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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Raw Review

Well it was good for Cody Rhodes to open the show, gives him and the IC title feud a lot of attention. In BTB you don't have to worry about things like ratings and whether or not he could keep hold of an audience which might be a problem IRL, but I think you've made him an interesting enough character anyway. Your promos are top quality although they could go a little longer, mainly before another guy comes out, as happened here. You don't seem to mess about and you get straight to the point, I don't know if I like it, as on one hand you get straight to the point and include all the important things, but if effects things like length and also the time they have as the centre of attention. Anyway the promo was very good, I liked how well you showed his anger and he almost convinced me that his loss last week didn't matter which is great, and the capitals is so simple but adds so much intensity. You keep writing great promos for Cody but I don't know if he could pull it off as well IRL, but again that's another issue you don't have to worry about. I like the Steel Cage match, would've preferred if they hadn't fought last week though as it's something we've already seen, and you know that I'm not keen on giving away PPV matches on big feud on TV's. But it's a different and exciting stip and the result last week set it up well which I get too. Although it's early in Kofi's reign I'd quite like Cody Rhodes to win the title, and I'm thinking you possibly had the match last week so that Kingston had another successful title defence before the PPV. If he ended up winning it would also be useful for continuing it after Vengeance, but the Cage seems like a fitting end. This feud is the best on Raw at the moment and there's so much to comment on with this.

Liked the little promo with Santino before his match, the comments about Melina were funny. So Marrella back on the market LOL, is this an actual storyline you're going to be doing or just a comment to end his relationship with Melina? It'd make for some funny promos if he actually interviewed potential girlfriends and that kind of stuff. The match was decent enough although I don't like Santino in the ring, and if you want to make him a credible wrestler I think you should give him a finisher instead of just rollups. If this is the start of a push I hope he doesn't win the KOTR, but I don't think you'd do that despite the comedy it would bring, as you seem like a fan of the PPV and he isn't good enough in the ring to win it.

Nice little segment here. I liked how you created this kind of "will he, won't he" thing with Randy Orton, as despite you saying he's away family problems, you've fooled us with that before. Kennedy came off a little naive saying that Orton is a man of his word and all that, but for storyline purposes it would would work well for Orton to end up turning up and screwing Kennedy over. Kane coming in was great, as to me Jeff Hardy is the favourite, but you're covering all possibilities by having Kane confront Kennedy and Hardy which keeps us guessing as to who he'll be facing. I was watching a DVD the other day with Kane and Bearer of years back, and I was thinking how hard it must be to recreate the type of reputation and character he had back then, but you're doing a good job of it with Bearer delivering some top promos. Loved the "what the hell" line as well BTW, set up what Bearer said so well.

I haven't commented on the return of Superstars yet. You must have a big workload now with three shows and FCW as well, but I've seen what you've said and I'm sure you'll be able to handle it. It should be good to see what you have in mind for it, there should be some good matches and should give you opportunities to progress some feuds further.

I liked the next little segment, Doane's arrogance came off well and he had some strong words about the KOTR, it would be great if he managed to win it and it makes sense to have an up-and-comer win it. Rey stood up for himself well too and you showed the dislike they have for each other well, loved the last line, or word, too.

Seemed like an exciting little match here, although I'm surprised you kept Cody Rhodes away from it totally despite all the anger he has towards Kofi. The right man won and although I haven't particularly enjoyed London and Kendrick jobbing the past weeks, the fact that they are starting a feud somehow makes us forget about it. The clapping and grin was a little odd, a little too heelish for my liking with Kendrick presumably going to be the heel, but I see what you're doing by showing they both now dislike each other.

This seemed like a decent match too and the finish was very nicely done, I've seen that finish a few times before and although it's a little cheesy, it works well to get them both in on the PPV, which they both deserve I think. The Triple Threat should be good, three divas who can wrestle well, I'm just wondering if you're going to take the title off Victoria now.

I'm shocked that the tension between Regal and Bischoff boiled over this early, but I like it. It has been building for a while and although they've fallen out, I expect it'll still be a while before they properly clash over the power of Raw. I'm not sure about him putting Regal in a match though, isn't that taking it a little far? He's almost changed to a heel in an instant, I guess the point that you're trying to get over is that Bischoff really doesn't like to share power. Still it should be interesting to see what happens. I didn't really like the part with Finlay though, as although it was a success in showing how angry he is about DiBiase, I just don't think he'd talk to an angry Finlay like that and not get a shillelagh shot to the face LOL. I know you mentioned how instead of lashing out he slammed the door, but Finlay doesn't strike me as one to take that when he’s angry. Good segment on the whole though, and this sort of drama creates a lot of interest.

I'm surprised it's taken this long before we got a promo on the Corporation/McMahon's feud, which is really your headline feud on Raw, but it's had so much attention in recent months that it doesn't matter. I'm liking the Corporation's little period without the McMahon's so far, they seem a lot less cowardly and more dangerous. The little digs on Evolution made me laugh, big nose especially! Should be interesting to see what Batista - or the big dumb animal as JBL called him - has to say later.

Well the next match played out well with Regal just walking away, I like it as it means that Bischoff's plan to get him in a match failed, which will only heat things up further. I liked Ted DiBiase coming out as well which was a nice surprise, and I also liked the fact that you had Finlay say he'd normally beat him up to send a message to his son, but isn't on this occasion, as I was ready to question why Finlay didn't beat him up instead. This storyline you've got going is interesting but I can't work out what it's all about, you seem to be focussing on the fact that he's incredibly arrogant and over-confident so maybe you'll have his Dad change him to a face, but he hasn't been here long enough for that IMO so I hope you don't. As you know one of your strengths is the focus you give to your midcard, and I'm surprised by the intensity in this feud so far, thought it was just a short and unimportant rivalry to put DiBiase over some more.

Funny seeing Morrison and Miz talking to anyone who will listen. I quite liked this as it did a good job of putting some attention on the tag division and the situation you've got going on now. I'd like to see Cryme Tyme get a shot at the tag titles, I like them. The Colon's could've just taken Miz and Morrison right there if they plan on getting them too, so I don't know why they didn't. It seems like you want The Colons to get a title shot but you have Cryme Tyme included too to avoid two heel teams against each other, so I can see a three-way.

Cody and Mysterio put on a good match, but I question the decision to have Rhodes lose clean during his big push, as although he's not the Champ he is getting a push, and especially after losing last week as well. Along with PPV matches on TV's and wrestlers appearing on other brands all the time, one of the things I don't like is wrestlers losing clean while they're being pushed, as they look so much stronger when they've got a great record. Everyone who is supposed to look strong seem to get pinned IRL now though, and I know Rey is a main eventer so it doesn't hurt Cody that much, but this is where a DQ or coutnout would've been useful. Maybe you chose not to due to the result of the last match.

The little video showing Batista entering was very good, very realistic and something which would work to keep hold of the audience after the break. It's an interesting decision to have The Corporation banned for two weeks, I don't know why you've done it really. Maybe with the King of the Ring coming up you want to focus more on that, and this has been running for so long that a break won't hurt it. I'm looking forward to Triple H's reaction to Batista not being there, and whether he'll accept Batista's excuse. The promo was good, liked what Batista said and JBL was great as usual as well.

Interesting segment, looks like Regal is going heel and siding with the Corporation. I thought that after earlier on Bischoff looked more like the heel. I guess they're planning a way to get Bischoff out of power and get Regal control of Raw. Looking forward to this, very interesting.

Main event was great and you handled it perfectly. As I've said for weeks a Hardy/Kane match appeals to me a lot more than Kennedy/Kane, so it should be a great match. Having Orton get involved and cost Kennedy the match was a smart move as well, meaning Kennedy has a reason for his loss and also leaves him wanting revenge. Leaving it until the final of the tourney for Orton to cost him was great too, as you had Kennedy wrongly believe that Orton was a man of his word after he didn't get involved last week. The aftermath wasn't entirely needed, as Jeff Hardy has just won the tournament that you've been running for weeks and he didn't have chance to have his time and look strong after winning it. I can see why you did it though as you gave us a taste of what's in store between them, and Kane looks dominant which is good for him.

Overall it was a very good as show as usual, as I say every week. The things I didn't like are mostly minor things that I am focussing on, and on the whole you booked it very well. I liked the Regal/Bischoff thing progressing and you've created an interesting situation by bringing The Corporation into the equation. The King of the Ring is also shaping up well and now the QTBC thing has ended I expect a lot more focus on it, and although I would've prefered Cody Rhodes to qualify instead of Santino Marrella, I understand the decision. Hopefully now with the challengers set we'll see a lot more of people like Kane and Victoria, whose reigns haven't quite lived up to expectations yet. Good job.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW Feedback

Something of a short promo here, but huge results coming from it. I liked that Bischoff had a legit excuse for not helping Kofi out last week, as he had to deal with Evolution (perhaps a sign that things are getting a little out of hand for him?), and Cody, he wasn't the best he's been lately, but this was still very good, and made me want to see him get his ass kicked again. The biggest thing I didn't like was that Cody said he didn't care about being the King of the Ring. Being the IC Champ's great and all, but being the King sounds just a little bigger to me. Anywho, the Last Chance Steel Cage Match for the IC Title sounds awesome, you'll be able to do a lot with Kofi and his crazy high-flying inside. Great opening to the show, if not a little short, and I'm glad we got some light shed on those KOTR qualifyers, and a huge match already set up for Vengeance. Good job.

Santino's pre-match promo was good but not as funny as it could've been. The match was pretty high-paced stuff with Jimmy doing his thing, but I didn't expect him to win. I liked the ending, as it was flukey enough for Santino, but legit enough to consider it a big win for him. I don't see him going very far in the tournament, but he should provide for a quick match for someone.

Good exchange between Bischoff and Kennedy, Bischoff just seems more and more like a face, something I'm buying, and feeling odd about buying it. Regardless, this really showed that Kennedy's got a level head going into his big match, should be an great one. The real awesome part of this promo, though, was Bearer. He was just great, especially two lines in particular, the one about winning tonight being the same as drawing the short straw, which in turns basically means the same thing as the other line, about how the title match at KOTR isn't a reward. Great job here, looking forward to the main event.

I've never liked Kenny, so this jackass character he has is perfect for him. Rey made a lot of good points, and I do hope he gets his shot at shutting Kenny up, it'd be a great moment if he gets crushed.

Good match here between Kofi and Kendrick, very good. Kendrick had a great showing against the IC Champ to help boost his credibility, something he'll need for his feud with London. London himself appearing should've been a nice touch to help sell the feud, but I didn't feel like it worked as well. Maybe it was the way it was written, but it seemed like it stole Kofi's thunder a bit. Still, good to see him in the KOTR tournament. He's a fairly big name that can go far, but I don't see him winning. Nevertheless, good stuff.

Lackluster match to be honest. It wasn't as competitive as I felt it should've been, with it being 80% Natalya, 20% Melina. I did like Natalya keeping in the Sharpshooter even with Melina at the ropes, pretty devastating stuff. I didn't like the finish, either. I'm not picturing the double ref count working very well with a German suplex, an inside cradle might've worked better in that scenario. Either way, things came out like I expected, with both winning and making the match for the Women's Title a Triple Threat. Good commantary from Victroria at the end, though, shows she's confident. All in all, though, didn't really like this.

Damn, Bischoff completely told both Finlay and Regal! I'm liking this guy more and more, especially after he ran down Finlay and Hornswoggle, awesome stuff. I also liked that he got super-pissed at Regal, and showed him who's truly the man in charge by putting him in the match. It's not going to do him any favors by Regal, though, who hasn't liked being under his thumb at all, and must be super-pissed himself with what he's making him do. Great stuff here.

I want to call this segment with The Corporation filler, because it came off that way, but it's not. It was to set up Batista's apology (I'm sure he won't be apologizing for anything, though), and remind us of what Evolution did to the McMahons, and JBL and co. did to them as retribution. Still felt like filler, though.

Ah, Regal walking out is sure to not be a move Bischoff'll be pleased with. But anyway, I liked DiBiase's promo, greatly worded. What I didn't like, though, was that it sort of sounds like DiBiase's babying his kid. I understand that he's a dad looking out for his son, but I don't know if I like the idea of the father getting in his business, whether he wants to or not. Reminds of the old saying, "Hiding behind mommy's skirt." Regardless, it was a great promo, and gave the Million Dollar Title some good hype for KOTR, something that it's needed.

Morrison was again awesome here, you write him very well, shame you're not much of a fan of his. Candice was also good at snuffing out the jackasses, and Cryme Tyme got a good shot at the champs. The Colons and Perez beating them down and them telling Miz and Morrison they're next was good stuff, too, heating things up for the Tag division. Still, I feel this needs a turning-point moment that'll really pull you in. Hope we get it soon.

Great match here. Both men looked great here, especially Cody, who lost the match mostly through his own fault. With that said, I'd find it a little odd that he'd be willing to get himself DQ'ed during the match, but I guess it's like he said earlier, he doesn't care about KOTR. Still, he looked like a legit contender in the match, while Rey was also great, as the man called the underdog but more often than not usually has things going his way. Great stuff here, Rey in the KOTR tournament just got a lot better, and I see him as someone that can take the crown.

Batista's in the building, and he means business after how he told off The Colons. Looking forward to what he has to say.

Batista felt awfully sincere in his apology to the men he let down last week, which is pointing in one direction. If this goes in that direction, we'll have to stay tuned to find out. But anyway, Big Dave was very good here, making it clear that he's not making an excuse, and it sounds like a legitimate reason for him to have been gone. JBL was even better here, with him putting all the blame for what happened last week on Dave, and he had a good point as well. However, it's an opinion based on half-fact, but it seems to be having the desired effect on Batista. Bischoff coming out to lay down the law was also great, although I'm not sure things'll be with JBL and co. being suspended for two weeks. Maybe Vince and Shane make a comeback? Or will they appear anyway? Lots of ways this can go, definitely looking forward to it.

I hate to sound like Michael Cole, but damn that snake Regal. Aligning himself with The Corporation, they just became a lot more powerful. Wonder what kind of favors he'll make for them, like override a suspension?

Awesome match to end the show. I've always found that Jeff and Kennedy have good chemistry, and you made it work very well here. The aftermath to the match was just as great, though. Orton was a little expected, after all signs said he wasn't around (they always are, though) and Kane coming out to "congratulte" Jeff, per se, was a good way to give the feud a little more fire with a lot of time left until the show. I've never been a very big fan of tweener characters, and it seems as if that's the case with Kane, but it seems like he might be going full-fledged heel, especially with him usually going up against faces for the previous weeks (Cryme Tyme, Evolution, etc.). Anyway, great stuff to end the show, looking forward to more.

This wasn't your best show, but coming off a huge SD!, I understand if you were a little drained. Still, it was an entertaining show, with some good build for KOTR, and already starting some matches for Vengeance. It delivered in more Kofi/Cody/Kelly goodness and I'm definitely looking forward to the Steel Cage Match between them, but I also feel that the Women's Title Triple Threat's going to need some help. The thing that I probably enjoyed the most about this one, though, was the Bischoff/Regal dissension. Bischoff's working well as a face, something I'd never expect, and with Regal joining The Corp, it's looking to make some great segments here. Not your best work, but still good stuff. 7.5/10.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Preview - Friday 6th June 2008
Live From the US Airways Center
Phoenix, Arizona

CM Punk made his first Smackdown appearance as the World Heavyweight Champion last week, and it was much more of a difficult night than he could have possibly imagined as he was confronted by the man he took the title from five nights earlier. “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels made it clear just how he felt about Punk’s decision to cash in the Money in the Bank at Judgment Day, and he wasn’t in the mood to wait around for his rematch. Despite being beat up from his Judgment Day match with The Undertaker, he fought on but fell short with a cheap low blow adding to his misery as Punk pulled out all the stops to retain his newly won title. However, The Straight Edge Superstar wasn’t done there and tried to add insult to injury before MVP, the man he won the Money in the Bank contract from at Judgment Day played the role of the unlikely hero, saving Michaels from any further punishment at the hands of the new World Champion.

We’ve been advised that there will be an update on Shawn’s condition, but what lies in store for the Punk this week on Smackdown?

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of Chris Jericho since his draft to Smackdown, but he took everyone by surprise last Friday night as he marked his debut on the blue brand. Instead of entertaining the fans as we’ve come to expect, he directed his return speech at the Judgment Day title match between Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker, but more importantly at his disappointment in The Undertaker. He criticised the phenom and his hunger to compete, bringing the dead man out in to a face to face confrontation. Jericho showed no fear and continued to question The Undertaker’s desire, and with the phenom’s failure to respond verbally or physically, it begs the question of whether Jericho hit a nerve.

Is Jericho right? Has The Undertaker lost his drive to compete? Maybe we’ll find out more this Friday night in Phoenix.

Christian & Edge exchanged harsh words at Judgment Day when Captain Charisma shocked us all with his return to the WWE, but the brothers continued where they left off five days earlier last week on Smackdown. It became abundantly clear that Christian is far from impressed with how Edge has behaved in his absence from the company and that Edge remains confident that his brother will never amount to anything. The younger brother (Christian) tried to put that to the test by challenging his big brother to a match, but Edge told him and the watching world that he is still not cleared to compete due to the back injury that has kept him out of action since April.

Whether it’s true or not, Christian will be getting his hands dirty this week on Smackdown when he competes in his first match since his return. Will he prove Edge wrong? Tune in to find out.

Shelton Benjamin was positively glowing after overcoming the odds to retain his United States Championship following the scramble match at Judgment Day when he went along to see Tazz last week to brag about his success. It came as no real surprise that the General Manager was less than impressed by Benjamin and his big mouth, and he put The Gold Standard in a match with Matt Sydal later on that night. To the surprise of many, Sydal followed up his impressive victory over Johnny Jeter at Judgment Day with a huge win over the United States Champion in a non title match.

Benjamin couldn’t hide his shock at the outcome, but will he be able to get over it quickly?

There was no sympathy for The Masters of the Mat after they tasted defeat at Judgment Day in their tag team title match against The UK Pack when the broken wrist of Burchill came back to haunt them and cost them the gold. Last week, the angry duo of Chris Masters & Charlie Haas went right to Tazz and demanded action, but despite having no sympathy, the Smackdown GM did feel they had a case for a rematch, but he made sure they weren’t rewarded with a title match since it was their fault they were responsible for Burchill wearing the case in the first place. He put them in a no disqualification match and would allow them a rematch for the titles if they could defeat the champions, and they did just that following a chair shot to Burchill’s broken wrist.

Now they’ve got their foot back in the door, how will the number one contenders respond this week? And how will Burchill and Harry Smith feel about having to face them again?

Ron Killings is out for the ultimate revenge this Friday night when he goes one on one with his bitter rival, Chavo Guerrero, the man who has tried to get him fired, brutally attacked both verbally and physically. Last week when it was announced that they would meet this week for a place in the King of the Ring tournament, Chavo told Josh Matthews that he was going to make sure ‘the convict’ wasn’t going to be rewarded with the opportunity to be a King.

This week will see him try and prevent Killings from that opportunity, and it also presents Killings with the opportunity to unload on the man who’s made his life hell recently. Just one question remains; who will come out on top?

There was some uneasy tension last week between Beth Phoenix and the impressive recent addition to Smackdown’s roster, Mia Rain. Later on in the evening, Rain defeated Maria in singles action when Mickie James & Michelle McCool looked to be trying to settle the score with the intimidating diva until The Glamazon came to the rescue and helped Rain fight them off.

Rain looked just as confused as the rest of us, but why did Beth help her out? Tune in this week to see if we get ourselves an answer.

It wasn’t just Chris Jericho & Christian that made their Smackdown debuts last week, Jack Swagger made his first ever WWE appearance and made short work of a WWE legend in “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan in the process. The youngster looked to have a lot about him, and word has it that he will back again this week to show the world the talent he possesses.

Will he be able to follow up on his dominant performance form last week? Make sure you watch Smackdown this Friday live from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona to find out more about this highly talented young superstar.


King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Ron Killings vs Chavo Guerrero

2 more King of the Ring Qualifying Matches

Christian makes his Smackdown debut

Jack Swagger in action

An update on the condition of “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Wow preview is looking great.

Can't wait someone is finaly doing an undertaker jericho feud.

Wow another great feud, Edge vs Christian most likely coming up , its going to be really sick considering their both pretyy big.

Marking Swagger to win on smackdown.

Not really a fan of Punk being the WHC but Shawn michaels possibly if he is healthy enough vs punk should be a really nice match for the next ppv.

I'll try to review on friday if i can becuase i have to get alot of things ready for my wrestlemania.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hosting the show in my hometown? Better be good.

From the looks of it, a Punk/MVP feud seems to be in the cards. These two have had golden moments together, so it should be a fantastic feud. I don't know if Shawn's completely out of the picture just yet, and might play a part in helping MVP. Looks great.

The Jericho/'Taker feud also looks to be very good, got off to an awesome start last week. Looking forward to seeing what the next step'll be this week.

Christian's first match back in the WWE is full of awesomeness. Hopefully it's against an opponent that'll be able to make it a good back-and-forth encounter, and I'm looking forward to seeing what role Tomko'll play. He's a wild card at this point, as he could not help and just watch out for Edge, or help to make Christian a heelish face. Should be good.

Sydal getting into the US Title picture is a great move, and it'll be fun to see what sort of excuse Shelton'll make regarding his loss. Should be a great feud with plenty of awesome matches.

The feud over the Tag Titles has been picking up steam very nicely, and this edition of SD! should be no different. Hoping to hear from both sides.

Killings/Chavo has had great build-up to it, and with a spot in the KOTR on the line, it makes this match all that more important. I hope the feud doesn't end here, though, it still has enough for a few more miles.

Diva interaction is always a joy for me, and I'm definitely looking forward to what goes down this week. Mia's been very impressive, Beth and Mickie are both awesome, it looks awesome.

Swagger didn't have the most competent opponent last week, so I hope he gets more of a challenge this week. Seems like you've got plans for this guy, and it should be interesting to see them unfold.

Show looks pretty stacked, Nige, should be awesome. I'll be looking out for it.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Same here about my hometown hosting SmackDown!

The whole Punk/HBK/MVP angle has a lot of promise, and I'd love to see MVP get the strap.

The #1 brand in sports-entertainment...
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Looks great, you have an interesting card this week.
I am not too familiar with this thread but this week can have some explosive confrontations.

Ron Killings and Chavo - Please have Chavo win.
(I noticed you didn't call him R - Truth, is it you have taken the What's up gimmick from him?)
Christian and Swagger to go over respectively, unless they face each other in that case Christian would be the better choice as he is having his Debut match and should start on a roll.
Heel Michaels FTW, please make it happen

Anyway, looks good, ill drop by and have a look at it when it is up, can't promise and review though.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Card looks great I hope what happened after the last Smackdown main event leads to either Punk vs. MVP at King of the Ring or a triple threat match with Michaels can't wait to see the fall out from that.

Killings versus Chavo I think that is great little fued they had going and both should be in King of the Ring, lol But I hope Killings wins I'm not a Chavo fan at all and I think Killings will win.

I hope Christian gets a good debut I don't want to see Hacksaw get throw out for him I want to see him against a real competetior that would give him a really good match. Maybe Matt Hardy or something.

I would mark out for Sydal getting the US Title

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


>Flo Rida To Perform at the Premiere of WWE Superstars<

Following the success of his debut album “Mail On Sunday”, Flo Rida will be performing his third track from the album when “WWE Superstars” returns to television on Saturday 21st June in two weeks in his home state of Florida. The WWE can also confirm that the show will be held at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach.

The track entitled “In The Ayer” also features will.i.am from The Black Eyed Peas as well as Tiffany Villarreal, and they will be on hand to perform the highly anticipated single after the debut hit “Low” stormed to number one here in the States, Canada and Australia to name just a few countries. He followed that up recently with “Elevator” featuring Timbaland, and the WWE fans on hand in the Sunshine State will be fortunate enough to hear the first live performance of the track.

Kevin Dunn, Executive Vice President of Television Production said, “It’s a huge coup for us to have Flo Rida performing at the premiere of WWE Superstars, and based on how his debut album is fairing, it should bring in a few more viewers we hope. We were made aware that this new song would be coming out very soon and that the premiere of his video is just days before the King of the Ring. We listened to it and liked it a lot, and he was thrilled to be asked to perform it for our fans, so it works out great for both parties. When he agreed, we discussed the possibility of where we would be holding the show, and that’s when we decided on Florida and the Ocean Center. Now we just can’t wait for the King of the Ring and Superstars. It’s an exciting time for sure for everyone involved with the WWE.”

Make sure you don’t miss the return of “WWE Superstars” when it hits your screens two weeks from tonight, only on WGN America.

Edit: For the record, i'm not a fan of Flo Rida. I trailed through so many musicians to see who had a big song out at this time. It turned out not many!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

CAN NOT STAND HIM........... but he fits in. Nice hype for the show none the less. Still surprised at the fact you're introducing a 3rd show. You love hard work. LOL. I'm hoping you're not a fan IRL, but it looks like you are!!! LOL.

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