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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW PreviewMonday 2nd June 2008
Live From the New Haven Coliseum
New Haven, Connecticut

By the time Raw comes to a close this Monday night, so will the Quest to be Champion tournament, and then we will learn who will challenge the WWE Champion, Kane at the King of the Ring in just less than two weeks.

The two men that have found their way through to the final are Mr. Kennedy and Jeff Hardy. Kennedy competed in the first match of the tournament by defeating the former champion, Randy Orton, and last week he overcame The Big Show to advance to the final. The Green Bay native had a minor confrontation with Orton, his fierce rival once again last week, and The Legend Killer fulfilled his promise to stay out of Kennedy’s business with a title shot at stake if Kennedy does become the WWE Champion at the King of the Ring. Will Kennedy be the man to face Kane and then be able to give Orton the title shot he’s promised him?

Jeff Hardy has been hot ever since his return to Raw, and he took that step further last week with an impressive victory over Rey Mysterio having already knocked off JBL in a gruelling first round match. Will Jeff have to watch out for Randy Orton, or will his return get even better and lead him to a shot at the gold at the King of the Ring?

The Corporation, mainly JBL have vowed to get revenge on Evolution for the assault that left Vince and Shane McMahon in hospital several weeks ago, and last week, they returned the favour. With Triple H & Ric Flair deciding to add fuel to the fire by not only reminding but joking about their role in the attack, they further angered the hostile trio by costing The Big Show his Quest to be Champion semi final with Mr. Kennedy. That was one step too far, and Show made sure he got retribution by leaving them both laid out in the parking lot with help from JBL and Vladimir Kozlov.

While Batista was conspicuous by his absence, the numbers game proved too much for The Game and The Nature Boy, and with many people asking just where The Animal was, will we get an answer from the man himself this week?

Cody Rhodes believed last week would finally be the moment he became the Intercontinental Champion. However he was denied once again by the woman he blames for getting in his way of the title, Kelly Kelly. It was only a few weeks back that he DDT’d his ex-girlfriend in front of the world, and maybe the cocky youngster is regretting that now as Kelly stormed down to the ring and stole the title belt away from Rhodes as he looked to use it to his advantage in his own quest to see off Kofi Kingston once and for all. Kelly came to the rescue of the man Cody thought she was cheating on him with, allowing Kofi to pull out the all important victory and retain his title.

There’s no doubting Cody is never short of something to say, but you have to assume he’s got a whole lot to get off his chest this week.

The King of the Ring is back and just around the corner. Last week saw the first qualifying matches for the eight man tournament that will take place in just one night at The Staples Center, and Kenny Dykstra became the first Raw superstar to qualify, beating Paul London. Elijah Burke joined him after he defeated fellow Smackdown superstar, Kid Kash on Friday night. We have been advised by Eric Bischoff that all three remaining qualifying matches for the Raw stars to impress will take place this week in an all action edition of Monday Night Raw.

It looks like the fire has emerged from within Ted DiBiase at last, and Hornswoggle was the unfortunate recipient of the Million Dollar Champion’s vicious outburst of violence. After Finlay picked up a victory heading towards his title match with DiBiase at the King of the Ring, the youngster stormed the ring and laid Finlay out with the title belt they will compete for before turning his attention to Hornswoggle. He then locked the leprechaun in the Million Dollar Dream for as long as he could, until Finlay began to come round.

Despite showing he means his business at last, has DiBiase made a fatal mistake in going after Finlay’s little buddy?

Tension has been growing between fellow divas Melina and Natalya Neidhart as of late and it’s threatened to spill over, but now the two of them will compete for the right to face Victoria for the WWE Women’s Championship. Eric Bischoff made the decision last week, and Melina appears to be very focused after seeming to have kicked Santino Marella to the curb. Natalya’s focus has never been questioned, and the ferocious diva is going to be a tough challenge for Melina and possibly for Victoria down the road.

Which diva wants it more? Find out this Monday night live on Raw.

Cryme Time and The Colon Brothers have had their problems for some time now, and last week they tried to settle it when Eric Perez joined Carlito & Eddie to take on Shad & JTG in a handicap match after Carlito’s challenge was accepted. The three Puerto Rican’s emerged with the victory to the bemusement and frustration of the World Tag Team Champions, John Morrison & The Miz. After the match, the champs made their way to the stage and despite praising themselves like they always do, they reminded everyone that tag team wrestling revolves around two men and not three.

Are they worried about the competition? Only time well tell.


Quest To Be Champion Final
Mr. Kennedy vs Jeff Hardy

Number One Contendership Match
Melina vs Natalya Neidhart

3 King of the Ring Qualifying Matches

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw looks great, Nige.

Kennedy/Jeff Hardy is an awesome main event, and with the stakes so high, I'm definitely intruiged to see who will win and face Kane at KOTR. I'm hoping that it's Kennedy, tbh, I think he would be the better option.

Melina/Natalya = Another good match, I expect the two of them could put on a decent showing IRL, so hopefully you use them well. My money's on Natalya.

Definitely excited for what will happen with Batista, hopefully he'll address his absence, and something good will come out of it.

Rhodes can hopefully get some mic time too. His last promo was fantastic, and hopefully if he gets on the stick on this show, it'll be just as good, and this time he's got a lot to talk about, after coming so close to taking the Intercontinental Championship from Kofi Kingston.

Show looks great, can't wait for it, Nige
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

This show has a big act to follow, given how immense SD was. as always I'm looking forward to the Kelly Kelly, Cody and Kofi storyline. Obviously Cpdy is going to be out for revenge, given how Kelly ruined the biggest night of his life last week.

RAW has been tournament heavy and tournament driven for a while now. 3 KOTR qualifying matches seems like a lot, but I'm sure you'll use the matches to further current angles. What I'm saying is that they won't be filler matches.

Obviously the main draw of the show has to be the Kennedy, Jeff hardy match up which will redoubtably top the show. I'm conflicted however. Following the Paul Bearer, Jeff Hardy promo last week, I want Jeff to win, yet it would seem as if Kennedy is receiving the bigger push. I'm at a loss really, who'll win? I have no idea.

The Evolution, Corporation angle is waning IMO and I'm ready for you to go ahead and give us the Batista, HHH feud we all want. As a booker however, you'll probably want to keep their match up for SS, so I don't see it happening anytime soon. going forward, I would like to see conflict within the corporation.

Anyway, show looks great. PM me when it's up.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Bradley's Smackdown Review:

Now, I haven't reviewed a while but I have been following somewhat and I know where most of the feuds seem to be heading etc.

Nice to see you are now covering full length promos as you seem to have taken a long break from that so I hope you are not rusty. I loved it when you wrote Punk as a heel against Jeff Hardy so him taking a step up to the World Heavyweight Championship whilst being an arrogant SOB pleases me immensely. A few grammar errors in the first paragraph but it set the promo up nicely and you got straight to the point instead of wading through a load of crap. The show being in Canada brings with it a lot of variables but I have to seriously question whether Punk would honestly get booed. Sure there would be a few marks in the crowd booing he hell out of him but people in Canada hate Michaels. I know Montreal shit over him the most but I feel people would be cheering Punk like Canada would probably cheer Jericho now. I feel a few more words rather than just *heat* over and over would be adequate and maybe you could cut up a few of the paragraphs because nothing is more uninviting than a massive wall of text in a promo as I have learnt. I loved Punk bringing up '97 as he seems like the only character who pretty much would seeing as how he has this 'edgy' persona about him. 'You remember that it was CM Punk that struck the final nail in the coffin of The Heartbreak Kid’s career.' A lovely last line from Punk but I felt it ended as soon as it began because HBK didn't get a lot to say but I am guessing this is because you want the spotlight shifted to Punk which is understandable. A decent opening promo but it could have been so much more.

Burke seems a little two-dimensional in this thread and he seems to be stagnating but he seemed impressive enough and I love your KOTR events as the last one you did was one of my favourite ever PPV's and you can push 5-6 people with this tournament and I hope Burke goes to the semi's but I doubt he will win.

Mia seemed a little clunky in this promo but, mentioning Judgement Day, I feel you put her over extremely well and this could be one of the best women's pushes in a long time if you play your cards right. I expect Phoenix/Rain at Summerslam as that could be an epic match and you could really make something out of the women's division.

Hayger is here after... what, 3 months or so of build up? I remember him being hyped in a debut promo around September I am sure of that. Hayger changing his name to Swagger in that way was incredibly lame but I guess you have been forced in to a corner by real life here and that was the get out clause. Swagger looked impressive in his debut but a bigger opponent could have done him the world of good and maybe an attack on the winner of the KOTR could be the catalyst for him because it was a bit of a dull spark tbh after the months of build up I had expected him to attack The Undertaker or something like that.

This Benjamin/Tazz mini-feud you have going on here is being built really well and nice and slowly. I don't expect Tazz to get in the ring (though that would be epic) I expect him to bring someone else in. Benjamin can easily main event a PPV in this thread soon because he is being build perfectly. Nice and slowly with a good amount of exposure but at the same time not being forced down our throats. A fantastic example of pushing a wrestler. A nice match set up between The Master of the Mat and the UK Pack but I feel a mutiny coming on and soon enough 'the inmates should be running the asylum' because that could be an epic story arc.

Rain was always going to one but it is a shame there has been 3 squashes pretty much but I am sure that is in order to get some serious time for HBK/Punk. Nice to see some exposure, again, to Rain's signature moves and the crowd interaction and description only added to the match. Phoenix helping out (a tweener?) Rain is certainly interesting and I feel Phoenix will try and play everyone against Rain and then attack her when the time is right. Just don't turn her in to a freakin' lesbian but don't rush this feud and it could be money.

Meh promo to be honest but the premise is good. It seems you have a lot of feuds in progress or beginning but not many reaching its climax. Chavo taking on the 'convict' is a good way for Chavo to get over because the best heels are always right. Italics look horrible in Tahoma btw.

I'm surprised you haven't hyped up Christian's return to no end but that's fine. Using the name Adam gives the promo it's Edge straight away and you are great at setting up promos like these but sometimes when you 'knock them down' it can lead to mixed results and a sour taste in the mouth, let's hope this delivers. You write Edge brilliantly as a cynicist. Edge's sly comments were simply brilliant and it seems like you had a great time writing this promo and taking a few jabs at some legends only adds to his character. The Disneyland line, whilst clever, was too corny for my liking and it seems like too much of an inside joke. Christian's retort was one of the most emotionally affecting lines I have seen in BTB 'cos it paints Edge as a real human being but it made me feel sorry for Edge which was the opposite of what you were intending. Tomko re-debuting was all well and good but some fans may not remember Tomko and the odds are stacked in Christian's favour (unless Tomko turns heel) which doesn't make for a great feud is Christian has the upper hand. I don't know where the two go from here but my head says a slow build to Summerslam.

Generic filler from the UK Pack but I fully expect them to get the win but I hope Burchill uses the cast again because there seems to be some tension between Smith and Burchill and I envision Burchill turning heel.

I remember the good ol' days where you wrote absolute barnstormers every show and this certainly reminds me of it, even if it is in condensed form. Nice to see you highlighting Sydal's high flying ability and Benjamin's willingness to put Sydal away. Benjamin losing was the perfect step forward because Benjamin will be annoyed at Tazz but he didn't look weak in the slightest and Sydal gets massive momentum as he hopefully heads in to a marquee feud. I must say you have 6-7 guys who could make the step up to the upper mid card/main event and it's nice to see you are not rushing it but you have still the talent there being built up. One of your best traits is definitely building up wrestlers and fully functioning characters instead of bringing in big names and instead you give this BTB some elbow grease.

That promo's main purpose was to give Michaels an excuse if he doesn't win and you achieved that. Shane to turn on Michaels soon enough after not being involved enough. I have seen enough subtle hints to think that match will happen soon but probably not Summerslam which is what you are building to.

Nice heelish tactics in this match from Masters of the Mat because they were being outmaneouvered so they grabbed a steel chair to gain the advantage. No DQ match or not you made them look like great heels because the UK Pack didn't resort to weapons. The Masters of the Mat have a bright future ahead of them and I loved the methodical beat down of the UK Pack, especially Burchill. That broken wrist being attacked further paves the way for Masters of the Mat to gain the title and then, probably, a final blow off match.

Jericho returning was a nice surprise and I was surprised to see him first as a face and it was a nice little backstory being woven in to this which made the promo extra special. Jericho mentioning how his kid didn't think The Undertaker was all that special was one, if not the line of the night. This is good ol' heel Jericho and, as others have pointed out, he doesn't need all of those big words to get over as a heel. Jericho just needs to be as convincing as hell and, boy, did he convince me. The lines were very well thought out and articulate without going in to overblown scholar mode. A lot of great imagery being used by Jericho but my only gripe would be Jericho using the word 'chill' in a serious promo because it stuck out like a sore thumb and the pun afterwards was weak. Nice to see Jericho being absolutely awesome as this was definitely the promo of the night and Undertaker can change character now. I doubt he will 'return' as ABA but I see him turning in to his 'final form' and paying homage to various movies and comics.

Straight away highlighting HBK's injuries and the such makes Michaels look that much stronger as he battles away at the champion. Obviously you have something planned for HBK in the future but this match would be much better suited to KOTR. The crowd interaction was utilised in such a way that I could feel the momentum of the match slipping from Michaels I feel you have laid out such an epic story epitomised by the overuse of Super Kicks. I can feel Michaels' desperation and the fact that this could be his last legitimate shot at a world title. Not a lot of substance (basic moves and the like) but it was damn exciting and I am sure that is what you were aiming for but you missed a big opportunity with Punk trying to pull out the Sharpshooter which would have been the icing on the cake to me. I'm surprised Punk got a clean win but in an essence it's not really clean. I see HBK is going to rest a few niggling injuries until his next feud. I see Shane/Michaels coming soon then possibly a retirement angle which is something I'd like to see you follow through with. MVP turning face is something I'm not exactly for and against. The whole reasoning of giving MVP and Punk MITB seems a little wasted now they are going to feud anyway.

A surprising way to end the show but it was still nice to see MVP pushed higher up the card. A few promos were absolutely brilliant on this show whilst others were off. I suggest you cut the paragraphs up in your promos up a little bit more unless a monologue promo is being cut and some promos ended as soon as they could have exploded which was a shame but I understand you keeping some things back as it seems you have one eye on Summerslam as you have laid the foundation for quite a few feuds on this show. Keep up the great work 8/10

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW looks big, Nige. I'd be content with either Kennedy or Jeff going to KOTR to compete for the World Title, as both can be great World Champs, but I can see this going into the way of a Triple Threat for the belt. Whichever way it unfolds, I'm sure it'll be a great match.

Where was Batista last week? I can see him showing up this week, but not all that fired up about what happened to Evolution last week. Evolution seems to be falling apart, and I can see another piece of the puzzle added to that (or taken away, if that's how you're looking at it). Wonder what rule Bischoff will instate this episode that won't be followed?

More Cody/Kofi/Kelly goodness. Definitely looking forward to this, and whatever he was to say this time. Should be nothing short of awesome.

Three KOTR qualifyers and not one of those six Superstars mentioned? Interesting. I'll be looking out for that, should be great.

No, DiBiase hasn't made a mistake in attacking Horny; in fact, he made the right move. More from fire-under-ass DiBiase destroying Finlay and that little bastard. Beat him out of RAW, Ted!

Wait, Melina dumped Santino? I don't recall, but I'll check back. In any case, that should be a good match, and I'm hoping Santino does something to try to get his woman back. Also, we need more Victoria, she hasn't been prominently featured in awhile.

Now that the Tag Champs have seemingly gotten involved with Cryme Tyme and The Colons, it should make the feud a little more interesting, as it hasn't exactly set my world ablaze just yet.

Show looks very good, Nige, especially the main event and KOTR qualifyers, and as always the IC Title saga. I'll be checking it out for sure.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

*deep breath*

Whoa! Just read through this whole thing in three days and it's awesome! Liking where all the feuds etc. are going, especially Kofi/Cody/Kelly (try saying THAT ten times fast!) and Trips/McMahon's. Can't wait for you to post Raw.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW ResultsMonday 2nd June 2008
Live From the New Haven Coliseum
New Haven, Connecticut

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

Cody Rhodes about to hit Kofi Kingston with the Intercontinental Championship belt during their title match when Kelly Kelly ran down and stole it from him, leading to Kofi retaining the title by using the belt himself.

Jeff Hardy defeating Rey Mysterio to advance to the final of the Quest to be Champion tournament, and then being warned by Paul Bearer that Kane would destroy him at the King of the Ring should Jeff win the tournament.

Mr. Kennedy’s backstage confrontation with Randy Orton, and Orton telling him he wasn’t going to cost him his place in the Quest to be Champion later on as he will get a title shot if Kennedy becomes the WWE Champion.

Triple H & Ric Flair in their locker room, ringing Batista to see why he isn’t there.

The Big Show taking on Kennedy in the second semi final with Triple H & Ric distracting him and costing him the match, meaning Jeff Hardy will face Mr. Kennedy for a WWE Championship match at the King of the Ring with Randy Orton smiling in the back as he watches on a monitor.

The Corporation attacking Triple H & Flair in the parking lot with Show chokeslamming both men on to two different cars.

***Opening Video***
“Wanna Be Loved”


***Video Promo***

{Cut to Ringside}

“Out To Kill” hits with Cody Rhodes walking out to the stage, and he doesn’t look happy at all. With the crowd booing him as he makes his way down the ramp and in to the ring, the angry Cody goes over to ask for a microphone.

Cody Rhodes: There have been many, many travesties in recent times, but I’m out here to talk about just one of them, the greatest travesty of them all that occurred right here in this ring on Raw last week. . . After I was finally given what I’ve been asking for for months, yet again, a certain selfish, vengeful woman once again cost me the chance to become the Intercontinental Champion. . . And that woman goes by the name of Kelly Kelly.


Cody Rhodes: Yeah I bet you enjoyed it didn’t ya?

*Big Pop*

Cody Rhodes: I thought so, but you won’t be laughing at my expense for much longer as I’ve come here to this hell hole tonight for just one reason, and that is to get what I am owed. And what I am owed is another opportunity to beat Kofi Kingston and become the Intercontinental Champion.


Cody Rhodes: No one, and I mean one can tell me that I don’t deserve it. . . On no less than two occasions, I have had Kofi beat in the middle of this ring when that good for nothing cheap slut deliberately stopped me in my path, and I’m not gonna leave this ring until I get what I deserve.


“I’m Back” hits to a big pop with Eric Bischoff walking out in to the stage with a microphone in hand.

Eric Bischoff: Cody, just let me set the record straight alright. I did see what happened at the end of your match last week with Kofi Kingston, and I agree that it was unfortunate.

Cody Rhodes: UNFORTUNATE? THAT’S HOW YOU SEE IT? . . . Unfortunate is not the word. The word you’re looking for is. . .

Eric Bischoff: . . . Cody, let me explain. . . As I was saying, I saw what happened, but that was only after we went off the air. . . See when your match was going on, I was in the parking lot after Triple H and Ric Flair were attacked by The Corporation. That’s why I couldn’t do anything, not because I didn’t want to do anything. You see that now right?

Cody Rhodes: Okay, I get that, but what I wanna know is what you’re gonna do about it right now.

Eric Bischoff: Well I’m glad you asked as I think you’re going to be very happy with what I’ve come up with. You are going to get you rematch with Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship, but that’s not gonna happen tonight as both you and Kofi will be in action later on, in King of the Ring qualifying matches. . .

Cody Rhodes: . . . Bischoff, I couldn’t care less about the King of the Ring. The only thing I care about it is. . .

Eric Bischoff: . . . Is the Intercontinental Championship, I got that, but if you’d have let me finish, I was getting right to that. . . Like I said, your rematch won’t happen tonight, it’s going to take place at Vengeance. . . in a steel cage match.

*Big Pop*

Cody grins.

Eric Bischoff: That way no one else can get involved, Kelly in particular. But I hope you realise Cody that this is your last chance. Once Vengeance is over, if you’re not the Intercontinental Champion. . . it’s over. You’ll get no more chances as long as Kofi is the champion. You have to get the job done in the steel cage, but if you don’t, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

Cody still looks quite happy at the announcement.

Cody Rhodes: Trust me Bischoff, you don’t have to worry about that. All you have to worry about is the condition I leave Kofi in once I’m through beating the crap out of him inside that steel cage. . . It might be my last chance, but it’s the only chance I need, and I’m gonna take it, I promise you that. . . Once Vengeance is through, I won’t just have Kofi and Kelly out of my lives once and for all, I will be the Intercontinental Champion.

Cody smiles back up at the camera as “Out To Kill” then plays once again as Bischoff turns round and leaves the stage with Cody standing in the ring in a good mood for a change.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut to Ringside}

“La Vittoria é Mia” hits as Santino Marella walks down to the ring with a big smile on his face despite being booed by the fans, and as he gets in the ring, he collects the microphone from Lilian Garcia.

Santino Marella: If I can-a have your attention for-a couple of the seconds, I have-a major announcement to-a make. . . Over the last week, I Santino Marella have received millions of the emails from women across the world asking me if it is-a true that I, the handsomest man on the planet is back on the market. And I can confirm to the world that I am-a officially back on the market. . . That’s right, I kicked Melina to-a the pavement last week. And why you ask because Melina is-a very pretty woman. . . No doubt she is-a very pretty woman, but she is-a also a very clingy woman, but more importantly, she couldn’t handle my, how you say. . . manhood.


Santino Marella: It is-a true, I promise you. But after I win-a my match tonight and become the King of all the rings, I’m going to need-a new Queen. . . So girls, you sit-a back and-a watch, then I, Santino Marella will choose who will be that lucky lady. Thank you.

Santino hands back the microphone to Lilian and takes his shirt off, getting ready for his match as Lilian then introduces Jimmy Wang Yang. He walks down to the ring to a pop from the crowd.

***The Opening Match***

King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Jimmy Wang Yang vs Santino Marella

ENDING: Santino struggles to his feet with Yang calmly waiting, and the high flier pounces straight away, striking him in the midsection with a vicious martial arts kick. Santino leans forward clutching his stomach allowing Yang to then turn round and run back in to the ropes, and as he comes back, he sends the Italian back down to the canvas courtesy of a beautifully executed SPINNING WHEEL KICK. . . . . Marella isn’t down for long as he picks himself back up after crawling in to the corner, but as he turns round, Yang runs right at him with Santino’s back against the pads and takes him by surprise, hitting a CORNER BACK FLIP DROPKICK. . . . . A pop breaks out as Yang lands on his feet with Santino staggering out in to his grasp and the Redneck quickly takes him down with an ENZIGURI. . . . . Santino just collapses in a heap, close by the ropes and looks to be out of it as Yang scurries across and hooks the near leg for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Santino puts his right foot on the bottom rope to the disappointment of Yang and the fans. Yang sits up in absolute amazement as he sees the foot on the rope. He looks at the referee as if to expect he’s imagined it, but he hasn’t. After several seconds, he slowly makes his way back up and drags Santino away from the ropes before walking in to the corner and climbing up to the top rope. With Santino slowly stirring, Yang waits patiently, and as Santino turns round to face him, Yang comes flying through the air for a CROSS BODY. . . . . Santino somehow manages to duck his head with Yang crash landing on the mat. As Santino turns round, he sees Yang getting to his knees, and the Italian Stallion reacts quickly to race across the mat and roll Yang up from behind, leaning on top of him as the referee makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Santino Marella by pinfall @ 4.41.

AFTERMATH: “La Vittoria é Mia” plays to a pop as Santino quickly slips under the bottom rope to the outside, going hysterical as he drops to his knees and holds his head in his hands. He then stands back up as the referee joins him on the outside to raise his hand, and Santino looks like he’s going to cry as Yang sits up and looks on from the ring in disappointment.

{Cut Backstage}

Eric Bischoff is sat down in his office at his desk when there’s a knock at the door.

Eric Bischoff:
Come in.

We’re then greeted by the presence of Mr. Kennedy, which gets a big pop from the fans inside the arena. Bischoff stands up to welcome him.

Eric Bischoff: What I can do for ya? . . . Hang on. Randy Orton right?

Mr. Kennedy: Orton? No. . . Last week when he looked me right in the eye and told me he wasn’t gonna get involved in my match, you know what I saw? I saw the words of an honest man. He wants a shot at the WWE title as much as I do, and he knows that I’m his best chance of gettin’ one when I beat Kane at the King of the Ring and become the new WWE Champion.

Eric Bischoff: You don’t think your gettin’ slightly ahead of yourself? I mean, you do have to face Jeff Hardy tonight to get that title shot you’re talkin’ about?

Mr. Kennedy: I know it’s not gonna be easy, but I’m relaxed, chilled, focused and most important, I don’t have to worry about Randy Orton. I wasn’t worried last week and he showed me that he does actually have somethin’ in that tiny head of his when he stayed away from my match, and I’ve got no doubt he’ll do the same again tonight.

Eric Bischoff: Usually I would disagree with you, because lets face it, it’s Orton, but I called him earlier when he didn’t show up and he said he wouldn’t be here tonight ‘cause he has some kind of family emergency, so there really is no need to look over your shoulder. I guess that’s a weight off your mind right?

Mr. Kennedy: Nah, I was pretty certain anyway, but I ain’t gonna lie to y’Bischoff, it helps.

Eric Bischoff: Good, I’m glad. I want the best match possible tonight between you and Jeff. I want you guys to represent Raw and show everyone what Raw’s all about. Smackdown stepped it up a notch last week, and we can’t afford to let them get all the headlines. Raw’s the number one show, let’s keep it that way.

Mr. Kennedy: Don’t you worry ‘bout that. Everyone’s gonna see just what their new WWE Champion’s all about. . . I’ll catch y’later

Bischoff cracks a smile as Kennedy then turns round and walks out of the room, but as he steps away from the door, he walks right in to the WWE Champion, Kane with Paul Bearer standing by the side of him.

Mr. Kennedy: What the hell?

The shocked Kennedy tries to stay cool and looks right in to Kane’s eyes as Bearer steps forward.

Paul Bearer: Hell’s exactly right my friend. That’s what you’ll be walking in to if you draw the short straw and win your match tonight. . . See it’s clear to me that all these people here tonight believe that whoever wins the right to face my son Kane at the King of the Ring will be rewarded, but let me tell you something. . . that’s not true at all. In reality you’re both competing for the chance to walk right in to hell, because that’s what’s waiting for one of you. You might have the opportunity to claim the prize everyone dreams of, but that’s all you can do. . . dream. Stepping in to the ring with Kane is not a prize or a dream, it’s an experience that will scar you for the remainder of the precious time you have left on this earth, and the sooner you realise that, the better. . . We see you have had problems with a certain Randy Orton, just like we did, but there’s only one person you should worry about tonight, and that’s Kane. . . Come on son, let’s leave him be.

Kane steps back with Kennedy staring at the both of them.

Paul Bearer: I suppose we should wish you luck. . . We look forward to the King of the Ring. You shouldn’t. . . That’s if you get there that is.

Bearer laughs out loud as he and Kane then walk up the hall, but Kennedy doesn’t seem all that fazed.

Mr. Kennedy: We’ll see about that freako.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

Clips of John Cena, The Undertaker, CM Punk, Kane, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Batista, Jeff Hardy, Edge & Rey Mysterio hitting their finishers are shown.

The superstars of Raw and Smackdown will collide upon the return of one of wrestling’s most historic shows. . . WWE Superstars. . . Superstars will return to your television screens with some of the biggest names in sports entertainment today. . . Superstars will premiere Saturday 21st June on WGN America at 5pm Eastern. Replayed Sunday and Wednesday nights at 9pm. . . Whatever you do, don’t miss the return of WWE Superstars, only on WGN America.

{Cut Backstage}

Rey Mysterio is getting ready in his locker room, putting his elbow pads on when Kenny Dykstra walks in. Rey stands up straight away with boos coming from the arena.

Kenny Dykstra:
Well, well, well, look who’s come back for more. . . When are you gonna give it up Rey? You lost to Jeff Hardy last week, why don’t you just get the message that it’s not just meant to be? . . . See I’m going to the King of the Ring to become the King of the Ring, and with that said Rey, it means your chances are at zero, no less, no higher. Can’t you see it’s written in the stars that I’ll become the King, Rey Rey? And that begs the question of why you’re even bothering trying to qualify tonight. Even if you do manage to pull another one out of the bag like when you won the world title, all that’s gonna happen is you’ll fall from grace yet again if we cross paths at the King of the Ring.

Rey Mysterio: What’s wrong with you huh? You always talk ‘bout me gettin’ lucky and fallin’ from grace as you put it, but what’ve you done huh? . . . I’ll tell you what you’ve done. . . Nothin’. . . You wanna run me down week after week? Well how about you do somethin’ and then you can say what you want. . . As for the King of the Ring, I am gonna qualify tonight, and y’know what I’m gonna do then? . . . I’m gonna hope and prey I get the chance to face you along the way and shut that big mouth of yours once and for all.

Kenny Dykstra: Alright. Since I’m in a good mood tonight, I’ll yet you have that one, but when you lose your match later on, I’ll remember what you said. . . Good luck homes.

The serious Dykstra turns round and walks out while the angry Rey sits back down and punches the bench.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #2***

King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Kofi Kingston w/Kelly Kelly vs Brian Kendrick

ENDING: Kofi & Kendrick get back up at the same time after a mid air collision with Kelly encouraging Kofi from the outside. Kofi strikes first with a kick to the stomach, then turns back to run the ropes, and as he comes back at his opponent, he nails him with a HIGH ANGLE REVERSE ELBOW SMASH. . . . . That gets the crowd going, and as Kofi picks himself back up with the support of the crowd, he runs back in to the ropes, and as he comes back this time, he connects with a DOUBLE LEG DROP TO THE CHEST OF KENDRICK. . . . . Kofi’s taking it up a notch here as he then looks to hook both legs and go for the cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kendrick fights for his life and it looks like he uses all his energy to throw his arm and shoulder up off the mat. Kofi leans back on to his knees and then starts to stand back up as Kendrick rolls on to his side, trying to pull himself back up. Kofi looks to give him a helping hand and then whips him in to the ropes, but as Kendrick hits them, he grabs the top rope and holds on to it for dear life. Kofi doesn’t look to waste a second and charges right at his opponent, but Kendrick lifts his boot right up in to Kofi’s face, sending the Intercontinental Champion backpedalling across the mat holding his face. As Kofi then turns round with Kelly looking concerned, Kendrick races towards him and explodes with a SUPER KICK. . . . . Kofi falls down to the mat in a split second as the desperate Kendrick follows and looks to make a cover and cause a big upset as the referee makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . .

No! Kofi just gets his shoulder up, leading to a big pop inside the arena. Kendrick can’t believe it as he sits back up and turns to look at the referee in total disbelief. Kofi starts to come round while the frustrated Kendrick panics and rushes in to action, standing up and stomping Kofi across the chest before walking in to the corner and climbing up all the way to the top rope. He rushes once again and jumps off, connecting with a DOUBLE FOOT STOMP. . . . . Kofi remains flat on his back as Kendrick follows up for a desperate cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kick Out! The Intercontinental Champion shows his resilient streak as he once again gets his shoulder up at the last second. Kendrick can’t believe it once more and hurries back up to a vertical base, then reaches down and drags Kofi up. He then sets the Jamaican Sensation up for the SLICED BREAD. . . . . The fans boo as Kendrick takes a second with smug look on his face as he realises Kofi isn’t showing any signs of countering. Kendrick then runs in to the corner with Kofi in his grasp, but Kingston takes him by surprise, shoving him in to the pads chest first. Kofi falls to his knees after a forceful shove, and as Kendrick then turns round in anger, he runs right at Kofi, but Kingston leaps up to his feet and nails him with the TROUBLE IN PARADISE. . . . . It looks to be all over as both men hit the deck with Kofi rushing across the mat to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston by pinfall @ 5.58.

AFTERMATH: “SOS” hits to a big pop as Kofi stands back up to get his arm raised with the referee also passing him the Intercontinental Championship while Kelly claps on the outside with a big smile on her face. She just watches as Kofi walks in to the corner and climbs up to the second rope, posing for the crowd as Paul London walks out to the stage. Kofi then climbs down and walks in to the opposite corner to do the same as Kendrick sits up, still dazed as he spots London at the top of the stage clapping with a grin on his face. It clearly angers Kendrick while Kofi steps down off the ropes and joins Kelly on the outside, high fiving her while London and Kendrick continue to stare at each other.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Match #3***

Number One Contendership Match
Melina vs Natalya Neidhart

ENDING: Natalya stands back up after being caught off guard by a single arm DDT. Melina also makes her way back up to her feet after being unable to capitalise with the big move, and as both divas turn to face each other, Melina explodes with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK. . . . . But Natalya ducks it with the referee standing right behind her taking the full force of the kick. Melina looks down in absolute shock, but Neidhart isn’t as concerned with the referee as she is with her own chances. She quickly grabs her fellow aspiring contender around the waist and plants her with a thunderous BACKBREAKER. . . . . Melina looks to be in some pain as Natalya then really looks to take advantage by standing up, walking round to Melina’s legs and applying the SHARPSHOOTER. . . . . The ref is still out of it as Natalya applies the pressure to Melina’s lower back, but with the fans cheering on, Melina fights the hold with all she’s got, and the frustration clearly gets to Natalya. Melina tries to crawl across to the ropes, and as she gets closer, the panic grows on Neidhart’s face, and with one last push, Melina manages to grab hold of the bottom rope.

However the referee is still out of it, lying across the mat himself as Natalya keeps the hold locked in while the fans boo very loudly. Melina screams out in agony as she clutches on to the bottom rope, but Natalya’s frustration gets the better of her as she lets the hold go and stands back up to stomp across her opponent’s back before dragging her slowly back up. With the referee slowly coming back round, another runs down the ramp as Natalya then tries for an irish whip to the corner, only for Melina to reverse it. As Melina then runs in, Natalya turns to the side and lifts her elbow up in to the diva’s face, sending her slowly staggering out of the corner. Natalya acts straight away as she steps out of the corner and shifts behind the groggy Melina, spinning her around and grabbing her around the waist. She then tosses her back with a BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX. . . . . The new referee drops to his knees and counts Melina’s shoulders while the original ref crawls across and appears to be counting Natalya’s. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Melina & Natalya Neidhart by pinfall @ 6.47.

AFTERMATH: Both ref’s call for the bell with the original ref pulling himself up to his knees. The second ref looks surprised and walks over to him as he stands up with the crowd totally confused of what’s going on. Both divas stand up and question the referees as to what happened while they argue, but William Regal quickly makes his way out to the stage.

William Regal: Excuse me ladies and gentleman, but it’s abundantly clear that we have ourselves a problematic situation here. . . However, there is a relatively straight forward solution. That is that at Raw’s next pay-per-view, Vengeance. . . it will be Victoria defending the WWE Women’s Championship against both women you see before you in that ring right now, Natalya Neidhart and Melina in a triple threat match. . . Thank you.


Regal then turns round and walks to the back with Melina and Natalya looking right at each other before turning to look at Victoria, still at the announce table.

Jim Ross: What do you think of that champ?

Victoria: You know what I say JR? . . . The more the merrier. . . When I won the women’s title at WrestleMania, it meant I had to defend it against all comers. It doesn’t matter if it’s one, two or ten challengers, I have to give it all I’ve got to make sure I keep the title around my waist, and that’s what I’m going to do at Vengeance.

The Women’s Champion then stands up and takes off the headset, staring at both her challengers come Vengeance.

{Cut Backstage}

Eric Bischoff is watching a television in his office of what just happened, and he doesn’t look happy.

Eric Bischoff: What the hell does he think he’s doin’ makin’ that match without askin’ me first?

We hear the door open and slammed shut with Finlay walking in to the room, and he is just as angry as the GM with Bischoff turning round to face him.

Finlay: HEY BISCHOFF. I want DiBiase, and I want him tonight.

Eric Bischoff: You need to calm down.


Eric Bischoff: Yeah I saw what happened, but the match is already signed for the King of the Ring. You can take it out on him then.

Finlay: Is that it? That’s all you’re gonna do.

Eric Bischoff: You know, I have other things to deal with besides your problems. . . Anyway he’s not even here tonight, and quite frankly Hornswoggle isn’t my concern. . . he’s yours. You’re the one who’s supposed to be looking after him, not me. . . Now, you’ve got your title match in two weeks, and if you’re really that bothered about what happened last week, I suggest you take greater care of the little fella if you’re gonna take him down to the ring with ya. Because you know as well as I do that this isn’t a playground, people get hurt, and if he can’t handle that, he shouldn’t be here in the first place.

Finlay looks on the verge of exploding and instead of snapping at Bischoff, he turns round and slams the door on his way out with the frustrated Bischoff sitting down on the sofa. After a couple of seconds, William Regal walks in to the room.

William Regal: What the bloody hell happened there? Whatever it was, it sounded a tad harsh.

Bischoff just stares fiercely at Regal for a couple of seconds before standing back up.

Eric Bischoff: Let me ask you a question Regal? Who’s in charge around here, me or you?

William Regal: Well we both are.

Eric Bischoff: Alright let me put it another way, who’s the General Manager of Raw me or you?

William Regal: That would be you.

Eric Bischoff: Correct. That means I have the power around here and I can be as harsh as I want. . . Now, would you care to enlighten me in to why you just made that match without consulting me first?

William Regal: I didn’t think you would mind. It seemed like the right decision given the circumstances.


Bischoff steps back and tries to calm down with Regal looking stunned.

Eric Bischoff: You know what? Just get out.

William Regal: But. . .

Eric Bischoff: GO.

Regal turns round, but Bischoff appears to have a change of heart.

Eric Bischoff: Hold on a second.

Regal turns back round.

Eric Bischoff: You know, I have a better idea. I have an idea that takes care of two problems I have. . . I think Finlay needs a way to let all that anger out, and I think the best way to deal with that is by making a match, just like you did before. . . So to show you just who’s the boss around here, you’re gonna have a match with Finlay later on tonight. . . In fact, I think we’ll have that match take place next instead.

William Regal: But I’m not a wrestler anymore. I don’t have any ring attire.

Eric Bischoff: And that’s my problem how?

William Regal: But. . .

Eric Bischoff: Now you can get out.

Regal shakes his head at the deadly serious Bischoff before turning round and leaving the room with Bischoff sitting back down on the leather sofa once again, sinking right back in to it.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

Clips of classic King of the Ring moments are shown, such as Bret Hart winning the first tournament in 1993, followed by Owen Hart in ’94 and being crowned. It then shows Stonecold Steve Austin’s famous 3:16 quote from 1996, Triple H winning a year later and Kurt Angle’s victory in 2000, and ending with Edge’s in 2001.

Voiceover: For years, there have been only memories. . . For years, we have seen superstars grow in front of our eyes. . . Many of these moments stem from one glorious night. . . The King of the Ring. . . However, once again, this special night will create memories, champions and hall of famers. . . The King of the Ring returns to the WWE calendar very soon.

{Cut Backstage}

The Corporation are shown arriving in the arena. Both JBL & The Big Show look very pleased with themselves while Vladimir Kozlov remains as serious as ever while all three men walk through the hallway.

JBL: Last week was another success gentleman. I know you might disagree with me Show, but what you did to both Triple H and Ric Flair was for the greater good, gaining retribution on two of the men that are responsible for the state my brother is in and my father remains in.

Show stops walking, leading to both JBL & Kozlov doing the same.

The Big Show: You know, seeing Triple H and Flair lying there lifeless more than made up for it. I enjoyed seeing them there completely helpless, and from what I hear, Flair’s gonna need yet another hip replacement.

JBL: I heard Triple H will be having another operation on that inexplicable nose of his, but I’ll tell you what is just as satisfying as seeing the pain on their faces. . . Tonight, Batista is apparently going to address the fans in attendance to apologise for not being here last week. . . I for one cannot wait to hear what the big dumb animal has to say. It might even be as satisfying last week, although I doubt anything could match that.

The Big Show laughs, as does JBL as they then continue to walk down the hall with the still intense Kozlov.

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #4***

Finlay vs William Regal

ENDING: The angry face of Finlay lies in wait in the ring as Regal climbs up the steps and hesitantly steps in to the ring, still in his suit. He removes his jacket and places it on the top rope before unbuttoning his shirt sleeves and then rolling the sleeves up. The ref calls for the bell, but as Regal turns round, he sees the intensity on Finlay’s face as the Irishman walks in to the middle of the ring. Regal doesn’t look like he wants any part of him whatsoever and picks his jacket back up off the ropes and steps back through them to jump down to the floor below. The fans boo him intensely as Finlay watches on while the referee just looks on for a couple of seconds before starting a ten count. Finlay remains angry as Regal trudges up the ramp and to the back as the ref counts to 10.

WINNER: Finlay by count out @ 0:21.

AFTERMATH: Boos ring out, and Finlay isn’t pleased either as he walks over to the ropes and asks for a microphone.

Finlay: REGAL. . . YOU’RE A COWARD, JUST LIKE DIBIASE. . . I know you’re watchin’ somewhere kid and. . .

“It’s All About The Money” hits to a pretty strong mixed reception as “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase makes his way down to the ring with a microphone in hand. As he gets in the ring and stands opposite Finlay, the music stops.

Ted DiBiase Sr: Finlay, you’re bound to be angry after what my son did last week, and I wanna let you know that I don’t blame you one bit. However, I’m the reason my son isn’t here tonight. . . I too was disgusted with his actions here on Raw last week, and not that I have to, I’m out here man to man to tell you that I want to apologise on his behalf.


Ted DiBiase Sr: I don’t expect you to accept that, and that’s fine. I probably wouldn’t either, but as a father too, I came to tell you that I had strong words with Ted. I told him what he did was way out of line, and it’s not really a surprise he’s been acting the way he has since he’s pretty much got what he’s wanted all his life, but I’m trying to change that and make him see the error of his ways now he’s in the WWE. . . I do respect that you have to do what you have to at the King of the Ring, but Ted’s my son and I had to protect him tonight by keeping him away. Had I not, you probably would have beaten him in to such a state that your match at the King of the Ring would have to be cancelled, and I don’t think you want that for a second. You should settle all this then in the middle of the ring, not in a moment of madness.

DiBiase’s words seem to be registering with Finlay.

Ted DiBiase Sr: I’ve said all I came here to say, so thanks for hearing me out.

DiBiase turns round, but Finlay grabs his arm and pulls him back.


Finlay: Y’know somethin’ DiBiase, normally I’d send someone like your son a message by beatin’ the crap out of you right now. . . but that’s not gonna happen. See unlike your son, I do respect you for havin’ the guts to come out here, but since you’re here I want you to pass on a message verbally. . . Tell him there’s nowhere to hide at the King of the Ring, and there are no ifs or buts about it Teddy, I will make him sorry one way or another.

DiBiase nods his head and turns round to leave with Finlay seemingly calming down, watching on as DiBiase walks back up the ramp.

{Cut Backstage}

John Morrison & Miz, the World Tag Team Champions are stood in the production area with Candice Michelle.

The Miz: You see our problem don’t y’tuts? . . . We’re the tag team champs here on Raw right, and ‘cause it’s so obvious to everyone else that they’re no competition for us, they’re tryin’ to get round the rules. . . It’s like, HELLO, you can’t have three men in one team. . . The rules of tag team wrestling clearly state that a tag team is made up of two people, not three. There’s only two of us and we’re doin’ just fine as it is. There ain’t a chance in hell we’re defending these titles against any more than two men.

Candice doesn’t look that interested at all.

John Morrison: What he’s trying to say is that despite the blindingly oblivious disregard of the tag team rulebook last week, and even though the entire wrestling world knows we could beat however many men are put in front of us, we’re not going to stand by and allow this ignorance of the rules to impose on our title reign. There might be a lack of competition for us, but that’s hardly our fault that we’ve set such a high standard is it? The so called challengers supposedly here on Raw should try and reach that standard we’ve set, and not resort to dragging someone off the street to help them. Is that really too much to ask? . . . I don’t think so.

Candice Michelle: I don’t know John, and to be honest, I don’t really care either. . . I guess I’ll see you guys around.

Morrison & Miz look stunned as Candice walks out of the shot, but as they turn back round, they’re greeted by Cryme Time. Cheers can be heard coming from the arena with the champs a little surprised to see Shad & JTG.

Shad Gaspard: ‘sup fellas? . . . You let another one get away huh? If you didn’t have your heads up each other’s ass all the time, maybe you’d get to hang with more hunnies like that.

The Miz: Maybe if you weren’t losers from the street, maybe you’d have a shot. . .

JTG: . . . WHOA. Don’t go there!

The Miz: Yeah? . . . What you gonna do huh? . . . Loser.

JTG’s about to go for The Miz when Carlito, Eddie Colon & Eric Perez jump both members of Cryme Time. Morrison & Miz stand back as The Colon Brothers & Perez club Shad & JTG across the back, sending them to their knees before stomping all over them until they can’t defend themselves. Morrison & Miz look on in shock as Carlito, Eddie & Perez stare right at them.

Carlito: Guess what? . . . You guys are next.

Carlito remains serious, as does Perez with Eddie sni-ggering before turning round and walking out of the shot with the champs still shocked while Shad & JTG squirm around on the floor.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut to Ringside}

***Match #5***

King of the Ring Qualifying Match
Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes

ENDING: Rey makes his way back up slowly with Cody standing by, ready to explode. As Rey makes it to his feet, Cody runs right at him, looking to nail him with a clothesline, but Rey ducks under the outstretched arm. Cody puts the brakes on and quickly turns back to face his opponent, and Rey dropkicks him in the knee, sending Rhodes down to his knees. Rey then runs back in to the ropes, races back and connects with a dropkick to the chest. Cody falls back to the mat with Rey then reacting at speed to go for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Cody kicks out comfortably, and as Rey makes his way back up to his feet, Cody isn’t far behind with Mysterio checking his opponent’s progress, and the Mexican runs forward in to the ropes, hitting a SPRINGBOARD REVERSE CROSS BODY. . . . . The stunned Cody falls back to the mat with Rey on top of him as the referee rushes to his knees to make the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Cody lifts Rey off of him in time to stop the count, and as both men try and get to their feet as fast as they can, Rey has the edge and tries for an irish whip to the corner. It’s reversed though as Cody tamely whips Rey in to the pads and charges right at him, looking for a shoulder thrust, but Rey pulls himself up the ropes and lifts his legs up so Cody runs through with his shoulder hitting the ringpost. Rey looks to take advantage straight away by dropping his legs back down and flipping forward to roll Cody up in to a pinning combination. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kick Out!

Cody just about saves himself by kicking Rey in the face to stop a three count. It takes Rey a little while longer to stand back up with Cody also struggling to his feet, and as Rey tries to pull Cody out of the corner, Cody ducks his head and shifts behind Rey to take him down to the mat with a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP. . . . . Cody still isn’t fully recovered as it takes him a couple of seconds before he is able to go for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Rey kicks out quite comfortably, but as Cody stands back up, it’s clear he’s not keen to mess about now. He reaches down and drags Rey back up, whipping him in to the ropes and nailing him as he gets back with one hell of a STANDING DROPKICK. . . . . The intense look on Cody’s face says it all as he urges Mysterio to get back up, and he slowly does, walking right in to a snap scoop powerslam. Rhodes follows up by walking back in to the ropes and coming back to hit a POINTED KNEE DROP. . . . . Cody drove his knee right in to Rey’s chest and the pain is there for all to see as Cody once again tries for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kick Out! The Master of the 619 gets his shoulder up yet again, and Cody isn’t happy as he sits up and then rises to his feet with Rey getting to his knees. Cody just watches on menacingly while the dazed Mysterio tries to steady himself, and as he then turns round to face Cody, the second generation superstar pulls him in to place and plants him with THE SILVER SPOON DDT. . . . .

The impact was hard as Rey’s head was driven in to the mat, with Rey rolling off centre of the ring and rolling back on to his chest. Cody then rolls him further away by turning him on to his back to allow him to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . No! Rey gets his foot on the rope, and Cody can’t believe it. The crowd go nuts as Cody just stares at the referee in total frustration. It’s just about enough as Cody can take as he stands back up and walks across to the other side of the ring. He then climbs through the ropes and picks up a steel chair before sliding it in to the ring. The referee sees it too while Rey starts to come round by the ropes. As Cody slides back in the ring, the referee picks up the chair that he slid in, angering Cody further. The ref makes it very clear to Cody that he can’t use it and tosses it back outside. Cody shakes his head in frustration again, and he then sees Rey helping himself up by the ropes. Cody runs right at him, but Mysterio counters with a drop toe hold as Cody then lands on the middle rope. The crowd cheer like crazy as Rey dials up then runs back in to the ropes, races back across the ring and connects with the 619. . . . . The crowd are on their feet as Cody falls back to the mat while Rey steadies himself on the apron before DROPPING THE DIME. . . . . . With the crowd counting along, the referee makes the count too. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio by pinfall @ 7.39.

AFTERMATH: “Booyaka 619” blasts out to a huge pop as Rey Mysterio stands back up to get his arm raised before walking in to the corner and celebrating his win with the crowd. As Cody begins to come round, Rey leaves the ring to walk up the ramp, slapping fan’s hands in the process. Cody sits up and he doesn’t look happy at all, staring back up at the ramp in anger.

***Video Promo***

Jeff Hardy is shown in his locker room, psyching himself up for his match with Mr. Kennedy later on in the Quest to be Champion tournament final.

{Cut Outside the Arena}

A very expensive looking and shiny white Lamborghini enters the parking lot at quite a speed and then parks up with Batista getting out of it. The Animal looks deadly serious as he closes the door and locks it, walking towards the arena when Carlito, Eddie Colon & Eric Perez walk by and stop to look at the car.

Carlito: Now dat’s some cool wheels right there. . . That yours Dave?

Batista stops and stares at them with a menacing look.

Batista: Yeah, but I suggest you get the hell away from it before I, not the car runs you over.

Carlito: Whoa chill big man, no need to be like dat.

Batista’s menacing stare remains before he turns away and walks in to the building, slamming the door in the process.

Eddie Colon: What’s his problem?

The Colon’s & Perez turn to look at the car as they walk away with the camera fading out.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut to Ringside}

“I Walk Alone” blasts out to a big pop with a sombre looking Batista walking down to the ring in jeans and a T-shirt to a huge pop with a very small number of boos mixed in. As he collects a microphone and his music cuts, The Animal looks in to the crowd for several seconds with the small number of boos just about being heard.

Batista: You know, I expected a lot of people to be angry at me tonight, and quite frankly, I don’t blame those of you that are. . . Last week, in my absence, Ric Flair and Triple H were attacked in the parking lot as they were about to leave the arena by The Corporation.


Batista: And because of the injuries that they sustained, they were taken to a local medical facility. That’s why they’re not here tonight, but as I told them privately, I felt I owed it to all of you too to explain why I wasn’t here last week. . . You can’t imagine just how sorry I am that Ric. . . and Hunter were left on their own, and by no means is this an excuse to get me off the hook so to speak, but the reason I wasn’t here last Monday night was because my daughter was ill all weekend. She lives with me and I had to take care of her all by myself. I had to take her to the hospital on Monday when she got worse, and I totally lost track of everything else. I can assure you I’m not out here for forgiveness, I just thought it was only right that you as well as Ric and Hunter knew what happened, and that I did not in any circumstances conspire with. . .

“Longhorn” hits with the white limousine entering the arena to a ton of heat by the stage. Batista turns and watches on with absolute distain in his eyes as The Big Show, Vladimir Kozlov, and then JBL step out of the limousine and make their way down to the ring with Show & JBL looking very smug. Batista doesn’t take his eyes off of them as they climb in to the ring with JBL collecting a microphone.

JBL: Dave, many have accused me of being insincere in the past, but let me reassure you that I mean it when I say that it is a distinct pleasure to see you tonight.


Batista stares a hole right through the smug JBL.

JBL: It truly is an honour to see you Dave as I’m sure it would have been for Triple H and The Nature Boy had you been by their side last week when they. . . Well it’s clear I don’t need to tell you do I Dave? . .. Conspicuous by your absence, they were savagely beaten just like my father and my brother were three weeks ago. I then stood in this ring and made our intent clear, that each member of Evolution would suffer for what they did to my family, and Dave it appears that you’re the only one left standing, standing there all by yourself with no help whatsoever. That’s just how your friends felt last week before they felt the bitter taste of retribution, and now Dave, it’s your turn.

Show & Kozlov step forward, but JBL puts his arms out and holds them back with Batista getting ready to go. JBL then pulls his arms down.

JBL: Dave, we could easily get revenge in the same manner we did last week, but it’s evident you’ve already suffered. . . See you have to live with the knowledge that you were responsible for what happened to Triple H and Ric Flair. You have to look at yourself in the mirror knowing that had you been there, they wouldn’t have suffered the horrific beating they received at our hands, and now you have to wake up every morning knowing full well that you presented us with that opportunity Dave. You might as well have done it yourself, and by that miserable expression on your face, you already know that don’t you? You know you have their blood on your hands and it won’t wash off will it? The guilt that you’ve felt all week is your gift to us, and it’s a gift we happily accept.


Batista drops his microphone to the mat and rips his shirt off, and JBL smirks.

JBL: Dave, you don’t want to do this, and I’m not going to allow it. . .

?: No, actually I’m not going to allow it.

Eric Bischoff walks out to the stage, followed by a dozen security officers.

Eric Bischoff: I’m in charge around here John, and I’m the one who’s not going to allow a repeat of last week. And you wanna know how I’m gonna make sure that happens? . . . As of right now, you and your two buddies right there are suspended for two weeks, without pay.

*Big Pop*

Eric Bischoff: That’s right, I don’t want to see you until then, and right now my own group of friends here are going to escort you out of the building.

*Massive Pop*

Batista watches on, still dead serious, and The Corporation are just the same now as security walk down the ramp.

JBL: You can’t do this Bischoff. I’ll have you removed from your job quicker than you can say WCW, and look what happened to that piece of crap.

Eric Bischoff: You go ahead, and we’ll see how far you get with that.

Security enter the ring and try to reason with Show, JBL & Kozlov.

JBL: Fine. We’ll leave, but I promise you Bischoff, you have just made the biggest mistake of your life.

Eric Bischoff: Is that so? . . . I guess we’ll soon see about that.

Batista just stands there and watches as JBL drops the microphone in anger with the rest of The Corporation following as security usher them up the ramp. As they walk past Bischoff, they exchange extremely focused glares.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***
During The Commercial Break

The Corporation are shown being escorted out of the arena by security. JBL, The Big Show and the ever frowning Vladimir Kozlov are clearly very angry as the door is slammed shut on them, and stood several feet away from them is William Regal. He too isn’t in the best of moods, and JBL quickly spots him.

JBL: Did you have any part in this Regal? Because if you did. . .

William Regal: . . . I had nothing to bloody do with it. It was that ignorant cretin. . .

JBL: . . . You’re talking about Bischoff right?

William Regal: Who else? He needs to be put in his place, and the bloody sooner the better. No one treats me this way and gets away with it. . . I assure you he’s going to regret the moment he crossed William Regal.

JBL smiles and turns back to Show & Kozlov. Show grins as he appears to see what JBL’s thinking.

JBL: You know Regal, I think we can help you out with that. . . How about you come with us and we’ll have a little talk about Mister Bischoff?

William Regal: Okay.

JBL puts his arm round Regal and leads him to his limousine with Show smiling behind alongside Kozlov following JBL & Regal.

{Cut to Ringside}

***The Main Event***

Quest To Be Champion Final
Mr. Kennedy vs Jeff Hardy

ENDING: Both men struggle to their feet after a double clothesline, and Kennedy looks to strike the first blow, but Jeff blocks a right hand and kicks him in the gut. He then tries to follow up with an irish whip, but Kennedy reverses it with Jeff being thrown in to the ropes. As he comes back however, he runs past Kennedy to take him down to the mat with a ONE ARM SLEEPER SLAM. . . . . That gets a pop from the crowd who have been cheering for both men throughout, and as Kennedy starts to stand back up straight away, it forces Jeff in to action too. With Kennedy all but up, Jeff runs the short distance in to the corner and comes flying off to send the Green Bay native right back down with the WHISPER IN THE WIND. . . . . The crowd cheer once again as Jeff looks to wrap the match up by going for a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kennedy kicks out with relative ease, and it doesn’t take them long for them to get back to their feet, but it’s Jeff who’s up first, and he turns back to run the ropes and comes back looking to hit a SPINNING WHEEL KICK. . . . . Kennedy ducks his head though and steps to the side as Jeff then falls through the sky and hits the deck. Kennedy doesn’t mess about in wasting any time as he drags Jeff up straight away and whips him hard in to the corner, charges in and drives his elbow right in to Hardy’s face. With Jeff still leaning against the pads, Kennedy turns round and runs back across the ring before turning back and charging right back at Jeff to give him a FACEWASH. . . . . Jeff slumps down the pads, but Kennedy pulls him back up straight away and drags him out of the corner.

He then grabs Jeff by the head, turns him round and plants him with a NECKBREAKER. . . . . It looked a little stiff as Jeff plummets to the canvas, and the white haired star from Green Bay hooks the leg as the ref drops to his knees and makes the count. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Jeff gets his shoulder up, and it’s met by a pop from the crowd. Jeff barely squirms around, still feeling the full effects of the neckbreaker as Kennedy then stands up and walks in to the corner. He climbs through the ropes and all the way up to the top before leaping off, looking to hit the KENTON BOMB. . . . . BUT NO. . . . . Jeff rolls to the side, and Kennedy crash lands in a big way. The crowd try to encourage both men, and they start to respond, slowly making their way up to a vertical base. Kennedy runs at Jeff, but Hardy kicks him in the gut and reacts quickly to plant him with a SIT OUT JAWBREAKER. . . . . That looked painful, and Jeff thinks he has a chance to wrap it up as he rushes to make a cover. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Shoulder Up! Kennedy barely lifts his shoulder up off the mat, but Jeff isn’t in the mood to let time go by either as he hurries on up to his feet and lifts both of Kennedy’s legs up before hitting a double leg drop to the groin. Kennedy rolls around in pain after that one, but Jeff looks to strike while the iron’s hot as he stands back up and brings Kennedy with him, pulling him in to place for the TWIST OF FATE. . . . . He looks in to the crowd for a couple of seconds, and that gives Kennedy time to counter and shove Jeff forward in to the ropes. Jeff holds on to the ropes as he gets there, and Kennedy takes a second before running at him.

Jeff lifts his boot up in to Kennedy’s face, sending him back pedalling in to the centre of the ring, and as he turns round, Jeff runs out at him and goes for a clothesline, but Kennedy ducks it with the referee taking the full force instead. Jeff looks stunned, but as he turns round, Kennedy kicks him in the stomach and plants him with THE MIC CHECK. . . . . He crawls over and hooks both of Jeff’s legs, seemingly unaware of what happened to the ref. Kennedy turns to the side and sees the ref is barely moving. He lets go of the hold and crawls across to try and help the ref when all of a sudden, Randy Orton jumps the barricade at ringside and slips in to the ring unnoticed by Kennedy. The Legend Killer sneaks up behind Kennedy, urging him to turn round, and as Kennedy does then stand up and turn round, Orton plants him with a thunderous RKO. . . . . Boos ring out as Orton stands back up and stares down at Kennedy totally laid out for several seconds before leaving the ring to a ton of heat. He then climbs back over the barricade and watches on as both Jeff and the ref come round, and Jeff looks suprised to see Kennedy on his back, not knowing what’s happened. After he’s able to stand up, he slowly walks in to the corner and climbs all the way up to the summit as Kennedy lies their motionless with Orton watching on intently with security all around him. Jeff then leaps off the top and hits the SWANTON BOMB. . . . . It gets a big pop from most of the fans as he then hooks both legs as the ref slowly crawls across and makes the count. . . . . . . . . . 1 . . . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . . . . . . 3.

WINNER: Jeff Hardy by pinfall @ 12.50.

AFTERMATH: “No More Words” hits to a big pop despite some boos for Orton’s role as Jeff Hardy slowly picks himself back up with the referee raising his hand. Orton watches on with a sadistic smile on his face as the camera zooms in on Kennedy lying there out of it. Jeff walks over to the corner and climbs up to the second rope to pose for his delighted fans. Orton then turns round and walks back through the crowd while Kennedy rolls over to the apron as “Burned” then blasts out with Kane walking down to the ring. Paul Bearer is with him, holding on to the WWE Championship while Jeff steps down off the ropes in shock. He stands still as Kane then climbs on to the apron and then over the top rope, but Jeff fights fire with fire and runs at his King of the Ring opponent. He takes Kane off guard and nails him with a succession of right hands, but Kane then fights back and shoves him away with Jeff falling to the mat. He races back up and runs back at Kane, unloading again, then tries for an irish whip to the corner.

Kane reverses it though, but as Hardy approaches the pads, he jumps up to the second rope and takes Kane by surprise once again, this time with the Whisper in the Wind. The crowd go crazy, and Bearer looks shocked as Jeff stands back up, closely followed by Kane, and the number one contender for the WWE Championship kicks him in the gut to set him up for the Twist of Fate. With cheers echoing around the arena, Jeff looks to hit it, but Kane counters and pushes him back in to the ropes, and as Jeff comes back, Kane grabs him around the throat and quickly sends him crashing down to the mat with a Chokeslam. The fans aren’t cheering anymore as the WWE Champion then reaches down and drags Jeff’s lifeless body up, scoops him on to his shoulder and drills him with a Tombstone Piledriver. The camera switches to show Bearer laughing away before quickly going back to show the menacing sight of Kane standing back up and then lifting his arms up. He then brings them crashing down, setting off his pyro in all four corners of the ring as “Burned” hits once again with The Big Red Machine just staring down at Jeff as the show comes to a close.

{End of Show}


Santino Marella df. Jimmy Wang Yang
Kofi Kingston
df. Brian Kendrick
DRAW Melina
df. William Regal
Rey Mysterio
df. Cody Rhodes
Jeff Hardy
df. Mr. Kennedy


WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy vs Kane (c)

Million Dollar Championship
Finlay vs Ted DiBiase Jr (c)

The King of the Ring Tournament
Qualified So Far
From Raw: Kenny Dykstra, Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston & Rey Mysterio
From Smackdown: Elijah Burke

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Spam: awesome raw man, loved it

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

BY SC2004 >>>

>>> Nice change of pace, opting to cut straight to the chase and ignore the usual theatrics that we tend to expect at the start of the show. You also left out the commentators, which was unusual, but perfectly acceptable. Now last week you had Cody and Kofi main event and this week you have Rhodes open the show. It’s different, but you have got to ask the question, “Id Rhodes a big enough star to grab viewers attention at the top of a two hour show and more importantly make them care and stop them from tuning out?” I don’t think so. This was a good opener as the angle is smoking hot and it’s my favourite by far. You successfully conveyed Cody’s frustration, want for revenge and desire to be champion. Putting them in the KOTR qualifying matches works on all levels and announcing the cage match so far in advance was a stroke of genius. This is going to build and build and who knows, in a few more shows maybe I’ll be expecting Cody Rhodes to open the show….

>>> Santino is back on the market, women everywhere can rejoice. Melina looks smoking hot in that graphic, very natural and not to made up. I like it when the divas don’t look like transvestites. Well the only way Santino was advancing in the KOTR was if he was pitted against a jobber like Jimmy, Yang, Wang. Although I like seeing Santino used more in the ring, I question him advancing and taking that spot from a more deserving superstar. He’s nowhere near being a contender this year, but maybe next year he will be.

>>> Did Kennedy have a reason to go into Bischoff’s office? If he did, it wasn’t made clear. Again Bearer was on the money and he’s been a great talker for Kane, putting him over more than he ever could of done himself. I still would like to see Kane become less of a silent monster and more aggressive. In 1997 he attacked and beat people up for kicks, he needs to be doing that again, just to demonstrate how destructive he really is.

>>> Interesting little snippet. Mysterio is the perfect choice of opponent for Dykstra and they should work very well together in the ring. What I like most about Dykstra is the fact he thinks his unbeatable, the best wrestler in the company and yet he hasn’t exactly backed it up. Mysterio ought to be his stepping stone to that next level.

>>> I’m glad you opted to keep Cody out of Kofi’s match up with Kendrick and hopefully the same will ring through later on tonight. A clean win, no surprised really apart from London looking on from the stage. Pretty standard and effective. Not much more to say really.

>>> I applaud you for not burying Melina here, which would of crossed my mind. Actually no it wouldn’t, I worship the woman. LOL. No but seriously, this was a classy piece of booking, by keeping both women looking strong, you strengthen the division as a whole. The triple threat match is set for Vengeance. It’s odd to be booking two PPV events at once, but with the KOTR being the type of show that it is, I guess it makes sense.

>>> I’ve waited weeks for you to flip the switch on a Regal, Bischoff feud and without being to harsh, it fell on it’s ass. It was slowly building and then wham! You jumped the gun. Bischoff over reacted. He wouldn’t of been that upset over Regal’s logical booking decision. The opening line of the promo was enough to carry the simmering animosity for another week, but instead you opted to bring Regal in. Bischoff blows a lid, Regal looks like a candy ass and the match up tonight was unnecessary IMO. Wasn’t subtle and it was subtlety that made this angle work up to this point.

>>> Is it fair that I think it’s off you mention the fact Batista is addressing the fans this late in the show without any hype of mention of it this far. The Corporation, Evolution feud has taken a back seat tonight and I found it to be a good thing. An angle that has been running this long can become stale due to overexposure and repetition. Anyway, now that I know about Batista addressing the fans, I don’t know whether I care as his boring promo skills may make it a tad painful. See what happens…

>>> Well now that was a whole lot better than I expected. You booke dit well, Regal running away. It made sense as he is no longer a wrestler, due presumably to injury, so for him to wrestle, well it would have been unrealistic. The million dollar man, is it a coincidence to find him on your show just days after he appeared on RAW IRL? Or was it planned all along?

>>> It seems odd to me that all six men involved in this backstage promo would be flown to the show for two minutes of screen time. LOL. That’s just be delving to far into things. This was clearly put together to shed light on the tag team division and attempt to make it look competitive, which I guess it is.

>>> Kofi wins, Cody doesn’t… I wonder why you went that route? Were you afraid to have Rey put Cody over here, because it could have worked. The loss doesn’t make Cody look weak, but the fact that he has attempted to cheat using the belt last week and a chair this week and still lost makes him look a little dumb. He can’t even cheat right! LOL. The next logical step here will be for Cody to go out of his way in order to eliminate Kofi from the tournament, which should be fun.

>>> Did you see the episode of cribs with Batista and the white Lamborghini also? Nice touch. I’m such a car freak, but I hate white cars. Yuck!

>>> Is Eric turning face, from that promo it would seem so and also hi interrupting Cody at the start of the show. He’s been walking a fine line between heel and face of late and I think it would be great if he aligned himself with Evolution. A counter puncher to Vince if you will. I’m impressed by the suspension decision and I hope it sticks. I say this because as I said earlier, the angle is long running and having the corporation off of TV for 2 weeks would help inject some like into the feud on their return.

>>> Regal came across like a scorned school boy, sulking after the principle punished him. That being said, the short segment was effective and planted the seeds for a power struggle. The Corporation will want to push Eric out and put regal in the GM chair.

>>> A great main event. The right man won in Hardy, as now Kennedy can move onto his feud with Randy Orton. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Kane is not the top superstar on RAW, in fact he’s about fifth or sixth on the list and yet he’s world champion and one would imagine still will be after the KOTR. I don’t know whether it’s how sparingly you use him, or the fact that he really doesn’t do a whole lot and gets very little camera time as a result. Yes he’s a monster, but only when paired with Hardy. If it were Batista, Triple H, Big Show or even Orton set to face Kane at the KOTR, he wouldn’t look nearly as impressive and if he were scheduled to face any of those men, one would automatically consider him the underdog IMO.

OVERALL: Not much else to say really. You cleverly took the focus off of the Evolution/ Corporation feud to a certain extent and what you did showcase tonight worked very well. Cody is shinning, even in defeat. The same can be said for Kofi and DiBiase. Lots going on as ever. A slower paced, more laid back and wrestling orientated show that last week, but it still delivered entertainment in abundance.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response



Last night on Raw, we saw the culmination of the Quest to be Champion tournament with Jeff Hardy prevailing in a controversial victory over Mr. Kennedy. In what was an extremely competitive match, Randy Orton shocked everyone by jumping the barricade and costing his rival, Kennedy the match, having earlier called Eric Bischoff earlier in the day to say he had a family emergency and would be missing the show.

That now means that Jeff will advance to the King of the Ring in just under two weeks to take on “The Big Red Machine” Kane for the WWE Championship. The Charismatic Enigma got a taste of the challenge he faces just moments after his victory as The Big Red Machine stormed the ring and attacked him, leaving Jeff lying there totally helpless.

Will it be a familiar picture come the King of the Ring?

Cody Rhodes was a man on a mission once again last night as he demanded action following the controversial finish to his match with Kofi Kingston last week on Raw. Eric Bischoff decided that he needed to act, and he did just that, making an Intercontinental Championship match between Rhodes and Kofi Kingston at Vengeance in a Steel Cage match to ensure no one else can get involved.

Cody was also informed this would be his last opportunity at the title as long as Kofi is the champion, but will he be able to take it?

Another championship match was set for Vengeance last night when Melina & Natalya Neidhart went at it for the chance to face Victoria for the Women’s Championship in less than four weeks. The match had a controversial ending as the referee was knocked down, leading to another coming out to officiate. After a german suplex from Natalya, both referees counted different women’s shoulders, creating confusion as to who actually won the match.

Eric Bischoff’s Executive Assistant, William Regal quickly cleared the confusion up and announced that both divas will challenge Victoria for the title in a triple threat match. Victoria’s odds of retaining the title have dropped considerably, but she will defy them to remain the WWE Women’s Champion once Vengeance has been settled?

>Raw Now Has Four Wannabe Kings<

Kenny Dykstra became the first Raw superstar to qualify for the King of the Ring, but he was joined there last night by the Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston who overcame Brian Kendrick, while Rey Mysterio & Santino Marella defeated Cody Rhodes & Jimmy Wang Yang respectively.

Elijah Burke is the only Smackdown superstar to qualify so far, and we have it on good authority that the final three qualifiers will be decided this Friday night to complete the make up of the eight man elimination tournament.


Originally Posted by sc2004 View Post
Putting them in the KOTR qualifying matches works on all levels and announcing the cage match so far in advance was a stroke of genius. This is going to build and build and who knows, in a few more shows maybe I’ll be expecting Cody Rhodes to open the show….
There’s only 3 more Raw shows before Vengeance and one before King of the Ring. Vengeance is only two weeks after the King of the Ring my brother.

Originally Posted by sc2004 View Post
The million dollar man, is it a coincidence to find him on your show just days after he appeared on RAW IRL? Or was it planned all along?
Planned for a while. You know I’m like you for planning, I do it well in advance. If you remember, he was on a few weeks back in BTB time, but a month or more IRL time. It's part of the direction I’ve taking Ted Jr in, in terms of his attitude and complacency, but it will become clearer soon enough if it isn't enough so at the moment.

Originally Posted by sc2004 View Post
Kofi wins, Cody doesn’t… I wonder why you went that route? Were you afraid to have Rey put Cody over here, because it could have worked.
Maybe a little bit, but I don't want to have too many rivals in the King of the Ring tournament and overshadow it. Rey's a big name and a threat to win it, and I didn't want Rey/Dykstra & Kofi/Cody in the same tournament with Vengeance coming up too. That's why Killings & Chavo are in a qualifier on Smackdown. Plus I wanted to have Cody get angry as he’s better that way and it gives him more to whinge about and act on.

Thanks for the review Sean.
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