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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

SmackDown! Feedback

Great opening, thought something like this would happen. I really liked Sydal being humble and shy about wearing the King gear, shows good character there, and I really liked that video promo from Shelton. He made a lot of sense, and I felt a little bad for him, actually, because he really made it out to be something he truly wanted. Great stuff there. My one and only qualm with this promo is that I don't think that Sydal and Shelton could pull off the mic work you gave them here. But this is BTB, so that's alright I suppose. Shelton's attack worked very well in getting him huge heat, definitely looking forward to seeing where this program goes.

I was hoping that Tazz would take some disciplinary action against Shelton, but he let him off the hook, just like that? Too easy. But regarding the Tag Titles and the champs and challengers, that Final Encounter Match sounds fun. I'm thinking that that'll finally be where the Masters take the belts, they've been put over too big for it not to happen. Otherwise, it'd look sort of like a waste, to be honest. Anyway, should be good. And Tazz, he always seems to be hungry.

Okay, so Jeter's mom is a whory cougar? Wouldn't have guessed, but I'm definitely intruiged with this development. I doubt this is a one-off deal, looks to be more like the start of an angle. Anyway, I was entertained, I liked it, looking forward to more. One thing though, but since the WWE and Jeter are American, I'm not sure if he'd call her 'mum'. Cultural differences, nothing big.

Good match to put over Dutt pretty big. Two very impressive moves that should help him get over. Jamie Noble coming back is a win, you know I'm a fan of the guy, although I'm of two minds of him reuniting with Kash. For one, I don't like Kash much and I'd rather have Noble on his own, but two, they do make a good tag team, and this could lead to Dutt forming a partnership as well for an exciting CW tag feud. Either way, this was effective, looking forward to seeing what goes down next from these guys.

Great promo by Jericho here, really enjoyed this one. Probably one of his best since coming to SD!, actually, and he's had some very good ones. It's like a semi-version of today's Jericho, but still has a bit of Y2J in there somewhere, I like it. I also enjoy the idea of having Punk vs Jericho, should be an awesome match that I hope leads into a program over the World Title, which I'm sure will also have 'Taker. Should be great, looking forward to that one.

This match I liked. Not so much for the wrestling, which was good on its own, but I really liked the story here. Jeter's mom taking an interest to Michael Shane throughout the match, and he seemingly being mutual with that? Man, that's going to add so much to the program. It's not how I thought Jeter's mom would be used, but now I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what what happens.

Michelle McBith was in true bitch character here, I applaud you for the realism. Now, with that said, this may indicate a heel turn against Mickie, although like I said, it could just be McBitch being McBitch. Anyway, this adds a new level of intruige to the match, should be fun.

The Chavo/Killings program continues, although I can't say I was much of a fan of this segment, especially Killings saying that Chavo hadn't paid his dues. Far from true, which is what he specializes in. The brawl being prevented was okay, adds feul to the fire for when we get to see them finally go at it, which could be soon, by the looks of it.

Not the best match here, but it served it's story purpose in furthering the feud, and better matches from these two. Cheap ending to piss Lashley off, and good enough showing for Swagger, even though the cowardly heel might not be the best approach for him. That might not be where you're going with him, but it seemed that way to me.

Awesome Edge interview to explain how Devine and Williams joined him against Christian. Their backstory made a lot of sense, although the one thing that I didn't particularly like was Edge making Christian out to be stupid and talentless. He's going to need to bounce back from that one. But aside from that, really good stuff here, looking forward to seeing Devine and Williams in action soon.

Damn! Brilliant segment, really loved this! This angle, with Shane going out with Jeter's mom, is definitely picking up some serious momentum, and has me looking forward to what goes on next. Brilliant stuff.

So, Gail's in as well? I suppose the division could use another credible face, as right now, it's just Mickie. Anyway, I wonder who Tazz's old friend was that got him in touch with her, if that matters. Anyway, I liked the match, wasn't clustered at all, and had some good action and development. I'm really intruiged by the Mia/Beth dynamic, I want to see them go at it. I was also somewhat surprised that Gail picked up the win here, although it makes sense to put her over strong on her return. Maria being gone first is the best move you could've done, and I'm wondering if this'll have some sort of backlash against Gail from the faces (McBitch springs to mind first over Mickie). Good stuff here.

Really enjoyed this confrontation between Punk and Jericho. I'm still wondering if having a heel/heel match is a good idea, but it usually comes down to execution, and so far, it's been executed well, what with Punk ditching him and the words exchanged here. Not expecting the match to be bad, either. Anyway, Punk looked strong in this segment, and Jericho, he also trashed Shawn Michaels, even though his target is 'Taker. Don't think that'll go anywhere, just something to throw out there for heat, I bet.

Matt vs. Shelton for the belt sounds awesome, although I don't see a title switch. It could benefit Matt, as he's not doing anything right now (you should really look into changing that, by the way), although with Sydal in the picture, I don't see the belt leaving Shelton on Superstars. Miz and Morrison on the show as well could be good, as long as it's not like what we saw on RAW previously.

I liked the prematch promo between these two, they've got the obvious chemistry that you've found and made your own for this program. Would like a Christian win, but I don't see it happening. Plus, giving the win to Devine and Williams would do a lot for them, without hurting Christian too much, due to the obvious numbers game against him. The match did just that, showcased them all pretty well, and protected Christian enough. I'm wondering when we'll see the only US-born in this whole thing, Tomko, get into the action, as he hasn't done much. Anyway, good stuff here, Edge costing Christian the win should make for some good heel-twisted promos.

As I thought, Jericho and Punk put on a great main event. Lots of fun action going on, good story as well, especially near the end in the Walls of Jericho. The one thing that I didn't like too much was Punk kicking out the Lionsault. I know it's been phased out as Jericho's finisher in favor of the Codebreaker, but I still like it as a finisher. 'Taker's appearance at the end was nice, the staredown with Punk does indeed imply a Triple Threat for the belt, which would be an awesome match. Good stuff here, sent the fans happy with the good guy triumphant.

Strong show here, Nige, a lot better than your last RAW. Again, Punk was awesome, so was Jericho, and the matches were fun. I was a little surprised at the lack of MVP, I would've guessed that he'd appear and make another claim for the belt, but I guess not. The Shane/Jeter angle has gotten a lot more interesting, and I'd definitely rank it up there in my favorite angles simply because of that awesome mom development. Gail Kim's return was also well done, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the Diva series, as well as what'll happen next in the E vs. C saga. All in all, very enjoyable show, proves why SD! is the best brand here in the ASR world. 8/10.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Just to point out that in the quick results at the bottom of the post it says that Dolph Ziggler defeated Hardcore Holly, rather than Tommy Dreamer. Whilst on the subject I've gotta say that I didn't like how you debuted him. The writing and his personality were dead-on, but it's just that it's the exact same gimmick and music from IRL. Otherwise though Nige I really enjoyed the debut of Superstars.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

FlyinStyles Superstars Review

It looks good Nige, it looks good. I'm going to review it, probably won't review Superstars much because I don't get into matches and I feel there is no need to review all matches, I may comment but probably won't review. But this is the specail debut with Flo-Rida, how can I resist?

Miz and Morrison promo was good enough saying they should be on the show because they are A Listers it fits the gimmick I like it. Nice job. Their opponents are Goldust and Eugene ok, I expected something invovling the Colons. But I guess Goldy and Gene are ok. I'm sure Cryme will be come invovled in some way shape or form.

Nice little match it kind of got a little wild at the end but it's fine. Goldust and Eugene win, ok it builds up Cryme Time which I think they needed becasue it really seemed like they were going to go down the road of the Colons getting a title shot so I think Cryme Time does need a little more build.

Hardy promo was good in character I never realized he didn't get a rematch with Shelton I forget you went straight into the fued with Punk that's cool. I see Shelton winning but I think Hardy will still look strong because I think he may be getting a push against Punk after the Smackdown where he teamed with MVP against Punk

Dolph Ziggler damn, I expect Empire to make there debut or someone like that. The promo was very very good, perfect character. Tommy Dreamer lost whatever he is nothing more then a jobbler in this thread. Good way to Ziggler over in a very good match

Nice Colon promo I think they should be in the tag title match I think they will get in. Just let me say though this show is going a little long for a Superstars. The real has three matches one interview or promo. You have three matches, a promo, two interviews, and a musical preformance. i think it would go over an hour IMO.

Main event was match of the night. I expect Shelton to win which is fine because I'm hoping for a Matt main event push basically because you set it up nice last week.

Overall the show was good, all the matches were good nothing wrong with any of the promos. It was a pretty generic Superstars expect it has a title match on it. Keep it up with Superstars. Good Show 8/10

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Superstars Feedback

Really surprised to see Goldust and Eugene go over The Champs, eventhough it did take some interference from CT. But a nice surprise and puts over Cryme Time more then anything so well done.

The Dolph stuff was really enjoyable with the good cocky heel promo followed up with defeating Dreamer who doesnt do much so it was a nice win for Dolph.

Benjamin Vs Hardy was a really good back and forth main event, with Hardy almost pulling off the victory but Benjamin squeaks out a win to retain. Very good title match, fitting to close superstars.

Overall 8/10, very good show I really enjoyed it.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Just thought Id Leave a Little Feedback.

Goldust and Eugene beating Miz and Morrison was a real size even though they had a little bit of help from cyrme tyme it was Rather amusing and I really liked it because it is something I think WWE might do.

Ziggler Promo was good. I did wonder when you would bring him up and to be honest I am glad that you did. he beat Dreamer who I am presuming that dreamer is no more than a Jobber now which Is good because I dont really like him anyway.

Benjamin Vs Hardy was a good match alot better than I had expected. I had a feeling that Benjamin would retain and I guess I was right but nonetheless it was a great match.


Brilliant show great matches and a good way to keep the story going. Looking forward to next weeks superstars if they continue like this!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW PreviewMonday 23rd June 2008
Live From the Wells Fargo Arena
Tempe, Alabama


Second Time’s A Charm? Forget The Third!
Jeff Hardy shrugged off the disappointment of letting an opportunity at the WWE Championship pass him by just 24 hours after his defeat to Kane at the King of the Ring to earn himself a second chance in just under a week’s time at Vengeance.

The Charismatic Enigma was one of over a dozen of Raw superstars who were involved in a Battle Royal last week in order to book themselves a date with Kane and the chance to become the WWE Champion, and it was Hardy that was standing tall at the end of it all.

He came so close at the King of the Ring to fulfilling his dream, but will he go one step further this time? Does the champion have something to say about that? Find out this week on Raw!

Trouble, Trouble & More Trouble For Evolution!
It’s become clearer and clearer each week that there is some growing tension within Evolution, namely between Triple H & Batista.

The Animal was MIA several weeks ago when Triple H & Ric Flair were left to fight the numbers deficit against The Corporation, leading to The Big Show hospitalising them both. We saw Batista’s sincerest apologies a week later, but it appeared that The Game had some trouble believing whether or not to trust his friend’s word. Fast forward a week and Batista was met by an uninvited guest at his home – Triple H. The Game questioned his daughter in order to find out whether she had in fact been ill the night he and Flair were attacked by JBL & Co. Batista was furious with Triple H, and his story of events was confirmed. He then went as far as to kick his surprised Evolution team mate out of his house.

Last Monday night saw Evolution back together for the first time since the parking lot incident, and we got a lot more than we bargained for. Each member of both Evolution & The Corporation were participants in the Number One Contender’s Battle Royal, and when it came down to three, Triple H & Batista were two of them. They worked together to eliminate The Big Show, but with the opportunity of a title match staring him in the face, Triple H shocked everyone, especially Batista when he stepped back and tossed his friend out of the match. The Animal was understandably shocked by The Game’s actions, and it threatened to boil over had The Nature Boy not tried to cool things down. With Batista furiously asking for an explanation from his friend, it caused a distraction that allowed Jeff Hardy to walk up behind Triple H and eliminate him from the match too.

Thing’s really did nearly break out control then as Raw came to a close, and we have to wonder just what their relationship is after this blow up. Tune in this week to see what happens in the next chapter of ‘Evolution’.

Kennedy Sends Orton A Warning!
Randy Orton’s quest to enforce retribution on Mr. Kennedy falls before him at Vengeance in under a week’s time, and last Monday night he showed his rival and the rest of the watching world just what lies in store when they meet at Detroit.

The Legend Killer was at his absolute best as he defeated a former nemesis in Rey Mysterio, showing everyone just how much he means business going in to Vengeance against the man he believes cost him the WWE Championship. However, despite being robbed of a title opportunity himself by Orton, Mr. Kennedy kept his cool last week when he surprised his Vengeance opponent after his victory over Mysterio. Kennedy entered the arena and told Orton that he’s happy to wait until Vengeance to get his hands on The Legend Killer, remaining very calm and extremely focused, just like his bitter rival.

With both men focused on the task in hand, who will get the upper hand heading in to Vengeance after this final roadblock in Tempe, Alabama this Monday night?

Put Up Time for Cody!
As Vengeance draws closer, so does Cody Rhodes’ final opportunity at the Intercontinental Championship. For months and months, Cody has been hell bent on taking the title he believes is much his as Kofi Kingston’s, and now his date with destiny inside the Steel Cage next weekend is just a matter of days away.

Last week we saw both men sign the contract that binds them together inside one of the most dangerous structures in the history of sports entertainment, but we saw Cody push his opponent’s buttons even further. The son of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes made all his previous comments about Kofi’s friendship with his former girlfriend, Kelly Kelly look polite as he dug deep with insults and extremely personal questions that infuriated both the Intercontinental Champion & Kelly. Eric Bischoff ensured that they wouldn’t tear each other apart by threatening to pull the plug on their match if they even thought about putting their hands on each other. Somehow Kofi restrained himself, but only just. However, this Monday is a different night altogether, and Bischoff has put both men on opposite sides of a six man tag team match.

With so much tension between them, will they forget about Vengeance and rip each other apart on Raw? It would hardly be a surprise!

Shad & JTG Looking to Steal Gold!
Cryme Time have been able to get under the skin of John Morrison & The Miz in a different way to Cody Rhodes has with Kofi Kingston, but they too have gold in their sights as they prepare to face the World Tag Team Champions at Vengeance.

Morrison & Miz didn’t have a great week thanks to the challengers to their titles, however after Raw last Monday night, they thought they had the last laugh. Earlier in the evening, Shad Gaspard & JTG took it upon themselves to ‘borrow’ some items of clothing from the champions’ dressing room. They then decided to parade them in the ring in front of the world with the help of two models, Goldust & Eugene. Understandably angry, the champs made their way down and demanded their clothes back. Cryme Time weren’t so forthcoming, but they did agree to let them have their stuff back if they could win it. Morrison stepped up and defeated Goldust, therefore claiming his and his partner’s clothes back.

They weren’t completely satisfied and decided to seek out Eric Bischoff, asking him to put a stop to Cryme Time’s antics. Bischoff didn’t give them what they wanted and made a title match between the two teams for Vengeance, but that wasn’t all. He also asked them to be at the debut show of “WWE Superstars” this past Saturday night where their good fortune turned, courtesy of guess who? That’s right. Shad & JTG stuck their noses in their rivals’ business, costing them a tag team match against Goldust & Eugene, leaving them irate. The Colon Brothers were also on hand, and they stated their frustration at not being included in the title match at Vengeance.

Carlito & Eddie Colon said they were going to make sure they would be involved, but with the match already made, what can they do? Could the World Champions’ battle become even harder yet? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to watch Raw this week, live from the Wells Fargo Arena in Tempe.

Challengers To Collide!
Melina & Natalya Neidhart have had their problems for a while now, and as both challengers to the WWE Women’s Championship approach their triple threat title match, they will go at it just six days before Vengeance this Monday night live on Raw.

Both Melina & Natalya have locked horns with Victoria in recent weeks, and last week, Melina defeated the Women’s Champion with Neidhart playing a big role in the victory. Natalya had her sights on Melina, but her fellow challenger dodged the attack, and Victoria just managed to. It was too late as Melina was able to capitalise and pin the champion, something Natalya couldn’t do a week earlier when Melina was the special guest referee. Melina slapped her rival in that match, allowing Victoria to pick up the win with Neidhart distracted.

Will Melina’s good luck continue heading in to Vengeance, or will Natalya bring it to a grinding halt? Victoria surely won’t be too far away, and having lost out to Melina last week, she might have something to say herself.

Kendrick Puts London in the Line of Fire!
Brian Kendrick has apparently been busy in making life difficult for his former friend and tag team partner, Paul London ahead of their upcoming match at Vengeance.

A few weeks back, London was disqualified in a match with Kendrick, leading to their pay-per-view match being made, but the incensed Kendrick made sure London was on the wrong end of someone else’s aggression last week. Rumour has it that Kendrick was the one behind Eric Bischoff’s decision to make the match between London and Kane last week that saw London put up a fight against the WWE Champion despite it ending in defeat.

The two of them will join Kofi Kingston & Cody Rhodes in six man tag team action this week when Kendrick joins forces with Rhodes & the Million Dollar Champion, Ted DiBiase Jr to take on London, Kingston & Rey Mysterio in what should be an incredibly entertaining match just six days short of Vengeance.

Ted DiBiase Jr was looking to the future last week in his mission to become the number one contender for the WWE Championship. However, he couldn’t follow up his impressive victory over Finlay the night before at the King of the Ring through in to the Battle Royal, where he claimed he would do something his father couldn’t and become a world champion. The Million Dollar Champion will be in action again this week, but he will he be able to back up his ever increasing ego?

Eric Bischoff & William Regal have managed to co-exist over the last couple of weeks after their highly publicised problems, but is everything as rosy as it seems? You never know with these two men.

Confirmed for Raw This Week!

Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Paul London
vs Cody Rhodes, Brian Kendrick & Ted DiBiase Jr

Melina vs Natalya Neidhart

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

More Jeff/Kane goodness should be fun. Solid stuff so far, even in last week's show which I didn't really like much.

Definitely looking forward to seeing what happens with Evolution. It's all coming down around them, and it's making for great drama.

The Orton/Kennedy feud has been booked well, making both guys look very good. Wonder what's going to happen here to put the feud over the edge for their big PPV match.

You know how big I am on the Cody/Kofi program, and I'm hoping for one last big moment before their match at Vengeance. That six-man tag looks very good as well, should be a very fun match.

You also know that I wasn't the biggest fan of that segment last week that lead to the making of the Tag Titles Match, but I'm still expecting a good match at the PPV. Hoping nothing like that is seen here, maybe a little more focus on The Colons would be good.

Victoria's been somewhat secondary in this program, with most of the attention being on Melina and Natalya. So that might signify a title switch at the show, but we could get an indicator of otherwise on this RAW. Looking forward to it.

There's lots of good storytelling to be done in the six-man tag, especially in the London/Kendrick feud. London should also get a good showing to undo what happened to him last week.

DiBiase is pretty damn awesome, and I can see big things in store for him in the future. Looking forward to seeing what happens next with him, and also with Bischoff and Regal. Those two have had some very intruiging stuff lately, just waiting for things to explode between them.

Show looks promising, Nige, I'll be reading and checking it out.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW ResultsMonday 23rd June 2008
Live From the Wells Fargo Arena
Tempe, Alabama

***Opening Video***
“Wanna Be Loved”

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

The Battle Royal to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship at Vengeance, with Batista & Triple H combining to eliminate The Big Show, leading to Triple H taking his Evolution team mate by surprise by eliminating him. The minor confrontation between Batista & The Game is shown with Ric Flair trying to cool things down, only for Jeff Hardy to walk up behind Triple H and eliminate him to the amusement of JBL & The Big Show. Kane’s entrance to the stage and exchange of glances with Jeff at the end of the show is then highlighted.

{Cut Inside the Arena}


“Longhorn” plays to a chorus of boos inside the Wells Fargo Arena as a white stretched limousine enters the arena by the side of the stage. The chauffeur steps out of the vehicle and walks to the back, then opens the door with JBL stepping out to a ton of heat. He has a big smile on his face, and as he steps away from the door, he’s followed out by Vladimir Kozlov & The Big Show. All three men are dressed in suits as they make their way to the ring all smiles, apart from the typically stone faced Kozlov. JBL walks up the steps first and collects a microphone in the process of while entering the ring. He’s joined by Show & Kozlov, who stand either side of the surprisingly upbeat JBL.

Now, I’m sure you people are bemused as t’ why we’ve decided t’ grace you with our presence on this fine evening. However, if you show me the courtesy of shutting your mouths for just a short period of time, I will give you the explanation you so desire.


JBL: I don’t expect anything less out of you people, but the cold hard fact is no one, and I mean no one is going t’ ruin this moment for us. And if you’re sitting there wondering as to what moment I’m referring to, then allow me t’ refresh your stagnant memories.

JBL turns to face the tron, and it brings up the ending of last week’s battle royal with Batista & Triple H eliminating The Big Show, followed by The Game backing away from the ropes and tossing his Evolution team mate overboard. It continues to show the events of Batista looking confused and angry at Triple H, seemingly looking for answers until Jeff Hardy walked up behind The Game and eliminated him, then leading to an exchange of words between Triple H & Batista with Ric Flair stepping between them to diffuse the situation. We then return to the ring with JBL & Show chuckling, and even Kozlov cracks a smirk.

See, despite our M.O. failing last week to ensure The Big Show was rewarded with the title opportunity that he deserved having already being robbed by Evolution, we stand before you t’night as if we succeeded. . . I can understand your confusion given the fact we’re in a state that mocks its own idiocy, and even though we weren’t successful in achieving what we set out t’ do last week, the end result was far greater than we could have expected. . . For weeks now, we’ve suspected that there may well have been some personal issues developing within Evolution, but last week, they weren’t just suspicions. . . Evolution threatened to blow up in front of the entire world.


JBL: It wasn’t difficult to anticipate your blindness or naivety given your affection for those three sorry individuals, but their problems were there for all t’ see. In fact, The Nature Boy himself told us all what we needed t’ know. . . Triple H and Batista hate each other’s guts.


JBL: Whether you like it or not, the facts are there all t’ see. The panic on Ric Flair’s face demonstrated the desperate struggle it will take t’ see Evolution survive this difficult time, and the mere realisation that the evolution of such that you’ve all come to love and support is coming to an end exceeded any objective we set involving the WWE Championship. Prior t’ that, there was only one objective, one goal we’ve been fighting for what now seems like a lifetime. . . the culmination of Evolution, and last week we saw it without having t’ lift a finger.

*Tons of Heat*

JBL: You can deny it all you want, it’s not going t’ change the fact that Evolution is no more and that The Corporation have completed the greatest triumph in the history of professional wrestling by permanently. . .

“The Game” blasts out to a massive pop in the arena as an irate Triple H storms down the ramp, pulling his shirt off in the process with The Corporation members just laughing in the ring. Ric Flair then runs out from the back and manages to get in the ring as Triple H gets right in JBL’s face, with JBL just grinning and enjoying the moment. Show & Kozlov pull JBL back as Flair steps in front of The Game, trying desperately to calm him down.

Hun’er, I’m glad you’re here as I have a question that’s been eating away at me all week. . . Your bitterness and anger is there for all t’ see, just like last Monday night when you stabbed your partner in the back and just missed out on the opportunity t’ become the WWE Champion this weekend, but I have t’ know the answer, and I want you to be honest, not just for your own sake, but for Evolution and all these fans. . . What are you more angry about Hun’er? The fact you stabbed your long time friend, Dave Batista in the back just for the possibility that you could become the WWE Champion once again, or because that possibility swiftly became an impossibility?. . . See Hun’er, I think you value the WWE Championship more than you do your friendship with not just Batista, but the so called greatest of all time too. If I recall correctly, it was you that once said you’d stab your own mother in the back if it meant you could become the WWE Champion. Well we saw proof of that last week, and I’m one hundred percent confident in saying that you couldn’t care less about how you threw away your friendship with Batista, and that the reason you’re as irate as you are is you somehow hold him responsible for even daring t’ ask you as t’ why you did what you did. But the fact is Hun’er, I know why you did what you did and why you’re so desperate t’ hit me right now. It’s because you’re the most selfish son of a bitch in the entire locker room.


JBL: You might cover it up for the benefit of all these idiots, but the truth is there for all t’ see. The only person Triple H cares about is Triple H. T’ HELL WITH BATISTA. T’ HELL WITH RIC FLAIR, AND T’ HELL WITH EVOLUTION BECAUSE ALL THAT MATTERS T’ YOU HUN’ER IS YOU.

JBL then turns to each side, laughing with Show & Kozlov, but as he turns back, Triple H drills him with a right hand, knocking him down to the mat, resulting in a huge pop. Show & Kozlov instantly go for him, but Flair gets involved too with a fired up Triple H hammering away at The Big Show, but Kozlov soon overpowers Flair and sends him down to the canvas. The Russian Assassin then helps out his Corporation team mate with JBL also getting up to join in on a three-on-one mugging of The Game, but “I Walk Alone” blasts out to another rip roaring cheer from the Tempe faithful. “The Animal” Batista charges down the ramp and slides in to the ring, taking Kozlov down with a clothesline as the Russian charges at him. JBL tries his luck and runs in to a spinebuster as Show tosses Triple H to the mat. Batista runs at him first and takes him down with a spear, and the giant rolls under the bottom rope to the outside as JBL & Kozlov do the same. Batista pulls off his shirt and throws it out of the ring as the crowd goes nuts. He ignores Triple H and circles the ring with Flair also back on his feet. He asks Naitch if he’s okay as The Game starts to sit up when Raw’s Head of Authority, Eric Bischoff walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand.

Eric Bischoff: WHOA, WHOA, WHOA. . . THAT’S ENOUGH.

Triple H stands up behind Batista & Flair as The Corporation members start to get to their feet on the outside, with all eyes now on a serious looking Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff:
Gentleman, this simply has t’ stop, and as of Vengeance, it will. . . See, you could call it a blessing that not one of you won the battle royal last week, as a whole new opportunity has presented itself. That being that this Sunday night at Vengeance, we settle this once and for all. And the only way t’ do that is simple. It’s going t’ be JBL, The Big Show and Vladimir Kozlov, The Corporation competing in a SIX MAN TAG TEAM MATCH AGAINST EVOLUTION.

*Huge Pop*

That’s met quite well amongst Evolution with Batista & Flair turning and smiling at each other, while Triple H looks pleased at the chance to get his hands on The Corporation, who remain more low key about it.

Eric Bischoff:
But don’t worry, that’s not all as we have t’night t’ deal with first.


Eric Bischoff: Now, the way I see it is there’s still something not quite right. I’m talking about how a few weeks ago, Triple H and Ric Flair found themselves defenceless against three men who shall remain nameless in the parking lot, and then found themselves in a local medical facility. . . See guys, there’s just something about that I’m not all that comfortable with. I don’t think the two week suspension was enough, but now I think I have a solution. All we’re gonna do is have ourselves a little role reversal in that ring t’night. And what I mean by a role reversal is a handicap match.

*Big Pop*

Eric Bischoff: Show, you had the numbers on your side that night, but not t’night. You’re gonna be all on your own when you take on Triple H and. . . No, I’m sorry, it’s not gonna be Triple H and Ric Flair, because I’m gonna allow Evolution to do the talking for themselves t’night. From where I’m standing, Evolution looks alive t’ me, and t’ prove it to everyone, later on t’night, you’ll be facing Triple H and Batista.

*Massive Pop*

The Corporation members are irate, with JBL banging his hands against the apron as Batista & Triple H turn to look at each other, not totally sure of how to react after recent events. Flair likes it, smiling and clapping as “Line in the Sand” plays to another big pop with The Corporation staring angrily in to the ring as Bischoff turns round and walks to the back. Batista & Triple H still look at each other, tension filled as we go to the commercial break.

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{Commercial Break}

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{Cut Backstage}

Eric Bischoff & William Regal are in their office, with Bischoff walking round while Regal sits on the sofa when Carlito & Eddie, The Colon Brothers walk in to the room along with Eric Perez. The Puerto Rican collection look very serious, as do Bischoff & Regal.

Eric Bischoff:
What, is knocking a dying art or somethin’?

Carlito: Huh?

Eric Bischoff: Doesn’t matter, but what does matter is why you’re here. So if you care t’ let me in on it, maybe I can do something about it and send you out o’ here with a smile on your faces.

Carlito: ‘Kay, since you mention it, we wanna know how it is we don’t get a shot at the tag titles an’ Cryme Time do. How many times ‘ave we gotta embarrass ‘em boss t’ get a shot huh?

Eric Bischoff: Y’know what? You’re absolutely right. Why should it just be Cryme Time t’ get a title match at Vengeance? . . . So you know what I’m gonna do? . . . . I’m gonna add somebody else to the mix. A certain duo that beat the champions on Superstars Saturday night. . . Goldust and my nephew, Eugene.

Carlito & Eddie Colon: Huh?

Eric Bischoff: You got a problem wit’ that fellas? . . . You know, I can’t say I’m surprised, but y’can’t say they didn’t earn it.

Eddie Colon: You have t’ be kiddin’ right? Those two are more of a joke than the. . .

Eric Bischoff: . . . Than the what? . . . Look, I’ll tell y’what. I’ll make it interesting alright. . . This Sunday at Vengeance, we’re gonna have ourselves a tag team turmoil match, with the tag team champions, Cryme Time, Goldust and Eugene. . . and you two. How’s that for ya?

Carlito: A’ight, dat’s cool.

Eric Bischoff: Great, then we’re all happy, and I’m even gonna throw in a little extra for t’night. . . We’re gonna take one of each team t’ compete in a fatal fourway match to give us a preview for Sunday.

Carlito: No problem boss, you won’t regret it.

Eric Bischoff: Good, I’m glad. Now if that’s all, y’can leave.

Eddie Colon: Thanks Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: You’re welcome.

The brothers are a lot happier as they turn round and leave the room with Perez. Regal looks surprised by Bischoff’s mood and stands up.

William Regal:
Are you okay Mister Bischoff? You seem a little. . .

Eric Bischoff: . . . A little what?

William Regal: You don’t seem to be yourself. That’s all.

Eric Bischoff: Well maybe that’s got somethin’ to do with Evolution and The Corporation tryin’ to tear each other apart. . . again.

William Regal: I have to ask Mister Bischoff if making a handicap match for t’night is such a wise idea. It could be seen as some, and most importantly, the board as not being independent, which you’ve been asked to be.

Eric Bischoff: T’ hell with that. The Big Show’s gonna get what he deserves for what he did in the parking lot a few weeks ago. If the board have a problem with that, then fine. . . Now, I have some other business to attend to. I guess you can look after things for a while?

William Regal: Yes, absolutely.

Eric Bischoff: Right, then I’ll see you later Regal.

Regal nods his head at Bischoff, who then leaves the room looking a little flustered. Regal reaches in to his pocket and pulls out his cell phone, then looks through for a moment before putting it to his ear.

William Regal:
I think I’ve found a solution. . . Yes that’s fine. I’ll meet you there to discuss it after the show. . . Oh please Mister McMahon, it’s my pleasure.

Regal smiles widely as he then puts his phone away.

{Cut to Ringside}

***The Opening Match***

Melina vs Natalya Neidhart

ENDING: With Victoria watching on from the announce table, Natalya reaches down and pulls Melina back up to her feet. She then drives her boot right in to Melina’s stomach, forcing Melina to lean forward, clearly in pain, allowing Natalya to then pull her in to a gut wrench grip. Neidhart then lifts Melina’s feet up off the mat and connects with a GUT WRENCH SUPLEX!!. . . . . Melina tries to lift her head up but can’t as Natalya then calmly shuffles forward on her knees to cover her opponent while staring straight ahead at the impressed Women’s Champion as the referee counts Melina’s shoulders to the mat. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Melina lifts her shoulder up, but as the referee indicates the two count to Natalya, she just continues to stare at Victoria, who glares right back at one of her challengers at Vengeance, showing Neidhart she’s not intimidated by her. As Natalya then leans back on her knees, Melina tries to sit up and rolls over on to her side. Natalya regains her focus and slowly makes her way back up to her feet, followed by an uncomfortable looking Melina. Neidhart tries to grab her by the head, but Melina pulls her head back and hammers with a forearm shot to the face, and another. The crowd start to cheer, and with Natalya slightly off balance, Melina kicks her in the gut and turns back to run the ropes.

As she comes back, Natalya comes to life and tries to hit a clothesline, but Melina ducks underneath the outstretched arm of her opponent, and as they turn round in a hurry to face each other, Melina kicks her in the gut and plants her with a SINGLE ARM DDT!!!. . . . . That could be all, and with the crowd cheering her on, Melina turns Natalya on to her back and hooks the leg for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Neidhart just lifts her shoulder up to the disappointment of the crowd. Melina shakes off the disappointment and stands back up, then urges Natalya to do the same. Slowly, Neidhart sits up and attempts to stand back up, looking very groggy as she turns in to Melina’s grasp and a spin kick to the gut. Melina then takes advantage of her dazed opponent by hitting a HEAD SCISSORS TAKEDOWN IN TO A FUJIWARA ARM BAR!. . . . . Natalya looks to be in trouble as Melina builds up some momentum, and once again she attempts to get back up. Melina makes it back up, and she tries to help Natalya up too, pulling her up from her knees, but Neidhart shoves her away. Melina then walks back across and kicks her in the gut, then whips her in to the corner. As she then runs in at her, Natalya steps out of the corner and to the side as Melina runs right in to the pads. She staggers out, still facing the pads as Natalya slips in behind her, grabs her around the waist and plants her with a BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX!!. . . . . She holds on desperately with the referee rushing down to his knees to count Melina’s shoulders. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Melina kicks out, just!

The match must continue, much to the frustration of the intense Natalya. She stands back up and immediately bends down to pull Melina up too, grabbing her around the waist and lifting her up by her side, then brings Melina’s back down on to an outstretched knee for a thunderous BACKBREAKER!!!. . . . . Natalya just smirks as Melina lets out a scream, but she’s not done. She stands back up and walks round to Melina’s legs. She then lifts them up and locks in the SHARPSHOOTER!!!. . . . . Turning Melina on her to back, Neidhart has her in a world of trouble, but with the crowd willing her to get to the ropes, Melina tries to fight the hold. She gives it everything she’s got as Victoria watches on with interest with Melina holding on for dear life just off centre of the middle of the ring. Natalya applies the pressure, desperately trying to get Melina to tap, but she holds on and tries to drag herself to the ropes. She manages to pull herself across the mat, and she gets even closer with Natalya starting to look concerned. With the fans now showing her strong support, Melina gives it everything she has lift inside her, dragging herself closer and closer until she gets within touching distance. As the crowd will her on, Melina reaches forward with every last breath in her body to grab the bottom rope, setting off a huge pop inside the arena. Natalya looks livid and keeps the hold locked in with the referee then telling her to let it go, but she won’t. He then starts a count and gets to five with Natalya still refusing to let go, giving him no option but to call for the bell.

WINNER: Melina by DQ @ 5.44.

AFTERMATH: The ref pleads with Natalya to let the hold go as Melina is announced as the winner, but Neidhart doesn’t budge. We then see Victoria stand up at the announce table with the title belt in her possession. She walks over to the apron and slides in to the ring, dropping her belt in the process. She makes her way across to Natalya and pulls her off of Melina. Neidhart is furious and shoves the champion away, not going down too well with Victoria. The Women’s Champion then walks back over to her as they go to face to face, staring right in each other’s eyes with Natalya slapping her right across the chops. Gasps ring out from the stands as Victoria then reacts furiously by nailing her with a right hand, generating a pop. Natalya tries to throw one back, but Victoria blocks it and kicks her in the gut before planting her with the Widow’s Peak. That sets the fans off again as Victoria picks herself back up and walks off to pick her belt up while Melina sits up by the ropes, looking shocked at what’s gone on. She looks curiously at Victoria as the champion walks across the ring and climbs through the ropes to jump down to the floor below. She then walks up the ramp with her game face on, and as she gets to the top of the stage, she stops and turns round, then lifts her belt up in to the air with both hands as Melina and a drowsy Natalya look on.

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{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***
During The Break

Mr. Kennedy is shown arriving in the arena, dragging his travel bag when Randy Orton runs up behind him and knocks him down to the floor. The Legend Killer then backs away, stalking Kennedy as he tries to get back up. Orton then runs at him and goes to punt him in the head, but Kennedy pulls his head back. Orton turns round right away with Kennedy trying to get up from his knees, but Orton shoves his boot in to his face. He then pummels him with continuous stomps to the back for a good ten seconds when Orton steps back and then kneels down to get in to Kennedy’s face.

Randy Orton:
Let that be a warning for what’s gonna happen t’ you at Vengeance. . . There’s no way in hell, you can or will beat me. . . Not only am I gonna beat you, I’m gonna finish your career.

Orton slowly stands up with a sadistic smile on his face as a couple of officials turn the corner and see Kennedy squirming on the floor.

Official #1:
What’s goin’ on here?

Orton just smirks at them and walks away.

Official #2:
I’ll go get some help.

The first official walks over to Kennedy and kneels down to check him over.

Official #1:
Ken, can you hear me?

Kennedy looks hurt but pissed as he looks up at the official.

Official #1:
Hold on, we’re gettin’ you some help okay. Don’t worry.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #2***

JTG w/Shad vs Eugene w/Goldust vs
w/Eddie Colon & Eric Perez vs John Morrison w/The Miz

ENDING: JTG hammers away at Morrison as Eugene & Carlito remain on the mat. Morrison is sent back pedalling in to the ropes, and JTG quickly grabs him by the wrist and whips him in to the opposite set of ropes. As Morrison comes back off the ropes, JTG runs out to meet him and connects with an impressive DIVING LEG LARIAT!. . . . . The crowd like that and show their appreciation as both men return to their feet with JTG up first and running in to the corner. He climbs up to the top rope as Morrison then turns round to see his opponent coming through the sky at him and falls victim to a DIVING CROSS BODY!!. . . . . JTG forces Morrison down to the mat, landing on top of his chest as he then reaches to the side and grabs one of Morrison’s legs for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, Carlito dives across and clubs JTG on the back to stop the cover. All four men then try to stand up, and Carlito looks to get ahead of JTG, but his right hand attempt is blocked by the Cryme Time member, who then nails Carlito with a forearm and quickly follows up with a NECKBREAKER!!. . . . . Carlito could be in trouble, but before JTG can make a cover, Morrison is back up and stomps across him across the back of his head, and then his back until Eugene walks up behind The Shaman of Sexy and spins him round.

He then drills Morrison with a right hand, and then another. JoMo is dazed as Eugene then whips him in to the ropes, and he nails Morrison as he comes back with a BIG BOOT!. . . . . The crowd cheer as Eugene then imitates Hulk Hogan, going to all four sides of the ring, asking to hear them. He then turns back to in to the ropes, but The Miz reaches out and grabs his foot. Eugene stops and turns round, then points down angrily at The Miz as Morrison picks himself back up and shakes off the cobwebs. The Miz protests his innocence, and as Eugene then turns back round, he panics as he sees Morrison back up. He runs out at him, but Morrison jumps up and nails him with a SPINNING WHEEL KICK!!. . . . . JTG looks to be getting back up, catching Morrison’s attention, who then stands back up himself and runs in to the ropes. As he hits them, he springboards and turns round to smash JTG in the side of the head with an ENZIGURI!!!. . . . . The Miz punches on the air outside as his partner then scurries across the mat to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! JTG just got his shoulder up to the amazement of both The Miz & Morrison. The referee confirms the two count as Morrison sits up and stares at him in disbelief while Shad looks relieved in his partner’s corner. Carlito starts to stir, catching Morrison’s attention.

He then returns to his feet and runs past the standing Carlito in to the ropes, and he springboards once again, looking for another enziguri, but Carlito ducks his head and steps forward. Morrison manages to land on his feet, but Carlito turns round quickly to plant Morrison with the OVERDRIVE!!!. . . . . He got all of it, and he rushes to make the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, shoulder up! Morrison survives with The Miz looking on the verge of a stroke on the outside. Carlito then stands up and walks over to pull Eugene up from his knees. He then whips him in to the corner and runs in at him immediately, but Eugene lifts his boot up in to Carlito’s face. It raises a cheer from the crowd as Carlito then staggers out of the corner clutching his face, and Eugene follows him out. He then grabs Carlito by the head and brings it down to his side before running forward in to the opposite corner, looking to hit a BATTERING RAM!!. . . . . Carlito manages to hold back and shoves Eugene forward in to the ropes forward in to the pads. He hits them chest first and staggers out of the corner with Carlito then walking up behind him and then connecting with THE BACKSTABBER!!!. . . . . JTG is back on his feet, but the ref doesn’t see him as he’s behind him, and Eddie Colon reaches inside and pulls JTG out of the ring, allowing his brother to hook Eugene’s legs for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Carlito by pinfall @ 5.51.

AFTERMATH: “Cool” hits to heat from the crowd as Eddie & Eric Perez toss JTG in to the steps with Shad then rushing round to check on his partner as Carlito is then joined in the ring by his brother and their mutual friend. Morrison sits up looking frustrated, and The Miz is equally annoyed on the outside as he shakes his head. Eddie gives his brother a hug, and Carlito gets a pat on the back from Perez as they all raise their arms together with The Miz, Goldust & Shad all angrily watching on from the outside.

{Cut Backstage}

Leticia Cline is standing by at the interview set.

Leticia Cline:
Joining me at this time is Brian Kendrick.

The camera zooms out and reveals Brian Kendrick standing next to Cline, and he’s very relaxed with a big smile on his face.

Leticia Cline:
Brian, in six nights, you’ll be taking on your former friend and former tag team partner, Paul London at Vengeance. With so much history between you, how are you feeling about that match?

Brian Kendrick: I honestly wish we’d done it a long time ago. We all knew from day one who the star of that team was, and since you weren’t here then toots, I’ll give a clue. . . you’re lookin’ at him. Paul should be thankin’ me for lettin’ him tag along on the ride we had, and there’s no doubt it was one hell of a ride. But y’know what? . . . Did he thank me?. . . No, not once, and I bet he don’t wanna thank me for hookin’ him up for his match wit’ Kane last week either, but he got what he deserved for tryin’ to rough me up. You saw that right?

Leticia Cline: In fact I did, yeah. I’ve never seen him like that.

Brian Kendrick: Y’need a whole other word for angry. He crossed the line and got disqualified that night, but there weren’t no danger of him doin’ that to Kane last week right? That just showed that I was the brains of the team t’ set that up, and all I have t’ do Sund’y is pick up whatever pieces Kane left for me t’ show that I wasn’t just the brains of the team, but I was the team.

Leticia looks stunned, and Kendrick doesn’t know what’s going on. He then turns round and sees Paul London, a deadly serious Paul London in fact, standing right behind him and staring right at him. Kendrick’s not so calm right now and doesn’t know what to say as a quiet but intense London stares right through him. He then walks past a bemused Kendrick, who just turns round and watches him walk down the hall.

{Commercial Break}

Mr. Kennedy is being checked over by a medic in the back. He hops up off the bed and on to his feet as Eric Bischoff walks in.

Eric Bischoff:
What’s the news doc’?

Medic: He’ll be fine. . .

Mr. Kennedy: . . . You’re damn right I’m fine. Unlucky for Randy.

Medic: I meant fine for Sunday. You took some hard shots t’ the spine. You’re best off taking it easy ‘til then.

Eric Bischoff: You heard ‘im. I’ve put Orton in a match anyway for later on. Like the doc’ said, rest up and make sure you’re good t’ go Sunday night.

Mr. Kennedy: Sorry Eric, but unless y’want me t’ lie t’ya, I just can’t do that. It’s about time Randy gets what’s comin’ to ‘im.

Kennedy shrugs past Bischoff and walks out of the door with the Head of Authority not looking too happy.

Eric Bischoff:
Here we go again.

Medic: Are you gonna stop ‘im?

Eric Bischoff: From goin’ after Orton? . . . Na. . . Thanks anyway doc’.

Bischoff turns round and walks out of the room.

{Cut to Ringside}

“It’s All About The Money” blasts out to a big pop inside the Wells Fargo Arena as “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase walks out to the stage. He smiles briefly before walking down the ramp and in to the ring, collecting a microphone from Lilian Garcia in the process.

Ted DiBiase Sr:
Now, I wanna be perfectly clear that I’m not here t’ waste time t’night, it’s just this is the only way I’m gonna be able t’ talk t’ my son, who of course you all know as Ted DiBiase Junior.


Ted DiBiase Sr: Yeah, that’s pretty much the reason I’ve tried endlessly t’ get him t’ listen t’ me when I call him and leave a message, but the fact is he doesn’t wanna listen to a word I say. . . I came out here a few weeks ago and stood up for ‘im because I thought he’d seen the error of his ways, but it’s become quite clear that’s not the case at all. He’s still walkin’ round like he’s some kind o’ big star without a care in the world. And last week, he even took a pop at his old man. So son, you’ve left me no choice but t’ do this the old fashioned way. I want you t’ come down here right now so we can talk this out man t’ man.

The Million Dollar Man lowers the microphone and looks up to the stage, but there’s no sign of his son. After about five seconds, that changes and “Priceless” plays to heat from the fans as the Million Dollar Champion, Ted DiBiase Jr walks out to the stage with the glamorous “Million Dollar Woman” Maryse alongside him carrying his title belt. DiBiase Jr doesn’t look very pleased at all as he slowly walks down to the ring, dressed in black pants and an expensive looking leather jacket on top of a white shirt. He steps in to the ring and looks angrily towards his father, then walks past him to collect a microphone before walking back in to the centre of the ring to face his dad with Maryse shaking her head disapprovingly at her boyfriend’s father.

Ted DiBiase Jr:
What’s this in aid of dad? There’s no reason for you t’ be here. If you hadn’t noticed, I took care of business at the King of the Ring and beat Finlay, one of the toughest men in this company. What does that say huh? . . . I don’t need you fightin’ my battles for me, and I think it’s pretty obvious that I don’t need your advice.

Ted DiBiase Sr: With all due respect son, I think you do. Yeah you beat Finlay at the King of the Ring. Yeah he’s a tough competitor, and yes it was your first real battle in the WWE. You stepped up t’ the plate, but son you have t’ realise all y’did was beat a fifty-year-old man, albeit a tough one, but the way you’ve been talkin’ ‘bout it, you’d think you’d won the WWE Championship. And if I’m not mistaken, you didn’t win the battle royal last week or come anywhere near close to gettin’ a shot at the gold did ya? In fact, the only reason you’re a champion right now son is because I handed it t’ you on a plate. You didn’t earn it like Jeff Hardy has earned his right t’ be the number one contender, and the sooner you realise y’have t’ work your ass off in this business t’ get t’ the top, the better. ‘cause let’s it face, so far you’ve not really done anythin’, and the only way that’ll change is if y’pull your head out o’ y’ass and do somethin’ about it.


Ted DiBiase Sr: The only reason you’re here t’day is because of me, not some god given talent, but because I worked my ass off all my career t’ get in the WWE Hall of Fame, and right now, you’re throwin’ it back in my face. If it weren’t for me Teddy, you wouldn’t be here actin’ like a spoiled brat. So, I’ve decided t’ do somethin’ about it for your own sake, t’ make y’see that the only way you’re gonna be a star in this business is by hard work, and I wanna let y’know, I don’t really wanna do this, but it’s the only way son. . . I’m takin’ back the Million Dollar Championship.

*Big Pop*

Ted DiBiase Jr: YOU CAN’T DO THAT.

Ted DiBiase Sr: That’s where you’re wrong.

Ted Jr just watches as his father steps forward and takes the title out of Maryse’s hands to a big cheer from the Alabama faithful.

Ted DiBiase Sr:
Believe me son, it’s for your own good. Y’wanna be a star, now’s your chance t’ go an’ prove it to me, these people, and more importantly, yourself.

Ted DiBiase Jr: Y’know what? . . . Fine. Take that title, I don’t care. It doesn’t mean anythin’ anyway does it dad? It was just somethin’ you bought yourself, just like everythin’ else you had in your career, ‘cause you knew you didn’t have what it took t’ be the WWE Champion, unlike me.


Ted DiBiase Jr: No, hear me out, it’s the truth. Why d’ you think he’s here anyway? . . . He’s jealous, and the only reason I took that title in the first place was ‘cause I felt sorry for ‘im. . . So dad, if it’s gonna make y’feel better about yourself and the fact you know I’ll amount to a whole lot more than you ever did, then you hold on t’ that precious title of yours, ‘cause I’ve got my sights on bigger prizes than that old man. Takin’ that away from me is actually a blessing in disguise, so now I can go after titles that actually mean somethin’, even if it is without the support of a bitter, jealous, failure like you.

*Tons of Heat*

Ted DiBiase Jr: So if that’s all y’called me down here for, I’m gonna head back and get ready for my match later on if that’s okay with you. But look after that carefully yeah, I mean what else have y’gotta show for your career?


DiBiase Sr looks to be holding back some anger while his son revels in the satisfaction of getting him hot.

Ted DiBiase Jr: What’s wrong dad? You got a problem with me speaking my mind and telling the truth? . . . That’s funny, ‘cause if I’m not mistaken, you brought me up t’ do just that. You always taught me t’ apologise too, but guess what?. . . I’m not sorry for telling the truth, ‘cause we both know what your problem here is. You know that I’m better than you ever were, and that very soon all these people will forgot just who the hell The Million Dollar Man ever was. There’s even people here t’night who don’t have a clue who you are, so I’ll give them a reminder. . . Standing right here is my jealous, bitter father who is so fearful that his young, more talented son will accomplish more than he ever did that he’d do whatever he could t’ discredit him just t’ hold on to any shred of dignity or respect he has left. . . So what I suggest you do is leave this ring, leave this building and go home with that meaningless piece of crap and reminisce about what a failure and a joke you were.

Ted Sr snaps and slaps his son in the face to a massive cheer. Ted Jr gets right in his dad’s face, going nose to nose with him, but a worried Maryse pulls him away.

Ted DiBiase Jr: Y’know, I’ll let y’have that one ‘cause you know what I’d do t’ you, but I couldn’t do that t’ ya dad, not even if I wanted to.

Ted Jr backs away to the ropes with Maryse, and stops as he’s about to step through them.

Ted DiBiase Jr: Thanks for stoppin’ by dad, I’ll see y’round. You take care.

He drops the microphone and sits down on the middle rope, allowing Maryse to step through and walk down the steps. DiBiase Jr then follows as they walk up the ramp together with the crowd booing them. “It’s All About The Money” plays again to a pop with The Million Dollar Man looking angrily up at his son, but Ted Jr just turns round and smirks back at him.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Match #3***

Finlay vs Randy Orton

ENDING: Orton reaches down and pulls Finlay up from his knees, but the fighting Irishman takes him by surprise, nailing him with a hard shot to the jaw. It sends Randy off balance, and Finlay looks to take advantage while he can. He connects with a European uppercut and then whips Orton in to the ropes, and as The Legend Killer comes back, Finlay drives his knees in to Orton’s gut, sending him down to the canvas. The crowd seem to be in approval as Finlay continues the onslaught by sitting Orton up and swiping his boot viciously against Orton’s spine. Randy lets out one giant scream of agony as Finlay then drops to his knees and pulls Orton’s head back so he’s lying flat on the mat and in position for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Orton gets his shoulder up to stop the count, but Finlay doesn’t seem too bothered. He returns to his feet, and to most people’s surprise, Orton isn’t far behind him, but it’s clear he’s hurting from that stiff kick to the back moments ago. Finlay takes control with a chop to the chest and then whips Orton in to the ropes, then sends him overhead with a back body drop. Orton sits up straight away, selling the back injury as Finlay then grabs his head and helps him up, only to send him back down again with a snap mare. With Orton sitting on the mat, Finlay kneels down and drives his knee in to Orton’s spine, sending out another shudder from inside The Legend Killer.

Orton immediately crawls across to the ropes and slips outside the ring, kneeling down on the floor, but that’s no escape as Finlay goes right after him. He steps through the ropes and down off the apron to pull Orton back up to his feet. He then looks to whip him in to the barricade, but Orton digs deep and manages to reverse it and sends Finlay back first in to the security wall. The Irishman slumps down to the floor as Orton pulls himself back in to ring under the bottom rope with the referee starting a count on Finlay. As it gets to six, the Belfast native responds and then makes it up to his feet, just crawling back inside to break the count. Orton stands back up and turns round to face Finlay, then stomps all over him as he lies by the ropes. The referee then steps in, but after holding his hands up for a couple of seconds, Orton steps back in and ever so slightly pulls Finlay away from the ropes, but then lifts his feet on to the second rope. Orton then walks round to Finlay’s head and bends down to lift that up off the mat with the Irishman dangling in dangerous territory as Orton then drills him head first in to the mat with a ROPE HUNG SPIKE DDT!!!. . . . . That could well be lights out for Finlay as Orton sits up with a sadistic smile on his face before turning his opponent on to his back and going for a lax cover, hooking just one leg. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

No, Finlay gets his left boot on the rope to hang on in to the amazement of Orton, who sits up and turns to stare at the referee in absolute shock. He then turns and looks down at Finlay with the Irishman barely moving. Orton somehow stays cool and stands back up looking very menacing. He then backs away from the squirming Finlay and stands in the corner, lurking with menace as Finlay then tries to sit up. The closer he gets, the more intense Orton gets, and as Finlay gets to his knees, The Legend Killer charges out of the corner and swings out his right boot for the PUNT TO THE HEAD!!. . . . . But no, Finlay pulls his head back, and as Orton puts the brakes on, Finlay reaches up and rolls Orton up for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Orton kicks out and gets back up right away, something Finlay can’t manage. Orton then grabs him by the head and pulls him up before sending him right back down with an INVERTED HEADLOCK BACKBREAKER!!. . . . . This time it’s Finlay whose back receives some rough treatment, but Orton isn’t done. He stays on his knees and stares at Finlay, then urges him up, looking ready to explode with fury, and as Finlay manages to pull himself up to his feet, looking very drowsy indeed, Orton leaps up and plants him with the RKO!!!. . . . . He absolutely nailed it, and with Finlay motionless away from the ropes, Orton hooks the leg and goes for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Randy Orton by pinfall @ 6.15.

AFTERMATH: “Voices” hits and a sadistic Orton stands back up to get his arm raised, but he looks down at Finlay, seemingly not satisfied. With Finlay starting to come round, he then back tracks to the corner, stalking him for a punt to the head with the referee oblivious as he checks on Finlay. The Legend Killer looks like he’s ready to explode, but “Turn Up The Treble” hits to a big pop as Mr. Kennedy walks out to the stage. Orton’s attention has been diverted, and he turns to look up at his opponent come Vengeance this Sunday. Kennedy then walks down the ramp as Orton walks out of the corner and stares right at him, and Kennedy looks like he means business. The deadly serious Kennedy then gets to the bottom of the ramp and stops as the rivals then glare at each other while Finlay rolls out of the ring with the referee checking on him.

After a good five seconds, Kennedy charges and slides in the ring, going right for Orton and tackling him down to the mat as they then roll around and take wild swings at each other. They then break it up and return to their feet with Kennedy blocking a wild right from Orton and pulling him in to position for the Mic Check. The crowd cheer, but Orton swings his elbow in to the side of Kennedy’s head and manages to break the grip. He then scurries away to the ropes and slides to safety under the bottom rope, much to the frustration of Kennedy and his fans. “Turn Up The Treble” hits again as Kennedy locks his eyes on Orton and indicating with his finger and thumb that he was that close. Orton’s pissed and shouts back at him, mouthing the words “You can’t beat me”. Kennedy smirks and unnerves Orton as he stands at the bottom of the ramp.

{Cut Backstage}

Kofi Kingston, the Intercontinental Champion is getting ready in his locker room, pulling up his knee pads, resulting in a big pop filtering through from inside the arena when there’s a knock on the door. He looks up and sees Kelly Kelly open the door. He smiles at her, while she looks a little cautious.

Kofi Kingston:
Kelly, come on in girl.

She barely steps in to the room and lets the door shut behind her.

Kelly Kelly:
Are you sure?

Kofi Kingston: Hey, come on, don’t be silly.

Kelly Kelly: Okay. I just thought things might be a little weird after what Cody said last week. I wanted t’ come and see you and tell you that I don’t feel sorry for you at all. That’s not why we’re friends. I like you, not like that, but you know what I mean.

Kofi stands up.

Kofi Kingston: Der ain’t no need t’ get all worked up girl. Let me worry ‘bout Cody. He can say whatever he want ‘bout me, but don’t y’worry, I’m gonna make him sorry at Vengeance in dat cage mahn. Let me tell y’dat girl.

Kelly Kelly: Okay.

They look like they’re about to hug when Rey Mysterio walks in, and we hear more cheers coming from the arena. Kofi & Kelly both look to the side, and are a bit surprised to see him.

Rey Mysterio:
Sorry, I ain’t interruptin’ anythin’ am I?!

Kofi Kingston: Ain’t nothin’ goin’ on mahn, don't y'worry 'bout dat. Ain’t dat right Kel?

Kelly Kelly: Yep.

Rey Mysterio: I’m only playin’. You ready t’ go champ?

Kofi Kingston: Oh yeah!

Kofi turns round and picks up his title belt and follows Rey out of the room. He turns back and looks at Kelly.

Kofi Kingston: Y’comin’ girl?

Kelly Kelly: Yeah, sure.

An uncomfortable Kelly then walks out of the room behind Kofi and shuts the door on the room and the shot.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

Evolution are in their locker room, and it’s painfully quiet, making the huge pop even louder as it comes through from the crowd. Batista stands up, catching the intense Triple H’s attention.

Batista: I’m just gonna go get a drink. I’ll be back in a sec’.

Flair looks towards Triple H, who just stares at Batista leaving the room.

Ric Flair:
Is he alright?

Triple H: Let me go find out.

Without even looking at Flair, The Game stands up and walks over to the door, opens it and leaves the room, looking like he really means business. The camera switches and we see him walk up behind Batista at a drinks table. The Animal picks up a bottle of water, and as he turns round, he sees the deadly serious Triple H standing right there.

Alright I’m sick of this. You wanna get it out in the open, go ahead.

Triple H: I don’t think it’s me who has t’ do the talkin’ Dave.

Batista: Excuse me?

Triple H: You heard Dave. We both know full well who’s in the wrong here.

Batista: Let me get this straight. You want me t’ apologise when it was you who eliminated me from the battle royal last week? . . . You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me.

Triple H: Do I look like I’m jokin' Dave? Had it not been for you and your petty selfish reaction last week, I’d have won that battle royal, and right now I’d be the number one contender for the WWE Championship, but I’m not, and the man responsible for that is you.

Batista: Whoa, hold on a second. You stabbed me in the back and I’m the one in the wrong?

Triple H: I did nothing of the sort. I did what I had t’ do t’ win that much, just like you would have if you weren’t a big dumb. . .

Batista: No, go on. Don’t let me stop y’there Hun’er. . . Alright, y’know what I’ll do? I’ll do what I have since the day I came back here. I’ll do exactly what’s best for Triple H. I’m sorry I even dared ask for an explanation when you eliminated me last week.

Triple H sn-iggers, clearly not buying in to Batista’s sarcasm.

Oh I’m sorry, is that not sincere enough for y’Hun’er? I’ll tell y’what. I’m also sorry that I came back t’ Raw t’ help y’out in the first place. I’m sorry I gave up my own career on Smackdown t’ come here and help you fight your battle against the McMahon’s. I’m also sorry I even saved your ass again t’night, even after what happened last week. . .

Triple H: . . . Well at least you were here this time.

Batista: Y’know what? That’s it, I’ve had enough o’ this. . . Yeah, maybe you’re right. Maybe I did overreact last week. A battle royal is every man for himself, but I guess I’m wrong for not being selfish enough t’ stab you in the back and take care of my own int’rests. The fact is I came here t’ help you out, just like Ric, and as we speak we’re just days away from settlin’ this once and for all, and you care more about the WWE Championship and your own career than the ones me and Ric gave up t’ help you out. . . We’ve got a huge match Sunday, and it’s all about you Hun’er, not me, not Ric. This wasn’t our battle, and now you’re hangin’ us out t’ dry. You wanna make out like I owe you an apology, fine. But the fact is I don’t owe you anything. I did you a favour by helpin’ you out at WrestleMania and Backlash. I didn’t ask for all this, but yet here I am bein’ made out t’ be the bad guy in all this by the man who hasn’t once thanked me for all I’ve done. I’m not gonna take it anymore Hun’er. I’ll tag with ya one last time t’night and Sunday out of respect for Ric, not you. Once that’s over, so are we, for good. Just don’t try and blame me you ungrateful son of a bitch.

Batista takes a swig of the water and then shrugs his way past a very angry Triple H.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #4***

Rey Mysterio, Paul London & Kofi Kingston w/Kelly Kelly vs
Cody Rhodes, Brian Kendrick & Ted DiBiase Jr
w/“The Million Dollar Woman” Maryse

ENDING: Rey & DiBiase are the legal men, and it’s the former Million Dollar Champion who is on top as he watches Rey struggle to his feet. Ted Jr then runs at him and takes him down with a clothesline, but Rey doesn’t want to stay down for long, picking himself right back up. DiBiase doesn’t look impressed and walks right up to Rey, then kicks him in the gut and pulls his head under his arm. He then lifts Mysterio vertically up in to the air, looking for a vertical suplex, but Rey starts to fight it by kicking his legs in the air. DiBiase panics but reacts well to fall back and send Mysterio back first in to the canvas. The determined DiBiase then turns over and crawls across to hook Rey’s leg for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Rey kicks out, angering Ted Jr, who sits up slowly as Rey tries to roll over on to his side. DiBiase then stands up with Rey getting to his knees and pulls him up before whipping him in to the ropes, but as Rey hits them, he jumps on to the second rope and then SHOCKS DIBIASE WITH A SPRINGBOARD CROSS BODY!. . . . . The fans cheer as both men hit the deck, and they both get up as quick as they can with DiBiase running right in to a TILT-A-WHIRL HEAD SCISSORS TAKEDOWN!!. . . . . The fans get even louder as Rey stands back up, now with momentum on his side as Ted Jr returns to his feet looking slightly off balance. Mysterio then runs back in to the ropes, bounces off and charges at DiBiase, but Ted Jr catches him with a FALLING CLOTHESLINE!. . . . .

Both men fall to the mat and after several seconds, they start to crawl towards their respective corners with the fans cheering Rey on. London & Kofi both reach out for the tag in Rey’s corner, but it’s DiBiase who gets to his corner first to make the tag to Kendrick, who races through the ropes. He runs across the ring to try and stop Rey making the tag, but Mysterio jumps forward and tags in London. A huge pop breaks out as Kendrick backs up with his former partner and Vengeance opponent stepping through the ropes. London runs at him and unloads with a series of shots to the head of the apprehensive Kendrick. London puts him on the back foot and then whips him in to the ropes, and as Kendrick comes back at him, London connects with a DROPSAULT!. . . . . That gets another pop from the crowd, and as both men make their way back up, London turns back in to the ropes and races back to nail Kendrick with a SEATED DROPKICK TO THE FACE!!. . . . . Kendrick looks to be in trouble as London shifts round to hook his leg and make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, Cody storms the ring and breaks up the cover by pulling London off of Kendrick by his feet. London hops up quickly and gets in Cody’s face with the referee trying to separate them. Kendrick begins to stir and tries to sit up, just as London turns round while the referee deals with Cody. London walks over to his former partner and reaches down to pull him up, but Kendrick rakes him in the eyes and drops to his knees before low blowing him.

London collapses in a heap with the fans booing as a big smirk appears on Kendrick’s face while Cody happily steps back on to the apron, grinning alongside DiBiase. Kendrick then gets back up to his feet and walks in to his corner to tag in Rhodes. He happily steps back inside as London squirms around on the mat. Cody looks in to the crowd with a big grin on his face, not looking too worried as London tries to get up. Rhodes then walks over to London and grabs him around the head, then executes a side headlock takedown, holding on to his head as they hit the mat. He pulls tight on London’s head as Kofi & Rey then try to get the crowd going by clapping and stomping their feet. The crowd repeat their actions, and it seems to help as London lifts one arm up in the air, trying to find all the strength he can. He finds some and manages to lift himself up to his knees with Cody starting to worry. London then swings his elbow back in to Cody’s chest twice, forcing him to relinquish the hold. Both men take a second to recover, but as Cody then takes a wild swing at him, London ducks it, and as they both turn round again, London takes Cody’s head off with a SUPER KICK!!!. . . . . A big pop echoes around the arena as London then scurries across the mat and reaches his arm out across Cody’s chest with the referee dropping to his knees in order to make a count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Cody just got his shoulder up to the relief of Kendrick & DiBiase.

Kofi & Mysterio look stunned, as does London as he sits up and drops his head in to his hands. He then stands back up and sees Kofi calling out for a tag, so he obliges and walks in to his corner to tag in the Intercontinental Champion. Kofi climbs through the ropes to a huge pop and gets ready to explode as a dazed Cody sits up and then struggles to stand. As he manages to stand up, he turns round and sees the determined Kofi. Cody looks worried, and Kofi runs right at him to take him down with a clothesline. It gets a cheer from the crowd, and as Cody gets back up, he turns in to a hard right hand from Kingston that sends him right back down again. He doesn’t stay down for a long as he immediately tries to stand back up, and this time Kofi unloads with a series of backhand chops. The Intercontinental Champion then grabs his opponent by the arm and whips him in to the ropes, then as Cody runs right in to his path, Kofi connects with a LEG LARIAT!. . . . . Both men fall to the mat, and with Kelly willing him on, Kofi goes for a cover right away. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Cody kicks out quite comfortably, but Kofi isn’t allowing him any time to recover. He stands back up and pulls Cody up with him, then whips him in to the corner. Kingston then runs in and jumps up to the second rope before nailing him with a series of right hands. Kofi jumps down and steps back out as Cody walks in to his path and an irish whip with Kofi then looking to hit the TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!!. . . . .

Cody holds on to the ropes though as Kofi crash lands on the mat. Cody smirks and takes a couple of deep breaths as Kofi tries to get back up. Cody then spots an opportunity and turns to the side and runs in to the ropes behind Kofi, runs back and takes his Vengeance opponent down with a BULLDOG!!. . . . . Kofi’s head was driven in to the mat, and Cody looks to wrap the match up by turning him over and going for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, Kofi gets his shoulder up. Cody doesn’t look too happy by that as he sits up, and as he stands back up, he steps back in to the ropes and comes back looking for a POINTED KNEE DROP, BUT KOFI ROLLS TO THE SIDE!!. . . . . The crowd cheer, and as both men pick themselves back up, Kofi blocks a right hand and kicks away at Cody’s chest with multiple martial arts kicks. He then turns round to run in to the ropes, springboards and hits a HIGH ANGLE REVERSE ELBOW SMASH!!. . . . . Cody falls to the mat, and as Kofi gets back up, he steps back in to the ropes before coming back to hit the DOUBLE LEG DROP TO THE CHEST!!. . . . . Cody looks in pain as Kofi shimmies round to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Kendrick enters the ring and stomps on the back of Kingston’s head to break up the count. The fans boo, but they quickly turn to cheers as London enters the ring with Kendrick walking back to his corner, unaware of London.

The fans reaction surprises him, and he turns round, only for London to clothesline him over the top. DiBiase then gets involved and steps in to the ring, trying to get at London, but the referee holds him off, allowing London to turn round and run in to the opposite set of ropes. As he comes charging back across the ring, Kendrick is standing back up, but not for long as London SUICIDE DIVES THROUGH THE ROPES, SENDING THEM BOTH DOWN TO THE FLOOR!!!. . . . . Mysterio watches on as DiBiase argues with the referee, and the Mexican decides to get involved. He climbs in to the ring and runs across to nail Ted Jr with a right hand. DiBiase falls to the mat and rolls under the bottom rope to the floor, but as he stands up and turns round, he sees Rey holding on to the top rope, who then hits a SLINGSHOT CROSS BODY!!. . . . . He lands on DiBiase’s chest and they both hit the floor. The referee looks on as Maryse wanders round to check on her man and shouts up at him, blaming the ref, who looks stunned as Cody & Kofi struggle to their feet on the inside. Kofi’s up first, but he’s distracted by Maryse’s tantrum, and with the ref’s back turned, Kofi then turns round in to a kick to the groin from Cody, who then plants him with the CROSS RHODES!!!. . . . . Cody shouts over to the ref to turn round, and he rushes across as Cody hooks both of Kofi’s legs with the ref then drops to his knees and makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNERS: Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr & Brian Kendrick by pinfall @ 9.10.

AFTERMATH: “Out To Kill” hits to a ton of heat from the crowd as Cody stands back up with a big smile on his face. He looks over at Kelly, smirking as he gets his arm raised, and she looks disgusted while all four men come round on the outside, looking confused of what’s gone on. Rhodes stands over Kofi and looks down at him, sn-iggering at beating the man he will face inside a Steel Cage in six days at Vengeance, with Kelly shaking her head still as Cody then signals he will be the new Intercontinental Champion.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***The Main Event***

2 on 1 Handicap Match
Triple H & Batista
w/Ric Flair vs The Big Show w/JBL & Vladimir Kozlov

ENDING: The Big Show pulls the groggy Triple H up to his feet with Batista looking on intently from the apron. The Game is then tossed in to the corner by the seven-foot plus giant, who then runs in at him, looking to splash him up against the pads. As Show gets within a couple of feet of him, Triple H comes to life and steps out of the corner with Show then running full force in to the pads. That gets the crowd going, and as Show then turns round looking a little worse for wear, The Game takes the fight to him by throwing a couple of hard right shots in at his face. With Show reeling slightly, Triple H tries for an irish whip, but Show is too heavy and reverses it comfortably. And as The Game comes flying back off the ropes, Show steps out to meet him and rams his lifts his MASSIVE BOOT UP AND RIGHT INTO TRIPLE H’S FACE!!. . . . . Show just smiles for a second, looking down at the fallen Triple H before kneeling down to make a complacent cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

The Game lifts his shoulder up off the mat, not to the surprise of The Big Show. He coolly returns to his feet while Triple H tries to sit up. It’s a case of the lights on are on but nobody’s home as Triple H tries to pick himself back up, and Show doesn’t waste any time in inflicting further pain. He pulls him up and grabs him by either side of the head, and then head butts him, sending him right back down again. The Game hits the deck and Show’s not done as he walks back in to the ropes and then drops a big leg across the upper body of Triple H. The Game finds it hard to breathe as he tries to sit up, but Show doesn’t let him. He kicks him in the head and then hits another leg drop. Show then bends down and pulls the weary Triple H back up before locking in a BEAR HUG!. . . . . Show wraps his huge arms around The Game’s body and squeezes him tight, making it incredibly difficult for him to breathe, but the fans, Flair & Batista all get behind him while JBL urges Show on.

Gradually, Triple H finds some energy to try and fight the hold, and as he lifts his right arm in to the air, the crowd’s support gets even louder. It gets even louder as The Game then brings his elbow down on to Show’s head, not once, not twice but three times, freeing himself in the process. He manages to steady himself as both his feet hit the mat, and he then blocks a right hand from Show and tries for an irish whip. Show reverses it, and as The Game comes back off the ropes, Show ducks his head, allowing The Game to kick him right in the face. Show’s head snaps back up, but Triple H brings it back down to hit a FACE BUSTER KNEE SMASH!!. . . . . Show’s sent spinning round in a daze, and as he turns back round, Triple H kicks him in the gut and tries to set him up for the PEDIGREE!!!. . . . . He gets Show’s head between his legs, but as he tries to grab his arms, Show fights back with a back body drop.

Sighs of disappointment ring out, and as Triple H tries to get towards his corner and his partner, Show stands back up and walks across. He grabs Triple H by the boot and tries to drag him back, but The Game turns over on to his back and kicks Show in the face, sending him back pedalling. It then allows him to tag in Batista, and The Animal rushes through the ropes to a huge pop from the sell out crowd. Show sees Big Dave enter the ring, and he doesn’t look best pleased to see Batista charge at him and nail him with a clothesline. It stuns Show, but it doesn’t knock him down. Batista runs back in to the ropes and comes back to try again, hitting Show across the chest with a hard clothesline, but the end result is the same. Batista looks pissed, and Show tries to put him out of misery. He grabs Dave by the arm and whips him in to the ropes, and as Dave comes back, Show tries to hit a clothesline of his own, but Batista ducks underneath it and runs through off the ropes, charges back and takes Show down with a rip roaring SPEAR!!!. . . . .

Batista takes the big man down, and he looks to wrap the match up by going for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No, Show gets his shoulder up, and JBL thanks his lucky stars on the outside while Kozlov remains as intense ever. Flair tries to will Batista on too, and Dave looks pumped as he stands back up with Show also trying to get to his feet. The Animal stands by, just a couple of feet away as Show then turns round in to Batista’s mercy and ends up on the receiving end of a SPINEBUSTER!!. . . . . The crowd are going nuts as Batista then walks over to the ropes and shakes them vigorously, Ultimate Warrior Style to a huge roar. Triple H then walks round the apron as Dave turns round and blind tags The Animal, which is acknowledged by the referee. Batista looks stunned as Triple H then steps through the ropes and walks towards the recovering Big Show.

Batista tries to push him to the side, but the referee then tells him that he has to leave the ring, and he doesn’t look happy at all. He questions Triple H’s actions, but The Game turns his back on him and walks over to Show, who’s nearly on his feet. Triple H kicks him in the gut and sets him up for the PEDIGREE!!!. . . . . Batista still isn’t happy and walks over to his partner, then pulls him away from Show and in to his body as they end up face to face. An argument ensues as Flair watches on with shock on the outside. They continue to argue until Show then knocks them both down with a double clothesline. Batista ends up rolling across the ring as Show then pulls Triple H up and grabs him around the throat for a CHOKESLAM!!!. . . . . The fans boo, but Triple H kicks him in the groin, getting himself and Batista disqualified as the ref then calls for the bell.

WINNER: The Big Show by DQ @ 8.20.

AFTERMATH: The fans don’t like it one bit as Show drops to the mat, feeling the pain of that blow, but Triple H just shoves the referee to one side. He then reaches down to try and lift Show back up, but JBL & Kozlov storm the ring and charge at him, knocking him down with a combination of barges. Batista stands back up and runs right in to a clothesline from JBL, and then Flair slips inside under the bottom rope. He walks up behind JBL & Kozlov, then clubs Kozlov across the back. JBL turns around and throws some wild shots at Flair, and Kozlov joins in as they double team The Nature Boy. As Show stands back up, The Game also tries to get up, and Show helps him by grabbing him around the throat before tossing him down to the mat wit a chokeslam. Boos ring out as Triple H hits the mat and Kozlov & JBL back away from a battered Flair, who lies helpless by the ropes. The Corporation just smirk as they look down at the carnage for several seconds before leaving the ring to a chorus of boos with Batista getting back up. He looks angrily towards them as they just look back and laugh, except for the ever serious Kozlov. Flair then starts to come round, and Batista goes over to check on him as The Corporation just smile at their work as they stand watching from the ramp.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

Jim Ross: Well folks, we’re just six days away from our next pay-per-view offering. . . Vengeance. It comes to you live from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan this Sunday night.

Jerry Lawler: Don’t forget JR, it’s all about Raw. You won’t find any Smackdown superstars at Vengeance this weekend.

Jim Ross: No, that’s absolutely right King, and these two Raw superstars have a whole lot of differences t’ settle.

Jerry Lawler: Randy Orton sure knows how t’ hold a grudge, and one man who knows all about that is Mister Kennedy. . . He beat Orton a couple of months ago JR, and The Legend Killer’s not forgotten about it since, that’s for sure.

Jim Ross: You have t’ wonder King if Kennedy can upset the odds by beating Randy Orton once again. We’ll find out, as will you at Vengeance this Sunday.

Jim Ross: If you want chaos folks, this is where you’re gonna find it. The World Tag Team titles will be up for grabs when John Morrison and The Miz go up against not one, not two, but three teams in a tag turmoil match.

Jerry Lawler: This is gonna be crazy JR. You’ve got Cryme Time, who’ve got under the skin of Miz and Morrison for a long time. The Colons desperately wanna make a point, and Goldust and Eugene have beaten the champions a couple of times in the last few weeks. Anything could happen in this one JR.

Jim Ross: It sure could, and the same could be said here. Paul London and Brian Kendrick have been one of the greatest tag teams in recent years here in the WWE, and in some people’s book, the best. However, when they compete this Sunday, it’ll be against each other with a whole lot of personal pride at stake.

Jerry Lawler: These two went at it a couple of weeks ago JR and London went nuts. He got himself disqualified. He can’t afford t’ do that again at Vengeance if he wants t’ beat his former partner.

Jim Ross: Well, we’ve got ourselves a situation here. Victoria might be defending her title against one opponent less than the tag team champions, but she still has a task on her hands against Melina and Natalya Neidhart.

Jerry Lawler: She sure does JR, and you can’t help but notice how determined both the challengers, Melina and Natalya have been recently. I fear for Victoria come this Sunday.

Jim Ross: There’s not just the Intercontinental Championship at stake here folks, this is extremely personal, and all will be settled inside a steel cage when Kofi Kingston defends the Intercontinental Championship against the man who’s tried to take it off him for months, Cody Rhodes.

Jerry Lawler: You know what JR? This is the one I can’t wait t’ see. There’s so much bad blood between these two, and with Kelly Kelly bound t’ be close by, you’re gonna get fireworks baby.

Jim Ross: Well it seems that this six man tag team match announced earlier t’night gets more interesting by the second. We heard Batista tell Triple H earlier on that once this match is over, they’re through. With so much tension in the Evolution ranks King, you have t’ wonder just what’ll happen when these two giant forces collide.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t wait t’ find out. Batista is fed up with Triple H. Triple H is pissed with Batista for costing him a match with Kane for the WWE title. I don’t see how Evolution can get through it JR, I really don’t.

Jim Ross: And it all comes down t’ this, the WWE Championship will be up for grabs when Jeff Hardy, the never say die kid from Cameron, North Carolina goes one on one with “The Big Red Machine” Kane once again.

Jerry Lawler: He came so close at the King of the Ring, but not close enough. He’s got another chance t’ beat the monster JR, but can he do it? . . . Can anyone beat Kane?

Jim Ross: Well we’re gonna find out the answer t’ that and all the questions just six nights from now in what promises t’ be one hell of a night.

{Cut to Ringside}

“No More Words” blasts out to a massive pop as Jeff Hardy, the number one contender for the WWE Championship at Vengeance this Sunday, energetically makes his way out to the stage. He stops at the top of the ramp and poses for the crowd with his pyro display going off. He then walks down the ramp and slaps hands with the fans on either side before getting in to the ring and being passed a microphone by Lilian Garcia. It takes a while for the fans to quiet down, but eventually they do, allowing the all smiling number one contender the chance to talk. Just as he lifts the microphone to his mouth, “Burned” hits, along with the deafening pyro explosion as the WWE Champion, Kane, & Paul Bearer walk out to the stage to a ton of heat from the fans. Bearer is grinning widely as he and his son then make their way down the ramp and in to the ring, with Bearer already holding a microphone. Jeff doesn’t look impressed at all at them stealing his thunder by interrupting him.

Paul Bearer:
It’s very clear young Jeffrey that you’re not too pleased by our being here, but you have t’ see that what I have to say is for the benefit of both yourself and these ever so loyal fans of yours. . . We may be wrong, however it appears that you were about to lead all these people on in regard to the prospect of you becoming the WWE Champion this Sunday night. I think it’s for the best that we pour cold water on any hope and expectation of that actually happening here and now, because young man, there is absolutely no chance that you will ever beat my son, Kane and take the WWE Championship away from him. It just won’t happen.

*Tons of Heat*

Paul Bearer: I’m sorry to have to inform you people, but it’s for the best. We can’t have all of you turning up on Sunday in the expectation that your hero has any remote chance of doing what not one single person has been able t’ do this year, and that’s beat the unstoppable force that is The Big Red Machine.


Paul Bearer: It can’t be done, I promise you of that, and you will find that out for yourselves at Vengeance when all the hope you cling on to disappears in front of your over expectant eyes. The sooner you let go of any mistaken hope, the better. That’s why we’re here, to prevent you getting carried away with whatever hopes and prayers you have, because they are preventing you from seeing what is staring you in the face. . . desperation. Jeff here knows what I do, and that is that he like everyone here on Raw is unable to defeat Kane. You know it Jeff, it’s there for us all t’ see in those eyes. They are filled with desperation, and I believe it’s unfair of you t’ try and lead these people on just because you need some belief t’ cling on to. You have to accept your fate for your own benefit. All you have t’ do is look back t’ the King of the Ring, and then you will see the inevitable misery that will befall you once again. . .

Jeff Hardy: . . . NO!

Bearer looks stunned at Jeff’s outburst. Kane is stood next to his father, and shows no emotion as ever as he stands menacingly by with the WWE Championship draped over his shoulder.

Paul Bearer: I’m sorry, but what is it that makes you believe that there is the slightest possibility you will overcome my monster? . . . Why do you believe this will be any different from the King of the Ring? . . .

Jeff Hardy: . . . BECAUSE THIS TIME I AIN’T GONNA TAKE MY EYE OFF THE BALL. . . Y’know, I think it’s time you gave your mouth a rest.


Jeff Hardy: Y’wanna know why I believe it’ll be diff’rent at Vengeance? . . . ‘cause now I know I can beat ‘im.


Jeff Hardy: I was that close. At the King of the Ring, I came so close I could smell it. The title was there for the takin’, but I made a mistake, a mistake I won’t let happen again.

Paul Bearer: Oh young man, you have quite the imagination. You were never close, and you won’t be this time around either. You could fight Kane a hundred times and you would never worry him in the slightest. You’re no threat Jeff, oh no. Kane will destroy you once again, just like he did eight nights ago. . .


*Big Pop*

Jeff Hardy: I gave it everythin’ I had at the King of the Ring, but one lapse of concentration bit me in the ass, but that’s just made more even more determined t’ right the wrong. I came back fightin’ last week. I put my body through hell again t’ win the battle royal, but let me tell you somethin’. . . I ain’t done, not by a long shot. I ain’t done fightin’ just yet, and I ain’t gonna stop until I beat your son and become the WWE Champion.

*Huge Pop*

Paul Bearer: Oh Jeffrey my deluded friend, do you see what you have done? These people actually believe these words you’re saying, and what are you going t’ say to them next week when you’ve disappointed them yet again? . . . You can believe you’re going to beat Kane as much as you like, but the fact of the matter is, we both know it’s not going t’ happen. You might talk a good fight, but we all know you got lucky the first time you were presented with this opportunity, and despite falling so painfully short at the King of the Ring, god smiled down on you once more and gave you this second chance. The thing is, you can give it everything you have one more time, but the end result will be the same. . . You will lose and Kane will win, t’ remain the WWE Champion. . . OHH YESSSSS!


Jeff Hardy: Think that all y’want, but I promise ya, I’m gonna give it absolutely eveyrthin’ I have, and I believe. . . I BELIEVE I WILL BE THE WWE CHAMPION.

*Massive Pop*

Paul Bearer: Well, I’m afraid we disagree. There’s nothing you can do t’ convince us otherwise Jeff. You can’t beat Kane. I know it, these people know it, and you know it.

Jeff Hardy: Yeah? . . . We’ll see about that.

Jeff then nails Kane in the side of the head with the microphone to a massive pop from the crowd. Bearer is shocked and watches on as Jeff pulls Kane’s head in to position for the Twist of Fate, but The Big Red Machine fights back to disappoint the crowd. He pulls back and shoves Jeff in to the ropes, but as he comes back, Jeff ducks underneath an outstretched arm. They both turn round quickly with Jeff throwing a right hand at the WWE Champion, but Kane blocks it and whips Jeff in to the corner. Kane runs in behind him, but Jeff jumps up the ropes and hits a Whisper in the Wind to take Kane down. Bearer panics and leaves the ring, then walks round to collect a steel chair as Jeff pulls his shirt off and throws it out of the ring. Kane gets right back up, prompting Jeff in to action, and he turns round to run the ropes, but as he runs back at Kane, he runs right in to a big boot to the face. Jeff falls down in a heap, and boos break out as Bearer smiles and slides the chair in to the ring. Kane bends down and picks it up as Jeff slowly sits up.

With the crowd trying to warn him, Jeff obliviously struggles to his feet, and as he turns round, Kane has the chair raised high above his head and brings it crashing down, but Jeff kicks him in the gut. Kane loses control of the chair and slouches forward with Jeff then reaching down in a hurry to pick the chair up, and with Kane leaning forward, Jeff nails him across the back with the chair, not once but twice. He then drops it and plants the WWE Champion with the Twist of Fate. Cheers just echo around the arena as Jeff stands up and walks in to the corner, then climbs all the way up to the top with Bearer looking stunned on the outside. The Charismatic Enigma then leaps off the summit and connects with the Swanton Bomb, which is met by a huge roar from the Alabama faithful. Jeff then stands back up and looks down intensely at Kane as “No More Words” blasts out again to a huge ovation with Bearer clutching on to the WWE Champion as he looks on with worry. Jeff turns to the side and stares right at a nervous Bearer as the show comes to a close.

{End of Show}


Melina df. Natalya Neidhart
df. JTG, Goldust & John Morrison
Randy Orton
df. Finlay
Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr & Brian Kendrick
df. Rey Mysterio, Paul London & Kofi Kingston
The Big Show
df. Triple H & Batista

This Sunday

WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy vs Kane (c)

Intercontinental Championship
Steel Cage Match
Kofi Kingston (c) vs Cody Rhodes

World Tag Team Championship
Cryme Time vs Eugene & Goldust
vs The Colon Brothers vs John Morrison & The Miz (c)

WWE Women’s Championship
Victoria (c) vs Melina vs Natalya Neidhart


Evolution (Triple H, Batista & Ric Flair) vs The Corporation (JBL, The Big Show & Vladimir Kozlov)

Mr. Kennedy vs Randy Orton

Paul London vs Brian Kendrick

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

FlyinStyles Raw Review

Jesus you come out with these too fast for me to review, either way I finally got around it to it. Last Raw before Vegence here we go.

JBL Promo was a good promo but I really don't get why JBL did the talking, yes he has the best mic skills, but I think it would've came off better if Triple H and Batista opened the show argued then JBL came out and we had this brawl and the announcement of the match at Vegence. But overall it was a good segment for the way you booked it.

YES!! Tag Team Turmoil Four Way, this what I thought it should've been in the first place, I think match wise it'd be better if it was just Miz and Morrison with Cryme Time and the Colons but they way you've booked it Goldust and Eugene being in there only makes sense. More Regal Coperation teasess, hmmm.... Also what is Bischoff attending to?? So much mystery.

Christ, long ass women's match. It was a very good win, the ending was fine, the only beef I could have if I was being really picky is I doubt Melina would a head-scissor into an arm bar but that's a tinny beef. Very good overall. Victoria being there build up the match, absolutely nothing wrong here.

Orton assults Kennedy, ok fine, I'm sure we'll hear more later, moving on

Tag Team Contenders Match was very good, really enjoyed it match of the night so far (even though there's only been two, dont judge me) Would've liked to see Eugene take the pin but I guess it's fine. Overall great match. I loved it

Nice heel promo from Kendrick it was kind of weird how you explained London vs. Kane better this week then you did last week but oh well. Nice little promo

Kennedy is back?? Ugh I don't think I like this because other then putting Kennendy over as a face who won't quit but it kind of takes away the point of the attack if he's going to attack Randy later like you hinted

The DiBiases promo was very good expect I didn't like the result. The Million Dolar Title was the only thing that made DiBiase worth anything really the only thing he's done is beaten Finlay. I think he should've kept the belt for longer espacailly if he's going to fued with Rey. The only way this is good is if he ends up doing something for the IC Title with Kofi later on, otherwise it's too soon to drop the belt

Finlay versus Orton was a little slow, but I guess you should expect it considering Finlay is fifty and Orton is always slow so I guess it's fine. I have a problem with the after segment just because Kennedy should be in pain and out of the arena, you basically made the whole attack segments pointless. If you wanted to bring Kennedy back to do this you could've put Orton in the main event on Superstars or something and done this just not tonight it seemed to rushed

The Kofi-Kelly-Rey segment just kind of made me laugh just imagining Kofi saying that in accent, didn't really do anyting for me it was just there

Triple H-Batista segment pure gold, there are some many possible swerves for the Vegencace match I love it.

Very good six man tag really advanced the Rey-DiBiase angle as well as Kofi-Cody angle, very good match though but the match length is killling me five paragrah's for a midcard tag match geez

The main event got hurt by it's length at least the big tag had six very good workers who could carry that long of a match. Batista, Big Show, and Triple can't go for six or seven paragraphs. It got hurt by that a lot, average match. The after segment was fine, Coperation goes over again, fine

The final promo was great, it really was, really really put over Jeff as top cotender which I think still needed to be done because of the way you've booked him and Kane so far where Jeff gets lucky and gets the title shot from Evolution or Orton. I think this did a nice job of putting over but something has to happen before SummerSlam where he wins a clean title shot or Bearer costs him the title at Vegence and he's top contender all the way until SummerSlam where him and Kane have their last match. But this promo helped get him over

Overall I did like this Raw way more then liked last week a lot better segments, I think you could've done a better job of deciding who got time, Orton-Kennedy didn't need time but got a lot, Evolutuion-Coperation didn't need as much time as it got, but Jeff and Kane needed build but it didn't get as much as it could've. But overall I still enjoyed it 8/10

Overall this was a very good Raw better then last week

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Originally Posted by FlyinStyles View Post
JBL Promo was a good promo but I really don't get why JBL did the talking, yes he has the best mic skills, but I think it would've came off better if Triple H and Batista opened the show argued then JBL came out and we had this brawl and the announcement of the match at Vegence. But overall it was a good segment for the way you booked it.
I didn't want to make it too obvious by having them blow apart at each other in the middle of the ring at the top of the show. Having JBL stir it was a way of having someone highlight the problems between Triple H & Batista and then exaggerate them further would direct the anger away from each other and back on to The Corporation, setting up the matches for later on & Vengeance. This way they are united for now.

Originally Posted by FlyinStyles View Post
Triple H-Batista segment pure gold, there are some many possible swerves for the Vegencace match I love it.
Exactly. That's what I wanted to create. No one quite knows if someone will turn, and if so, who will it be? It's quite unpredictable, and I believe no one will be able to call what's going to happen at Vengeance. There's a swerve, and then there's this.

Originally Posted by FlyinStyles View Post
Kennedy is back?? Ugh I don't think I like this because other then putting Kennendy over as a face who won't quit but it kind of takes away the point of the attack if he's going to attack Randy later like you hinted

I have a problem with the after segment just because Kennedy should be in pain and out of the arena, you basically made the whole attack segments pointless. If you wanted to bring Kennedy back to do this you could've put Orton in the main event on Superstars or something and done this just not tonight it seemed to rushed
Kennedy only got stomped and kicked in the back. Finlay & Orton took worse in the match than that. A few bruises, aches and pains aren't sufficient enough for him to be sent him or written off. He wasn't strong enough to hurt Orton as you saw, meaning Orton could get away and leave Kennedy angry going in to Vengeance.

Originally Posted by FlyinStyles View Post
The DiBiases promo was very good expect I didn't like the result. The Million Dolar Title was the only thing that made DiBiase worth anything really the only thing he's done is beaten Finlay. I think he should've kept the belt for longer espacailly if he's going to fued with Rey. The only way this is good is if he ends up doing something for the IC Title with Kofi later on, otherwise it's too soon to drop the belt
Originally Posted by FlyinStyles View Post
Very good six man tag really advanced the Rey-DiBiase angle as well as Kofi-Cody angle, very good match though but the match length is killling me five paragrah's for a midcard tag match geez
I didn't know there was an angle with Rey. They went at it in the Battle Royal last week and were in the same match here, but there's no angle between them.

DiBiase is someone I have big plans for, and he's not going to need the Million Dollar title for what I have in store for him.

**Thanks for the review. I plan on putting the Smackdown preview up by the end of the week and have the show up over the weekend or Monday. From now on, I will be recapping Superstars and either Raw or Smackdown. Once Vengeance is out of the way, Smackdown will be in full with The Great American Bash to come. Going in to SummerSlam, I will alternate between the two as I want to move things along.

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