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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Results - Friday 16th May 2008
Live From The Freeman Coliseum
San Antonio, Texas

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

  • Shawn Michaels at the top of the show making it clear that it was Chris Masters who hit The Undertaker with the steel chair the week before
  • Undertaker taking on Chris Masters in the main event with Masters getting disqualified due to a steel chair shot
  • Shawn Michaels rushing down and nailing Charlie Haas with a super kick before lining up a chair shot for Masters, only for Masters to duck with Michaels drilling the dead man, leaving a shocked Michaels to stare down at his fate

***Opening Video***
“If You Rock Like Me”


***Video Promo***

{Cut To Ringside}

hits as The Masters of the Mat, Chris Masters & Charlie Haas walk down to the ring with two local wrestlers waiting inside. As Masters’ music cuts, Justin Roberts introduces both teams, naming the locals as Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens, but Masters walks over to Roberts and asks for the microphone. He gets it and says that he can’t help but comment on what happened last week with a certain hometown hero going by the name of Shawn Michaels. The mention of his name draws a huge reaction from the San Antonio crowd, and Masters says that they just saw the footage and they’re going to have to do more than pray to get Shawn out of the trouble he’s in when The Undertaker gets his hands on him tonight. He turns and laughs along with Haas as the fans boo, and he then points at his opponents to say that they have about as much chance of beating The Masters of Mat tonight as Shawn Michaels does of beating The Undertaker at Judgment Day. He laughs again before handing the microphone back to Justin Roberts, who leaves the ring as the ball is rung.

***The Opening Match***

Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens vs The Masters of the Mat (Charlie Haas & Chris Masters)

Masters & Haas have dominated the match and Haas is in total control as he applies an arm bar submission after catching Douglas with an arm drag takedown. Douglas shows some courage and fights the hold and is able to make his way back up to his feet, but Haas quickly turns the screw by twisting his arm and pulling him in to a vicious short arm clothesline. That looks to have taken the wind out of Douglas’s sails, and as he slowly makes his way back up, Haas slips behind him and starts stomping his feet against the mat before exploding with an Olympic Slam. The fans boo, but just as Haas is about to go for the cover, Masters asks to be tagged in, and Haas obliges. Masters climbs through the ropes and urges Douglas to get up, but it takes him a while to get to his knees, Masters then shifts behind him, stalking him for The Masterlock. The fans boo again, but just as Douglas gets to his knees, Masters turns round and knocks Stevens off the apron with a double axe handle blow to the chest. He smirks before turning his attention back to Douglas, and as the jobber stands back up, Masters locks in the deadly submission hold, giving Douglas no option but to give it up with the referee calling for the bell as Masters then lets go of Douglas who just falls in a heap.

WINNERS: The Masters of the Mat by stoppage @ 3.18.

AFTERMATH: The bell rings with Masters & Haas then announced as the winners. Haas enters the ring and looks up at Masters with a glint in his eye. The expert technician walks over to the motionless Douglas, drops to his knees by Douglas’s legs and locks in the Haas of Pain. Stevens gets back in the ring and runs at Masters, but The Masterpiece knocks him down with a clothesline. He reaches down and drags Stevens back up before tossing him over the top rope to heat from the crowd. Just then, a massive pop breaks out as the camera reveals Shawn Michaels running down the ramp. Masters turns and sees him coming, so he bends down and taps Haas on the back before getting out of harms way. Haas dodges the bullet too, letting the hold go and scurrying away as Michaels slides in under the bottom rope. He walks across the ring and asks for a microphone.

He looks hot as Masters & Haas grin while they back track up the ramp with The Heartbreak Kid then saying that he’s sick of coming out to explain himself week after week, but he’s not gonna let two punks like them run him down in his hometown. That gets a big cheer, but Masters & Haas continue grinning with HBK then telling the San Antonio crowd that the only two people who think he deliberately hit The Undertaker last week are the two half brain morons laughing away like a couple of school kids. Masters & Haas don’t seem to mind the insult as they’re enjoying getting under Michaels’ skin, but the World Champion says that they can try and cause as much trouble as they like it because it’s not going to work. He says that he’s dealt with hundreds of guys like them before and that the entire world including The Undertaker knows what happened last week was an accident, and the next time he hears them talking trash, they’re going to hear something too, the sound of sweet chin music. Michaels drops the mic and stares back at the now not so smug duo as “Sexy Boy” blasts out to a huge ovation.

{Commercial Break}

The grinning duo of Chris Masters & Charlie Haas walk through the halls, looking very pleased with themselves. All of a sudden, Haas stands still and points ahead for Masters to look up, and the camera zooms out to reveal the WWE Tag Team Champions, The UK Pack, Paul Burchill & Harry Smith leaning against a wall and talking. Masters & Haas walk forward, still grinning as Masters says “look what we have here”, causing Smith & Burchill to turn round, and they shake their heads at the presence of their Judgment Day opponents. Burchill says they’re lucky to have escaped last week and tonight unscathed, but come Judgement Day, they’re going to get what they deserve. Masters says that he totally agrees with him, saying they are going to get what they deserve, the tag team titles. He then says that nothing is going to stop them and that he and Charlie are going to send them back home to the UK empty handed. Burchill isn’t intimidated and he squares up to Masters to tell him that he and Harry might just have something to say about that with Harry Smith standing calmly behind Burchill. The smug Masterpiece then steps back and to the side, chuckling as Haas follows while also looking acting very cocky about it, leaving the champs to turn and stare at them.

{Cut Backstage}

Johnny Jeter is walking through the hallway in casual clothing and looking quite smug after his attack on Matt Sydal last week. He stops at a door that looks to be that of the general manager and knocks before walking in, and there sits Tazz behind his desk. The GM looks quite serious for a change and tells Jeter to take a seat on the couch. Tazz stands up and walks over to the couch while Jeter starts to consider what trouble he could be in during an awkward silence as Tazz then sits down alongside him. He stares at Jeter and tells him that he probably knows why he’s here. Jeter tells Tazz he doesn’t know what the problem is, but Tazz cuts in and tells him to shut his pie hole before he gets himself in even more trouble. The GM then tells Jeter that he probably thought he was real smart taking Sydal out last week to get out of their match, but he then says that he can forget about that because it wasn’t smart at all. Tazz looks very serious indeed as he stares right at Jeter, unnerving him as he says that it’s not so smart to piss him off as he’s about to find out.

Jeter doesn’t know what to do with Tazz then saying that fortunately, Sydal’s alright and he’s gonna be good to go come Judgment Day, which is kind of lucky considering because the match that was supposed to take place last week will now take place at Judgment Day. Jeter sn-iggers as he stands up and tells Tazz that he’s got him wrong, saying he’s not scared of Sydal one bit, but Tazz stands up too, telling him he doesn’t need to hear it, all he called him here for was to tell him not to piss off again because he won’t get off lightly next time. Jeter doesn’t look bothered at all and asks if that’s all, but Tazz says not quite. He tells him that he’s going to compete tonight too, against the Cruiserweight Champion, Michael Shane, but tells him not to get his hopes up because the title isn’t gonna be on the line. Jeter says he doesn’t care about the Cruiserweight Championship right now, all he cares about is finishing the job he started last week at Judgment Day. Tazz shakes his head in frustration and tells him to just get out, which Jeter does with a smirk on his face, but as he leaves, the serious looking Mickie James & Michelle McCool walk in.

Tazz looks happy to see them and tells them to take a seat, but they say they don’t want to sit down with Mickie saying all they want is to find out what he’s going to about this woman who’s been jumping them the last couple of weeks. Tazz holds his hands up and says that it’s all taken care of. McCool asks him what he means by “all taken care of”, and he says that she came to see him after the show last week and told him she wanted to come to Smackdown. Mickie looks stunned and asks Tazz what he said, and the GM says that he gave her one, and then saying a contract that is. McCool asks him if he’s crazy but he tells them that he told her straight that he wasn’t happy about what she did, but he says it’s not going to happen again now that she has a contract. Mickie & McCool aren’t best pleased, and Mickie asks him if he expects them to be okay with this. Tazz says that he expected them to react like they just have, and that’s why he’s made a tag team match tonight, the two of them taking on Beth Phoenix and the woman that has attacked them the last two weeks, Mia Rain. He carries on to say that now they can go out there tonight and stand up for themselves and show her that they’re not going to let her walk all over them. McCool tells him they’re going to do just that and turns round to walk out with the equally focused Mickie James.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

A confrontation backstage with Shelton Benjamin telling Bobby Lashley that it doesn’t matter how the odds are stacked against him in the scramble match for his United States Championship at Judgment Day, because no one is taking the title from him.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #2***

Non Title Match
Bobby Lashley vs Shelton Benjamin

Lashley has fought back after some cheap tricks from the Shelton to take the initiative. With Shelton making his way back up by the corner, Lashley runs in at him and splashes him back in to the pads, and Shelton sure does feel the effects of that. Lashley doesn’t give him a breather though as he ducks his head and drives his shoulder repeatedly in to the mid section of the United States Champion who has no answer to this onslaught. Lashley backs out of the corner to a pop from the crowd, and as Shelton staggers out, Lashley grabs him around the upper part of his chest and tosses him behind with an overhead belly to belly suplex. The fans continue to get behind Lashley, but they’re left disappointed as Shelton kicks out of a cover at the count of two. Lashley stands back up and reaches down to drag Shelton back up to his knees straight away, but The Gold Standard fights back with a right forearm shot to the gut of Lashley that takes him by surprise. Benjamin reacts like a cat to pull himself up to his feet, and he kicks Lashley in the chest with the big man holding on to his boot as Shelton then looks to nail the dragon whip, but Lashley ducks his head with Shelton hitting the deck. That brings another pop from the San Antonio faithful, and Lashley looks in no mood to wait around as he drags Shelton back up and sets him up for a gut wrench.

He lifts him up on to his shoulder for the dominator and slams the United States Champion down to the mat, and he sends him flying further forward and closer to the ropes as he then follows up for the cover, only for Shelton to get his foot up on the rope to save himself. Sighs echo out from the crowd as Lashley pulls himself back up to his knees and shakes his head in frustration. As he begins to make his way back up, Shelton starts to roll on to his side and crawls towards the corner, using the ropes to help himself up as Lashley backs up in to the opposite corner, seemingly getting ready to spear Shelton in half. The totally oblivious Benjamin stands up fully, lets go of the ropes and turns round, Lashley charges at him, but Shelton steps to the side with Lashley charging in to the corner pads and his shoulder hitting the ring post. Shelton drops to his knees and rolls under the bottom rope as Lashley remains in pain while Shelton walks towards the timekeeper’s table and grabs his title belt before slipping back in the ring. The referee is busy checking on Lashley as he starts to make his way back up, but as they both turn round, the ref sees Shelton has the belt and tries to warn him not to use it, waving his arms around in a frenzy. With Lashley still a little groggy, he doesn’t realise what’s going on with Benjamin ignoring the referee to smash the belt in to Lashley’s face, giving the ref no option but to call for the bell.

WINNER: Bobby Lashley by DQ @ 8.58.

AFTERMATH: Boos ring out as Shelton stands there smirking in the ring while the camera switches to show Orlando Jordan grinning as he watches on a monitor in the back. It cuts back to the smirking United States Champion as he collects a microphone and says that like Lashley just found out, no one Tazz puts in his way will take the United States title from him at Judgment Day, no one. He says the title is his and it’s gonna stay that way. He smiles again as he turns round with the microphone, but he sees Lashley up on his feet and charging at him. He just manages to sidestep the monster, and Lashley puts the breaks on as Shelton makes a sharp exit, but they stare right at each other as The Gold Standard walks around the ramp with a smug look on his face.

{Cut Backstage}

Ron Killings
looks to be one angry man as he paces through the halls, and as he stops at Tazz’s door, out walks Tazz himself. Tazz looks glad to see him and tells him he’s just the man, but Killings cuts him off and tells him he wants Chavo Guerrero tonight. Tazz says he can’t do that, but Killings angrily asks him if he heard about the stunt Chavo pulled, going to the board and trying to get him fired, as well as the article on WWE.com. Tazz says that’s why he’s just the man, telling him he knows all about it, he’s spoken to the board and that his job is safe, and he’s going to deal with Chavo right now. Killings looks somewhat relieved but tells Tazz to make sure he does, because if he doesn’t, he (Killings) will. Tazz tells him not to worry because he’s going to tell Chavo exactly how it is in just a matter of minutes. Killings nods his head as Tazz walks off down the hall like a man on a mission.

{Commercial Break}

“13” hits as Tazz walks down to the ring, and he seems to very serious indeed. Once he climbs in to the ring, he walks over to the other side and asks for a microphone. He then says that he got quite a shock earlier this week when he found out a member of the Smackdown locker room went to WWE headquarters and tried to get one of his superstars fired behind his back. However, before he can carry on, “Chavo Ardiente” plays as a very angry Chavo Guerrero walks down the ramp with a microphone in hand. His music cuts quickly as Chavo asks Tazz if he just heard right, that Ron Killings’ job’s safe? He doesn’t give Tazz a chance to get a word in as he climbs through the ropes and tells Tazz that he knows what this is about, the fact he went over his head and went to the board of directors. Tazz says that now he mentions it, that’s a pretty big part of it, but Chavo says that he gave him the chance to do his job last week, and then asks Tazz what he did. Guerrero then asks Tazz to remind everyone what he did, but he doesn’t let him answer by saying that Tazz did nothing, in fact he rewarded Killings by giving him a spot in the scramble match at Judgment Day.

He then asks Tazz if that’s his meaning of the word justice, reminding him that Killings has attacked him for absolutely no reason the last two weeks and gone unpunished. He then says that it might work like that in Brooklyn, but this is Smackdown, not the slums of New York. Tazz cuts in and tells Chavo that Brooklyn has got nothing to do with it, and if he wants to walk out of this ring, he might do himself a favour and shut his mouth. That gets a big pop from the crowd as the intense Tazz stares right at the hot looking Chavo. Tazz then tells Chavo to think back a few weeks and reminds him that he smashed Killings in the back with a chair like a coward, so this whole unprovoked crap is just that, crap, and that’s just what the board of directors think, and that’s why Ron Killings has still got a job on Smackdown. Chavo shakes his head in anger and tells Tazz that’s not good enough. He says that it’s inexcusable to let convicts like Killings walk off the streets and beat the hell out of respectable people like Chavo Guerrero, and that if Killings attacked him on the street, he would be straight back where he belongs in jail.

The crowd boo the hell out of Chavo, but the crowd start to cheer as “What’s Up” blasts out to a big pop with Ron Killings pacing down to the ring. He looks like he’s going to explode, but Tazz senses the danger and shouts for security to get down there. Chavo drops his microphone as Killings stops at the bottom of the ramp and prepares to storm the ring. Security (6 men) come racing down the ramp as Tazz tells Killings not to do anything stupid, but as Killings steps forward to the apron and reaches up to grab the top rope, the security men pull him back to a ton of heat from the fans. With Killings trying to free himself, Tazz tells him that he’s sorry but this is the way it has to be and that the best thing he can do is go home as he has Chavo under control. Boos continue to ring out as Killings is escorted to the back with Chavo smiling widely, but Tazz tells him not to get too relaxed because he will be in action tonight in the main event, and his opponent is going to be another angry individual, none other than San Antonio’s own, “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels. That gets a massive pop as “13” hits again leaving Chavo not so happy in the ring while Tazz makes his way to the back.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

We see Josh Hayger working out in a gym and a wrestling ring, cutting to a still image at the end.

VOICEOVER: Dominance is not a word to be taken lightly. . . Dominance is often mistaken, but once this man graces the ring he was born to excel in, you will finally understand the true meaning of the word “domination”. . . This man is Josh Hayger, and he’s coming to Friday Night Smackdown very soon.

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

Michelle McCool losing to Beth Phoenix with Mia Banks jumping the barricade after the match to attack Mickie before doing the same to the defenceless Maria as she checked on McCool, leading to an confused glance from The Glamazon.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #3***

Mickie James & Michelle McCool vs Beth Phoenix & Mia Rain

Mia has been doing one hell of a job on Mickie James, but as she pulls Mickie back up and whips her in to the ropes, Mickie takes her by surprise by sliding through her legs and racing back up to her feet. Rain panics as she turns round in to a head scissors take down, and Mickie isn’t done as she pulls Rain up from her knees and drags her under arm while holding on to her left leg to connect with a leg hoot suplex pin. It’s not enough though as Rain kicks out at two, and as soon as Mickie gets back up, she walks in to her corner to tag in McCool. The rake like blonde steps through the ropes and walks over to Rain as she gets back to her knees, and McCool decides to give her a hand, followed by a european uppercut. She knocks her off balance with a second uppercut before turning back in to the ropes, but as she runs back, Rain ducks her head as McCool runs through and manages to put the breaks on. It doesn’t help though as Rain reaches back and plants her with a neckbreaker. Rain doesn’t go for the cover and crawls the short distance to her corner to tag in The Glamazon, who took her time in reaching her hand out, clearly not sure what to make of Smackdown’s latest addition to the diva roster. She even glances back at her partner as she walks towards McCool who starts to shift herself.

It’s evident that Beth is not comfortable as she half heartedly pulls McCool up to her feet, but she drags her head under her arm and lifts her vertically up in to the air for a suplex, but before she falls back, she walks to the ropes and instead opts to hit a slingshot suplex. McCool looks in some pain as Beth looks to wrap up the win with the subsequent cover, but McCool fights on to kick out to the relief of the crowd. Beth still doesn’t look at ease as she stands back up and coolly drags McCool back up before whipping her gently in to the ropes. McCool hits them and holds on to the top rope before urging Beth to run at her, and she does so, running in to a lifted boot that sends her staggering back in to the centre of the ring. As she turns round in a daze, McCool runs at The Glamazon, but she charges right in to a double axe handle blow to the chest, sending her crashing down to the mat. Beth looks angered as she bends down straight away to pull McCool back up and in to place for The Glam Slam, and she nails it. McCool is out of it, but as Beth looks to go for the cover, Rain stares right at her, confusing The Glamazon. She stands up and walks over to Rain who slaps her shoulder, getting the tag in as Beth watches on in complete bemusement as Rain steps through the ropes and walks over to McCool. Rain coolly spins McCool round before planting her with a falling reverse DDT, otherwise known as the Rain Drop to make the cover and earn the victory.

WINNERS: Beth Phoenix & Mia Rain by pinfall @ 6.33.

AFTERMATH: Rain’s music hits and she gets her arm raised as The Glamazon stands there staring at her, still not sure what to make of her while Mickie enters the ring to check on McCool. Rain leaves the ring and smiles as she backs up the ramp with both Mickie & Beth watching her like a hawk.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

***Match #4***

Non Title Match
Michael Shane vs Johnny Jeter

A very even match up with Jeter pulling out a few little dirty tricks to cut short Shane’s momentum. After raking Shane’s eyes in the corner, Jeter shoves him down to the mat and climbs up to the second rope as Shane crawls up on to his knees. With a smirk on his face, Jeter jumps down and connects with a double leg drop to the back of Shane’s head, and he rushes to turn the Cruiserweight Champion over as he goes for the cover, but Shane gets his shoulder up at the count of two. Jeter doesn’t look happy at the ref’s count and he lets him know it before turning the attention back to Shane and pummelling him with several blows to the head. The ref doesn’t like it and tells him to give it up, and he does. He stands back up and calmly reaches down to pull Shane back up before stomping him in the midsection and hammering away with a series of right hands that sends Shane back in to the ropes. Jeter then grabs him by the arm and whips him in to the opposite side, but as he runs in to the centre of the ring for a dropkick, Shane holds on to the ropes and watches as Jeter crash lands on the deck after dropkicking air. Shane takes a few deep breaths as Jeter sits up and slowly makes his way back up to a vertical base. Shane runs at him and takes him down with a clothesline, but Jeter rushes right back up to get levelled by another clothesline from the Cruiserweight Champion.

Once again Jeter is right back up, and Shane pounces on him, grabbing him around the waist from behind and planting him with a german suplex. The crowd get behind Shane as he then stands back up and urges Jeter to his feet, but Shane has to help him up. Once he has him up, he turns back to run the ropes, but as he runs back at his opponent, Jeter shows how quick he can be by jumping up in to the air and smashing him in the chest with a back elbow smash. Both men remain on the mat for a good ten seconds before they face other with Jeter throwing a wild right at Shane, but Shawn Michaels’ cousin ducks it and plants him with a side suplex to the satisfaction of the fans. Shane crawls in to the corner and uses the ropes to help him up where he starts to tune up the band with the crowd really getting behind him, but as Jeter starts to stir, boos echo around the arena as Kid Kash makes his way down the ramp. Shane’s opponent at Judgment Day walks up to the apron and catches the attention of Shane as he turns round. He doesn’t look happy to see Kash one bit as they exchange words with Jeter getting back up. Shane eventually turns back to face his opponent but panics as he sees he’s up, and as he runs at him, Jeter nails him with the Genesis Kick (Jumping Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick). He scurries across to make the cover, and he gets a huge victory.

WINNER: Johnny Jeter by pinfall @ 7.40.

AFTERMATH: “Time To Shine” hits as Jeter stands up to get his arm raised with a big smile on his face as Kash backs up the ramp with an equally big smile. Jeter walks over to the ropes and taunts the crowd as Shane starts to come round.

***Video Promo***

{Cut Backstage}

CM Punk is getting ready in his locker room, looking quite relaxed as he applies his elbow pads with boos coming from the arena. We then hear a door slam, catching Punk’s attention who looks up and shakes his head with a smirk on his face as Mr. Money in the Bank, MVP walks towards him, also getting booed by the fans inside the arena. MVP is dressed in a sharp suit with his briefcase in hand as Punk then asks him just what he can do for him. MVP isn’t amused and he tells Punk that he came to ask him the same thing. Punk looks confused, but MVP reminds him by bringing up the fact that Punk ran down to the ring last week and smashed Matt Hardy in the head with the briefcase. Punk grins as MVP then tells Punk that he wants to make it clear he doesn’t need anyone’s help to beat Matt Hardy or anyone else for that matter, and that’s why he’s got a world title shot whenever he feels like it. Punk smirks at the agitated MVP before telling him that from where he was standing, it looked like he (MVP) needed all the help he could get. He then acknowledges the briefcase and says that he’s not impressed by him one bit, and that if he had of been in the Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania instead of beating Jeff Hardy in to a bloody pulp, the briefcase would be in his hands. That doesn’t go down well with the agitated MVP who sarcastically asks Punk if that’s what he thinks, but Punk remains calm and tells him he’s about to go and do something he (MVP) couldn’t two weeks ago, and beat Elijah Burke all by himself. Punk then brushes past the pissed MVP to walk out of the locker room.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

Highlights of Hell in a Cell from Bad Blood 1997 are shown. We then see a secluded dark indoor location with candles with Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker.

VOICEOVER: They are two of the greatest superstars to have ever graced the squared circle. . . They have given us moments to cherish, both together and separately. But for the first time in over ten years, Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker will battle it out for the richest prize in the industry. . . the World Heavyweight Championship. . . Smackdown presents WWE Judgment Day, live exclusively on pay-per-view. . . Coming soon.

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

Matt Hardy going one on one with MVP when the referee took a bump, allowing CM Punk to run down the ramp and cost him the match with a shot to the head from MVP’s briefcase, leading to Elijah Burke racing down to chase Punk out of the ring and through the crowd while MVP covered Matt for the win.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #5***

Elijah Burke w/Layla vs CM Punk

With Matt Hardy at ringside commentating along with The Coach & Michael Cole, CM Punk has found himself getting distracted on occasions, and as he climbs through the ropes on to the apron in front of his Judgment Day opponent, he forgets about Burke. The Straight Edged Superstar turns round and smirks at the stone faced Hardy brother for a couple of seconds, and Matt is clearly livid from last week as he stands up and teases going for Punk who just laughs it off. As he turns back round to face the ring, Burke is just about back up on his feet, resulting in Punk acting quickly to go for a springboard clothesline, but Burke takes him by surprise as he connects with a standing dropkick to the upper body of Punk. That gets a big pop from the crowd as Burke looks to pick up the win, but Punk kicks out at two. Burke looks a little disappointed but quickly gets back on with things, standing back up and helping Punk back up to his feet before whipping him in to the ropes and planting him as he comes back with one heck of a lifting spinning sit down spinebuster. As he holds on for the cover, the referee makes the count as the expectant fans rise to their feet, but they’re left disappointed too as Punk lifts his shoulder up at the count of two once again. Burke takes a momentary breather as he pulls himself back up, and this time he does look a slightly frustrated. He then makes his way back up with Punk rolling on to his side at the same time.

Burke helps him back up again and levels him across the chest with some vicious backhand chops, sending Punk back in to the ropes. He then grabs him by the wrist and whips him in to the opposite set of ropes, and as Punk bounces back off, he runs at Punk and sends him crashing back down to the mat with a flying shoulder tackle. The crowd are really getting behind Burke know as he stands back up and urges Punk to do the same, and it doesn’t take long. The moment Punk is up, Burke spins him round in to a hard right hand and turns back to run the ropes, but as he comes back, Punk shows his fighting spirit with a spinning powerslam. He holds on for a cover as the referee makes the count, but Burke is the one to kick out this time before the hand can come down for three. It takes both men several seconds to get back up, and as they do, Punk levels Burke with a hard martial arts kick to the stomach before following up with a stiff kick to the back and another to the ribcage. Burke drops to his knees but Punk picks him back up and whips him in to the corner, and as he runs in for a high knee lift, Burke shifts out of the corner, but Punk manages to jump up to the second rope. As Burke turns round, Punk leaps off and takes him down with a spinning diving cross body, landing on top of him for a cover, but Burke pushes him off at two. Both men race to back up to their feet and Burke turns round in to a vicious roundhouse kick to the side of the head.

Burke just falls down in a heap as Punk grins for a second before dropping to his knees and making a complacent cover, but once again Burke kicks out at two. That was close and Punk knows it, and so does Layla who looks very relieved on the outside, but Punk has her locked in his sights as he stands back up. He stares at her as he walks over to the ropes, worrying Layla as she stands there looking back. Punk points at Burke as he stares at Layla, seeming to point out that he’s in trouble but he then turns back round to concentrate on his opponent, and he’s got Layla worried. She jumps up on to the apron, convinced her boyfriend is in deep trouble, but the referee walks over and tells her to get down as Punk turns round and sees her standing there. He gets a kick out of it and grabs her by the arm, causing her to fight back and slap him across the face. That gets a big pop, but Punk doesn’t take it as well as he grabs her by the side of the head. That sets Matt off on one as he leaps up from the announce table and throws his headset down as Burke starts to sit up in the ring. Matt races round the apron and pulls Layla down to safety, infuriating Punk who yells at his bitter rival with Matt giving as good as he gets. The ref tries to get things going again by telling Matt to back up, which he does, but as Punk turns round, Burke is back up and he kicks him in the gut before planting him with The Elijah Experience. A massive pop meets that as Burke hooks the leg with the referee making the three count to give a Burke a huge victory going in to Judgment Day and his match with MVP.

WINNER: Elijah Burke by pinfall @ 9.29.

AFTERMATH: “Don’t Waste My Time” blasts out to a big pop as Matt watches on with a big smile on his face from the outside. Layla climbs inside the ring and raises Burke’s arm in to the air before hugging him while Punk remains out of it on the canvas to the obvious satisfaction of Matt Hardy.

{Cut Backstage}

Josh Matthews
is standing by, and he introduces his guest, the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Michael Shane. Cheers can be heard from the arena as the slightly frustrated, damp haired and fully changed Shane appears in shot with the title belt resting on his shoulder. Josh reminds us all how Kid Kash cost him his match earlier on with Johnny Jeter and asks Shane if the challenger to his title at Judgment Day is starting to get in to his head. Shane says that Kash can play all the mind games he wants but it’s not gonna change the fact that if he wants to become the Cruiserweight Champion at Judgment Day, he’s going to have to rely on more than mind games, he’s going to have to bring his best because he (Shane) sure as hell. Josh pulls the microphone back and is about to say something when Shane is jumped and knocked to the floor. The camera zooms out to show The Notorious K.I.D. pummelling away at Shane with boots to the back as Josh steps back. Shane is helpless as he lies on the floor, and Kash grins before asking Shane if that’s what he wants. He sn-iggers and turns round to walk out of the shot as Shane starts to squirm with Josh checking if he’s okay.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

An angry CM Punk walks slowly through the halls, looking to be a little sore from his match with MVP moments ago. As he carries on walking, he stops and looks pissed as we hear clapping. The camera then pans to the right to show MVP standing there and sarcastically applauding Punk. He then tells Punk that he did a great job, but Punk just stares angrily at MVP before carrying on walking and past him as Mr. Money in the Bank laughs out loud.

***Video Promo***

{Cut To Ringside}

***The Main Event***

Non Title Match
Shawn Michaels vs Chavo Guerrero

With Michaels in the ascendency after a Lou Thesz press, the World Champion stands back up and waits with his fists held up as Chavo makes his way back up to his feet. As he stands up and turns to face HBK, he is met with a jab to the face, and then another before Michaels turns back to run the ropes, but as he comes back looking for a flying forearm, Chavo ducks to his knees as Michaels goes flying over him for a crash landing. Chavo sits up with a satisfied grin on his face, and he doesn’t hesitate in roughing up HBK as he makes his way back up and stomps all over the World Champion, really putting the boots to him. Chavo stops and raises his arms in to the air while ducking to his knees, taunting Michaels and the crowd, and boy does he get some heat. He doesn’t care less as he stands back up looking very smug while walking in to the corner where he then climbs up to the top rope as Shawn starts to make his way up to his feet. Michaels holds his chest as he stands up, and as he turns round, Chavo leaps off the top and connects with a missile dropkick, and The Mexican Warrior scurries across the mat to make a cover, but Michaels kicks out at two which is greeted by a cheer from his San Antonio fans.

Chavo doesn’t look to waste a second as he picks himself back up and immediately reaches down to drag Michaels back up, setting him up for a suplex, and he hits it too. He’s not happy with just one as he takes a page out of his Uncle Eddie’s book with a twist of the hips to land a second suplex and then a third to complete the Three Amigo’s. It doesn’t go down as well with the crowd as it does with Chavo, grinning widely as he sits up and looks up in to the stands before going for a lazy cover, but it’s an easy kick out for HBK. Chavo thinks he has the match won as he walks back in to the corner and climbs up to the top rope before leaping off for the Frog Splash, but Shawn rolls to the side as Chavo crash lands like Michaels did earlier on. Michaels starts to make his way back up, followed by the weaker looking Chavo with Michaels finding his feet and pulling Chavo up in to an inverted atomic drop. With Chavo jumping up and down on the spot, Michaels scoops him up and slams him back down to the mat before taking a walk of his own in to the corner and making the climb up to the summit of the top rope. With the San Antonio natives rising to their feet and cheering on their hometown hero, The Heartbreak Kid leaps off the top rope and connects with a diving elbow drop in to the chest of Chavo Guerrero.

With the fans continuing to scream like crazy, Michaels flips up and steps back in to the corner where he starts to tune up the band. Chavo slowly makes his way back up, and as he gets to his feet, Michaels explodes out of the corner and looks to nail the super kick, but Chavo ducks his head. Both men turn round quickly, and Chavo jumps up to plant Shawn with a tornado DDT. The fans are stunned as Chavo then reaches his arm out across Michaels’ chest for a cover, but HBK lifts his shoulder up before the ref could count to three. Chavo lifts his head up and looks stunned, and as he slowly stands back up, Michaels rolls over on to his side. Chavo looks to finish the match off as he drags Shawn up and pulls him in to place for a Brainbuster. As he tries to lift Shawn up, HBK blocks it with his foot and then stuns Chavo by connecting with a suplex of his own, getting a pop from the crowd. Michaels pleases them even more as he holds on and twists his hips like the late great Eddie Guerrero before nailing two more suplexes for the Three Amigo’s, sending the Texas crowd wild. Chavo rolls on to his side and starts to pick himself back up, looking in some pain as HBK makes his way back up, urging Chavo up, and as the Mexican stands up and turns round, Michaels takes his head off with a super kick. The fans go nuts as they stand up to watch Michaels make the cover and pick up the win.

WINNER: Shawn Michaels by pinfall @ 9.42.

AFTERMATH: “Sexy Boy” blasts out to the delight of everyone inside The Freeman Coliseum as Michaels is passed his World Heavyweight Championship by the referee. He lifts it up in to the air as he gets his arm raised and Chavo rolls to the outside. HBK then walks in to the corner and climbs up to the second rope to celebrate his victory with his hometown crowd. The fans give him a huge ovation, but as he steps down off the ropes and turns to face the stage, his music stops and the lights go out with just white spotlights still on. The tron starts to flicker and we then see The Undertaker stood in a dark part of the arena. He says that the time is nearly upon us, the time has come for the show to be stopped, and that the show will be stopped at Judgment Day when Shawn Michaels and his world title will reign rest in peace. “Deadman’s Symphony” then plays to a mixed reception as the tron flickers once again with Michaels standing in the ring, clutching his title belt and not looking intimidated at all as the show comes to a close.

{End of Show}


Chris Masters & Charlie Haas df. Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens
Bobby Lashley
df. Shelton Benjamin
Beth Phoenix & Mia Rain
df. Mickie James & Michelle McCool
Johnny Jeter
df. Michael Shane
Elijah Burke
df. CM Punk
Shawn Michaels
df. Chavo Guerrero


Theme Song
“Take It All” by Zididada

Shawn Michaels (c) vs The Undertaker

The First Ever Scramble Match

Bobby Lashley vs Ron Killings vs Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Chavo Guerrero vs Orlando Jordan

The UK Pack (c) vs The Masters of the Mat

Michael Shane (c) vs Kid Kash

Elijah Burke vs Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP)


Matt Hardy vs CM Punk

Matt Sydal vs Johnny Jeter

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


~ I was surprised to see the Masters of the Mat open the show as they've been in the main event for the past couple weeks. I like the push you've been giving these guys, and I don't how they can lose at Judgment Day. I liked Masters addressing the crowd, and the match was all it needed to be. I hope you do plan on using Douglas and Stevens more though, as they are a talented team. Shawn's run-in was a good way to keep the bad blood going. I'm interested to see where you're going with this fued, I don't know if you have something big planned or if you're just using HBK to make the Masters, and tag teams in general, look important.

~ The backsatge segments were good, and it seems like much was accomplished in them. The challengers and the tag team champions faced off, a match was made for Judgment Day, Tazz showed some of his authority, a new Diva was signed, and a match was made for later tonight. I like how none of it was filler. Good stuff.

~ The Lashley/Benjamin match was good. I would've rather had Shelton get the dirty win instead of the blatan DQ, but that's no big deal. Shelton looked like a great heel here, and I like how he's being built.

~ The whole Killings/Chavo situation is pretty cool. It's creative, and it gives two solid mid-card workers something to do. Nothing wrong with that.

~ Solid debut for Mia Rain. She's very mysterious, and I like that you made it clear that even her partner was a little iffy about her. I'm interested to see where this is going.

~ Ahhh, now I see why you didn't go the dirty win route with Shelton, you were saving that for Jeter. Good match here with the best possible ending IMO. Jeter has some momentum behind him, and Shane and Kash is further built. Good.

~ I really enjoyed the Punk/Burke match. Some will probably say that the finish was repeated from Shane/Jeter but I like how Matt Hardy didn't actually interfere, he was just pulling Layla out of harm's way but still provided the distraction. Plus the heels went over last week, so Burke needed the win here.

~ Strong main event between HBK and Chavo. This is one of those matches much like Cena/Swagger a few weeks ago on Raw IRL where the winner is pretty obvious, but the loser looks great in loss. The Undertaker tease at the end was great too.

OVERALL: Really strong show, as we've come to expect from you. Storylines progressed well, the right people went over in the right places. 8/10

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

- Homepage

Jeter Will Face Sydal

Johnny Jeter must have thought that he wouldn’t have to face Matt Sydal after attacking him before their scheduled match just over a week ago. However, that is not the case as he found out last night on Smackdown. Tazz called him to his office and advised him that he would be meeting his former friend one on one in the squared circle in eight days at Judgment Day.

You have to assume that the attack on Sydal is just going to fire him up even more when he gets the chance to go head to head with the man who stabbed him in the back not so long ago. With this deeply personal encounter added to the card, it sure promises to be one hell of a night at Judgment Day.

Rain Makes A Splash on Smackdown

After weeks of us not knowing who the woman jumping the barrier was and attacking Michelle McCool, and then Mickie James & Maria, we finally learnt a little about her. It is only little however as we now know her name to be Mia Rain and that she was signed up after last week’s show by Tazz. She went on to face the hungry for revenge McCool & James last night with Beth Phoenix as her tag team partner. She and The Glamazon went on to be successful after an impressive debut performance, but it appears that Beth is also very curious about the latest addition to the Smackdown locker room.

Does she have reason to be, or is she threatened by the impressive newcomer?

FCW RESULTS (17th May)

Dusty introduced Reid Flair down to the ring as the new FCW Television Champion, congratulating him on his victory until “The Natural” Nic Nemeth crashed the party. He told Dusty that putting their match on Raw might have sounded like a good idea at the time but that it proved to be a mistake due to Evolution helping Reid out, and that’s the only reason Reid beat him. Dusty told Nemeth it was a very poor attempt at an excuse, but if he wanted a rematch on equal ground, then it was fine by him if Reid agreed, and he did. Dusty told them the match would take place later on. Commercials.

Roucka made her way to the ring and said her defeat to Shantelle Taylor last week proved just how lucky Taylor is. She then said that she’s going to get another shot at the women’s title, and to prove it she extended an open challenge for anyone to go out and face her. Roucka looked confused as a blonde woman walked down to the ring, and she asked this woman who she was with the woman said her name was Amber O’Neal. Roucka said “welcome to FCW” before kicking her in the gut to start the match.

Amber O'Neal beat Roucka. Roucka was stunned by a comeback from O’Neal who won after a sit out face buster.

The FCW Champion, James Reiher was walking through the back looking very pleased with himself after retaining his title last week when he bumped in to Dusty Rhodes. Dusty congratulated him on his win last week and Reiher asked him if it was true that he fired Afa after the show. Dusty said he had to make cutbacks and that even though it has nothing to do with him, Afa was one of several guys he let go. Reiher told him that it looked like he was finally doing some good, but Dusty told him that he’s done something else he might appreciate, he’s booked a battle royal for later on with the winner becoming the number one contender for his FCW title. Reiher just grinned and told him it didn’t matter who won the battle royal because that’s all they’ll be winning as the FCW Championship isn’t going anywhere. Commercials.

The Badstreet Boys went looking for Dusty Rhodes, and they found him in the back talking to a referee who conveniently left them to it. JJ Matthews told him they wanted The DiBiase’s and they wanted them tonight, but Dusty told them they’re not here and are hiding away somewhere. Cameron York then told Dusty that if they can’t get their hands on them, it doesn’t matter who he can put them in a match with, they just want to kick some ass. Dusty said that as much as he shouldn’t allow them to go out and beat the hell out of just anyone, he’s got an idea. He then told them that they’re going to take on another couple of guys who seem to think they can do what they want, the Tag Team Champions, The Empire. Matthews said he liked it as he and York walked off looking extremely focused.

“The Natural” Nic Nemeth beat Reid Flair to win the Television Championship. Nemeth got a handful of tights with one hand and grabbed the ropes with the other after rolling Reid up. Nemeth quickly slipped out of the ring to collect the belt with Reid looking stunned in the ring before standing up and kicking the ropes in utter frustration. Commercials.

The Empire were with Lena Yada who asked them if they’re worried about having to face TJ Wilson & Teddy Hart again after getting themselves disqualified last week. Katie Lea said that they don’t worry about anything, people worry about them and what they’re going to do. She then said that Dusty Rhodes can put them in a match with whoever he wants because the end result is going to be the same, The Empire will rule the FCW kingdom.

Joe Hennig won the 8 Man Battle Royal to become the number one contender for the FCW Championship. He eliminated Festus last with a clothesline over the top. Other entrants were Jay Bradley, CJ Red, Jesse, Ricky Ortiz, “Campus Legend” Brad Allen, Rycklon Stephens and the returning Sebastian Slater. James Reiher came out and applauded from the entrance with Hennig staring back at him. Commercials.

The Badstreet Boys beat The Empire in a non title match. TJ Wilson, Teddy Hart, Shantelle Taylor ran down to the ring and stopped Hade Vansen & Katie Lea trying to interfere. TJ & Teddy saw Vansen off, causing Stu Sanders to go after them, leaving Drew McIntyre in a world of trouble as Matthews planted him with a frankensteiner, followed by a diving elbow drop by York to give them the win to end the show.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Review

Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens vs. The Masters of the Mat:
Wow, the masters of the mat have really benefited with this whole Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels feud. I mean, here they are opening the show, bashing Shawn Michaels, and they’re having a match against two local jobbers, what more can you ask for? And the match was, as expected, a squash match. The Masters of the Mat destroyed Andy and Chase, and even beat on them after the bell rang. But Shawn Michaels comes out and runs off the both of them. He seems assured that the Undertaker knows that hitting him with a chair was an accident, I don’t think that the Deadman cares about that, he just wants to take revenge against the man who hit him, and that man was Shawn. So Shawn better watch out, because I think that the Undertaker is after him.

Johnny Jeter/Tazz Segment:
So, Jeter is in a world of trouble now, but like him, I don’t see what the problem is here. I mean heels have attacked faces since the first feud. They’ve bloodied the faces, they’ve even taken face authority figures out of action, and haven’t gotten even a suspension, I mean look at Randy Orton now, he fucking punted Vince, Shane, he DDTed Stephanie, and he punted Triple H, and now, he is the WWE Champ. And we have a match announced, Johnny vs. Shane, I guess that it’s going to be cool, I mean I don’t expect Johnny to win, but anything can happen, and Michelle McCool and Mickie James walk in asking for the mystery woman to be taken care of, but not only is Mia Rain not taken care of, she is given a Smackdown Contract, and not only she is given a Smackdown Contract, she has a match with Beth Phoenix against Mickie and Michelle, things are looking good for her, but not so good for Michelle and Mickie.

Bobby Lashley vs. Shelton Benjamin:
So, Bobby pretty much dominates Shelton during the entire match, only to have himself beaten unconscious by the US title belt, nice. Shelton gets the message across, which eventually is, if you dominate me for the entire match, I will get blatantly disqualified, because I’m not losing the title that way. But, the Scramble match won’t be what Shelton is getting used to, as he’s going to have to look out for all the other participants.

Ron Killings/Tazz Segment:
Well, Ron Killings really is an angry man, and with good reasons, too. I mean I would be, too if Chavo tried to get me fired. But Tazz seems to see that Ron is actually right, and Chavo will be taken care of. I guess that it’ll be a match, or something of that kind.

Tazz/Chavo Guerrero Segment:
And as we saw in the previous segment, Tazz is going to take care of Chavo, and in order to do so, he calls Chavo out. And Ron comes out, trying to get his hands on that son of a bitch, but Chavo still got away, this time with help of the Security, that don’t want a fight to break out on the show. But still, Chavo doesn’t get of the hook, as he gets in a match with HBK, Shawn Michaels, I love it! I think that this is going to be a great tune-up match for Shawn.

Mickie James and Michelle McCool vs. Beth Phoenix and Mia Rain:
A nice debut match from Mia Rain here, and she sure as hell is getting a title shot, if not this week, maybe the other, or the week after that. But, this match was sure as hell impressive, and of course, it owns some of its impressiveness to your writing, I mean you could always write Khali a 5* match, but of course, your writing is realistic and if someone is impressive, some part of the impressiveness is really just from the wrestlers themselves.

Michael Shane vs. Johnny Jeter:
So, Johnny gets the 1-2-3 win against the Cruiserweight Champion. Now even though it was sort of a dirty finish, he still hit Michael with his finisher, and pinned him, and in my opinion, that’s a clean win. And I don’t think that it’s a that good idea to have an ordinary wrestler pin a champion.

CM Punk/MVP Segment:
The heels, even though being a team (sort of), are still trying to outdo themselves, or at least insult themselves by telling that they’re better than the other, or that they will do something that the other couldn’t do, which in this case is beating Elijah Burke. I have a feeling that MVP is going to run to ringside, and help CM Punk, or at least try to do so.

Elijah Burke vs. CM Punk:
Well, even though I was wrong about MVP interfering in the match, I was right about one thing, CM Punk was screwed from the match, or at least he will claim that. Otherwise, the match was good, nothing really, really special, but you should save those special matches for PPVs, but this match was a good TV match, and this is what you’d expect from Elijah Burke and CM Punk, who are both solid performers, both in the ring, and on the mic.

Shawn Michaels vs. Chavo Guerrero:
This was a great match, even though Chavo is closer to being a jobber, instead of being able to compete with the likes of Shawn, but he really stood his own in this match, and it made for a very interesting read. It had a couple of nice touches, like Shawn doing the Three Amigos against the very nephew of the late Eddie Guerrero. And after the Sweet Chin Music, the pin is academic, I mean, it’s not like he’s battling the Undertaker. But, after the match, the Undertaker himself sends a message to Shawn, that the show might be stopped at Judgment Day.

It was a great show, typical for Smackdown, action packed, a lot of Cruiserweights, and the Shawn Michaels/The Undertaker feud. The feud itself isn’t as awesome as the feud they had in real life, but it’s not likely that anyone will be able to write a feud which will even be close to the build up to Wrestlemania they had a few months ago.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Review

The opening was good, no promo from HBK or Taker after the ending of last week's show but I guess the show will be ending with their encounter instead. The Masters of the Mat getting involved in the title feud is great for them to get some main event exposure although i hope it doesn't continue after tonight. It was interesting to see the Naturals on Smackdown and get squashed so easily, but they won't have any reputation within the WWE and the MotM needed the impressive win. HBK running down after the match was good and so was the promo, although I'm not sure The Undertaker will be as forgiving as he thinks. Nice line to end the promo too, should be interesting seeing The Undertaker's reaction later.

It made sense to have this segment after the commercial with them just walking to the back, the feud between these two teams needed a bit of attention with them also involved in the other one. They came off very cocky here as usual and it does look like they have a real chance of taking the titles at JD.

So Tazz gives Jeter a good telling off, he's certainly been showing his authority recently and I like that you are making a big deal out of the attack, makes Jeter look like a real bad guy. I am glad they will face each other at Judgment Day, should be a very good match, as should Jeter's match with Shane later and it will be interesting to see how you book that one. It was a surprise with Tazz just announcing who the woman is rather than her introducing herself, but it is good that she has signed a contract now. So Mia Rain, I take it this is Rain/Payton Banks who was in TNA and other companies? If so I am happy as she is a talent and you've gone down a different route. You would think Mickie/McCool would be happy she's signed though so they could get their hands on her. Match should be good later.

I'm surprised to see this match already as I am expecting many encounters after JD between them, but they put up a decent match and the ending keeps the heat between them. Shelton ruined the match but it was a sensible way to end it with the heel taking the easy way out, and it meant none of them had to be pinned. Lashley got up quick! Shows how much of a monster he is though, it's good that you showed Lashley angry and wanting revenge already, but Shelton escaping was the right choice.

This Chavo/Killings rivalry is working out pretty well as Chavo trying to get him fired has added some interest to it. Chavo's promo with Tazz was pretty good, Tazz again sorting things out but Chavo was also good in this acting as the moaning heel. It's a shame security stopped Killings from coming down but it looks like they'll be settling it at Judgment Day. A match between them isn't very appealing but the story behind it has been decent. And Chavo against HBK should be a decent match.

Impressive debut for Rain with her getting the pin, she had to win this really on her debut. I like how Phoenix still isn't sure what to make of her and it looks like she might be trying to prove herself to Phoenix, so it should be interesting to see how this develops.

Huge win for Jeter over the Cruiserweight Champion. It was a predictable yet good ending when Kash came out, gives Shane a reason for his loss and makes Jeter look impressive ahead of his match with Sydal. I expect Jeter will be even more confident now after this win while Shane will be angry about the interference which will make his feud a little more interesting as well.

Another clash of the egos here, I wonder if MVP will return the favour later after Punk helped him win last week.The match was good, surprised MVP didn't get involved but we had Hardy and Layla getting involved. This was a huge win for Burke despite Hardy distracting Punk, and Punk didn't do what he said he was going to do in the end. Punk will be angry no doubt now, but Burke is looking impressive recently ahead of his match with MVP.

I thought Kash had finished with Shane for tonight but the attack from behind makes this rivalry even more heated. Kash looks like a real threat to this title now which will only make Shane look more impressive if he pulls off a successful title defence. Shane will be looking for some revenge next week too so it’ll be interesting to see if he becomes more intense and resorts to Kash’s tactics.

Nice little confrontation between MVP and Punk to get some reaction to the result earlier. I don’t know if this is going anywhere after their respective feuds but this heel vs heel feud could work if it does lead somewhere, or maybe they’ll come together to try and beat their opponents instead.

The main event was a decent match, nothing special but it was a good for HBK to pick up a win in his hometown. Chavo looked solid as well in this match which is good for him, although i’m sure he’ll be complaining next week about being put in this match. The aftermath was just what you would expect from The Undertaker with a good little warning to HBK. It would’ve been good to get The Undertaker’s reaction to the chair shot last week though as a lot of attention has been placed on that, although it appears that The Undertaker is angry about it. It will be interesting to see what happens next week and if Taker will attack HBK in some way after last week, as i reckon there might be a physical confrontation between them before Judgment Day.

Overall it was a solid show as usual, everything seemed to be booked pretty well and there wasn’t much to complain about, things are looking good heading into Judgment Day and I expect next week’s show will be even better.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

SmackDown! Feedback

Starting the show with a squash match? I'm not too sure about that, but I guess this was more of a segment than a match, really. Masters' promo beforehand was pretty good, typically heel, making fun of Shawn's beliefs and his hometwon. Not much to say about the match, but aren't these guys The Naturals? I thought these guys were down in FCW, guess not. Maybe this was a try-out match for them? Anyway, Shawn coming in at the end was good, as was his promo, very nice, set him up as an established vet, and someone to not mess with. Eventful, but I don't know if I liked this as the opening to the show.

I liked this segment a lot more than I did the last one. I could feel the anxiousness the four have to get in the ring and take each other out. The other reason I really liked this was because ever since I started reading, the Masters of the Mat have mostly been involved in the affairs of Michaels and 'Taker. They've been essential to recent developments in the World Title picture, but their own program for the Tag Titles has suffered because of lack of interaction between opponents. Finally, we got some here. Good stuff.

I liked both of these segments. Worked together just as well as if they were separate, not one after the other. I liked Tazz making Sydal/Jeter for Judgement Day, that's going to be a very good match, even better now that it'll be on PPV, and it furthered established that Tazz isn't a boss you want to cross. Jeter came off as a liar, very heelish, very good. The following with the Divas was also good, although I'm wondering why Tazz just gave Mia Rain (I like the name) a contract, just for attacking Divas. I suppose it makes some sort of sense, as you see people debuting with attacks, and the GMs just let it happen because they're under contract, but I didn't much like that. I did like the announcing of the Divas tag match later on, should be good, looking forward to a solid showing from Ms. Rain.

I didn't really like this match much. It made Lashley look like a serious contender, no doubt about that, but came at the expense of Shelton. He didn't have much of a dominant showing from what we got of the match, and he took the coward's way out by using his belt. Wasn't all that impressed with this. I did, however, like Jordan watching from the back, that was a nice touch, and Shelton's promo, it worked, but mostly because it was very dillusional, due to his performance. Lashley got put over here very well, especially recovering so quickly, but again, didn't really like that he was put over too much.

I'm glad that we got this segment, just the reaction I expected from Killings. However, even though it was needed, it took a seat to the advertisement that Tazz made, that he'll be dealing with Chavo next. Good segment, got across Killings' anger well, and got me to look forward to Tazz dealing with Chavo.

I really liked this promo. It gave a lot of signifigance to the fued between Chavo and Killings, and it also got me to look forward to the Scramble Match, just for these two. I think it's a good idea to give these two a match within a match at Judgement Day, to reserve a singles match at the next PPV, if that's what you'll be doing. Chavo was a very good heel here, bringing up Tazz's hometown and calling it a slum, and Tazz continues to prove himself a GM that's not going to take crap from anyone. It does make me look forward to the time that someone will keep egging Tazz on after a warning, to see what'll happen. Killings coming out but being restrained added to making me want to see them fight, but even though I like that Chavo and Shawn'll be facing off, I didn't really like how it announced. It seemed to come out of the blue, but I think it would've worked better if it was in full. Either way, awesome segment here.

Good Divas match here, Mia looked impressive in her debut, and had a lot of storytelling, as well. Everyone had their eyes open for her, especially her own partner. The action was solid, the heels dominated mostly, but the faces also looked good. I'm glad it was Michelle that ate the two finishers, and I also enjoyed the rake comment, very funny. Good stuff all around, I'm even more interested in Ms. Rain, and what her backstory might be.

Solid match here. Both men looked very impressive, earning momentum towards their big Judgment Day encounters. Normally, I wouldn't especially like a dirty finish to a good match like this, but I understand that they're necessary, and in this case, I quite liked it. Didn't take anything away from Shane, but got heat for Kash, and a very big win over the CW Champ for Jeter. Good job here.

Awesome clashing of the egos here between these two, this had fantastic flow and was a great overall segment. It didn't put over their feuds as a whole, but put over the two individuals, Punk especially. He made a lot of bold comments that surely would've pissed the crowd off and gotten him heat for his match later on. I did like the ending, and I can see MVP interfering in the match later on tonight, not just to attack Elijah, but also to spite Punk for saying that he can beat Elijah alone. Money stuff here, these two are quickly becoming favorites of mine in this thread.

Best match of the night so far. These two worked really well here, you found their chemistry and put it to good use. I really liked how Punk used Layla to his enjoyment, pissing off pretty much everyone watching. It makes him seem like such a jackass, similar to the one he was in ROH, but a little tamer and not preaching of straight edge. The one thing that I'm still a little iffy about is Layla being Elijah's girlfriend. You're not really playing her up to be a big part of his character, with not much interaction between them; she just kind of there most of the time, and I think she could be used a lot better. Aside from that little thing which basically played no role in the match, very good matck here, momentum scored for everyone here as well.

Not much said here, but we heard things loud and clear here. Very basic, but very effective. Gave a lot of hype towards the CW Title Match at the PPV, which looks to be even better and better, lot of progression made during this episode. Good stuff here.

With the recent interactions between these two during this show, it's easy to want to see them feud. As great as that'd be, however, their roles as heels are too good right now for a face turn. Liked this a lot, however.

While this was a good match, wasn't the best of the night. It put Chavo over as a serious competitior, but I just didn't like the usage of three top-rope moves (missile dropkick, Frog Splash, and diving elbow) all so close together. The other thing that I didn't like was Shawn using the Three Amigos. I wouldn't let anyone get away with that except for Chavo, and I'm fairly certain the rest of the crowd would, either (Punk used it on Chavo and got heat), even if it's in his hometown. Aside from that, it was a good match, not as good as the one before it, but still a good match, with a solid ending. I thought 'Taker was a tad generic to his character with what he said, so I'm hoping to hear from him soon without all the "Rest in Peace"s and whatnot, but I did like the effects of it.

First off, I want to say sorry for basically stealing your feedback format. Second, very good show. It had a lot of happenings and progression towards Judgment Day. It was mostly match-driven tonight, but it was used very effectively to help sell the PPV, just as well as the promos and segments did. It gave more importance to the undercard tonight, as the Chavo/Killings, Shane/Kash, and the new Divas program all got good attention. The World Title feud I felt suffered a little because of that, it wasn't as strong as recent weeks, but not enough to say it wasn't good. Either way, this was one of the best stops on the road to the PPV yet, definitely got me looking forward to it. Great job here, Nige, so keep it up. 8.5/10.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


We can confirm that the WWE have signed the former TNA X Division superstar, Sonjay Dutt, and former Knockout, Roxxi. They have both penned deals with the company and will be assigned very soon.

It’s expected that Dutt will head to Smackdown to join the Cruiserweight division that boasts former TNA stars, Kid Kash, Shannon Moore, and the current Cruiserweight Champion, Michael Shane. Petey Williams, Johnny Devine, Low-Ki & The Amazing Red are also signed to the company with Red currently working in FCW under the ring name of CJ Red. It’s believed that the WWE are trying to capture the magic of the original X Division in TNA. Signing some of those superstars will certainly help do that.

Roxxi joins Gail Kim & Payton Banks in joining the WWE having left TNA recently. Banks just made her Smackdown debut last week, and Gail is expected to follow suit very soon by making her return to TV. It’s not been confirmed which show she will appear on, but creative are very high on her talent.

There are also ongoing talks going on between the WWE and several other former TNA stars. Christian Cage remains undecided on whether to focus on an acting career or return to the WWE. Goldust could also make a return, as could Tomko. His return would be dependant on Christian signing with the company. Lance Hoyt has also had initial talks with Johnny Ace, and he is also trying to talk up Jimmy Rave, his partner in TNA who was also released by the company.

After Judgment Day, it is all but guaranteed that Chris Jericho & Josh Hayger will make their Smackdown debuts. Jericho was drafted after WrestleMania but has been recovering from injuries picked up before and during the Money in the Bank match. Hayger’s video vignettes have been hyping up for the last month or so, and it is expected that he is in line for a big future in the WWE. Jamie Noble & Umaga will remain on the sidelines for a little while longer as they recover from their injuries. It’s said that Umaga could be out until SummerSlam. Booking plans have been made and he doesn’t appear on the card for the summer spectacular which looks like being one hell of a show. Comparing the card to WrestleMania, it has to be said that it looks a great deal stronger with 4 main event matches planned.

With the expanding roster, there has been a lot of focus in creative meetings whether they should add a third brand or not. ECW making a comeback has been brought up, as has the possibility of running another one hour show like Heat, which would feature more on storyline progression for the mid card instead of squash matches like it did previously. FCW superstars may benefit from this also.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

The signings of Dutt and Roxxi are pretty big, and should be welcomed additions to the already-impressive CW and women's divisions.

I'm pretty certain that eventually, we'll be seeing Christian back in the WWE ring, and I'm willing to wait for his return. Goldust is dependent on how you'd use him, while Tomko could serve very welly along Christian's side. Hoyt and Rave, from what I've heard, are very underrated, so I think they'll make a fine team in the WWE.

Hayger's debut and Jericho's return will certainly be big, and I'm looking forward to both. I'm a big Jamie fan, so I hope you use him well upon his return. Umaga, on the other hand, not really, and I don't really care.

You've got a lot of things going on in this thread, Nige, with fueds upon feuds, as well as FCW recaps, so I don't know how having a fourth show of sorts would do to you. It could burn you out, but if you can handle it, I wouldn't mind it as a reader.

Good news and notes, Nige, and I'll be looking out for the next RAW. Keep it up.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Well, hello there. I guess you are wondering why I am posting in here? Keep reading …


The WWE earlier today confirmed rumors of the erecting of a third brand after they announced the formation of that third brand going by the name of PRIDE. This news has shocked the WWE world, many thinking it wasn’t in the company’s best interests to take on a third brand. The brand will take the base of a pure wrestling brand, a type which will showcase the very best young performers in the WWE today. The brand will take superstars from FCW, a couple from RAW and Smackdown and some of the hottest free agents, combine them together and showcase them on PRIDE. PRIDE itself will be a one hour weekly production to be broadcast on the FX Network. The contract between the two parties is unknown but thought to be between 12 and 18 months, but all depends on the success of said brand and whether it connects with the audience.

Whereas RAW and Smackdown sometimes work together, this won’t be the case for PRIDE. The new brand will stand independent, taking no part on WWE PPV’s or other weekly shows, an entire separate entity if you will. The brand itself would also not have its own Pay Per View events, however, at a later time, if deemed necessary, the thought is that a deal where two hour super shows could be instigated would be looked at, especially if it is commercially viable and a surefire success.

Teddy Long, the man who will be charged with overseeing the product on-screen said the following about the WWE’s new venture: “This is a great new opportunity for myself and the younger generation of this company to prove they have what it takes to be a viable success on WWE television week in, week out. The true test of a WWE superstar if their ability to make the best out of any situation. This may not be RAW or Smackdown, but this is still important. This could make or break many of their WWE careers. This is their chance to become some of the biggest stars in the WWE and I’m sure every single one of them will be taking the chance by the scruff of its neck and not letting go.”

PRIDE will make its debut with its season premiere on the FX Network on Wednesday 28th May – the week after Judgment Day - with its first hourly production which will feature General Manager Teddy Long, along with some of the brightest young talent in the world today. Make sure you tune in when this historic new generation arises to take its place. PRIDE is just a name, what these athletes will do will amaze and outstand you.


-General Manager-
Theodore Long

Joey Styles
Christopher Nowinski
Tony Chimel – Ring Announcer

-Backstage Interviewer-
Josh Matthews

-PRIDE Heavyweight Title-
To be decided

Talent Roster

Billy Kidman
Brent Albright
CJ Red
D’Lo Brown
Dawn Marie
Garrison Cade
Hade Vansen
Jamie Noble
Jerry Lynn
Joe Hennig
Justin Credible
Juventud Guerrera
Lance Storm
Rene Dupree
Ryan Reeves
Sonjay Dutt
Taylor Rotunda
Tommy Dreamer
Yoshihiro Tajiri

-Tag Teams & Factions-
Next Generation (Joe Hennig, Taylor Rotunda)
The Impact Players (Lance Storm, Justin Credible, Dawn Marie)
The Mexicools (Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis)
Suprise~! Has hell frozen over? Nope, I don't think so, but you are reading what you probably can't believe you are reading, I have joined this thread and will be writing the third brand, henchforth known as PRIDE. I offered Nige my services, knowing he was looking to install a 3rd brand.

As a few people know, I have wanted to return for a couple of weeks but needed something relatively easy and simply to guide myself back in with, and this is it. I can't be bothered writing two weekly shows so this allows me a chance to write and create, and create is what I do best.

As you see above, I will offically be joining this thread after Judgment Day. It's not a secret me and Nige have had disagreements in the past, but the past is the past, I'm just concentrating on adding to this thread and getting back into the groove of things. Now pick your jaws up off the floor.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response - By Nige™ & Emperor DC

Damn. That was seriously unexpected. I never thought DC would join Nige's thread, but it's got "ratings" written all over.

The awesomeness of this made me forget that PRIDE's an MMA company for a moment, but it's still awesome. The roster looks incredibly solid, and should produce high-quality matches, especially with the description of the show you laid out for us, DC.

This thread was great as is, but your addition and contributions should make it all that more fantastic. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what'll be going on on PRIDE, so good luck, DC.
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