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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Results - Friday 6th June 2008
Live From the US Airways Center
Phoenix, Arizona

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Chris Jericho returning and accusing The Undertaker of being a shadow of what he once was with The Undertaker eventually coming out and listening to Jericho’s accusations.

Shawn Michaels telling CM Punk he would be using his rematch clause later on that night.

The main event with Punk defeating Michaels after a low blow and the GTS, then looking to carry on the assault until MVP came to the rescue with Punk escaping intact.

***Opening Video***
“If You Rock Like Me”


“Break The Walls Down” hits to a mixed reception with Chris Jericho making his way down to the ring in a suit. He looks to be very serious as he steps in to the ring having collected a microphone.

Chris Jericho: I stand before you tonight with the need to set the record straight. . . It appears that a number of people took the words I directed at The Undertaker last week out of context, and as a result they came to the wrong conclusion that I was in some way attempting to insult The Undertaker.


Chris Jericho: Whether you are in that same group of uneducated morons or not, the fact is that I was not intentionally disrespecting the legacy and the achievements of The Undertaker. I was only offering my own opinion based on what I saw at Judgment Day. Although you could probably go beyond there too, but if you people really want to know exactly what I think of what The Undertaker has become, I will tell you because I for one am not intimidated in the least by the dead man like I’m sure you would like t’ think. . . The conclusion that I personally came to at Judgment Day was that The Undertaker has indeed reached the end of the road.

*Major Heat*

Chris Jericho: Will you please let me finish? This is what you wanted, and as I always have, I will deliver my end of the bargain. . . To me it was blatantly obvious that The Undertaker we all saw at Judgment Day was only a mere shadow of what he used to be. Anyone who attempts to even begin denying it will be one of the millions riddled with fear at the repercussions that may follow, but I can tell you that the repercussions will not be as severe as you all believe. . . If you had the slightest bit of intelligence, you would see that is the exact point I’m trying to make. The Undertaker used to strike fear in to the hearts of whoever was unfortunate enough to cross his path, but now, that fear does not exist in those who know the truth. The only fear that I see comes from those who see The Undertaker for what he was and not what he is today. . . a broken down shell of a man.


Chris Jericho: Nobody, including yours truly can underestimate the legacy he has created for himself, but it’s time for everyone to look past that and see what’s standing in front of them today. His accomplishments right now are just statistics, it’s important you remember that, and all he is doing by sticking around is treading water. . . It’s clear for all of us who aren’t blinded by his demise to see that he is nowhere near the force he used to be, and it’s about time the rest of you snapped out of the delusion you’ve been swept in to t’ see what’s going on in front of your very eyes. . . No longer do his opponents fear stepping in to the squared circle with a man that could torture their sole, they see someone they could take advantage of in order to make a name for themselves. . . For years we have seen superstars like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair refuse to walk away simply because they refuse to accept reality and the truth that there must be a culmination whether it be what they intended or not. That is that their time must come to an end, just like the time when a simple glance from The Undertaker would send a shiver down your spine. That I’m afraid is no longer the case, and the sooner The Undertaker sees this for himself, the better it will be for him to come to terms with reality and walk away from the WWE once and for all before he becomes even more of a joke.

*Major Heat*

Chris Jericho: I understand your reaction. I too respect The Undertaker for what he’s accomplished in this ring, however the bell has tolled on his near twenty year tenure in the WWE. You might not want t’ believe it, but I’m sure deep down that you all know that what I’m saying right now is the truth. It will indeed be a dark day when he walks away from the business that he’s created this incredible legacy for himself, but it had to happen sometime, and that time is now for The Undertaker to do the right thing. And I’m sure you can hear me Undertaker, I’m not afraid t’ say that we’re waiting for you to close the lid on the casket for the final time. The question is Undertaker, are you too afraid to admit the truth? . . . You need to realise. . .


The lights go out and “Rest In Peace” hits to a huge pop inside the arena as The Undertaker slowly walks through the smoke and down to the ring. Jericho doesn’t look fazed as the dead man climbs up the steps and the lights come back on with Taker then climbing through the ropes and walking up to him with a menacing look in his eyes.

Chris Jericho:
I told them that I understand their reaction, and I also understand yours. You don’t want to admit that you’re not the man you once were, but that’s why you have to listen to me. Whether they like it or not, they know what I’m saying is true, and you need to understand that no one wants to see you fall apart and tarnish the legacy that you’ve managed to create for yourself. However if you continue to walk on troubled water. . . mark my words Undertaker, both you and your legacy will sink more and more.


Taker stares menacingly in to the calm eyes of Jericho.

Chris Jericho: You’re an intelligent man Undertaker, and that’s why I know you already believe what I’m saying, I can see it in your eyes. For once in your career, you’re scared, but there’s nothing wrong with admitting that. I guarantee that there is not one person in the entire world that can admit to not once being scared in their life, but someone needs to put you out of your misery Undertaker, because the longer you stick around and ignore reality, your legacy will fade more and more in to insignificance, and I don’t believe you want that either. What you’ve done is impressive, but Taker you have to face up to the facts. . . you’re done.

Taker grabs Jericho by the throat and stares right at him with Jericho looking stunned as he stares right back. Taker pauses for several seconds before letting go to a ton of heat with Jericho smirking as he recovers from the choking while Taker keeps his eyes on him.

Chris Jericho:
Right there, we all saw the fear Undertaker. You’re scared. . .

Taker loses it and grabs Jericho around the throat, and this time he chokeslams him down to the mat to a huge pop from the crowd. “Rest In Peace” hits to a big pop as Taker stares down at the motionless Jericho.

{Commercial Break}

“On Your Knees” hits as Jack Swagger makes his way down to the ring with a smug grin on his face while the fans boo him. As he gets in the ring, he walks over to Justin Roberts and asks for the microphone.

Jack Swagger:
Last week, I gave you just a glimpse of the raw wrestling talent I possess, but I have to warn all the so called stars in the back that there is more to come from Jack Swagger. . . a whole lot more in fact, starting tonight. . . So, whichever one of you is unlucky enough to call yourself my opponent tonight, walk on down here and find out why the whole world is talkin’ about Jack Swagger.

“Muy Loco” plays as Super Crazy walks down the ramp and is introduced by Roberts to a pop from the crowd with Swagger still looking extremely confident as he waits in the ring.

***The Opening Match***

Super Crazy vs Jack Swagger

ENDING: Swagger looks to be in control after being caught napping early on by Crazy’s speed. He pulls the Mexican back up to his feet and whips his opponent in to the corner, but as he charges in at him, Crazy lifts his boot up in to the oncoming face of Swagger. The cocky youngster is sent staggering out of the corner while Crazy pulls himself up to the second rope, and as Swagger turns round, Crazy dives off for a CROSS BODY. . . . . Swagger sees it coming though and catches him, then lifts him on to his shoulder, but as he tries to slam Crazy down, the Mexican high flier counters with a head scissors takedown. That gets a big pop as both men hit the mat, but they’re both back up quickly with Crazy kicking Swagger hard in the chest with a martial arts kick. He then turns back and runs the ropes, racing back to send Swagger back down with a SPINNING WHEEL KICK. . . . . The Arizona fans get right behind Crazy as he picks himself back up and runs right in to the corner, steps through the ropes and climbs all the way up to the top rope as Swagger starts to stand back up. As the spiky haired star manages to get to both feet and turns round, Crazy leaps off the top and connects with a MISSILE DROPKICK. . . . . Another big pop meets that move, and he scurries across to make a cover on Swagger. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

Sighs of disappointment echo around the arena, but Crazy doesn’t look to be wasting a second as he hurries back up to his feet with Swagger rolling on to his side and then his knee. Crazy makes his way in to the corner and up to the summit once again with his back to the ring and his opponent. He turns round to see Swagger coming his way before flipping off the top for a MOONSAULT. . . . . Swagger just manages to sidestep it in time as Crazy crash lands on the mat chest first. Swagger doesn’t waste any time at all as he walks over to his opponent and drags him closer to the corner, then eyes up the corner himself, stepping up to the second rope and then connecting with a CORNER SLINGSHOT SPLASH (Vader Bomb). . . . . He crosses both his arms to say it’s over before trying for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Crazy gets his shoulder up leaving Swagger angry. He then stands back up and drags his opponent up with him, then whips him in to the ropes and ducks his head, but as Crazy comes back, he kicks Swagger right in the face. Swagger’s neck snaps back up with Crazy then running back in to the ropes, but as he comes back this time, Swagger shakes off the cobwebs and plants him with a TILT-A-WHIRL SLAM. . . . . Crazy looks in trouble as he hits the mat, but Swagger doesn’t go for the cover and opts to stand back up, bringing Crazy up with him before hitting a SPIN OUT POWERBOMB. . . . . Swagger then crawls over and makes the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Jack Swagger by pinfall @ 4.29.

AFTERMATH: “On Your Knees” plays once again as Swagger takes his time in standing up with a stupid smug grin before getting his arm raised by the referee. He just smirks at the negative reaction from the crowd and leaves the ring straight away, walking up the ramp with a real arrogant swagger.

{Cut Backstage}

Maria is standing by.

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my special guest. . . RON KILLINGS.

The very serious looking Killings walks in to the shot to a pop from the fans inside the arena.

Maria: Tonight, you go one on one with Chavo Guerrero in a King of the Ring qualifying match. What are your thoughts about the match?

Ron Killings: Maria, Chavo’s done his best t’ make my life a livin’ hell for the last month, goin’ round tellin’ anybody an’ ev’rybody ‘bout my past. But tonight Maria, I’ve got-a chance t’ turn all that ‘round. If I beat ‘im, he ain’t goin’ t’ King of the Ring. . . I am. . . Ev’rythin’ he’s said an’ done is gonna come back an’ haunt him, I promise you. An’ since he wants t’ talk ‘bout my past so much, he’ll know what I mean when I say I’m gonna beat his ass like he’s a convict himself. . . An’ I’ll tell y’somethin’ else, I’m gonna enjoy ev’ry last second of it.

Maria: Ron, before you go, I have to ask about the concussion you got at Judgment Day. . .

Ron Killings: . . . Maria honey, you let me worry ‘bout that a’ight. It don’t matter how I’m feelin’ t’night, it’s all gonna be ‘bout how Chavo’s feelin’ when I’m done beatin’ his punk ass. . . Check y’later.

Maria looks a little concerned as Killings walks out of the shot like he’s on a mission.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut Backstage}

Tazz is walking through the back, looking quite happy with life, but as he turns a corner, he stops and the smile disappears from his face with the camera then zooming out to show The Masters of the Mat, Chris Masters & Charlie Haas leaning against some production boxes. Their faces on the other hand light up.

Oh great, what in god’s name ‘ave I done to deserve this pleasure?

Chris Masters: Y’know what Tazz, I think you should give yourself a break. You did a good thing for once last week, and I know I speak for Charlie when I say we’re real happy with how it turned out. It’s good t’ know you actually have some use around here, even if it isn’t all that often.

Tazz: Look, I don’t need t’ listen to you running your mouth. Believe it or not, I’ve got better things t’ do like bang my head against a wall. So if y’don’t mind fellas, I’m gonna go do jus’ that.

Tazz tries to walk past them, but Masters shifts to the side, blocking Tazz in his path.

Chris Masters: What’s up chief? You not gonna celebrate with us? . . . After all, we are the number one contenders for the tag titles once again, and I hear Burchill had another visit to the emergency room last week after someone hurt his arm again. . . You really have t’ feel sorry for him don’t ya boss?

Tazz: Let me think about it for a minute. Am I gonna celebrate with you two? . . . Hmm, let me see. . . No, no I’m not. You really think I’m gonna forget ‘bout ev’rythin’ you jackasses have done since I came back to Smackdown? . . . Let me remind y’that I’m still the one who makes the decisions ‘round here, and that means pissin’ me off ain’t exactly a great way to get what y’want. . . So, it ain’t gonna come as much of a surprise that I’m tellin’ y’both that since you’re the number one contenders, you’re gonna be in action t’night. If you wanna be the champs, you’re gonna have t’ show me an’ all the people out there that you’re not just a couple of thugs who jump people from behind, an’ that you deserve the extra shot.

Chris Masters: Y’know what Tazz? You put us in as many matches as you want, it doesn’t make any difference to us ‘cause we are gonna be the next WWE Tag Team Champions if you like it or not. . . We’ll see y’later boss. You take care.

The smug Masters and Haas then walk off down the hall with Tazz clearly annoyed by Masters’ attitude.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #2***

King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Ron Killings vs Chavo Guerrero

ENDING: Killings makes his way back up to his feet with Chavo closely following despite not looking too steady. Killings looks to keep the offense going and spins Chavo round in to a hard right hand, and then follows it up with an irish whip, taking Chavo down as he comes back with a JUMPING CORKSCREW FLYING FOREARM SMASH. . . . . The fans loved that and with Killings again making a sharp return to a vertical base, Chavo also pulls himself back up while still looking dazed with Killings then urging the Mexican to turn round, and as he does, The Truth levels him with a JUMPING HEEL KICK ENZIGURI. . . . . Chavo just falls flat on his back in a heap with Killings crawling across to hook both legs for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Somehow Chavo just gets his shoulder up in time to escape the cover. The fans boo initially as Killings sits up and looks shocked for a brief moment before getting back on track. He then gets up to his feet and walks in to the corner, steps through the ropes and climbs all the way up to the top rope with Chavo not showing any signs of movement. The Truth looks in to the crowd and gets a big cheer before jumping off for a DIVING LEG DROP. . . . . But no! Guerrero just rolls to the side at the last second as Killings hits the mat. Both men remain down for a while with Chavo crawling towards the ropes to help himself up as Killings tries to make his own way back up in the centre of the ring unassisted. As Killings makes it up and turns round, he sees Chavo leaning against the ropes and runs at him, but Chavo reacts quickly to duck down to his knees and pull the top rope down, resulting in Killings flying over the top and down to the floor below.

The Mexican Warrior then instructs the referee to start the count on Killings, and he does as The Truth rolls around on the floor. As the count gets to four, Killings sits back up and crawls back across to the apron, but Chavo is back on his feet as he turns round to the run ropes opposite his opponent before racing across towards Killings and nailing him with a BASEBALL SLIDE TO THE CHEST. . . . . Chavo stands up and smiles while posing for the hostile crowd who just boo him. He doesn’t care though as he steps through the ropes and pulls Killings up from his knees and shoves him back in the ring, then slides back in himself under the bottom rope. With Killings trying to get up on to his knees, Chavo clubs him across the back and then pulls him in to a position for a suplex. The Guerrero family member then lifts Killings up over his head and brings him back down, connecting with a suplex, but he holds on to the grip and clearly isn’t satisfied with delivering just one suplex. With a twist of the hips, Chavo is back on his feet with Killings then feeling the effects of another vertical suplex, and then another to complete THE THREE AMIGO’S. . . . . It gets a mixed response from the crowd with some cheering for Eddie while some just boo Chavo, but the nephew of the late great Eddie Guerrero stands up with a big smile on his face and once again poses for the hostile crowd. He then calmly walks in to the corner and climbs up to the top, pointing to the sky as Killings remains flat on his back on the canvas. Chavo then leaps off and through the sky, looking to hit the FROG SPLASH. . . . .

But this time it’s Killings who dodges the bullet and rolls to the side, resulting in a big pop from the Phoenix fans as Chavo’s chest collides with the mat. As both men struggle to their feet, Killings ducks a wild right and then spins Chavo round looking to whip him in to the ropes, but Chavo quickly reverses it and whips Killings right in to the referee. The ref falls to the mat straight away with Killings looking stunned as he shakes off his own cobwebs. Chavo then looks to take advantage by dropping to his knees behind Killings and hitting him with a LOW BLOW. . . . . That provokes a lot of boos and jeers from the crowd, but Chavo doesn’t care as he just looks down and grins at Killings squirming on the canvas. He then walks over to the ropes and steps on to the apron before jumping down to the floor below. He walks over and grabs a steel chair from the timekeeper’s table, and then turns back to slide it in to the ring with the fans booing incredibly loud as Killings slowly tries to get to his knees. The referee is barely moving as Chavo slips back inside and picks the chair back up, watching on closely as Killings manages to stand on both feet, but as he turns round, Chavo lifts the chair up above his head and SMASHES IT IN TO KILLINGS’ SKULL. . . . . The boos just echo around the US Airways Center as Killings just collapses in a heap with Chavo dropping the chair and kicking out of the ring. He then drops down to make the cover and calls for the now moving referee to make the count, and as he slowly crawls across, he then counts Killings’ shoulders. . . . . 1 . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Chavo Guerrero by pinfall @ 7.54.

AFTERMATH: “Chavo Ardiente” hits as Chavo stands back up looking very satisfied with himself. The referee then raises Chavo’s arm in to the air and sees Killings trying to sit up, but he looks very dazed, falling back down to the mat. Chavo laughs to himself before taunting the crowd by lifting both his arms in to the air as Killings is helped to sit up by the referee who checks him over. Chavo turns round and looks at his starry eyed opponent before leaving the ring with a big smile on his face.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

Clips of John Cena, The Undertaker, CM Punk, Kane, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Batista, Jeff Hardy, Edge & Rey Mysterio hitting their finishers are shown.

The superstars of Raw and Smackdown will collide upon the return of one of wrestling’s most historic shows. . . WWE Superstars. . . Superstars will return to your television screens with some of the biggest names in sports entertainment today. . . Superstars will premiere Saturday 21st June on WGN America at 5pm Eastern with a special guest performance from Flo Rida. . . Whatever you do, don’t miss the return of WWE Superstars, only on WGN America, replayed Sunday and Wednesday nights at 9pm

{Cut to Ringside}

“This Fire Burns”
blasts out with CM Punk, the World Heavyweight Champion walking down to the ring in causal clothes and looking very pleased with himself, ignoring the deafening heat from the crowd. As he gets in the ring, he walks over to the ropes and calls for a microphone before walking back in to the centre of the ring, standing there with the same satisfied grin on his face.

CM Punk:
Y’know, two weeks ago I was headin’ in t’ Judgment Day for a match with Matt Hardy, and now I can’t help but look back at what I’ve achieved in such a short space of time. . . Not only did I go on t’ compete in a fatal fourway match for the Money in the Bank contract, I won the match, beating three other men to earn the right to challenge for any world title of my choosing whenever I felt like it. And we all know what happened next. Shawn Michaels seemed to have a problem, as did a lot of you as it happens with the fact I could cash it in whenever I wanted, and more importantly on his time. . . Is it wrong that I took advantage of the right I earned to maximum effect t’ stand here before you as the World Heavyweight Champion?


CM Punk: Well according to Shawn Michaels, the answer t’ that question would be yes, but in the real word we all know that I did nothing wrong. I did what anyone with both common sense and the Money in the Bank contract would do, and that was cash in the most opportune of times. And Shawn I’m sorry that you have a problem with that, but I think you have more problems to worry about now don’t y’buddy? . . . See I’m sure Tazz would have wanted t’ be the one t’ let you all know about Shawn’s condition, but it appears that I’ve taken someone else by surprise this week. . . What can I say? It’s becoming quite a habit of mine. . . Anyway, as you’re all aware, last week I made my first defence of the World Heavyweight Championship and was able to retain my title by defeating the show stopper, the main event, the icon. And from what I hear, Shawn’s been keeping his ever decreasing condition to himself. . . well until now. . . Y’see, Shawn’s been puttin’ a brave face on things as of late, and he’s been hidin’ the fact that he’s pretty beat up. It also appears that matches with The Undertaker and then myself didn’t do him a lot of good, and as I comfortably retained my title last week, Shawn’s injuries became all the more serious, and I can now proudly tell you that my promise to hammer the final nail in the coffin of The Heartbreak Kid was not a shallow one. I did what I said I would, and this time there won’t be a miraculous comeback because I, CM Punk have put Shawn Michaels on the shelf once and for all.

*Tons of Boos*

CM Punk: I’m not gonna apologise as I did what had to be done. I told you that Smackdown needs someone ruthless and efficient as its champion, and that isn’t Shawn Michaels. . . it’s CM Punk.

*Major Heat*

CM Punk: Now. . .

“13” plays to a massive pop inside the arena as Tazz walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand. He looks all business while Punk still has the same smug grin on his face.

Well champ, it looks like you have in fact beat me to the punch. I was gonna come out here t’night folks to inform you about Shawn Michaels’ condition, but right now I don’t wanna talk about Shawn Michaels. . . I wanna talk about CM Punk.


Tazz: It looks to me that you’re pretty pleased with yourself right now, and you’re the World Champion, so why not huh? . . . Well since you’re the champion Smackdown needs, I’m gonna treat y’like a champion and let you prove to the watchin’ world why you are the great champion you claim to be. . . Now you’re right that Shawn is pretty beat up, but let me tell y’somethin’ champ, he won’t be out forever. He’ll be back, you mark my words.

*Big Pop*

Tazz: Now a lot of people have called you a lot of things lately for the way you came to be World Champion, but I’m gonna tell you right now that I don’t have a problem with it whatsoever. Like you said, it’s all part of the rules, but this is the fun part. You decided when you were gonna cash it in, but once you did that, you had no more rights to make any match you wanted, as that’s my job, not yours.


Tazz: You might be the World Champion now Punk, but t’night I’m gonna put ya t’ the test. . . You said that you’re the champ this show needs, and by sayin’ that I guess you were insinuating Shawn Michaels wasn’t?

CM Punk: That’s exactly right.

Tazz: Well, you might come to regret that Punk as I have an announcement for ya. . . Shawn Michaels’ last act as World Champion was overcoming The Undertaker t’ retain the world title at Judgment Day, and I think we can all say that was quite impressive. . . So, champ, we’re gonna see t’night if you can match up t’ the credentials of The Heartbreak Kid himself, because tonight my man, you’re gonna be defendin’ that world title of yours against The Undertaker.

*Massive Pop*

Punk’s grin disappears completely.

CM Punk: You can’t be serious?

Tazz: You wanna be the great champion this show needs, well we’ll see how y’do t’night against an angry Undertaker. . . And after what happened earlier, it looks like you might be lucky t’ survive the night. I know I certainly wouldn’t wanna be in your shoes tonight champ, but at least we’re gonna find out just how much of a champion you are. Good luck.

“13” plays again to a massive pop as the angry World Champion stares up at Tazz, and it’s the General Manager now that has a smug grin on his face as he turns and walks to the back, leaving Punk spitting feathers in the ring.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #3***

Christian w/Tyson Tomko vs Kid Kash

ENDING: Christian walks over to Kid Kash and looks to pull him up to his knees, but Captain Charisma is slightly complacent in doing so, allowing Kash to level him with a right hand to the gut. Christian leans forward clutching his stomach as Kash then stands back up to nail his opponent with a European uppercut. He then stomps Christian in the gut, sending him down on to one knee, and Kash turns back in to the ropes, then runs back driving his knee in to the side of Christian’s head. The Notorious K.I.D drops down straight away as he looks to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . It’s a fairly comfortable kick out from Captain Charisma, but the blow to the head looks to have knocked him a bit groggy, and Kash looks to take advantage, standing right back up and unloading with a series of stomps to the chest and then one to the head. He then drags Christian towards the corner, and then springboards in to a MOONSAULT. . . . . Christian though gets his knees up, driving them in to the gut of Kid Kash, bringing a cheer from the fans. They both struggle back to their feet, but it’s Christian who seizes control of the match as he blocks a right hand and hammers away with a shot of his own before quickly hitting an INVERTED FACELOCK BACKBREAKER. . . . .

The fans think that could well be it as Christian looks to hook the leg and make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kick out from Kash, but Christian doesn’t look too surprised, and he makes an effort to get back up straight away. He drags Kash back up with him and lifts him in to a fireman’s carry position, then drops him down in to a GUT BUSTER. . . . . That must have hurt, and as Kash rolls around on the mat while holding his stomach, Christian just smiles as he looks in to the crowd. He walks over to Kash who has shifted towards the ropes, but Christian pulls him right back up and whips him in to the opposite set of ropes. Kash hits them but manages to reach out and grab hold of the top rope, angering Christian who runs in at him. Kash reacts well to lift his elbow up in to the side of Christian’s head, sending him staggering back in to the middle of the ring. Kash then looks to explode as Christian turns round with Kash then charging at him, but Christian counters with a SPEAR. . . . . A big pop meets that, but Christian’s grin has gone and he means business as he stands back up right away, dragging Kash up with him to plant him with the KILLSWITCH. . . . . The fans rise to their feet as Christian makes the cover as the ref counts the fall. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Christian by pinfall @ 5.22.

AFTERMATH: “If You Close Your Eyes” hits to a big pop as Christian stands up and gets his arm raised by the referee. Tomko then climbs up the steps to join him in the ring, but the music stops with Edge then appearing on the tron, sat in an undisclosed location, but it’s a television set you see for satellite links.

*Lots of Heat*

Edge: Real impressive comeback match there bro’, but it’s pretty obvious that’s the kind of effortless competition you’ve become used to. . . But let me tell you somethin’ C, when you step in the ring with me, you’ll quickly see the difference between the competition here and the playground you came from, but more importantly just the difference between me and you. . . I’ll tell you what though bro’, I’m not gonna spoil your party tonight. You go away and enjoy that sweet success of yours you’ve earned if you can even call it that, ‘cause I guarantee you’re not gonna have much more if I have anythin’ t’ do with it.

Christian stares up at the tron with the tron then switching back to show Christian and Tomko standing there looking a little surprised, but Christian quickly shrugs it off as his music plays again to a large cheer from the crowd.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut Backstage}

Josh Matthews is standing by.

Josh Matthews:
Please welcome my guest at this time, the United States Champion, Shelton Benjamin.

The camera zooms out to show a very serious Shelton Benjamin stood alongside Josh with the United States title draped over his left shoulder.

Josh Matthews: Later on tonight Shelton, you’ll be involved in a King of the Ring qualifying match, as will the man who beat you last week in non title action. . . Matt Sydal.

Shelton Benjamin: . . . Josh, let me stop you right there alright. I didn’t come here to talk about Matt Sydal and the fluke win he got over me last week. The fact is he got lucky and caught me off guard, and I promise you that won’t happen ever again. All that matters now is that I qualify for the King of the Ring tonight and keep the memory of last week behind me.

Josh Matthews: Okay. With that said, would it be fair to say that if you do qualify for the King of the Ring tonight and given that you’re the United States Champion and a former Intercontinental Champion, that you’d have to be one of the favourites to win the tournament?

Shelton Benjamin: I’d think that would be an extremely fair thing to say Josh. I have to admit I tuned in t’ watch Raw Monday night to check out the competition, and I heard JR an’ King gettin’ all excited about Rey Mysterio an’ Kofi Kingston, but it’s gonna take a lot more than those two to get me worried. . . By the end of the night, I won’t just have qualified for the King of the Ring, I’ll have it in the bag.

Shelton grins arrogantly at Josh before turning round and walking in to Christian & Tomko. A large roar is heard coming from inside the arena with Benjamin then looking totally unimpressed with Christian before walking past him and Tomko. Christian shakes his head and smirks.

Christian: What’s his problem?

Josh looks quite keen to grab Christian’s attention.

Josh Matthews:
Christian, can I get a few comments about your match earlier and what Edge said afterward?

Christian smiles and walks up to Josh with Tomko standing by his side.

Christian: Comments huh Josh? I think I can find a few of ‘em for ya. . . See my big brother just proved yet again how much of a coward he is. He made it pretty clear last week that he’s not ready for a match with me, and tonight he tells me he can’t wait to beat me. . . Confused? . . . You betcha. . . The way I see it, it was his way of tryin’ to act all tough like he always does without me tellin’ him to his face he’s a coward like I did last week. . . I mean, we all know what he’s like. His mouth writes cheques his balls can’t cash. But at the end of the day Josh, it doesn’t matter to me how long I have to wait to beat the crap out of Adam, whether it’s a week, a month, a year. ‘cause when I do finally get my hands on ‘im, I’m gonna make sure he gets what’s bein’ comin’ to him for a long, long time.

Captain Charisma looks in to the camera with a rare serious look on his face, sending a message to Edge before turning to the side and walking out of the shot with Tomko.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #4***

King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Matt Sydal vs Orlando Jordan

ENDING: Jordan looks groggy as he stands back up with Sydal grabbing him by the arm straight away and trying for an irish whip. Jordan though manages to reverse it, and as Sydal comes back off the ropes, OJ lifts him up off his feet and plants him with a SPINEBUSTER. . . . . Sydal’s back was driven hard in to the mat, and Jordan thinks that could be it as he desperately hooks both of Sydal’s legs for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . A big cheer erupts as Sydal lifts his shoulder up just before the hand came down for the third time, leaving Jordan in absolute shock. He sits up and stares at the referee for a couple of seconds before the ref stands up, but Jordan follows and yells at the ref claiming that it was a three count, but he’s met with stubborn refusal by the referee as Sydal rolls on to his side behind them. Jordan sees he’s not getting anywhere, and as he turns round, he sees Sydal valiantly trying to stand back up. Jordan looks to halt that straight away by running over and taking him right back down to the mat with a RUNNING SWINGING BACKBREAKER (Orlando Magic). . . . . The nervous fans can only watch as Jordan once again looks to wrap the match up by going for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Sydal shows his resilience once again as he lifts his shoulder up to the utter frustration of his opponent. Jordan looks over at the referee for a second before carrying on with the match and dragging Sydal back up to his feet. He rather tamely whips him in to the corner and takes a second before running in at him, but Sydal fights back by stepping out of the corner with Jordan running in to the pads chest first.

Sydal then shifts behind Jordan rolls him up. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Jordan pushes his legs up and powers out with Sydal sent back slightly. Jordan stands back up and walks over to Sydal, but the fan favourite catches him off guard by ducking a right hand and following up with a FEINT ENZIGURI IN TO A HEAD SCISSORS TAKEDOWN. . . . . A big cheer breaks out in the stands as both men pick themselves back up, but it’s Sydal up first and he quickly connects with a snap mare, runs back in to the ropes and comes back to nail OJ with a sit down dropkick to the back. Jordan screams out in pain as Sydal hurries back up and then explodes with a STANDING MOONSAULT. . . . . The cheers continue as Sydal then goes for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Jordan kicks out, but Sydal rushes back up to his feet and urges Jordan to get back up too, and he does slowly. Sydal turns to run the ropes, but as he comes back, Jordan catches him thanks to a failed cross body attempt. Jordan then lifts him on to his shoulder, but Sydal wriggles down and pushes Jordan in to the corner pads once more, and as he turns round, Sydal grabs him around the upper body and plants him with the CYCLORAMA (Belly to belly moonsault slam). . . . . That brings a giant roar from the crowd as Sydal rushes back up once again and races in to the corner with Jordan lying close by. The high flier then climbs the turnbuckles to stand on the top rope, then leaps off to connect with the SHOOTING STAR PRESS. . . . . The fans all stand up and count along with the referee as Sydal hooks Jordan’s leg for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Matt Sydal by pinfall @ 5.18.

AFTERMATH: “Axeman” hits to a big pop as Sydal stands back up with a big smile on his face to get his arm raised by the referee. He walks in to the corner and climbs up to the second rope to celebrate with the crowd.

{Cut Backstage}

Johnny Jeter is watching a monitor in the back and doesn’t look to be too happy at all seeing Matt Sydal win another big match.

Johnny Jeter:

At that moment, the Cruiserweight Champion, Michael Shane walks past in casual clothes and stops after hearing Jeter speak. He too looks at the monitor and smiles.

Michael Shane:
He’s gonna be a star one day, but don’t feel too bad man, you can’t win ‘em all.

Jeter isn’t impressed as the cool Shane carries on walking up the hall.

Johnny Jeter:
Yeah, and I hope your cousin isn’t out too long jackass.

Shane stops dead in the background and turns round.

Michael Shane:
You say somethin’?

Johnny Jeter: No nothin’. You wanna get your hearin’ checked champ.

Michael Shane: Whatever.

Shane doesn’t look impressed either as he turns back round and carries on walking up the hall with Jeter clearly not happy either.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Match #5***

Matt Hardy & Elijah Burke w/Layla vs The Masters of the Mat

ENDING: The UK Pack have been watching on closely from the announce table and speaking of their hatred for Chris Masters & Charlie Haas. The Masters of the Mat were surprised and angered to see them sitting there, but they’ve managed to take control of the match with their usual cheap tactics, double teaming behind the referee’s back. With Matt struggling, Haas pulls him back up and nails him with a European uppercut, dazing Matt further and quickly following up with an inverted atomic drop and a DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEX. . . . . The machine like Haas doesn’t waste any time in hooking the leg and going for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Hardy kicks out but looks in some pain as Haas lets go and tries to sit up. Haas picks himself back up while Hardy struggles to sit up, and with The Masterpiece calling for the tag, Haas walks in to his corner and makes the tag to his partner. Masters looks very confident as he calmly enters the ring while the fans boo his entry with Matt slowly but surely getting up on to one knee. Masters walks over to him and kicks him in the chest straight away, putting Matt’s comeback on hold. He then pulls Matt up and whips him in to the ropes, then nails him with a DOUBLE AXE HANDLE TO THE CHEST. . . . . Matt drops back down to the canvas, but he’s not there for long as Masters bends down and pulls him back up, lifting him up off his feet and applying a BEAR HUG. . . . .

Burke & Layla try and get the fans to encourage Hardy, and they do just that as Masters squeezes the life out of Matt, but Hardy responds to the encouragement of the fans, lifting his arm up in the air and trying to fight the hold with all he has. He then manages to hit Masters with a couple of blows to the side of the head, and it’s enough to force Masters to relinquish his grip, dropping Matt back down to his feet. Hardy then fires at Masters with a couple of shots to the head, then turns back to run the ropes, but as he comes back, Masters drives his boot right down Matt’s throat, halting the comeback. Masters just grins in to the disappointed crowd, and he shifts behind Matt as he tries to stand up, stalking him for THE MASTERLOCK. . . . . The fans try to warn Matt, but he looks to be very dazed as he tries to stand back up looking very unsteady. As he manages to stand up, Masters grabs him by the arms straight away, but to The Masterpiece’s surprise, Matt shifts behind him. And as Masters turns round, Matt kicks him in the gut and plants him with the SIDE EFFECT. . . . . That brings a huge pop from the crowd and encouragement from both Layla & Burke to make the tag. Both men crawl across the ring looking to tag their partners, and almost at the same time, Matt & Masters reach up to make the tags. Burke & Haas rush in to the ring and charge at each other, but Burke ducks under a clothesline from Haas and quickly sends him falling back with a SIDE SUPLEX. . . . .

Haas lands on his back, but he tries to fight through the pain and picks himself right back up. Burke is ready for him and turns back to run the ropes, runs back and sends him right back down with a FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE. . . . . The crowd cheer for Burke as he urges Haas back up, and as the mat technician returns to his feet, he runs right at Burke and in to a LIFTING SPINNING SIT DOWN SPINEBUSTER. . . . . Burke holds on for the cover as the ref frantically rushes over to make the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Somehow Haas just lifts his shoulder up to prevent the defeat. Burke can’t believe it, but he lets it go as he stands back up and sees Masters doing the same on the apron. He runs right at him and knocks him down to the floor by the announce table with a forearm shot. Masters doesn’t land too badly and looks to be getting back up very quickly as Burke turns the attention back to the squirming Haas. He walks over and pulls him up, setting him up for THE ELIJAH EXPERIENCE. . . . . Masters is back up on the outside and spots the danger, but as he walks back to the apron, Harry Smith stands up from the announce table and goes right after Masters, grabbing him by the arm to stop him getting in the ring. Burke sees it and lets go of Haas with Masters shoving Smith, but the Brit doesn’t appear to be in a good mood and drills him with a right hand, knocking Masters to the floor. The ref also sees it and calls for the bell straight away, awarding the match to The Masters of the Mat by disqualification.

WINNERS: The Masters of the Mat by DQ @ 7.49.

AFTERMATH: Burke looks quite annoyed by the decision as Masters stands back up and shoves Smith once more. Smith then fires again with a right hand as Masters fights back and a fist fight ensues, but Burchill takes his headset off and rushes to join the fun in hammering away at Masters. They quickly get him down to his knees before pulling him up and tossing him in to the steel steps to a pop from the crowd. They then look down with no real emotion on their faces while Matt and Layla join Burke in the ring and question the referee. The UK Pack then grab their tag title belts up off the announce table and walk away with Haas rolling to the outside to check on his partner.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

Beth Phoenix is in the hallway talking with a female production worker.

There you are.

We then see the camera zoom out and show a not so happy Mia Rain walking up to Beth.

I’ll leave you two to it.

Mia Rain: Good idea.

Beth Phoenix: What can I do for you Maria?

Mia Rain: It’s Mia as you well know.

Beth Phoenix: Sorry Mia, I’m just one of those people who has trouble with names, but you already know about that don’t you?

Mia sn-iggers and shakes her head slightly.

Mia Rain: You’re not sorry at all, just like you’re not sorry for the stunt you pulled last week. . .

Beth Phoenix: . . . Oh you mean when I came to your rescue. . .

Mia Rain: . . . That’s not what you did. You only did that to try and prove a point, but I know what your problem is. You’re worried that your role as the most dominant diva on Smackdown is under threat, and let me tell you something Beth. . . You’re right to be worried. . . If you get in my way again, you’ll find you’ve got more than a match on your hands.

Beth Phoenix: On the contrary Mia, I welcome the challenge. That’s why I helped you out last week. You can deny it all you want, but we both know what would’ve happened had I not got involved last week. . . See before you came here, I took all three of those divas apart all by myself. It’s you that needs to worry about having a match on their hands, not me. . . You might think I’m scared of you Mia, but I’m not, not one bit.

The two women stare at each other for a couple of seconds before The Glamazon calmly turns away and walks off down the hall, leaving Rain staring right at her in the process.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #6***

King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Tommy Dreamer vs Shelton Benjamin

ENDING: Shelton watches on as Dreamer once again rises to his feet, and the United States Champion looks to keep his momentum going by kicking Dreamer in the gut and setting him up for a suplex. As he tries to lift the ECW original in to the air, Dreamer blocks it with his foot and counters with a suplex of his own. That brings a cheer from the crowd as both men look to pick themselves up right away. They both look a little worse for wear as Dreamer nails Shelton with a hard right hand, and then another, putting Benjamin on the back foot. He then grabs The Gold Standard by his arm and whips him in to the ropes, and he sends Shelton flying overhead as he comes back with a back body drop. Benjamin sells the bump well as he sits up holding his back and grimacing before slowly standing back up. Dreamer is ready and waiting for him too as he grabs him from behind and plants him with a REVERSE DDT. . . . . That sets off a pop inside the arena as Dreamer turns Shelton off and hooks the leg for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Shelton lifts his shoulder up off the mat and immediately disappoints the fans with sighs coming from the stands. Dreamer sits back up and shrugs off his own disappointment to keep on going. He stands back up and drags Shelton in to the corner, setting him up in the tree of woe position. The Gold Standard is in danger as the Innovator of Violence backtracks across the ring before charging back and nailing the United States Champion with a low dropkick to the upper body.

The fans liked that, and they show it with cheers as Shelton falls down on to his chest with Dreamer then dragging him away from the ropes and locking in a BOSTON CRAB. . . . . The pain is written all over Benjamin’s face, as is the determination on Dreamer’s. Shelton starts to fight the hold and despite Dreamer holding on tight, The Gold Standard manages to drag himself slowly across the mat, and soon enough he gets closer and closer to the ropes. It’s clear it’s a push for him, but Shelton fights for dear life and reaches out to grab the bottom rope and force Dreamer to break the hold. The fans don’t like it but he has no choice. He lets go but tries to pull Shelton away from the ropes, but Benjamin turns over and kicks Dreamer off of him, sending him back down to the mat. Dreamer’s not down for long, but Shelton lifts himself up using the ropes and kicks him one more time in the stomach before connecting with the DRAGON WHIP. . . . . Shelton has fought his way back in to the match, and as both men pick themselves back up, Shelton ducks a right hand and explodes with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK. . . . . Dreamer’s feet just collapse from under him as Benjamin follows him down to the mat to make the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Dreamer stuns everyone by getting his shoulder up, and no one is one more surprised than Benjamin as he sits up and stares at the referee, but it doesn’t change anything.

With the crowd still cheering as Dreamer starts to sit up, The Gold Standard comes to life too, standing up and pulling Dreamer up from his knees. He tries for an irish whip but it’s reversed by Dreamer, and as Shelton comes back off the ropes, Dreamer tries to lift him overhead, but Benjamin counters with a JUMPING DDT. . . . . Dreamer just got drilled and it should be all over, and Shelton quickly shifts round to go for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! The fans go crazy as Dreamer kicks out once again, and Shelton is even more stunned this time as he sits up. He looks absolutely stunned, but anger and frustration quickly set in as he stands up and walks in to the corner, crossing both his arms to signal the end. Dreamer is slow picking himself up, but as he stands up and turns round, the United States Champion charges at him for the PAY DIRT. . . . . But Dreamer ducks his head with Shelton running through. He puts the brakes on by the ropes, but as he turns round, Dreamer kicks him in the gut and sets him up for the DREAMER DDT. . . . . Shelton reaches to the side and holds on to the top rope, blocking Dreamer hitting his finisher. The ECW original lets go and then swings at Shelton, but Benjamin ducks underneath, and as Tommy turns back round, Benjamin explodes with the T-BONE SUPLEX. . . . . The desperate Benjamin readjusts his position and hooks both legs for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Shelton Benjamin by pinfall @ 5.38.

AFTERMATH: “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me” plays as the crowd boo the United States Champion while he stands back up. The referee collects his title belt and passes it to him before raising his arm in victory. Shelton grins in to the crowd before lifting the gold up in to the air to more heat from the crowd.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

Clips of classic King of the Ring moments are shown, such as Bret Hart winning the first tournament in 1993, followed by Owen Hart in ’94 and being crowned. It then shows Stonecold Steve Austin’s famous 3:16 quote from 1996, Triple H winning a year later and Kurt Angle’s victory in 2000, and ending with Edge’s in 2001.

Voiceover: For years, there have been only memories. . . For years, we have seen superstars grow in front of our eyes. . . Many of these moments stem from one glorious night. . . The King of the Ring. . . However, once again, this special night will create memories, champions and hall of famers. . . The King of the Ring returns to the WWE calendar very soon.

{Cut to Ringside}

“This Fire Burns” blasts out for the second time tonight, and to a ton of heat once again as CM Punk, the World Heavyweight Champion walks down to the ramp in quite a bad mood. As he gets in the ring, he pulls his shirt off and drops it down to the floor below, opting to keep the World Championship belt on his shoulder for as long as he can. The lights then go out as a gong hits with “Rest In Peace” then hitting to an enormous pop inside the arena. As smoke surrounds the stage, The Undertaker then makes his entrance in to the arena, walking slowly out to the stage with Punk nervously staring up at the dead man.

Taker stops at the top of the stage and looks down at Punk for a couple of seconds, but we then see Chris Jericho run up behind him with a steel chair and drive it across the spine of The Undertaker. Boos ring out and the music stops as the lights also come back on. Taker falls to his knees with Jericho then nailing him in the back once more with another shot from the chair, and then another. Taker falls on his front with Jericho then continuing the attack, nailing Taker with a further five shots across the back with the chair to a barrage of boos from the fans in attendance. Punk looks on from the ring grinning as Jericho then shifts to the side of Taker’s head and lifts the chair up above his head one more time before bringing it crashing down on to the back of the dead man’s head, resulting in a sickening thud. Boos continue to ring out around the arena as Jericho then drops the chair and looks in to the crowd with a sadistic smile on his face while they boo him out of the arena. He then turns round and smugly walks to the back while Punk walks over in to the middle of the ring and applauds Jericho as EMT’s then rush out to check on The Undertaker’s condition.

We then hear a cheer break out, and unbeknown to Punk, MVP jumps the barricade at ringside and slips in to the ring. Punk looks curious as to why the fans are cheering, and as he turns round, he sees MVP. The previous holder of the Money in the Bank contract quickly kicks him in the gut and plants him with the Playmaker to a huge roar from the sell out crowd. MVP then walks over to the ropes and asks for a microphone.

Y’know Punk I got somethin’ to tell all these people too, just like you did earlier, an’ I got a feelin’ you ain’t gonna like it. . . Y’might ‘ave got away wit’ it tonight, but you ain’t gonna be so lucky at the King of the Ring. . . See I just came from speakin’ wit’ Tazz, an’ y’might ‘ave taken, or as I like to put it. . . stole the Money in the Bank contract from me at Judgment Day, but in just over a week, it’s gonna be an’ you one on one at the King of the Ring for that World Heavyweight Championship of yours.

*Big Pop*

MVP: Y’think you’re this big shot all of a sudden, but guess what Punk? I’m gonna take from you what you took from me, an’ you ain’t gonna be the top dog on Smackdown for all that long, ‘cause I’m gonna beat your ass an’ take the title all at the same time. You think ‘bout that champ.

“I’m Comin’” hits to a big pop from the crowd as MVP drops the microphone and picks up the world title belt. He looks at it for several seconds before dropping it on the motionless CM Punk and leaving the ring as Smackdown comes to a close.

{End of Show}


Jack Swagger df. Super Crazy
Chavo Guerrero
df. Ron Killings
df. Kid Kash
Matt Sydal
df. Orlando Jordan
The Masters of the Mat
df. Matt Hardy & Elijah Burke
Shelton Benjamin
df. Tommy Dreamer


WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy vs Kane (c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) vs CM Punk (c)

Million Dollar Championship
Finlay vs Ted DiBiase Jr (c)

The King of the Ring Tournament
From Raw: Kenny Dykstra, Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston & Rey Mysterio
From Smackdown: Elijah Burke, Chavo Guerrero, Matt Sydal, Shelton Benjamin

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

BY SC2004 >>>

>>> No messing about, not even commentary. I think you did this on RAW, maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with cutting straight to the point. Jericho came across as the ultimate hypocrite here , claiming to respect the Undertaker and telling everyone that he does not mean to insult him, yet he spends the entire promo ripping Taker apart, claiming his run is over and that he’s afraid of his fate and that he should retire. It reminded me of how Jericho talked about HBK IRL, though there were differences. Taker again calm to the ring and failed to respond, however I didn’t hate it this time as you made him appear indecisive, as if he didn’t know what to say. The choke slam was needed as it sends a non verbal message to Jericho. What I ask when reading a Taker/HBK, Taker/Jericho feud at a time when we are nowhere near Mania, or SS even, is why give them away back to back on regular events?

>>> I’m a big Swagger fan and although you are not Jesus pushing him and rightfully so, his push is evident for all to see. Yes a convincing win over Super Crazy is nothing to write home about, but he did convincingly in under five minutes. I’d like him to get more TV time going forward in order to develop his character more. I’m guessing your going to have him squash a few more guys and test the waters before throwing him into a proper feud. Makes sense.

>>>On a personal note, I hate Ron Killings. Ugh! I guess this promo had two purposes. Place importance on the KOTR tournament and also take the Chavo, Killings feud up a notch. You wrote Killings very well. The detail in the dialogue was great. Still hate the bastard though! LOL.

>>> I remember coming down on your for making Tazz the general manager, but man, he’s really grown on me. He’s funny, cutting and serious all at once and you write him so very well. The masters of the mat are turning into a great heel team and I loved their snide remark about how unfortunate it was for Burchill to get attacked again, that was funny. Interesting to see who their opponents will be.

>>> Jesus Christ, you’ve really take a step back this week. What I mean by that is that so far, the promos have been very short and the matches very long. This was a monster for what was just a regular KOTR qualifier. I remember you mentioning something about long matches on this show. The finish seemed to big for the match. The referee going down, the chair shot and the dirty finish. It seemed like a finish you’d use for a title match or a bigger match on a PPV card. It did I guess keep Killings strong and will undoubtedly further this feud, so in that regard, it worked.

>>> CM Punk is probably my favourite character on SmackDown at the moment, both in this thread and IRL. He plays it straight and manages to take digs as it does, calling HBK “beat up” and his victory last week “easy.” Punk is different to Jericho in that he is more laid back, less emotional and hypocritical, but he does use similar tactics to gain heat. Tazz seems to use the same ploy every week, in fact he already used it tonight when he put the masters of the mat in a match. He seems to always stand up to the hell and demand they “prove themselves” in a match. He does it a little too often. Punk V Taker is rather huge and in hindsight maybe this promo should of went on first.

>>> You booked Christian’s match up in an identical fashion to that of Swaggers. Fast, impressive, dominant victories over lower card guys. If you are going to go with the Edge/Christian feud, though I’d love a swerve, then he needs to start beat established mid card guys. He’s been off TV for a long time and he needs to make a bigger impact than the one he would of made tonight by beating Kash. Edge eluded to the point I just made in his short address. I wonder what he has planned for Christian?

>>> Shelton Benjamin, as cocky as ever, even after his defeat last week. I would have had him come across more defensive, but calling Sydal’s win a fluke was in character. I‘m hoping to see more from these two. Christian came across as being frustrated by Edge’s indecision, which may have been the point. Edge playing head games is something which works well and is very entertaining.

>>> God your killing me with these long matches, revenge for all the long (but amazing hehe) promos you had to read on my show. Orlando Jordon is not someone I remember all that well from his time in the WWE, though I do recall him being a United States champion. None the less going into the match, Bourne had to be the favourite, given the fact you had him go over Benjamin last week. I had to Google one of the moves in this match as I had no idea what it was. At least you explained CYCLORAMA for me. LOL.

>>> I would of called the Shane, Jeter backstage promo a filler segment but I think it’s meant to be the start of something bigger. I’m a big fan of building feuds and angles slowly and with subtly. Obviously it can’t always be done this way, but when it is and done right it works a treat.

>>> I loved the unexpected finish here, came out of nowhere and worked a treat. With Burchill out of the way, I’m wondering whether you’ll have DH Smith go after Masters of the mat alone and elevate him in doing so? In all likely hood, Burchil should be back on TV next week, even if it is just to cut a promo. This whole match was about Masters of the mat and although Burke and Hardy looked great, they seemed insignificant, afterthoughts even. That’s not a knock on you, it makes sense given the UK Pack, Masters of the mat feud which has been so solid of late.

>>> I was wondering where the hell the divas were tonight and I was going to come down on you for not using Beth and Mia, but thankfully you put together this clever backstage segment. They may have been an afterthought on this weeks show, but going forward I’m confident that you’ll allow both women to shine and make a go a decent feud here.

>>> WFT, match six and we still haven’t had the main event? This really is a wrestling show. LOL. Again the match was very long, after all you stated it was just a 5 minute match up. The problem with this was not that it was bad, far from it, it was the fact that the outcome was so predictable given Dreamer as Benjamin’s opponent and Sydal advancing earlier in the night. It’s refreshing to see another clean finish, I make this one number four for the night. The tournament really is shaping up and I hope you create some rivalry between the participants across both brands before the PPV takes place.

>>> I knew it, there was no way in hell you were going to give away Punk V Taker. Great booking. The Jericho attack was suitably vicious and the surprise appearance of MVP was just that, a surprise. MVP V CM Punk at the KOTR, talk about a refreshing change at the top. I see no point in CM Punk dropping the bet so soon after winning it and logic would lead me to believe that he will hold the title up until SummerSlam, where HBK should return and challenge him for the belt.

OVERALL: It was heavy on wrestling, which is liked by some and not so much by others. I’m more of a promo guy, but I still liked the show a lot. There wasn’t a mistake to be found booking wise. The Jericho.Taker feud was taken to the next level. You booked the logical title match in MVP/Punk. Benjamin/Sydal, Shane/Jeter, Chavo/Killings all have begun to take shape. The UK Pack/Master of the Mat feud is one of the best tag feuds in BTB ATM. Beth/Rain shows great promise. All in all great booking, but just for me, up the promos and entertainment factor next week please. LOL


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Smackdown Review

Great start to the show. As I said after last week's show, this feud could be epic. I loved what Jericho had to say and I liked how instead of being a full blown heel it was more about him just being honest about the Undertaker. The stuff he said was quite true, and I liked the comments about Hogan and Flair. The Undertaker coming down was expected, and although the first choke which he stopped was very weird as I don't know why he'd be scared of Chokeslamming him, the eventual Chokeslam on Jericho is something he'd do. I hope later on in the fued The Undertaker starts talking more, as his reaction to what Jericho is saying would be interesting, plus Jericho can't do all the talking in what I expect to be a long summer feud. It was a good length too, plus Taker's entrance adds about ten minutes to it. This feud has Summerslam written all over it and I hope that you can find a way to hold it off until then, but with two PPV's before then which this match could take place on, the chances of that are slim. The way you are building this as all about Undertaker's demise makes me think this will eventually end with Taker retiring, which would make sense as you seem like you want to push the younger stars to the main event. Perhaps you'll go with a singles match at GAB and then a rematch. Loser leaves Smackdown Casket/Buried Alive match at Summerslam plz. Very good start.

Whoa, The Undertaker and Punk for the title tonight? Quite random, and I don't know why he's got a title shot really. And I don't need to tell you again about my views on giving these sorts of matches away on TV's, and this is a match which would be great for a PPV and would also make a great feud. Not a big fan of this tbh, but I'm sure you know what you're doing.

Decent opening match. Swagger on first is good for him, although it's probably better to start with a more competitive match to get the crowd pumped. It's also good for him to get a bit of mic time before the match also, which is something you do quite a lot. It was nice that there was a little more length in this as it means you are able to show his talent a bit more. Seemed like a good win for him although Crazy got some moves in which meant it wasn't a total squash.

The Ron Killings interview was good, nice hype for his match with Chavo later and puts it over as more than a Qualifying match. It's a good idea to have the qualifying matches between rivals as well, allows you to move the tounrey forward while progressing the feuds at the same time.

The Empire coming to Smackdown interests me as you already have the UK Pack on the roster, you would think they'd form a big stable but a tag team feud would be cool.

Although the next segment seemed a bit filler it was pretty good. These segments with Tazz are doing a lot to give Haas and Masters a bit of character, and it should be interesting to see what Tazz does for the match. I don't think he'd take Masters stepping in front of him like that.

Well the result of the next match surprised me, I expected Killings to pick up the win here. I did however like how the result happened as a low blow gives you a chance to continue their rivalry, but with Chavo now in the tournament it probably now means Killings will cost him his match, which is more suited for a heel.

I think you made a mistake in putting the CM Punk vs Undertaker graphic up near the start of the show, as here everybody's reaction was like it was only just announced? The promo was good with Punk gloating about everything he's done, although it's odd that you didn't have MVP come down or even have Punk mention MVP after what happened last week. The HBK thing is interesting as I don't know why you'd want him off the show when he could've had a great feud with Punk, perhaps you'll have MVP step in for now and have HBK return for a Summerslam match with Punk. I see now that Punk's match with Undertaker is more like a punishment of sorts rather than just a random match.

Nice win for Christian on his return, after two great promos since coming back he needed a match to show off his in ring talent. You included some good moves of his, would've liked the little corner kick thing he does as that looks cool. Although it means the Edge/Christian feud isn't as great tonight as it has been the last few weeks, it was a good decision to not have them physically clash tonght and let Christian have his moment. Kash has become a jobber since his loss at JD, and as I think I said, I think Noble should come back now to reunite the Pitbulls.

Shelton Benjamin's interview came off well, talked up his chances in the KOTR well. You put a lot of focus on the fact that he's now focussing on the King of the Ring rather than Matt Sydal, so why did Sydal beat him last week then? Seems pointless unless they are getting in a feud, as Sydal could've easily beaten someone else and it doesn't do much for Shelton unless it's to start a feud. I hope we see them cross paths later for that reason. Christian coming in was a nice touch and having two wrestlers get mic time in one segment is useful. I guess a little more talk on his rivalry with Edge was needed after their fairly low-key show tonight and what he said was good by playing on Edge's cowardice once again, I also loved the line "Edge's mouth writes checks his balls can't cash". Would've liked to hear Tomko talk, but he's the Problem Solver, he just stands there looking tough I guess.

The match between Sydal and OJ was entertaining and the right man won obviously, although for reasons I explained before I'm dissapointed that there was no appearance from Shelton, it would work nicely for his heel character to try and cost him a match after being embarrassed last week, and would've frustrated him even more if he failed to do so. Maybe we'll see them cross paths in the future instead. I saw an OJ match on a DVD the other day from when he was in the Cabinet and US Champ, he's seemed better in the ring than I thought, so I realise why you still have him around as he has a bit of talent, or at least enough to be a jobber. Sydal in KOTR should be great and I reckon he has a small chance of winning it considering that nobody stands out as a sure winner yet out of the ones who've qualified.

Well it seems like this is planting the seeds for a feud between the two, would be a good one I think. It was quite funny with what Jeter said and Shane not hearing. I don't think Michael Shane has ever been in a promo without Shawn Michaels being mentioned lol.

The DQ result here was probably the right decision as it wouldn't be good for either team to lose this clean, although handing it to the Masters of the Mat still makes them look impressive in a way. I'm surprised you have Burchill at ringside though? Thought he'd be off TV for a while. Nice way to continue their feud by having the brawl at ringside, although it is a bit odd that there's been no mention of the injury.

Decent segment with Rain and Phoenix, you've built them both up well as dominant divas and it should be interesting when they finally clash. I liked what Rain had to say especially about how Phoenix is worried about a new dominant Diva, btu Beth stood up for herself well and had the final word, which I didn't expect as Rain's last words were very effective. Interesting promo here and this should lead to a great Diva's rivalry.

Solid victory for Shelton Benjamin, I guess he needed it after losing last week. Again slightly dissapointed at no Sydal as it had the makings of a decent feud. Interesting that you had the T-Bone finish instead of the Paydirt as well, good that the endings aren't always the same. Shelton you would think won't be winning the tournament since he's already a Champion and therefore doesn't need it as much as others do, but I expect he could do well.

Great finish in terms of booking and I should've known you'd do this, but I'd be so pissed if I was there. But that's great for Jericho to get over as a heel and hopefully the attack will mean you can delay the match until Summerslam, where it should take place. MVP coming out kinda overshadows what just happened as it would've been a great shot for the show to end with Jericho standing over a beaten up Undertaker, but the match announcement is great. I'm glad that MVP finally showed up as there wasn't any mention of him in the earlier promo, and MVP and Punk for the title should be a great match for sure.

Overall it was an entertaining show as usual, with nothing really wrong with the show at all. There are a lot of great things going on at the moment, Jericho/Taker was handled really well on this show and we also have MVP/Punk and Edge/Christian to look forward to, not to mention the other smaller feuds, so things are looking good at the moment on Smackdown. Next weeks shows should be great as we get closer to the King of the Ring, I'm lookin forward to it. Also, just seen in Sean's post that it's your Birthday, so happy Birthday mate. Hope it's a good one!

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response



Last night on Smackdown, we saw MVP give CM Punk something to think about, taking him by surprise and giving him a taste of the Playmaker that he might fall to once again at the King of the Ring. MVP then announced that he would be the one challenging Punk for the world title in just over a week’s time.

Punk took the Money in the Bank contract from MVP in a fatal fourway at Judgment Day without beating MVP, but he will have to now that the World Championship is on the line.

>Qualifiers Are Complete!<

The King of the Ring tournament line up was complete last night as Chavo Guerrero, Matt Sydal & Shelton Benjamin, the United States Champion joined Elijah Burke in representing Smackdown in the eight man elimination tournament that will take place a week on Sunday, live from The Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Raw’s representatives will be the Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston along with Rey Mysterio, Kenny Dykstra & Santino Marella. We have also been advised that the Quarter Final line up will only be announced on the night itself.


Originally Posted by sc2004 View Post
No messing about, not even commentary. I think you did this on RAW, maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with cutting straight to the point.
I very rarely use commentary on TV’s unless I think it’s absolutely essential. Saying that, I know I’ve included it for the Smackdown I’m currently writing. It’s a great tool to use, I’m not doubting that, but I’ll only use it when I feel I need to get a message across that isn’t easy to interpret from what’s happened.

Originally Posted by D-K-L View Post
Whoa, The Undertaker and Punk for the title tonight? Quite random, and I don't know why he's got a title shot really.
I thought i explained it reasonably well with the relation to Michaels' victory over Taker at Judgment Day and Punk's impression of his title reign. But the main reason was to set up the Jericho attack and progress their feud as you saw later on.

Originally Posted by D-K-L View Post
You put a lot of focus on the fact that he's now focussing on the King of the Ring rather than Matt Sydal, so why did Sydal beat him last week then? Seems pointless unless they are getting in a feud, as Sydal could've easily beaten someone else and it doesn't do much for Shelton unless it's to start a feud. I hope we see them cross paths later for that reason.
Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey and all that. The King of the Ring is just over a week away, and you'll have to wait and see. I don't think you'll be disappointed though.

Originally Posted by sc2004 View Post
Thanks to both of you (My loyal fan boys. The Spirit Squad costumes are in the post btw), but less of the 25 please Sean, I feel old enough as it is. At least you didn’t get me some beer like one of my mates, . I should have gone on all CM Punk on him.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

CM Punk/MVP should be a good main event, good to see your keeping Judgment Day fresh in everyone's mind also.

King of the Ring is looking very nice, although I really dislike Santino marella being in it. I just can't take the guys seriously.

Things are looking decent enough, although I wouldn't exactly say great. Maybe it's just me, but I feel besides one or two feuds that this thread is in a bit of a rut at the moment, I will be reading with interest to see if you can work yourself out of it.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

FCW RESULTS (7th June)

Dusty Rhodes started the show in the ring and talked about how angry he was with The Empire again after they retained the FCW Tag Team titles last week thanks to Hade Vansen helping Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders at the end of the Lumberjack match. He said he was going to settle it once and for all tonight, making a double jeopardy match with TJ Wilson taking on McIntyre with everyone barred from ringside, and that if Wilson won, he and Teddy Hart would get a title shot under the same conditions somewhere down the road. However, if Wilson lost, he and Hart would never get a shot at the titles as long as The Empire were champions.

Commercial Break

FCW Television Championship: CJ Red (c) defeated “The Natural” Nic Nemeth to retain the gold. CJ won the match after dodging a jumping russian leg sweep and rolling Nemeth up for the three count. Nemeth was furious at the bell as Red then slipped out of the ring to get his title passed to him by the referee.

Commercial Break

Tyler Reks defeated Jay Bradley on his debut in FCW, winning thanks to a springboard moonsault. The crowd were in to him after cutting short a promo from Bradley beforehand, who vowed to show them he wasn’t a joke and demanded respect before Reks interrupted him.

Joe Hennig & James Reiher, the FCW Heavyweight Champion were in the office with Dusty Rhodes, who told them their title match will be in two weeks and that they should shake on it with no funny business before their very important match. Reiher made out he was offended by the accusation, but Hennig told him he was right to be worried and brought up the fact he beat Reiher clean last week. He then told Reiher to enjoy his time left with the belt, because it’s not going to be long before he takes it from him.

Commercial Break

Festus beat Ryback via DQ after interference from Jesse. Ryback looked angry and went for Jesse, only for Festus to save his partner, clotheslining Ryback to the outside. Ryback looked very angry as he got up on the outside with Jesse & Festus staring down at him.

Commercial Break

Amber O’Neal was beaten by Nikki Roxx following a Tornado DDT. O’Neal was not happy as she came round to see Roxx celebrating, but Roucka stormed the ring and attacked Roxx from behind, pulling her off the second rope and hitting the Roucka Bottom. O’Neal sat up and stared at Roucka with an uneasy exchange of looks going on between them.

Joe Hennig was leaving the arena when James Reiher jumped from behind, using his FCW Heavyweight Championship belt to hit him in the back of the head. Reiher then stomped all over Hennig and kneeled down alongside him, shoving the belt in Hennig’s face and saying he wasn’t going to lose it to him or anyone.

Commercial Break

Double Jeopardy: TJ Wilson beat Drew McIntyre to earn himself and Teddy Hart a shot at the tag team titles with everyone banned from ringside. Wilson got the win after the Code Blue, a springboard front flip neckbreaker. Afterwards, Stu Sanders & Hade Vansen raced down to the ring with Katie Lea following behind, but Wilson slipped out of the ring and ran to safety with Hart coming out and congratulating in front of the angry Empire members to end the show.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

>Time for a slight makeover tbh.<

RAW PreviewMonday 9th June 2008
Live From the Pensacola Civic Center
Pensacola, Florida

Last Monday night saw the final of the Quest to be Champion tournament with Jeff Hardy taking on Mr. Kennedy for a WWE Championship at the King of the Ring. Both men gave it their all, but it was Jeff Hardy who emerged victorious thanks to Randy Orton. The Legend Killer had earlier let Eric Bischoff know that he wouldn’t be there due to a family emergency, setting up his shock appearance perfectly, allowing him to RKO his bitter nemesis and send Jeff on his way to a match with “The Big Red Machine” Kane in less than a week’s time. Jeff was greeted by Kane’s presence afterwards, and the monster quickly reminded his challenger what lies in store for him at the King of the Ring after a hellacious chokeslam.

Does Jeff regret his victory now, and just how will Kennedy react to Orton’s elaborate plan? Make sure you tune in to Raw this week live from the Pensacola Civic Center in Pensacola, Florida to find out just what goes down!

Two weeks back, Triple H & Ric Flair fell foul to the numbers game when The Corporation confronted them in the parking lot, and questions were then raised in regard to Batista’s whereabouts. The Game & The Nature Boy failed in their attempts to contact The Animal that night, but last Monday night saw the third Evolution member to explain himself. According to Batista, his daughter was ill at the weekend and he had to take her to the emergency room on the Monday night, confirming the reason as to why he wasn’t there to come to his friend’s rescue. The Corporation revelled in Batista’s anguish with JBL telling him the guilt that he must live with is more than satisfying to them. However, they didn’t count on Eric Bischoff making an appearance, and let alone suspending them until the King of the Ring is out of the way in two weeks.

JBL & The Big Show certainly weren’t impressed, along with the ever sour faced Russian hitman, Vladimir Kozlov. It looks like Raw could be a quiet place when it rolls in to Pensacola this week. However, the last time the General Manager barred them for the arena, all hell broke loose. Surely The Corporation have learnt their lesson?

Cody Rhodes was understandably upset for the first time last week, given he actually had reason to be for a change. Just seven days earlier, he was on the verge of becoming the Intercontinental Champion when his ex-girlfriend, Kelly Kelly took him and everyone by surprise as she returned to pay Cody back in the worst possible manner imaginable to the title hopeful. Eric Bischoff was called in to action once more, and he even made Cody smile for a while upon announcing a Steel Cage match between Rhodes and Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship at Vengeance. However, Bischoff made it perfectly clear to Cody that this would be his last chance at Kofi as long the Jamaican Sensation is champion.

Will Cody be able to take that chance? After tasting defeat to Rey Mysterio last week in a King of the Ring qualifier, he can only sit back and watch Kofi in action. Knowing Cody, it’s hardly going to be that easy is it?

As well as Kofi Kingston & Rey Mysterio qualifying for the King of the Ring last Monday night, Santino Marella joined them and Kenny Dykstra to complete Raw’s competitors in the eight man tournament for this Sunday. They will all be in action this Monday when Kofi & Rey team up to take on Dykstra & Marella.

Who will do the most to prove themselves to be a serious contender for the crown at stake for one of them Sunday night at the King of the Ring?

We saw Ted DiBiase Jr show his true colours two weeks ago on Raw when he attacked Finlay, and then Hornswoggle after a Finlay victory. DiBiase didn’t hold back, and instead of facing up to the consequences last week, Finlay was greeted by The Million Dollar Man, the father of his opponent at the King of the Ring this weekend when the Million Dollar Championship is on the line. DiBiase Sr explained that he had spoken to his son and that he was apologising on his behalf, but the tough talking Irishman made sure that the cocky youngster would get a message, telling his father to pass it on to him that there will be no place to hide at the King of the Ring.

Will the Million Dollar Champion be hiding away again this week, or will he man up? Tune in to find out.

Two of Victoria’s biggest threats to her WWE Women’s Championship went at it last week to compete for a shot at the title. Melina & Natalya Neidhart have had their problems for a while now, and they looked to settle them in the ring last week with Victoria watching from ringside, only for nothing to be settled at all. During the match, the referee was knocked out, leading to another referee coming out to officiate and count a fall that saw Natalya cover Melina with a german suplex. However, the original referee had come to and counted Neidhart’s shoulders too. Everyone was confused until William Regal, Raw’s Executive Assistant cleared things up by making a triple threat match for the title at Vengeance.

Victoria’s odds of holding on to her title have been slashed, but we have learnt that she will be competing against one of her opponents at Vengeance, Natalya Neidhart this week on Raw with a special twist. Melina will be the special guest referee. Just what can we expect when all three women are in the ring at the same time? There’s an easy answer. Trouble!

No one would have thought two months back that the World Tag Team Champions at the time, Paul London & Brian Kendrick would be facing each other one on one, but that’s where we’re at now following Kendrick’s decision to stab his partner in the back last month. After several weeks of tension between them, the decision has been made to put them together in the ring this week to sort out their problems.

Will that be the case? Make sure you catch Raw this week to find out.

We have seen tension brewing recently between Eric Bischoff and his assistant, William Regal, but last week it reached boiling point with the General Manager throwing his Executive Assistant out of his office and in to a match with an angry Finlay. Bischoff was livid that Regal made the Women’s Championship match at Vengeance without consulting him on the back of another decision without asking him first. However, when it came to the crunch for Regal, he walked away from his match with Finlay before it could start. He was then caught sulking outside the arena by The Corporation after they were shown the door, and the four of them went off to discuss their mutual contempt for Bischoff.

Just what we can expect when Regal strolls in to Pensacola this Monday night?

John Morrison & The Miz continued where they left off the week before in making sure people know tag team wrestling consists of two men to a team, and not three following The Colon’s victory over Cryme Time the week before with Eric Perez joining them in a handicap match. Shad & JTG stumbled across the World Tag Team Champions’ discussion with Candice Michelle, but they weren’t the only ones, unfortunately for them as The Colons & Perez attacked them to send a warning right to Morrison & The Miz.

Word has it the champs are looking to settle the matter this coming week, but what do they have in mind? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to tune in to Raw live from the Pensacola Civic Center this Monday night, live on the USA Network!


King of the Ring Contenders Match
Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston vs Kenny Dykstra & Santino Marella

Non Title Match
Special Guest Referee - Melina
Victoria vs Natalya Neidhart


Paul London vs Brian Kendrick

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

SmackDown! Feedback

Awesome promo to kick us off from Jericho. This program between the two has been set up tremendously, as I'm loving what Jericho's getting at, mostly because I agree that 'Taker's not who he used to be. I love how things fell apart in the end as well, with 'Taker relinquishing his first choke, then hitting it after Jericho egged him. The first shot's been fired, I'm looking forward to seeing what Jericho'll do or say about it, should be great. Awesome job here.

Swagger's short promo introduced us to a little more about his character, which is good. The match, it was good, although I wasn't particularly impressed by Swagger. I don't think he got enough offense in. He hit some good power moves, but wasn't in control enough. On the flip side, good showing from Super Crazy, who I would've thought was just here to more or less be squashed. Good match, just didn't really accomplish what it should've.

Good interview by Killings, I liked the characterization. I didn't really like the line about beating Chavo like he's a convict himself, because it kind of sounds like he (Killings) should get his own ass kicked. Other than that, though, strong stuff, and I'm looking forward to their match, should be a great one, especially with how things have heated up, and how the concussion might play a factor.

The Empire sounds good, a valuable addition to the tag division here.

I didn't especially like this segment with the Masters and Tazz. It's starting to look like you're pushing them too hard, with everything they've done lately (main-event with Shawn and 'Taker, break Burchill's wrist, beat the Tag Champs in a No DQ Match, and a ton of TV time with Tazz). It also didn't seem like it had much of a purpose, but I doubt that's the case.

Great match here. It wasn't PPV-quality by any means, and it shouldn't have been, but the storytelling and characters were excellent here. Both guys looked very good against each other, especially Chavo, who played the crafty heel effectively up until he full-out cheated. Killings was good as the babyface you really want to see win after what Chavo's done to him, and the ending was great in adding more fuel to the fire in this feud. This can't be it here, as there's still a lot more to be desired from this program. Chavo in KOTR won't be winning, but I expect a good to great showing from him.

Great promo by Punk here. It wasn't as good as the one last week, but still great. Being the heel in the right is always sure to get heat, and being the one to claim putting out Shawn Michaels will get more. I'm glad that to hear that Shawn'll be back, WWE needs the Sexy Boy, but in the meantime, Punk vs. Undertaker is huge. Even though I doubt we'll get a clean finish, I still expect it to be a tremendous match that should Punk over as a huge heel. Definitely looking forward to it.

Solid return match for Christian, made him look very good. Kash looked okay, just like he should've in the match, and should whenever he wrestles (I just don't like the guy, glad he's being demoted). Glad Tomko didn't have anything to do here, although I'd like to see him come into his own in time. Edge's promo struck a few chords with TNA, making light of them, and also got me too look forward to whenever they do get to wrestle. Should be a good match.

Strong promo by Shelton, lots of good heel points there. I can't especially see him winning KOTR, but he should have a great showing. Christian was also very good here, following up on what Edge just said. I really liked the line about the check (that's the American way of spelling it). Great stuff overall here.

Jordan got a pretty good showing here, better than Kash. Still, can't argue with Sydal winning at all, it should've been the only result. He looked great here, and looks to be in line for a fairly big push. Can't argue with that, either. Looking forward to seeing how it goes with him.

Damn. You said you hadn't forgotten about Jeter, and being the next contender for the CW Title is a step in that direction. Loved the jackass line from him, then pretending he didn't say anything, made me want to see him get his ass kicked. He and Shane should have great matches, as this was a great start to the feud.

Interesting that Matt and Elijah were the ones chosen to face off against the Masters. We've seen these two form a friendship and team up a few times recently, maybe it'll be something for them to do in the meantime? Anyway, good match, didn't really feature anything too special, other than the ending, which I wasn't expecting. It's not every day we see the faces get heels DQ'ed, but good thing it did here. Solid showing from all involved, Matt was especially good as the face in peril. And a quick sidenote, but I think we should maybe get more segments between Elijah and Layla, I always seem to forget that they're together. Tag Title feud was progressed nicely here, well done.

Finally, the Divas! Anyway, tension's brewing between these two, whereas it seemed like there might've been a partnership brewing. I'm not ruling that out, as some enemies become friends (and vice versa). Anywho, I didn't really like the opening parts to this, with the worker getting an odd line, and Beth mistaking Mia for Maria. After that, though, solid stuff, made me look forward to seeing these two compete to be SD!'s dominant Diva (even though Mickie should also be involved ).

I don't recall reading Dreamer in this thread before, so I wasn't expecting much of a fight from him when I first saw the graphic. Then I saw the length of the match, then I actually read the match, and I was pleasantly surprised that Dreamer looked like he had a good chance of getting the win. Very strong showing, while Shelton still looked very good, and I'm glad to have seen him bust out the T-Bone for the win. Good stuff here, maybe we could see more of Dreamer in this thread?

Awesome way to end the show. Sucks we didn't get Punk/'Taker at all, but I loved Jericho destroying him. The turn's complete, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how he'll try to justify himself next week. Punk got, well, punk'd by MVP, and their one-on-one rematch at KOTR over the World Title should be a great one, there's a strong story there. I didn't particularly like MVP using the Overdrive, maybe you should look into giving him a new finisher. I also found his promo a little hard to read with all the ' and such. It helps show the informal way he talks, but it also looks a little jumbled at the same time. Still, two birds killed with one stone, and it made for a great ending.

Sorry this took me forever to get up, but I've been feeling a little burnt out from writing and reading BTBs lately. Anyway, though, if I was at this show, I certainly would've had a great time, since that's usually the case with the live experience, but it was still tremendous on TV. Plenty of things going on here, with a lot to look forward in the hinted Shane/Jeter feud, Jericho/'Taker, Mia/Beth, Edge/Christian, and Punk/MVP. SD!'s been stacked for a while now, and I'm glad to see that trend continuing. Great job with this installment, 8.5/10.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

>Just a quick note. The matches came out a lot longer than I had anticipated, and as I tried to make sure they all went a bit longer than normal to measure things up, they got even longer.<

RAW ResultsMonday 9th June 2008
Live From the Pensacola Civic Center
Pensacola, Florida

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

Batista apologising to the world for being absent the week before due to his daughter being ill with Triple H & Ric Flair being outnumbered in a fight in the parking lot against The Corporation.

JBL, The Big Show & Vladimir Kozlov confronting Batista with JBL telling him he said they would get retribution and thanks to him, they did and that Batista living with the guilt is good enough for them.

Eric Bischoff going to the stage and suspending The Corporation until after the King of the Ring.

The Quest to be Champion tournament final with Randy Orton jumping the barricade and costing Kennedy the match.

Jeff Hardy celebrating until Kane came down and attacked him despite a strong fight from Jeff.

***Opening Video***
“Wanna Be Loved”


“Voices” hits to a ton of heat inside the arena as Randy Orton walks down to the stage wearing jeans and a T-shirt with a smug look on his face. Once he gets in the ring, he collects a microphone and stands in the centre waiting for the chorus of boos to stop.

Randy Orton:
I’m sure you’d all like an explanation to last week’s events, but in order for that to happen I need complete silence.


Randy Orton: See that’s the problem I have. You people have continued to show me no respect whatsoever, just like Mr. Kennedy. . . For some reason he assumed that I’d forget about how he screwed me out of the WWE Championship at Backlash and go along with his quest to be the WWE Champion. He thought I’d drop to my knees and do everything he wanted so that when, or if he became the WWE Champion, he’d give me the first shot. It might have sounded like a good idea to him, but to me it was nothing but disrespectful. He assumed that he was going to win the title and that I was just going to stand by and watch, but there was no way I was going to allow that happen. You see Ken, you might only get one shot in your career at becoming the man, but you’re forgetting that I’m Randy Orton, a multi-time world champion and the single biggest star in this company today. I don’t go looking for the title, it comes looking for me.


Randy Orton: I’ll have opportunities in the not so distant future, you can count on that, but I was damned if I was going to stand by and watch you get one after you stopped me getting my hands back on the WWE title at Backlash. You had to learn your lesson, and quite frankly it was a lesson that you couldn’t have gotten from anybody else. I showed you that you do not even begin to contemplate screwing around with the best, and that’s what I am Kennedy, I am the best in this business today and you are absolutely worthless.


Randy Orton: These people might not like to admit it, but they know it’s the truth, just like you’re never going to be anywhere near my level. You didn’t deserve to even be in line for a shot, so I did what was right and took you out of it like I should have done a whole lot sooner. . .

“Turn Up The Treble” plays to a big pop with a very serious looking Mr. Kennedy walking down the ramp in his ring gear and a T-shirt. He picks up a microphone as he climbs up the ring steps and enters the ring with Orton just smirking at him.

Mr. Kennedy:
Randy, I don’t know what to say. Really I don’t. . . I guess I feel like an idiot for actually believin’ you, but t’ hell with that ‘cause there really is only one thing that I need t’ say right now. . . How ‘bout you put that microphone down and check down below t’ see if you’ve actually brought your balls with y’for a change. . . that’s if you had any t’ begin with, and even if y’don’t, y’better get ready t’ get your ass handed t’ y’by MISTER KENNEDYYYYYYY. . . KENN. . .

“I’m Back” blasts out with Eric Bischoff walking to the stage with a microphone. Orton smirks again as Kennedy turns round in frustration.

Eric Bischoff:
Look, I’m as angry as anyone about what happened last week but the fact is it happened and we have to deal with it. It’s just how we deal with it, or how more importantly, I deal with it.

*Mixed Reception*

Eric Bischoff: Now I’m sure everyone here would love t’ see you two go at it right now, but I’m sorry t’ say it’s not gonna happen, not tonight anyway.


Eric Bischoff: Now I assure you that I too and the rest of the world wants t’ see Mister Kennedy versus Randy Orton, and they will do at Vengeance in just under three weeks.

*Big Pop*

Both men look pleased at that decision, staring intently at each other.

Eric Bischoff:
However, t’night you’re both going to be in action. . . See Randy, Kennedy isn’t the only man who wants t’ face you t’night, as earlier on I had a certain superstar come t’ me and ask t’ be given a match with you later on. . . So being the responsible general manager that I am, I agreed and gave him what he wanted, and trust me people, you too are gonna like this. Because later on in our main event, in that very ring, it’s gonna be Randy Orton going one on one with the number one contender for the WWE Championship, Jeff Hardy. . .

*Huge Pop*

Eric Bischoff: . . . But that’s not it. It’s not going to be any old match. . . Oh no. At Jeff’s request, it’s going to be a no holds barred match.

*Deafening Cheers*

Orton looks pissed and even Kennedy cracks a grin at that announcement.

Eric Bischoff:
And don’t think I’ve forgotten about you Kennedy, I’ve got a special match for you too. . . You wanna prove Randy wrong, I’m gonna give you that chance t’night, because you’re gonna go head to head with the man you would have faced this Sunday at the King of the Ring had Randy not gotten involved last week. . . T’night, you’re gonna face the WWE Champion, Kane.

*Big Pop*

Eric Bischoff: In fact, that match will be next. . . So Randy I suggest you go t’ the back and we get on with the rest of the show, because believe it or not, Raw doesn’t revolve around you.

“I’m Back” plays again as Orton stares at Kennedy with his Vengeance opponent glaring back. The Legend Killer then leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, not taking his eyes off of Kennedy for a second.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut to Ringside}

***The Opening Match***

Non Title Match
Mr. Kennedy vs Kane w/Paul Bearer

ENDING: Kane pulls Kennedy back up to his feet, and the Green Bay born superstar is almost defenceless as The Big Red Machine hits an uppercut thrust, and then another, forcing Kennedy towards the ropes. The WWE Champion then whips him in to the opposite side, and as he comes back, Kane steps forward and drives his huge boot right in to Kennedy’s face, sending him right back down to the mat. Kane doesn’t show any compassion at all as he reaches down straight away and drags the practically dead weight Kennedy back up and whips him in to the ropes, planting him as he comes back with a SIDEWALK SLAM. . . . . Kennedy’s back is driven right in to the canvas, and this time Kane does make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kennedy just gets his shoulder up, but the pain he’s feeling is there for all to see as he barely rolls over with Kane slowly standing back up and looking down at his weary opponent the entire time. He lifts his right hand up in to the air, signalling for a CHOKESLAM. . . . . Kennedy slowly picks himself back up with Kane luring with intent behind him, and as he turns round, Kane grabs him around the throat and pauses for a couple of seconds.

But it gives Kennedy the chance to fight back, and he does so with everything he’s got, driving his elbow in to the side of the monster’s head to get him to release his grip. It works, and Kennedy then kicks him in the gut, grabs Kane by his head and plants him with a SNAP DDT. . . . . The fans cheer, but as Kennedy sits up, so does Kane, showing no signs of being hurt. Kennedy looks stunned, and he rushes to his feet as Kane stands up that little bit slower. The bleach blonde then tries for an irish whip to the corner, but it’s reversed by the WWE Champion with Kennedy being tossed right in to the turnbuckle pads. Kane then runs right in at him, lifting his boot up, but Kennedy steps to the side as Kane runs through with Kennedy stepping back in behind him and trying for an opportunistic roll up. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Kane powers out, but Kennedy is up quickly and hammers Kane as he gets back up with a series of hard right hands until Kane nails him with an uppercut thrust out of nowhere. It sends Kennedy down to the mat, but he rushes up and ducks a right hand to quickly grab Kane by the head and plant him with a SWINGING NECKBREAKER. . . . .

That does keep the champion down this time, and Kennedy tries to get a pin out of it, hooking both legs. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kane kicks out comfortably once again, but Kennedy senses his chance is now as he rushes back up to his feet and urges The Big Red Machine up too. As Kane gets up and turns round, Kennedy kicks him in the gut and sets him up for THE MIC CHECK. . . . . The crowd cheer but they’re disappointed as Kane then fights back and shoves Kennedy back in to the ropes, and as he comes back, Kane plants him with a TILT-A-WHIRL SLAM. . . . . Kennedy rolls around on his back as Kane just stands up coolly before reaching down and grabbing him with one hand around the neck. He pulls him up with the grip around the neck intact in order to lift him up in to the air and bring him crashing down with a CHOKESLAM. . . . . Kennedy is lying still across the mat, but Kane isn’t done as he brings his arm across his neck, signalling for the end as Paul Bearer watches on happily from the outside. Kane then bends down and drags his opponent up once again, scooping him up on to his shoulder before drilling him down to the mat head first with a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER. . . . . Kane leans forward and crosses Kennedy’s arms to go for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Kane by pinfall @ 9.37.

AFTERMATH: “Burned” blasts out again as Paul Bearer enters the ring with the WWE Championship. Kane stands back up and raises both arms in the air before setting his pyro off to scare the hell out of everyone inside the arena. Bearer then rests the title on his shoulder and looks down at Kennedy, laughing as he then directs Kane out of the ring.

{Cut Backstage}

Eric Bischoff is watching on from his office, sat down on his leather sofa when a sombre William Regal walks through the door. Bischoff doesn’t appear to be too happy to see him as he stands up and puts his hands in his pockets.

Eric Bischoff:

William Regal: Mister Bischoff. . . I am very sorry. I should never have undermined you last week and made that match without consulting you. I know you’re the general manager but you have to know I was only doing what I thought was right and what you would do.

Eric Bischoff: All I asked for was some courtesy Regal, just to run things by me without rushing in to decisions. Is that really so much to ask?

William Regal: No of course not, but from now on I promise to consult you on everything I decide to do around here.

Eric Bischoff: Maybe that’s a bit extreme, it’s just when you announce title matches for pay-per-views you know, they’re a big deal and I need to decide if they’re the right way t’ go. You understand?

William Regal: I do yes.

Eric Bischoff: Okay, then I accept your apology. . . Now I’ve got some business t’ attend to. I guess I can trust you t’ hold the fort for a while?

William Regal: Certainly.

Eric Bischoff: Okay, I’ll see you later.

William Regal: Goodbye Mister Bischoff.

Bischoff looks quite relaxed as he walks out of the room with Regal smirking quite heavily. He picks his cell phone out of his pocket and makes a call.

William Regal:
Good evening Mr. Layfield. . . Yes it went just as we discussed. I did everything he asked of me. He trusts me perfectly. . . Yes that’s correct, I shall see you next week. . . Goodbye.

Regal places his phone back in his jacket pocket and then sits down on the sofa with a big smile on his face.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

Clips of John Cena, The Undertaker, CM Punk, Kane, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Batista, Jeff Hardy, Edge & Rey Mysterio hitting their finishers are shown.

The superstars of Raw and Smackdown will collide upon the return of one of wrestling’s most historic shows. . . WWE Superstars. . . Superstars will return to your television screens with some of the biggest names in sports entertainment today. . . Superstars will premiere Saturday 21st June on WGN America at 5pm Central with a special guest performance from Flo Rida. . . Whatever you do, don’t miss the return of WWE Superstars, only on WGN America, replayed Sunday and Wednesday nights at 9pm.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #2***

Non Title Match
Special Guest Referee - Melina
Victoria vs Natalya Neidhart

ENDING: Victoria pulls Natalya up from her knees, but the feisty Canadian takes her by surprise as she throws a right hand in to the gut of the Women’s Champion. Victoria leans forward as a result with Natalya rising to her feet and capitalising instantly with a snap suplex. She readjusts her position on the mat to hook Victoria’s leg and make a cover, staring at her rival Melina as she makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Victoria gets her shoulder up and rolls over on to her side straight after as Melina & Natalya exchange venomous glances. Neidhart then makes her way back up at a steady pace as Victoria tries to roll on to her knees, and Natalya switches her attention back to the champion, clubbing her across the back and pulling her back up to a vertical base. She then strikes her with a European uppercut and whips her in to the ropes, but Victoria charges back and takes her down with a clothesline. Natalya looks to get back up, and as she does, Victoria scoop slams her back down to the canvas. The Women’s Champion then shakes in a frenzy as she stands over her opponent before connecting with a STANDING MOONSAULT. . . . . That gets a cheer from the crowd, and she reaches to the side to hook Natalya’s right leg for a cover with Melina seeming to be counting slightly quicker. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

Neidhart still gets her shoulder up as Victoria leans back up. She then picks herself back up as Natalya tries to make her own way up. As Natalya turns round to face her, Victoria tries to scoop her up, but Natalya manages to slip down and behind her. She sharply grabs Victoria around the waist and executes a BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX. . . . . Melina rushes to her knees and counts Victoria’s shoulders as Natalya desperately holds on. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kick out! Victoria escapes that one, but Natalya gets right back on with the match while staring intensely at Melina. She sits Victoria up and applies a rear chokehold, but the fans respond straight away and try to encourage the champion. Victoria responds herself and manages to get back up to her feet with Natalya starting to panic, and as Victoria gets there, she escapes her opponent’s clutches by driving her elbow in to Natalya’s stomach. With Natalya leaning forward holding her stomach, Victoria turns to the side and runs the ropes, but as she comes back, Natalya reacts and plants her with a vicious looking BACK BREAKER. . . . . That must have hurt, and she looks to take advantage right away as she hooks both of Victoria’s legs for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Victoria just gets her shoulder up, showing she’s not going anywhere to the surprise of Neidhart. She looks right at Melina who just shrugs her off, angering Natalya further. She stands back up in a strop and lifts up both of Victoria’s legs to apply THE SHARPSHOOTER. . . . .

Victoria tries to fight it, but Natalya locks in the hold, immediately putting pressure on the lower back of the Women’s Champion, and it shows. Victoria desperately reaches out, but she’s nowhere near the ropes as the crowd get behind her, clapping as she tries to fight the deadly submission hold. With Melina right beside her, Victoria fights with everything she has, gradually dragging herself closer to the ropes. And the closer she gets, Neidhart starts to panic and unwittingly lessens the pressure, allowing Victoria to reach out and grab hold of the bottom rope to the delight of the crowd. Natalya is clearly angry and keeps the hold locked in, but Melina isn’t having any of it. She tells her to let it go and starts the count, and Natalya lets it go at four, but reluctantly. She stands back up and gets right in Melina’s face, forcing her back in to the centre of the ring as a strong exchange of words begins with Melina telling Natalya straight. Neidhart looks like she’s about to slap Melina, but Melina blocks it and holds Natalya’s arm up for several seconds before letting it go. Natalya then seems to see sense and turns back round reluctantly as Victoria sits up by the ropes. Natalya then walks over and tries to pull her up, but Victoria tamely kicks her back in to Melina, knocking Melina off balance for a second. As the ref steadies herself, she looks right at Natalya and slaps her. Neidhart is about to respond until Victoria creeps up behind her and rolls her up with Melina dropping to her knees, making a very quick count. 1 . 2. 3.

WINNER: Victoria by pinfall @ 6.49.

AFTERMATH: “Ain’t The Lady To Mess With” as both Melina & Victoria stand up with Melina taking her by surprise and raising her hand in the air very quickly, letting it go almost instantly before turning round and leaving the ring as both Victoria & Natalya look on. Natalya sits up and stares at Melina walking up the ramp in anger while Victoria looks bemused.

{Cut Backstage}

Todd Grisham is standing by.

Todd Grisham:
Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time. . . Jeff Hardy.

A big pop comes from inside the arena as Jeff walks in to the shot looking very calm.

Todd Grisham: Jeff first off, congratulations on last week and we’ll get to the King of the Ring in a moment, but I have t’ ask you just why you asked Eric Bischoff for a match with Randy Orton t’night.

Jeff Hardy: It’s real simple Todd. When I saw what he did last week, I wasn’t happy. I didn’t wanna win the match that way, an’ it felt like I di’n’t earn it y’know? . . Hopefully, if I beat Randy Orton t’night, I’ll prove I do deserve the shot I got Sunday at the King of the Ring, and that I can be the WWE Champion.

Todd Grisham: Well t'night you’ve got a tough match with Randy Orton, but Sunday you’ll be facing Kane. How do you feel about having t’ take on The Big Red Machine?

Jeff Hardy: Todd, I know how tough that’s gonna be. We all know what Kane’s capable of, but I don’t think Kane knows what I’m capable of. . . Whatever happens Sunday, I’m gonna give it my best shot and do whatever it takes to make my life’s dream come true, t’ become the WWE Champion.

We can hear cheers coming from the arena again.

Todd Grisham:
Good luck Jeff.

Hardy turns round and walks out of the shot, bumping in to an agitated Brian Kendrick. They look at each other for a second before Jeff carries on walking.

Todd Grisham: Brian, can I get a few words about your match with Paul London t’night?

Kendrick smirks and walks over to him.

Brian Kendrick:
I’ll give you some words alright. I ain’t got a clue what’s goin’ through that so called brain o’his t’ actually go an’ ask for a match with me. . . But I’ll tell you somethin’ Todd, he’s sure as hell gonna regret it, that’s for sure.

Kendrick looks very focused as he stares at Grisham to let the message sink in for a few seconds before walking out of the shot with Grisham slightly surprised by Kendrick’s intensity.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

A shot of a driveway and a white Lamborghini pulling up in to at speed is shown, but there’s no indication of the time and date as the sun is shining down on a very big and attractive house. It’s the same car that we saw last week on Raw, and once again we see Batista step out of it, and a young girl around the age of sixteen wearing a shoulder bag climbs out at the passenger side.

You go get your homework done and I’ll. . .

Batista looks stunned as he turns to the side and stares at another car in the driveway, a black Mercedes.

Girl: You okay dad?

Batista: Yeah, it just looks like we have company.

Daughter: Really? Who?

The front door opens as Batista and his daughter walk towards it with what appears to be their maid, an old looking lady standing by it.

Maid: Dave, you have a visitor.

Batista: Where is he?

Maid: He’s in the living room.

Batista: Okay thanks.

Batista walks inside with his daughter, and the maid shuts the door behind them.

Why don’t you go get a drink and then go get your homework out of the way?

Just as she’s about to walk off, we hear a strong voice.

Hey, how you doin’?

She turns round, and Batista turns his head to the side as Triple H emerges in to the hallway with a glass of water in his hand.

Triple H: So how you feelin’? I heard you weren’t so well last week.

Batista clearly isn’t happy with Triple H being there.

Daughter: Yeah but I’m fine now, thanks t’ dad looking after me. He was great.

Triple H looks a little surprised for a moment.

Triple H: He’s always there when you need him isn’t he? That’s why we get along so well, right Dave?

Batista stares right at Triple H, and he’s not happy at all.

Batista: Go get that drink sweetheart, me and Hun’er need t’ talk.

Daughter: It’s nice to see you again.

Triple H: Yeah, you too. Glad you’re feelin’ better.

Daughter: Thanks.

Maid: Let’s go get you a drink shall we dear.

Batista’s daughter walks off with the maid, but she turns round and smiles at Triple H who smiles back. Batista still isn’t happy and he walks up to him.

Batista: What the hell are you doin’ here?

Triple H: Nice welcome Dave. You treat all your guests like this?

Batista: Funny, I don’t recall askin’ y’here.

Triple H: Technically you’re right. . .

Batista: . . . There’s no technically about it.

Batista sees the maid and his daughter in the corner eye as they spy on them from the kitchen.

Batista: Follow me.

Batista walks past The Game with the slow moving Triple H (because of the assault) then following him through to the lounge where they sit down on opposite sofas, both leaning forward with Batista looking the more serious of the two.

Batista: So, you gonna tell me what you’re doin’ here?

Triple H: Dave, it’s a good thing I don’t rely on you for your brain, ‘cause you’re not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer are ya?. . . Well anyway, I don’t know if you know that last week I was attacked by The Big Show and ended up in hospital, as was Naitch. . .

Batista: . . . I was with you both in the hospital. We’ve talked about this.

Triple H: No, you’ve talked about this. . . I caught Raw last night Dave, I saw your little speech. . .

Batista: Wait a minute. That’s why you’re here? T’ check up on me?

Triple H: Check up? . . . No!

Batista: Well I guess you’re disappointed my story checks out huh, but I sure as hell don’t appreciate you comin’ here and interrogatin’ my daughter. You got that?

Triple H: Loud and clear.

The Animal stands up.

Batista: Well I guess you’re business here’s done. Thanks for stoppin’ by.

Hunter tries to reason with him and stands up.

Triple H: Come on Dave.

Batista: Don’t come on Dave me, Hunter. You come t’ my house unannounced, you doubt my word and you grill my daughter. What do you expect? . . . My daughter comes first, you’ve always known that. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for Ric. . . well for both of ya, but I can’t change what happened. I apologised last night, and I honestly don’t know what you expect from me, but I will not have you pushin’ your way in t’ my house alright? . . . Now get out before I throw you out and send you back t’ the emergency room.

Triple H: Alright, I’m sorry, maybe I went a bit too far. . .

Batista: . . . There’s no maybe about it. I suggest you leave now before I do somethin’ I regret.

Triple H sees there’s no point hanging around.

Triple H: Alright I’ll go. But believe me Dave, I am sorry.

Batista looks away from him, and The Game shakes his head in disappointment.

Triple H: I’ll see you soon Dave.

Batista just ignores him as Triple H walks out of the room with the camera zooming on Batista’s very angry face.

{Cut to Ringside}

“Ain’t No Make Believe” hits to heat as John Morrison & The Miz, the World Tag Team Champions confidently walk down to the ring and collect a couple of microphones up off the steel steps before stepping inside.

John Morrison: As you well know, certain people around here have been trying to get around the rules of tag team wrestling in order to give themselves a better opportunity at taking these belts out of our hands. . . Now we’ve made our feelings perfectly clear to the powers that be, and we would like to take this time to inform you that if anyone wishes to compete for our tag team titles, they will be a team made up of two, not three men.

The Miz: That’s right. So to any of you who thought you were gonna steal the tag team titles away from us. . . well, think again, ‘cause these bad boys aren’t goin’ anywhere anytime soon. . . And t’ illustrate out point, I thought I’d come out here and open up a challenge to anyone in the back t’ show you just why these titles will stay on our shoulders for a long, long time to come. . . So, who’s it gonna be? . . . Don’t be shy.

“Bringin’ Da Hood To You” plays with the fans cheering as Shad Gaspard & JTG, collectively known as Cryme Time stroll out to the stage with their own microphones.

JTG: YO, YO, YO. . .

Shad: . . . Nice speech fellas, but y’need t’ know a little some’in’ some’in’. . . the two of us could beat the both of yous anytime you want, but before you get your hissy fit on, t’night ain’t about us. . . See, we were on our way out here when we saw someone we ain’t seen for a long time. . .


Shad: Yeah Jay, a long time, and he’s the one who’s gonna take y’up on your challenge Lil’ Miss Mizzy. We can wait, but Pensacola, y’all better get ready. . . Hey Jay, you know what? . . . I think we better go get ourselves some special seats for this one. What y’think?

JTG: Oh yeah, I’m feelin’ that.

They both start to walk down the ramp.

A’ight, so I’ll tell y’what. We’re gonna walk on down here an’ help out JR an’ The King for a bit. You just. . . What did he say before Jay?

JTG: I dunno, some’in’ ‘bout his boyfriend’s hair.

Shad: No that ain’t it, but y’know what, we’ll just keep these guys company for a while. You just do what y’gotta do. Forget about us an’ do what y’ave to a’ight.

Morrison & Miz aren’t happy at all as they see Cryme Time join JR & The King.

Thanks for keeping us company guys.

JTG: Yo, don’t mention it JR.

The King: You sit yourselves down guys. . . Hey, who’s this mystery opponent you know about?

Shad: What, y’not like surprises King? You just wait an’ see ‘cause it’s gonna be good.

There’s a short delay as Morrison & Miz turn their attention to the stage awaiting The Miz’s opponent. And eventually, the lights go out and “Gold Lust” hits to a big pop with Goldust walking out to the stage with yellow spotlights flashing around the arena. The camera zooms in on the stunned expressions of Morrison & The Miz as Goldust makes his way down to the ring.

Did we tell you? . . . Oh, we told you.

JR: I’m in shock. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Goldust is back on Raw.

The King: This is crazy JR. . . In fact, Goldust’s crazy JR. . . This is unbelievable.

***Match #3***

Goldust vs The Miz w/John Morrison

ENDING: Miz stands up in shock and is on the receiving end of a big right hand, sending him back pedalling in to the ropes. Goldust then grabs him by the arm and whips him in to the opposite side, and as The Miz comes back, Goldust runs in to the centre of the ring to meet and take him down with a falling clothesline. That gets a pop from the crowd, and as The Miz gets back up with Goldust already on his feet, he doesn’t see his opponent run behind him and send him back down to the mat head first with a RUNNING ONE-HANDED BULLDOG. . . . . The crowd cheer once again as Goldust turns The Miz over and hooks his leg for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . The Miz gets his shoulder up, and Morrison looks relieved on the outside. Goldust stands back up and helps The Miz up too, then lifts him off his feet in to an inverted atomic drop. The Miz hobbles around on the mat, and Goldust then turns back to run the ropes, but as he gets there, Morrison reaches inside and grabs Goldust’s boot. The fans don’t like that, and neither does the referee as he walks over and warns him. Morrison shrugs it off and turns round, laughing at Shad & JTG as they watch on from just in front of him at the announce table. JTG seems to warn him too, and back on the inside, Goldust turns his attention back to his opponent and runs back at The Miz, but The Chick Magnet takes him down with a drop toe hold.

He then stands back up and runs in to the corner, climbing up to the top rope as Goldust gets back up and turns round in to a MISSILE DROPKICK. . . . . Both men fall to the mat, but The Miz scurries right back across as he looks to make a cover, and he hooks both legs as the ref makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Goldust comfortably gets his shoulder up, but The Miz looks to keep the momentum going, rushing to his feet to stomp all over Goldust’s chest with Morrison enjoying it on the outside. We then see Carlito, his brother Eddie Colon and Eric Perez walk out to the stage, catching the attention of not just Morrison & The Miz, but Cryme Time too. The Miz then reaches down and pulls Goldust back up, holding on to his head as he then sets him up and connects with a FALLING NECKBREAKER. . . . . The Miz looks up at The Colons for a couple of seconds before turning round to make another cover on Goldust. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . The charismatic Goldust gets his shoulder up to leave The Miz frustrated, and it really shows as he stands back up and doesn’t concentrate fully as he reaches down to pick Goldust up. He chops him across the chest and then whips him in to the ropes, but as Goldust comes back, he counters a back body drop but dropping to his knees and hitting Miz flush with an uppercut, getting a pop from the crowd.

Goldust then looks to take advantage and quickly plants The Miz with a SWINGING NECKBREAKER. . . . . The Miz could be in trouble as Goldust turns over and makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Morrison jumps up on the apron and distracts the referee, stopping the count in the process and getting the fans on his back. The ref walks over and tells Morrison to get down, but he stays there as Goldust sits up and looks over. JTG then gets up from the announce table and pulls Morrison down. The Shaman of Sexy doesn’t look too impressed and makes it known with the ref trying to make sure nothing happens between them either as Goldust looks to get The Miz back up, but The Miz uses the distraction to his advantage and knocks him down with a discus punch. He then sees the fuss on the outside and walks over to the ropes, shouting at JTG, and that sees Shad rise up from the announce table to walk over and get involved as all four men argue. Goldust slowly picks himself back up in the centre of the ring, and the ref tries to get The Miz focused on the match, but he carries on arguing with Shad then shoving Morrison down to the floor. Miz looks to leave the ring, but the ref blocks him off. He then turns round in anger and walks in to a stomp to the midsection from Goldust, who then pulls him away from the ropes to plant him with THE CURTAIN CALL. . . . . The crowd cheer as Goldust makes the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Goldust by pinfall @ 4.52.

AFTERMATH: “Shattered Dreams” hits to a big pop as Morrison sits up on the outside with Cryme Time laughing at him while Goldust gets his arm raised in the ring. The Colons & Perez look down and they seem to be laughing at The Miz’s defeat.

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{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut Backstage}

Melina is walking out of her locker room with her travel bag in toe as Victoria walks towards her as Melina walks out of the door and in to the hallway.

HEY, what was all that about earlier? . . . I don’t need your help to beat Natalya, or anybody for that matter.

Melina stops and turns to face Victoria.

Melina: I didn’t help you. . . not on purpose anyway. Natalya and I have problems, and you saw her get in my face. . . What was I supposed t’ do? Let her slap me. . . I’ll tell you what though Victoria, even though me and Natalya have our problems, we do both share one problem. . . we both want the Women’s Championship, and we’re both gonna be trying to beat you at Vengeance to take it from you. And if I were you, I’d worry more about that and not what happened out there tonight.

Victoria doesn’t seem to be that thrilled with Melina’s comments as the special guest referee from earlier on steps forward dragging her bag, but she stops straight away and turns back to face Victoria.

Melina: Oh I almost forgot. . . I spoke to Eric Bischoff earlier and he said that next week, you’ll be having another match, just not with Natalya, but with me. . . You take care and I’ll see you next week.

Melina walks on up the hallway with Victoria watching her closely.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #4***

Paul London vs Brian Kendrick

ENDING: London is whipped in to the ropes by his former partner, but as he runs back, he slides through Kendrick’s legs and rushes up to his feet with Kendrick turning round in to a DROPSAULT. . . . . Cheers break out in the crowd, and both men pick themselves back up with London getting to his feet first and lifting Kendrick up off his for an inverted atomic drop. With Kendrick looking uncomfortable on his feet as he lands on them, London follows up immediately to connect with a FRANKENSTEINER. . . . . London holds on to Kendrick’s feet as the ref rushes to his knees to make the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kendrick kicks out and tries to get on to his knees while London gets back up straight away, pulling him up and whipping him in to the corner. He takes a second before running in at him, but Kendrick lifts his boot up in to London’s face, sending him staggering out of the corner holding his face. He then turns back round as Kendrick takes a breather, but he sees London coming back at him, and he kicks him in the gut, then grabs him by the head to use the ropes by his side to plant London with a CYCLONE DDT (Springboard Tornado DDT). . . . . London’s head was driven right in to the canvas, and Kendrick thinks it’s done, signalling the end as he complacently crawls across and makes a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! London gets his shoulder up to the delight of the fans, but Kendrick doesn’t look happy as he sits up in frustration, staring at the referee for a couple of seconds in disbelief that London kicked out. He takes his time in standing back up and then walks in to the corner and climbs up to the top rope while London slowly sits up and rolls on to his knee.

As he manages to get to a vertical base and turn round, Kendrick dives off the top and lands on top of his former tag team partner for a CROSS BODY. . . . . . . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . London lifts him off and sits up while Kendrick pulls himself back on to his knees and stares at his groggy looking opponent. Kendrick seems to be getting angry now as he stands up and drags London up with him, whipping him in to the ropes and connecting with a leg lariat as London bounces back off the ropes. Kendrick then stands up and stomps on London’s chest, then reaches down and pulls him back up again, but as he tries for an irish whip again, London takes him by surprise and reverses it this time. The stunned Kendrick comes back off the ropes and is met with a drop toe hold. London stands back up with a short delay as Kendrick tries to sit up, but London turns back in to the ropes, runs back and hits him with a SIT DOWN DROPKICK TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD. . . . . The crowd liked that, and Kendrick could be toast as London then turns him over and looks to make a cover, hooking both legs as the ref makes a count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kendrick lifts his shoulder up to the slight surprise of London, but he shrugs the disappointment off and returns to his feet with Kendrick struggling to his knees, but London stays patient and waits for his opponent. Unaware of his ex partner urging him up behind him, the unsteady Kendrick stands up and turns round to see London jump in to the air and smash him right in the face with an ENZIGURI. . . . .

The crowd cheer very loudly as Kendrick falls in a heap, off centre of the ring as London scurries over and turns him on to his back and goes for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Kendrick lifts his left foot up on to the bottom rope to the disappointment of both London and the fans inside the Pensacola Civic Center. There a few boos ringing out, but London sees that Kendrick isn’t moving, and he stands up then drags Kendrick in to the corner before climbing all the way up to the summit with the fans cheering him on. He takes a look down before jumping in to the air for a SHOOTING STAR PRESS. . . . . But Kendrick gets his knees up, driving them in to London’s stomach as both men then remain down on the mat for a while. Both men then struggle to their feet with London crawling away from the corner while Kendrick uses the ropes to help him up. London turns round and sees Kendrick charge at him, then lifts his boot up for a SUPER KICK. . . . . Kendrick ducks it and runs through. Both men turn round with Kendrick kicking London in the gut and grabbing his head, setting him up for the SLICED BREAD. . . . . The fans boo as Kendrick runs in to the corner, but London pulls himself free and shoves Kendrick in to the pads. Kendrick manages to put the brakes on before hitting the pads and turns round with London then running in at him and hitting a STINGER SPLASH. . . . . London then unloads with a series of right hands and stomps to the gut. He seems to be getting carried away and uses a closed fist aggressively, worrying the referee who warns him, but London just shoves him away and down to the mat with Kendrick slumping down the pads as the ref calls for the bell, disqualifying London.

WINNER: Brian Kendrick by DQ @ 5.26.

AFTERMATH: Kendrick remains sat up against the pads as London slides on out to grab a steel chair. He then slides back inside with it and walks across to Kendrick, then swings it right at him, but Kendrick manages to dodge it and slip out of the ring with the chair hitting the mat. Kendrick runs halfway up the ramp as London stares at him with the chair in hand and pointing with the other, surprising the hell out of his former tag team partner.

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{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut Backstage}

Brian Kendrick is one angry man as he storms down the hall and in to the General Manager’s Office, but only William Regal is there, and Raw’s Executive Assistant stands up.

William Regal:
And what can I do for you young man?

Brian Kendrick: Did y’not see what happened out there or somethin’? He tried to kill me.

William Regal: Well that’s a bit melodramatic don’t you think?

Brian Kendrick: What? Quit the big words an' tell me what you’re gonna do ‘bout it, ‘cause if he tries that again, it’ll be me who. . .

William Regal: . . . Okay, okay, I get it. . . Look I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. We’ve all seen the differences you two have had lately, so I think the best solution is that you both compete against each other in a match at Vengeance.

Brian Kendrick: Fine by me. . .

?: Excuse me.

Regal & Kendrick turn round to see Eric Bischoff standing by the door.

Eric Bischoff:
Did I just hear that right?

Brian Kendrick: What?

Eric Bischoff: Not you. . . Your match for Vengeance is still on but could you leave me with my assistant for a moment?

Brian Kendrick: Sure, no worries. . . He’s in trouble.

Eric Bischoff: Leave.

Brian Kendrick: Alright I’m goin’.

Kendrick walks out of the room laughing with Bischoff staring a hole right through the worried looking Regal.

Eric Bischoff: What the hell do you think you’re doin’? Did I or did I not tell you not to go round making matches without my permission?

William Regal: You might have said something about title matches. . .

Eric Bischoff: . . . Don’t get smart with me Regal, you know full well what I said.

William Regal: Alright, but I’m only doing what you should do if you didn’t swan off half the time to leave me to do your bloody job for you. I’m sorry if you weren’t here but I made the right decision. I DIDN’T TAKE THIS JOB TO BE YOUR YES MAN. EITHER WE CAN WORK TOGETHER LIKE YOU SUGGESTED WHEN YOU ASKED ME IN THE FIRST PLACE, OR. . .


William Regal: OKAY.

Eric Bischoff: Good, now that’s your first and final warning. If I so much as get an inkling you’re thinkin’ about makin’ another match for Vengeance without runnin’ it by me first, you’re gone you understand?

Regal stands there acting stubborn.

Eric Bischoff: Do you understand?


Eric Bischoff: GOOD. . . You know, I think I need a drink. I’ll be back in a minute. Now don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone like puttin’ me in a match with Todd Grisham.

Bischoff turns round and walks out of the door, but Regal tries to stop himself laughing, but fails.

William Regal: Don’t you worry about me Eric, I’d be more concerned about myself if I were you.

He sits down grinning as the camera zooms in on him.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #5***

King of the Ring Contenders Tag Team Match
Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston w/Kelly Kelly vs Kenny Dykstra & Santino Marella

ENDING: Dykstra struggles to his feet and turns round in to a stiff kick to the gut from Kofi, who then tries for an irish whip. Kenny manages to reverse it and throws Kofi in to the ropes, and as he comes back, he nails Kofi with a perfectly executed standing dropkick. He sits up and looks in to the crowd with a big smirk on his face, looking very pleased with himself as he makes a complacent cover on the Intercontinental Champion. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kingston gets his shoulder up comfortably and attempts to sit up straight away as Kenny picks himself back up to a vertical base and pulls Kofi up, setting him up under his arm. He then lfts him vertically up in to the air for a suplex and falls back, sending Kofi’s back crashing in to the canvas. He then stands up and poses for the crowd, stretching both arms out and looking very smug once again, but he then connects with a leg drop on Kofi. The arrogant young superstar returns to his feet again and decides to walk in to the corner and climb all the way up to the top rope with Kofi still on the mat. Dykstra takes a quick look in to the crowd before leaping off, looking to hit the GUILLOTINE LEG DROP. . . . . As Kenny comes gliding through the air towards the mat, Kofi rolls to the side as Dykstra just crash lands on the mat to the delight of the crowd. Both men then struggle back up, and Kofi ducks a right hand from Kenny and follows up with a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP. . . . . The crowd cheer that one, but Kofi can’t take advantage straight away, allowing Kenny time to recover too. Kofi’s up first though, and he runs back in to the ropes, and as he comes back, he nails Kenny with a HIGH ANGLE REVERSE ELBOW SMASH. . . . . Kofi returns to his feet right away and looks to capitalise by hitting Kenny with a DOUBLE LEG DROP TO THE CHEST. . . . .

The crowd cheer for Kofi, and he looks to take his chance this time and hooks the leg of Dykstra for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kenny gets his shoulder up to stop the count going any further, and as Kofi stands back up, Rey calls out for the tag, wanting to get his hands on Dykstra himself. He gets his wish too as Kofi walks over and makes the tag, sending the crowd wild as Mysterio steps through the ropes and runs at Dykstra gets to his knees, runs through in to the ropes and comes back as Kenny gets up to take him down with a SPRINGBOARD CROSS BODY. . . . . That gets a big pop too as Rey holds on for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Dykstra kicks out with Rey pushing back up to his feet with Kenny not far behind, and Dykstra turns in to TILT-A-WHIRL HEAD SCISSORS THAT SEND HIM ON TO THE MIDDLE ROPE. . . . . The fans go nuts as Rey dials up for the 619. . . . . He then turns back and runs the ropes, but as he runs at Kenny, Dykstra comes to life and stands up, turning round to take Rey down with a thunderous LARIAT. . . . . The disappointment is obvious while both men hit the deck, but Kenny gets up first and walks in to his corner, making the tag to Santino who gets booed as he steps through the ropes. He stops and looks in to the stands with a look of shock on his face that they’re actually booing him. He then gets to work as he walks over to the squirming Rey and kicks him in the head, then urges him to get up, taunting him in the process. He then pulls Rey up to his feet, but Rey fights back and takes the Italian by surprise, hitting him with a right hand and a chop before whipping him in to the ropes.

Santino holds on to the top rope though with Rey running right at him, but in to a raised boot that send shim staggering away. As Mysterio then turns round, Marella runs at him and takes him down with a clothesline. Rey gets up very quickly, but Santino sends him right back down, pulling Rey in to him and planting him with a JAWBREAKER. . . . . Santino gets overexcited and looks to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Rey gets his shoulder up, just, and Santino can’t believe it. He stands up in a strop and has a go at the referee for several seconds before turning round and walking in to the corner. He then climbs all the way up to the top rope and looks in to the crowd before leaping off for a DIVING HEADBUTT. . . . . But Rey moves to the side with Santino driving his own head in to the mat. Kofi tries to get the fans to encourage Rey, and they do just that as both he and Santino slowly pick themselves up with Rey close by to the ropes. Santino throws a wild right at him but Rey drop toe holds him on to the second rope, creating a huge roar as Mysterio once again dials up for the 619. . . . . The crowd are on their feet as Rey turns back to run the ropes, but Dykstra enters the ring and runs at him as Rey hits the ropes, but Rey sees him coming up and holds the top rope down with Kenny going over it to the outside. The fans are going nuts as Rey then runs across the ring and connects with the 619. . . . . . It sends Santino back across the ring, and as he stands back up looking very groggy, Rey steadies himself on the apron before hitting the WEST COAST POP. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNERS: Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston by pinfall @ 7.08.

AFTERMATH: “Booyaka 619” blasts out to a huge pop as Dykstra sits up on the outside and looks on in total frustration. Kofi joins Rey in the ring and they have a little guy hug as Kelly then climbs inside, watching them as they both go to adjacent corners and pose for the crowd to a deafening amount of noise with Dykstra looking disgusted.

{Commercial Break}

“Priceless” hits with the Million Dollar Champion, Ted DiBiase Jr & “The Million Dollar Woman” Maryse walking down to the ring as the fans boo them. DiBiase doesn’t seem to care, and he’s dressed in trousers, shirt and an expensive looking leather jacket with the Million Dollar title draped over his shoulder. DiBiase sits on the middle rope to allow Maryse through, and she walks over to demand a microphone for her man.

Ted DiBiase:
Over the last week I have had to put up with some rather laughable accusations being thrown in my direction. . . It appears that a number of people have decided that I am a coward.


Ted DiBiase: Well I’m here to tell each and every one of those people that they are wrong. . . I AM NOT A COWARD.



*Tons of boos*

Ted DiBiase: Had it not been for my dad telling me to reflect on my actions and to think about the consequences, I would have done just that and spat right in Finlay’s face.


Ted DiBiase: What, you don’t like that? . . . No, I’m sure my dad doesn’t either, but all I’m doing is speaking the truth, something you’ve always told me to do dad. . . Anyway, I did reflect on my actions and watched the tape back to see just what I did t’ Hornswoggle, and it did make me think. It made me think of all the things I could have done but didn’t, but hey, there’s always time right? . . . So for those of you that are expecting or hoping for an apology, I’m sorry t’ disappoint you but you’ve had a wasted journey. I’m just sorry I didn’t. . .

“Lambeg” plays with an irate Finlay storming down the ramp with a microphone.


The music cuts as a smug DiBiase stands in the ring with a worried looking Maryse, waiting for Finlay. The Irishman climbs through the ropes and walks towards them.

Finlay: So you think you’re some kind of tough guy huh for beatin’ up a leprechaun? . . . You know what I say t’ that? . . . I still think you’re a coward.

*Big Pop*

Finlay: You’re out here actin’ like some kind of big man because you beat up someone less than half your size. That makes you a coward in my book kid, and you might not be sorry now, but trust me, you will be Sunday night when I really show you how to beat someone up.


Finlay: You can delude yourself all y’want, but when you get in the ring with me at the King of the Ring, you’ll regret ever layin’ your hands on Hornswoggle, I promise you. . . This isn’t about that title. This is about makin’ you pay for what you did. Takin’ that title from that spoiled ass of yours will just be a bonus.


Finlay: I’m gonna make you sorry for everythin’ you did to Hornswoggle and hurt you just as much as you did to him, and from that look in your eye, you know how much trouble you’re in. Your dad can’t get you out of it this time. There’s no wormin’ your way out of this kid. You might not wanna admit it, but you’re scared, and you should be.

Ted DiBiase: I’m not scared.

Finlay: You are, and you have every right to be. I’m gonna do things to you that you could never imagine. . .

Ted DiBiase: . . . Blah, blah, blah. Give it a rest will ya?


Ted DiBiase: You think I’m scared of a fifty year old man? . . . C’mon, get real. My dad’s best days are nearly twenty years behind him, but he’d still beat you like I’m goin’ to at the King of the Ring.

Finlay: Go on, you think that, but you’re wrong. I’m gonna beat some much needed respect in to you, you arrogant. . .

Maryse grabs the microphone from Ted.

Maryse: . . . Shut your mouth. . . Do you think these people care about what you have to say? . . . No I don’t think so. And do you want to know why? . . . It is because you are not important. You are nothing. My man here is a star, a real man and he’s going to show the world just that when he embarrasses you at the King of the Ring, because he is a champion and you’re. . . well, you’re irrelevant.

Ted looks proud of Maryse as she passes the microphone back to him. He smiles at her while Finlay looks like right on the edge, but DiBiase quickly turns and hits Finlay in the face with the microphone. The fans boo him as he stands back and smiles as Finlay falls to the mat holding his face. DiBiase then takes Maryse by the hand and walks slowly over to the ropes, and once again he holds the rope down for her so she can climb through easily, but as Ted stands up, Finlay returns to his feet. He’s still a little dazed, but he goes after Ted Jr and clubs him across the back to a huge ovation from the crowd. He then hammers away across his back with DiBiase desperately trying to defend himself.

Maryse screams in horror on the outside. The two men hammer away at each other and fall down to the mat as they continue to exchange blows, but about eight security workers charge down the ramp and get in the ring to try and separate them, pulling them off each other. They split up and hold off both men as Finlay tries to escape their grasp and get at DiBiase, but he can’t. They manage to get DiBiase out of the ring with the red faced Finlay still trying to fight away from the security workers while DiBiase is forced back up the ramp with Maryse following. Finlay just stares right at the Million Dollar Champion as he’s shifted out of the arena.

{Cut Backstage}

The Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston is getting changed in his locker room, putting a shirt on when Cody Rhodes bursts in and claps. Kofi doesn’t look impressed at all.

Kofi Kingston: What da hell d’you want mahn?

Cody Rhodes: There’s no need to get aggressive Kofi, we’ve got Vengeance for that. I just thought I’d stop by and congratulate you on getting to the King of the Ring and that incredible performance out there tonight.

Kofi isn’t sure what to make of him as Cody then walks right up to him.

Cody Rhodes: But I wouldn’t get carried away if I were you. You might have a stupid crown as well that tramp Kelly to play with after the King of the Ring, but I guarantee you one thing Kofi, you won’t have the Intercontinental title for much longer. . . I hope you do get yourself caught up in the moment at the King of the Ring, and I really hope you win it, because the moment you take your eye off the ball and our steel cage match at Vengeance, I’ll have no problem raining all over your parade and taking the Intercontinental title from ya. . . Good luck Sunday buddy.

Kofi does everything he can to stay calm as Cody smirks back at him and then backs away, turns round and leaves the room. Kofi is enraged, and he turns to see a half full bottle of water. He picks it up and throws it at the wall with the camera then fading out.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

Clips of classic King of the Ring moments are shown, such as Bret Hart winning the first tournament in 1993, followed by Owen Hart in ’94 and being crowned. It then shows Stonecold Steve Austin’s famous 3:16 quote from 1996, Triple H winning a year later and Kurt Angle’s victory in 2000, and ending with Edge’s in 2001.

Voiceover: For years, there have been only memories. . . For years, we have seen superstars grow in front of our eyes. . . Many of these moments stem from one glorious night. . . The King of the Ring. . . However, once again, this special night will create memories, champions and hall of famers. . . The King of the Ring returns to the WWE calendar this Sunday, live from The Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calfiornia.

JR: Well folks, this Sunday night sees the return of the King of the Ring, and I for one can’t tell y’how excited I am. . .

JR: . . . However, it’s not all about the King of the Ring tournament itself as CM Punk is gonna find out when he defends the World Heavyweight Championship against MVP, the man he beat at Judgment Day to win the Money in the Bank contract that he would cash in later on in the same night t’ win the world title from Shawn Michaels.

The King: We’ve seen how angry that’s made MVP the last couple of weeks JR, and I just wonder how much angrier he’s gonna be this Sunday when he goes one on one with the title up for grabs.

JR: We’ve got some great Raw action too for you folks with Finlay takin’ on Ted DiBiase Junior for the Million Dollar Championship.

The King: I’ll tell y’what JR, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody get under the skin of Finlay quite like DiBiase has recently. I fear for DiBiase and his Million Dollar title, I really do.

JR: We’re gonna crown a King this weekend, there’s no doubt about that, but are we gonna crown a new WWE Champion in Jeff Hardy?

The King: No way JR. I have to admit, Jeff’s been incredible since coming back to Monday Night Raw, but he’s not facin’ Rey Mysterio or Mister Kennedy this time. . . he’s goin’ straight t’ hell t’ face The Big Red Machine Kane. . . I just don’t see how Jeff can overcome the monster that is Kane. Sorry JR.

JR: Well we’re gonna find out soon enough King in what should be an incredible night at The Staples Center this Sunday night in L.A.

{Cut to Ringside}

“No More Words” hits to a massive pop inside the arena as Jeff Hardy walks out to the stage.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH.

*Big Pop*

Lilian Garcia: Introducing first, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds. . . JEFFF HAR-DYYYYY!

*Huge Pop*

Jeff walks to either side of the stage and then sets his pyro off before walking down to the ring with a focused yet confident look on his face as he slides inside, racing in to the corner and climbing up to the second rope, posing for the electric crowd.

“Voices” hits with boos ringing out as Randy Orton calmly walks out to the stage and down the ramp, not looking all that happy to be competing.

Lilian Garcia: And his opponent, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds. . . RANDY OR-TON!

*Tons of Heat*

Orton steps through the ropes and focuses right on Jeff, not taking his eyes off of him as Jeff loosens up for the match ahead.

***The Main Event***

No Holds Barred
Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton

ENDING: Jeff picks himself back up with Orton slowly getting back up too, and Jeff stumbles over towards him and throws a right at him as Orton gets to his feet. Jeff then grabs his wrist and tries for an irish whip, but Orton comes to life and reverses it, but as Jeff runs back, Orton is met with a SPINNING WHEEL KICK. . . . . The crowd cheer, and as they both get back up, Jeff runs past Orton and in to the corner to springboard and hit the WHISPER IN THE WIND. . . . . That’s met with a massive roar as both men return their feet again with Jeff in the box seat, welcoming the dazed Orton in to his grasp and a SIT OUT JAWBREAKER. . . . . Orton doesn’t fall down but staggers and spins round as Jeff then returns to his feet to plant him with the TWIST OF FATE. . . . . The crowd are going nuts for Jeff as he turns over as quick as he can to turn the deadly still Orton on to his back and hook the leg for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Orton somehow gets his shoulder up at the very last second. Jeff and the fans can’t believe it, and Jeff sits up in shock, staring in to the crowd for a good five seconds before standing back up. With Orton still not moving, Jeff decides to go high risk and walks towards the apron, stepping through the ropes as Orton now comes to life, rolling on to one knee as Jeff climbs his way up to the top rope with the fans cheering him on. As he gets there though, Orton is up on both his knees and crawls across to the ropes, nudging them slightly and resulting in Jeff dropping in to a sitting position on the top rope.

Boos ring out as the still dazed Orton slowly stands up, using the ropes as support as he then walks across to Jeff and grabs him by the head, placing it under his arm and dragging him down the pads so that only his feet are resting on the ropes. The fans know what’s coming as Orton falls back and plants him with a ROPE HUNG SPIKE DDT. . . . . Jeff looks out of it as Orton then looks sadistically in to the crowd before turning Jeff over and hooking his near leg. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Jeff gets his foot on the bottom rope to the relief and delight of the crowd, but Orton isn’t pleased at all. He stares down in amazement, but it’s clear he wants to hurt Jeff as he slowly stands back up and slips out of the ring under the bottom rope to grab a steel chair. He then slides back in as Jeff starts to sit up, and Orton has malicious intent in mind as he locks his eyes on Jeff, not taking them off of him as he tries to stand up with the aid of the ropes. As he steadies himself and then turns round, Orton runs at him with the chair, but Jeff ducks with the chair falling to the floor. Orton and Jeff then turn to face each other, and Jeff nails him with a LEG FEED SPINNING MULE KICK. . . . . Both men fall to the mat, and Orton rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope. As Orton slowly makes his way back up with the ramp not so far behind him, Jeff runs in to the corner and jumps up to the top rope to springboard and take Orton down with a REVERSE CROSS BODY. . . . . The fans cheer Jeff once again as both men hit the floor, and as Orton comes round, he decides to crawl up the ramp with Jeff standing up and slowly following him, allowing Orton to get halfway up before stomping him across the back.

Randy then tries to drag himself forward, but Jeff follows him and stomps him all the way to the top of the stage, and then pulls him up to his feet. He then drives his knee in to Orton’s gut, sending The Legend Killer down to his knees, and Jeff follows up with a stiff kick to the face. He then walks to the back for no reason, but he soon walks back out with a steel chair, and the fans cheer once again as Jeff looks to scramble Orton’s brains across the chair. Jeff gets ready as Orton stands up, and as he gets to his feet, JEFF SMASHES HIM ACROSS THE SKULL WITH THE CHAIR. . . . . Huge cheers echo round the arena once more as Jeff drops the chair and looks to the back again, and then makes his way through the curtain, but this time he comes back holding a ladder. It’s deafening inside the Pensacola Civic Center as Jeff walks out with the ladder with Orton slowly sitting back up, busted open by the chair shot. Jeff holds the ladder across his chest as he waits for Orton to get up, and as Orton eventually makes it to his feet, Jeff looks to hit him in the head with the ladder. But Orton ducks the shot, and as Jeff turns round, Orton kicks the ladder back in to Jeff’s chest, sending Jeff down with the ladder on top of him. The Legend Killer immediately reaches down and pulls the ladder off of Jeff, then takes a short breather, trying to recover as best as he can. With Jeff finding it difficult to stand, Orton stands there with a big smirk on his face while staring in to the crowd.

Jeff tries to climb up Randy’s legs to help himself up, but Orton doesn’t mind and gestures for him to get up with his right hand, seemingly getting ready to finish him off. As Jeff manages to stand up, Orton turns and jumps up, looking to hit the RKO, BUT JEFF PUSHES HIM FORWARD AND HE LANDS BACK FIRST ON THE STEEL. . . . . Chants of “Holy Shit” echo around the arena as Orton rolls around screaming in agony while Jeff kneels down to get his breath back. The referee goes to check on Orton, but Jeff stands up by ladder and sets it up by the edge of the stage to a massive pop. However, just as he starts to climb it, Kane walks out and pulls him down off the second rung. He hammers him with an uppercut thrust and then grabs him by the head to drive him in to the set, head first. Jeff’s head just bounces off as he then slumps down it, but Kane isn’t done at all as Paul Bearer watches on with a big smile on his face while Jeff then crawls towards the end of the stage. The Big Red Machine then drags Jeff up by his throat and keeps the grip locked in as he prepares to CHOKESLAM JEFF OFF THE STAGE. . . . . But Jeff fights back and swipes his right foot in to Kane’s groin, sending the WWE Champion to his knees. Jeff then crawls away from the edge of the stage as EMT’s come on check on Orton and help him to the back, but Jeff sees the ladder and turns back to see Kane standing back up at the side of the stage.

Bearer starts to panic as Jeff stands up and picks the ladder up, then turns round to walk over to Kane. As Kane turns round, JEFF HITS HIM ACROSS THE SKULL WITH THE LADDER, SENDING KANE OFF THE STAGE AND THROUGH SEVERAL EMPTY BOXES TO A HUGE POP FROM THE SELL OUT CROWD. . . . . Kane lies there completely helpless as Bearer looks on in shock. Jeff then lets go of the ladder, dropping it on the stage as the referee then rushes down the steps at the side of the stage to check on Kane, who isn’t moving at all as Jeff looks at the set. He then looks at some of the scaffolding that supports the stage and walks on over, climbing it with the crowd willing him on as he gets higher and higher up the set. The referee panics and pleads for him not to jump, waving his arms about drastically as Jeff stops and turns to the face the crowd again, looking down at Kane lying there completely out of it. The Charismatic Enigma then does his signature taunt and leaps off, HITTING KANE WITH A SWANTON BOMB THROUGH ALL THE WRECKAGE. . . . . More “Holy Shit” chants echo around the arena as the ref urgently calls for help from the back with both Jeff and Kane in desperate need of medical attention. Stretchers are brought out from the curtain area at the side of the arena while Bearer wanders across to take a look at the carnage, and he stares down in horror to see both men being tended to as the show comes to a close.

RESULT: No Contest @ 13.40.

{End of Show}

Kane df. Mr. Kennedy
df. Natalya Neidhart
df. The Miz
Brian Kendrick
df. Paul London
Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston
df. Kenny Dykstra & Santino Marella
Jeff Hardy
No Contest. Randy Orton


WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy vs Kane (c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) vs CM Punk (c)

Million Dollar Championship
Finlay vs Ted DiBiase Jr (c)

The King of the Ring Tournament
From Raw: Kenny Dykstra, Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston & Rey Mysterio
From Smackdown: Elijah Burke, Chavo Guerrero, Matt Sydal, Shelton Benjamin

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

FlyinStyles Raw Review

Opening Promo was really good with Orton, I kind of expect it to be Jeff but oh well, Orton vs. Kennendy at Vengance should be great but I think you could've put it on King of the Ring, I think you could add one more match, but that's just me.

Two bigs matches announced for this card, both should be great, I'm kind of expecting Kane to mess up the No Holds Barred match, that's probably why it's No Hold Barred.

Kane vs. Kennendy really good match, I kind of knew Kane would win, there would be no point in putting Kennedy the champ considering he just lost the top contenders match, lol. A nice wins by for the WWE Championship.

I was about to say how pointless I thought the Regal segment was because I knew he wouldn't listen to Bischoff, than JBL calls, I see a Regal-Coperation deal on the horizon, where that is going, I don't know but it will defanately be great.

Kind of saw Melina screwing Natalya out the win coming and Victoria not liking it. Good women's match, Victoria picks up the win because of Melina, nice way not to make Natalya look bad.

Standerd Jeff Hardy promo, I was expecting him to say he wanted to prove he deserved by beating Orton, than does a standerd I don't care how big Kane is type think. I hope he wins the WWE Championship at King of the Ring.

Triple H-Batista segment, it was a great segment for the way it was done, I don't like it when you acutally put people's families on TV (or people who are suppose to be their families) but for having Batista's daughter in there it was really great. Shows a little tension in Evolutuion.

The tag team segment was kind of there, Cryme Time made it decent but it wasn't great. The Colons and Cryme Time distract the Miz and Morrison allowing Goldust to get the win in an ok match too much inference for it to be really good and plus Goldust was in it, lol I'm not a fan of Goldust at all lol

Melina and Vicortia short little promo, it was pretty good got the point across to the announce the match next week.

Kendrick vs. London very good match, I liked the DQ ending, though I'd rather have seen Kendrick get DQ'd, I'd rather London as a face in this fued than Kendrick, but it still works, very good match, nice ending. The match at Vengance should be very, very good. It has the pontential to be the undercard match that steals the show.

Regal-Bischoff segment, nice another way to show Regal going behind his back and doing stuff, I'm sure Coperation will be back soon and do something bad to Bischoff.

The tag match was really good, I like Rey and Kofi getting the win, my two favorite guys in KOTR, I'm not a fan of Santino in the ring, his mic skills are great, but his in the Ring stuff is shit and I'm not a fan of Dykstra but people like so ok. Right team gets the win though.

Great segment with DiBiase and Finlay, Maryse is nice a touch to DiBiase, I like great segment, the brawl at the end was good I was kind of expecting it but it was still good.

The Main event, very good match I hope after Jeff wins the title at KOTR than uses his return match at Vengence that Jeff and Orton have a fued that would outstanding. Kane comes out and they do some extreme spots which was cool. The ending with both men being carried out was pretty good, I can't wait for King of the Ring that match should be epic, along with Punk and MVP. Can't wait.

Overall: I give the show a 8.5/10

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