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Re: WWE: A Strong Response - By Nige™ & Emperor DC

Smackdown Preview - Friday 23rd May 2008
Live From The Bi-Lo Center
Greenville, South Carolina


Shawn Michaels tried his best to play down the speculation last week that he fears The Undertaker going in to their World Heavyweight Championship match at Judgment Day this Sunday. After defeating Chavo Guerrero in the main event, the World Champion was greeted by a chilling message from the dead man as their highly anticipated title match draws closer. The Heartbreak Kid seems to have convinced some that he is going to the title defence with no fear, but will the same be said once Friday night is through?

He will be speaking to Michael Cole this week to discuss Judgment Day’s must see main event.

There is no doubting that CM Punk has alienated a lot of people in the last six months or so with his new attitude, but it appears that his popularity continues to fall. He went one on one with Elijah Burke last week, just seven days after costing Matt Hardy his match with MVP. With Matt seeking revenge against the man he faces this weekend, he distracted Punk long enough to give Burke a huge victory as he himself prepares to take on MVP in a no disqualification match at Judgment Day. It also appeared that MVP enjoyed the outcome, laughing at Punk as The Straight Edge Superstar walked through the back after the defeat with the two men having exchanged words earlier in the evening.

Who will have the last laugh this week, and more importantly at Judgment Day?

Chris Masters & Charlie Haas sure have made an impression in recent weeks on Smackdown, but it will soon be put up or shut up time for the opportunistic duo as they prepare to take on The UK Pack for the WWE Tag Team titles at Judgment Day. The Masters of the Mat put on a dominant display last week after running down Shawn Michaels, but they were far from through for the night. Coming across Paul Burchill & Harry Smith later on, they confidently told the champs that the gold will soon be switching hands.

Is that the case? Maybe we’ll get an indication of that this Friday night.

The United States Championship will be decided in the first ever scramble match this weekend at Judgment Day when Shelton Benjamin defends it against four other men. He was unable to defeat just one of those last week as he got himself disqualified against Bobby Lashley. The Gold Standard may well see that he has a challenge on his hands, and with two more of his opponents in Ron Killings & Chavo Guerrero eager to get their hands on each other, his short title reign could well be in jeopardy. Chavo tried but failed to get Killings fired last week, and Tazz made sure that there was no major incident as Killings tried to get to Chavo before this Sunday.

With all this going on, can Shelton pull it out of the bag and somehow defy the odds?

Johnny Jeter found a way round his match with Matt Sydal two weeks back by attacking Sydal as his former friend made his way down to the ring. However, Tazz has made sure that Sydal will get the opportunity he craves to face the man who stabbed in the back recently, head on, and that will take place this weekend at Judgment Day. Jeter didn’t seem too bothered when told of the match by Smackdown’s General Manager, confident even about his chances.

We found out that Sydal is good to go after injuring his ribs in the attack two weeks ago, and you have to wonder just how confident Jeter really is.

When people tell you that Kid Kash is very in your face, they’re not lying. The man who faces The Notorious K.I.D. this weekend certainly found that out for himself last Friday night as he was attacked by Kash during an interview. Michael Shane will be putting his Cruiserweight Championship on the line when he meets Kash at Judgment Day, and right now Kash looks ruthless as he attempts to take the title away from Shawn Michaels’ cousin.

Will Kash continue his crusade to get one over on Shane this week? Tune in and find out.

For a couple of weeks, mystery has surrounded Smackdown and the woman who has entered the arena and attacked Mickie James, Michelle McCool & Maria. We discovered last week that this woman’s name is Mia Rain, and we also found out that she is more of a handful than we first thought. Tazz put Rain in a match that saw her teaming up with Beth Phoenix to take on Mickie & McCool. It proved to be a fine debut for Rain as she and the confused Glamazon picked up the victory.

This week however, Rain will make her singles debut against McCool. Will it be another impressive outing for Smackdown’s newest diva?


Michelle McCool vs Mia Rain


Michael Cole’s Interview with Shawn Michaels

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response - By Nige™ & Emperor DC

The Shawn/'Taker feud has been built slowly but very effectively, and I'm looking forward to hearing what Shawn's thinking. Even with Cole involved, the champ's thoughts should still make for a money segment, and the match will definitely speak for itself.

I said it last week, but Punk and MVP could put on a great program. Shame it won't happen, wouldn't be in the best interests of either man to turn face at this point. Still, more segments on the way would be great, and I'd also like to hear from Matt and Elijah, too.

The Masters of the Mat most certainly have made a name for themselves, although in the process it kind of took away from their own program with the Tag Titles. I'm glad we'll be getting more for the feud, and hope for another confrontation with the UK Pack.

I can definitely see Shelton retaining at Judgment Day, and moving onto a singles feud with Lashley. Killings and Chavo, I feel, are only in the scramble to combine the match to leave another spot on the card, which I think is great booking. Jordan, I really don't see much of a threat in him, so this episode might have a little more from him. It'll be interesting to see what'll go down on SD!, though, with five guys, there's a lot that can happen.

The Sydal/Jeter feud has been another program that's been built up well, with a traditional friend-to-foe story to it that I find appealing. I'd love to hear something from Sydal, even though he's not the best talker, but it'd add a little more balanced, since Jeter's mostly had the speaking role. Either way, this feud's been fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it'll progress right before it culminates.

The CW Title feud has had some solid build-up. I've never liked Kash, and this has helped in making me dislike him more, so great job there. I really want to see him get beat, but seeing what happens this week shall also be fun.

I'm really liking Mia Rain, and I'm glad she's making a big impact off the bat, which is also bringing attention to the other Divas. I'm not fond of Michelle, but I'd very much like to see her get beat by Mia again.

All in all, the show looks great. With only one match announced, the rest is up in the air, which is always great in building intruige. Should be a great go-home show, I'll definitely be checking it out, Nige.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response - By Nige™ & Emperor DC

I know I haven’t been able to keep up on this BTB lately, but I’m glad to see you seem to have slowed down also. I guess this can be attributed to the fact you opted to write your last raw out in full which takes an awful lot of time to do, I should know. Anyway, I’m just glad you haven’t posted Judgment Day yet as I’m really looking forward to The Undertaker, HBK match up which should be awesome. SmackDown looks great, I think it’s become the better show since Mania. Punk is golden lately and I really enjoy reading his promos. Just the one divas match up announced before the show which is very strange, you tend to announce at least three or four matches in advance. Anyway, looking forward to the show and hopefully I’ll have time to review it.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response - By Nige™ & Emperor DC

Smackdown Results - Friday 23rd May 2008
Live From The Bi-Lo Center
Greenville, South Carolina

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

Shawn Michaels defeating Chavo Guerrero in the main event with The Undertaker then sending him a video message after, saying Michaels will rest in peace at Judgment Day.

***Opening Video***
“If You Rock Like Me”


Michael Cole is standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand.

Michael Cole:
In just two nights time, Judgment Day comes to you live on pay-per-view, and we have ourselves a main event that promises to be one of the all time classics with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line.


Michael Cole: With that said, I would like to introduce to you the man who will be defending his World Heavyweight Championship in that match. . . “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels.

*Huge Pop*

The crowd rise to their feet as “Sexy Boy” blasts out to a huge pop inside The Bi-Lo Center with Shawn Michaels walking down to the ring in jeans, shirt and a white jacket with the World Championship resting over his shoulder. The Heartbreak Kid is unusually low key, looking very serious as he walks down the ramp and enters the ring, shaking hands with Michael Cole. They wait for the crowd to die down before they continue.

Michael Cole:
Shawn, there’s no way of downplaying the importance of your match this Sunday. You’ll be facing one of the greatest ever to step foot in this ring, and possibly the most feared superstar of all time with your World Championship at stake. . . And now that we’re just a matter of days away, does the challenge you face seem more real? Has the enormity of the task you face sunk in?

Shawn Michaels: You know Michael, the moment you’re told you’ll be facing The Undertaker, it sinks in right there, right then. It’s one of those things that hits you instantly and there’s not a thing you can do about it. . . Everyone knows just what to expect from The Undertaker, there’s no getting away from it. He has a presence like nobody else, and there’s no doubting just what he’s accomplished in this ring. . . But you know what? There’s someone else whose reputation can hang with that of the dead man’s. There’s only ever been one man in this company to rival The Undertaker’s legacy, and you’re looking at him.


Michaels is getting more intense as he goes along, raising his voice more and more.

Shawn Michaels:
He might be bigger than me, he might be more intimidating than me and he might be the most feared person to ever step foot in this ring, or even walk the face of this earth, but there’s one thing he’s not. . . he’s not The Heartbreak Kid. And he’s not the World Heavyweight Champion. . . I am.


Shawn Michaels:
I’ve main evented Wrestlemania time and time again, won Royal Rumble’s back to back, won every title there is to win and beaten everyone there is to beat, and the same cannot be said for the dead man because there’s one man he has never, never beaten in this ring. . . and that man is me. Not once has The Undertaker been able to make me rest in peace and add me to his victim list. . . Don’t get me wrong, I respect everything The Undertaker’s accomplished in this ring, but despite that, there’s not a single part of The Heartbreak Kid that fears The Undertaker. Take away his WrestleMania winning streak and his accomplishments in comparison to those of The Heartbreak Kid pale in to insignificance. . . And Undertaker, if you're gonna send me messages like last week thinkin’ it’s gonna intimidate me for Judgment Day. . . then dead man, it’s not gonna work. I’ve beaten you before and I’ll do so again.

*Pop* (Some boos)

Michael Cole: Shawn, one of the things I wanted to ask you was what you just brought up. . . your head to head record with The Undertaker. We prepared this especially earlier on today.

Cole directs Shawn’s attention to the tron as we see his past meetings with The Undertaker, starting with Bad Blood 1997 when Kane ripped down the door of the Hell in a Cell to tombstone The Undertaker and give Michaels the win. Next up is the 1998 Royal Rumble with Michaels winning again in a Casket Match thanks to D-Generation X. Finally we see footage from the Raw Anniversary last December with Umaga attacking The Undertaker to allow Michaels to become the number one contender for the World Championship.

Michael Cole:
Now we saw right there Shawn that on the three occasions you’ve faced The Undertaker, you’ve won each time. However, there’s always been some sort of outside interference that has gone against The Undertaker whether it was instigated by you or not. . . I have to ask you Shawn if you feel you can beat The Undertaker without any kind of outside interference this Sunday night.

A very serious Michaels takes a couple of seconds before answering.

Shawn Michaels:
The Shawn Michaels of old Michael would have kicked your teeth out for even contemplating asking him that. However as it is, it’s a question that both needs and deserves an answer, and I assure you it’s gonna get one at Judgment Day. . . I honestly can’t say for sure what the answer is as I’ve yet to beat The Undertaker without some kind of BS getting in the way, but I know what I have to do to find out. . . I have to do what I’ve done time and time again on the big stage, AND THAT’S SHOW THE WORLD WHY SHAWN MICHAELS IS THE SHOW STOPPER, THE ICON, THE MAIN EVENT.

*Big Pop*


*Massive Pop*

Cole gives Michaels time to cool down and the crowd to die down.

Michael Cole:
Shawn, despite your match this Sunday, later on tonight you will be teaming up with The Undertaker to take on two men that have certainly got themselves in yours and The Undertaker’s business, The Masters of the Mat. Do you think you will be able to put the match this Sunday to the back of your mind tonight?

Shawn Michaels: You have to give those guys credit. They’ve spotted themselves an opportunity and they sure have taken advantage of it. . . But tonight, they’re gonna have to face up to their actions. . .

“Metalingus” blasts out to a chorus of boos from the stunned crowd as Edge walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand. He is smiling like crazy while Cole looks gobsmacked in the ring with Michaels shaking his head and smirking.

What’s up Shawn? You don’t look all that surprised to see me? . . . Did you really think I was gonna just drift off in to the night like your title reign might this Sunday?


Edge: Oh yeah that got your attention huh Shawn? I came here tonight to make a huge announcement, and let’s face it, not even the prospect of you and The Undertaker beating the crap out of each other comes close to the return of the Rated R Superstar. . . See my return means so many different things Shawn, but I’m not gonna to go in to that tonight as I only came here to do our new GM a favour and give people more of a reason to order Judgment Day than watch two escaped geriatric patients give these so called fans what they want to see. . . I’m gonna give them what they really wanna see at Judgment Day. . . ME!


Edge: That’s right, yours truly will be at Judgment Day to present a very special edition of The Cutting Edge that I promise will be the biggest yet. And I promise you I’ve got one hell of a surprise in store. But Shawn you shouldn’t concern yourself about that as you’ve got more to worry about than what I have to say. If you do however by some miracle beat The Undertaker and retain the World Heavyweight Championship, rest assured I’m gonna be there to pick up the scraps and get my hands on the world title once again. . . One way another Shawn, this Sunday will be your Judgment Day.

“Metalingus” plays again as Edge grins at a now very serious looking Shawn Michaels as Michael Cole leaves the ring.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***
During The Break

Maria trying to catch up with Edge in the hallway.

Maria: EDGE. . . Can I get a few words with you?

Edge: Did I not I make clear enough earlier that what I have to say will have to wait 'til Judgment Day? . . . What I have to say won’t be heard tonight but in the biggest ever edition of The Cutting Edge Sunday night. . . Now I suggest you run along, do your hair or somethin’ and wait on the edge of your seat just like the rest of the world is for what I have to say this Sunday.

Edge carries on up the hall and goes through the door to the parking lot as Maria gormlessly stands there watching.

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

Ending to Mickie James & Michelle McCool/Beth Phoenix & Mia Rain match:
Rain coolly spins McCool round before planting her with a falling reverse DDT, otherwise known as the Rain Drop to make the cover and earn the victory.

Aftermath: Rain’s music hits and she gets her arm raised as The Glamazon stands there staring at her, still not sure what to make of her while Mickie enters the ring to check on McCool. Rain leaves the ring and smiles as she backs up the ramp with both Mickie & Beth watching her like a hawk.

{Cut To Ringside}

***The Opening Match***

Michelle McCool w/Mickie James vs Mia Rain

Mia Rain dominated the early going, and despite a valiant comeback from McCool, Rain has regained the initiative with a ferocious double knee backbreaker. With Beth Phoenix looking on from the announce position, saying she doesn’t know anything about Rain and that there is only room for one dominant diva on Smackdown, Mia keeps glancing across to make The Glamazon aware of her presence, provoking some uneasy looks between the two women. McCool slowly picks herself back up, but she looks in a lot of pain as Mickie wills her on from ringside. Rain looks very comfortable as she turns back and walks menacingly across to McCool. She then spins her round so she’s facing McCool’s back (who wants to see the skank’s face honestly?), and then sends her crashing back down to the mat with a falling reverse DDT. With Rain going for a cover straight away, McCool shocks everyone by kicking out, giving the crowd the lift they need to encourage her even more. Rain isn’t impressed as she stands back up with a face like thunder, keeping as calm as she can as McCool slowly stands back up, totally unaware of the fate waiting for her with Rain pouncing immediately to lift her in to a bridging straight jacket electric chair drop. The impact was horrific and McCool is motionless as the referee makes the elementary cover to give Rain her debut singles victory.

WINNER: Mia Rain by pinfall @ 6.17.

AFTERMATH: “Let It Fall” hits as Rain picks herself back up to get her arm raised before leaving the ring. She turns round to face the ring as Mickie slides in to check on McCool while Beth isn’t sure what to make of things. Rain looks back at Mickie as McCool comes round with Mickie then turning round to see the dangerous new diva glaring back at her.

***Video Promo***
From Earlier Today

The UK Pack arriving and getting out of their rental car in the parking lot. Paul Burchill opens one of the back doors to reach inside while Harry Smith is jumped at the driver’s side by Charlie Haas. Burchill hears the scuffle and looks up as Haas clobbers Smith across the back, but Burchill is then jumped by Chris Masters. The Masterpiece attacks him with a hard shot to the lower back, sending Burchill down to his knees. While Smith & Haas exchange blows, Burchill remains on his knees with his right arm half way inside the car, from the elbow down. Masters grabs the car door and slams it right across Burchill’s arm.

Paul Burchill:

Burchill pulls his arm out of the car as Masters backs away with a smile on his face while Haas & Smith turn round to see what’s going on.

Harry Smith: PAUL, YOU OKAY?

Chris Masters: CHARLIE, LET’S GO.

Haas runs round to the other side, joining Masters as he back tracks. Smith races round to check on his partner, dropping to his knees and slamming the door as Burchill looks in agony on the floor.

Harry Smith: What happened?

Paul Burchill: My wrist. He slammed the door on it. It hurts like shit.

Harry Smith: Hang on, I’ll get you some help.

Smith stands up and looks towards the entrance (a good 30 yards away) with a backstage worker walking out.


Harry Smith: WE NEED HELP.


Harry Smith: Wait ‘til I get my hands on those bastards. They’re gonna be sorry.

Burchill clutches his wrist as Smith turns back to look towards the entrance.

Harry Smith:

We then see the same scene but later on, with Burchill being lifted in to an ambulance and Smith climbing in before the doors are slammed shut and the ambulance drives off.

{Cut Backstage}

Josh Matthews is standing by.

Josh Matthews:
Ladies and gentleman, my guests at this time are the two men responsible for that heinous attack you just saw from earlier on today, Chris Masters & Charlie Haas, The Masters of the Mat.

The camera zooms out to show the very smug duo grinning with no remorse whatsoever.

Josh Matthews:
Gentleman after the scenes we just saw and the news coming through that Paul Burchill has suffered a broken wrist in that incident, how can you possibly defend what you did earlier on today?

Masters smirks.

Chris Masters:
Who said anything about defending what we did Josh? . . . I don’t remember us apologising or anything like that, and why should we? In two days time, me and Charlie have a shot at the tag team titles, and all we did was send them a preview if you will of what they’re going to face when they get at Judgment Day. . . We’re not just the masters of the mat Josh. . . we’re the masters period. They might be the champions for now, but they won’t be for much longer. . . Some people might have seen what we did as. . . what did you call it Josh? Heinous? . . . What it was Josh was intelligent. We’re dead serious about becoming the new tag team champions, and we’ll do whatever it takes to do it. . . And if Burchill is looking for some medical advice, I think we can help him out. . . For your own good, don’t turn up Sunday, because if you do. . . a broken wrist will be the least of your problems.

Josh Matthews: Well putting Judgment Day to one side and everything you’ve said and done in recent weeks, what are your thoughts on your match later on tonight against Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker?

Haas & Masters look at each other and smile.

Chris Masters:
Josh, it seems you’re under the impression we’re partly to blame for Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker not gettin’ along, and that’s crap. The reason they can’t along Josh is because they want to tear each other apart like they will tonight, mark my words. It’s gonna be a walk in the park, just like Sunday night when we become the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

Masters & Haas smirk in to the camera before walking off with Matthews looking disgusted with them.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

Josh Matthews interviewing Michael Shane:
Josh pulls the microphone back and is about to say something when Shane is jumped and knocked to the floor. The camera zooms out to show The Notorious K.I.D. pummelling away at Shane with boots to the back as Josh steps back. Shane is helpless as he lies on the floor, and Kash grins before asking Shane if that’s what he wants. He sn-iggers and turns round to walk out of the shot as Shane starts to squirm with Josh checking if he’s okay.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #2***

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs Kid Kash

Kash was too cocky for his own good in the opening minutes with Duggan giving the hot crowd what they wanted to see; Kash getting a beating. He’s made his way back in to it by raking Hacksaw in the eyes and taking him down with a dropkick to the knee that sends Duggan down to his knees. Kash follows up by running back in to the ropes and nailing Duggan as he races back with a sit-down dropkick to the head. The very intense and angry Kash looks determined to give Hacksaw a pounding, stomping across his chest continuously. The ref steps in and backs him away, allowing Duggan to stand back up while clutching his chest, and as Kash walks back across, Duggan nails him with a right hand, catching him off guard. As the veteran throws another at him, Kash ducks it and then tries to whip Duggan in to the corner, but it’s easily reversed with Kash being tossed in to the pads. Duggan takes his time, posing and shouting out to the American fans before running at Kash who lifts both his feet up in to Hacksaw’s chest. Duggan staggers out of the corner, but Kash grabs him by the head and pulls him back in to nail him with a springboard DDT. Hacksaw looks in trouble as the now wide mouthed Kash walks back in to the corner and climbs to the top before hitting a Frog Splash. He hooks both legs as the ref counts to three.

WINNER: Kid Kash by pinfall @ 3.26.

AFTERMATH: “Bawitdaba” hits to heat from the crowd as Kash stands back up and smirks in to the crowd, not paying attention to the referee raising his hand. He walks over to the ropes and points in to the crowd, but as he turns round to leave the ring, walking to the ropes in front of the ramp, the tron shows Michael Shane, the Cruiserweight Champion standing in the back. Kash looks confused as the referee checks on Duggan.

Michael Shane:
Real impressive Kid, you’ve got me worried for Sunday. Well maybe not, but I think you get my point. . . I remember you said a few weeks ago that you wanted my attention before you take the Cruiserweight Championship at Judgment Day. . . well you’ve got it alright. But one thing you’re not gonna get is the cruiserweight title. It’s on my shoulder now and that’s where it’s stayin’.


Michael Shane: I know fans across the world are split on who they want to win the match between The Undertaker and my cousin, Shawn Michaels this Sunday, but I think it’s pretty obvious that no one wants to see you become the Cruiserweight Champion. I might be wrong, maybe Greenville can answer that for you now. . . So Greenville, do you want Kid Kash to be your Cruiserweight Champion?


Michael Shane: I didn’t quite hear that back here, maybe you could answer that for me again.


Kash is steaming as he watches helplessly from the ring.

Michael Shane: Yeah I heard it that time, and who can blame them huh Kid? . . . Alright, enough of the fun and games, I actually had something I wanted to say to you after you jumped me like the real tough guy that you are last week. You might not take me seriously, and even some of the fans might feel the same, but this Sunday night, I’ve got a chance to show you that I’m more than just a name on the Michaels’ family tree. I’ve got a chance to show you and the world why I deserve to be the Cruiserweight Champion and why I deserve to be in that ring that’s graced so many legends like my cousin. . . You wanna see what Michael Shane can do? . . . Well Kid, you’re not going to be disappointed in one sense, but you will in another. . . I’m gonna show you personally that this belt belongs to me and why you’re not gonna take it from me. All the tricks in the book aren’t gonna help you Sunday 'cos I know how you work boy. . . And I promise you once our match is over, you and everyone else will know exactly just who Michael Shane is.


The frustrated Kash stares back as Duggan is helped to the back.

{Cut Backstage}

An angry Ron Killings is pacing through the back with cheers coming from inside the arena. He walks up to the GM’s office, opens the door and walks right in with Tazz talking to Mickie James. He turns to Killings for a moment.

Tazz: Hey man, jus’ give me a sec an’ I’ll be right with ya.

He turns back to face Mickie.

Tazz: You sure ‘bout this? You really wan’ a piece of Mia Rain at Judgment Day?

Mickie James: Real sure. After she’s all done to me and the other divas, she needs to know she can’t just walk in here. . .

Tazz: . . . I get it and you’ve got it. You and Mia Rain this Sunday at Judgment Day.

Mickie James: Thanks Tazz.

Tazz: Hey, no problem Mickie, jus’ take care of yaself ya hear.

Mickie walks out smiling as Tazz turns his attention to Killings.

And jus’ what can I do for you my man?

Ron Killings: In two words. . . Chavo Guerrero, and the sooner the better dowg.

Tazz: Hey, I know you’re pissed an’ I would be too wit’ the stunt he pulled, but I got it taken care of. You ain’t gettin’ fired anytime soon, don’t worry ‘bout that. . . An’ tonight, it’s gonna be you and Lashley teamin’ up to take on Orlando Jordan an’ Chavo Guerrero. How’s that sound?

Killings sn-iggers, looking very pleased at the prospect of getting his hands on Chavo.

Ron Killings:
Pretty damn good.

Tazz: Good, now jus’ make sure ya don’t burn yaself out for Judgment Day.

Ron Killings: Don’t worry ‘bout that homey, I’m gonna scramble Chavo’s head tonight and win the scramble Sunday. He’s gonna curse the day he crossed Ron Killings, I promise ya that.

Tazz: You show ‘im.

Ron Killings: Oh I will. He’s gonna be damn lucky to make it to Sunday in one piece when I’m through wit’ ‘im.

Tazz grins as Killings turns round and walks out of the door.

{Commercial Break}

Maria is standing by.

Maria: Please welcome my guest at this time, Johnny Jeter.

Boos can be heard from the arena as a very serious Johnny Jeter, dressed in his ring gear walks in to the shot.

Maria: Johnny, last week you found out you’ll be facing your former friend Matt Sydal at Judgment Day. What are your thoughts on that match?

Johnny Jeter: First off Maria, let me give all the Matt Sydal fans out there an update on their little hero’s condition after I sent him all the way to the hospital two weeks ago. . . Matt had to be checked over by a specialist to make sure he hadn’t broken a rib or anythin' like that, because it appears they got some very rough treatment from yours truly. And by all accounts, he got the all clear and he’s gonna be good to go this Sunday for our match, a match I’ve been visualising the last seven days. . . You see Maria, ever since Tazz told me that I’d be facing my good buddy Matt, or the glorified attention seeker as I like to call him, I’ve had all these images flashin' in and out of my mind of just what I wanna do to him. And I’ve not got a problem sayin’ what I wanna do at Judgment Day will make what I did two weeks ago look like nothin’. I’ve been waitin’ months for the chance to get my hands on Matt, and now finally that chance has come, you better believe I’m gonna enjoy and relish every last second of it.

Jeter looks deep in to the camera.

Johnny Jeter:
Matt, I know you’re watchin’ wherever you are right now, but you need to realise just what and who you’re dealing with this Sunday. I’ve fantasised about hurting you Matt, and hurting you badly. . . so badly in fact that you won’t be coming back the next time. . . Do yourself a favour Matt and watch what I’m gonna do later on to Super Crazy, and then you’ll see your fate right in front of you like it’s been flashing around my head all week. . . I tell ya Matt, it’s not pretty. . . just like your future. Because when I’m through with you Matt, you won’t have one.

The boos from the arena just satisfy Jeter even more before he walks out of the shot with Maria looking very concerned.

{Cut To Ringside}

Production crew are setting the ring up for The VIP Lounge, but they’ve only got the rail set up and the black carpet in the ring so far as CM Punk walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand.


CM Punk: Fellas. . . take a break. There’s been a change of plan.

Punk then walks down the ramp with the workers quite happy as they walk past him. Punk takes a look at the rail and shakes his head before walking past and climbing in to the ring.

CM Punk: You’re not about to see a talk show right now folks. What you’re about to see is somethin’ I should have done a long, long time ago. . . See last week, Matt Hardy screwed me over for the last time, and quite frankly, I’ve waited a whole week to make him see the error of his ways like I did Jeff at WrestleMania, and I’m gonna be damned if I have to wait a minute longer to give Matt the Hardy family treatment I’ve been accustomed to. . . Forget Judgment Day Matt, get your sheltered ass down here right now.

*Pop* (Fans want to see Matt, they're not cheering for Punk)

?: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

The camera then shows Montel Vontavious Porter walking out to the stage with the Money in the Bank briefcase in one hand and a microphone in the other. He carries on walking down to the ring, talking as he moves.


MVP: What the hell d’ya think you’re doin’ huh? You ain’t got no right pullin’ The VIP Lounge from the show.

He climbs up the steps and enters the ring with Punk clearly unimpressed by him.

CM Punk: You seriously think I came here tonight to listen to you run your mouth? I don’t need to listen whatever crap you’re gonna come out with, ‘cos that’s all it’s gonna be, as that’s all it ever is. . .

MVP: A’ight you made your point, but now I suggest you shut your stinkin’ mouth. . . Let’s see. . . A’ight I got an idea. Since you’re out here and Matt Hardy ain’t showed, how ‘bout you answer a real special question I got for ya? . . . How’d ya feel last week when you lost. . . let me say that again. . . lost to the man I’m gonna roll over this Sunday at Judgment Day, Elijah Burke?


CM Punk: Maybe you ought to get your hearing checked. Did you not hear what I just said a few moments ago? . . . Tell you what playa, I’ll say it nice and slow for ya a’ight. . . I did not come out here to listen to you or anyone for that matter talk crap or answer any pathetic questions you might have. I just want Matt Hardy to come out here and accept his fate a couple days early instead of disappointing his many fans that were gonna fork out their $30 this Sunday to see him decimated like his brother at the hands of CM Punk.

*Major Heat*

MVP: Well you’re gonna have to wait ‘til Sunday ‘cos no one, and I mean no one in’errupts my time Punk. . . What I suggest you do is take your greasy, dull, straight edged ass back up that ramp and get to steppin’ while Smackdown’s money spinner gets back to doin’ what he does best.

*Mixed Reception*

CM Punk: You know, you’re right. If The VIP Lounge is what you claim to do best, then you’re right, ‘cos talkin’ crap is all you do. You’re just lucky these ingrates feed on it.

The fans boo as Punk gets right in MVP’s face.

CM Punk: But if you want me to leave, you’re gonna have to do somethin’ ‘bout it yourself since your doormen don’t seem to be standing their with the honourable guest list.


The two of them square up, but “Don’t Waste My Time” hits with Elijah Burke walking out to the stage with a microphone in hand as Layla, his girlfriend stands alongside him. Punk & MVP reluctantly take their eyes off of each other, looking up at Burke instead, who has a big smile on his face.

Elijah Burke: Ya know guys, there ain’t nothin’ I’d love more than seein’ you two beat the crap outta each other, so I came out here wit’ a suggestion ya might wanna think ‘bout. . . Since you’re all gettin’ hot an’ bothered, how ‘bout you two go at it right here right now?



Elijah Burke: Yeah ‘cos I’m jus’ that dumb man, but since ya gonna roll me over. . . is that right, at Judgment Day? . . . you don’t need me gettin’ my ass handed to ya on a plate tonight do ya? . . . What I think these people wanna see. . .

“Live for the Moment” blasts out to a huge pop as Matt Hardy walks out to the stage and asks to use Burke’s microphone with Punk staring right up at Matt.

Matt Hardy: Thanks. . . Ya know, I don’t think these people wanna see you two go at it tonight, as much as I too would love to see it, but I wanna make sure there’s somethin’ left in you Punk for Judgment Day. . . You might ‘ave decimated my brother Jeff as you put it at WrestleMania, but that’s just one of the reasons I’m gonna make you pay for everythin’ you’ve done. . . You took my brother’s reputation, you screwed him out of the Intercontinental title like you did me an’ the United States Championship, and you’ve done everything you can to make mine an’ Jeff’s lives a living hell. . . Well Punk, there’s a price to pay. A price you’re gonna pay this Sund’y when I get retribution for both me and Jeff after I humiliate you.


Punk just smirks.

CM Punk: Matt, have you been smokin’ the same stuff Jeff has? It just seems like you’ve the got the same deluded thought process. He said the exact same thing to me before our matches at the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania, and look what happened. . . He ended up flat out and dead to the world, but that’s just like any typical Friday, Saturday night for Jeff ain’t it Matt?


Matt looks pissed while MVP even cracks a smile.

CM Punk: You might well think you’re goin’ in to Judgment Day with a chance Matt, but I’d snap out of it real quick if I were you. You should look the example of what I did to your brother time and time again. Surely you see the pattern Matt. . . I hurt people. I hurt them bad. I mean Jeff’s only just recovered from what I did to him at WrestleMania. Are you that deluded to think it’s gonna be any diff’rent with you? . . . You don’t stand a chance. You’ll be lucky to escape with the ability to move just one solitary muscle Matt. . .

Elijah Burke: . . . Don’t ya think you’ve said enough for one night? . . . Forget ‘bout Sund’y an’ my previous idea, how ‘bout we have ourselves a little warm up match. . . you two versus us two right here right now?

*Big Pop*

CM Punk: You got it. Let’s get a ref out here.

MVP: What? I di’n’t come here to wrestle.

Elijah Burke: You don’t have a choice man, it’s already decided.

MVP looks pissed and has a go at an ignorant Punk, who just pulls his shirt off as the trio of Matt, Burke & Layla walk down to the ring, followed by a ref. As they get inside, Matt & Burke do rock paper scissors to decide who will be the legal man with Matt winning, but MVP, still holding his briefcase continues to argue with Punk. They stand in the middle of the ring with an eager Matt Hardy walking over to them, but they both turn round and knock Matt down with right hands. Burke then enters the ring and runs at them, but MVP sees him coming and knocks him down with the briefcase. The fans boo as Layla watches in on horror. Matt makes his way back up with Punk pointing at him for MVP to do the same to him. MVP doesn’t look keen but he still smashes Matt in the face with the briefcase. Punk laughs about it, but MVP isn’t laughing before he then nails Punk with the briefcase to a pop from the crowd. MVP smiles and looks in to the crowd with the big smile on his face.


Tazz is shown at the top of the stage with probably the last remaining microphone in the arena. MVP turns and looks up, still pretty satisfied.

Tazz: Did I just see that right? . . . You knocked out three people with that briefcase?

MVP nods his head and smiles.

Tazz: Well I guess congratulations are in order then man, you must feel pretty tough round ‘bout now? . . . But let’s see if you feel that way Sunday night.

MVP looks confused and picks up a microphone from under the bottom rope.

MVP: What you talkin’ ‘bout?

Tazz: I couldn’t help but see what just went down out here when I got to thinkin’. . . You were scheduled to face Elijah Burke Sunday night in a no disqualification match, but not anymore. . . See it’s pretty clear that there’s a whole lotta problems between you an’ the three guys lyin’ on their asses in that ring right now. So what I thought was, how great it would be to see a fatal fourway match instead at Judgment Day between, you, Elijah Burke, CM Punk and Matt Hardy.

*Big Pop*

MVP: A’ight, a’ight, you got me. Good one boss.

Tazz: You might wish this was a joke, but let me tell you one thing. . . a joke it’s not. . . Not only will ya be facin’ those three men at Judgment Day in a fatal fourway match. . . that briefcase you used to knock them all out with. . . well guess what? . . . The man who wins that match will win the briefcase too.

*Huge Pop*


Tazz: Oh I think you’ll find I can. . . Oh and MVP. . . All the best for Judgment Day.


MVP is livid, and he looks nervous as all three men sit up behind him, not so sure of what just happened as “13” hits with Tazz smiling as he turns round and walks to the back.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Recap***
From Two Weeks Ago

Prior to Matt Sydal’s match with Johnny Jeter:
“Axeman” hits as Matt Sydal walks out to the stage looking more determined and focused than usual ahead of his match with his former friend, Johnny Jeter. He stops at the top of the stage and looks down to pump himself up a little bit more before walking down the ramp, but before he gets half way down, Johnny Jeter runs down in pursuit. The crowd try to warn Sydal but it’s too late as Jeter clubs him across the back, sending him down to his knees. Jeter continues the attack, stomping across Sydal’s back repeatedly before kicking him in the ribs and sending him rolling down the ramp. Jeter has a look of sick pleasure on his face as he follows him and pulls him up to his feet to whip him in to the barricade. Sydal collides side on and just slides down the barricade with Jeter then driving his boot in to the side of Sydal’s head. Jeter’s not done though as he drags him away from the barricade by the head and closer to the ring. He pulls Sydal up to his feet and whips him in to the steel steps with Sydal hitting side on again, and as he hits the deck, Sydal clutches his ribs. Jeter looks on with a real sick grin on his face as three referees run down the ramp to check on Sydal. They quickly call for help as Jeter backs up, still looking extremely satisfied as two medics run down and attend to Sydal, who looks to be in a lot of pain while Jeter backs up the ramp looking very pleased with himself.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #3***

Super Crazy vs Johnny Jeter

A really high paced, high action match with both men getting close calls. With both men racing back up to their feet, Crazy blocks a right hand and kicks Jeter in the stomach. He then turns back to run the ropes, and as he comes back, he sends the arrogant youngster down to the mat with a spinning wheel kick. That gets a cheer from the crowd, and both men look to make their way back up right away. Crazy is up first as he races in to the corner and climbs to the top rope as Jeter picks himself up and turns round in to a missile dropkick. A pop meets that as Crazy looks to go for the cover, but Jeter kicks out quite comfortably. Crazy doesn’t look too surprised as he stands back up and makes his way in to the corner again, making his way up all the way to the top. Jeter gets back up too, and as he turns round, Crazy leaps off for a diving cross body, but Jeter is able to duck his head and step to the side with Crazy hitting the deck. As Crazy sits up, Jeter rolls across the mat and rolls Crazy in to a pinning combination, but he only gets a two count. Both men hurry back up to their feet with Jeter then trying for a kick to the gut, but Crazy grabs hold of his foot, then lets it go and spins him round. As Jeter spins back round to face him though, Crazy goes for an enziguri, but Jeter ducks that with Crazy hitting the mat again. Jeter lifts Crazy’s legs up and flips forward, trying to get a cover, but again Crazy kicks out. Both men race back up to their feet, and it’s Jeter up first and he tries for an irish whip, but Crazy reverses it with Jeter being tossed in to the ropes. As Jeter comes back though, he slides through Crazy’s legs and runs back in to the ropes, races back and nails Crazy with a back elbow smash. Crazy is in a rush as he picks himself back up, but as Jeter stands up, Crazy runs at him without a thought, and runs in to the Genesis Kick (Johnny-Go-Round). Jeter smirks as he scurries across the mat and makes the cover, picking up the 3 and the victory.

WINNER: Johnny Jeter by pinfall @ 6.44.

AFTERMATH: “Time To Shine” hits as Jeter stands back up, but he quickly pulls his arm away as the ref tries to raise it. Jeter tells him to leave the ring and then walks over to the ropes to ask for a microphone, and he gets it.

Johnny Jeter: I told ya Matt. I told ya to watch what I did tonight so that you are fully aware of what’s waitin’ for ya at Judgment Day. . . Once you’re done cryin’ over the damage I did to your ribs a couple a weeks ago and step in the ring with me this Sunday, you’re gonna realise that was nothin’. That was a picnic compared to what I plan to do to you buddy. That’s if you have the balls to show up Sunday, because I know how gutless you are. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if we never see you on Smackdown ever again, because that’s all you are Matt. . . gutless. And once everyone else sees that Sunday night. . .

“Axeman” hits to a big pop in the arena as Matt Sydal walks out to the stage in jeans and a T-shirt. He’s not the usual happy go looking Sydal we’re used to seeing as he looks very serious indeed, and it takes Jeter completely by surprise. Sydal stares down at his former friend for several seconds before charging down the ramp with Jeter dropping the microphone and stepping back as Sydal then slides in to the ring. He gets to his feet as he and Jeter then exchange blows in front of a hot crowd, and it’s Sydal who rallies and puts Jeter on the back foot, forcing him back in to the ropes. Sydal then hammers him with a ferocious right, knocking him over the top to the floor below. The crowd go crazy as Sydal then rips his shirt off and throws it down at Jeter before urging him to get back in the ring, but Jeter doesn’t look he has any intention of doing so. After standing back up and holding his cheek, he walks round to the ramp with Sydal’s eyes following him. Sydal means business and Jeter looks totally stunned as the man he turned on several weeks back stares right back at him just days before they clash at Judgment Day.

{Cut Outside}

A car storms in to the parking lot and puts the breaks on just by the entrance. We then see Harry Smith get out of the car, and boy he looks like one pissed son of a bitch. He walks up to the entrance with a security officer standing in front of it.

Harry Smith: Get out of my way.

Security Officer: I can’t do that I’m afraid.

Harry Smith: Maybe you didn’t hear what I said. . . Get out of my way before I do something I regret.

He doesn’t budge.

Harry Smith: GET OUT OF MY WAY.

The slightly smaller security officer doesn’t move but looks like he wants to, and Smith loses it. He shoves him down to the floor and opens the door, letting it slam shut as he paces down the hall. As he turns a corner, he walks past Tazz, who’s holding a donut and looks surprised to see him.

Tazz: WHOA, what the hell you doin’ here?

Smith stops and turns round.

Harry Smith: What do you think? Maybe the small matter of unfinished business with two guys who broke my partner’s wrist and jumped me earlier today.

Smith turns round again and tries to walk off, but Tazz grabs his arm.

Tazz: I can’t let ya do that Harry. I ain’t lettin’ ya get your ass handed to ya by the both of ‘em.

Harry Smith: It’s not gonna be me who gets my ass kicked boss.

Tazz: What, ya wanna let ‘em beat the crap outta the both of ya before Judgment Day? Yeah, that’s real smart. . . Look, they’re gonna get what’s comin’ to ‘em later on anyway against Taker and Michaels. You get back to the hospital, hotel, wherever an’ make sure you’re gonna be good to go Sunday.

Smith is breathing heavy and ponders what he should do for several seconds before seeing sense and shrugging his shoulders and walking back up the hall.

Tazz: Thank god for that.

Tazz turns round and is met with the sight of a very unhappy Montel Vontavious Porter right in his face, resulting in Tazz dropping his donut.

Tazz: Jesus, you scared the crap outta me.

MVP: You? You’re scared huh? How d’ya think I feel now I gotta defend this (lifting his briefcase up) against three other men at Judgment Day?

Tazz: Probably like I do ‘bout that donut bein’ knocked out my hand.

MVP: This is jus' one big to joke to you ain’t it boss. You wanna make everyone ‘round here know who the boss is right, ‘an you decide to pick on me, the main attraction. Well congratulations, you got everyone’s attention, now reverse that b.s. you came out wit’ ‘bout me puttin’ this on the line Sunday before I. . .

Tazz: BEFORE YOU WHAT EXACTLY? . . . You think you’re the real big shot roun’ here don’t ya? . . . I’ll tell ya what, you can prove it Sunday night. . . But if ya don’t, you can kiss goodbye to that contract or that other big shot ya got locked away in there.

MVP looks like he could explode any minute as Tazz gives him the eyes for a couple of seconds before walking out of the shot, but we can still hear him as he walks down the hall.


MVP just stands there angry before the camera fades out.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

We see Josh Hayger working out in a gym and a wrestling ring, cutting to a still image at the end.

VOICEOVER: Some people have to work to develop their craft, yet some of them fail. . . Some people chase a dream until it becomes a nightmare. . . There is one man however who was born with all he needed to be declared perfect. . . Many have claimed to be perfect, but this man will prove to all that he is the definition of perfection. . . His name is Josh Hayger, and he’s coming to Friday Night Smackdown, next week!

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

The ending of Bobby Lashley’s match with Shelton Benjamin:
The referee is busy checking on Lashley as he starts to make his way back up, but as they both turn round, the ref sees Shelton has the belt and tries to warn him not to use it, waving his arms around in a frenzy. With Lashley still a little groggy, he doesn’t realise what’s going on with Benjamin ignoring the referee to smash the belt in to Lashley’s face, giving the ref no option but to call for the bell.

The Aftermath: Boos ring out as Shelton stands there smirking in the ring while the camera switches to show Orlando Jordan grinning as he watches on a monitor in the back. It cuts back to the smirking United States Champion as he collects a microphone and says that like Lashley just found out, no one Tazz puts in his way will take the United States title from him at Judgment Day, no one. He says the title is his and it’s gonna stay that way. He smiles again as he turns round with the microphone, but he sees Lashley up on his feet and charging at him. He just manages to sidestep the monster, and Lashley puts the breaks on as Shelton makes a sharp exit, but they stare right at each other as The Gold Standard walks around the ramp with a smug look on his face.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #4***

Bobby Lashley & Ron Killings vs Chavo Guerrero & Orlando Jordan

Killings has been gunning for Chavo the entire match, but The Mexican Warrior has managed to avoid him at all costs, even in a cowardly fashion by dodging tags. With Lashley turning the match round by countering an irish whip attempt from Chavo into an overhead belly to belly suplex, both men crawl across to the corners to try and tag in their partners. Lashley gets their first and tags to the very eager Killings. He charges across the mat, but Chavo panics and jumps up to tag in Jordan. He climbs through the ropes as Killings grabs his rival, Chavo by the feet, but Jordan quickly takes advantage with a hard forearm shot to the back. He then turns him round and whips him in to the ropes, catching Killings as he comes back with a spinebuster. A wry smile from Jordan precedes a cover attempt, but Killings kicks out at 2 as Chavo stands up on the apron smiling at the sight of Killings on his back. Jordan stands up looking very satisfied with himself as he waits patiently, almost over confident as Killings makes his way back up. He then grabs Killings by the head and looks in to the crowd before going for a right hand, but Killings blocks it and levels him with a right of his own. The Truth follows it up with another and whips OJ in to the ropes, then takes him down as he comes back with a jumping corkscrew forearm smash.

That gets a big pop from the crowd, and as they both get to their feet, Killings pulls him in to a position for a suplex, but after lifting Jordan up, he sends him crashing forward and down to the mat instead of back. Killings turns him over straight away and hooks the leg for a cover, but Chavo races in to the ring to stop the 3 count by kicking Killings across the back. The ref stands up immediately and ushers the smug Chavo out of the ring as Killings sits up and crawls across to his corner to make the tag to Lashley as Jordan makes his way back up, looking a little unsteady still. Lashley charges right at Jordan and takes him down with a clothesline. To his credit, Jordan stands back up but walks right in to another clothesline from Lashley. Again Jordan stands back up straight away, but this time Lashley hits him hard with a gut wrench suplex. With the crowd cheering as Lashley retreats to the corner while Jordan squirms around on the mat, Chavo tries to rescue the match by climbing through the ropes, but Killings spots his opportunity and he races back in to the ring and across to Chavo, taking him down with a clothesline. The Mexican stands up by the ropes and is quickly sent flying over to the outside thanks to a leg lariat from The Truth. He looks down and grins as Lashley then charges at Jordan and takes him down with a thunderous spear. The ref drops to his knees and makes the count, getting to 3.

WINNERS: Bobby Lashley & Ron Killings by pinfall @ 7.39.

AFTERMATH: “Hell Will Be Callin’ Your Name” hits as Killings gets his arm raised along with Lashley. The celebration is cut short though as the United States Champion, Shelton Benjamin walks out to the stage clapping with a microphone in his hand with the title glistening around his waist.

Shelton Benjamin: Congratulations fellas. . . Now I don’t wanna spoil the party but I think I need to spell somethin’ out for ya both. . . All I’ve heard the last few weeks 'bout how all the odds are stacked against Shelton Benjamin retainin' the United States Championship in the scramble match at Judgment Day. . . well I need to be put straight right now. . . Lookin’ at it, technically the odds ain’t in my favour. . . but in that ring, technically I’m excellent. The reason I'm The Gold Standard is because I am so technically gifted, unlike the both of you. . . So I thought it was best to come out here and make sure neither of you get your hopes up, because not only am I the one who’ll be walkin’ in to Judgment Day the United States Champion. . . I’ll be the one walkin’ out the United States Champion. . . and there ain’t a thing anyone can do about it.

“Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me” hits to heat as Shelton raises his title up in to the air with Lashley & Killings staring back unimpressed by the confident Gold Standard with Chavo sitting back up on the outside. He’s not happy one bit, and neither as Jordan as he sits up in the ring.

{Cut Backstage}

Matt Hardy is sat in the medic’s room, on the fold out massage table with an ice pack on the back of his neck when Elijah Burke & Layla walk in. Burke is holding an ice pack against his forehead.

Elijah Burke: Hey Matt, how ya doin’?

Matt Hardy: Same as you by the look of it.

Layla: Where’s the doctor? He was supposed to be here to make sure ‘ijah’s okay to go home?

Matt Hardy: He said he’ll be back in a minute or two.

There’s an awkward silence for a while.

Layla: It’s crazy about the match on Sunday isn’t it? Hopefully someone takes that briefcase away from him, and my baby here could be the one to do it if all goes well.

Matt grins while Burke drops the ice pack in a bin and smiles at Layla.

Elijah Burke: That’s the plan. . . No offence Matt, but you know how much I’ve been lookin’ forward to gettin’ my hands on MVP, and now this chance gets thrown up. . . It’d be off the hook if I can take that shot at the world title off of him. . . He ain’t gonna like that one bit.

Layla smiles as she snuggles in to Burke’s chest.

Matt Hardy: You know I’ve had my problems with the guy too, and even though all I’ve thought about lately is gettin’ even with Punk. . . now the match has been made. . . I want that contract too, no disrespect to you man.

Elijah Burke: Hey don’t worry ‘bout it, it’s a hell of a bounty swingin’ in both our faces right now, we’d be crazy not to wan’ it. . . Ya know what they say though buddy. . . Only one of us can win it.

Layla: And it’s gonna be you baby, I can feel it.

Elijah Burke: I sure hope so. . . You wanna get outta here Lay lay? I feel good, don’t need the doc’ tellin’ me somin’ I already know.

Layla: You sure baby? He won’t be long.

Elijah Burke: Nah, I’m a’ight. How 'bout we get back to the hotel and Nurse Layla gives me the once over?

Layla: Okay, I think we can manage that.

They turn to walk out and turn back.

Elijah Burke: See ya Sunday Matt. Hope you feel better man.

Matt Hardy: Thanks.

Layla: Bye Matt. Look after yourself okay.

Matt Hardy: See ya.

Burke & Layla walk out with Matt holding the pack against his neck, clearly thinking about Judgment Day and what could be.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***
“Break The Walls Down”

***Video Promo***

Michael Cole: This Sunday night, Judgment Day comes to you live from The Rupp Center in Lexington, Kentucky, and what a night it promises to be.

The Coach: We sure do Michael. And right here. . . ma boy, The Gold Standard will be the first man ever to compete and defend his title in what Tazz has called a scramble match. . . Not only will he defend the United States title Michael, he will leave the United States Champion.

Michael Cole: Well we’ll have to wait and see Coach, but the rules of this match are simple. Every time any of the superstars involved wins a fall in the 15 minutes, they will then become the new United States Champion, and the man who picks up the last fall will leave Lexington as the champ.

Michael Cole: And we heard earlier tonight that Mickie James will be taking on the newest addition to the diva’s locker room here on Smackdown. . . Mia Rain.

The Coach: From what we’ve seen of Mia Rain the last couple of weeks Michael, I think Mickie might just regret asking for this match.

Michael Cole: That might well be. . .

Michael Cole: . . . but will Michael Shane regret putting his Cruiserweight Championship on the line against Kid Kash?

The Coach: Michael. . . Kid Kash is ruthless. He wants the title at any cost, and I have a sneaky suspicion that he’s gonna wrestle it away from Michael Shane two nights from now.

Michael Cole: If anyone is ruthless Coach, it’s Johnny Jeter. But he found out earlier on that he’ll be in for one hell of a fight against his former friend, Matt Sydal.

The Coach: Former being the important word. He’s just as sick of Matt Sydal as I am, and by the time he’s through with him at Judgment Day, we won’t have to worry about Matt Sydal any longer.

Michael Cole: Oh please.

Michael Cole: Well this match really has become a lot more intriguing tonight now we’ve been advised that Paul Burchill suffered a broken wrist in the heinous assault at the hands of Chris Masters and Charlie Haas in the parking lot earlier day.

The Coach: It’s not more intriguing Michael, it’s more of a formality. . . We’ve seen how good of a team The Masters of the Mat are over the last few weeks, and they proved it again tonight. . . There’s no doubt in my mind that we will have new tag team champions next week.

Michael Cole: This match just illustrates just how shocking tonight has been with Tazz putting two matches together to make this huge fatal fourway match with the Money in the Bank contract up for grabs.

The Coach: The fact Tazz has done this speaks volumes about how he should never have been made the General Manager of Smackdown. . . MVP only finds out forty-eight hours before a big pay-per-view that his match has changed and he has to put the contract he won at WrestleMania on the line. . . That’s wrong Michael. . . totally wrong.

Michael Cole: Well MVP wasn’t the only in for a shock tonight as we all witnessed the shocking return of The Rated R Superstar, Edge. And he announced to the world that he will be at Judgment Day to host a very special edition of The Cutting Edge.

The Coach: Did you notice how he said it would be the biggest edition ever with a huge surprise in store? . . . Oh I can’t wait to find out what it is Michael.

Michael Cole: But this is what it all comes down to. . . The World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line when two of the all time greatest in Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker battle it out.

The Coach: They’re gonna battle it out tonight Michael, you’re not gonna have to wait ‘til Judgment Day. Just you wait and see.

{Cut To Ringside}

***The Main Event***

Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker vs The Masters of the Mat (Charlie Haas & Chris Masters)

Haas looks in trouble as Taker pulls him back up to his feet and whips him in to the ropes, and as he runs back, the dead man takes him down to the mat with a sidewalk slam. Haas manages to kick out at the count of 2, but Taker looks menacing as he stands back up, seemingly full of intent to wrap the match up as soon as possible. He reaches down and drags him back up to his feet, holding on to him by his arm as he walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope. Masters panics and walks across the apron, distracting Taker momentarily, allowing Haas to pull the dead man down off the rope and to the mat below. Masters grins as Haas then walks over to his partner to tag him in to the match. The smug Masterpiece takes his time in climbing through the ropes as The Undertaker makes his own way back to his feet. Masters walks over to Taker and hammers him across the back with an axe handle blow, then nails him with another, forcing Taker in to the corner. Masters then grabs him by the head and smashes it in to the turnbuckle pads. Masters then tries again, but the dead man blocks it and swings his elbow back in to the chest of The Masterpiece. Taker turns round and fights back with a succession of hard jabs to the chin of Masters, knocking him back across the ring. The Undertaker then grabs him by the wrist and whips him back in to the corner before following in with a hard clothesline. He then whips Masters in to the opposite corner and nails him with another clothesline with The Masterpiece then staggering out of the corner as Taker then turns round and runs the ropes by Michaels, who makes a blind tag with Taker oblivious as he carries on running at Masters and driving a huge boot in to the face of The Masterpiece, who just falls to the mat.

The World Champion climbs up to the top rope and leaps off, connecting on Masters with a diving elbow drop. Taker looks confused as Michaels then goes for the cover with Masters kicking out at 2. As Michaels stands up, Taker walks over to him and looks directly at him, but HBK ignores him while the referee indicates the tag was made. Michaels picks Masters up and hits an inverted atomic drop, leading to Masters hobbling around on the mat with HBK turning back in to the ropes and running back to connect with a flying forearm. The World Champion then flips up to a huge pop from the sell out crowd, and he then steps back in to the corner to tune up the band. Haas senses the danger and enters the fray immediately, catching Michaels’ attention, and The Undertaker’s. The dead man enters the ring also and makes his way across the ring and drives his boot down Haas’s throat, sending him down to the mat and out of the ring under the bottom rope. Michaels walks past Masters as he gets to his knees. HBK spins Taker round and asks him what he was doing, telling him he had it under control. Michaels seems to be quite angry, but he is then pushed forward in to Taker’s chest by Masters. Taker is livid and grabs HBK right away by the throat, lifts him up in to the air and chokeslams him down to the mat. Masters grins as he sees Taker staring down at the motionless Heartbreak Kid, and as Masters gets up, he takes The Undertaker by surprise, grabbing him by the waist and tossing him out of the ring. With Taker on the floor but sitting up straight away, Masters looks to take advantage of the situation by covering Michaels, and he gets a shocking 3 count.

WINNERS: The Masters of the Mat by pinfall @ 9.47.

AFTERMATH: “Masterpiece” hits with Masters standing up, but Taker is back on his feet and climbs back in the ring with Masters rushing out of the ring with Haas joining him by the ramp. They turn back and smile as Taker enters the ring and turns to stare at them while they laugh back at him. Taker then turns round as HBK sits up, and Michaels doesn’t look happy at all. The referee passes Michaels the belt and leaves as The Heartbreak Kid stands up and walks right up to Taker as the two opponents this Sunday then go face to face. HBK doesn’t show any fear and gets right in Taker’s face, but the dead man has none of it and grabs Michaels around the throat. HBK escapes his clutches straight away by kicking him in the stomach. The World Champion then turns back in to the ropes, but as he runs back, Taker drives his huge boot right down Michaels’ throat as the champ hits the deck. Taker then brings his arm across his neck, signalling for the Tombstone, and he drags HBK up straight away, scooping him up on to his shoulder and driving him down to the mat head first. Taker stands back up and sees the title belt on the mat. He then reaches down and picks it up with Masters & Haas smirking as they back up the ramp, but the lights then go out with some spotlights left on as Taker drops to one knee and poses for the belt by the laid out champion with just two days to go before they meet for the gold at Judgment Day.

{End of Show}

Mia Rain df. Michelle McCool
Kid Kash
df. Jim Duggan
Johnny Jeter
df. Super Crazy
Bobby Lashley & Ron Killings
df. Chavo Guerrero & Orlando Jordan
Chris Masters & Charlie Haas
df. Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker


Theme Song
“Take It All” by Zididada

World Heavyweight Championship
Shawn Michaels (c) vs The Undertaker

WWE United States Championship
15 Minute Scramble Match

Bobby Lashley vs Ron Killings vs Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Chavo Guerrero vs Orlando Jordan

WWE Tag Team Championship
The UK Pack (c) vs The Masters of the Mat

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Michael Shane (c) vs Kid Kash

Money in the Bank Contract On The Line
Elijah Burke vs Matt Hardy vs Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) vs CM Punk


Matt Sydal vs Johnny Jeter

Mickie James vs Mia Rain

A Special Edition of The Cutting Edge

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

SmackDown! Feedback

Fantastic opening promo by Shawn, absolutely fantastic, probably the best I've read from you. Shawn was right on, built up his World Title Match, The Undertaker, and himself perfectly. Michael Cole was only crucial in one part, and that was asking if he could beat 'Taker by himself, but other than that, he wasn't all that necessary. Shawn did amazing just by talking, and I was really surprised at Edge being back. I felt he somewhat stole Shawn's thunder after that great promo, but it was still awesome in its own right, and I'm glad he's still planning to be involved with the World Title. The Cutting Edge at Judgment Day should be amazing, and that's just the basics, but throw in his surprise, and I'm totally there. Definitely looking forward to it. The main event later tonight, didn't we already see that a few weeks ago? Still, should be a good match to add more fuel to the fire for the World Title Match. Great opening here, loved it, great job.

Just more hype for the Cutting Edge on Sunday, but Edge being so tight-lipped it got me to look forward to it even more. I also liked the comment about doing her hair, pretty funny.

Basically a squash to further establish Mia's prowess, but since I'm liking her, and not a fan of Michelle, I'm totally fine with it. I loved that you had Beth on commentary to add a little more to the match, and also because I think she's a good talker. And again, I'm not a fan of Michelle, so I also liked the line about wanting to see her face. The thing I didn't like was that she kicked out of the Rain Drop. I felt it was a little too soon for her finisher to have already gotten kicked out of, although I get that you wanted to set up the one she used next. I think you could've had her break her own cover at 2, then have her hit her second one to actually end it. But anyway, I liked it. I'm very intruiged about Mia, since you're having another heel in Beth get involved in her program, meaning that there's something going on, and I'm eager to find out what. I do have a question, though, about the pronounciation of Mia: is it M-ee-a, or M-eye-a?

That was pretty intense, I liked it. Good ambush by the Masters, made the feud a little more personal, which is what I like to see, especially since I haven't seen all that much build for their match. Slamming the door on Burchill's wrist was a cool spot, although I don't know if anyone would actually take it. Still, it's cool in BTB, and I found his cursing to be funny, too. Wasn't really expecting it, although it's what you'd hear in real life.

The Masters interview about this was also well done, very cocky on Masters part, and thoughtful, as well. I'm glad Masters has more brains that most would think he does, adds to his character. Haas, I feel, should've at least had one line, but I understand he's not the best talker, so I get not giving him the mic. Either way, this also did a good job in building their title match, as well as the main event, and sucks that Burchill has a broken wrist. Wonder how much it'll affect him at Judgment Day.

Not a very impressive match, although that's partially because I'm not a fan of either Duggan (why do you still have him around, may I ask?), or Kash, but I liked Shane's promo at the end. A little cheap, but very serious, as well, and I like that he's out to prove that he's not just HBK's cousin. I think that was mentioned a few too many times in the promo, but that's fine. Gave a lot of build for the match at Judgment Day, as well as for the champ himself, and it should be a great one (yeah, I don't like Kash, but I can't deny he's good).

Didn't especially like this segment, but more because the Mickie part was brief, and didn't come off as very important, and I, as a huge Mickie fan, can't have that. Still, the match between her and Mia might be a tad rushed, but should be good. Wonder if Beth'll have a part in it. But anyway, I'm liking how serious this feud between Chavo and Killings has gotten. Trying to get a man fired will do that for a feud, and Killings came off pretty intense here. The tag match later on sounds good, and I'm looking forward to more interaction from and between the two.

Another intense segment here with Jeter's interview, was good and put over his feud and match with Sydal over well. It got a little repetitive in the second part, and I felt it relied a little on the threatening clichés of wrestling, but still good. A second cruiserweight match on the card is something to look forward to, especially when it's two very capable guys like Sydal and Jeter, so I'm looking forward to it.

Another awesome promo between these four guys, great stuff. I loved Punk and his heel straight edge comments, those were right on, and I liked Matt, too, he did a good job in sticking up for himself and Jeff. MVP was pretty funny, too, and while Elijah is sort of the low man on the totem pole with these others, he still came off very good in what he had to say. I had a laugh at Matt and Elijah playing rock, paper, scissors, and MVP laying everyone out with his briefcase was the perfect set-up for what was next. Totally didn't see the two matches combining, but I think it's a fantastic idea, they've been integrated for a couple weeks now, so why not? Definitely looking forward to that match, especially with everyone having their own agenda, and still trying to win the MITB. Great stuff overall, great job.

Pretty good match, wasn't a total squash, which is good. The promo Jeter cut right after about Sydal was typical chickenshit heel, further proved by Sydal showing up right then and there. I would've loved to see Jeter's expression as he came out, and I really liked the brawl, too. Made sense for Sydal to get the upper hand, since Jeter was just in a match, and I liked that he walked away pretty easily. Gave us a small taste for Judgment Day, making us want it more. Great build there.

Looks like Smith's raring to go, although I felt we could've done without this segment, I felt as one big plug for the main event. Was good, although Smith's lines were a little weird to me, but probably because I'm not familiar with his character here. The part with MVP was another plug for Judgment Day, but since his new match was just announced, I felt this one to be a little more justifiable. The donut bits were pretty funny, although I have to agree with MVP, because it seems to me that Tazz is trying to look like a badass. Either way, felt this wasn't completely needed, but was still good.

Pretty solid match here, Chavo was excellent in trying to avoid Killings, while Lashley just tore into Jordan. I really don't see much use for him, and I can see Judgment Day being his swan song, unless you keep him around as a jobber. Shelton's promo at the end was good, good timing, with all of his opponents out there. The match at the PPV would be a good one, especially with another story there, too. Good stuff.

Great segment here, very down-to-earth. The stuff between Elijah and Layla was good, finally we get a little from them as a couple, while his conversation with Matt was good, too, very friendly. Elijah as a face still seems a little weird to me, but this helped smooth things over, and also provide more hype for the new Fatal 4-Way. Great job here.

I liked the run-down of the Judgment Day card, lots of very big matches, and damn, there are a ton of wrestlers involved. 21 wrestlers in a combined 8 matches, that's a lot. Either way, I'm definitely looking forward to the show.

Solid match to end the show on a high note. Proved the Masters of the Mat to be a formidable team not above cheating, even though that was already established, but still, this big win over 'Taker and Shawn is a huge momentum booster for them, even if wasn't exactly theirs. I'm a little surprised Shawn went down like that, it seemed a little too easy after a chokeslam, then a delayed cover. Still, I get what it accomplished, and the aftermath was great as well. Finally, these two come to serious blows, and their match should be amazing. I don't see 'Taker winning it, but it should still be nothing less than awesome.

Great go-home show, Nige. The build-up for basically the whole card was right on, and it was great. The one match that needed a lot more was Mickie/Mia, since it was made quickly, and we didn't see the Divas to plug it again, just the commentators running down the card. But aside from that, great show, from top to bottom. Definitely looking forward to Judgment Day, it promises a ton of great stuff, and I'm especially looking forward to the Cutting Edge. Great job here, Nige. 8.5/10.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Smackdown Review

Well this show certainly started with a bang, this was a brilliant promo to start the show and you did an excellent job of hyping the match at JD. I wasn't exactly pleased to see Michael Cole open the show LOL but HBK was awesome in this. I liked how he went down the usual route of talking up The Undertaker only to start talking about himself and what he's done. I also liked the video showing the history between the two men, and the attention on the fact that there's always been interference in their matches works so well, as their match at JD could be about HBK finally picking up the win on his own, or 'Taker winning his first match against him. I was surprised to see Edge come back at this time but it's great, he's a favourite of mine and it adds an interesting dimension to this because now we might see yet another interference in their match, which would probably work well actually considering how both can't really afford a clean loss. Edge was great and his joke about Taker and HBK was funny, and a special Cutting Edge should be great at JD. You ended it well as it makes us wonder what he's going to do at JD, and although an appearance from Undertaker would've been good it saves it for later. Very good promo.

Well Maria catching up with Edge in the back worked well to further hype the Cutting Edge for JD. By describing it as the biggest ever it adds even more hype to it and makes me wonder what he has in store. I'm not really sure what it'll be about, but I have a feeling it's going to be great.

I get the feeling you really don't like McCool. Anyway that was an impressive singles debut for Rain and the finish, whatever it was, seemed great. Rain is being built up well so far and the situation does seem very strange, which is good as it keeps us wondering what she is trying to do, as it's not clear if she is trying to impress Phoenix or not.

I was shocked to see Smith and Burchill attacked in the parking lot but this could create an interesting situation for JD now. It was a very heelish thing to do and would no doubt gain the MotM a lot of heat, while also building up their match for JD. It looks like Birchill may be injured which might meen they'll struggle at JD so we might just see Masters and Haas walk away with the titles. This could also just be a way of getting them off the show to allow Haas and Masters to do soemthing else, but still it did a good job of progressing the feud.

So Birchill has a broken wrist then, should be interesting to see how they handle that. The interview was very good and well written, really made them look like the bad guys. They seem very confident both for later and at JD, but I get the feeling that both matches could go wrong for them.

Ugh, you still have Jim Duggan on the roster? He's not even worthy of being a jobber anymore. It was good to see Kash pick up an easy win and he needs to look like a real threat to Shane's title even though we know who's winning. Shane's promo after was good although I don't know if Kash would care that much what the fans think. He doesn't cut a promo without mentioning his cousin and sometimes it comes off a bit cheesy, whether or not you are doing it to build up a future storyline I don't know, or whether it's just to make Shane stand out and build his name up, which I guess it does to a certain extent.

The next segment was okay, there wasn't really anything to get excited about and it was mainly just to announce the two matches. Mickie taking on Rain should be a good match and she should provide more of a challenge than McCool did, while the tag match should be a nice little preview of JD wth four of the scramble competitors. The way you wrote the dialogue was good though with Tazz and Killings, and it did do a good job of showing how much Killings hates Chavo.

I liked the Johnny Jeter interview, he was very cocky as usual and the way he was talking about the match was very entertaining. It was especially good when he started getting a little more intense and threatening Sydal, and the last two sentances were great. Their match at JD should be very good as this has been built up very well. I expect Jeter will get an easy win later and send a message to Sydal.

Well I've been wondering why there's been a lot of attention on the tension between Punk and MVP when they've got their own fueds going, but now I know, Fatal four-way! These two feuds have crossed over quite a lot recently and there's been problems between a lot of them so I guess it makes sense, as much as I was looking forward to the two singles matches. Putting the briefcase on the line as well makes it even more interesting, and I possibly see Punk walking out with it now. The promo itself was very good, loved the start with Punk cancelling the VIP Lounge, and you seem to write these two very well together. Matt Hardy said some good things too and after all the threats he made its almost a shame that he and Punk aren't settling it one-on-one, and Punk's response to Hardy asking him what he's smoking made me chuckle a bit. I liked what you did with MVP taking them all out with the briefcase too, as although it doesn't make the others look too good, it set it up well for Tazz to spoil the party. This was a good promo and a good twist for JD.

Good win for Johnny Jeter as I expected, and it was right to save Sydal coming out for after the match to allow Jeter his moment. The short promo after was pretty good but it was obvious that Sydal was coming down which was great. It's always good seeing someone run down like that and then get into a brawl, but I expected a bit more to be honest. I thought after knocking him to the outside we might see a plancha and then an assault on the outside to really heat things up and show the hatred they have, but I guess not. Still it sets things up nicely for JD and it shuts Jeter up which the crowd would love.

The next segment was pretty good with Tazz showing his authority once again. I don't know if the part with Smith was needed as he only changed his mind, I suppose you wanted to show how angry they are about it and keep the feud in our minds. The MVP part was quite amusing with Tazz and his donut LOL but it's good to see that he isn't changing his mind. MVP does look in quite some trouble which makes me wonder if he can walk out with his briefcase.

Pretty good tag match here which gave us a little taste of what we’ll be getting in the Scramble. The right team won in this one and I’m glad it was Lashley who got the pin as he’s the only one capable of taking the belt from Benjamin at JD. It was good to see Benjamin as he needs to be on the show, and he talked himself up well and delivered a good enough warning to the rest of them, setting up the question of whether or not anyone has the chance of taking the title off him. It’s good that the heel gets the last word as well as it normally is before a PPV. It should be a good match and with it being the Scramble I can see a lot of drama, and i’m hoping for a Lashley/Shelton feud coming out of Judgment Day.

The next segment was decent enough, although I still can’t really buy into Burke and Layla as babyfaces, they just work so much better as heels IMO so seeing them all nicey nicey didn’t really work for me. I would’ve thought Hardy and Burke would’ve been a bit more competitive with each other with the briefcase being on the line but they seemed a bit too friendly, but I guess we might see problems at Judgment Day instead. What this did do though is show that they both want to walk out with the case badly and it showed their mutual respect for each other, as well as hyping the JD match further. And Nurse Layla? Oh my!

Nice main event, and the result of the match was just how you described it, shocking! I expected trouble between The Undertaker and HBK but I didn’t think they’d lose. You did well in showing the tension between the two by having them argue after HBK thought he could handle it, and the Choke slam from The Undertaker was a shock to see but it really heats up their rivalry. The Masters of the Mat took advantage of it well and although I’m not too keen on them beating the World Champ it does absolute wonders for them, they really have to win the tag titles now otherwise this huge push would be a bit of a waste. The aftermath was awesome, the perfect ending to the last show before Judgment Day as The Undertaker looks a huge threat to Michaels’ title reign. I am really looking forward to their match now.

Overall it was a brilliant show with very good build up for Judgment Day. There was very little to complain about and it has left me really excited for the PPV which should be great. And with Edge now back, plus Swagger and Jericho coming next week, Smackdown looks like it’s going to get even better. Good job mate.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

FCW RESULTS (24th May)

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

  • “The Natural” Nic Nemeth defeating Reid Flair to win the FCW Television Championship by holding on to the ropes and Reid’s rights to win the match.
  • The Badstreet Boys, JJ Matthews & Cameron York going to Dusty Rhodes and asking for The DiBiase Brothers but being told they’ve not showed up with Dusty then putting them in a non title match against The Empire for the main event.
  • The main event with Matthews & York beating The Empire with help from a distraction by TJ Wilson, Teddy Hart & Shantelle Taylor.
  • Joe Hennig winning the Battle Royal to become the number one contender for the FCW Heavyweight Championship with James Reiher (the champion) sarcastically applauding at the entrance.

A video from earlier in the day was shown of The DiBiase’s (Brett & Mike) arriving in the building. They were trying to act low key, but a worker saw them and told them that Dusty wanted to see them, and they weren’t happy.

Ryback df. Jay Bradley. Ryback debuted to a lot of heat under his Terminator-esque gimmick, picking up the win with a jackhammer after an impressive performance.

The new FCW Television Champion, “The Natural” Nic Nemeth was interviewed by Tiffany. He told her that he got what he deserved in winning the Television Championship last week as Reid got lucky in the first place to beat him for the title on Raw, but fortunately that has now been successfully erased. Tiffany then asked him how he was feeling about having to face him tonight in tag team action and next week in a rematch for the title. Nemeth was very confident and said that it was fine as he isn’t worried about Reid one bit and the campaign to protect him will fail like Reid did last week. “Campus Legend” Brad Allen walked in to the shot and told Nemeth that he heard they’re going to be partners later on and that he can count on him. Nemeth didn’t look impressed and said he could win all by himself tonight if he had to, just like he will next week and ends Reid’s career before it’s even started.


James Reiher, the FCW Champion went to Joe Hennig and told him even though he’s the number one contender, he’s (Reiher) not impressed. He then told Hennig he heard he had a match tonight and understands that it should be straight forward, but that even if he does win, he shouldn’t get his hopes up as he’s (Reiher) beaten everyone put in his way and run them out of FCW, reminding him that Afa Jr is nowhere to be found. He then told a stone faced Hennig that his dad might have been perfect, but he’s not and the champ is going to show everyone that.

CJ Red & Reid Flair df. Nic Nemeth & “Campus Legend” Brad Allen. Reid won the match by making Allen tap to the figure four leg lock after Red hit a slingshot cross body on Nemeth to take both of them down to the floor. After the bell, CJ got back in and celebrated with Reid as Nemeth sat up with a face of fury and blamed Allen as they got together on the outside.


The low key DiBiase Brothers went to see Dusty Rhodes. He gave them a dressing down, telling them they were way out of line for no showing last week and that they would both be fined. They tried to argue but Dusty had none of it and told them they’ll be facing The Badstreet Boys one day soon, and that one of them would be facing them a lot sooner than they thought, telling them there’ll be a one on one match later on tonight between JJ Matthews & Mike DiBiase They tried to protest again but he just told them to get out as Roucka walked in.

She wasn’t happy either and complained about Dusty having it in for her after firing Mike (Kruel) and not giving her a rematch against Shantelle Taylor. He told her he is fed up of her and certain others complaining all the time, and that if she is that unhappy, she knows what she can do. He then told her he’s signed one more female wrestler, and she can face her next week and make a fresh start if she wants to get another shot at the title. She reluctantly accepted, and as she left the office and walked down the hall, Amber O’Neal was laughing with The Bella’s. Roucka took offence and asked them what they were looking at, but they just carried on giggling, angering Roucka who then stormed off.

Joe Hennig df. Ricky Ortiz. Hennig looked impressive and defeated Ortiz with a Hennig-Plex (Perfect Plex). After the match, James Reiher came out once again and applauded again with a smirk on his face. Hennig was clearly angry and asked the ring announcer for his microphone. He then called Reiher to the ring and quit playing games. Reiher wouldn’t budge, and Hennig took it well, telling Reiher that he can play games if he wants but they’ll be going at it for the title very soon, and that he’s going to take it from him. Reiher’s smile went as Hennig stared back at him.


The Empire made their way to the ring, looking very unhappy. Led by Katie Lea & Hade Vansen, Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders, the FCW Tag Team Champions stood angrily behind them as Vansen demanded action for TJ Wilson, Teddy Hart & Shantelle Taylor getting involved in the champs match last week and causing them to lose against The Badstreet Boys. He then said that Dusty Rhodes is to blame as he always has and will favour anyone against The Empire. Dusty came out and said he’s sick of them and the tired old line about him being prejudice against them, saying that’s not the case and called them hypocrites as they have done nothing but cheat to win and hold on to the tag titles. He then made a Lumberjack match for next week with McIntyre & Sanders defending against Hart & Wilson. He also said that if The Empire win the match, Katie Lea would get a shot at the women’s title shot the week after. He sarcastically asked if that was a sufficient compromise for them, and Katie said The Empire will shock them and take over the FCW kingdom in a matter of weeks.


JJ Matthews df. Mike DiBiase. A close match with Brett doing what he could to get his brother back in the match. The match ended with Matthews picking up the win after a double underhook DDT. Brett pulled Mike out of the ring afterwards and to safety as York joined Matthews in the ring. They looked satisfied but it’s clear they have unfinished business with the brothers.

{End of Show}

Confirmed for Next Week

FCW Tag Team Championship
Lumberjack Match
TJ Wilson & Teddy Hart vs The Empire (c)

FCW Television Championship
Reid Flair vs “The Natural” Nic Nemeth (c)

Roucka vs ?

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

The "CRUNK IN YO SYSTEM" Smackdown Review:

~ I really like how you started this show. An in-ring interview somehow seems more important that a solo promo or backstage interview. Shawn was very well written for here, and his intensity was great. One thing I absolutley LOVED about this promo was how you pointed out that Shawn Michaels has always beaten The Undertaker, BUT it has never been a clean win. That not only puts the doubt in the reader, but in Michaels himself, about the match at Judgment Day. I like that Edge is back, but his return was unbelievably random. Michaels is talking about The Masters of the Mat, and all of a sudden out comes a returning Edge? Perhaps if Edge had come out a few seconds earlier when Michaels was in the prime of the promo it would have been ok, but I felt like this out-of-nowhere return kind of sold Edge short. He was awesome with his few words to HBK and Maria. I'm looking forward to this Cutting Edge, and for some reason I think there may be some "brother"ly love "returning" to WWE (cough)...I think you catch my drift.

~ Another strong showing for Mia Rain. I have a feeling you have big plans for her that will go beyond her match with Mickie James at Judgment Day. IRL WWE has a tendency to push a Diva hard at first and then let her fall back into purgatory (see Gail Kim), but I don't think you'll do that with Mia Rain, at least I hope not.

~ Ahh, the ol' attack in the parking lot. I think I remember something like that happening in WCW in about '92 with Larry Zbyszko. Anyway, classic heel move by the Masters. I thought they had the momentum before, but now it would just destroy them if they didn't win the tag team titles. The promo was great too. I especially loved the 'who said anything about defending what we did' line.

~ Good spuash to give Kid Kash some momentum heading into the CW title match. 2 things surprised me here: 1.) You're using Jim Duggan lol. No complaints, every BTB needs jobbers. 2.) Michael Shane didn't get physically involved. I figured after being assaulted by the Notorious K.I.D. before the match, Shane would want to get him some of Kash. However, nothing was wrong with what you did.

~ Good backstage stuff. Matches were set up, Jeter looked like a super heel and Khavo (yes, I'm back in the nickname game) got some continuation.

~ The Punk/Hardy/MVP/Burke/Layla/Tazz segment was awesome. Especially Punk. I feel like he stood out the most in this segment even though MVP was the last man standing. Your decision to turn the two Judgment Day matches into a fatal 4 way is a bittersweet one. Bitter because I was really looking forward to these two matches (especially Punk/Hardy, which seems to personal to be settled in this environment). Sweet because it will still be an awesome match. I see MVP walking away the winner though, just because I don't see him losing the MITB briefcase.

~ The Super Crazy/Jeter match was a good way to give Jeter some momentum, but the Sydal run-in after was a great way to give it right back to Sydal. This has been a very solid feud so far, and a great way to get Sydal and Jeter in the spotlight.

~ Tazz is a great authority figure. I love how he calmed Smith down and then went right into business mode putting MVP in his place. MVP also looked like quite the heel here.

~ Good tag team match between 4 of the scramble participants, but it was kind of overshadowed by Benjamin appearing at the end. I'm not particularly big on any of the men involved in the tag, so I see Benjamin using some kind of sneaky heel tactic to overcome the odds.

~ Okay segment between Burke and Hardy. Nothing much really happened except the mutual showing of respect and the fantasies of Nurse Layla

~ The main event was awesome. I don't think anyone expected the Masters to go over. I loved Michaels telling The Undertaker he had things under control. His trying to do things without Taker really showed that he wanted to prove he was good enough on his own, which is what was braught into question earlier in the show. Perfect way to end the match with getting the Masters over HUGE and not doing any damage to Michaels or Taker (like damage can be done to Michaels or Taker).

OVERALL: Great final stop on the road to Judgment Day. I'm very much looking forward to the show. Everything was solid for start to finish. 8.5

All my unrealistic expectations of WWE and TNA are met...or I can actually get the ball rolling on a BTB project whichever comes first!
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

BY SC2004 >>>

>>> It’s been a while. LOL. An in ring interview with the champion and a member of the announce team, how 1996 of you. I think you’ve used this set up before and for the most part it works. You’re decision to have a highlights package illustrating the fact the Michaels 3-0 winning streak over Taker was all down to outside interference is questionable and here’s why! The Undertaker is an unstoppable force that has rules SmackDown since March 2004 with very few defeats. Michaels is a legend, but an aging legend. You think that of Michaels more than you do Taker. So when Shawn spews the lines about Taker never beating him, it makes the match up seem more even, more unpredictable and that works better IMO. It seemed that Shawn delivered the logical close half way through when he talked about the match being “the defining moment” of his career. Therefore I was surprised to have Edge come out. I know why it was done, to sell the PPV and it worked in that respect. The cutting Edge at Judgement Day sounds great. I just think saving his return would have been a fun surprise. Edge referring to HBK and Taker, the upcoming PPV headliners as two geriatrics didn’t seem like a good choice of words, even if it was to get heat! All in all this was a great sell for the PPV with some minor flaws. Oh and the characterization was phenomenal.

>>> The Edge, Maria segment backstage although very short, was yet again an effective way of hyping the PPV Sunday night. With you bringing Edge in like you did tonight to hype the PPV and more importantly the cutting Edge, I sure hope it delivers because quiet honestly that’s all I’m thinking about right now.

>>> I was surprised that you of all people would make McCool look reasonably good in this match up as you hate her more that I do. This situation with the divas is an interesting one. Obviously the faces, Mickie and McCool are playing victims to the dominant Rain who is getting an almighty push. However it’s Beth’s character I find most interesting as she watches another dominant diva walk onto her playing field, unsure of whether to threat her as friend or foe. It’s a nice dynamic. Phoenix for all the shit she’s getting in the WWE right now needs to be used well as in my money she can be a top draw in the divas division when used right. Rain vs. Phoenix with some build and a turn could be golden already!!!

>>> Great focus on the tag team division here and an overall enjoyable segment. I know you knock me for being over the top and dramatic, but surprise, surprise I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more of these segments. I do however have one problem with it and I’m sure you’ll agree. Burchill, due to the attack had his wrist slammed in the door. When talking to Smith, after the attack he was perfectly lucid. I ask you, was there really a need for Burchill to be taken away in an ambulance? Makes no sense when you think about it, even if it was just for dramatic effect.

>>> So this Masters of the Mat interview had two goals, to put over the title match at Judgement Day and the main event tonight and in both respects you succeeded. The Masters of the Mat to me are the most entertaining heel tag team in BTB. It’s not often you get any sort of enjoyment from the tag team division and a programme between two tag teams in BTB. Will Burchill be able to even compete at Judgement Day? Should be an interesting development.

>>>> QUASH! I’m surprised you even left that match go three minutes. With you now writing the shows in full, you’ve really scaled back on the match writing, which for me as a reader is great! As a writer it also makes sense as you want to focus on the promos and leave the match writing for the PPV! Speaking of promos, another short one here. This promo placed some importance on the title match going into Judgement Day with Shane revealing that it’s not just an important match in the career of Kash, but also in his own career. This makes the match up seem a bit more special.

>>> A very late addition of the Judgement Day card, with Mickie James asking for a match up with Mia Rain. It’s a logical booking move that will have a very predictable ending. Killings and Tazz, so much slang and broken English I had to read it twice. LOL. Now I’m Irish, so very, very white, but I think it’s spelt “Dawg” not “Dowg” LOL. WHO KNOWS! The characterization here yet again was spot on. Another tag team match up for tonight, I’m okay with that. The Chavo, Killings feud is certainly an unusual one as most bookers, my elf included, would tend to overlook its potential.

>>> Another interview segment. Now normally I would knock you for it, but this is after all the go home show leading into Judgement Day so I understand your need to hype each and every match up. In saying that, the top of the card going into the PPV is always the main concern, so there is not necessarily a need to feature every single under card match PPV match. This was short a sweet with Jeter again proving his ability as a jealous and driven heel.

>>> Oh Good Lord that was a great segment. Punk was solid at the start, but things got a lot better when MVP came out. The contrast between the two heels was fun to observe with CM Punk showing he’s more of a mean, bulling heel where as MVP is simply just a cocky son of bitch. MVP may have a mean streak but Punk just exudes mean! I was glad you chose not to go with yet another tag team match and it would of seemed odd that Punk and MVP would be so eager to team up after their heated verbal exchange. The physical interaction was all over the place, very chaotic. Tazz interrupting and making that huge announcement sure was shocking. I personally feel it’s too ate in the game to do what you did. Think of all the people who have already ordered the PPV, I know I’d be pissed off by the decision.

>>> This was all a little predictable here with Sydal and Jeter but it had the desired effect. I’ve been willing to out Sydal on the stick of late, but you’ve seemed to keep him from talking to much. He’s not the best speaker in the world, but he’ll never get over on athletic ability alone. Coming off of the hot in ring segment, this may have fell a little flat, especially the match up, but in booking the show I don’t think you had many other options,

>>> Great mix of comedy and drama here with Smith, Tazz and MVP. A really enjoyable segment overall and the second best of the night! I’m liking this, less serious Tazz. He’s more in tune with the character he played when he was an announcer, although he can’t always play the comic, it would be nice to see it more often. Smith however was the stand out star here, getting the spotlight shined on him and rising to the challenge. Is he this good an actor, talker though? I guess in BTB it’s less of a concern.

>>> WOW these full shows take a lot of work to review, now I know how you feel. LOL. Not a bad tag team match up at all, the finish with Lashley spearing Jordon and getting the win was fine. I much prefer Lashley in the mid card mix as apposed to a bona fid main eventer. Shelton finally makes an appearance and he’s on the stick, Oh Boy! You kept it short a sweet and it’s cool to see that Benjamin is so cocky, even with the odds stacked against him.

>>> This was, for you, a strange segment. Actually scratch that, no it wasn’t, but for this show it was. It was incredibly laid back, simple and NICE! Don’t think I’ve ever used the word nice in that context before in BTB. The ending especially was almost sweet because of Layla and I don’t know, somehow it all worked to create something that wasn’t forced, over the top, heated or even staged to hype a PPV or further a feud. In an odd sort of a way, my fav non in ring promo of the night!

>>> One question here and I know your all for your booking, SHOULD MASTERS HAVE BEEN ABLE TO PIN HBK FOLLOWING 1 TAKER CHOKESLAM? I don’t think so, especially as they’re was a lengthy pause between Taker hitting the choke slam and Masters covering HBK. The finish made Michaels look incredible weak, days before his Main Even match up with Taker. The finish should of seen Taker and HBK go over, following by a stare down, there in my opinion did not need to be any physical exchange between Taker and HBK here. You made Taker look incredibly strong tonight and for that reason I don’t see him winning at Judgement Day. Edge will play a role no doubt setting up a triple threat main event between all three men on the next PPV!

OVERALL: This by far was the longest review I have ever written and that’s because you are writing your shows in full, obviously! Gad you see you move away from the match writing and focusing in on the storytelling. It makes for a much more entertaining show. On a whole, this was a very solid go home show with some surprising booking errors, something that we don’t see from you that often. In saying that, it’s hard to find a better read in BTB these days. Judgement Day should be great !

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks for the reviews as ever guys, I just thought I’d answer and explain some questions and queries.

Originally Posted by sc2004
One question here and I know your all for your booking, SHOULD MASTERS HAVE BEEN ABLE TO PIN HBK FOLLOWING 1 TAKER CHOKESLAM? I don’t think so, especially as they’re was a lengthy pause between Taker hitting the choke slam and Masters covering HBK. The finish made Michaels look incredible weak, days before his Main Even match up with Taker. The finish should of seen Taker and HBK go over, following by a stare down, there in my opinion did not need to be any physical exchange between Taker and HBK here.
This was the biggest dilemma I had, and it was changed at the last minute. The plan was to have Taker do the job with Michaels hitting him with the super kick by accident, but the major flaw I had was that I would have the challenger to the world title lose clean 2 days before his title shot. I thought that would be a big mistake and ruin his credibility and the belief he could beat Michaels at Judgment Day. I could have gone with the nicey nice approach, but it’s been too restrained in the build up. I wanted things to boil over and have Michaels stand up to Taker instead of doing a stare down which I’ve already done recently.

Originally Posted by Rated-R Champ
Just more hype for the Cutting Edge on Sunday, but Edge being so tight-lipped it got me to look forward to it even more.
Originally Posted by D-K-L
Well Maria catching up with Edge in the back worked well to further hype the Cutting Edge for JD. By describing it as the biggest ever it adds even more hype to it and makes me wonder what he has in store. I'm not really sure what it'll be about, but I have a feeling it's going to be great.
Originally Posted by CM Crunk
I like that Edge is back, but his return was unbelievably random. Michaels is talking about The Masters of the Mat, and all of a sudden out comes a returning Edge? He was awesome with his few words to HBK and Maria. I'm looking forward to this Cutting Edge
Originally Posted by sc2004
With you bringing Edge in like you did tonight to hype the PPV and more importantly the cutting Edge, I sure hope it delivers because quiet honestly that’s all I’m thinking about right now.
Yay. I’m glad everyone’s excited about it. I tried to hype it best I could, and looking back I can see that it did kind of take a bit away from Shawn’s promo. I wanted Edge’s announcement to be a bolt out of the blue, and of course I wanted to hype it to maximum effect, which seems to have worked by putting him in there with Shawn.

Originally Posted by sc2004
The Masters of the Mat to me are the most entertaining heel tag team in BTB. It’s not often you get any sort of enjoyment from the tag team division and a programme between two tag teams in BTB.
Thanks. I’ve really enjoyed pushing them lately, and it’s nice to see such compliments like the ones I get for Cody Rhodes when it comes to pushing someone different and developing characters. I’m glad that it seems to be working.

Originally Posted by Rated-R Champ
I'm liking how serious this feud between Chavo and Killings has gotten. Trying to get a man fired will do that for a feud, and Killings came off pretty intense here.
Again, I’m trying to do something different with a couple of mid card guys and see where it goes.

Originally Posted by CM Crunk
This has been a very solid feud so far, and a great way to get Sydal and Jeter in the spotlight.
The same can be said with this feud as I’m trying to develop my mid card and some younger guys. They’re more fun to book and it’s great to see it pay off.

Originally Posted by CM Crunk
Nothing much really happened except the mutual showing of respect and the fantasies of Nurse Layla.
Originally Posted by D-K-L
And Nurse Layla? Oh my!
Oh my indeed! I’m glad I gave you all such happy thoughts. I had to pop off for a while when I wrote that segment!

Originally Posted by CM Crunk
Your decision to turn the two Judgment Day matches into a fatal 4 way is a bittersweet one. Bitter because I was really looking forward to these two matches (especially Punk/Hardy, which seems to personal to be settled in this environment). Sweet because it will still be an awesome match.
Sean said something similar and I can see your point. The plan all along was to have them pushed together as I didn’t want to have 8 matches on the card with Shawn/Taker as the main event. That was going to get more time, and this was the right decision I think. There’s another reason which you’ll find out at Judgment Day and the shows coming after it.

Originally Posted by Rated-R Champ
Fantastic opening promo by Shawn, absolutely fantastic, probably the best I've read from you.
Originally Posted by sc2004
Oh and the characterization was phenomenal.
Thanks for all the comments about the full promos too, they’re really helpful as I’ve been trying a lot harder than people would think. Now I’ve finished uni for the summer, I have more time and it’s given me the chance to write them in full. I could have done them before, but I wanted the thread to progress at a decent pace instead of going slow.

On a side note, the Judgment Day preview and results are both written and formatted. The preview will be up tomorrow or Friday, and the show Sunday/Monday.
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