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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

5/10? Man, I suck.

Glad my feedback was of some help. As for the news you've posted, all of the superstars mention that look like coming in are all pretty great. Kaval and Danielson are especially two guys I want to see you bring in to see how you use them. With Sheamus so quickly a main event star in WWE irl too, it'll be interesting to see how hard he's pushed in BTB, and this is the first bigger BTB to have him (I think). Definitely looks like you're stacking your roster.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

FlyinStyles Great American Bash Review

Ugh. Like BKB said I don't get the Diva's match starting off the show, it was a good enough match but the opening match should either be exciting or have a face go over but this did none of that. This was just a good Divas match, heel wins, yay. I would've started with the Street Fight tbh. I don't mind Beth as champ it's too soon for Mia.

I liked the backstage segment I really did, obviously Edge was pissed at the chair shot, that was one of my problems with the Scramble was not a lot of the guys had actaul heat between them. Hardly any of them had anything to do with Punk, espcailly Edge and Christian. This segment helped inprove that.

I wasn't really a fan of the Swagger-Lashley match, it was pretty basic and a little slow. Swagger tying up the best of five series seemed obvious to me. Ok match, keep getting Swagger over

The Taz interview was a little random, you could've built to him changing the match a little better on Smackdown. Obviously HBK is gonna be invovled in some form now

The Cuiserweight match was very good, the Sweet Shane Music into the Enziguri spot was sick, It seemed a little obvious that Louisia was gonna cost Shane but it's all good. Not sure I like Jeter as champ though. The match was good, not sure about the result or the way it went down. Lets see how you book Jeter as Champ now..

I actaully love all your Shelton Benjamin interviews you really get that cockiness shown. Nice segment.

I really enjoyed the Street Fight, the way the feud was booked I expected more weapons but this was fine. The end with the kick to the chair was sick. I'm really intreagued to see where you take Killings from here because he should be pushed.

Alright segment with Shane it served it's purpose, Shane is pissed, cool beans.

I loved the Masters of the Mat-UK Pak match, I would've prefered to see Masters go over because I don't really know who's left for the Pak to face. But the match was great, but I think it was the Masters time to be champs which appears won't happen ever now.

The Empire giving Killings the look, I should've seen it coming the way the Empires feud with MVP has been booked so it apepars Killings will be MVP's partner now.

The US Title match was great, it topped the Tag Title match in my books, I don't like the DQ ending though, either Sydal should've won clean or Shelton should've won by cheating with a roll-up with the tights or something. The DQ hurt the match but it's still match of the night for me. I'm assuming Sydal will take the belt at SummerSlam.

More Scramble Match hype, thats good

MVP finally gets the upper hand on the Empire I think they could've gone back and fourth a little more, if people cut a promo on PPV it should be worth the time, I think this could've been done on Smackdown with Killings assiting MVP, but it was still ok.

HBK is ref ok, thats fine, I just hope he doesn't cost Punk the belt because that eliminates the whole point of their fued.

I have mixed feelings on the Scramble Match, yes it was a very good match. It showed off Punk as a heel champ who will just do what it takes to retain the belt but I do think Edge got kinda burried, obviously he'll still feud with Christian but Edge took a lot of pins. Christian on the other hand was majorly put over, he stole the show for me in this match. Like I said earlier I'm glad HBK just did his job until after the match where he kicked Punk in the head. Good main event.

Overall I got to say I really enjoyed the show, there were no bad matches, I didn't like some of the results but the show itself was very good, I'll give this a 8/10 and leave on the note that it was better then TKOW's GAB.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW PreviewMonday 14th July 2008
Live From the Richmond Coliseum
Richmond, Virginia

>The Search Begins<

We witnessed one of Raw’s most shocking moments in a long time last Monday night when Eric Bischoff was found unconscious with blood pouring from his head. He was found lying face down in the back, moments after the main event drew to a close, due to the indefinitely suspended Triple H returning to the building with his trusty sledgehammer to attack both Batista & Ric Flair, giving The Animal a disqualification victory over Randy Orton. The sight of Bischoff out cold was shown in the arena, bringing a smile to the face of The King of Kings. Could he have attacked Bischoff before getting to his former Evolution team mates? Having been suspended earlier in the evening, it would certainly come as no surprise if he was found to be the one responsible.

However, he wasn’t the only person to get involved in a heated argument with the Raw Head of Authority last week. William Regal was fired by Bischoff for conspiring with The McMahon’s to try and get rid of Bischoff. The Corporation were also seen later on trying to come up with a plan to deal with Bischoff. Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr also went at verbally with Bischoff, and could one of them be the man who jumped him at the end of the night?

We understand that Linda McMahon will be at Raw to give us an update on the condition of Bischoff, and it’s expected that an investigation will start this week to find out who did indeed attack the Head of Authority. We also believe she will be appointing a temporary replacement to steady the ship so to speak. It’s certainly going to be a busy night for Linda in Richmond.

Before the attack took place, Randy Orton was given a shot at Batista in a non-title match by Bischoff. The Legend Killer has been hell bent on getting another crack at the WWE Championship ever since losing it at WrestleMania. If it wasn’t for Triple H getting involved, Orton may have come out on top, and yet again he’s been foiled in his bid to get the WWE title back around his waist. You have to wonder what state of mind he’s going to be in this week. And how will Batista & Ric Flair react to Triple H crossing them for the second week in a row?

Ted DiBiase Jr was soon regretting attacking Jerry “The King” Lawler last week when Eric Bischoff appointed his father, The Million Dollar Man as The King's replacement at the announce table. The young prodigy wasn't shy in revealing his frustration at seeing his father spend more time around him given their recent problems. DiBiase Sr stripped his son of the Million Dollar Championship several weeks ago, and Ted Jr has been steaming ever since, accusing his father of being jealous of him. It may well be that their problems haven't even started yet. Can things get any worse between father & son?

Two other men at war right now are the former World Tag Team Champions, John Morrison & The Miz. They lost the titles a couple of weeks ago at Vengeance and lost their rematch the next night with The Miz blaming Morrison. When Morrison defeated Carlito at Superstars just over a week ago, The Miz didn't let him celebrate and attacked him in the aisle from behind. Last week on Raw, it was The Miz who was in action. He joined forces with Brian Kendrick to take on Matt Hardy & Paul London, and the problems between The Miz & Morrison spilled over as Morrison joined the announce team. They had strong words, leading to a distraction that cost The Miz & Kendrick the match. This week will see The Shaman of Sexy go one-on-one with Kendrick, the man who took the fall last week. They have history too and won't have a problem tearing each other apart.

Even after Melina won the Women's Championship at Vengeance, it was clear there and then that Natalya Neidhart wasn't about to give up on her own ambition to hold the title. If Melina was in any doubt last week, she got a wake up call when Neidhart destroyed Jillian Hall after the two of them were defeated by Melina & Candice Michelle. The winners looked in shock at what they were seeing, and Candice might well be in for a shock herself this week when she meets Natalya in singles action. Will Natalya pick up where she left off last week and give Melina something more to think about?

Cryme Time have been on a roll since becoming the World Tag Team Champions at Vengeance, retaining their titles two weeks ago with Shad Gaspard following that up with a victory over Eddie Colon last week. His celebrations were cut short when Eddie's brother, Carlito jumped on him afterwards. Shad will have his chance at getting even this week when he faces the elder Colon brother. Will he be able to beat the second Colon brother in the space of a week?

Matt Hardy's return to Raw has been going well since jumping ship from Smackdown. He followed up a victory over Brian Kendrick two weeks ago by beating the same man in tag team action last week. Can Matt keep the good run going?

Having retained the Intercontinental Championship eight days earlier in a Steel Cage match at Vengeance, Kofi Kingston held on to the gold last week with a victory over Santino Marella. There's been no stopping the Intercontinental Champion ever since he won the title 24 hours after WrestleMania. Is he going to carry that through as we head towards SummerSlam?

>Confirmed for This Week on Raw!<

The search begins for Eric Bischoff’s attacker & replacement


John Morrison vs Brian Kendrick

Shad Gaspard vs Carlito

Candice Michelle vs Natalya Neidhart

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Just thought I'd pop in here like I occasionally do, and leave some comments for your preview.

The "whodunnit" storyline with who attacked Bischoff should dominate Raw for awhile, and I'm thinking it'll make for an entertaining cornerstone to the show, if done correctly. As for the Linda McMahon promo, usually I'd vomit, but I have a feeling we'll get some interruptions, perhaps some accusations, and people pleading their case and stuff, and it could become a pretty epic segment, kind of resembling the old "who ran over Stone Cold" segments. Triple H has left Evolution by the sounds of this? I didn't know that . Anyway, Trips as a heel is always good, so I really hope that's the route you've taken. I'm not a fan of the father and son thing with DiBiase, tbh. I just feel he needs to get away from his father and this Million Dollar Championship crap, rather than continue to forge his reputation on it. Miz/Morrison break up has been done to death, not sure how much you can excite me with it. Divas situation isn't really appealing to me, atm, although if Neidhart fucks up Melina then maybe I'll become interested. Cryme Tyme as your tag champs? Damn! Your tag division needs some work. Matt Hardy getting built up nicely is something I like, he can be a pretty good asset. I hate Marella in BTB's, never find him amusing, so I'll be happy if Kingston gets involved with somebody else soon.

There you go, just some uneducated comments, take them for what they're worth.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Have gone back and looked over your past few RAWs over the past few weeks so I could get a better feel of what's going on. Having said that, your main storylines look set to explode this week, with the whodunnit storyline, and Orton vs. Batista set to really step it up this week with Triple H and his Evolution business with Batista out of the way, at least for now. The card apart from that doesn't look too exciting thanks to Shad and Candice being in action, but Morrison vs. Kendrick should be pretty great. I'm also looking out for the development of the father/son DiBiase rivalry, because it's something I haven't seen done before, and is a good way of maybe allowing DiBiase Jr. to break out on his own.

Expect me to drop by once the show is up.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW ResultsMonday 14th July 2008
Live From the Richmond Coliseum
Richmond, Virginia

***Opening Video***
“Wanna Be Loved”

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

>Eric Bischoff suspending Triple H for attacking a referee after the show went off the air the week before and laying down the law.
>Triple H being escorted out of the arena and then being confronted by Ric Flair & Batista before Batista got Flair to back down.
>Bischoff rumbling The Corporation & William Regal in conspiring against him, resulting in Bischoff firing Regal.
>Regal going to The Corporation and telling them that he'd been fired, leaving them to come to a decision that they needed a quick and effective plan to deal with Bischoff.
>Randy Orton going to Bischoff and demanding a shot at the WWE Championship, seemingly threatening him in the process with Bischoff then giving him a shot at Batista but in non-title action.
>Orton's match with Batista and the surprise return of Triple H who blasted Batista & Flair with a sledgehammer.
>The camera cutting to the back and showing a bloody and laid out Eric Bischoff with help rushing to him while The Game smiled in the ring at the sight of Bischoff laying helpless.

{Cut Inside the Arena}


Linda McMahon's music plays and she walks down to the ring surrounded by security. The fans cheer and she gives them a brief smile, clearly meaning business here tonight. She collects a microphone and stands in the middle of the ring to address the Richmond crowd while the security cover all sides of the ring.

Linda McMahon:
As I'm sure you're all aware by now, the Head of Authority for Monday Night Raw, Eric Bischoff was taken to a local medical facility last week following an incident backstage.


Linda McMahon: The latest update we have is that he remains under observation in Reno, Navada, and that he received a substantial blow to the back of his head. His condition however is described as stable and he is expected to make a full recovery in time. . . Obviously, that leaves Raw without a leading authority figure for the time being, but I will introduce you to his replacement in a moment. . . But first , I have to tell you that due to the severity of the attack on Eric, the police will be conducting an investigation until they find the man or woman responsible. They'll be on hand t'night to conduct some initial enquiries, and I would strongly advise ev'ryone in the locker room to co-operate fully with them. . . Now putting that piece of business to one side, it's very clear that a replacement is required in order to calm the storm and keep things ticking over nicely as we head in to SummerSlam. . . The board of directors had a meeting to discuss a plan of action this morning, and I have to say it was an easy decision for us to make as we are all satisfied with the work our choice of replacement has done since his appointment as General Manager of Smackdown.


Linda McMahon: So, ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you, the acting General Manager of Raw. . . Tazz.

*Big Pop*

“13” hits and a very happy Tazz walks down to the ring, dressed in a suit and shakes Linda's hand as he steps inside the squared circle.

Linda McMahon:
Well, over to you.

Tazz smiles and is passed the microphone by Linda, who then leaves the ring, past the security and walks up the ramp.

First off, I guess I'd like t' thank Linda McMahon an' the rest of the board for givin' me the opportunity t' come t' MONDAY NIGHT RAW.


Tazz: I’d also like it on record that I didn’t ask for all the security out here, but after what’s been goin’ on round here, better safe than sorry right?. . . Also I gotta mention this doesn’t mean I’ll be leavin’ my position on Smackdown. I’ll be takin’ charge of both Raw an’ Smackdown ‘til Eric Bischoff comes back.


Tazz: Now even though I wasn't here for what took place here last week an' I ain't exactly his number one fan, I promise ya we're gonna find out who attacked Bischoff sooner rather than later. . . I wanna make it perfectly clear t' whoever did this, we will find out who's responsible, an' when we do, you're gonna be in a whole world of trouble I assure ya.


Tazz: Anyway, it's pretty obvious that we've got a lot o' egos an' attitude runnin' riot on Raw, but I gotta tell ya, that ends right here right now. I sure as hell ain't gonna let anyone get away with doin' whatever the hell they want, 'cause as of right now, things are gonna change. . .

“King of Kings” blasts out & an intense Triple H walks down the ramp to a ton of heat. He gets to the ring and stops to stare at the security workers before climbing up the steps and entering the ring. Security turn round and face the ring, keeping their eyes firmly on The King of Kings. Tazz doesn't look best pleased as he watches Triple H walk past him to get a microphone of his own and then join him in the middle of the ring.

Triple H:
Before I get right t' the point, I might as well be the first one to officially welcome you t’ Raw. . . You must be really proud of yourself t' be the boss of both shows now right? It's quite a step up from being just a below average color commentator.

Tazz stares angrily at The Game.

Triple H:
You can come down here, claim t’ be untouchable and say you're gonna run Raw with an iron fist, but this isn't Smackdown. There's a reason this is the 'A' show and things work a lot diff’rently here on Raw. You might rule the roost there, but you only have t' look at what happened t’ Bischoff t' see who's really in charge here. And despite whatever it is you believe, there's a not a thing you can say or do t' change that, and the sooner you understand that the better, for your own sake.


Tazz isn't impressed whatsoever but composes himself well.

Triple H:
Now, on t' business. With Bischoff out of the way, it's down t' you to give me what I want. . . It’s real easy. . . I want Batista one on one for the World Heavyweight Championship.


Tazz nods his head and smiles, confusing the serious Triple H.

Just like that right? You think I'm just gonna cave in and give y'what y'want just like that?. . . Well let me tell y'somethin' Hun'er. I'm not Eric Bischoff an' I'm sure as hell not intimidated by you.

*Big Pop*

Tazz: Anyway, if I remember rightly, you're meant t' be suspended right?

Triple H: . . .

Tazz: . . . No, you are suspended an’ let me tell y'why. . . You stabbed your best friends in the back, interfered in a world title match an' put your hands on a referee. An' if that's not enough, after y'got suspended last week, you came back and did it all over again. Some would even say that you're the number one suspect in the attack on Bischoff, but that ain't for me t'say. What I do have t'say though is that I ain't no soft touch like y'seem t’ think, an' there's no way in hell I'm gonna give you a shot at the WWE Championship. . . The sooner you get that in your head the better.

*Big Pop*

Triple H looks like he could quite happily kill Tazz, but Tazz isn't intimidated one bit.

Triple H:
You're making a big mistake.

Tazz: You’re right, I probably am, but you ain’t getting’ a title match. What I am gonna do though what I probably shouldn’t is. . . I'm gonna re-instate ya.


Tazz: See I ain't a believer in people sittin' at home as a punishment. People like you need t' face the consequences of your actions. . .

Triple H: . . . I think it's best you shut your mouth right now. Whether you re-instated me or not, nothing’s gonna stop me getting my hands on Batista. . . Not Bischoff, not Linda McMahon, and not even you. . . And just for the record, I'd be careful about what you say. If you're gonna accuse me of attacking Eric Bischoff, you damn sure better have some proof.

Tazz: I'll leave that for the police, but if I were you, I'd get ready t' answer some pretty serious questions.

Triple H: You need to worry about the consequences you'll face Tazz if you don't give me what I want. . . I want Batista and Batista wants me. It's that simple, now make the damn match.

Tazz: It don’t work like that dog. You’ve burned way too many bridges in just two weeks. After all the stunts you’ve pulled, do y’really think I’m gonna reward you by givin’ you a title match? How that would look t’ ev'ryone else?. . . One of the first decisions I had t’ make after re-instatin’ ya was what t’ do about SummerSlam an’ the World Heavyweight Championship.

*Big Pop*

Tazz: We're little over a month away an' I'm gonna put on one hell of a show for each one o' these fans. For that t' happen, I need a huge, an' I mean a huge main event, an' y'can bet your ass that's what you're gonna see, only you ain't gonna be in it.

*Big Pop*

Tazz: I got t' thinkin' 'bout what just what I was gonna do, an' then it hit me. What better way t' headline SummerSlam than bring back Eric Bischoff's own creation. . . the Elimination Chamber.

*Massive Pop*

Tazz: It might well be satan's structure, but Batista won't be defendin' the WWE title against satan himself. That bein' you Hun'er 'cause I got other plans for you. . . You an' Batista might wanna tear each other apart, but he ain't the only one who wants t' get his hands on ya. That's why you've been re-instated, an' the man you'll be facin' at SummerSlam might not be Batista, but he's also a member of Evolution. . . Y'might not be facin' Batista, but Hun'er, the man you'll be facin' at SummerSlam is “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, an' if y'don't like it, that's tough.

*Huge Pop*

Triple H is pissed and stares right at Tazz, and the new boss of Raw walks past him without a care in the world. Just as he's about to step through the ropes, he turns back.

Oh before I forget. Since you said you were gonna be here regardless t'night, I hope y'brought your ring gear 'cause you're gonna be in action. Have a good night y'hear.

With “13” playing again, Tazz smiles at The Game then turns round and leaves the ring followed by security with Triple H staring a hole in the back of him.

{Commercial Break}

*A Video Recap from last week's match between Shad Gaspard & Eddie Colon is shown with Shad winning cleanly, only for Carlito to attack him afterwards with a sneaky Backstabber.

{Cut to Ringside}

*The Opening Match*

Shad Gaspard w/JTG |vs| Carlito w/Eddie Colon & Eric Perez

After starting the match on fire, Shad lost the momentum thanks to a distraction from Eddie. Carlito took charge but wasn't able to connect with the Backstabber with Shad standing firm by the ropes and holding on to them. Shad then turned round as Carlito was getting up and pulled him up to his feet before whipping him in to the ropes and then driving his big boot down Carlito's throat. He then reached down and pulled him up for a Samoan Drop, but Perez climbed on the apron to distract him again. The ref went over to him, followed by Shad who dropped Carlito down on the mat. Perez stood firm on the apron until JTG pulled him down, only to have a whip in to the steps reversed. Shad was pissed as he looked down at the grinning face of Perez. Carlito was getting up and then sneaked up behind him to roll him up. He put his feet on the ropes and Perez held off Shad's feet as the ref counted to three.

Winner: Carlito by pinfall @ 4.21.

Aftermath: “Cool” played and Carlito slipped out of the ring right away to join Perez & Eddie on the outside. The ref joined them and raised Carlito's hand with a livid Shad watching on as he sat up with JTG laid out by the steps. The Colons & Perez then walked to the ramp smiling back at the expense of the World Tag Team Champions.

{Cut Backstage}

Tazz is sat down in his office with three suited and booted detectives and there's a knock at the door.

Come in.

The temporary replacement for Eric Bischoff stands up and is greeted by the sight of Cody Rhodes with two girls, clearly twins at either side of him. Cody looks a lot calmer than usual, maybe down to the Latin looking ladies.

Cody Rhodes:
Look, I heard you guys wanted t’ talk t' me about what happened last week with Bischoff. . . I'm sure you know Eric and I had our differences, and if I'm being honest, I'm not sorry for what happened to him. However as much I'd 'ave liked to have been the one to put him in the emergency room, it wasn't me. . . See that's why I'm here. I've got a rock solid alibi. . . well two, so there's no need for you guys to waste your time and give me the once over.

The chief detective stands up.

Detective #1:
Okay, let's hear it. . . Sorry, and your name is?

Cody Rhodes: Cody. . . Cody Rhodes. . . Anyway. Well I was leaving the arena early last week because I was in a real bad mood thanks to Bischoff, and not for the first time. As I was leaving, I met these two lovely ladies. They're twins by the way.

Tazz: Yeah we can see that thanks Cody, but thanks for pointin’ that out for us.

Cody Rhodes: I don't think you heard me. . . they're twins. This is Brie and this is Nicole. . .

Detective #1: You done showing off yet or are we gonna clear this up?

Cody Rhodes: Look, I hooked up with these two gorgeous women and had the night of my life at the same time Bischoff was attacked. What else do you need t’ know?

Detective #1: Is this true ladies?

Brie & Nicole: Yes, it's true.

Detective #1: Okay that's fine for now, but don't go anywhere. We might have to ask you some more questions at some point.

Cody Rhodes: Is that all gentleman?

Detective #1: For now.

Cody Rhodes: Great. I'll see you round boss. Good luck with the investigation.

Cody's all smiles as he leaves the room with Brie & Nicole, but Vince & Shane McMahon walk past him and in to Tazz's office. A slimy looking Vince is holding what appears to be a video tape.

Vince McMahon:
Good evening ev'rybody. I believe you have some questions for us.

Detective #1: And you are?

Vince McMahon: I'm Vincent Kennedy McMahon. I'm the owner of the WWE and this is my son Shane.

Detective #1: Oh really?

Tazz: Yep.

Vince McMahon: Gentleman, I'm fully aware of the issues between myself and Eric Bischoff, but I'm here to help you in any way I can.

Tazz: Is that right?

Shane McMahon: We're here t’ help alright. So if you don't mind, maybe you can drop the attitude and hear us out. What happened t’ Bischoff reflects badly on the company. . . our company. . .

Tazz: Alright I apologise. . . Continue.

Vince McMahon: As I was saying. I'd like to help in any way that I can, and since I do own the company, I managed to get my hands on the CCTV footage from the security team at the Lawlor Events Center in Reno. . . Now when you watch it, you'll see that there's no camera in the area Eric was attacked. All the exits however are covered, and you'll clearly see Shane and I, and the rest of The Corporation for that matter all leave the arena before said incident took place.

Detective #1: Okay, I'm gonna need to take a look at that if you don't mind.

Vince McMahon: Oh absolutely. That's why I brought it for you and your colleagues.

Vince gladly hands it over.

Vince McMahon:
Well I think we're done here.

Detective #1: Thanks for the tape. We'll be in touch.

Vince & Shane turn to leave.

Shane McMahon:
Are we going to tell them about, you know?

Tazz: What's this?

Vince & Shane turn round again.

Vince McMahon:
Well I'm not sure it's my place.

Detective #1: Any information is important right now. If you know something, you need t’ tell us.

Shane McMahon: He's right dad. You have t’ tell them.

Vince McMahon: I'm not sure but okay. . . Well it's about William Regal.

Detective #1: Oh yes. We're aware of Mister Regal and his relationship with both you Mister Bischoff.

Vince McMahon: I know we hardly acted appropriately as far as Eric Bischoff is concerned, but I didn't have anything to do with what happened. I can't say the same however for Regal. . . See, we had an argument moments before we left the arena last week and he'd just been fired by Bischoff. He wasn't very happy to say the least, and from what I hear, he's not here t'night. To me that sounds a little fishy.

Tazz: Unbelievable.

Shane McMahon: What's your problem?

Tazz: Nothin', no, nothin'.

Shane shakes his head and turns back round.

Detective #1:
Well thanks for the help Mister McMahon. We appreciate it.

Vince McMahon: You're very welcome. If you need anything, feel free to call me and I'll do anything I can t' help.

Detective #1: Of course. Thank you.

Father & son leave the room with Tazz shaking his head in disbelief.

Detective #1:
What’s wrong?

Tazz: It ain't my place, but whatever Vince McMahon says, y'gotta take it wit' a pinch o' salt. That was way too smooth the way they threw Regal under the bus.

Detective #2: I got that too. They knew what they were doin'.

Detective #3: What about this Regal guy though?

Tazz: Yeah well, that's one thing Vince didn't fake.

All 3 detectives smirk and the camera fades out.

{Commercial Break}

A cheery Leticia Cline is standing by at the interview set.

Leticia Cline:
Please welcome my guest at this time. . . The Miz.

Boos can be heard coming from the arena as the camera zooms out, showing The Miz standing alongside Leticia.

Leticia Cline:
Miz, I have t'ask you about your match last week and how John Morrison cost you. . .

The Miz: . . . Do I look like I wanna talk about John Morrison?. . . The last person I wanna talk about right now is John Morrison, okay Leticia?

Leticia Cline: Well it's just that. . .

The Miz: . . . You really don't have a brain in that pretty head of yours do y'toots?. . . I'll tell y'what. Since you're clearly not understanding what I'm saying, I'll say this once and once only. . . Was I angry about losing the tag team titles a couple of weeks back? Sure. Who wouldn't? But y'know what? That's before I realised the clouds had opened up and the light came shining through the sky to give me the opportunity I've been waiting a long, long time for. . . See as of right now, I don't have t' worry about John Morrison or anyone else because it's all about me. It's all about The Miz. I don't care about John Morrison, and quite frankly, no one does or ever has cared about his remarkably dull personality. . . When we went to the A-list parties t'gether, it was the same story. No one cared about him, they cared about The Miz. That's why he's jealous and can't help but get involved in my business, because just like ev'ryone else, Hollywood doesn't care about him. It rejected him like I rejected him. All he's destined for is to fade in to the background and eat himself up for eternity as I, The Miz go on to become the biggest name this company has ever produced. . . Y’better get used to it Leticia. I’m gonna be bigger than “Stonecold” Steve Austin, bigger than The Rock, and even bigger than “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, because I’M THE MIZ AND I’M HOLLYWOOD BABY!

The boos get louder as The Miz smirks in to the camera for a couple of seconds and then walks out with Leticia seemingly appalled by his attitude.

*Video Promo*

*We're shown a recap of last week's tag team match between Melina & Candice Michelle and Natalya Neidhart & Jillian Hall, ending in Melina defeating Jillian & Natalya destroying her own partner afterwards to the shock of Melina & Candice.

{Cut to Ringside}

*Match #2*

Candice Michelle |vs| Natalya Neidhart

With Melina watching on from announce table alongside JR & DiBiase, Natalya seemed more determined to put on a show of dominance for the benefit of the WWE Women's Champion. Candice didn't get too much of a look in, and when she did, Natalya fought back quickly, catching a cross body attempt to slam her down in to the mat. She followed that up with a sit-out spinning powerbomb and then finished her off by applying the Sharpshooter, forcing Candice to tap out after just a couple of seconds.

Winner: Natalya Neidhart by pinfall @ 3.01.

Aftermath: Natalya stood up to get her arm raised and stared right at a slightly concerned looking Melina at the announce table. She then signalled the title would be her around her waist very soon, looking very confident.

{Cut Backstage}

Tazz is in his office with the detectives again, and they're all stood up by the door, which is open.

Detective #1:
We'll be back shortly. We just need to carry on with our enquires, starting with Mister Regal.

Tazz: A’ight, no problem. I’ll see y’later right?

Detective #1: Yeah we’ll come and let you know what we find, if anything.

They're about to walk out of the room when The Corporation walk round the corner. The Big Show & JBL are alongside Vince & Shane McMahon. They're all smiles with Vince acting embarrassed.

Vince McMahon:
We have to stop meeting like this. . . I have t’ say Tazz, you're doing a great job. You're certainly a lot better prospect than Bischoff ever was.

JBL: Y'know, thinking about it you've done very well for yourself Tazz. It's funny that the moment Bischoff finds himself on the shelf, here you are to step in to his shoes.

Tazz: You're kiddin' me right? You're actually accusin' me?. . . Come on, that's ridiculous.

The Big Show: Is it?. . . It makes sense t' me.

Detective #1: Alright gentleman, we've gotta go.

Tazz: Yeah, see ya.

The detectives walk past The Corporation and Vince turns his head.

Vince McMahon:
Don't forget. If you need anything, I'll help anyway I can.

They shake their heads at Vince, who turns back round.

Look fellas, what can I do for ya?

Vince McMahon: Actually, nothing. But since we're here, what's this about the Elimination Chamber at SummerSlam?

Tazz: Y'need me t' explain it for ya?

Shane McMahon: I don't appreciate the way you're talkin' t' my father Tazz. We've been all but cleared of any kind of part in what happened t' Bischoff, but if you keep talking to me and my father like you are, you might bring a whole new meaning to the word temporary.

Vince McMahon: I'm sorry for my son's behaviour Tazz. He's very protective of me and as you can see, he has a reasonably short fuse. As you can imagine, it's not a great combination. . . He is right though about us being cleared, and if I’m being honest, I think it's only fair you consider JBL and The Big Show in the Elimination Chamber. I mean they're both former world champions. They deserve to be a part of the match as much as anyone.

Tazz: Lucky for you, I picked the six men I want in the Elimination Chamber earlier today an' before your kids here tried t' get smart with me.

Vince McMahon: I can only apologise for that boss.

Tazz: A'ight, it's bein' a long night, I'll put y'out o' your misery. . . I've already picked the best five challengers for SummerSlam an' they've all been world champions in the past, an’ t' cut a long story short, JBL an' Show are gonna be in the chamber. Y'happy wit' that?

Shane McMahon: It's not like. . .

Vince McMahon: . . . SHANE!. . . I’m sorry about that Tazz. We'll see you next week. Keep up the good work.

All four members of The Corporation turn to walk away.

Tazz: Whoa, where y'all goin'?

They all turn their heads again, looking slightly confused.

The Big Show: Where do y'think?

Tazz: Well I hope it's back t' your locker room t' get ready for your match later.

JBL: What are you talking about?

Tazz: Y'didn't hear?

JBL: Clearly not.

Tazz: Well t'night I made a match for our main event featurin' you an' The Big Show, two of the challengers for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam.

The Big Show: You gonna tell us who our opponents or are what?

Tazz: Someone you know only too well. . . Ric Flair an' Batista. . . Good luck.

Tazz walks back in to his office and slams the door. The Corporation members all look at each other, not sure what to make of Tazz's announcement.

{Commercial Break}

*Video Promo*

{Cut Backstage}

Todd Grisham is standing by at the interview set.

Todd Grisham:
Joining me at this time is The Game, Triple H.

As the camera zooms out and shows a deadly serious Triple H in the shot next to Grisham, a ton of boos filter through from the arena.

Todd Grisham:
Triple H, two weeks ago you shocked ev'ryone when you turned your back on two of your best friends, Batista and Ric Flair. . . I have to ask you why Hun’er. Why did you stab them both in the back?

Triple H: You wanna know why? Let me ask you a question Todd. What does Batista have that I don't?

Todd Grisham: The WWE title?

Triple H: Exactly. I live, sleep and breathe for the WWE Championship, and t' see it around the waist of someone as ungrateful as Batista, a man I personally brought back to Raw drives me crazy. . . If it wasn't for me Todd, he wouldn't be the champion as we speak and we wouldn't be having this conversation. I brought him back and he was the one who turned his back on me and Evolution by going after the WWE Championship.

Todd Grisham: But what about Flair? You and him. . .

Triple H: . . . There is no me and Ric anymore Todd. Just like Batista, I brought him back t' Raw too, and he let Batista walk away from Evolution. He made his choice and stood by Batista, not me.

Todd Grisham: But Hun'er, they came back t' Raw t' help you against The Corporation. They didn't have t' leave Smackdown but they did, for you. And as for the WWE Championship, each one of you had the chance to get that shot at Vengeance. . .

Triple H: . . . Todd, if you don't want to end up like they did two weeks ago, I suggest you look at who you’re talking to. . . Batista got that shot by selling me down the river. He couldn’t care less about Evolution. All he wanted was that that title shot, not t' beat The Corporation. He sold me out and he's going t' regret that decision every day for the rest of his life, not just because he stabbed me in the back but because he's going t' have t' see Ric suffer like he's never suffered before. He's going t' have blood on his hands when I destroy Ric at SummerSlam, and when I'm done, nothing will stop me going after him and taking the WWE Championship away from him.

Todd Grisham: Before you go, I have to ask you about what happened to Eric Bischoff last week. . . A lot of people believe that you are the one that. . .

Triple H: . . . You're right on the edge Todd. . . right on the edge, but you're lucky. . . real lucky I have nothing t' hide. . . Like I said earlier, I did not attack Bischoff. Whether people believe me or not, I don't care. The only thing I care about right now is beating Ric Flair to a bloody pulp at SummerSlam. And make no mistake about it Todd, I will do just that and end the career of the so called best of all time once and for all.

We can hear boos once again as an intense Triple H stares right at the intimidated Grisham for several seconds before calmly turning round and walking out of the shot.

{Cut to Ringside}

With Brian Kendrick already in the ring and getting ready for his opponent, “Ain't No Make Believe” blasts out & John Morrison walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand, getting a good reaction from the fans. His music cuts and allows him to speak.

John Morrison:
Before I walk on down to the ring, I would like to address a number of comments my former tag team partner had to say earlier on this evening. . . It appears that Mister Hollywood is confused as to what business he is in. . . This isn't Hollywood Miz. This is sports entertainment. This is MONDAY NIGHT RAW.

*Big Pop*

John Morrison: The difference between you and I Miz is that I am here to be a star in that ring, whereas you just want to be a star. You would happily turn your back on wrestling the first chance you got. If you're not here to wrestle and entertain these great fans, you shouldn't be here at all.


John Morrison: And Miz, I too am glad we're no longer partners. In fact, it would make me and all these people in Richmond very happy if you pack your bags and head to Hollywood for good. And if we're being honest with each other, I think we both know you were never going to amount to anything here anyway. I just hope you stay around a little while longer so I have the chance to beat you just one time to wipe that stupid grin off your face. . . If not, I say good riddance to bad rubbish.


Morrison's music plays again and he places the microphone on the floor before walking down the ramp to the ring.

*Match #3*

John Morrison |vs| Brian Kendrick

Morrison was impressive and made light work of Kendrick, even after his opponent brought his knees up in to his chest when trying for a standing shooting star press. Kendrick couldn't hit the Sliced Bread though as Morrison countered by throwing him down to the mat, and he then exploded with a massive super kick to the face of Kendrick. The Shaman of Sexy then dragged him up and wrapped up the victory courtesy of the Moonlight Drive.

Winner: John Morrison by pinfall @ 3.41.

Aftermath: “Ain’t No Make Believe” plays & Morrison stands up to get his arm raised. “I Came To Play” cuts in & The Miz comes out to the stage and picks up the microphone Morrison left before the match.

The Miz:
John John John. What can I say?. . . Congratulations perhaps on such an impressive victory. I mean it's not like we didn't beat him and his equally talentless partner time after time right John?. . . But you know what I'm havin' problems with partner? I also heard what you had t' say before your big match and I can't help but laugh thinkin' about it. . . Do you seriously think for one minute that you could beat me, really?

Morrison nods his head in the ring and the fans cheer, amusing The Miz.

The Miz:
I understand the reaction of you people 'cause all we know what you get up to here in Virginia, the inbred capital of America.


The Miz: Oh yeah, we know all about the one bed per family rule, but John you need t’ get real. There's nothing wrong with aiming for the stars, and the real diff’rence between you and I is that I am a star. You're not and you never will be. . . To put it simply John, you're a loser, just like you would be if we were to meet in that ring, as I can and would beat you like that.


The Miz smirks at the fans & Morrison, The Shaman of Sexy turns round and asks for a microphone from Lilian, and gets one.

John Morrison:
Well as far as I can see, there's only one way we're going to find out the answer as to who would win between you and I. . .

The Miz: . . . You don't wanna go there John, trust me.

John Morrison: Believe me, I do. I do wanna go there. In fact, I wanna go there next week. . . It's up to you. Are you the star you think you are, or are you all talk Mister Hollywood?

The Miz: Up to me huh John? I don't have a problem getting in that ring with you and showing the world how big a joke you really are. . . You are on.


Morrison smiles, satisfied he's got his match with his former partner as they stare right at each other with “Ain't No Make Believe” playing again.

{Commercial Break}

*Video Promo*

{Cut Backstage}

Tazz is sat in his office along with the three detectives again when Randy Orton walks in without knocking. He clearly means business as he walks towards Tazz, who's already stood up with one detective while the other two are sat on a leather sofa.

Randy Orton:
I'm gonna cut right t' the chase. . . I heard what y'had t' say about the Elimination Chamber, and I thought I'd stop by and let you clear up why I've not heard anything about it until now. . . I don't know if you've been watchin' what's been goin' on here on Raw, but if anyone deserves a shot at the WWE title, it's me.

Tazz: Randy look, I know all about what's been goin' on over here, but before we talk about SummerSlam, there's somethin' else I need t' talk t' y'about.

Orton looks confused and Tazz looks to the detectives.

We all know what happened t' Eric Bischoff last week Randy, an' I guess I wanna know just how much you know about all that.

Orton doesn't look too happy at being accused all.

Randy Orton:
Excuse me.

Tazz: Look, these guys here are conducting an investigation in t' what happened, and they need t' narrow down their list of suspects.

Randy Orton: Wait. You think I attacked Bischoff?

Tazz: That's not what we're sayin. . .

The detective standing up cuts in.

Detective #1:
. . . We're not accusing you of anything Mister Orton. It's just that we've been advised that you and Eric Bischoff have had your problems as of late and that you've been somewhat threatening towards him.

Randy Orton: I don't know if you guys noticed, but at the time Bischoff was getting his ass handed to him, I was in a match in front of thousands of witnesses and millions more watching at home across the world. How can you expect me to be responsible. . .

Detective #1: . . . We can't be sure that the incident didn't take place before the match. If that is the case however, you would've had the means to attack him.

Randy Orton: You bet I did, but that doesn't change the fact I didn't do this. I take care of my business in the ring. I kicked Mister Kennedy out of the WWE by beating him in the ring because that's what I do. That's what I would've done last week against Batista if it wasn't for Triple H sticking his big nose in my business. I came that close to beating Batista, and that's why I have t' be in the Elimination Chamber at SummerSlam and why I didn't attack Bischoff. . . See, why would I attack him on the same night he gave me a chance to earn a title shot?. . . That's why gentleman, you're barking up the wrong tree. I suggest you look elsewhere.

Detective #1: Thanks. That'll do for now. If we have any more questions Mister Orton, we'll be in touch.

Randy Orton: I still have a question for you Tazz.

Tazz: . . . A'ight, I know what you're gettin' at. . . I wanna make this Elimination Chamber the best yet, an' to do that, I need the best six men possible in that match. An' as far as I'm concerned, you fall in t' that category, even though I don't exactly like how y'do take care of things all the time, you're one of the top guys here on Raw an' I want you t' be one of the six men in that match.

Randy Orton: I should think so. At least you can make the right decision unlike Bischoff. That's why he had so many enemies, and you don't wanna end up like him.

Tazz: Oh I won't. Trust me.

Orton smirks and walks out of the room with the detective that's stood up turning to Tazz.

Detective #1:
What did you make of that? Is he telling the truth?

Tazz: Honestly?

Detective #1: It’d make things a lot easier.

Tazz: I don't think he did it. I might be wrong, but I believe what he said about what happened with him an' Bischoff last week. He got pretty much what he wanted. He had no real reason to do it.

Detective #1: Was he right about Bischoff though? Did he really have that many enemies?

Tazz chuckles.

Fellas, it's gonna take a long time t' get t' the bottom of this with Bischoff's history.

Detective #1: Great!

{Cut to Ringside}

“Priceless” plays to a chorus of boos from the Virginia natives as Ted DiBiase Jr & Maryse walk down to the ring. As DiBiase gets in the ring, he walks to the other side and stares down at his father, “The Million Dollar Man” who's sat at the announce table, still filling in for Jerry Lawler who was attacked by Ted Jr a couple of weeks back. He then demands a microphone from Lilian and walks back to the middle of the ring to join Maryse with the stick in hand. They then turn round to face both JR & DiBiase Sr.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
Well dad, are you happy now? Are you happy that people are talking about you again instead of me?. . . Do you realise how pathetic you are, stealing the spotlight from your own son? Can't you just deal with the fact I'm gonna be more successful than you ever were?


Ted DiBiase Jr: Do you even think these people care about you? Most of 'em don't even know who you are anyway. . . This ain't the eighties dad, this is my time and you know it. You know full well I'm gonna do the one thing you never could and become a world champion, and that's why you're here. It's eating you alive that your own son's gonna eclipse ev'rything you ever did in this ring and make ev'ryone see you're nothing but a bitter old man.


Ted DiBiase Jr: You're so bitter in fact that you're even putting me down in your new job in favour of guys like Kofi Kingston. I mean, come on. . . I heard what you said last week about Kofi being a real champion and wanting me to be like him. Well guess what dad? I'm gonna give you what you want.

He turns to face the stage, as does Maryse.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
Kofi, I've got something I need to say and I want you to come down here right now.

DiBiase lowers the microphone and waits patiently, and it doesn't take long for “S.O.S” to play and Kofi Kingston to make his way out in to the arena. With the Intercontinental Championship draped over his shoulder and dressed in black jeans and a white shirt, Kofi looks curious as he steps in to the ring with a microphone in hand.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
Thanks for coming. . . So you're probably wondering why I called you down here, but it's real simple. . . See my dad over there talks highly of you for some reason. Personally, I don't see what all the fuss is about. We can change that though, and since I had the Million Dollar Championship taken away from me, I've got a craving for gold. . . I need it Kofi and I need to prove my dad wrong, and I can do that by taking the Intercontinental Championship from you.


Ted DiBiase Jr: Hear me out. SummerSlam isn't far away and I can't think of a better time or place. That's if you're brave enough to put the title on the line. . . See, I believe I can beat you, and where I'm trying to prove my dad wrong, you can prove me wrong and show me why my dad would rather praise you than me. . . So what's it to be champ? You gonna step up to the plate or admit defeat that you'd be punching above your weight if you get in this ring with me?

Kofi smirks, clearly not fazed by DiBiase.

Kofi Kingston:
You wanna match wit’ me at SummerSlam?. . . Okay, y’got it.

Ted DiBiase Jr: Great.

Kofi Kingston: Great? Na, it ain't gonna be great for you 'cause you won't be takin' this title, I promise ya. It’s mine an’ I’m keepin’ it.


Ted DiBiase Jr: Alright Kofi. There's no need for you to dig a bigger hole for yourself. We can wait 'til SummerSlam to find out if you’re right or wrong.

DiBiase turns round to face his dad again.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
Well dad, you're not gonna have to wait that long to find out if I can be the champion you want me to be, and you know what? I hope you're still sat right there when I become the Intercontinental Champion so I can rub it right in your face and show you exactly what I'm capable of.

He sn-iggers at his dad, then turns round real quick and hits Kofi in the head with the microphone. Boos ring out in the arena as Kofi falls to the mat with DiBiase & Maryse looking down and laughing at him. The Million Dollar Man shakes his head in disgust and his son turns back, grinning right at him as “Priceless” plays again.

{Commercial Break}

Cody Rhodes is walking through the back with Brie & Nicole on either side of him. He's looking very happy with the attractive twins attached to his arms, and as they turn a corner, they come across Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy. They stop talking as they see Cody and the twins.

Cody Rhodes:
Well good evening fellas. Have you met Brie & Nicole?. . . They're twins.

Matt Hardy: Y'don't say!

Cody Rhodes: I do actually. . . Sorry girls, where are my manners? . . . This is Rey Mysterio, and yeah you probably are bigger than him, and this is Jeff, sorry, Matt Hardy. . . See girls, I just got confused for a moment. Matt and Jeff are brothers y’see, and Jeff's the one who's sat at home enjoying some well earned time off, not Matt.

Matt Hardy: You tryin' be funny?

Cody Rhodes: No not at all.

Matt Hardy: Good, 'cause it'd be a real shame if I knocked you on your ass in front of your. . . twins right?

Rey Mysterio: If you don't, I don't mind doin' it.

Cody Rhodes: Come on guys, lighten up. Maybe if you spent some quality time with twins, you'd chill out. At least that way you wouldn't be breaking the law, unlike your brother's way of chillin' huh Matt.

Matt drills him straight away, knocking him down to the floor. Cody sits up and looks up angrily at them while the twins look shocked.

Rey Mysterio:
You asked f' that dog.

Matt & Rey walk away with Matt still steaming ever so slightly as the pissed Cody stares at them walking away from him with the twins looking concerned for him.

{Cut to Ringside}

*Match #4*

Finlay |vs| Triple H

Triple H took the match to the fighting Irishman from the bell, but Finlay proved how tough he was by hanging on in there despite a vicious onslaught from The Game. He got some good offense in too after the referee warned Triple H about his closed fists. Finlay then shocked him with a european uppercut and a single arm DDT. The Game kicked out at two but Finlay continued to give him a fright until Triple H reversed an irish whip and sent him crashing down to the mat with a spinning spinebuster. He then got back up and pulled Finlay with him before driving his head down in to the mat with a Pedigree. He went for a cover but pulled Finlay's shoulders up at two. The ref was confused, but it was clear The Game wasn't done with the Irishman. He stood up and dragged Finlay up to plant him with another Pedigree, and this time he covered him all the way to a three count for the win.

Winner: Triple H by pinfall @ 5.08.

Aftermath: The King of Kings stands up right away and walks over to get a microphone. His music then cuts.

Triple H:
I know you're watchin' Ric. I hope y'know what you're lettin' yourself in for at SummerSlam, but believe me, what you just saw is nothing. . . nothing compared t' what's lying in store for you at SummerSlam. I'm going to end your career once and for all Ric, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. . . Then Ric, Batista's next and mark my words, I will take back my WWE Championship.

“King of Kings” plays to a chorus of boos and the intense Triple H drops his microphone and leaves the ring.

{Cut Backstage}

Batista & Ric Flair are watching on a television in their locker room, both in their ring gear. They're clearly not impressed with Triple H's comments by the serious expressions on their faces.

I know we both wanted to get our hands on 'im Ric, an' even though I've got the Elimination Chamber t' deal with, I'm glad you got 'im. Yeah I'd prefer t' defend the title against one man than five, but I know you're gonna give 'im hell an' get payback for us both. An' this way, at least we know he won't be gettin' his hands on the WWE title.

Ric Flair: Hell Dave? Hell? He's gonna wish he was in hell by the time I'm done with 'im. If he thinks he's gonna end my career, he's got another thing comin', 'cause he's gonna get nothin' but the best of The Nature Boy. WOO!

Batista: That's what I'm talkin' ab0ut. . . You ready to go kick some ass?

Ric Flair: You better believe it.

Batista smiles at Ric and follows him as he walks out of the locker room.

{Commercial Break}

*Video Promo*

Images: Batista’s WWE Championship victory at Vengeance and then retaining it the next night on Raw when Triple H would then turn on both his Evolution team mates, The Animal & “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

Voiceover: It will be the hottest night of the summer and arguably the hottest night of the WWE year as hell will truly be unleashed like you’ve never seen before when the superstars of Raw and Smackdown enter The Golden State of California. . . SummerSlam comes to you live exclusively on pay-per-view, Sunday August 17th from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. Call your local pay-per-view provider for more details.

{Cut to Ringside}

*The Main Event*

Batista & Ric Flair |vs| The Big Show & JBL w/Vince & Shane McMahon

Flair was been double teamed for the most part of the match and looked in real trouble when JBL hit a fallaway slam. He managed to kick out at two, and as JBL then set him up for the Last Call, he reversed it in to a back body drop. The crowd went crazy and both men crawled across to tag in their respective partners. Batista & Show rushed in to the ring, but it was The Animal that came out flying. He dodged a clothesline and hammered away at Show, then tried for an irish whip. Show reversed it, but as Batista hit the ropes, he ran back and stunned the big man with a spear. Show kicked out at two and sat up within seconds. Batista was waiting for him and tried for a Batista Bomb, but Show lifted him over his shoulder and down to the mat. He then pulled him up for a chokeslam but The Animal kicked him in the gut to escape his clutches.

He ran back in to the ropes, ducked under a clothesline and ran through, hit the opposite set of ropes and took Show down with a diving shoulder tackle. They both made their way back up and Batista lifted Show off his feet to hit a spinebuster. Vince & Shane were looking worried on the outside as the WWE Champion stood back up to a big pop. He walked over to the ropes and shook them in a frenzy before walking back towards Show. As he lifted his thumbs up and brought them down, JBL raced back in to the ring. Batista countered with a spinning powerslam to take Layfield down. Just as he got back up though, Triple H charged down the ramp and pulled an unsuspecting Flair off the apron. He nailed him with a couple of hard right hands before whipping him in to the ring steps. The referee saw it and called for the bell, awarding the match in favour of Batista & Flair by disqualification.

Winners: Batista & Ric Flair by DQ @ 9.32.

Aftermath: The Game stomped all over Flair on the outside with Batista then walking over to try and stop it. The Big Show was back up though and pulled him back, then turned him round in to a chokeslam, much to the satisfaction of Vince & Shane. JBL returned to his feet with the same look of satisfaction as his father & brother. He then told Show to pick Batista up, and the big man did just that. JBL then gave him some instructions before turning back to run the ropes, then came flying back at Batista with Show letting him go in enough time for JBL to hit the Clothesline From Hell. Boos rang out as Triple H continued his attack on Flair too, pulling him up and whipping him in to the ringpost. Vince & Shane got in the ring with Vince holding the WWE Championship. All four members of The Corporation looked down and laughed at Batista while Triple H looked on with Vince then dropping the belt on the fallen champion as the show came to a close.

{End of Show}

Quick Results
Carlito df. Shad Gaspard
Natalya Neidhart
df. Candice Michelle
John Morrison
df. Brian Kendrick
Triple H
df. Finlay
Batista & Ric Flair
df. The Big Show & JBL

Confirmed for Next Week

John Morrison |vs| The Miz

Confirmed for SummerSlam

WWE Championship
Elimination Chamber Match

Batista (c) vs ? vs ?
vs Randy Orton vs The Big Show vs John “Bradshaw” Layfield

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston (c) vs Ted DiBiase Jr

Ric Flair vs Triple H

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW Feedback

As I said in my comment on the preview, I have been trying to keep up with things here on RAW and have looked over them. However, if I make a mistake, I apologise, and please, pull me up for it.

Nice to see the video package at the start of the show highlighting the events surrounding Bischoff last week. Really makes a point of giving us the major happening from the show, and makes sure some people (me ) are kept up to date with these happenings.

Linda McMahon opening the show? She’s not the most exciting person in the world, but her being here certainly makes sense and seems the right way to go. Nice to see Linda giving us an update on the situation with Bischoff, which, while bland as you can expect with Linda, got the job done. Tazz being the interim GM certainly makes sense here, and you made sure of that with Linda explaining it well, which I liked. Surprised Tazz was talking about Bischoff, as while Bischoff is the focal point of the show, I thought we’d see Tazz try to impress the board and show them they made the right decision by giving us a loaded card full of big announcements. I get that Bischoff is the main story here, but I thought Tazz would have tried to make some sort of impact. Triple H interrupting? So I guess the suspension is off. Found it a bit weird that the security would just let Tripper enter the ring, especially since he’d be a main suspect in this whole storyline, as it makes them look a bit pointless. Triple H was alright in the early going here, but I thought he would have somewhat sucked up to Tazz and said he has a chance to be a good General Manager on RAW, unlike Bischoff, and give him a shot at the title, rather than basically run him down, call him useless, then demand a title shot. While I know Tripper is a badass, he also looks kind of stupid like this. Tazz having a spine is good to see, and while I didn’t like him admitting he was possibly making a mistake, I quite liked the way in which he stood up to Tripper. Reinstating Trips? Seems very soon, but I don’t mind it, I guess. He is a key part of the show, so having him sit at home wouldn’t do you a whole lot of good. Tripper’s threats continuing was a little surprising, and again, while badass, they were maybe lacking a bit of the Triple H character. Elimination Chamber at SummerSlam? Nice. I liked the way in which Tazz made it seem like a logical choice with the mention of Bischoff, and also that he is now trying to make an impact with his announcements. Flair vs. Tripper also makes sense, even if done not all that long ago irl when compared to this thread time, but it should be a pretty good match. Tripper being in action is a good way to end too, making Tazz look competent again, while also giving us a match to look forward to. Pretty good promo to kick the show off here.

The video before the match between Shad and Carlito gives this match a bit of a context here, which is good. Could have also been explained by the commentators, but this way works. With regards to the match, I’ll reiterate what I said in my feedback of The Bash in sentence length, although the booking here was fine, giving Carlito a somewhat dirty win to seemingly give us a rivalry between Cryme Tyme and Carlito & co set to evolve further.

Cody proving himself innocent early is okay, while him looking like a heel by bragging about the (Bella) twins was nice enough. I don’t know if there was a real point to it, but it worker okay. The McMahons? Now we’re talking business. McMahon pleading his innocence was fine too, covering himself up well. As far as what him bussing Regal means, well, I have no idea, although Tazz looking smart makes him look good as an authority figure. Not so sure what this means, but I’m interested.

Quite liked how this promo started, with Miz not wanting to talk about Morrison at all. A different approach, but something I like. The Miz talked himself up alright as the bigger star, while also putting the context of the A list type personality on it. Not sure about the finishing line, as I don’t see it as a great catchphrase, although I guess it would work fine for cheap heat (I’m obviously not American so I’m not too sure), and it does fit with his character. Decent promo from The Miz, and while this feud seems to be pretty standard right now, hopefully something happens to change that up soon.

Sheamus coming to RAW? Can’t say I have a problem with that, as I’m quite a fan of the guy. Should be interesting to see just how hard you push the guy.

Again, I’m more of a fan of the commentators talking about something then video packages all of the time, as it’s what the commentators are employed to do. I feel video packages are for more of a special type of thing. I guess we differ on this though, so I shouldn’t mention it again. Nice to see Natalya get a win here, allowing her to look very good. I don’t mind Candice jobbing either, because honestly, she’s shithouse. Using her as a jobber is fine by me, and letting the real divas like Natalya shine is a bonus.

McMahon and co in Tazz’s office again? Decent promo here, although Vince seemed almost a little too much like a suckup. It just seems to me that the guy has way too much pride to go so far down that path. He almost sounds like, dare I say it, a bit of a pussy. Not huge on every competitor in the Elimination Chamber being a former world champion, as one or two youthful newcomers can never hurt a Chamber match, and can actually add a different story to it, but I can’t say I’m too unhappy about Show and JBL being in it, because I rather like both men. Pretty nice main event you’ve got there for tonight too.

First paragraph was your standard Tripper title speech, which is never a bad thing. The rest, while it made sense, didn’t quite have the Triple H trademark. It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t quite exclusively a Triple H promo, if you know what I mean. I thought Grisham had a little too much cahones too, considering the guy is usually a pussy, and Tripper is a real badass here. Still, alright promo which delivered its message well.

Alright promo from Morrison to address The Miz, although I thought he was maybe too much of a face. The guy only just turned, and all of a sudden he is really sucking up to the fans, which I don’t really get.

Basic win for Morrison, which was pretty much to be expected. Poor Kendrick.

Surprised to hear from Miz again considering we already did earlier, but I thought we was quite good here. The cheap heat he got himself and his arrogance were pretty much on, while Morrison making the challenge for next week gives us something to look forward to. Surprised it’s not happening on Pay Per View, but it should be a good match regardless.

Oh Helms yeah.

Exchange between Orton and the detectives was alright here, although again, it didn’t feel exactly right as Orton. It was almost there, but it just lacked some characterisation that it needed. Still, not bad, and I’m quite happy to see Orton in the Elimination Chamber since the guy pretty much owns. Not sure where this leaves Orton post SummerSlam, as his possible feud with Batista seems to have fizzled out, so it’ll be interesting to see where he’s headed next.

DiBiase Jr coming out and continuing his war of words with his dad was pretty good, while I liked why he called Kofi out, and how you went about it. Smart booking in that Ted Sr likes Kofi and that Kofi is a champion. Works well. The way DiBiase kind of goaded Kingston into the match was good too, although Kofi saying next to nothing was a bit disappointing, as it made the promo feel like it was too short and maybe just fizzled out. Ted attacking Kofi at the end at least gives it some heat, but for a promo that started well, it felt like it kind of went nowhere afterwards. Hopefully more heat comes into this feud in the next few weeks.

A possible feud between Cody and Matt? Not a bad way to go about starting it with Cody’s arrogance getting him into trouble, while also using Jeff’s suspension to your advantage. Wouldn’t be too unhappy if this match made it onto the SummerSlam card.

Interesting opponent for Triple H. Makes sense for Finlay to be set up with him, continuing he’s a tough son of a bitch, and Tazz wanted to prove a point to Tripper. Triple H looking strong and really driving his point home was pretty good too, with the post-match promo giving a little hype to the match at SummerSlam.

Nice little promo for Flair and Batista too, giving us their perspective. Did its job.

Sounded like a pretty good main event here, with Batista being allowed to look good. Surprised at the run in ending with Tripper, as I actually thought the message he had just sent was good enough and that a run in would not be necessary. Still, I guess it’s a good way to allow JBL and Show to also look good, while protecting ‘Tista as your champion.

I thought this was an alright show, although at times perhaps inconsistent. There were some things that I enjoyed, as you’ll have noticed, and some times where I think you stray a little bit in character. Still, the booking here seemed good, and you’ve got lots of feuds/storylines going on and staying heated, which is certainly a good thing. The show certainly did enough to keep me interested, and will get me to drop in to keep on checking on RAW as it goes on.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


>3 Huge SummerSlam Matches Announced!<

With Eric Bischoff on the shelf after the brutal attack on Raw just over a week ago, his replacement, Tazz saw fit to make a match in his honour that will see six of Raw’s top superstars compete for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. Batista will defend the WWE title he won back at Vengeance in an Elimination Chamber match, a structure designed by Bischoff himself.

We learnt that all five challengers will be former world champions, and three of those were revealed last night. They are “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton, who lost the title back at WrestleMania and hasn’t let go ever since. The other two spots currently filled belong to The Corporation, and more specifically, John “Bradshaw” Layfield & The Big Show. There’s no news just yet on who the other two challengers will be, but with Tazz promising each man who enters the chamber will have already held a world title, it promises to be one hell of a match when the hottest night of the summer comes around.

The arrival of “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase hasn’t gone down well with his son, Ted DiBiase Jr, but it appears that the spoilt young star may well have got his focus back because of it.

It was DiBiase Jr that attacked Jerry Lawler just over two weeks ago, leading to his father being appointed by Bischoff last week to fill The King’s boots until he is able to return. It was also evident that Ted Jr was listening to his father last week when he spoke highly of Kofi Kingston after the Intercontinental Champion successfully defended his title. It led to DiBiase Jr challenging the champion to a title match at SummerSlam in an attempt to prove to his dad can be a champion to be proud of. Kofi had no problem in accepting, but he may well have a tricky job on his hands if he is to retain the title after he fell victim to a sucker punch by Ted Jr.

There’s no doubting that the son of The Million Dollar Man is one hungry and slippery individual. Kofi’s going to have to be at his best to keep hold of the gold.

Triple H may well be a former world champion, and he might want nothing more than to get his hands on both Batista & the WWE Championship, but Tazz made it crystal clear to him that he would be nowhere near the Elimination Chamber come SummerSlam.

Instead, The King of Kings will be going one-on-one with the other half of Evolution, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. It’s been a rocky few weeks for anyone previously associated with Evolution, and the bitterness & ruthlessness of Triple H are well and truly back, and The Nature Boy knows that better than anyone. He got a reminder last night when The King of Kings vowed to end his career and beat him to a bloody pulp at SummerSlam, all before he attacked his former mentor during the main event to get Flair & Batista disqualified against The Corporation, who took the opportunity to send The Animal a strong message going in to the Elimination Chamber.

When he’s been in this kind of mindset in the past, it takes a hell of a lot to stop Triple H. Is the greatest of all time up for the challenge? He’ll sure as hell need to be if he is to beat The Game.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

FlyinStyles Raw Review

Linda was bland but she's always bland, she did her job and thats all she's supposed to do. I'm going to be honest I hate Tazz GM he's getting stale and kind of annoying over on Smackdown. I was hoping for something that would spice things up on Raw maybe Linda getting forced to put Vince or Regal in charge to spice things up. Tazz is just bland and will do nothing for me. I'm sure the Elimination Chamber will be great but I don't know why are you doing one. Espacailly without Triple H. Trips had to be in the main event the way it was being booked. It could've been a Triple Threat match with Orton. But I don't get the Chamber, I don't even think Raw has five guys worthy of this espacailly with Triple H and Flair not invovled. Triple H vs. Flair should not be happening, Flair is fine in tag matches and battle royales but in a singles match at big PPV, no.

Lito gets a typical heel win, I still think the Colons should've won the belts at Vegence. Cryme Time could've done well chasing the belts for a while. Oh well more feud build

Cody didn't do it because he was banging the Bella Twins Nice little segment, I doubt Cody did it he's not big enough. This is a main event job. The McMahons now, they almost seem too obvious and too much like kissasses. Obviously they blame it on Regal he seems like a good candiate too. We'll see.

The Miz promo was good, I like him putting himself over as better then John Morrison. Solid promo but Miz is awesome not Hollywood.

Sheamus coming to Raw, I'm interested in what you with him. No one seems open to feud at this point but lets see. I like Sheamus as long as he isn't champion.

Natalya beating Candice was no shock, continue the build to her feud with Melina. The Diva's on Raw very bland but oh well.

The Coperation getting intraugated was great. Accusing Tazz, that's acatully interesting and I never thought of that. They were in perfect mega heel form. Show and JBL in the Chamber, fine. There was no one else really more deserving. Flair and Batista in the main event with the Corp. Ok.

This Triple H promo I felt was unessaicairy. I got him over more as heel but it proved exactly why Triple H shouldn't be facing Flair. His whole turn is about the WWE Championship therefore he needs to be invovled with the WWE Championship.

Nice little Morrison promo, Kendrick is turning into a mega jobberc. Which really shocks me because it looked you were going to push him for a while. I thought Miz was done but the little after promo was better. With the match being next week not at SummerSlam I expect them to be in the Chamber along with the Corp at Orton.

Helms coming to Raw, cool beans.

Orton was spot on in the backstage segment, I know he was in the ring at the time of the attack but I have some kind of heeling he did it. Just a hunch. Orton in the Chamber is no shock considering his push towards the title.

The DiBiase-Kofi segment was a little short I was hoping they would go back and forth a little bit. The match should be good the whole build to this feud is about DiBiase Sr. not Kofi, Kofi seems like he's getting a little de-pushed lately. I'm not really liking it.

Cody Rhodes backstage was good, I know you had a young guns stable planned with Dykstra but maybe Cody runs with that and adds someone like Helms and face these guys at SummerSlam. We'll see it should be good.

Triple H had one hell of beat down on Finlay but there has been too much Triple H, I hope he's done after that. I'm getting a little tired of him.

The main event was ok, Seriously though more Triple H? The Coperation should've just won the match clean. They've been getting burried lately taking out Kozlov made them look a little better but they needed the clean win.

Overall the show was good, too much Triple H but it was good for what it was, I still hate the desicion but the show was well written but no nessacairly well booked. That's how I'll say it, it sounds right. 7/10
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Preview - Friday 18th July 2008
Live From the MTS Center
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

>Punk Overcomes the Odds, but at What Cost?<

With the odds of defeat staring him in the face at The Great American Bash, CM Punk defied them to retain the World Heavyweight Championship in the all action scramble match. After hitting a GTS on Edge to reclaim the gold with just minutes left on the clock, he saw off a last minute scare from The Undertaker to hold on to the title he was determined to prove to the world that he deserved. He did just that despite the shock appointment of the man he took the title from back at Judgment Day, “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels as guest referee. Punk gloated ever so slightly afterwards, as you could expect. That was until Michaels shocked him with some sweet chin music. How on earth will the World Champion react this week to his victory and HBK's controversial return?

Shelton Benjamin was another man who retained his title, the United States Championship in controversial circumstances. The Gold Standard was involved in one hell of a battle with the 2008 King of the Ring, Matt Sydal. He threw everything he had at the challenger, but somehow Sydal managed to fight off everything his opponent threw his way, frustrating the life out of Benjamin to eventually push him over the edge. He resorted to drastic measures in an attempt to beat Sydal for the first time, taking a chair and his title in to the ring. The chair was taken away from him but the title wasn't in more ways than one. He smashed it in his challenger's face and got himself disqualified, holding on to the title and the tag that he can't beat Sydal. Is Benjamin now starting to believe that too?

The UK Pack also managed to retain their titles, beating The Masters of the Mat in their Final Encounter. Having been attacked at their hotel last week by their bitter rivals, their tag team titles were stolen from them in the process by the desperate Chris Masters & Charlie Haas. Their desperation ended up costing them as the brass knucks The Masterpiece gave to Haas proved crucial in Paul Burchill being able to pull out the win for him & Harry Smith after Haas accidentally hit Masters instead before falling victim to a C4 from Burchill. The Englishmen got their hands back on the titles that were stolen from days earlier, and The Masters of the Mat will be wondering how their final chance to take them for good slipped away.

There were however two new champions crowned at The Bash. Johnny Jeter became the new Cruiserweight Champion when he defeated Michael Shane, who may now be regretting his fling with Jeter's mother. Louisa Jeter got her revenge too by playing a big role in Shane's loss after reacting badly to Shane's obvious lack of remorse in ending their brief fling. With the referee down and out, she saw her opportunity and struck Shane with her shoe. When both men came round, it was Jeter who was able to fire the fatal blow to pick up the victory and the Cruiserweight Championship. Shane went to Tazz later on in the night to let him know he wasn't done with Jeter. Does he wish he wasn't done with Louisa now too?

Beth Phoenix also left The Bash with some gold she didn't bring walk in with after she became the last diva standing in the Elimination Series. She saw off Mia Rain in an incredibly competitive match to become the first ever WWE Diva's Champion. Mia will be in action again this Friday night when she takes on Gail Kim. Has The Glamazon seen the last of Mia or not? Rain will have the chance to stake her case for another shot this week, but will she take it?

Ron Killings finally put Chavo Guerrero in his place at The Bash as he emerged victorious in their Streetfight. After being handcuffed and spat on by the Mexican last week, Killings came out fighting Sunday night and sucked up further abuse from Guerrero to pick up a very sweet victory. That however wasn't the last time we saw him that night. Having been ominously circled by The Empire after getting checked over by a doctor, he came to the aid of MVP when the Brits responded to The Franchise Player calling them out. A two-on-one mugging ensued until Killings rushed to the scene to even up the numbers and saw off Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders. We received word that MVP will be going one-on-one with McIntyre this week. Will MVP be able to defy the numbers game like Punk did on Smackdown this Friday night?

Despite tasting defeat for the first time in his WWE career last week, Jack Swagger bounced back to level the Best of 5 Series by beating Bobby Lashley this past Sunday. It was an impressive performance from the resilient youngster too, and if he wants to take the lead and gain a huge advantage in the series, he'll have to be on his game again this Friday night as he battles it out with Lashley for the third time in eight days. Can Swagger pick up where he left off at The Bash, or will Lashley walk out of Smackdown victorious for the second straight week at The All-American American's expense?

Last week we saw The Undertaker & Christian join forces to take on Chris Jericho & Edge in tag team action with CM Punk as the guest referee. We've been told that they will get back in the ring this week in a rematch of last Friday's main event, only the World Champion and the man who walked out of The Bash successful having gotten the better of them won't be the referee this time round. It was the dead man & Captain Charisma that were victorious last week thanks to Punk nailing Edge with a chair. With that possibility all but ruled out, will it be the same outcome this Friday in Jericho's hometown of Winnipeg?

Even though it was Mia Rain who won the right to challenge Beth Phoenix in the final of the Elimination Series at The Great American Bash, it could quite easily have been Mickie James had it not been for Michelle McCool. Everyone thought the two divas were friends, and Mickie still thought that was the case until McCool got involved in her match with Rain last week and stabbed her in the back. Mickie may well be looking for an explanation this week, and she certainly deserves one. Does that mean she'll get it though?

Dolph Ziggler made his in-ring debut on Smackdown last week and defeated Elijah Burke, albeit cheaply as he had a handful of Burke's tights in addition to using the ropes for extra leverage. It also seemed that Smackdown's newcomer was smitten with Burke's girlfriend, Layla. That's perfectly understandable, but surely Burke won't take too kindly to Ziggler getting a cheap win at his expense as well as casting an eye over his girlfriend.

>Confirmed for this Friday on Smackdown!<

Best of 5 Series – Match #3
(Tied at 1-1)
Bobby Lashley |vs| Jack Swagger


The Undertaker & Christian |vs| Edge & Chris Jericho

MVP |vs| Drew McIntyre

Gail Kim |vs| Mia Rain

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