitting the ropes and coming back to nail him with the 619.

It sends Raw’s host back across the mat, and as he struggles back up to his feet, Rey steadies himself on the apron, then springboards and connects with the West Coast Pop to a deafening roar. “Booyaka 619” plays and Mysterio stands up and looks down at Ryder, well and truly making a point.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #2*
Rey Mysterio w/Mystico vs. Orlando Jordan

Jordan was making his Raw debut after being drafted from Smackdown, and he gave Rey a real tough battle, much to the surprise of the Grand Rapids crowd. That was even after Mysterio started the match on fire, but that all changed when OJ held on to Rey as the Mexican went for a springboard cross body and then tossed him back with a fallaway slam. Jordan looked like he had a point to prove, and with Rey’s rookie, Mystico watching on, OJ took Rey to the limit, and that brought great pleasure to Zack Ryder who was also paying close attention as he watched on from the top of the stage.

Mysterio battled through Black Ice, a double knee breaker as well as a running swinging neck-breaker, a move Jordan calls Orlando Magic. He was clearly getting frustrated through his failure to put Mysterio away, and after a spirited fightback from Mysterio, Jordan again stole the momentum away from him, this time catching Rey as he came off the top for an Asai moonsault. Jordan quickly dropped Rey’s head on to the top turnbuckle and then rolled him up right away, only for Mysterio to kick out at two.

Jordan was clearly frustrated but got right back to work, dragging Rey up and scooping him up on to his shoulder, then charged across the ring and planted him with a running power-slam. Again the resilient Mexican kicked out, leaving Jordan angry once again, and as he urged the struggling Rey to get back up, he looked on the verge of exploding. He held tight and pounced when Rey got back to his feet, but Rey ducked under his arm and ended up against the pads. As both men turned round, Mysterio caught him with a drop toe hold on to the second rope to a huge pop.

The Master of the 619 dialled up and then charged across the ring, came flying back and connected with the 619 to an equally big pop as Jordan struggled back up to his feet while Rey steadied himself on the apron. Mystico was watching closely as Rey then hit the springboard and connected with the West Coast Pop, picking up the victory to the satisfaction of the sell-out crowd and the anger of Ryder at the top of the stage. Rey stood up and got his arm raised, and was then joined in the ring by Mystico, who gave Rey a pat on the back. Mysterio turned his head and looked up at Ryder, then headed back across the ring to get a microphone.

Winner: Rey Mysterio by pinfall.

Rey Mysterio: Hey Ryder, y’got somethin’ smart t’ say huh?. You not gonna come down here an’ try y’luck again like last week?

Ryder stares daggers at Rey from the stage.

Rey Mysterio:
Hey I don’t blame ya, it didn’t work out too good for y’last time did it? Y’not even fancy y’luck against my man Mystico here? Well y’shouldn’t let me tell ya. He might be a rookie in the W-W-E but he’s one o’ the biggest names in Mexico an’ won’t have a problem kickin’ y’ass.

*Big Pop*

Mystico stands there defiantly behind Rey with Ryder spitting feathers, getting very agitated.

Zack Ryder:
I don’t care about him Mysterio. He’s not the one I’ve got a problem with. He’s not the most overrated superstar this whole business has ever seen. If you’re any doubt midget man, that’s you.


Rey Mysterio: Overrated? I’ve never heard that before.

Zack Ryder: Sarcasm doesn’t suit you Rey an’ you better be careful before you start running your mouth. F-Y-I Rey, I’m more than just an interviewer or a host, I trained as a wrestler too, and there’s nothing I’d love more than getting in that ring with you and showing the whole world that you’re nothing but a joke.


Rey Mysterio: Y’think y’can back that up do ya? How ‘bout we settle this once an’ f’ all. . . at Unf’given?


Zack Ryder: Unf’given huh?. . . You’re on.

*Big Pop*

Zack Ryder: I’ve got another idea t’ run past you too. See even though I’m gonna embarrass you at Unf’given, I think I need a warm up match t’ get my feet wet, and I think your rookie there’d be just the perfect guy for it. And since he’s such a star in Mexico, he’s not gonna be worried even though he should be. Plus you’ll be right there in his corner t’ get a close look at what’s waiting for you at Unf’given. What d’ y’say Rey?

Rey turns round and has a quick word in Spanish with Mystico without the microphone before turning back to face the stage after a nod from his rookie.

Rey Mysterio:
He says no problem, an’ yeah I’ll be right there next week watchin’ when he kicks y’ass just like I’m goin’ t’ at Unf’given.

“Booyaka 619” plays to a big pop from the crowd as Rey & Ryder stare intently at each other with Mystico looking up at Raw’s host too.

*Commercial Break*

Gregory Helms
is in the production area along with his buddy, Matt Hardy.

Gregory Helms:
That Cody Rhodes sure is a piece o’ work. I wouldn’t ‘ave minded poppin’ ‘im one myself last week.

Matt Hardy: Don’t you worry ‘bout Cody, I’m gonna take care o’ ‘im at Unf’given I promise ya, but thanks for bein’ there last week buddy. It could’ve been a whole lot worse if. . .

Matt stops and shakes his head as the camera zooms out, revealing Cody Rhodes, his rookie, Joe Hennig & the Bella twins walking towards them. While Matt & Helms stare angrily at Cody, he & Hennig seem quite relaxed.

Cody Rhodes:
Matt it’s nice t’ see you on your feet t’night.

Cody turns to his protégé.

Cody Rhodes:
See Joe, the last time I saw Matt he was lying on the floor after I’d given him quite a beating, almost as bad as the one he’s going t’ get at Unf’given in a few weeks.

Gregory Helms: You’re lucky y’didn’t get a beatin’ y’self but I’d be more than happy t’ give y’one t’night tough guy, that’s if y’can fight without doin’ it from behind.

Cody Rhodes: That’s very funny. Do you know what else is funny? I have no idea who you are and I don’t have t’ justify myself to’you. However I do have a better idea. I’m going to accept your challenge on Joe’s behalf, as just like me his father is a legend in this business and he’s ev’ry bit as talented as his father was.

Cody then turns back to Hennig.

Cody Rhodes:
How would you like the chance t’ prove that t’ these losers? You’re fine with that right?

Joe Hennig: Absolutely.

Gregory Helms: If that’s the way y’wanna play it, fine, only let me make somethin’ clear f’ ya. When I’m done goin’ through your boy, I’m comin’ f’ you, then Matt’ll finish the job at Unf’given.

Cody Rhodes: Oh I’m scared, really scared. Come on Joe, let’s go talk strategy.

They turn round to leave but Matt has other ideas, putting his hand on Hennig’s shoulder. Both he & Cody turn round curiously.

Matt Hardy:
Hey before y’go, let me give you some advice. F’ your own sake, be careful an’ don’t do all his dirty work or he might get you in some serious trouble.

Joe Hennig: I can take care of myself, and I’m going t’ take care of your buddy t’night too.

Helms & Matt look at the defiant Hennig as he and the smug Cody turn round and walk out of the shot.

Gregory Helms:
They won’t be smilin’ once the show’s over I promise ya.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #3*
Gail Kim w/Shantelle Taylor vs. Mia Rain

Both divas were looking to make an impression on their first night on Raw, and Shantelle Taylor was watching on as her mentor showed no fear of Rain whatsoever. Despite starting the match the stronger, Rain’s momentum was thwarted when Gail pulled back from a running bulldog that saw Mia hit the mat all by herself. With the crowd cheering as a stunned Rain picked herself back up while Kim pulled herself up to the second rope and then connected with a diving cross body as Rain turned round.

Rain fell to the mat again with Gail this time on top of her, but Rain powered out comfortably. As both divas made their way back up, Gail reacted first and sprung to life with a hurricanrana to a decent pop, but once again Mia kicked out. The match went back and forth and it looked as if Rain was going to pick up the win. That was until she helped up her defenceless opponent, but she took her time and was too complacent, resulting in Kim catching her off guard with an inside cradle.

Rain was shocked enough to lose there but kicked out at two, and as she stood back up and took a wild swing at Kim, the Toronto native ducked and caught her with a snap neck-breaker and then finished the job with Eat Defeat, an inverted stomp face-breaker. The fans enjoyed it and gave her a big cheer as she stood up to get her arm raised. Shantelle joined her and they had a brief girly hug, only to be interrupted by “Written in my Face” as a smirking Sheamus made his way down to the ring, confusing and both worrying the Canadian divas. The Celtic Warrior hit the ring and walked past them to collect a microphone.

Winner: Gail Kim by pinfall.

Sheamus: Welcome t’ Raw ladies. I thought I’d come down here an’ intr’duce myself. Me name’s Sheamus an’ I also t’ought I’d give you a welcome gift, well really it’s more f’ dees fans. I t’ought since I’ll be takin’ on Finlay in de first ever Celtic Brawl at Unf’given, I’d give de fans an idea of the sheer brutality dare goin’ t’ see when I destroy ‘im an’ leave him unconscious in a pool of his own blood.

Gail & Shantelle look very worried and back away to the ropes with Sheamus following them and dropping the microphone.


A pissed off Sheamus turns round to see Finlay charging down the ramp with his shillelagh in hand. The Celtic Warrior prepares himself for battle as Gail & Shantelle take the opportunity to escape. Finlay throws himself under the bottom rope to be greeted by some vicious stomps to the back of his head and neck from Sheamus. The Belfast native lets go of the shillelagh as the intense Sheamus pulls him up to his feet and whips him in to the ropes, and as Finlay comes back, Sheamus goes to take his head off with the Brogue Kick.

Finlay ducks it though and runs through, then picks up his shillelagh he dropped moments ago. Both men turn round and Finlay strikes first, nailing his rival in the chest with his deadly weapon. He then hits him with a shot to the head, sending Sheamus down to the mat and crawling to the ropes with the fans cheering. Sheamus picks himself up, looking very unsteady on his feet as he uses the ropes to help himself up with Finlay getting ready to strike again.

The Celtic Warrior makes it to his feet, and as he turns round, Finlay runs right at him and swings the shillelagh at his head, but Sheamus reacts quickly to pull himself to safety under the bottom rope. He flips on the outside and shows his frustration by driving his fists in to the apron. Finlay’s eyes are locked on him, not too pleased that his rival escaped. “Lambeg” plays again and Sheamus continues to lose it on the outside, kicking the steps and pushing them over as he heads to the ramp with Finlay still watching his every step.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

A very serious Triple H is lacing up his boots in his locker room, getting ready for his massively important match with Randy Orton in the main event later on.

*Cut Backstage*

The Big Show is getting ready in his locker room for his Steel Cage Intercontinental Championship match with Ted DiBiase Jr later on when Justin Gabriel, Show’s rookie walks in to the room looking very cautious. Show seems very relaxed though on the other hand.

Justin Gabriel:
Hey, I’m Justin. . . Justin Gabriel, the rookie you’re mentoring. I know it’s not the best time. . .

The Big Show: . . . It’s fine, come on in an’ sit down.

Justin Gabriel: You sure? I can come back later if you want? I know you’ve got a big match t’night.

The Big Show: Seriously it’s fine, I’m happy t’ help you out. Me an’ Bischoff go back a long way an’ he asked me if I wanted t’ mentor one of you lot. He even said he sees you as a star of the future. You’ve got a lot t’ live up to my man.

Justin Gabriel: Really? He said that? Wow. That is a lot t’ live up to.

The Big Show: Don’t worry about that. I’m gonna help you as much as I can an’ make you the star Bischoff thinks you can be. Besides, I could do with an extra pair of hands right now with the McMahons on my case.

Justin Gabriel: I guess so. Any help you need, you can count on me.

The Big Show: You’re a good kid Justin, an y’know what? I think we’re gonna get on just fine.

Both men smile as the camera fades out, and Gabriel’s far more relaxed now than he was when he first walked in the room.

*Cut to the Arena*

“Listen this ain’t no make believe. . .”

Out walk John Morrison & Matt Cappotelli in to the Van Andel Arena to a pop from the Grand Rapids crowd. Both are dressed casually and they don’t seem to be as laid back as they have been in previous weeks, and it looks like they’re trying to put a brave face on it, Morrison especially as they greet the fans. As they enter the ring, Morrison picks a microphone up off the apron and his music stops as he & Cappotelli step inside.

John Morrison:
Unfortunately I’ve had the misfortune of knowing The Miz for some time, and just when I thought I’d heard it all, last week he sunk to new depths even f’ him. He’s never been the most subtle of individuals and he has no problem running his mouth without thinking about the consequences. He’s not changed in the entire time I’ve known him and he never will.

Morrison takes a second to compose himself.

John Morrison:
I’ve got used to blocking out all the selfish, deluded, malicious nonsense that come out of his mouth. However last week he hit a nerve in a big way. He went too far and I’m sure he knows it, although I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why he said it. I’m also sure he doesn’t care what he said, but I do. . . For those of you who didn’t happen to hear what he said, you’re about to. See even though Matt and I are friends and have been through so much, both winning W-W-E contracts at the same time in what I can only describe as the most amazing experience of my life, Mr. Hollywood is of the belief that the only reason I invited Matt to Raw is because I feel sorry for him.

Morrison takes another brief respite to compose himself with Cappotelli also looking unhappy next to him.

John Morrison:
I’m sure some of you know what I’m referring to and I’m sure some of you don’t. . . Where I was fortunate enough to have the chance to perform in front of each and ev’ryone of you and millions more fans across the world watching at home, that chance was taken away from Matt, or more specifically, cancer took that chance away from him. The hell he’s been through, that I saw him go through made it impossible not to feel sorry for him, but now he’s beaten it in a fight tougher than any you’ll ever get in this ring, the only thing I feel is pride. I’m proud of him for coming through it.


John Morrison: I invited him to SummerSlam for one reason, because he’s my best friend as The Miz himself knows, and I wanted him there in my corner on one of the biggest nights of my career. Matt knows that too and if he felt for a second I was taking pity on him, he’d know and he would never have turned up at SummerSlam. Isn’t that right buddy?

Cappotelli smiles and is passed the microphone by his friend.

Matt Cappotelli:
Yeah that’s right J, no doubt. I even felt bad standing there listening to all that. I’ve never wanted sympathy an’ John knows that better anybody. That’s why I wasn’t that bothered by what The Miz said last week. After all I’ve been through, you find out that life really is too short t’ put up with people like him. I’m just thankful that I had god by my side to help me beat the cancer.


Matt Cappotelli: As much as it didn’t bother me directly what he said, it kind of bothered me that he took that shot at John. He can say what he wants about me but John’s a diff’rent story. He was there ev’ry stretch of the way f’ me an’ I. . .


*Major Heat*

Clearly amused, The Miz hits the stage dressed in jeans, T-shirt and casual jacket along with Heath Slater, his rookie who’s wearing jeans and a hoodie with the hood down. Mr. Hollywood is holding a microphone and his music cuts. Morrison & Cappotelli look up at them and Morrison is very unhappy to say the least at The Miz’s interruption.

The Miz:
One comment, one comment an’ you get all hot an’ bothered like this? What I don’t get Matt is how you don’t want sympathy yet here you are crying like a baby about how god helped you an’ how god saved your life. . . You wanna know what I think?. . . It’s crap. It’s all crap.


The Miz: Really it’s total B-S. You know how many people die ev’ry week of cancer across the world? You’re okay though right Matt because god chose to ignore ev’ryone else an’ save you.

*Ton of Heat*

The Miz: The funniest thing about that is you actually believe that don’t you? You actually believe that god, if there is one that is cured your cancer in some kind of miracle. . . Well let me make this as clear as I possibly can, there is no god and you’re a moron f’ believing he actually helped you.

*More Boos*

Morrison & particularly Cappotelli are disgusted and angry in the ring. Miz is showing no remorse whatsoever, and Slater seems to be amused by his mentor’s comments.

The Miz:
In fact, maybe there is a god. Yeah there could be something to that seeing it was some kind of miracle that John beat me at SummerSlam. It had t’ take something extraordinary an’ the more I think about it, the clearer it gets. Maybe you’re right. How does it work exactly? Do you have t’ go an’ ask ‘im personally f’ a favour or what? Maybe you could have a word with him about turning up at Unf’given, ‘cause that’s the only way you’ll ever beat me again John.


Morrison’s pissed and he snatches the microphone back from Cappotelli.

John Morrison:
What’s wrong with you? You. . .

The Miz: . . . WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME, REALLY? I’LL TELL Y’WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME. I don’t wanna have t’ listen t’ some god botherer comin’ out here on what I’m told’s a wrestlin’ show tryin’ t’ make out he’s on the level with the big man upstairs. . . Matt, anyone can see the only reason you’re here is ‘cause he feels sorry for ya an’ that you can’t be in the ring like him. The fact is you were never meant t’ be a star. Did y’think of that? You’re lookin’ at a success story right here. I didn’t need god’s help t’ be the star I am t’day, an’ as f’ that mighty friend of yours high in the sky, there’s nothin’ he can do t’ stop me beatin’ John at Unf’given like I should’ve at SummerSlam.




*Big Pop*

It’s The Miz’s turn to be angry as he & Slater glare down at the also pissed off Morrison and disgusted Cappotelli.

John Morrison:



The Miz: . . . Yeah yeah whatever John. What you think doesn’t matter. It never has an’ it never will. You’re nothing. No one cares about you or god’s best friend there. The only person these people care about is me, The Miz. . .

John Morrison: . . . No that’s what you want t’ think. The only person you care about is The Miz. The only person who cares about The Miz is The Miz. . . Heath is it? I feel very sorry for you. You need a mentor who’s going to care about helping you, and that’s not him. We’ve been both been through Tough Enough just like him, only we did something your mentor couldn’t. . . we won.


The Miz is furious as he stares down at Morrison with Slater listening.

John Morrison:
You’d be better off with mentors like us, me an’ Matt who would actually help you. . .

The Miz: . . . A mentor like Matt. What’s he done, seriously? He’s not even had a match, ever. I’m the only one who can turn him in to a star like me, not losers like you.

John Morrison: Us losers? From what I remember, the only loser at SummerSlam was you, and you will be again at Unf’given. And when I do beat you again, your rookie will see that too and realise he’s better off learning from someone else because the last thing The Miz is awesome. He’s a straight up jackass!

The fans cheer again as “Ain’t No Make Believe” hits with The Miz going nuts, shaking his head in frustration and screaming down at the now calmer Morrison & Cappotelli with Slater not sure what to make of what’s going on.

*Commercial Break*

Leticia Cline is standing by at the interview set looking at her dazzling best.

Leticia Cline:
Joining me at this time is the Intercontinental Champion, Ted DiBiase Junior.

Boos can be heard filtering through from the arena as the camera zooms out to show Ted DiBiase Jr in his ring gear standing a matter of inches away from Leticia with Maryse by his side, and she too is looking good enough to eat. Neither of them are in the best of moods tonight though.

Leticia Cline:
First off I have to ask you about the bombshell that was dropped on us all last week when we found out that you were the one that attacked Eric Bi. . .

Ted DiBiase Jr: . . . Do I look like I wanna talk about what happened last week? All that matters now is it’s out in the open. Ev’ryone knows, there’s no going back now, but I’m not sorry for what I did. I’m not gonna apologise either, get down on my hands an’ knees an’ beg f’ f’giveness. Don’t get me wrong, I never set out to attack Bischoff but I can live it with as I did what I did set out t’ do, and that’s become the Intercontinental Champion. No matter what Bischoff tries t’ do to change that, it won’t happen because I won’t allow it to. This is my title now and I’ll do whatever it takes t’ keep it that way.

Leticia Cline: Well you have a big challenge t’night when you defend the Intercontinental title inside a steel cage against The Big Show. What are your thoughts on that match we’ll see later on?

Ted DiBiase Jr: Y’know when Bischoff made that match last week, I could see that ev’ryone sat there in the crowd thought it’d bother me that I have to step inside a steel cage with a seven foot giant. Well it doesn’t. The Big Show doesn’t scare me. He might be a giant freak of nature but he’s not smart like me. I found a way to win this title and I’ll find a way to keep it. In fact I already have. Just you watch, and that especially goes for Bischoff because he’ll soon see that I’m up to anything he throws at me.

There’s some commotion not so far away and Leticia, DiBiase & Maryse all turn round to see what’s going on.

Leticia Cline:
Oh my god.

The camera pans to the right and John Morrison is being pummelled by The Miz & Heath Slater with Matt Cappotelli trying to fend them off with Melina there also. She’s concerned as Slater shoves Cappotelli down to his knees before he & his mentor put the boots to The Monday Night Delight.


Cappotelli stands back up and pulls Slater away by the arm, causing The Miz to stop his own attack on Morrison.

The Miz:
I’d let go of him right now Matt unless you want yet another trip t’ the hospital.

Cappotelli doesn’t want to as he stares at the deadly serious Mr. Hollywood while Melina kneels down to check on Morrison. Cappotelli then reluctantly lets go of Slater.

Heath Slater:
Good decision.

Melina stands up and gets in The Miz’s face.

You’re pathetic, you know that?

The Miz: Really? You just wish you had a chance with me don’t you Melina? Let’s face it. You wouldn’t ‘ave got back with mister personality otherwise.

Matt Cappotelli: Why don’t you just get out of here?

The Miz: My pleasure. Come on Heath. Oh yeah, that’s your first lesson. Be prepared!

Melina & Cappotelli look disgusted with them The Miz & Slater walk off laughing with Morrison squirming on the floor. They turn their attention back to him.

Are you okay?

Morrison doesn’t have too much of an idea where he is, looking very groggy as the camera zooms in on him.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #4*
Gregory Helms w/Matt Hardy vs. Joe Hennig w/Cody Rhodes & The Bella Twins

Helms was really fired up for this one and took the match to Hennig, who didn’t anticipate the onslaught he got. Neither did Cody as he watched his rookie struggle to make any impact in the early going. That eventually changed when Helms turned back to run the ropes as his opponent was getting back up. Cody grabbed Helms’ boot with the ref’s back turned, provoking an understandable angry reaction from Helms, who turned round and gave Rhodes a piece of his mind.

That gave Hennig the chance to sneak up behind the Cameron native to lift up off his feet and on to his shoulder where he then took him down to the mat with a side suplex. The debuting third generation superstar did an impressive job of doing a number on Helms, not letting him in to the match at all until Helms held on to the ropes and dodged a dropkick as Hennig crashed and burned on the canvas. That got the crowd going and they got behind Helms, as did Matt on the outside.

Cody was looking worried in his rookie’s corner, as were the Bellas. They were helpless to stop Helms as he levelled Hennig as he sat up with a shining wizard. That was met by a big cheer and a punch to the air from Matt, but Henning showed some resilience and kicked out at two. If Helms was frustrated at not putting him away there and then, he didn’t show it. He got right back up and urged the groggy Hennig to do the same, and slowly but surely, Joe made his way back up.

He didn’t seem to know where he was, and Helms pounced immediately, grabbing the back of his head and setting him up for the Nightmare on Helms Street. Henning fought back and stood up straight, then shoved Helms in to the ropes. Helms held on to them again, and Hennig ran right at him and in to an extended elbow that sent him staggering away from the ropes. Helms was about to go after him when Cody grabbed his boot again. Matt saw what was going on and went right for Cody, charging round the floor, causing some concern for the referee.

Cody backed away, and as Helms walked towards Hennig, he got a poke to the eye. The ref didn’t see it, preferring to make sure Cody & Matt kept their hands off each other, and with Helms struggling to see, Hennig took full advantage and planted him with the Perfect Plex, a bridging cradle suplex to earn himself a debut victory. It didn’t go down well with the crowd or Matt, and neither did Cody’s gloating. Matt snapped and swung at Cody, knocking him down to the floor. Hennig saw it and quickly left the ring as Cody got back up, leading to a two on one mugging.

They clubbed Matt to the floor and put the boots to him until Shannon Moore, new to Raw and long time friend of both Matt & Helms charged down the ramp and took Cody & Hennig by surprise. Moore shoved them and checked on Mat before getting in Cody & Hennig’s face, and thankfully for him, Helms was back on his feet and joined Moore on the outside. Cody & Hennig then decided enough was enough and left ringside with the Bellas as Matt sat up with Moore & Helms keeping one eye on him and one on the not so happy mentor & rookie.

Winner: Joe Hennig by pinfall.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

Coming Soon!

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #5*
WWE Intercontinental Championship
(Steel Cage Match)
The Big Show w/Justin Gabriel vs. Ted DiBiase Jr © w/Maryse

Just as the bell rang and Show stepped towards the defending champion, “No Chance in Hell” played to a barrage of heat from the Michigan crowd. The Big Show immediately turned round and saw The Corporation making their way out to the stage, much to the amusement of the smug DiBiase. It looked as if DiBiase knew something about it, but Show certainly didn’t, and neither did the confused Justin Gabriel who was watching from his mentor’s corner as J.B.L., Vince & Shane McMahon, all looking very serious, walked down the ramp.

Show’s eyes were locked on them, allowing DiBiase to climb the cage, but then Show did notice as the crowd made it clear something else was going on. He then went after DiBiase with Maryse worrying ever so slightly on the outside, just as The Corporation got to the ring and demanded the key to the cage door from the panicking referee. Gabriel didn’t know what to do initially and then decided to make a stand and help his mentor while the irate Vince snapped and hammered the referee down to the floor before picking up the key.

On the inside, Show dragged DiBiase off the cage and down to the mat, just as Gabriel ran round in to a big boot from JBL and Vince opened the cage door. Show turned round and saw Gabriel hit the floor, and then Vince ordered JBL & Shane in to the ring. Show raised both his fists and prepared for the fight as Vince’s sons entered the ring and rolled their sleeves up after throwing their jackets down to the mat. They then charged at Show together and attacked him with right hands, but Show fought back and gave as good as he got, first sending Shane down and then JBL.

As Shane got back up, Show scoop slammed him back down and DiBiase began crawling towards the cage door with Maryse getting excited on the outside. Vince was looking worried, and with both his sons on the deck, Show turned the attention back to his opponent and grabbed him by the feet. The panic was there for all to see on the face of DiBiase, but Show didn’t count on JBL crawling up behind him on his knees and low blowing him. The giant fell to his knees and then forward on to his front as DiBiase crawled away and to the door with Vince grinning sadistically on the outside.

Maryse ran round to the door and shouted at her boyfriend to escape, and he did just that with ease to an absolute ton of heat from the crowd. He grinned as his feet hit the floor and shook hands with Vince before going to pick up his Intercontinental Championship. He threw the title over his shoulder and headed up the ramp with Maryse and didn’t look back as JBL & Shane stood up and watched Show squirm while a shaken Gabriel sat up on the floor. Show then started to stir, and as he did so, Gabriel pushed his way past Vince, who wasn’t looking at him.

Show’s rookie dived in under the ropes and went flying at Shane, knocking him down from behind before going at JBL. They exchanged blows and Gabriel fired him back in to the ropes, but as he tried for an irish whip, JBL reversed it and once again caught him with a big boot. The angry Texan stared down with nothing but contempt at Gabriel, and then dragged him back up, setting him up for the Last Call, and he hit it, just as Show was getting back up to his knees with the salivating Vince watching on. Shane too was back up and JBL nodded at him, then stepped back.

Layfield then wound his right arm up and hit the ropes before connecting with a Clothesline from Hell. It knocked Show off balance, astounding JBL who panicked and hit the ropes again to hit him with a second Clothesline from Hell, and this time it sent the big man down. Both Shane & JBL dragged his almost dead weight body in to the corner and sat him up against the pads, and Shane left the cage to have a look under the apron where he pulled out a trash can. Vince was loving what he was seeing as Shane got back inside and set it up in position in between the ropes.

Shane-O-Mac then hit the adjacent corner and scaled the dizzy heights of the top rope with the fans booing, then he took the giant leap to hit the Coast to Coast. It was met by more boos as you would expect, as well as an applause from his father, who went to Lilian Garcia and took her microphone. He then joined his sons and the motionless Show & Gabriel, and all three members of The Corporation were smiling and admiring their work, but Vince’s was more sadistic.

Result: No Contest, and still the Intercontinental Champion, Ted DiBiase Jr.

Vince McMahon: I’ve put up with this ridiculous situation long enough. This is my company DAMNIT and I’m sick of being told what t’ do on my own show, so I’m making a decision right here right now.


Vince McMahon: At Unf’given Show, you’re going t’ be in action, against me, VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON. . .

*Big Pop*

Vince McMahon: . . . and both my sons, Shane an’ J-B-L in a handicap match. And I promise, this is nothing compared t’ what we’ll do t’ you an’ this snot nosed punk if he gets in our way again.

*Major Heat*

Mr. McMahon grins as the boos echo around the arena, as do Shane & JBL. “No Chance in Hell” plays again as the McMahons smirk at the sight of Big Show & Gabriel barely moving on the mat.

Jim Ross: We’ve just been advised that Eric Bischoff has spoken to representatives of the U-S-A network an’ we’ll be here until the conclusion of our main event comin’ up next, so there’s need t’ worry folks. We’ll be back in just a few moments. Don’t go anywhere.

*Commercial Break*

The Intercontinental Champion, Ted DiBiase Jr is walking smugly through the back with Maryse holding his title belt, but as he turns a corner, he’s met by a waiting Kofi Kingston. The former champion stares at the shocked DiBiase and shoves him up against the wall. Maryse tries to pull Kofi away but he’s having none of it and turns his head to give her a chilling stare of a warning. She’s worried too as Kofi turns round and glares right in to his bitter rival’s eyes.

Kofi Kingston:
Listen up you two faced son of a bitch. I’m gonna make you pay f’ screwin’ me over at SummerSlam. Y’better believe it. Y’might’ve got lucky t’night but you ain’t at Unf’given ‘cause I’m gonna take my title back. Y’know, the one y’stole from me in the first place.

Ted DiBiase Jr: Dream on Kofi. You know as well as I do that’s just not going t’ happen.

Kofi smirks and steps back, much to the amusement of DiBiase. As he steps away from the wall, Kofi drills him with a right hand, knocking him down to the floor. Maryse drops to her knees straight away as Kofi looks down intensely at him with Maryse cursing him in French. DiBiase sits up holding his cheek and stares right at Kofi who’s standing over him.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
You have no idea how much you’re gonna regret that.

Kofi Kingston: Yeah? We’ll see, but let me tell y’somethin’ champ. Bischoff should be the least o’ your worries.

Kofi then turns round and walks away from the fuming couple, but as DiBiase stands back up rubbing his chin, he & Maryse are in for another unpleasant surprise as Eric Bischoff walks towards them. He too isn’t in the best of moods either.

Eric Bischoff:
Well it looks like Kofi beat me to it. . . Now, even though none of the detectives could figure out you attacked me, it doesn’t take a genius t’ figure out you had something t’ do with what just happened out there. You might be thinkin’ y’did somethin’ real smart by getting out of that match, but let me tell y’Ted, it wasn’t smart at all. I told you last week no one crosses me an’ gets away with it, an’ you’re no diff’rent. So next week when you arrive here, I’ll let you know what I have planned, just so there’s no repeat of t’night. . . Oh and’ Ted, it’s gonna be somethin’ bad, mark my words. You have a good week though an’ I’ll see y’next week.

Bischoff grins at an even more ticked off DiBiase, and Maryse isn’t happy either as the Head of Authority turns round and walks away leaving the Intercontinental Champion with something to think about.

*Cut to the Arena*

“I hear voices in my head. . .”

Boos ring round the arena and a very focused Randy Orton makes his way out to the stage along with his rookie, Darren Young. The Legend Killer is stopped by Zack Ryder, although he doesn’t appear to be too happy about it but goes along with it, making Ryder slightly uneasy with Orton’s eyes burning a hole on his face. The music stops and allows Ryder to interview the number one contender for the WWE Championship.

Zack Ryder:
Randy we know you’ve got a very important match in just a few moments, but along with several other Raw superstars, you’ve been given the task of mentoring one of the numerous rookies signed by Eric Bischoff. What can you tell us about your rookie, Darren Young?

Randy Orton: If you cast your mind back two weeks, I told Ric Flair how grateful I was for how he helped me in the early part of my career, and now I have the chance t’ help Darren Young in the same way that Ric helped me become the best wrestler in the world t’day. Come Unf’given he won’t just be being mentored by the best in the business but by the W-W-E Champion, because in less than three weeks I will defeat Batista and become the W-W-E Champion once again.


Ryder nods his head and takes a step across Orton, moving towards Young.

Zack Ryder:
Darren, can I get a word from you about how you feel about Randy Orton being your mentor?

Darren Young: It’s an honour t’ be mentored by this man. When I found out that I would be coming t’ Raw an’ getting’ a mentor, there was only person I wanted, an’ that’s the man I’m stood next to right now, The Legend Killer an’ the next W-W-E Champion, Randy Orton.


Darren Young: I respect this man an’ ev’rything he’s done in this business an’ I’ll do anything he asks of me t’ show him how much I respect him an’ how hard I’m prepared t’ work t’ be the best that I can be.

Ryder’s impressed by Young’s attitude, as is Orton. Ryder steps back and prepares another question for The Viper.

Zack Ryder:
Now Randy, understandably there’s some controversy about your match with Triple H after you won the battle royal an’ the title shot at Unf’given. How are you feeling about having t’ face The Game t’night an’ the prospect of a triple threat match for the W-W-E Championship at Unf’given?

Randy Orton: T’ sum it up in one word, it’s a joke, but that’s what Eric Bischoff’s all about. He’s had it in f’ me f’ along time. If it wasn’t f’ him I’d be the W-W-E Champion as we speak. He’s not been back two minutes and he’s already getting involved in my business. Anyone can see I won the battle royal fair an’ square. Therefore I should be the only one t’ receive a shot at the W-W-E Championship, and you can be sure I’m going to do whatever I have to t’night t’ make sure that remains the case.

“Voices” plays again to heat as Orton & Young walk down the ramp to more boos, both displaying very serious expressions in the process. Orton steps inside the ring and prepares for his opponent’s arrival, and he’s waiting a fair few seconds after his music grinds to a halt. . .

“In The End”

*Massive Pop*

The WWE Champion, Batista hits the stage to a huge reaction. The crowd are shocked to see The Animal, as is The Viper who looks confused and angry at seeing Batista (wearing jeans, shirt and a leather jacket) hits both sides of the stage and poses for the fans before heading down the ramp to join JR & King at the announce table, unsettling Orton even more. The Legend Killer watches him every step of the way.

Jim Ross: Well we weren’t expecting this folks. It looks as if we’re gonna be joined by the W-W-E Champion, Batista. . . It’s good t’ see y’Dave. What brings y’hear?

The Animal shakes hands with both JR & King before putting on his headset.

Jerry ‘The King ‘Lawler: Let him get settled first J-R.

Batista: Thanks King.

Jim Ross: So what brings you down here Dave?

Batista: Well I thought I’d take the chance t’ do some scoutin’ since I’ll be defendin’ the W-W-E title against Orton at Unf’given, an’ maybe Hun’er too if y’can believe that.

Jerry ‘The King ‘Lawler: How d’ y’feel about that champ? It was just supposed t’ be Orton, now it could be Triple H too.

Batista: If it happens I say it bring on King. I’ve waited a long time as it is t’ get my hands on Hun’er. If it happens at Unf’given that’s fine by me.

“Behold the King, the King of Kings. . .”

*Ton of Heat*

Triple H, a very intense Triple H makes his way out to the boo filled arena. He stops and takes a quick look at Ryder at the top of the stage before walking down the ramp and shutting out the boos from the fans. Orton’s eyes are now on The King of Kings, and he too focuses on his opponent as he takes each step at a time and enters the ring.

As he steps inside, he walks across the ring and locks his eyes on Batista, and there’s a great deal of tension between them as you would expect. After a good five or so seconds, he turns to the side and climbs up to the second, then throws his arms back, posing for the crowd and staring at Batista at the same time, still getting a huge amount of heat. He then steps down and heads in to his corner with Darren Young watching on with deep interest on the outside.

*The Main Event*
(If Triple H wins, he will face Batista & Randy Orton at Unforgiven for the WWE Championship)
Randy Orton w/Darren Young vs. Triple H

Batista wasn’t the only interested spectator for this contest, and the fans were leaning towards Orton as the match progressed. Young was also watching keenly from his mentor’s corner in what was a very competitive contest with both men desperate to win. It was The King of Kings who started the match the stronger, really demonstrating how much he wanted in to the WWE Championship match at Unforgiven. The Viper fought back and showed his former Evolution team mate he wasn’t going to lie down either, rolling to the side and dodging a pointed knee drop from Triple H.

As both men then picked themselves back up, it was the current number one contender that struck first, catching Triple H with an inverted headlock backbreaker. The Legend Killer put his opponent through the mill for a long time, forcing him to endure the agony of body scissors and several (uncharacteristic :rolleyes) chin-locks. Endure them he did, and he came back fighting by rising to his feet using every bit of strength he could manage and shoving Orton in to the ropes, and as The Legend Killer came back, he was introduced to The Game’s knee with a high knee lift.

Orton didn’t stay down for long and got up as quickly as he could, looking very determined as a concerned Young watched on. Triple H followed that up with an irish whip and a spinning spine-buster, putting Orton in some serious danger and on the verge of defeat. He was in no mood to mess about and waste any time, and was incredibly intense as he watched Orton squirming on the mat and then attempt to get back up. Orton was hurting and struggled to get back up, and as he turned round in a daze, The King of Kings stomped him in the gut and pulled him in to place for the Pedigree.

Boos rang out and Triple H sensed victory, and then he made a mistake. He turned his head and took a look at the very serious looking WWE Champion at the announce table. Just as The Game turned the attention back to Orton, he immediately realised he was in trouble, and Orton countered with a back body drop. There were a lot of cheers in the crowd as well as some boos, and both men looked spent as they made their way back up. Orton looked to strike first and stalked Trips for an RKO, but as he jumped up in to the air, The Game pulled back and Orton hit the deck.

Again he got up as quickly as he could, but he wished he didn’t as he walked right in to a face-buster knee smash. Orton was in deep trouble, and Triple H once again looked for the pedigree. Before he could hook his opponent’s arms, Orton fought back and lifted him over his back again. Orton then took a few seconds, watching The Game roll around on the mat and try to sit up. The sadistic looking number one contender then back tracked to the corner, getting ready to take Trips’ head off with the Punt. Orton was foaming at the mouth before he then raced out of the corner and swung his boot at The King of Kings, but Trips pulled his head back as Orton ran through in to the ropes.

He managed to put the brakes on and held on to them, and as he turned round, he saw Triple H running right at him. The Viper reacted in a flash, ducking and pulling down the top rope to send his opponent over the top and down to the floor below, right in front of Batista at the announce table. The Game used the table to pull himself back up to his feet and was met with a stern look from The Animal. He gave one back as he got back to his feet with the referee making a count, not that Triple H was aware of it. The two rivals glared at each other, and Triple H took a look at the shiny WWE title belt.

Batista stood up and grabbed it, then made sure he knew it was his. They got in each other’s face, and it looked like they were going to go at it until the referee counted to ten and called for the bell. The Game turned round in shock with Orton smirking, as was Batista. The shock turned to anger as Trips stared a hole through the referee, who just looked down at him and explained he was counted out. Orton posed in the ring looking very satisfied to have got through it, and he was joined by Young, who congratulated him. That wound The King of Kings up even more, and he slowly turned round and stared right at Batista, seemingly blaming him for the loss.

Batista smiled through it, just getting Triple H even angrier, who slapped the headset off of him. It wasn’t a wise move as Batista then responded with a right hand, resulting in Triple H throwing one back and a fierce scuffle at ringside. The ref quickly tried to break it up but couldn’t and called for help from the back. Orton & Young left smirking as Batista & Trips went at it, and the help came flying down the ramp past Orton & Young. It was boiling over between Batista & The Game but the refs eventually managed to separate them and hold them apart but they continued staring at each other, desperate to tear each other apart as the show came to a close.

Winner: Randy Orton by count out.


>Quick Results<

JTG & Homicide
df. The Colon Brothers
Rey Mysterio
df. Orlando Jordan
Gail Kim
df. Mia Rain
Joe Hennig
df. Gregory Helms
Ted DiBiase Jr
NC. The Big Show
Randy Orton
df. Triple H

>Superstars Tapings<
The Miz & Heath Slater
df. Eugene & Goldust

>Confirmed for Next Week<

Mystico vs. Zack Ryder

>Confirmed for Unforgiven<

WWE Championship
Batista © vs. Randy Orton

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston vs. Ted DiBiase ©

Celtic Brawl
Finlay vs. Sheamus


John Morrison vs. The Miz

Matt Hardy vs. Cody Rhodes

Rey Mysterio vs. Zack Ryder

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


>2 More Matches All Set For Unforgiven!<

We saw Triple H collide with Randy Orton last night live on the extended edition of Raw, and The King of Kings’ attempts to join The Viper & Batista in a triple threat match at Unforgiven for the WWE Championship failed.

In what was a very competitive match between the two former Evolution team mates, Triple H’s rivalry with the WWE Champion cost him. Batista joined Jim Ross and the returning Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler at the announce table, and when The Game was sent flying from the ring down to the floor and right in front of The Animal, the tension boiled over. Triple H allowed himself to get distracted and subsequently counted out as a result, meaning he lost out on the shot he’s wanted from the moment Batista won the title at Vengeance. The two of them then had to be pulled apart by officials in front of a clearly amused Randy Orton.

Now we know for sure that it will be the two men brought to Evolution by The Game that will battle it out for the gold at Unforgiven, much to the frustration you can be sure of Triple H.

Another match set for Unforgiven last night will see Rey Mysterio go up against one of his biggest critics and one of Raw’s latest additions; its host in fact, Zack Ryder.

The host who isn’t shy in holding back his own personal opinion has targeted Rey ever since his first appearance just over two weeks ago. The former World Heavyweight Champion stood up to Ryder last week and gave him a taste of the 619, something he’ll be hoping to avoid when they clash at Unforgiven. After Rey defeated another Raw newcomer in Orlando Jordan last night, he challenged Ryder to put his money where his mouth was, and Raw’s host obliged by accepting the challenge.

Will Ryder be able to back it up in just under three weeks on what will be his pay-per-view debut?

Well next week will see Ryder’s actual in-ring debut when he takes on Rey’s rookie, Mystico, who will also be making his Raw debut next Monday night live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

When accepting the challenge from Mysterio, he said that he wanted a warm up match and that Mystico would be the perfect opponent before taking on the newcomer’s mentor at Unforgiven. With both men making their Raw debuts, only one can end up the victor. Will that be Ryder? Make sure you tune in to Raw next week to find out.

>The Corporation Help DiBiase Jr Keep the Intercontinental Title!<

This time last week we were wondering if Ted DiBiase Jr was going to be able to overcome The Big Show and retain the Intercontinental Championship inside a steel cage.

Well last night he managed to do that, although it was in a very underhand manner to say the very least. It would appear that the defending champion sought out the help of The Corporation to ensure he left Grand Rapids with the title he controversially took from Kofi Kingston at SummerSlam with help from his father. He did just that when just as the bell rung to signal the start of the match, Vince McMahon and his two sons, Shane & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield made their presence felt by breaking their way in to the cage and doing a good old fashioned number on The Big Show and his rookie, Justin Gabriel. Afterwards, Vince even announced that he was sick of living by other people’s rules on his own show and seemingly made a handicap match between him, his sons and the seven foot monster for Unforgiven. Time will only tell if that will happen as we’ve received no official confirmation of that match from Eric Bischoff.

Raw’s Head of Authority was understandably angry at DiBiase’s apparent calculated plan to avoid the match made for him by the man he attacked two months ago. The man he will defend the title against at Unforgiven, Kofi Kingston caught up with him first and let him know just he felt about the double cross at SummerSlam. The former champion drilled him with a right hand and told him to worry about him not Bischoff, and then Bischoff appeared on the scene to let DiBiase Jr know that he’s not going to get off lightly come next week.

What does Bischoff have in store for his assailant next week in Canada?

>Tag Titles Vacated!<

Last Monday night we saw Carlito react badly after losing to Cryme Time along with his brother, Eddie Colon in their World Tag Team title contest, and we discovered last night that his attack on Shad Gaspard meant the champions had to be stripped of their titles.

That obviously left Shad’s partner, JTG in a not so happy state of mind. He let Eric Bischoff know just how he felt about the decision, but he quickly learnt that he had no choice but to accept it. He was then given a glimmer of hope when Bischoff announced that a tournament will take place to determine new champions and that he would be joining forces with his rookie, Homicide to take on the Colon brothers there and then. The newly formed duo of mentor & rookie were very impressive, and it was Homicide that sealed the deal and booked their place in the semi finals, laving Carlito not so happy once again.

Can JTG get the titles back with his rookie, and who else will be competing for the chance to challenge them? Make sure you catch Raw to find out!

>Cena Considering Switch to Smackdown!<

Raw’s fans were left stunned by Tazz’s bombshell on Smackdown last Friday night after Smackdown’s General Manager announced that he had offered John Cena the chance to jump ship back to where he started his WWE career when his contract expires at the end of the month.

Last night Cena addressed the Raw fans and informed the watching world that he has indeed received an offer from Tazz to go to Smackdown and that he was thinking it over. He stated that he enjoyed his time on the blue brand before his switch to Raw three years ago and that he owed it to himself and the fans to consider it. Eric Bischoff came out to give his own thoughts on the situation but put no pressure on Cena, but he did make it clear to him that Raw is the ‘A’ show and will be with or without him.

Will Raw be without Cena very soon? You’ll have to keep watching Raw to find out the answer to that question.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Friday Night Smackdown Preview
Friday 5th September 2008
Live from the Fort Worth Convention Center
Fort Worth, Texas

>The Landscape is Changing!<

We were promised changes galore last week by Smackdown’s General Manager, Tazz, and this week we’ll see some and maybe even all of them live in Fort Worth, Texas.

We’ll get to see the rookies that will be mentored by some of Smackdown’s biggest stars. They include Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez who has the honour of being mentored by the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk. We understand that The Straight-Edge Superstar’s rookie has quite a reputation in Mexico. It looks like he & Punk will be good for each other, and Punk could do with someone he can rely on after Chris Jericho left him all by himself, resulting in the World Champion being pinned by Christian last week. There could be a lot of bitterness flying around this week judging by those events, as you can be sure Punk won’t be happy at the way things went down.

Tazz also has one massive change in mind, and he revealed it last week when he announced that he has offered John Cena a contract to leave Raw and return to Smackdown. We also learnt this past Monday night on Raw from the man himself that he is considering returning to Friday nights. Cena spoke highly of his time on Smackdown and that he would be happy to be back on the Blue Brand. He also stated that he’d be just as happy to stay on Raw, so where will he be in a month’s time when his Raw contract expires. CM Punk told Tazz last Friday of his opposition to Cena possibly switching to Smackdown. Has Tazz had second thoughts bearing in mind what his World Champion had to say?

A week after trying to get Shawn Michaels’ attention, ‘The All-American’ Jack Swagger backed down last Friday night when The Heartbreak Kid squared up to him and gave him the chance to step up to the plate. It seemed like Swagger wasn’t happy with just defeating Michaels’ cousin, Michael Shane, and he was going back for more until The Showstopper made sure he didn’t. Michaels was ready to go and begged him to come at him, but he didn’t. It leaves you wondering if Swagger really is all mouth and no action.

Shelton Benjamin was in a gloating mood last week having discovered he’d broken Matt Sydal’s arm in his cowardly attack on him the week before. The Gold Standard’s reaction to losing the United States title to him at SummerSlam five nights earlier has left his arch nemesis in a difficult position as we found out last week when Benjamin challenged the injured King of the Ring to his contracted rematch at No Mercy. Despite having a broken arm, will we find out whether Sydal intends to accept Benjamin’s challenge?

Elijah Burke stood up to Benjamin on his friend’s behalf last week only for Dolph Ziggler to attack him and end the match prematurely. It was what happened after that caused the controversy as Ziggler forced himself on Burke’s girlfriend, Layla. She tried to push him away but couldn’t, and he kissed her, earning himself a slap from the understandably incensed Layla. Ziggler didn’t seem too bothered, but he may do this week as you have to believe Burke will be gunning for him. Is Ziggler going to get what he deserves?

This week will see the final showdown before Michael Shane & Johnny Jeter for the Cruiserweight Championship. Both their previous contests have resulted in Jeter controversially walking away with the title, only this time Tazz will be on hand to ensure there won’t be a controversial finish this time. So who will leave Fort Worth as the Cruiserweight Champion? Make sure you tune in to find out in what is sure to be one extremely personal & competitive contest.

Jeter’s title isn’t the only one under threat as the WWE Tag Team Champions found out last week. Two weeks ago, Petey Williams & Johnny Devine earned themselves a shot at The UK Pack’s tag titles at No Mercy, and last week Williams made the champions stand up and take notice when he sneaked a victory over Harry Smith. If the champs weren’t taking them seriously beforehand, they will be after last week.

Beth Phoenix is also a woman and a champion under pressure. She has both Mickie James & Michelle McCool chasing her title, and last week Mickie picked up an impressive victory against Mia Rain, a diva she previously hadn’t defeated. Both McCool & the Diva’s Champion were watching, and Phoenix made it clear to her that she’s more than up to the challenge. They too have been given the task of mentoring with Phoenix’s rookie being Nikki Roxx, and McCool will be responsible for the development of Alicia Fox. Will we find out this week if either Mickie or McCool will get the chance to challenge The Glamazon?

The Empire certainly let M.V.P.& Ron Killings know they weren’t happy last week at missing out on a shot at the tag titles after their rivals’ distraction allowed Petey Williams & Johnny Devine to sneak the victory the week earlier. Moments after M.V.P. & Killings defeated The Pitbulls, Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders made their way down to the ring along with Katie Lee, and with the help of Jamie Noble & Kid Kash, they attacked them and left them covered with a Union Jack flag on the mat. It looks as if battle lines have well & truly been drawn.

For weeks Charlie Haas & Chris Masters have been desperate to get their hands on each other, and last week The Masterpiece thought of a way they could do just that without Tazz putting a halt to it. He challenged his former partner to attempt to break The Masterlock, but before he tried to lock in the deadly submission hold, he went for the chair instead and tried to knock Haas’s head off. However that didn’t work and Haas saw it coming before making Masters regret his plan in a big way. The Masterpiece is sure to be regretting taking Haas lightly now!

Don’t miss Smackdown this week as there’ll be a lot of new faces making their debuts live from the Fort Worth Convention Centre. It’s sure to be an explosive night in The Lone Star State!

>Confirmed for This Week on Smackdown<

WWE Cruiserweight Champion
Michael Shane vs. Johnny Jeter ©

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday 5th September 2008
Live from the Fort Worth Convention Center
Fort Worth, Texas

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

*The Main Event*
Christian & Tyson Tomko
vs. CM Punk & Chris Jericho

Both Punk & Jericho were understandably not so thrilled to be partners from the moment they set eyes on each other, and it continued throughout the duration of the match. Christian was pumped from the get go and looked very impressive, definitely making his mark on the two men who laid into him last week. . .

Punk breathed a huge sigh of relief, and as they both turned round, he lifted Christian up again for the GTS, only this time Christian grabbed the top rope that was right there next to him. He drove his other elbow in to Punk’s head and found himself back on his feet as Punk tried to shake off the cobwebs.

Christian waited for Punk to turn round before running at him, but the World Champion caught him with a spinning heel kick as Jericho got to his knees on the outside and climbed back up on to the apron. The Straight-Edge Superstar then crawled across to his corner and tried to make the tag to Jericho, but he stepped back down off the apron, really pissing Punk off. He stood up and watched an angry Jericho walk away as Christian made his way back up.

Captain Charisma walked up behind him and grabbed his arms, pulling him into place for the Killswitch and hit to a huge pop and the amusement of Jericho, who stuck around to watch Christian pin Punk to get the win for him & Tomko. Jericho smirked and then turned round to head to the back as Christian & Tomko got their arms raised. As Punk came round, he had a face like thunder while Christian celebrated as the show came to a close.

*Opening Video*
“If You Rock Like Me”

*Cut to the Arena*


Michael Cole:
Good evening ev’ryone and welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, coming to you live t’night from the Fort Worth Convention Center in the great state of Texas where Michael Shane an’ Johnny Jeter will battle it out for the Cruiserweight Championship for the third an’ final time. . . Also if you missed it last week, Christian pinned the World Heavyweight Champion, C-M Punk, and t’night Christian’s problem solver, Tyson Tomko will go one on one with Punk’s rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez, who will be making his w-w-e debut.

Matt Striker: I have t’ say Michael, I am extremely excited t’ see these rookies that Tazz and Eric Bischoff have given this huge opportunity to. They’ve been given the chance to perform in front of millions of fans across the world and compete with some of the biggest names in this business. It really is an incredible opportunity for each and ev’ry one of them. . .


The former United States Champion, Shelton Benjamin walks out in to the arena in his casual clothes, jeans and a T-shirt along with some rather fetching and pointless sunglasses. He’s in a very relaxed mood as he enters the ring and walks over to the opposite apron and calls for a microphone from Justin Roberts. Not so surprisingly, Roberts does as he’s told and gives The Gold Standard a microphone, who also fulfils the expectation of the crowd and turns round with it in his hand and heads to the centre of the ring. His music cuts and the boos can be heard coming from the stands, not that they bother the chuckling Benjamin.

Shelton Benjamin:
Y’know I came here t’night honestly expectin’ t’ get an answer t’ the challenge I made last week t’ Matt Sydal f’ a rematch at No Mercy f’ what should still be my United States title.


Shelton Benjamin: That’s right, I said my United States title. I’ve always said since the King of the Ring that Matt Sydal is nothin’ but a fluke, an’ I stick by it no matter what you clueless idiots might think ‘cause what you think means nothin’.


Shelton Benjamin: Until you’ve stepped inside this ring, your opinion don’t count f’ squat. Think whatever y’want ‘bout me ‘cause I couldn’t care less what y’think.

*More Boos*

Shelton Benjamin: The bottom line is he’s got lucky each time he’s beat me. He got lucky at the King o’ the Ring, at The Bash an’ at SummerSlam, but two weeks ago his luck ran out. He got what was comin’ to ‘im, an’ believe you me, no one knows that better than Sydal ‘imself, but what he doesn’t know people is that’s not the end of his bad luck, not by a long shot, ‘cause whether he accepts my challenge or not, he won’t be the United States Champion f’ long.


Shelton Benjamin: You don’t have t’ like it, you just have t’ accept it. See the story goes that any champion here in the w-w-e has t’ be ready at any time t’ defend their title, an’ y’just have t’ look at Cryme Time on Raw t’ see that if you can’t do that, y’get stripped of the title. An’ just like Shad, Sydal’s in no shape t’ fight, not yet anyway, let alone defend his title. That’s why I’m out here t’ give him an ultimatum, just in case he thought I wasn’t serious last week. . . Matt, I’m not messin’. I’m not gonna stop ‘til I get my title back, whether that means beatin’ y’at No Mercy or bein’ handed it back if you have t’ give it up. An’ Matt, if you don’t give me an answer by the end o’ next week’s show, I’m gonna go t’ Tazz an’ demand he strips you of the title there an’ then.

*More Boos*

Shelton Benjamin: I told ya, I ain’t messin’ around. Y’should o’ thought about this kind o’ stuff Matt when y’stole my title. This is what y’have t’ put up with as a champion. It doesn’t matter how good you might be in this ring, it’s about so much more than that. You need eyes in the back o’ y’head f’ ev’ry second of ev’ry day ‘cause ev’ryone wants t’ be called a champion an’ will do whatever takes it t’ get their hands on the gold. Sometimes Matt you’ve gotta fight through the pain an’ tough it out even when you know you’re hurt real bad. Otherwise y’just don’t have what it takes t’ be a real champion, an’ we’re gonna find out next week what kind o’ champion you are Matt my boy. You’ve got plenty o’ time t’ let your broken arm heel before No Mercy. I know it wouldn’t hold me back let me tell ya. An’ Matt it better not hold y’back, ‘cause if it does you won’t be able t’ call yourself a champion much longer.


Shelton Benjamin: Hate all y’want, I’m used to it. You’re just gonna ‘ave t’ get used t’ not seein’ Sydal f’ a while, let alone as the United States Champion. But what y’will see is The Gold Standard, the best pure athlete in the world t’day. . .


Here comes Mickie James to a big pop, and she doesn’t look happy. She too is dressed casually and is wearing flats, which come in handy as she stomps her way down the ramp, letting off a look of total disgust for the smirking Gold Standard in the ring. As she gets in the ring, she shrugs past him to get a microphone before joining him in the middle of the ring, still looking disgusted with him. Benjamin seems to be amused by her presence.

Shelton Benjamin:
Mickie I gotta say I’m a little surprised t’ see y’out here. Y’can tell by the way these fools are lookin’ at ya that they ain’t got a clue what’s goin’ on, why you’re out here. See we’ve all heard the rumours back there ‘bout you an’ Matt gettin’ t’gether, an’ it looks like it’s true. Let me be the first t’ offer you my congr. . .

Mickie James: . . The only thing I want from you Shelton is for you t’ shut your mouth for a while. Do you think you can manage that?


Shelton’s not smiling anymore, and it’s clear Mickie’s in no mood to mince her words.

Mickie James:
You’re right about one thing though. Yeah, me an’ Matt are seein’ each other now, although there’s not a whole lot we can do since someone broke his arm.

That brings a smile to Benjamin’s face.

Mickie James:
Yeah I heard you think that’s funny, but let me tell you something Shelton. . . it’s not. All it does is prove you’re nothing but a coward.


Mickie James: It proves you know you can’t beat Matt and that you have t’ resort t’ doing things the coward’s way, attacking from behind like you did two weeks ago. You’re pathetic you know that? I guess you do, just like you know you can’t beat Matt. I mean how many times has he beat you now Shelton? Three times? Wait no, four times right? That’s about as emphatic as it gets. Now I can see you’re not the kind of guy t’ give up without a fight. . .

Shelton Benjamin: . . . You’re damn right, but this ain’t about me bein’ up f’ a fight. It’s about whether Matt’s up f’ the fight, an’ from what I see, it don’t look that way since he’s got his woman comin’ out t’ fight his battles for ‘im.

Mickie James: For the record Shelton, I’m not his woman, an’ secondly Matt’s more than up for the challenge. That’s the problem. Thanks t’ you he’s got a broken arm, not that that’s enough t’ stop him wanting to come here t’night and get even with you. If it wasn’t f’ me, Elijah an’ Mickie, that’s what he would’ve done. Thankfully we made him see sense an’ not t’ give you what you want. . . See we see through you. You’re scared because you know you can’t beat him, an’ because you’re so full of yourself, you won’t let it go until you do, and this is the only way you’ll do it. But guess what? You’re not going t’ bully him in to getting what you want.

Shelton Benjamin: Y’think so? Well we’ll soon see about that won’t we? It don’t matter if you, Matt, Elijah or whoever f’ that matter don’t agree wit’ me ‘cause like it or not, he has t’ defend his title ev’ry thirty days, it’s in ‘is contract. You know that as well as anyone. You used t’ be the women’s champion right Mickie? I know it was a long time ago but y’get what I’m sayin’. He’s got no choice but t’ face me at No Mercy broken arm or not. Either way he’s gonna lose the title, an’ quite frankly I don’t care which way it happens. It just matters that it will. The sooner you, Matt an’ the rest o’ his fan club get that the better ‘cause it’s gonna happen.


Mickie shakes her head.

Shelton Benjamin:
Seriously, get used to it. Now why don’t you run along an’ tell your boyfriend t’ think ‘bout what I’ve said, ‘cause this time next week he needs t’ give me an answer, or he can kiss goodbye t’ the United States title once an f’ all.

*Major Heat*

Shelton laughs in Mickie’s face, and she couldn’t be more disgusted with him.

“You’re not enough for me. Oh no!”


Trouble is on the way as Michelle McCool hits the stage along with her rookie, Alicia Fox. She’s also joined by another woman, a fine looking Latin woman covered with a large amount of makeup though it has to be said, and as they stand in line at the top of the stage, they look down at Mickie, all smirking. Mickie appears to be slightly concerned as they then casually make their way down the ramp and in to the ring with Shelton smirking too, seemingly enjoying Mickie’s worrying predicament with McCool and her crew making a battle line. The music stops and the three divas stare right at Mickie.

Shelton Benjamin:
I’ll leave you ladies to it, but don’t f’get what I said Mickie. I want my answer next week. Now you ladies have fun.

Benjamin smirks at Mickie as he walks past her and hands the microphone over to McCool. As Benjamin leaves the ring, McCool walks closer towards Mickie with the two other ladies standing behind her.

Michelle McCool:
Hey Mickie, how’s it goin’ girl? I saw y’got a big win last week. You must be feelin’ pretty confident o’ gettin’ a shot at the diva’s title now right? Wrong. . . Wait, where are my manners? Let me intr’duce y’to my rookies. Yeah you heard me right, I said rook-ies. . . See like other superstars but not you, I’ve been given the responsibility of mentoring a rookie Tazz has brought t’ Smackdown. I think tells a story all by itself, but anyway. Since I’m such a good teacher, well was a teacher, I went out an’ found another diva I liked the look of. So as of right now I’ll be helpin’ both these girls, Alicia Fox an’ Rosa Mendes. We all know I’m not a teacher any more but I’ve got a quick maths puzzle for ya. There’s one of you an’ how many of us are there d’ y’think Mickie?. . . By my count there’s three of us, an’ I thought what better way f’ them t’ show me what they’ve got that than t’. . .

Mickie James: . . . Than t’ what Michelle? Set them on me t’ save yourself from doing it and me putting you on that skinny behind of yours.


Michelle McCool: Do you really think now’s the time f’ jokes? If anyone’s gonna be havin’ fun Mickie, it’ll be me. . . Ladies, go ahead. Show me what y’got.

Michelle steps back and Alicia & Mendes walk past her and towards Mickie, who drops her microphone and gets ready to defend herself.



The Diva’s Champion, Beth Phoenix walks out in to the arena along with Nikki Roxx (Roxxi), her rookie, and both of them look ready to go. McCool turns round with a face like thunder and Mickie breathes a sigh of relief. Rosa & Alicia turn round too and aren’t to sure what to make of Beth & Roxx making their way down to the ring. As they get inside, they stand alongside Mickie and all six women prepare to go at it, staring at each other with their game faces on.

Hold it right there.

The six divas look up at the stage and see Tazz, Smackdown’s General Manager standing there with a microphone in hand.

You ladies wanna go at it? Fine but you’re gonna do it right, in a match not a fight. . . Michelle, you want two rookies? That’s fine too an’ we’re all gonna find out what they’ve got, ‘cause you’re gonna team up with ‘em t’ take on the team of Mickie James, the Diva’s Champion, Beth Pheonix an’ her rookie, Nikki Roxx in a fair fight, a six diva tag team match, an’ that match ladies is gonna be next.


Tazz: Can I get a ref out here please?

Tazz turns round and out comes a referee, who walks down to the ring as Tazz walks to the back and the six divas get themselves ready for their match coming up after the break.

*Commercial Break*

*The Opening Match*
Beth Phoenix, Mickie James & Nikki Roxx vs. Michelle McCool, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes

McCool started the match for her team, who tried to give her rookies a look at her ability against The Glamazon’s rookie. Roxx was eager to prove herself to her mentor and did just that in the early going, catching the over-confident McCool cold despite a good start from McCool. After getting a little cocky from the good start, McCool got complacent when pulling her opponent back up, and Roxx took advantage by shooting up and hitting an exploder suplex. McCool was stunned as you could see as she made her way back up, and Roxx wasn’t done there as she connected with a discus forearm smash and then a thunderous tornado DDT.

Mendes came to her mentor’s rescue and broke up the count by stomping on the back of Roxx’s head. Roxx & McCool then crawled to their respective corners and tagged in both Beth & Alicia respectively. Beth took control of the match for her team, but a distraction from both Mendes & McCool allowed Fox to get back in to it courtesy of a swinging neck-breaker. Fox tagged McCool back in as she & Beth went at it, and Beth was up against it for a while before she ducked a big boot and took McCool down with a double axe handle to the chest and followed it up with a slingshot suplex.

McCool kicked out fairly comfortably at two, and Beth brought Mickie in to the match and gave her a chance to get her hands on McCool. Mickie was fired up and took it right to the shaky McCool, but again her rookies came to her rescue and distracted Mickie as she was sizing her rival up for the Mick Kick. As the referee held Rosa back, Alicia went for Mickie, who saw it coming and hit a spin kick to the chest and then planted her with an Implant DDT.

The crowd loved that, but as Alicia rolled under the bottom rope to the floor below, McCool was back on her feet and Mickie turned round in to a roundhouse kick. Fortunately for Mickie she hit the mat by the ropes and was able to get her foot on the rope before the referee could count to three. McCool was fuming and made a tag to Rosa, who tried and failed to finish off Mickie. After dodging a stinger splash, Mickie levelled her dazed opponent with an enzuigiri.

That allowed Mickie to crawl across to her corner and tag Phoenix, who hit the ring as the very groggy Rosa tried to sit up. McCool sensed the danger and thought about getting in the ring, but The Glamazon gave her a death stare to keep her on the apron. That she did and could only watch on as the Diva’s Champion finished the defenceless Rosa off with the Grand Slam. The fans were happy, as were Mickie & Roxx as they joined Beth in the ring, leaving McCool spitting feathers on the apron.

Winners: Beth Phoenix, Mickie James & Nikki Roxx by pinfall.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From The Great American Bash

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Michael Shane © vs Johnny Jeter

With Jeter hobbling around, Shane leans back and explodes with the SWEET SHANE MUSIC!!!. . . . . The crowd erupts but the referee is still out. Shane desperately tries to help the referee shake off the cobwebs, but he's still out of it. Shane turns round and sees Louisa staring angrily at him and he just sn-iggers before turning his attention back to the referee. He doesn't see Louisa see red, and she climbs on to the apron as Shane bends down to check on the ref. She takes off her right shoe and slips in to the ring unnoticed.

The fans try to warn Shane, but as he stands back up, Louisa walks up behind him and NAILS HIM IN THE HEAD WITH HER HIGH HEELED SHOE!!!. . . . . Boos echo around the arena as Shane drops to the mat in a heap. Louisa looks down like a true woman scorned at Shane for several seconds before walking back over to the ropes and slips back out of the ring, putting her shoe back on as she hits the floor. The referee starts to wake up but looks groggy, and then Jeter lifts his head up too. Slowly they both make their way back up with Louisa smirking like crazy on the outside.

As Jeter gets up, Shane lifts his head up, looking totally starry eyed. Jeter looks confused as to what happened and looks over to his mum, and he gets it by the look on her face. He smirks back at her and then urges Shane to get up, and slowly but surely he does. As he gets up, he clearly has no idea where he is as. He then turns round unwittingly in to a GENESIS KICK!!!. . . . . Jeter connected with the jumping spin kick to the face and crawls across as quickly as he can to hook both legs and make a cover . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3. “Time To Shine” hits to a chorus of boos and Jeter goes nuts.

He jumps up and punches the air with his mum clapping in a frenzy on the outside. The ref collects the Cruiserweight title and hands it over to him. Jeter almost snatches it out of his hands and raises it high in the air as soon as he gets his hands on it. His mom gets back inside the ring and opens her arms to her son to give her a hug, and he does. She then raises his hand and they both look down and sn-igger at the motionless now former Cruiserweight Champion for several seconds before leaving the ring all smiles to a lot of heat from the Uniondale natives.

*Cut to the Arena*

Michael Cole:
Later on t’night, in our main event in fact, Michael Shane an’ Johnny Jeter will go at it one more time with the Cruiserweight Championship on the line.

“La Vittoria é Mia”

One of Smackdown’s draftees from Raw, Santino Marella makes his way out to the Smackdown stage for the first time, getting a mixed reception from the Texas crowd. He smiles widely as he walks down the ramp and in to the ring, then goes to get a microphone from Justin Roberts.

Santino Marella:
For-a thee very first times, I Santino Marella am-a here on the Smackdown. No longer am I a Raw superstar, I am a Smackdown super-duper-star.


Santino Marella: That is-a right my peoples, Raw will-a never be the same again without Santino Marella, but luckily for all you-a fans of the Smackdown, you get t’ see-a me ev’ry Friday nights where I will-a soon be thee World Heavyweight Campio. . .


Chris Masters and his rookie, Ryan (Skip) Sheffield enter the arena and are met with a chorus of boos. Sheffield is ripped and is only wearing tights, whereas Masters is in his street clothes. Both men seem focused and Santino doesn’t know what to make of their arrival. Masters picks a microphone up off the apron before he and then Sheffield enter the ring, then walk towards a nervous looking Santino.

Chris Masters:
What have we here? Smackdown’s next superstar? The new big thing on Friday nights? Well I’m sorry t’ disappoint y’but take a look at this company’s next big star, Ryan Sheffield. D’ y’still think you’re gonna be the next big thing on Smackdown ‘cause I don’t, and neither does he. With The Masterpiece by his side, the sky’s the limit f’ this man. I’m gonna help him all the way t’ the top.


Chris Masters: See unlike you, we’re serious. Ryan has ev’rything you need t’ be World Champion, where you’re nothin’ but a waste of space, a joke, but if you wanna prove us wrong, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is an’ face him in a match right now?

Santino doesn’t look so sure at all with Sheffield staring intensely at him.

Chris Masters:
What’s wrong huh super-duper-star? Cat got your tongue or are you scared like you should be?

Santino Marella: Hey I’m-a not scared.

Chris Masters: So we’re on?

Santino Marella: Err, okay.

Chris Masters: Great. All we need now is a referee. Don’t worry Ryan, this’ll be a walk in the park I promise. . . Oh an’ before I f’get Santino; welcome t’ Smackdown.

Masters leaves the ring while a referee jogs down the ramp as Sheffield & Masters psych themselves up for their match.

*Match 2*
Santino Marella vs. Ryan Sheffield w/Chris Masters

This wasn’t the same Santino we were used to seeing on Raw, and he put up quite the fight against a very focused & intense Sheffield. Masters’ rookie made an impressive start, taking control of the contest and doing some serious damage to the clearly hurting Italian. After an Oklahoma Stampede, Sheffield stood up and watched on intently as Marella struggled his way back up, but as the debutant then pounced and whipped him hard in to the corner looking to hit a body avalanche, Santino stepped to the side.

The crowd cheered as Sheffield’s chest hit the turnbuckle pads and Santino slipped behind him to roll him up for a cover. Masters was relieved to see his rookie power out at two, and as both men made their way back up to their feet, Marella took the fight to him and connected with a leg feed enzuigiri. He was initially devastated as he saw Sheffield kick out at two, but the Italian then raced his way up to the top rope as his opponent picked himself back up.

Santino watched closely as Sheffield stood up and turned round, and then Marella jumped off with the crowd cheering, and he caught him with a diving super kick. The cheers got even louder as Santino scurried desperately across the mat on his knees to make a cover, but he was once again left disappointed as the tough Sheffield got his shoulder up at two. The emotional Italian kept on taking the fight to him, but Sheffield’s strength advantage ultimately proved decisive as he fought his way back in to the contest, dodging a battering ram by throwing Marella forward in to the pads.

As Santino hit the pads and then turned round in a spin, Sheffield tossed him overhead with a belly to belly suplex. Marella was hurt, and when he eventually made it back up, he walked right in to a double under-hook lift and was dropped in to a double knee gut-buster. It looked like Santino was done there, but Sheffield wasn’t. He dragged the battered Italian up in to a piggy back position before hitting the Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder, a backpack stunner. That was lights out and Sheffield covered Marella with no response to earn himself his first victory in the WWE.

The Masterpiece was very satisfied with his rookie’s performance and joined him in the ring to raise his arm to heat from the crowd. It turned out that Masters had other plans for Marella, and he told his rookie to help him up. Just as Sheffield grabbed the weary Santino’s arms and dragged him up, “World’s Greatest” played and Charlie Haas came flying down the ramp to a big pop. Masters was fuming the moment he saw Haas, and he ordered Sheffield to let go of Marella, which he did.

They geared up for Haas as he then slid in the ring under the bottom rope, and he charged at them both. He put up a decent fight and even knocked Masters down, but as he went at it with Sheffield, Masters got back up and clubbed him from behind. Haas couldn’t fight them both off and was soon in real trouble, resulting in a thunderous lariat from Sheffield. Masters was intense as hell as he spotted his opportunity to get even with his former partner and started to stalk him.

He slipped right behind the struggling Haas and applied The Masterlock to heat from the Texas crowd. Haas tried as much as he could to escape, but he couldn’t as the red faced Masterpiece wore him down and put him to sleep. The sadistic Masters then tossed him down to the mat and glared down at him, and then an angry Tazz walked out to the stage with a microphone in hand.

Winner: Ryan Sheffield by pinfall.

Tazz: A’ight I’ve had ‘bout enough as I can take. I was gonna hold off f’ as long as I could before doin’ this, but next week right here on Smackdown, it’s gonna be Chris Masters goin’ one on one wit’ Charlie Haas.

*Big Pop*

Masters looks up at a very serious Tazz with a sick smile on his face and the dangerous Sheffield standing alongside him.

*Cut Backstage*

Josh Matthews is standing by at the interview set.

Josh Matthews:
Joining me at this time is the man who will be defending his Cruiserweight Championship in t’night’s main event. Please welcome Johnny Jeter.

We can hear boos filtering through from the arena as the cameraman zooms out, and there stands the very focused Cruiserweight Champion, Johnny Jeter. He’s joined by his rookie, Yoshi Tatsu.

Josh Matthews:
Johnny this rivalry between you and Michael Shane will come to an end t’night when you put your title on the line in what will be his last chance to regain it following the controversy of your last two matches, and with Tazz promising to be ringside to make sure there’s a clean winner, how confident are you feeling about your chances of leaving Texas t’night still the Cruiserweight Champion?

Johnny Jeter: Confidence don’t come in to it, an’ neither does Tazz. He can stand there an’ watch all he wants ‘cause there’s not gonna be anythin’ controversial about how I beat Shane again an’ retain my title. F’ all I care he can invite the whole damn locker room out t’ watch me embarrass Shane again, even though he shouldn’t even have this second chance he’s been given by his good buddy Tazz. In fact, who’s gonna be watchin’ Tazz? Ev’ryone knows he’s got it in f’ me. What’s t’ say he’s not gonna get involved an’ screw me over? If he does stay out of it though like he better, there’s no doubt I’ll walk out o’ this dump the way I walked in, the w-w-e Cruiserweight Champion. Then he’ll have no choice but t’ get the hell off my back.

Josh Matthews: While you’re here, can I get your thoughts on your rookie there, Yoshi Tatsu, an’ what can you tell us about him?

Johnny Jeter: Yeah I’ll give you my thoughts alright. It’s just like Tazz t’ give me somethin’ else t’ worry about on t’night of all nights, havin’ t’ babysit someone who doesn’t even speak a word of English, but I promise y’Josh, I’m not gonna let that distract me from gettin’ the job done. He can count himself lucky he’s got me as his mentor though ‘cause he doesn’t need t’ speak English when he watches me put on a clinic an’ beat Shane again. He’ll learn ev’rything he needs to just by being in my corner t’night.

Josh Matthews: Well thanks f’ your time an’ good luck later on.

Johnny Jeter: No problem Josh.

The self assured champion turns to walk away with Tatsu following, and he turns right in to Shawn Michaels, and The Heartbreak Kid, cousin of Jeter’s opponent tonight doesn’t seem to have a lot of love for him. The feeling’s mutual but Tatsu recognises him, then smiles and points at hm.

Yoshi Tatsu:
Shawn Michaels.

Jeter turns round and looks shocked that Tatsu spoke, and Yoshi then nods his head at Michaels.

Johnny Jeter:
F’get about him Shawn, I just hope you an’ your cousin are ready f’ nothin’ but disappointment t’night when he fails t’ beat me just like he always does.

Shawn Michaels: Oh he’s ready alright, ready t’ take back the cruiserweight title.

Johnny Jeter: No offence Shawn but that ain’t gonna happen.

Shawn Michaels: We’ll see about that, an’ I’ll be right there t’ make sure you don’t cheat ‘im like you always have.

Johnny Jeter: Whatever.

Jeter walks out of the shot, followed by Jeter who smiles at Shawn again and nods his head.

Josh Matthews:
Shawn, have you got time to answer a few questions?

Shawn Michaels: Sure Josh.

The Heartbreak Kid walks towards him coolly.

Shawn Michaels:
Fire away.

Josh Matthews: I’ve gotta ask you about you an’ Jack Swagger. We saw him jump your cousin two weeks ago after your match, an’ last week after he beat him, you confronted him. . .

Shawn Michaels: . . . Let me stop you there Josh ‘cause I could talk about Jack Swagger all night an’ trust me, I don’t wanna do that. All I wanna say is that when I gave ‘im the chance t’ back up his big mouth last week, he couldn’t get out o’ there quick enough. An’ y’know what Josh my boy? I wasn’t surprised the least bit. Like I told ‘im a couple o’ weeks ago, he’s not the first kid t’ get ahead of himself an’ run his mouth at the expense of The Heartbreak Kid, an’ if he’s good as he claims is, he surely wouldn’t have a problem goin’ toe t’ toe with this over the hill, retirement bound, beat up old hack, but he did. He showed the whole world he’s a coward an’ a liar, but thankfully I’m here t’ give ‘im one more chance t’ step up t’ the plate. In just over a month, I here we’ve got a pay-per-view comin’ up called No Mercy an’ I’m gonna give Jack the chance he supposedly wants, the chance to dance with The Showstopper, one on one, man t’ man. Now we’ll see if he is a man after all.

Josh Matthews: Okay then. While you’re here, can I get your thoughts on your cousin’s big match later on?

Shawn Michaels: Like I just told Jeter, he’s ready, an’ what better place than our home state o’ Texas t’ get his hands on the cruiserweight title one more time? I’m gonna be there supportin’ ‘im an’ I genuinely believe he’ll be leavin’ here t’night as the new Cruiserweight Champion.

Josh Matthews: Thanks Shawn. Have a good night.

Shawn Michaels: No doubt. Take care Josh.

The Heartbreak Kid walks out of the shot with a smile on his face.

*Video Promo*

We’re shown a split screen featuring Tyson Tomko along with Christian making their way through the back, and then Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez with his mentor, the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk doing the same.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

We’re shown footage from earlier in the day where M.V.P. & Ron Killings were brawling with The Empire (Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders) in what appeared to be the Brits’ locker room with Katie Lee trying and failing to stop them. It ended with The Empire being battered by a chair, and then Killings grabbed the Union Jack flag from Katie, snapped it and dropped it on both of them before leaving with M.V.P.

*Cut to the Arena*

Michael Cole:
After what you just saw, Tazz sent both teams home t’ make sure there would be no more problems between them t’night, but that wasn’t all. I can tell you that at No Mercy they will collide one more time in no ordinary match. It will be M-V-P an’ Ron Killings taking on The Empire in a flag match. McIntyre, Sanders an’ Katie Lee too f’ that matter have never been shy of trashing this great country of ours, an’ hopefully at No Mercy they’ll be covered in the red, white an’ blue.

“This Fire Burns”

The World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk steps through the curtain in casual clothes with his rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez to a chorus of boos. Del Rio-Ramirez is dressed to compete and he doesn’t take too well to the heat being thrown in his & Punk’s direction. The Straight-Edge Superstar doesn’t look happy either, but he seems more distracted than anything as he gives off some dirty looks as he walks down the ramp with his rookie. As they get in the ring, Punk goes and gets a microphone, then heads back in to the centre of the ring with Del Rio-Ramirez. His music cuts, bringing out the boos more.

CM Punk:
Before I get to the business in hand, I have something I need t’ get off my chest about what went down last week. . . I’m sure you all know by now that I lost. I lost t’ Christian.


CM Punk: Don’t get excited because there’s one simple reason that happened. That being it wasn’t down t’ me. It was down t’ my partner letting me down, a partner I knew I couldn’t rely on, but I assure you it won’t happen again. That’s a promise.


CM Punk: Now on to t’night an’ the man standing next t’ me. It gives me great pleasure t’ intr’duce t’ you, the man I will be mentoring here on Smackdown, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez.

Ramirez steps forward and raises his arm with his game face on, but he’s met by boos again that anger him. He steps back shaking his head with disgust, but it doesn’t seem to annoy or surprise Punk.

CM Punk:
Don’t worry about them, you have to excuse the majority of the American wrestling fans. They don’t acknowledge any kind of wrestling outside of this country. If they did, they’d know who exactly who you are. It just goes t’ show how ignorant you fail t’ recognise this man as he is undoubtedly one of the best talents outside America and one of the best Mexico has seen in the last ten years. Because of that ignorance, he’s been greeted by this typical reaction I’ve become accustomed to. Just like me, he deserves a whole lot better than that, but I gave up on you people a long time ago.

*Major Heat*

CM Punk: I can tell you all first hand that I’ve had the privilege of wrestling all over the world. That includes Mexico, and the standard is just as good there as it is here, if not better, but more importantly, the fans there respect the talent, their ability unlike each and ev’ry one of you morons.


CM Punk: Alberto would tell you the same. They respect him like you people should, but I assure you’ll have no choice but to respect him once you’ve seen him in action. See I went t’ Tazz earlier t’day an’ I asked him to give him a match here t’night against Christian’s problem solver, Tomko, ‘cause I’m very eager t’ see how he deals with this problem. I guarantee you he’s gonna give Tomko a whole lot of problems t’ deal with.

Punk smirks, as does Del Rio-Ramirez.

“GO! If you close your eyes your life. . .”

*Big Pop*

Christian & Tyson Tomko walk out to the stage with the fans rising to their feet and going nuts, all for Captain Charisma you would think with the odd Tomko freak out there too. Christian has a microphone in hand and looks very relaxed while Tomko is ready to go.

Hey champ, that was a nice speech but I can clear somethin’ up for you an’ your new buddy. I might not be American but there’s a whole lot o’ love between me an’ MY PEEPS IN TEXAS T’NIGHT.

*Big Pop*

Christian: That’s some love right there oh yeah, an’ I don’t think you’ll mind me telling your world champion that the reason you don’t like him is because of one simple reason. . . it’s because you’re a tool!


CM Punk: See Al’ this is just one more example of their ignorance. They don’t respect talent, they fall in love with clowns like him who practically kiss their ass. T’ hell with talent an’ winners. . .

Christian: . . . Since you’ve brought up the subject of winners, I’m sure you won’t mind me asking just who was the winner in this ring last week, ‘cause from what I remember Punk, I pinned your ass one two three.

*Big Pop*

Christian: You can blame it on Jericho all you want, the fact is I beat you an’ that’s gonna go down in the record books, much like Tomko beatin’ your protégé RIGHT HERE T’NIGHT.


Christian: But wait, there’s something else I’ve gotta get off my chest. See champ’ I’m not gonna settle f’ that one win. I’m gonna beat you one more time, only next time it’s gonna be with your world title on the line.

*Huge Pop*

CM Punk: Y’know what, I’m not even gonna dignify that with a response. If you think that represents a win, fine, but you’re gonna have t’ do a whole lot more t’ impress me enough t’ get a shot at this title. Anyway, I think it’s time we let actions speak louder than words, so how about you both get down here now an’ let this so called rookie get his first win at his first attempt?

Christian & Tomko look at each other for a second and then head down the ramp with Christian dropping the microphone on the way as Del Rio-Ramirez gets ready to go and Punk leaves the ring. Just as Tomko steps inside and the ref’s about to call for he bell. . .

“Y’know I got ya, yeah. G’on break the wall down. . .”

There’s a ton of heat for a suited and booted Chris Jericho as he walks out in to the arena and heads down to the announce table to join Michael Cole & Matt Striker. He gets some dirty looks from both Punk & Christian as he wanders round, soaking up the reception from the fans and both those two as he then sits down and puts on his headset.

*Match 3*
Tyson Tomko w/Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez w/CM Punk

With Jericho so kindly joining Michael Cole & Matt Striker on commentary, he told them and the television audience that CM Punk was wrong in blaming him for his defeat to Christian last week. He also said that Punk made a grave error that a world champion should never do and let his guard down, proving that he should be the champion not Punk as he would never let his guard down.

Tomko & Del Rio-Ramirez gave this contest everything they had, especially the Mexican who made a strong impression on his Smackdown debut. He was very focused throughout and showed he was very intelligent in the ring, using it well to help him inflict pain on his opponent. Tomko meant business too and made Punk’s rookie work all the way. After an impressive start from Del Rio-Ramirez, Tomko gave him a wake up call after hitting the ropes and holding on after an irish whip.

The Mexican wasn’t happy to wait around and ran right at his opponent, and Christian’s problem solver turned to the side and drove his elbow in to Del Rio-Ramirez’s face. It sent him staggering away from the ropes, and as he turned round, Tomko charged at him and drilled him with a big boot to the face. Tomko immediately went for a cover but the Mexican newcomer got his shoulder up at the count of two. CM Punk’s rookie had to tough it out for a while, and he did just that and came back fighting with a little helping hand from the World Heavyweight Champion.

Tomko’s irish whip was reversed, and as he hit the ropes. Punk grabbed his boot, angering both Tomko & Christian. Tomko turned round and stared down at the remorseless Straight-Edge Superstar while Captain Charisma walked round and let Punk know he was watching him. The distraction helped Del Rio-Ramirez, as the moment Tomko turned back round, he saw his opponent running at him and had no time to react or stop Ramirez driving his knee in to his gut.

Tomko fell to the deck and Del Rio gained the momentum from there, although he was mistaken if he thought he had it in the bag. He later tried and failed to execute a gut-wrench suplex with Tomko slipping to safety, and the problem solver quickly sent his opponent crashing down to the mat thanks to a full nelson slam. It looked as if Tomko was going to prevail then, but Del Rio-Ramirez still had some gas left in the tank. He was lifted on to Tomko’s shoulders for a back-breaker rack, and as Tomko tried to drop him in to a neck-breaker, the Mexican countered by landing on his feet and catching Tomko off guard with a rolling cross arm-bar.

Tomko was screaming out in agony as the red faced Del Rio-Ramirez applied the pressure, and despite fighting the pain as much as he could, Tomko was left with no choice but to tap out. Punk applauded on the outside and was quickly joined by his rookie, who was very intense still despite his debut win. Christian then entered the ring to check on Tomko, but with his back to the announce table, he couldn’t see Jericho slip in the ring behind him.

When he did realise something was up with the fans booing and trying to warn him, he turned round to face Jericho and fell victim to the Codebreaker. Punk and his rookie weren’t sure how to react as the smirking Jericho then went to get a microphone as the referee attended to Tomko, who was still suffering from the arm-bar.

Winner: Albert Del Rio-Ramirez by submission.

Chris Jericho: Now Christian looks like the loser he always has been, I can’t help but wonder how it must feel to have lost to him last week. However I’m not the one that falls under that category. That honour belongs to our World Heavyweight Champion, C-M Punk, and however much he tries to blame me, he has to accept that he lost to this loser and that anyone who loses to the likes of Christian doesn’t deserve to be the World Heavyweight Champion.


Punk watches on from the ramp along with the victorious Mexican, not too happy at Jericho’s comments.

Chris Jericho:
There’s only person on this show that deserves to be the World Heavyweight Champion, and that’s Chris Jericho because I am the best in the world at what I do.


Chris Jericho: I am the best in the world at what I do and I am going to be the World Heavyweight Champion very soon, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

“Break The Walls Down” plays to heat as a defiant Jericho stares right at Punk & Del Rio-Ramirez, and the World Champion holds his title up in the air. He taunts Jericho to come and get it with his rookie chuckling away while Tomko sits up and Christian begins to come round on the outside.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Smackdown (15/8/08)

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Michael Shane
vs Johnny Jeter ©

Jeter sat up in shock as he stared in disbelief at the ropes with Shane’s boot resting there, and it frustrated the champion massively. He reached across and pulled it off before going for another cover, and unsurprisingly Shane kicked out. Jeter was full of rage as he got back up to a vertical base with Shane trying to sit up. Jeter was getting itchy feet as he eagerly waited for his challenger to get back up. He dragged him up and whipped him in to the ropes and walked towards the centre, and as Shane came back, Jeter jumped up looking to his the Genesis Kick.

Shane ducked it though and Jeter hit the mat. He crawled on to his knees with Shane crawling towards the corner, using the ropes to help pick himself back up. As both men got up and turned round, Shane exploded out of the corner looking to hit the Sweet Shane Music, but Jeter ducked to his knees and low blowed the challenger, giving the ref no option but to disqualify him and call for the bell. A chorus of boos broke out in the LG Arena and the crowd crapped all over Jeter’s cowardice.

The tired Cruiserweight Champion sat up looking totally remorseless as the referee collected his title and took it back to him, and Jeter snatched it out of his hands. He then stood back up and stared down at Shane, who was squirming around on the mat still. Jeter then took his title and left the ring with it, turning round on the ramp to see Shane sitting up glaring back at him. Jeter stared back, still showing no remorse at all for what he did.

*Cut Backstage*

Still not in the best of moods, CM Punk is walking through the back with Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez (still in his ring gear), and they stop at a door that has a sign saying ‘General Manager’s Office’. Punk turns and thinks about knocking but just opens it and his rookie follows him in, and Punk looks stunned as the camera zooms in on him.

CM Punk:
What the hell is he doin’ here?

The camera then zooms out and we see that Tazz isn’t alone. He’s joined by Raw’s John Cena, and both cheers & boos can be heard from the arena. Cena turns to Tazz, both in a relaxed manner.

John Cena:
I think he means me.

CM Punk: Y’think huh Cena?

Cena shrugs off the not so pleasant welcome and walks up to Punk and extends his hand to him.

John Cena:
It’s good t’ see you again champ’.

Punk looks disgusted and stares at Cena in disbelief.

CM Punk:
You’re kidding right?

John Cena: Alright, you might not be my number one fan, I get that, but I’ve gotta level with y’Punk, I heard what y’said last week ‘bout me maybe comin’ over here. The last thing I wanna do is steal the spotlight from you an’ anyone on Smackdown f’ that matter. You can think what y’want, I’m used t’ havin’ people makin’ assumptions an’ judgments ‘bout me, but if I do decide t’ leave Raw, you’ll see that f’ y’self.

CM Punk: Y’know what Cena? You’re full of it, you really are. I stand by ev’ry word I said last week. I know what it’s like bein’ on the same show as you. It’s all about one man. That man bein’ you, an’ that’s why I don’t want you comin’ t’ Smackdown. Hell that’s why no one wants you here apart from the Brooklyn thug in a suit. Unlike I him I see you f’ what you really are. Not ratings but a selfish son of a bitch who’ll destroy this show, my show.

Cena smirks and laughs it off.

John Cena:
Hey if that’s the way you feel, fine.

Cena then turns to Tazz and holds his hand out again, and Tazz shakes it.

John Cena:
It was good t’ see y’man, we’ll speak soon dog when I’ve thought things through.

Tazz: No worries bro’. Take as long as y’need.

Cena smiles, nods his head and turns back to Punk. He then taps The Straight-Edge Superstar’s title belt.

John Cena:
Y’know, I might see y’soon champ’. Take care y’hear.

Cena smiles as he walks past Punk and Del Rio-Ramirez, really getting under the skin of the World Champion.

CM Punk:
Are you deliberately trying t’ make my life as difficult as possible? Ev’rywhere I go, I’ve either got Cena, Jericho or Christian there, right in my face. . .

Tazz: . . . You’re the top dog champ’, the man who holds the one thing ev’ryone wants. You’re always gonna have the whole locker room chasin’ after ya. That’s what bein’ the world champion’s all about. If y’can’t handle that. . .

CM Punk: . . . Can’t handle that? I’m the world champion by right. I earned it. I’ve got what it takes. I proved that when I beat Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam.

Tazz: Y’know what though? You’re right in a way. We need t’ sort this mess out an’ find a new number one contender f’ No Mercy before things get out o’ hand, an’ guess what? I think I’ve got just the idea t’ sort this out. Next week we’re gonna find you your next opponent in a series of matches y’might know as the Beat The Clock Challenge. After that, you’ll feel much better with just one person t’ deal with.

Punk calms down slightly, taking it in and nods his head.

CM Punk:
Alright. T’ be honest it’s about time you made a firm, right decision. . . Come on Al’, let’s get out o’ here.

Punk turns round as Tazz sn-iggers, letting that one go as Del Rio-Ramirez follows Punk out of the room.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Elijah Burke vs. Shelton Benjamin

Burke was in the driving seat and was seemingly getting ready to finish Benjamin off with the Elijah Experience until Dolph Ziggler charged down the ramp and slid in the ring to jump Burke to a ton of heat, resulting in the referee awarding him the match by disqualification straight away. An intense Ziggler put the boots to his rival, and so did Benjamin as he stood back up with Layla looking very worried on the outside. Burke was defenceless and they eventually backed off, watching him squirm. Ziggler then urged him to get up, and slowly Burke picked himself back up, only to get levelled by the Zig Zag to a ton of heat. Benjamin & Ziggler looked down at him and sn-iggered at their work with The Gold Standard then leaving.

That brought Layla into the ring and she crawled across to Burke, who was very frosty to say the least. She could see he was coming round and she stood up and got in her admirer’s face, and it amused Ziggler. Layla wasn’t amused one but and tried to slap him, but he grabbed her hand, causing her and the fans to panic. She was helpless to stop Ziggler then planting a big smacker on her. As he pulled back and let go, she did manage to slap him to a pop from the crowd. Ziggler wasn’t bothered and just gazed at her smiling for a few seconds before backing away, still smiling as he left the ring. The groggy Burke sat up clueless to what just happened as a disgusted Layla stared daggers at the smirking Ziggler as he back tracked up the ramp.

*Cut to the Arena*


Boos ring out as Dolph Ziggler strolls out to the stage looking very full of himself, dressed in black jeans and a patterned white shirt. He easily shrugs off the boos as he makes his way down the ramp and in to the ring, picking a microphone up off the apron. He walks across the ring to centre stage, and his music cuts, bringing out the boos even more, not that they bother him.

Dolph Ziggler:
After weeks of mutual flirtation, last week Layla finally kissed yours truly.


Dolph Ziggler: That’s right people. It’s been there for all t’ see since the moment we laid eyes on each other that she had a thing for Dolph Ziggler, and who can blame her? Who can blame her f’ falling for perfection?


Dolph Ziggler: There’s no need for her t’ feel embarrassed because she has a boyfriend. I mean look at me. Ev’ry woman in this arena t’night would give anything t’ get a piece of this. However that’s not just down to the low standards you ladies are used to in Texas, it’s because I truly am the definition of perfection.

*More Boos*

Dolph Ziggler: I get that you people are used t’ being jealous. I’ve had t’ deal with people being jealous of me and my looks all my adult life, it’s just something I’ve had to accept and what Elijah Burke has to accept. It’s not like he hasn’t or shouldn’t have seen this day coming. Anyone could see that his girlfriend was hot for me, and Layla, the feeling is very much mutual. You are without a shadow of a doubt the most attractive woman I’ve had the pleasure of coming across. . . well that day will come soon enough.

Ziggler smirks as the fans show their disgust for him & his attitude.

Dolph Ziggler:
What I meant t’ say was that I’ve never met anyone quite as stunning Layla. She is the female equivalent of me. She has the most incredible body. Her eyes sparkle like the stars in the night sky, and most of all she. . .

“Don’t Waste My Time”

A furious and understandably so Elijah Burke storms through the curtain and hits the stage. His eyes are locked on Ziggler as he paces down the ramp with a worried Layla trying to catch up with him, seemingly to try and stop him doing something stupid. As Burke gets in the ring, he goes right after the smug Ziggler and gets right in his face, pushing his head in to Ziggler’s. He talks smack at him, but as Layla gets in the ring, she pulls him away and calms him down with Ziggler smiling and chuckling to himself. He then holds his hands up and goes back at Ziggler, then grabs the microphone from him with his music stopping.

Elijah Burke:
D’ y’have any idea how lucky y’are I ain’t knocked y’lights out? Hell I would o’ done it last week had y’not jumped me like the gutless son o’ bitch you are, but y’gotta know right now I’ve had about as much as I can take wit’ you goin’ after my girl. I’m sick of seein’ you ev’rywhere we go, constantly lookin’ at ‘er, but let me spell this out f’ ya. She ain’t int’rested in ya. She never has been an’ she never will be. Y’got that?

Ziggler’s not so smug anymore, and Layla makes sure she gets the message by staring and nodding at him.

Elijah Burke:
I don’t mean t’ knock y’giant ego, it’s the truth. Y’wanna come out here an’ tell the world anyone can see she wants ya, well let me make this clear. Ev’ryone can see that’s total b-s.


Elijah Burke: What’s she gotta do t’ make y’see that? She slapped you in the face last week. Wasn’t that clear enough f’ ya? Well let me tell y’somethin’ grease ball, y’ crossed the line when y’put your hands, or should I say your lips on my girl. Y’can stand here all y’want hopin’ an’ prayin’ she might want ya but she don’t, an’ you certainly don’t force y’self on anyone, especially my girl. She can take care o’ herself let me tell ya, but even so, I don’t want y’anywhere near her again. I wanna settle this a-s-ap an’ I’ve got just the plan t’ get the job done.

Ziggler stands there looking curiously at Burke.

Elijah Burke:
There’s nothin’ I want more than t’ beat the holy hell out o’ you an’ get you off both our backs f’ good, an’ that’s what I’m gonna do at No Mercy.


Elijah Burke: Now I know you want get y’hands on me too, so here I am askin’, no beggin’ you t’ make my day an’ accept my challenge. But there’s one condition. If I win an’ I will, you’ve gotta stay the hell away from Layla f’ as long as you’re in the w-w-e. What y’gotta say ‘bout that big shot?

Ziggler smiles and then asks for the microphone back, and Burke shoves it in to his chest.

Dolph Ziggler:
Hey believe it or not I’m a good guy. I’d ‘ave accepted a challenge to beat your brains in anyway. That’s if you actually have one, but since you’ve come up with a special stipulation, I’m going t’ do the same. See it would pain me greatly to walk away from her, that’s why I want this t’ be fair.

It’s Burke’s turn to be curious as he looks right at his rival.

Dolph Ziggler:
So I accept your offer on one condition. If somehow you do beat me, I promise to stay away from Layla, even though that’s what either of us really wants. But if I beat you, I get t’ take her out on a date.


Layla flips and pleads with Burke, who despite shaking his head initially, begins to calm down.

Dolph Ziggler:
It’s only fair. You wanted to up the stakes. This is the deal. It’s all on you so what’s it t’ be?

Burke tries to calm Layla down and then grabs the microphone back from Ziggler.

Elijah Burke:
Look baby I ain’t happy ‘bout this either but it’s the only way we’re gonna get ‘im off y’back, an’ I promise ya I’ll beat ‘im. I guarantee y’baby I won’t let y’down. By the time No Mercy’s out o’ the way, he’ll be out our lives f’ good.

The camera zooms in on a confused Layla, and we can pick up what she’s saying.

I don’t trust him ‘lijah.

Elijah Burke: Look I don’t either but this is what we’ve gotta do t’ get rid o’ this clown. That’s what y’want right baby?

She doesn’t know what to say, still coming to terms with what’s being proposed and mulls it over.


Burke turns back to Ziggler, who seems to be revelling in the situation.

Elijah Burke:
A’ight it’s on, but don’t get y’hopes up ‘cause I’m gonna. . .

Dolph snatches the microphone back.

Dolph Ziggler:
. . . I wouldn’t make promises I wouldn’t keep if I were you. You’ve got so much more to worry about it. I’d just spend all the time you can together while I plan the perfect date for the perfect couple, because that’s exactly what we’re going t’ be.

A confident looking Ziggler smiles and “I Am Perfection” plays again with an angry Burke staring right at him, as does Layla. Ziggler turns round and walks towards the apron, then hands the microphone to Roberts and leaves the ring there, still smiling with the wary Burke & Layla watching him every step of the way. As he gets round to the ramp, he turns round and smirks back at Burke & his girlfriend, who stare back angrily at him. They then talk amongst themselves while keeping their eyes on him as he backs up the ramp without a care in the world.

*Commercial Break*

The WWE Tag Team Champions, Paul Burchill & Harry Smith, The UK Pack are in their locker room, both dressed in their street clothes when they’re joined by Smith’s rookie, TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd) & Natalya Neidhart (MIA from Raw since August). Smith turns round and soon gets a big smile on his face. The same goes for Wilson & Neidhart, and Smith walks over to them both, throwing his arms round his rookie as heterosexually as he possibly can, then lets go.

Harry Smith:
It’s great t’ see y’buddy. I couldn’t believe it when I found out you were the one I’d be mentoring, and it’s great t’ see you too Natty. How’ve you both been?

Smith then gives Natalya a brief hug before pulling back.

Natalya Neidhart:
Good thanks Harry.

TJ Wilson: Yeah, real good. Me an’ you back t’gether again huh? You couldn’t make it up right?

Harry Smith: No way. Oh wait, where are my manners? T-J, Nattie, this is Paul, my partner in crime if you will.

Burchill steps forward, as do Wilson & Neidhart. They both shake hands with Harry’s partner.

Paul Burchill:
So this is the famous T-J. It’s nice to finally meet you.

TJ Wilson: You too. I’ve gotta say, you two have been on one hell of a role. How long’s it been since you guys won the titles? Nine, ten months?

Paul Burchill: Yeah that sounds about right. Hopefully we’ll have them for a while longer yet.

TJ Wilson: The way you guys are going, I don’t doubt it.

The party’s then broke up as Petey Williams & Johnny Devine, the men The UK Pack will defend their titles against at No Mercy walk in to the room. Williams & Devine are looking very smug indeed, and all the happy smiling has gone from the champs & company.

Petey Williams:
What’s this? Are you guys all getting to know each other or something? I hope you’ve told your new friends about how I beat you last week Harry and how we’ll be beating you at No Mercy t’ become the new tag team champions.

TJ Wilson: Wow, they sound pretty confident about that.

Petey Williams: With good reason my friend. Even though we’ve been overlooked and underappreciated ever since we came here. We’ve not lost a single match on Smackdown, and if you guys don’t take us seriously, you’re going t’ be in big time trouble at No Mercy.

Johnny Devine: They already are.

Petey Williams: Sorry J, you’re exactly right. You guys need to realise if you don’t already that we’re more than capable of ending this incredible reign of yours, and we will.

Paul Burchill: I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re grateful for you coming by to visit and that we’re definitely not overlooking you, but we’d appreciate it if you turn round and walk out before we throw you out.

Petey & Devine smirk, but it doesn’t seem Burchill’s joking.

Petey Williams:
Okay we’ll go, but let us leave you with this. We’ve got a match t’night and we thought we’d give you a little heads up just so you can see what’s waiting for you at No Mercy. . . defeat and heartbreak when we take your titles from you.

Harry Smith: We’ll be watching, don’t worry about that.

Petey Williams: Good, you should. Your rookie there might even learn something.

Devine & Williams turn round and walk out with big grins on their faces.

TJ Wilson:
Wow. They’re not short on confidence are they?

Paul Burchill: Oh they won’t be after No Mercy.

All four of them smile as the camera cuts away from the locker room.

*Cut to the Arena*

“OOH CHAVO. . .”

Chavo Guerrero walks out to the stage with his rookie, J-Red (The Amazing Red) behind him to boos from the Texas crowd. Chavo’s in his normal clothes while J-Red is dressed to compete and is looking very focused indeed. As they head down the ramp, Chavo’s clearly got a bee in his bonnet as he gives the fans some dirty looks before heading up the steps and in to the ring. J-Red enter the ring while Chavo takes the microphone from Justin Roberts, and Chavo’s music cuts with a referee already in there too.

Chavo Guerrero:
Y’know it’s been nearly two months since I’ve been in this ring, an’ that’s down to one man an’ one man only, our esteemed general manager, Tazz. Then low an’ behold this week I find out he’s given me the job of mentoring some rookie, some young kid I know nothing about other than he looks like he should still be in kindergarten.

J-Red turns round and doesn’t look happy at that comment at all, and Chavo’s not paying any attention to him.

Chavo Guerrero:
I don’t see any reason whatsoever why I should go along with this, but you’re lucky I was brought up in to this business by my family, a proud wrestling family. They never turned anyone away, an’ if you’re serious kid, I’ll help you out. You better be prepared t’ work though ‘cause I’ve had t’ deal with the highest standard possible since the day I was born in to this business. That’s why I’ve lined up a match for you t’night against another cruiserweight, one of the best and a former tag team champion here on Smackdown. T’night he’s making his return t’ Friday nights. Your opponent t’night is Brian Kendrick.

“Man With A Plan”

Brian Kendrick
hits the stage to a largely negative reception, not that he’s bothered by the reaction. He struts his way down the ramp with a very confident look on his face while Chavo gives his rookie some advice before leaving the ring, allowing J-Red to psych himself up for his debut match in the WWE.

*Match 4*
J-Red w/Chavo Guerrero vs. Brian Kendrick

The crowd took to the lively J-Red very quickly, and it didn’t appear to go down well with his mentor, Chavo on the outside. He was explosive and caught Kendrick cold from the get go, coming back off the ropes and sliding through his opponent’s legs before connecting with a dropkick to the knee. Kendrick fell to his knees and Red turned back, hit the ropes and came back to nail him with another dropkick, this one to the face.

He kept the pace going and had the crowd in the palm of his hand. That was until Kendrick sidestepped an asai moonsault and Red crash landed on the canvas. Kendrick helped him back up from his knees and connected with a hellacious over the shoulder face-breaker on to his knee. That brought a smile to Kendrick’s face, and he soon regretted taking a couple of seconds to admire his work before making the cover as Red got his shoulder up before the ref’s hand came down for the third time.

Chavo watched closely from the outside, not offering much encouragement or advice to his rookie who was struggling with Kendrick taking control of the contest. He was getting frustrated though at failing to put J-Red away, especially after he kicked out after a super kick. The draftee from Raw got careless and questioned the referee as Red came round, and as he went back looking to hit the Sliced Bread, Red countered as Kendrick hit the ropes by throwing him off his shoulder and down to the canvas.

The fans encouraged Red even though the unimpressed Chavo didn’t, and as Kendrick got back up, Red ran at him and exploded with the Satellite DDT, tilt-a-whirl headscissors in to a DDT. Red scurried across to make a cover, only for Kendrick to just get his shoulder up in time. Red sat up and dropped his head in to his hands, clearly gutted he didn’t get the win there and then. He quickly shook off the disappointment as he watched a groggy Kendrick lift his head up off the mat.

J-Red raced back up to his feet and then to the top rope as Kendrick struggled back up to a vertical base, and the crowd were cheering as Red got ready to pounce from the dizzy heights of the top rope. He watched his opponent stand up and then dived off the ropes to catch Kendrick with the Red Alert, a diving swinging reverse STO. The crowd went nuts and even Chavo looked shocked as soon as Red hit it and covered him to pick up the victory, a popular one with the Texas crowd.

As Red got his arm raised, Chavo joined him in the ring, not looking happy or impressed. Red was surprised initially by his mentor’s lack of a reaction but soon went to the corner and climbed up to the second rope to pose for the cheering fans. That didn’t go down well with Chavo, and he left the ring shaking his head. Red jumped down and turned round to see Chavo walking up the ramp, getting confused again. He then decided to follow his mentor, and as Kendrick came round, he held his head and didn’t look happy either.

Winner: J-Red by pinfall.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
Two Weeks Ago on Smackdown

An agitated Michael Shane is in Tazz’s office and in walks Johnny Jeter, the Cruiserweight Champion, and he & Shane are both surprised to see each other.

Michael Shane:
What’s he doin’ here?

Johnny Jeter: I could ask you the same question. What’s goin’ on?

Tazz: Well that’s real easy. . . See I asked y’both here t’ talk ‘bout what went down in your match last week. Y’got yourself disqualified on purpose t’ save the title.

Johnny Jeter: I retained the title it’s as simple as that. That’s all I had t’ do, an’ that’s all that matters.

Tazz: I’m sorry t’ disagree with y’champ but I see it a little diff’rently. . . Think back t’ how you won the title at The Great American Bash. Mike’s got screwed by your mom that night, an’ last week, you did. . . Anyway, here’s the deal. You two are gonna go at it one more time sometime soon, an’ I’m gonna be at ringside myself t’ make sure nothin’ funny goes on. . . As f’ t’night, you’re both gonna be in action t’ get y’selves ready. . .

Johnny Jeter: . . . He had his chance an’ he blew it. I don’t have t’ face him again.

Tazz: I’ll think y’find y’do. That’s unless y’wanna hand that title t’ me right now an’ forfeit it instead.

Jeter shakes his head frustratingly, then turns round and storms out of the room with Shane nodding his head. Tazz then pats him on the back.

Last chance Mike. Don’t screw it up.

Michael Shane: I won’t. Don’t worry about it.

Tazz smiles as Shane takes his leave, looking very satisfied and confident about his chances of getting his title back when his chance comes.

*Cut to the Arena*

Michael Cole:
That match is still t’ come but you won’t have to wait long. One way or another, we’ll have an undisputed Cruiserweight Champion by the time the night is through.

*Match 5*
Nick Daniels & Ryan Davidson vs. Petey Williams & Johnny Devine

The UK Pack, TJ Wilson & Natalya Neidhart were watching on from the tag team champions’ locker room as the number one contenders to their titles at No Mercy made light work of the two local jobbers, sending an emphatic message directly to the champs. Daniels & Davidson offered no real resistance or challenge to the Canadians. They were on top of their game and their teamwork was there for all to see. The ending came after Devine sent Daniels crashing off the apron to isolate Davidson.

When he stood up in a spin he quickly ended up on the receiving end of the Devine Driller, a fireman’s carry dropped in to a face-breaker. After the bell, the smug number one contenders posed for the booing Texas faithful. The camera momentarily went back to the champions’ locker room, and they looked quite serious before the shot returned to the arena and the all smiling victors who were celebrating in opposite corners. They then left the ring and headed up the ramp looking very satisfied with their night’s work.

Winners: Petey Williams & Johnny Devine by pinfall.

*Video Promo*

A split screen of Michael Shane with Shawn Michaels & Johnny Jeter shows them walking through the back ahead of the Cruiserweight Championship match coming up next.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

Coming Soon!

*Cut to the Arena*

*The Main Event*
WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Michael Shane w/Shawn Michaels vs. Johnny Jeter © w/Yoshi Tatsu

Both champion & challenger were extremely pumped up for this one and Tazz was sitting at ringside on a steel chair to make sure nothing untoward went down. Shawn Michaels was there to encourage his cousin too, and it certainly helped as the match went along with the challenger gaining the ascendency. With Jeter finding himself up against it, Shane took full advantage and rallied, coming within milliseconds of victory after a leg hook DDT only for Jeter to get his shoulder up to deny him the title.

Shane was clearly disappointed but went back to work, heading to the corner and climbing up to the top rope. Jeter was squirming several feet away, and Shane dived off looking to connect with a diving elbow drop, but Jeter rolled to the side and the challenger crash landed on the canvas. It took both men several seconds to come round and make their way back up, and it looked as if Shane was about to take charge after an irish whip.

As Jeter was about to hit the ropes, he jumped on to the second rope and caught Shane by surprise with a springboard back elbow smash. Shane wasn’t done for long and pulled himself back up with Jeter ahead of him, and the champion had a determined look on his face as he watched his opponent stand up. Jeter didn’t waste a second and went after him immediately, chopping him across the chest and scooping him off the feet to slam him right back down.

This time Shane couldn’t get back up, allowing Jeter to run the ropes and connect with a springboard moonsault. Jeter’s body landed right on top of Shane who looked in trouble, and Jeter reached to the side to hook the challenger’s leg, but before the ref could count to three, Shane kicked out to the relief of the crowd. Michaels was pleased on the outside too, unlike Jeter who was getting more frustrated. He gave the referee a dirty look as he leaned back from Shane’s body.

The champion then looked over at the no nonsense Tazz sitting at ringside, and then at his rookie, Yoshi Tatsu before standing back up. Shane rolled on to his side too and tried to get up. Jeter gave him a helping hand and pulled him in to place for a tornado DDT, but as he was about to drill Shane’s head in to the mat, the challenger reacted in time to throw Jeter off his shoulder and down to the mat. The crowd were cheering as Shane shook off the cobwebs while Jeter picked himself back up.

Shane went after him and spun him round before firing him in to the ropes, but Jeter reversed it and Shane held on to them, pissing Jeter off no end. He charged right at Shane and in to a raised boot, sending him staggering away from the ropes. As he then turned round, Shane ran out at him and in to a tilt-a-whirl back-breaker. Jeter smirked for a second before leaning forward to make a cover, and again Shane hung on by getting his shoulder up.

Jeter was beginning to lose control and he shook his head in disbelief and frustration as he leaned back on to his knees. He then saw Shane lift his head up off the mat, looking in a fair bit of trouble to say the least. Jeter’s intensity increased and he slowly stood back up and stepped back, watching Shane like a hawk as he struggled up on to one knee. The defending champion was getting itchy feet and urged his opponent to get up, and as he made it up and turned round, Jeter jumped up in to the air and went to nail him with the Genesis Kick.

Shane ducked his head though and Jeter fell to the mat to a big pop from the Fort Worth crowd. Both men clawed their way up to their hands and knees, and then up to their feet with Jeter striking first with a right hand, but it was blocked. Shane then fired back at him, forcing Jeter back and then lifting him off his feet for an inverted atomic drop. The champion hobbled around on the canvas and Shane pulled his opponent’s head under his arm and planted him with a northern lights suplex, holding on for the cover, but Jeter just kicked out to live to fight another day.

The fans were disappointed but the hurting and slow moving challenger didn’t let the close call bother him and made his way back up to a vertical base, followed by the struggling champion. Shane slipped behind him and grabbed him around the waist with his back to the corner a couple of feet away, then tossed him back in to the pads with a release german suplex. Gasps echoed around the arena, and even Michaels & Tazz winced at seeing Jeter’s neck and back crash in to the pads, and he rolled around in agony as Shane sat up with a determined look on his face.

He then calmly stood up and backed up in to the opposite corner, gearing up for the Sweet Shane Music. The crowd clapped and stomped their feet as Jeter tried to sit up, but then boos broke out as we saw Jack Swagger charge down the ramp and attack Shane’s cousin. The Heartbreak Kid was clubbed from behind and fired in to the security wall by Swagger. Shane & Tazz were furious at the actions of The All-American American, who kneeled down and told Michaels that he’d love to face him at No Mercy.

The general manager went and ordered the smirking Swagger to leave, and he did with Shane watching by the apron. The challenger was shaking his head and didn’t notice Jeter standing up and approaching from behind. Jeter rolled him up for the cover but Shane kicked out at two, and as both men rushed up as quickly as they could, Shane ducked a wild right and then exploded with a super kick. Jeter ducked it though, and as the challenger turned round, Jeter leapt up off his feet and nailed Shane with the Genesis Kick.

The champion crawled across on his knees and threw himself on top of Shane to make the cover and pick up the win to the disappointment of the crowd. Tazz turned round in time to see Jeter get the three count and then stand up with a very smug look of satisfaction on his face. He got his arm raised by the referee and then demanded he get his title. As soon as he received his title, he threw it up in the air emphatically with Tatsu watching on. The champion then walked over to the ropes in front of Tazz and lifted it up, then pointed to it defiantly, really sending a message to the not so impressed general manager. Michaels was sitting up too as Jeter continued gloating as this week’s Smackdown came to a close.

Winner: By pinfall, and still the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Johnny Jeter.


>Quick Results<

Beth Phoenix, Mickie James & Nikki Roxx
df. Michelle McCool, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes
Ryan Sheffield
df. Santino Marella
Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez
df. Tyson Tomko
df. Brian Kendrick
Petey Williams & Johnny Devine
df. Nick Daniels & Ryan Davidson
Johnny Jeter
df. Michael Shane

>Superstars Tapings<

Elijah Burke
df. Chavo Guerrero
The UK Pack & TJ Wilson
df. Jimmy Yang, Sonjay Dutt & Super Crazy

>Confirmed for Next Week<

Beat The Clock Challenge to determine the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at No Mercy


Charlie Haas vs. Chris Masters

>Confirmed for No Mercy<

WWE Tag Team Championship
The UK Pack © vs. Petey Williams & Johnny Devine

Flag Match
M.V.P. & Ron Killings vs. The Empire


Shawn Michaels vs. Jack Swagger

Elijah Burke vs. Dolph Ziggler
(If Ziggler wins, he gets a date with Layla)

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


>No Mercy is Officially Shaping Up!<

’The Heartbreak Kid’ laid down the challenge to ‘The All-American’ Jack Swagger last night after falling under the belief that Swagger is a coward, based on the youngster’s decision to back down from him last week.

Having just defeated Michaels’ cousin, Michael Shane, Swagger looked to continue the damage he’d already done. He would’ve done had it not been for The Heartbreak Kid’s interjection, and when Michaels then ripped off his shirt and gave Swagger the chance to step up, the youngster walked away. However as Smackdown rode in to Michaels’ home state of Texas last night, he hadn’t forgotten and made that clear when he spoke to Josh Matthews. He was determined to give Swagger another chance to prove he wasn’t a coward, and he got his answer during his cousin’s quest to take back the Cruiserweight Championship from Johnny Jeter. The All-American American clearly took exception to being a coward and opted to prove Michaels wrong by attacking him from behind! He then knelt down and told Shawn he’d see him at No Mercy.

It’s been confirmed to us at WWE.com that the match has been made official by Tazz, who was present at ringside to see Swagger off as Jeter defeated Shane to retain the cruiserweight title. Now Swagger has the opportunity to prove himself to The Showstopper, but can he do more than that and beat him at No Mercy?

Ever since coming to Smackdown, Dolph Ziggler has had his eye on the lovely Layla, the girlfriend of another Smackdown superstar, Elijah Burke.

Last week, Ziggler crossed the line and forced himself on her after getting involved in Burke’s match with Shelton Benjamin, much to the anger of both Burke & Layla. And last night we found out just how angry Burke was, and had it not been for Layla holding him back, Ziggler could well have found himself in a world of hurt at the hands of the former amateur boxer. Burke made it clear that he wants to see the back of Ziggler and challenged him to a match at No Mercy where if he is victorious, Ziggler must stay away from both him and his girlfriend for good. However Ziggler came back with a stipulation of his own, that if he defeats Burke he gets to take Layla out on date. Understandably neither Burke or Layla reacted well initially. That reaction didn’t last long as they soon realised that this is the only way to get him out of their lives and they accepted.

It sure promises to be one hell of a match with so much at stake for all concerned.

The Empire sure made a statement last week when they left M.V.P. & Ron Killings flat on their backs with a Union Jack laid out on top of them, but last night they were left in the same predicament as their rivals the week before.

In fact, the footage we were shown was from earlier in the day when M.V.P. & Killings tracked down Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders in their locker room and retaliated after the actions of the Brits’ last week. The Americans then grabbed a Union Jack from Katie Lee, snapped it and dropped it on the battered duo. We were then told that at No Mercy, the two teams will battle it out in a Flag Match. These four men have been at each others’ throats for a long time now, and we’ll finally see them collide in what will surely be one brutal match up.

>Beat The Clock & A Shot at the World Title Awaits!<

It’s fair to say that life’s not turned out to be anything like it would be for CM Punk after picking up the most impressive victory of his career over Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam. However he learnt last night that it would be a lot clearer for him very soon.

He’s had to put up with both Christian & Chris Jericho coming after him and his World Heavyweight Championship, as well as finding out that John Cena may be heading to Smackdown, something that he feels strongly about. It became too much for him last night and he went direct to Tazz to make his feelings known, and Smackdown’s General Manager eased his concerns somewhat. He told the World Champion that he will find out who will be the next man to challenge him for the world title at No Mercy next month, as next week there will be a series of matches in what we know as the ‘Beat the Clock Challenge’.

The individual that sets the best time will go on to No Mercy in four weeks to face The Straight-Edge Superstar, and two of the men who will be vying it for that spot will be Charlie Haas & Chris Masters. Tazz finally had enough of them last night and put them in a match next week on Smackdown, and since then we’ve learnt that their match will be just one of those to determine the new number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Will Haas or Masters earn that spot, or will it be another member of the Smackdown roster that gets the shot at Punk? Tune in next week to find out.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Originally Posted by Nige™ View Post
WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Charlie Haas vs. Chris Masters
I mean no foul here as I'm not a follower of your thread, but I like to glance over new posts and basically that match caught my eye. I mean I can somewhat imagine Haas being able to get down in weight to fit a storyline or such but Masters? Have you increased the weight limit? Or am I just crazy to think the masterpiece couldn't drop 40+ lbs.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Originally Posted by berrysi View Post
I mean no foul here as I'm not a follower of your thread, but I like to glance over new posts and basically that match caught my eye. I mean I can somewhat imagine Haas being able to get down in weight to fit a storyline or such but Masters? Have you increased the weight limit? Or am I just crazy to think the masterpiece couldn't drop 40+ lbs.
Thanks for pointing that out. It's just a mistake, and a very stupid one indeed. I copied that part from the formatted version from the previous week's show for the Cruiserweight Championship match that was on this week's show. I obviously changed the two taking part but forgot to take out the 'Cruiserweight Championship' match.

My bad.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Backstage News on the Rookies & More!

This past week on both Raw & Smackdown, we saw the debuts of the rookies that Eric Bischoff & Tazz have called up to the main roster from FCW.

The word is that they will continue to work at the company’s training base while only appearing on television and selected house shows to help their development. We’re also being told that their places on the main roster are far from permanent. If they impress, they’ll be called up on a full time basis. If not, they’ll be sent back to and remain in FCW. Some however may be let go if they fail to impress. There’s no set amount of time either for a decision to be made on their futures. It will be firmly based on the progression in their respective storylines and if they impress.

After seeing them appear this week, it’s already easy to say that creative are high on some of the rookies more than others. Justin Gabriel is highly thought of and has been put in to a big storyline on Raw already, and he we will play a big part in the program between The Big Show & The Corporation. J-Red’s performance in his victory against Brian Kendrick on Smackdown went over well with the fans and the powers that be backstage, and it’s expected that he will be involved in a program with his mentor, Chavo Guerrero before being pushed as one of the main players in the cruiserweight division at the end of the year.

Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez who has been paired up with CM Punk is also considered a sure thing for a permanent spot, but the majority are on trial so to speak and will have to prove they’re worth a full time spot on the main roster.

We’re also hearing that the tag team Eric Bischoff said will be debuting on Raw this week and described as ‘one of, if not the best in the world today’ are none other than Christopher Daniels & Low-Ki. We informed you a few weeks ago of the possible plans to put them together as a team, and we can now confirm that is the case. It’s also believed they will be one of the teams competing in the tournament to determine new World Tag Team Champions.

There is the possibility that they could win the tournament and become the new title holders, but creative are keeping an open mind as there are several other strong options including JTG & Homicide, Rey Mysterio & Mystico, Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig and Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms. There’s also talk of putting the titles on The Miz & Heath Slater, but we’ll get a clearer picture in the next few weeks as to what will happen as far as the tag titles are concerned.

A lot of people online are speculating as to whether John Cena will indeed be switching to Smackdown from Raw, and we can tell you that there is a very strong possibility that he could be leaving Raw. It’s thought he’s not needed on Raw with the big programs that are already in place, and that he could be help the Smackdown brand pull in more ratings. A feud with CM Punk is being teased on screen, but nothing is confirmed right now and we hear there could well be a big twist as far as the world title scene is concerned at No Mercy and moving forward.

Plans are already in place for Survivor Series and the talk is that there will be a few ‘massive’ clashes, some being title matches and some not. There will also be some high profile traditional elimination matches as well as an inter-promotional match between one of Smackdown’s biggest names and an up and comer on the Raw roster. They will begin to gather pace over the course of the next four weeks or so. The card is said to be the best of the year, better ever than last month’s SummerSlam pay-per-view.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Monday Night Raw Preview
Monday 8th September 2008
Live from the Copps Coliseum
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

>No Play for The Game!<

As Triple H prepared to battle it out with Randy Orton last Monday night in an attempt to force his way in to a triple threat match for the WWE Championship at Unforgiven, it would be a reasonable assumption that a fair few people were expecting him to worm his way in to a shot at the title he wants so badly. However that wasn’t the way it panned out as he allowed himself to get distracted by Batista, who was watching on from the announce table. His distraction led to him being counted out and missing out on the potential title shot. It sent him over the edge and he had to be pulled apart from the WWE Champion to the amusement of Orton as the show came to a close. The Legend Killer is bound to be thrilled he’ll have The Animal all to himself in two weeks at Unforgiven. Triple H on the other hand. Well we’ll just have to wait and see.

Ted DiBiase Jr escaped with his Intercontinental Championship last week and from a difficult situation inside a Steel Cage against The Big Show, thanks to The Corporation. It looked very clear that DiBiase enlisted the help of the men who threw his opponent out of The Corporation to get himself out of a hole, or a cage in this case. They broke their way in to the cage and battered both Show and his rookie, Justin Gabriel, allowing the Intercontinental Champion to escape with his title in his hands. Mr. McMahon wasn’t done there and announced despite Eric Bischoff being in charge of Raw that he, Shane & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield will be taking on Show in a handicap match at Unforgiven. That match hasn’t been confirmed by Raw’s Head of Authority, but Bischoff did let DiBiase know he wasn’t going to get off lightly.

That was just seconds after Kofi Kingston, the man who DiBiase screwed out of the Intercontinental title at SummerSlam and will face at Unforgiven drilled him with a right hand as the cocky champion walked backstage having just retained the same title in the controversial manner that he did. There’s definitely going to be some angry people this week when Raw rolls in to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. How will Show react to The Corporation’s actions and Vince’s announcement? Bischoff will probably also have something to say about that too. Make sure you catch Raw this week to find out if that match will take place and what Bischoff has planned for DiBiase.

The World Tag Team titles were vacated last week following the attack by The Colon Brothers on Shad Gaspard a week earlier, understandably provoking an angry reaction from his partner, JTG. Eric Bischoff told him that there would be a tournament to crown new champions and that he would part of it with his rookie, Homicide being his partner. Not just that, they would be taking on Carlito & Eddie Colon there and then in a first round match in the tournament to determine the new champions.

They worked together well and Homicide looked very impressive on his WWE debut, and it was he who earned himself and his mentor the victory and a place in the semi finals, much to the anger of the Puerto Rican siblings. We were also told that the new tag team Bischoff has signed and talked of so highly in recent weeks will be debuting this week live on Raw. They’ve been described as ‘one of if not the best team in the world today’. Will they be able to live up to that tag, and will there be any new developments as far as the tag team championship tournament is concerned?

Another rookie who will be looking to impress is Mystico, the Mexican who is being mentored by his fellow countryman, Rey Mysterio. He will go up against a fellow debutant this week in Canada when he squares off against a Mysterio critic in Raw’s host, Zack Ryder. After picking up a victory last week, Rey challenged Ryder to a match at Unforgiven which was subsequently accepted. Ryder however made a return challenge to Mystico in order to prepare himself for his showdown with Rey in two weeks. He called Mystico the perfect opponent for the task in hand, but will it be the perfect debut for Raw’s host as he steps inside the squared circle for the first time?

One man who has been nothing short of impressive since debuting on Raw is Sheamus. However since extending a challenge to Finlay for a Celtic Brawl at Unforgiven, things haven’t been as smooth as he’s grown to expect. Finlay once again left The Celtic Warrior frustrated when he attempted to show the fans what’s in store for his rival in two weeks in the first ever Celtic Brawl. His chosen targets were two divas, Gail Kim and her rookie, Shantelle Taylor. Finlay saved the day and saw Sheamus off for the second week in a row and left his Unforgiven opponent raging. As their huge clash draws closer, can Sheamus pull himself together?

The Miz sank to new depths last Monday night when he let rip with his thoughts on Matt Cappotelli, John Morrison’s best friend. He criticised Matt’s faith, his battle to beat cancer and even claimed that God wasn’t going to hold him back from being a huge star. Not content with that and disgusting everyone bar himself & Heath Slater, his new rookie, he along with Slater attacked Morrison later on in the evening in the back in front of Cappotelli & Morrison’s close friend, Melina. It appears that there’s nothing Mr. Hollywood won’t do. Will his morals sink even lower this Monday night?

There was another rookie partnership that left a strong impression last week when Cody Rhodes accepted a challenge on his rookie’s behalf from an angry Gregory Helms. Helms came to Matt Hardy’s rescue the week before when Cody attacked him from behind and accepted his challenge to a match at Unforgiven. Joe Hennig, Cody’s rookie and the son of WWE Hall of Famer, Curt ‘Mr. Perfect’ Hennig was only too happy to oblige. His debut may not have been perfect but it was good enough to claim his first victory in the WWE, although his mentor played a big part in it. They weren’t done there though and went after Matt. That was until another long time friend came to his recue in the shape of Shannon Moore. We also believe that there is an intriguing development regarding these rivals. What could it be? Tune in to Raw this week to find out.

John Cena also confirmed last week that he was considering Tazz’s offer to go to Smackdown when his contract expires at the end of the month. Will there be any update as far as this matter is concerned?

>Confirmed for Raw This Week<

Mystico vs. Zack Ryder


The Debut of Raw’s Newest Tag Team

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