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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Raw Review

It was a pretty good start to the show with a big match announced for later on. I liked Flair introducing Batista and the abscense of Triple H which only adds to the problems with Evolution, and I also liked the reference to Kane's one night title reign in the past. Kane and Bearer's decison to put their careers on the line was odd as although they're confident I don't think they'd do that, but I won't be complaining too much if they leave. Nice little shot of Triple H too, keeps me interested in what his reaction will be.

This wouldn't excite me as the first match on the card at all, but it was useful in putting the new Women's Champion over following her title win at Vengeance. Surprised at no Victoria with the rematch clause and all, but if it's going to be an obvious result I guess there's no harm in forgetting about it. Natalya in a feud with Melina was exactly what I wanted to see and this was a decent enoguh way to start it off, especially with the Shaprshooter which really makes her look dangerous.

I'm waiting for a Triple H heel turn so this was a little disappointing in terms of that, but I'm sure you're just trying to tease us into thinking he's back on Batista's side. It's good that you're having Batista go it alone too later tonight as well to prove himself as the Champion.

By the looks of it this is two squash matches in a row, that's not very excting at all. It was good seeing Eugene getting squashed though as I can't stand him, and a win for DiBiase helps to keep him looking impressive. I don't know what to make of his attack on King though, hopefully it's not leading anywhere but maybe this will add to the whole thing about him not showing any respect to people. Attacking The King is always a good way to get heat though, as we've seen many times in the past including this week's Raw IRL.

This was a great segment here. This is a really interesting storyline between father and son and I think this promo would've come off really well. The slap was shocking and I'm sure it's going to lead to something big now as his Dad is obviously going to be angry, but I'm just interested to see where this is going down the line, as it could be used to put DiBiase Jr over even more as a heel, or turn him face eventually.

Wow, The McMahon's are back with a bang. Loved this promo as it did a really good job of building the credibility of this group back up again after their loss at Vengeance, as a vicious assault on a monster like Kozlov is going to be shocking. It was probably the right decision as he never did fit in really and it was also useful in making them look strong again. It should be interestign to see if Bischoff does end up getting fired too, although I doubt it.

This is another interesting situation that you've got going on here, as although he's managed to keep his job it looks like their plan to get him fired might work. I like how you're using Regal as the man helping them to get Bischoff fired after the problems he had with Bischoff, but it looks like it might all fall apart now that he's not been sacked like he said.

The next match seemed a little pointless to be honest, that is unless Hardy's moving over permanently. I'm just not a fan of wrestlers appearing on other brands, especially when he beat someone like Kendrick who could do with a win. Maybe you're going for a losing streak angle that will eventually make him look good, I don't know. It would probably be a good match, but I just don't get the point.

Kennedy may never wrestle again? I don't know if you plan on releasing him or if you're saying that so a return would be a big shock. This really helps Orton though, he looks dangerous now and I wouldn't be surprised if something happened between him and Bischoff as this seemed very heated. Maybe Orton will take it into his own hands instead, because I expect him to get invloved in the title scene again. The McMahon segment was well written too in how they found about that Bischoff has not been fired, and I like that Linda McMahon is making her own decisions and not being influenced. Maybe there should've been more focus on her being Shane's mother though, seemed like he blocked the door like it was some stranger.

Impressive win for Cryme Tyme again and with a clean victory once again, I liked the finish better this time as well with the G9. They should make good champions in this thread now. Some nice aftermath too and it looks like they've already split, a feud between them would be interesting coming out of their split, rather than them moving apart like IRL. Liked how you did it as well as he hit him almost reluctantly, but it should still anger The Miz.

Strong words again from The Corporation, I'm really looking forward to seeing where this will go. I don't know how they're going to get him out of the company without being punished themselves, and I'm wondering what Regal's going to do now he doesn't have them on his side. It was well done once again as you did a good job of making them look powerful and a big threat on Raw once again.

What a finish to the show. So much happened here, Kane is gone, Orton is seemingly getting invloved in the title scene, and I got just what I wanted with a Triple H heel turn! I liked the way you did it too and it made it even more shocking with the Pedigree on Flair as well. I'm thinking a three-way feud between Orton, Triple H and Batista over the title now which should be awesome, maybe even invloving Flair as well to complete Evolution.

Overall I think it was a decent show with a great ending. Of course I can't comment as much on your writing with it being a recap but the booking seemed fine. It seemed like a show full of changes in direction, and while that doesn't fit together for a great show immediatley, it will make the show even better down the line. We had the Miz/Morrison split, The Corporation getting rid of Kozlov and cutting ties with Regal, the Triple H heel turn and Kane leaving, that's a lot of changes and I can't wait to see what happens from here.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


>Breaking News: 18 Superstars Released<

The WWE have parted company with the following superstars:
Mr. Kennedy
Vladimir Kozlov
Kenny Dykstra
Trevor Murdoch
Val Venis
“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan
Stevie Richards
James Reiher
Ricky Ortiz
Brad Allen
Jay Bradley
Paul Bearer

We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.


Breaking News: WWE Release 15+ Superstars, Plus More Backstage News!

We reported here several weeks back that there would be a ton of superstars released from their contracts, and here is the list in full:

Kane, Mr. Kennedy, Victoria, Vladimir Kozlov, Kenny Dykstra, Trevor Murdoch, Val Venis, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Funaki, Stevie Richards, James Reiher, Ricky Ortiz, Jesse, Festus, Brad Allen, Jay Bradley, Paul Bearer, Hornswoggle.

We were informed that Kane would be leaving the WWE this summer as he decided at the start of the year that this would be his final year in the business as he has outside projects lined up and that he felt the time was right to call it a day. Creative were advised to come up with one final push for him upon his return, and the decision was made to give him a run as the WWE Champion. Both parties weren’t entirely happy with how his reign panned out and decided to cut it short of the original plan. He was originally expected to drop the belt at Vengeance to Ric Flair, but plans were changed a few months back to go with Jeff Hardy instead. There’s more on Jeff to come by the way.

Mr. Kennedy’s departure will be seen as a big surprise to many as he was given a strong push in recent months against Randy Orton. There were plans to carry that through until SummerSlam. However, when the WWE Championship picture changed, there was no room for Kennedy in creative’s plans for the summer. Considering Jeff Hardy’s suspension and Triple H’s heel turn also, it is highly surprising. It’s expected that Kennedy’s departure will be used on-screen with the reasoning behind it being that the punt to the head he received from Randy Orton at Vengeance forced him out of the business. Eric Bischoff touched on that last night during his promo with Orton.

Matt Hardy was moved over to Raw yesterday to fill the void as he was no longer needed on Smackdown. John Cena has almost finished shooting scenes for the latest WWE movie and is expected back for the summer push to help fill the void.

Creative soured on Kenny Dykstra & Vladimir Kozlov some time ago and scrapped them for the summer schedule. Big plans were made for Dykstra when he moved over from Raw, and he was supposed to head up a heel faction that would also feature Cody Rhodes & Brian Kendrick. It was felt that Cody outgrew him and that he didn’t need Kenny anymore. The beating that Kozlov received on screen last night was designed to write him out of the show completely.

Victoria has been looking at going in to MMA for a while and was seen as expendable by the company with the general feeling that her appeal was lost a long time ago. Victoria’s imminent departure was the reason for Melina’s face turn that will continue in upcoming weeks.

Jeff Hardy may be gone a lot longer than the initial 60 days he has been suspended for. A lot of people high up in the WWE are said to be extremely disappointed and frustrated with him, hence the decision to make the announcement about his failed test before Vengeance and not after it. It also sent a message to other superstars that they will not tolerate any abuse of the Wellness Policy. It’s believed that Vince McMahon was furious and wanted to fire him on the spot until being talked out of it. Jeff’s head as of now is officially on the chopping block.

Vince returned himself to TV last night along with his son, Shane. Their return isn’t coincidental as a massive storyline partly involving them has been developing quietly over the last month or so. This storyline will pick up pace next week and run through the summer which will stretch across the whole show.

Another big talking point coming out of Raw is the Triple H heel turn. Many thought that Batista would be turning heel, but the plan all along was for Triple H to make the turn. This is said to be the big storyline of the 2008 and will run right until the end of the year. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley will be having her baby very soon and is expected to be involved at some point down the line. There is no news on whether he will be joining The Corporation in some way.

Someone else turning last night was John Morrison, but he moved in the face direction after knocking The Miz out moments after they lost their rematch for the tag team titles. Morrison’s turn has been planned for a while now and was also a factor in Mr. Kennedy being released.

Jerry Lawler will be another name you won’t see on Raw for a while either. He fell victim to a sucker punch to Ted DiBiase Jr last night and will be off screen for a while. It was a complete work for the record, designed to help DiBiase in his next program. It’s given Lawler the chance to take some time off and help out in Memphis, and both Lawler and the company are said to be fine with the decision.

On the Smackdown side of things, we will see a scramble match for the World Heavyweight Championship at The Great American Bash, a move which caught some off guard. The plan was made all along to keep The Undertaker & Chris Jericho, Christian & Edge out of singles action heading in to SummerSlam as well as creating an exciting main event for the show. The first scramble match went down well at Judgment Day with the United States title on the line, and the decision was made to test the format in a world title match.

MVP returned last Friday having missed a week after losing to CM Punk at the King of the Ring. MVP was put in that match to put Punk over and nothing more. He will be involved in a program with The Empire, who debuted last week and attacked him during a segment with Shelton Benjamin. Big things are expected of The Empire and creative are very high on both Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders, as well as Katie Lee. Also, for those that are interested, they dropped the FCW Tag Team titles at the weekend to TJ Wilson & Teddy Hart, The Second Generation Hart Foundation.

Jimmy Wang Yang went back to Smackdown last week too after a brief stint on Raw, helping out Sonjay Dutt against The Pitbulls. He dropped the redneck gimmick and the moustache, and we hear he will be going under the name of Jimmy Yang from now on. It’s expected that he & Dutt will be feuding with Jamie Noble & Kid Kash over the next month or so.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Not surprised at most of the names released, Nige, Mr. Kennedy is someone I'm shocked that you've future-endeavoured, though. I'm a fan of Kennedy and I enjoy using him, but him being gone is better than him not doing anything. Keep up the good work.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Releasing Kennedy!!!!!

Im guessing that you just don't have any storylines for him that could be the only reason why.

Sorry I didnt get a raw review up. F'in school.

Not making any more promises about reviews but Ill always try to get one up from now on

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

The only release I'm pissed about is Kennendy it looked so good for him, I thought he was finally going to go over Orton at SummerSlam. Plus I think Dystrka would've been nice to have around that heel stable would've been cool. Kane and Victoria were so stale it wasn't even funny so I'm fine with them and the rest of those guys were jobbers so it doesn't matter.

I'm glad Matt's on Raw full time, it could lead to him turning heel on Jeff later but on for now he's great for that midcard because he wasn't doing anything on Smackdown which sucks. But if he's fueding with Kendrick I like that

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW Feedback

Great opening to the show. I'm not the biggest fan of Batista with the strap, but he played his part as the new, proud champion well, especially considering how good Bearer was as the sour and defeated villian looking for Vengeance through Kane. I'm definitely surprised at the all or nothing stipulation Bearer added to the match, wasn't expecting it, and I'm not sure how things'll go down now. I don't see Batista losing, but a WWE without Kane, especially one that's looked damn good (very unlike the real thing), sounds hard to believe, sort of. An interesting situation that I doubt will be put to rest tonight, but I'm looking forward to it.

The only thing I had a problem with here was you using "hitting" when you mentioned Melina's finisher. You can't really hit a submission, can you? Anyway, minor thing, did a good job in helping solidify Melina as a strong champ (even if it wasn't the best competition), and the aftermatch with Natalya was good. I didn't think she'd be done going for the title just yet, and this put her over as a determined force that isn't afraid to take and make advantages. Should be a good program, now that Victoria's apparently out (where does she go from here?).

Triple H apologizing? Something's up. Just didn't seem sincere. Just reeks of "SWERVE", althouugh, maybe the swerve is that there is no swerve. Hmmm...

Looks like Eugene and Goldust are sticking to the bottom of the card, good to know. DiBiase punching Lawler for eyeballing his woman was great, I'm liking this aggressiveness and lack of remorse in him, and where it could take him. DiBiase continues to be a prospect in this thread, and will only continue to rise. Looking forward to seeing who he's involved with next.

Slapping your dad, especially when he's a legend, won't do much i n getting the crowd on your side. I really liked this segment, especially the mention of Kofi. Seems that he'll enter the program and try to teach DiBiase Jr. some respect on behalf of Sr., and that'd make for a fun program.

Very surprised to see Vince and Shane back, and with huge news. Bischoff's getting the boot? That's big, but I really don't know if that's going to happen. Destroying Kozlov was a good way to send him packing, if that's what you're planning on doing. He never really did much to add to the stable, he was just sort of the fall guy, and that's what he did here. It put The Corporation back on the map, certainly, and I'm looking forward to seeing what'll happen with the Bischoff situation?

That bastard, Regal. Feeding Linda false info to get Bischoff sacked was very clever, and I'm glad that he didn't actually get a pink slip. Regal basically telling Vince that he did is sure to add even more drama to this angle. Good stuff here.

I'm not quite sure what you're doing with Kendrick now. Looks like he's getting jobbed out, and Matt? What was he doing at RAW? Didn't seem like the best match, final moments weren't all that exciting to be frank.

Damn, Bischoff just told Orton. Knowing Orton, he's going to go on a punting rampage, and I think I know who's on his hitlist after this. Perhaps he'll be enlisted by a certain chairman we all know and love?

Interesting little McMahon reunion (sans Steph). Looks like Regal's misinformation's going to cost him. But what exactly?

Strong win to keep the new champ's momentum going. And it looks like losing the Tag Titles are going to be the cause of another team splitting up. Morrison going face I'm not opposed to at all, and an actual feud with Miz should be very fun. Looking forward to seeing what'll go down with those two.

So Regal just gets yelled at? I'm not sure he's in the clear with The Corp. just yet. And Vince, trying to formulate a plan? You know someone is going to get it.

Solid main event here with a lot of things going on, but opens up a lot of possible and potentially good programs. First, Kane's gone. But for good? Seems hard to believe, but I wouldn't rule this out as truly his swan song. Second, Orton leveling Batista with an RKO, shows that he wants the belt above anything else, but I think he'll be preoccupied with other matters because of what happened in the aftermath. So, Hunter finally cracks, and takes out Batista and Flair? Sweet. He looks like the frontrunner for the next title shot, and man, it would've been nice to see that idiot Flair eat a Pedigree. Good cliffhanger ending, made me look forward to seeing what happens next week.

Good show here, Nige. The action wasn't the best, with only the two title matches being solid, but the storyline progression here was very good in the case of The Corp. and their attempts to rid themselves of Bischoff, and Evolution finally coming to a close. A few notable characters were left off the show, like Kofi, Kelly, Cody, Victoria, but I understand why. Still, I think they could've fit in somewhere. Anywho, next week's show looks very good after what happened tonight, so I'll be looking out for it. Keep it up, man. 7.5/10.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Preview - Friday 4th July 2008
Live From the Halifax Metro Center
Halifax, Nova Scotia

>Punk Steals One. . . Again!<

CM Punk certainly proved yet again why he’s the World Heavyweight Champion last week when he stole a victory against The Undertaker & Chris Jericho in a No Holds Barred match. It looked like The Undertaker had the match won after stealing away a steel chair from Jericho and giving him a taster of how it feels to be battered by the steel. Then Punk struck just as he did when he claimed the world title to take advantage of the dead man’s work to beat Jericho. It won’t be so easy for the Straight Edge champion in around ten days time when he defends the title against both The Undertaker & Jericho in a Scramble Match, announced by Tazz last Friday night.

Edge & Christian will be the two other challengers to Punk’s throne, and Captain Charisma was the one who broke the news to his brother. Edge was goaded back in to action by Elijah Burke last Friday, and Burke certainly tested The Rated-R Superstar. However, it was the former World Champion that prevailed in the end. He didn’t have much time to celebrate though as Christian let the world know that they would be getting it on at The Great American Bash when they join The Undertaker & Chris Jericho in trying to prise the world title away from Punk. Will one of them be able to do just that and make their sibling rivalry even more competitive?

The UK Pack stood up to The Masters of the Mat last week when Paul Burchill, broken wrist and all challenged the man responsible for the injury to an arm wrestling match. Chris Masters had no problem accepting the challenge, but he soon lived to regret it. Despite coming out on top in the left arm battle, Burchill let out months of fury by attacking The Masterpiece. Harry Smith also took care of Charlie Haas, giving the WWE Tag Team Champions something to smile about going in to their huge title defence dubbed ‘The Final Encounter’ at The Great American Bash.

The Diva’s Elimination Series continues this week, and for the winner this week, a spot in the final match of the series and a shot at the new WWE Diva’s title at The Great American Bash awaits. Four divas remain after Mickie James emerged victorious last week and eliminated her friend, Michelle McCool in the process. With Mickie earning a free pass to next week’s semi final, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix & Mia Rain will compete to narrow down the field to just three. Whoever suffers defeat this week will be eliminated altogether while the winner moves on to The Bash and the other remaining diva will battle it out with Mickie next week to get the final spot at The Bash. With so much at stake, which one of these three divas will move a step closer to becoming the first ever WWE Diva’s Champion?

Johnny Jeter was one angry young man last week as he tried to track down his mom and her toy boy Michael Shane. Two weeks back, we saw Jeter’s mom, Louisa come to surprise her son, and she certainly did that when she later left the arena with his rival in the shape of the Cruiserweight Champion. Jeter couldn’t find them last week and took out his frustration on Mickie James, which earned him a slap across the chops. Shane was present at Superstars the next night and looked impressive in defeating Raw’s Santino Marella. We’ve learnt this week that he will be back on Smackdown and back in action this week. Maybe Jeter will be able to say what he wanted to last week!

Jack Swagger & Chavo Guerrero further angered their respective rivals in Bobby Lashley & Ron Killings last week when they played dirty to come out on top in a tag team match set up by Tazz. It was clear to see that it didn’t go down well with Lashley & Killings. How much longer can these two push their luck?

Matt Sydal was nowhere to be seen last week having been attacked by Shelton Benjamin two weeks back during his crowning as the 2008 King of the Ring. The United States Champion made it crystal clear last Friday that he wasn’t sorry whatsoever for what he did and that he still believes Sydal got extremely lucky. Luckily enough for The Gold Standard, he was then given the opportunity to prove that for himself when Tazz announced that he would meet Sydal at The Great American Bash for the United States Championship. Is Shelton right? Did Sydal get lucky, or is Benjamin about to lose it all?

MVP tried to do the right thing last week in standing up to Benjamin after he ran his mouth about attacking Sydal, but The Franchise Player was then attacked himself from behind by The Empire. The British duo made their first appearance on Smackdown, and it certainly came with a hell of an impact. No one knows other than them why they attacked MVP. Will we find out why this week? Surely MVP won’t take it lying down.

Jimmy Yang came to the rescue of Sonjay Dutt last week, returning to Smackdown in the process to fight off The Pitbulls. We’ve been told that Yang & Dutt go a long way back, and the new look Yang without his moustache and cowboy hat will be going one-on-one with one half of The Pitbulls this week, Jamie Noble. Anyone could see that The Pitbulls weren’t impressed with Yang’s actions last week. Will Noble make it a return to forget for Yang?

While Yang makes his return, Petey Williams will make his Smackdown singles debut this week. Having been brought to Smackdown and talked up by Edge, will he live up to the hype? Tune in and find out for yourself.

>Confirmed for this Friday on Smackdown!<

WWE Divas Championship
Elimination Series – Match #3
Gail Kim vs Beth Phoenix vs Mia Rain


Jimmy Yang vs Jamie Noble

The Cruiserweight Champion, Michael Shane in action & Petey Williams makes his singles debut!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Results - Friday 4th July 2008
Live From the Halifax Metro Center
Halifax, Nova Scotia

***Opening Video***
“If You Rock Like Me”

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Chris Jericho’s promo from the top of the show, claiming that Tazz set him up last week and never intended to give him a title shot because he knew The Undertaker would go after him. Tazz’s arrival to tell Jericho that he didn’t set him up and that he would be getting a shot at The Great American Bash along with three other men, including The Undertaker in a Scramble Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Tazz ‘s next announcement that there would be a triple threat between Jericho, Undertaker & CM Punk later on in a No Holds Barred Match.

Christian cutting short Edge’s celebrations short after he beat Elijah Burke, to tell Edge that they would be the other two men challenging for the world title at The Bash and that he was going to be the next World Heavyweight Champion.

The main event and CM Punk taking advantage of The Undertaker’s work on Jericho to steal the pinfall and the victory, angering Taker at the bell and leading to a stare down between them at the end of the show.

{Cut to the Arena}


***The Opening Match***

Non-Title Match
Michael Shane w/Louisa Jeter vs Orlando Jordan

Recap: Shane put on a good show against the heavier Jordan and took charge of the match after he got out of the way of the Miami Hangover, a leg drop bulldog. It took both men a short time to recover fully, and once Jordan got back up, Shane quickly shifted behind him to take him down with a german suplex. They both got back up with Shane then connecting with a backbreaker drop, putting Jordan in a world of trouble. The Cruiserweight Champion then followed up with a diving elbow drop and then the Sweet Shane Music to pick up an impressive victory and earn an enthusiastic applause from Louisa.

Winner: Michael Shane by pinfall @ 5.50.

Aftermath: Shane had barely got his arm raised when Johnny Jeter slid in the ring and knocked him down with a forearm to the back. He pulled Shane back up right away to whip him in to the ropes and then hit the Genesis Kick, sending Shane down in a heap. Jeter looked down with fury at Shane before turning round to go and get a microphone.

Johnny Jeter:
I told y'Shane. I told y’not t’ get on the wrong side o’ me, but did y’listen? . . . I bet y’wish y’did right now huh. Then y’went an’ hit on my mom, who no offence mom, appears t’ be quite the tramp.


Louisa looks up in shock at her son’s name calling, but he just shrugs his shoulders without a care in the world.

Johnny Jeter:
Sorry mom, just callin’ it like it is. But mom, y’need t’ take some of the blame here too. If you’d just stayed at home an’ not thrown yourself at the first guy y’could find and get on your back, he wouldn’t be lying on his as we speak. But hey, he probably got that from you right?


Louisa stands up and walks over to Johnny, but he just laughs at her.

Johnny Jeter:
It’s all too late for this mom. You made your bed and now you’ve gotta lie in it. . . Sorry, bad choice of words. The fact is mom, I’m fine with it now ‘cause I’m gonna take somethin’ away from Shane that’s far more important than you’ve ever been t’ me, an’ that’s the Cruiserweight Championship. . . See I just spoke t’ Tazz, an’ since I beat your boy toy a couple o’ weeks ago, it appears I’m the number one contender for that title o’ his, an’ I’m gonna get my shot in just over a week at The Great American Bash.


Jeter shrugs his way past his mother and looks down at Shane, who starts to move around.

Johnny Jeter:
So Shaney boy, y’better get used t’ spendin’ so much time on your ass, ‘cause that’s exactly where you’re gonna be come The Bash when I become the new Cruiserweight Champion. . . See y’round mom.

Jeter sn-iggers and drops the microphone before turning to look at his disgusted mother, grinning at her and then leaving the ring to a ton of heat from the crowd.

{Cut Backstage}

Jack Swagger is in Tazz’s office with The Masters of the Mat, Chris Masters & Charlie Haas. Swagger can’t stop smiling, and it looks like Masters & Haas aren’t listening to him.

Jack Swagger:
All this crap Tazz came out with about how Lashley was gonna come back t’ Smackdown and dominate everyone is hilarious. All you have t’ do is look back t’ two weeks ago when I beat him, and I backed that up last week too. I think it’s pretty obvious fellas that everyone’s talkin’ about Jack Swagger, not Bobby Lashley.

Tazz then walks in to the room with a cheeseburger and takes a bite out of it, then tries to say something but spews out some of it in front of Swagger, who doesn’t look impressed. The Masters of the Mat look very angry at the other side of the GM.

Sorry ‘bout that kid, but did I hear y’right? . . . I’d love t’ see what Lashley’d have to say ‘bout that, but maybe y’can clear somethin’ up for me first. . . You faced Lashley two weeks ago right, but y’didn’t pin him? That’s right ain’t it?

Jack Swagger: That doesn’t matter. We both know at the end of the day, a win’s a win.

Chris Masters: If y’don’t mind, we’ve actually got somethin’ important t’ talk about.

Jack Swagger: So do I, and I’d appreciate it if you let me speak.

Masters looks pissed and Haas shakes his head.

Jack Swagger:
As I was saying boss, I’m the one that people are talkin’ about, and I couldn’t help but think about how all the Smackdown fans would love t’ see its next big star compete in the scramble match at The Great American Bash. I mean, one more can’t hurt right, especially when he’s the future of this whole show?

Charlie Haas: You’re kiddin’ right?

Jack Swagger: Excuse me, but this doesn’t involve you.

Tazz: He’s right. Leave this t’ me. . . Let me get this straight. You wanna be part of the scramble match at The Bash?

Jack Swagger: Exactly.

Tazz: Huh. Y’know what? I got an idea. Since beatin’ Lashley is like a walk in the park for ya, I’m gonna give you a shot.

Jack Swagger: Thanks. You won’t regret it.

Tazz: Hey, calm down. Y’think I’m just gonna give you a shot just like that? Come on. . . If y’wanna be part of the scramble match, all y’gotta do is beat Lashley right here t’night. And when I say beat Lashley, I mean pin him or make him submit. . . Y’do that, and you’re in. You’ve got my word.

Jack Swagger: Okay, you’re on.

Tazz: Great, then off y’go.

Swagger smirks and turns round to walk out, looking very happy, unlike Masters & Haas. Tazz turns round and clearly doesn’t want to deal with them.

Look, I’m busy, so can y’make it snappy?

Charlie Haas: Busy? You mean your burger?

Tazz: What’s your point?

Charlie Haas: Oh no, nothin’. That’s fine. Don’t let us keep you from meal time. It’s not like we came here for no reason.

Chris Masters: Don’t worry Charlie, he’s gonna hear us out. . .

Tazz: . . . Yeah, I think I know where this is goin’ a’ight. Y’want me t’ do somethin’ ‘bout The UK Pack right for what they did last week?

Chris Masters: And some people say you’re stupid. I never got that.

Tazz: A’ight, listen up. This is how it’s gonna go. Ev’ry time they do somethin’ the slightest bit out o’ line, it’s the biggest crime on the planet. But when you jump them in the parkin’ lot and break someone’s wrist, then that’s all good. I ain’t got no sympathy for ya whatsoever. The bottom line is if y’can’t take it, don’t dish it out, it’s that simple. But hey, you’re gonna get a chance t’ make up for last week t’night, ‘cause I just got an idea a match for later on. It’s gonna be The UK Pack teamin’ up with MVP t’ take on you two an’ Shelton Benjamin.

That doesn’t go down well with them at all.

Charlie Haas:
Us and Shelton on the same team? You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me. After all we’ve been through? No way.

Tazz: Well it looks you’re just gonna have t’ find a way t’ deal with it.

Masters & Haas stare at Tazz in anger, but the GM stands firm, and they just storm past him and out of the room. He then takes a bite out of his burger.

Finally. . . Damn that’s good.

{Commercial Break}

A Video Recap of Jamie Noble’s victory over Sonjay Dutt from last week is shown on the tron, showing how Kid Kash helped him to the win before Jimmy Yang (returning to Smackdown without a moustache and cowboy hat) stormed to the ring and prevented a further attack on Dutt.

{Cut to the Arena}

***Match #2***

Jimmy Yang w/Sonjay Dutt vs Jamie Noble w/Kid Kash

Before the match started, Michael Cole said he caught up with Yang & Dutt earlier in the day and was told that they went back a long way. This was a very solid match with Yang picking up the pace when he could. He looked in trouble after Noble dodged a missile dropkick and dragged him right back up to hit a swinging neckbreaker, only to get a two count. Noble was focused and yelled at Yang to get up, allowing him to get to his knees, but as he tried to set him up for the double underhook powerbomb, Yang counted with a back body drop. The crowd liked that and they then saw Yang reverse a whip to the corner and then follow it up with a spinning wheel kick against the pads. Noble staggered out and fell down to the mat as Yang then looked to climb up to the top rope, but Kid Kash tried to stop him. Sonjay Dutt stepped in and made sure that didn’t happen, grabbing Kash from behind and tossing him in to the security wall. That allowed Yang to climb back up, but with the delay working in his favour, Noble was able to sidestep a Moonsault. Yang landed on his feet though, unknown to Noble as they then turned to face each other with Noble then stunned and getting rolled in to an inside cradle for the three.

Winner: Jimmy Yang by pinfall @ 6.45.

Aftermath: Yang quickly slipped out of the ring, followed by the referee who raised his arm in front of a shell shocked Noble. He sat up and looked both shocked and angry as Yang & Dutt celebrated the win.

{Commercial Break}

Josh Matthews is standing by outside Tazz’s office.

Josh Matthews:
I’ve just spoken with Tazz, and he informed me that based on what we saw just before the commercial break, next week on the special three hour edition of Smackdown, we’re going t’ see Sonjay Dutt and Jimmy Yang team up t’ take on The Pitbulls.

Christian & Tyson Tomko then walk past with Captain Charisma turning round to acknowledge Josh.

Hey Josh. What y’up too huh, or shouldn’t I ask?!

Josh Matthews: I’m not up to anything.

Christian: Course not!

Josh doesn’t get that Christian’s yanking his chain, standing there looking serious.

Ease up Josh, I’m only playin’. . . I’ll catch y’later bro.

Josh Matthews: Christian. I couldn’t have a quick word with you could I?

Christian: For you Josh, anythin’. What’s up?

Josh Matthews: Well we heard you announce last week that you and Edge will both be in the scramble match for the WWE Championship at The Great American Bash. . .

Christian: . . . Whoa, I think it’s best I stop y’there Joshy. See I intend t’ go out there an’ talk about that in front of all his peeps later on. Y’don’t mind do y’Josh?

Josh Matthews: No of course not. Good luck at The Bash.

Christian: Thanks. . . Come on, let's go big man.

Christian smiles at Josh again as he & Tomko then walk out of the shot.

{Cut to the Arena}

***Match #3***

If Swagger wins by pinfall or submission, he’s added to the Scramble Match at The Great American Bash
Bobby Lashley vs Jack Swagger

Swagger started out impressively, but Lashley got right back in to it after reversing an irish whip and sending Swagger flying over his head with a snap overhead belly to belly suplex. He demonstrated his strength with a one arm delayed vertical suplex before connecting with a T-Bone Suplex, only for the resilient Swagger to kick out at two. Lashley then looked to hit the Dominator, but Swagger slipped to safety and then hit a side suplex. He reacted quickly to drag Lashley in to the corner and went for the Vader Bomb splash, but Lashley got his knees up. It took both men a while to get back up with Lashley rolling out of the corner before he stood up. As Swagger then turned round, he saw Lashley charging at him and going for a Spear. He managed to step to the side as Lashley ran in to the pads and then got rolled up by Swagger, but kicked out at two. They both got back up with Lashley then running at Swagger for a clothesline, but as he ducked it, Lashley sent the ref down to the mat. He looked down at him, allowing Swagger to low blow him from behind. The crowd booed the cowardly youngster who then left the ring and brought back a steel chair. With the ref still down but showing some signs of life, Swagger then looked to hit Lashley with the chair as he slowly got up. He held the chair up above his head, standing several feet away from Lashley, who the turned round and shocked everyone by running at Swagger and connected with a Spear. The groggy ref sat up and saw Lashley pick the chair up as he returned to his feet. Lashley looked at the chair for a couple of seconds, then turned to the cheering crowd who were encouraging him to smash Swagger’s skull in. The ref clearly got the wrong end of the stick and called for the bell to disqualify Lashley.

Winner: Jack Swagger by DQ @ 6.17.

Aftermath: The crowd booed like crazy as a stunned Lashley dropped the chair and pleaded his innocence. Swagger rolled to the ropes and left the ring, raising his arms as well despite looking a little worse for wear. Lashley tossed the chair down and turned to see Swagger grinning back at him from the ramp, and that didn’t go down well with the livid Lashley.

{Commercial Break}

Tazz is sitting in his office when Jack Swagger walks in, still showing the effects of the match, walking slowly, hobbling slightly and breathing somewhat heavier than normal.

I gotta say I’m a little surprised t’ see you.

Jack Swagger: Yeah, why’s that? I thought I’d stop by and thank you for putting me in the scramble match.

Tazz: Huh? I thought I said you had t’ beat Lashley?

Jack Swagger: With all I respect, if y’haven’t noticed, that's what I just did.

Tazz: That’s right you did, but I don’t recall y’pinnin’ him like we agreed. . . Just remind me t’ make sure I’m not missin’ somethin’. Did y’pin him or not?

Jack Swagger: Well, no.

Tazz: Well, you’re not in the scramble match then. That was the deal. Y’didn’t deliver your end of the bargain. Sorry Jack.



Jack Swagger: FINE.

Swagger storms out, clearly not happy while Tazz shakes his head in disbelief.

{Cut to the Arena}

***Match #4***

Shannon Moore vs Petey Williams w/Johnny Devine

In what his debut singles match, Petey Williams impressed, taking control of the match back from Moore following a leg lariat. He could have won the match just after had Moore not kicked out of a diving hurricanrana, but Petey all but ended straight when he connected with a Cradle DDT. Instead of going for the cover, he pulled Moore back up and hit his first ever Canadian Destroyer inside a WWE ring to pick up the win.

Winner: Petey Williams by pinfall @ 5.07.

Aftermath: Devine joined the smug Petey in the ring to congratulate him on his victory.

{Cut Backstage}

Mickie James, Michelle McCool & Gail Kim are in the diva’s locker room. Gail & McCool are stood away from Kim as she puts her boots on for her match later on. Mickie looks kind of guilty as she talks to McCool.

Mickie James:
Look Michelle, I wanted t’ say this after the match last week but I couldn’t find you. I didn’t set out t’ beat you or anything like that, it just happened you know. . . Anyway, I’m really sorry. I know what you said about it being every woman for herself an’ all, but I didn’t want to eliminate you. You’ve been great t’ me since I came to Smackdown, and I just wanted t’ let you know that I feel really bad about it. Can you forgive me?

Michelle McCool: Don’t be silly. Like you and I said, it’s every woman for herself right? I’d ‘ave done the same. I didn’t, but it’s done. It doesn’t matter.

Gail stands up and walks up to them.

Gail Kim:
Hey Mickie. If I win t’night, it could come down to me an’ you at The Bash. That’d be great right?

Gail turns to Michelle and seems to regret that slightly.

Gail Kim:
Sorry Michelle.

Michelle McCool: Hey, no need to apologise.

Mickie James: Well I hope you do it Gail. Good luck. You go get ‘em.

Gail Kim: Thanks. I’ll see you after the show right?

Mickie James: Party hey? . . . Sure, you're on. Good luck.

Gail smiles at Mickie and leaves the room. Mickie’s eyes follow Gail out of the room but McCool turns to Mickie with a sinister look on her face while Mickie looks the other way.

{Commercial Break}

Chavo Guerrero is walking through the back and turns a corner to see a more relaxed Ron Killings chilling with Elijah Burke & Layla. Chavo looks pleased to see him, but Burke has to hold Killings back.

Chavo Guerrero:
Hey Ron, how you feelin’? I imagine not so great after last week when I beat you again. Maybe now you’ve learnt your lesson, not to mess with a Guerrero. . . especially when you’re low life trash.

Ron Killings: Y’know what? I’m gonna let you have that one ‘cause I ain’t done wit’ you yet, not by a long shot. You enjoy that win if y’can call it that, ‘cause one day soon Chavo, y’ain’t gonna know what’s hit ya. That’s a promise, an’ I keep my promises let me tell ya.

Chavo Guerrero: Oh I’m so scared.

Killings is dead serious and stares right at the smug Chavo.

Ron Killings:
Y’should be.

Chavo Guerrero: Whatever.

Elijah Burke: Y’gonna let him talk t’ y’like that man?

Killings keeps his eyes locked on Chavo while answering Burke.

Ron Killings:
Like I said, one day soon Chavo, you’re gonna get what’s comin’ to ya, an’ I’m gonna knock that goofy look right off your face once an’ for all. That’s if you’ve got the cajones of course.

Chavo Guerrero: Me scared of you? Get real. I’ve beat you twice already. I ain’t go no problem doin’ it again. In fact, I think they call the third time a charm. . .

Ron Killings: . . . Then it’s on. All we gotta do is decide on a time an’ a place. The Bash is only a week away. How ‘bout we finish this then since you’re so confident?

Chavo looks Burke & Layla, and he doesn’t seem as cocky now but acts up.

Chavo Guerrero:
As long as it’s not in a cage or anythin’ like that that you’re used to being a convict an’ all, you got yourself a deal.

Killings steps forward, worrying Chavo, but Burke steps in again and holds Killings back. Chavo smirks and then walks off down the hall with Killings somehow managing to keep calm. Burke steps back as we then see Dolph Ziggler, the guy who’s been appearing on Superstars as of late walk towards them. He’s just as smug as Chavo as he stops in front of them and laughs.

Elijah Burke:
What you lookin’ at?

Dolph Ziggler: Not much.

This time Killings has to hold Burke back as Ziggler then stares at Layla with a big smile on his face before walking off down the hall, angering Layla & Burke.

A Video Recap of last week’s Diva Elimination Series is shown with Mickie James defeating Michelle McCool to eliminate her friend and earn a free pass to next week’s match.

{Cut to the Arena}

***Match #5***

WWE Divas Championship
Elimination Series – Match #3
Gail Kim vs Beth Phoenix vs Mia Rain

Mickie James was watching on from the announce position, knowing that she would be facing just one of these three next week for the right to face the winner of this match at The Great American Bash for the Diva’s Championship. It was a very competitive match with Gail Kim mixing the pace up at times, and she got close to the win after a springboard cross body, but Rain kicked out. Kim then got her clock cleaned by The Glamazon, who surprised Kim as she returned to her feet and sent her crashing down in agony with a sidewalk slam. Phoenix then went back to work on Rain, but Mia fought back and sent The Glamazon down courtesy of a running bulldog. After a dropkick to the back and a close call in a two count, Rain went for a reverse DDT, but Beth pushed her forward and in to the ropes, then levelled her with a double axe handle blow to the chest. Rain rolled over to the apron as Beth turned her attention back to Kim, who dropkicked her in the knee and then raced up to the top rope to connect with a missile dropkick, only to get a two count. Just as it looked like she was going to finish the match off, Beth fought back, escaping Kim’s grasp and slipping behind her to plant her with the Grand Slam. That was enough to get the win and end Kim’s hopes of becoming the first ever Diva’s Champion.

Winner: (Advancing to the final at The Great American Bash) Beth Phoenix by pinfall @ 7.51.

Aftermath: Beth wasn’t smiling despite her victory as Mickie & Rain both looked on intently as The Glamazon got her arm raised by the referee and then took it turns to stare at both her rivals.

Eliminated From the Series: Gail Kim.

{Commercial Break}

*Video Promo*
“Move To The Music” by American Bang

Images: CM Punk cashing in the Money in the Bank contract at Judgment Day, taking Shawn Michaels by surprise and hitting the GTS out of nowhere to become the World Heavyweight Champion, after Michaels’ victory over The Undertaker. Punk’s celebrations are then shown as well as his defeat of The Heartbreak Kid on Smackdown five days later to retain his title. The video ends with location shots of Punk posing with the world title belt before cutting to the poster below.

Voiceover: “One man’s crusade to become champion and fulfil a lifelong dream went according to his underhand plan, but as champion, life is far from a dream. . . With his back against the wall, he will have to fight for his life to hold on to what he holds dear at The Great American Bash. . . The Great American Bash comes to you exclusively live, Sunday July 13th on pay-per-view from the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York.”

A Video Recap of last week is shown, highlighting the sneak attack on MVP by the debuting Empire as MVP was squaring up to Shelton Benjamin in the ring. We are also treated to the UK Pack’s attack on The Masters of the Mat after Chris Masters beat Paul Burchill in an arm wrestling match, only to be struck in the face by the cast on Burchill’s arm.

{Cut to the Arena}

Everyone except MVP makes their entrance, and as he enters the arena to a big pop, he storms down to the ring with a very serious look on his face. He gets in the ring and demands a microphone, and gets one.

I’m gonna keep this short an’ sweet a’ight. . . Last week, a couple o’ punks thought they’d be real tough by jumpin’ me an’ try t’ make a name for themselves. . . Well guess what? Y’got my attention, but trust me, that ain’t a good thing. I don’t know who the hell you are or what y’were thinkin’, but you ain’t ever gonna get away wit’ pullin’ that crap wit’ me y’hear.


MVP: So, t’ cut a long story short fellas, I’m givin’ y’the chance t’ get in this ring wit’ me again, only this time, it ain’t gonna be like last week. We’re gonna do things my way, face t’ face t’morrow night on Superstars. That’s if y’got the guts t’ turn up. Either way, I’m gonna be waitin’ for ya.

***The Main Event***

The UK Pack & MVP vs The Masters of the Mat & Shelton Benjamin

MVP meant business in this match, and towards the closing stages, it looked like he had Charlie Haas beat. He hit the Playa’s Boot, but as he went for The Playmaker, Masters entered the ring and distracted him, giving Haas time to recover and rake him in the eyes with the ref’s back turned. He then followed up by hitting the Olympic Slam to send MVP down to the mat before making the tag to an enthusiastic Shelton Benjamin. The United States Champion stormed the ring to make a cover, but only got a two count. He then urged MVP up, but as he went for the Paydirt, MVP dodged it and reacted sharply for a DDT, only for Shelton to kick out at two. MVP then tagged in Harry Smith, and after a couple of near falls, including one Masters broke up, he lifted Shelton up for the Running Powerslam. As he ran towards the corner, Shelton slipped down and pushed him in to the pads before nailing Smith as he turned round with a roundhouse kick. The crowd then roared as Shelton urged Smith back up, but he didn’t see Matt Sydal race down the ramp. The crowd jumped to their feet as Sydal then slid in the ring, taking Shelton by surprise, but he was quick to turn to the side and run to the ropes and slide to the outside. Het then jumped the security wall and ran through the crowd, followed by the extremely determined looking King of the Ring. The ref was left with no choice but to count Shelton out despite protests from both Masters & Haas.

Winners: The UK Pack & MVP by count out @ 10.28.

Aftermath: The UK Pack & MVP were announced as the winners to the frustration of The Masters of the Mat who continued to argue as we went to the final commercial break of the evening.

{Commercial Break}

Matt Sydal is pacing through the back and Maria is trying to get his attention.

MATT. Can I talk to you for a minute?

Sydal stops and turns round, slightly out of breath and red faced as Maria walks up to him.

How are you doing, are you okay after you know, what happened two weeks ago?

Matt Sydal: Physically? Yeah I feel fine, but I’ll feel a whole lot better when I get my hands on Benjamin. He might’ve got away t’night, but he won’t at The Great American Bash. I saw what he said last week about me getting lucky at the King of the Ring, and t’ be honest Maria, I really don’t care what he thinks. T’ me actions speak louder than words. I’m the King of the Ring, he’s not and that’s all that matters. He can call it luck all he wants, ‘cause we’re gonna find out at The Bash whether it was or not. But it’s not the words that bother me you know. I’ll never be able t’ forget how he jumped me two weeks ago, but he’s gonna regret it, ‘cause I promise you Shelton, you’re gonna be sorry when I beat you again and take your United States title. . . But hey, what do I know? I’m just lucky right!

Sydal smiles at Maria and turns round to walk away but stops. He then turns back round and smiles at Maria, who looks a little embarrassed but blushes ever so slightly. Sydal grins and then walks away with Maria now blushing as her eyes follow him up the hall.

{Cut to the Arena}

“If You Close Your Eyes” hits to a big pop as Christian & Tyson Tomko walk out to the stage. Christian looks in a good mood as he stops and looks out in to the crowd before walking down the ramp with his problem solver following behind him. Captain Charisma then picks up a microphone from the steps and climbs in the ring, followed once again by Tomko.

Good evening Halifax!

*Big Pop*

Christian: It’s clear t’ me that all my peeps here t’night are pumped about Captain Charisma goin’ to The Great American Bash and becoming the new WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.


Christian: Alright!. . . Don’t get me wrong, I’m gonna do it for all of my loyal peeps, but this is what I came back for. I could have stayed and been the big fish in a small pond, but I think it’s fair t’ say I wasn’t happy doin’ that. I’ve wanted t’ come back for a long time and prove t’ the world that this is where I belong and that I can be the biggest fish in the biggest pond, and in nine days, that’s exactly what I’m gonna be. This is the chance I’ve been waitin’ for all my career, a shot at being World Champion, and y’better believe I’m gonna take it.


Christian: See it’s not just my egocentric brother that’s doubted me all this time. No, even I doubted whether I could get t’ the top of the mountain having lurked in the shadows for so long and watched Adam hog the limelight, but that’s what lit the fire in me once again. I wasn’t happy seein’ Adam act like a spoiled brat any longer, telling everyone about how he was destined t’ be a big star, ‘cause I’ve had t’ deal with that all my life. Everyone including Adam was talkin’ about Adam. It was never about me, but now it is. I’m sick of hearing Adam tell everyone how he should be the World Heavyweight Champion, and there’s one sure fire way t’ make sure that doesn’t happen. . . doing it myself. I’ve been away for two and a half years, and in that time I’ve lived without my selfish brother puttin’ me down every minute of every day. Then day by day I could feel my confidence coming back, and right now I know deep down in my body that I have what it takes t’ walk in t’ The Great American Bash, beat four other guys t’ win the scramble match and walk out as THE NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.

*Big Pop*

Christian: The fact is however that I’ll be competing against some of the best in this business. . . and Edge. In all seriousness, I know it’s gonna be tough. That’s not t’ say that it can’t be done as one person has, has to leave the match as the World Champion, and there’s no reason why that person can’t be yours truly. I know it’s not any old type of match. This is diff’rent, but somehow someway, I’m gonna find a way t’ make my dreams come true while beatin’ Edge in the process just t’ make it that little bit sweeter. And while we’re on the subject of Edge, t’morrow night on Superstars, you’re gonna see his two little buddies that you saw earlier on team up t’ face Captain Charisma and his trusted problem solver. . . If that doesn’t get ratings, nothing will! . . . Anyway. . .

“Break Down The Walls” hits to heat inside the arena with Chris Jericho then walking down to the ring. He doesn’t seem all that impressed by Christian, but the same can be said for Captain Charisma & Tomko as they then watch Jericho get in the ring and collect a microphone.

Chris Jericho:
As touching as your little speech is, I thought it was best I came down here and gave it something it was badly needing. . . a dose of reality. . . There’s a very simple reason why you’re brother doubted you, why your peers doubted you and why you doubted yourself. That’s because you are worthless. It’s really that simple. There’s nothing more to it than that. The moment you were born, your parents came to the realisation that you would turn out to be a failure, and that’s why they subjected you to that way of thinking from the second you drew your first breath.


Chris Jericho: Had I not been busy reasoning with another deluded individual in The Undertaker, I would have spelled it out for you a lot sooner. However, I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy our little reunion at The Great American Bash due to the problems we’ve had in the past, and the pleasure I’ll get from seeing your oh so disappointed face when reality hits you will more than make up for it.


Chris Jericho: Reality is staring you in the face right now. It’s telling you that there’s only person capable of emerging from The Great American Bash as the World Heavyweight Champions, and that’s me, not you. We already have an undeserving World Champion and he’s about to get found out, just like you. What this show needs is a champion that. . .

Christian: . . . A champion that got his ass handed to him by The Undertaker last week.

*Big Pop*

Jericho looks stunned and even Tomko cracks a smile.

Chris Jericho:
Who do you think you are to talk to me like that? You’ve barely walked back through the door that should have been slammed shut on you a long time ago and now you’re talking down to the first ever undisputed champion. This is why you’ll never make it up to my level. You’re happy playing the joker and trying to make these irrelevant piss ants laugh while I set the standard for what a champion should be, and had it not been for our selfish champion last week, I would have beaten The Undertaker and that’s a fact. However, the story doesn’t always end the way it should, and yet again we saw our undeserving champion steal away a victory that he didn’t deserve. I must assure everyone that this won’t carry on for much longer as he won’t be stealing another victory and claim another undeserved victory next weekend, because I will dethrone him and take my rightful place as the King of Smackdown.


Christian & Jericho stare right at each other with Tomko standing behind Christian when “Metalingus” blasts out. The fans boo Edge as he makes his way out in to the arena and down to the ring. He takes turns looking at them both while holding on to a microphone.

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever heard so much crap in all my life, and not just from you bro but mister straight face too. . . What happened to you Jericho? It looks like someone slapped the funny off your face and dressed you in to the tightest suit they could find. You can breathe okay though right?

Jericho doesn't appear amused, but Christian does surprisingly.

But look, in all seriousness Chris, I can agree with you on one thing. Our undeserving champion won’t be the champion much longer. I’m not disputing that for one minute, it’s just that I disagree with this theory of yours about you taking over the reigns and becoming the World Champion. Sorry bro’ but no one here except you thinks you have a shot. Anyone with half a brain cell, and I know that’s very rare in considering where we are can see that there’s only person who will leave The Great American Bash as the World Heavyweight Champion, and that’s the Rated R Superstar.

*Major Heat*

Edge: Love it, hate it, whatever. All you have t’ do is deal with it.

Christian: Alright, we get it. We’re all gonna think differently, there ain’t no surprise there. However it is interesting we all think CM Punk’s days as World Champion are numbered, but we could all do with looking at how unpredictable this match is. . . Look, we might doubt him, and even though the odds are stacked against him, Punk might survive the odds as anything can and probably will happen. All y’have t’ do is look back t’ last week when Punk stole the match from The Undertaker. . .

Chris Jericho: I’ll think you’ll find. . .

Christian: . . . I think you’ll find you spend ninety five percent of your time talking out of your ass, so if you don’t mind, I’ll carry on with the rest of what I was sayin’ if that’s alright.


Christian: Okay for example Chris, Edge could spear you an’ any one of three men could easily toss him aside t’ beat you. . .

Chris Jericho: . . . That’s not going to happen.

Christian: You don’t know that Chris. That’s the whole beauty of this match you see, you just don’t know what’s gonna happen. The title could change hands a hundred times in thirty minutes, or it might not even change once. We need to expect the unexpected as anything could happen at any given time. . .

“This Fire Burns” plays as CM Punk, the World Heavyweight Champion walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand. His music quickly cuts as he walks down the ramp.

CM Punk:
Y’know Christian, you’re right. You all need to expect the unexpected.

Punk then steps through the ropes and joins them in the ring.

CM Punk:
I have t’ say I’m overwhelmed by your show of support for me as the World Champion, and I for one can’t wait t’ prove you all wrong at The Great American Bash. Sure it seems like the odds aren’t in my favour. There’s no doubt about that, but the same goes for every single one of us. Each of us only has a twenty percent chance t’ walk out of The Bash as the champion, and like Christian said, you have to expect the unexpected. Better yet, expect me to ram it down each of your throats when I overcome the odds and hold on t’ this title I deservedly won.


CM Punk: Quite frankly, it’s time for everyone t’ get over how it came t’ be. It’s time you all dealt with the fact I am the World Heavyweight Champion and will be for a long time t’ come.


CM Punk:
The whole world can and probably will doubt me for all I care, but that’s just gonna make it even sweeter when I walk back up that ramp after the scramble match at The Bash with this title still in my possession then look back at each and every one of you. . . See the only problem I have is holding on t’ the world title, while all of you have t’ worry about competing with each other t’ try an’ take it away from me. And I’m sorry t’ disappoint you but that’s just not gonna happen. Not one of you worries me the least bit, and y’can even add The Undertaker t’ that. Once I’ve made you all eat your words, we can put all this undeserving crap t’ one side. But since we’re talking about what people do and don’t deserve, what actually did each of you do t’ earn yourselves a shot at my title? . . . Huh, nothing. That’s just what I thought. Maybe you should all look at yourselves before you pass judgment on me, the one person standing in this ring with the one thing you all want. I just wish The Undertaker was here himself so I could tell him to his face that he has just as much as chance as each one of you. . . none whatsoever.

Punk smirks but the lights go out and a gong hits to a big pop. The lights come back on and The Undertaker is stood in the ring in front of Punk, who turns round looking for him. Edge, Christian & Jericho escape to safety as Punk then turns back round to see the grim reality he’s about to face. The dead man grabs him around the throat and chokeslams him down to the mat, sending the crowd crazy. He then looks round at all three men on the outside, who seem concerned. After a couple of seconds, Tazz walks out to the stage with a microphone in his possession.

Fellas, we’ve not got much time left so I’m gonna make this quick. . . Next week right here on Smackdown, we’re gonna have ourselves one hell of a main event just two days before The Great American Bash. . . It’s gonna be a tag team match pittin’ Edge an’ Chris Jericho against Christian an’ The Undertaker.

*Big Pop*

Whoa that’s not all, don’t go anywhere just yet. . . T’ make things a little more int’restin’, we’re gonna have ourselves a very special referee t’ go along with our very special main event. . . The special guest referee will be none other than the World Heavyweight Champion himself. . . CM Punk.

The crowd don’t know how to react as Taker and the three men on the outside exchange glances as Smackdown comes to a close with Punk coming round in the middle of the ring.

{End of Show}

Quick Results
Michael Shane df. Orlando Jordan
Jimmy Yang
df. Jamie Noble
Jack Swagger
df. Bobby Lashley
Petey Williams
df. Shannon Moore
Beth Phoenix
eliminated Gail Kim from the WWE Divas Championship Elimination Series
MVP & The UK Pack df. Shelton Benjamin & The Masters of the Mat

Confirmed for Next Week – A 3 Hour Special!

WWE Divas Championship
Elimination Series – Match #4
Mickie James vs Mia Rain
(The winner will face Beth Phoenix at The Great American Bash in the final match)


Special Guest Referee – CM Punk
The Undertaker & Christian vs Edge & Chris Jericho

Jimmy Yang & Sonjay Dutt vs The Pitbulls


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Cookie1145's Smackdown review!

Ok I have been promising to review for a while but i will do it now. We kicked off with Shane, in my opinion, easily beating Orlando Jordan. Jeter coming out after was great and what he said both to his mum and to shane was good. The match at The Bash should be brilliant.

The backstage segment with Swagger/Masters of the Mat. Was good. Tazz was very well in character in the segment. Swagger vs Lashley II should be good and I guess that Swagger could work in the scramble match should he win. Then the Masters of the Mat complaining was great and setting up that 6 man tag match was a massive announcement. Tazz and the Burger at the end was funny too.

Yang taking on noble was next and i have to admit that i am not a big fan of yang. I'll have to see how you work with him. Having him allign himself with Dutt should give him a nice little feud. I have to say though that I would have prefered Noble to win on this one but I'll just wait and see how it develops.

Nice little segment with with Matthews and setting up Yang/Dutt vs Kash/Noble next week which should be a great match. Then Christian saying that he would be announcing something later left me wondering what he has to say?

The ending of the Lashley/Swagger match was a bit confusing but I wasn't expecting Swagger to end up in the Scramble match anyway. Obviously Swagger would go back to Tazz and complain and Tazz really put Swagger in his place there.

I was happy to see Petey get his Debut win and especially with his first Canadian Destroyer in a WWE Ring. Monumentus week for him. I did wonder if you have him forge himself as just a singles competitor but it seems that he is with Devine at least for now.

Another good Diva segment backstage segment. I was wondering if McCool would turn on Mickie but it seems that there are 'No Hard Feelings' so to speak. Gail certainly seemed confident there so lets see how she goes on.

Next up we had probably my favourite backstage segment of the night. Ziggler is on smackdown then? Good news if you ask me. Then setting up Killings Vs Chavo at The Bash. It really was a good segment some of your best work.

Then the Divas match and sending Beth Phoenix to The Bash is good by me. I am happy to see The Glamazon there. It will be interesting to see who faces her now that Kim has been eliminated.

A great Main Event was in store and it lived up to expectations. MVP's statement to The Empire was great and I can't wait to see them in action on superstars. I liked Sydal's return and him costing Benajmin's team the match was good.

A good Promo from Sydal there. He clearly made his intentions to Benjamin clear which really hyped up the match at The Bash. Im guessing that Sydal will win, but hey if there's one thing i know about this thread its that its unpredictable.

A great in ring promo from the Scramble match competitors and next weeks main event should be epic. Punk as the referee means that anything is possible and quite frankly I cannot wait. So I have to say that your show this week was great. I will be reading superstars!

Makin Cash, Getting Trashed

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Smackdown Review

It seemed like a decent enough start to the show but the match doesn’t really excite me to kick off the show, but from what you wrote and Shane looks impressive in picking up another victory, but the aftermath of the match was the main focus and it came off excellently. I’m not sure what to make of this storyline with Shane going out with Johnny Jeter’s mum to be honest, but it’s certainly different which is a good thing. You wrote Jeter’s promo really well and I liked the little digs he made to his mother as well as the seriousness of announcing himself as the next Cruiserweight Champion. You’ve made this seem like a big deal as well which is great for these guys, and it should make for a good match at The Bash.

There seems to be a lot of these promos where the heels complain to Tazz in his office, you write them well but it seems as though The Masters of the Mat are in his office every week complaining. Should be interesting to see if Swagger gets into the Scramble by beating Lashley, but I think it’s a little early for him. Nice set up for the match later as well and I like how you’re making Haas and Masters these hypocritical and cowardly heels. You always fit in a bit of comedy too with all his food!

I’m liking this situation you’ve got going with these four guys, at first I thought it was a one on one feud but Jimmy Wang getting involved works quite well as his and Dutt’s styles would work well together, and I think I can take him a bit more seriously without the cowboy gimmick. The win for Yang was quite surprising but it was a good decision to give him some credibility again, and it leaves The Pitbulls looking for revenge.

The tag match next week should be good, I think that the win would be much more beneficial for Yang and Dutt, but we’ll see how it goes. The part with Christian seemed a little pointless really, I guess it makes us want to watch his promo later to hear what he says, but I don’t know if it was needed. It was a good little interaction though and it came off just like Christian would be.

I’m surprised Lashley wasn’t a part of that big release list you posted a while back, but this has been a good little rivalry to put over Swagger. It seemed like an exciting match and it’s something that i’d be really interested to see. The result was really well done apart from Swagger being happy with the result, I expect it sets up for his disappointment later on when he’s denied his passage to the Scramble, but it seems a little silly that he wouldn’t realise he didn’t do what he needed to do. It was a great idea though to do it like this as it keeps him looking strong but at the same time stops him from entering the title match.

As I expected he is not allowed in the match, his reaction was done well as was Tazz showing him who’s the boss. I’m interested to know what will happen now, I expect he’ll get a rubber match against Lashley at The Bash instead, which would be a good match and a nice platform for Swagger to impress on a PPV.

These two guys could put on a good match if given the time so it’s disappointing it was short, but that’s the way it is now on TV’s. It was good to see Petey Williams get a debut match instead of having he and Devine just follow Edge around, and it seemed quite impressive especially with the Canadian Destroyer. I think these two guys fit in really well in a group with Edge, and i’m looking forward to seeing more of them.

I’m surprised you’re even bothered to do anything with McCool considering that I remember you saying you hate her! I’ve never really had a problem with her and I would like to see a heel turn in this thread as I think she suits it. This was done well as it sets up a turn in the future as well as putting some attention of the diva’s match.

I really liked the next segment. Although I’m not a fan of either of Killings or Chavo, Killings especially, all their promos seem to come off well. Chavo’s constant convict references seem to work well and the cage line was funny, it should be a decent match at the Bash. Dolph Ziggler randomly appearing was just that, but it was a nice set up for a feud with Burke in the future and I think Smackdown is the right place for him. Ziggler to steal Layla from Burke perhaps? Would make an interesting storyline!

I think it’s great that you’re doing something new and interesting to crown a new champion and it’s worked pretty well so far, and the right diva probably went through here. Slightly surprised that Kim was eliminated from the series but I guess Mia Rain has been impressive on Smackdown.

Although it’s frustrating it was a good decision to end the match like that as none of them needed to lose really, and the return of Bourne was exciting. I don’t know if Benjamin would run away from Bourne like that though, but at least it makes him look like a big deal. With MVP’s warning before the match I expected another assault from the Empire, but I guess not.

Nice little interview with Matt Sydal and it makes me want to see their match. I like how you’re giving him a lot of personality and I especially liked the last line just for that. With the push you gave him you’ve made him look like a star on Smackdown, and I really like his feud with Benjamin so far.

The promo to end the show was brilliantly written. Before this match was announced I was wondering how you were going to save Edge/Christian and Taker/Jericho for SummerSlam but this is a great way to do it. There was nothing wrong with any of them in this promo and they were all in character and made a good case for why they’ll win, Christian especially was entertaining and I loved Edge’s line to Jericho about his face and suit. I liked Punk playing on the fact that everyone thinks he’s undeserving and he will lose, because I know he’ll prove them wrong. You got The Undertaker involved in the way that you would expect from him too, but I think a chilling message from him would’ve worked better, especially when it was odd how Tazz didn’t even acknowledge that Punk was just taken out. The match next week sounds great with all of them in the same ring, and Punk as ref makes it even more interesting. Looking forward to the next show now, you’ve developed the rivalries really well and The Bash is shaping up to be a great PPV.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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