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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Raw Review

Starting off with Kennedy and Orton this week then, would've liked some promo time for Jeff and Kane on the last Raw before KOTR, but I guess you're saving that for later. It was a very well written promo as usual, Orton was brilliant and the second part of his promo was the best, loved the way he talked himself up and the line about how the title comes looking for him was great. Kennedy wasn't bad either and got a nice insult in, the yelling of his name doesn't really fit with the situation, but he seems to do it all the time anyway. Bischoff coming out was expected as he normally does come out, it's a useful way of settling an issue but maybe you should mix it up a little more and leave a promo with a big line from someone, although to be fair it was needed to set up the match and you didn't do it on Smackdown. Jeff Hardy asking for a match with Orton is a good booking decision considering he's a top babyface yet he took advantage of the situation last week, but the No Holds Barred stip has me puzzled. I realise he's brave and everything and will want to appear like he didn't like the help from Orton, but why would he ask for that stip, especially just six nights away from a match with Kane for the title? A way to allow Kane to interfere perhaps? Anyway some good matches announced here and a very solid promo.

Wow I'm surprised that you had Kane beat Kennedy clean here, expected a screwy finish somehow. But i've been asking for a good win for Kane so I can't really complain. It's good for Kane to get a much needed victory as he heads into King of the Ring, makes him look impressive and stacks the odds against Hardy once again. Kennedy seems to be getting somewhat of a push though which is why it surprised me, and after losing last week he reacted badly and kinda needed a win to get him back on track, which he of course didn't get. Good match though.

Very interesting situation this is with Regal. I question how easy they made up again though considering how angry they both were last week, and it was slighlty odd that there was no mention of the fact that Regal just walked out of the match that Bischoff put him in, which you'd think would make Eric angry. I love this storyline though as I can't wait to find out how this is going to pan out with The Corporation involved.

Just like Kane this is a win which Victoria needed imo. Melina as Special Ref made it a little more intresting too, and with the usual clash with the ref it meant that Natalya wasn't beaten totally clean which is good for her. This three way feud has been built up well so far.

Solid interview with Jeff Hardy, got over the point that he feels he didn't earn the shot well. Very honest and quite simple as usual, yet some good hype for the two matches. Kendrick coming in at the end works well, didn't say much but his attitude kind of established him as the arrogant heel which is good. I've been looking forward to their match for ages, especially tonight with the length of the matches, although it's not good if you have a PPV match in mind in the future as I'm one for saving it for the PPV as you know.

I don't recall that many out-of-arena promos in this thread so this was a nice change. This was a very interesting read and was written very well no doubt about it. It was a little odd how Batista managed to turn it around on Triple H and make him do the aplogising when really it's Triple H who I expected to be getting angry, but with Triple H coming into his home it worked well. You made Batista appear very touchy and there is clear tension between them, it seems it's setting up a feud between them which I didn't expect you to do. You could say that Batista's anger was a bit over the top considering they're meant to be friends, and he only asked one question, but the idea that he was grilling his daughter kinda allows for it. There were some great parts in this also, like the subtle line from Triple H about Batista always being there when he's needed, the maid and daughter spying on them for no real reason lol, and Batista's frustration was written so well.

Goldust? Really? I'm not a fan myself but he's not that bad I guess, not great for Miz to lose but it's nice progression of the feud by having the distraction cost him. The promo before the match was very good as well, all of them were nicely in character, but Miz and Morrison have mentioned the "two men in a tag team, not three" line too much to be honest, especially considering it was a six-man tag in the first place if I remember rightly. The Colons' involvement again makes it even more interesting and unpredictable, looks like it might just be a three-way which would make sense with two top heel teams.

Liked the divas segment, was a nice little confrontation. The match next week should be good, but Natalya will no doubt get involved which makes me wonder how it'll pan out. I can see a title change now, both Natalya and Melina have been good characters in this BTB. Also, I hope you don't have Melina turn if she continues feuding with Natalya, she's so much better as a bitchy heel.

The match between London and Kendrick was great, I think I expected a Kendrick victory, but I liked the result as it means there's still a lot to be decided between the two which is good. Although the finish is used too often as I can remember with Cena, Umaga and countless others it was a good way to leave things undecided and hopefully lead to a PPV match at a later date. I liked London losing his temper, he could play a sort of mad man character well and you're doing it differently than I expected by having London stand up for himself well, which i like. Looking forward to this progressing.

Once again you wrote this next segment really well. Kedrick overeatcing and acting all cocky helps to develop his personality, but the big argument was great. Funny that Regal just forgot everything he said, but it was also funny that Regal talked about Bischoff swanning off everywhere, which Bischoff did again at the end of this. The line at the end from Regal was great and as I said, I'm looking forward to what they do.

Solid tag match and the title itself hypes the King of the Ring some more. Some good action again and nice finish with Rey sending Doane out of the ring, saves him from taking the pin which I like. I reckon a couple of them have a decent chance Sunday as well.

Haha at Finlay actually calling Hornswoggle a leprechaun. This promo was once again very good, really made me more excited about their match. The one thing I was surprised about was how Ted DiBiase didn't change at all when I thought his Dad getting involved was supposed to change him, but I liked what DiBiase had to say and how well he proved himself not to be a coward, and I also liked Maryse's time on the stick. The insult of Finlay's age came off well, and the line about how he'd do it again and spit in his face was great. Thought Finlay would start the fight and I'm glad it didn't finish after the mic shot as it woudl make Finlay look quite weak, so the brawl was good to show the intensity of this rivalry.

Strong words from Cody Rhodes and I'm glad he got on the show. Obviously doesn't match up to what they've been doing recently but it was still a strong message from Rhodes, plus it means we won't forget about this with the King of the Ring coming up. I'm just wondering if we'll see Rhodes there.

Fantastic ending to the show. The match with Jeff and Orton was really good but the crazy spot with Jeff at the end was a great way to end the show, and a great way to leave the feud heading into the match at King of the Ring. Can a No Holds Barred end like that though? Not sure, you'd think it would have to continue but that's not really important. Would've been great if Kane sat up from the carnage to show just how much of a monster he is, but the two lifeless men getting carried out on stretchers is a good ending. Their match should be good at King of the Ring.

Once again it was a very enjoyable show, both promos and matches were very good on this show and you did a good job of hyping the KOTR, with Kane/Hardy and Finlay/DiBiase in particular. Lots of stuff to look forward to for Vengeance as well with Orton/Kennedy, London/Kendrick, Rhodes/Kofi, so the show was good in hyping both PPV's. There were a few things I wasn't keen on, but on the whole it was a great show and i'm looking forward to the PPV now.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW Feedback

Strong promo to open us up. I felt it was maybe a little short, but considering the length of this show and the matches, I suppose that might be a good thing. Anyway, there wasn't much that I didn't like about this, except for one thing: Kennedy going for his catchphrase during a heated promo from him. He went from aggressive to clowny very quickly, and it seemed out of place. But anyway, the two matches Bischoff announced are huge. Jeff vs. Orton in a No Holds Barred seems like something you shouldn't be giving on TV, but I'm glad you are. Kennedy/Kane to kick us off sounds great, so let's get to it.

Kennedy put up a good fight in that he didn't stay down after some big moves, but I can't say I was a fan of Kane basically no-selling him. I've never liked monster characters for that reason, it's hard for things to be truly competitive, which is what I like. So Kennedy, he didn't look any better or any worse than before the match, while Kane did look dominant. Made for a good match, but not as productive on one end as the other.

Ah, I'm liking this angle more and more. What does The Corporation and their new inside man Regal have in store next week? I guess I'll have to tune in to find out!

Good match to make both women look strong. It seems as if one of the two women challenging for the belt'll turn face, although it's still up in the air, with hints being given for both. Victoria looked like a very resilient champ, while Nattie looked like a legit contender, and Melina looked like a spiteful women out to get what she wants. Good stuff all around, the Title Match should be very good if it's more like this and less like last week's.

Short but sweet stuff from Jeff, I liked it. I thought maybe a question about having a No Holds Barred Match six days before a WWE Title Match with a monster might've been in order, though. Kendrick introducing himself into the segment was a nice touch, even if you do it often. His words weren't something we haven't seen before, but maybe it's the way it came off to me, but I felt he said it in a way that sounds like he's hiding a surprise for the match. Don't know if that's the case, but we'll see. Both matches hyped here should be good.

Loved this segment. It wasn't the typical wrestling scenario, which is mostly what I loved about it. I also loved that it wasn't held earlier in the day or whatever, but last Tuesday. Good flashback stuff there, and the main purpose of the segment, the dissension of Evolution, was brilliant. I loved how Batista was so defensive of himself, then slipped up by saying he was "sorry he wasn't there for Rick.. well for both of them", subtle stuff there. One of the best segments to come out of this inner program of the feud, made me want to see what was next. Great job here.

Good promo by Morrison and Miz to start us off, but Cryme Tyme was the highlight of it. I could very easily imagine them saying what they did, especially with the characterization there (although like I said earlier, sometimes it's a little hard to read). The match was fairly standard, solid redebut for Goldust, especially going over a champion. I was a little confused by the ending, though, because I thought The Colons and Perez had somehow gotten involved, when they hadn't. When I realized that was the case, their appearance didn't mean much, since they didn't do anything. That was my major problem, although I did notice something else, not as important: when Goldust comes out, you said his music was "Gold Lust," but when he won, you called it "Shattered Dreams". Little confusing, but still enjoyed it.

Didn't really like this segment between Victoria and Melina. The opening lines just didn't seem to click. Got better following that, though, sounded a little more right, which is the closest thing I can come up to substitute for the word I'm looking for. Anyway, the match between the two next week sounds pretty good, although I'm interested in seeing if Natalya'll have some sort of official role in it like Melina did in her's.

Fun match that showcased both guys very well, but I felt the ending came a little out of left field. If anything, I would've expected Kendrick to have gone berserk. It worked alright, but I'll need to see what's next to make up my mind on just how successful this turn of events was. Still, great stuff, I'd love to see these two go at it on PPV, go all out.

Ah, and we will be getting that PPV match, alright! Like I said earlier, I needed to see what happens next to say my final piece on London losing it, but I was a little disappointed that finishing that end up wasn't the main focus of this segment. It tied things up nicely and made it work better, but this was mostly to advance Regal turning on Bischoff. I liked the two raising their voices, showing things brewing closer to the big impact, although I didn't like the all-caps "OKAY", didn't seem like something you should yell. Great exchange there, even though it overshadowed the London/Kendrick saga.

Solid match, although I felt it lacked a little in the importance factor. Maybe it was the lack of a segment to hype it up, or no commentary for it, but it needed a little more than just the ads. Anyway, good stuff, the Rey/Kenny program being advanced more than anything else, including the KOTR that all four guys are a part of. Still, gave us a little preview of what we might be able to see, so that's good, and was a good match overall.

Ah, some very good progression in this feud. DiBiase was great on the mic, typical heel but done right, which made it not as typical. I think maybe Finlay got a little too much to say, but that's objective, really. Anyway, I'm also glad that Maryse got some lines as well, and I'm a little glad you didn't go for the French accent, it'd be hard to read (and I'm not sure how one would write one anyway). Still, this made me look forward to their KOTR encounter more, especially if this means Hornswoggle will finally be put out of our misery once and for all.

I felt this segment between Kofi and Cody a little odd, because I didn't think that after everything they've been through together, they'd ever be in the same room speaking civily to each other. Still, Cody getting under Kofi's skin was good, perhaps getting to him for KOTR? Still waiting for more from these two, as always.

Good build-up from the commentators for the rest of the KOTR matches, all look like strong matches. Should be a hell of a PPV, looking forward to it Nige.

Awesome main-event to give the WWE Title Match some huge momentum. Orton looked strong on this match, although I didn't exactly like how he got taken out. Hitting the steel stage is something we've seen before, but that was really the only low-point of this match. Jeff diving off what I believe was the TitanTron onto Kane was very reminiscient of what he did to Orton over a year ago, unless it wasn't the Tron, and it was the same spot. Either way, it was good stuff, hell of a way to send us home for KOTR and make us want to see what's going to happen with Kane and Jeff.

Show was longer than usual, and it was a very good one at that. Strong matches and promos to build up the PPV, which has a very solid card. Vengeance also got some decent side-build as well, three(?) big matches already on the card. Outside of the main event, though, I did think it lacked a bit of that go-home feel to it. The tag match between RAW's four competitors was just sort of there and not as effective as it could've been, but anyway, still looking forward to the big PPV. 7.5/10.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Sorry I’ve not been online the last 2/3 days or whatever it’s been, I’ve had a family emergency that means I’ve rarely been at home. Thanks for the reviews guys as usual.



>A Giant Leap in to the Unknown<

Jeff Hardy demonstrated just how far he will go to become the WWE Champion last night when he leapt off the stage to hit a swanton bomb on the man he will challenge for the title in just six days, “The Big Red Machine” Kane.

It remains to be seen just in what state they will both be in come Sunday night at the King of the Ring as they both left the arena on stretchers after the show came to a close. We haven’t received any update as of yet on either man’s condition, but everyone including Kane now sees the lengths Jeff will go to ensure he leaves the Staples Center as the new WWE Champion after they collide live on pay-per-view this weekend.

>All About Retribution<

We were all left wondering why Randy Orton cost Mr. Kennedy and possibly himself a shot at the WWE Championship going in to last night’s show following the events of the week before when The Legend Killer surprised everyone by entering the ring during Kennedy’s must win match with Jeff Hardy and giving him a taste of the RKO.

Orton made it clear that he wasn’t about to follow Kennedy’s instructions and remained incredibly ignorant in regard to his own title chances, insisting he will get another chance soon enough, while Kennedy won’t. The deadly serious third generation superstar was determined to gain retribution for Kennedy costing him a chance at regaining his title at Backlash, but Kennedy won’t have to wait too long before he gets his chance at revenge. Eric Bischoff entered their heated conversation and announced they will compete at Vengeance in just under three weeks.

>A Friendship Blown Wide Apart<

We’ve all witnessed the tension between these two former Tag Team Champions in recent weeks, but last night it spilled over in a big way.

Paul London & Brian Kendrick went toe to toe with London being more fired up than anyone has ever seen him, getting himself disqualified and handing Kendrick a victory in the process. That wasn’t enough for Kendrick though as he wanted London dealt with, but it looks like he will have to go through it all again as William Regal once again stuck his neck out and made a rematch for Vengeance, something that didn’t go down well with Eric Bischoff. However, the Raw Head of Authority was satisfied with the match made, just not that he wasn’t consulted once again by his Executive Assistant. With that said, it looks like being another tough night for Kendrick when he and London meet once again in three weeks time live on pay-per-view.

>DiBiase’s In For A Fight<

After being told to stay away and think about his actions in attacking Hornswoggle a couple of weeks ago, Ted DiBiase Jr returned to Raw last night with the Million Dollar Championship he will defend at the King of the Ring in his possession.

He showed no remorse whatsoever for his actions, and that didn’t go down well with Finlay, who accused DiBiase of being a coward. In what quickly became a heated exchange, the two opponents this Sunday had to be pulled apart by security. There won’t be any security in the way however when they go head to head this weekend with the gold on the line, and maybe now DiBiase Jr will be regretting his actions as he gears up for the fight of his life in LA.

>Rey & Kofi Steal A March on King of the Ring Rivals<

Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston joined forces last night to take on Raw’s two other entrants in the King of the Ring tournament this Sunday night, and they came out on top after defeating Kenny Dykstra & Santino Marella after Marella fell victim to Mysterio’s west coast pop.

The former World Heavyweight Champion, Mysterio and the current Intercontinental Champion, Kingston have to be considered leading contenders to take the crown this weekend, and they certainly showed why last night. Will we see them in the same ring again at the return of the historic pay-per-view? Who knows.


Originally Posted by FlyinStyles View Post
Orton vs. Kennendy at Vengance should be great but I think you could've put it on King of the Ring, I think you could add one more match, but that's just me.
There’ll be 7 King of the Ring tournament matches plus 3 title matches anyway, so 10 is more than enough for a 4 hour show. With Vengeance only 2 weeks away anyway, it makes sense to hold off on it until then.

Originally Posted by Rated-R Champ View Post
I loved how Batista was so defensive of himself, then slipped up by saying he was "sorry he wasn't there for Rick.. well for both of them", subtle stuff there. One of the best segments to come out of this inner program of the feud, made me want to see what was next. Great job here.
Thanks, I’m really glad you picked up on that as I’ve been dropping little lines like that and a very similar one last time out with no one picking up on it. Once you read in to that, it's so much easier to understand and follow.

Originally Posted by Rated-R Champ View Post
I was a little confused by the ending, though, because I thought The Colons and Perez had somehow gotten involved, when they hadn't. When I realized that was the case, their appearance didn't mean much, since they didn't do anything. That was my major problem, although I did notice something else, not as important: when Goldust comes out, you said his music was "Gold Lust," but when he won, you called it "Shattered Dreams".
I didn’t want to do too much with The Colon’s with Cryme Time getting involved to make it too much of a clusterfuck. I agree with what you’re saying though.

As for the music, I forgot what it was and went back after, changing the start and not the final one. My bad.

Originally Posted by Rated-R Champ View Post
Outside of the main event, though, I did think it lacked a bit of that go-home feel to it. The tag match between RAW's four competitors was just sort of there and not as effective as it could've been, but anyway, still looking forward to the big PPV. 7.5/10.
Yeah, I agree. I felt that writing it though, and it’s not too much of a surprise when there’s only a few Raw stars at the King of the Ring. I think I could have done more with the King of the Ring guys, especially Rey & Dykstra, but their build up has been pretty personal already. You’re right though Mikey.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Preview - Friday 13th June 2008
Live From the Kansas Coliseum
Wichita, Kansas


The new World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk has certainly been put to the test in recent weeks by Tazz, but Smackdown’s General Manager pulled a rabbit out of the hat last week. Just as Punk was revelling in announcing that Shawn Michaels would be on the shelf for a while after their match the previous week, Tazz interrupted him and his address about being the champion Smackdown needs. The ‘boss’ didn’t take to Punk’s speech all too well and challenged him to match up to Michaels’ last act as champion by defending his title against The Undertaker, making the match for the main event. Punk was shocked, but he was spared the test thanks to Chris Jericho, but that was not to be the end of Punk’s night as MVP caught him off guard with a big surprise.

The man who Punk took the Money in the Bank contract from at Judgment Day blind sided The Straight Edge Superstar and put him flat on his back, something that he intends to do this weekend at the King of the Ring. Smackdown’s Most Valuable Player told everyone that he’s just finished talking to Tazz, and that he will be facing Punk this Sunday night with the World Championship on the line. You can bank on MVP doing everything in his power to make up for Judgment Day both at the King of the Ring, and this Friday night when he has a chance to get his hands on Punk just days before they collide for the world title. WWE.com understands that Tazz has signed a match for this coming week that will see MVP and a partner of his choosing to take on Chris Jericho and the man he will meet at the Staples Center 48 hours later.

Can MVP make a statement heading in to the King of the Ring? Tune in this Friday night to find out.

Upon his return to the WWE a couple of weeks ago, Chris Jericho found himself walking on dangerous ground as he questioned The Undertaker’s desire to compete. Despite escaping unscathed that night, he wasn’t so lucky last week when he made it perfectly clear that he felt the dead man was on his last legs while stood face to face with the phenom himself. The Undertaker reacted understandably by grabbing Jericho around the throat, but it appeared that he had second thoughts with Jericho claiming the phenom was scared because what he was saying was the truth. The dead man saw red, and this time he chokeslammed Jericho all the way to hell. However, that was not to be it as Jericho gained immeasurable revenge later on in the evening by ensuring The Undertaker wouldn’t receive a further title shot, attacking him with a steel chair before his title bout with CM Punk. Jericho laid in to him with shot after shot, but are they actions he will soon regret?

After coming to the World Champion’s aid last week, Jericho will join forces with Punk officially this week as they take on MVP and a partner of the number one contender’s choosing. Will he be able to help Punk again this week?

Christian hasn’t held back in verbally attacking his Edge since returning to Smackdown two weeks ago, but last week he wanted to go that little bit further, challenging his big brother to a match. However, The Rated R Superstar wasn’t playing along and advised everyone including Christian that his injury still hasn’t heeled fully. To Edge’s surprise, Christian wasn’t too downbeat at his offer being turned down as he told him that he was willing to wait for the chance to go one on one with his big brother.

Just how long will we have to wait to see them go at it?

With the King of the Ring being just days away, Smackdown’s four representatives in the prestigious elimination tournament will go head to head in a fatal fourway match on Friday night. Elijah Burke earned his spot two weeks back, but Matt Sydal, Chavo Guerrero and the United States Champion, Shelton Benjamin booked their spots last week. Sydal overcame Orlando Jordan while The Gold Standard put the non title defeat he suffered a week earlier at the hands of Sydal to one side as he defeated Tommy Dreamer. Chavo booked his place in controversial fashion after using a steel chair to defeat his bitter nemesis, Ron Killings.

How will these four men fair as they lock horns with so much at stake just 48 hours before they attempt to become the 2008 WWE King of the Ring? You’ll have to make sure you tune in to Smackdown this week to find out. Whoever emerges with a victory will give themselves a huge lift as they head to the Staples Center this weekend.

Usually we see The Masters of the Mat take the fight to their rivals, but it’s clear that the WWE Tag Team Champions have had enough of it. The UK Pack watched on closely last week as Chris Masters & Charlie Haas were in action against Matt Hardy & Elijah Burke, and when the challengers to their thrown looked like playing dirty once more, Harry Smith & Paul Burchill snapped and ensured that wouldn’t happen, leaving Masters & Haas in no doubt that they have a fight on their hands.

Now that they’ve set a fire under the two Englishman, have Masters & Haas made life more difficult for themselves?

Jack Swagger followed up his debut victory with a hard fought win over Super Crazy last Friday night. Will he continue to impress this week if he graces us with his presence?

It appears that Beth Phoenix & Mia Rain are struggling to get along right now, and after appearing to come to her rescue the week before, The Glamazon told Mia last week that she was not intimidated by her and her belief that she is the most dominant diva on Smackdown. Has Rain touched a nerve with Beth? And is she actually the most dominant diva on Smackdown? These two might have trouble being pulled apart if the last few weeks are anything to go by.

The Cruiserweight Champion, Michael Shane and Johnny Jeter were two more superstars that were involved in a confrontation last week. Jeter was angrily watching his former friend, Matt Sydal on a monitor in the back when Shane happened to walk past and comment positively on Sydal to the frustration of Jeter, who mumbled something about Shawn Michaels’ injury. Luckily for Jeter, Shane didn’t catch the jibe made about his cousin. Maybe Jeter should learn to keep his mouth shut. We’ll have to see if he does.


MVP & ? ? ? vs CM Punk & Chris Jericho

King of the Ring Contenders Match
Elijah Burke vs Matt Sydal vs Shelton Benjamin vs Chavo Guerrero

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Punk vs. MVP at KOTR should be a strong match, one that I've been looking forward to for some time now. MVP's mystery partner for the main event seems a little too telegraphed, so I'm thinking it won't be 'Taker. But who then, Matt Hardy? His program with Punk hasn't been completely resolved, and I'd love for him to get a match for the belt at some point.

Looking forward to more Jericho/'Taker interaction, and as a bigger fan of Jericho, I'm with him. 'Taker's chokeslam wasn't justified, because like Y2J said, he knows Jericho's right. Anyway, Jericho is awesomeness, and I doubt this program will be a let-down.

Edge vs. Christian is a money feud, and it's being built up slowly and carefully, making us anxious for the match. Looking forward to more build-up.

The Fatal 4-Way between the KOTR contenders sounds great, as I expect it to be a great match that will progress a lot of stories (the KOTR itself, Shelton/Sydal, maybe Chavo/Killings). Should be fun.

The Tag Title feud has slowed down a little after Judgment Day, a good move, I feel. It seemed that the Masters were getting pushed a little too hard, and that the big pay-off wouldn't come at the right time. Seems that that's the case no longer, which is good.

Swagger getting another squash sounds reasonable at this stage, the Divas' program continues to look great, and continuing to build the new feud over the CW belt should all make for some good TV (or in this case, reading).

Show looks great, Nige, looking forward to it and the PPV following.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I can't wait for Smackdown or King of the Ring, MVP vs. Punk should be great at King of the Ring. Like Rated R said Undertaker seems like way too obvious of a choice to be MVP's partner. I'm really interested to see who it ends up being.

Another thing about Smackdown that is really interesting me about your Smackdown is, Jack Swagger and where he's going. I know you made a news post saying that Bobby Lashley's plans will be revealed soon for some reason I got a feeling that he will have a match with Swagger at Great American Bash, Swagger won't face jobblers forever. I just got a feeling that Lashley vs. Swagger is going to happen. But I'm really interested to see where Swagger goes.

Can't wait for Smackdown or King of the Ring

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Results - Friday 13th June 2008
Live From the Kansas Coliseum
Wichita, Kansas

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Chris Jericho running down The Undertaker, only to be confronted by the dead man himself, and despite showing no fear, Jericho managing to push Taker too far, resulting in Taker grabbing him around the throat but being unable to chokeslam him. Jericho then accused Taker of being scared, but this time Taker had no problem chokeslamming him.

The World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk announcing that had he put Shawn Michaels on the shelf following their match the week before, only for Tazz to come out and state that Michaels will be out for a while, but he will be back. He then announced that Punk would be showing just how good of a champion he is by putting him to the test later on when he would be defending the world title against The Undertaker, the man Michaels beat at Judgment Day.

Punk waiting in the ring for The Undertaker, and on the dead man’s entrance to the arena, Jericho attacking him repeatedly with a steel chair before walking to the back and looking satisfied with his work.

The World Champ smiling in the ring until MVP snuck in behind and nailed him with the Playmaker, then announcing he would be challenging Punk for the World Championship at the King of the Ring

***Opening Video***
“If You Rock Like Me”


***Video Promo***

{Cut to Ringside}

Michael Cole:
Welcome everyone to Friday Night Smackdown, and as you can see, we’ve got an action packed show for you tonight.

Matt Striker: That’s absolutely right Michael. Not only are we going to see CM Punk and MVP compete in the same ring tonight just hours away from their World Championship match at the King of the Ring, the four Smackdown representatives in the King of the Ring tournament this Sunday will square off in a fatal fourway match. . . There really is so much at stake here tonight with the King of the Ring right around the corner.

Michael Cole: And the word going around the back earlier today Matt is that Christian has a surprise in store for his brother, Edge. . . I wonder what that will be.

Matt Striker: I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough Michael. . .

“Hell Will Be Callin’ Your Name” hits to a pop from the crowd as Bobby Lashley walks down to the ring with a fairly serious look on his face.

Matt Striker:
. . . But it appears it’s time for our opening contest.

Lashley slaps the hands of the fans as he makes his way down the ramp before entering the ring and posing for them. “Nothin’ But The Money” then blasts out as a surprisingly confident looking Orlando Jordan walks on down to the ring, ignoring the taunts from the crowd. As his music cuts, “On Your Knees” plays with a casually dressed Jack Swagger makes his way out to the stage to the surprise of everyone, getting booed as he calmly looks in to the crowd.

Michael Cole: What’s he doing out here? He’s not scheduled for this match.

Matt Striker: I’m not quite sure Michael, but it looks like we might just find out.

Swagger and his goofy grin make their way to the announce table. He picks up a headset with both Cole & Striker standing up to greet him while Lashley & Jordan look confused by his presence.

Matt Striker: I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure Jack. It’s great to have you here.

Jack Swagger: You’re welcome.

Michael Cole: Hi Jack. You’ll have to forgive us, we’re a little surprised to have you join us.

Jack Swagger: Well Michael, I just thought that I’d take a different approach tonight. . . See, I’ve shown everybody what Jack Swagger can do in that ring the last couple of weeks, so I thought I’d put my feet up and see how the other stars around here compare t’ me. You don’t mind d’ ya fellas?

Matt Striker: No not all. And if you don’t mind me saying Jack, I for one have been very impressed by you and your performances since coming to Smackdown.

Jack Swagger: I get that a lot, but thank you Matt.

Michael Cole: Well I guess we better turn our attention to the match in hand guys.

Jack Swagger: Sure. That’s what we’re all here for.

***The Opening Match***

Bobby Lashley vs Orlando Jordan

Lashley is in control, and he calmly walks over to pull Jordan up from his knees. He then whips him in to the ropes, but Jordan desperately grabs and holds on to the top rope as he comes in to contact with them. Lashley’s face contorts in to anger, and he then runs right at Jordan who pulls the rope down with Lashley going over the top to the floor below. He hits the floor in front of Swagger, and the youngster has a little chuckle while Jordan leans by the ropes and takes a much needed breather. As Lashley starts to get back up, Jordan sees the need to act and climbs through the ropes to jump down to the floor where he tries to pull Lashley up. The big man fights back and shoves Jordan back close by to where Justin Roberts is seated. Lashley then climbs back in the ring, and as Jordan gets back up, he grabs a steel chair and rushes back in the ring with everyone looking shocked at the announce table, especially Swagger. Lashley is oblivious as he then turns round to see Jordan standing close by the ropes with the chair held aloft.

Lashley manages to react in time and kicks Jordan in the stomach with the chair falling to the mat and Lashley grabbing Jordan around the upper body to toss him behind with an EXPLOSIVE OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. . . . . Jordan rolls around, and as Lashley stands up, the chair catches his attention. He then walks over to it and looks down at it for a couple of seconds when Jack Swagger stands up from the announce table, walks over to the apron and pulls the chair out of the ring. The fans boo his decision to get involved, and Lashley doesn’t look impressed either while Swagger lifts the chair up and protests his innocence, saying the chair shouldn’t be in there. He then drops the chair with Lashley staring down fiercely at him while Jordan picks himself back up in the centre of the ring. Lashley then turns his attention back to his opponent, and it’s a good thing as he turns round to see Jordan up on his feet and about to run at him, but Lashley explodes, charging to meet Jordan and rip him in half with a SPEAR. . . . . The fans cheer as Lashley follows up for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Bobby Lashley by pinfall @ 5.52.

AFTERMATH: Lashley’s music hits once more as Swagger looks on, shaking his head while Lashley gets his arm raised by the referee. Lashley then turns and looks right at Swagger, not impressed at all by the youngster getting involved in his match. Swagger keeps his eyes on him too as he walks round the outside before walking back up the ramp with Lashley still glaring at him.

{Cut Backstage}

Tazz is on his cell phone in his office when CM Punk, the World Heavyweight Champion walks in to the room, and he doesn’t appear to be in the best of moods. He stares at Tazz, who stops talking for a couple of seconds and looks put out by Punk’s presence.

Tazz: Look, I’ll have t’ call y’back. . . A’ight. See ya.

Tazz drops his phone on his desk and looks at Punk.

Tazz: So, what can I do for ya champ?

CM Punk: Well maybe you could start by explaining to me why I wasn’t told about this so called match with MVP.

Tazz: Ev’ryone knows ‘bout that. . .

CM Punk: . . . Whoa, not the match t’night. I was talking about the small matter of a title defence Sunday night at the King of the Ring. . . See, I thought that would be the kind of thing a general manager would run by his World Champion as a show of respect. . . But how do I find out about it? I get jumped and told as I’m lying on my ass in the middle of the ring. . . I’m the World Heavyweight Champion Tazz, I deserve better than that. All I want is to be shown a little respect. Is that really too much to ask?

Tazz: A’ight, you wan’ me t’ level wit’ y'champ? . . . 'kay. . . See I decide how things are run around here, that’s why I’m the G M, an’ maybe I deserve a little more respect than you’re showin’ me right now, an’ a hell of a lot more than last week when you jumped the gun and told the world about Shawn Michaels. . . And since we’re bein’ honest wit’ each other, I’ll tell y’how it is. . . I was gonna tell y’bout your match wit’ MVP last week, but since you thought you’d make the announcement ‘bout Shawn, I thought I’d let MVP be the one t’ tell the world about your first ever, and maybe your only pay-per-view title defence. . . That sounds fair right champ?

Punk smirks.

CM Punk: Y’know what boss? . . . That’s fine, but really? Maybe my only pay-per-view title defence? . . . C’mon. You don’t seriously think I’m dropping this already? . . . I’m gonna be holding on to this bad boy for a while yet. No amount of matches you make are gonna change that.

Tazz grins at Punk’s self-confidence when The Masters of the Mat, Chris Masters & Charlie Haas walk in looking very serious, seemingly to the frustration of the GM.

CM Punk: Hey, I’ll leave y’to it. . . Later guys.

Masters & Haas just turn and watch Punk walk out of the room before turning back to face Tazz.

Chris Masters: Forget about him, you’ve got more important things to deal with, like what those English S O B’s pulled last week, ‘cause I don’t know if you noticed, but they cost us our match. Now we know you’re used to protectin’ ‘em, but if you don’t do somethin’ about it. . . trust me, we will.

Tazz: Well believe it or not gentleman, they’re not usually the ones who cause all the problems. . . That’d be you two. . . If I remember rightly, you were the ones that broke Burchill’s wrist just days before Judgment Day, an’ you’re up in here gettin’ in my face about ‘em costin’ you a match? . . . You two need t’ get real and look at your own actions. And wit’ that said, tonight Mister Masterpiece, you can do somethin’ about it, ‘cause you’re gonna be goin’ one on one wit’ Harry Smith. . . In fact, that’s next, so y’better get goin’.

Masters & Haas don’t look impressed and just turn round in anger, slamming the door as they leave with Tazz smirking and going to pick up his phone.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

Clips of John Cena, The Undertaker, CM Punk, Kane, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Batista, Jeff Hardy, Edge & Rey Mysterio hitting their finishers are shown.

The superstars of Raw and Smackdown will collide upon the return of one of wrestling’s most historic shows. . . WWE Superstars. . . Superstars will return to your television screens with some of the biggest names in sports entertainment today. . . Superstars will premiere Saturday 21st June on WGN America at 5pm Central with a special guest performance from Flo Rida. . . Whatever you do, don’t miss the return of WWE Superstars, only on WGN America, replayed Sunday and Wednesday nights at 9pm.

{Cut Backstage}

Jack Swagger is talking to a production worker when Bobby Lashley walks right up to him, worrying the worker.

Production Worker: Erm. . . I think I’m needed at the other side of the arena.

Swagger has a stupid grin on his face, but Lashley looks deadly serious.

Bobby Lashley: What the hell was all that about?

Jack Swagger: Whoa, calm down. There’s no need t’ get all flustered.

Bobby Lashley: You get involved in my matches for no reason, I think I deserve an explanation. . . You try it again and I promise you it’ll be the last time.

Jack Swagger: Whoa, am I supposed to be scared Bobby? If you saw my matches, you wouldn’t me comin’ up t’ me makin’ threats, and you certainly wouldn’t see me usin’ chairs to win them. . . I have a little thing called god given talent, and I don’t need t’ resort t’ cheatin’ like some people I could mention. Maybe you should take a leaf out of my book.

Lashley sn-iggers, not taking Swagger seriously.

Jack Swagger: You think I’m jokin’ Bobby boy? I could take you on any place, any time and I’d beat you without havin’ t’ use a chair. I’m not undefeated for a reason you know.

Lashley rubs his chin, pondering something for a second or two.

Bobby Lashley: Any time? . . . Well, if you’re not scared. . .

Jack Swagger: . . . I’m not.

Bobby Lashley: So you won’t have a problem facing me next week then? If you’re not all talk that is.

Swagger tries to act cool, but it’s clear that he’s not totally comfortable.

Jack Swagger: Fine, but make sure you leave all your chairs at home this time.

Lashley sn-iggers again.

Bobby Lashley: Oh I won't be needing them. I have these (lifts his hands up above his waist). . . I’ll see y'next week hot shot.

Lashley then turns round and walks out of the shot with Swagger showing signs of frustration.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #2***

Harry Smith w/Paul Burchill vs Chris Masters w/Charlie Haas

Masters looks to be on top after surprising Smith with a double axe handle blow to the chest. Smith sits up clutching his chest after the vicious blow with The Masterpiece revelling in his opponent’s pain, but he doesn’t appear to be finished as he reaches down and pulls Smith back up to his feet. He then whips the Brit in to the corner pads, and Smith hits the pads in a very harsh manner with Masters running in straight away to nail him with a hard shoulder thrust to the torso. Masters then backs away slowly in pain as Smith slumps to his knees and then falls forward, down to the mat. Masters takes a quick look and grins in to the crowd before once again dragging Smith back up where he then pulls him away from the corner and in to the centre of the ring. He then positions Smith’s head under his arm and lifts him vertically up in to the air for a suplex, and he keeps him up there for a couple of seconds until Smith starts kicking his legs around and manages to pull himself down to the mat. The Masterpiece is shocked, and as both men turn round, Smith explodes with a kick to the gut. He then quickly pulls Masters head between his legs, lifts him up above his head and plants him with a BULLDOG BOMB (Sit Down Powerbomb). . . . . The referee rushes across the mat and drops to his knees as Smith crawls forward to hook Masters’ leg for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

Masters just gets his shoulder up at the last second with Burchill looking stunned on the outside while Haas breathes a sigh of relief in Masters’ corner. Smith sits up in slight disappointment, but he’s far from finished as he stands back up and brings The Masterpiece with him. This time it’s the Englishman who looks to go for a DELAYED VERTICAL SUPLEX. . . . . He manages to lift Masters up in to the air, and after several seconds with the crowd cheering and clapping, Smith falls back to send Masters’ back crashing down on to the canvas. That brings a big pop from the fans, but Smith isn’t letting him get any recovery time at all as he returns to his feet and pulls Masters back up to his before scooping him up on to his shoulder for the RUNNING POWERSLAM. . . . . Haas panics on the outside and immediately turns round to grab a steel chair from by the timekeeper’s table and slides in to the ring. Smith turns round and sees him, then drops Masters down quite gently as he and Haas run right at each other, but as Haas swings the chair wildly, Smith ducks the shot. Haas turns round in to a hard kick to the gut and drops the chair with Smith following up with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. . . . . Masters then picks the chair up as he stands up with Smith doing the same, the Brit turns round in to a hellacious steel chair shot to the skull, giving the ref no choice but to call for the bell and disqualify Masters.

WINNER: Harry Smith by DQ @ 7.05.

AFTERMATH: Burchill rushes in to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope. He runs at Haas who is just getting up and tackles him down to the mat as Masters argues with the referee, but The Masterpiece’s attention switches as he sees Haas hit the deck. He turns round as Burchill gets up, and the hot Englishman walks right in to a vicious chair shot right to the skull with a deafening thud echoing around the arena. Masters enjoys soaking up the heat, staring in to the crowd with a big smile on his face, but he’s not done. He then looks back down at the motionless Burchill and raises the chair up above his head with the fans desperately booing and praying something can save Burchill, but they’re helpless as Masters then brings the chair crashing down on to Burchill’s broken wrist.

Not even the cast can protect the Englishman from the pain, but Masters carries on, driving the chair repeatedly on to Burchill’s wrist until the referee manages to step in front of Masters. The angry Masterpiece drops the chair as Haas gets up with a smile on his face as he sees Burchill writhing around in agony with the dazed Smith slowly sitting back up. He then spots his partner is in trouble as the referee calls for help with The Masters of the Mat just looking on in with huge grins all over their faces while Smith crawls across to check on his partner. EMT’s run down the ramp and enter the ring as Smith stands up and tries to get at Masters & Haas, but the referee stands in his way with the challengers to the gold just laughing back at him before leaving the ring to a ton if heat.

{Cut Backstage}

Mia Rain is with Tazz in his office. Mia is sat down looking confused and slightly agitated as Tazz paces the room.

Mia Rain: Are y'gonna tell me why you asked me here, ‘cause there are better things I could be doing y’know.

Just then, "The Glamazon", Beth Phoenix walks in to the room, and both divas look surprised to see each other.

Beth Phoenix: What’s she doing here?

Mia stands up right away, not happy with Beth being there.

Mia Rain: Yeah, what is this?

Tazz: If you both sit down, I’ll tell ya.

They both look tentatively at each other and sit down at both ends of the sofa.

Tazz: Look, I asked you both here because it’s clear there’s quite a bit o’ tension between y’both right?

Rain & Beth just look at each other, giving Tazz his answer.

Tazz: Right I got that. . . . For weeks now, I’ve been thinkin’ what I’m gonna do with all the divas on the books since the draft stirred things up. And I’ve gotta tell ya, I value each an’ ev’ry one o’ you divas here on Smackdown, even you two despite the problems you got goin’ on. . .

Mia Rain: Don’t look at me. She’s to blame. Ever since I got here she’s felt threatened by me.

Beth Phoenix: Excuse me. No one worries me Mia. . . no one, and that includes you Mia.

Tazz: Alright, enough. Both of yous listen to me. . . I’ve had some time to think over a couple o’ things, and I came up with a great idea. . . a divas title totally exclusive to Smackdown.

Rain & Beth’s eyes both light up, looking at each other as if to say they’ll be winning it.

Tazz: It’s gonna work like this. We’re gonna have ourselves a divas elimination series wit’ all the Smackdown divas competin’ in a match next week wit’ the one who loses the match bein’ eliminated from the series. The winner gets themselves a bye an’ misses the next match where another gets knocked out an’ so on, until there’s just one diva left, an’ she will be the new Divas Champion. That all starts next week, but t’night, I gotta special for challenge for y’both. What I wan’ y’both t’do right now is stand up an’ work together for t’night only. Next week y’can beat the holy hell out of each other for all I care. Y’both okay wit’ that?

Beth stands up looking very relaxed.

Beth Phoenix: What you waiting for Mia?

Rain doesn’t know what to make of Beth being so calm, but so slowly stands up and walks out of the room, keeping her eyes on Beth with Tazz looking very pleased with himself.

{Commercial Break}

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{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #3***

3 on 2 Handicap Match
Mickie James, Michelle McCool & Maria vs Beth Phoenix & Mia Rain

McCool looks in trouble as the dangerous Mia Rain reaches down and pulls her back up to her feet, and then kicks her very hard in the gut. She then drives her forearm in to McCool’s face and knocks her off balance. Rain doesn’t waste a second as she looks to carry on the attack, connecting with two more vicious forearm shots, forcing McCool back against the ropes. She then grabs her by the arm and whips McCool in to the opposite side, then runs out to meet her and takes her down with a thunderous leg lariat. Beth looks surprised but impressed on the apron as her partner then readjusts her position to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! McCool just gets her shoulder up to the relief of Mickie James & Maria in her corner. Rain sits back up before returning to her feet as she urges the squirming McCool to get back up, and slowly she does just that with Rain lurking ominously. As McCool manages to get to her feet, Rain pounces immediately by not allowing McCool to turn round to face her and grabbing her head under her arm for the RAIN DROP (Falling Reverse DDT). . . . . The fans boo as Mia takes a second, looking over at Beth to try and send her a message, but the time wasting allows McCool to escape her grasp and slip behind Rain to hit a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP. . . . . That brings a pop from the crowd as both divas look to make the tag to their respective partners, and as McCool gets close to her corner, Rain manages to tag in the intense looking Glamazon. She charges across the ring to try and stop McCool making the tag, but she’s too late as McCool jumps forward to tag in Mickie.

A roar breaks out in the crowd as Mickie steps through the ropes and connects with a right to Beth’s gut, then follows up with an irish whip, but it’s reversed by The Glamazon. As Mickie then comes back off the ropes, she dives forward and surprises Beth with a LOU THESZ PRESS. . . . . The fan’s cheers become even louder, and as Mickie stands back up, Rain runs right at her, but in to a spin kick to the gut that sends her to knees temporarily while Phoenix stands back up. As Mickie turns round with Mia getting back up from her knees, she sees Beth running at her, and The Glamazon looks to take Mickie down with a clothesline, but Mickie ducks and Beth nails Rain, sending her right back down to the mat. The cheers get even louder as Beth looks down in shock for a second, only for Mickie to spin her round and set her up for an IMPLANT DDT. . . . . With the crowd cheering, Mickie takes her eye off the ball slightly and it allows Beth to counter and throw Mickie forward and down to the mat as she lifted her feet up off the mat. The Glamazon looks serious now, but as she’s about to walk over to Mickie, the livid Rain is back up behind her and turns her round, grilling her for the clothesline just a moment ago. They go face to face with neither backing down until Mickie picks herself back up and runs right at Beth, knocking her forward in to Rain and sending Mia down to the mat. Beth turns round and right in to a MICK KICK. . . . . The fans all stand up and count in tandem with the ref as Mickie makes the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Mickie James, Michelle McCool & Maria by pinfall @ 7.28.

AFTERMATH: McCool & Maria join Mickie in the ring with “Obsession” playing to a big pop while Rain looks on in shock, staring right at them and then angrily at The Glamazon lying on the mat. Mickie and her partners then smile across at Rain, and she clearly isn’t happy at all, but the three fan favourites enjoy their success, posing for the crowd with Rain still livid.

{Cut Backstage}

Michael Shane, the WWE Cruiserweight Champion is walking down the hall in his casual clothes with the title resting on his shoulder when he turns a corner and bumps right in to Johnny Jeter, clearly angering him.

Johnny Jeter: What is it with you? Ev’ry time I turn round, you’re there.

Michael Shane: Er, it was an accident. Take it easy man.

Johnny Jeter: Yeah that’s one option, or you could just stay the hell away from me and keep y’mouth well shut.

Michael Shane: Wait a second, you’re not pissed about what I said last week are ya?

Jeter doesn’t say a word, shaking his head as Shane grins.

Michael Shane: You’re kidding me right? If you’re that bothered by it. . . quite honestly, it’s pretty pathetic. Moping around because you’re jealous of your buddy you stabbed in the back making a name for himself leaving you all high and dry. . . well it’s quite sad really. . . Tell you what, I’ll give you a little advice Johnny. For your own sake. . . get over it ‘cause you’re acting like an ass. Think about it.

Shane pats him on the back and walks off down the hall with Jeter absolutely steaming, staring right at him as he walks away.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut Backstage}

Matt Hardy is sat down in the locker room drinking a bottle of water when MVP walks in, getting a big pop inside the arena, but Matt is surprised to see him and stands up to greet his former rival.

MVP: Whoa Matt, I guess you’re pretty shocked to see me here after all we’ve been through, but hear me out a’ight. . . I know we’ve had our problems, but that’s the past, an’ right now we kind o’ got one common problem. . . CM Punk.

Matt nods his head slightly, still curious as to MVP’s presence.

MVP: He stole the Money in the Bank contract from me at Judgment Day, and this ain’t a surprise to y’Matt, that ain’t the kind o’ thing I take lightly. I won that contract fair an’ square at WrestleMania in the Money in the Bank ladder match. In fact, I bust my ass t’ win that match an’ what came wit’ it, an’ Punk took it from me. There ain’t no way I’m standin’ for that. That chance to be World Champion was mine, and y’better believe I’m gonna make sure Punk regrets it this Sund’y when I get the match I earned at WrestleMania. But Sund’y can wait for now, ‘cause t’night I got myself a chance to send Punk a message up close an’ personal. An’ Matt, that’s where you come in dawg.

Matt Hardy: Me? . . . How do I fit in t’ this?

MVP: We ain’t ever gonna be friends Matt, I get that, but neither of us are ever gonna be friends wit’ that punk. We all seen what he’s done t’ you an’ Jeff, an’ that was heavy man, real heavy. I dunno if I’d ‘ave let ‘im get away wit’ that crap had it been me, but t’night we both got a chance t’ make sure CM Punk gets what’s comin’ to ‘im if you say yes to bein’ my partner. What y’say Matt?

Matt Hardy: Y’know, I think that’s the first time I’ve ever agreed wit’ you.

MVP: So we got ourselves a deal?

Matt Hardy: You’ve got a deal.

MVP: Sweet, I’ll swing by later on. . . Check y’later Matt.

Matt looks a little surprised but in a good way and picks the water back up, taking a gulp as MVP walks out of the room.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #4***

Shannon Moore vs Johnny Jeter

ENDING: The cocky Jeter returns to his feet after a flying clothesline, and with Moore slowly picking himself back up also, Jeter runs back in to the ropes and as he comes back, he connects with a JUMPING BACK ELBOW SMASH. . . . . It sends Moore right back down to the mat, and the angry youngster slowly shifts across the mat and hooks both legs as the referee makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Moore kicks out quite comfortably and rolls on to his side as Jeter leans back and then stands back up before walking in to the corner. He climbs through the ropes and all the way up to the turnbuckle with the crowd booing while Moore is able to get up to a vertical base. As he then turns round, the confident looking Jeter takes a leap off the top to connect with a CROSS BODY. . . . . He lands right on top of his opponent, but Moore quickly rolls through for a cover of his own. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Jeter manages to counter and roll through for a cover of his own. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Moore kicks out as both men rush to their feet, and as Jeter turns round to face Moore, he is met with a thunderous ENZIGURI. . . . . Both men hit the deck close to the apron as Moore scurries across to hook the near leg. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No!

Jeter gets his free foot up on to the bottom rope to save himself the match, but he looks in a far away world as he tries to sit up with Moore now in the driving seat. He shrugs off the disappointment straight away as he stands back up and drags Jeter away from the ropes by his arm, setting him up in the centre of the ring. He then walks in to the corner and heads to the top with the fans cheering him on as Jeter starts to come round. Moore takes a look in to the crowd before turning round and leaping off for a MOONSAULT. . . . . As he comes through the sky, Jeter just manages to roll to the side at the last second with Moore crash landing into the canvas. Sighs of disappointment ring out as both men then slowly make their way back up, and Jeter is the first one up as he walks across and pulls Moore up to his feet. He throws a right hand at him, but Moore ducks and hits one of his own, and then another to put Jeter on the back foot. Moore then turns back to run the ropes, but as he comes back, Jeter ducks underneath Moore’s outstretched arm. Moore panics and turns around straight away, but right in to the GENESIS KICK (Jumping Spinning Enziguri). . . . . Moore isn’t moving as he lies on the mat, leaving Jeter with the easy task of hooking the leg while the ref drops down to count Moore’s shoulders. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Johnny Jeter by pinfall @ 5.19.

AFTERMATH: Jeter smirks like crazy, revelling in the fans booing him as he stands back up. The ref tries to raise his hand, but Jeter shrugs away and walks over to the ropes to demand a microphone. He gets it and walks back in to the centre of the ring.

Johnny Jeter: Hey, big mouth. . . Yeah I’m talkin’ t’ you Shane. You’re gonna have to listen to me for a minute if that’s okay with you mister big shot. . . We’ve all seen you walkin’ round, thinkin’ you’re so untouchable with the Cruiserweight Championship on your shoulder, but I wouldn’t get so cosy if I were you, ‘cause things can change in a split second. You can just ask your cousin about that, but I guess he’s not here right now is he?


Johnny Jeter: Maybe you should think twice about talkin’ down t’ me, and for the record champ, you wanna take a shot at me for stabbin’ Matt Sydal in the back. . . If I hadn’t ‘ave done that, you wouldn’t be the champ right now. So maybe you should show me a little respect before you start gettin’ an ego the size of your feeling sorry for himself, lying on his beat up ass at home cousin. . . And frankly, unlike you, I do have respect for my counterparts.

Jeter turns round and sees Moore sitting up. He then walks over and offers him a helping hand, taking Moore by surprise.

Johnny Jeter: Come on Shannon, let me give you a hand. . . Everybody give it up for Shannon Moore. . . That was a good effort man. . . for a change.

Jeter clobbers Moore with the microphone, resulting in Moore falling to the mat and a whole lot of boos for Jeter, who just drops the mic and laughs as he leaves the ring with his music hitting once again. The referee checks on Moore as the remorseless Jeter just laughs as he turns and looks back.

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{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut Backstage}

Josh Matthews is standing by.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time. . . Chris Jericho.

The camera zooms out to reveal “Y2J” Chris Jericho standing alongside Josh, and Jericho is dressed to compete.

Josh Matthews: Chris, first off I have to ask you about what happened last week when you not just prevented the main event match for the World Heavyweight Championship, but attacked The Undertaker in the process in what was. . .

Chris Jericho: . . . In what was what Josh? A barbaric assault? . . . Quite frankly I’ve heard my actions described in many different ways over the last seven days, but not one person has said they were courageous, because that’s in fact what they were. . . Yes there are some people who are under the same impression as The Undertaker himself in that he is still the same unstoppable force that’s grown and grown in front of our very eyes for nearly twenty years, but they’re wrong Josh. . . very wrong. What I did last week was right a wrong, as it also appears that our general manager believes The Undertaker is at the top of his game like some of the moronic people who fill these arenas week after week, but I wasn’t about to stand by and let The Undertaker make matters worse for himself by competing at a level which he is no longer at despite what he, Tazz and his loyal followers may think.

*Boos from the arena filter through*

Chris Jericho: So I did what had to be done for the sake of The Undertaker’s legacy, and if all these people had a single ounce of intelligence, they would see that my actions were courageous and that I did The Undertaker a favour. Whether he sees it that way or not is not my concern as I have to think about Chris Jericho right now, and as long as The Undertaker is still pushed ahead of me in to the limelight, then I have to take actions in to my own hands, and that’s why I did what I did last week. However, if The Undertaker continues to ignore the fact that’s staring him in the face. . . that being that his career is in its final stages, then I have to be the man that ensures he is guided in the right path so that he sees things as they really are. It should be people like me that are challenging for the World Championship, not someone on their last legs and in need of a desperate wake up call to see that it’s time to step in to the shadows once and for all.

Josh Matthews: It’s fairly obvious that not a lot of people share your opinion on The Undertaker, but in regard to your own desire to compete for the World Championship, you will in fact be teaming up with the World Champion, CM Punk later on tonight. . .

Chris Jericho: . . . Let me stop you there Josh. Like I said before, a lot of things have been said, and every last syllable has been incorrect. That includes the rumours of any kind of allegiance between myself and our World Champion. The only person Chris Jericho aligns himself with is Chris Jericho. And tonight I have a chance to show to the world that unlike The Undertaker, I deserve to be in the ring with the World Heavyweight Champion, and I am going to ensure that CM Punk sees that himself too.

Josh seems to be distracted and looks over Jericho’s shoulder, causing Jericho to turn round, and as he does, he’s greeted by the sight of Christian and his problem solver, Tyson Tomko. Christian & Jericho stare right at each other for a good few seconds.

Chris Jericho: Long time no see. You couldn’t have chosen your time any better as Josh and I were just discussing certain undeserving individuals, and here you are.

Christian smirks while Jericho looks deep in to his eyes before walking past him and Tomko.

Christian: Wow. What got up his ass?

Josh Matthews: Christian, can I get a quick word?

Christian: Sure, what can I do for y’Josh?

Josh Matthews: Well, word going round is that you have something of a surprise in store tonight.

Christian: Good news travels fast, that’s good to know. And to officially answer those rumours, I do have something that I intend t’ get off my chest later on t’night, but for it t’ remain a surprise Josh, it kind of means I have t’ keep it under lock and key for now. You understand that right?

Josh Matthews: Yeah of course, but can’t you give us just a hint?

Christian: A hint? Let me think about that for a sec. . . It involves a. . .

Josh Matthews: . . . A what?

Christian: You really wanna get yourself a big inside scoop don’t y’Josh? . . . Tell y’what, I’ll give you a little heads up before I go out there. How’s that sound?

Josh Matthews: Alright, I guess.

Christian: Good man. I’ll see y’later. . . Let’s go Tomko.

Both Christian & Tomko then walk out leaving Josh to try and figure out just what Christian has up his sleeve for later on.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #5***

King of the Ring Contenders Match
Elijah Burke w/Layla vs Matt Sydal vs Shelton Benjamin vs Chavo Guerrero

ENDING: Benjamin looks very smug as he stands tall in the ring having just ducked a clothesline from Burke by pulling the top rope down. Only Sydal is trying to get back up with Chavo still down by the corner as The Gold Standard slowly walks across towards Sydal and helps him up from his knees, but he gets a shock as Sydal throws a right forearm at him, and then another. The quick as a cat youngster turns back to run the ropes, and as he races back, he takes the United States Champion with a flying forearm. A cheer breaks out in the crowd as both men make their way back up, but Benjamin runs right in to trouble and a FEINT ENZIGURI IN TO A HEAD SCISSORS TAKE DOWN. . . . . The fans really get behind Sydal now as he returns to his feet with Shelton struggling behind him, and once again The Gold Standard turns in trouble as Sydal grabs him around the upper body and plants him with the CYCLORAMA (Belly to Belly Moonsault Slam). . . . . Sydal stands back up to a big pop with Shelton barely moving on the mat, and Sydal drags him closer to the corner before climbing to the top rope, looking to hit the SHOOTING STAR PRESS. . . . . Just as he’s about to jump off, Chavo comes out of nowhere and runs from the adjacent corner to drive his fist in to Sydal’s gut, knocking him in to a seated position on the top rope. He then stomps across Benjamin’s chest to send him under the bottom rope and to the floor below before turning his attention back to Sydal. He climbs up to the second rope and sets him up for a suplex, only to then climb all the way to the top with the grip still in tact. He then takes the giant leap by falling to the canvas and connecting with a SUPERPLEX. . . . . Both men lie there for several seconds before Chavo is able to turn himself round and reach across with one arm, placing it on Sydal’s chest for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No!

Burke reaches inside and just about manages to pull Chavo away from Sydal by his feet. Burke then crawls back inside with Chavo getting to his knees alongside him, and Burke pulls him up to whip him in to the opposite set of ropes, and as Chavo comes back, Burke ducks his head and it gives Chavo the opportunity to kick him square in the head. Burke’s head snaps back up with Chavo then taking further advantage by planting him with a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kick Out! Burke gets his shoulder up, and Chavo doesn’t look too happy. He then gets back up with Sydal rolling to the ropes and Burke trying to get up to his knees. Chavo looks focused as he pulls Burke up once again and drills him with a European uppercut, then follows up with an irish whip only for Burke to counter it, and as Chavo comes back off the ropes, Burke plants him with a LIFTING SPINNING SIT DOWN SPINEBUSTER. . . . . A big pop breaks out as Burke looks to hold on for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Sydal stops the count with a kick to Burke’s back, bringing a mixed reception. As Burke then tries to sit up, Sydal runs back in to the ropes, races back and connects with a SIT DOWN DROPKICK ON BURKE. . . . . That caught Burke right in the face, sending him flat on his back with Layla looking on concerned. Sydal turns the attention on Chavo, but as he walks over to him, Shelton slips back in the ring and attacks from behind, clubbing Sydal across the back and sending him with a RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX. . . . . The United States Champion then walks over to Burke and stomps him away from the centre of the ring to by the ropes before turning back round to see Chavo using the ropes to pick himself back up.

He then charges right at Chavo as he steps away from the ropes, but The Mexican Warrior manages to step to the side with Shelton running right in to the pads chest first. Chavo then looks to steal a cheap one by turning back in to the corner and rolling Shelton up from behind while resting his feet on the ropes as the ref makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Shelton just kicks out as both men then rush to their feet. It’s Chavo who takes the initiative by ducking a right hand and pulling Shelton in to place for a suplex, and he hits it. Chavo holds on to the grip and with a twist of the hips, he’s back on his feet to hit another and then one more to complete THE THREE AMIGO’S. . . . . Some fans cheer because of the late great Eddie Guerrero, but most boo Chavo as he stands back up posing arrogantly. He then walks in to the corner and climbs to the top rope as Sydal comes round by the ropes with the referee checking on him, looking a very groggy as he holds his neck, sat up on his knees by the ropes. Ron Killings then runs down the ramp and jumps up on to the apron, grabbing Chavo’s foot. Chavo turns round in anger at the sight of his bitter nemesis standing right there, and Killings drills him with a right hand, sending Chavo down to the mat. Killings hops back down off the apron with a very intense look on his face with the unimpressed referee walking over telling him to stay out of the way as Burke, Sydal and Chavo struggle to their feet. Sydal steps out, still looking dazed and right in to a clothesline from Burke, and as Burke turns round, Chavo throws a wild right at him. Burke ducks it and kicks him in the gut before planting him with THE ELIJAH EXPERIENCE. . . . . It looks to be over with everyone else down as Burke hooks both legs for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Elijah Burke by pinfall @ 9.33.

AFTERMATH: “Don’t Waste My Time” plays as Burke stands back up to get his arm raised with Benjamin coming round on the inside as Killings back tracks up the ramp with a smile on his face. He then turns his back on the ring with Raw’s Kenny Dykstra then appearing out of nowhere in the ring, knocking Sydal down with a club to the back before turning Burke round in to a Rolling Cutter. He then stands back up and walks over to the ropes looking very pleased with himself as Sydal stands up and runs at him, but Kenny gets through the ropes quick enough while Layla slips in to the ring to check on Burke. Sydal stares angrily at Dykstra, but the Raw star just laughs at him, seemingly infuriating the usually calm Sydal.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut Backstage}

Matt Sydal & Layla are walking through the back with Elijah Burke, who is walking a bit slower and looking slightly dazed following the attack from Kenny Dykstra before the break when Shelton Benjamin, the United States Champion catches them up from behind. He laughs and they turn around, not looking impressed at all.

Elijah Burke: Find somethin’ funny do ya?

Shelton Benjamin: Now you mention it, yeah I do. . . you!

Layla: You won’t be laughing when my baby becomes the King of the Ring on Sunday.

Shelton Benjamin: What, y’tryin’ to make me laugh even more or somethin’? I think we all know what happened out there don’t mean squat. You might ‘ave won t’night, but you ain’t winnin’ nothin’ Sund’y ‘cause you’re lookin’ at the winner standin’ right here. . . And you. . .

Matt Sydal: Me?

Shelton Benjamin: Yeah, you. Y’can forget all about that vict’ry a couple o’weeks back ‘cause it ain’t happ’nin’ again. There’s only one man who’s gonna be the King once Sunday’s all done, an’ it certainly ain’t gonna be either of you. . . it’s gonna be The Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin. . . You look after yourself, an’ you never know, I might see y’Sund’y. Not that you’d wanna!

Burke, Sydal & Layla just look at Benjamin in complete disgust as he walks past them and out of the shot.

{Cut to Ringside}

“If You Close Your Eyes” hits to a big pop as Christian and his problem solver, Tyson Tomko make their way down to the ring with Christian grinning at the crowd as he walks down the ramp. Tomko is as serious as ever, and he stands behind Christian as they get in the ring with Christian collecting a microphone.

Christian: It looks like the peeps are out in force here in Kansas t’night.

*Big Pop*

Christian: Yeah, but we all know someone who won’t come out t’ play, and that’s my big brother, Edge.


Christian: Since it seems there’s no need for me to bring you up to speed with my brother’s antics, I’m just gonna cut right t’ the chase. . . A couple of weeks ago I stood in this very same ring opposite my loving brother and challenged him to a match in the hope that he might rise at the chance t’ somehow satisfy his. . . well quite frankly, his negative opinion of me. That being that I can’t cut it here in the big leagues on Smackdown.


Christian: Now, for someone who thinks so much of himself, I honestly thought he would snap my hand off there and then, but it appears I made a crucial mistake. . . I forgot he was Edge, a man famous for having no testicles.


Christian: I honestly don’t know what I was thinkin’, lettin’ somethin’ as common knowledge as that slip my mind. I mean he brings a whole new meaning to the word coward, or as he likes to call himself, the ultimate opportunist. But y’know what I think Adam, I think y’need t’ grow a pair an’ real quick, ‘cause whether you like it or not, some day very soon, we will stand in this ring alone, look each other in the eye and beat the holy hell out of each other until there’s just one man left standin’. And trust me Adam, it’s not gonna be you, it’s gonna be yours truly. . . your little brother, Captain Charisma.

*Big Pop*

Christian: And the reason I’m out here folks is that you might get to see that a hell of a lot sooner than you might think, ‘cause earlier this week I happened to stumble across a very int’resting piece of information. . . See, the reason Adam knocked me back was because he still hasn’t recovered from the injury he suffered a couple of months back, but with Adam being Adam, it won’t surprise you to learn that he’s been keeping a teeny tiny secret from us for a while now. But y’know how it is bro’? Secrets don’t always remain secrets. Sometimes the truth comes out whether you like it or not, kind of like when we all found out you were screwin’ around behind your friend’s back with his woman.


Christian: So, just so that everyone’s in the picture, I think it’s for the best that they all know the injury that’s supposedly stoppin’ you gettin’ back in the ring, well it’s not as bad as you’re making out is it? . . . In fact it was all cleared up a month ago, ain’t that right bro’? . . . So I can only assume the reason you didn’t take me up on my challenge was ‘cause you’re worried your baby brother’s gonna show you up for what you really are. . . a. . .

“Metalingus” blasts out with an angry looking Edge walking out to the stage with a microphone in hand.

Edge: . . . Whoa let me stop you right there before you say somethin’ you’re gonna regret.

Christian watches on as Edge then walks down the ramp and in to the ring, walking right up to his brother.

Edge: You wanna do this, right here right now? . . . Y’know what? . . . Lets. . . The only reason I didn’t take you up on your challenge C was because despite everything, we’re still family and we both know what would happen if I said yes, and I’m not all that comfortable with that. . . But if we look past that, and analyse that challenge of yours, we both know you didn’t challenge me ‘cause you thought you could win. No ‘cause you’re not that stupid are y’bro’? . . . You challenged me t’ try and fool these people to believe in you when deep down you know that you’re nothing without me by your side, but I have to admit, you look better than that joke you’ve got standing behind you right now. But quite frankly, anyone would. And since you’re tryin’ to fill the arena with all this supposed truth tonight, I thought it was only fair t’ tell you man t’ man, brother t’ brother that I said no to your challenge for one very simple reason. . . I’d destroy you.


Edge: These morons might not see it like that, but they know nothing like I’ve been sayin’ for a long time. You too need t’ wake up and see reality ‘cause the facts don’t lie. Forget the last two and a half years where you’ve been making your living elsewhere, I’ve become a multi-time world champion where we stand right now. All you need t’ do is look back on our time together here. . . Who was the star huh? Who was the one who led us to each and ev’ry one of our tag team title reigns? . . . Who was the one who made sure we won more TLC matches than anyone else in history? . . . Who was the one who became the King of the Ring? . . . I’d let you have time t’ think about it, but you don’t need it do ya bro’? Because we both know that the answer t’ each of the questions isn’t you is it? . . . It’s me. . . You wanna come back here an’ try and make a name for yourself? Fine, but if y’think for a second you’re gonna do it at my expense, then you’ve got another thing comin’. . . You wan’ a match with me that bad? Fine. Let’s do it. . . In fact, how about we do it right now?

*Big Pop*

Edge: How about I shut you up once and for all? . . . You know, scrap that. Why don’t we just settle this without rules gettin’ in the way and do it the old fashioned way? No referee, just me. . .

Christian: . . . Whoa hold on. . . You really wanna do this? No strings attached? . . . You’re on.

*Massive Pop*

Edge momentarily looks over Christian’s shoulder at the fearsome sight of Tomko glaring right at him.

Edge: Hang on a second. This is between you and me. We don’t need anyone else out here. . . Either he goes or we ain’t doin’ this.

Christian turns round and looks at Tomko, who tries to reason with him, but Christian tells him to go, and reluctantly Tomko does turn round and leave the ring, walking past Edge smirking at him before walking up the ramp but facing the ring.

Edge: You sure you wanna do this?

Christian smirks and just tosses the microphone to the side and backs up with Edge nodding his head and dropping his microphone in front of him as Tomko walks through the curtain. He and Christian stare at each other for a couple of seconds, but Edge seems to change his mind and picks the microphone up again.

Edge: I’m sorry bro’, I can’t do it. I thought I could but I can’t.

Edge drops the microphone and turns round to leave the ring to a ton of heat from the crowd with Christian then walking across towards the ropes, seemingly puzzled and trying to get an explanation as Edge turns round and looks to be apologising. But then, we see two guys jump the barricade and slip in the ring behind Christian and attack him, pummelling him down to his knees. Edge then slips back in and joins them in putting the boots to Christian. They then back away and allow Christian to try and pick himself back up, but it’s clear Edge has something else in mind. He back tracks, and as Christian gets to his feet and turns round, Edge charges at him and nails him with a spear. The fans boo like crazy, but they turn to cheers as Tomko re-emerges from the back and runs down the ramp. Edge and his two accomplices see him coming and run to the side, slipping out of the ring to safety as Tomko storms in. The trio all laugh at the sight of Christian struggling as he tries to sit up, staring at them with pain written all over his face as Tomko tries to keep them away from the ring. Edge grins back at Tomko, and the big man doesn’t look happy as Edge and his buddies back track up the ramp with the pissed Christian staring at them.

Just to give you a clear picture, Edge’s buddies look a little something like this:

If you don't know their names, then you'll have to wait to find out.

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{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

Clips of classic King of the Ring moments are shown, such as Bret Hart winning the first tournament in 1993, followed by Owen Hart in ’94 and being crowned. It then shows Stonecold Steve Austin’s famous 3:16 quote from 1996, Triple H winning a year later and Kurt Angle’s victory in 2000, and ending with Edge’s in 2001.

Voiceover: For years, there have been only memories. . . For years, we have seen superstars grow in front of our eyes. . . Many of these moments stem from one glorious night. . . The King of the Ring. . . However, once again, this special night will create memories, champions and hall of famers. . . The King of the Ring returns to the WWE calendar this Sunday, live from The Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calfiornia.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentleman, we’re less than two nights away from the return of the King of the Ring live on pay-per-view, and what a night it’s going to be.

Matt Striker: My sentiments exactly Michael, and this is just one of the reasons why. You can put the King of the Ring tournament to one side for now, because there are championships to be decided also, including the WWE Championship when Jeff Hardy attempts to do the unthinkable in overcoming Kane. . . If he is to become the next WWE Champion, that is what he must do to reach out and touch the glass ceiling to join an elite list of names.

Michael Cole: After what we saw on Raw Monday night with Jeff diving off the stage, you can’t doubt that he’s going to do whatever it takes to do just that. . . You just have to wonder if his all is going to be enough to defeat The Big Red Machine and take away the WWE title.

Michael Cole: We saw things between these two get extremely personal Monday night, and we can expect one hell of a battle when Finlay takes on Ted DiBiase Junior for the Million Dollar Championship.

Matt Striker: Ted DiBiase Junior sure has a lot of confidence in himself, but let me tell you Michael, angering Finlay like he has recently isn’t going to help him retain his title one bit this Sunday. . . Believe me, he’s in for a very tough night this Sunday when he steps in to the ring with the fighting Irishman.

Michael Cole: CM Punk might have won the World Heavyweight Championship in a controversial manner, but he is going to have a fight on his hands to hold on to it when he battles MVP this Sunday.

Matt Striker: You’re absolutely right Michael, and let’s not forget that it was MVP that CM Punk stole the Money in the Bank contract from at Judgment Day before cashing it in to become the World Champion. Also, MVP technically didn’t lose in that fatal fourway match, so you can safely assume he’s going to be doing everything within his power to take what he believes is his.

Michael Cole: It sure is going to be an amazing night when the King of the Ring comes to you live from The Staples Center in Los Angeles California. With three championships up for the grabs in addition to the King of the Ring tournament, you can’t afford to miss a single second. So make sure you join us two nights from now in L.A.

{Cut to Ringside}

***The Main Event***

MVP & Matt Hardy vs CM Punk & Chris Jericho

ENDING: Matt and Punk both make an attempt to get back up to their feet after a double clothesline, and the crowd respond to MVP’s encouragement to get behind Matt as both men manage to stand up. Punk throws a right hand, but it’s blocked by Matt as he then fires back with a series of blows to force Punk back up against the ropes. Matt then grabs Punk by the arm and whips the World Champion in to the opposite side, and as Punk bounces back, Matt runs out and takes him down with a back elbow smash. The crowd like that, but Punk is straight back up and he can only watch on to see Matt running back off the ropes to send him right back down with a forearm smash. That gets the crowd going even more, and as they both stand up, it’s Matt who reacts first by pulling the slightly dazed Punk in to position for a SIDE EFFECT. . . . . Cheers echo around the arena once more, but Punk fights it by driving his elbow in to the side of Matt’s head in order to free himself with Matt dropping to his knees in the process. It takes Punk a second to recover too, and as Matt stands back up, Punk reacts sharply by nailing him with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK. . . . . That sends Matt down to the mat in a hurry, and he just lies their helpless as Punk slowly drops down to his knees to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Matt gives the crowd hope as he lifts his shoulder up off the mat at the last second, leaving Punk shocked as he sits up and stares at the referee as Matt starts to come round and roll on to his side. Punk then stands back up and urges the slow moving Matt back up, looking to be stalking him for the GO TO SLEEP. . . . .

He then takes everyone by surprise, especially MVP by turning round all of a sudden and running at him to send him off the apron with a martial arts kick to the shoulder. He didn’t catch him all that heavily, but enough to knock him down to the floor below. MVP sits up slowly while Punk turns back round to walk over to Matt, lifting him on to his shoulder for the GTS, but Matt fights it and slips down Punk’s back. The crowd cheer, and as Punk turns round, Matt kicks him in the gut and explodes out of nowhere with the TWIST OF FATE. . . . . That sends the crowd wild with both men lying motionless on the canvas as Jericho watches on nervously. MVP climbs back up on to the apron and gets the crowd going once again as both Matt and Punk start to come round and crawl towards their respective corners. MVP looks desperate for a tag, and Jericho calls out for it too with both Matt and Punk making the tag at the same time. Jericho and MVP step through the ropes at the same time and charge right at each other, and it’s MVP who ducks under Jericho’s arm and explodes with a SNAP OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. . . . . A big pop meets Jericho falling to the mat, but MVP is far from done as he stands back up over Jericho, signalling for the BALLIN’ ELBOW. . . . . Cheers break out from the stands as MVP steps back in to the ropes, comes back and drives his elbow down on to Jericho’s chest before following up for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Jericho kicks out quite comfortably and looks to get on to his knee as quickly as he can, but MVP isn’t standing around either. He returns to his feet and helps Jericho up, then whips him in to the corner. Jericho hits the pads back first but somewhat tamely with MVP then running in at him, and Jericho lifts his boot up in to Porter’s face, sending him staggering out of the corner holding his face.

Jericho then runs out after him and takes him down to the mat face first with a ONE ARM BULLDOG. . . . . MVP turns over on to his back as Jericho then follows up by running in to the ropes and spring boarding for the LIONSAULT. . . . . He hits it, and he goes to hook the leg with the referee rushing over to make the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! MVP kicked out, and Jericho can’t believe it. He looks up in total astonishment at the referee, who just reminds him it was definitely a two count. Jericho doesn’t want to believe it, but he has no choice. He stands back up and grabs MVP’s legs right away, then turns him over to apply the WALLS OF JERICHO. . . . . The number one contender looks to be in real trouble as Jericho applies the pressure to his lower back, and the pain is evident on MVP’s face. He reaches his arm out, but he’s nowhere near the ropes. This time it’s Matt who tries to get the crowd going, and they respond right away, clapping and chanting “M V P”. It has an effect as MVP lifts his arm up off the mat and shows some real fight to the clear frustration of Jericho who keeps the hold locked in. He seems to be waning while MVP fights for his life and drags himself closer and closer to the ropes, and he gets even closer, within touching distance as he then reaches out for dear life and manages to get his hand on the bottom rope to a huge cheer from the crowd. The referee walks round and tells Jericho to let the hold go, but he’s having none of it and only lets it go at the count of four. He then stands up and turns round, looking down in complete anger and frustration at MVP. Punk doesn’t look too happy either, and as Jericho is ushered away from the ropes by the ref, Punk walks across the apron and kicks MVP right in the head to a ton of heat from the crowd.

He turns round on the apron and protests his innocence with a smug look on his face, just as he does when the referee turns round, but Punk shakes it off as Jericho pulls MVP back up and whips him in to the ropes, connecting with a SPINNING HEEL KICK AS MVP COMES BACK. . . . . Both heels look quite happy as the dazed MVP picks himself back up, and Jericho calls for him to turn round. As he does so, Jericho looks to grab him by the head and hit the CODEBREAKER. . . . . But MVP pulls his head back as Jericho lands on his back, and Porter quickly lifts Jericho’s legs and flips forward for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Shoulder up! Jericho survives as both men rush back up to their feet as quickly as they can, and MVP ducks a right hand to then whip Jericho in to the corner. He races right in at him and connects with the PLAYA’S BOOT. . . . . Jericho just slumps down the pads as a pumped MVP backs away from the corner, but he doesn’t see Punk entering the ring behind him. The World Champion then spins his challenger round and tries to lift him on to his shoulder, but MVP fights it and drives his elbow in to the back of Punk’s head. With Punk in a spin, MVP whips him in to the ropes, but Punk holds on and taunts his King of the Ring opponent. He doesn’t bank on MVP then running at him and clotheslining him over the top to the delight of the crowd. Jericho starts to make his way back up in the corner, using the ropes to assist him, and MVP sees that as he turns back round and runs right at him.

Jericho though, sees it coming and steps out to the side as MVP runs through in to the pads chest first. He turns round and staggers out in to an INSIDE CRADLE. . . . . . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . MVP kicks out as both he and Jericho struggle to their feet with fatigue setting in, but as MVP tries for a kick to the stomach, Jericho grabs his boot before letting it go and spinning MVP round in a 360. As MVP spins back round to face him, Jericho kicks him in the stomach and plants him with a DOUBLE UNDERHOOK BACKBREAKER. . . . . That could be all, and Jericho thinks so too as he looks for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! MVP hangs on and kicks out, but as Jericho sits up, he sees Punk standing up on the outside and grabbing his World Championship belt. Jericho then stands up and walks over to the ropes to question Punk as the World Champion walks round to the ramp, telling Jericho he’s had enough. The fans boo like crazy, and Jericho isn’t happy at all, and even Matt can’t believe it as he watches on from the apron with a smirk on his face. Jericho walks round to the ropes in front of the ramp and carries on yelling at Punk to get back in his corner while MVP starts to sit up behind him. Punk just shakes his head as he continues to back up the ramp with Jericho looking disgusted, but as Jericho then turns round, MVP is back up and takes him by surprise, kicking him in the gut and planting him with the PLAYMAKER. . . . . The fans all rise to their feet and count the fall along with the ref as MVP hooks both legs for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNERS: MVP & Matt Hardy by pinfall @ 11.47.

AFTERMATH: “I’m Comin” hits to a big pop from the crowd as MVP stands up to get his arm raised. He quickly turns to the side and stares right at Punk who is staring right back at the challenger to his world title. Matt joins MVP in the ring and smirks back at Punk before shaking hands with the still deadly serious MVP, glaring right at his opponent this Sunday, trying to send him a message that he’s in for a fight at the King of the Ring. Punk just smirks back and lifts his title up in to the air as the show comes to a close.

{End of Show}

Bobby Lashley df. Orlando Jordan
Harry Smith
df. Chris Masters
Mickie James, Michelle McCool & Maria
df. Beth Phoenix & Mia Rain
Johnny Jeter
df. Shannon Moore
Elijah Burke
df. Matt Sydal, Shelton Benjamin & Chavo Guerrero
MVP & Matt Hardy
df. CM Punk & Chris Jericho


WWE Divas Championship – Elimination Series
Week 1


Bobby Lashley vs Jack Swagger


WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy vs Kane (c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) vs CM Punk (c)

Million Dollar Championship
Finlay vs Ted DiBiase Jr (c)

The King of the Ring Tournament
From Raw: Kenny Dykstra, Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston & Rey Mysterio
From Smackdown: Elijah Burke, Chavo Guerrero, Matt Sydal, Shelton Benjamin

>Please Hold Off On Predictions Until I Post The Preview!<

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

FlyinStyles Smackdown Review

Straight to buissness we get a match right away which is ok, I would've liked to see Punk and MVP cut a promo or something.

Good match, Bobby Lashly defeats Orlando Jordan the jobbler extraordinar. Ok match, Swagger gets invovled, was or I right or was I fucking right. Swagger vs. Lashley next should be a good fued. Swagger has beaten his jobblers now it's time to step up to the big leauges should be a good fued and it's great to be right.

Taz backstage segment the thing with him and Punk was ok, I mean it really didn't do anything or add anything to the show IMO, but I guess it gets Punk on the show a little bit more than he would've been. Then the announcement of the Masters-Smith match that's good this fued is like the best thing you got going on Smackdown right now I think. Should be good.

Swagger-Lashley promo, did it's job gets the announcement of the match next week out, I don't know what will happen with it, I think it may be a DQ having to do something with a chair.

Harry Smith vs. Chris Masters, nice match a DQ ending, not really shocker considering everyone of these matches invovling these two teams seems to end in a DQ, they smash up Burchill's wrist even more dang, either the UK Pak is going to beat the odds again or Masters will pick-up a dirty victory to get the belts. But this fued has been great

Diva's backstage with Taz, yes you're getting Diva's Title!! I planning on saying something about this when I read the Beth-Mai thing I knew you would put. Is you got a bunch of Diva's probably the best ground of Diva's in this on the brand with no Diva's title, lol. But now you have no very good, I'm sure it ends with Beth vs. Mai at GAB.

Good women's match, the team with more Diva's win, Mickie picks up the pin I like that. Beth and Mia have problems not really shocker but I really liked.

Johny Jeter-Michael Shane promo good and short but it got the point across this should be a very good Cruiserweight Title fued, I love Jeter freaking out over nothing.

Matt Hardy is MVP's partner!?!?! It makes since considering he had a fued going with Punk that acutally forgot about because it never ended up having a match one-on-one or anything but I expect Matt Hardy to enter the title picture after King of the Ring assuming MVP loses to Punk. This should be a very good main event.

Johny Jeter vs. Shannon Moore nice little squash match for Jeter I liked the after promo, I didn't get Jeter is being nice to Shannon Moore until he hit him with the mic that was great. I'm really liking this fued with Jeter and Shane.

Very good Jericho promo, really pumps up his fued with Taker, so I like it then basically says he's not Punk's friend or bitch which I think was needed. Very good promo, I don't think him dissing Christian was really nessacary unless it goes somewhere but with both of them in big time fueds I doubt it will.

The King of the Ring Contenders match was very good everyone got in the offense they needed, Killings costs Chavo the match which is good, that will probably be the result at King of the Ring too. Which I gues is fine because it builds up the fued but if you're going to do one guy costing the other guy all his King of the Ring related matches I would've prefered Killings been in KOTM (I would've prefered that any way) and the hell Chavo effing things up but oh well it sitll works. Elijah gets the win, which I think he needs because I forget he was even in the toruney I until I read your preview.

Christian and Edge promo was very good as always I was waiting for the fight but when Tomko left I knew something was going to happen there were going to be strings pulled and what do you Johny Devine and Petey Williams are Edge's new bitches. I love it!! This fued keep getting better!!

Great main event MVP gets the pin on Punk which builts to the big match at King of the Ring which I think will be very good, two thumps up for this match. Even though the pin for MVP all but garuntees Punk will retain in my mind but I was pretty sure he would any way.

Overall:I liked this show a lot good matches, very good promos, I was kind of dissapointed with the lack of interaction between Punk and MVP, I know they were in the main event together but I would've at least like them to cut a promo together or something but it built Smackdown's fueds well and it buit the King of the Ring tourney pretty well too. Good show. 8.5/10

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Latest WWE Backstage News & Rumours

Last night on Smackdown, Petey Williams & Johnny Devine made their WWE debuts when they jumped the barricade and attacked Christian in what appeared to be a set up by Edge. It’s no co-incidence that they were assigned to the blue brand as they are seen as valuable additions to the cruiserweight division, Petey especially so.

Sonjay Dutt is also rumoured to be making his Smackdown debut in the next month or so since his release from TNA, but Billy Kidman will be heading to FCW to help train the developmental talent instead of returning as an in-ring performer. Low-Ki will also be joining up with the main roster once he has finished off his commitments in Japan.

Gail Kim could also be joining her fellow former TNA co-workers in her return to the WWE very soon. It’s not been confirmed which brand she will appear on as yet, but it was confirmed last night that Smackdown will be introducing a divas title of its own. Smackdown does seem to have more female talent than Raw, so there’s a possibility Kim could be heading to Raw.

The Empire, the current tag team champions in FCW will also be joining the Smackdown roster very soon, and we have seen vignettes for their debut over the last few weeks. Katie Lea will be alongside them, but there is no mention of Hade Vansen joining them. The Smackdown roster is heavy enough at the moment without him. It’s not expected that Lea will compete in the divas division immediately upon her debut.

It has also been speculated that there could be some ‘significant’ roster cuts in the coming weeks. Smackdown has seen a lot of new stars as of late with several more to follow, but the news coming out is that several high profile Raw stars and lower card talent could be on the way out. We’ll have more word on this as we get it.

FCW has also gained some new recruits with Lance Hoyt, Johnny Curtis & Serena Deeb having signed developmental contracts.

We are also led to believe that the WWE are in negotiations with Bryan Danielson with a view to him joining the company in the future. Like Low-Ki, he does have current commitments to fulfil before he would be able to start with the WWE. His dates run through the summer, but with plans already place throughout that period, this isn’t hasn’t put the WWE off at all.

The King of the Ring takes place tomorrow night from the Staples Center, and everyone backstage is excited about its return to pay-per-view. Plans for the next three pay-per-views have now also been completed with them being Vengeance, The Great American Bash & SummerSlam.


The King of the Ring is completed and the preview will be up shortly. Also, there will be no FCW show before or after it. With Superstars coming back, I’ll be focusing on that and the usual Raw & Smackdown shows.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

SmackDown! Feedback

Good commentary intro to hype some of the big events in tonight's show, and I'm a little surprised with you going the route of kicking us off with a match, was expecting a promo as per usual. Anyway, the match wasn't much more than just a squash to show Lashley's dominance, and also blatantly suggest a Swagger/Lashley feud. What I liked best here was Swagger speaking on commentary, gave us a little more on his cocky character, but now we know he's also somewhat studious. Good stuff there.

Really liked the exchange between Tazz and Punk, especially with something I picked up: Punk claiming he'll hang on to the belt despite however many matches Tazz makes, which made him smile. Interesting. Anyway, I do have to agree with Punk on this one, but not because I mark for the guy huge. Tazz was upset because Punk told the people about Shawn not being back for awhile? He should understand that Punk was completely entitled to say it, in fact, if Tazz was still wrestling and he put someone out, he'd do the same. Anyway, the bit with the Masters was just more of their escalating hatred between the two sides, could be indicating something. Masters/Smith should be an alright match.

Swagger's got a good point here, and sounded like a fairly big deal here. I didn't like the undefeated claim, though, he's only had two matches, which doesn't equate to much. I guess it works, since he's heel. Anyway, I'm looking forward to their match next week, Swagger should be going over in a dirty way, especially with all his talk of not needing to cheat.

Good match, better ending. My only complaint on the match was the Bulldog Bomb, which is in basically a Batista Bomb, which has been proved to be tremendously effective. So Masters kicking out of it, didn't really like that. That's pretty much it, though, the ending was brutal. This'll set back the healing process for Burchill for a few weeks, sucks for him. Still, I'm sure we'll get another Masters/Tazz segment out of this with both parties being pissed.

The Diva's Title? Well, I've got faith in you Nige, so I'm confident that you'll make it work, and not just have it to have it like in real life. Anyway, this segment was great, with the tensions between Mia and Beth growing, and now a title to compete for. Great stuff. I'm a little confused by the elimination process of the series, though. It is basically a tournament?

Maria was pretty useless here, so I don't know why you went with the 3-on-2 approach if one of them was just going to stand there looking pretty. Anyway, fun match, I liked the way things broke down, to further raise aggression between Mia and Beth. I'm really enjoying their program, but I think one of them'll turn face. Seems sort of logical, but I do not appreciate the exclusion of Mickie in this story. More Mickie! Good stuff here, Nige.

Ooh, burn by Shane, liked it. Made me want to see these two go at it, more segments like this'll make it into a hot feud quickly. Keep it up.

Really enjoyed this segment. MVP was clearly face here, but not in the sappy pandering way he is now. He was real here, straight-up, no pussy-footing around the issue, and not forgetting the past. The Matt/MVP team we've seen before was great, and even though I highly doubt that's what we'll get tonight, they should still make a hell of a duo.

What an asshole. Best word to describe Jeter. His match with Shannon was good, liked that it wasn't completely one-sided, but it was obvious what way the match would end. His promo at the end was good, very heelish, made him seem like, well, an asshole. Good stuff all around, want to see him compete with Shane even more now.

I'm loving Chris Jericho in this thread right now. Not only because I love Chris Jericho regardless, but because he's right about 'Taker. It's time for him to step away from the big spotlight and start putting over the guys that still have a lot of time left in them, unlike him. They say gold can't be created, but I disagree, because you combined those two things, and made .24 karot gold. Anyway, Christian having news for us should be big. Looking forward to what it is.

Fun roller coaster-style match, I liked the ending of the match with Killings costing Chavo, good way to continue their feud. I want to see the end, but in the good way, not in the "man this is bad I want to see it end already" way. I didn't like Kenny showing up out of nowhere, though, and getting one over on the SD! guys. Maybe it's because I prefer SD!, maybe it's because I don't like Kenny and I'd rather the able guys beat him up, but it didn't work for me. You did somewhat hint towards an interbrand feud between him and Sydal, but I'm not sure you'd be going that way, instead, just a match at KOTR. Good match aside from that aftermath, though.

Liked the quick follow-up segment to what just happened. Shelton came off cocky and seemed like a big deal heading into the tournament, although I'm not too sure I like Elijah walking with Sydal. Seems too facey for me, although I'm still used to him as a heel. Anywho, good thing you kept Sydal's line to a very minimum, as he's not good on the mic at all. That's alright, though, he more than makes up for it in the ring. Good stuff here.

Another awesome promo between Edge and Christian, although that's to be expected when concerning the two, as they reek of it. So Edge's been faking this whole time? Not surprised, but we got the typical heel response from the guy, good stuff. I liked the line about Edge getting caught with his friend's girl, good reference to a brillaint feud. Liked that Edge had Tomko leave, leaving Christian open for Petey Williams and Johnny Devine! Another two awesome guys, Devine especially, great to see them called up and in the middle of a big feud such as this. Don't give them the Hawkins and Ryder treatment, though. Anyway, awesome stuff all around (that's become a key word here), definitely looking forward to more from this program.

Good hype for the big PPV, should be nothing less than spectacular. Looking forward to it.

Great main event, best match of the night here. Storytelling was right on, with Matt and MVP having victory in their minds, cheering on the guys they aren't best buds with. Then we had Punk, who made good friends with Jericho by leaving him high and dry, giving the match to the faces. I think maybe this needed a little more Matt, but that's just because I like Matt more than MVP, and feel that he should be the one getting the World Title feud right now. I'm a little surprised that there was no 'Taker appearance, but overall, I liked it. Great stuff here, big momentum for MVP for Sunday, a big night for a lot of guys.

Strong show as always, Nige my man. I think this also had something of a lack of a go-home feel, but that's alright, since SD! doesn't have as big involvement in KOTR as RAW does, and it seems like it'd be hard to build a show on only three matches and one big tournament. With that said, the actual KOTR tournament was built well here in the Fatal 4-Way, and the World Title Match got a good boost with MVP and Punk. The Edge/Christian promo was the highlight of the show, brilliant stuff there with a new dynamic in Devine/Williams. Looking forward to everything to come, Nige, 8/10.
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