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WWE.com HOMEPAGE - Cyber Sunday Results

28th October 2007

Pepsi Center
Denver, Colorado


Clips of random computer screens and mice being clicked or show before highlights of the build up to Cyber Sunday, featuring:

ē Triple H, Randy Orton & Mr. McMahon
ē Edge, Batista & Umaga
ē Matt Hardy & MVP
ē Jeff Hardy & Mr. Kennedy

VOICEOVER: Tonight marks a special occasion in the history of professional wrestling as you the fans determine what happens on this night by just one click. . . For you decide just who will get the chance to fight for the chance to fulfil the dream of becoming WWE Champion and whether destiny is true in existence. . . For you can choose to see manís heartache grow further, see more pain and suffering, more blood spilled and dreams shattered. . . For on this night, you all fall responsible for your own actions. . . the only people who will be accountable are yourselves




***We go to the Smackdown announce table with Michael Cole & JBL***

Cole: Welcome everybody to Cyber Sunday. . . Tonight you get to decide pretty much everything you get to see

JBL: Thatís right Michael, for the last two weeks, all out fans have been skipping work and school to vote exactly what they want to see here tonight

Cole: Thatís right, and John, I canít wait to find out what stipulation they have chosen for when Batista meets Umaga tonight for the World Heavyweight Championship

JBL: Michael, Michael. . . that might be our main event tonight, but I canít wait to finally see Matt Hardy and MVP lock horns for the United States Championship. . . That is going to be incredible Michael

Cole: It sure will John, but letís not waste any more time as we pass you over to our Raw colleagues, Good Olí JR and Jerry ďThe KingĒ Lawler

***We go to the Raw announce table with JR & King***

JR: Thanks Michael and tonight certainly is a historic night for everyone here in Denver as you take all the power for everything that you will see right here at Cyber Sunday

King: Iíve got goose bumps JR, all day long Iíve been voting for who I want to face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship

JR: Thereís no doubt King that will be the centre of attention as far as Raw goes tonight, but letís take you up to Todd Grisham at the control centre to get things started

*We cut to the control centre at the top of the set with Todd Grisham*

Grisham: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Cyber Sunday, the show where you decide what happens in that ring all night long. . . Over the past two weeks, youíve been voting non stop for what kind of match or who you want to see on WWE.com. . . As of Friday night, the votes were stopped and were then counted and verified, and right now, weíre going to find out the first decision that you made because coming up right now it is the Intercontinental Championship match between Jeff Hardy and Mr. Kennedy. . .


Grisham: . . . So letís find out what match you voted for. . .

*The tron is shown with the results loading*
A. No DQ Ė 0%
B. Ladder Ė 83%
C. First Blood Ė 17%

Itís a LADDER MATCH people!. . . Letís get the competitors out here


Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs Mr. Kennedy

Both men exchange right hands in the middle of the ring with Jeff taking charge, putting Kennedy on the back foot with some real stiff shots to the forehead of Kennedy and then grabs Kennedy by the arm, tries for an irish whip, but Kennedy is able to reverse it and Jeff is whipped into the ropes, but as he turns and comes back off the ropes, he runs back at Kennedy and explodes with a FLYING FORERAM. The crowd cheer loudly as Jeff gets right back up and walks to the corner, but is unaware that Kennedy is right back up too and is right behind him. Jeff climbs the turnbuckle and turns round to face Kennedy, but heís right in front of Jeff and punches him in the gut and Jeff drops into a sitting position on the top rope. The crowd boo Kennedy as he smiles and climbs up to the second rope and lifts Jeff onto his shoulders after turning round to face the ring. With Jeff on his shoulders, Kennedy smiles sadistically and jumps off the top and plants Jeff with the ROLLING FIREMAN CARRY. . . JEFF JUST LANDED HARD ON HIS BACK.

Kennedy remains on the mat for several seconds, too feeling the pain of the high impact move. He then gets back up to his feet, holding his lower back for a moment before walking over to a LADDER in the corner and picking it up. With the crowd booing, Kennedy walks back over to Jeff who starts to squirm on the mat. Kennedy lifts the ladder in the air and is about TO BRING THE LADDER SMASHING DOWN. . . but Jeff kicks up onto Kennedyís stomach, forcing him drop the ladder. Kennedyís head drops and Jeff reaches up and kicks at him again as Kennedy is spun round by the force of the kick. Jeff slowly picks himself up, but as he gets up, Kennedy walks over to him, but Jeff ducks underneath him, runs into the ropes, runs back and connects with a spinning heel kick, knocking Kennedy down to the mat. The crowd cheer Jeff again as he then sees the ladder and picks it up. Kennedy gets back up quite quickly, turns round and runs at Jeff, unaware about the ladder and runs FACE FIRST INTO THE LADDER. . .

The crowd go crazy and Jeff looks shocked at what just happened and then drops the ladder onto Kennedyís body and walks over to the corner and climbs to the second rope. The crowd start going crazy as Jeff then leaps off and connects with a LEGDROP ONTO THE LADDER AND ONTO KENNEDYíS FACE. . . KENNEDYíS BUSTED OPEN. . . Chants of ďHARDYĒ ring out inside the arena, but Jeff hurt himself by hitting the ladder with his legs and remains on the mat for a good twenty seconds while we see the BLOOD POUR FROM KENNEDYíS HEAD. Jeff slowly picks himself back up, limping on one leg and reaches down to pick the ladder up off Kennedy. He then slowly positions the ladder in the middle of the ring and looks up to make sure he can reach the belt. Kennedy starts to come round and rolls over onto his side as Jeff ever so slowly STARTS CLIMBING THE LADDER. The crowd encourage Jeff by chanting his name but as he gets up a couple of rungs, Kennedy pulls himself across the mat to the base of the ladder and pushes it to one side as Jeff then jumps off, lands on his feet but awkwardly and falls down.

Heís not hurt badly as Kennedy then grabs the ladder to stop it swinging and sets it back up, then slowly starts to make his way up it, rung by rung. Jeff picks himself back up too and sees Kennedy climbing the ladder, then runs to the corner, leaps up top and connects with the WHISPER IN THE WIND, knocking the ladder down and Kennedy falls down to the mat too, on his side. Jeff again feels some of the effects from the fall, but it doesnít take him too long before heís back up on his feet and sees Kennedy motionless on the mat. He turns round and sees the ladder, balancing against the ropes after he knocked it before. He then gets a typical Jeff wandering look before pulling it back up in the corner. He starts to climb the ropes and then climbs onto the ladder with Kennedy still motionless and the crowd standing to their feet and chanting ďHardy, HardyĒ over and over as he gets closer to the top of the ladder. He reaches the top and looks down as the crowd cheer and then JEFF LEAPS OFF THE LADDER FOR THE SWANTON. . . BUT OH NO, KENNEDY JUST ROLLS TO THE SIDE AT THE LAST SECOND and Jeff hits the mat hard, back first. . .

Sighs come from the crowd as Kennedy rolls further to the side as Jeff sells the bump by holding his back and rolling around on the mat. Kennedy is still hurting and takes his time before he is able to sit up as the crowd clap in tandem, hoping Jeff will come round, which he does slowly. Kennedy picks himself up, obviously still hurting and with blood pouring from his head, he reaches down to pick Jeff up and throws some hard right hands to the face of Hardy, but is shocked as Jeff blocks a punch and then gets right in with a couple of rights. Jeff then tries for a whip to the corner, but Kennedy manages to reverse it and Jeff hits the corner pads hard as Kennedy then runs in and BOOM . . . FACEWASH time for Jeff. Hardy then staggers slowly out of the corner and is whipped into the opposite corner by Kennedy who takes his time with a cocky look on his face before charging at Jeff, but Jeff sidesteps and KENNEDY HITS THE TURNBUCKLE PADS, staggers round and is kicked in the gut by Jeff and then is on the end of a SPIKE DDT. The crowd erupts but the momentum and the fatigue takes Jeff down to the mat, but the crowd carry on chanting for Jeff. Hardy doesnít take too long before he is able to pull himself up and walks over to the corner with the ladder and drags it to the centre of the ring. He sets it up perfectly and then starts to climb up as Kennedy starts to drag himself across the mat towards the ladder, where he holds onto the bottom rung as Jeff gets close to half way up. Jeff starts to get higher and the crowd cheer him on as Kennedy starts to pull himself up the ladder, rung by rung.

JEFF IS WITHIN TOUHCING DISTANCE. . . and Kennedy is catching and as Jeff reaches up and touches the belt, Kennedy manages to reach across and punch Jeff in the chest. Jeff lets go of the belt and tries to fight Kennedy off as they slug it out and Jeff is able to knock Kennedy off the ladder, but Kennedy falls sideways into the ropes, but manages to hold onto them and runs back towards the ladder at Jeffís side. He then grabs holds of Jeffís legs and pulls him down feet first, but as Jeff lands on his feet, he hits Kennedy with a forearm and then plants him with a SIT DOWN FACEBUSTER. The crowd go nuts again as Kennedy hits the mat face first, bloodying the mat even more. Jeff stops and debates with himself what to do for several seconds before deciding to climb back up the ladder. As he starts to climb, he sees Kennedy squirm and again pauses before dropping down from the ladder, picks the ladder up and places it up against the corner. He then walks over to Kennedy and pulls him up from his knees, then whips him into the LADDER, BACK FIRST. Jeff then steps back into the opposite corner and with the crowd going nuts again, Jeff runs at Kennedy and goes for a solo poetry in motion, BUT KENNEDY MOVES AND JEFF CRASHES INTO THE LADDER.

The fans gasps are clear for all to hear as Kennedy too drops to the mat, but pulls himself up to his knees and then his feet ten seconds later and stomps Jeff out of the ring, under the apron. He takes several seconds to recover before he then picks up the ladder and walks across the ring and positions the ladder under the title belt. The crowd start booing as he slowly starts to climb the ladder with his back to Jeff on the outside, who then starts to pull himself up on the apron and slides back in the ring to a huge cheer. As Jeff got back in the ring and got up to his knees, huge chants of ďHardy, HardyĒ ring out as Kennedy gets close to the top and then reaches up, but as he tries to grab the belt, Jeff is able to grab hold of the ladder and push it sideways as Kennedy FALLS TO THE SIDE AND CRASHES OVER THE ROPES AND TO THE OUTSIDE. There are huge cheers as Jeff then pulls the ladder back and starts to climb up it, rung by rung. He gets half way and there is no sign of life in Kennedy. Jeff continues to climb, gets to the top and reaches up, GRABS THE TITLE BELT AND PULLS IT DOWN TO WIN THE MATCH.

AFTERMATH: ďLoadedĒ blasts out as Jeff Hardy holds the title close to his chest before slowly climbing down the ladder and walking over to the corner to celebrate his victory in front of a delighted crowd

JR: What a way to start Cyber Sunday, King!

King: What a way to start any show JR, that was just amazing

JR: It was that. . . But what a huge win for Jeff Hardy, and over Mr. Kennedy too. . . A lot of people thought going into this match tonight that Mr. Kennedy would walk out of here with the Intercontinental Championship, including Mr. Kennedy, but itís not to be King and all the credit in the world must go to Jeff Hardy


*Santino Marella is with Maria, watching Jeff Hardy on the widescreen TV at the interview set. Santino looks a little frustrated*


My beau-tiful Ma-ria, can you believe that a man with purple hair gets to hold the Inter-conti-nen-tal title. . . my title

Maria: But Jeff is the champion Santino

Santino: Maria, Maria. . . that lov-aly gold belt was mine until it was taken away from me. . . How would you feel if I took one of your pretty dresses?. . . You would not be happy would you Maria?

Maria: No, I love my dresses

Santino: Well, how do you think I feel having to watch Jeff Hardy and his disgusting purple hair with a tit-le that should be mine?. . . I donít know what I have to do Maria, I am the biggest star on Raw, but because I am not a stupid and climb ladders that could hurt my beaut-iful Italian skin does not mean I should be looked over. . . I mean who else is there who deserves to be a champion like me Maria?. . . There is no one, not a one in the same league as me. . .

*Maria turns her head and looks slightly nervous as she looks behind Santino, as the camera zooms out to see Elijah Burke behind Santino, who turns round slowly*


You were saying something about no one being in the same league as you

Santino: That is right. . . nice to see you have ears as well as that silly thing you have on your head

Burke: Itís a bandana

Santino: I did not ask what is for. . . maybe your ears donít work after all

Burke: Do you know who youíre talking to?

Santino: Well I was talking to my Maria when you came up behind me and try to scare me

Burke: You didnít answer my question, but since youíve got such a big mouth, maybe you should listen to what I have to say

Santino: I do not see the point of what you have to tell me, but speak

Burke: You wanna talk about how youíre in a league of your own around here, well look again. . . You do your talking to your girlfriend and I do mine in the ring, like I have the last two weeks. . . And if anyone is gonna get a shot at the Intercontinental Championship around here, itís not gonna be you, itís gonna be me


I would not be so sure. . . sorry I do not know your name

Burke: Let me tell you then. . . When Iím main eventing Wrestlemania. . .

*Santino laughs*

Like I said, when Iím main eventing Wrestlemania, everyone will know my name. . . Elijah Burke, and you better remember it

*Burke turns round with a serious look on his face and walks off as Santino turns to Maria*

Some people get so jealous of me Maria. . . Maybe we should get out of here and have a nice meal with some lov-aly wine

Maria: Yay! I love wine

*Santino grabs Mariaís arm*

Okay, letís get out of this place. . . Maybe we should go to the airport because I can not think this disgusting place has nice food and wine


Maria: Okay

*Santino takes Mariaís arm and they walk up the hall. As they walk off, a Save_Us.222 plays on the Plasma*

*We cut to the control centre*

Okay folks, our next match is for the WWE Womens Championship match. . . So without a further ado, lets see what match you chose for Mickie James and Beth Phoenix. . . Was it. . . A. A Normal Wrestling match?. . . B. A Paddle on a Pole match? or C. A Bra and Panties match?


*The tron is shown with the results loading*
A. Wrestling Match Ė 62%
B. Paddle on a Pole Ė 0%
C. Bra and Panties Ė 38%


Sorry guys, no and bra and panties for you tonight, itís a traditional wrestling match

WWE Womens Championship
Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix (c)

Beth pulls Mickie up to her feet, hits her with a quick forearm to the face and then whips her into the ropes, but as Mickie comes back off the ropes, she runs at Phoenix and jumps at her, connecting for a Lou Thesz press, where she unleashes several vicious right hands to the forehead of the Womens Champion. With the crowd overjoyed with Mickieís counter, they get behind her as she then pulls Beth back up to her feet, grabs hold of her neck and executes a snap mare, but follows it up into a backslide for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . NOO! Phoenix just managed to use her strength to kick out of that one. Mickie is up first, closely followed by Phoenix who is able to duck a kick from Mickie and stomps her in the gut, places Mickieís head under her arm, setting her up for a suplex. Beth is able to raise Mickie above her head, but before she falls back, she walks over to the ropes and drops Mickie onto the ropes, keeping hold of her and then pulls her back for a SLINGSHOT SUPLEX with Mickie landing hard on her back. Phoenix quickly turns over and tries for a pin 1 . . . 2 . . . NOO! MICKIE KICKS OUT and Phoenix looks pissed.

She stands back up, reaches down and pulls Mickie up to her feet and then scoops her up into place for a GORILLA PRESS SLAM, showing just her strong she is. She holds Mickie above her head for several seconds, but Mickie starts to fight it and tries to pull herself down, and does. Phoenix looks shocked as she turns round to see Mickie on her feet and throws a right at her, but Mickie ducks underneath and rolls Beth into a WHEELBARROW VICTORY ROLL 1 . . . 2 . . . NOOOOO! So close again for Mickie, but Bethís upper body strength is proving an obstacle. Both divas are up quickly, but its Mickie who hits first as Beth turns round into a spin kick to the gut. Beth drops to her knees and holds her stomach as Mickie runs to the corner, climbs to the top rope and dives off onto Beth for a HIGH DIVING CROSS BODY 1 . . . 2 . . . NOOO! SO CLOSE AGAIN FOR MICKIE! Mickie starts to look a little frustrated and waits patiently as Phoenix gets back up her to feet. Mickie then, lying in wait goes for a stomp to Bethís stomach, but Beth catches and holds onto Mickieís left foot, but Mickie thinks quickly and nails a PERFECT ENZIGURI to the side of Phoenixís head. The crowd cheer as Mickie crawls across and tries another cover 1 . . . 2 . . . OH NOOOO! AGAIN, SHE KICKS OUT!

Mickie sits up and drops her head into hands, looking shocked at Phoenixís ability to kick out yet again. Beth starts to come round and sits up as Mickie is back on her feet. Mickie reaches down, pulls Beth up to her feet and whips her into the corner, then charges at her, but Beth lifts her FOOT UP INTO MICKIEíS FACE. Beth grabs Mickie by the shoulders and lifts her round into the corner and then up to the top rope. Mickie is placed sitting on the top rope as Beth then climbs up to the second rope and lifts Mickie onto her shoulders. OH-OH TROUBLE! Beth then turns round to face the ring and then jumps down, connecting with a BETH VALLEY DRIVER! OUCH! MICKIE LOOKS IN TROUBLE! Mickie looks out of it, but Beth hit hard on landing too and remains on the mat for a short period. Mickie rolls to the side slightly as Beth then is able to crawl across the mat after her reaction and puts her outstretched arm across Mickieís chest (Calm Down Boys!) for a cover 1. . . 2 . . . NO!!! MICKIE GETS HER FOOT ON THE ROPE IN TIME to stop the cover. Mickie is still in this thing! Beth stares, stunned at Mickieís foot on the rope, reaches across and pulls it back for another cover 1 . . . 2 . . . NO!

Mickie kicks out again. Phoenixís face turns to thunder as she stands up and then lifts Mickie up to her feet, stomps her in the gut and places her in position for a suplex, lifts her above her head and brings her crashing down to the mat, but holds onto Mickie. Phoenix then rolls back up to her feet, keeping hold of Mickie as she looks for another suplex, but Mickie fights it as Beth tries to lift her. Mickie is able to drop back down to her feet and pushes Beth back into the ropes, and as Beth comes back, Mickie hits a spin kick to the gut, grabs hold of Bethís head, runs to the ropes and is able to hit her with the STRATUSFACTION! ITíS OVER! The crowd goes nuts as Phoenixís head hits the canvas. Mickie feels the fatigue for several seconds, before she is able to take advantage and crawl across the mat towards Phoenix, turn her over and goes for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . NOOO WAY!

That little bit of time was enough to allow Phoenix to recover and kick out. Mickie canít believe it! She looks shocked, as are the crowd. Mickie doesnít know what to do and sees Beth start to come round and sit up slowly. Mickie then gets back to her feet and waits patiently for Phoenix to get back up, and as Beth gets back to her feet, Mickie again stomps her in the gut and gets ready for the IMPLANT DDT, but before she can nail it, Beth is able to toss Mickie off her shoulder and down to the mat. There are sighs coming from the crowd as both women slowly get back to their feet, but Beth goes for it and runs at Mickie, but Mickie sees her and goes for a Chick Kick. NO, BETH DUCKS IT and as Mickie turns round, Beth drives her knee into Mickieís stomach and before she knows it, Mickie is in deep trouble as Beth raises her up and plants her with DOWN IN THE FLAMES. Phoenix reacts quickly, hooks Mickieís leg for the cover 1 . . . 2 . . . 3. ITíS OVER!

AFTERMATH: Beth stands up as her music hits and the referee raises her arm in victory. She lifts the belt above her head and looks down at Mickie with a smirk on her face


*MVP & The Worlds Greatest Tag Team are in their locker room as MVP drops his bags on a bench*


Look guys, itís real cool you came with me tonight, but thereís somethin Iíve gotta say

Shelton: Shoot

MVP: My match tonight with Matt Hardy for my United States title. . . itís kind of a big deal, and I canít afford anything to go wrong

Haas: Thatís fair

Shelton: What ya sayin?

MVP: We got the win on Friday night, but tonight I need to go out there on my own back and win this thing

*Shelton & Charlie turn to each other and look pissed off*

Hey, hey, Iím not sayin you guys would screw it up, itís just I donít want Matt Hardy to come out and say the only reason I beat him was that I cheated. . . I might have to beat him twice and thereís no way Iím having Matt say heís better than me. . . Everyone knows Iím better than Matt Hardy, I mean come on, how can you compare me to Matt Hardy?. . . Thatís the sort of thing I donít want these Denver clowns saying on their way home tonight. You get what Iím sayin guys?

Haas: Yeah

Shelton: We got it man, it's cool!

MVP: Look guys, Iím real happy you got the tag team titles and everything and that youíre here tonight, I thought maybe we could out and have a real party after I show Matt Hardy and all these no hopers in Colorado what being The Franchise Player is all about

Shelton: Youíre on

Haas: Party. . . I like to party

*Shelton turns to Haas with a confused look on his face*

I do like to party

Shelton: Winning the tag titles has got to your head Charlie

Haas: Whatever

MVP: Guys, I just wanna say that when Iím through beating Matt Hardy like heís never been beaten before, itís all about the three of us. We can show Smackdown that Mr. Prime Time and The Worlds Greatest Tag Team are without a doubt, the hottest, fittest, greatest athletes walking this earth. . . Are ya with me?


Damn straight

MVP: Great!. . . Now itís time I finally finish off Matt Hardy and put him back on that dusty shelf he used to live on. . . This is gonna be a good night


*Haas & Shelton nod as MVP smiles, turns round and opens his bag as the camera fades out*

*We cut to the control centre*

Well everybody, itís about time to find out what match you decided on for Smackdownís Rey Mysterio and Finlay. . . Letís take a look. . .

*The tron is shown with the results loading*
A. Steel Cage Ė 29%
B. I Quit Ė 65%
C. Stretcher Ė 6%

Itís an I QUIT MATCH. . . Letís get this bad boy going!


Rey Mysterio
vs Finlay

Finlay pulls Rey up to his feet and goes to throw a right hand at him, but Rey blocks it and fires back with forearm shots to the face of Finlay, and is then met with a series of kicks to the stomach by Rey. Finlay is forced up against the ropes as Rey then takes a step back and then clotheslines Finlay over the top rope to a decent pop. Finlay takes a few seconds before he starts to stand up, and at that point, Rey turns round and runs into the ropes at the far side, runs back and leaps onto to the top rope and hits a SPRINGBOARD SPLASH onto Finlay, getting a big pop as Rey lands on top of Finlay as they fall to the padded floor. Rey rolls off Finlay to the side and after a few seconds, Finlay rolls towards the ring steps and tries to pull himself up. Rey gets back up to his feet and sees Finlay trying to pull himself up with the steps and thinks for a few seconds and his eyes seem to light up. With Finlay on his knees and his face in front of the steps, Rey runs towards him, and as Finlay turns round, Rey jumps up and pushes his legs forward for a dropkick, but Finlay leans back and REY HITS THE STEPS. Finlay looks on with a smirk for a second as Rey squirms around on the floor with the crowds disappointment obvious. Finlay doesnít waste any time and stands back up, lifts Rey up to his knees, grabs him by the back of his head and SMASHES HIS HEAD ONTO THE STEPS. . .

Not content, Finlay doesnít let go and again smashes Rey head first into the steps. Finlay then lets go and Rey falls backwards to the floor as Finlay then turns round and snatches a microphone off Justin Roberts. He kneels down to Reyís head and tries to get him to quit, but Rey has none of it as he sounds like heís just done twelve rounds with Ricky Hatton, but refuses to give up. Finlay is livid, he drops the mic and pulls Rey back up to his knees and leans him up against the steps. He then turns round and grabs a chair from the timekeepers table. There are lots of boos as Finlay turns back round to Rey and raises the chair above his head and brings it crashing down, BUT REY PULLS BACK to a big pop and Finlay smashes the chair against the steps. Rey then grabs the chair off Finlay and pushes it into his gut, forcing Finlay down to his knees and itís Rey who then drops the chair and grabs hold of Finlayís head and then SMASHES IT AGAINST THE RING STEPS. . . The crowd go nuts and Rey then picks the chair back up as Finlayís head rests against the steps and SMASHES IT AGAINST THE BACK OF FINLAYíS HEAD. . .

Rey doesnít stop there and strikes Finlay again with the chair against the steel steps to a big pop, then drops the chair and picks the microphone up off the floor. He tells Finlay to quit or heíll smash his skull until he does and puts the mic to Finlayís face, who is unable to speak before stuttering for a while and then tells Rey to get lost. Rey then picks the chair back up, slides it in the ring and climbs onto the apron, taunting Finlay to get up. With the crowd cheering Rey on as he taunts Finlay, the Irishman slowly starts to get back on his feet, but looks unsteady as Rey then jumps down of the apron and onto Finlayís shoulders, spins round on them and HITS THE MYSTERIO-RANA to a huge pop as Finlay is thrown against the base of the announce table. Rey remains on the floor for several seconds before he is able to stand up, and then walks over to Finlay and tries to pull him up to his feet, but Finlay pushes Rey away. Rey walks back over, but this time Finlay uses more force as he sits up and pushes Rey hard into the apron, back first. Both men remain hurt and as Finlay gets back up, Rey still looking sore, walks over, but Finlay drives his knee into Mysterioís stomach, grabs his head and SMASHES IT AGAINST THE ANNOUNCE TABLE. . .

He then pushes Rey down to the floor as he then strips the announce table as Michael Cole & JBL both stand up and stand back. Finlay then lifts out one of the monitors to a lot of heat from the crowd and turns round as Rey slowly gets back up to his feet and turns round unsuspecting as Finlay then TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH A SHOT TO THE HEAD WITH THE MONITOR. . . Rey falls down flat as boos ring out and the camera shows lots of children looking on worried. Finlay grins and drops the monitor before walking over to pick up the microphone again. He walks back over to Rey, kneels down and slaps him across the face before telling him to give it up before he ends up like a cabbage. He puts the microphone to Reyís mouth, but he canít speak. His eyes are completely glazed over and Finlay then drops the microphone in frustration. He then stops to think what to do next before reaching down and pulling a squirming Mysterio up to his feet. He then lifts Rey onto his shoulder and looks to be setting him up for the Celtic Cross, but heís too cocky and takes his time. Before he gets Reyís head under his arm, Rey slides down Finlayís back using all he has left and pushes Finlay FACE FIRST INTO THE RING POST. . . The crowd explodes as Rey then takes a few seconds to recover as Finlayís head rests against the ring post. He then takes a look at Finlay and his eyes widen as he then runs towards the ringpost, grabs the post, swings round it and BOOM, 619 AGAINST THE RINGPOST!!!

Huge cheers ring out as Rey connects with Finlayís head and the Irishman falls back to the floor. Rey too remains on the mat as he tries to save some gas and recover some more. After a good ten/fifteen seconds, Rey gets back up and walks over to collect the microphone and asks Finlay if he is going to give it up. Heís not able to answer at first, trying to speak but canít before eventually telling Rey to go to hell. Rey says that where Finlayís going before passing the microphone to the referee and reaching down to try and pull Finlay up to his knees. Finlay puts up a resistance and Rey struggles to get him up as Finlay then low blows Rey, who slowly drops down to the floor. Finlay takes some breathing time too before pulling himself up by the apron and then lifting Rey back to his feet, grabbing his arm and whipping him into the steps. Finlay smirks again before walking over to the steps, pulling Rey back up and tossing him under the bottom rope, back into the ring. Finlay turns round to the crowd and laughs at them, getting more heat as he then climbs up the steps and back into the ring, looking very confident. He grabs the microphone from the referee and tells Rey itís time to be sensible and give it up before he does some real damage. He leans down and Rey, sounding groggy, tells Finlay thereís no way and the crowd cheer.

Finlayís face goes really red as he tells Rey not to be stupid and to give up while he can, but Rey then lifts his foot up into the face of Finlay, kicking him away. Finlayís head snaps up and spins round as the crowd cheer for Rey, who starts to pull himself up using the ropes in the corner. But Finlay sees the chair Rey slid in earlier and picks it up, then walks over to Rey who stands up and walks alongside the ropes. Finlay then raises the chair up and runs at Rey, goes to smash Rey across the skull, but Rey ducks and the CHAIR REBOUNDS OFF THE ROPE INTO FINLAYíS FACE. . . Thereís a massive pop as Rey then climbs through the ropes and Finlay staggers back towards the centre of the ring, with the chair still in hand. With Rey on the apron, the crowd go nuts, and as Finlay turns round, Rey goes for the WEST COAST POP, but OH NO! . . . as he leaps into the air, Finlay SWINGS THE CHAIR RIGHT INTO HIS SKULL! . . . HOLY SHIT! . . . REY IS COMPLETELY OUT OF IT! . . . The ref and Finlay look down at Rey, with the ref really concerned and Finlay does too for a split second before grinning. The ref drops to the mat and checks Rey, who is not moving at all, he looks to be out cold and the ref turns round to look towards the back and calls for help and then the bell. Thereís a ton of boos as Finlay gets his arm raised by the referee, reluctantly.

AFTERMATH: Medics rush out to check on Rey as the crowd look on in disbelief. Finlay looks down and grins for a good ten seconds before leaving the ring. After minutes of checks, a stretcher is called for Rey and he is wheeled away from the ring

Cole: My god John, I canít believe what weíve just seen. . . Rey Mysterio just jumped right into a shot from a steel chair

JBL: Michael, Iím in shock. . . Iíve seen Rey Mysterio take some risks in his career. . . hell, Iíve even been on the end of some of em, but that was absolutely insane Michael, thereís no other word for it

Cole: Youíre absolutely right John, I just hope that Rey is going to be okay, as Iím sure everyone does

JBL: Well except from Finlay

Cole: Well Finlay is a sick human being. . . Iím sure weíll find out what Reyís condition is soon


*Michelle McCool is at the interview set*

Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time. . . Mr. Kennedy


*Mr. Kennedy looks real pissed off as the camera zooms out to show them both. Kennedy has stitches in eye and is still in his ring gear*

Earlier tonight Ken, you were involved in an amazing ladder match with Jeff Hardy for the Intercontinental Championship. . . how do you feel right now?

Kennedy: Oh I feel great Michelle, real great. Not only did I lose to someone who doesnít deserve to be in the same ring as me, Iíve had to sit my ass down in a doctors office while he puts ten stitches in my face, real great night you moron

McCool: How do you feel about not leaving with the Intercontinental Championship?

*Kennedy stares McCool in the eyes for several seconds*

You know what Michelle? Iím going to let that one go, not because you are a woman. . .

*Kennedy stares intensely at McCool who doesnít dare say a word*

. . .The reason is Michelle, despite the fact I lost to Jeff Hardy which as a matter of fact has to be one of the most humiliating things in my life, I really couldnít give a rats ass about the Intercontinental title. . . I mean, why buy an apartment when you can buy a mansion? Or in your case Michelle, why go out looking for a boyfriend in Denver when you can go to Green Bay and find someone who actually has a brain cell and doesnít look like a test tube screw up?. . .


. . . The point Iím making Michelle is that there are more important things than the Intercontinental Championship, something they call the WWE Championship. . . The only reason I lost tonight was because there was a great big ladder in the way of me stomping all over Jeff Hardy like he was a dog. . . Had it been a normal match, you would be looking at the new Intercontinental Champion, but as things go, youíre not

*Kennedy looks right into the camera*

Iíve got a couple of messages I need to send out. . . First. . . Jeff Hardy, congratulations on the biggest victory of your life, and you know what, Iím gonna let you enjoy it. You can take that ladder home with you and swanton on your brother for all I care, but Iíve got ambitions Jeff, more ambitions than breaking my back through a table like some people I could mention. . . That ambition is being the next WWE Champion, and after being robbed of my Money in the Bank, Iíve got unfinished business. . . All you computer geeks whoíve got nothing to better to do with your lives and have spent the last two weeks voting on whoever should face Randy Orton tonight have pretty much wasted your time, because if you want to find out who will be the next WWE Champion. . . youíre looking at him. . . MR. KENNEDY


*The camera zooms out*



*Kennedy, still looking real pumped, walks out of the shot*

*We cut to the control centre*

Wow, what a night weíve had so far folks, but it doesnít stop here, not by a long shot. . . Coming up in just a matter of seconds is the World Tag Team Championship match between the challengers, Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards, and of course the current Tag Team Champions, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. . . But what did you choose?

*The tron is shown with the results loading*
A. ECW Rules Ė 52%
B. Tables Ė 13%
C. Bar Fight Ė 35%

Grisham: Itís an ECW RULES MATCH everybody. . . Itís time for things to get extreme around here!


World Tag Team Championship
Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (c)

With all four men in the ring, Lance Cade hits Dreamer with a right hand to the forehead, grabs his arm and whips him into the ropes, and as Dreamer comes back, Cade lifts him overhead with a back body drop. Dreamer lands hard but is moving around on the mat as Richards then runs at Cade, but Cade sees it coming and is able to lift Stevie up and then down onto his knee for an atomic drop. Stevie hobbles around, still on his feet, but as he turns round, Murdoch is ready to explode and runs at Stevie, SMASHING HIS BOOT INTO STEVIEíS FACE! Stevie drops straight down to the mat as Cade then looks at Murdoch and then walks to the corner and climbs to the top rope, but Dreamer is back on his feet and pushes Murdoch from behind, into the ropes and CADE FALLS OFF THE ROPES AND TO THE OUTSIDE. He doesnít seem too badly hurt as Dreamer then clubs Murdoch across the back and spins him round. He throws a right at Murdoch, but Murdoch blocks it, kicks Dreamer in the gut, spins him round and plants him with a REVERSE DDT. Murdoch drops down and covers him 1 . . . 2 . . . NO! CHEERS FROM THE CROWD as Dreamer kicks out in time.

As Murdoch gets back up to his feet looking annoyed, he sees Cade getting back to his feet on the outside, where he pulls a chair away from the timekeepers table and slides it in the ring for Murdoch. Cade then climbs back in the ring and walks over to Stevie, then pulls him up to his feet and holds onto him as Murdoch picks up the chair and looks over at Stevie with Cade. Murdoch takes a second before walking forward and LIFTING THE CHAIR ABOVE HIS HEAD, but Richards kicks him in the gut, forcing Murdoch to drop the chair. Cade then pushes Richards forward into the ropes, but before he is able to hit the ropes, Cade runs at him and hits him with a knee lift across the spine. Dreamer is able to pull himself back up, and from behind, he pushes Cade into Murdoch and they both drop to the mat, but start to get back up a few seconds later, but not before Dreamer climbs out of the ring and looks underneath it. . . HOLY SHIT, itís a BARBED WIRE BAT. . . THE CROWD GO CRAZY as Dreamer holds onto the bat and slips back in the ring and makes a bee line for Cade and hits him across the chest with the bat, then as Cade drops to his knees, Dreamer brings it down onto Cadeís head. . . CADE IS CUT OPEN.

With Cade bleeding, Murdoch gets back up and spins Dreamer round, then kicks him in the gut. Dreamer drops the bat as a result of the stomp from Murdoch, who then seems to position the bat on the canvas before placing Dreamerís head between his legs, and holy crap, MURDOCH HITS THE SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB ONTO THE BARB WIRE BAT. The crowd canít believe what theyíre seeing, with the shock clearly heard as Murdoch drops down to the mat for a pin attempt on Dreamer 1 . . . 2 . . . NOOO! Stevie was able to use every bit of energy to pull himself across the mat and hit an axe handle across the back of Murdoch and stop the cover. All four men remain on the mat, but moving slowly as chants of ďECWĒ come from the fans. Stevie pulls himself up by the ropes as Cade too starts to get back up and feels his head, then sees the blood and looks angry. With Richards in front of him, Cade looks capable of killing him, and as Richards turns round and walks out, Cade moves forward and lifts his boot up for a super kick, BUT STEVIE DUCKS IT, and as Cade turns round, Stevie stomps him in the gut, places Cadeís head between his legs, and BOOM, STEVIE T (A DOUBLE UNDERHOOK DDT) from Richards.

But as Stevie hits it, Murdoch is back up on his feet, and as Stevie gets back up to his, Murdoch charges at him and connects with a running big boot. Richards is forced against the ropes as Murdoch takes a step back and then clotheslines him over the top. Stevie managed to hold onto the ropes and lands on the apron, but lies down. Murdoch turns round and sees Dreamer ever so slowly getting back up and then walks over to Cade and tries to bring him round, which he does. Cade slowly gets up to his knees as Murdoch then helps him up to his feet, but Cade still looks groggy as Murdoch then walks over to Dreamer and lifts him up from his knees and signals to Cade, who clearly isnít recovered from the Stevie T. Then, from behind, Stevie back in the ring and next to the ropes, spins Murdoch round, goes for the STEVIE KICK, but Murdoch ducks it. Stevie charges back at Murdoch, who lifts him over his shoulder to the outside. But as this was going on, Dreamer was able to reverse a whip from Cade into a short arm clothesline, and then, BANG. . . DREAMER HIT THE SPIKE DDT. . . ITíS GOT TO BE OVER. . . As Dreamer drops to the mat for the cover, Murdoch turns round and sees whatís going on as the ref counts 1 . . . 2 . . . NO WAY! MURDOCH PULLS DREAMER OFF OF CADE.

It looked all over, but Murdoch got Dreamer in time to stop a three count. Murdoch pulls Dreamer up to his feet, but Dreamer explodes with a right hand and a low blow to the groin of Murdoch. With both Cade & Murdoch down, Dreamer goes to the outside and looks under the ring, then thereís a HUGE POP AS DREAMER PULLS OUT A TABLE. . . The crowd go nuts as Dreamer then slides the table in the ring and climbs back in. He sets the table up just off centre and then pulls Cade back up to his feet, then proceeds to hit him with a couple of right hands, easing him onto the table. Dreamer then lays him out straight, but from behind, a LOW CHOP BLOW FROM MURDOCH, which the crowd crap all over him for. On his knees, Murdoch is able to bring Dreamer back down to the mat. All three men in the ring are down as Stevie starts to sit back up on the outside. Murdoch is the first man up in the ring and pulls Cade off the table, then sees Dreamer getting back up to his knees beside the table. Murdoch then turns round and walks to the corner, BUT STEVIE IS BACK UP ON THE APRON, Murdoch reacts quickly and knocks him back down to the outside with a right hand. He then climbs to the second rope, and as Dreamer stands back up, looking groggy with his back to Murdoch, itís Murdoch who then leaps off the second rope and connects with a DIVING BULLDOG ON DREAMER THROUGH THE TABLE. . . HOLY SHIT!! DREAMER JUST WENT THROUGH THE TABLE. . . Murdoch turns over on the mat, turns Dreamer over and goes for the cover 1 . . . 2 . . . 3. . . THEYíVE DONE IT! ITíS ALL OVER!

AFTERMATH: Murdoch stands back up, helps Cade up from his knees and hugs him before the ref then brings their belts into the ring as they then celebrate by lifting them into the air. Stevie pulls himself up to his knees on the outside and looks on disappointed as Cade & Murdoch look down and smile at the sight of Dreamer and the broken table


*CM Punk is in his locker room getting ready for the main event, should he be voted in when Triple walks in*


*Punk looks surprised and cautious while Trips looks relaxed***

Triple H:
Look man, donít worry, Iím not here to cause trouble or anything, I just wanted. . . well I felt I had to come and say thank you for helping me out on Monday night with Orton and whatever that other guy is called

Punk: Morrison?

Triple H: Thatís his name?. . . Why did he even come tonight, does he really think heís gonna get voted for?

Punk: Iíve known that other guy as you put it for months, and he probably thinks heís gonna get all the votes, he thinks that much of himself

Triple H: Anyway Punk in all seriousness, I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for what you did Monday before my match tonight

Punk: Your match? Youíre that confident the fans have voted for you?

Triple H: Hey come on, theyíve seen Randy Orton and Vince McMahon screw around with me for the last month, why wouldnít they want to me become a twelve time World Champion and piss off Vince at the same time?. . .


Triple H:
. . . And without being disrespectful, Iíve been around for a lot longer, while youíve. . .

*Punk looks pissed*

Maybe because they want to see someone different for a change, someone who hasnít hogged the limelight for the last five years whenever heís had the chance. . . Maybe itís about time someone who has actually held a World title for more than a couple of hours gets a chance at being the star of Monday nights. . . Or maybe just maybe they think that thereís someone more capable of getting job done than you. . .

***Gasps Come From The Arena***

. . . I appreciate you coming here and what I did the other night was the right thing to do, but I donít need to be disrespected. . .

Triple H: . . .Hey Punk, I didnít mean to disrespect you and Iím sorry you feel like that but itís just the way it has to pan out

Punk: The way it has to pan out?

Triple H: If I donít get the chance to get back what Orton and Vince stole away from me at No Mercy, I donít know what Iím capable of doing, and that is not a good situation for anyone


Well for your sake, you better hope you get the votes, and if you do, I hope you go out there and show everyone why you are The Game, the King of Kings. . .


. . . But if you donít get the votes and itís me who gets to face Randy Orton, Iím gonna go out there and do everything I can to become the WWE Champion. . . And if that happens, it would be an honour for me to face you, Triple H for the WWE title


Triple H:
As much as I have to face Randy Orton tonight, as much as I need to get back at Vince McMahon, if you get the chance tonight, I hope you go out there and leave here as the new WWE Champion. . . But remember, I will always be looking over your shoulder, because that title belongs around my waist


*Thereís an intense look between them for several seconds before Triple H turns round and walks out of the room with Punk looking on, not sure of what to make of it*


*Josh Matthews is at the interview set*

Please welcome my guest at this time, Edge

*Thereís lots of boos coming from the arena as the camera zooms out and we see Edge in the shot with Josh*

Later on tonight, Batista will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against The Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga, and Edge, there is a chance you could be the special guest referee for that match. . .


*Edge cuts in, looking ticked off*

First of all Josh, that World Heavyweight Championship youíre talking about is not Batistaís, itís mine. . .


. . . I never lost that title, it was taken away from me when I was in the form of my life. There was no one in the world who would have been able to take that title away from me. . . Batista is a joke and heís wearing my title. . . How do you think that makes me feel Josh, seeing someone parading around with the World title that I won fair and square?


(Looking Confused) I donít know

Edge: No Josh you donít know do you?. . . The only person who knows how I feel is Batista, so he knows exactly what Iím going through and why heís going to get what is coming to him. . .


. . .Iíve had to sit at home and watch other people carry what everyone knows will be mine, and if I had my way, tonight Batista would be made to pay


Well, one question on everyoneís lips for the last week has been, why did you make the match between Batista and Umaga a non title match?

Edge: Because Josh, I want to be the one who takes the title off Batista and make him pay for being the most undeserving World Champion of all time when it should be who is the main event of Smackdown, every pay-per-view that comes along, and had the board of directors not stuck their noses in, everything would have gone to plan. . .

Josh: So itís not because youíre scared Umaga could win and you wouldnít be able to beat him for the World Heavyweight Championship?

*Edge looks really pissed*

Thatís what you think huh?. . . You think Iím scared of Umaga right Josh?. . . Well let me tell you something, Iím the Rated R Superstar and Iím not scared of anyone. . . Do you not remember me walking down to that ring with my Money in the Bank and cashing it in against The Undertaker, the phenom that everyone except the Rated R Superstar has nightmares of. . . Not only did I walk down to that ring without fear, I beat The Undertaker in the middle of the ring all by myself, so if you ask me if Iím scared of Umaga. . . the answer is no Josh. . . No one scares me, thatís why I was and will be once again, the greatest World Champion of all time. . .


. . .It doesnít matter who walks out of the match tonight with my World title, because once Iím physically back at anything around 100%, I will take back what is mine. . . and thereís not a damn thing either Batista or Umaga for that matter can do about it

*Edge stares at Josh for a second before walking out of the shot*

*We cut to the control centre*

This night just gets better and better as we go along, but right now itís time to find out just what match you all voted for as MVP defends his United States Championship against Matt Hardy


*The tron is shown with the results loading*
A. 30 Min Iron Man Ė 59%
B. First Fall to a Finish Ė 0%
C. 2/3 Falls Ė 41%

Itís gonna be a 30 MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH. . . WOW! Here we go folks!


WWE United States Championship
Matt Hardy vs Montel Vontavious Porter (c)

With neither man able to get a fall so far, it remains at 0 Ė 0. Both men slug it out in the middle of the ring and MVP takes control, delivering three hard right hands in a row to Mattís face, then he grabs his arm and whips him into the ropes. As Matt runs back, MVP steps forward and looks for a hip toss, but Matt reverses it and is able to get a hip toss of his own on MVP to the crowds delight. MVP is right back up and runs at Matt, who is ready for him and kicks him in the gut, then follows up with a DDT, with MVPís head hitting hard against the canvas. Matt quickly turns over and hooks MVPís legs for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . Boos ring out as MVP barely gets his shoulder up in time to stop the 3 count. Matt gets right back up to his feet and immediately reaches down to pull MVP back up to his feet and quickly gets him in position for the TWIST OF FATE. . . but MVP fights it and pushes Matt back into the ropes. He then runs straight at Matt, but Matt lifts his boot right up into the MVPís face, forcing him to turn round and stagger back across the mat as Hardy then walks across and hits MVP with multiple punches to the face before connecting with a discus punch to knock him down the canvas. The crowd go crazy for Matt again as he looks really fired up. MVP starts to sit up straight away and Matt is right on him, lifting him up to his feet and whipping him into the corner. Matt then runs into the corner at full speed and drives his elbow into the side of MVPís head. MVP staggers just out of the corner, but Matt drags him back, stomps him in the gut and positions MVPís head between his legs. With the crowd cheering, Matt lifts MVP up for a POWERBOMB, runs across the mat and slams MVP down into a SITDOWN POWERBOMB as the ref then counts 1 . . . 2 . . . NOOO!

MVP just got his shoulder up. Matt looks devastated and puts his head in his hands, completely shocked that MVP kicked out of that one. The crowd erupts with ďHardyĒ chants again as Matt then gets back up to his feet and taunts MVP, stalking him for the Twist of Fate again. The crowd are on their feet, going nuts as MVP slowly picks himself back up with Matt ready to finish him off, ready to pounce. As MVP gets back up to his feet, he then turns round and Matt again sets him up for the TWIST OF FATE, but MVP grabs hold of the refís shoulder and then pushes him forward. With the refís back to the action, MVP drops to his knees and LOW BLOWS Matt to escape his grasp for the Twist of Fate. There are tons of boos as both men drop to the mat and the ref turns round confused. MVP is first up, but Matt isnít too far behind as MVP then pulls Matt up to his feet and hits him with a football kick, steps back into the ropes, comes back, but Matt reacts by stepping out quickly and connecting with a standing clothesline to a decent pop from the crowd. MVP is back on his feet quickly, turns round and Matt reacts even quicker by rolling him into an inside cradle 1 . . . 2 . . . NOO! . . . AGAIN MVP KICKS OUT. . . Both men are up quickly and Matt runs into MVP who catches him around the waist and then tosses him overhead with a SNAP OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. . . MVP looks relieved as he finally gets Matt down and looks to take advantage. He takes a couple of seconds before he moves back into the ropes, comes back and looks to hit THE PLAYERíS ELBOW, but he takes too much time and Matt rolls to the side as MVP then lands on the mat.

Again the crowd chant for Hardy as both men slowly pick themselves back up, and as MVP turns round, Matt lifts him up onto his shoulder and is able to bring him back down to the mat with a RICOCHET. . . Big pop again for Matt as he then runs to the corner and climbs to the top rope, waiting for MVP to get back up. As MVP is able to pick himself up and turn round, Matt leaps off the top and goes for a DIVING CROSSBODY, but MVP ROLLS THROUGH AND HOLDS MATTíS TIGHTS 1 . . . 2 . . . Matt is able to roll through for a cover of his own 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 HEíS DONE IT!. . . Mattís got the first fall as the crowd go crazy and Matt looks more shocked than MVP, who looks absolutely furious, realising time is running out, and quick. MVP has a face like thunder and gets straight back up to his feet, then runs at Matt who is more than ready as MVP rushes things, desperate to get the fall he needs. Matt stops MVP with a right hand to the jaw, knocking MVP down. Heís up straight away, but itís more of the same as Matt connects with right hand after right hand as MVP looks too desperate. Matt then grabs MVP by the arm and whips him into the corner, runs in and hits him with a hard clothesline across the shoulders. MVP doesnít look like he knows where he is as Matt then whips him to the opposite corner, runs at him again and hits him with another clothesline, but this time holds on to MVPís head as he turns round, runs out of the corner and plants him with a BULLDOG! . . .

Mattís in complete control as he turns over on the canvas and goes for another cover to seal the victory 1 . . . 2 . . . NO!! MVP KICKS OUT! . . . HEíS STILL IN IT. . . Matt is looking absolutely dominant as he then walks to the corner and climbs to the second rope. The crowd go nuts again as Matt then leaps off, BOOM! LEG DROP CONNECTS. . . Matt quickly crawls over and covers MVP to finish the match for good 1 . . . 2 . . . NOOO! MVP GETS HIS SHOULDER UP YET AGAIN. . . MVP is just keeping himself in the match. Matt then gets back to his feet and urges MVP up, ready and waiting with the crowd going nuts, and as MVP gets back up, he turns round and Matt stomps him in the gut, then wraps his arm around MVPís head, looking for the Side Effect. MVP tries to fight it, driving his elbow into the side of Mattís head and is able to escape as Matt loses the grip, but MVP then rakes Mattís eyes and whips him to the corner. The champion is going all out to get the fall he needs to keep his title. He charges in at Matt, but Matt sidesteps and itís MVP who runs face first into the corner pads. He turns round and staggers out of the corner as Matt then wraps his arm around MVPís head again, but this time is able to plant MVP with THE SIDE EFFECT! . . . THAT SHOULD DO IT! LESS THAN THREE MINUTES TO GO!!!. . .

MVP starts squirming around on the mat, and realising time is on his side, Matt just waits for MVP to get back to his feet patiently. MVP gets back up slowly and turns round, but Matt stomps him in the gut and sets him up for the TWIST OF FATE, but MVP reacts straight away and pushes Matt backwards, and into the referee. The refís down and MVP connects with a second low blow, this time kicking Matt in the groin. The crowd boo like crazy as MVP then panics. He turns round to the timekeepers table and leaves the ring, grabs his title belt and slides back in the ring. The refís still down as Matt picks himself back up, and as he turns round, MVP runs at Matt with the belt in hand, BUT Matt is able to catch MVP quickly and plants him with a second SIDE EFFECT. . . The roof is about to blow off as thereís less than 90 SECONDS TO GO! . . . The belt fell out of MVPís grasp and as Matt picks himself back up to his feet, he sees the belt on the mat, realising MVP had brought it in to the ring. Mattís face turns to thunder and goes bright red, all the hatred he has for MVP is clear as he sees the belt and MVP slowly picking himself back up. The ref is still on the canvas as Matt sees red and picks the belt up.

MVP gets to his knees and Matt is ready to take his head off, and as MVP turns round, the ref starts to come round, unknown to Matt who goes to smash the belt in MVPís face, but MVP ducks it, but as he turns round again, MATT SMASHES THE BELT IN HIS FACE and MVP drops to the mat. Matt drops the title, but the ref saw it as he was sitting up and calls for the bell to disqualify Matt! The crowd erupts with boos as Matt turns round and canít believe it, but then turns back around and sees MVP on the mat, drops down and covers him as the ref slowly crawls across to count 1 . . . 2 . . . NOOO! MVP JUST GOT HIS SHOULDER UP. . . MATT CANíT BELIEVE IT! . . . He quickly stands back up seeing thereís just 5 SECONDS LEFT ON THE CLOCK and pulls MVP up to his feet, setting him up for the TWIST OF FATE and hits it, but the bell horn sounds for the end of the match just as heís about to go for a cover.

AFTERMATH: ďIím CominĒ hits & Matt stares down in complete frustration at MVP for a while before holding his head in his hands and then leaving the ring as Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas run down to the ring to check on MVP who starts to sit up, looking groggy and unaware of what happened

Cole: What did Matt Hardy just do?

JBL: He just screwed up his chance to become United States Champion Cole, thatís what he did!

Cole: I can understand the frustration and the hatred Matt has for MVP, but he just cost himself the United States Championship

JBL: Yep, thatís right Cole and itís not going to get any easier for him, believe me!. . . Heíll go back to his hotel room tonight and he will hate himself, as he should, the idiot!!


Clips of Triple H & Mr. McMahonís confrontations on Raw and Triple H in action are shown to a voiceover

VOICEOVER: For one man, survival has never been an option. . . For this man looks down on survival and demands nothing but the best. . . however on this night, he must fight for the very existence of his own survival, for he has no choice to suffer at the hands of his destruction. . . Survivor Series comes to you live on Sunday November 18th, contact your local box office provider for more details

*We cut to the control centre*

What an amazing night this has been, but now itís time to find out who you voted to get a shot at the WWE Championship. . .



Did you choose. . . CM Punk?. . .


Or was it John Morrison?


Or did you go for The Game, Triple H?


***ďNo Chance In HellĒ blasts out and everyone looks confused in the arena as Mr. McMahon walks over to the control centre***


*Vince picks up another mic and thereís a quick cut to the back where Punk & Triple H shake their heads, before going back to the arena*

Mr. McMahon, what are you doing out here?

McMahon: Well Todd, Iím so glad you asked that because I feel that this is such a historic moment that itís only someone with such a stature as I do, should make this huge announcement

Grisham: Okay then. . . Well, letís find out who it is who will be facing Randy Orton at a matter of moments

McMahon: Yes Todd, lets

*The tron is shown with the results loading*
A. CM Punk Ė 50%
B. John MorrisonĖ 5%
C. Triple H Ė 45%

Oh what a shame for Triple H, it appears that CM Punk will be getting the shot at Randy Orton and the WWE Championship. . .


. . . Oh and look how close it was too Triple H, a small 5 per cent separated you and Punk

*The camera cuts to the back again as Punk walks past both Morrison and Triple H, who is fuming*

Iím so sorry Triple H, maybe in a yearís time youíll get another chance at becoming WWE Champion


*Cut to the back again and Morrison laughs, Triple H sees it, throws him into the wall and stomps him repeatedly***


Stop that right now. . . stop it!

*Another cut to the back and Trips stops the attack with Morrison holding his stomach in agony on the floor. Triple H looks into the camera with such an angry look on his face and breathing heavily before storming off*

And to think he thought he deserved a title match with that despicable attitude of his. . . Anyway, letís get this match started. . . come on

*Vince then puts the microphone down and walks back as CM Punk walks out to a big pop. Thereís a short glance between them both as Punk carries on walking up the aisle***

WWE Championship
CM Punk vs Randy Orton (c)

Punk & Orton both stand up to their feet and Punk starts to take the initiative by pummelling Orton in the gut with martial arts kicks, one after another and then turns round and runs into the ropes, but as he comes back, Orton steps forward and hits Punk in the face with a European uppercut. Punk is knocked off balance as Orton then takes a couple of steps backwards and then goes to nail Punk with a clothesline, but Punk ducks underneath, stands by the side of Orton, puts his arm around his neck, then his left leg in front of Ortonís and then swings back for a side russian leg sweep to a decent pop from the sell out crowd. Punk is quick to get back up to his feet and pulls Orton back up too, as he then runs back into the ropes, comes back, but Orton surprises Punk by walking out and ducking under a clothesline, clubbing him in the back and planting him with AN OVERDRIVE (REVERSE SPINNING DDT). Orton drops down to the mat, turns Punk over and goes for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . NO! . . . PUNK IS ABLE TO KICK OUT! . . .

Orton pulls himself back to his knees and looks down frustrated at Punk before standing back up, then pulling Punk up to his feet, scooping him up and then slamming him hard down to the mat. He doesnít waste any time as he then walks backwards into the ropes, comes back and drops his knee, but Punk rolls to the side and Ortonís knee hits the mat. Thereís another pop as both men then pull themselves back up to the mat, and itís Punk who strikes first with a hard kick to the stomach and follows it up with several chops across the chest, then a reverse kick before pulling Ortonís head down to between his legs, pulls his arms up and plants him with a DOUBLE UNDERHOOK BACKBREAKER. . . BIG POP as Punk then crawls across and hooks Ortonís legs for a cover 1 . . . 2 . . . NO! ORTON GETS HIS SHOULDER UP. . . Punk doesnít look too disheartened as he then gets back to his feet, walks over to the apron and climbs through the ropes. He lies in wait as Orton slowly picks himself up and holds his lower back, still hurt from Punkís last attack. Orton is able to stand back up, and as he turns round, Punk SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE TOP ROPE, looking for a clothesline, but Orton ducks it.

Punk manages to roll through, seeing Orton duck and quickly turns round, runs up behind Orton and rolls him up 1 . . . 2 . . . KICK OUT! . . . Both men get back up again quickly and Punk reacts first, kicking Orton in the gut, placing his arm under his head and holds on as he runs to the corner and hits a THUNDEROUS TORNADO DDT. . . HUGE POP as Punk then looks to follow up with a cover, and Mike Chioda counts it 1 . . . 2 . . . NO!!! . . . ORTON AGAIN, JUST KICKS OUT. . . Punk looks shocked as he pulls himself back up to his knees. The crowd thought it was over too as Punk then climbs back up to his feet and senses the end could be near as Orton ever so slowly comes back round and looks very groggy. Punk patiently waits for the drowsy Orton as he slowly picks himself back up, completely unaware of Punk as he turns round and Punk lifts him onto his shoulders for the GTS. Orton tries to wriggle down and after a few seconds, he slips down Punkís back, grabs his tights and rolls him up into a pin, holding onto the tights still 1 . . . 2 . . . PUNK KICKS OUT. . . Orton looks frustrated and Punk beats Orton to his feet, runs back into the ropes, but as he runs back, Orton connects TO PUNKíS FACE WITH A STANDING DROPKICK. . .

Great athleticism from Orton as he then follows up by covering Punk 1 . . . 2 . . . Again Punk kicks out, but Orton is angry and yells at Chioda that it should have been a three count. Chioda stands his ground and shows Orton that it was a two count with his fingers. Orton still looks pissed and then sees Punk getting up to his knees, and like a predator, Orton walks over and pulls Punk up to his feet and then plants him with an ALMIGHTY ELEVATED DDT! Orton turns himself over on the mat and hooks Punkís legs for a cover attempt 1 . . . 2 . . . PUNK KICKS OUT! . . . Orton looks really angry and stares at Chioda for several seconds before Punk starts to come round and slowly sits up on the mat. Orton gets back to his feet and gets a really sadistic look on his face as Punk starts to gets to his knees. Orton then steps back into the corner and watches on as Punk picks himself up to his knees on all fours. The Legend Killer looks really intense as he then storms across the mat and goes to PUNT PUNK IN THE HEAD, but Punk sees it coming and ducks his head. The crowd cheer as Punk then reaches up from behind Orton, grabs his tights and pulls him back for a cover, letting go of the tights and holding Ortonís leg as Chioda counts 1 . . . 2 . . . NO!! . . . KICK OUT! . . .

Both men get up quickly and Orton throws a right hand which is blocked by Punk who then grabs Orton by the arm and tries to whip him into the ropes, but Orton reverses the whip. Punk runs back, slides through the legs and unleashes a really stiff kick to the gut of Orton, who then drops to the mat holding his stomach for several seconds and then gets back up to his knees, with his head crouched down. Punk is already on his way to the corner and climbs to the top rope behind Orton, and then jumps off and plants Orton with a CORKSCREW BLOCKBUSTER (2ND ROPE JUMPING NECKBREAKER). The crowd goes nuts as Punk crawls across the mat quickly to cover Orton 1 . . . 2 . . . NOOO! ANOTHER KICK OUT! . . . Punk looks shocked, the crowd are shocked too, but with Orton not moving, Punk then walks back over to the corner and then hits a SPLIT LEG MOONSAULT ON ORTON, going for another cover 1 . . . 2 . . . THE SHOULDER IS UP, and Punk leans back in sheer frustration, looking absolutely devastated. Punk remains on his knees for several seconds until he sees Orton start to moving around on the mat and then stands up and he walks over to the corner, then urges Orton up. Slowly, but surely Orton is able to sit up and then Punk runs at him and looks to hit a SHINING WIZARD, but this time Orton ducks it, reaches up and clubs Punk across the back, stands back up and hits an INVERTED SIDE BACKBREAKER. . .

Orton still feels the fatigue and he drops down to the mat, as well as Punk. The crowd chant for Punk, but Orton is up first and stalks Punk as he makes his way up to his knees. Orton is in a press up position, waiting for Punk to get up and as he looks intense as hell, waiting to strike, and as Punk gets up to his feet and turns round, Orton leaps up for the RKO, but Punk is able to push Orton into the ropes and hits a spinning heel kick as Orton comes back. The crowd cheer as Punk then gets back up to his feet, lifts Orton up to his feet and whips him hard into the corner, runs in straight away and hits a high knee lift. He holds onto Ortonís head on impact and runs out of the corner, planting Orton with a bulldog. Big pop for Punk as he takes control urges Orton back up to his feet, and as Orton slowly picks himself up and turns round, Punk lifts him into his shoulder, GTS TIME!. . . but Orton is able to slip down and clubs Punk across the back, hard and knocks Punk to his knees. Orton then lifts Punk up, spins him round and plants him with the RKO. . . Orton turns over and covers Punk 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: ďBurn in my LightĒ hits & Randy Orton sits up and is passed his title by Mike Chioda. Orton gets back up to his feet after a few seconds and poses with his belt

JR: What an effort that was from CM Punk, King

King: It sure was. He came so close on several occasions, but I think tonight, Randy Orton proved a lot of his doubters wrong. He showed that he is more than deserving of being the WWE Champion

JR: That might be the case King, but only time will tell if Orton can prove his doubters wrong!


*William Regal is in his office with Coach & Hornswoggle when Triple H walks in*


*Regal & Coach look worried as Triple H storms in with an angry look on his face*

Triple H:
Alright, where is he?

Regal: Who?

Triple H: Donít mess me about Regal, whereís Vince?

Regal: Excuse me but some manners would be nice after you barged in here

*Triple H gets right in Regalís face, getting angrier*

Triple H:
Donít play games with me Regal where the hell is he? Because if you donít tell me, I might have to take it out on you instead


He left about five minutes ago

*Triple H backs off*

Triple H:
You better be telling the truth Regal, cos I swear I wonít have a problem kicking your ass right here right now

*Coach steps in between them*

Itís true, Mr. McMahon left five minutes ago

*Triple H looks around and sees Hornswoggle, then back to Coach & Regal*

Triple H:
And he left the little guy with you two?

Regal: He always does, Iím the general manager of Raw, not his bloody babysitter

Coach: Look Hunter, thereís nothing more we can tell you, he left the arena five minutes ago and left Hornswoggle with us. . . again

Triple H: Sounds about right. . . You tell him that tomorrow night, we need to have words. . . and if heís not in the building, Iíll go and find him


Absolutely, weíll pass that message on for you

Triple H: Make sure you do

*Triple H turns round and walks out of the room and Hornswoggle waves goodbye at him. Regal & Coach then look relieved as they turn to each other*

You know Coach, Iím getting pretty damn sick of this. Iím employed to be the general manager of Raw, but instead I have to offer excuses for Mr. McMahon and look after his little bastard every bloody night

Coach: Well I could always take over if youíre not happy

Regal: Oh youíd like that wouldnít you. . .

*Hornswoggle starts jumping around*

I think he needs the toilet again, and itís your turn

*Regal looks really angry before storming out of the room

Coach looks at Hornswoggle*

This is the last time Iím takin ya

*Hornswoggle runs at Coach, then pulls his hand and directs him to the door with Coach looking frustrated*

*We cut to the control centre*

Well folks, this is our last match of the night, but it is time for the MAIN EVENT!!


Batista is just seconds away from defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Umaga, but we need to find out what stipulation you all decided on. . . Letís take a look at the tron to find out

*The tron is shown with the results loading*
A. Edge as Special Referee Ė 41%
B. No Holds Barred Ė 8%
C. Last Man Standing Ė 41%


What on earth, we have a tie between Edge acting as special guest referee and a Last Man Standing match. . . I honestly donít know what weíre going to do here

***ďIím All Grown UpĒ blasts out & Stephanie McMahon walks out to the entrance***


Todd, I know this is a strange situation we find ourselves in, but I have a solution. . . Usually we would have a re-count, but as that is impractical, the only thing we can do is that the match will go ahead as a Last Man Standing match with Edge as the Special Guest Referee, so thatís what is going to happen right here, right now!


Thanks for clearing that up for us Steph

*Steph walks to the back*

WOW! Well I guess we have created another first, or should I say you have. . . Thanks for voting every single one of you and I hope you enjoy the main event. . . Thanks again everyone!

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista (c) vs Umaga

Both men slug it out in the middle of the ring with the crowd firmly behind Batista as he manages to get on top of Umaga, hitting home with three solid punches in a row, grabs his arm and then whips him towards the ropes. But Umaga is able to reverse it, and as Batista comes back off the ropes, Umaga grabs him around the chest, either side as if he is going for a bear hug, but shows his strength by tossing Batista around with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. . . Estrada looks on from the outside and claps Umaga and then yells at him to go to the top rope, which he does as he walks over to the corner as Edge looks on with a big smile on his face. The crowd can be heard to be nervous as Umaga climbs to the top rope and starts yelling out loud in Samoan before he then leaps off for a BIG SPLASH. . . BUT, just in time, Batista rolls to the side and Umaga hits the mat with loud cheers meeting Umagaís mistake. Both men are out and Edge starts counting them down 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . 5 . . . Both men start to come round 6 . . . 7 . . . Batista pulls himself up in the corner as Umaga gets back up to his feet, but remains unsteady for a couple of seconds. Edge looks relieved as Umaga makes it to his feet and Batista looks drowsy in the corner. With Batista still not fully recovered, Umaga takes a second to get his feet before charging at The Animal in the corner AND SPLASHING THE LIFE OUT OF BATISTA. . .

Umaga gets a sadistic look on his face as Batista slowly drops down into a sitting position against the bottom ropes. He turns round and sees Edgeís eyes light up, but Umaga doesnít need instructions this time as he backs up into the opposite corner. The crowd boo Umaga as he psyches himself up and then charges at Batista and BOOM. . . SAMOAN WRECKING BALL connects, snapping The Animalís neck back as he then falls forward and flat on the mat as Edge starts to count the champion down, but slightly reluctantly 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . . NO SIGN OF LIFE FROM BATISTA 5 . . . 6 . . . Batista starts to come round and grabs hold of the ropes as Umaga looks on 7 . . . 8 . . . Batista pulls himself up using the ropes to help and by the count of 9, heís back on his feet with his back to Umaga who looks ready to explode. Batista turns round slowly and Umaga charges right at him again, but this time Batista is able to step out of the corner and plants Umaga with a SPINNING SIDE SLAM. . . Huge cheers erupt as Batista looks ready to erupt with Edge looking on nervously and stares in shock at The Animal, who then climbs through the ropes to the outside as he sees Umaga starting to sit up. He walks over to the steel steps and picks off the top one to a huge pop and rests it on the apron, then pushes it inside to another pop from the crowd. He then climbs back in the ring and sets the steps up, square in the middle as Umaga gets back up to his feet. Batista then stomps him hard in the gut and places him between his legs for the Batista Bomb, looking like heís going to slam him onto the steel. Edge looks worried and The Animal looks over at him and they share a stare down for several seconds, giving Umaga enough time to back body drop Batista ONTO THE STEEL STEPS to counter the Batista Bomb.

Umaga looks at Edge, who again looks reluctant, but starts to count 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . BATISTA IS NOT MOVING 4 . . . 5 . . . 6 . . . BATISTA STARTS TO COME ROUND and grabs the steps 7 . . . 8 . . . Umaga looks shocked and Edge isnít sure what to think as Batista pulls himself back up to his feet ever so slowly just in time. Umaga pounces straight away and whips The Animal into the corner, charges in and splashes him. Batista just looks out of it as Umaga then scoops him up and places him in position for the Tree of Woe. Umaga then backs up to the opposite corner, looking confident and ready to finish Batista off as he then runs back and hits Batista with the DIVING HEADBUTT. . . Batista is flat out on the mat and Umaga looks like a savage, waiting for Edge to count the victory 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . 5 . . . 6 . . . Batista, ever so slowly starts to reach for the ropes 7 . . . 8 . . . Somehow Batista is able to pull himself to his knees 9 . . . Batista is BACK ON HIS FEET, getting a huge pop from the fans in attendance. . . Umaga looks shocked, and again Edge doesnít know what to make of it. The Samoan Bulldozer gets right back on Batista, simply hitting him with a thrust chop to the neck, knocking The Animal back down again, but this time Umaga goes to the corner and climbs to the top rope. There are tense and nervous noises coming from the crowd as Estrada and Edge look on as Umaga FLIES OFF THE TOP ROPE, looking for a diving headbutt, BUT OH NO!. . . BATISTA MOVES TO THE SIDE and Umaga hits the mat. . . Edgeís eyes light up and he starts the count straight away 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . Batista rolls onto his side 5 . . . 6 . . . Umaga starts to sit up and Batista rolls on to his knees and then onto his feet with Edge looking agitated.

He then lifts Umaga up to his feet and whips him into the ropes, but as Umaga comes back, he knocks Batista down with a shoulder charge. The Animal is right back up though and Umaga chops away at his chest, then whips him into the ropes, and as Batista comes back, Umaga lowers his head and Batista takes full advantage by kicking him square in the face. Umagaís head snaps back up and Batista steps back into the ropes, then runs forward and connects with a running clothesline, but Umaga doesnít go down. Batista then runs past Umaga, comes back off the ropes and clotheslines him across the shoulders and keeps on running as Umaga remains on his feet, and Batista comes back off the opposite ropes, he unleashes a thunderous clothesline that takes Umaga down to the mat. The crowd go crazy as Batista starts getting pumped up, but Umaga is not on the mat for long and gets back up to his feet quickly. Batista is right on him and whips him into the corner, runs in and connects with a hard clothesline, then whips him to the opposite corner. He again charges in, but this time he pummels Umaga with shoulder thrusts to the chest, over and over. Batista backs off and as Umaga staggers out of the corner, Batista whips him back into the opposite corner and runs at him again, BUT NO, this time Umaga sidesteps and Batista hits the turnbuckles, and as he staggers out of the corner, he walks right into a SAMOAN DROP from Umaga.

Estrada jumps for joy on the outside as it appears Umaga has weathered the storm, and sensing victory, he doesnít waste any time and pulls Batista up to his feet. He grabs Batista around the throat and raises his right arm, signalling for the SAMOAN SPIKE. The crowd boo as Umaga looks intensely into Batistaís eyes, BUT THE ANIMAL REACTS and drives his knee into the gut of Umaga and then again to force Umagaís grip loose. Batista is free from the hold and runs back into the ropes, runs back and SPEARS UMAGA! HUGE CHEERS FROM THE CROWD as Umaga looks motionless on the mat as Batista stares down at him, but he canít hear Edge counting and turns round, but as he turns, EDGE RUNS AT HIM, AND BOOM. . . SPEAR TO BATISTA! . . . WHAT THE HELL HAS EDGE JUST DONE?! . . . Tons of boos ring out inside the arena as Edge looks down at both men in confusion at what to do and then starts screaming down at Batista that he just got what he deserved for carrying his title. Edge then starts counting, clearly thinking both men are out for the count 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . UMAGA STARTS TO SQUIRM ON THE MAT, and Edge does not look happy one bit 5 . . . 6 . . . BATISTA TOO STARTS TO COME ROUND AND UMAGA GETS TO HIS KNEES 7 . . . 8 . . . UMAGA IS BACK UP 9 . . . BATISTA JUST MANAGES TO STAND BACK UP. Edge is furious and looks ready to explode as Umaga grabs Batista by the arm and tries for an irish whip, but itís reversed by The Animal, and as Umaga comes back, Batista plants him with a SPINEBUSTER. . . THE ROOF JUST BLEW OFF. . .

Batista turns round and stares intensely at Edge with pure hatred in his eyes. He turns back to Umaga and sees him lying on the mat before turning back and walking over to Edge. There are huge cheers from the crowd as Batista gets right in Edgeís face and yells right in his face, but Edge isnít fazed and points towards Umaga who starts to sit up slowly. Batista turns round and starts to walk back over to Umaga, but then turns round as EDGE RUNS TOWARDS HIM, BUT BATISTA SEES IT. . . AND BOOM! SPINEBUSTER FOR EDGE!. . . Edge just got what was coming to him and the crowd love it! So does Batista and he glares down at Edge for several seconds, unaware that Estrada has just slipped a chair inside the ring to Umaga. The crowd try to warn Batista, but heís completely oblivious as Umaga stands back up and picks up the chair. Batista, still with a smile on his face then turns round and BANG! UMAGA SMASHES THE CHAIR ACROSS HIS SKULL! . . . IT LOOKS ALL OVER FOR BATISTA, but thereís no referee. Estrada shouts at Umaga and tries to get him to come to the outside, which he does and points under the ring.

Umaga looks under and then PULLS OUT A TABLE to the crowds shock, but there are some cheers as he lifts it onto the apron and slides it into the ring. He then gets back in the ring as Micky Henson then runs down the aisle to check on Edge and then takes over. Umaga then sets up the table fairly close to the corner and then lifts Batista back up to his feet and places him on the table. Umaga then looks at Estrada before climbing through the ropes and then up to the top rope where he looks down at Estrada who smiles back at him, Batistaís reign as World Champion is all but over! But before he turns round, Batista sits up on the table, getting a huge pop from everyone inside the arena. He climbs off the table and then walks the short distance to the corner and punches Umaga in the gut. Umaga drops down and his feet rest on the second rope as Batista then grabs him by the legs and after a couple of seconds, he is able to lift Umaga up by the legs, turns round and SPINEBUSTERS HIM THROUGH THE TABLE! OH MY GOD!!! UMAGA JUST GOT SLAMMED THROUGH THE TABLE! . . . The crowd go nuts as Estrada looks on in shock from the outside and Micky Henson makes the count 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . 5 . . . 6 . . . 7 . . . UMAGA IS MOTIONLESS 8 . . . 9 . . . 10 Ė ITíS ALL OVER!!!

AFTERMATH: ďI Walk AloneĒ blasts out and Batista gets his arm raised by Micky Henson who then receives the belt and passes it to Batista as Edge starts to come round and looks furious. He looks in pain but stares angrily at Batista as he remains on the mat. Batista looks right at Edge and lifts the World title into the air to anger Edge even more as the show comes to a close

Cole: Oh my god John, what a match!

JBL: You can say that again Cole, the limits both men went to was just incredible

Cole: They sure did, but after all is said and done, Batista is still the World Heavyweight Champion

JBL: Yeah for whatís it worth. . . After going through that match tonight, Batista has just weakened his chances of holding on to the title if he has to defend it again anytime soon

Cole: Right now, thatís not important John. . . All that matters is Batista is still the World Heavyweight Champion after an incredible night. . . Thanks for joining us for Cyber Sunday night. . . Good night everyone!


Jeff Hardy df. Mr. Kennedy to retain the Intercontinental Championship
Beth Phoenix df. Mickie James to retain the Womens Championship
Finlay df. Rey Mysterio
Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch df. Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards to retain the World Tag Team Championship
MVP & Matt Hardy tied 1-1. MVP retained the United States Championship
Randy Orton df. CM Punk to retain the WWE Championship
Batista df. Umaga to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

Paul London & Brian Kendrick df. Deuce ĎNí Domino

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L’s Cyber Sunday Review

Mr Kennedy vs. Jeff Hardy:

I think everybody made the right choice by voting for a ladder match, as the match was brilliant. The use of the ladder was good and there was lots of good action in the match. There was some good spots in the match too. I was expecting Mr Kennedy to win the title so I was surprised when Hardy got the win. The ending was good, a typical ladder match ending. It would have been interesting to see if Kennedy would of won under a different stipulation, as Hardy might of won as the ladder match is his specialty.

Marrella / Burke seg:

This was a great little segment here. I was surprised to see Marrella on the PPV since he hasn’t got a match, but having him on a big stage could start of a push. The first bit with Maria was great, both were in character and I liked how you wrote the Italian accent. Burke coming in was interesting, he had some good things to say, I liked the line about Wrestlemania. I can see a short feud between these two, maybe an I.C title number one contendership match? I think that would be good. It’d be interesting to see if Burke turns face for a feud with Marrella, or both could be heel. I can see Marrella going on and having a feud with Jeff Hardy now, but a Burke/Hardy feud would be great too. It’ll be interesting to see what happens from here.

Phoenix vs. Mickie:

I’m glad a wrestling match was chosen. Reading a bra and panties match would be nowhere near as good as watching it, a wrestling match was the right choice. The match was very good for a divas match, I find it hard to right good divas matches but this was great. You used their move sets well and I liked how the two styles went really well with each other. I was surprised at how much dominance Mickie James showed, she was in control for the most part of the match. But I suppose that’s what mostly happens in the ends of title matches, with the champ coming back at the end. I was expecting Phoenix to get the win, which she did, but it was starting to look like Mickie would win at the end, which was good. The ending was good too. This was a good match, I think another match between the two would be great as they put on a good match.

MVP/ WGTT seg:

This was a good seg, It seems like the three are in some sort of stable now. I think it’s a good idea as all three a very talented wrestlers and the three deserve a push. I was surprised that MVP wanted to ‘do it alone’ as he is a heel, but I suppose he wants to prove himself. I could still see the WGTT coming out later though. The ‘I like to party’ line from Haas followed by the look from Shelton was hilarious, I’m guessing it was to make fun on Haas’s boring personality. The line from MVP about the Denver clowns was great too, a typical cheap heat line from a heel. Along with the no hopers line, it was very realistic

Finlay vs. Mysterio:

I was quite surprised that the I Quit match was chosen, but it turned out to be the right decision as the match was brilliant. There was so much great smash-mouth wrestling and it was great, almost all of it was outside the ring, which was great too, as it would be for an I Quit match. I loved how we didn’t just hear ‘no’ when they were asked to give up, the responses were great and they added a bit more aggression to the match, which was great. The match was very creative, you used a lot of good spots like the 619 on the post and so on. The match was also very back and forth with both dominating at various points, which made it good, as it was hard to tell who would get the win. The ending was great and again very creative, I think it would come off very well on TV. It was a great way to end the match after such a vicious match. I liked how Rey didn’t quit too, as I doubt that he or Finlay would of quit in the match, so I think it was the right decision. It also makes Finlay look strong too which is good, I can see the feud continuing though. I predicted that Finlay would win and I’m glad he did, especially in an I Quit match, as it’s his style. Hopefully he will keep looking strong in your BTB. This was one of the best matches, well done.

Kennedy Interview:

I was surprised to see an interview from Kennedy after losing earlier in the night. But I guess it’s a good way to keep him looking strong and confident after losing, so he doesn’t lose much credibility. Kennedy was in character all the way through which was good, and I liked the way he uses Michelle’s questions to look big too as he does in real life. Him saying that he doesn’t care much about the I.C title was good and realistic. The line about the test tube screw up was brilliant. It’s just the type of thing that he would say IRL, and it was a good line that you thought of. Him saying that he wants the WWE title is interesting. He’s definitely capable, but with a heel being the WWE Champ it’ll be interesting to see if he can get the title. I can see him getting in a feud with someone else before going for the title, maybe someone like CM Punk or Shawn Michaels.

Cade/Murdoch vs. Dreamer/Richards:

I think the Extreme rules stipulation was again the right decision. I’m surprised it didn’t get more votes tbh, but I suppose a bar fight might have been interesting too. The match was again great. It was exciting and was going back and forth. Cade and Murdoch controlled just as much as Richards and Dreamer which surprised me a little, I was maybe expecting Dreamer and Richards to dominate the most part as it’s their specialty. Bringing in tables and barbed wire made the match exciting, but I would have liked to see something really crazy from Dreamer or Richards. Having Murdoch and Cade retain the titles was great, it makes them look even stronger champions now after overcoming this challenge of extreme rules. The ending with Murdoch using a table to win was good too, they now proved that they too can be extreme when they have to. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Richards and Dreamer now and whether they stay as a tag team or not. I can maybe see a rematch between these two teams, although if Dreamer and Richards can’t beat the champs in their own type of match, I doubt they’ll be able to beat them again. Solid match.

HHH/Punk backstage:

This was pretty good, a good little build up for the match later. I was surprised at how Punk took a little pop at HHH, but I suppose it makes Punk look aggressive. I’m looking forward to the match now.

Edge Interview:

This was a great interview, again a good build up for the WHC match later. Edge was in character and was his usual cocky self. Edge bigging himself up was realistic as he does IRL. I liked the way he used cashing in the MITB against The Undertaker as an example of him being brave, not mentioning how Taker had been badly hurt beforehand Lol.

MVP vs. Matt Hardy:

I can’t remember if I voted for the Iron match or not, but I think this was also the right decision as the match was great. I’m glad that MVP and Hardy are back fighting each other as the two tagging was getting kinda stale and predictable. This match was great, there was lots of great action in the match and you used their move sets well. The first part of the ending was good, a good wrestling match. I was surprised at how Hardy got the first pinfall, after he got it I was sure that Hardy would win the match. As it got closer to the ending I was hoping that MVP could get the next fall. And then he did which was great! It was a brilliant twist by having Hardy get DQ’d. I liked how Hardy still nearly won at the end, only for the horn to sound before the 3. I think that would come off really well IRL too. It’ll be interesting to see what happens from here, no doubt MVP will big himself up despite being dominated by hardy. I rematch would be great, but I hope MVP will keep the title! This was a great match and the ending was very creative.

Punk vs. Orton:

First of all I liked how Mr. McMahon came out first to see the result. I was really happy at the results as I think Punk vs. Orton would be a really exciting match. I don’t think HHH attacking Morrison was needed though. I like how this HHH/McMahon feud is developing, it’ll be interesting to see what happens between the two in the future. I think you maybe could of used an angle like Mr McMahon could have hinted that the results were fixed or something like that, I think it could have added a bit more tension to the HHH/McMahon feud.

The Orton/Punk match was great. I was expecting Orton to retain the title but Punk put up a good fight, which was good. Lot’s of near falls from Punk made it exciting. The match was well written and there was lots of good wrestling in the match, but it always looked like Orton would get the win. The ending was good, I was expecting it to end like that as that’s how a lot of Orton’s matches end. It was good reading Punk in a title match, I bet it was enjoyable to write too as writing CM Punk matches is fun. Hopefully Punk will get another chance at the title and do well on Raw.

HHH/Regal backstage:

This was OK, I suppose it’s a way to keep HHH on the PPV as he doesn’t have a match. This HHH/ Mr McMahon feud is interesting. I liked how HHH said that if Mr McMahon isn’t in the building he’ll go and find him. That might be funny if we saw HHH at his home or something, but I doubt that would happen. It’ll be interesting to see what happens from here. The bit with Regal/Coach/Hornswoggle was funny with Coach taking Hornswoggle to the bathroom. You don’t seem to be doing anything about the hornswoggle storyline though.

Batista vs. Umaga:

What a great match! This was definitely the MOTN. The results of the vote were interesting with it being tied, but making it a LMS match with edge as the ref was the logical and right decision. I didn’t really know what was going to happen with Edge, whether he was going to cost Batista or Umaga or what. Umaga seemed to dominate the beginning of the ending so it wasn’t looking good for the animal. I liked how you had Umaga use his signature moves like the wrecking ball and the diving head but to the cornered opponent. I like Umaga so it was good to see him doing well, I also liked how you had him look at Estrada for instructions like he did IRL. The match was nice and rough too which was good, just like LMS matches should be. Lot’s of near 10 counts. The twist with Edge spearing Batista was great but I knew that Umaga wouldn’t win, as you need to continue the Edge/Batista feud. Having Batista spinebuster Edge was a great move, it added drama to the match and it meant you could finish the match without Edge. The ending was great with Batista hitting the spinebuster through the table and then a different ref making the count. Great ending. Batista is looking strong now, but I can see Edge winning the title off Batista in the future. The feud should be great, can’t wait to see the fallout.


This was a fantastic PPV Nige. I’m glad that the matches turned out longer in the end because they were great. My two favorites were the main event and the Finlay vs. Mysterio match. Both were brilliant. The only thing that slightly let the PPV down was that there was no title change. But I guess you chose your winners beforehand and it just turned out that the champs retained. Oh well, I’m sure we’ll see title changes in the future. The matches were great and all these storylines are building very nicely. I like how the McMahon/HHH and the Batista/Edge storylines are going especially. Amazing PPV Nige, keep it up!

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Holy Fuck Nige, you were right, I think that is your best show yet! GREAT SHOW!

will review later when have more time

Great show man

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Holy shit, this has to be the best show I have read in a long time. Expect a review coming.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


Okay so the first match up is the ICTitle, Kennedy v Hardy okay and I predicted right for the Ladder match and this mact hhad it all , a stragne way for Kennedy to get busted open I expect it was a accidently injurey and not planned . The match was good and balanced well between both superstars, would have like to see Kennedy win the match but all in all it was entertaining to read. Ending could have been better and seemed rushed . Santino part was okay and I guess him and Burke will start to havea small fued which would be cool, hopefuly his promise of mani event Mania will be true !

A women match, I really hoped for bra and panties would have been hilarious to read and funny to write aswell. It was just a plain womens match and had nothnig special, I expected the Beth win. Promo with MVP and WGTT was good and funny , now i know Hass likes to party . It's good that they won't interfer on the match. And the I Quit match is something that I think will be amazing let's hope it lives up to it. Wow loves this match had some great spots, includeing the 619 on the ringpost, so yes this was great , best match so far.

Haha Kennedy interview was great, very Keneedy like and I can see him saying all this. The tag match is next and well it delivered, the macth was back and fourth and you would nevr think C&M would adpat to ECW Rules but they did and did well, the ending was great and suprised me , Dreameer thought the table was a clever way to end it, ironic you could say, goo match.

Really liked the chemistary between HH and Punk really great intence promo between them both. And the Edge interview was very in charecter , he was really shwoing his anger wituh great chose of words and when you placed pauses etc . Really good work on them two. And now the match which I looked most forward to, 30 min iron match has the potential to be great and well it wasn't as good as I hoped. It flowed nicly but the end really bugs me , I don't see why Hardy would do that, revenge yeah but as a face I don't expect him to do it that way at least. The ref getting up to see it was soemthing I diddn't see coming and caught me of guard , would have love to see Hardy win, It just gives a reason for fued to continue, which I suppose is good, no sudden death ??

And nexted is WWE Title match and well it delievered nicly with CM as the underdog as always and I really expected him to be basically squashed but I was wrong he really put up a fight and it was nicly written to be honest , I really good match and up there with the Rey v Finlay.

HHH going to find Vince was kinda strange but I see that they are guna fued which is always entertaining. So that will be good to see, Coach and Regal funny as always. And then the big daddy, the main event and yes a great decison having Edge ref and LMS , very lucky to have that happen makes it all that much better. And the match just didn't get flowing and felt abit slow , it only really picked up when Batista spinbustered Edge which was the only I saw Tista winning, all in all it was an good match.

Overall a great PPV, some fueds are really picking up nicly , like Kennedy, Hardy , hopefully Marella & Burke, HHH and Vince and edge and Tista. Best match of the night was Rey and Finlay . I really enjoyed reading so keep it up . Oh and a shame no titles changed hands

Or is it?

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


Good start with the promo and the commentators buliding up the show

Match 1: Glad to see it was a Ladder match and you really done it good, I do like Kennedy but think the right man won. Good way to kick of the show

Santino Promo: I really have to say i loved this, All 3 people were so much in character and a good way to do the Save us promo

Match 2: Another very good match, Just the right length and once again the right winner gets the win. In real life i would like a Bra and Panties but for this it was better as a Wrestling Match

MVP PROMO: Another good promo, All men in character and i suspect something to happen in Hardy MVP match

Match 3: Another brilliant match, It was a good way to get Finlay over as a heel and that is excatly what he would be like in The WWE, Once against the right match stipulation

Mr Kennedy Promo: A decent promo and good length

Match 4: Each match is just getting better and better, Once again brilliant length and a really good match, I would like to have seen Dreamer and Richards get the win in their own type of match

Triple H and CM Punk Promo: OK but never thought Triple H was in character

Edge Promo: Really Really good promo, That was just EDGE, Really good

Match 5: MOTN so far without a doubt, I loved the ending and i am pretty glad to see MVP walk out with the victory

Mr Mcmahon announces the match: It was ok but dont really get it and never thought McMahon was in great character

Match 6: Brilliant match, I change my mind this was defo match of the night and glad to see Orton walk out with the belt

Triple H Promo: very good promo, Look foward to seeing what happens with HHH and Mr Mcmahon and i thought it was a funny ending to the promo with Hornswoggle and the toilet

Match 7: Another superb match, That is all i can say LOL

Overall: Probably the best PayPerview i have read in ages, there was only a few mistakes with characters but everything else was spot on and the matches were just amazing

Rating: 9.5/10
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Man Nige, Im sorry but I dont really have anything to say in a review that'll help

all I can do is say good job at everything so

GREAT CYBER SUNDAY!!!! PPV of the month in BTB section!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

S1: This was a great match to start off a PPV, a ladder match. I would think Mr. Kennedy would go off win, but Jeff Hardy is good in ladder matches.

S2: This was a funny segement with Santino with it. I was surprised that Burke showed up. Wow, so Kennedy, Burke, and Santino all competing for the IC title.

S3: Your producing some good matches. I was thinking Beth would win by DQ, thank god you didn't. Nice victory from Beth.

S4: MVP with WGTT reminds me of Team Angle. I lol'd when Charlie Haas said he liked to party. Nice promo

S5:I was a expecting a steel cage match, but a I Quit match is really good. I would think Rey Rey would come out with the victory. But hey good thing you weren't being predictable here.

S6:Mr. Kennedy's promo was great. I am not to sure about chasing the WWE championship and skipping the IC title. I love the computer geek comment lol.

S7: I like extreme rules match, and this was no different. I was happy that Cade and Murdoch retained, because I can't see Dreamer and Richards as champions

S8: The promo was alright, it seemed as Punk was heel for one moment. I have a feeling he might turn heel kind of soon. But I doubt it.

S9: This was a very intense match-up once again I thought Hardy would barely win the US title, but hopefully this isn't there last match.

S10: Triple H was only 5% from tieing Punk. I was expecting Orton to win. I was confused why HHH was mad at Mr. McMahon it wasn't his fault he didn't get a chance at the WWE title.

S11: I had no idea there would be a tie. I would think Edge would let Batista win, so he wouldn't have to face Umaga. Nice ending.

Overall: This was a great PPV. This is imo PPV of the month.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks for all the reviews, i just thought you might want to see how all the votes actually worked out, so here they are:

WWE Championship
Punk – 9 (50%)
HHH – 8 (45%)
Morrison – 1 (5%)

World Championship
Last Man Standing – 7 (41%)
Edge as Ref – 7 (41%)

No Holds Barred – 3 (18%)

IC Championship
Ladder – 15 (83%)
First Blood – 3 (17%)

US Championship
30 Min Iron Man – 10 (59%)
2/3 Falls – 7 (41%)

World Tag Team Championship
Bar Fight – 6 (35%)
ECW Rules – 9 (52%)
Tables – 2 (13%)

Rey vs Finlay
Steel Cage – 5 (29%)
I Quit – 11 (65%)
Stretcher – 1 (6%)

Womens Championship
Wrestling – 11 (62%)
Bra & Panties – 7 (38%)
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Cyber Sunday Review-

Hardy vs Kennedy- Hardys specialty is definitely Ladder matches. I am happy that he got the win here as he just seemed like the better man all match. kennedy put up a good fight, but I think that hardy in a singles match could be virtually unbeatable in a Ladder match. This was a great way to kick off Cyber Sunday with a fast-paced match.

Women's Championship- I dont like womens matches at all. So this match was whatever. But it was a good win for Beth Phoenix.

Finlay vs Rey- Damn, the ending was insane. I cant believe that Rey was just so out of it that they couldnt finish the match. This was a good read, and really showed Finlay's tough-edge side. Id like to see these two go at it again, just to see who the winner would be.

Dreamer/Richards vs Cade/Murdoch- Really good ECW rules match here. Cade and Murdoch are really showing how dominant they are. I didnt expect them to win because the ECW rules match should be in favor of Dreamer and Richards. I guess not today. This was a good hardcore match.

MVP vs Hardy- What a good 30 minute ironman match. I cant believe the ending. I thought that Hardy was gonna tie it for sure. But MVP showed why he is MVP and came up big with the win. Good match here, with a great ending.

Punk vs Orton- This is a good young match. I can imagine how great of a match it would be to watch in real life. It was a good win for Orton. Punk just got unlucky in this one. I dont think that this is the end for Punk, he will come back again for Orton's title.

Batista vs Umaga- Great match here. I cant believe it was a tie and Edge was the special referee for the last man standing match. I didnt expect Umaga to win. Batista is just too dominant.

Grade- 7/10. I took away 2 points becuase the matches werent in full.
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