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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Sunday June 29, 2008
Live from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan

**Opening Video**
“Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory

Batista & Ric Flair coming to Triple H’s aid back on Raw before WrestleMania, helping him fight off JBL & The McMahon’s. Evolution reuniting and defeating The McMahon Men at WrestleMania, followed by The Big Show’s return at Backlash to help The McMahon’s gain revenge. Evolution decimating Vince & Shane McMahon on Raw a while back, then The Corporation retaliating in a parking lot attack on Triple H & Ric Flair, resulting in Show chokeslamming them both on car bonnets. The Battle Royal from two weeks ago where Batista & Triple H eliminated The Big Show, and then Triple H’s decision to toss Batista out, leading to an argument between them and Jeff Hardy’s sneak elimination of Triple H to win the match and set off another row between the Evolution team mates with Ric Flair trying to cool things down.

JBL’s promo from Raw last week, saying that Triple H cared more about himself and the WWE Championship than Batista, setting up Triple H’s arrival and subsequent brawl that saw The Corporation outnumber him & Flair until Batista made the save. Eric Bischoff’s announcement that they would meet in a six man tag team match at Vengeance and that it would be Triple H & Batista facing The Big Show in a handicap match that night. The main event and Batista getting on top of the match, shaking the ropes in a frenzy when Triple H made a tag, leading to another row between them and a disqualification moments later thanks to a kick to the groin by The Game on The Big Show. JBL & Vladimir Kozlov’s attack on them with Flair coming to Triple H & Batista’s aid but failing, ending with The Corporation all smiles at the end of Raw.

Voiceover: T’night, three men prepare for battle once more with the intention t’ settle matters once and for all. . . Those three men reunited by history t’ settle one man’s personal crusade find themselves on the brink of redemption, but for them t’ get what they so desire, they must stand united or fall as one. The bitter sweet taste of redemption that one man so desperately craves has threatened t’ blow a friendship wide apart, seriously compromising the glory of revenge. . . On this night, there must be no distraction. There must be no ego, but there will be Vengeance.

{Cut to the Arena}


The camera switches between different shots of the fans going nuts all around the arena, lifting their signs up, and instead of going to the announce team, the music cuts and “I’m Back” hits. Eric Bischoff, the Head of Authority for Raw walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand, and it looks as if he means business.

Eric Bischoff:
First off, I wanna say that this isn’t the way I intended t’ get the ball rollin’ t’night, but due to certain recent developments that I’m sure most of you are aware of by now, I’ve found myself in a rather unfortunate predicament. . . For those of you who aren’t up t’ speed, last night it was announced on WWE.com that Jeff Hardy, the number one contender for the WWE Championship match advertised here t’night has been suspended.


Eric Bischoff: Trust me, there’s only one person you can blame for all this, and that’s not me. The fact of the matter is this. Because Jeff won’t be able t’ compete t’night or for quite some time as it goes, we’ve found ourselves without a main event and a WWE Championship match.


Eric Bischoff: Again, there’s only one person accountable for that, but the reason I’m out here is t’ let you know that you’re not gonna be left disappointed t’night. Some people in my position might just have turned round and said that we’ve still got a hell of a show for y’ t’night, but not me. Eric Bischoff doesn’t do half measures and he never will. I do everything in my power t’ make sure every single fan leaves one of my shows having seen the best this business has to offer, and t’night’s no different. You are gonna see a WWE Championship match here t’night, I assure you of that.

*Big Pop*

Eric Bischoff: Now, I’ve not made my decision just yet as t’ what that match will be as I’ve been busy all day as you would expect, but I will announce my decision once it’s been made later on this evening. . . So, with that out of the way, I think we should get this show on the road.

“Gold Lust” plays and Goldust walks out in to the arena to a big pop as Bischoff walks to the back. Goldust makes his down to the ring, then “Child’s Play” hits with Eugene walking out to the stage. He jumps up and down while enthusiastically clapping his hands to a decent pop from the crowd before walking down to the ring to join his partner. As Goldust takes his jacket off, Eugene asks to put it on, but Goldust hands it over to the valet.

“Ain’t No Make Believe” hits the speakers inside the Joe Louis Arena to a chorus of boos as John Morrison & The Miz, the World Tag Team Champions make their way in to the arena. The champs look very serious as they wander down the ramp and in to the ring while ignoring the boos from the Detroit fans, focusing solely on Eugene & Goldust.

***The Opening Match***

World Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Turmoil
Goldust & Eugene vs Cryme Time vs
The Colon Brothers
w/Eric Perez vs John Morrison & The Miz (c)

Ending of Fall #1: The Miz helps a weary Eugene back up to his feet and drops his elbow down on to the back of his head. Eugene falls to his knees, not too far away from the corner. The Miz then walks up to the pads and turns round to pull himself up to the second rope. As Eugene tries to stand back up, still hunched forward, Miz jumps down and looks to hit a LEG DROP BULLDOG!. . . . . But Eugene pulls his head back and steps back to see Miz hit the mat. It takes Eugene a couple of seconds to get his awareness back, and as The Miz crawls towards his corner, Eugene turns round and makes the tag to Goldust. The Golden One rushes in to the ring with The Miz getting closer to his corner. Goldie runs over to him and quickly pulls him away by dragging him with his feet. Miz then gets to his knees, but Goldust turns to the side and runs in to the ropes behind The Miz, comes back and takes him down with a ONE HANDED BULLDOG!!. . . . . Miz’s head hits the mat to a pop from the crowd, and Goldust looks to take advantage immediately, shimmying round to turn Miz on to his back and hook his leg for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

Morrison races in to the ring and stomps his boot down viciously on to the back of Goldust’s head to break the count. The crowd don’t like that and show their disapproval with boos. The referee isn’t too pleased either as he directs JoMo back to his corner. Both Goldie & Miz start to come round and pick themselves up, but as Goldust looks to strike the first blow, Miz dodges a right hand by reacting sharply to rake his opponent’s eyes. That doesn’t go down well with the crowd either as The Miz follows up with a swift forearm uppercut to send Goldust back down to the mat. It allows The Miz the opportunity to tag his partner in, and he does just that. Morrison steps through the ropes as Goldust gets to his knees. The Shaman of Sexy calmly stands by, allowing Goldust to get up before running in to the ropes to hit a SPRINGBOARD ENZIGURI!!. . . . . Morrison caught Goldust firmly in the face with that one, and he looks to wrap it up here and now, scurrying across the canvas to hook the leg. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Goldust gets his shoulder up to the surprise of Morrison and the relief of Eugene and the fans.

Morrison doesn’t look happy as he stands up with Eugene clapping and catching his eye. He runs over to him and knocks him off the apron with a forearm to the face. Eugene hits the floor, but luckily not all that hard. He starts to get back up within seconds as Morrison turns his attention back to Goldust, walking over to him and pulling him up in to position for the MOONLIGHT DRIVE!!!. . . . . Eugene then slips back in the ring and tries to get at him, but the referee cuts him off quickly, turning his back on the action in the process. Morrison lets Goldust go to make sure Eugene can’t get at him, but as he turns back round, Goldust catches him by surprise with an uppercut thrust. He doesn’t see The Miz then racing in to the ring behind him, but as Goldust realises, it’s too late as Miz takes him down courtesy of the SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!!!. . . . . Boos ring out as The Miz then runs over and knocks Eugene down with a clothesline. The ref tells him to get out, but he then sees Morrison crawling over to hook Goldust’s legs. With The Miz blocking off Eugene, the ref rushes across and drops to his knees to make the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

Team #3: The Colon Brothers.

Ending of Fall #2: Both Eddie & Morrison make their way back up to their feet looking a little worse for wear. Morrison’s up first and tries to grab Eddie by the arm, but the younger Colon brother counters, twisting JoMo’s arm and pulling him in to a SIDE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!. . . . . That gets a mixed reception from the crowd, and as Eddie stands back up, he sees Morrison already squirming. Eddie then walks in to the corner and steps through the ropes on to the apron, then climbs up to the top rope as The Shaman of Sexy struggles to his feet. As Morrison then steadies himself and turns round to face his opponent, Eddie throws himself off the ropes looking to hit a DIVING CROSS BODY, BUT MORRISON COUNTERS WITH A STANDING DROPKICK!!. . . . . Both men hit the deck but Morrison isn’t hurt as he hurries to turn Eddie on to his back and go for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, Eddie kicks out to the slight frustration of Morrison. Eddie looks to pick himself back up as The Shaman of Sexy returns to a vertical base and sees his opponent making a move.

With time on his side, Morrison steps back several paces as Eddie returns to his feet. As Eddie then turns round unwittingly, Morrison steps forward and looks to explode with a SUPER KICK!!. . . . . Eddie ducks his head though, and as Morrison turns back round, Eddie leaps up in to the air and hits a HURRICANRANA!!. . . . . The fans might not like The Colons but they’re cheering right now as Eddie covers one half of the champions. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, Morrison kicks out. This time it’s Eddie who’s feeling the frustration, but as he stands back up, he sees Carlito eagerly calling for the tag. His little brother obliges by walking over to tag him in. Carlito looks very focused as he climbs through the ropes while Morrison gets back up. Carly Colon then runs past him and in to the ropes to hit a SPRINGBOARD BACK ELBOW SMASH!. . . . . That sends JoMo down again. Carlito hurries back up to his feet and runs in to the ropes, this time for a SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT!!. . . . . But no! Morrison lifts his knees up, driving them in to the chest of Carlito.

The older brother rolls around holding his stomach as Morrison pulls himself up to his knees and crawls across to tag in The Miz. The other half of the World Tag Team Champions races in to the ring to cover Carlito, hooking both legs as the referee makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Carlito kicks out comfortably, but The Miz takes it on the chin and gets on with it. He stands up immediately and pulls Carlito up with him, then whips him in to the corner. Carly hits the pads back first, but as The Miz runs in at him, Carlito steps out and lifts his elbow out in to Miz’s face. That sends him staggering out of the corner, and Carlito follows out him behind him and connects with one hell of a BACK STABBER!!!. . . . . He got all of it, and out of nowhere! Morrison looks stunned and tries to get in the ring, but Perez grabs him by the foot as Carlito scurries across to cover The Miz, hooking both legs as the ref counts the fall. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3. We’re going to have new World Tag Team Champions!

Perez lets go of Morrison’s leg, and JoMo is stunned as the referee then tells him he & The Miz are eliminated. He can’t believe it, shaking his head as the fans jeer him. The Miz slowly sits up and looks completely stunned as he stares over at his partner. “Bringin’ Da Hood To You” hits with Shad Gaspard & JTG making their way in to the arena. Morrison leaves the ring looking slightly dejected, followed by an angry Miz who stares a hole in the back of his partner’s head. They have to walk past Cryme Time, and the two Brooklyn natives laugh at them as they walk past them on the ramp.

Team #4: Cryme Time.

Ending: Shad pulls Carlito up to his feet with the Puerto Rican looking incredibly unsteady. Gaspard doesn’t hold back and fires at him with a couple of right hands, forcing him back and even more unsteady. He then grabs Carlito by the arm and whips him in to the ropes. Carlito comes back off the ropes and in to a shoulder barge. Shad reaches down once more, pulling him up to whip him in to the ropes, and this time as Carlito comes back, Shad lifts him off the mat and sends him crashing back down courtesy of a SAMOAN DROP!!. . . . . He didn’t take it easy on Carlito either, and the older Colon brother looks to be in trouble as Shad shifts round to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Eddie breaks up the count by pulling Shad off of his brother by his feet. Eddie backs away and doesn’t bank on Shad standing right back up, but as he tries to get at him, the ref blocks him off and tells Eddie to get back on the apron. Shad watches Eddie reluctantly retreat to his corner while the ref makes sure he does as he’s told, but as Shad then turns back and bends down to try and pull Carlito up, the Cool one low blows him while the ref’s back is turned.

Shad then slowly drops to the mat in a heap with JTG then racing in to the ring, and that catches the ref’s attention as he turns back round. He walks over to JTG and forces him back in to his corner, allowing Eddie to get back in and put the boots to Shad as Carlito gets back up. Carlito walks over to his corner and steps through the ropes, then claps his hands together. The referee turns round a couple of seconds later, thinking he heard a tag despite JTG’s protests, and he is told to get back on the apron. Realising he has no choice, he does just that as Eddie continues to stomp all over Shad. Eddie then backs away and walks in to the corner as Shad tries to get back to his feet. Eddie climbs all the way up to the summit and waits for Shad to get up, and just as he does, Eddie jumps off and connects with a MISSILE DROPKICK!. . . . . Both men hit the mat with Eddie scurrying across to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Shad kicks out with relative ease, but Eddie looks to keep the momentum going. He stands back up with Shad not far behind him and turns back to hit the ropes, but as he comes back, Shad steps forward and plants him with a SIDEWALK SLAM!!. . . . . That gets the crowd going and they count along with the ref as Shad hooks the leg for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No!

Eddie just got his shoulder up to the relief of his brother standing on the apron. It takes Shad a couple of seconds to get back up, but as he gets to his feet, he walks over to his corner and tags in the high energy JTG. The crowd cheer him as he steps through the ropes and urges Eddie up, and as the younger brother nearly gets to his feet, JTG runs past him and knocks Carlito off the apron with a forearm shot. He then turns back round and runs at Eddie, taking him down with a DIVING LEG LARIAT!!. . . . . The fans like that too, but Carlito slides back in the ring and tries to get at JTG, but the ref cuts him off. JTG mocks Carlito by urging him to come at him, knowing full well he can’t. As Eddie then gets back up, Shad enters the ring with JTG turning back round. He sees his partner lift Eddie off his feet and send him crashing down to the canvas thanks to an ALABAMA SLAM!!!. . . . . JTG then runs in to the corner and climbs up to the top rope as Shad sees Perez climb on the apron. Shad runs over and knocks him off with a big boot as JTG leaps up off the top and hits a BIG SPLASH!!!. . . . . Carlito pushes the ref to one side, but Shad runs over and clotheslines him over the top rope as JTG covers Eddie with the ref rushing across to make the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

Winners: By pinfall, and the new World Tag Team Champions, Cryme Time @ 13.57.

Aftermath: “Bringin’ Da Hood To You” blasts out to a big pop inside the Joe Louis Arena as the referee collects the title belts and hands them over to the delighted duo of Shad & JTG. They thrust them high up in to the air and then hug each other for a second before going to opposite corners and posing with them as Carlito & Perez sit up and look in on in bitter frustration. Shad & JTG then step down and walk over to each other, high five each other and then leave the ring, posing with their new titles once again as they back up the ramp.

{Cut Backstage}

John Morrison & The Miz are in their locker room, watching Cryme Time’s celebrations on a TV. Morrison shakes his head ever so slightly while The Miz does a 360 turn in a hissy fit.

The Miz:

Morrison shrugs his shoulders, clearly not as angry as his partner who looks confused by his lack of emotion.

The Miz:

John Morrison: Of course I care. Shouting and screaming isn’t going t’ get us anywhere. We have a rematch clause remember. We can do our talking then, in the ring like we always have.


John Morrison: No, not like t’night. We’ll get our rematch, and when we do, we won’t have t’ wrestle three other teams. It’ll just be us and them, and I like our chances. Don’t you?


John Morrison: There you go. Let them have their night, but the party won’t last long.

The Miz: Oh yeah, I’m feelin’ that.

John Morrison: We’ll have our titles back in no time. I guarantee it.

They turn and look at the screen, both smirking as the camera fades out.

{Cut Backstage}

Batista & Ric Flair are in their dressing room with Triple H nowhere to be seen. Batista looks quite subdued as he takes his jacket off and drops it on the bench. Flair seems to be concerned and as Dave turns round, he sees the look in Flair’s eyes.

You okay Ric?

Ric Flair: I could ask you the same question.

Batista: What y’talkin’ about?

Ric Flair: Come on Dave, this is me y’talkin’ to. I’m not stupid. I’ve seen the way you an’ Hun’er have been with each other the last couple o’ weeks. What’s goin’ on?

Batista sn-iggers, clearly angry at just the mention of Triple H’s name.

Look Ric, let’s just get through t’night and then we can talk about it.

Ric Flair: Dave, look at me. After all we’ve been through and done for each other, are y’seriously tellin’ me you’re gonna let me walk in t’ that ring t’night when all hell could break loose?

Batista becomes more agitated.

Ric if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t even be here t’night. Hun’er doesn’t care about me and he doesn’t care about you.

Flair looks totally shocked.

Ric Flair:
Come on Dave.

Batista: Look, there’s a lot o’ stuff you don’t know about. I’m gonna put all that t’ one side t’night y’have my word. But like I told Hun’er, once t’night’s through, so are me an’ him.

Ric Flair: WHAT?

Triple H then walks through the door and they both turn round, clearly not expecting him. The Game looks very serious and there’s some clear tension in the room.

We’ll talk later on alright.

The Game drops his travel bag on the floor while staring right at Batista with Flair turning to look at both of them. It’s obvious he’s worried as Dave glares back at Triple H.

Ric Flair:
Whatever the hell’s goin’ on between you two, now’s not the time. We’ve got a huge match t’night. We’ll sort all this out after y’hear.

Triple H: Yeah you’d like that wouldn’t y’Dave?

Batista: Whoa, don’t you dare put all this on me again. You’re the one who screwed things up again on Raw. It’s about time y’looked at yourself.


The Game & The Animal don’t seem to be listening to Flair, or they’re just ignoring him as they continue to stare at each other.

Ric Flair:

They stop and look at Flair for a couple of seconds before sitting down on the bench with Flair looking worried as the camera fades out.

*Video Recap*

Backlash – 27/4: Paul London & Brian Kendrick retaining the tag team titles after John Morrison & The Miz were disqualified.

Raw – 28/4: London & Kendrick facing The Colon Brothers in a non-title match, ending in London accidentally hitting a super kick on Kendrick to give The Colons the win. John Morrison & The Miz then mocking them and accusing London of being the weak link and that Kendrick might want to consider fighting them alone the week after in their Backlash rematch for the titles.

Raw – 5/5: A Backlash rematch with Morrison & Miz winning the titles and Kendrick then shoving a shocked London afterwards.

Raw – 26/5: London facing Kenny Dykstra in a King of the Ring qualifier and about to go for the Shooting Star Press when Kendrick caught his attention, standing at the top of the stage. The distraction helped Dykstra come round and win the match to the satisfaction of Kendrick.

Raw – 2/6: Kendrick losing in a King of the Ring qualifying match to Kofi Kingston and London coming out to the stage after to sarcastically applaud him, pissing Kendrick off greatly.

Raw – 9/6: London & Kendrick going one on one, ending up with London getting disqualified for ignoring the referee and continuing to hit Kendrick with closed fists.

Later on and Kendrick going to William Regal, resulting in Regal making a rematch between them for Vengeance.

Raw – 16/6: London losing to Kane with Kendrick watching on with a smile on his face in the back.

Raw – 23/6: Kendrick bragging about how he set London up in getting him a match with Kane, only for London to walk in to the shot and stare right at him, confusing Kendrick.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #2***

Paul London vs Brian Kendrick

Ending: London makes his way back up with his former friend and partner standing over him, ready to strike. As soon as London gets to his feet, Kendrick throws a right hand at him, but London blocks it. Kendrick looks stunned and is helpless as London fires back with a couple of shots an inverted atomic drop. Kendrick hobbles around on the mat, but the incredibly athletic London jumps up in to the air and hits a FRANKENSTEINER!!. . . . . Holding on to Kendrick’s leg as he hits the mat, the referee rushes down to make the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kendrick kicks out and they both return to their feet within a matter of seconds as Kendrick walks right in to a DROPSAULT!. . . . . As Kendrick sits up, London doesn’t waste a second as he turns back and runs the ropes, then comes flying back with a SEATED DROPKICK TO THE HEAD!!. . . . . Kendrick just falls back as London stands up and takes a couple of steps back before running the short distance to hit a RUNNING SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!. . . . .

He lands right on top of his former partner and reaches to the side, hooking one leg for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kendrick gets his shoulder up, but London stands right back up, looking to wrap the match up. He reaches down to grab Kendrick by the arm and drags him towards the corner, positioning him a couple of feet away from the pads. London then climbs through the ropes and starts to climb the ropes, but Kendrick sits up, and as he sees London on the ropes, he hurries to his feet and runs in to the corner. He then nails him in the chest before stepping up to the second rope and hitting an ENZIGURI!!. . . . . London falls off the ropes and hits the mat with Kendrick stepping to the side and smirking in to the crowd while getting his breath back. As London then gets up to his knees, Kendrick walks back over to him and stomps him in the gut. He then grabs him by the head and pulls him under his arm, seemingly setting him up for a DDT. He takes a second and looks in to the crowd, still smirking, looking completely over confident before then running in to the corner, and stepping up the ropes to springboard and execute a thunderous CYCLONE DDT!!!. . . . .

London’s head was driven in to the mat and his former partner looks to take advantage, shimmying round in a hurry to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Somehow London gets his shoulder up to the absolute shock of Kendrick who doesn’t even appear to be aware of the cheer ringing round the Joe Louis Arena. He sits up and glares at the referee, sure as hell that he had the match won there and then, but the ref signals it was just a two count, frustrating the hell out of Kendrick. London tries to sit up, looking completely glazed over, getting the attention of his former friend. Kendrick then takes his time in returning to his feet and then helps London back up before setting him up for SLICED BREAD!!!. . . . . The fans boo Kendrick as he looks to finish off London, but as he runs in to the corner and up the pads, London fights back and shoves him forward and down to the mat. Kendrick lands awkwardly on his back and remains there as London frantically climbs up the ropes and turns round to face the ring, then leaps up in to the air and comes down on Kendrick’s chest with a 450 SPLASH!!!. . . . . That could be it as London hooks the leg for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

Winner: Paul London by pinfall @ 10.52.

Aftermath: “Rocker” hits as London stands up to get his arm raised, looking very pleased with his win. He turns to look down at the fallen Kendrick and smiles before going over to the corner and climbing up to the second rope to celebrate with the fans, really enjoying the ovation and showing some real emotion. He jumps down to the mat with a big smile on his face and then slides out of the ring to walk up the ramp, slapping hands with the fans as Kendrick sits up, not looking happy at all.

{Cut Backstage}

Leticia Cline is standing by at the interview set.

Leticia Cline:
Joining me at this time are JBL and The Corporation.

Boos filter through from the arena as the camera zooms out to reveal JBL, The Big Show & Vladimir Kozlov standing in the right of the picture with JBL closest to Leticia and Kozlov on the end. JBL & Show look quite relaxed and smug while Kozlov remains as serious as ever.

Leticia Cline:
John, later on t’night you will be facing Evolution in a six-man tag team match. After everything that’s happened between you, what are your thoughts going in t’ this match?

JBL: Leticia, t’night’s going to be one of the greatest nights in the history of this business. I admit that last Mond’y I may have been presumptuous when I commented on Evolution coming to an end, however it became perfectly clear later on in the evening that I was right like I always am. You could even go as far as t’ say I believe I’m right in saying that Evolution is capitulating at the same rapid rate of decline as Jeff Hardy, making our task here t’night in Detroit a mere formality. The fact is Evolution are hanging on by a thread. They’re right on the edge Leticia, and t’night’s the night we push them over once and for all. For all of those people who sit out there hoping I’m wrong, you have to understand that I am never wrong. That’s what makes me the living, breathing success story I am today, but nothing, and I mean nothing will make me prouder than bringing Evolution to its knees here t’night in Detroit. . . You can pray to whoever the hell you want, it won’t make any difference, because t’night marks the end of Evolution.

We can hear more boos coming from the arena as the positively glowing JBL smiles in to the camera. Big Show also cracks a smile alongside Layfield, but it’s the same intense Kozlov as the camera fades out.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #3***

WWE Womens Championship
Victoria (c) vs Melina vs Natalya Neidhart

Ending: Natalya stomps all over Melina while Victoria remains on the outside. Neidhart relents and helps Melina up to her feet, then whips her in to the corner somewhat tamely. As she then runs in at her, Melina lifts her foot up and in to Natalya’s face to a pop from the crowd. Natalya is sent out of the corner in a spin and Melina takes the time to regroup, remaining in the corner. As Natalya then turns back round, still looking somewhat frosty, Melina runs out at her, but Neidhart shakes off the cobwebs and plants her with a TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER!!. . . . . Melina’s lower back got a harsh introduction to Natalya’s knee and Neidhart doesn’t waste any time in hooking Melina’s legs for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Melina gets her shoulder up to the relief of the crowd and the frustration of Natalya, and to make matters worse as she gets back up, Victoria slides back in the ring. That throws Natalya off and as she runs at Victoria, she runs in to a clothesline from the Women’s Champion. She’s not down for long though, and Victoria walks past her and away from the ropes, then turns round to face Natalya again. She gets right back up and walks in to a hard stomp to the gut from Victoria, who then bends down and lifts Neidhart on to her shoulders for a fireman’s carry, but she then switches gears to hit the SPIDER’S WEB (Tilt-A-Whirl Sidewalk Slam)!!!. . . . .

Natalya hits the mat hard and rolls to the side with Victoria shifting closer to turn her on to back again to go for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, Natalya gets her foot up on the bottom rope just as the ref’s hand was coming down for the third time. Victoria sits up and looks disappointed to see Natalya’s foot on the rope. She shrugs it off and returns to her feet, urging Natalya back up, but she then turns her head to see Melina getting back up. She then turns round altogether and walks towards her other challenger, and as Melina turns round, Victoria looks to hit a SAVOTE KICK!!. . . . . Melina ducks it though, and as Victoria turns back round, Melina grabs her by the head and plants her with a SINGLE ARM DDT!!. . . . . Victoria looks in trouble now as Melina goes for a cover right away with a look of hope on her face as the ref makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Victoria’s the one to get her shoulder up this time, and as Melina slowly gets back up, so does Natalya and they walk right at each other. Neidhart strikes first with a hard forearm shot to the face that knocks her round in a daze. Natalya reacts quickly to grab her around the waist and then plant her with a BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX!! . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, Melina gets the shoulder up. Natalya doesn’t look best pleased as she stands back up.

She walks right round to Melina’s feet and lifts her legs up to try and apply the SHARPSHOOTER!!!. . . . . Boos ring out and some fans try to encourage Melina, and it helps as she uses the power in her legs to push Natalya backwards and down to the mat. Both divas then try to get up as fast as they can while showing the effects of the match so far. Neidhart turns round and walks right in to Melina in a ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!. . . . . Neidhart falls in a heap with the fans cheering as Melina then drops to her knees and makes the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, shoulder up from Neidhart! The match continues, and as Victoria shows signs of life, Natalya crawls towards the ropes and uses them to help her up while Melina stands up and just watches her struggle. As soon as Natalya can turn round, Melina runs at her and clotheslines her over the top to the floor below. The crowd like that, but unbeknown to Melina, Victoria is back on her feet. Melina turns round unwittingly and is met with the Women’s Champion charging at her, but she reacts quickly to turn to the side and drive her elbow in to Victoria’s face. Victoria is sent back pedalling away from the ropes and Melina walks out after her. As Victoria turns round, Melina is right there to kick her in the gut and then positions Victoria’s head between her legs to hit the LAST CALL (Leg Trap Sunset Flip Powerbomb)!!!. . . . . The crowd all rise to their feet as Melina looks to take advantage and make the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

Winner: By pinfall, and new WWE Womens Champion, Melina @ 11.28.

Aftermath: “Paparazzi” plays to a big pop as a slightly shocked Melina stands up and is passed the title by the referee. She then gets her arm raised and smiles with the title in her possession. As Natalya sits up on the outside, Melina then walks over to the ropes and lifts the title up in front of Neidhart, not going down well with her at all. Melina enjoys the moment and then backs away to leave the ring with the angry Natalya watching her every move.

*Video Recap*

WrestleMania 23 – 30/3: Kane pinning John Cena to become the WWE Champion, taking the title from Randy Orton in the triple threat match, leaving Orton to look on in horror.

Raw – 31/3: Randy Orton storming down to the ring after Mr. Kennedy’s loss to MVP and punting him in the head before demanding his rematch for the title.

Backlash – 27/4: Mr. Kennedy interfering in Orton’s rematch, costing him the chance to win back the title.

Raw – 28/4: Orton demanding a fair rematch with Kennedy then gloating about how what goes around comes around. Eric Bischoff then interrupting them and announcing they would be the first two men to compete in the Quest to be Champion tournament.

Their match and Orton bringing a chair in to the ring, only for him to hit the ropes and have the chair bounce back off his skull, leading to Kennedy getting the victory.

Raw – 5/5: Kennedy gloating about his victory over Orton and how he was going to become the WWE Champion, until The Legend Killer interrupted and called Kennedy a failure. Kennedy’s proposition to Orton, saying he didn’t want to be screwed out of the title and that he was offering Orton the first title shot should he become the champion at the King of the Ring. Orton then saying he does things on his terms and no one else’s before catching Kennedy off guard with an RKO.

Raw – 26/5: Mr. Kennedy telling Todd Grisham that even Randy Orton wouldn’t be stupid enough to down first refusal of a title shot he was offering him if he won the WWE Championship when Orton walked in and told Kennedy he would stay away as it’s a win-win situation for both of them.

Raw – 2/6: Eric Bischoff telling Kennedy that Orton had a family emergency and wouldn’t be at the show.

The final of the Quest to be Champion tournament between Kennedy & Jeff Hardy and Orton’s shock arrival to cost Kennedy the match and a shot at the WWE Championship.

Raw – 9/6: Orton explaining that he doesn’t do what people tell him, including Kennedy, and that he still hadn’t forgotten Kennedy’s actions in costing him the WWE title at Backlash. Kennedy then interrupting Orton, about to go after him until Bischoff came to the scene and announced they would meet at Vengeance.

Raw – 16/6: Randy defeating Rey Mysterio but his celebration being cut short by Kennedy, who told Orton he was going to wait two weeks and look forward to seeing Orton get his ass handed to him.

Raw – 23/6: Kennedy being jumped in the back by Orton and being on the receiving end of some stomps to the back.

Orton defeating Finlay in one-on-one action and looking to continue the attack after until Kennedy ran down the ramp and tried to hit a Mic Check, but Orton dodging the bullet to leave Kennedy pissed.

{Cut to Ringside}

“Voices” blasts out to a ferocious barrage of boos from the Detroit crowd as “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton walks out in to the arena looking very focused indeed and remains so as he walks down the ramp with purpose before entering the arena and posing to the unappreciative crowd.

Orton steps down and stares up at the stage, waiting for his opponent as his music comes to a halt. Several seconds later, “Turn Up The Treble” plays with a pumped up Mr. Kennedy making his grand entrance to the stage. He stops right at the top and looks up to the ceiling. The lights go out and a spotlights shines down on Kennedy as his microphone is lowered right in front of him to grab hold of with the music cutting too.

Mr. Kennedy:
Ladies and gentleman, t’night is the night that we’ve all been waitin’ for for a long, long time. Because in just a matter of moments, a certain someone’s gonna march on down t’ that ring AND GIVE RANDY ORTON THE ASS KICKIN’ OF A LIFE TIME.

*Big Pop*

Mr. Kennedy: And that certain someone hails from GREEN BAY WISCONSIN. . . He weights in at TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY TWO POUNDS, and goes by the name of MISTER KENNEDYYYYYYYYYY. . . KENNEDYYYY!


His music hits once again as the lights come back on and he lets go of the microphone which is pulled back up before walking down to the ring looking very composed, but he keeps his eyes on Orton at all times, continuing to do so as he steps in to the ring. Just as they walk towards each other, “I’m Back” hits and Eric Bischoff casually strolls out to the stage with a microphone in his possession.

Eric Bischoff:
I’m sorry t’ interrupt you guys at such a bad time, but I thought you two in particular would like t’ hear what I’m about t’ say. . . See earlier on t’night, I said that I hadn’t reached a decision regarding who would take Jeff Hardy’s place in the WWE Championship match later on this evening, but after going over several different ideas, I’ve finally come to a solution. That’s where you guys come in. . . We’ve all seen you two blame each other for a lot of things, but the biggest problems you two have had is that you both believe you were screwed out of being the WWE Champion by each other. There’s no way t’ tell for sure, but I believe you both have somewhat of a case. That’s why I’m gonna raise the stakes right here right now.


Eric Bischoff: It goes like this. We need someone to challenge Kane t’night for the WWE Championship, and t’ cut it a long story short, the winner of this match will go on t’ face Kane in the main event here t’night.

*Big Pop*

Eric Bischoff: However, you won’t be alone. It’s not gonna be a simple one-on-one match for the title, oh no. I’ve been given the chance to mix things up, and that’s exactly what I’m going t’ do. . . So, whoever wins out of you two will go on t’ face Kane in a triple threat match along with the man who claims the pinfall or submission in our next match between Evolution and The Corporation.


Eric Bischoff: But if that match ends in a disqualification, then it’ll be just be one of you an’ Kane. However, that doesn’t give you the right t’ get involved in that match either and cause a disqualification, because if you do, I’ll take the title shot off you like that and give it to the all six of them instead.


Eric Bischoff: So fellas, it’s all there t’ play for. Good luck.

Kennedy & Orton turn back round looking quite happy as Bischoff walks to the back, but they quickly slip out of that mood as they stare at each other with so much at stake now.

***Match #4***

Mr. Kennedy vs Randy Orton

Ending: Orton stands above the squirming Kennedy, lurking with menace. As Kennedy gets to his feet, Orton strikes with a thunderous forearm to the jaw, knocking Kennedy back and slightly off balance. Orton takes a step forward and looks to pull his opponent in to place for an INVERTED HEADLOCK BACKBREAKER!!. . . . . Kennedy slips away though, and as both men turn to face each other, Kennedy’s the first to react with a kick to the gut and follows it up with a SNAP DDT!!. . . . . A big pop breaks out in the crowd as Kennedy looks to take advantage straight away, turning Orton on to his back and hooking his closest leg to go for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Orton shows his resilience and gets his shoulder up, half surprising his opponent. Kennedy sits up looking slightly disgruntled and takes his time in getting up again, giving Orton time to come round. Kennedy then bends down and pulls The Legend Killer up, then whips him hard in to the corner pads. The pain shows on Orton’s scrunched up face, but there’s more to come as Kennedy charges at him and drives his boot in to the face of the former WWE Champion to give him a little FACEWASH!!. . . . . Orton slumps down the pads as Kennedy calmly pulls his leg back away from the ropes.

He wants to strike while the iron is hot and drags Orton up and out of the corner, then sets him up and hits him with the GREEN BAY MEATPACKER (Elevated Sit-Down Neckbreaker)!!. . . . . There’s no sign of life from The Legend Killer as Kennedy shimmies round desperately to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, shoulder up! Somehow Orton survives. The crowd’s disappointment is obvious, and so is Kennedy’s as he sits up looking stunned. He double checks with the referee who just confirms the two count as Orton comes to life. Kennedy looks down at his opponent and sees him squirming, and that results in Kennedy smirking sadistically. He calmly stands back up and retreats to the corner as Orton slowly tries to get up to his knees. Kennedy stands in the corner, holding on to the top rope with both hands, not taking his eyes off of The Legend Killer. Orton doesn’t realise the danger he’s in as he tries to get on all fours, and then Kennedy surges out of the corner, gunning for Orton and looking for a PUNT TO THE HEAD!!!. . . . . Orton looks up at the last second and ducks his head with Kennedy’s swipe just missing. Orton jumps up to his feet in a split second and grabs Kennedy around the neck to plant him with the SIDE INVERTED BACKBREAKER!!. . . . .

Orton strikes out of nowhere, and now Kennedy’s in trouble as The Viper makes a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kennedy kicks out this time, but Orton doesn’t look surprised at all. He takes it in his stride as he coolly stands back up looking a little worse for wear as he now backs up in to the corner, getting ready to level Kennedy with the PUNT!!!. . . . . The oblivious Kennedy, lying a couple of feet away from the ropes rolls to one side and tries to get on to his knees. Orton doesn’t hesitate and charges out of the corner, then swings his boot towards his opponent’s skull, but this time Kennedy pulls his head back and swipes Orton’s leg in the process. Both men then hurry to their feet, and as Orton turns round in to Kennedy’s chest, the Green Bay native explodes and grabs him for THE MIC CHECK!!!. . . . . No, Orton reaches back and grabs the top rope. He pulls his other arm away and drives his elbow in to the side of Kennedy’s head, forcing him to relinquish the grip. It sends Kennedy back several paces and clearly dazes him. Orton takes a couple of seconds to regroup before he runs out at him, but Kennedy reacts well and jumps up to drive his knee in to Orton’s face. Despite getting his bell rung, Orton tries to get up straight away. As he gets to his feet, Kennedy pounces straight away and sends him down to the mat with a SWINGING NECKBREAKER!!. . . . .

It looks like Orton’s struggling now as Kennedy crawls readjusts to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, Orton gets his shoulder up once again to the frustration of Kennedy. He sits up and shakes his head ever so slightly, looking very disappointed at the latest kick out of Orton’s. The Legend Killer still isn’t moving though and it sets off a light above Kennedy’s head. He picks himself back up right away and walks in to the corner, then climbs up to the top rope. The crowd all rise to their feet and cheer him on as he then takes a moment before diving off for the KENTON BOMB!!!. . . . . But no, Orton rolls to the side with Kennedy crash landing on the canvas. The disappointed fans sit back down, but as both men start to come round, the fans try to encourage Kennedy. They’re both groggy as they return to their feet, Orton stands behind Kennedy, waiting for him to turn round, and as he does so, Orton grabs him by the head, going for the RKO!!!. . . . . Kennedy blocks it though and shoves Orton in to the ropes. Orton bounces right back in to a kick to the gut with Kennedy looking to hit THE MIC CHECK AGAIN!!!. . . . . Orton doesn’t allow it and elbows him in the side of the head to escape again, sending Kennedy round in a spin. As Kennedy then turns back round, Orton leaps up and explodes with the RKO!!!. . . . . The Viper crawls across and turns the lifeless Kennedy over on to his back and hooks the leg for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

Winner: Randy Orton by pinfall @ 13.54.

Aftermath: Orton stands back up to heat from the crowd with “Voices” playing, drowning most of the boos out. He gets his arm raised while looking very sadistic, and he then looks down at the motionless Kennedy. He then lifts his head back up and looks menacingly in to the crowd before staring down at Kennedy again, who starts to come round. The Legend Killer slowly steps back in to the corner while staring intensely at Kennedy as he rolls on to his side. Orton’s locked in on him, and as Kennedy then tries to get to his knees, The Viper charges out of the corner and punts him in the head, laying him out completely and bringing the music to a halt as he stares down sadistically at him again.

A ton of heat is thrown in his direction, and after about five seconds he looks up with no sign of remorse or emotion on his face. Two EMT’s then rush down to the ring as Orton coolly steps back and watches them while they try to get a response out of Kennedy. A stretcher is then brought down to the ring and they put the out cold Kennedy on to the base of it and apply a neck brace with Orton then walking past them and to the ropes. He turns round and takes a look back before stepping through the ropes to more boos as he then walks up the ramp and to the back. The EMT’s then carefully put Kennedy on to the stretcher and wheel him towards the ramp with the crowd cheering and clapping.

*Video Recap*

WrestleMania – 30/3: Evolution defeating The Corporation in their six-man tag team match after Vince McMahon tapped out to Ric Flair’s figure four leg lock.

Raw – 31/3: Batista defeating JBL by disqualification in a match to determine a draft pick with Raw then acquiring Batista (as well as Flair earlier on) from Smackdown to the absolute shock of The Corporation.

Raw – 7/4: Evolution’s permanent reunion being cut short by The Corporation, who told them they were out for revenge and that they would get it at Backlash in a WrestleMania rematch.

Backlash – 27/4: The Big Show making his shocking return to help The Corporation defeat Evolution in their WrestleMania rematch.

Raw – 28/4: Mr. McMahon introducing The Big Show back to Raw and hailing a new dawn for The Corporation.

Bischoff later on telling them that he’d made a match for the week after that would see Big Show take on Triple H in the Quest to be Champion tournament.

Raw – 5/5: Triple H’s match with Show and The Game about to use his trusted sledgehammer on the giant until Vladimir Kozlov made his debut, taking sledgy away and hitting him with it to give Show the win.

Raw – 12/5: Triple H calling out The Corporation but being told by Bischoff that he had banned them from the arena to avoid a repeat of last week, only for them to respond from a sky box. An angry Bischoff then made a match between Triple H & Kozlov, banning them all from ringside.

The match between The Game & Kozlov with Triple H low blowing him straight away for a disqualification before going to get his sledgehammer, drawing Show & JBL down from their sky box to set up the trap that led to Batista & Flair attacking Vince & Shane. The attack saw Batista spinebuster Shane through a glass table and Flair smash a wine bottle over Vince’s head.

Raw – 26/5: Triple H & Ric Flair frantically trying to get in touch with Batista, wondering where he was.

The Big Show competing in the Quest to be Champion Semi Final against Mr. Kennedy with The Game & The Nature Boy getting involved to cost him the match after a pedigree.

In the parking lot after, The Corporation looking for revenge and attacking Triple H & Flair with Show chokeslamming them both on to parked cars.

Raw – 2/6: Batista apologising for missing Raw last week and leaving Triple H & Ric Flair to get attacked. The Corporation then interrupting and trying to make him feel guilty for not being there with Bischoff then getting involved and suspending them for two weeks.

Raw – 9/6: Triple H going to Batista’s house, angering The Animal who kicked him out for doubting his word and questioning his daughter.

Raw – 16/6: The Corporation back from suspension and insisting that Eric Bischoff give The Big Show a shot at the WWE Championship, blaming Evolution for him missing out originally, only to be interrupted by Batista. The Animal then firing back at them, explaining they cost Triple H too and that they’re due retribution for the parking lot incident, culminating in JBL, Show & Kozlov circling him until Triple H & Flair came to the rescue. Bischoff’s arrival in time to stop a full scale brawl and announcing they would all compete in a Battle Royal later on to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship at Vengeance.

The Battle Royal and Triple H & Batista working together to eliminate Show, but The Game’s decision to then eliminate Batista, causing Batista to ask questions of his friend, allowing Jeff Hardy to sneak up behind The Game and toss him out to win the match with Flair then having to cool things down between them.

Raw – 23/6: JBL & The Corporation declaring that Evolution is dead and that Triple H cared more about winning the WWE Championship than Batista, setting up the arrival of the angry Triple H who stormed down to the ring, followed by a worried Flair. The Game then taking it to all of them but getting beaten down until Batista then made the save. Bischoff’s announcement then in saying they would all meet in a six man tag at Vengeance, and that later on Batista & Triple H would team up to face Show in a handicap match.

Triple H following Batista out of their locker room, trying to get an apology out of him for last week, only for The Animal to tell him he was sick of him and call him ungrateful for all he & Flair done for him before saying that after Vengeance, they were done.

The main event of the night and Triple H making a blind tag, infuriating Batista to start another argument between them, allowing Show to come to and knock them both down before The Game got them disqualified. JBL & Kozlov then joining Show in attacking all three of them before leaving and looking very smug as Batista came round and went to check on Flair.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #5***

Evolution (Triple H, Batista & Ric Flair)
vs The Corporation (The Big Show, John “Bradshaw” Layfield & Vladimir Kozlov)

Ending: Flair looks to be in trouble as JBL leans forward and pulls the weary Nature Boy up to his feet. Layfield wastes some time as he smirks in to the crowd, and it allows Flair to fight back. He chops away at JBL’s chest, taking him by surprise and putting him on the back foot. He then tries for an irish whip, but JBL reverses it comfortably in to a SHORT-ARM CLOTHESLINE!. . . . . JBL smiles as he steadies himself and then drops his elbow down in to Flair’s chest. Not satisfied, he stands up right away and drives his elbow down on Flair again, and then one more time before going for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . JBL isn’t downbeat at all and he stands back up with a smirk on his face, bringing Flair with him and whips him in to the ropes. Flair hits the ropes and comes back at Layfield who lifts his big boot up to nail Flair, but the veteran ducks underneath it. JBL’s stunned now and Flair turns round quickly to drop down and hit a SHIN BREAKER!. . . . . Layfield falls to the mat to a pop from the crowd with Flair standing right back up. The Nature Boy shifts round to his opponent’s legs and immediately grabs them to try and lock in the FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!!!. . . . . The crowd go nuts as Flair wrestles with JBL’s legs.

Layfield is fighting for his life, blocking Flair and then manages to push him away and down to the mat. Both men make their way back up, and it’s Flair who seizes the initiative, lifting JBL up off the mat and in to an INVERTED ATOMIC DROP!. . . . . JBL hobbles around with Flair shifting behind him and rolling him up, holding on to his tights in the process as the ref makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, JBL powers out with the force pushing Flair to the mat, but not for long. Flair’s up first and back tracks to his corner to tag in Triple H who steps through the ropes to a huge roar from the crowd. JBL’s up and turns round to see the intense Triple H standing in his corner. They stare at each other for a couple of seconds until The Game charges at him and knocks him down with a clothesline, getting another pop from the Detroit crowd. JBL rushes back up and in to another clothesline. The fans really get behind The Game, and as JBL gets up again, Triple H grabs him by the arm and whips him in to the ropes, nailing him as he comes back with a high knee lift. JBL hits the deck once again but he isn’t lying down and picks himself right back up, this time turning round in to a DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER!!. . . . .

JBL can’t get up this time and Triple H makes sure he doesn’t by going for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, kick out from JBL, but just! Triple H stands back up and urges his opponent up, then throws his arms up in to the air, psyching himself up in a big way. The fans cheer too as Show & Kozlov can only watch on concerned from the apron. JBL unwittingly struggles back up to his feet, and as he turns round, The King of Kings kicks him in the gut and pulls him in to place for the PEDIGREE!!!. . . . . But just as The Game’s about to drill Layfield, the Wrestling God counters with a back body drop, lifting Triple H over his head and down to the canvas, landing awkwardly on his bat, giving JBL the time to get to his knees and crawls across to his corner, where he makes the tag to The Big Show. Boos ring out as the seven-footer steps calmly over the ropes and walks towards Triple H. The Game rolls on to one knee in an attempt to get back up with Show lurking just feet away, lifting his right arm in to the air. The crowd try to warn him but as he unwittingly turns round, Show grabs him around the throat for a CHOKESLAM!!!. . . . . The Game manages to fight back and breaks free by kicking Show in the stomach.

Show loses his grip and Triple H turns back to run the ropes, but as he runs back, Show drives his huge boot down The Game’s throat. Thousands of sighs are heard coming from the stands as the smirking Big Show looks up at the crowd for a couple of seconds before turning his attention back to the laid out Triple H. He reaches down and drags him up, shoving The Game’s head between his legs and then lifts him high up above his head. He then takes a few steps back and turns his body slightly to then send The Game flying back and face first in to the pads with a REVERSE THROWN POWERBOMB!!. . . . . The Game’s lights are well and truly out which amuses JBL, who applauds the efforts of his team-mate. Show’s pleased with himself too, showing some complacency as he then drags The Game away from the corner to make a lethargic cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, Triple H gets his shoulder up to the delight of the crowd. Flair punches his air on the apron, and The Animal looks relieved too. Show’s not impressed though and as he stands back up, the complacency is gone. He’s found his mean streak and taunts The Game, urging him to get up. Show raises his hand up in the air, signalling for the CHOKESLAM!!!. . . . .

Slowly but surely Triple H finds a way back up, but as he gets up, Show grabs him by the throat again and lifts him up in to the air. He keeps him there for a couple of seconds, and The Game starts to wriggle about and then manages to jump down to his feet, landing close to the ropes. Batista walks across the apron and taps him on the back for a blind tag, and it’s acknowledged by the referee. Batista steps inside, but The Game doesn’t notice and goes right back to the stunned Big Show, kicks him in the gut and CONNECTS WITH THE PEDIGREE!!!. . . . . The crowd explodes, but as Triple H turns Show on to his back, Batista steps in and drops down to make the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, Triple H pulls Batista up to his feet. The bemused Triple H asks Batista what he’s doing, and The Animal tries to explain and motions to him that he made the tag. The Game angrily shakes his head and shoves his team-mate in the chest in front of the confused fans. Flair then gets in the ring as Batista steps forward and shoves Triple H to the amusement of JBL. With Evolution arguing, Show crawls towards his corner as Flair tries to cool things down with Show then tagging in Kozlov. The big Russian hit-man walks towards the bickering trio and knocks Batista down to his knees with a double axe-handle.

Triple H then hammers away at him and sends him down to the mat with a fierce right hand. That angers JBL, and he decides to get involved. He climbs in the ring and runs right at The Game, but Triple H sees him coming and kicks him in the gut, then grabs him by the tights and turns round to toss him over the top rope to the floor below. Triple H stares down at JBL as Kozlov & Batista make their way back up behind him. Flair tries to warn them as Triple H turns round and sees Kozlov run at Batista, but The Animal steps to the side as Kozlov runs through and clotheslines Triple H over the top rope and to the outside. Kozlov turns round frantically and runs at The Animal, right in to a SPINEBUSTER!!!. . . . . The fans are on their feet as Batista stands back up, but Show is in the ring and runs at Flair, knocking him down with a clothesline. Batista gets up in time to turn back in to the ropes and run back at Show to take him down with a SPEAR!!!. . . . . The fans are going nuts, and as Batista stands back up, Kozlov struggles to his feet in front of him. Everyone else is down and out, and Batista takes full advantage by pulling Kozlov in to his body before lifting him up above his head and sending him crashing down to the mat with a huge BATISTA BOMB!!!. . . . . The fans are all on their feet as Batista crawls forward and makes the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

Winners: Evolution by pinfall @ 16.47.

Aftermath: “Line in the Sand” blasts out to a massive pop. Batista stands up and gets his arm raised by the referee, and is then joined by Flair as he gets up. The Nature Boy hugs Batista as Triple H gets up on the outside and sees his two team-mates celebrating. JBL looks furious as he sits up, and The Game doesn’t look too happy either as he slides back in the ring. Flair & Batista pull away from the hug and see The Game standing there staring at them. The Nature Boy smiles widely at him and walks over to hug Triple H, but The Game just stares right over his shoulder at Batista. The Animal stares back at him with Flair then pulling back and grabbing both men by the arm, then raises both of them in to the air to a huge pop to the disgust of JBL who just watches on from the outside.

{Cut Backstage}

Todd Grisham is standing by at the interview set.

Todd Grisham:
Please welcome my guest at this time, The Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

The camera zooms out to show the deadly serious Orton standing close by to Grisham.

Todd Grisham:
Randy, earlier on we heard Eric Bischoff make a triple threat match for the WWE Championship that will take place later on this evening after what happened with Jeff Hardy, and since you defeated Mister Kennedy, you’ll be one of the three men involved. What are your thoughts?

Randy Orton: Destiny Todd, it’s plain and simple. . . Two months ago, Mister Kennedy made the biggest mistake of his life when he cost me the chance t’ take back what was mine. T’night I beat Kennedy and got the retribution I said I would, but in more ways than one. . . See at Backlash he was responsible for making sure I left without the WWE Championship, and t’night, not only did I get the revenge I craved, I earned the opportunity t’ get the WWE title I never lost. It wasn’t me that Kane beat at WrestleMania, it was John Cena. And if it wasn’t for Kennedy gettin’ involved in my business at Backlash, I would still be the WWE Champion right now. That’s why it’s destiny Todd, ‘cause t’night I’ve already made up for one injustice and the best is yet t’ come. I guarantee that with Kennedy out of the way, I will take back the WWE Championship. It doesn’t matter who I’m in there with Todd ‘cause there’s only one person leaving the WWE Champion, and that’s Randy Orton. It won’t be Kane. It won’t be The Corporation, AND IT’S SURE AS HELL NOT GONNA BE EVOLUTION. . . THERE IS NOTHING OR NO ONE WHO’S GONNA STOP ME WALKING OUT O’ HERE T’NIGHT AS THE WWE CHAMPION, and that’s a promise.

Orton stares right in to the camera, showing he’s very serious before the camera then fades out.

*Video Recap*

Raw – 31/3: Eric Bischoff telling the then Intercontinental Champion, CM Punk that he would be defending his title in a tag team turmoil match against three other teams with the winner of the final falling leaving with the Intercontinental Championship.

The tag team match with Kofi Kingston teaming up with Cody Rhodes, getting in to the final two with Punk & Colt Cabana, ending in victory for Kofi and giving him the Intercontinental title with Cody not too sure how to react.

Raw – 7/4: Cody going to ask Bischoff about the possibility of him getting a shot at Kofi since they were team mates and they both won the match. Bischoff telling him everyone knew the rules of the match but he would think about it. Cody then leaving the room and not looking to happy at seeing his friend (Kofi) and girlfriend (Kelly Kelly) together laughing before saying Carlito (who previously insinuated there could be something going on between them) might have had a point about them and dragging her away from Kofi.

Cody beating Hardcore Holly later in on the night and celebrating in the corner when Kofi came down to offer his congratulations to his friend, getting in to the ring and hugging Kelly with Cody’s back turned at the time. Cody then turning round furiously to see them hugging, storming over and pulling them apart before shoving Kofi down to the mat and ordering Kelly to leave with him, which she did.

Raw – 14/4: Cody walking in on Kofi & Kelly talking in her locker room and throwing a fit, telling Kofi that any friendship they had was over and to stay the hell away from Kelly.

Raw – 21/4: Cody & Kelly going to Bischoff and Rhodes asking if he was going to get a shot at Kofi, only to be told by Bischoff that there was nothing he could do, setting Cody off on a strop until Bischoff told him that Kofi had already asked for the match himself and that it would take place at Backlash, confusing both Cody & Kelly.

Kelly then going to see Kofi to find out why he asked for the match with Kofi explaining that he was only giving Cody what he wanted and that he wanted to smooth things out between them. Cody then catching them together and accusing Kofi of asking for the match to keep him sweet so he could carry on with Kelly, but they both denied it with Cody then telling Kofi to stay away from her them and that after Backlash, he wouldn’t have the Intercontinental title and still wouldn’t have Kelly.

Backlash – 27/4: The ending of their title match with Cody accidentally running in to Kelly, knocking her off the apron and Kofi hitting the Trouble In Paradise to retain his title before going to check on Kelly, angering Cody as he came round.

Cody going nuts after in the locker room, telling Kelly Kofi didn’t care about her at all and took advantage of it, also telling her she couldn’t wrestle later on. Kelly’s refusal to listen to Cody, setting up Cody’s ultimatum of walking out on him for good if she disobeyed him with Kelly then leaving.

Kelly winning a fatal fourway match to become the number one contender for the Women’s Championship with Cody then walking down to the ring and telling her he’s sorry and raising her hand in to the air before walking away to leave food for thought for Kelly.

Raw – 28/4: Kelly being interviewed by Leticia Cline when Cody interrupted, saying that he & Kelly didn’t break up the night before and congratulated her on becoming the number one contender before saying that their main problem was Kofi & the Intercontinental Championship, accusing Kofi of not caring about Kelly after what happened at Backlash.

Cody then going to Kofi to tell him that he’d be facing Kane later on, and once that’s over, he (Cody) will be there to pick up the pieces and take the Intercontinental title from him, and that Kofi would never take Kelly from him.

Raw – 5/5: Kofi going to Kelly in her locker room and wishing her luck for her title match with Victoria later on, then walking out with an angry Cody seeing him leave.

Kelly’s match with Victoria, ending in Cody grabbing Kelly’s foot by mistake, allowing Victoria to take advantage and win the match. The aftermath and a heated argument between Kofi & Cody, resulting in Kofi pushing Cody back in to Kelly, sending her down to the mat and Cody going nuts at Kofi.

Raw – 12/5: Kelly telling Cody that he was sick of him and that their relationship was over, infuriating Cody with Kofi there and going to check she was okay.

Kelly losing to Natalya Neidhart with Kofi in her corner and being attacked by Cody, who then slipped in the ring and helped Kelly up before hitting a DDT to the shock of everyone in the arena.

Raw – 19/5: Cody’s Public Apology, saying he wasn’t sorry at all and threw the blame at Kelly for what happened, accusing her of being the cause of all the trouble, provoking Kofi to walk on down to the ring. William Regal then making sure there wouldn’t be any trouble and announcing that they would meet next week for the Intercontinental title.

Raw – 26/5: The Intercontinental Championship match between Kofi & Cody, and with the referee down, Cody grabbing the belt to hit to Kofi. Kelly’s surprise return to steal the belt away from Cody, allowing Kofi to pick it up and use against Cody to help him retain the title.

Raw – 2/6: Cody demanding a rematch and getting one with Bischoff telling him it would be inside a steel cage at Vengeance, but it would be his final chance as long as Kofi is champion.

Raw – 9/6: Cody going to Kofi’s dressing room after a tag team victory for the Intercontinental Champion to wish him luck, albeit ungraciously at the King of the Ring.

King of the Ring – 15/6: Kofi’s Quarter Final match with Shelton Benjamin and Cody’s interruption, hitting a DDT to Kofi with the referee distracted to cost Kofi the match.

Later on and just after the match, Cody running in to Eric Bischoff and getting a grilling from the Head of Authority before Kofi attacked him from behind, leading to Bischoff telling them they would be signing the contract for their match at Vengeance the next night on Raw.

Raw – 16/6: The contract signing and Cody winding Kofi up deliberately by accusing Kelly of being a whore and goading them about the nature of their relationship before telling Kofi that he would be taking the Intercontinental Championship at Vengeance.

Raw – 23/6: Cody beating Kofi in six-man tag team action after a low blow and then mocking him after the bell, signalling that he would be wearing the gold very soon.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #6***

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Steel Cage Match
Kofi Kingston (c)
w/Kelly Kelly vs Cody Rhodes

Ending: Kofi picks himself back up and pulls a weary looking Cody Rhodes up with him, then whips his bitter rival in to the corner. The Intercontinental Champion runs in to the corner and jumps up to the second rope, then unloads with a series of hard right hands, getting a big pop from the crowd who count the punches. He nails Cody ten times and jumps down, then monkey flips the challenger out of the corner and down to the mat. The fans cheer Kofi once again, and despite hurting a fair bit, Cody picks himself back up, albeit slowly. Kofi’s back up and turns round to see Cody getting up. Kingston walks over to him and feeds him his leg before nailing him with a STINGING ENZIGURI!!. . . . . Cody just falls to the mat as the crowd continue to cheer Kofi, and with Cody laid out, the defending champion looks to end the match here and now, hooking both legs for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! Cody somehow gets his shoulder up to the astonishment of Kofi who sits up and stares in to the crowd. He then sees Cody starting to move around, and that prompts Kofi to get back up. He then walks over to the ropes in the middle of the ring and grabs hold of the cage, starting to climb it. He gets half way up it as Cody sits up, still blissfully unaware of Kofi’s progress.

Kofi gets closer to the top of the cage as Cody then stands up and sees Kofi getting very close to escaping. Cody runs at the ropes and jumps up on to the bottom rope and then the second to reach up and grab his opponent’s boot. Kofi seems surprised as he looks down and sees Cody there, and despite trying to hang on to the top of the cage, Rhodes is able to pull him down with Kofi’s legs landing on either side of the rope. The fans feel that and Kelly’s clearly concerned on the outside, and Cody takes full advantage of Kofi’s predicament by grabbing his head and ramming it in to the bare naked steel, not once but twice. Kofi falls to the apron as Cody lets go of him, but Cody doesn’t show any sympathy as he then drags Kofi away from the ropes and covers him, hooking both legs as the referee then makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kofi lifts his shoulder up off the mat, pleasing the Detroit fans in the process. Cody isn’t best pleased and doesn’t intend to stop there as he grabs Kofi by the head and drags him up with him. The challenger then holds on to the back of Kofi’s head as he runs at the ropes and shoves him in to the steel again. He’s not done there either as he grabs on to him by the tights with one hand and the back of his head as he then turns round and runs across the ring, then tosses him in to the cage once more.

Kofi hits the steel face first and just falls back down to the mat with the fans booing Cody as he looks down with a smirk on his face before looking in to the crowd and lifting his arms high up in to the air. Kelly’s disgusted, and even more so as her ex-boyfriend then blows a kiss at her and laughs about it. He then turns round and walks in to the corner, climbs up to the top rope and grabs hold of the steel to start making his way up it. The fans boo loudly as Cody tries to escape, but Kofi sits up and sees his opponent getting dangerously close to the top of the cage. Kofi gets up as quickly as he can and runs in to the corner, but Cody’s already at the top as Kofi jumps up to the top rope. Cody panics for a couple of seconds and just stares at his opponent, allowing Kofi the chance to catch up. He climbs up the cage and gets towards the top as Cody then lowers his legs over the other side, but Kofi pulls himself up to the top and reaches over to nail Cody in the head with a hard right hand. It stuns Cody, and Kofi then grabs him by the head and pulls him back on to the top of the cage. Kelly watches on with interest as Kofi then hammers him in the head again and then steps down on to the top rope while dragging Cody back inside before pulling him in to place to then shake the mat with one hell of a SUPERPLEX!!!. . . . .

The cheers ring out all around the arena as both men lie motionless on the mat, but it’s Kofi who comes to life first, and the Intercontinental Champion looks groggy as he lifts his head up and then reaches over to lay his arm out on top of Cody’s chest in going for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! Cody just, just gets his shoulder up as the referee’s hand came down for the third time. Kofi can’t believe it as he barely lifts his head up and gazes over at the referee with Kelly’s face telling pretty much the same story on the outside of the cage. It’s clear that Kofi’s body bore the brunt of the superplex too, and it takes him a while to recover. He then starts to turn round and crawl towards the door with the ref on the outside opening it up for him as the crowd gets behind him again. As he starts to get away from the centre of the ring, Cody comes round and lifts his head up, seeing Kofi trying to make his escape. Cody shakes off the cobwebs and crawls after him. Kofi moves closer towards the door and doesn’t realise Cody isn’t far behind him, and Rhodes then reaches out as far as he can to grab both of Kofi’s legs, holding on to them for dear life. Kofi in turn, reaches out to try and pull himself towards the door and victory, but Cody manages to hold on to him and then pull him away.

The ref shuts the door as a relieved Cody then lets go. Both of them then try and stand back up. They both struggle, but as they get up, Cody throws the first punch, but it’s blocked by Kofi. The champion then fires at his challenger with a couple of hard martial arts kicks to the gut. He follows it up by whipping the aching Cody in to the ropes and nails him as he comes bouncing back with a HIGH ANGLE REVERSE ELBOW SMASH!!. . . . . That gets another pop from the fans as Kofi gets right back up and then comes down on Cody with a DOUBLE LEG DROP TO THE CHEST!!. . . . . Cody could be in real trouble as Kofi shimmies round and makes another cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, Cody kicks out again. Kofi shrugs off the disappointment and picks himself back up to walk across the ring and climb up the cage once more. Cody sits up and panics as he sees Kofi climbing, but he hasn’t gotten far as Cody then rushes up to his feet and runs towards Kofi. He then reaches up to grab Kofi’s boot, but Kingston kicks him with his other to send him back pedalling. He climbs further up the cage, but Cody is right back on him and climbs on to the second rope and jumps up to nail Kofi in the back, halting the champion’s progress.

Cody then climbs up alongside him and grabs him by the head, then rams it in to the cage again. He tries to do it again, but Kofi blocks it and sends Cody’s head right in to the steel with such force that Cody falls back to the canvas. Kofi turns round and sees him trying to get back up, and opts to jump down himself. As Cody then turns round, Kofi grabs him by the arm and whips him in to the ropes, but as Rhodes hits them, he grabs hold of the top rope and stays right there, frustrating the champion who was going for a dropkick and falls in a heap on the mat. Cody smiles, liking what he sees as he then runs across and hits a POINTED KNEE DROP!!. . . . . Cody stands back up with Kofi doing the same. Cody has the advantage and grabs Kofi, trying to get him in to position for the CROSS RHODES!!!. . . . . Kofi pulls himself away quickly, stepping back towards the ropes. An angry Cody turns round and runs at his rival, but Kofi turns to the side, grabs him by the head and tosses him in to the cage head first. Cody falls back with Kofi dropping to his knees and rolling him up. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, kick out! They both make their way up, but as Kofi tries to pull Cody up from his knees, the challenger low blows him to a ton of heat from the crowd.

The ref can’t do anything about it as it’s well within the rules. Boos continue to deafen everyone in the arena, but Cody doesn’t bat an eye lid, grinning like mad as he looks in to the crowd on his knees. Kelly shakes her head on the outside, disgusted as ever with her smug ex-boyfriend. The fans continue to boo, and they get even louder as he slowly stands back up and walks towards the door with Kofi still writhing around on the mat. The ref on the outside opens up the door as Cody walks towards it, worrying the hell out of Kelly, who walks towards the door herself as Cody turns round and takes one last look at Kofi, smiling at the sight of him being helpless to stop him. But as Cody turns round, he sees Kelly by the door with the referee. He laughs and tells her to get out of the way, then walks up to her and says something to anger her, and she grabs the door, then slams it right in his face, sending him right down to the mat. The ref has a go at her but she doesn’t care at all as Cody joins Kofi in rolling around in agony. It takes a while for them to struggle to their feet, but as the dazed Cody turns round, he walks right in to Kofi and TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!!. . . . . The crowd rise to their feet as Kofi slowly crawls across the mat to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3!

Winner: By pinfall, and still WWE Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston @ 17.22.

Aftermath: “SOS” plays to a huge pop as Kofi sits up with a massive look of relief on his face. Kelly jumps up off the floor on the outside and then starts clapping as the ref standing next to her walks round to collect the Intercontinental Championship. He walks back round and opens the cage door to hand it over to the other referee, who then walks over and passes it to Kofi as he stands up, smiling more than ever. He gets his arm raised and lifts his title up with the other before then walking over to the door. He steps out and hugs Kelly who then asks him if he’s okay after. He nods slightly and they then walk towards the ramp as Cody comes round inside the cage. He sees Kofi & Kelly walking up the ramp as they turn round, and he doesn’t look happy at all. Kofi stares back at him with the Intercontinental title sitting proudly on his shoulder as Kelly claps again.

{Cut Backstage}

All three members of Evolution are stood in the production area with Batista psyching himself up for the big match coming up next. Ric Flair & Triple H are stood at the side of him with The Game looking very envious while Flair is almost beaming.

Ric Flair:
I know it came out of the blue Dave, but this is what it’s all about. You’ve got a chance t’ be the man right here right now, and big man, I know y’can do it. Make me proud.

Flair hugs Batista for a couple of seconds and pats his back as they pull away.

Thanks Ric, I won’t let y’down.

Flair smiles as he turns round to face Triple H, who stares directly at Batista with a look that could kill.

Ric Flair:
What the hell’s the matter with you? The least y’could do is be supportive.

The Game slowly turns his head towards Flair and gives him a similar look before turning back to Batista, still scowling.

Triple H:
Good luck.

After that ungracious message of support, he shrugs his way past The Animal and out of the shot, leaving Flair shaking his head in anger, but Batista doesn’t look bothered.

Ric Flair:
I can’t believe him. . .

Batista: . . . Seriously, it’s not a problem. I said after t’night we were through anyway. He can do whatever he wants and so can I, starting right now.

Ric Flair: Well, he might not be behind y’t’night, but I sure as hell I am. How would y’feel about me bein’ out there with y’when y’become the new WWE Champion?

Batista smiles, and it clearly means a lot to him.

Sure, absolutely. I'd love you out there with me, just old times.

Ric Flair: Come here big guy.

They hug again for a split second.

Ric Flair:
Let’s go do it huh?

Batista: Alright, let’s do it.

They walk off and out of the shot.

*Video Promo*
“Move To The Music” by American Bang

Images: CM Punk cashing in the Money in the Bank contract at Judgment Day, taking Shawn Michaels by surprise and hitting the GTS out of nowhere to become the World Heavyweight Champion, after Michaels’ victory over The Undertaker. Punk’s celebrations are then shown as well as his defeat of The Heartbreak Kid on Smackdown five days later to retain his title. The video ends with location shots of Punk posing with the world title belt before cutting to the poster below.

Voiceover: “One man’s crusade to become champion and fulfil a lifelong dream went according to his underhand plan, but as champion, life is far from a dream. . . With his back against the wall, he will have to fight for his life to hold on to what he holds dear at The Great American Bash. . . The Great American Bash comes to you exclusively live, Sunday July 13th on pay-per-view from the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York.”

{Cut to Ringside}

***The Main Event***

WWE Championship
w/Ric Flair vs Kane (c) w/Paul Bearer vs Randy Orton

Batista picks himself back up with Orton lying in wait, eagerly urging him up. As The Animal gets to his feet, Orton steps in to him and nails him with a forearm uppercut, knocking him off balance. The Legend Killer grabs Batista by the arm and tries for an irish whip, but it’s reversed, and as Orton comes back off the ropes, Batista sends Orton crashing in to the canvas thanks to a SPINNING SIDE SLAM!!. . . . . The fans like that, and The Animal hooks Orton’s leg, trying for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kane gets back on his feet to stamp on the back of Batista’s head, breaking up the cover. The Big Red Machine then pulls him up and whips him hard in to the corner pads. The WWE Champion then runs in at him and nails him with a strong clothesline. He backs out of the corner with Batista then staggering out and right in to a SIDEWALK SLAM!!. . . . . Kane takes the big man down, but he’s not done there. He returns to his feet and takes the short trip in to the corner where he climbs up to the top rope as The Animal struggles to his feet.

As soon as Big Dave turns round, Kane leaps off and connects with a FLYING CLOTHESLINE!. . . . . Both men hit the deck, but it doesn’t take long for the champion to stand back up. Just as he stands up, he sees Orton doing the same by the ropes and decides to run at his other challenger, but The Legend Killer reacts well and drives his boot in to Kane’s face. The force of the blue sends Kane spinning round and away from the ropes with Orton following up behind and sending the champion down to the mat after a CHOP BLOCK!. . . . . Orton stands back up and stomps away on the back of Kane’s left leg until he sees Batista back on his feet. Orton runs at him and knocks him back down with a clothesline before putting the boots to his fellow challenger’s chest. He turns back towards Kane who tries to stand up, struggling on his left leg to the smug satisfaction of The Viper, who then walks back up behind Kane and hits an INVERTED HEADLOCK BACKBREAKER!!. . . . . The champion’s in trouble as Orton then hooks his leg and goes for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

No, Kane kicks out of that one, not going down well with the intense Orton. The Legend Killer returns to his feet and watches Kane struggling to get to his. Orton then drops to his knees, stalking Kane seemingly for the RKO!!!. . . . . Orton bangs his hands in to the canvas, getting ready to explode, but as Kane gets up and Orton jumps up off the mat, Batista walks up behind him and shoves him in to Kane, sending both men down to the mat. The crowd cheer as Batista takes some time while both Orton & Kane try to get back up. Batista stares at both of them, alternating which one to go for, and as Orton gets up first, The Animal walks up to him. Orton catches him off guard though with a rake to the eye. He then turns round and runs the ropes, but as he runs back, Batista rips him in half with a SPEAR!!!. . . . . Batista can’t take advantage and go for a cover as Kane pulls him right back up and grabs him around the throat for a CHOKESLAM!!!. . . . .

The nervousness of the fans is obvious as they panic and scream out, but Batista kicks the champion in the stomach, forcing Kane to let go. The Animal then grabs him by the arm and whips him in to the ropes, then plants him as he comes back with a thunderous SPINEBUSTER!!. . . . . The crowd erupts as Batista stands back up and walks over to the ropes, then shakes them in a frenzy. Bearer looks extremely concerned as he watches on in his son’s corner, worrying for his title reign. The Animal turns round and lifts his thumbs up in, then puts them down to a huge pop as Kane sits up. Batista walks over to him and gives him a helping hand, placing Kane’s head between his legs for the BATISTA BOMB!!!. . . . . He then lifts Kane up in to the air and high above his head, but Orton is up on his knees behind Batista and throws himself across to chop block The Animal. Batista falls to his knees and then down on to his chest with Kane landing awkwardly on his back.

Orton & Batista are both hurting as they struggle back up, but Orton strikes with Batista unwittingly turning in to an RKO!!!. . . . . It’s over, Orton has it won. Batista is laid out in the middle of the ring, but Orton can’t take advantage. He’s still hurting, and it takes him several seconds before he’s able to sit up and crawl across to Batista and make a cover, hooking his leg as the referee drops to his knees and makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! Batista gets his shoulder up to the dismay of The Legend Killer. He can’t believe it as he sits up and stares down at Batista and then the referee. He then turns to see Kane making his way back up, and that gets Orton moving. He crawls across up and up behind the WWE Champion, and as Kane turns round, Orton leaps up for the RKO!!!. . . . . Kane counters though by pushing Orton forward in to the ropes, and as Orton comes back at him, The Big Red Machine grabs him around the throat and wastes no time in planting him with a CHOKESLAM!!!. . . . . Orton’s out and Kane drops down to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

No, Orton just gets his shoulder up, surprising the hell out of Bearer on the outside. Kane stands right back up and brings his arm across his neck, signalling the end is near. He then reaches down and drags the squirming Orton up before scooping him up on to his shoulder. He then tries to set him up for the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!!. . . . . There’s still some fight left in the former WWE Champion as he manages to slip to safety down Kane’s back. The frustrated Kane turns round and right in to an RKO!!!. . . . . Orton hit it! Orton nailed the champion with his finisher! He scurries across the mat and turns Kane over on to his back, then makes the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! Batista dives across on to Orton’s back just before the count of 3. Cheers break out in the stands as all three men remain on the canvas. It’s Batista who’s up first and Orton’s not far behind him, but it looks the wind’s well and truly been taken out of his sails as Batista then kicks him in the gut and pulls him in to his body.

The Animal then lifts his former Evolution team mate up above his head and brings him crashing down to earth with the BATISTA BOMB!!!. . . . . Flair gets carried away as he punches the air on the outside with Batista then crawling forward to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO! This time Kane breaks up the count with a last ditch despairing dive on to Batista’s back, saving Bearer from having a coronary, but Flair looks so stunned that he might have had one. Both the big men then struggle to get back to their feet, and Big Dave throws the first blow, but Kane blocks it. He then whips The Animal in to the ropes, but as the big man comes back off the ropes, he takes the champion down with a DIVING SHOULDER TACKLE!!. . . . . The crowd cheer again as they both pick themselves up, and as Kane walks towards him, Batista leans forward and lifts him off his feet to send his back forcefully in to the mat with a SPINEBUSTER!!. . . . .

That gets the crowd going, and Batista then lifts his thumbs up again, bringing an incredibly worried Bearer up on to the apron. Batista walks towards him, but Flair has it covered. He walks round and pulls him down, then lays him out with a right hand to another huge pop. Batista smiles down at his mentor before turning round and walking over to Kane. The Big Red Machine tries to get on to one knee, and The Animal gives him a helping hand. He drags him in to his body, setting him up for the BATISTA BOMB!!!. . . . . He gets Kane up in the air and nails it. The champion is helpless, Orton is only starting to come round by the ropes and the crowd are on their feet as Batista crawls forward and makes the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3!. . . . . It’s over despite a despairing lunge from Orton. We have a new WWE Champion!

Winner: By pinfall, and the new WWE Champion, Batista @ 19.40.

Aftermath: “I Walk Alone” blasts out to a deafening cheer inside the Joe Louis Arena. Batista leans back on his knees looking absolutely overwhelmed, nearly shedding a tear as Flair walks round to collect the WWE title belt. An extremely angry Orton sits up and stares across at Flair, who then climbs in to the ring and hands the title over to the new WWE Champion. The Animal stands up and raises it in to the air while getting his arm raised aloft by both the ref and Flair. Batista then hugs Flair before walking in to the corner and climbing up to the second rope to pose with the title, sending the Detroit crowd nuts. The huge smile on Batista’s face is in great contrast to the bitter look on Orton’s. The Legend Killer stands up and stares across at Batista for several seconds before stepping through the ropes with disgust as Kane rolls towards the ropes and under the bottom one, leaving Batista & Flair all alone. Bearer sits up on the floor and looks up at Batista, and he’s almost crying, shaking his head in disbelief. The Animal then steps down and walks across to hug an elated Flair one more time as the show then comes to a close.

{End of Show}


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Bradley's Vengeance Review

Hmmm, I feel you have put a little too much emphasis on the Evolution/Corporation feud for the opening 'video' and you have uncharacteristically left out subtlelty during the Batista/HHH interactions recently. On the contrary I feel you have booked the feud to perfection after it seemed to stagnate a month or so ago it recently picked up again. Just one last thing, a narrator/voiceover wouldn't say 't'night' he should be really clear when he is speaking IMO.

Nice to see Eric Bischoff become a 'scapegoat' if you will for Jeff Hardy's suspension- it gets Eric more heat and it builds up Jeff's return which is conveniently set for Summerslam...

Now on to the matches, on paper this seems like an absolute clusterfuck of tag teams which perhaps isn't needed and I would prefer it if you go down the traditional route instead of chucking everyone on PPV {this comment will seem ironic in about a month's time :P} but what I saw was great development. A few nice heelish moves spotlighted their personas very well and to have them dominate what was pretty much a jobber team was a nice move and it makes them long stronger as champions. The dramatic change to a 'proper' contest was utilised very well and it shows you can write different styles of matches- whether that was the intention is unclear but the contrasts certainly are effective. The ending of the second fall was a little ambigious, you made it seem like JoMo could have made it to the ring in time. Personally I hope you keep them as a tag team for a little longer but the seeds are firmly planted if you want to go down the breakup route. Two face teams in the final fall isn't something I am a huge fan of and the end seemed a little awkward with no real oomph to close the match. If anything it seemed like an anti-climax but I applaud you for putting the belts on Cryme Tyme and I am intrigued as to what you can do with them. Solid, if uninspiring, match.

A decent Miz and Morrison segment but Miz suddenly changed from intense to somewhat calm which threw me off a bit and it seems to me like Miz should be the kind of guy who hates losing. {correct me if I'm wrong} At least it keeps them in the frame.

For Batista to come out and say he doesn't get on with Hunter is really strong and maybe a little too forced. It seemed kind of like kids gossiping in a playground at one point but I absolutely loved the ending with Flair taking the reins and this is one of the most interesting feuds in BTB at the moment as it could boil over any moment. I see an element of Burnley/Blackburn in this feud, that's for sure!

I've got to be honest I expected more out of Kendrick/London. It's not a 'Mania calibre match by any means and it may have been affected by it being in recap but I didn't feel anything I just read a wrestling match that was laid out in front of me. I feel you could have played on the fact they hate each other after being together for so long and I think I only saw one instance of 'remembering' the moves which they could counter to show they truly know each other inside and out which would have made for a much more interesting match. The match was just a few big spots but it definitely showed off their talent but it seemed a throwaway match and as if as though you weren't motivated when you wrote this match.

Just a quick comment on JBL's promo. Very articulate with some very vivid images used but I feel that The Big Show should get some more time on the stick. Of course JBL is better on the stick but Show can be used effectively to get his point across by perhaps saying how he is going to destroy Evolution.

Ahhh, this takes me back to the days of your old thread where the matches were consistently of a good quality every show and the matches were always exciting with a good amount of substance. You have made a potentially uninteresting matchup to become something that more exciting and I particularly liked your usage of Natayla who seemed like a stiff, unforgiving bitch. While I was reading I picked up you using the word 'unbeknown' but I always thought it was unbeknownst. Not a huge fan of the finishing stretch as Natayla looked godly all the way through and was knocked off the rope and Melina pretty much steals the victory. I feel Natayla is a ray of light in the women's division and as such she should be the champion. Besides heels as champions make for more entertaining champions in my eyes and with Melina being champion it just seems so... bleh.

Kennedy's character seems really entertaining when he comes up against someone who personifies evil which is the case with Orton here. An added dimension from Bischoff with the announcement that the winner goes on to face Kane and it makes more sense for the two to go balls to the wall now. I hope Orton wins and interferes in the 6 man tag match so we can get JBL vs. Kozlov vs. Big Show vs. Kane vs. HHH vs. Batista vs. Flair. Pure joy! On to the match... The opening sentence has instantly got me hooked- 'lurking with menace' is Orton in a nutshell. Some nice meticulous pacing from Orton at the beginning of the recap and I am glad that he still used THE HEADLOCK, well technically the headlock backbreaker but I see no point in people moaning that Orton slows down matches because that is his freakin' character and you are certainly purveying that well here. Thank God the punt is out in force and actually an effective finishing tool as it were which can be used to end matches in an instant. There was a nice finishing stretch to wrap the match up with Kennedy coming out of the the match looking really strong after only being beaten by a quick RKO and being on the top for the majority of the end section. A fun match. I would like to see Kennedy have a fairly lengthy {for wrestling anyway} lay off which could lead to the blowoff at Summerslam- possibly in a street fight. Orton is going in to the WWE Title match looking insanely strong; anything but an {unlikely} win would be a disappointment for 'The Viper'.

Just a few comments on this feud. I am not liking that The Corporation, arguably the single greatest force in the WWE at 'Mania time have been reduced to a mere bynote in the feud between 'Tista and Hunter. Personally I feel there has to be a massive blow off match between the two teams at Summerslam otherwise it just ends with a whimper and this whole feud seems to be a catalyst for Batista/HHH which just seems weird. On to the actual match and I feel Ric Flair got a good amount of offense in which pleased me as normally he is treated as an afterthought by bookers. Show seemed a little ineffective in this match which worried me as he has become a shadow of the beast he once wad- maybe that's the direction you are going in but that's a direction that doesn't make sense. Slightly cliched moment between Hunter and Batista with the accidental tag but it gets the point across. An interesting twist with Batista getting the win and that is bound to cause more animosity between the pair. A decent match which was more storyline-orientated which is a good thing but a lot of feuds could be seriously screwed up if Batista wins the title- especially with one of the big four coming up.

Kofi being the quicker man in the match gives him a distinct advantage and it seems you are getting straight down to it by signalling that Kofi wants to escape but, despite his speed, wouldn't Kofi want to actually BEAT Cody rather than escape which could be seen as a chickenshit heel type of move. I did like the points where Cody was dominating the match like a good heel should. Following on from that point I didn't see too many dominating section from Cody and it was a bit too back and forth for my liking as the heels should be in top for the majority of the match in gimmick matches IMO and the ending was VERY cliche and meh but I liked the match but I just felt it could have been a little more enthralling like Kennedy/Orton was.

You couldn't make it more subtle between Hunter and 'Tista, could you? Flair's alignment is leaning towards Batista which will surely see a Hunter heel turn and I would like to see someone write a proper Hunter/Batista feud because I haven't seen one yet. A little concerned by the last line 'let's go and do it' /childish

Something that has come in to my head now, and it's quite a major flaw in your booking, is the building up of Kane. OK, Kane/Hardy was built up sufficiently but hardly set the world alight but now tonight is all about Batista, it's all about Hunter hell it's even more about Orton, Rhodes and Kingston than it is Kane. Not a mention of him really tonight or in the last few weeks against Jeff because the feud just seemed transitional and I am not sure whether it was a sudden change of heart or planned but it remains to be seen whether it has paid off. I won't go as far as to say Kane looked like a bitch in the match but he needed Batista's help to kick out of the RKO, he only hit one 'big' move and that was his chokeslam and he was even the one taking the pin at the end, hardly championship material? My big problem with this was the sudden change of Kane; he was kicking Orton and Cena's asses at the beginning of the year and he looked like a real force now his fire has seemingly dwindled. Hopefully I haven't got the wrong end of the stick here and this could very well be a 'phase' Kane is going through which may have storyline reasons but for me it just doesn't cut it. I see Batista doing a 'Kane' tomorrow night- his title win feels hollow and 'rushed' as it is and I see Hunter {hell possibly Flair as well who double crosses 'Tista- that could be interesting} interfering tomorrow night and costing Batista the title in the rematch. I don't know where Orton goes from here either.

Overall a solid, if uninspired show. There were some moments of pure brilliance {Kennedy/Orton, the women's match} but some absolutely baffling decisions {The usage of Kane and The Corporation} I certainly hope RAW and you, yourself, clean some of my queries up because Kane has left this show looking weak and Orton, after a big win, suffered a drop here and it seemed he was just there to make up the numbers. Ratings are subjective so I am not going to give you a rating and, besides, these words should give you more insight than a random number.

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw FlyinStyles Vengenace Review

Alright the card looks good, let's see if it lives up to the hype and more importantly who wins the belt

The tag title match was very good, IMO. The match for the final fall was a little slow but the Colons-Miz and Morrison part was great and Eugene and Goldust vs. Miz and Morrison was good too. I like Cryme Time but I don't think giving them the belts here makes much sense espacailly if they were going to beat the Colons for them. Once Miz and Morrison went out I was sure the Colons had it. Perez should've interfeared something should've happened. I'd have prefered Cryme Time to get the belts later on, in regular tag match. This seemss a tad rushed and having the Colons win just made a little more sense to me.

Morrison isn't that pissed? Miz is pissed though. Maybe a break up tease? We'll see, either way I hope they don't competely fall out of the tag title picture and get stuck with Eugene and Goldust.

Nice Evolution segment, I feel the break up coming, I think it happense in the match. Someone is gonna turn from within allowing Coperation to win but not joing Coperation I can feel it

Kendrick and London was kind of short you did a longer match on Superstars but still it was great, just great. I'm suprised London won because it seemed like you were setting up Kendrick for a nice singles push but it looks like London will get some kind of push soon. Great, Great match.

JBL is cocky as ever and he should I think tonight is the end of Evolution possibly because Triple H leaves to challenge Kane

Very good Women's Title match, Melina is the last person I expected to win, I wanted her too but I you can bet I didn't expect it. I thoguht Victoria would retain but Natayla had a shot. I guess with Victoria getting pinned it'll probably Melina vs. Natayla one-on-one for the title now. Good again though, not sure about the result

I love fucking Kennendy, a cocky face I love that kind of character and I could see him winning with a title shot on the line, I don't see the point of giving Orton a shot against Kane who's beat him like a bunch already. I also Triple H getting the pin after breaking up a pin attempt from Batista or something.

Orton vs. Kennendy was one hell of a match, Match of the night so far IMO, Orton wins ok, fine. He's on a roll, I actaully could see him being a transitional champion for Kennendy to beat at SummerSlam but I still think HHH or Batista will get the belt.

The Evolution-Coperation Match was very good, 3rd best so far which is on this card is great. Evolution obviously wins because you won't go with a three heel main event. Batista getting the pin is suprising so it looks Triple H will turn heel.

I see Batista winning the main event or possibly Orton with Hunter costing Big Dave but for now I think it's Batista.

Kofi vs. Cody was very good, finally a champ retained, you could see the hate between these two. Thrid best match between London and Kendrick and Randy-Kennendy Nice win for Kofi and the celebration with Kelly was great because I didn't want to see her turn on him. They're so good together...

Evolution segment, Hunter is pissed. It's good to see Flair isn't taking sides, I'm really thinking Batista wins now then fueds with Hunter. Either can't wait for the main event.

The main event wasn't bad, It wasn't great but it didn't have the best workers so it's fine. Good match Batista obviously wins. He celebrates with Flair so it's all good. He's going to fued with Hunter now, it'll be good. I like it even though it would make a tap more sense if Triple H had the belt but it seems like Kane is getting a little burried here either way I want to see the fall out.

Overall I liked the show, there were questionable booking desicions but the matches were great. Four very good match of the nights contenders it was a great show but some of the booking hurt it a tad. Either great show bro, I can't wait for the fall out. It can go anywhere from here. Orton vs. Kennendy was match of the night and that fued need to continue. Overall I'll say 8.5/10 it could've been nine had it not been for a few match results

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Vengeance Prediction Results

Matches – 3
Bonus Questions – 2
Total = 5/12
1 billion points are on their way to you Sir.

Rated-R Champ
Matches – 1
Bonus Questions – 3.5
Total = 4.5/12

Matches – 2
Bonus Questions – 2
Total = 4/12

Matches – 1
Bonus Questions – 3
Total = 4/12

Matches – 1
Bonus Questions – 3
Total = 4/12

Matches – 1
Bonus Questions – 3
Total = 4/12

Matches – 1
Bonus Questions – 2.5
Total = 3.5/12

Matches – 1
Bonus Questions – 2
Total = 3/12

Thanks to both Bradley & Flyin Styles for the reviews.

Originally Posted by Bradley View Post
Hmmm, I feel you have put a little too much emphasis on the Evolution/Corporation feud for the opening 'video' and you have uncharacteristically left out subtlelty during the Batista/HHH interactions recently. On the contrary I feel you have booked the feud to perfection after it seemed to stagnate a month or so ago it recently picked up again.
You're right. There probably was too much emphasis on their match than any other. I should really have included something about Orton/Kennedy & Kofi/Cody. However, if you look back there were more than just subtle hints about Triple H & Batista's problems in both the images and voiceover.

Originally Posted by Bradley View Post
Two face teams in the final fall isn't something I am a huge fan of and the end seemed a little awkward with no real oomph to close the match.
? The Colons have always been heels in the thread.

Originally Posted by Bradley View Post
Not a huge fan of the finishing stretch as Natayla looked godly all the way through and was knocked off the rope and Melina pretty much steals the victory. I feel Natayla is a ray of light in the women's division and as such she should be the champion. Besides heels as champions make for more entertaining champions in my eyes and with Melina being champion it just seems so... bleh.
The decision to put the belt on Melina was to bring out an even angrier side to Natalya. I teased the anger at the end of the match when she realised Melina had won. You'll see a lot more from Natalya in the coming weeks, mark my words.

Originally Posted by Bradley View Post
Just a few comments on this feud. I am not liking that The Corporation, arguably the single greatest force in the WWE at 'Mania time have been reduced to a mere bynote in the feud between 'Tista and Hunter.
True. There's a couple of reasons, and the Batista/Triple H feud is one of them. That will be the big storyline for the rest of 2008, and I had to do something with The Corporation in moving them on from this rivalry. They'll be a force again very, very soon. Don't you worry about that.

Originally Posted by Bradley View Post
Something that has come in to my head now, and it's quite a major flaw in your booking, is the building up of Kane. OK, Kane/Hardy was built up sufficiently but hardly set the world alight but now tonight is all about Batista, it's all about Hunter hell it's even more about Orton, Rhodes and Kingston than it is Kane. Not a mention of him really tonight or in the last few weeks against Jeff because the feud just seemed transitional and I am not sure whether it was a sudden change of heart or planned but it remains to be seen whether it has paid off.
I've been aware of the problems with Kane as champion for a while and I take full responsibility for them. The swerve has been planned for a couple of months, but all will be explained soon enough.

I also saw a comment about how if Batista won the title, a couple of angles would be screwed up. I didn't get that and I think it's clear a lot of his problems with Triple H lie with the WWE Championship, coming from Triple H's side.

There are going to be big, big changes after the next Raw which will help you and others understand the reasoning for some of the decisions you've struggled with. I'm not saying you're going to like them, but I've made some tough choices about what I want to do going in to SummerSlam. The direction I want to take Raw in meant I had to. I'm taking a risk I admit, but now I've planned each Raw up until SummerSlam, I'm very happy with how it's all worked out.

Originally Posted by Bradley View Post
I see Batista doing a 'Kane' tomorrow night- his title win feels hollow and 'rushed' as it is and I see Hunter {hell possibly Flair as well who double crosses 'Tista- that could be interesting} interfering tomorrow night and costing Batista the title in the rematch.
- Wait and see!

Originally Posted by Bradley View Post
I don't know where Orton goes from here either.
Onwards and upwards. He didn't do the job for a reason and I deliberately played on his reaction a fair bit too after the bell.


SummerSlam Poster Revealed

The WWE have today released the poster for the next joint pay-per-view offering, SummerSlam.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Vengeance Review

Decent enough start to the show I guess by having Bischoff clear up the situation to an extent, but it’s not going to start a PPV with a bang like you’d want. It was a brave decision to suspend Jeff Hardy and I can’t say I’m disappointed, but it was a bit odd how you brought him back and pushed him into the title scene, only to suspend him. It makes me wonder what will happen though and at least it clears up a bit of the confusion.

This was an entertaining match and the crowning of new champions makes it a great first match on the show. I don’t like the team of Goldust and Eugene at all and I don’t really know why you have them there, maybe it’s for comedy I don’t know but you have Santino for that, or maybe it’s just to add another team to the division. It was a decent enough first match though and gave a win to Miz and Morrison, which they needed before dropping the belts. It picked up once the Colon’s came in, some nice moves and counters which I liked and I especially liked the elimination of the champions as a clean win over them was great for the Colon’s. I expected them to go on and win it after that so I was surprised but pleased that Cryme Tyme won as I like them. The finish was nice and they also looked impressive in taking out all the team and Perez as well.
Decent little segment to get an immediate reaction from Miz and Morrison. I think it could’ve waited until Raw, but it seems like you’re starting a little tension between the two already. If so it was done well, making Miz look the more bitter, aggressive than the two with Morrison calmer and seeming like he accepts it. It’s obvious they won’t be taking the titles back but I expect their next loss will cause a further rift between them. I think a split is almost needed like it was for London and Kendrick, so it should be good to see.

I thought this segment was very good, you showed the problems between Batista and Triple H really well and I also liked the use of Flair as the peacemaker. The unpredictability of this is great as I could see either of them turning on the other, but I’m hoping something Batista does causes Triple H to turn on him as i’d love to see him heel in this thread. This really makes me want to see the match as well to see what happens with them, which is a good thing.

This was a decent match between London and Kendrick, I liked the pace of the match and there were lots of high-flying moves as you would expect from these two. You also did a good job of developing their characters as well by describing Kendrick as over confident and always smirking at the crowd which I liked. I was quite surprised that you gave the victory to Paul London as i thought Kendrick was in line for the push, but a surprise is always good and London has just as much talent. He could play a great underdog character too, but this isn’t good for Kendrick at all considering he’s just become a heel, so I’m a bit concerned as to where he goes from here so early in his heel run. I liked the ending as well with the counter followed by the 450 splash, that’s a great move to end it.

Solid interview with The Corporation here although all this focus on Evolution’s troubles makes it a bit obvious that they will pull together and get the big win. It was very well written though once again and he was perfectly in character, and you did right in only letting JBL talk. I liked the part about them finally pushing Evolution off the edge especially. Strong words and it only makes me want to see the big match even more.

Just like Kane, Victoria’s title reign has been quite disappointing to be honest so I’m quite happy that you had a change here. This would be a very good women’s match to watch considering who’s in it and you wrote it quite well, some big moves and it flowed really well. I didn’t like how easily Melina escaped from the Sharpshooter though as I think a move of that calibre should be harder to get out of, but Natalya was impressive in this. I liked the finish as the cover on Victoria as well as the focus on Natalya after the match almost establishes Natalya to be the next challenger, which should be a good feud but I expect you’ll have to get the rematch clause out the way first. I don’t like the WWE’s female wrestling normally but you do a great job in this thread of putting on great diva’s matches as well as keeping those who can’t wrestle away from the title scene.

Wow, you certainly raised the stakes for this one with what Bischoff said. Although I was unsure about why you did the whole thing with hardy this is really good booking. As although Kennedy/Orton has been an interesting feud it isn’t exactly a match that could be a classic so it increases interest in the match, but it’s even better for the Evolution/Corporation match with the rivalry between Triple H and Batista. The match itself was quite good, it was certainly unpredictable and exciting with the amount of reversals you included but you maybe overdid it on two missed Punt’s. This would’ve been one hell of an opportunity for Kennedy in the if he won but Orton has the main event status so I think it was a good decision for him to get the win, and it will make the main event more exciting as Orton is certainly capable of taking the title again in this thread. While the aftermath does wonders for Orton in making him look like the dangerous, out of control sort of character I have to wonder why you did this to Kennedy once again as a loss was bad enough for him.

By the way I want to say how well organised and clear the video recaps are on this show, it really helps before a match when you’re trying to remember everything that’s happened between them. It was a very good match, very enjoyable and well written brawl, and you handled the troubles between the Game and Batista well again with the little incident when Batista tried to cover. That’s why Bischoff’s earlier decision was so good, as it wouldn’t have made a difference who went for the covers if a title shot wasn’t on the line. The Corporation did look a bit weak though with The Big Show failing in going for the Chokeslam twice, and I don’t think you have made Kozlov look anything like a monster yet since his poor debut match on Raw, as he did nothing but get powerbomed here and it isn’t good for the credibility of their stable. The finish was well done however and the result certainly makes it interesting as it leaves a possibility for Triple H to turn and cost him which I would love, as I’ve only ever liked The Game as a heel. Batista/Orton/Kane doesn’t seem very attractive at all on paper, but I’m sure you’ll make it work.

Loved the Orton interview. It really felt like him with the intensity and the shouting, and with the Batista situation I’m sure you want Orton to also look like a credible challenger for the title later tonight, which this did.

Just looking at the video recap makes me think just how impressively you have booked this Rhodes/Kofi feud so far, and it’s done wonders for the both of them in making them look like stars on Raw. Putting them on this high up the card is also a good decision, really makes them appear like they are part of Raw’s elite. What an excellent match this was, I really enjoyed it with the drama of them trying to escape the cage, and I also liked how you described the emotions of all three throughout, such as Cody blowing a kiss to Kelly which was great. I think I would’ve liked a bit more wrestling but I guess the main aim is to escape, I also think you could’ve done some crazy spot involving Kofi from the top of the cage like a dive or something, that would’ve made it even more impressive, especially instead of the superplex which I felt could’ve been something more Kofi-like, such as a hurricanrana instead. The finish was brilliant booking, I was expecting something like this to happen to be honest as it would give Cody an excuse for his loss, but it was still well done and I liked how the door smash led on to the Trouble in Paradise. Very good match and probably my favourite so far, and I think the booking of the finish was spot on despite it’s predictability.

This segment was needed before the match to further show the tension between Batista and Triple H, and I liked the typically insincere “good luck” from The Game. I while ago I thought Batista would be the one turning heel, but if there’s a turn it looks like it’s going to be Triple H. Maybe Batista came across a bit too soft with all the “I won’t let you down” and all the hugging as I prefer Batista’s character a bit more intense and aggressive if you know what I mean, but I see what you’re doing by having he and Naitch almost split away from Triple H.

The main event was a good match, nothing really special but it wasn’t going to be with the guy’s involved. There was a lot of drama and excitement though with all the finishers and near falls, maybe it was a little too much though as it didn’t do a lot of the credibility of their finishers, especially Kane’s Chokeslam considering his title reign hasn’t been great so far. The finish could’ve been a bit better as it was quite straight-forward, and having seen the Batista Bomb being hit and attempted many times already in the night it didn’t have the same special feel about it, and I also think more attention should’ve been placed on Kane’s size as it almost seemed like he hit it with ease despite the weight. I’m not too disappointed that Kane’s reign is over as it hasn’t been great which you admit yourself, and although I don’t really like Batista I think it will be great for his potential rivalry with HHH, and I think a match between the two would be a good headliner for SummerSlam. The possible involvement from Orton would also make for an interesting situation.

Overall: I thought it was a very good PPV, more in terms of the booking for me though. You could question the usage of Kane once again and possibly Orton too, but I think the Batista/Triple H thing, the Cody/Kofi result and the other things were booked really well. I thought you handled the title match confusion situation pretty well too as although it would be risky to have a situation like that IRL it was unpredictable and fresh, and it also helped in raising the stakes for two of the matches before the main event. The Hardy decision still puzzles me though, as it makes me think that his whole feud with Kane - and possibly Kane’s title reign too - was just filler while you waited for the Triple H/Batista problems to unfold, and the WWE Title shouldn’t be used like that. There are lots of thing to look forward to now so I can’t wait to read Raw for the fallout.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW PreviewMonday 30th June 2008
Live From the Cox Convention Centre
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

>The Animal Topples The Monster<

The past weekend saw arguably the most chaotic 24 hours in recent WWE history as we saw Jeff Hardy, the number one contender for the WWE Championship at Vengeance suspended on Saturday night, leaving Eric Bischoff without a challenger and a main event. However, the Head of Authority dealt with situation accordingly last night and gave two men the chance to fight Kane for the WWE Championship. Moments before Mr. Kennedy’s match with Randy Orton, he announced that the winner of their match and the person who picked up the fall in the six-man tag team match between Evolution & The Corporation would compete in a triple threat match for the biggest prize in the business. Orton disposed of Kennedy before Batista somewhat controversially defeated Vladimir Kozlov to earn Evolution a huge victory and then going on to make it a night to remember by beating Kane to become the new WWE Champion.

In what’s been a difficult month for The Animal, he put his problems with Triple H behind him and now he is at the top of the mountain, not before getting involved in another bust up with his Evolution team-mate. During the six-man tag team match, it looked like The Game was in control of Kozlov when Batista made a blind tag, just like Triple H did to him on Raw last week. The tag last night saw Batista cop an earful from The Game, but it wasn’t long before he wrapped up victory for his team, earning the chance to become the WWE Champion for the first time. Moments before his date with destiny, it was clear there was still a great deal of tension between them, but will that be any different when Raw comes to you live from Oklahoma City tonight? After all, they won the battle against The Corporation, and how will JBL & Co react to the defeat? Make sure you tune in and watch the new WWE Champion comes home.

Kane wasn’t the only one who left Detroit without the championship gold they arrived. We saw Cryme Time capture the World Tag Team titles from John Morrison & The Miz in the Tag Team Turmoil match, in addition to Melina becoming the WWE Women’s Champion for the third time after emerging victorious in her triple threat match with Natalya Neidhart and the now former champion, Victoria. We’ve been informed that Melina will be in action tonight, as will the new tag team champions when they defend them against the former champions, Morrison & Miz. Will Shad & JTG be able to hold on to them, or will The Shaman of Sexy & The Chick Magnet reclaim them and make it a miserable night in Oklahoma for the boys from Brooklyn?

Another former champion will be looking to make a statement tonight but for different reasons. Ted DiBiase Jr was left shell shocked last Monday night when his father, The Million Dollar Man took back the Million Dollar Championship he gave to his son on his debut three months ago. The young pretender wasn’t happy at the time. Will that have changed in time for this week?

Randy Orton was one man who tasted both victory and defeat last night at the Joe Louis Arena, but he did settle the score in defeating Mr. Kennedy. That wasn’t enough for The Legend Killer as he punted his rival in the head after the match was secured. Will the disappointment of his failure to reclaim the WWE Championship override his satisfaction of beating Kennedy?

Kofi Kingston came through an incredibly tough battle inside a Steel Cage last night to retain his Intercontinental Championship. Although, Cody Rhodes won’t be too impressed with the contribution of his ex-girlfriend, Kelly Kelly yet again as she slammed the cage door in his face just as it looked like we might see a new Intercontinental Champion. It wasn’t to be however for Cody, and some might say he got what he deserved. It remains doubtful that he will be one of them though.

Paul London came out on top against his former friend and partner, Brian Kendrick last night in what was an extremely competitive match. Kendrick appeared to be very confident going in to their match only to be left disappointed by the bitter taste of defeat. Will his mood be any different tonight?

The working relationship between Eric Bischoff & William Regal appears to have improved as of late, but it does seem that Regal has been acting very shifty in recent weeks. Is there more to it than meets the eye?

>Confirmed for Raw Tonight from Oklahoma City<

World Tag Team Championship
Cryme Time (c) vs John Morrison & The Miz

The new WWE Champion, Batista will be in the building

The new Women’s Champion, Melina & Ted DiBiase Jr in Action

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hey Nige,

Sorry I couldn't get a review of Vengance up, didn't have enough time. Thanks for the points for winning the predictions! I promise I will be reading and reviewing raw!

Makin Cash, Getting Trashed

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hey, Nige. Really sorry about not getting you some feedback for Vengeance, life's been on the busier side lately, but I did read, and I was surprised by a number of things, the biggest of course being Batista winning the WWE Title.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what happens with Evolution now that Batista's the champ. It looks like it'll be Hunter that turns, but I don't think we can rule out a Batista turn until one of them is no longer considered face. A moment built up for weeks now, should be tremendous.

Now that the belts are off Miz and Morrison, I don't see them getting soon. I can see Cryme Tyme getting a good reign, and move on to The Colons as Miz and Morrison head into a feud with Goldust and Eugene.

Crazy stuff when the Million Dollar Title was taken back. Surely DiBiase's going to take out his anger on someone, someone important I imagine, as you're high on this guy, and want to get him over.

I really don't see Kennedy being done with Orton, and he could use a win to look all the more legitimate. Orton's win last night now makes sense, as we needed a heel in there, but Kennedy should still come out on top here.

I thought the feud between Kofi and Cody might be done, but you left the door open for it to continue, pun not intended. Still, Kofi's looking very good right now, and might need to move on to a new challenger.

London going over Kendrick was another surprise, I really thought the program was for Kendrick's benefit. A loss doesn't hurt him too much, though, and as you noted, he might want another shot, so I can see him getting it, and finally beating him.

Noting the relationship between Regal and Bischoff? Something big's going to happen.

Show looks stacked, Nige, definitely looking forward to it, and I'll do my best to get you some feedback this time around. Keep it up.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW ResultsMonday 30th June 2008
Live From the Cox Convention Centre
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

***Opening Video***
“Wanna Be Loved”

***Video Recap***
From Vengeance (Last Night)

>Eric Bischoff announcing at the top of the show that Jeff Hardy had been suspended and that he would be making a decision on who would be competing for WWE Championship later on in the evening.
>Just before Mr. Kennedy’s match with Randy Orton, Eric Bischoff came to the stage and announced that the winner of the that match and the six-man tag team match between Evolution & The Corporation would face Kane for the WWE title in a triple threat match.
>Randy Orton defeating Kennedy with an RKO and then punting him in the head afterwards, resulting in Kennedy being stretchered out of the arena.
>Batista making a blind tag on Triple H and setting up another argument between them before going on to pin Vladimir Kozlov and earn the final spot in the WWE Championship match later on.
>The triple threat match between Batista, Kane & Orton, ending in Batista defeating Kane with a Batista Bomb to become the WWE Champion and then celebrating with Ric Flair.

“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair was standing in the middle of the ring at the start of the show and asked everyone to stand up to welcome the new WWE Champion, introducing Batista in to the arena. The Animal, dressed in black trousers and a white shirt with a tie got a huge pop as he walked out to the stage with the WWE Championship proudly resting on his left shoulder. Flair clapped from the ring with a big smile on his face as Batista then smiled back at him before lifting his title up in to the air. The fans ate it up, and as he walked down the ramp, a series of pyro explosions went off with confetti falling too. Batista enjoyed it despite looking surprised and hugged Flair as he got in the ring. The Nature Boy told the fans to give it up for him, and they did just that. He then said that he’s always been proud of Dave and no more so than last night when he beat The Big Red Machine and became the new WWE Champion, resulting in another pop. He then handed the stick over to Batista, and the overwhelmed new champion said that he couldn’t believe it, the match, the title, the confetti, everything because it all came around so quick, not that he was complaining because it felt great to be the WWE Champion.

The crowd cheered again, but as it died down, Batista went on to say that things hadn’t been so easy with Evolution, well Triple H for a while and that now they wrapped things up with a win at Vengeance over The Corporation, but now that he’s got some gold to show off, things are looking up and he’s going to enjoy every second of it. He then thanked Flair for all he’s done, and even said he was grateful for Hunter bringing him back to Raw, because if it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t be standing in the ring as the WWE Champion. He then said he wished Hunter could be there, but someone did join the party, Kane & Paul Bearer. “Burned” played to a barrage of heat as they walked down to the ramp with Bearer looking very angry. He picked up a microphone from the steps as Batista & Flair stood alongside each other, watching them get in the ring. Bearer told Batista that the last thing he should be worried about was where his partner was. He then said that Batista got very lucky at Vengeance and that luck won’t be shining down on him later on. Batista & Flair looked confused until Bearer told them that it wasn’t the first time Kane had ever crashed a party, but that’s what he would be doing later on because he wasn’t going to waste his time waiting for his rematch, announcing that the rematch would take place later on, provoking a mixed reception.

Bearer moved on to say that for over ten years, people up and down the country have mocked Kane for previously only holding the WWE Championship for one night, but that the shoe was now on the other foot. He told Batista that he wouldn’t be holding on to the title for much longer and that both he & Kane are so sure about that, that if Kane was to lose, they would leave the WWE forever. That surprised the hell out of Batista & Flair and delighted the crowd. Batista then told Kane & Bearer that as much as he didn’t plan on things happening the way they have, he’s sure as hell planning to hold on to the title a lot longer than one night, and if that means they have to leave the WWE for good, then he was sorry because that’s exactly what was going to happen. Bearer shook his head defiantly, then told Batista he was wrong and that he’d see soon enough before telling him to enjoy his party while he could because his world was about to come crashing down on him. “Burned” played again to more boos as Bearer backed away, and then Kane followed with the now serious Batista & Flair looking right at them. As Kane & Bearer backed up the ramp, the camera switched to a shot (for TV viewers only) of a deadly serious Triple H watching in the back on a monitor while holding on to a travel bag, suggesting he’d just arrived.

{Commercial Break}

A Video Recap from Vengeance last night showed how Melina defeated Victoria with a leg-trap sunset flip powerbomb to win the Women’s Championship in the triple threat match that left Natalya Neidhart less than impressed afterwards.

The Opening Contest
Non Title Match: Melina vs. Jillian Hall

Melina was introduced as the new WWE Women’s Champion to a good reception before Jillian came out. In what was a fairly decent diva’s match, Melina retained fairly comfortably in the end after hitting an inverted STF, the California Dream. After the match, she got a decent pop again as she was passed her title, but Natalya stormed the ring and knocked her down from behind. Neidhart then went for the legs and managed to apply the Sharpshooter despite Melina trying to block it. Melina screamed and started to tap after the hold was applied for around ten seconds, but Natalya wouldn’t release the hold with the ref telling her to. Neidhart eventually did let it go several seconds later and stared down intensely at the hurt Melina.

Winner: Melina by pinfall.

Batista & Ric Flair walked through the back and into their locker room to be greeted by Triple H. There was a lot of tension in the air as no one knew what to say. Batista & Flair then walked in and let the door shut with Triple H then saying that he had something he needed to say. He apologised to them for being so caught up in his own problems with Vince & The Corporation and admitted that everything got way out of control. He then said that he shouldn’t have taken it out on them and also admitted that he shouldn’t have reacted the way he did after the battle royal. He appeared to be very humble and then said that he was very grateful to them for helping him out when they didn’t need to and that everything worked out because they won the war last night. He went on to say that if he couldn’t be the WWE Champion, he was just glad one of them is and that he was happy for Batista before apologising again and offering his hand out to him. The Animal smiled and shook, delighting Flair. The Nature Boy said he was glad they cleared the air and now everything was sorted, Dave could go on and beat Kane later on and that he could count on him and Hunter being out there to support him. The Animal didn’t look too happy with that and told Flair that he was happy they’ve cleared the air too but he wanted to go it alone against Kane and prove he deserves to be the WWE Champion. Flair and The Game turned and looked at each other, and Triple H then told him they understood but that they had to celebrate afterwards once he’s finished Kane off for good. Batista laughed slightly and said they could count on it.

{Commercial Break}

Match #2
Eugene (w/Goldust) vs. Ted DiBiase Jr (w/Maryse)

DiBiase was a whole lot more serious and was very aggressive. Eugene managed to unsettle him on a couple of occasions, and when it looked like he would hit the People’s Elbow, DiBiase rolled to the side. Both men stood up and DiBiase took him right back down with the Dream Street to get the win. Maryse was clapping on the outside in front of the announce table and had her The King staring at her. She turned round and looked disgusted with his puppy dog eyes. DiBiase caught on to it and left the ring. Maryse told him about it and he walked right over to Lawler. He told King to keep his eyes to himself and reminded him that she’s the Million Dollar Woman and well out of his league. Lawler held his hands up as if to say he was sorry when DiBiase half turned and then sucker punched him with a shot to the face, catching him around the top of the nose and eye. Lawler dropped to his knees as DiBiase smirked before turning round to walk off with Maryse. JR was asking Lawler if he was okay, but The King was complaining about his eye. JR then called for some help from the back as DiBiase & Maryse just turned back and laughed.

Winner: Ted DiBiase Jr by pinfall.

{Commercial Break}

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase was walking through the backstage area and towards the interview set where Leticia Cline was standing talking to a female production worker with a headset. Leticia asked him if she could have a quick word, and he said was he happy to. Leticia quickly wrapped up her conversation and asked DiBiase what he was doing there. The Million Dollar Man told her that after he failed to talk some sense in to his son the week before, he thought he’d try again since Ted Jr’s been ignoring his calls. Leticia then asked him why he took the Million Dollar Championship back from his son and what his reaction was to Ted Jr’s response. DiBiase said that one thing his son needs to understand is that he wants him to be a success as much as he does himself but the fact is he’s walking round like he’s some kind of big star when he’s not, and that showed in his reaction when he took the title back. He then told Leticia that it was in Ted Jr’s best interest and that he wants him to be a fighting champion that he can be proud of, using Kofi Kingston as an example for the way he gave everything he had at Vengeance to hold on to the Intercontinental Championship. He said that if his son wanted to be taken seriously, that’s what he’d have to do instead of acting like a spoiled kid all his life, because if he keeps acting the way he is, he’ll never be the star he thinks he is or wants to be. Ted DiBiase Jr then walked in to the shot along with Maryse, and he seemed amused by his father’s presence. He asked him if he was there to give him another lecture, and The Million Dollar Man told him he was if that’s what it was going to take to get him to see sense that he’s not the big star he’s pretending to be, reminding him he’s accomplished nothing and that he won’t until he shows some respect. That wiped the smile off his son’s face, and after staring at his dad for a couple of seconds, he then slapped him across the face. Leticia & Maryse couldn’t believe it, and neither could DiBiase Sr. Ted Jr told him he was lucky because he should have done it last week. He then walked off with Maryse as an angry Million Dollar Man turned round and watched them leave.

Back in the arena, Todd Grisham was sitting alongside JR at the announce table. They were going over what happened before the break with DiBiase sucker punching The King, and JR said that it appears Lawler has suffered some kind of injury to his eye. Grisham then added that The King told the EMT’s that he couldn’t see out of it. He & JR then wished him all the best when out of nowhere, “No Chance in Hell” hit.

It took the crowd by surprise, and they then saw Vince & Shane McMahon walk out to the stage. They’ve been absent for over a month after the attack by Evolution, and they sure as hell didn’t look in a good mood. They were then joined by the rest of The Corporation, JBL, The Big Show & Vladimir Kozlov, who all looked very serious as all five men walked on down to the ring. Vince got a microphone and said that with everything that’s been going on recently, he was going to spare the formalities and get right to the point. He said that regardless of the match at Vengeance, there is plenty of blame to go around and that one man in particular has more than his fair share of responsibility, that being the Independent Head of Authority, Eric Bischoff. Most of the crowd cheered his name, but Vince was in no mood to mess about. He said that Bischoff has failed in his role to be independent just like he (Vince) said he would, and then guaranteed that would no longer be the case as he had it on good authority that Bischoff would be fired later on in the night, generating a whole lot of heat in the arena. Vince carried on to say that it could be happening at that moment but it was a formality and that Bischoff had no room to complain because he had abused his power for too long, reminding everyone on that he & Shane were hospitalised for a significant amount of time because of Evolution and they went unpunished, but when the remainder of The Corporation retaliated, they were suspended for two weeks. He asked everyone in the crowd if he felt that was independent, but they shouted back “Yes”.

Vince said that was the response he was expecting but it didn’t matter what they thought because no one could save Bischoff. He then said that he didn’t just come out to talk about Bischoff, explaining that he & Shane were appalled at having to watch from their home, still recovering from their horrific ordeal as Evolution defeated the three men they entrusted to see the job through. He reminded everyone that when he & Shane were in the ring with JBL at Backlash, they were successful in beating Evolution, something the rest of them can’t say after the night before. Shane then asked to take the stick from his dad, and Vince gave it to him. Shane said neither of them had recovered fully and he thought it was best Vince didn’t get too stressed. He then turned his attention to the rest of The Corporation and said that Vince was right when he said there was plenty of blame to be thrown around, and that it’s not all down to Bischoff, explaining that Bischoff wasn’t the one who lost the match for them, it was Kozlov. Shane pointed and stared right at him as both JBL & Show turned their heads to do the same, both looking very serious. Shane then went on to say that his father has never accepted being second best and that it was because of Kozlov that they ended up second best to Evolution at Vengeance. Show & JBL then turned round and stood at either side of the Russian, not taking their eyes off of him as Shane then said that JBL & The Big Show share the same high standards and expectations as his father, and that they were just as irate as Vince at losing to Evolution.

Kozlov just stood there listening as Shane then told everyone that unfortunately for Kozlov, he didn’t speak a word of English and that’s what was going to make what was about to happen all the more satisfying for the remainder of The Corporation who don’t tolerate failure. He then stepped back and told JBL & Show to proceed. They then started pummelling Kozlov from either side with vicious shots to the head and body, pounding him down to the mat where they continued the onslaught. JBL then turned round and left the ring, leaving Show to put the boots to the Russian as JBL collected a steel chair and brought it back in to the ring. Show dragged Kozlov up and quickly sent him back down after a chokeslam as both Shane & Vince watched on callously. JBL then told Show to lift him up again and steadied himself with the chair in hand. Show did as JBL asked and dragged Kozlov to his feet again and then stepped back and let go as JBL then smashed him in the skull with the chair, sending Kozlov down to the mat in a heap to the twisted satisfaction of both Vince & Shane. Vince then pulled off his jacket and told Show to get him up again, which he did. Vince then asked JBL to give him the chair, and he handed it over to his father. Vince’s face was full of rage as he watched Show pull Kozlov up and then let go, allowing Vince to drive the chair in to the Russian’s skull one more time. Boos rang out as Vince furiously threw the chair down to the mat and stared down at the hit-man for several seconds before looking up again and ordering his men to the back. They then walked towards the ropes with Shane picking up his dad’s jacket and putting it back on him before they all left the ring to heat from the crowd.

{Commercial Break}

Eric Bischoff was in his office with William Regal, and the Head of Authority was raging, asking Regal what the hell Vince was talking about when he said he was going to be fired. It looked like Regal knew more than he was letting on as he told Bischoff he didn’t have a clue. Then there was a knock at the door and an angry Bischoff told them to get lost, but the door opened and in walked Linda McMahon, the CEO of the WWE. Bischoff turned round in horror and Regal laughed as Bischoff was then forced to apologise, referring to what Vince just said about his job. It then clicked and he asked Linda whether that’s why she was there, to fire him. She said that she was here to discuss a number of matters and she looked uncomfortable with Regal being there. She asked him if he minded leaving, to which he said he completely understood and told Linda it was lovely to see her again on his way out. Bischoff then flew right at her and told Linda that there’s more to what Vince said, but Linda cut in and said it was probably best she did the talking. She said that there had been a number of issues raised, mentioning that even though she doesn’t see eye to eye with her husband, he was still hospitalised, as was her son, Shane and her son-in-law, Triple H.

She then asked him how this was allowed to happen and how a handicap match he made last week would be deemed as being independent, something he was appointed to be. Bischoff said that it had all been blown out of proportion, saying that the handicap match last week was what had to be done, and that The Big Show probably weighs more than Batista & Triple H combined anyway. He said that was nothing and that the reason he suspended The Corporation and not Evolution was simple, because The Corporation had deliberately disobeyed him on a number of different occasions, including the night Vince & Shane ended up getting attacked when he banned from their arena and they showed up anyway. Linda then said that she believed he was doing a fine job of being independent, but said that he had to keep things controlled better. Bischoff looked puzzled and asked her why she was there if that’s all she had to say, telling her she could have picked up the phone to tell him that. She then said that she had to act on the information she received and hear his side of the story in person, which she said she was happy with.

Bischoff then cut in and asked her what she meant by information and if that meant someone had deliberately gone to her to get him fired. Linda’s face said all it needed to but she told him she couldn’t possibly say, really pissing Bischoff off. He stood there shaking his head angrily and Linda then said that she’d heard all she needed to, she would leave him to it and that he should contact her if he had any problems. He said he would, and as Linda left, a curious Regal walked back in. He asked Bischoff what she wanted, but Bischoff told him he didn’t want to know and stormed out. Regal couldn’t help but smile and then picked out his cell phone from a jacket pocket. He cleared his throat and then said “Hello, Mister McMahon”. He then told him that he had an update for him, telling him that Linda had just left their office and that Bischoff had stormed out, and that he assumed he’d been fired. After listening to Vince for a few seconds, he said that he agreed it was good news. He then told Vince it was his pleasure and put his phone away with a wide smile on his smug face.

Back in the arena, a distinctly ticked off Brian Kendrick was standing in the ring with his music playing. He had a microphone in his hand with Lilian Garcia and a referee in the ring with him. He said that at Vengeance, he was caught up in the biggest miscarriage of justice ever to take place in a wrestling ring because somehow Paul London managed to beat him. The crowd cheered, angering Kendrick even more. He said that London got lucky and that he was going to prove it by opening up a challenge to anyone in the back. He handed the stick back to Lilian when “Live For The Moment” blasted out to a huge pop as Smackdown’s Matt Hardy walked out to the stage, getting a huge reaction. Kendrick looked shocked as the bright-eyed Hardy walked on down to the ring with Lilian announcing him as Kendrick’s opponent.

Match #3
Matt Hardy vs. Brian Kendrick

Matt was lively from the get go and took the charge of the match after ducking a Super Kick attempt and hitting a Side Effect. From there he whipped Kendrick in to the corner, followed up with a clothesline and hung on to run out of the corner and take him down with a bulldog. He got up and waited for Kendrick to do the same, pouncing the moment he did to finish him off with the Twist of Fate. He got a big pop as he got his arm raised after the match and then posed for the fans before leaving the ring with a big smile on his face.

Winner: Matt Hardy by pinfall.

{Commercial Break}

Eric Bischoff was pacing down the corridor, still very angry after earlier on, and as he turned the corner, he walked right in to Randy Orton. The Legend Killer told Bischoff he’d just been looking for him and that he had something to discuss. Bischoff told him that whatever it was, he didn’t want to hear it. Orton told him he had to and said that since he beat Mr. Kennedy like he said he would, he wants back what’s his, the WWE Championship. Bischoff took a deep breath and pretended he was interested, then told Orton he was going to keep it brief for his benefit. Bischoff told him that he was lucky to get a shot at the title last night, and reminded him that he didn’t take it, making it the end of the story. He then told Orton that Kennedy was seriously hurt because of the punt after their match and that there’s a chance he might not be able to wrestle again. Orton told him that wasn’t his problem and that the title shot last night didn’t count as he’d already wrestled that night, then told Bischoff that he was owed the title shot Kennedy took away from him. Bischoff just got angrier and told Orton that he wasn’t owed anything and that Batista seemed to manage fine with wrestling twice in the same night. He then told him he had to understand that he wasn’t going to get another rematch and to call last night his rematch, because that was the only one he would be getting any time soon. Bischoff then said “if that was all” and walked away, leaving Orton steaming.

Elsewhere in the backstage area, Linda McMahon was walking down the hall towards the parking lot and was about to leave the arena when Shane McMahon ran up to her to stop her walking through the door. Vince McMahon then walked in to the shot, causing a bit of tension. Vince got right to the point and said it was good to see she had come to her senses and fired Bischoff, but she looked confused and asked him why he thought that. Shane then said he assumed that’s why she was there, but she said she had a talk with Eric to discuss a few things and that’s all. Vince asked if she was kidding, and we then heard a beep of a car horn. Linda said that she had something else to attend to and had to leave. She said her goodbyes to them both and walked out of the door. Shane & Vince then looked at each other, clearly not happy. Vince got his cell phone out and called someone then, who turned out to be William Regal. Vince said that they needed to see him right away and slammed the phone shut. The camera zoomed in on his extremely angry expression before fading out.

We were treated to another Video Recap from Vengeance where Cryme Time defeated The Colons to win the World Tag Team titles after The Colons eliminated John Morrison & The Miz, the champions at the time from the Tag Team Turmoil match.

Match #4
World Tag Team Championship: Cryme Time (c) vs. John Morrison & The Miz

This was a very aggressive match also with The Miz & Morrison fighting strongly to get their titles back, and the fans were right behind the new champions. It looked like we were going to see the titles head back to the former champions, but Morrison missed with the Starship Pain, allowing JTG to tag in Shad. Morrison also had the time to make a tag to The Miz, and from there, Shad took charge after a ferocious Samoan Drop. Morrison tried to come to his partner’s aid but Shad levelled him with a big boot, sending The Shaman of Sexy down to the mat. He was out of it by the ropes as Shad then tagged JTG again before they finished The Miz off with the G9 to retain their titles.

After they left the ring to a big pop, Morrison & Miz came to, both looking confused. Morrison walked up to Miz, who started yelling at his partner and then shoved him. Morrison kept calm until Miz shoved him again, this time it was harder. Morrison then reacted and drilled The Miz with a right hand to another big pop from the crowd. Shad & JTG looked impressed as they watched on from the stage with Morrison looking down angrily at The Miz.

Winners: By pinfall, and still the World Tag Team Champions, Cryme Time.

{Commercial Break}

Vince & Shane McMahon were walking through the back and arrived back at their finely decorated locker room, which was more like an office with leather sofas. JBL & The Big Show were sat on them but stood up and asked the McMahon’s if there was any news, but their angry expressions told the story. Vince told them that Linda didn’t actually fire Bischoff, provoking a shocked and forceful “What?” from JBL, who then asked his father what the hell was going on, saying he thought it was a sure thing. Vince then said he told Regal to come meet them and that he should be there any minute, and right on cue, there was a knock at the door and William Regal walked in. JBL was livid and yelled at him, asking him what he was playing at in telling them Bischoff being fired was a sure thing. Regal looked stunned and told them he thought he had been fired, explaining that Linda went to see him and he stormed out as a result. Vince then got right in Regal’s face and told him that he & Shane had just spoken to Linda, and she told them that Bischoff was very much alive as Head if Authority. Regal was stunned, but JBL was furious. He told Regal that he had a job to do and he failed, then said that had everything worked out, Regal could have been the GM and that they would all have been free of Bischoff running their lives, and then told Regal he went and made a mess of it. Regal apologised sincerely, explaining he thought that it would have worked, but Show cut in and said that it clearly didn’t. Vince then told Regal to get out and leave everything to them. Regal stood there in disbelief until Vince yelled at him again, which sent Regal off in a hurry. Shane then asked Vince what he was thinking, and the Chairman of the Board said that they need to get rid of Bischoff for good and that they couldn’t take any chances from now on.

The Main Event
WWE Championship: Batista (c) vs. Kane (w/Paul Bearer)
If Kane loses, he & Paul Bearer will leave the WWE

Batista got another huge ovation as he made his way to the ring, but Kane made life very difficult for the new WWE Champion. Bearer was very nervous on the outside despite Kane taking control of the match after sliding down The Animal’s back as the champion tried for a Running Powerslam. Kane shoved him forward and in to the pads, then caught him as he staggered out in to a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam. Kane continued to dictate the match, but as he looked to hit a Chokeslam, Batista fought free after kicking him in the gut, turning back and running the ropes to hit a Spear. The Animal then followed up with a Spinebuster, then looked to finish the match off, signalling for the Batista Bomb. The crowd went nuts while Bearer panicked in a big way. He jumped up to the apron, catching the referee’s attention, and Batista’s. The WWE Champion walked over to him with the referee, and as he did so, Randy Orton jumped the barricade and slid in to the ring behind them both. The ref told Batista he would deal with Bearer, and as The Animal turned round, Orton caught him with the RKO to a ton of heat in the area. Ric Flair & Triple H then ran down to the ring and scared off Orton, who left through the crowd as Bearer stepped down off the apron. Both Batista & Kane made their way back up with Kane trying for a Chokeslam and hitting it, but the defending champion kicked out at two with Evolution cheering him on from the outside. Kane then got back up and signalled for the Tombstone Piledriver, but as he tried to scoop his opponent up, Batista slipped down his back and shoved him in to the ropes. As Kane came back, Batista levelled him with another Spinebuster. The Animal didn’t waste any time in dragging him right back up to plant him with the Batista Bomb. The crowd went nuts as Triple H then blocked off Bearer, allowing Batista to make the cover and win the match to retain his title and send Kane & Bearer out of the WWE forever.

Triple H went round and collected the world title as Flair got in the ring to congratulate Batista. Bearer started crying on the outside, watching on helplessly as Flair and the referee raised Batista’s arms in the air. All smiles, The Game climbed in to the ring with Batista’s belt. He walked towards them with Evolution all smiles. The Game then was about to pass him the title but pulled it back. Batista & Flair looked confused before Triple H then drilled Batista right in the face with the belt. The music stopped and the crowd booed as Triple H stared down intensely at Batista, leaving Flair shell shocked. The Game then looked up and dropped the title on the champion with Flair begging for answers, and he got one in the shape of a Pedigree. The fans booed like crazy as Triple H got back up and looked down at them both as the show came to a close.

Winner: By pinfall, and still the WWE Champion, Batista.

{End of Show}

Quick Results
Melina df. Jillian Hall
Ted DiBiase Jr
df. Goldust
Matt Hardy
df. Brian Kendrick
Cryme Time
df. John Morrison & The Miz
df. Kane

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

FlyinStyles Monday Night Raw Review

Alright I'll be reviewing your recap shows different then I would the fully written ones just because I don't feel like I can judge the writing of a recapped thread. So basically the review will be just about the booking

The opening promo was interesting, first off it was good that you actaully made the WWE Championship look like a big deal because you did nothing with it when Kane had it. Flair introducing Batista was a nice touch, but Batista not being able to find the words wasn't. I know WWE books him that way but it makes come off as a pussy animal. I still think he needs to turn heel not Triple H, he just doesn't have the charasma to be face. Kane and Bearer putting their careers now the line? Well they're obviously going to lose so I'm interested to see if you actaully fire them.

Melina wins a squash, ok. You said she retained in the match but billed it as a non-title match so i dont get that. Natayla attacking her is fine. But where's Victoria in all this it seems like she's just an after thought and she doesn't give a shit

Triple H's apology I'm pretty sure is an act, it could last two or three weeks but it will end eventaully. Triple H will turn on Evoltion soon enough I guess keeping him face for a little longer is fine

DiBiase wins a squash against Goldust, finally Goldust is a jobber. What he should be. he attacks the king, ugh. I hope this fued isn't long lasting maybe just one squash for Teddy over King but this fued shouldn't last. Espacailly if you really do have "big plans" for him

Ted Sr. wants Ted Jr. to be IC champ interesting, so I'm guessing thats Kofi's next production, which I'm fine with, I expected his next to be Kendrick but DiBiase is fine. Then Daddy makes Ted his bitch, interesting, I'm wondering if you have a match between them down the road too. That'd be interesting

The return of the McMahon's ok...So Bischoff is out? I thought Vince lost his power he can't do that can he? I knew he had the thing with Regal but he can't fire Bischoff. Then they destory Kozlov, that's fine. I just hope Kozlov just fades down into FCW or gets released because if he turns face it will be pointless because it's not like he can cut a promo or anything. Nicely booked segemnt. Bischoff being gone intreagues me.

KK, the Bischoff is still the boss but he's on thin ice with Linda, by the way the one thing I don't get about every Linda takes Vince's power away angle and every thread has one. Can't Vince fire her or just plain divorce her? Seriously. I think Bischoff will lose his job soon to Regal. Vince will make it happen.

An open challenge from Kendrick, cool. I like it Matt Hardy I like it even more him winning is fine it seems like Kendrick is going to get a push or some worthwhile storyline. I actaully hope Matt comes on Raw more often just because he's going nowhere on Smackdown after his fued with Punk got scrapped.

Orton wants a title shot, ok. Bischoff tells him why he shouldn't get one. It seems like Bischoff is going to snap soon. I think Orton may get like a title shot on Raw and Kennendy will eff it up or something. But for now this is fine I like angery Orton it's cool.

The McMahon's meet up again if Linda is such a bitch and a pain and Vince's ass why can't he just divorce her and throw her out of the company. It seems like Regal is going to be GM soon, possibly Linda turning heel which would be something we've never seen before

Cryme Time gets the rematch out of the way. The Miz and Morrison break up wasn't hard to see coming after the PPv and it appears JoMo turns face in the process which is cool. I like it and it should be a good fued, I'm assuing they'll have a match at SummerSlam which ought to be good another good midcard fued for Raw.

So Coperation breaks their relationship was Regal before it even kicks off thats weird. By the way it's weird how the one night we should get Evoltion shoved down our throats like we normally do they aren't there. Too much McMahon's for one night

The Orton interfearence wasn't needed espacailly if it was just to draw out Evolution who could've just been there any way. Triple H's heel turn wasn't shocked I was a little suprised he killed Flair though. Any way good way to end the show so it looks like it will be Hunter vs. Dave at SummerSlam

Overall I've got to say it was a good show but there should've been more Evolution and less McMahons. Several good spots I really liked the Ted parts. Overall I'll say 7.5/10

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