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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW ResultsMonday 4th August 2008
Live From the Iowa Veterans Memorial Auditorium
Des Moines, Iowa

***Opening Video***
“Wanna Be Loved”

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

> The detectives with Tazz, telling him that the list of suspects for the attack on Eric Bischoff has been narrowed down to three (Triple H, Ted DiBiase Jr & William Regal) when Regal walked in with Doctor Jacobs (the doctor on call the night of the incident), who confirmed that he was attending to Regal when Bischoff was attacked, all but clearing Regal of any involvement.
>Triple H calling out Ric Flair and stating that he, not Flair is the greatest of all time, leading to Flair coming out with The King of Kings then saying that The Nature Boy died a long time ago, and so will Ric Flair at SummerSlam before goading him in to putting his career on the line.
>The main event & John Cena facing Randy Orton with Batista as the special guest referee, ending in The Corporation distracting Cena from the ramp, allowing Orton to hit an RKO to get the win.
>Orton and then Batista leaving the ring, allowing The Big Show & JBL to attack Cena. Rey Mysterio making the save and putting up a gallant fight until he was overpowered, but Batista returning to fight them off.
>The shot of Flair beaten up in the back as the show came to a close.

{Cut Inside the Arena}


“I Walk Alone”

Batista, the WWE Champion walks out in to the arena to a massive roar from the Des Moines crowd, but it appears that he’s in a bad mood.

Jim Ross:
Well we weren’t expecting this folks I can tell y'that, but it seems The Animal’s understandably got something t’ get off his chest.

Dressed in jeans, a T-shirt & a black leather jacket with the WWE title resting on his shoulder, the pissed Batista stares straight ahead as he walks down the ramp, and as he gets to the ring, he picks a microphone up off of the steel steps and climbs through the ropes, heading right in to the centre of the ring.

The Million Dollar Man:
Wow, he sure is one foul mood.

Jim Ross: After what happened t’ Ric Flair last week, can y’blame ‘im?

The Million Dollar Man: No of course not.

Batista stands still in the centre of the ring and lifts the microphone to his mouth, wasting no time in saying what he has to say with his music still playing and the crowd still cheering.

Cut the music.

It carries on playing for a couple of seconds, and The Animal turns to face the tron and the backstage area.

I said CUT IT.

He continues staring up towards the stage and his music does cut, still not calming the WWE Champion down as he lifts the stick back up to his mouth.

We all know what happened last week an’ who’s responsible. . . an’ Hun’er, you might ‘ave called Ric out last week, but this week I’m callin’ you out. . . RIGHT NOW.

*Big Pop*

He lowers the microphone and locks his eyes on the curtain, breathing heavily as he awaits The King of Kings.

Come on Hun’er. I’m not gonna sit back an’ watch you bully Ric out of the business, so come down here an’ face me like a man, an’ show ev’ryone you’re not a coward.

There’s still no sign of Triple H, and it doesn’t go down well with Batista who shakes his head. After a good few seconds, Batista begins to accept he’s not going to get what he wants.

Okay, you wanna play it that way? Fine, I should’ve figured you wouldn’t have the guts. You like t’ attack from behind don’t y’Hun’er?. . . How about I turn my back like Ric an’ Bischoff? Will that change your mind?


Batista stands firm and then turns round to face the crowd.

Y’know what Hun’er? That’s fine, I didn’t think for a minute you’d have the guts t’ come out an’ face me, but I know wherever you are, you’re watchin’, so listen t’ what I gotta say. . . I don’t like the fact you bullied Ric in t’ puttin’ his career on the line at SummerSlam, but let me make somethin’ very clear for you. . . You should never, and I mean never underestimate Ric Flair.

*Big Pop*

Batista: No matter what you say, there’s no doubt he is the best to have ever stepped foot in this ring, and he truly is the dirtiest player the game’s ever seen.


Batista: That’s why Hun’er, y’better not get too confident, ‘cause just like he has his entire career, The Nature Boy’ll find a way t’ win an’ beat you at SummerSlam.

*Massive Pop*

Batista: That’s why it makes it that bit easier to accept Ric’s decision t’ put his career on the line. He’s his own man an’ I know that on any given night, Ric can beat anyone, an’ that includes Triple H. And at SummerSlam, he’ll do just. . .


Randy Orton
walks out to the stage looking calm and confident, still slightly serious as the fans throw a ton of heat in his direction. That doesn’t bother him a bit as he makes his way down the ramp with Batista staring right at him. The Animal doesn’t look happy at all to be interrupted by The Legend Killer, who climbs up the steps and walks past him to collect a microphone from Lilian Garcia. Batista keeps his eyes on Orton as he walks towards him, keeping a couple of feet away from him as his music cuts, bringing out the boos even more.

Randy Orton:
Dave, I’m telling you this for your own good. You need to forget about Ric. You’ve got your own problems to deal with , because in less than two weeks, you’ll be defending the WWE Championship inside the elimination chamber, and that’s where your problem lies Dave, because your problem is me.


Randy Orton: You can hide behind Ric’s problems to cover your own, but the fact is your days as champion are coming to an end. . . See last week, I beat John Cena, and the way things are going Dave, you might as well just hand me the title now and save yourself the suffering and the embarrassment you’ll face at SummerSlam.


Randy Orton: It’s destiny Dave. I’ve not gotten over losing the WWE title at WrestleMania, and time an’ time again, somehow someway, ev’ry chance I’ve had t’ get it back, I’ve been robbed, but no more. At SummerSlam I will be the WWE Champion once again.

*Tons of Heat*

Randy Orton: The only thing I’m thinking about is the elimination chamber, but you Dave, you’re all caught up with Ric an’ Triple H. That’s why you’ll lose the title and why I’ll take it from you.


Randy Orton: And not only did I beat Cena last week, I beat him at the Royal Rumble too. . . We both know Rey Mysterio is a joke, and as for The Corporation. . .


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield & The Big Show
coolly walk in to the arena to a chorus of boos with both Batista & Orton looking up at him, and Orton is furious at being interrupted. They walk down the ramp grinning, and JBL has a microphone in hand. Batista & Orton look on angrily as they calmly step in to the ring with Show laughing, looking very relaxed as JBL stares at the WWE Champion & The Legend Killer.

Randy, I’m sorry we had to cut your int’resting speech short, but I have t’ say that on behalf of myself and The Big Show, we agree with you. Batista’s days as WWE Champion are indeed coming to an end, and there is a signigicant threat to your title, but it’s not Randy here because standing before you Dave is the single most destructive duo in the history of this business. . . T’gether, The Big Show and I will tear the elimination chamber apart and ev’ry participant inside it until just the two of us remain. It doesn’t matter if ev’ryone joins forces t’ challenge us because no matter what is thrown at us, we cannot and will not be stopped.


JBL: You have no choice but to accept it as I guarantee we will be the last two men standing and that one of us will leave SummerSlam as the WWE Champion.

*More boos*


The boos continue to fill the arena as an angry Batista glares right at a smirking Big Show & the incredibly serious JBL with Orton also watching on, not too happy either.

Tell me Dave, just who are you going to get along with inside the chamber?. . . The answer is simple. . . Nobody, because ev’ryone is gunning for you and that championship of yours, and this is no ordinary match champ. . . This match will be contested inside the most hellacious and demanding structure ever created by man, and let me remind you that each competitor at some point in their career has been a world champion. . . T’ put it bluntly Dave, you don’t have a hope in hell of walking out of the elimination chamber, let alone as the WWE Champion.


Show smirks as Batista & JBL stare right at each other with the WWE Champion clearly angry, while JBL stands firm, showing no fear whatsoever. Layfield then turns to Orton, and The Legend Killer isn’t amused.

Randy my boy, ev’rybody knows just how selfish you, and that will be your downfall. Rey Mysterio is indeed a joke and John Cena is a liability to himself, leaving Show and I to eliminate you all one by one until the WWE Championship comes to The Corporation where it belongs. And do you want t’ know what the best thing about all this is?. . . You are powerless t’ stop it. No one can or will prevent us from bringing the title home. . .

“Booyaka 619” blasts out to a massive pop & Rey Mysterio walks out to the stage with a microphone in his hand, which he lifts up to acknowledge the fans. His music then cuts as the angry JBL stares up at him, as do the remainder of the men in the ring.

Rey Mysterio:
Y’know what John? I’m glad you’re takin’ me seriously ‘cause it’s gonna make it even better when I take you all by surprise at SummerSlam an’ win the elimination chamber an’ become the NEW WWE CHAMPION.

*Big Pop*

JBL isn’t happy at all.

Rey Mysterio:
I thrive on bein’ the underdog an’ provin’ loud mouth jerks like you wrong, just like I did when I won the Royal Rumble an’ the world title at WrestleMania, an’ I can’t wait t’ get inside the chamber an’ show both you an’ Big Show that you don’t need t’ be big or have a big mouth t’ get the job done. It’s all about the heart, an’ mine is bigger than both of yours put together.


JBL: I know it’s late Rey but you need t’ stop dreaming. . . In fact, I think it would be best if you go home and get your mother to read you a bedtime story because this Rey, is men’s business.

“My Time Is Now” plays to a thunderous reception, mostly cheers with a few boos thrown in as a fired up John Cena runs out to the stage. He walks over to both sides of the stage and poses for the fans at either side before walking back to centre stage alongside Mysterio. They slap hands and Cena politely asks and then takes the microphone with everyone in the ring bar Batista looking not best pleased to see him, but The Animal certainly isn’t in a good mood.

John Cena:
Hey John, maybe you can help me out with somethin’. . . See I can’t decide whether to walk on down there and shut your mouth or Randy’s.


JBL looks utterly disgusted by Cena’s presence as he glares up at him from the ring. Cena just smiles back at him.

John Cena:
But y’know what? That can wait ‘cause I love hearin’ all those theories, an’ since we’re not really gettin’ anywhere, I got an idea. . . How about I walk down there right now an’ show you why I’m a liability to myself?

*Big Pop*

Cena drops the microphone and starts to walk down the ramp, and Rey joins him, but “13” hits within seconds & a serious looking Tazz strolls out to the stage. He has his own microphone, and everyone looks surprised to see him.

A’ight, cut the music.

His music stops and he looks down at everyone in the ring, and Cena & Mysterio on the ramp.

Rey, John, don’t go any further. . . Now before I deal wit’ this, I’ve got somethin’ I need t’ say. . . After what happened at the end o’ the show last week, as you know Dave, Ric Flair ain’t here t’night, an’ neither is Triple H.


Tazz: I ain’t havin’ any more trouble before SummerSlam folks, but right here next week, we’re gonna have the official contract signin’ for that match at SummerSlam. . . Now as far as you guys go, there ain’t gonna be a repeat o’ last week. But John, since you’re desperate t’ compete t’night, you gave me an idea. . . You’re gonna get your wish, an’ since it was JBL an’ Show who got involved in your match last week, in just a matter o’ minutes, you’re gonna go one on one wit’ JBL.

*Huge Pop*

Cena’s all smiles on the ramp, clearly loving that announcement, but JBL is less happy as he looks up grudgingly at Tazz, who isn’t fazed at all by his reaction.

Hey, but Show, I ain’t leavin’ you out. . . You’re gonna be action too. . . against REY MYSTERIO!

*Big Pop*

Tazz: Oh but that ain’t all by any means. . . You’re all gonna be barred from ringside in both matches, an’ if anyone, an’ I mean anyone gets involved durin’ or after, y’can consider yourself out o’ the elimination chamber at SummerSlam.


Tazz: That applies to gettin’ people involved on your behalf John, so y’better tell your dad an’ your brother t’ stay back there, ‘cause if they so much as step a foot on this stage, you won’t be goin’ to SummerSlam.


JBL is still disgusted, staring up with total distain for the temporary General Manager.

Now, like I said, that ain’t all. Since that match is gonna take place in a few minutes, we need a main event, an’ that’s gonna be contested in the same conditions. . . Randy, we’re gonna see just how much of a threat you are t’ Batista, an’ just so you get his full attention, you’re gonna face the WWE Champion right here t’night.

*Massive Pop*

Batista cracks his first smile of the night as he turns to look at Orton, who doesn’t seem that bothered, remaining very focused and serious as normal.

Now remember what I said. If any of ya so much as get involved in any o’ these matches, y’can forget about SummerSlam y’hear?. . . A’ight, now if your name ain’t John, y’can come wit’ me an’ leave these two to it.

“13” hits to another pop as Tazz looks down at them all, making sure they know he means business, and there’s plenty of tension in the air as they stare at each other and the ring starts to clear.

{Commercial Break}

*The Opening Match*

John Cena |vs| JBL

Cena was pumped for this from the moment the bell went, getting right in JBL’s face and taking control there and then. Layfield managed to get back in the match when he caught an oncoming Cena with a big boot to the face. The heavy breathing JBL took some time to recover while the starry eyed Cena tried to sit up on the canvas. JBL tried to seize the initiative and helped him up from his knees and scooped him up before tossing him back and over his head with a fallaway slam. With Cena struggling on the mat, JBL shimmied round and went for a somewhat complacent cover, allowing Cena to comfortably get his shoulder up at the count of two. JBL wasn’t impressed and then went to work on Cena for several minutes, and he made Cena fight for his life in a bearhug and a sleeper, only for Cena to survive and further frustrate his opponent.

JBL was incredibly intense and focused as he watched Cena struggling to his feet by the ropes, and with the crowd willing on the groggy Cena, Layfield got ready to explode with the Clothesline from Hell. As Cena then got up, turned round and stepped away from the ropes, JBL turned back in to the ropes and charged right at his dazed opponent, Cena caught everyone by surprise by ducking under JBL’s arm. Layfield put the brakes on, and as both men turned round in a hurry, Cena reacted the quickest to lift JBL off of his feet and on to his shoulders for the F U. The crowd went nuts, but JBL fought his way down with a series of shots to Cena’s head with his elbow.

Cena turned round in to a kick to the gut from Layfield, who then followed up with a release powerbomb. The crowd’s nervousness was obvious as JBL then crawled forward and hooked the leg for a cover, but Cena got his shoulder up at two to the relief of the crowd and the shock of JBL. He was furious and yelled at the referee as Cena began to sit up, and as he tried to get to his feet, the livid JBL turned his attention back to his opponent instead of the referee, but as he hit the ropes and went back at Cena, he ran straight in to a kick to the gut. Cena bent down and lifted JBL off his feet and this time connected with the FU to pick up the victory.

Winner: John Cena by pinfall.

Aftermath: “My Time is Now” played and Cena stood up to a massive pop. His celebration was very enthusiastic, even more so than normal as he went right over to the ropes and posed for his adoring fans. He then went over to the other side and did the exact same before leaving the ring and walking up the ramp, turning round and continuing the celebration as JBL sat up looking well and truly pissed at losing and seeing Cena grinning back at him.

{Commercial Break}

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield storms back in to his & The Corporation’s dressing room/office with a face like thunder. The Big Show, Vince & Shane McMahon are all sat down on a leather sofa, and they’re all low key. Show is sitting on the arm of the sofa as JBL slams the door and stares directly at him, walking closer to him as he opens his mouth.

WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?. . . Don’t tell me you just sat here and. . .

Show stands up and takes JBL by surprise, and it looks like he’s surprised at just how big Show is.

The Big Show:
Did you not hear what Tazz said earlier? He made it pretty clear what’d happen if I, or anyone for that matter got involved in your match. . . We’d be out of the elimination chamber. . .


Big Show takes exception to that, clearly getting riled up.

The Big Show:
HOLD ON. . .

Vince doesn’t look too happy at seeing them go at it and stands up.

Vince McMahon:

That gets the attention of them and they turn to face an irate Mr. McMahon.

Vince McMahon:
John, you heard what Tazz said. In no circumstances could Show, Shane or I get involved. We simply can’t afford t’ lose our places in the elimination chamber as that’s the only way we’re going to get our hands on the WWE Championship. . . For now, we have to do whatever Tazz says or you can both forget about winning the WWE Championship, then at SummerSlam in less than two weeks, you will work t’gether t’ get the job done. Is that clear?

JBL grudgingly accepts his dad’s right.

Of course, you’re right, I’m sorry. I promise you I will not let you down.

Vince McMahon: You better not, and that goes for you too big man.

The Big Show: You don’t have t’ worry about me I assure you.

Vince McMahon: Good.

Vince nods his head and stares at both of them, but it doesn’t appear all is well between JBL & Show.

*A recap of the aftermath of last week’s match between The Colon Brothers and Finlay & Hardcore Holly is shown, reminding everyone of how Sheamus calmly walked down to the ring for his debut and attacked both Finlay & Holly.

{Cut to the Arena}

*Match #2*

Hardcore Holly |vs| Sheamus

The debuting Sheamus absolutely destroyed Holly from the get go, sending him down with a thunderous lariat. The Irishman was relentless, dragging him right back up and hitting a spine wrenching side-slam backbreaker which JR said Sheamus called the Irish Curse. Holly was rolling around in his agony as the menacing Sheamus stood back up and just watched him struggle, and then allowed him to struggle back up to his feet before taking his head off with a ferocious bicycle kick The fans booed as Sheamus sadistically stared in to the crowd with Holly motionless at his feet. The Irishman then threw his arms up in the air and lifted his right foot up on to Holly’s chest as the referee then made the cover, counting to three to give Sheamus a successful and dominant debut victory.

Winner: Sheamus by pinfall.

Aftermath: “Written In Your Face” hit to heat from the crowd as the intimidated referee grabbed Sheamus’s already raised hand. The Irishman turned to him and gave him a very worrying look, and the referee quickly let go and left the ring. As Sheamus then walked over to the ropes and posed for the crowd, giving them dirty looks too, Finlay slid in the ring and behind him, then clubbed him in the back, taking Sheamus completely off guard. He knocked Sheamus down on to one knee, but as he pulled him up and turned him round, Sheamus fought back with a series of right hands to send Finlay staggering back and then down to the mat.

An irate Sheamus then backed up as Finlay returned to his feet and then went to hit him with a bicycle kick, but Finlay ducked it as Sheamus almost hit the ropes. As both men turned round, Finlay ran at him and clotheslined him over the top to the outside. Sheamus quickly got back up to his feet as Finlay urged him to get back in the ring, but he just stared at him as “Lambeg” played and Holly sat up behind Finlay, who stood firm and defiant with Sheamus fuming on the outside.

{Cut Backstage}

Todd Grisham is standing by at the interview set.

Todd Grisham:
Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time. . . REY MYSTERIOOO.

The camera zooms out and Rey Mysterio is stood alongside Todd, and he has his game face on. We hear loud cheers coming through from the arena.

Todd Grisham:
Earlier t’night Rey, you reminded ev’ryone of just how you’ve overcome the odds throughout for your career, no more so than when you won the Royal Rumble two years ago and went on to win the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. And at SummerSlam, the odds are firmly against you once again when you will step inside satan’s structure with five former world champions. I have to ask you Rey, do you believe that you will be able to overcome the odds yet again and leave SummerSlam as the new WWE Champion.

Rey Mysterio: There ain’t no doubts Todd, this is tough as it gets. I’m gonna be in there wit’ five guys who want it just as much as me, but even though people call the elimination chamber satan’s structure, there ain’t no challenge I’ll back down from an’ this ain’t no diff’rent. . . All my career people ‘ave looked at me diff’rently ‘cause o’ my size, but time an’ time again, I upset the odds an’ prove ‘em wrong, an’ at SummerSlam I’m gonna do it again. . . I’ve already heard people sayin’ Rey Mysterio can’t win the elimination chamber, but I’m tellin’ y’Todd, I know I can do it, an’ I’m gonna give it ev’rythin’ I’ve got t’ make it happen.

Todd Grisham: Well t’night Rey, you have a match with The Big Show and the odds will be against you again. . .

Rey is laughing slightly as he interrupts him.

Rey Mysterio:
. . . Todd, the odds are always against me an’ t’night’s no diff’rent. I’m just gonna do what I do best, beat The Big Show an’ prove t’ the world that I can walk out o’ SummerSlam as the WWE Champion.

Todd Grisham: Thanks Rey, good luck t’night.

Rey Mysterio: No problem man.

Mysterio pats Todd on the arm, then turns round and walks out of the shot.

{Commercial Break}

Batista is in the backstage area drinking a bottle of water, and John Cena walks up to him. Boos & cheers both break out in the arena.

John Cena:
Hey, look who we have here, the WWE Champion, The Animal. How’s it goin’ Dave?

Batista takes the bottle from his mouth and is far from replicating Cena’s enthusiasm, surprising Cena slightly.

John Cena:
Y’know it’s funny Dave. This is the first time John Cena an’ Batista have been on Raw t’gether. It’s been a long time in the makin’ but it’s finally gonna happen. . . John Cena, Batista, two of the biggest names in the business. . . well, and another four, goin’ at it on the big stage, the hottest night of the summer for the hottest prize in the business. IT’S GONNA BE OFF THE SCALE.

Batista: Yeah.

Still showing no enthusiasm, Batista’s mood does confuse Cena a lot more this time, and The Animal takes another gulp from his bottle.

John Cena:
Hey big man, what’s up wit’ you? This ain’t the Dave Batista we all know an’ love.

Batista: I’ll be fine John when SummerSlam’s out of the way, I’ve won the elimination chamber and Ric’s beaten Triple H.

John Cena: Whoa, that’s easier said than done champ, not that I need t’ tell you right since you’re the champ an’ all.

Batista: Yeah, I am the champ an’ I will be after SummerSlam. . . Now I got a match I gotta go get ready for. I’ll see y’round.

Cena looks genuinely stunned to see the intense Batista walk away and out of the shot.

{Cut to the Arena}

Jim Ross: Folks I’ve got some big news for ya. We’ve just been given word that Tazz has made three big matches for next week’s show live in the UK. . . First off, we’re gonna see the newest addition to the Raw roster. . . the impressive an’ dangerous Irishman, Sheamus going one on one with Finlay in what I can only imagine will be physical to the extreme. . . We’re also gonna see two titles on the line when Melina defends the Women’s Championship against Natalya Neidhart, an’ Cryme Time will put their World Tag Team titles up for grabs against Carlito an’ Eddie, The Colon Brothers. . . It sure is gonna be one big night in the UK next week.

“Paparazzi” plays & Melina, the WWE Women’s Champion walks out to the stage dressed to compete for her upcoming match with Jillian Hall. She’s all smiles as she walks down the ramp and the laid out red carpet with the paps following her every move. As she gets to the bottom of the ramp, she walks to the steps and walks up them to stand on the apron. Still smiling widely, she walks across as usual and is about to do the splits when she’s attacked from behind by Natalya Neidhart. Boos ring out as the music cuts and Natalya clubs her across the back.

Melina falls to her knees and Natalya pushes her inside the ring, then slides in herself and stomps all over the Women’s Champion with the crowd continuing to boo. It doesn’t stop the relentless Canadian stomping her boots in to the lower back of Melina, but she soon switches gear without taking her eyes off of Melina. She drags Melina up and quickly drives the Women’s Champion’s back in to her knee with a thunderous back breaker. Melina rolls on to her side with agony written all over her face, and Natalya still isn’t satisfied. She grabs her by the legs and pulls her in to the centre of the ring to apply the Sharpshooter to a ton of heat.

Natalya turns Melina on to her back and locks in the hold, putting so much pressure on the already damaged back of the screaming Women’s Champion. She furiously taps out with the sadistic Natalya taking no notice whatsoever, continuing to make her suffer as three officials run down the ramp and in to the ring. They beg her to get off Melina, but she doesn’t budge as Melina continues to scream and tap. The refs then use force to get the livid Neidhart off of her rival, and she’s furious. She glares at them as Melina lies helpless on the mat, but Natalya then turns her head and looks down, showing no remorse whatsoever with the fans still booing her relentlessly.

The sadistic & remorseless Neidhart’s expression turns to a sick smile, and she’s clearly satisfied & amused by the sight of her opponent next week in a world of hurt. The officials shout at Natalya and tell her to leave the ring, and she does so after taking another look at Melina, who tries to sit up. More boos are thrown at Neidhart as she coolly walks over to the apron and leaves the ring, then turns round and stares at Melina, who glares back at her, holding her back and still struggling as the officials check on her. Natalya smirks at the Women’s Champion one more time as one of the officials hands Melina’s title to her, but she takes more notice of Natalya as we go to a commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

“Born Naughty”
plays & a very unhappy but smartly dressed William Regal makes his way in to the arena, not getting a warm reception it has to be said. He stops halfway down the ramp and turns to look out at the fans that are booing him, and he gives them a very disapproving look. The Englishman then carries on down the ramp and in to the ring, collecting a microphone in the process.

William Regal:
First and foremost ladies and gentleman, I would like to offer my sincerest condolences to Eric Bischoff.


The fans don’t buy his apologies, clearly frustrating him.

William Regal:
I am sorry for what happened to Eric even though he fired me earlier on that fateful evening, but I’m not sorry for trying to take over his position as the head of authority for Monday Night Raw. I think it’s safe to say that I would have done a far better job than he did, and now that my contract as his executive assistant has been terminated, I was informed earlier this evening that I am expected to return to being a full time wrestler.

*Mixed Reception*

Both cheers & boos meet that announcement as the fans don’t what to make of it, but Regal does, and he’s not happy. He looks disgusted at having to wrestle again in addition to the crowd’s boos.

William Regal:
I want you to know Tazz that I will be consulting my lawyer about the way in which I have been treated as it is nothing short of appalling and I simply will not stand for it. I’ve worked for this company for ten years and I deserve to be treated. . .

“Firestorm” plays to a pop as Gregory Helms walks out in to the arena. Dressed casually, he shakes his head as he looks at Regal on his way down to the ring, and Regal is both stunned and disgusted by the interruption. Helms picks a microphone up off the apron as he makes his way in to the ring and again shakes his head at Regal, this time in front of him as his music grinds to a halt.

Gregory Helms:
What the hell’s wrong with you huh? You’re standin’ in the middle of a wrestlin’ ring complain’ about bein’ told y’have t’ wrestle again?. . . I don’t get it, really I don’t. . . First ‘cause you proved you’re an untrustworthy son of a bitch an’ for some reason, you expect Tazz or whoever t’ give you a job alongside him?. . . Come on, wise up, that weren’t ever gonna happen. But more importantly, if you don’t wrestle, what the hell are you doin’ here?. . . I mean, I’ve only just got back after over a year out with a broken neck an’ I thought I might never get in the ring again, an’ here you are whinin’ about havin’ t’ do what ev’ryone else in that locker room’s dreamed about their entire lives.

*Big Pop*

Gregory Helms: If you don’t wanna be here Regal, why don’t you just get lost an’ go an’ piss an’ moan at home?


Gregory Helms: D’ y’even know how lucky y’are? All I’ve done for the last year or so was hope an’ prey that I was able t’ do what I’ve always wanted to since I was just a kid one more time. I woke up screamin’ in the night so many times, thinkin’ I’d never get the chance t’ perform in front o’ all these fans, but here I am. Here I am standin’ opposite you, an ungrateful, selfish cry baby. . .

William Regal: . . . Who the bloody hell do you think you are?


William Regal: How dare you talk down to one of your superiors. If I wanted to wrestle again, I would do so. . . Actually, who are you? You seem familiar. I just can’t put a name to that face of yours.

Helms smirks.

Gregory Helms:
You know damn well who I am, an’ I know full well who you are. . . You’re someone who’s never amounted to anythin’ an’ knows he never will, an’ that’s the reason why y’don’t wanna lace up a pair o’ boots anymore.

William Regal: You think you’re so wise don’t you young man? Let me give you an important lesson that’ll set you well. Respect goes a long way and you should show me some if you wish to avoid being dealt with like you would have been had you got in to this business when I started out. . .

Gregory Helms: . . . Respect huh? I can show you respect, the respect you deserve.

Helms slaps Regal across the face out of nowhere, taking everyone by surprise, especially Regal, who throws a wild right at Helms. He blocks it though and nails Regal with a right hand of his own, getting a huge cheer from the fans as the Englishman hits the deck. Helms stares down at Regal, who sits up holding his face and glares right back at him. Helms then back tracks to the ropes and climbs through them as “Firestorm” plays again, but Regal stares a hole right through him, not intimidating the resolute Helms one bit.

{Commercial Break}

Tazz is in his office with the three detectives leading the investigation in to the Eric Bischoff incident. He’s sat at his desk looking rather comfortable, slumped back in his chair.

So what’s the update fellas?

Detective #1: Well, Mister Bischoff has been released and he’s recovering at home.

Tazz: What’s he sayin’?

Detective #1: Well that’s the problem. . . not a lot. He can’t remember a thing. Not just about the attack, but the entire night. We asked him if he could remember anything about a confrontation with Triple H or Ted DiBiase, but he says he can’t.

Tazz: So where d’ y’go from here?

Detective #1: Short of a confession or a star witness coming forward. . . nowhere. . . There’s no evidence for us t’ go on, so there’s not a whole lot more we can do. . . We’re gonna talk to DiBiase and Triple H again t’night, but honestly, I don’t think we’re gonna get the result we want.

Tazz: Y’can talk t’ DiBiase but Triple H ain’t here t’night.

Detective #2: Yeah we thought we heard something about that. Hasn’t that got something to do with a similar attack t’ the one we’re looking in to?

Tazz: Pretty much.

Detective #1: Okay, we’ll make a few enquiries about before we go and talk to DiBiase.

Detective #2: You can talk to him, I’ll have a little chat with that girlfriend of his.

Tazz: Oh yeah, that’s why you’re here. If you’re lucky, y’might catch her gettin’ ready for her match.

Detective #2: What we waiting for guys?

Tazz: Keep me informed though yeah?

Detective #1: Of course.

Tazz stands up and shakes hands with them.

A’ight, I’ll speak t’ y’soon.

The detectives nod at him and leave the room, then Tazz sits back down as the camera fades out.

{Cut to the Arena}


Met by boos, The Miz (in his ring gear) walks down to the ring looking very smug indeed, smirking at the fans as he walks down to the ramp, and as he climbs up the steps, he picks up a microphone before entering the ring. He walks in to the centre and smiles at Lilian Garcia for a moment before his music stops, allowing him to address the fans that are booing the holy hell out of him. He takes a second or two, sni-ggering first with a big grin on his face.

The Miz:
I told you. I told you all I’d embarrass John Morrison last week, and that’s exactly what I did.


The Miz: It doesn’t matter whatever comes out of his mouth or all of yours for that matter. I don’t care what anyone has t’ say about me, because ev’rybody. . . oh yeah EV’RYBODY is jealous of The Miz.

*Major Heat*

The Miz: Oh yeah, really. You all wanna live like me an’ that’s why I get all the hate that I do from bitter, jealous haters like John Morrison, but you wanna know what happens when you mock The Miz?. . . Let’s take a look shall we.

The Miz turns to the tron and points to it for everyone else to check out some footage.

*A recap from last week’s scheduled match between John Morrison & The Miz is shown where The Miz attacked Morrison on the ramp before the match started and then ordered the referee to ring the bell. He then hit the Skull Crushing Finale on a helpless Morrison before getting the referee to count the fall, which he did reluctantly to give The Miz the victory, only to be interrupted by Tazz, who announced that The Miz won’t be able to dodge his former partner any longer, making a match between them for SummerSlam and promising to fire him if he tried any more cheap tricks.

The Miz smiles at watching that from last week.

The Miz:
There y’have it. . . What d’ y’think o’ that huh John? I don’t see y’runnin’ your mouth now Mister Monday Night Delight. Y’still think I don’t care about what happens in this ring and I only care about bein’ a Hollywood star?. . . Well guess what? I’m a star here in the WWE an’ I’m a star in Hollywood whereas you’re just a loser ev’rywhere you go.


The Miz: No matter how I beat you last week John, I still beat you, an’ I’ll beat you at SummerSlam too, just like I’m about t’ become the first person t’ beat Matt Hardy since he came back t’ Raw.


The Miz smirks once again.

The Miz:
Like I told you before, it doesn’t matter what you think, because I’m The Miz, and I’m AWE-SOME.

*Tons of Heat*


Matt Hardy walks out to the stage to a massive pop as The Miz backs up in the ring, now more serious as Matt poses for his fans before walking down the ramp and in to the ring. He takes off his T-shirt and throws it in to the crowd, looking ready to go. Just as his music stops and the bell’s about to ring. . .


Cody Rhodes makes his way in to the arena, dressed casually with the Bella twins on either arm, much to the dislike of Matt Hardy. Cody doesn’t look as relaxed as normal as he walks down the ramp, staring at Matt the entire time as he walks round the ring to join JR & The Million Dollar Man at the announce table, something that Matt’s clearly not happy about.

*Match #3*

Matt Hardy |vs| The Miz

With Cody Rhodes at the announce table and the Bella twins with him, sat to his right, JR asked him how he was enjoying his time with the twins, and Cody told him that they can wrestle and would happily bitch slap him if he said anything about them. Anyway, the match itself was a very competitive contest, but The Miz’s arrogance nearly got the better of him as he took his eye off the ball when on top of the match.

He took his time going up to the top rope and got distracted by the fans jeering him, stopping to talk smack at them, and as Matt stood back up, The Miz had to rush in to action and missed a missile dropkick with Matt dodging it. To be fair to Mr. Hollywood, he got back up as quickly as he could, but Matt was fired up. He quickly grabbed The Miz by the arm and whipped him in to the corner and followed in with a clothesline before holding on to Miz’s head, enabling him to turn round and run out of the corner and drive The Miz’s head in to the mat with a bulldog.

The crowd really got behind Matt, still unbeaten since his return to Raw, much to the anger of Cody at ringside. He could only watch as the fired up Hardy retreated to the corner and pulled himself up to the second rope, then connected with a diving leg drop to a big pop. He followed up quickly to make a cover, but was left disappointed as The Miz kicked out before the ref could count to three. Matt shook off the disappointment quickly and picked himself back up, then helped his opponent up from his knees only to send him right back down again courtesy of a side effect.

With Matt on the brink of victory and urging his struggling opponent back up, anger got the better of Cody, who stood up at the announce table, took his headset off and threw it down, and Matt saw him. Cody then walked towards the apron, causing Matt to turn his back on The Miz, who was getting to his knees at the time. Hardy called Cody to get in the ring, but he wasn’t having any of it and just taunted Matt, who was then caught off guard by The Miz who crawled up behind him and rolled up while using the ropes as leverage, resting his feet on them as the oblivious ref counted to three.

Winner: The Miz by pinfall.

Aftermath: “I Came to Play” hit to a ton of heat as The Miz stood up and got his arm raised while Matt sat up and stared at him in disbelief, running his hands through his head, much to the amusement of the sn-iggering Cody on the outside. As The Miz then left the ring and walked up the ramp, he turned round to taunt the crowd, but they cheered, confusing The Miz.

He turned round and got his head kicked off by John Morrison to an even bigger pop. An unusually ticked off Morrison just stared down at the out for the count Miz, breathing heavily, seemingly managing to restrain himself from doing any more damage. “Ain’t No Make Believe” then played as Morrison continued staring down at The Miz while Matt & Cody, both slightly surprised watched on.

{Commercial Break}

An extremely happy Cody Rhodes is walking through the hallway looking very proud of himself with The Bella Twins, Brie & Nicole on either arm. As he turns a corner, he walks right in to Tazz, and the temporary general manager doesn’t share the same mood as Cody. Tazz stares right at him, unsettling both Cody & The Bellas.

Well done kid, y’did a good job on Matt t’night. . . again. . . Let me ask y’somethin’. D’ y’think I or Matt’s even forgot ‘bout your match two weeks back when you got yourself dq’d? An’ d’ y’really think y’were gonna get away with it?. . . You’re gonna face Matt if y’like it or not. . .

Cody Rhodes: Are you trying to say I’m scared of Matt Hardy?. . . Come on, get real.

Tazz: I’m glad t’ hear it, ‘cause it won’t be a problem for ya when y’face Matt right here on Raw next week will it?

Cody Rhodes: No problem at all.

Tazz: Good. Y’won’t need me t’ wish your luck then will ya?

Cody smirks as Tazz then walks past him, and Cody turns round to look over his shoulder, not best pleased by the look of it.

{Cut to the Arena}

*Match #4*

Non-Title Match
Rey Mysterio |vs| The Big Show

The Big Show was in a fairly foul mood from the moment he stepped out from the curtain, and Rey was incredibly fired up for this one, going at Show hard and fast from the first second, catching the big man by surprise. Mysterio was on fire after finding his way back in to it, putting Show on the back foot with a leg feed enziguri and following it up with tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Show was reeling, and Rey went all out to take advantage. As Show sat up in a daze, Rey turned back in to the ropes and then ran back at him, nailing him square in the face with a sit down dropkick.

Show’s head just fell back to the mat and Rey dived on top of him for a cover, but Show got his shoulder up. Rey didn’t let it bother him and rushed up to his feet and to the apron where he waited patiently as Show, well and truly in a spin got to his feet, and as he turned round, Rey went for the springboard and landed on Show’s shoulders, looking to hit a seated senton, but Show held on and back tracked to the corner and threw Mysterio back in to the corner pads with a reverse thrown powerbomb. A tired show dropped on to one knee as Rey lay helpless by the ropes, but Show soon shook off the cobwebs and shimmied round to make a cover, but Rey got his foot on the rope at two.

Show saw red and seemed to have a real desire to finish the match there and then, and as Rey started to sit up, the giant watched on intently and calmly returned to his feet. He then lifted his right hand up, signalling his intention to go for a chokeslam with the Mexican high flyer totally oblivious as he slowly struggled back up to his feet. As he then stepped out of the corner and towards his opponent, Show grabbed him around the throat and lifted him up off his feet, but Rey jumped back down to safety. Show was shocked, and Rey landed awkwardly on his feet, then back pedalled to lean in to the ropes.

Show was furious and ran right at Rey, who sent him down on to the middle rope with a drop toe hold. The crowd went nuts as Rey dialled up before hitting the ropes and nailing the 619 to a huge cheer from the fans. Show went staggering back as Rey steadied himself on the apron and again waited patiently as Show then turned round, giving Rey licence to springboard for the West Coast Pop, but as he came down through the air, Show saw it coming and drilled him with a massive knockout punch. Rey just crash landed on the canvas as Show smirked for a second before covered the motionless Mysterio to pick up the hard fought victory.

Winner: The Big Show by pinfall.

Aftermath: “Crank It Up” hit to heat as Show stood up, still looking very serious to get his arm raised. He took a quick look down at Rey, who started to come round but clearly didn’t know where the hell he was. Show then looked up at the crowd for a second before turning round and leaving the ring as Mysterio tried to lift his head up off the mat, slowly coming too after putting up one hell of a fight and coming close to a big win.

{Cut Backstage}

Maryse is getting changed in her locker room with her boyfriend, Ted DiBiase Jr keenly watching her when there’s a knock at the door. Ted doesn’t look to happy to be disturbed as he grudgingly walks to the door and opens it to see the three detectives standing there.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
Oh great, what are you doing here?

Detective #1: Can we come in and talk about it inside?

Ted DiBiase Jr: You know what, it’s not a good time.

Detective #1: We need to sp. . .

Maryse appears at the door and pulls it wide open with a face like thunder, and she makes quite an impression on all three detectives.

. . . Did you not hear what he said? It’s not a good time. . . Hey, has anyone ever told you it’s rude to stare? Besides, we told you all we had to last week.

Detective #2: We appreciate that but we need to talk to the both of you and Triple H again now that we’ve spoken to Mister Bischoff. . .

Ted DiBiase Jr: . . . You’ve spoken t’ Bischoff? What’s he said?

Detective #2: Why, worried are ya?

Ted DiBiase Jr: No, not at all. It’s just he’ll be able t’ tell you I. . . we had nothing t’ do with it.

Detective #1: That maybe so, but we still need to ask you some more questions.

Maryse: Fine, but I have a match any minute, so you’ll have to wait.

Detective #1: Okay that’s fine. We’ll come and talk to you afterwards then.

Maryse: Whatever. Do what you want.

Maryse turns round and goes back in the room, leaving them with an angry DiBiase.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
Look, I’m two weeks away from an Intercontinental Championship match. The last thing I need is you harassing me, and I don’t appreciate you checking out my girlfriend either. But I’m telling you now, I had nothing t’ do with what happened t’ Bischoff, and this’ll be the last time we ever talk about it. Got it?

Detective #1: With all respect, that’s for us t’ decide. We’ll see you later.

DiBiase is fuming as the detectives then turn around and walk away.

{Commercial Break}

*A recap of the promo between Ric Flair & Triple H is shown, with The King of Kings stating his belief that The Nature Boy isn’t the greatest of all time and begging him to put his career on the line at SummerSlam, with Flair then accepting and vowing to win the match. The video skips to later on & Triple H hitting Goldust with his sledgehammer after beating Eugene, only for Flair to come to the rescue, much to the anger of The King of Kings. Then at the end of the show where Flair was shown beaten down on the floor in the back.

{Cut to the Arena}

Jim Ross:
I can only imagine what’s gonna happen when Ric Flair an’ Triple H step in t’ the ring at SummerSlam in what could possibly be the last time we’ll ever see The Nature Boy inside the squared circle. Next week, they’ll be in the UK t’ sign the contract for that truly huge encounter that’ll take place in less than two weeks, an’ I can honestly say I’ve not looked forward to a match as much as this one for a long, long time. . .

“Pourqoui” plays and the scorching hot Maryse walks out from the back along with Ted DiBiase Jr, and both of them are still as angry as they were before the break. Maryse is dressed in tight black jeans and a tight white T-shirt, not exactly typical clothing for a Bra & Panties match, and as they get in the ring, she walks over to Lilian Garcia, gives her a dirty look and snatches the microphone from her. She walks back in to the centre of the ring and stands alongside her boyfriend as her music stops.

I’m afraid I have some bad news for you. . . Unfortunately, this match you’re expecting to see, is off.


Maryse: See, I have what you call a million dollar body, and when you have a body like mine, you decide who sees it, no one else. If you’re all honest with yourselves, you’ll know you don’t deserve to see it.


Maryse: I’m sorry but that’s the way it is. Good night.

She turns round to hand the microphone back to Lilian when “Holla” plays & Kelly Kelly walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand. She poses for the crowd for a couple of seconds, looking quite relaxed in her usual ring gear as her music then cuts. Maryse looks shocked to see, as does Ted.

Kelly Kelly:
From what I've seen, you’re not shy about showing off your body. . . all of it.


Maryse looks confused & slightly worried as Kelly smiles down at her, and Ted turns to ask Maryse what Kelly’s talking about, and she shrugs her shoulders.

Kelly Kelly:
You know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t go through with the match, I’ll show all these people what I’m talking about and what you’re trying to hide, and that’s not much.

*Big Pop*

Maryse is spitting feathers in the ring, and Ted again asks her what’s going on, but she blanks him and stares right up at a very cool Kelly Kelly.

Okay. You want your match? You’re going to regret it, I promise you.


Kelly drops the microphone and Maryse hands hers back to Lilian.


Kofi Kingston
runs out to the stage in casual clothes with the Intercontinental Championship over his shoulder, getting a massive reaction from the fans, much to the anger of DiBiase, who watches on disapprovingly from the ring. Kelly turns round and smiles, gives Kofi a hug and they walk down to the ring together with Ted & Maryse still watching on angrily.

*Match #5*

Bra and Panties Match
Kelly Kelly w/Kofi Kingston |vs| Maryse w/Ted DiBiase Jr

With these two beautiful divas in the ring, it’s hard to believe it could be ugly, but it was. There was no real wrestling involved, but that’s not what this was about. Kelly managed to wrestle Maryse’s shirt off after a leg drop bulldog, and Maryse’s decision to wear jeans saved her as Kelly was only able to unbuckle the belt before Maryse fought back, using the belt to her advantage, strapping her across the back. Wearing just a bra with her jeans, Maryse was able to reveal Kelly’s, but she couldn’t get the bottom half done, much to her frustration. Thanks to a minor distraction later from Ted when his girlfriend looked in trouble, Kelly turned round in to a heel kick before falling victim to the French Kiss, a snap DDT that allowed her to pull off Kelly’s bottoms to earn herself the win, not that she seemed happy about it as she stared down angrily at Kelly.

Winner: Maryse.

Aftermath: “Pourqoui” played again, but not for long as Maryse she kneeled down to grab Kelly’s head and drive the back of it repeatedly in to the mat. Even DiBiase looked concerned at her ruthless streak, but Kofi quickly slipped in the ring and rushed to Kelly’s rescue, pulling Maryse off of her. Maryse didn’t take to it too kindly, and neither did her boyfriend as he joined her in the ring and pulled her away from Kofi before giving him a piece of his mind. As Ted then dragged Maryse towards the ropes, Kofi turned round to check on Kelly, something DiBiase saw that made his eyes light up. He snuck up behind the Intercontinental Champion, pulled him up from his knees and sent him down to the mat courtesy of Dream Streets. The crowd showed their disapproval with a chorus of boos, and as DiBiase was busy laughing at them, his dad stood up at the announce table holding a microphone.

The Million Dollar Man:
Ted, over here.

DiBiase turns his head, looking intrigued as to what his dad has to say, as is Maryse. The Million Dollar Man appears to be very serious about something.

The Million Dollar Man:
Look son, I know we’ve had our problems as of late, but there’s somethin’ I need t’ know. . . I have t’ ask ya. . . are you the one that attacked Eric Bischoff?. . . I have t’ know Ted. I don’t wanna believe it, but I just need you t’ tell me that you didn’t do this.

DiBiase Sr looks up at his son for answers, and the boy wonder shakes his head just once, more in disapproving manner than to answer the question before turning around and leaving the ring with Maryse, leaving The Million Dollar Man looking on in frustration. He also shakes his head, in disgust, and drops the microphone on the announce table before sitting down, still not happy.

{Commercial Break}

*Video Promo*

Images: Batista’s WWE Championship victory at Vengeance and then retaining it the next night on Raw when Triple H would then turn on both his Evolution team mates, The Animal & “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

Voiceover: It will be the hottest night of the summer and arguably the hottest night of the WWE year as hell will truly be unleashed like you’ve never seen before when the superstars of Raw and Smackdown enter The Golden State of California. . . SummerSlam comes to you live exclusively on pay-per-view, Sunday August 17th from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. Call your local pay-per-view provider for more details.

{Cut to the Arena}

Jim Ross: Welcome back t’ Monday Night Raw, an’ we’ve got even more breaking news for you here folks. . . Tazz has indeed been busy t’night, an’ in addition t’ the four matches he’s already lined up for next week, we’ve just been told about another three. . . After what we saw just before the break, the Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston will team up with Kelly Kelly t’ take on the number one contender for the Intercontinental title at SummerSlam, Ted DiBiase Junior an’ his girlfriend Maryse. . . We also saw an altercation between Gregory Helms an’ William Regal, an’ they too will go at it in Regal’s home country. But on top o’ that folks, we’ve just found out that next week’s main event will see the six men who will compete in the elimination chamber at SummerSlam meet in a six man tag team match that consists of Randy Orton joinin’ forces with JBL an’ The Big Show t’ take on the team of Rey Mysterio, John Cena an’ the WWE Champion, Batista. . . We’ve got a great main event t’ come Ted, but I already can’t wait for next week.

The Million Dollar Man: I’m with y’there JR.


Randy Orton
brings his game face with him down the ramp as he shuts out all the boos being thrown at him by the fans in attendance, and he really does look focused as he gets in to the ring and gazes in to the stands, then his music stops.


Out comes the WWE Champion, Batista to a huge roar, and he too has his game face on as he walks out to the stage. He runs to each side of the stage, getting really pumped up as the fans cheer for him even more with Orton watching on intently as Batista then walks halfway down the ramp and stops as his pyro goes off. The Animal then carries on down the ramp and gets in the ring, focusing his eyes firmly on The Legend Killer at all times as he takes off his belt and hands it over to the referee.

*The Main Event*

Non-Title Match
Batista |vs| Randy Orton

Both Batista & Orton meant business in this one in what was a very competitive and aggressive contest. Batista started the match better, getting off to a flyer, but it was his determination that saw Orton find a way back in to it. After being told to step away from the corner after getting stiff with Orton, The Legend Killer caught him with a poke to the eye when the WWE Champion went back after him, and he then fell victim to an inverted side back breaker. Orton tried for a cover, but Batista comfortably got his shoulder up at two.

Orton took a little time to get the wind back in his sails, but he was focused as hell as he got to his feet and watched Batista return to his, struggling ever so slightly. Orton struck the second Batista was up, hitting him with a couple of european uppercuts before trying for an irish whip, only for Batista to reverse it. The Animal ducked his head as Orton came back, giving The Viper the chance to kick him square in the head, and as Batista’s head snapped back up, Orton kicked him in the gut and then planted him with a one arm DDT.

Batista’s head got driven in to the canvas, and an incredibly focused Orton went right for a cover, but The Animal just got his shoulder up. Orton was furious initially, staring menacingly at the referee until he saw the WWE Champion coming round. The Viper turned his attention back to his squirming opponent, locking his eyes firmly on him while remaining on his knees. He started banging his closed fists in to the canvas, getting ready to explode with fury. The crowd desperately tried to warn The Animal, but it was pointless as he slowly made his way back up all frosty eyed with his back to Orton.

The Legend Killer was even more determined, and as Batista turned to face him, he leapt up to his feet and went for the RKO, but The Animal countered by pushing him in to the ropes, and as Orton came back off the ropes, he came bouncing back off in to a ferocious spear. The crowd went nuts, cheering like crazy as Batista then hooked Orton’s leg for a cover, only for The Viper to get his shoulder up before the ref could count to three. Sighs were echoing around the arena as Batista leaned back and a battered and bruised Orton tried to lift his head up off the mat.

Batista took it on the chin and quickly got back in the groove, standing up and walking over to the ropes before shaking them in a frenzy as the unwitting Orton began to get to his knees. The WWE Champion turned back round and walked over to his opponent, then pulled him up from his knees, setting him up for the Batista Bomb to a big pop. He took a couple of seconds too long, giving Orton the chance to pull back and hit the RKO out of nowhere. Both men remained down, still suffering, but Orton then crawled across and stretched his arm out across The Animal’s chest and the referee made a count.

Batista only just got his shoulder up to the absolute shock of his opponent, who just glared despairingly at the referee while the crowd cheered. That sent Orton off, and he got back up to his feet as Batista came round. The Viper then backed up to the corner, getting ready for the running punt, making the crowd very uneasy as Batista unwittingly tried to get up to all fours. The Legend Killer then charged out of the corner and was about to swing his boot in to Batista’s skull when The Animal reacted quickly to counter with a spinebuster, sending the crowd in to raptures.

Batista then made his way back up to his feet, clearly focused as hell as he then dragged the dead weight Orton up to his knees and set him up for the Batista Bomb. Orton then reacted and reached out to grab the referee’s arm. A struggle ensued and Batista let go of Orton, and as Orton got up, Batista went for a clothesline, but Orton ducked it and the referee took the brunt of it instead. He fell to the mat in a heap as Batista looked on in shock, and as he turned round, Orton ducked to his knees and low blowed him to an absolute barrage of boos from the crowd.

With both the WWE Champion and the referee on the mat, The Viper left the ring and took a chair from ringside before slipping back inside as Batista struggled back up, totally unaware of the trouble he was in. The fans again tried to warn him of the danger as Orton banged the chair in to the canvas, and as Batista turned to face him, he swung the chair at him, but The Animal ducked it, leaving Orton shell shocked.

They both turned round in a hurry with Batista reacting first to stomp Orton in the gut before then stealing the chair from Orton. He then lifted the chair up high above his head and brought it down to smash it in to The Viper’s skull to a huge pop. Unfortunately for the WWE Champion, the referee was sitting up and saw him use the chair, leaving him no choice but to disqualify him and award Orton the win.

Winner: Randy Orton by DQ.

Aftermath: Boos rang out and The Animal was furious. He threw the chair down and snapped, then dragged the helpless Orton up and set him up for the Batista Bomb, and this time he hit it, lifting The Viper up high above his head before sending him crashing down in to the canvas to a big pop. “I Walk Alone” then blasted out as Batista stood back up and stared down at Orton, who was lying motionless at his feet as the show came to an end with Batista clearly fired up going in to SummerSlam.

{End of Show}

Quick Results
John Cena df. JBL
df. Hardcore Holly
The Miz
df. Matt Hardy
The Big Show
df. Rey Mysterio
df. Kelly Kelly
Randy Orton
df. Batista

Confirmed for Next Week

World Tag Team Championship
Cryme Time (c) |vs| The Colon Brothers

WWE Women’s Championship
Melina (c) |vs| Natalya Neidhart

Batista, John Cena & Rey Mysterio |vs| Randy Orton & The Corporation

Kofi Kingston & Kelly Kelly |vs| Ted DiBiase Jr & Maryse

Matt Hardy |
vs| Cody Rhodes

Finlay |
vs| Sheamus

Gregory Helms |
vs| William Regal

The contract signing for Ric Flair/Triple H match SummerSlam!

Confirmed for SummerSlam

WWE Championship
Elimination Chamber Match

‘The Animal’ Batista (c) vs ‘The Champ’ John Cena vs ‘The Ultimate Underdog’ Rey Mysterio
vs ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton vs ‘The World's Largest Athlete’ The Big Show vs ‘The Wrestling God’ John “Bradshaw” Layfield

World Heavyweight Championship
‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels vs ‘The Straight Edge Superstar’ CM Punk (c)

WWE United States Championship
Title Can Change On A Disqualification or Count Out
‘The King of the Ring’ Matt Sydal vs ‘The Gold Standard’ Shelton Benjamin (c)

WWE Intercontinental Championship
‘The Jamaican Sensation’ Kofi Kingston (c) vs ‘The Million Dollar Kid’ Ted DiBiase Jr

Career Ending Match
‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair vs ‘The King of Kings’ Triple H


‘The Phenom’ The Undertaker vs ‘The King of the World’ Chris Jericho

‘Captain Charisma’ Christian vs ‘The Rated-R Superstar’ Edge

‘The Monday Night Delight’ John Morrison vs ‘Mr. Hollywood’ The Miz

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw Review

First review I've given you in a while but schools out so I have more time now, so yay be happy cause I am. I like the new Raw logo, I kind of tells the story of the show, you have the main eventers that the show is focused on but you also have some damn good young guys areound them

Batista opening the show makes sense, I'm a little dissapointed that he's so focused on Flair. I know he's pissed at Hunter and hates Triple H and all, but if you're going to put off the angle between him and Hunter to make Dave look credible as Champ, I'd prefer you'd just have him adress it and move on to the Chamber. I don't mind him adressing Hunter but being more focused on that then Five guys he's facing in the Chamber concerns me. I never liked that you went this route and this is why.

Now onto the Chamber guys interrupting everything, Orton is damn right. Batista needs to not focus as much on Flair. I'm loving Orton in this thread despite the fact he has no real direction with Kennedy getting taken out. The Corperation was fine, Rey was fine, Cena was perfect, I would've liked for the fight to start before Tazz came out, I'd prefer less Taz on both shows as he's growing annoying. The matchs for tonight look good tonight, expect for Rey and Show, I hate Rey vs. Big Men tbh

Cena vs. JBL was a solid opener, nice history between these two always fun to see them fight. Cena winning is fine because he just came back though I'd like to see the Corp get a win at some point because they really haven't won anything in a while.

This backstage segment scares me because I'd like to see the Corperation go on a little while longer, Big Show is ok as a face but I think they are just fine as they are. After the Chamber I feel like the obvious feud is with Rey and Cena which would be solid, keep them around for a while.

Sheamus was always gonna beat Holly and the match was typical Sheamus win, I can't wait to see him feud with Finlay, a Belfast Brawl at Unforgiven would fucking own. Do well with this feud please.

I don't see why the Rey interview was needed. Every segment expect for one has been to promote the Elimination Chamber, I don't feel this was need, typical Rey promo it was alright but I didn't feel it was needed tbh.

Cena and Batista's segemnt was good I like the pointing out of the first time ever on Raw, maybet the first time ever in the ring together coming soon, say Wrestlemania. I still wasn't a fan of the placement of this, I'm wondering if there is like a tag team segment or Divas or something you could've done between the Rey segment in this because you're doing something I don't like where now its all CHAMBER CHAMBER CHAMEBER CHAMEBER but later It could be like no chamber, I feel like these segemnts could be better spaced out.

Yea this segment would've been nice to be in between the last two segments. I can't say I'm dissapointed that Melina and Jillian never started started because Melina has been owning Jillian a lot lately. Natayla looks really strong coming out of this I wouldn't mind seeing this match on SummerSlam as there are a few spots left to fill. A Diva's match would be a good touch and the Smakdown Diva's feud hasn't done anything in a while.

Regal is the attacker but was paid off by the Corperation, calling it now. If all of the stuff u had built around him recently was just to set up his return to the ring then it was a big fail. Honesty, Helms was epic here but there are bigger things in store for Regal but it could be nice to get over Helms first.

Where is TriplE H by the way, in real life he's not there because the other feuds need the time his and Flair's is getting but kayfabe where is he. Any way like I said earlier Regal and the Corp are behind the attack. DiBiase is it for the rub and Trips is way too obvious

Miz's promo was good as was the match, I'm really liking Cody and Matt's feud and I wouldn't mind seeing that on SummerSlam though you have a lot of matchs that could be on the card. The only thing about this that confused is me is that if all Miz and Morrison did was stare each other down then why'd Cody and Matt just look that them, that seems like an opprotunity to fight. That was just weird to me. Rhodes and Hardy next week? I bet thats a DQ setting up a No DQ at SummerSlam or something, idk. Just get it to Pay-Per-View, Rhodes was grat with Tazz btw.

Rey vs. Show was exactly what you'd expect to it be, I'm glad Show won for the Corperation but Rey is getting into what I call the "Kane Zone" it's where you're in the main event or upper card on name alone. Rey has barely done anything in the past few months but is an instant contender based on the fact he's Rey Mysterio. I don't like that. Rey needs to get some momentum before he can main event. This should've been Mr. Kennedy's spot to be honest.

The dectetives with DiBiase, yeah ok give him the rub it's nice, this segment was pretty funny with Maryse to be honest though I still highly doubt it was Ted.

The promo before was fine typical heel Diva. But how did Maryse get her own theme so fast all she's done is be Ted's piece of ass for months. Any way Kelly was a good touch, I hope Kofi is out here to fight with Ted at ringside or something becaue you need to go into overdrive with pushing this fued because it's been non-exsitant to be qutie honest.

Yeah and Bra and Panties matchs don't translate to Writing lol. All I know is that Ted's attack was a nice touch at the end though I think building for this feud is too little too late. Because it has nothing going for it. Kofi has been non-exsctant despite being one of the hottest characters on Raw after the feud with Cody. Ted looks stupid for caring more about his dad then a title. I don't like it.

Dang is next week Raws three hours long becaue it needs to be it's stacked. I though I could see at least two of those matchs ending in a DQ and being thrown on SummerSlam like the tag titles match and Rhodes vs. Hardy

Now this was a solid main event, but nothing I haven't seen before from you, you've been doing this match a lot lately. Batista losing that way was weird, I'm not quite sure what to make of Batista at this point other then he'll win and have his happy ending only to see Flair's career ended at SS or something like that. I'm interested in Batista now. Great show closing

Overall this show was up and down I feel like I was a little harsh but those that was on booking not writing some of the SummerSlam build has been kind of poor on Raw tbh. The only thing I'm really interested in is a few of the midcard things and Batista/Triple H which is the main angle despite not having a match at the Pay-Per-View. Ok show.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW Feedback

Kicking the show right off with Batista? Seems like a good move after the way in which last week’s show ended. Liked the anger of Batista being clear here with him wanting to get straight to the point and call Triple H out, not delaying things and showing some nice intensity. I was obviously expecting a confrontation between Trips and Batista, but for Trips to come out is a nice heel move. Something different, which also led to you having Batista talk up Ric Flair well. Orton interrupting? I love this as it has endless possibilities with the connection Orton has with the old Evolution and with the Elimination Chamber match coming up. Orton was a little disappointing in that I really thought you could have done a lot with his past and talked about how Ric Flair’s career would be ending at SummerSlam, really getting under skin, before talking about the Elimination Chamber match at SummerSlam. Still, what we did hear from Orton was still pretty good, talking up his chances well. JBL was okay too, although I thought the explosion of anger from him came a little out of nowhere. He seemed calm when he appeared, and for him to become angered so easily didn’t seem right when we got no warning of it. Still, apart from that I found him to be quite good. Mysterio was okay in his classic underdog stuff, doing what you can with him to make him entertaining, although JBL’s reply seemed almost too formal in telling Rey to get his mother to read him a bedtime story. Would have liked to have seen JBL just tell Mysterio there was a height limit to be in the match or something along those lines. I would have maybe liked a little more from Cena, but for what we got, I thought he was pretty good. No Flair or Trips in the building tonight? A bit disappointed with that, because that’s two out of three weeks now that we’ll be getting no build for it. On the flip side, the contract signing next week on the big RAW should be good though. A few nice announcements to follow from Tazz, with a really nice card suddenly put together in one promo here. All three matches make sense in how they’ve been made, and should all be good. As a whole I thought this was an okay way to open up the show. You have a few characters down a little better than others, but that’s to be expected because no one is ever going to be perfect with all characters.

Cena vs. JBL is certainly a big opener, and for the most part I thought it was good. Cena maybe got too little offense in as he never had a real comeback, but I guess since he won it didn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Okay promo here to show the continuing pressures on The Corporation. I guess an implosion is coming with the pressure being turned up, so I would expect the losses to keep coming.

After debuting by smashing Holly and Finlay, allowing Sheamus to win his first match by the weaker of the two in Holly makes sense, with a dominant victory at that to make him look like a real force. Finlay standing up to Sheamus means a match between the two somewhere down the line no doubt, which would be a good thing for Sheamus. Having him go over two of the toughest guys on the roster in Holly and Finlay right off the bat is a good way to get over that Sheamus is a tough son of a bitch right from the beginning. Smart booking.

Okay promo from Rey here, although it really felt like he was just repeating what he said earlier. Not sure it was necessary, but it does keep in our mind that Rey is the underdog going into SummerSlam.

Nice to see you continuing to show that Batista is agitated and feeling the pressure, much like The Corporation, going into SummerSlam. I like the idea of the way Batista’s going as it could develop some interesting storylines for his character.

Wow, some big matches for next week. Looks like you’re putting a big effort into making it a three hour show worthwhile.

Natalya attacking Melina was okay to see, but like I’ve said before in here, the writing seemed a bit cold if you know what I mean. There was more description there, but it still didn’t really get me involved in the story, and it just didn’t feel like the writing was getting you emotionally involved. Things like maybe capitalising important parts and exclamation marks in important points just makes what Natalya has done seem so much more important and impactful to the reader.

Regal back as a wrestler? That’s certainly good to see because even if he is just being used as a bit part player in the midcard, he’s certainly handy to have around. Not sure why he’s so disgruntled about being forced to wrestle, as Regal’s character seems like the type of guy who relishes the chance to kick another guy’s ass, and I just feel like that wasn’t him here. Helms interrupting is good to see, as it gives him something to do following his comeback with a bit of a reason rather than just the odd quality midcard match. Have to say, the way in which Helms came out made a lot of sense, and something I didn’t expect at first. I mean, while I still don’t see it as fitting of Regal, using someone who doesn’t want to compete opposed to Helms, someone who was rehabbing for a year to compete is really clever, and sets up a natural storyline. The promo followed the natural path, and while maybe a bit short, did its job perfectly in that it sets up what this story is all about to begin with.

Although the focus is off it tonight, it’s nice to see a reminder of the attacker storyline here. Interesting turn with Bischoff not remembering, although obviously this isn’t going to be the end of it, as the story simply has to lead somewhere. Looking forward to seeing just where exactly that is.

Nice little promo from The Miz here. I actually like the little bit of haters shtick that you added in here with this promo, because it’s that type of thing that gets people agitated and would get Miz some really good cheap heat. Basic promo, but it got its job done. Have to say I’m glad Miz is getting time to shine on the mic, because he could be a guy who proves to be a breakout star in your midcard, and possibly your next Intercontinental Champion.

Nice little match here that did a good job in allowing The Miz to look like a guy who belongs in the singles ranks by beating Hardy. The loss didn’t damage Hardy either with the cheap finish and distraction from Cody that furthers their feud, which is certainly a good thing. Some anger being shown from Morrison in a post-match attack on The Miz is a nice indication of some good heat in their feud too, which is good to see.

Hardy vs. Cody for next week? Should be a good match, further stacking what was already a very attractive card for next week.

Pretty good little man vs. big man match here, with a good finish, although the result really surprised me. It seemed like frustration was building up for The Corporation, and a loss for Show to Mysterio would have only heightened that tension. Then again, maybe it’s only JBL who’s losing and we’re getting a Show face turn.

It still seems like you’re setting DiBiase up as chief suspect, and while that would work, I really hope you swerve us and do something excited. A pretty good backstage promo here nonetheless to keep the story going.

With no Trips or Flair on the show tonight it was good to see us getting a reminder of last week. Much needed.

Maryse can’t be interviewed because she has a match, but she’s not competing in that match? Seems odd, even if I did like the million dollar body line. Kelly threatening Maryse with nude photos was, well, interesting to read about on a wrestling show. I’m not sure all of this bra and panties stuff works in BTB so well, but kudos for trying it. Anyway, Kofi being by Kelly for this match made sense as it seemed like that was the direction this feud would be headed in. Not too sure what to say about the match itself, but the aftermath worked to keep some heat in Kofi and Ted’s feud with the cheap shot from Ted.

Interesting to see DiBiase Sr. questioning DiBiase. Not sure where you’re going next with the family ties here, but a heel turn by Ted Sr. would be something pretty cool.

The card just continues to stack up well for next week. Should be a pretty great show.

I was quite surprised you made this match for tonight, as I could have easily had it pegged for the Unforgiven main event following SummerSlam. A good main event here in which you did pretty much all you could to make it exciting with a few big nearfalls and counters, before the finish, which despite the screwy finish, I actually like because not only do we not know who’s the better man out of Orton and Batista, but Batista’s anger just continues to boil as a result of him being disqualified. The Batista Bomb at the end was a fine showing of this anger. Good way to finish the show.

Enjoyable show here, Nige, which I found to be booked quite well throughout. You’ve got a lot of good things going on, and at this stage I’m liking RAW quite a lot, especially with the three hour RAW to come next week and then SummerSlam not long after. The show seemed to do everything it set out to do here effectively, and that’s always a positive. Hopefully the build on RAW continues along well next week, because it has been strong thus far. Fingers crossed SmackDown! starts to get up onto the same level this week too. I’ll be looking forward to seeing if it does.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw Feedback

The mystery attacker angle continues to be the hottest thing going on with Raw, at the moment, and with the suspects narrowed down to two, I’m still either hoping for a massive swerve, or for DiBiase Jr to be the attacker. If it was Triple H, it’d be far too obvious. Anyway, you’ve been able to build a solid Raw foundation around this one storyline, and I’m hoping it continues along nicely here.

I’m not going to lie, the less Batista says the better, and I thought having him call out Triple H within two blocks of dialogue was well played. Once Triple H didn’t respond, and he kept talking, I felt as if things really went downhill a little bit. He seemed to repeat that Triple H was bullying Flair, and not only that, I can’t see Batista saying something like he knows Hunter is a coward. Don’t get me wrong, it’s true, but instead of him saying prove you’re not a coward, something about Triple H’s balls or lack thereof should have been said. The way you did wasn’t technically wrong, but I believe it didn’t suit ‘Tista’s bad ass character as much as it could have.

I felt as if Orton was in character throughout, as he seemed very confident, yet very restricted, almost calculating. This is his character, so good work. I didn’t like him jumping back to the fact he beat Cena out of nowhere at the end though, I don’t really feel as if it was needed, things were going great until then.

JBL wasn’t too bad on the mic, however I definitely felt there were times where he probably could have been a little better. With that being said, I think you made an error at the beginning because at the start JBL was addressing Randy, and then he just switched to Batista half way through. Anyway, a little thing really, but it was just something that irked me as a reader.

Typical Mysterio stuff from him.

JBL’s retort to Rey was pretty good. Honestly, probably the best part of the promo so far.

Cena was alright, all pumped up and stuff, but I feel as if the last two guys to come to the ring have had no real substance with what they have said, and that’s definitely not a good thing.

Tazz sorting things out was to be expected, and all of a sudden, with those three matches being announced, it looks like we’re in for a pretty stacked show. The contract signing for next week should be pretty good to. Overall, the promo was decent, without being overly great.

A good win for Cena in the opening contest. The match was pretty good, with both men getting in a nice amount of offense.

Being in The Corporation’s locker room is all well and good, but you probably could have put something else first. I mean, we’ve already had two commercial breaks, yet there’s been no focus on anything but the main eventers of Raw. Anyway, I liked JBL and Show getting a bit annoyed with each other, shows some friction, and hopefully plants the seeds for some drama in the Elimination Chamber. Has something been done to have Vince lose power? If not, I don’t like him just bitching out and listening to Tazz like this. If so, all good.

Really good booking having Sheamus go over Holly here. Everybody uses Holly to put over people just starting and why not? The guys got a tough guy image yet is a jobber, he’s perfect for it. The confrontation with Finlay afterwards was nice, although I would have preferred Sheamus to beat down Finlay and get more momentum, yet a feud between the two Irishmen would be something refreshing in the section.

I’m pretty sure satan’s structure is the Hell in a Cell, not the EC, so yeah, maybe keep that in mind. Just like earlier, Mysterio was very in character, as it was the same generic stuff he always spins, nothing else to say. I wouldn’t mind if you tried to give his character some more depth though, as the loveable underdog is getting old.

This Cena/’Tista segment really interests me, not because of what took place, but the attitude of Batista has me curious. I believe we could be seeing Batista/Cena at the next Mania, with a heel Batista. I know it’s early, but they’re both on the same brand for the first time, and it really feels as if it’s the way to go. Something along the lines of Tista and Flair both losing at S’Slam, then Batista fights Triple H for awhile, before eventually turning heel and having a crack at Cena. Maybe I’m reading too much into things, but this is what I think might happen.

Big matches announced for next weeks Raw. Sheamus/Finlay taking place in the UK is smart .

A good way to get the Divas on the show, whilst not wasting too much time, as the show is pretty jam packed tonight. A damn good way to make Natalya look tough as nails as well.

I quite like Regal being angry about not being given his spot, it suits his snobby attitude beautifully, and you wrote everything perfect when he came out. I loved Helms’ bit, showing some desire and being annoyed with Regal complaining about wrestling. I really feel as if using his neck injury is a very clever move. at Regal being superior, yet Helms retort was just as good. The slap and punch was okay afterwards to, and overall I felt this was a great segment.

Tazz and The Detectives was alright. Nice, little segment to keep things progressing. Hopefully Bischoff is back soon, because Bischoff > Tazz.

The Miz was pretty spot on in this promo. I feel as if your promos are getting better as the night goes on.

A nice win for The Miz to, as Hardy has been going alright lately. The interference and attack afterwards are both good, little heat builders for Miz/Morrison and Rhodes/Hardy. The first is set to go, but Rhodes/Hardy still needs a little something more, imo.

Just as I say what I say above, Rhodes/Hardy is announced for next weekend. I won’t judge until I see exactly what you do with it.

Show/Mysterio was written pretty well, however the match was never in doubt. One thing I don’t like though is that Show can always win at S’Slam, yet how the hell is Rey going to, if he can’t even beat Show in a one on one match. I’m a little iffy on that, but the match itself was written well, and I did expect Show to win. I felt the knockout punch was written in really well.

at DiBiase keenly watching Maryse! I can’t blame him really. This segment with the detectives wasn’t really all that for me, they should have got more out of DiBiase, yet it could always be him stalling because he is the attacker. I don’t know what to think, but overall this huge storyline is progressing well.

Good to show a video of Flair/HHH since they’re not here tonight.

An interesting situation building with Kelly and Maryse, I wonder what Maryse is hiding? Kingston being around is good too, as it will keep DiBiase honest.

A big win for Maryse, yet I’m really hoping this thing she’s hiding escalates. A good little heat builder for DiBiase on Kofi to, although I feel you’ve advanced to many of your feuds by little sneak attacks tonight.

Ted DiBiase Sr even expects the attacker is his son? I guess it won’t be him then. If that’s the case, it better be a huge swerve and not Triple H.

I can’t remember if I’ve already asked you this or not, but is S’Slam going to be in full?

Damn, it’s really going to be a stacked show next week. Shame it’s in a dump of a place like the UK.

I like the extra detail you gave the main event, and the match was pretty good, and the ending being a disqualification adds to my belief that Batista is going to turn heel soon. At this stage, I’m curious as to what’s next for Orton, as I doubt you will give him another title run after his epicly long run, therefore I’d like to see him feud with a face on the rise. Anyway, I’m looking too far into the future, but yeah, this was a solid main event.

Overall, the show as a whole was probably a little more entertaining than what I’m used to from you (hope that doesn’t make me sound like an ass ), yet the lack of development in the mystery attacker storyline disappointed me. I understand from a booking perspective sometimes this is going to happen, but as a reader, it’s my favorite thing going on, and I want more of it. The main event is still a little patchy in terms of hype for me, but I guess EC’s are hard to build, where as I feel your mid card feuds such as Miz/Morrison, Rhodes/Hardy and DiBiase/Kingston are really benefiting. Anyway, there were a few things I felt wrong with the writing at stages as well, but nothing is ever perfect, and I’d have to say this was a pretty enjoyable show.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks for the reviews guys. I couldn’t be bothered quoting, but to answer a couple of your questions Stoj. Yes, Vince has had all his power taken off of him. It happened when Eric Bischoff was made Head of Authority as Vince & Shane were seriously abusing their power and to give Bischoff full control. Also, as to whether SummerSlam will be in full. It probably won’t. In fact I’m sure it won’t. Originally it was going to be, but I don’t have the motivation to do it all on full right now. Besides, not many people read full matches anyway. The endings of the matches will be written substantially like the previous pay-per-views I’ve done, but more detailed.



>Mammoth 3 Hour Raw Next Week!<

We’ve been advised that next week’s Raw, the final Raw before SummerSlam will now be a special three hour edition, and with seven matches already set, it sure as hell promises to be one hell of a show.

The six men that will compete for the WWE Championship in the Elimination Chamber at SummerSlam will go at it in a six man tag team match next Monday night.

Last night on Raw, all six men were in action where John Cena was victorious over John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, The Big Show defeated Rey Mysterio, and Randy Orton emerged as the victor in his non-title showdown with the WWE Champion, Batista. The Animal got himself disqualified when he blasted Orton in the skull with a steel chair before going on to plant The Legend Killer with a Batista Bomb.

They’ll all battle it out against each other just six days before they clash inside the sadistic structure. Who will gain an upper hand and some serious momentum going in to the Elimination Chamber?

This will be one of two title matches we’ll see next week, and after months of problems between these two teams, it will all come to a head when The Colon Brothers challenge Cryme Time for the World Tag Team Championship.

The two teams were part of the tag team turmoil match at Vengeance for the titles they’ll fight for next Monday evening, and Carlito & Eddie looked to be heading for victory until Shad & JTG pulled the rug from under them to become the new tag champs on Raw. The Colons haven’t forgiven the Brooklyn natives for that, and they have one last chance to take the titles they believe should’ve been theirs in the first place. Can they take it?

Melina is in a similar position to that of Cryme Time as Natalya Neidhart has been relentless in her quest to take the Women’s Championship that she feels should be hers.

Natalya & Melina were both challengers to Victoria at Vengeance, and it was Melina that came out on top with Neidhart claiming that the current Women’s Champion took advantage of the work she did on Victoria. Ever since that night, Natalya has hounded Melina and now with her title shot set in stone, will she be able to do what she failed to at Vengeance and leave the women’s title?

Over the past couple of weeks, Ted DiBiase Jr and his girlfriend Maryse have targeted Kelly Kelly, the close friend of the man DiBiase will face for the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam, Kofi Kingston.

It appears they’ve gotten under the skin of Kofi by going after her, and last night was no different. It didn’t go quite to plan when Maryse was scheduled to compete in her first match, a Bra & Panties match against Kelly Kelly. The Million Dollar Woman initially refused to take part, but that all changed when Kelly threatened to reveal something about Maryse. DiBiase’s girlfriend grudgingly gave in and agreed to the match, and she gained the win, mainly thanks to her decision to wear jeans. DiBiase then took the chance to sneak up on Kofi when the Intercontinental Champion thought the coast was clear to check on Kelly.

It definitely seems that DiBiase has got the better of Kofi in recent weeks. Will that be the case however when they lock horns next week as they go in to their title match at SummerSlam?

Matt Hardy’s arrival on Raw has brought the worst out in Cody Rhodes, and since the moment they laid their eyes on each other and Matt laid him out after a cheap crack, Cody has been hell bent on getting revenge on Hardy.

Even having the gorgeous Bella twins by his side has failed to divert Rhodes’ need for revenge, and last night when Matt was in action against The Miz, Cody made his presence felt at ringside by distracting Matt when it seemed he was on the verge of victory. The distraction proved costly as The Miz stole the win and Matt’s winning streak since retuning to Raw last month,

Tazz wasted no time in telling Cody he’d be facing Matt next week, and is Cody now going to regret angering Hardy last night?

Sheamus has only been in the WWE for a couple of weeks, yet he’s already made a very strong impression on the Raw roster, mainly Hardcore Holly & Finlay.

The Celtic Warrior made his debut two weeks back after Finlay & Holly were defeated by The Colon Brothers, and he attacked both of them, leaving them lying helpless in the ring. He made his in ring debut last week and comfortably overcame Holly, but he didn’t anticipate what would happen next. Finlay charged down to the ring and took the fight to him, taking Sheamus well and truly by surprise.

Everybody knows Finlay is no pushover, and if Sheamus didn’t before, he’ll certainly find out Monday night in the UK.

After more than a year on the sidelines, you can understand the confusion and frustration of Gregory Helms when he heard William Regal complaining about being told by Tazz that he will return to being a regular member of the Raw roster.

Helms understandably made his point to Regal, but he was met with a very cold shoulder by the bitter former Executive Assistant to Eric Bischoff. He even went as far to accuse Helms of having a lack of respect, and Helms reacted by showing him the respect he felt Regal deserved by drilling him with a right hand.

Regal was furious as you would expect, and we quickly learnt that the two of them will meet in the ring again this week in singles action this time in Regal’s home country. Will Helms’ right hand spark Regal’s desire to get back in the ring? You would certainly think so.

Two weeks back at the end of Raw, we saw ‘The Nature Boy’ squirming and bleeding, raising many questions as to whether it was a copycat attack like the one on Eric Bischoff.

There’s no doubting that Triple H is the number one suspect as far as this one goes, and Tazz feels the same. He banned both men from the arena last night and announced that the contract signing for their highly anticipated match at SummerSlam will take place on Raw next Monday night in the UK.

Is Triple H responsible for the attack on Flair, on Bischoff, both or neither? We might find out next week, but it’s safe to say all hell could break loose when Ric Flair & Triple H meet face to face next Monday evening.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Just thought I’d let you know, that I’ll try and read SummerSlam. And btw, I read the full matches e.

Haven't been reading this BTB much, unfortunately. But the three hour Raw next week is cool, and the preview looks good too. The graphics look good, I like em. I like Finlay vs Sheamus. I'll try and read the Raw, it looks like it'll be a good show.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw's side of things has really been heating up lately, so the three hour Raw should be a damn good show. Whilst the six man tag match should be nice hype for Summerslam, and all the mid card feuds will continue to progress, the money is all with the Flair/Hunter confrontation. I'm expecting a great promo, tbh.

Then again, I have to wait awhile, considering SD hasn't been posted yet.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Preview - Friday 8th August 2008
Live From the Prudential Center
Newark, New Jersey

The penultimate Smackdown before SummerSlam comes to you live from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey this week, and the two men who will battle it out for the World Heavyweight Championship come July 17th will be picking each other’s poison Friday night. We found that out on Superstars last Saturday night from the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk, who sent a strong message to The Heartbreak Kid 24 hours earlier when he hit the ring after Shawn Michaels’ WrestleMania match with Edge. The Straight-Edge Superstar joined Michael Cole & Matt Striker at the announce position and witnessed Christian’s return, which saw Captain Charisma blast his brother in the skull with a steel chair, costing Michaels the match by disqualification.

That didn’t go down well with the man who will challenge Punk for the world title in just over a week’s time, and it looked like he & Christian were going to come to blows until Tyson Tomko stepped in to calm things down. Once Michaels was left alone in the ring, Punk struck and did what he hopes to do when they meet at SummerSlam, putting The Heartbreak Kid to sleep. Michaels has the chance to exact revenge this week with the opportunity to choose the World Champion’s opponent. However, CM Punk has the same luxury. Who will they both choose, and how will they both fair with the endless and exciting possibilities? Make sure you to tune in to Smackdown this week to find out.

You have to believe that The Rated-R Superstar won’t be too happy with the actions of his brother last week, but you can hardly blame Captain Charisma. Several weeks back and after reminding Christian what a con-chair-to sounds like, Edge implied that he knew just how caring his brother’s wife can be. Christian returned last week from the concussion that kept him on the sidelines, and he was looking for answers.

The Rated-R Superstar didn’t give him any, further angering Captain Charisma, leading to his actions later on in the main event. Just what can we expect this week? We’ve been informed that Christian will return to action this week and will face the United States Champion, Shelton Benjamin. The Gold Standard was wound up by Matt Sydal & Elijah Burke last week, but he got the last laugh when he pinned Burke later on in tag team action. Will it be Benjamin or Christian who has the last laugh when they collide head on in New Jersey?

In that tag match, it was a distraction that cost Elijah Burke when Benjamin’s partner, Dolph Ziggler tried to take the direct approach in pursuing Burke’s girlfriend, Layla. It certainly does seem that Layla has quite the admirer in Ziggler, but he’s not getting the reaction he wants from her, or Burke for that matter. We hear that it’s Burke birthday on Friday, and he’ll certainly hope that he doesn’t have to cope with Ziggler again this week. Is he hoping for too much?

Chris Jericho talked himself in to trouble last week and it’s been a long time coming. He continued to discredit the reputation and the accomplishments of The Undertaker, even going as far to claim he saw fear in the eyes of the dead man, and The Undertaker couldn’t take it any longer. He reacted by grabbing Jericho around the throat before chokeslamming the man he will face at SummerSlam in ten days. Has Jericho gone too far and opened up a can of worms for himself? Only time will tell.

Bobby Lashley reacted bravely and strongly to going 2-1 down in his Best of Five Series with Jack Swagger by putting in an emphatic performance last Friday night to level the series at 2-2. They were then informed by Tazz that the rubber match will take place on the special three hour edition of Smackdown that will come to you live from the United Kingdom just over a week from now. Will we hear from or see either of them this Friday? Tune in and find out!

MVP & Ron Killings finally got one over on The Empire last week when MVP was able to come out on top in his match with Stu Sanders despite the best efforts of Drew McIntyre & Katie Lee to try and help their fellow Brit sneak another victory at the expense of MVP & Killings. And now we hear that Tazz has upped the stakes by setting up a match between the two men this week that will see them compete for a shot at the tag team titles with no disqualifications. The winning team will earn the right to take on The UK Pack for the WWE Tag Team Championship in the champions’ backyard just seven days later. Which team will rise to the challenge and find themselves just one match away from possibly becoming the new tag team champions?

The WWE Diva’s Championship was only introduced last month, yet it has already become highly coveted by one Mia Rain, who failed to win the title at The Great American Bash. That night belonged to The Glamazon as Beth Phoenix became the first ever Diva’s Champion, something that Rain has failed to get out of her system. Last week she managed to pin Beth in a tag team match and then convinced Tazz to give her a rematch with the title up for grabs. That will take place in just over a week’s time, and now that she has her title shot lined up, will Rain be more relaxed this week? Don’t count on it!

Mickie James & Michelle McCool were in that tag match with Beth & Rain last week, and with all their problems, they will go at it this coming week on Smackdown. McCool’s been almost relentless in her search for revenge after Mickie eliminated her from the elimination series for the Diva’s Championship. Can she even the score or will Mickie defeat her like she did previously? If she does, god knows what it would do to the fiery McCool.

We saw Johnny Jeter continue to frustrate Michael Shane last Friday night when he distracted the number one contender to his Cruiserweight Champion and cost Shane his match with Petey Williams. It greatly amused Jeter and gave Williams another victory. He & Johnny Devine have continued to be successful since joining Smackdown, but with Shane guaranteed a rematch for the cruiserweight title, is Jeter wise to carry on angering him the way he is?

>Confirmed for this Friday on Smackdown!<

Winners Will Earn a Tag Team Title Match in Two Weeks
No Disqualification Match
MVP & Ron Killings vs The Empire

Non–Title Match
Christian vs Shelton Benjamin


Mickie James vs Michelle McCool

CM Punk & Shawn Michaels – Pick Your Poison!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I never really noticed until now, but reading through your preview, you have a lot going on on the SmackDown! side of things. I've said before that RAW has probably had better hype going into SummerSlam, so I feel like this is an important show for SmackDown!'s side of the card. Everything looks like it has the potential to deliver (especially Christian vs. Shelton from an in-ring perspective), so hopefully this is the show that really gets that excitement going.

Looking forward to it, man.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Breaking News: Major Smackdown Spoiler

We’re backstage ahead of Smackdown later on this evening and have received some information regarding the ‘Pick Your Poison’ angle for tonight’s live show. If you wish to find out who Shawn Michaels will be facing, highlight the lines below.

>It’s all but confirmed that tonight’s main event will see the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk choosing The Undertaker to take on The Heartbreak Kid. It will be the first time in Smackdown history that these two legends of the squared circle will face each other.

As far as Punk’s opponent goes, we’ve heard various possibilities including Michael Shane (Shawn Michaels’ cousin), Christian, Bobby Lashley & Matt Sydal. There’s been no definite decision as far as the World Champion’s opponent is concerned.

We can also tell you that Edge is in the arena tonight but he more than likely won’t be appearing on the show. We won’t spoil things too much for you, but there will be a significant progression in terms of the storyline regarding his ‘relationship’ with Christian’s wife, Denise.

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