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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

I would have thought Bisch would have banned the Corporation straight after last week's show but I just have to say I can't see the Bisch being unbiased for long. Something's gotta give and I think you are leaning towards a WarGames match at Summerslam IMO. I will review RAW as I haven't done so for a while and I love the new direction you are taking RAW in because things seemed to stagnate straight after 'Mania (as the WWE normally does) but it seems you have upped your game once again.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW ResultsMonday 12th May 2008
Live From The Credit Union Center
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

  • Eric Bischoff going to The Corporation and telling them that no interference is allowed in the main event
  • The main event with Triple H facing The Big Show in the Quest to be Champion first round
  • Vladimir Kozlov making his debut, walking down to the ring through the crowd, taking the sledgehammer from Triple H and nailing him with it to help Show win
  • The rest of The Corporation walking out to the stage with Show & Kozlov joining them, raising their arms in unison as the show came to a close

***Opening Video***
“Wanna Be Loved”


“Line in the Sand” blasts out to a huge pop as Evolution walk down to the ring on a mission with Triple H & Ric Flair looking very angry. Batista walks behind them as Triple H steps in to the ring and collects a microphone with Flair walking in to the centre of the ring while Batista leans against the corner pads. The Game says that he’s going to keep this short and to the point so there is no confusion; he wants The Corporation to bring their no good, sorry asses down to the ring right now. The crowd cheer and Triple H says that he wants every single one of them, but what he gets is Eric Bischoff as “I’m Back” plays to another decent reception with the Raw Head of Authority walking out to the stage with a microphone in hand. He says that he is sorry to report that not even one member of The Corporation will be stepping in that ring tonight because he has banned them all from the arena due to their actions last week.

He then says that after he woke up on Tuesday morning to hear about and then read the kind message from Vince McMahon on WWE.com, he had no choice but to ensure that nothing untoward happens tonight. He then apologies to Triple H if that isn’t what he wanted to hear, but he says that they will be here next week, and he has something in mind. The fans boo as they wanted to see The Corporation get their asses kicked tonight, but we then hear someone calling out the name “Eric”, and the camera looks up to a sky box and zooms in to show Mr. McMahon and the rest of The Corporation there. While Vince stands up, they are all seated as Vince then says that Bischoff couldn’t be more wrong as it appears they all seem to be present and correct. Bischoff shakes his head in disgust, but Triple H shouts up at Vince to bring their asses down to the ring right now. Vince says that when Bischoff told them they weren’t going to be allowed on the show this week, they thought he meant they weren’t going to be able to compete, that’s why they’ve just come along to watch the show.

All three members of Evolution look up to the sky box with utter contempt, and Vince loves it. He tells them that they are going to respect Bischoff’s wishes and stay away from the ring tonight since they achieved all they planned to last week, getting a ton of heat from the capacity crowd as he wants to introduce them to someone. He turns to the side and nods at the man who interfered in Triple H’s match with The Big Show last week. He tells the world that they are looking at one of the most feared men ever to have come out of Russia, and that his name is Vladimir Kozlov. Flair takes the stick from Hunter and says that right now, Vladimir whatever he’s called should fear what they’re about to do to him with Flair dropping the microphone and leaving the ring, followed by Triple H as they look to jump the barricade. Bischoff yells at security to keep them back as Batista stands by the ropes, and he says that Vince has crossed the line, directly disobeying his orders this week and last. Vince just grins, but Bischoff says that since they decided to ignore his decision to ban them from the arena tonight, he too is going to look past his own orders.

Evolution & The Corporation look confused as Bischoff then says that since The Corporation went to all the effort to come here tonight, he is going to bring forward his plans from next week, which means that in the main event tonight it is going to be the latest addition to The Corporation, Vladimir Kozlov going one on one with Triple H. That gets a huge pop from the fans in attendance, and it brings a smile to the face of The Game. Vince says that Triple H is going to be no problem for them, just like last week, but Bischoff says that it is not their concern, it is Kozlov and Kozlov only who will be allowed down from that sky box. He says that the rest of them can watch the show like they intended as they are all banned from ringside, including Batista & Ric Flair to make it fair for all concerned. He then tells Vince that if just one of them so much steps foot outside of that sky box during the match, The Big Show will lose his place in the Quest to be Champion tournament, also getting a pop from the crowd. Vince shouts back, saying that Kozlov doesn’t need their help as he will destroy Triple H all by himself with his bare hands, and that if Evolution thought last week was bad, then tonight is going to be a whole lot worse. “I’m Back” hits again as Vince & Kozlov stare down at the intense Triple H & Flair with Batista standing by the ropes, looking quite serious too.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut To Ringside}

The King say that there is a lot to look forward to tonight, and that we will also see Reid Flair, the son of The Nature Boy himself in action when he takes on “The Natural” Nic Nemeth in the final of the FCW Television Championship tournament. JR explains that FCW is the developmental base for all the aspiring superstars of the future, and that it was agreed between Dusty Rhodes & Eric Bischoff that the final would take place here tonight in what will be a big moment for both young men. “No More Words” blasts out next as Jeff Hardy walk down to the ring for his return, getting one hell of a reception from the sell out crowd.

***The Opening Match***

Jeff Hardy vs Lance Cade

Jeff has been going at it a hundred miles an hour since the bell, but Cade managed to get him back in to first gear, catching him with a big boot as Jeff came flying back off the ropes. Cade takes his time to recover before Jeff starts to make his way up, and he is quickly whipped in to the corner. As Cade runs in at him, Jeff lifts his boot up in to his face and quickly grabs Cade by the head to smash it in to the turnbuckle, following up with a couple of hard stomps to the chest with Cade slumping down against the pads. Cade is helpless to defend himself as Jeff then nails him with a rope aided double kick to the chest. Jeff gets a big pop as he backs out of the corner and urges Cade to get back up, and slowly he does, walking right in to a Twist of Fate. Jeff runs right back in to the corner, climbs up to the top rope and connects with the Swanton Bomb to a huge roar from the crowd. He makes the cover and picks up an impressive win on his return.

WINNER: Jeff Hardy by pinfall @ 4.36.

AFTERMATH: “No More Words” blasts out to a huge pop as Jeff stands up to get his arm raised. He walks over to the corner and climbs to the second rope to pose for the crowd, celebrating his return with a victory.

{Cut Backstage}

Kelly Kelly is in her locker room getting ready for her match later on with Natalya Neidhart with her boyfriend, Cody Rhodes leaning against the wall, and he doesn’t look to be in the best of moods. With Kelly putting her boots on and seemingly ignoring Cody, he tells her that she was unlucky last week and that it was only a mistake, not like when Kofi pushed him in to her. Kelly looks up at Cody and tells him that he cost her the match, and he fires back angrily by saying that it was an honest mistake. He then says that he didn’t mean to grab her foot and explains that he thought it was Victoria because he was just trying to help. He then tells her that if she should be angry at anyone, it should be Kofi after what he did. Kelly shakes her head, angering Cody further as he then asks Kelly if she’s blind, because it looks like Kofi can do no wrong in her eyes. Just then there’s a knock at the door, but Cody tells them to go away. The door is swing open and Kofi Kingston, the Intercontinental Champion walks in, but Cody turns his head and tells him to get out, walking up to him and pushing him through the door as Kofi holds it open with one hand.

Cody follows him out and yells at him, telling him what he thinks he’s doing after what he did to Kelly last week. Kofi says that he only came to check if she’s okay, but Cody asks him how she can be okay with him getting in the way all the time before accusing him of trying to screw things up between Kelly and him (Cody). We then see Kelly walk through the door, and she says that she can hear everything he’s said. She then tells Cody that she’s sick of him treating her like his pet and that she’s her own person. Cody looks surprised at Kelly getting emotional as she then says that she can maker her own decisions, she’s sick of him bossing her around all the time and that she’s had enough, telling him it’s over before walking past him and down the hall. Cody looks stunned, but Kofi stares at him and shakes his head before shouting Kelly’s name out and going after her. Cody is irate as he watches on, but after Kofi turns the corner, he storms his way back in to the locker room and slams the door shut.

{Cut Across The Back}

Jeff Hardy is walking through the curtain area after his win as Eric Bischoff shouts his name out and walks up to him. He tells Jeff it’s great to see him back and that as he was watching his match just then, he got an idea. Jeff looks at Bischoff as the Raw Head of Authority tells him that since he’s been away, he might have heard about the Quest to be Champion tournament that’s been going on. Jeff nods his head and says he’s heard about it, and Bischoff says that there’s one more first round match to be decided after tonight, and after seeing how impressive he looked just now, he’s going to give him that chance to face Kane at the King of the Ring for the WWE Championship. Jeff says that’s awesome and thanks Bischoff, but before he can walk off, Bischoff tells him that he feels he must tell him now that his opponent next week will be JBL. Jeff takes it on the chin and says it’s cool, but Bischoff explains that he has to be fair to The McMahon’s, and that’s why he’s given JBL this chance, but he feels the need to make sure Jeff is aware of what The Corporation are capable of. Jeff tells Bischoff not to worry about it and it’s all good. He thanks him again before walking away from the grinning Head of Authority, clearly impressed by Jeff’s lack of fear.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

The end of last week’s match between Ted DiBiase Jr & Jimmy Wang Yang with Santino Marella at ringside providing a distraction to help DiBiase pick up the win. After the match, Santino joining DiBiase in the ring to put the boots to Yang until Finlay raced down and took care of them both with the help of his shillelagh.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #2***

Finlay & Jimmy Wang Yang vs Ted DiBiase Jr w/Maryse & Santino Marella w/Melina

Finlay & Santino are the two legal man, and as Santino makes his way back up, Finlay walks right up to him and levels him with a european uppercut. Santino is knocked on to his back foot with Finlay nailing him with another uppercut. The Irishman then whips Santino in to the ropes, and as Marella comes back, Finlay drives his knee in to Santino’s gut, sending him back down to the mat. He looks to follow up with an elbow drop, but Santino rolls to the side and is able to crawl to his corner and tag DiBiase. He rushes in at Finlay as the Irishman gets back up, but Finlay is able to knock him down with a standing clothesline. Finlay hammers away with a series of stomps to DiBiase’s chest before pulling him up and whipping him hard in to the corner. He follows in and connects with a hard clothesline to the chest and makes the tag to Yang before tossing DiBiase face forward and down to the mat. Yang jumps over the top rope and runs in to the opposite corner, knocking Santino off the apron with a hard forearm shot. He turns back and waits for DiBiase to get up, and as he does, Yang runs at him and hits a spinning wheel kick, knocking DiBiase back in to the corner. Yang then snap mares DiBiase out of the corner and hits a seated dropkick to the back of the Million Dollar Champion before going for a cover, but DiBiase kicks out. Yang then decides to go to the top rope as DiBiase starts to stand up, and as DiBiase turns round, Yang looks to hit a moonsault, but DiBiase sidesteps it with Yang eating mat. As Yang makes his way back up, DiBiase slips behind him and rolls him up in to a schoolboy, holding on to the ropes with one arm as the referee counts to 3.

WINNERS: Ted DiBiase Jr & Santino Marella by pinfall @ 5.17.

AFTERMATH: “Priceless” hits to heat from the crowd as DiBiase high tails it from the ring as Finlay races back in. Maryse brings the Million Dollar title to him and he grins back at the irate Finlay while Santino laughs on the outside too.

{Cut Backstage}

Leticia Cline is climbing some steps with her microphone in hand as she then walks up to a door with a security guard at either side of it, explaining that she’s going to try and get a word with The Corporation about Vladimir Kozlov’s match with Triple H later on. As she gets to the door, she is told by one of the security officers that she can’t go in there, and she asks them if she can just have a moment to talk with The Corporation. They say that’s not possible, but the door behind them opens with Mr. McMahon standing there asking what all the commotion’s about. He looks both ways down the hall as one of the security guards tells him that the young lady would like to talk to them but they said that wouldn’t be possible. The smitten looking Vince tells them it won’t be a problem and invites Leticia inside, and she walks in with the camera following but blind to all the viewers of course. There are two very expensive looking leather sofas on either side of the room with a table full of food in the middle as JBL, Shane McMahon & The Big Show help themselves.

Vince tells Leticia it’s essential that you unwind every now and again, especially after such an emphatic success like last week, and that’s why he’s hired this sky box for the night with a perfect view of the ring, which he says will come in handy when Vladimir Kozlov decimates Triple H later on tonight. Leticia looks around and asks Vince where Kozlov is, and he tells her that’s something she doesn’t need to concern herself with as Triple H is the only one who should be worrying about Kozlov, and repeats himself to say that Triple H should be extremely worried about what’s going to happen to him in that ring later on tonight. Leticia even looks a little unnerved by that comment, but Vince tells her that unlike Eric Bischoff, he knows how to treat his employees and says that she should put her feet up for the rest of the night and join them for their little soir&#233;e. Leticia says she’s not too sure, but Vince turns back and asks them to get her some food, and Shane brings over a plate of food for her. She looks at it with Vince then saying they should get her some champagne too, and JBL brings that over, calling her dear and pointing out it is the very best champagne money can buy as he passes it to her. Leticia smiles and says that one can’t hurt with Vince telling her to sit down. She does just that with Vince joining her as the camera fades out.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Match #3***

Kelly Kelly w/Kofi Kingston vs Natalya Neidhart

With Kofi willing her on at ringside, Kelly has been able to put up a decent showing against the dangerous Natalya. Ducking a clothesline and running back off the ropes, Kelly surprises Natalya by diving at her for a cross body, but she is pushed off before a 3 count. As both divas get up, Kelly ducks a right hand and goes for a roundhouse kick, but Natalya ducks it and pulls her in to place for a reverse DDT. Kelly manages to pull herself free and slip behind her opponent, running back in to the ropes and taking her down with a bulldog. She rushes to go for the cover, but Natalya kicks out at 2. Just then, Cody Rhodes paces down the ramp and walks up behind Kofi. Kelly stands up and walks over to the ropes, trying to stop them arguing, but Cody levels Kofi with a right hand and tosses him in to the steel steps to heat from the crowd. Kelly shouts at Cody, but as she turns round shaking her head at his antics, Natalya greets her with a stomp to the gut. She then grabs her legs and sweeps them to allow to her lock in the sharpshooter. Kelly tries her best to fight it, but it’s no use as she taps out eventually to give Natalya the win.

WINNER: Natalya Neidhart by pinfall @ 4.37.

AFTERMATH: Natalya’s music hits and she leaves the ring pretty quickly as Cody slips inside. He walks over to Kelly and tries to help her sit up, but she doesn’t want to know, telling him to go away. Cody drags her up and points towards Kofi and can be heard saying that she can’t finish with him because of that loser. Kelly shouts back at Cody, telling him it’s not because of Kofi, it’s because of him. That doesn’t go down too well with Cody who grabs her by both arms. She screams hysterically and tells him to get off her, which he does, and she slaps him straight away to the delight of the fans. Cody looks stunned and stares right back at Kelly who seems surprised herself, but Cody shakes his head and kicks her in the stomach.

He quickly pulls her head under his arm and plants her with a DDT. Boos ring out throughout The Credit Union Center as Cody looks down with a sick smile on his face as Kelly lies helpless on the mat. Kofi starts to stand up on the outside, and he can see something is wrong, so he rushes in to the ring with Cody getting out of there as medics race down the ramp to attend to Kelly. Kofi looks really worried as he kneels down beside Kelly with Cody backing up the ramp with no look of regret on his face as the fans boo him out of the arena. The medics check over Kelly and put a neck brace on her and call for a stretcher which comes pretty quickly. Kelly is then placed on to the stretcher with Kofi staying by her side as she is taken from the ring to the back.

{Cut Backstage}

William Regal is in his and Eric Bischoff’s office, watching the events in the ring on a television. He says to himself that if he was the general manager of Raw, he would make sure that boy was dealt with accordingly, not like that bloody control freak (Bischoff). He doesn’t look to be that happy right now as Randy Orton bursts in and walks right up to Regal, asking him where Bischoff is. Regal tells him that he’s not sure but that he left about ten minutes ago to take care of something, but he didn’t say what. Orton stares right at Regal and tells him that he needs a problem taking care of tonight, and that the problem in question is Mr. Kennedy. Regal butts in and says that could be a problem because Kennedy isn’t here tonight as Mr. Bischoff asked him to attend some PR event in New York. Orton doesn’t look happy at hearing that and says that Bischoff is proving to be a problem, standing in his way of getting retribution on Kennedy after he cost him the WWE Championship at Backlash. He then tells Regal that whether Bischoff likes it or not, he’s going to get retribution the next chance he gets. Regal says he will talk to Mr. Bischoff the moment he comes back to try and resolve this. Orton tells him he better as he should be their top priority and he’s not going to stand for this crap much longer, or he will take matters in to his own hands. He then turns round and walks out of the room with Regal smiling and saying to himself that it appears Mr. Bischoff might have some explaining to do next week.

{Cut Backstage}

Evolution are walking back through the hallway and as they get to their locker room door, Ric Flair opens it and sees his son Reid Flair in there. Ric looks surprised and walks in as Triple H holds the door open with Batista still by the door too. Ric says “hey, it’s my boy” as he walks up to Reid and hugs him with Reid telling his dad that he just got here for his match and that he didn’t think they’d mind him getting changed there. Ric says it’s not a problem and tells him he’s gonna be by his side tonight for his big match. He then asks him how he’s doin’ and if he’s ready, and Reid says he’s doing okay but admits he’s a little nervous. Ric tells him that’s only natural with Triple H cutting in and asking Ric if he minds that he has a quick word with Dave. Ric tells him to go ahead, and The Game tells Reid his dad will make sure he’s ready. Reid says thanks as Triple H pulls the door to with Batista looking surprised while stepping back and asking Hunter what this is all about. The Game says that he just wants to clear things up with all these rumours flying about and tells Dave that he doesn’t blame him for the fact they lost a few weeks ago like some people will have him believe.

Batista says that’s fine but Triple H tells him straight that he does have a problem with him no showing last week, leaving him (Triple H) & Ric high and dry with The Corporation without even a phone call to explain why he wasn’t there. Batista doesn’t seem to be too happy as The Game then says that he’s not even that bothered that Batista didn’t travel with him and Ric to the show tonight, but he has to know that his priorities are in the right place. Batista stares Triple H right in the face and says that he doesn’t have to explain everything he does and that he doesn’t answer to him like he did four years ago, telling him times have changed. He then tells a very serious looking Triple H that he came back to do him a favour, and that maybe he should remember that. It doesn’t go down well with The Game as Batista walks back to the door before turning back and telling Hunter that tonight, he doesn’t have to worry about his priorities. Batista then opens the door and walks in as Triple H stands out in the hall, not too sure what to make of what he was just told.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

The World Tag Team Championship match between Paul London & Brian Kendrick and John Morrison & The Miz with Morrison & The Miz winning the titles thanks to an error from a blind tag by London. It then shows Kendrick slamming a door and storming out of the arena afterwards.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #4***

World Tag Team Championship
Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs John Morrison & The Miz (c)

Morrison & Kendrick are going at it with Kendrick fighting back with a forearm shot to the side of Morrison’s head. He turns back in to the ropes, runs back and dropkicks Morrison in the knee, sending him down on to one knee. Kendrick turns to the side and runs the ropes, coming back and hitting another seated dropkick in to the side of Morrison’s head, following up straight away to go for a cover, but Morrison kicks out to the relief of The Miz as he stands on the apron. Kendrick hurries back up and makes the tag to London, who climbs to the top rope as Morrison stands back up. As Morrison turns round, London leaps off and connects with a missile dropkick, and he scurries across the mat to make the cover, but again Morrison kicks out. London sits up and holds his head in his hands as Morrison starts to sit up. London urges Morrison up, and as he gets to his feet, London looks to nail him with a dropsault, but Morrison dodges it and steps back in to his corner where he makes the tag to The Miz.

Kendrick looks frustrated in his corner while The Miz steps through the ropes and walks over to London, kicking him in the gut and planting him with a falling neckbreaker. This time it’s one of the champions who looks to make a cover, but London keeps the challenge going by kicking out. The Miz looks pissed at the referee and accuses him of a slow count, but he is quickly told it was just 2. He stands back up and pulls London up to his knees before turning round and running at Kendrick, knocking him down to the floor with a jumping knee lift. He looks down at him and laughs for a couple of seconds before turning round to face London, who explodes with a super kick out of nowhere. He falls on top of The Miz as the referee makes the count, but Morrison comes to the rescue by pulling London away by his feet. The ref tells him to get out, but Morrison argues with him. As London stands back up, he walks back over to The Miz and tires to pull him up to his feet, but The Miz low blows and rolls him to an inside cradle. Morrison quickly tells the ref to turn round, and he does to count the fall with the champs picking up the win.

WINNERS: By pinfall, and still the World Tag Team Champions, John Morrison & The Miz @ 7.09.

AFTERMATH: “Ain’t No Make Believe” hits to boos from the crowd, and The Miz quickly joins Morrison on the outside as the angry looking Kendrick slides back in the ring. The champs grab their belts and raise them in the air, and Kendrick sees them taunt him. London sits back up and looks frustrated, but as he stands up, he looks at Kendrick and seems to apologise, but Kendrick just stares at him. London looks confused and tries to talk to him, but Kendrick seems like he doesn’t want to know, causing London to try even harder, resulting in Kendrick shoving him down to the mat. London sits up and he seems to be in absolute shock, while Kendrick storms out of the ring and up the ramp, causing Morrison & The Miz to laugh at the demise of their rivals.

{Commercial Break}

Brian Kendrick
is walking through the back with Todd Grisham trying to catch up with him, shouting his name, but Kendrick turns back and says he has nothing to say. Grisham stops and stands still as Kendrick turns a corner, but as Grisham turns round, he is greeted by his two favourite people, the World Tag Team Champions, John Morrison & The Miz. Both of them are laughing and The Miz tells Todd that even though Kendrick turned down his kind offer to talk, he’s going to give him an exclusive with the tag team of the decade. Grisham doesn’t look too keen and says that after last week, he thinks he’ll pass. Morrison tells Todd that he has to remain professional and realise that every single person watching around the world from the comfort or even the slums of their own home, want to hear what The Shaman of Sexy & The Chick Magnet have to say.

The Miz doesn’t let Todd speak and tells him that his fellow champion is right, the world needs to hear about them and how they are quickly proving themselves to be the greatest tag champs in history, not how a loser like Brian Kendrick deals with a hissy fit. He then tells Todd that it’s very simple why Kendrick spat his dummy out, it’s because he realised what his partner couldn’t, and it’s that they can’t match up to the new champs. Morrison cuts in and says it’s better for Kendrick to throw the towel in now instead of fighting a pointless battle that will only end with one result, the tag team of the decade standing alone as the benchmark for the art of tag team wrestling. He then looks deep in to the camera and says that for anyone who is contemplating stepping up to the plate, he has a helpful message for them; they’re wasting their time because this is a team on a whole other level to even the great teams of the past, and that even the so called greats should watch he & The Miz, and be jealous. The Miz grins and pats Morrison on the back, both laughing as they walk out of the show with Grisham shaking his head at their arrogance.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #5***

FCW Television Championship Tournament Final
Reid Flair w/Ric Flair vs “The Natural” Nic Nemeth

Dusty Rhodes introduced the two competitors and remains seated at ringside as Nemeth looks to wrap the match up, smirking at Ric Flair on the outside as Reid slowly picks himself back up. As Reid gets to his knees, Nemeth turns his attention back to his opponent and walks over to him. As he looks to pull him up, Reid hammers at him with a shot to the chest, and another, allowing him to stand up and lift Nemeth in to an atomic drop. Nemeth hobbles around the mat and turns round in to a vicious chop to the chest from Reid, who then sweeps Nemeth’s legs from under him. He grabs Nemeth by both legs, lifting them up as the crowd cheer with Reid then applying the figure four leg lock to a big pop from the crowd. Nemeth tires to hold on, but he has no choice but to tap as Reid is announced as the new FCW Television Champion.

WINNER: Reid Flair by pinfall @ 6.18.

AFTERMATH: Reid’s music hits as Ric climbs in to the ring from one side with Dusty entering from the other with the title belt in his hands. Ric gets in there first and hugs his son while Dusty walks over to them and holds out the belt to Reid, but Ric takes it from him and straps it round his son. Once he’s done, Dusty shakes Reid’s hand and then Ric’s, leaving The Nature Boy to celebrate with his son as The Corporation watch on from their box, seeming to find it slightly amusing.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

Clips of classic King of the Ring moments are shown, such as Bret Hart winning the first tournament in 1993, followed by Owen Hart in ’94 and being crowned. It then shows Stonecold Steve Austin’s famous 3:16 quote from 1996, Triple H winning a year later and Kurt Angle’s victory in 2000, and ending with Edge’s in 2001.

Voiceover: For years, there have been only memories. . . For years, we have seen superstars grow in front of our eyes. . . Many of these moments stem from one glorious night. . . The King of the Ring. . . However, once again, this special night will create memories, champions and hall of famers. . . The King of the Ring returns to the WWE calendar very soon.

{Cut To Ringside}

“Cool” hits with The Colon Brothers & Eric Perez walking down to the ring to heat from the crowd. Carlito has JTG’s stupid big glasses on while Eddie Colon holds on to some of the bling they stole from Cryme Time last week as Perez stands behind them as ever. As they get in to the ring, Carlito collects a microphone and takes the glasses off, dropping to the floor and stamping on them while he, Eddie & Perez all laugh as he does it. He then says that those glasses were too stupid for words, just like the two guys they stole them from. Carlito then tells us all how last week, those two wannabe gangsters learnt not to mess with The Colon Brothers when they walked down to this ring and stole all their cheap, tacky crap. He laughs as he speaks, carrying on to say that he thought it was appropriate they were in Canada tonight because he thought they might want to buy all this junk, and that gets a lot of heat as Carlito also says that it would fit in with everything else in this dump. Boos ring out as he tells Eddie to hold up some of the crap so they can all see what they can bid for. Eddie looks through and holds up a big chain with the letters “J.T.G.”, and Carlito says he’s going to start the bidding at $1, but he then apologises and says that’s way too much for both these people and the crap they’re selling.

As The Colon’s & Perez seem to be enjoying the moment, the party looks to be over as “Bringin’ Da Hood To You” plays with Shad Gaspard & JTG walking down to the ring. Shad has a microphone in hand and tells them to hold up. As he and JTG step in to the ring, Perez steps in front of Carlito & Eddie, but Shad says that there’s no need for that. He says that it’s cool, the two goofy brothers gave them a taste of their own last week and that he & JTG respect that because they thought that they might have been born without the essentials. The Colon’s look pissed and Carlito says that he’s not goofy, quickly turning to Eddie and telling him that he doesn’t think he’s goofy either, then realising and saying that they have balls. Shad tells them that no one needs to know about that, but he says that all he and JTG came to do was get their stuff back and tells the bothers that they can get back to looking at each other’s balls. Carlito’s pissed and says that’s not going to happen, reminding them they couldn’t get their clothes back when Cryme Time sold them two weeks ago. Shad says that’s a good point but they’ll (Cryme Time) be getting their stuff back, and it’s up to them (Colon’s) if they get it the easy way, or the hard way.

The crowd cheer as Shad drops his microphone and walks up to Perez with JTG, but “Burned” blasts out with Kane walking out to the stage and down to the ring with Paul Bearer standing at the top of the stage. Everyone in the ring is stunned as Kane climbs on to the apron, but The Colon’s push Shad & JTG towards Kane as he steps over the ropes. Eddie & Carlito make a sharp exit, followed by Perez as Shad & JTG try to reason with Kane, but it doesn’t work. Kane hits them both with uppercut thrusts, knocking them down. Shad got the first one and gets back up to face another one while JTG is met with an irish whip to the ropes and runs back in to a sidewalk slam. Shad gets up and walks right in to a big boot. The Colon’s walk round to the ramp and laugh as they watch Kane drag Shad back up and plant him with a chokeslam. Bearer also smiles at the top of the stage as JTG picks himself up and is scooped up on to Kane’s shoulder before being driven in to the mat head first with a tombstone piledriver. Carlito & Eddie can’t help but laugh with Perez also chuckling behind them. Kane sets his pyro off as “Burned” plays again with Eddie just tossing the bling in to the crowd as Kane stands tall in the ring.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Match #6***

Quest To Be Champion First Round Match
Rey Mysterio vs Kenny Dykstra

Kenny makes his way back up with the weary Rey trying to whip him in to the ropes, but it’s reversed. As Rey comes back, Dykstra nails him with a perfect standing dropkick. The smug youngster sits up and looks in to the crowd for a couple of seconds before crawling across and making the cover on Rey, but Mysterio kicks out at 2, leaving Kenny frustrated. With Rey trying to get back up to his feet as Kenny stands up, Dykstra drags him up and scoop slams him right back down to the mat. He then turns back and walks slowly in to the corner, looking like he has time coming out of his ears, but Rey is already sitting back up. As Dykstra gets to the corner and climbs the ropes, he sees Rey standing back up, and he panics, only climbing to the second rope. Rey walks closer towards him and Kenny strikes, diving off for a clothesline, and it connects. He tries for another cover, but again Rey kicks out. It doesn’t set well with Dykstra, and as he stands back up, he urges Rey to get to his feet, and slowly he does so. As he manages to stand up, Dykstra pounces straight away, grabbing him by the head and setting him up for a rolling cutter.

Rey counters it though by pulling his head back, and as Kenny turns round, Rey levels him with an enziguri that gets a big pop from the crowd. Rey hits the deck too, but he’s the first to react as he crawls across the mat and turns Kenny over to go for a cover of his own, but Kenny kicks out this time at 2. It was agonisingly close. Rey makes his way back up and he tries to pull Kenny up too, but as he turns back to run the ropes for a diving cross body, Kenny catches him. He takes time to think though, and it allows Rey to reach his arm around Dykstra’s neck and counter in to a DDT. The crowd go nuts as Rey scurries across to hook the leg, but again Kenny kicks out at the count of 2. The fans thought that was lights out, but the match continues. Kenny doesn’t move as he stays on the mat, prompting Rey to stand up and walk in to the corner, where he climbs to the top rope. He points to the ceiling before leaping off the Frog Splash, but Kenny rolls to the side with Rey crash landing in to the mat. It takes both men several seconds before they can stand back up, and it’s Kenny who strikes first with a right hand, but as he goes for a second, Rey blocks it and tries to kick him in the stomach.

Kenny grabs his foot though and lets go, spinning Rey round before whipping him in to the ropes. Rey hits the ropes and holds on to the top rope, pissing Kenny off, who then runs right at Rey and in to a drop toe hold on to the middle rope. The fans all get to their feet as Rey dials up and runs back at Kenny for the 619, but Kenny ducks his head as Rey swings his feet at him. Dykstra backs away from the ropes to steady himself, but it allows Rey to do the same, and as Kenny then runs at Rey, it allows Mysterio to duck down and drive his head into Kenny’s stomach. Rey then grabs hold of the top rope and sunset flips over the top and rolls Kenny in to a pinning position, but again he kicks out at 2, pushing Rey off with his feet. It sends Rey back against the ropes, but as Kenny stands up and reaches down to grab Rey, Mysterio pulls him down on to the middle rope again. Rey hurries to his feet and races back off the ropes, comes back and connects with the 619 this time. Dykstra is knocked back and he falls to the mat as Rey stands up, springboards and drops the dime to pick up the victory.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio by pinfall @ 8.19.

AFTERMATH: “Booyaka 619” blasts out with Rey standing back up to get his arm raised to a massive pop from the fans. He walks in to the corner and climbs up to the second rope, raising his arms up in the air, celebrating his win. He jumps down off the ropes and walks past the squirming Dykstra in to the opposite corner to climb up to the second turnbuckle again, posing for the delighted fans once again. He then motions that he will have the WWE Championship around his waist before pointing up to the ceiling, but as he jumps down and turns round, Dykstra levels him with a right hand. The music cuts and the crowd boo like crazy as Dykstra pulls Rey back up and plants him with a rolling cutter to even more heat from the crowd. He then walks in to the corner and climbs up to the top rope, jumping off and hitting the guillotine leg drop. He stands back up and just stares down intensely at Rey with the ref telling him to leave the ring, but Dykstra ignores him and continues to stare down at him for a few more seconds before deciding to leave the ring, still not looking happy at all.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

Todd Grisham is standing by with the WWE Champion, Kane & Paul Bearer. Bearer is smiling widely as Grisham asks him why we just saw Kane attack Cryme Time like that, but Bearer says it’s simple. He tells Todd that everyone is talking about the Quest to be Champion and who will get a shot at the WWE Championship come the King of the Ring, but he says that they all seem to have forgotten one thing, that Kane is the WWE Champion. He says that Kane is and will go down in history as the most dominant WWE Champion of all time, and that at the King of the Ring, he will destroy whoever is unlucky enough to win this redundant tournament. He looks at Todd and reminds him that Kane beat the same two men last week that he left helpless just minutes ago, and that at the King of the Ring, he could face all eight men from the tournament and still stand tall being the unstoppable force that he is. He turns back to the camera with the menacing Kane behind him to say that he hopes everyone who has a chance to face Kane realises just what is in store, because the King of the Ring will indeed be one of the most defining nights of their lives, but it won’t be for good reasons, oh no, it will be by far the most chilling, soul destroying, disturbing moment of their lives. He laughs crazily before saying “oh yesss”, leaving Grisham very disturbed as Kane & Bearer walk out of the shot.

{Cut To Ringside}

***The Main Event***

Triple H vs Vladimir Kozlov

The bell rings and both men walk in to the middle of the ring with Triple H kicking Kozlov in the groin straight away, giving the referee no option but to call for the bell.

WINNER: Vladimir Kozlov by DQ @ 0.05.

AFTERMATH: Kozlov just falls to his knees and then forward on to his face as The Game walks to the ropes and climbs through the ropes to jump down to the floor below. He reaches under the apron and pulls out a sledgehammer to a huge pop from the crowd. The Corporation stand up from their seats in the box with Vince telling The Big Show & JBL to get down there, and they climb over the railing to walk down the steps, catching Triple H’s attention as he slips back in the ring. As Kozlov stands up, his back up doesn’t get anywhere near the ring with Triple H smashing him in the face with the sledgehammer, getting another massive cheer. Vince & Shane watch on in horror, and Show & JBL get to the barricade, but The Game is ready for them, taunting them to come at him with sledgy in his hands. Show & JBL look cautious, but the shot changes on the tron to show the two security guards outside The Corporation’s sky box lying on the floor. Show & JBL see it and look concerned, but Triple H just smirks and looks up as Vince & Shane turn round to see Batista & Ric Flair behind them.

The Evolution members nail them both with right hands. Batista grabs Shane and throws him inside through the open door while Flair picks up a champagne bottle and smashes it over Vince’s skull. Show & JBL turn round and run up the steps as Flair stomps across Vince’s head continuously before joining Dave back inside. He tells Dave they’re coming back, and The Animal pulls a cloth off a glass table with all the food coming off with it. With Shane crawling by his side, Dave picks him up for a spinebuster and slams him through the glass table, shattering it completely as Shane lies motionless with glass all around and top of him. We see JBL & Show climb back over the railing to the sky box with Batista & Flair staring right at them. JBL looks very concerned for his father & brother and yells out for some help while Show glares right at the remorseless Batista & Flair, who then leave the room. JBL goes to check on his dad while Show walks out in to the corridor to yell for that help as Triple H grins in the ring as Raw comes to a close.

{End of Show}


Jeff Hardy df. Lance Cade
Ted DiBiase Jr & Santino Marella
df. Finlay & Jimmy Wang Yang
df. Kelly Kelly
John Morrison & The Miz
df. Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Reid Flair
df. Nic Nemeth
Rey Mysterio
df. Kenny Dykstra
Vladimir Kozlov
df. Triple H


Quest To Be Champion First Round Match
Jeff Hardy vs John “Bradshaw” Layfield

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


Mr. McMahon & Shane in a Stable Condition

WWE.com has been advised that following Raw last night, both Vince & Shane McMahon were taken to a local medical facility in Saskatoon.

The Chairman of the Board received multiple blows to the head from Ric Flair last night, and his head also collided with a window in his sky box. We have been told that he was conscious but extremely groggy while being attended to by the medics on hand. There has been no clear diagnosis as of yet as he is set to undergo tests at some point today, but both his and Shane’s condition have been described as stable.

Shane has suffered injuries to his back as well as having several stitches having been slammed through a glass table by Batista. Glass fragments were also pulled out from his back, neck and arms, and he has been told to stay in bed to due to the condition of his back which will be examined further later today.

Chavo Guerrero’s trying to get Ron Killings Fired

Earlier today, we were advised by Smackdown superstar Chavo Guerrero that he would be attending a meeting with Linda McMahon and other WWE board members in an attempt to have Ron Killings’ contract terminated. When he arrived at WWE headquarters, we met up with him so that he could explain his actions to us;

“No one in the locker room, let alone a Guerrero should have to work with someone of his background. And if that’s not enough, he’s attacked me for absolutely no reason whatsoever the last two weeks, completely abusing the privilege he’s been given with this whole second chance crap, and not a thing has been done about it by our general manager on Smackdown or anyone else. That’s why I’m here today, to make sure that the people that matter know exactly what’s going on and how it’s a bad example for the WWE to have a former jailbird going round attacking respected employees just because he feels like it.

What kind of message does that send to young kids watching at home? It doesn’t matter if you go sent to jail because you can always go to the WWE and do what you want when you get out of the slammer. People like him are the lowest form of human life and they shouldn’t be allowed to compete in this company with people like me. It’s not what my family, the Guerrero family have worked all our lives for, for people like Ron Killings to walk out of the slammer, on to the streets and in to our business. Something has to be done, and I’m going to make sure that it is.”

After leaving the meeting, Chavo said that the board are going to make a decision very soon, and he hopes that it is the right one. Just what will Killings make of this? We might just find out this week on Smackdown.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Raw Review

Well the opening was pretty good, I was wondering what you were doing when I read the article about The Corporation being banned from the arena, but having them up in the sky box is a great idea. Evolution were angry as expected so it was the right decision for HHH to get straight to the point. I think you may be still hinting a problem with Batista, with him not being as angry as the other two by just standing in the corner. The Corporation turning up despite Bischoff's orders could make Eric look a bit weak of Head of Authority but its understandable considering who they are. The main event is huge, didn't expect to see Kozlov in action so soon though so i'm wondering what you have in mind. So yeah this was a decent start to the show, nothing spectacular happened but it progressed the feud a little more and provided a good set-up for the main event, plus The Corporation are looking like a very strong group at the moement and it showd how they are under Evolution's skins'.

Good win for the returning Jeff Hardy, its been a while since we've seen Lance Cade but he's a good choice to do the job. There was only going to be one winner here and rightfully so, I don't like Jeff Hardy but I imagine he is a good wrestler to book. I am wondering what you have in mind for him now on Raw with the IC title involved with the Cody/Kofi rivalry, I guess he might enter this tourney and possibly win as Jeff vs. Kane is interesting, but a feud with Dykstra after his feud with Rey would be good too.

I was just going to say that it's surprsing that Kelly is staying with Cody after last week, but wow, she just dumped Cody! I liked Cody trying to shift the blame to Kofi as it fits his character but I am glad that Kelly Kelly stood up to him. Very interesting twist but it can still take so many routes, she could turn on Kofi and re-join Cody, get with Kofi or just split from the storyline which I doubt, as the main focus of this feud has been on Kelly Kelly rather than the IC title and I expect that to continue. It'll be good to see what happens from here, but I expect Cody to try and blame it on Kofi.

So Jeff is entering the tournament then. I wouldn't be surprised to see him win to be honest, as I know Kennedy is involved in a feud with Orton and you have the Corporation/Evolution feud goign too, so I expect we'll see some interferences to cost those wrestlers matches. Jeff would be a good choice to face Kane for me although I don't like him, as I can't see it being any of the others.

Decent tag team match, it was expected after last week and the right team won. It's still early in DiBiase's career on Raw and you need to keep his impressive run going, so he was the right person to get the pin, he could've won it more convincingly though. I know you have this storyline with Ted and his father going on over his over-confidence but there wasn't much focus on that, but I expect that will continue some time in the future.

I liked the next segment with the McMahon's. It added a bit more build more the main event but it also made The Corporation look really powerful which is good. Security was a good idea too as i was thinking what would stop Evolution from just going up and getting them. They seem to be in a good mood after taking control of this feud so all that at the end with Leticia made sense and it showed how confident they are.

Well this was a good win for Natalya, but it was all about the aftermath. I was shocked to see you had Cody DDT Kelly Kelly, really shocked. I didn't think you would go down the intentional man-on-woman violence route, especially the way he did it as he didn't just lash out and smack her or anything. This was a huge dramatic incident and it really puts Cody over as the bad guy even further. I didn't expect this storyline to progress so much further on the same night after the segment earlier, but it has really progressed after this. I expect Kofi will be out to punish Cody Rhodes next week and Bischoff too, but this has really taken a step up now. Entertaining stuff!

Another decent segment here. Regal appears to be getting fed up of being Bischoff's assaistant so it should be good to see what happens with that. I'm dissapointed that Kennedy isn't here to progress his feud with Orton, but I know that you have bigger gaps between PPV's so you can afford to do it. It felt like you just wanted Orton to appear on the show but at least it showd his anger towards Kennedy.

Very interesting segment with Evolution. It was a nice touch to have Reid see his Dad and you had to with him competiting on the show, but HHH's talk with Batista was interesting. I don't know if you intend on turning Batista heel and starting another feud between the two, or whether you are trying to show that Evolution are disfunctional while The Corporation are looking strong to build them up as underdogs, but it adds a lot of interest to this whole thing knowing there could be problems.

Solid win for Miz and Morrison to establish them as the Tag Champs, again a clean win would make them more impressive but I can understand why you went for thw low blow. The aftermath was interesting, it certainly looks like a split is on the cards now with Kendrick pushing London over, and a feud between the two would be great. This is obviously going somewhere so i'm looking forward to what happens next. I expect it'll be Kendrick who'll get the singles push if this is the end for them.

Impressive promo from Miz and Morrison as well as showing the frustration from Kendrick. I don't know if it was really needed after their match but it gave them some mic and time was well written, with Miz and Morrison putting themselves over very well. You did a good job of showing how cocky they are by having them describe themselves as the tag team of the decade, certainly shows what their title reign is going to be like. Good promo.

This was some good exposure for FCW by having their tourney final on the show. I like Nic Nemeth but it was obvious who was winning, and the figure four was a good way to end it. Good win for Flair and having this title belt albiet on the development show should be good for him.

The next promo was okay. It started well with the Colons and Carlito said a few funny things like the Canada line, and so did Cryme Time when they came down although JTG should be doing the talking, but having them destroyed by Kane doesn't make them look very good at all, especially how they were trying to reason with him like they were scared. It continued the tag team feud a little but it was mainly to get Kane on the show I think as he doesn't have much to do while the tourney is running, I know it's difficult finding him something do. Still it makes Kane look strong and shows the toruney winner they'll be in for a tough challenge, and it allowed the Colons to laugh at CT which suits their heel characters.

This seemed like a very good match between Dykstra and Mysterio. I don't like Kenny losing especially clean but at least Rey is an established star so it won't hurt him. The aftermath was good just to keep their rivalry going and he would gain a lot of heat for that. I can see Dykstra possibly costing Rey the next match as well, and if it's Rey and Jeff Hardy in the next round it would be a good match.

I am surprised at the placing of this interview but it keeps Kane in our minds despite him not being in a proper feud, and it was a good promo from Bearer. He sent out a warning to the competitors of the tournament as you would expect but I liked how he described what the King of the Ring will be like.

Ugh, well the main event was a big dissapointment. I know you gave us more matches this week so it kinda makes up for it, but you you built it up pretty well and I was expecting to see Kozlov impress on his debut. The aftermath was great though and Evolution got one over on the Corporation and I liked how they did it in the sky box and used the glass table, but Kozolv looked quite weak by just getting knocked out by Triple H on his proper debut. Still though it is great for Evolution as The Corporation have been in control in recent weeks, and it should be good to see how The Corporation react to this next week.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW Review

Very good promo to start the show. I really liked the use of the sky box, I don't see a lot of people ever using it. A lot of talk about stipulations and order and newer stipulations, might've confused first-time readers, but I'm glad I've been here long enough to get the a solid footing of the going-ons. I like the way that Bischoff kept The Corporation in their places (literally) by putting Show's spot in the Quest against them, although he doesn't really have that ground with Evolution. I kind of smirked at Kozlov supposedly being one of the most feared men to come out of Russia, but that's probably because I've been studying the Cold War recently, when almost every Russian were terrifying to the States. Anyway, not all that much of an intro for him, just a few quick words, but he's got a big match to live up to. Debuts always make or break, so let's see how you put him over with Hunter.

I like the idea of the FCW TV Title being determined on RAW, although I feel this event, with newcomers getting a moment on the big stage, should've been reserved for the Heavyweight Title. Anyway, still a good opportunity, even if the people in the arena wouldn't know what was going on. At least Reid would be recognizable, though.

A glorified squash as a return? I guess it works for such a huge non-main-event face like Jeff, but I'm still not satisfied. I hope he gets an interview later on, it'd make his return seem a little more complete, is probably the best word.

Awesome segment. I've been a fan of this angle since I started reading, and things definitely hit a high point here, with Kelly finally dumping Cody's ass. This was a very good segment, virtually had no flaws. Just awesome stuff, looking forward to what's next for these three.

Another great segment here, you're making me start to like this Bischoff. Anyway, this is a big opportunity for Jeff, being part of the Quest. It wasn't exactly the mic time I was hoping for, and he didn't actually say anything profound, but it worked just fine for the situation, and Jeff's relaxed character. I can see a Jeff/JBL feud stemming after next week, as it seems as if all first-round matches are the basis of a feud in the works.

With this ending here, the heels didn't look as hot as the faces. I suppose it's understandable, since that's the direction you're going with Ted, although I'm not sure about Santino, as I don't know his character here (although I'm starting to think it's similar to the jobber role he has in real life). I was thinking that there might've been some sort of helping hand from Maryse or Melina, as two girls on the outside is sure to spell disaster, but was surprised that there wasn't. Anyway, a win's a win, but the heels didn't look all that impressive.

Good, detailed segment that had a very simple message: Kozlov is going to destroy Hunter. I did enjoy The Corporation wanting to get Leticia to stay with them for awhile. I'd do the same if I was in their shows. Kayfabe-wise only though, as I'm aware that all of these guys are married, and I wouldn't cheat even if I had the chance. But that's just me.

Damn. What a turn of events, very awesome. I really wasn't expecting this to happen - at least, not yet. I really like both of what happened here, and the match was solid, but the only problem was that the aftermath made it seem incredibly unimportant. Didn't help that we didn't see Natalya doing anything else after winning, just straight-up leaving. Despite that, I still liked the match, but the aftermath was awesome. This just made Cody out to be a huge heel, taking out his ex with a DDT, and having enjoyed it. I thought the medics was maybe a little over-the-top, but it made things seem more serious. This has been a fantastic midcard feud since I started reading, and it's only gotten better. Keep it up, man.

Good segment here, got two things across: Regal's discontent to playing second fiddle to Bischoff, and Orton's feud with Kennedy. Orton definitely said some interesting things in regards to his problem, as well as Regal's. Maybe some sort of alliance between the two's in the works?

Another good segment, that got another two things across: it hyped Reid's match and gave it a little more importance by saying Ric's going to be there, and the dissension between Hunter and Batista. I can definitely see someone turning heel here in the future, but the question is, who? Both men have a reason to do so, with clashing egos and everything. Should be interesting to see what happens later on with these two.

Pretty good match, put over Miz and Morrison as opportunistic champs, while still being able to hold their own without cheating. Also showcased London and Kendrick, but not so much in a wrestling capacity, but more for their upcoming feud. These two could put on a series of great matches, so I'm looking forward to what they'll be doing, and what kind of gimmick you'll give them. They can't keep their current gimmicks if they're to feud.

Another good step in furthering Kendrick's new attitude, while also putting over the attitudes of Miz and Morrison. The two were written very well here, especially Morrison when he went on about being the benchmark in the art of tag team wrestling, very good stuff. I'm glad Todd wasn't totally buried here, either, and all in all, I enjoyed this segment a lot.

I didn't think Reid would lose here, but the ending was just a tad too traditional for my taste; wasn't all that exciting. There wasn't a brief counter from Nemeth after Reid started his, he just got a straightaway to the win. I know there wasn't much riding on this one, being that these two aren't even members of RAW, but still would've been nice if there was something else done to get the fans to care about this, other than the figure four. I did like the feel-good moment at the end there, with Reid getting a title put on him by his dad. I'm guessing we'll be seeing him on the main roster soon enough.

Not the best promo here, didn't really get into it, and I didn't like how Cryme Tyme made this about genitals. I also don't see why Kane was out here, either. He had a match with Cryme Tyme last week, but that doesn't really explain why. It felt to me like just a way to get him onto the show. Didn't like this, to be honest.

Once again, I'm not all that impressed by Kenny. I know you're trying to push him big time, but he's not coming out looking as good as he should. This was a little more even than the match he had with Cena at Backlash, but he made a lot of rookie mistakes, like taking too much time to climb up. I was thinking that he'd get the win here to look better, but I suppose I was wrong. I did like Rey winning, and I'm glad Kenny got to save face a little by decking Rey. Still not a fan of Kenny yet, though.

Well, that explains that. Even so, I still felt it a little random, and that this interview could've been conducted without the need to have destroyed Cryme Tyme and used them as an example. It does make Kane look strong, but doesn't do any favors for Shad and JTG at all. Pretty good stuff, though, but I do think that maybe Kane should get some time to talk, as well.

What an impressive debut match for Kozlov.[/sarcasm] Honestly, Kozlov just failed. This was his chance to make an impact, a statement, a name for himself, but getting kicked in the nuts and getting blasted with a sledgehammer failed to accomplish that, in the worst way. Now I can't take him seriously. As for the rest of the attack on The Corporation, pretty brutal stuff, especially that spinebuster onto the glass table. While I liked it, I've always felt that if glass tables were to be used, it should be for a big PPV spot, since they're so much more dangerous than wooden tables. I suppose that Evolution needed a win here, after getting decimated since Backlash, but with Kozlov just being introduced as well and in need of credibility, the win seemed counterproductive.

Overall, I enjoyed the show. There were a lot of great moments, especially in the Kofi/Cody feud, but this had to be my least favorite show of yours yet. I wasn't into the promo that saw Cryme Tyme get destroyed, and the ending, while great at first, didn't serve the pupose it should've in making Kozlov seem like a legit threat to Evolution. The wrestling was also okay, not great but not bad, but most of the matches seemed slightly unimportant, due to not being given enough time. Aside from that, there was a lot of great stuff, just not enough to keep it from being my least favorite show of yours as of yet. 7/10.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Just got a few things to address.

Originally Posted by Rated-R Champ View Post
Damn. What a turn of events, very awesome. I really wasn't expecting this to happen - at least, not yet. I really like both of what happened here, and the match was solid, but the only problem was that the aftermath made it seem incredibly unimportant. Didn't help that we didn't see Natalya doing anything else after winning, just straight-up leaving. Despite that, I still liked the match, but the aftermath was awesome. This just made Cody out to be a huge heel, taking out his ex with a DDT, and having enjoyed it. I thought the medics was maybe a little over-the-top, but it made things seem more serious. This has been a fantastic midcard feud since I started reading, and it's only gotten better. Keep it up, man.
Start with the good 'ey! I'm glad that everyone seems to be enjoying this storyline with Cody/Kofi & Kelly. It's by far the one i enjoy writing myself, and it looks that shows. I thought i'd bring out the medics to hype up the significance of what Cody did to Kelly with the DDT. The reason Natalya left was that all this could go on. She got her win and that was it.

Originally Posted by Rated-R Champ View Post
Not the best promo here, didn't really get into it, and I didn't like how Cryme Tyme made this about genitals. I also don't see why Kane was out here, either. He had a match with Cryme Tyme last week, but that doesn't really explain why. It felt to me like just a way to get him onto the show. Didn't like this, to be honest.

Well, that explains that. Even so, I still felt it a little random, and that this interview could've been conducted without the need to have destroyed Cryme Tyme and used them as an example. It does make Kane look strong, but doesn't do any favors for Shad and JTG at all. Pretty good stuff, though, but I do think that maybe Kane should get some time to talk, as well.
All i can say is that i tried to show everyone that Kane is a force to be reckoned with for whoever wins the Quest to be Champion tournament, and i didn't think the interview would do it by itself, so i had him demolish an average team. He won't be talking either btw, that's what Bearer is for. The heel masked Kane should never talk IMO.

Originally Posted by Rated-R Champ View Post
Once again, I'm not all that impressed by Kenny. I know you're trying to push him big time, but he's not coming out looking as good as he should. This was a little more even than the match he had with Cena at Backlash, but he made a lot of rookie mistakes, like taking too much time to climb up. I was thinking that he'd get the win here to look better, but I suppose I was wrong. I did like Rey winning, and I'm glad Kenny got to save face a little by decking Rey. Still not a fan of Kenny yet, though.
I was in two minds about this match, i really was. I realise that Kenny needs to pick up some serious momentum, and i thought strongly about giving him the win. My problem then was that it would end this little feud, and i didn't want that to happen. It was more plausable for Dykstra to lose the match and retaliate to get his heat back and then some as Rey would take Kenny's if he retaliated. Kenny wasn't going to win the tournament anyway, and i thought that this would work out better in the long term for Kenny.

Originally Posted by Rated-R Champ View Post
What an impressive debut match for Kozlov.[/sarcasm] Honestly, Kozlov just failed. This was his chance to make an impact, a statement, a name for himself, but getting kicked in the nuts and getting blasted with a sledgehammer failed to accomplish that, in the worst way. Now I can't take him seriously. As for the rest of the attack on The Corporation, pretty brutal stuff, especially that spinebuster onto the glass table. While I liked it, I've always felt that if glass tables were to be used, it should be for a big PPV spot, since they're so much more dangerous than wooden tables. I suppose that Evolution needed a win here, after getting decimated since Backlash, but with Kozlov just being introduced as well and in need of credibility, the win seemed counterproductive.
Yep, this was a mistake. I didn't look at how much damage it would do to Kozlov as i just wanted to set up the trap straight away and show Evolution meant business. I already had 6 matches on the card and this couldn't have gone long anyway, but i should have allowed more time for Kozlov to do something. I'm not all that pissed with myself as he won't be getting a serious push anyway like he did when debuting on Smackdown IRL, but i know i dropped a bollock by having Triple H low blow him straight away.

Thanks for the review Mikey, and you too Dan.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

By SC2004 >>>

>>> Entertaining opening segment. It started off being quite predictable, but everything got turned on it’s head when the corporation revealed themselves in the sky box. You use Bischoff well, but sometimes I wish he didn’t throw his weight around so much. His decisions often result in less exciting outcomes and at times, make things more predictable. I know you bang on about booking and rightfully so, hence I’m going to point out that I think you made a booking error here. Koslov Vs HHH in a Raw main event in what is Koslov’s first ever WWE match! You know how bad their matches have been in real life and how green Koslov is, you shouldn’t of booked him against one of the best as this will only highlight his wrestling shortcomings. You needed to book him as a monster and have him squash the lower card just like the WWE did!

>>> The opening match lacked importance or excitement and it was rather short, so I had no time to get into it. It succeeded in making Jeff look great and I’m sure the audience in attendance and at home would be happy to start the wrestling portion of the show with a Jeff Hardy victory.

>>> Really great backstage segment. So well written and it was realistic to the point where a lot of people could identify with certain elements of it. In a way, Cody is being painted as the bad guy, but it’s not all black and white and he has some valid concerns. Kofi does irritate me at times and If I was Cody, I too would see it as another man trying to steal my girl. This really could go anywhere and that’s what I love about this storyline. By far the best angle on Raw these days.

>>> The Bischoff, Jeff hardy segment confused me. I mean a four minute match up, with lance Cade who is a nobody on this show impressed Bischoff enough for him to award Jeff a title match on PPV! What is even more puzzling is that after announcing Jeff is the number 1 contender, Eric seems to second guess his abilities and is testing him almost when he signs him in a match up with JBL next week.

>>> There’s no getting away from it, even on paper this match up looks odd. LOL. Again, there is no story behind the match, just another filler. I’m not to sure how all of these men would work together. It’s strange seeing Santino’s name on the winners list, doesn’t happen to often in BTB!

>>> Fun segment. I like how you placed focus on the main event again, billing it as a major event. The party atmosphere in the sky box would make for great TV and I like how they invited Leticia to join them, which makes me believe we are going to have another visit to the sky box before the night is over. Booking wise, I’d have Evolution ambush the corporation, but that’s just me being my usual over the top self! LOL

>>> Logical finish to the divas match. It worked well, although I did see it coming a mile away. I’m struggling to make up my mind! Do I like Cody attacking Kelly? Well it was a surprise! Would of I have booked it this way……. NO! I think you missed an opportunity here. I’d of had Cody pretend to be a changed man in order to win Kelly back, only from the viewers point of few, we would see the real Cody, The Cody he’s hiding from Kelly. In a feud with Kofi, Kelly would stick by her man, blind to his deceit where as the audience would be willing on Kofi and pleading with Kelly to see sense and leave Rhodes. Still, I’m sure you’re plans will work also as this is such a hot angle.

>>> The seeds have been planted for a Regal/ Bischoff power struggle, something that I predicted a few weeks back. It makes a great deal of sense. The only problem is that I can’t see either man winning over the audience and for an angle to work, the old good versus evil gimmick always helps. Kennedy at a PR event. You do like to do this a lot, not having people in attendance, so that the angle is dragged out for another week. In this instance it worked as Orton’s frustration comes across and when he and Kennedy do come face to face, it’s bound to be explosive.

>>> I’m not so much wondering when Batista will turn on Triple, but whether he’ll turn heel in the process, because I don’t think he necessarily needs to. If Batista decided to walk away, would Triple H turn on him, thus making him a heel? Who would the audience side with? Oh, and If HHH or Batista turned heel, where does that leave the Corporation, Evolution feud? So many question!

Solid tag team match, but of course it was overshadowed by the aftermath, which continued the storyline of London and Kendrick’s problems. I hope you break the team up ASAP as it would be great to see these two have a long term feud. The backstage promo with Miz and Morrison didn’t do much for me.

>>> Although very short, the FCW title match was good, manly because of the outcome. Reid with his dad Ric celebrating in the ring would have been an instant TV classical moment and would been emotional for sure. Great TV right there. I’m guessing Reid get’s moved up to Raw or SD in the near future?

>>> Em……. Not really sure how to feel about that last segment involving the tag teams. I mean I give you credit for giving the tag teams TV time and a chance to cut promos, but unfortunately Kane kind of ruined the sentiment, as this ended up being all about Kane and in turn took all the attention away from the two tag teams. Cryme Tyme got owned! Kane is the man on Raw, well he supposed to be, but he gets overshadowed every single week by Evolution and The corporation. He’s an afterthought and beating up a tag team is not going to help his cause going forward.

Very good match here between Rey and Dykstra. Match of the night by a clear mile, though you’ve skimmed back on the actual match length tonight. The tournament is shaping up nicely. Show, Kennedy and Rey! The logical winner so far is Kennedy, though I feel you’ll have Orton cost him the tournament, so looking at the bracket, maybe Show could do it with a monster heel push. Kane isn’t cutting it as champion and I don’t think Jeff hardy has the build to do it at the KOTR, so a likely title cane at the July PPV would make sense as Kane does not need to be in the Main Event at Summer Slam. HHH V Batista is the logical SS Main event on the Raw side of things.

>>> Ugh! Sorry, but the main event blows. I know why you did it, to keep Koslov looking strong, but it didn’t work at all. HHH looks like an idiot also, getting himself DQ’D after 5 seconds, he’s a veteran for crying out loud, he can’t possibly be that dumb! The rest of this was great fun though, with Evolution working together to get one up on the Corporation. I think next week I’m most excited about Bishoff’s reaction more than anything else, which is odd. LOL.

OVERALL: Reading over the other reviews, I feel people came down to hard on you. This was not your best show, but from an entertainment perspective it was quiet good. Some of the booking didn’t make sense to me, which coming from you is very odd indeed. I think the Kofi, Cody and Kelly angle stole the show for me yet again. In hindsight however, I have the spot where Cody DDT’d Kelly in the ring. From this show, one thing is blatantly obvious, Kane as champion IS NOT WORKING!!!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hey man, sorry I didn't put up my Review sooner, but I was just too tired, or didn't have time to write it. But now, I both have time and I'm not tired. So here it is:

Raw Review:

Evolution Segment:
So, Evolution is back together. But again, Batista doesn't seem too happy, as he walks in the back of Trips and Ric Flair. And Triple H wants a part of the Corporation, but as we saw at WWE.com the Corporation is banned from Raw, but I guess that Triple H doesn't know about that and the Bisch is going to tell him that. Trips doesn't look too happy, but the Corporation is at the arena! They're introducing their newest member, Vladimir Kozlov, but Eric isn't going just to let that go. He sets a
match for later tonight, Vladimir vs. Triple H. I guess that Triple H is going to win this one, unless you're trying to build Kozlov up as an unstoppable monster, only then to lose to Triple H, or to some member of Evolution.

Jeff Hardy vs. Lance Cade:
Hey, Jeff Hardy's back. I haven't seen him in this BTB since... well, a long time ago. Of course, this is a glorified squash match, with Jeff getting the win, after getting hit once, showing off his skills. Nothing else to say here, since it wasn't a five star match, but it served its purpose, putting Jeff Hardy over.

Kelly Kelly/Cody Rhodes Segment:
After seeing this segment, I realized that this whole thing isn't Cody's fault. I mean really, he's just trying to hold on to his girlfriend, a little more than usual, because he thinks that Kofi is trying to get her, which he probably is. And now, Kelly broke up with Cody, and who's going to be there to comfort her? Oh yeah, the good guy, Kofi Kingston, then, before you know it, they're a couple, bashing Cody regularly and BANG! Cody's the bad guy. PS:Yes, I know what kayfabe is, but it helps me write if I think of it as real.

Jeff Hardy/Eric Bischoff Segment:
So, Jeff looked impressing, and he has a place in the Quest to be Champion tournament, but it's not against a jobber, like Lance Cade, it's against freakin' JBL. Jeff is doomed, and the Corporation isn't even banned from ringside, I don't see how Jeff can win this thing.

Finlay and Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Ted DiBiase and Santino Marella:
I don't know what to say about this, since i generally suck at reviewing matches, and I didn't really follow the Finlay vs. Santino feud, but I'm gonna talk about the finish of the match. It was dirty, with rolling up Wang Yang, with his feet on the ropes, typical cowardly heel behavior. And Ted and Santino are pleased with themselves, but Finlay isn't as pleased, and he can't wait to get his hands on either of them.

Mr. McMahon Interview:
So, it's really tough to get an interview with the Corporation, but Mr. McMahon doesn't have a problem with it, and he even gets her to eat and drink, I wonder why. But about the serious business, Vince repeats everything he said in the opening promo and by the looks of it, Trips should really be scared.

Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya Neidhart:
I wasn't really reading the match, I was just looking for Cody interference. And he eventually does interfere and beats Kofi up, and of course, this proves to be a distraction to Kelly, and she loses the match. Cody tries to help her up, but she'll have none of it. She slaps him, and in return he DDT's her. At first, I wondered why didn't Cody just do his finisher on her, but then I remembered, the DDT is his finisher. I agree, what Cody did was wrong, but in his defense, Kelly provoked him, by her slap, and Cody just lost his temper.

William Regal/Randy Orton Segment:
So William isn't pleased with the way Eric is handling Raw at the moment, and Regal might even try to take over Eric's position, but I don't see how he may do it. And Randy's pissed of, and rightfully so, I mean, Mr. Kennedy isn't there, and Randy doesn't have anyone to take his anger out on. And William seems to be happy with Randy threatening Bischoff. Could Regal be turning heel? I guess so.

Evolution Segment:
Reid Flair is in Evolution's locker room, and gets encouraged by his father, and the Game wants to talk with Batista. I guess that this is about the rumors the Corporation is spreading. But Batista clearly dismisses them and is even slightly pissed off. I don't see why would Batista be pissed off, is it because Triple H even thought to believe those rumors, or is it because he really is going to turn on Evolution.

Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs. John Morrison and the Miz:
So Paul and Brian are still together, yes? Even after Brian's outburst last week. As I've guessed Morrison and the Miz get the win and Brian seems even more pissed off than last week. I guess that this is over now, with Kendrick using physical violence.

The Miz and John Morrison Interview:
Am I watching a rerun of last week's show, because it certainly looks like it, sorry but isn't this what exactly happened last week? John Morrison and the Miz win the match, after that London and Brian have an argument and then they have an interview with Todd Grisham. The interview itself wasn't that bad, as it was exactly what John Morrison and the Miz would say IRL.

Reid Flair vs. "The Natural" Nic Nemeth:
I'm not a huge fan of FCW, not in your thread, not in real life. And that's mostly because I don't know half the wrestlers that are in FCW. Anyway, this match was a short one, and as it seems that Nic is a heel and Reid is a face. Reid gets the win, and even though I'm not reading FCW, it was easy to predict, I mean c'mon, the son of Ric Flair, on Raw, it was obvious.

The Colons/Cryme Tyme/Kane Segment:
The Colons are trying to give Cryme Tyme a taste of their own medicine, and are selling their stuff to the crowd, but as soon as Cryme Tyme get out and things start to heat up, Kane gets up, what the fuck is he doing here? Yeah, he had a match with Cryme Tyme last week, but so what? He won it, and is the champion going to feud with Cryme Tyme now, and serve as an enforcer to the Colons? I dunno, it doesn't seem too Kane, I mean Kane would attack both teams. Too random for my liking.

Rey Mysterio vs Kenny Dykstra:
I know that Rey and Kenny are feuding and it was only right to meet in the First Round of the tournament, and of course, Rey, the face, wins the match and advances in the tournament, but his happiness doesn't last long as he gets beat up by Dykstra after the match.

Kane and Paul Bearer Interview:
This is vintage Paul Bearer and it's a shame you don't get to write him more as this is just perfect, creepy and evil. And finishing with the "oh yesss" was just awesome.

Triple H vs. Vladimir Kozlov:
This was a good way to get Vladimir out of the match, as he is just horrible. And Evolution is using some heel tactics, but they work and they leave Vince, Shane and Vladimir laying, motionless and I like it. I like Evolution when they're like this; sadistic and calculative.

Overall:I don't know, I really liked your show, better than your other shows that I've been reviewing, and I really think that you've stepped up your game now, and I think that we should expect some more shows of this caliber, my grade for this show is: 9.5/10

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Preview - Friday 16th May 2008
Live From The Freeman Coliseum
San Antonio, Texas

There was an element of doubt inside the head of The Undertaker last week in regard to whether Shawn Michaels was the one who hit him in the back with a steel chair the week before when it was in fact Chris Masters. The World Heavyweight Champion protested his innocence and spoke of his respect for the dead man while also pointing out that he wants to beat him when he’s at his best come Judgment Day when they lock up for the world title. Michaels managed to escape any possible backlash, but the same could not be said for The Masterpiece as he was placed in a match with the angry Undertaker. However, Masters was up to his old tricks as he once again struck the phenom in the back with a steel chair to get himself disqualified, and he wasn’t done there. Whether it was a risk or not, he decided he was going to try and make a statement at The Undertaker’s expense, but The Heartbreak Kid wasn’t going to allow it. Racing down to the ring, Michaels saw off Masters partner, Charlie Haas before grabbing the steel chair to take Masters’ head off, but it wasn’t to be as Masters ducked, leading to HBK wrapping the chair around The Undertaker’s skull. The World Champion looked like he’d seen a ghost as he stared down at the fate he could well face at Judgment Day.

Is The Heartbreak Kid heading for a disaster as he returns home to San Antonio?

CM Punk has shown he has a knack of striking when you least expect it, and Matt Hardy found that out once again last Friday night. Matt was in one on one action against his long term rival, MVP when Punk charged down to the ring and spotted an opportunity with the referee down to get one over on his Judgment Day opponent. As Matt looked to be drawing close to a big victory, Punk stormed the ring and grabbed MVP’s Money in the Bank briefcase before smashing it across Matt’s face. It was enough to see Matt taste defeat, again thanks to the opportunistic CM Punk.

Punk will be in action himself this week as he takes on the man who chased him out of the ring last week in Elijah Burke. You have to wonder just how far away Matt will be!

Elijah Burke sprung a surprise on everyone last Friday night when he took the place of the man he will face at Judgment Day, MVP in hosting The VIP Lounge. No one was surprised however as MVP himself. Burke invited Matt Hardy to join the fun in mocking Mr. Money in the Bank, and they were definitely able to wind him up. He made them aware of just how he felt about being made a laughing stock, and he managed to get some respect back by beating Matt later in the evening with a little help from CM Punk.

It’s not going to be such an easy night for Burke this week though as he goes one on one with CM Punk. Will he have the last laugh this week?

There are people who create problems for themselves, and the United States Champion definitely falls in to that category. Shelton Benjamin asked for a challenge after winning the title several weeks ago, and he found out a couple of weeks ago from Tazz that he has one hell of a challenge to cope with at Judgment Day. The Smackdown GM advised him he will be defending the title in the first ever scramble match at Judgment Day against four other superstars with the winner being the man who picks up the final fall. The Gold Standard remained defiant last week, maybe stupidly as he told Bobby Lashley, one of his challengers, that he will hang on to the gold no matter what.

And this week he will have a chance to show Lashley first hand, but the returning Smackdown superstar could well be more than a match for Benjamin. We’ll find out if that’s the case this coming week.

It looks like Chavo Guerrero can dish it out but can’t take it. Several weeks ago after an innocent comment from Ron Killings, Chavo showed how much of a snake he can be by acting like there was nothing wrong so that it would allow him to drive a steel chair against Killings’ spine. However, Chavo seems to have taken exception to Killings’ attempts at retribution, and we found earlier this week that he went to meet the board of directors at WWE headquarters in an attempt to have Killings fired.

Chavo didn’t hold back in telling WWE.com afterwards what his opinion of Killings is, but what is Killings’ opinion of Chavo’s actions? You have to imagine we’re going to get a response Friday night, and it could be explosive.

Johnny Jeter is another superstar who has shown his true colours, and no more so than last week when he was scheduled to face his former friend, Matt Sydal. He hasn’t held back in sharing his frustration about Sydal’s popularity, but he crossed the line last Friday when he attacked Sydal from behind before their match could take place. It looked like he took a great deal of satisfaction from the attack, but he must be aware that Sydal will be looking to get even.

We are yet to receive an update on Sydal’s condition but we expect that there will be one this Friday night, and it would be fair to assume that Jeter will be in hot water too.

Two weeks back we saw an unknown woman jump the barricade and attack Michelle McCool during Mickie James’ match with Beth Phoenix, and last week she struck again. With extra protection in Mickie & Maria by her side, McCool took on The Glamazon, but with the same outcome. Beth was able to defeat McCool, but it was after that this dark haired vixen struck, attacking Mickie James and then Maria. No one knows who this woman is, and even The Glamazon protested that she is in the same boat as everyone else in that regard.

That certainly looked to be the case after an uneasy glaring contest afterwards, but just who is this woman?

The Masters of the Mat were involved in more controversy last week with Chris Masters causing more friction between Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker while The UK Pack cemented their status as WWE Tag Team Champions with a victory over Chavo Guerrero & Orlando Jordan. With the two teams meeting in just less than two weeks time for the titles, will Masters be up to his old tricks this week to take him and Charlie Haas towards the gold?

Kid Kash doesn’t seem to be missing his tag team partner, Jamie Noble as of late, and he could be within a matter of days of becoming the Cruiserweight Champion once again as he prepares to meet Michael Shane at Judgment Day. He’s certainly proved to be a thorn in the champ’s side in recent weeks, and he made it very clear last week that he thinks he will be the new Cruiserweight Champion after their match in around ten days time. Will he go further to proving that this week?


Non Title Match
Bobby Lashley vs Shelton Benjamin

Elijah Burke vs CM Punk

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

The Shawn/'Taker program has been very good since I started reading, and has always ended on a high note. With Shawn accidently hitting him with a chair twice now, 'Taker reaction to these events will be very interesting to see.

I've also been enjoying the Punk/Matt feud, those two could put on a great match. Last week the feud was progressed very well, and the Punk/Elijah match should be very good, especially now that the roles have been reversed. It's always interesting to see how much matches change when that happens, and while I'm not expecting a clean finish, I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Again, Punk vs. Elijah should be very awesome, although I didn't think MVP had all that much stake in this match until you brought this up. Could it be a swerve?

Lashley vs. Shelton should be a good little preview of Judgement Day, I wonder who this'll all spill out with the other Scramble competitors.

Chavo trying to get Killings fired has been a very interesting factor in their fued, and I wonder what it might lead to, especially with how hot-headed you've shown Killings to be recently. Looking forward to that.

I was disappointed that we didn't get to see Sydal vs. Jeter last week, but it's in the purpose of building up the feud to a better match. The new developments of the feud on SD! should be awesome, and I hope Sydal's alright to give us that great match.

I wonder if Ms. Maxon'll be getting a name this week, and maybe also revealing her motives about attacking the Divas. Anyway, I'm very glad that you're giving them a feud to work around, even if they don't have the Women's Title on their brand.

Masters and Haas's involvement in the show should be interesting, as they've been key players lately, and perhaps an appearance by Noble as well, to help further the CW Title feud? I'm a big Noble fan, so I hope he gets involved at some point with the title.

Show looks very good, Nige, and I'll be checking it out when it's up.
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